SPECIAL Education Educational Materials Catalogue - anything is possible - Spectrum Nasco

SPECIAL Education Educational Materials Catalogue - anything is possible - Spectrum Nasco
Educational Materials Catalogue


                                  amazing happen
                                   anything is possible
SPECIAL Education Educational Materials Catalogue - anything is possible - Spectrum Nasco
Quick Index                                             Sensory Playtivity™ Sensory Discs
                                                               Captivating, soothing tactile and visual sensory experiences for early learners or those with
                                                               special needs are delivered with these 5” diameter Sensory Discs. Also perfect for fidgety
                                                               students, these discs are made for touching, squeezing, exploring and observing!
Communication........................... 38-39
Games............................................ 53-54
Hand-Eye Coordination........... 23-26
Handwriting.................................. 32-33
Hi-Lo Readers.............................. 44-45
Language Development.......... 34-39
Life Skills....................................... 46-48
Math................................................. 51-52
Money............................................49-50           NEW                                                          NEW
Motor Skills.................................... 16-22
Oral Motor.................................... 40-42          Scaly Stuff!                                              Squishy Stuff!
                                                              The special flip-flopping sequins have an iridescent
Pencil Toppers & Grips.............28-29                      quality that changes colors with light refraction. When
                                                                                                                        Ages 5 years + These see through disc pouches are
                                                                                                                        filled with water and non-toxic shimmering, colorful gel
                                                              a finger traces through the scaly maze of sequins they
Reading & Writing Aids....................30                  flip over and turn black leaving a design. Roll back in
                                                                                                                        beads. They invite kneading and squishing that makes
                                                                                                                        the gel beads move around in the liquid creating a
                                                              the opposite direction and they return to shimmering
Real Life Math..............................49-50             colors. Scaly stuff also has magnetic backing to
                                                                                                                        fascinating, ever-changing scene.
                                                                                                                        39629 $24.95
                                                              adhere the disc to metal surfaces.
Scissor Skill Development.............27                      39628 $24.95
Sensory Development.................. 3-13
Weight & Resistance....................14-16
Terms & Conditions..........................54

      We Care           about
  everything that goes into the
 creation of our catalogue, and                                  NEW                                      NEW                                  NEW
the impact on the world around
     us, as much as you do.
                                                              Squeezy Stuff!                             Fuzzy Stuff!                       Hidden Stuff!
                                                              These clear disc pouches                   These discs feature shag           Another clear pouch disc filled with
                   FSC® stands                                contain a non-toxic substance              noodles of varying sizes and       loads of colorful beads of all shapes
                   for Forest                                 students can’t stop squeezing!             lengths that are cuddly soft       and sizes. Also included are 26
                                                                                                         and soothing.                      letters of the alphabet beads that
                   Stewardship                                39626 $24.95
                                                                                                         39627 $24.95                       will appear and disappear as the
                   Council®. FSC®                                                                                                           disc is manipulated.
standards have been developed                                                                                                               39630 $24.95
to protect the forests’ biodiversity
and ecological processes. The                                                                                                                              Stuff!
FSC mark on this catalogue means                                                                                                               Hidden
that you can be assured the paper                             Squishy Stuff!
has been produced and handled
responsibly throughout the entire
process from forest to you.
                                                                                                                                                       Scaly S
            CONTACT US                                        Squeezy
      Go online to locate a
knowledgeable Spectrum Resource
Representative in your area today!                                                                                                                   Fuzzy Stuff!
               SPECTRUM NASCO
    150 Pony Drive, Newmarket, ON Canada L3Y 7B6                   Set of 5
                                                                   Includes one each of Scaly Stuff, Squishy Stuff, Squeezy Stuff, Fuzzy Stuff & Hidden Stuff.
                                                                   39631 $33.95
2          1.800.668.0600
SPECIAL Education Educational Materials Catalogue - anything is possible - Spectrum Nasco
Busy Fingers™ Gel Fidget
Ages 3 years + Cool gel meets fidget
toy! Squish the eight rectangular shapes

