Should the public pay for princess eugenie's wedding? - First News

Should the public pay for princess eugenie's wedding? - First News
The Big Debate
SHOULD THE PUBLIC PAY FOR PRINCESS EUGENIE’S WEDDING?                                                                                               5 October 2018

  SHOULD THE PUBLIC PAY FOR                                                                                        “It really is an outrage when you’ve got people

                                                                                                                   sleeping rough and gripped by poverty. No one
                                                                                                                   else gets their wedding paid for by the public purse
                                                                                                                   and they’ve got the resources to do it themselves.
                                                                                                                   Who’s heard of Princess Eugenie anyway? She
                                                                                                                   carries no royal functions, no useful purpose to the
THE DILEMMA                                                                                                        public sphere and yet we’re having to spend this
                                                                                                                   kind of money.” – Chris Williamson, Labour MP
                                                       But according to press
                                                       reports, the security
                                                       costs for the wedding
                                                       will total around £2
                                                       million. Much of this
                                                       money will be used to
                                                       pay for police officers
                                                       who are working
                                                       overtime to protect the
                                                       royal couple. This figure   Security at Harry and
                                                       is being paid for by        Meghan’s wedding
 St George’s Chapel,
 Windsor Castle                                        taxes – in other words,
                                                       the British public.
Princess Eugenie of York, who is the Queen’s grand-
                                                       The decision has angered some people who feel that
daughter and ninth in line to the throne, is getting
                                                       a “minor royal” such as Eugenie shouldn’t have a
married to her partner Jack Brooksbank on Friday 12
                                                       lavish wedding, and that all costs should be met by
October at St George’s Chapel in
                                                       her and her new husband’s family.
Windsor Castle. That’s the same
venue where Prince Harry and                           But others say the royal family is an important part of
Meghan Markle got married earlier                      British life, and that £2 million is a small price to pay
this year.                                             for such a major event as a royal wedding.
It is thought that the cost of the                     Buckingham Palace has not confirmed or denied
wedding itself is being paid for by                    the reports of a £2 million cost to the taxpayer. This
Eugenie’s dad, Prince Andrew. He’s                     hasn’t stopped a lively debate being had about
the brother of the next king, Prince                   whether or not it’s time we stopped paying for the
Charles, and is himself seventh in                     “minor royals”.                                             Princess Eugenie and
                                       Prince Andrew                                                               Jack Brooksbank
line to the throne.
Should the public pay for princess eugenie's wedding? - First News
The Big Debate
SHOULD THE PUBLIC PAY FOR PRINCESS EUGENIE’S WEDDING?                                             5 October 2018

 Eugenie’s fiancé,                      Eugenie and Jack will welcome        Princess Eugenie and Jack have
 Jack Brooksbank,                       more than 800 guests at the          invited 1,200 members of the
 used to manage                         wedding, including dozens            public to the event,
 a nightclub in                         of celebrities such as George        who will get the
 London, and is now                     Clooney and Robbie Williams.         chance to see the
 working for actor   The happy couple
                                                                             wedding guests and
 George Clooney’s alcoholic drink                                            royal family outside
 company, Casamigos.                                                         the chapel.

 The royal household says the royal     But according to anti-royalty        Prince William and Kate
 family costs about 65p to each         campaign group Republican, the       Middleton’s wedding in 2011
 citizen of the United Kingdom.         estimated total annual cost to the   cost £20 million, while Harry and
                                        UK taxpayer of the monarchy is
                                                                             Meghan’s wedding this year cost
                                        £345 million, around 8
                                                                             around £34 million. Security is
                                        times the official figure
                                                                             thought to be the biggest single
                                        published by the royal
                                                                             cost of each royal wedding.
Should the public pay for princess eugenie's wedding? - First News
The Big Debate
SHOULD THE PUBLIC PAY FOR PRINCESS EUGENIE’S WEDDING?                                                                                          5 October 2018

REPUBLIC VS                                      LINE OF SUCCESSION                                                                             Buckingham Palace

MONARCHY                                         A line of succession is the sequence of royals in the order in which they
                                                 stand in line to the throne. When the Queen dies or abdicates (steps
                                                 down), the next person in line becomes the monarch. Unless one of
                                                 those in line dies unexpectedly or decides not to take up the crown, the
                                                 next three monarchs ought to be Charles, then his son William, then his
                                                 son George.
                                                 Previously, a younger son had priority over an elder daughter, but that
                                                 rule was changed a few years ago. So now, any royal born after 28
                                                 October 2011 will have their place in the line of succession determined
 The Queen is our
                                                 by when they were born, not their gender.
 head of state

