Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

May 16, 2018 Stephan Lehman Almost eight months after the murder of Edenvale resident Terrence Sole, his sister Annette Searle is still seeking answers about her brother’s death. The body of 77-year-old Terrence was found inside his Palliser Road house on September 27 last year. The NEWS reported in October that Terrence had been beaten and strangled and that two suspects had been arrested. At the time it was believed that Terrence had died a few days before his body was found. “We are desperate for information about what happened to Terry,” said Annette. “My husband Alf and I are very upset that we haven’t been told anything. We just want closure.” Annette (76) said she remembers her brother as a very interesting person who had numerous hobbies. These included collecting books and war medals and caring for his Japanese koi and cycads.

“Terry was a very knowledgeable person who would sit down with you and talk for hours. The time we spent together as a family having lunches or just visiting was very special to me,” said Annette. Alf described his brother-in- law as a very private person who had lived alone for many years. As Terrence got older, his health started to deteriorate. “Alf would often drive Terry around. I think the two really grew closer during that time,” said Annette. She said when she was informed of her brother’s death, she became hysterical. “Terry was an old man. They could have just pushed him out of the way. They didn’t need to attack him,” she said. She said that after the murder, detectives from Edenvale Police Station did communicate with her and Alf. On numerous occasions, the couple met with police officers to give statements and identify belongings.

“Last year we were told by the investigating officer that a trial was going to be held earlier this year but we’ve heard nothing since,” said Alf. In recent months the couple has not received any information. “It was terrible what happened to Terry, but we want to be able to stop wondering about how he died. I would’ve expected more communication from the police about a matter this serious,” said Annette. Lieutenant Colonel Susan Mathebule, the head of Edenvale’s detective services, said the case is going to court. “Murder cases take time. We can’t divulge information which could hamper a case,” said Mathebule.

“It is not unusual for a murder case to take long before being finalised.” The investigating officer, Sergeant Mathipa, said he has been in communication with the family since the start of the investigation. He said on April 13 the case was postponed and referred to the Johannesburg High Court. According to Mathipa, he phoned Alf on April 26 and explained that the case had been referred to the High Court and gave him an update on the matter. “When I get an update about a serious case, I phone the family and explain the new information,” said Mathipa. Mathebule urged community members to contact their investigating officers when following up on a case.

Stephan Lehman p Almost eight months after th Edenvale resident Terrence sister Annette Searle is sti answers about her brother The body of 77-year-ol was found inside his Palli house on September 27 la The NEWS reported in Terrence had been beaten a and that two suspects had be At the time it was believed had died a few days before h found. “We are desperate for info what happened to Terry,” “My husband Alf a upset that we haven anything. We just w Annette (76) sai remembers her br very interesting had numerous h These includ books and war caring for his and cycads. “Terry w knowle who w with y for ho we sp as a fa lunche visiting special Annette. Al p w Seen in the family photograph are Terrence, Alf Searle, Annette and eldest brother, Vic Sole.

Terrence Sole’s sister, Annette Searle, holds a photograph of her brother that was taken in recent years at a family holiday. Sister seeks closure after brother’s murder Sale of Horwood’s Farm not a done deal - P 3 A MAD partnership formed between SAPS, Steyn - P 5 Edenvale adventure seeker speaks about his Survivor journey - P 6

Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

Bedfordview and Edenvale News News May 16, 2018 2 Heist: Sentencing in Bedford case postponed Missing: Have you seen Shaun Myburgh? The sentencing of Celempilo Zuma and Temba Nhlapo has been postponed to today, May 16. In 2015, Zuma and Temba were arrested after a Bedford Centre cash-in-transit heist. After the heist, they were found guilty on two counts of attempted murder, possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition and armed robbery. The two men appeared in the Germiston Regional Court Four on May 10 where their sentencing was expected to be handed down.

On the day of their court appearance, the defence attorney for Zuma and Nhlapo appealed to the magistrate to postpone the sentencing. The case was postponed to today, May 16. Zuma and Nhlapo have remained in custody since the previous postponement. Earlier this year the case was postponed twice, once in February and once in April. The Bedfordview SAPS is appealing for information on the whereabouts of Shaun Jozua Myburgh (24) who was last seen on April 11 at 3am. Myburgh was wearing blue jeans, a grey T-shirt and black workshop shoes at the time of his disappearance. He suffers from epilepsy. Myburgh has a scar on his lower abdomen and has three tattoos. If you have seen him or have any information please contact Bedfordview SAPS on 011 457 2220 or 073 123 9385. You can also contact The Pink Ladies organisation on 072 214 7439 or 072 581 2052. NEWS AT A GLANCE Stephan Lehman The City of Ekurhuleni has started the process to address the damaged stormwater servitude between Cunningham and High roads. This announcement comes a month-and-a-half after 80-year-old Eastleigh resident Les Tindale’s perimeter wall first collapsed into the servitude. On March 31 Tindale’s wall started collapsing and four weeks later a second portion collapsed. Tindale believes the collapse of his wall was a result of damage caused by the November 2016 floods.

Themba Gadebe, CoE spokesperson, said after the servitude was inspected it was determined that the spruit was damaged by recent floods. “Consultants will be appointed to assess the stability of this portion of the servitude and to design remedial measures,” said Gadebe. “The provincial department of water and sanitation will need to approve the remedial designs suggested by consultants. “The CoE is in the process of sourcing funds to appoint consultants and hopes to have consultants appointed by June,” said Gadebe. Tindale’s situation is just one example of the challenges facing residents and businesses along Edenvale’s stormwater servitudes. Last year three Eastleigh businesses went as far as obtaining rulings from the Johannesburg High Court ordering CoE to remediate the Eastleigh spruit. Although the rulings were made, little physical remediation of the spruit was seen by the community.

To date, Edenvale’s servitudes remain damaged, overgrown and blocked with debris. Gadebe said since the CoE was made aware of the flood damage of 2016 it had started addressing the damage. He said consultants have been appointed to several flood-damaged areas of the town and have completed their remedial designs. Applications for the remedial designs have been sent for approval to the relevant departments. Once the applications have been approved, CoE will instruct contractors to start implementing the remedial measures.

“It must be noted that the CoE could not anticipate the severity of the flood and as such could not budget for such eventualities,” said Gadebe. “Funding will be sourced in terms of financial regulations.” Servitudes get attention 80-year-old Les Tindale standing near his collapsed perimeter wall on May 2. Miguel Abrahams Ward 20 Clr Jill Humphreys and residents of Chaucer Avenue have been up in arms about the state of the road due to the repairs to a Chaucer Ave repairs in the pipeline water pipeline.

The repairs have caused a number of problems for residents due to dangerous trenches in the pavement. Residents have been dealing with the pavement for eight months with water running down the street and rubble that creates a vermin problem. Themba Gadebe, spokesperson for the City of Ekurhuleni, said metro is aware of the water pipeline repairs on Chaucer Avenue. He said the water and sanitation department is in the process of replacing the water pipeline. Humphreys stated in a previous article, ‘Pavement left in a mess’, that the contractor estimated he will finish the work within three days.

Gadebe said the contractor initially planned to finish the trench excavation in three days, but this could not be done due to difficulties with tree roots. “The pipeline is already installed. The commissioning of the pipe will be completed by today, May 16. Reinstatement of the paved walkway will be completed by May 31,” said Gadebe. He said the contractor has committed himself to the timeline provided. Caring intellectual disability 011 609-7246 Little Eden Society Little Eden Society is a 24 Hour home to 300 residents with profound intellectual disability. For Persons With Ts & Cs Apply P343313KE19 P343313KE19 PURE FLOW PURE FLOW GAS SUPPLIES GAS SUPPLIES Orders: 011 972-0954 011 392-2136 19kg - R375 WE TAKE ALL MAJOR CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS. Affiliated with gas 48kg - R895 WE WE DELIVER 48kg 48kg GAS SPECIAL WINTER WINTER   Choose from 3 different sizes for only R1595 ex VAT (includes artwork, arch screws & delivery to JHB only).

T&Cs Apply.

Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

Bedfordview and Edenvale News News May 16, 2018 3 The City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) has assured community members that its proposal to sell land at Horwood’s Farm has not been finalised. If sold, 1.5 hectares along Horwood Street will be used to construct high-rise Finance Linked Subsidy Programme (FLSP) houses. Themba Gadebe, spokesperson of the CoE, said the proposal needs to be resolved by council. He said the council item was served at an oversight committee in March this year. “After council announces its resolution, a public participation process will be held.” During the public participation process, community members and role players will have the opportunity to raise their concerns about the proposal. Earlier this month, Ward 18 Clr Heather Hart appealed to CoE not to sell the proposed land.

Hart’s appeal to the CoE came after the recent success of the Horwood’s Farm Family Markets. Over the past three months, the markets have attracted thousands of community members to the park. Gadebe said the proposal was made to fast-track the CoE’s human settlement development agenda. He explained that if the land is sold it will lead to densification in Edenvale. “The housing will assist beneficiaries by bringing them closer to their workplaces,” said Gadebe. “This will reduce commuting times and travel costs to work.” In addition to bringing community members closer to work, Gadebe said the park will also benefit from the proposed sale.

“The housing will provide mixed-use typology which will enhance optimal utilisation of the park.” ‘Sale of land at Horwood’s Farm not yet finalised’ - CoE Miguel Abrahams The chairman of the Bedfordview Community Police Forum, Gavin Henry, said a meeting with Bedfordview SAPS delivered different figures for arrests and convictions to those provided in a press statement released by the Democratic Alliance (DA). The DA spokesperson for community safety, Michele Clarke, issued a press statement on May 7 stating that although 125 arrests had been made in Bedfordview in 2016 and 2017, there had been only one conviction. “I was assured by the Bedfordview SAPS’ head of detectives, Colonel Maluleke, that both figures are much higher,” said Henry. The NEWS’attempts to obtain confirmation from the Bedfordview SAPS and the Department of Justice on these numbers were in vain.

“The MEC for Community Safety, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, made this revelation in a written reply to questions tabled in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature. According to the MEC arrests were made for murder, attempted murder, rape, burglary (residential), burglary (commercial/business), robbery with aggravated circumstances, common robbery, theft of motor vehicle, theft out of motor vehicle, assault and domestic violence. The MEC needs to investigate why so many arrests were made with only one conviction,” Clarke stated.

“The figure is disputed. It is not as simple as one conviction out of 125 arrests. The convictions that happened in 2016 and 2017 may well be arrests from years ago. “It is very unlikely that there will be 10 prosecutions or convictions for every 10 arrests,” said Henry. He said that the figures are contested by the station and all information asked and answered needed to be cleared up by the DA or MEC. Henry commented late Friday afternoon that following a meeting with the station it was established that during the 2016/2017 year in the criminal categories mentioned by the DA, 80 arrests were made of which there were 45 convictions.

“In 2015 Bedfordview station was a one-star station. It is now a three-star station. A two per cent improvement in performance will make us a four-star station. Out of the 12 stations in our cluster, we are ranked third. Out of the 142 stations in the province, we are ranked 39th. We were 115th in 2015,” said Henry. “We have no idea where the figures of 125 arrests and one conviction come from,” said Henry. BCPF says DA got it wrong Clr Heather Hart next to the recently repainted jungle gym at Horwood’s Farm. Miguel Abrahams Ward 20 Clr Jill Humphreys sees the Bedfordview Library as a beautiful building but she has concerns.

Humphreys said the leaves and debris in the gutters cause interior leaks inside the buildings. “When the water cannot exit gutters, it overflows onto the roof and into the ceilings,” said Humphreys. She said the large trees need pruning as leaves and seeds filling the gutters force rainwater into the roof. “This has left a continuous roof leak. Books are damaged as a result of the leak,” she said. She added that air cons are not that old, but have never been serviced and therefore are not working.

“The lights in the public and staff toilets are also not working and the garden at the library is in need of maintenance,” said Humphreys. “Only the few people who work there try to maintain the property. The traffic-themed children’s play area at the library grounds has not been used in 20 years and has not been maintained. I hope to get someone to invest in the park, but that will be a process,” she said. Humphreys urged the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) to keep the grounds around the Bedfordview Library maintained. “The entire municipal precinct where the library is situated is a disgraceful mess. The Emergency Services building is being upgraded but work is still in progress.” She added that the gutters at the licensing department and Bedfordview Town Hall are also not cleaned, which could cause leakage. Themba Gadebe, the spokesperson for the CoE, said the metro plans to upgrade Bedfordview Library in the 2018/2019 financial year.