and watch the rainbow of coloured
bubbles ooze. Mesmerizing fun, this
fidget responds to any kind of finger
pressure. Quietly relieves stress and
boredom, provides sensory input, and
keeps fingers busy. Slips into backpack
or purse for easy travel. 5.5” W x 7”
L. Clear PVC with multi-colour water
and gel filling. Colours may vary. Wipe           Fiddlejig
clean. Not for mouthing. Use with adult           Ages 5 years + 12 colourful cubes connected by
supervision.                                      super-strong elastic cord create an irresistible fidget
34621 $39.95                                      toy and three-dimensional puzzle in one. Twist, pull
                                                  and slide the cubes into hundreds of different shapes
                                                  and patterns. Highest quality wood construction
                                                  creates a lasting toy for endless fidgety stress relief
                                                  and fun. When only good quality fidget toys will do,
Discovery Disc™                                   it’s time to Fiddlejig! Snap and click the colourful,
Ages 4 years + Need some quiet time or            articulated wood cubes into thousands of different
feeling bored? Grab the Discovery Disc™!          shapes, giving fidgety fingers a welcome activity.
This hands-on sensory tool engages fine           Builds tactile perception. Safe for big and little fingers.
motor skills as you try to find the animal        39635 $10.50
pieces hidden among the colorful pellets.
Looking for the hidden objects aids in
visual perception, and naming them as
you find them aids with speech therapy
and play. Squish the disc, manipulate it
and even toss it (gently) like a frisbee
with friends. The disc weighs just over a
pound, so it also doubles as a lap pad to
help children sit still for short periods of
time. Use with adult supervision. Made
of vinyl with plastic pellets and objects
securely sealed inside. 8” diameter and
weighs 17 oz. Surface wash. Use with
adult supervision.
34618 $53.95

Gel Pad Elements - 2 Pack
Ages 3 years + For sensory defensive
children who dislike getting their
hands dirty, our Gel Pads Elements will
encourage learning by touch. Kids won’t
get messy while tracing their fingers
through the squishy-cool gel and watching
the colors connect. The non-toxic colorful
gel pads swirl and entice even the most           Fidjigami
reticent user. Use for handwriting prep, to       Ages 5 years + Fidjigami is an interactive, articulated, 3D puzzle snake that fidgeters
trace letters and shapes or simply to get         will have a hard time putting down. Manipulate the multi-coloured plastic polygons
fingers to explore. Provides engaging and         into countless shapes and patterns. Super satisfying interaction. Increases dexterity
heavy finger work. For sensory seekers,           and problem solving skills
over responders and under responders.             39634 $8.50
Ideal for kids with sensory challenges and
with neurotypical behavior. Includes two
pads: one with green gel and one with
blue gel and stars. 8” x 11.5”. Made from
PVC. Weighs 6 oz. Wipe to clean. Air dry.
Use with adult supervision.
34619 $51.95

Reggie Regulation Ruler
Ages 4 years + This ruler can multitask like
a working mom! Our 12” Reggie Regulation
Ruler helps kids self-regulate by answering
that big question: How am I feeling today,
and what am I going to do about it? Kids
squoosh the cool, non-toxic gel ‘til the little
swimmer dude lands at the feeling they’re
feeling, where they’ll find suggestions for       Jacob’s Ladder
a purposeful activity to match their mood.        Ages 5 years + Loosen up your wrist! It’s the
Hyper? Exercise. Alert? Grab a book.              enchanting folk toy that performs tricks and optical
Reggie helps everything from sensory              illusions with every turn of your hand. Kids and adults
integration to emotional development.             alike who benefit from fiddle toys will love this visually
Works as actual ruler too, as it measures         mesmerizing activity. Beautiful wooden construction
inches and centimetres. Supports social-          provides an enjoyable clacking sound with every twist
emotional learning. Use to regulate               of the wrist. An irresistible kinetic illusion. Featuring
moods, encourage activity and improve             colourful, durable wood with a fabric ribbon
attention. 12”L x 3”W. Wipe surface to            39636 $7.35
clean. Non-toxic gel. Made of PVC. Filled
with purified mineral oil and colouring.
Surface wash. Air dry.
34620 $34.95                                                                                           spectrum-nasco.ca               3
SPECIAL Education Educational Materials Catalogue - anything is possible - Spectrum Nasco