                                                 1. The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) born 1948
A republic is a country in which the head                                                                         DID YOU KNOW?
of state is elected or appointed under the
                                                 2. The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) born 1982
nation’s constitution. France, the USA and
Brazil are three examples of republics. Their                                                                     Before Great Britain was
presidents are all elected by the people.        3. Prince George of Cambridge born 2013                          established in 1707, there
People who support the republic system are                                                                        were separate royal rulers
                                                                                                                  of England and Scotland.
known as republicans.                            4. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge born 2015
                                                                                                                  The first English monarch
A monarchy is a system in which a single                                                                          was Athelstan, who ruled
person, the king or queen, is leader of the      5. Prince Louis of Cambridge born 2018                           from AD 927 to 939, while
country, and that position is hereditary,                                                                         the first Scottish monarch
which means it passes down the family            6. The Duke of Sussex (Prince Harry) born 1984                   was Kenneth MacAlpin,          King Athelstan
from generation to generation. You do                                                                             who was King from 843
not vote for a monarch. So after Queen                                                                            to 858 AD. The first monarch of Great Britain
                                                 7. The Duke of York (Prince Andrew) born 1960
Elizabeth dies or resigns the throne, her                                                                         was Queen Anne, who ruled from 1 May
son, Prince Charles, will become king, and                                                                        1707 – 1 August 1714. Queen Elizabeth II,
then his son, Prince William, will follow. The   8. Princess Beatrice of York born 1988
                                                                                                                  who became the monarch in 1952, is the
United Kingdom, Sweden and Spain are                                                                              12th monarch of Great Britain, which means
three examples of monarchies, and people         9. Princess Eugenie of York born 1990                            Prince Charles, if he succeeds her as planned,
who support that system are known as                                                                              will be the 13th.
monarchists or royalists.                        10. The Earl of Wessex (Prince Edward) born 1964
Should the public pay for princess eugenie's wedding? - First News
The Big Debate
SHOULD THE PUBLIC PAY FOR PRINCESS EUGENIE’S WEDDING?                                                                                                    5 October 2018

                                                                  PUBLIC SUPPORT

 The Queen and the Duchess of
 Cambridge meet the Chinese
 president as part of their royal duties

One of the criticisms leveled at Eugenie is that she is a
“minor royal”, and so doesn’t deserve to have things paid             Prince Harry and
                                                                      Meghan Markle’s
for her by the British people. But what makes a member of             wedding day
the royal family “major” or “minor”?
The “major” royals are those who work on behalf of
the royal family and various charities. These are known           There is no specific opinion poll about the role of minor royals. But the most recent poll about
as “public duties”. They might meet leaders from                  public support for the family, by polling company YouGov, found that 69% of Brits want to
other countries, travel around the world to help British          keep the royals, and 21% don’t want a royal family in Britain.
businesses and relations with                                     However, other questions that were asked just before Harry and Meghan’s wedding earlier
other countries, visit the scenes of                              this year paint a different picture:
disasters, such as Grenfell Tower, or
actively support charities.
                                                                  •     70% of Brits were not interested in         •    57% believe the royals should pay the
The “minor” royals, such as Eugenie                                     Harry and Meghan’s wedding                       full cost of the wedding, including the
and her sister Beatrice, do not carry                                                                                    cost of policing and security
out official engagements on behalf                                •     49% thought Meghan Markle should
of the family. Instead, they almost                                     continue to have a job rather than take     •    Asked if, given the choice, they would
all have jobs. Princess Eugenie                                         up royal duties full-time. A whopping 65%        want to contribute their own taxes to the
works for an art gallery in London.                                     of those aged 18-24 thought she should           wedding, 76% said no
Her cousin Peter Phillips, who is          Prince William and
                                           the Queen visit the          continue to work normally
the son of Princess Anne and 13th          site of the Grenfell
in line to the throne, runs a sports       Tower fire
management company.
Should the public pay for princess eugenie's wedding? - First News
The Big Debate
SHOULD THE PUBLIC PAY FOR PRINCESS EUGENIE’S WEDDING?                                                                                                    5 October 2018

ROYAL BENEFITS                                                         WHY CAN’T THE QUEEN PAY IT ALL?
Some people argue that it’s right for the costs of a royal
wedding to come out of the public’s taxes, because the royals          OK, so the weddings may be popular with many British people, but
are an integral part of the UK.                                        considering how rich the Queen is, why doesn’t she just pay all the
                                                                       costs? The Sunday Times newspaper estimates her personal wealth
Tradition and tourism                                                  to be £340 million. She has three main sources of income:

Supporters of the monarchy say that, whatever changes Britain          1. Private income – This is estimated at £340 million, and comes
goes through over the years, the monarchy remains a strong and         from properties the Queen inherited like Balmoral Castle, and other
constant part of the nation’s tradition and history. But it plays an   sources such as stocks and shares, art, jewels, cars and horses. Since
important part in the present, too; it is estimated that the royals    1993, money she makes from her personal wealth has been taxed
and their properties, such as Buckingham Palace, attract millions                                       at the same rates as other UK
of tourists to the UK, boosting the country’s economy. One study                                        taxpayers. The Queen also pays tax
found the royal family is directly responsible for about £535                                           on part of the Privy Purse, but the Sovereign Grant is tax-free.
million worth of tourism.                                                                                 2. The Privy Purse/Duchy of Lancaster – This is a bit
                                                                                                          like the Queen’s personal salary. It’s the money made from the
Bringing the country together                                                                             Duchy of Lancaster, which is an estate of commercial, farming
                                                                        Prince William and Kate           and residential properties and land across the UK. Last year it
Events such as a royal wedding unite people. In a country with          Middleton’s wedding day           made £19.1 million.
few regular, national traditions, royal events are always popular
and often provide an opportunity for street parties and other                                             3. The Sovereign Grant – This is a fund given to the
community events. Around 11.5 million people tuned into BBC,                                                Queen by the Government to cover expenses, such as travel,
Sky and ITV to watch Harry and Meghan’s wedding live earlier                                                security, the upkeep of the royal palaces, and her staff’s pay.
this year. Royal weddings are popular, and national celebrations                                            The grant comes from British people’s taxes. It was worth
deserve public funding.                                                                                     £76.5 million in 2017-18, which is a big increase on the £42.8
                                                                                                            million in 2016-17. Money that isn’t spent is put away in a
                                                                                                            ‘rainy day fund’. The value of the grant is set at 15% of the
                                                                        Regent Street in London
                                                                        is owned by the Queen               profits made by the Crown Estate of royal palaces, farms,
                                                                                                            entire streets in London, and even parts of the seabed in
                                                                       British waters. The UK Government manages the Crown Estate, which is worth about £11
                                                                       billion, collecting the profits and paying the Queen her share.

                                                                       In addition, the royal family’s security bill is picked up by the Metropolitan [London] Police, and
 Some Brits like to get togerher                                       the costs of royal visits are covered by local councils. That means they are all paid from taxes.
 during a royal wedding
Should the public pay for princess eugenie's wedding? - First News
The Big Debate
SHOULD THE PUBLIC PAY FOR PRINCESS EUGENIE’S WEDDING?                                                                                 5 October 2018

 YES, THE PUBLIC SHOULD PAY                                                  NO, THE PUBLIC SHOULD NOT
 FOR THE ROYAL WEDDING                                                       PAY FOR THE ROYAL WEDDING

  1. SHE’S A MEMBER OF THE ROYAL FAMILY – It’s disrespectful                 1. EUGENIE IS A “MINOR ROYAL” – She and her fiancé have
  to dismiss Eugenie as a “minor” royal. She’s a member of the royal         normal jobs, and they do not undertake any official duties for the
  family, she is ninth in line to the throne, and she is therefore a part    royal family or the country. It’s ridiculous to pay any costs towards
  of the country’s tradition. It’s right that the public contribute to her   their wedding when they aren’t even senior royals.
  special day.
                                                                             2. THE QUEEN CAN AFFORD TO COVER IT – The Queen has
  2. ROYAL WEDDINGS ARE GREAT FOR THE COUNTRY – A royal                      a huge fortune and there is absolutely no reason why she cannot
  wedding is a happy national occasion that unites people. It isn’t just     afford to cover all of the costs of a wedding such as this. Also, there
  about the two people getting married. It brings people together in a       is no evidence at all that royal weddings boost tourism and therefore
  celebration.                                                               the UK economy.

  3. IT’S NOT THAT EXPENSIVE – Each year, our Government                     3. THE WEDDING SHOULD BE LOW-KEY – Eugenie is never
  spends around £800 billion on the country. If the cost of the royal        going to become Queen. She could have chosen to have a low-key
  wedding is £2 million to the public, that’s a tiny amount of money in      wedding, like the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips did in 2011.
  the overall budget. It’s just 0.025% of the total spending of the year.    Eugenie’s wedding will, instead, be similar in scale to Harry and
Should the public pay for princess eugenie's wedding? - First News
The Big Debate
SHOULD THE PUBLIC PAY FOR PRINCESS EUGENIE’S WEDDING?                                                                                    5 October 2018

            Is Princess Eugenie a “minor                     Should all members of the                               Is it right that the public
            royal”?                                          royal family have ordinary                              should pay for the royal
                                                             jobs?                                                   family?

           How important is                    Should royal                                 Is Princess Eugenie                  Did you watch
           having a royal family               weddings be paid for                         entitled to have a big               Harry and Meghan’s


           to you?                             with public money, or                        wedding in Windsor,                  wedding earlier this



                                               not?                                         or should it be low-                 year?

            Do you think the royals bring                    Would you like to attend a                              Do you think major royals
            benefits to the country’s                        royal wedding?                                          should still have their
            economy?                                                                                                 weddings paid for by public
                                                                                                                     money, but minor royals


                                                                                                                     should not?
Should the public pay for princess eugenie's wedding? - First News Should the public pay for princess eugenie's wedding? - First News Should the public pay for princess eugenie's wedding? - First News
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