“Minor maintenance has been done to the roof and assessments will commence in July or August for the upgrade. The process to procure a repair service to repair lights in the toilets has started.” Gadebe said that the city usually utilises internal staff to clean gutters in the winter time at the mentioned buildings. He said the real estate division already has the maintenance needs of the library listed for the 2018/2019 financial year. Gutters become an issue at municipal buildings The library grounds need to be maintained. Want more photos? Get more

Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

Bedfordview and Edenvale News News Sebenza SAPS has embarked on a campaign to educate community members about domestic violence and alcohol abuse. Sebenza SAPS’ communications officer Sergeant Sharon Tsotsotso said the station initiated this campaign due to the increase of domestic violence in the area. Tsotsotso said the increase in domestic violence is fuelled by alcohol abuse, especially during weekends. “We want to remind people of the South African Liquor Act of 2003 because we will enforce this act without fear or favour.

“We have discovered that alcohol abuse is one of the root causes of domestic violence because people tend to start a conflict and have misunderstandings when they are drunk,” said Tsotsotso. Tsotsotso went on to say that society and victims often tend to overlook, deny or excuse domestic violence. She said domestic violence occurs when a person uses a pattern of physical, sexual and/ or emotionally abusive behaviour. Indicators of an abusive relationship include the following: • Being excessively jealous and possessive. • Controlling where to go, what to do, who you go out with and what you eat and drink.

• Keeping you from seeing family and friends. • Limiting your access to money, phone, car or computer. • An unpredictable temper. • Threatening to take your child away from you. • Threatening to kill you or commit suicide if you leave. • Harsh criticism of you. • Embarrassing you in front of your friends. The South African Liquor Act of 2003 Chapter 9, Section 127 states the following offences: • Any person who is drunk in, on, or near any road, street, lane, thoroughfare, square, park or market, any shop, warehouse or public garage or any place of entertainment, cafe, eating house or other premises to which the public has or is granted access (irrespective of whether access is granted against payments or is restricted to any category of persons or not).

• Any person who consumes any liquor in any road or thoroughfare, on or vacant land adjacent thereto, in an urban area subdivided into plots with streets bounded by such plots. • Any person who introduces, possesses or consumes any liquor on a sports ground, or any part thereof, to which the public has or is granted access (irrespective of whether access is granted against payment or is restricted to any category of persons or not), consume alcohol in or near any public place, including a motor vehicle driven on a public road or parked in a public place. Penalties for those who are found guilty of an offence in terms of this Act will be liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a period of not more than six months. If you or anyone you know experiences domestic violence, contact the SAPS on 08600 10 111.

May 16, 2018 4 After several months of sewage overflowing onto a Highway Gardens property, the City of Ekurhuleni has dealt with the cause of the problem. The NEWS reported on April 4 on raw sewage flowing out of a municipal manhole and into Zayne Kerr’s back garden since August last year. Kerr said whenever the sewerage line became blocked, sewage would flood his garden. At the time Kerr highlighted concerns about the health risks the sewage posed to his then-pregnant wife. Kerr told the NEWS that to stop the flow of sewage onto his property, workers from the CoE broke a sewerage pipe. The sewage was then diverted into a nearby stormwater servitude. Themba Gadebe, the CoE spokesperson, said no permission was given by the municipality to break the sewerage infrastructure. “The pipe probably broke during a recent flood and was repaired on the same day,” said Gadebe. Gadebe said the reason Kerr’s garden was frequently flooded with sewage was because of a broken pipe further down the line.

“The system had partially collapsed and blocked the line.” Although sewage had flown into the servitude, the water could not be treated. “Water can only be treated if it is stagnant. The polluted water has been washed away further downstream,” said Gadebe. “The contaminated water will be cleaned by means of natural processes of filtration and UV disinfection.” He said because sewage contains harmful bacteria, anyone with a weakened immune system can contract a disease. Following repair work of the sewerage line, the municipality believes that there will be no more sewage overflows into Kerr’s back garden. Alcohol and domestic violence go hand in hand Highway Gardens resident Zayne Kerr in his back garden which was flooded with raw sewage in March. Breath of fresh air for Edenvale father R345029EL20 Speaker of Council, Cllr Patricia Kumalo @City_Ekurhuleni CityOfEkurhuleni cityofekurhuleni NOTICE SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING OF THE CITY OF EKURHULENI OF A 7KH6SHDNHURI&RXQFLO&OOU3DWULFLD.XPDORKHUHE\QRWL¿ HV UHVLGHQWVRI&LW\RI(NXUKXOHQLRIDVSHFLDOPHHWLQJRI &RXQFLOZKHUHLQWKH([HFXWLYH0D\RU&RXQFLOORU0]ZDQGLOH 0DVLQDDQG0HPEHURIWKH0D\RUDO&RPPLWWHH 00& IRU )LQDQFHDQG(FRQRPLF'HYHORSPHQW&RXQFLOORU'RFWRU ;KDND]DZLOOGHOLYHUWKH%XGJHW6SHHFKIRU WKH  ¿ QDQFLDO\HDUSHULRG DATE VENUE TIME ENQUIRIES 24 May 2018 (GHQ3DUN 6SRUW*URXQG 3HWHUVHQ6WUHHW 10h00 Secretary of Council 2QG Floor Civic Centre *HUPLVWRQ Tel: 011 999 1191

Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

Bedfordview and Edenvale News News May 16, 2018 5 With the hopes of improving the Edenvale SAPS’ housekeepers’ workshops, Sergeant Jacob Mashile, the head of the Edenvale SAPS Social Crime Prevention Unit, met with Penny Steyn of Making a Difference (MAD). Mashile met with Penny on April 25 at a Domestic Watch meeting held at the Bedfordview Methodist Church. At the meeting, Penny spoke to community members about the dangers of alcohol, drugs and shebeens. “Penny has a great way of interacting with people and getting messages across,” said Mashile.

“I believe she will attract more domestic workers to the Edenvale workshops.” Mashile said the next Edenvale SAPS’ housekeepers’ workshop will be held in June at Marais Steyn Park. During a recent operation, members of EMPD’s Warrant Unit stopped 48 motorists who had outstanding warrants of arrest or outstanding fines. The May 4 operation held on Van Riebeeck Avenue in Edenvale made use of a number plate recognition device to catch the drivers. Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago, EMPD spokesperson, said the operation was held to remind motorists with outstanding traffic fines to pay in good time.

“It also ensured that those with outstanding warrants were either assisted to make arrangements to pay on the spot or arrested.” Twenty-two drivers who had warrants of arrest paid a total of just under R16 000 to avoid arrest. For each unpaid fine, motorists had to pay R300 for contempt of court. Additionally, 26 drivers settled their outstanding fines before their final payment dates. The 26 motorists paid a total of R13 500. “Motorists have several avenues at their convenience to pay traffic fines,” said Kgasago. He urged community members to periodically check if they have any outstanding fines. A member of the EMPD’s Warrant Unit holds up a driver's licence while checking for warrants of arrest and outstanding fines. Metro police crack down on defaulters MAD partnership formed between SAPS and Steyn Want more photos? Get more Penny Steyn from Making a Difference (MAD) based at the Bedfordview Methodist Church and Sergeant Jacob Mashile, head of the Edenvale SAPS Social Crime Prevention Unit.

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Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

Bedfordview and Edenvale News Community May 16, 2018 6 Survivor contestant seeks next challenge Stephan Lehman Daring Highway Gardens resident Neil Voller is always looking for the next big adventure to tackle and enjoy. The 55-year-old adventure enthusiast recently competed on the reality television show Survivor South Africa, Philippines. After his return to Edenvale, Neil met with the NEWS to discuss his Survivor experience and what draws him to adventure. “Survivor is all real. There is no behind-the-scenes pampering nor are there special luxuries while you are in the competition,” explained Neil. During his experience on the isolated island, Neil and other contestants had to find food, make fires and deal with the elements. “I can’t say too much about what happened on the show but it was a great experience for me. Neil, a big Survivor fan, applied for the reality show last year. It was his second application to compete in Survivor.

When Neil was informed of his successful application, he was in the process of training for Ironman. “I had to change my workout routine immediately. Ironman is all about endurance while Survivor is about power and strength.” In preparation for the show, Neil hiked the Fish River Canyon in Namibia last year. While on the show Neil, enjoyed the trials and tribulations of the game. “I formed good alliances with the other contestants and got to know them quite intimately,” said Neil. “Despite the alliances and the interesting people I met, there was backstabbing and twists throughout the game.” Throughout his Survivor journey, Neil’s greatest motivation was the support from his family.

He described himself as a person who has always taken calculated risks. He has several achievement to his name including his green number for the Comrades Marathon. He also completed the Duzi Canoe race numerous times, has been bungee jumping and he summited Mount Kilimanjaro. Since his return to SA, Neil has already hiked along the Wild Coast and hopes to tackle even bigger hikes. The next big adventure Neil has set his sights on is to hike to the Mount Everest’s base camp. “It has been on my bucket list for some time and I hope to do it in the next two years,” said Neil. To watch Neil battle the elements and survive the Philippines, tune into M-Net on Thursdays at 7pm.

Highway Gardens resident and Survivor SA contestant Neil Voller sitting in the comfort of his own home. Seen on Neil’s lap are photographs of his Mount Kilimanjaro summit and his Green Comrades Marathon number. Mbavhalelo Malofha Thando Bam-Francis is the author of Uno Flatu: In One Breath and is a recovering drug addict, motivational speaker and co-founder of the Bam-Francis Foundation. “I am originally from the Eastern Cape. I had a very difficult childhood. I was raised by a single parent who died when I was 10 years old. My mother’s passing affected me a lot. I was present during the car incident that claimed my mother’s life and in African culture, there is no such thing as therapy,” said Bam-Francis.

“I did not know how to communicate. I felt that if I was honest about how I feel then it would be as if my adopted parents were not doing enough. “At the same time, I did not have the adequate life skills to deal with the issues I felt inside. Besides my mother’s death, my father also neglected me. “I had a great sense of rejection. I was exposed to rejection and loss at a young age to a certain degree that I asked myself what is wrong with me. “My elder siblings were living with my father in another town and I was living with my mother. After she died, I was adopted by my relatives. The dynamics changed, I went from the youngest spoiled child to the eldest child,” he said. Bam-Francis said he started drinking alcohol and using drugs during his high school years to numb the pain. “I was a very rebellious teenager. When I got to high school I was introduced to alcohol and started smoking weed. That’s when I started to feel that I was living for me because from my mother’s death up until then everything was surreal.

“I felt like someone was going to say it’s a joke and that my mother did not die. I thought I was just being pranked, someone was going to say she is going to come back. “Smoking and drinking worked for me, but only for a while. I later realised that I can’t run away from reality and I can’t run away from myself. “It stopped me from developing the emotional intelligence to be able to deal with my problems. Drinking and smoking numbed the pain but did not take it away. “It was only later in my addiction that I progressed to harder substances.

“My relatives sent me away as they couldn’t handle me. I then came to Johannesburg and stayed with my brother. He was my best support system and yet I stole from him just to feed my habit. I had a total loss of myself and who I was,” he said. In 2013, Bam-Francis started rehab. “I was a photojournalism student at a market photo workshop. I entered a photography competition at the school and I won it. After winning the competition, I realised that I am capable of doing much more with my life and that I could actually excel. I then felt that I needed to go to rehab because I realised I would be capable of achieving more if I was off drugs. “I was an outpatient at the South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (Sanca). “The challenge was that my family was paying school fees for me and my accommodation. Telling them that I was going to rehab did not sit well with them. They thought that I was wasting their money.

“They withdrew their financial support. So, the first attempt at recovery did not go well. I had a lot of things to worry about. I asked myself how I was going to survive. I was also too deep into addiction and couldn’t recover as an outpatient,” he said. In 2016, he decided to go to rehab again. This time, Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre. “By then, I had already progressed to CAT. Upon coming from rehab which was a 23-month programme, I read a lot of materials about addiction. I really wanted to understand why people do it and if it is worth it. I didn’t want to go back to being an active addict,” he said. Bam-Francis now gives motivational talks at schools. “There are a plethora of factors that contribute to schoolchildren using drugs but I want to make them realise there are other means to address their issues and that a life free of drugs is more rewarding,” he said.

He hopes to use his life story as an example of how destructive drugs can be. His book, Uno Flatu: In One Breath, is a collection of poetry written at the height of his addiction. Escaping the grip of drug addiction Thando Bam-Francis is the author of Uno Flatu: In One Breath

Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

Bedfordview and Edenvale News Events May 16, 2018 7 WHAT’S HAPPENING? EVENTS CALENDAR Planning ahead? You can find more on To update regular events, email benews@ or send a fax to 011 609 7160. • St Francis in the Wood morning market is held on the first Saturday of each month. 9am to 1pm. Corner Queen Street and Valley Road, Modderfontein. • Rotary Club of Bedfordview meets every Tuesday at 6.15pm at the Belgravia Bowling Club, Bedfordview. Contact Rotarian Filippa Heyneke on 082 602 4593 or www.