                                                                                             Jumbo See-Thru Alphabet Set - 26 Pieces
                                                                                             Ages 3 years + Jumbo transparent plastic alphabet set makes it easy for children
                                                                                    C        to recognize letters. Students can use their fingers to trace the dotted lines for
                                                                                             developing letter recognition and prewriting skills. These transparent letters are also
                                                                                             designed to be used on standard light tables for colour exploration. Largest letter is
                                                                                             2” W x 3” H (uppercase). Each set has 26 letters.
A. Giant Sensory Ooze Tube                                                                   34135 Uppercase $15.75
Ages 3 Years + Turn the tube upright to watch the jelly liquid ooze to the bottom.           34622 Lowercase $15.75
A great sensory resource to fascinate and captivate.
33971 $21.95                                                                                 Jumbo See-Thru
                                                                                             Word Building Set - 78 pieces
B. Sensory Glitter Storm Set                                                                 Ages 3 years + Build simple sight words, blends, ends
Ages 3 years + This set comprises three large cylinders containing gold, silver and          and vowel combinations with this versatile set. Includes
blue glitter in clear liquid. Turn them over to observe the sensory glitter storm. Made      one set of jumbo see-thru uppercase alphabet and two
from durable polycarbonate. Size: 140 mm x 50 mm.                                            sets of jumbo see-thru lowercase alphabet all stored in a
34375 $34.95                                                                                 convenient storage bucket. 78 letters.
                                                                                             34623 $44.85
C. Sensory Ooze Tube Set
Ages 3 years + Crystal clear sensory liquid sets contain colourful mineral oil and water
in a range of designs. When turned upside down they provide a variety of ways for            Jumbo See-Thru Number
the droplets or coloured liquid to fall or rise. The sets will captivate and fascinate and
are an ideal resource for quiet focus, as well as inspiring curiosity, developing creative   Set - 10 Pieces
language and understanding simple scientific principles. Size: 120 mm x 50 mm.               Ages 3 years + Jumbo transparent
                                                                                             plastic number set makes it easy for
34426     $42.95                                                                             children to recognize numbers (0-9).
                                                                                             Students can use their fingers to trace
                                                                                             the dotted lines for developing number
                                                                                             recognition and prewriting skills. These
                                                                                             transparent numbers are also designed
                                                                                             to be used on standard light tables for colour exploration. Largest number is 2” W x 3”
                                                                                             H. Each set has 10 pieces.
                                                                                             34137 $7.25
                                                                                             EDUPanel LED
                                                                                             Ages 3 years + The new SI EDUPanel LED features an ultra slim design, a massive
                                                                                             17"x 24"illuminated area, dimmable LED technology, convenient ON/OFF switch,
                                                                                             and a 50,000 hour LED life span. The bright, illuminated background is perfect
                                                                                             for lighting items from beneath and works well with transparent and translucent
                                                                                             materials. This portable panel adds excitement and illumination to various STEM
                                                                                             related topics including pattering, shapes, geometry, color exploration, optics,
                                                                                             opacity, transparency, tracing, stenciling and more. Low voltage AC power adapter
                                                                                             12”x 17”                                     17”x 24”
Sensory Rainbow Cascade - Pack of 6                                                          Frame size 15”x 19.5”                        Frame size 19.5”x 26.3”
Ages 3 yrs + Each tower contains two lots of coloured liquid which cascade to the            34139 $194.35                                34141 $287.95
bottom in droplets at varying speeds, creating a fascinating display. The cascade is
captivating to watch, providing a calm focused activity for young children, especially
those who have difficulty concentrating, and to encourage them to ask questions
about their observations. Size: 5.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 3.5 cm.
34186 $39.95

                                                                                             Alphabet Sorting Tray
                                                                                             with Lid
                                                                                             Ages 3 years + Alphabet
                                                 Touch and Match Board                       sorting tray with clear lid.
                                                 Ages 3 years + Identify and match           Measures 22.8” x 10.8” x 1.2”
                                                 up the 12 tactile turned hardwood           (58 cm x 27.5 cm x 3 cm). Fits
                                                 counters, each with a different             4 sets of Jumbo See-Thru
                                                 textured top surface.                       Uppercase or Lowercase
                                                 Can be used as a game                       Letters (Not included). Labeled
                                                 or for sensory stimulus. Board size:        with the letters on the bottom
                                                 220 mm x 170 mm x 35 mm.                    of each well.
                                                 34374 $21.95                                34517 $17.95

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SPECIAL Education Educational Materials Catalogue - anything is possible - Spectrum Nasco

                                                             G                                  34365


                                                                                            Tranquil Turtle®
            D                                      C                            A           All Ages
                                                                                            • Projects a magical
                                                                                              underwater light effect
                                                                                            • Plays 2 soothing sounds:
                                                                                              Ocean Waves & Seaside
Sensory Liquid Set                                                                          • Adjustable brightness
Ages 3 Years + Turn any one of these colourful liquid sets upside down and watch              & volume controls
the streams or bubbles of liquid cascade to show the passage of time, a dynamic             • 23-minute sleep timer
that will captivate and fascinate. Complete Set of 21 pieces includes all the sets listed     & Batteries included
below, also available separately.                                                           H.34364 Aqua $64.95
A. 33988 Sensory Liquid Complete Set $132.95                                                I. 34365 Ocean $64.95
B. 33990 Jump Bean Set of 4 $29.95
C. 33994 Sensory Bubble Set of 4 $10.95
D. 33996 Sensory Liquid Set of 3 $10.95                                                     Twilight Turtle®
E. 33998 Spiral Tube Set of 3 $29.95                                                        All Ages
F. 34000 Dual Colour Set of 3 $26.95                                                        • Projects a starry night sky
                                                                                              with 8 constellations
G. 34004 Large Sensory Bubble Set of 4 $31.95                                               • Three colour options:
                                                                                              blue, green and amber
                                                                                            • Cycles through all
                                                                                              colours automatically
                                                                                            • Long-lasting LEDs stay cool
                                                                                              & extend battery life
                                                                                            • Includes fun star guide
                                                                                              AA batteries not included.
                                                                                            34006 $44.95

                                                                                            Guidecraft® Tactile
                                                                                            Matching Maze
                                                                                            Ages 3 years + Little
                                                                                            hands guide tactile circle
                                                                                            pieces across the track
                                                                                            to match the patterns of
                                                                                            corresponding square
                                                                                            blocks with Tactile Matching
                                                                                            Maze. The five smooth-
                                                                                            sanded circular pieces can
                                                                                            be moved around the cutout
Imagination Sand Scenes                                                                     path while remaining affixed
Ages 5 Years + A different design every time! 18 x 16 cm. Colours vary.                     to the sturdy puzzle board.

33813 $5.95                                                                                 Chunky square puzzle pieces
                                                                                            with textured centers can be rearranged to create new
                                                                                            patterns for toddlers to follow. With the Tactile Matching
                                                                                            Maze toddlers can practice fine motor, problem-solving
                                                                                            and matching skills. Measures 15” W x 9.5” D x 2” H.
                                                                                            39624 $67.95

                                                                                            Sensory Blocks
                                                                                            Set of 16
                                                                                            18 months 16 large hardwood
                                                                                            blocks containing beads,
                                                                                            transparent acrylic, coloured sand
                                                                                            and water/glitter filled pockets
                                                                                            in 4 different shapes (square,
                                                                                            rectangle, triangle and semicircle).
                                                                                            Promotes observation, hand-
Let’s Talk Behaviour                                                                        eye coordination, oral language
Ages 3 Years + Wendy Usher shares practical ideas and suggestions to promote                and sensory tactile learning.
effective communication and encourage positive behaviour. Taking a child-centred            The combination of smooth
approach, she looks at the possible reasons for behaviour, such as an underlying            hardwood exterior and the
impairment or sensory overload, and explores what support can be offered to                 brightly coloured sensory centre
children experiencing such difficulties. The ideas cover listening skills, using visual     makes a fascinating component
structure, responding to kinaesthetic learners, recognizing emotions and expressions,       with a multitude of educational
supporting anxieties about separation and attachment, creating positive praise and          possibilities. Size of rectangle:
how to calm unsettled children. 65 pages. Spiralbound.                                      140 x 70 x 40mm.
34381 $28.95                                                                                34027 $72.95

                                                                                                                                              spectrum-nasco.ca           5
SPECIAL Education Educational Materials Catalogue - anything is possible - Spectrum Nasco

                                                                                                                                            Economy Bubble Machine
                                                                                                                                            Create a constant stream of bubbles
                                                                                                                                            that will delight everyone! Plastic
                                                                                                                                            casing with retractable handle.
                                                                                                                                            Uses 3V adapter (included) or two C
                           Light Up Magic Flashing Ball                                                                                     batteries (not included). 17.5 x 22 x 15.3
                           Ages 5 Years + 22 cm flashing ball requires                                                                      cm. Bubbles Juice sold separately. Not
                           3 AA batteries.                                                                                                  a Toy. Always use adult supervision
                           33811 $5.95                                                                                                      around children. Adult handling only.
                                                                                                                                            CUL approved.
                                                                                                                                            38234 $46.95
                                                                                                                                            38233 Bubbles Juice, 1 L $9.45