• Edenvale Philatelic Society meets on the first Saturday of each month. Contact Colin Bousfield on 082 309 8656 for more information. • Lions Club of Edenvale meets on the first Monday of every month at 7.45pm at 152 Fifth Avenue, Edenvale. Contact Lion President Malcolm on 082 454 5817. • Summit BNI Networking Group meets 7am to 8.30am every Wednesday at Huddle Park. Call Odette on 011 454 1251 or 082 929 9679. • Tudor Rose Luncheon Club meets every third Wednesday, Jeppe Quondam at 11.45am. Contact Arlene on 011 616 9194. • The Music Makers, live music for all occasions. Contact Jen on 083 331 9062 or Les on 082 814 5554 or phone 011 453 1594. International Museum Day event in Modderfontein The Dynamite Company Museum and historic Franz Hoenig Haus will be open to the public on May 19 to celebrate International Museum Day.

This is one of just two days a year that the house is made accessible to all. The museum and house will be open between 8.30am and 12.30pm. A heritage walk led by Robbie Vermont will take place at 9am. Booking is essential as only 20 people can be accommodated. Cost of the walks is R50 per person. International Museum Day has been observed all over the world since 1977. This year the International Council of Museums (ICM) selected the theme: Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, New publics. “The objective of International Museum Day is to raise awareness of the fact that museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, co-operation and peace among people,” said the ICM. Organised on and around May 18 each year, the events and activities planned to celebrate International Museum Day can last a day, a weekend or a whole week.

The Dynamite Company Museum, chronicles the technical history of AECI as a producer of explosives and chemicals and it provides a social commentary and insight into the part played by some of the world- famous figures who helped shape the destiny of southern Africa. The contribution made by AECI’s polyglot workforce is included in the story told by the museum. The museum is located at 2 Main Street in Modderfontein in one of the first two domestic houses built there back in 1895. This house was occupied almost continuously for close to 90 years before being restored in 1987 to house The Dynamite Company Museum. Bookings for the guided walk can be made through Robbie Vermont on 011 608 2693 or 082 800 3704.

Museum hours are Tuesday to Thursday from 8.30am to 3.30pm, Friday from 8.30am to 2pm and Saturday from 8.30am to 12.30pm. Groups can make arrangements to visit on Thursdays by contacting the curator, Lodwick Mahasha on 011 608 2747. Franz Hoenig Haus in Modderfontein will be open to the public on May 19 in celebration of International Museum Day. GET OUT OF TOWN Impact House Charity Golf Day will take place on May 30 at the Huddle Park Golf Course. All proceeds will go to the Impact House Child and Youth Care Centre in Edenvale. Registration for the event will take place between 9.30am and 10.30am with the first tee off at 10.30am.

The cost is R2 600 per four-ball and includes lunch, dinner and prizes. To book a four-ball email Golf day for charity Karoo-born artist Willie Jacobs is set to demonstrate contemporary portrait techniques for the Paint & Palette Artist Group. Willie, who grew up on a sheep farm, believes the time he spent in nature as a child helped him to develop a strong sense of dimension and depth. Although Willie’s artistic talent was recognised by others, he never considered pursuing a career in art.

Only after studying electrical engineering through the South African Air Force did he realise he wanted to become an artist. With no formal training, Willie left the air force and began his journey in art. Now, as an established artist, Willie works in a multitude of mediums and has painted various scenes. Some of his artworks can be found abroad in countries like Dubai, New Zealand, United States, Germany, Britain, Australia and Belgium. In addition to painting, Willie enjoys sketching and teaching art. Art lovers and community members can view Willie’s oil-painting techniques on May 19 at the Edenvale Community Centre.

The demonstration will start at 1.30pm for 2pm. Contact demonstrations co-ordinator Moira Simonsen on 083 721 0516. Art group to host Jacobs

Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

Bedfordview and Edenvale News MAJESTIC ESSENTIALS May 16, 2018 8 Bokeh Festival promises more Miguel Abrahams The Bokeh South African International Lifestyle and Fashion Film Festival is celebrating its fifth year and it promises to be the best this year. The media launch for the new festival took place on May 10 at Mercedes-Benz Bedfordview and the media learned about the new aspects that were added to the festival. Technology, music and design were added to broaden the horizon of creativity. Not only that, but the festival has found a new presenting sponsor in Savanna Loco. “Savanna Premium Cider is pleased to be associated with the 2018 Bokeh South African International Lifestyle and Fashion Film Festival, a festival that strives to create a strong platform for local and international fashion and film designers,” said the brand manager of Savanna Loco, Marshal Barends.

Bokeh will say goodbye to the headlining partnership with Mercedes-Benz for the past four years. The marketing director of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Selvin Govender, said that the partnership with Bokeh is very much a continuation of their ongoing commitment to providing customers with added value. “The relationship with Mercedes- Benz has led us to this point where we can welcome a new direction to the festival as a lifestyle brand,” said Bokeh festival founder Adrian Lazarus. Lazarus also mentioned that they will be adding exciting avenues to the festival, such as the Bokeh Fashion and Film TV.

The Emerging Creative Talent Category has begun shooting. Young talent is encouraged to create short films with mentoring from Bokeh. The previous year saw 600 film submissions from 58 different countries, with more expected in 2018. The 10 Emerging Creative Talent films will be viewed at the gala events of The Bokeh SA International Lifestyle and Fashion Film Festival which will take place on September 20 to 29 in Johannesburg. Submissions close on July 31. The winning team will win R50 000. See the video online www.bedfordviewedenvalenews. Fashionable posing at the Bokeh Festival media launch 2018. Maps Maponyane, Susana Kennedy, Adrian Lazarus and Marshal Berends.

Guests enjoying the Bokeh Festival media launch. Shashi Naidoo at the Bokeh Bokeh South African International Lifestyle and Fashion Film Festival media launch. Fashion and eative begun ent is e short g from r saw ns from es, with 018. s will a h SA yle take 20 to e on July m will win ideo online wedenvalenews. he Bokeh Bokeh rnational Lifestyle m Festival media launch. ‘The relationship with Mercedes-Benz has led us to this point where we can welcome a new direction.’ Sinclair Aesthetics Dr Julie Sinclair MBBCh (Wits) Registered Medical Doctor with HPCSA and British Medical Council. Board Certied and Diploma in Medical Aesthetics from The American Aesthetics Academy. - - - - -- Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Procedures dvanced Anti Wrinkle Procedures s d Ad Frown, Crow’s feet, Forehead, Eye Brows, Nose & Chin shaping Migraines, Excessive Sweating, Teeth Clenching, Neck Muscles, g , g, Migraines, Excessive Sweating, T Muscle Dystonia, Jawline lift. Advanced Dermal Fillers s - - anced Dermal F Fillers Adva s Liquid Facelift, Cheek, Chin & Temple Augmentations, Lip Liquid Facelift, Cheek, Ch hin & Temple Augmentat tio ons, Lip Denition & Enhancement, Nasolabial Folds, Hand Rejuvenation. - - - - Silhouette Soft Sutures & Plasmage - - Dr only lhouette Soft Sutures & Plas Si Lifting & Firming of Eyebrows, face & neck. g Lifting & Firming of Eyebrows, face & neck. & F Upper & Lower Eyelid tightening with Plasmage technology Medical Laser, Peeling & Skin Needling - - Medical Laser, Peeling & Skin Nee ed dling Pigmentation - Sun damage & Hormonal. Wrinkles & Skin Pig gmentation - Sun damage & Hormonal. Wrinkle es & Skin n Tightening. Scars - Acne & Surgical. Stretch Marks. Red Skin & & Tightening. Scars - Acne & Surgical. Stretch Mark ks. Red Skin Blood Vessels. Leg Veins. Hair Reduction. Hand Rejuvenation. - - -- -- Assisted Liposuction & Body Contouring ssisted Liposuction & Body Conto ouring As Permanent Fat removal with Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction. on.

Perma anent Fat removal with Skin Tightening, Cellul lite Reductio anen No General Anaesthetic. Permanent results. Minimal downtime. 30, 1st Avenue, Edenvale Telephone 011 453 3450/2 30, 1st w ww w.sinc hon w w w w w w w w w ww w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w ww w T T T T Te e e el l l l l le e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ep p p p p p p ph PROMOTERS & TEAM-LEADERS WANTED Contact: Sunshine vitamins 011 452 8892/3/5 Disclaimer: Product is not intended to diagnose or treat that of any medical conditions. All conditions may have other causes. Please consult your health Practitioner. L345022EL19

Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

Bedfordview and Edenvale News Community May 16, 2018 9 Drummies host Edenglen Day Edenglen High’s drum majorettes are set to host Edenglen Day, a competition which will see majorettes and cheerleaders compete against one another. The event will be held on May 26 to raise funds for the Edenglen’s team going to the national championships in July. It will be held at Edenglen High School between 8am and 6pm. Contact team manager Cindy Tiley on 078 128 6730 for more information. Domestic Watch to meet in May The next Bedfordview Domestic Watch meeting will take place on May 30 at 2pm. The lesson will be on “How you can positively affect South Africa – What and how to report crime information anonymously”.

Meetings take place at the Bedfordview Methodist Church on the last Wednesday of each month. For any information contact Penny Steyn on 082 461 6968, 011 783 8776 or email An entertaining and wide-ranging presentation will take place at the next Modderfontein Conservation Society’s evening meeting. The presentation on titles of animals, insects, birds and their calls promises to be filled with fascinating facts and information about all these species. Jan van Heerden, the guest speaker, is an engineer by profession and is now into his seventh year of retirement and loving every minute of it. These days, instead of working on projects such as the Medupi and Kusile power stations, Jan hones his appreciation of all aspects of nature and indulges a passion for sharing a virtual database of knowledge with anyone who will listen.

His talk on the Animal Demography Unit (ADU) is featured in a research unit of the University of Cape Town. The unit has a mission to contribute to the understanding of animal populations, especially population dynamics, and thereby provide input to their conservation. The ADU has been instrumental in the development of citizen scientists, a body of ordinary people everywhere who share their observations of nature and the environment. Jan will tell how you can help out. The meeting will take place in the Modderfontein Town Hall at 1 Casino Road at 7.30pm on May 17. Visitors are welcome to attend.

For more information call Jenny Gough on 011 452 2201 or 082 685 0959 or visit the MCS web page, www.modderconserve. Learn about birds, their calls Pied Wagtail at attention.

Sister seeks closure after brother's murder

10 | May 16 2018 Private Property launches app Private Property launched a new app which introduces the first property feed to the market. The new property feed feature will change the way South Africans find their next property. Drawing on user feedback, and incorporating the latest technology, Private Property redesigned and rebuilt the app to create a simple, engaging native-app experience for smartphone users. The end ARTICLE PROVIDED BY w w w . p r i v a t e p r o p e r t y . c o . z a result is a solution that makes property searches simpler, faster and smarter. App users can easily search thousands of properties for sale and to rent across SA. The app’s flagship feature eliminates the need to search manually. Using a social-media-like feed, the app notifies users of new properties in real time.