                                                                                                                                     Supernova Colour
                                                                                                                                     Changing Sphere
                                                                                                                                     Fascinating, flowing patterns will relax and
                                                 Battery Operated                                                                    soothe. This large ball projects multiple serene
                                                 Glitter Lamp                                                                        colour designs on its surface, representing a
                                                 Ages 5 Years + 20 cm, battery-                                                      supernova in space. Has a flat spot to provide
                                                 operated lamp. Colours vary.                                                        a stable base. 20 cm diameter. Not a toy.
                                                 33815 $6.40                                                                         CUL approved.
                                                                                                                                     38240 $56.95

                                                   LED Fiber Lamp                                                                    Light Up Molecule Ball
                                                   Ages 5 Years + Thousands of                                                       Ages 5 Years + Features a light module inside
                                                   long fiber strands fall above the                                                 a flexible transparent skin, with lightly coloured
                                                   silver base to crate a beautiful                                                  transparent balls. Squeeze the balls and the
                                                   mesmerizing glow. Battery-operated                                                light module lights up and flashes for 20
                                                   with three extra bright lasting blue                                              seconds, then automatically turns off. The light
                                                   LED lights. 8.3 x 33.7 x 8.3 cm.                                                  is reflected off every ball for stimulating visual
                                                   38224 $7.95                                                                       effects. 7.5 cm dia.
                                                                                                                                     36252 $7.95

  A                                                               B                                                              C

A. Flourescent Light Filters, Patterned 2 Pack
Two-pack of heat-resistant, patterned light filters attach to standard ceiling fluorescent light fixtures and reduce glare and flickering, creating a calming work environment. Flame
retardant. Light filters. 60 x 120 cm (2” x 4”), with super-strong magnets to keep them in position. Note: this product contains small magnets. For use with flourscent lights only.
33825 $32.95
B. & C. Flourescent Light Filters, Set of 4
Create a calming and pleasant atmosphere with filters designed to reduce the flicker and glare of fluorescent lights. Heat-resistant fabric filters attach to standard ceiling light
fixtures with six sturdy, built-in magnets. Improves concentration levels, reduces tension and anxiety. These fabric panels fit over standard flourescent ceiling fixtures with sturdy,
sewn-in magnets. Each set includes four 60 x 120 cm (2’ x 4’) heat-resistant panels. For use with fluorescent lights only. Note: this product contains small magnets.
B. 33821 Tranquil Blue $56.95
C. 33823 Whisper White $56.95

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SPECIAL Education Educational Materials Catalogue - anything is possible - Spectrum Nasco
Emotions Putty™
Ages 3 years + Emotions Putty engages
                                                                                                    SENSORY DEVELOPMENT
kids who have low tone or who are delayed-
responsive or sensory under-responsive.
Mold, stretch, pull and squish to build hand
strength and fine motor skills. Shape the
putty and see how itt changes. Great for
fidgeting, too! Energize has a firm resistance
and a sparkly metallic colour. Calm has a soft
resistence and changes from purple to blue
in response to the heat of your hands. 3 oz.
each. Free of gluten, casein, latex and soy. Not
for mouthing. Use with adult supervision.
34608 Calm $17.95
34609 Energize $17.95
34611 Set of 2 (Calm and Energize) $28.95

Glo Putty™
Ages 3 years + Squeeze, stretch and
shape this putty while you watch it glow
in the dark! Hold it to the light for 30
seconds and watch it glow to encourage
visual attention This small-resistance
putty encourages heavy hand work and
is perfect for de-stressing, strengthening
and warming hands before writing. Free
of gluten, casein, latex and soy. Not for
mouthing. Use with adult supervision.
34617 $18.95

Scented Putty
Ages 3 years + Our putties can be used as
a squeeze toy, therapy tool, stress reliever,
fidget or molding clay, all at once! Stretch
mold and pull to strengthen hand grasp
and improve fine motor planning. Each
scented putty is infused with a different                                               Nasco Silly Sensory Set
pure essential oil to awaken the senses.                                                Ages 5 Years + Set of 12 includes soft, squishy balls, tubes, and more. Note: Items may
Select soft (Calm), medium (Awakening)                                                  vary from those in picture. Some componets may contain latex. Not for children under 3
or firm (Refreshing) resistance depending                                               years old.
on how much heavy work is needed. 3                                                     38134 $41.95
oz. Silicone. Free of gluten, casein, latex
and soy. Not for mouthing. Use with adult
34612 Calm Lavender $23.95
34613 Awakening Peppermint $23.95
34614 Refreshing Lemon $23.95
34615 Multipack $66.85

                                                                                        Koosh® Ball                                14 cm Puffer Balls - Set of 6
            NEW                                                                         Ages 3 Years + Approximately 31⁄2".
                                                                                        This product contains synthetic and
                                                                                                                                   Ages 3 Years + Aids in small motor
                                                                                                                                   development and great for anxiety
                                                                                                                                   and sensory development.
                                                                                        natural latex. Colors may vary.
                                                                                        33973 $7.55 ea.; 6+ $7.00 ea.              Assorted colours.
                                                                                                                                   38770B $12.95

Ages 5 years + Sqwooz™ is the squishy, squashy way to relieve stress and eliminate
excess energy. The super pliable ball is easy to squeeze and stretch—yet it always                                    A
returns to its original shape. Made of the highest quality material, Sqwooz™ is tear-
resistant and free of harmful BPAs and phthalates. Great for tactile stimulation and
exploration. Lightweight and easy to handle. Toss to practice hand-eye coordination.
39633 $6.50

Ages 3 Years + Ergonomically
shaped hand exercisers provide
an effective means to rehabilitate
and strengthen fingers, hand and
wrists. Small and easy to use, the
Eggsercizer can also be heated and
chilled if necessary. Available in four
colour-coded consistencies from
extra-soft to firm. Latex free.                                                         Moon Balls
37380 Orange (Extra Soft) $14.95                                                        Ages 3 Years + These stress balls have an awesome texture and make a great
                                                                                        fidget toy. Extra tough and durable. Assorted colours. Hand-washable.
37384 Blue (Medium) $14.95
                                                                                        A. 34427 Full Moon $9.65; 6+ $9.20 ea.
37382 Green (Soft) $14.95
                                                                                        B. 34429 Half Moon $9.65; 6+ $9.20 ea.
37386 Prune (Firm) $14.95

                                                                                                                                         spectrum-nasco.ca                  7
SPECIAL Education Educational Materials Catalogue - anything is possible - Spectrum Nasco

                                                            when you
                                                           buy the set!

                                                                                                                                                                   Time Timer®
                                                                                                                                                                  should only be
                                                                                                                                                                  handled by an
Weighted Fidget Lizard                                                                                                                                                adult
Ages 4 years + Leaping lizards! Our Weighted
Fidget Lizard has smooth scales to encourage tactile              Essentials Pack
exploration, with a twirly tail that serves as a great outlet     Ages 5 years + This unique kit contains items every special education classroom should never be without! Kit
for fidgety fingers. Lightly weighted to provide gentle           contains 1- Inflatable Sitting Disc (34372), 1- Time Timer® PLUS (33606), 1- Nasco’s Silly" Sensory Set (38134), 1-
proprioceptive input, and small enough to toss in your            Tangle® Therapy (37350), and 1- Weighted Lizard, Blue (36278). Ages 5 years plus, some components in the silly
backpack for school or car trips. 10 oz. 8”L. Polyester           sensory set may contain latex and may vary due to product availability. Warning: Small Parts choking hazards,
blend. Green. Surface wash. Use with adult supervision.           this kit contains a small ball, not recommended for children under 3, kit is recommended for ages 5 plus. Time
Small parts.                                                      Timer® should only be handled by an adult.
34188 $38.95                                                      34161 $178.95