Users just follow the suburbs they are interested in and they will start receiving push notifications as soon as matching properties become available. The feed ensures that time- pressed property shoppers don’t miss out on new properties. Users can filter their results using criteria like price, property type or pet friendly to customise their search. With the rich detail available on the app, users can get an idea of what the property is like without physically visiting it. They can see detailed property descriptions, view high- resolution photos and even experience a high- definition video walk-through of the property. If they are interested in any of the properties, they can contact the estate agent directly through the app to arrange a viewing. If a second opinion is required, users are able to easily share properties with family and friends via WhatsApp, social media or email. The app is available for download now on the App Store and Google Play. t.BUDIJOHPGUFOBOUUP-BOEMPSETTQFDJöDBUJPO t6OEFSUBLFBHVBSBOUFFPONPOUIMZSFOUBMT t"TTJTUJOHXJUIEJTQVUFTBSJTJOH t.POJUPSJOHQSPQFSUZJOBCTFODFPG-BOEMPSE t'SFFMFHBMBEWJDFCZQSPQFSUZFYQFSUT t.POUIMZNBOBHFNFOUPGQSPQFSUJFT 8FIBWFBMBSHFQPSUGPMJPPG-BOEMPSETUIBUVTFVTFYDMVTJWFMZ TO LET Bedfordview Cluster . . 4 Bed, 2 Bath, Dbl Storey, Pool, Jacuzzi . R20,000 Cluster . . 4 Bed, 3 Bath, Dbl Garage, Pool, Entertainment . R14,000 Townhouse . . 2 Bed, 2 Bath, Gym & Pool in Complex Furnished . R11,500 Townhouse . . 2 Bed, 2 Bath, Pool & Squash Court in Complex . . R 9,500 Townhouse . . 2 Bed, 2 Bath, Open Garden, Quiet & Secure . . R 9,000 Simplex . . 2 Bed, 2 Bath, Undercover Parking . . R 8,000 Apartment . . 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Modern, Near Bedford Centre . . R 7,600 Cottage . . 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Incl Light & Water, Quiet & Secure....R 6,800 Cottage . . 1 Bed, 1 Bath secure, suit single, Incl Light &Water.....R 5,000 Edenvale House . . 3 Bed, 2 Bath with cottage . R14,000 House . . 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Garage & 1 Bed Cottage . R12,000 Townhouse . . 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Carports, Greenstone . . R 9,500 Townhouse . . 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Carports, Edenvale Border . . R 8,500 Townhouse . . 2 Bed, 2 Bath, Spacious and Modern . . R 8,500 Cottage . . Studio Cottage, Prepaid Meter, Secure, Suit Single ....R 3,800 Primrose Townhouse . . Furnished, 2 bed, 2 Bath, Gym & Pool in complex . R11,000 Townhouse . . 2 Bed, 2 Bath, Double Garage . . R 8,500 We have pre-qualified clients looking to rent 073 447 7677 or 074 744 0961 or email: Letting, Renting, Property Management Property Rental Specialists 20 011 622-8302 011 622-8303 Littlewoods 20 RENTALS DUNVEGAN Charming 4 bed double storey house, 2 bath (mes), guest loo, kitchen, scullery, lounge, d/room. Incl, bar, swimming pool, double garage, cottage & s/quarters. R22 050pm Avail Imm BEDFORD GARDENS 3 Bed duplex, with 1 bath plus g/loo, storeroom, private courtyard & garden including 2 parkings. R9 900pm - Avail 1st June Spacious townhouse in secure complex, has 3 beds, 2 baths, lovely garden, courtyard & garage plus open parking. R10 000pm - Avail 1st June BEDFORDVIEW Large apartments in secure complex, incl.basement parking. offers Pool, Tennis Court & Excellent 24hr Security! Regret no pets.

2 Bed 2 Baths - R8 000pm 2 Beds, with Patio - R10 000pm Fully furnished 2 Bed 2 Baths - R10 500pm All units Avail Immediately CONTACT TRACY 083 477 0095 BUYING OR SELLING your Home is a Big Step... Call MICHELLE Now & make it with CONFIDENCE!! ML20 MICHELLE DAMATA 011 453-0285 083 656-8704 (C) BEZ VALLEY, KENSINGTON & SURROUNDS BEZ VALLEY - BARGAIN BUYS!!! R750 000 ONO!! MOD HOME! POOL! Huge Lounge/Family room! Dining 4th Bed, 2 baths (mes). Kitchen! Maids Plus 2 other rooms! Garage! Carport! R760 000 ONO!! SPACIOUS HOME! VIEWS! Entrance, lounge, 3 beds, 2 baths, kitchen. Sunroom. Maids! Storeroom! D/Garage! Extra Parking! R860 000 ONO!! HOUSE & SEPARATE MODERN COTTAGE!! KENSINGTON - R990 000! STUNNING MODERN HOME!! Facebrick! Entrance, Lounge, Dining room, Family room (or 4 bedroom), 2 Bathrooms (mes), dressing room, lovely Mel kitchen! Good maids! High Walls! MALVERN 1) R600 000 SOLD!! 2) R760 000 SOLD!!

3) R760 000 NEAR HILLCREST! Spacious home! Lounge, 3 beds- bic’s, VWXG\NLWFKHQODXQGU\3/867   KXJHURRPVRI¿FHFRWWDJHSRWHQWLDO BIG YARD! 3 outside rooms! Garage! Lots of Parking Space! Secure! BEDFORD PARK! STUNNING SIMPLEX APARTMENT!! R980 000 ONO!! Mod 1 Bed! View! Patio! Modern Kitchen! Store! Parking! Pool! Gym! Library! Men over 50 / Ladies over 40! Security! Visitors Parking! SOLHEIM! R1 200 000 ONO!! MERIDIAN! LOVELY 2 BEDAPARTMENT 85m²! Large open-plan lounge/dining. Balcony/braai! 2 x Parkings! Pool! Gym! ROBERTSHAM - R1 200 000 ONO! LOVELY GOLDEN FACEBRICK!

Lounge, Sep dining room, 3 beds-bics, 1.5 baths! Maids! Big Garden! Neat! *** 37 YEARS IN THE ABOVE AREAS *** CALL MICHELLE DAMATA 083 656 8704 SOLD SOLD SOLD SP19 011 452-8366 SPECIPROPS MANAGING AGENT BODY CORP. AND HOA CALL SHARON FOR A PROPOSAL/QUOTE EDENDALE TOWNHOUSE - R990 000 Small complex close to schools and shops. DESERÉ 071 676 3811 EDENGLEN EDEN VILLAGE - R680 000 Well-situated complex. Lounge, separate kitchen, 1 bedroom, bath, balcony. Parking, paugo elec. DESERÉ 071 676 3811 | SHARON 011 452-8366 RENTALS BEDFORDVIEW T/HOUSE - R8 600pm Modern 3 beds, 2 baths, upstairs unit with pool in complex. Parking. Central. (June) BEDFORDVIEW T/HOUSE - R8 000pm 3 Beds, 1 bath, duplex with garden. Carports. EDENDALE T/HOUSE - R7 000pm Modern 2 beds, 1 bath, open-plan, upstairs. 1 Parking.

HOUSE/EASTLEIGH RIDGE - R12 500pm 4 Beds, 2 baths, with cottage on property. Pool and ent. area. Lots of carports. (June) PRIMROSE T/HOUSE - R5 200pm 2 beds, 1 bath, upstairs (large), parking. (June) EDENGLEN T/HOUSE - R5 340pm 2 beds, 1 bath, d/stairs, garden, parking. (June) EDENGLEN T/HOUSE - R7 600pm 2 bed duplex, garden, garage, pool in complex. (July) DESERÉ OR KYLE 011 452-8366

11 | May 16 2018 SANDTON, LINBRO PARK

Bedfordview and Edenvale News Classifieds May 16, 2018 12 Tel: 011 916 5301 • Fax: 011 918 6067 (Mon - Fri) Account queries: 011 916 5300 Advertisement allocations: Boksburg Advertiser: Thur @ 15H00 JHB East Express: Fri @ 11H00 Southern Courier: Thur @ 15H00 Comaro Chronicle: Thur @ 15H00 Bedford / Edenvale: Fri @ 15H00 Germiston City News: Mon @ 10H00 Alberton Record: Fri @ 16H00 Kathorus Mail: Fri @ 16H00 Springs Advertiser: Mon @ 16H00 Benoni City Times: Tues @ 12H00 Kempton Express: Mon @ 16H00 Tembisan: Wed @ 09H00 Brakpan Herald: Wed @ 10H00 African Reporter: Wed @ 14H00 12 3 2 1 CLASSIFIEDS DEADLINE RAPED? IN DESPAIR? Phone Life Line (011) 422-4242 ZH081604 AAA METRO CARPET CLEANERS Deep clean carpets & L /suites. Free deo / spot. Owner supervision. ALTA 011 907 6674 082 920 5877 JH043367 EXPERIENCING DIFFICULTIES WITH RELATIONSHIPS: Phone Life Line (011) 422-4242 ZH081603 APPLIANCE REPAIRS ONSITE Fridge, W/machines, D/washers stoves, T/driers. M/waves. Aircons. No call out Mike 073 864 9013 RN113855 BRAND`S TREE FELLING Tree maintenance Fully insured. 011 708-0088 All hrs.

brandstf MC032928 ADVERTISE HERE! 011 916 5301 A1 PROTEA DEEP CLEAN Carpets, L/Suite and Blinds. Free spot / deod. Owner sup HANNETJIE 29yrs. 082 876 2067 / 011 869 7781 ZB001192 EXPERIENCING DIFFICULTIES WITH RELATIONSHIPS: Phone Life Line (011) 422-4242 ZH081602 ABACON APPLIANCE REPAIRS Fridges, W/machines, D/washers, Aircons, Stoves, etc. NO CALL-OUT FEE! James 24/7 083 527 5695 011 039 3206 RN113849 DEPRESSED OR STRESSED: Phone Life Line (011) 422-4242 ZH081599 B&L TREE FELLING Free quotations Fully insured Johnny 082 553 3384 TH112511 A1 EXECUDRY CARPET CLEANERS Dry carpet + rug cleaning. Upholstery, curtain cleaning whilst hanging 083-267-3438 011-786-6670 ZW019588 ADVERTISE HERE!

011 916 5301 HERE!!! ADVERTISE HERE!! ABAFANA TREE FELLING SERVICE Owner Supervision 082 935 8569 Fully Insured ZW019680 HILTOP ROOFING • Waterproofing • Roof Repairs • Painting • Ceiling • Gutters • Building Alterations 082 323 5615 083 655 4242 JL032578 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS If you want to drink, that is your problem, if you want to stop, that is ours. Call 0861helpAA or 0861 435722. ZH081600 A AMAZING DEEP CLEAN Carpets, L/Suites, Mattresses. Quick dry.31 yrs exp. Owner Supervision. Mike 083 229 8046 JH043412 A K APPLIANCES & ELECTRICAL REPAIRS Fridges, w/machines, t/dryers, d/washers, stoves, m/waves, TV`s.

No call out. Work guaranteed. Darren 060 404 3639 KE005170 0155 TREE FELLING A-Z APPLIANCE & ELECTRICAL SERVICES DEAN 011 892 2212 079 501 7460 TH111985 On-site repairs Fridge / Freezers T/Dryers, Stoves, Air-cons. Geysers, Gate and garage motors. Electric fence COC`s All electrical work 0073 PERSONAL FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF ALCOHOLICS Meet at St Therese`s Catholic Church at 9H30am every Wednesday. Contact: Eileen on 083 736 1003 or Patrick on 082 465 3683 for further information. ZH081601 0118 CLEANING 0181 REPAIRS GATE AUTOMATION, ELECTRIC FENCE AND COC Sales & Repairs. Hansa, Centurion etc. Pierre 082 788 3368 Charmaine 0824623079 JH033306 POOLS & PUMPS For a trouble free pool. Tel Darryl 011 425-3403 or 082 416- 8063 MC032948 RENES BLINDS & CURTAINS "WINTER SPECIALS" 011 969 2732 083 228 5066 MC032995 TS GARDENS •Landscaping •Irrigation •Clean-ups 083 270 4247 www.tsgardens TH112263 0172 POOLS Power tripping. Earth leakage. New installation. Motors. Borehole.