Fidget Balls - Set of 3
Ages 3 years + Squeeze, toss or catch these visually                                          Fidget Key Chain Balls -
enticing fidget balls for sensory processing and tons of                                      Set of 3
fun. The colourful balls have a squishy feel and surprisingly                                 Ages 5 years + Fidget and feel the
different textures inside. Provides sensory input, hand-eye                                   different textures - sand, pellets and tiny
coordination and tactile exploration. Keeping fingers busy                                    balls - on our multi-sensory Figdet Key
helps to release stress. Not for mouthing. Includes 3 balls:                                  Chain Balls. Channel stress while keeping
Red with sand inside; Clear with red, yellow with green balls                                 fingers busy at your desk, during tests, car
inside; Clear with red, yellow and blue pebbles inside. 8                                     trips and transitions. Each ball has a key chain to
oz. each. 3.5” Diameter. PVC. Surface wash. Use with adult                                    hook onto a belt loop or backpack. Not for mouthing. Includes 3 balls, each with
supervision. Small parts. Not recommended for children                                        3” diameter. Surface wash. Colours may vary. Use with adult supervision. Small
under 3 years.                                                                                parts. Not recommended for children under 3 years.
34192 $59.95                                                                                  34191 $46.95

                                                                                              Glitter Bead Balls
                                                                                              Ages 5 Years + Variable resistance
Stress Less Fidget Balls - Set of 2                                                           training for hands, fingers, and
Ages 4 years + Squeeze the stress away! Stress is a                                           forearms. Helps strengthen grip and
goner with these squishy multi-sensor balls. Use to work                                      reduces stress. Beads and glitter in a
on fine motor control and intrinsic hand strengthening.                                       flexible skin. Assorted colours.
Squeeze the green ball to hear a “crunchy” sound, like                                        Latex free.
waves crashing on a beach. The blue ball makes no                                             36250 Each $6.25
noise and is perfect for when quiet is needed. Toss both
fidgets in your backpack or purse for any time kids need                                      36249 Set of 4 $23.75
to self regulate or de-stress. Balls are 5 oz. and 4 oz.
3.75” Diameter. Spandex. Surface wash. Blue and green.
Use with adult supervision.                                                                   Sensory Ball Pack - Assorted
34189 $23.95                                                                                  Ages 3 years + A selection of 20 balls
                                                                                              with different textures, colours, density and
                                                                                              bounce properties. Selected by our primary
                                                                                              and pre-school specialists. The balls are
                                                                                              supplied in a black feely bag.
                                                                                              34187 $59.95

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SPECIAL Education Educational Materials Catalogue - anything is possible - Spectrum Nasco
Boinks Fidgets™
Ages 3 years + Boinks Fidgets™ are great in
helping reduce stress. Fidgety fingers slide the
marble back and forth in this tight tube of fabric            Sensy Band
to soothe anxiety and stress in the classroom,                Ages 5 Years + Soothing textured
theatre, airplane, office or anywhere one needs               silicone is the secret behind Sensy
to keep quiet hands. Fidgeting stimulates                     Band’s ability to calm and focus
neural responses to produce and increase in                   the mind. The bright orange band

blood circulation to the brain and extremities,               is easy to “slap” on and take off
so it can ease the symptoms of generalized                    and adjusts to any wrist size. When
anxiety disorder, ADD, ADHD, obsessive-                       not worn, Sensy Band is fun and
compulsive disorder, and autism. Not                          satisfying to bend and curl. The
suitable for children under 36 months                         soft silicone bristles are irresistible
due to small parts which may represent                        to the touch. Great for tactile
a choking hazard.                                             stimulation and anxiety. Lightweight
34193 Set of 3 $6.95                                          and comfortable. Adult supervision
34194 Pack of 20 $44.95                               34194   is recommended. Not for chewing
34195 Pack of 50 $99.95                                       or biting.
                                                              39632 $8.50

Boinks Fidgets™ with Carabiners
Ages 3 years + Boinks Fidgets™ are great in
helping reduce stress. Fidgety fingers slide the
marble back and forth in this tight tube of fabric
to soothe anxiety and stress in the classroom,
theatre, airplane, office or anywhere one needs
to keep quiet hands. Clip the carabiner to a                  Tangle® Therapy
belt loop or backpack to help keep track of                   Ages 5 Years + Tangle Therapy not
your fidget. Fidgeting stimulates neural                      only feels good, it helps keep you
responses to produce and increase                             flexible and strong. Tangle Therapy
in blood circulation to the brain                             has been proven to improve
and extremities, so it can ease the                           range of hand motion, restore
symptoms of generalized anxiety                               motion of joints, improve muscle
disorder, ADD, ADHD, obsessive-                               performance, strengthen finger                                    There’s a
compulsive disorder, and autism. Not
suitable for children under 36 months
                                                              muscles, and rehabilitate hand                                   Tangle® for
                                                              muscles and joints. Latex free.
due to small parts which may represent a                      37354 $16.95                                                      everyone!
choking hazard.
34196 Set of 3 $9.95
34197 Pack of 20 $86.95