No hot water. Lighting & Fault finding Etc. Same day C.O.C AB ELECTRICAL & ALL PLUMBING 011 039 2745 084 451 4170 JH043097 FREE QUOTE & 24/7 (Registered Electricians) RUBBLE REMOVAL Garden to building rubble & cleanups Madelein 072 500 9594 TH112526 EAST RAND TOWNHOUSE PAINTERS AND LIGHT MAINTENANCE CONTRACTORS Painting (int, and ext.) Roof painting Varnishing (sealing) Small general repairs. Marco 079 878 5727 Elie 083 938 4813 RN113858 AT MIKE`S BLINDS We manufacture, clean and repair blinds. Will beat any written quotes. MIKE 452-2882 082 369 4295 ZW019579 A - VOLTA ELECTRICAL Comp Certif R399. Geyser ,Stove,Appl,Pools.24hr. 011 683-4178 / 082 416 3753 JH043244 0105 BLINDS / CURTAINS CUPBOARD SPECIALIST Kitchens, BIC~s. Louis Korff 082 954 8040, 011-974- 9120 ZW019589 0127 ELECTRICIANS ALL PAVING WORK Expertly done. Prompt service. Tel. Peter 072 249 4905 At Select Paving Designs TH112521 R.K AERIALS & SATELLITE SERVICES Owner worker. All areas. 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EST. 1990 We also do tree felling, fully insured Weed control + clean-ups Dean - 073 214 9886 ZW019580 0136 HOME IMPROVEMENTS / DIY 0154 GARDENING / RUBBLE REMOVALS A - CCTV & DSTV DSTV & OVHD installs & Upgrades. TV Mounting.Fault finding from R250. 083 773 9728 ZW019735 Best service & price - Fault finding - Thermostats - All electrical - Elec COC’s All work guaranteed - Solar geysers - Leak detection - Bathroom renovations - Plumbing COC`s ELECTRICAL & PLUMBING 011 615 4310 082 644 8647 24/7 Call NOW for FREE quote MA053420 ARM ARM ZW019676 • Holiday care • Aftercare • Transport • Nursery School 18 Months - Gr. R • Primary School Gr.R - Gr. 7 • High School School Gr.8 - Gr. 9 • F.E.T. College Gr.10 - Gr. 12 Tel: 011 452 6425 Fax: 086 652 8683 • Cell: 079 897 9353 Email: 99 14th Avenue, Edenvale, 1609 Something About us: • Gauteng department of Education Registration • Qualified Teachers • Academic Excellence • Individual Attention 0123 AERIALS / SATELLITES 0163 PLUMBERS Deadline Payment Notice T&C’s CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT FOR: • Boksburg Advertiser • JHB East Express • Bedford / Edenvale News • Germiston City News • Kempton Express • Benoni City Times • Brakpan Herald • Springs Advertiser • Alberton Record • Southern Courier • Comaro Chronicle • Kathorus Mail • Tembisan • African Reporter THE DEADLINE FOR THIS PUBLICATION IS: Monday @ 11H00 PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to change the above mentioned deadline at any given time PLEASE NOTE: Proof of payment MUST be faxed to: 011-918-6067 REFERENCE OR TELEPHONE NUMBER MUST APPEAR ON THE DEPOSIT PAYMENT METHODS: Certain adverts will only be accepted on a cash basis before being published, eg: property, lifts, for sale, gardening & cleaning, employment wanted etc. 1st three adverts cash upfront thereafter accounts considered after an approved credit application. PAYMENT CAN BE MADE AS FOLLOWS: a) At any of our branches b) By Credit card c) Into: FNB BRANCH CODE: 25-50-05 CTP LIMITED T/A CAXTON NEWSPAPERS ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6218-634-8457 (Always keep your ID/ CO registration number ready) CONDITIONS OF ACCEPTANCE: ADVERTISERS NOTE: 1. Although every effort will be made to meet the clients’ wishes, the date of publication, distribution, the form and position of the entries, the name or/ and title and format of the advertisement the number of copies and place of distribution, shall be at the discretion of the publisher. 2. Errors and omissions must be reported within the first week of insertion 3. When quering an advertisement a reference number MUST be quoted. 4. Credit will not be given for typographical errors which do not lesson the effectiveness of the advertisement. 5. Cancellations & alterations must be phoned through before 9am on the day of the deadline prior to publication. 6. The publisher is entitled to withhold any advertisement from publication and to cancel any advertisement order that has been accepted. 7. Space is sold to the advertiser for the purpose of making announcements concerning his own business and may not be used to attack or make insidious comparisons with other advertisers, firms, institutions or persons.

ACE CARPETS 5 ROOMS FROM R195 L/S From R95 083 418 4700 AL055117 BW TREE FELLING Fully insured. BRIAN 083 468 0590 082 468 0590 083 227 6917 ZB001194 BV028334 Services & repairs to garage doors & automation. YOUR GARAGE DOOR GUY BV028334 071 641 0493 Craig Index Services 0105 Blinds/ Curtains 0109 Building Materials 0118 Cleaning 0127 Electricians 0136 Home Improvements/ DIY 0154 Gardening/ Rubble Removals 0163 Plumbers 0172 Pools 0181 Repairs 0204 Health & Beauty 0208 Bridal 0212 Catering 0216 Childcare 0220 Computer Repairs 0224 Driving Schools 0236 Entertainment 0244 For Hire 0252 Home Industry/ Dress Making 0255 House Sitters 0260 Miscellaneous 0264 Personal Services 0268 Pest control 0272 Pet Services/ Accommodation 0280 Professional & Business 0288 Removals & Storage 0292 Security 0296 Tuition/Education 0299 Upholstery/ Curtaining B Bmmm! m!B Bc cp pv vu u! !

L Ljje et t TH112266 ABA ALL APPLIANCE & ELECTRICAL On-site Repairs Services Fridge, Freezers, T/Dryers, Stoves, W/machines, D/washers, Air-cons, Geysers, Gate & Garage motors, Electrical fencing Jason: 072 381 4269 011 892 5287 1 year guarantee 25 yrs experience FREE QUOTES CLASSIFIEDS To advertise contact: Tel: 011-916-5301 Fax: 011-918-6067 Email:

Bedfordview and Edenvale News Classifieds May 16, 2018 13 AVON COSMETICS Ladies needed, great discounts, start earning extra money today. Jakes 082 766 5150 JH043383 0840 PART TIME / TEMPS JH042276 EKURHULENI ROLLER SHUTTER & GARAGE DOORS Tel: 011 907 4110 / 082 257 1413 Tel: 011 907 4110 / 082 257 1413 * Repairs & Installations to Domestic & Industrial Roller Shutter Doors. * Gate motors and * Garage doors All plumbing Blocked Drains Burst pipes Renovate bathrooms Have a level 4 BBBEE In business for 30 YEARS we do all domestic as well as industrial plumbing Cell: 083 654 7100 Email: ZW019285 JL030134 RENT-A-FACTORY RENT-A-FACTORY ESTATES ESTATES OWNER Call Albert Call Albert 083 458 5145 083 458 5145 Tel 011 397 3187 Tel 011 397 3187 or 011 397 8893 or 011 397 8893 JET PARK/ EAST RAND 2 Minutes from OR Int. Airport. Offices/ Factories/ Warehouses.

Conditions Apply. WEB DEVELOPER COURSE DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A WEB DEVELOPER? We offer a two week course teaching you the essentials at R5000 per student. Top of class achiever gets a refund and is guaranteed a position within our company. For any enquiries send us an email on ZW019714 0463 OFFICES / SHOPS / BUSINESS PREMISES 0810 COMPUTERS ADVERTISE HERE! 011 916 5301 HERE!!! ADVERTISE HERE!! SKOON motors/ bakkies gesoek. Kobus 082 461 7198 ZH081749 JH043231 TO ADVERTISE WITH US CALL: 087 285 7321 011 916 5301 Jaco Swart Jaco Swart 071 676 2262 071 676 2262 Extraview three 3rd view Extraview three 3rd view Explora Upgrades Explora Upgrades New installations New installations Problem solving Problem solving Technical issues Technical issues Credit & Debit cards accepted Credit & Debit cards accepted DSTV & HOME DSTV & HOME THEATRE THEATRE MA052230 EDENVALE Cottage to let. 1 Bedroom. 1 Kitchen and 1 bathroom. 1 car parking. R3 500 p.m. + 1 months deposit. Available 1 June. Tel: 076-1515-159. ZH081715 A CASH OFFER FOR YOUR CAR Phone for details Gerrie: 083 252 7008 MC032979 ask THE THE Ex erts ? MOTOR ASSESSORS WANTED -Panelbeating experience required Email CV`s to: JUNIOR ADMIN STAFF WANTED - Must be computer literate, well spoken & presentable.

Email CV`s to: Johan@net Fast Growing Private Fast Growing Private Assessing Company In Assessing Company In Bedfordview HaveThe Bedfordview HaveThe FollowingVacancies: FollowingVacancies: Please attach a copy of your ID with your qualifications JL032119 0786 WANTED EDENVALE AVENUES 1 Bedroom, bath, lounge, kitchenette, under cover parking, R4200 p.m excl w /l. Deposit req. Avail immed. CHRISTEL 082 879 5432 MC033164 A ABOVE AVERAGE DEAL We buy CARS + bakkies. Best prices paid. Incl accident damaged cars. Gavin 083 708 6050 ZH081760 EXTRA TUITION Physics, Chem, Maths to 1st yr Univ. level by exp Univ. Tutor.

Contact Billy 072-421-8079 MC033138 0784 VEHICLES FOR SALE ADVERTISE HERE!!! DURENDALL 1 Bed, lounge /kitchen, bath, 1 carport, garden flat, R5500 pm + elec + 1 month dep. suitable for single person or couple, non smoker, no pet. Avail, immed. 083 288 4319 MC033128 0296 TUITION / EDUCATION RECEPTIONIST / GIRL FRIDAY Edenvale based company is looking for a young enthusiastic school leaver to perform the duties of a receptionist / girl Friday. The candidate must be of a friendly disposition and must be able to start work as soon as possible. Duties include switchboard, filing, data capturing and general office work. Salary is negotiable. Applicants must send their CV`s to: company4862 Candidates not contacted within 7 days should regard their application as unsuccessful.

RN113826 PEST CONTROL SERVICES PEST A TERMITE CC Pest control & termites Specialists 086-100-0893 24/7 082-574-5455 082 576 7314 ZW019596 KEMPTON PARK Studios & Rooms in convenient areas. From R2 000pm. 079 058 6377 ZH081527 DO YOU HAVE ANY SCRAP METAL? Scrap steel, computers, batteries, etc. We collect and pay cash on site. PHONE IAN 083 633 5716 ZH081714 DOWERGLEN very large room ensuite, pvt entrance, parking, secure, serviced, single, non smoker. R3850 072 1278 959/ 071 333 6262 ZH081766 0805 BUSINESS BEMARKING BESTUURDERS Vir nuwe en bestaande poste by Internasionale maatskappy. Opsoek na eerlike hardwerkende mense. Kry volledige opleiding en ondersteuning. Uitstekende bevordering en groei. R12 000 + coms en maatskappy voordele. Stuur CV na admin@ ZW019748 A BETTER SOLUTION TO PEST PROBLEMS Rats, Ants, Termites & Industrial Bird control. General pests.

Mark 083 556 3557 Henk 082 511 3741 RN113727 0407 ACCOMMODATION TO SHARE / ROOMS TO LET 0442 GARDEN FLATS / COTTAGES 0820 GENERAL BEST PRICES PAID For good furniture & other household goods i.e fridges. We collect UNITAS 011 825-2216 079 576 7726 ZH081566 Index Motoring 0712 Bargains 0724 Caravans/ Boats/ Camping 0736 Farm Equipment 0748 Motorcycles 0760 Motor Services/ Security 0772 Spares & Accessories 0748 Vehicles for Sale 0786 Wanted 0790 Vehicle Storage 0268 PEST CONTROL Marta 011 974 0371 082 492 8503 Self Storage Secure lock-up garages (Close to Hyperama) Edenvale Paula ZW013836 0396 WANTED TO BUY SUNNYRIDGE Secure area. Spacious 1 bed flat Lounge, Kitch, Balcony. R3950 pm 083 764 0972 JL032731 ALL-WAYS Removals, The rain is here. Closed trucks, packing blankets, reasonable prices. Tel 011-744- 3737. allwaysremovals1 MC032986 BRIDGING CASH While waiting for PENSION / PACKAGE / PROPERTY SALE Payout (lumpsum only) Kempton Park 011 394 6937 081 562 0510 NCR 327 TH112265 CHICKEN FILLETS / BREAST Edenvale area R39.00 KG. 9KG bag only R299.00. Call 011 609 0021 RN113871 Index Vacancies 0805 Business 0810 Computers 0815 Employment Wanted 0820 General 0825 Hairdressing & Beauty 0828 Legal 0830 Management 0835 Medical 0840 Part Time/ Temps 0850 Professional 0855 Sales & Marketing 0860 Security 0870 Technical 0875 Trade 0890 Domestic Employment Wanted 0895 Domestic Employment Available 0897 Gardener Employment Wanted WEB DEVELOPER Are you looking to become creative web developers, full training provided. Ideal candidates must be presentable and well-spoken as you will be seeing clients.

Own car and licence is essential to the job. Please send all CV`s to ZW019713 0650 LOANS / INVESTMENTS PRIMROSE HILL Newly painted Pet friendly Ground unit. 2 Bedroom R5400 PM Gio: 082 966 0701 TH112501 0212 CATERING A2B FURNITURE REMOVALS 011 886 2328 info@ 083 304 2579 www.a2b AL055096 0428 FLATS 0200 SERVICES Index Property to Let 0407 Accommodation & Rooms to Let 0414 Domestic Accommodation 0421 Factories/ Industrial/ Workshops 0428 Flats 0435 Farms & Plots 0442 Garden Flats/ Cottages 0449 Houses 0463 Offices & Shops 0470 Retirement Villages 0477 Storage/Parking Facilities 0480 Time share to Let 0484 Townhouses/ Simplexes/ Clusters/ Duplexes 0491 Wanted to Rent 0495 Holiday Accommodation A/F-ONE FURNITURE Closed trucks. Supervision. 011 902 7174 Deon: 082 727 8806, MC032949 TO ADVERTISE HERE EASTLEIGH TO LET Factory to let with offices, 619 SQM. Excellent rate. Tel: 011 609-5318 _ _ ZH081748 Index Business & Finance 0610 Business Opportunities 0620 Business for Sale 0630 Debt Review 0650 Loans & Investments A/A BEST MOVE /STORAGE BY L.D.MOVERS Closed Trucks. 011-744-4464 L.D.Movers MC032987 Index For Sale 0306 Arms & Ammunition 0312 Baby & Childrens Corner 0318 Carpets Furniture Appliances 0324 Clothing 0330 Computers 0336 Collectables & Antiques 0342 Jewellery 0348 Miscellaneous 0354 Musical 0360 Office Furniture & Equipment 0366 Pets & Livestock 0372 Plant & Machinery 0378 Sports & Leisure 0390 Under 100 0396 Wanted to buy DOWERGLEN upmarket, very spacious, 102 sqm. 2 Bed, 2 bath, huge patio, beautiful entertainment area, park/play ground. R9000.

072 1278 959 ZH081765 CAR WORKSHOP TO LET Malvern East/ Bedfordview - very good visibility. Fully equipped. Car lifts, service pits. 082 442 7665/ 074 177 7333. ZB001294 A A B C MINI MAXI Local & Long dist. / storage. 917-3823, fax 086 639 8456, Linda 083 620-2454 abcmovers, Packing of boxes MC032966 AL054703 LA052552 REPAIRS*PARTS*SALES ŽŵĞƐƟĐͬŽŵŵĞƌĐŝĂů Washers, Dryers, Stoves Fridges, Ice Makers, All Smalls “LARGE” DIVISION Union Centre Unit 7 , 19 North Reef Rd Bedfordview East 011 450 1263 “SMALLS” DIVISION Sunview Centre Unit 1 , 7 North Reef Rd Bedfordview East 011 450 1509 ^EdKEZE,ϬϭϭϳϬϲϳϰϭϮ MS067749 For good quality house hold furniture, Kitchen goods, clothes and shoes, Linen, military, toys, garden decor, Building materials and tools We collect 0288 REMOVALS & STORAGE 0650 Loans 0421 FACTORIES / INDUSTRIAL / WORKSHOPS 0484 TOWNHOUSES /SIMPLEXES /CLUSTERS /DUPLEXES MUSIC AND VOCAL SCHOOL BY CLAUDE H Guitar, vocal, piano and song writing @ Revival Valley Youth Club, Bez Valley. Cnr Third & Fifth Ave. Call 078 715 0243 RN113481 Please Note that our Bedfordview / Edenvale and JHB East offices have moved We are now situated at 25 MAIN ROAD, FISHERS HILL, GERMISTON Call us on 011 822 1792

Bedfordview and Edenvale News Classifieds May 16, 2018 14 AUSTIN seeks part time gardening work, Tues, Wed, sleep out, refs avail. 084 574 5134. RN113879 0897 GARDENER EMPLOYMENT WANTED THETHISWA seks part time domestic work. Tues - Thur & Sat. Sleep out, child care. Refs avail. 072 126 7114 TH112541 TAWINA req. full/part time work Mon-Sat, sleep in/out, refs avail. 063 017 6360 MC033171 TAMBUDZAYI seeks full/part time domestic work. Mon - Fri. Sleep out, cooking, child care. Refs avail. 062 520 1755 TH112540 SITHANDAZILE seeks part time domestic work. Tue, Wed & Thur. Sleep in/out. 078 271 7158 TH112545 RN112622 RAFINA seeks full time domestic work, Mon - Fri, sleep in, child care + refs avail.

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n I ng I AN d LA . my or AL053944 CAROLINE seeks part time work. Wed, Thur, Sat. Sleep out, Child care. 079 997 9010. JL032737 PUMI seeks full/part time domestic work, Mon - Sat, sleep in, 4 yrs exp + refs avail. 078 169 0143 TS014049 BEKEZELA Seeks full/part time work. Sleep in/out. Refs avail. 062 962 3860 JL032735 PRUDENCE Req. full/part Mon-Fri, sleep out, refs avail. 073 851 3464 MC033133 PRECIOUS seeks full time gardening work, Mon-Sat, sleep out. 073 432 8195 ZW019710 BABRA seeks part time domesric work, Tues, Thurs & Sun, sleep out, cooking, child care, refs avail.

061 995 5901 ZW019703 EXPANDING COMPANY 28 reps/managers to start imm. No exp req, full training. Rapid promotions. • School leavers welcome Own car a MUST. App set by Co. We offer: • R12000 to start, • Comm/inc/Med • Petrol incentive. Call 011 609 2119 SMS or Whatsapp Name/Area and Age to 084 780 3136 VAS rates apply ZW019739 TECHNICIAN REQUIRED To service and maintain our Oce 3165 and 6250 laser printers. Must have at least three years experience. Please e-mail your CV to peter@ _ _ TH112502 BABALWA seeks part/full time domestic work, sleep out, child care, refs avail. 062 167 7573. JL032705 PRECIOUS seeks full time domestic work. Mon - Fri. Sleep out, cooking, child care. Refs avail. 072 482 6727 TH112490 0875 Trade 0855 SALES / MARKETING LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR EXPANDING 25 Trainee managers/reps 1914 expanding R12000 to start + High comm +Incentives and trips + Petrol incentives To start immed. No exp. Full company training. Appointments set by Co Own car a MUST Call 011 609 -2119 Sms or Whatsapp name /area / age 084 780 3136 VAS rates apply ZW019741 APPOLONIA Req. full time work Mon-Fri, sleep in, refs avail. 084 465 4013 MC033095 NOMTHANDAZO seeks full time domestic work. Mon - Fri. Sleep out, child care. 073 771 9420 TH112542 AMMELINAH Req. full time work Mon-Fri, sleep in, child care, 073 084 0767 MC033130 NETSAI Req. full time work Mon-Fri, sleep in/out, child care, refs avail. 078 479 2856 MC033132 JH043169 LUCK IS LUCK. NO MORE STRESS. My name is ASANDA from WESTGATE and my number is 063 574 1222 Call her now: 073 764 8774 Address: Fourways + Primrose My ATE Life is beautiful when you meet someone who keeps her word and changes life for better.Money is no longer my problem since MAMA SARA blessed me with lots of money in my account. In years I have been robbed by fake herbalists who demanded money from me without help. When I first read the testimony about MAMA SARA, I never believed, until I tried to call her, just to find out her services. She explained about how people get rich through Short boys, Magic Wallet, Ring money, money in the house or account and many more. I was interested in getting money in my account since I was far from her. She asked me to provide her with my account and my names and R450.00. Within 30 minutes R350 000 notified in my phone. Then I went to the bank even though I was scared but there were no questions. My husband also tried Money in the house and he was shocked to see the bag full of money.Thank you MAMA SARA for saving my life. You are indeed a blesser.

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I paid 20% of the money I got from CHIEF PEMBA Don’t wait Call Chief Pemba 081 468 5351 Boksburg, Primrose, Benoni, Edenvale, Springs ZW019637 GOODNESS Seeks full / part time work. Mon - Fri. Sleep in/out. Cooking. Child care. Refs avail. 062 476 4900 TH112488 STEVE seeks full time gardening work, Mon - Fri, sleep out. 064 319 8090. RN113832 WELL ESTABLISHED WALLING COMPANY IN BENONI LOOKING FOR A SALES REPRESENTATIVE TO JOIN OUR TEAM Responsibilities: * Promote and sell products / services to existing and prospective customers, establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships, reach out to customer leads through cold calling, resolve customer problems and complaints etc Requirements: * Sales experience, Grade 12, computer literate, highly motivated and target driven, excellent selling, communication and negotiation skills, honest, of sober habit, own cell phone and vehicle required. Commission based only Kindly forward your CV to Potential candidates will be contacted by email. ZW019762 GIN Req. full/part time domestic work Mon- Sat, sleep out, 083 217 3163 ZW019709 MOFFAT seeks full time painting & gardening work. Mon-Sat, Sleep out. Refs avail. 084 220 2278 ZW019758 EUNICE Req. full/part time work Mon-Fri, sleep out, cooking, child care, refs avail. 079 684 4572 MC033168 LUCAS Seeks full/part time work. Mon-Fri. Painting, Gardening. Sleep out. 0733 989 213 JL032704 ESTHER seeks full time sleep out domestic work. Call: 073 699 6009 AL055106 KONDWANI Req. full time work Mon-Fri, gardening, sleep out, 061 029 5578 MC033129 GREENSTONE Requires the services of dynamic people for the position of: STORE MANAGER Description x The store manager must have the ability to manage all aspect of the store.

x To lead and inspire an enthusiastic retail team to grow and develop within the company. Expectations x Candidates must be willing to work retail hours (weekends and public holidays) x Driver’s license with own transport x Bilingual: English and Afrikaans Requirements x At least 5 years retail experience on management level x Computer proficiency: Microsoft office package x HR, IR and employee development x Customer service excellence x Management of sales targets and budgets x Problem and conflict solving x Stock management x Providing a high level of feedback x Exceptional communication and assertiveness skills If you qualify for this position, please apply on our website via the following link: Closing date: 15 JUNE 2018 For a complete list of all vacancies please visit ou website: ZW019738 ESNATH seeks full time domestic work, Mon - Fri, sleep in/out, child care. 076 986 2451. For refs.

060 482 5298 TS014051 0830 Management NOTICE OF SALE OF BUSINESS Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 34(1) of the Insolvency Act No 24 of 1936 that SUBMOC SHELF 104 CC (Registration Number 2010/100240/23) conducting business as CASH CRUSADERS EDENVALE at Shop 2, Van Riebeeck Mall, Edenvale intends to sell such business to MARIA HELENA MARAIS (Identity Number 750105 0147 08 1) in her capacity as a trustee for a company still to be formed. ASHERSONS Ashersons Chambers 34 Plein Street CAPE TOWN (Ref.: S Zackon/LB) Tel: (021) 461 6240 JL032695 We are looking for qualified Sales representative. A technical background is advantageous & able to cold canvas Own transport is essential We are based in Edenvale Please send CV and motivation for the position to We will contact you to setup an interview $ALES REP $ALES REP JL032693 GIBSON 6 yrs gardening exp. Seeks work p/t. Reliable and hardworking.Call 061 809 9756. For refs call Rebecca 084 890 4110 RN113844 CONCILIA Req. full time work Mon-Fri, sleep in/out, cooking, child care, 084 789 6347 MC033131 Please Note that our Bedfordview / Edenvale and JHB East offices have moved We are now situated at 25 MAIN ROAD, FISHERS HILL, GERMISTON Call us on 011 822 1792

Bedfordview and Edenvale News Autodealer 15 @autodealersa @autodealersa Autodealer.coza May 9, 2018 magazine social media newspaper print online mobile too! May 16, 2018 Justin Jacobs I t goes by many names, but here in South Africa we call it a bakkie and it is a part of our culture. South Africans adore their bakkies, a fact demonstrated in the monthly sales figures from Toyota, Ford and Isuzu. It’s been a long time coming but the Mercedes-Benz X-class has arrived on South African shores and showroom floors.Mercedes-BenzSouthAfricasays thatitisthefirsttrulypremiumbakkieto enter the segment and aims to unload buyers from not only the Volkswagen Amarok but also from the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger too.

The looks On the face of it, the X-class does look like a Mercedes-Benz, as one would expect. It features many design elements from the brand’s SUV range such as the large front grille with the three-pointed star in the middle. The front bumper also features the latest design language with the addition of chrome detailing depending on the model spec you choose. At the rear, the tailgate is flanked by vertical tail lights on either side which feature LED technology. Mercedes-Benz will be offering the Progressive model which makes do with only the essentials when it comes to the looks. The Power model features all the chrome bits, the large 19-inch wheels and chrome side steps for those looking for more bling on their bakkie. The X-Class also features a tow-bar as standard.

Both vehicles, however, look good in my opinion and reflect what a bakkie from a brand such as Mercedes-Benz should. The Nissan in the room For those who don’t know the origin of the X-class, allow me to enlighten you. Mercedes-Benz approached the Renault-Nissan alliance and after a few handshakes walked away with the new Navara/ Alaskan chassis, engine and gearbox, which it claims have been completely reworked by its engineers. They have reworked the already impressive suspension, reduced road noise by adding more sound deadening as well as used their own sheet metal. The X-class is also slightly wider and longer than the Navara, for example, the rear load bay is about 8cm longer than that of the Nissan. The car has also been lifted slightly for our market, giving it a ground clearance of 202mm in the front and around 221mm at the rear. This also improves approach angles, wading depth and helps when loading. The X-class can take a load of 1100kg and will tow around 3500kg. Is it a Mercedes inside? Inside the X-class you will find a minimalistic dashboard which is void of buttons. The dashboard is neat and features rounded air vents which protrude from the facia. The climate control functions reside on the lower end of the centre dash, as do the off-road settings.

There is a top-mounted infotainment screen as seen on other Mercedes models, the Power model gets an 8.4-inch screen making it the biggest in the segment. All the functions are controlled by a rotary dial with a touch pad located on the centre console, again, resembling other Mercedes models. The system remains one of the easiest to use and offers a good resolution and is quick to respond to inputs. There is also a pair of USB ports under the armrest for connectivity/charging convenience. The steering wheel and instrument cluster has been lifted from other Mercedes-Benz models too. Everything you see is pure Mercedes, but unfortunately, not everything that you touch is Mercedes. I found the lower plastics on the dash to be somewhat cheap and the same can be said for the door panels on the Progressive model. The Power model does get some leather treatment on the top of the doors and dashboard which adds to the perceived quality. One of the talking points at the launch was, in fact, the key for both the regular turn-key and the keyless models was certainly pinched from the Navara. I also found the rear electric window leading to the load bed to be a direct carryover from the Navara. Regardless of this, the cabin remains spacious and is certainly premium for a bakkie. Does it drive like a Navara? Our launch route saw us head deep into the Outeniqua mountain range, navigating some narrow and rocky paths as well as meandering through a mix of gravel and tarmac roads. As mentioned, Mercedes-Benz has re-engineered many aspects of the car and it can be felt. The X-class returns a very comfortable ride. It is a bakkie after all so don’t expect performance car levels of handling and feedback, however, compared to others on the market including Navara the refinement can be felt. Another thing that impressed me was the ease of its 4x4 system. A dial lets you select between 2WD, H4 and L4 which is accompanied by a diff-lock button. In most bakkies, one must turn the dial and then wait for the system to engage, not so on the X-class which engaged its systems almost instantly. There is a clever Down Hill Assist function and if the 360-degree camera option is selected one has the ability to navigate tricky situations with ease. The car features some impressive safety tech such as the standard autonomous emergency braking and lane-keep assist. Under the hood Along with the Navara chassis, Mercedes-Benz also walked away with the Navara four-cylinder 2.3-litre turbo diesel engine and seven-speed automatic gearbox. At the moment Mercedes-Benz is offering two power outputs of this motor, the single turbo X220d develops 120kW/403Nm whereas the biturbo X250d gets 140kW/480Nm. I had a chance to sample both motors, which were equipped with the optional seven- speed automatic gearbox and can report that the engines are sufficient, with the X250d obviously showing more eagerness than its single turbo sibling.

There is a 4x2 model available as well as a choice of a 6-speed manual gearbox. Verdict After sampling the X-class on various roads in various conditions I am impressed by what it offers in terms of its ride quality, equipment levels and technology. There are a host of various options and accessories available through Mercedes-Benz for the X-class as well. However, I don’t think that it is as ground-breaking and as premium as it has been made out to be. There is still a lot of Navara seeping through and I only know this because I have driven the Navara. It is also the German manufacturer’s first attempt at producing a vehicle for this segment and it is a really good first attempt.

The fact of the matter is this; Mercedes-Benz is now in the bakkie game, and with that, it brings its brand cachet, now whether that will tempt buyers into paying a premium for this product remains to be seen. Service and warranty The X-class range comes standard with PremiumDrive, which is a six-year/100 000 km maintenance plan. Pricing X-class X220d 4X2 PROGRESSIVE M/T - R642 103 X-class X250d 4X2 PROGRESSIVE A/T - R694 025 X-class X250d 4X4 PROGRESSIVE M/T (A/T optional) - R696 785 X-class X250d 4X4 POWER M/T (A/T optional) - R791 315 There is a top-mounted infotainment screen as seen on other Mercedes models, the Power model gets an 8.4-inch screen making it the biggest in the segment. All the functions are controlled by a rotary dial with a touch pad located on the centre console, again, resembling other Mercedes models. The system remains one of the easiest to use and offers a good resolution and is quick to respond Does it drive like a Navara? Our launch route saw us head deep into the Outeniqua mountain range, navigating some narrow and rocky paths as well as meandering through a mix of gravel and tarmac roads. As Under the hood Along with the Navara chassis, Mercedes-Benz also walked away with the Navara four-cylinder 2.3-litre turbo diesel engine and seven-speed automatic gearbox. At the moment Mercedes-Benz is Mercedes-Benz X-class enters SA Picture: Newspress Find your next car here + + + @autodealersa @autodealersa

Bedfordview and Edenvale News Autodealer May 16, 2018 16 Thousands of used cars available LETTERS AUTOLETTER OF THE WEEK L.P.G a possibility? Congratulations on winning R250 courtesy of Group 1 Renault, The Glen. Phone: 011 889 0722 to collect. Winnings not collected within 30 days of publication will be donated to charity. Winners need to produce a valid form of identi- fication to claim prize. CREW THE GLEN Letter of the week WINS R250 sponsored by: Dear Editor I love reading the Autodealer and I would like to discuss a serious issue and that is the ridiculouspriceoffuelinSouth Africa.Whydon’twehavealter- native fuels and why is the gov- ernment not making an effort to introduce an alternative? A simple alternative would be for our vehicles to run on L.P.G considering that we have L.P.G inSA.InEurope,thereareL.P.G filling stations considering the new vehicles are now being manufactured for normal fuel and L.P.G.

InBritain,youcanpurchasean L.P.G conversion kit and get it installed, even in Mauritius the vehiclesrunonL.P.G.Thisisnot a new innovation it has been around for some time. I feel thatthegovernmentisprofiting off of our very empty pockets. Willie Botha Dear Editor, I am heading for retirement and will thus have a lot of time on my hands to explore our beautiful country. I have searched your website and found a few cars that I am interested in. Please advise me on the best SUV vehicle to buy based on the following: All round durability, comfort levels, price, and after sales maintenance costs The SUV vehicles are : •VW Tiguan •Hyundai Tucson •BMW X1 •GLA Mercedes Benz •RAV 4 / Qashqai •Kia Sportage Please note: All the above are 2017 Models to be bought as used/demos around June 2018.

Always appreciate and respect your opinions. Reuben Cromhout Dear Editor, I’m a 30-year-old young entre- preneur from Tembisa and love reading my copy of Autodealer. As a person who comes from thetownship,Inoticedthatmost peoplewhodrivecarsstruggleto getusedcarpartsinthetownship andasapersonwhoonceowned a taxi, I know the stress. So I thought that I should buy used car parts then sell them around Ekurhuleni and online. I’ve also considered buying broken cars to strip for parts of and sell them. My question is if it is good to start as a full-time entrepreneur and what type of carsarealwaysinneedofparts? My startup Budget is R50 000. Simon Malepe Buying and selling parts An SUV question ane_20_GWM_Edenvale E&OE NOWmakesiteveneasiertoownaHavalH6C SUV’satournewpremises,104VanRiebeeckAve Comeandviewthefullrangeof Premium Edenvale 104 Van Riebeeck Ave, Corner De Wet St, Edenvale, 011 452 4410 || Edenvale • R10 000 Trade-in Assistance • Monthly Payments from only R4 933* • FREE Navigation on Selected Models • Bring this Ad in to qualify for a R5 000 Fuel Voucher SUV ONLY Haval H1 1.5 VVT R174 900 Haval H6 1.5 Turbo City R234 900 Haval H2 1.5T City (M) R249 900 Haval H2 1.5T Luxury (M) R274 900 SUV NOW ONLY Haval H2 1.5T City (A) R284 900 Haval H2 1.5T Luxury (A) R309 900 Haval H6 C 2.0T City (M) R329 900 Haval H6 C 2.0T City (A) R359 900 Haval H6 C 2.0T Premium (M) R339 900 Haval H6 C 2.0T Premium (A) R369 900 Haval H6 C 2.0T Luxury (M) R359 900 Haval H6 C 2.0T Luxury (A) R389 900 * Financed over 72months / 0% Dep / 28% Balloon / 8.39% Interest Rate 5 YEAR 100 000km WARRANTY Unlimited km ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE 60 000km SERVICE PLAN

Bedfordview and Edenvale News Autodealer May 16, 2018 17 @autodealersa Thousands of used cars available LAUNCH The Volkswagen brand has launched a few seminal products so far this year which include the all-new Polo, Polo Vivo, the Tiguan AllSpace and most recently, its new GT car, the Arteon. First shown back in 2015 as the Sport Coupe ConceptGTE,theArteonhasreachedlocalshores and I had a chance to drive two derivatives in Johannesburg recently. What is Arteon? In very basic terms, the Arteon is a successor to the Passat-based CC model from a few years back in that it is a highly stylised four-door sa- loon car that places an emphasis on a sporty appearance and features engines, a platform and interior bits from other products within the Volkswagen portfolio.

Those looks There are very few concept cars that get to see production without being heavily revised. The Arteon,althoughtoneddownslightly,certainlyre- sembles the aforementioned 2015 Sport Coupe Concept GTE. This is a very good thing indeed, up front there’s a clamshell bonnet, the new face of VW which incorporates sharp, compact LED headlamps which integrate brilliantly with the horizontal lines of the front grille and large lower air intakes. In side profile, the strong shoulder line, pil- lar-less doors and coupe-esque roofline do a good job of disguising the fact that this is one of the longest cars to make use of the brand’s superb MQB platform. The rear-end features wraparound LED taillamps and a chunky rear bumper which houses the well-integrated ex- haust exits on either side.

The need for R-Line Overall,TheArteonisagreatthingtobeholdbut mustbefinishedinthecorrecthueandequipped with the R-Line package to best express those design details. The R-Line pack makes up two of the three models within the range, with the base model Elegance variant kicking things off. The top-spec R-Line TDI and TSI models get 19-inch alloy wheels (optional 20-inch), sportier bumpers, a black bootlid spoiler, chrome-tipped exhaust exits, a chrome strip across the lower bodywork and gloss black C-signature front air intakes.

Interior familiarity Stepping inside the Arteon, one is greeted by a familiarsight,withthesameswitchgear,steering wheeldesignandinfotainment/instrumentclus- ter options as the likes of the Tiguan, Golf and Passat. There is a central air vent which spans the length of the dashboard, but overall, it’s a very familiar place to be. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the Arteon displays all of the characteristics that make current VW interiors ergonomically impressive. At launch we only had the option of driving the two top-spec R-Line models which come as standard with the 9.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, ges- ture control, Bluetooth connectivity, sat nav and App compatibility, a leather-wrapped sport multi-function steering wheel, heated Nappa leather seats with the R-Line logo, aluminium pedals and black roof liner.

Powertrains Theengineline-upconsistsoftwopowertrains, one of which is a front-wheel drive 2.0-litre turbo dieselwith130kW/350Nmandasix-speedDSG gearboxwhichisgoodforaclaimedconsumption figure of 5.6-litres/100km. The range-topping variant gets the same powertrain as the popu- lar Golf R model, albeit with slightly less power and torque. This 2.0 TSI variant gets a 4Motion all-wheel drive system, 206kW/350Nm and the superb seven-speed DSG gearbox. This means that this rather large machine will get from 0-100km/h in 5.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 250km/h.

Driving Arteon As with all cars that use the MQB platform, the Arteon impresses in most areas. It provides a relatively supple ride quality, is comfortable, refined and excellent in day-to-day driving situations as I found on the congested streets of Johannesburg. When presented with the opportunity to drive both the petrol and diesel models at Zwartkops Raceway, I found both to be out of their element, which is to be expected. Despitethis,bothacquittedthemselvesrespect- ably and provided predictable, if slightly numb dynamic driving experiences. But, assessing these cars on track is a tad pointless as they are best on the open road, munching kilometre after kilometre.

Verdict The Arteon is a really impressive product that undercuts key rivals such as the upcoming Audi A5 Sportback and current BMW 4-series Gran Coupe in terms of pricing and specification while offering a slightly bigger package. It is, however, in a segment that is slowly declining into obscurity while its key rivals have the badge credentials to lure buyers, while the Arteon is still an unknown entity. Service and warranty The Arteon range comes standard with a five-year/90 000km Maintenance Plan and a three-year/120 000km warranty. VW’s Arteon makes concept a reality Sean Nurse Picture: Volkswagen SA Pricing 2.0 TDI 130kW Elegance DSG R599 900 2.0 TDI 130 kW R-Line DSG R649 900 2.0 TSI 206kW R-Line 4Motion DSG R699 900 FAMILY ADVENTURE IS WRITTEN IN THE STARS. START YOURS FROM R11 139 P.M.* LAND ROVER DISCOVERY NOW AT LAND ROVER BEDFORDVIEW Bold lines, dramatic proportions and a sleek dynamic silhouette, combined with class-leading interior space and luxury; the classic Discovery design has been re-imagined for the next generation of adventures. Land Rover Bedfordview 48 Nicol Road, Bedfordview, 2007 010 300 4905 *Offer available from Land Rover Financial Services. Deal parameters are flexible but will affect rate and payment. Contact dealer F&I manager for options. These payments are indications only and may change depending on date of first payment, etc. Changes in the prime rate, currently 10%, will cause changes to this schedule unless calculated on a ‘Fixed Rate’ basis. Customer responsible for Balloon Payment when and if applicable. Subject to normal credit approval as per Land Rover Financial Services credit criteria. Retail prices subject to change without notice. Advertised monthly payment includes initiation fee of R1 207.50 and R69.00 monthly service fee. Terms and conditions apply and while stocks last. Land Rover Financial Services, a product of WesBank. WesBank is a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. A Registered bank. An Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider. NCRCP20. Model 18 MY 2.0P 221kW S Retail Price (incl VAT) R988 724 Principal Debt R841 623 Deposit (15%) R148 309 Period 72 months Monthly Instalment R11 139 Rate 6,83% Balloon Payment (30%) R296 617 Total Cost of Credit R1 087 479

Bedfordview and Edenvale News Schools May 16, 2018 18 Reddam judo champ off to represent SA Caitlin Croucamp, a Grade 10 learner at Reddam House, will be representing South Africa in the African Judo Championships in Burundi from May 8 to 15. Caitlin has previously been awarded Protea colours for judo. She was selected for the 2016 SA judo team and won bronze at the 2016 Commonwealth Judo Championships for SA. In 2017, Caitlin was selected for the South African team in the African Kurash Championships and won silver in the u-17 category and gold in the u-21 event.

Edenvale High School’s netball, tennis, rugby and hockey teams played against Hoërskool Birchleigh in a recent derby day. EHS learners played well and won a number of games. Results for the day were as follows: • The hockey girls won five of their six matches with the first team girls winning 1-0. • The A and B tennis teams won their games. • The rugby teams won two of their four matches with the u-16 team winning 29-15. • The netball girls won nine of their 10 games and the first team won 33-10. Victory for EHS at derby day Edenvale High School’s u-16 rugby player Darian Ducci during the rugby game against Hoërskool Birchleigh. EHS won the game 29-15.

Want more photos? Get more Grade 10 St Andrew’s School for Girls learner Kerryn Herbst participated in the South African Senior National Swimming Championships in Port Elizabeth. Herbst achieved a bronze medal youth elite in the u-18 100m backstroke and 50m butterfly. She also received a senior bronze medal in the open 100m backstroke and 50m butterfly. Herbst received a youth Olympic qualifying time in her open 50m butterfly. St Andrew’s swimmer gets bronze EGHS tennis champs win against Shangri-La Edenglen High School recently won both its singles and doubles matches after it hosted Shangri-La Academy for a day of tennis. EGHS won 20-16 in the singles and 40-32 in the doubles. Overall EGHS won 60 to 48. Edenglen High School tennis player Sarah Hahn. During the April school holidays, the u-14 St Benedict’s rugby team travelled to Nelspruit for a rugby tour.

St Benedict’s won their first match against Penryn 38-7. Mandisi Ndlovu proved to be the best player by having huge runs. The next match was against Durban Clifton College, which was strong, and by Bennies making errors, they came on top 26-17. The final match of the tour was against St Andrews Bloemfontein, where Bennies played a stronger game with better tackling and execution and won 40-10. The tour was an overall success, with players learning more about the game of rugby and getting to know their coaches better. Rugby tour a success for Bennies Bennies proved themselves a strong rugby team on their rugby tour. Want more photos? Get more Edenglen High School’s athletes travelled to Pretoria Boys High School where they competed in a cross-country meet. Edenglen’s top athletes for the event were Sephomo Mogorosi and Tanaka Moyo.

Sephomo finished 23rd in the junior girls’ category while Tanaka finished 21st in the senior boys category. Athletes compete in Pretoria Edenglen High School learner Tanaka Moyo recently finished 21st in the senior boys’ category at a cross-country meet held at Pretoria Boys High School. Want more photos? Get more Caitlin Croucamp ready to represent SA at the 2018 African Judo Championships. 15 TO 18 MAY 2018 NAMPO HARVEST DAY NAMPO PARK, BOTHAVILLE EXCLUSIVE OFFERS ONLY AT NAMPO FIND US AT THE NAMPO HALL STANDS 67 & 84 SAVE ON SUBSCRIPTIONS 50% OFF THE COVER PRICE FOR A ONE-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION* ONLY R15 FOR THE 18 MAY ISSUE! ONLY AT NAMPO 2018* NEW FARMER’S WEEKLY MERCHANDISE *OFFERS AVAILABLE ONLY AT NAMPO 2018 FOR PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS AND COPYS

Bedfordview and Edenvale News Level-two Edenvale swimmers from Aquatic Academy recently competed at Central Gauteng’s level two end-of-year gala. The five swimmers competed in the gala as members of ESP’s Piranhas. ESP’s top swimmer at the event was Morgan Corns. She scored the team 111 points, was awarded a silver and bronze medal and achieved eight final positions. Annebel van Wyk, who followed closely behind Corns, scored 104 points with eight final positions and a silver medal. Kerrin Burgess, who was only available for half of the event, scored points for the team with three finals positions and a bronze medal.

Christina Pon and Ashley Corns scored points for the team with five and three final positions respectively. Sport May 16, 2018 19 Indoor cricket star heads overseas Reddam House learner Jayde Symons has been selected to represent South Africa at the Indoor Cricket Junior World Cup 2018 in New Zealand. Symons previously took part in the u-18 Ladies Indoor Cricket World Cup in September 2015 in Australia. She was the youngest participant at just 12, as well as in the entire Junior World Series in Brisbane. Symons was selected for the Gauteng u-13A Girls Outdoor Cricket team in 2015.

She scored her personal best with five wickets and 32 overs conceded in four runs in the Inter-Provincial Tournament in Gauteng North. Symons took part in the same team in 2016 in KwaZulu-Natal and in 2017 in Gauteng North. She won the Gauteng Woman’s League final against the Soweto Ladies as part of the Jeppes Ladies Team in 2017. In 2018 she received the award for Best Bowler as part of the Jeppe Quondam women’s team. Symons also received ample awards at Reddam House in 2017, including Best Junior Bowler and Most Valuable Player for touch rugby and junior hockey. Crowdfunding has been set up to send Symons to New Zealand in September. She is in need of R45 000. Visit to make a donation.

This will be Jayde Symons’ second time at the Indoor Cricket World Cup. At the back are Chloe Corbett, Madison Emerton, Noah Parker, Melina Themistocleous, Madison Carletti, Gaby Eames and Kayla Coppin. In front are Joshua Marais, Ryan Last, Quintin van Tonder, Theo van Tonder, Theodore Smith, Nate Vos, John-Henry Jansen and Ethan Strydom. Bouncing to great heights Trampoline gymnasts of the Edenvale-based Gym Masters Gymnasts and Masters Gymnasts clubs took part in the Gymfinity trampoline competition. The event was held in Benoni on May 5. The trampolinists competed in a variety of Double-Mini and Euro trampoline events. Most of the gymnasts competed in a combination of two trampolines, and in various levels and age groups.

The clubs’ gymnasts won a total of 14 gold, seven silver and two bronze medals. The gymnasts practise at the Highway Gardens Community Centre and are coached by Dmitry Demianenko and assisted by Michelle Sharples and Kimona Moodley. Edenvale Football Club victorious The Edenvale Football Club u-8 team won their match against the Robertsham Callies FC on May 5. Community members took to the greens on April 21 to attend a morning bowls clinic held by the Edenvale Bowling Club. The weekly clinic gives community members the opportunity to learn the sport.

The clinic is held every Saturday between 9am and 11am. EBC member and bowls instructor Richard Lowe said anyone can join the clinic and take up the sport. Contact Lowe on 079 736 4116 for more information. Locals take up bowls in Edenvale Monica Ireland makes a delivery at the Edenvale Bowling Club during a morning clinic held on April 21. Seen behind her is her husband, Geoff. Want more photos? Get more Edenvale trio to represent SA Edenvale’s swimming trio who are set to compete in Italy later this year. They are Kyle Letley, Clayton Malaza and Kyle McKenzie. Edenvale Swimmers Kyle McKenzie, Kyle Letley and Clayton Malaza are set to represent South Africa in Italy later this year. McKenzie and Letley will set off in June when they will compete in the Circuito Nuoto Italia.

Leading up to the Circuito Nuoto Italia Mckenzie and Letley will compete in Trofeo Citta’Di Rossini, Pesaro and the Treviso Swim Cup. Malaza will leave for Italy in July when he takes part in the Tri-Colour Games to be held in Socini. In the weeks to come the trio will host fund- raising events to raise necessary travel funds. Swimmers score for ESP Piranhas The five Edenvale swimmers from Aquatic Academy at the Central Gauteng Gala with their coach. At the back is Christina Pon. In front are coach Joan Lourens, Morgan Corns, Ashley Corns, Annebel van Wyk and Kerrin Burgess.

D341962BE18 May Specials 2018 Prices subject to change without prior notice & while stock last. 610 R690 618 R590 622 R770 628 R690 630 R690 638 R890 646 R790 652 R950 657 R970 674 R1 290 682/3 R1 590 ‘Wholesale to the public!!’ VAT Included - 1 Year Warranty Bring old baƩery in or be charged R171 extra Tel: 072 404-9654 87A Rieƞontein Rd, Boksburg AlsoStock:Maintenancefree(2yearwarranty),marine,leisure, deepcycleandfullrangeofmotorcyclebaƩeries BRANCHES: • Monday – Friday 08h00 – 17h00 • Saturdays 09h00 - 14h00 • Public Holidays 09h00 – 14h00 • Sundays 09h00 – 13h00 Electric Fencing 011 894-7193 COC Certificates New Installations   6 % %

Reddam cricket champ selected for World Cup again - Pg19 Send your photo to benews@caxton May 16, 2018 Canoeing season begins The North-West University Campus Canoeing Club had its first race for the canoeing season in Vanderbijlpark on May 5. The race was held from Henley to Meyerton at a distance of 22km, which is a great way to train and get experience on a river. The race was a good way to start the season with less hassle and more fun. Bedfordview’s own Patrick Starkey and Anton Nel, members of the Victoria Lake Canoe Club based at Germiston Lake, joined together in the race, finishing in one hour and 44 minutes.

GAS GET Unit 3, 108Terrace Rd, Sebenza, Edenvale Tel: 011 452-4503 LPG Gas Guaranteed Credit Card Facilities J241742ER35 The Sasol Amawheelaboys claimed their first victory of the 2018 Fazza International Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, beating Chinese Taipei 59-53 in a closely contested match. The victory progressed the team to the fifth-place play-off. The team had struggled to secure a win, but with the match against Chinese Taipei they wanted to prove a point and started strong in the first half.

They started with an early lead of six points but Chinese Taipei did not make it easy for the Amawheelaboys as they pressed hard in the first quarter. The second quarter saw Amawheelaboys make the most of their opportunities. Raketsi Molete was a pivotal player in both offence and defence and Kyle Bowles contributed some great defensive work and effected some steals. The Chinese Taipei team, however, came out firing in the second half, immediately putting pressure on South Africa and moving into an eight point lead after midway into the third quarter. The South Africans stayed firm and didn’t allow themselves to lose too much momentum.

They fought back to two points down, ensuring they were within touching distance going into the final period of the game. The team built upon the momentum and took firm control of the game early in the fourth quarter. Amawheelaboys worked all the way until the end of the match to claim their place in the 5th/6th play-off game against Japan. Amawheelaboys claim first victory Action between South African player Samuel van Niekerk and a Chinese Taipei player during a match between SA and Chinese Taipei on May 9 at the 2018 Fazza International Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in Dubai.

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