Wristful Fidgets™
Sommerfly™ Wristful Fidget™ is a
spandex wrist band filled with soothing
beads. Wear the wrist band around the
wrist or stretch it into the hand and fidget
with the serene beads to help calm and focus.
Whether you wear the Wristful Fidget on the
hand or on the wrist you will experience the
gentle pressure that helps to calm. Sommerfly™
Wristful Fidget™ looks like a sports band and
comes in two sizes to fit small and large wrists
in a calming Royal Blue colour. Our Wristful
Fidget™ doesn’t look like a toy or a therapy
tool so it is less likely to distract. Sommerfly™
Wristful Fidget™ works to help anyone feel
more calm and focused.                                        Tangle® Junior Fuzzies
                                                              Ages 5 Years + Fuzzy and multi-coloured, you won’t be able to put this Tangle down!
34199 Small - Ages 3 years to 9 years $11.95
                                                              7 x 4.4 x 7 cm.
34201 Large - Ages 10 years + $13.85
                                                              38766 $6.95

Focus Fidgety™ - Small
Manufacture recommended age for Ages 3
Years + to 15 years Focus Fidgety™ can help you
maintain focus and process information. Can
also be helpful in maintaining socially acceptable
behaviours. Focus Fidgety™ provides an outlet
for excess energy, making it easier for the child
to control or reduce their impulsive reaching out
and touching of neighbours and/or objects in their
immediate environment. Teachers love Focus
Fidgety™ because it doesn’t look like a toy, and
the non-elastic, latex-free wrist band and smooth
finger loops keep it in the hand and not in the air
or on the floor. Made of soft, cotton corduroy and
filled with PET pellets. Size: 3” W x 4” L.                   Tangle® Relax Therapy
31286 $10.95                                                  Ages 5 Years + Reduce stress naturally with this twistable, rubberized Tangle with
                                                              bumpy nodes and slightly smaller than the original Tangle® Therapy.
Focus Fidgety™ - Large                                        16.5 x 4.5 cm. Latex free.
Ages 18 years + Size: 3” W x 5” L.                            38764 $8.25
34202 $13.85
                                                                                                               spectrum-nasco.ca                   9
SPECIAL Education Educational Materials Catalogue - anything is possible - Spectrum Nasco

NASCO Gluten-
Free Dough
Ages 3 years + Finally...
classroom dough
that everyone can
use! Formulated
to be gluten-free,
these revolutionary
dough sets are safe for
students and teachers
with gluten allergies. The                                                                             31044
soft and pliable consistency promotes fine
motor development. The creative possibilities are endless!

Available in scented or unscented. Non-toxic.
Scented Dough                   Unscented Dough                                                                                                       31042
                                                                                          Sound Puzzles
Set includes 1.36 kg tubs in 6 Same as above but without
colours and scents.             fruit scents.                                             Ages 3 years + Trigger a realistic sound by placing pieces correctly into the puzzle
Also available separately.      39119 $92.90                                              board. These ear catching puzzles enhance matching and listening skills, as well as
39118 $92.90                                                                              early vocabulary and reinforce cause and effect.
                                                                                          A. 31044 Numbers $26.95                     B. 31042 Alphabet $26.95


                                                                                          Sound Puzzles
Gyrobi Fidget Toy                                                                         Ages 2 years + Wooden sound peg puzzles with realistic sounds with pictures under
Ages 5 years + Spin the colourful plastic rings in fascinating ways with the touch of a   puzzle pieces reveal an activity. These interactive sturdy vehicles encourage the
finger! Gyrobi is completely silent and feels great in your hands. This mindless fidget   development of auditory and processing skills, problem solving and narrative skills too.
brings together the science of gyroscopes and the satisfaction of absent-minded           Batteries not included. Each puzzle measures 8.75” x 11.75” x 0.75”.
fidgeting! Sized for easy gripping and fine motor practice. Reduce stress and improve     34445 Around the Fire Station - 8 pieces $18.95
memory. The fidget toy that twists, spins and rotates                                     34447 Around the House - 8 pieces $18.95
39614 Round $5.80                                                                         34449 The Wheels on the Bus - 6 pieces $18.95
39615 Square $5.80                                                                        34451 Old MacDonald’s Farm - 8 pieces $18.95


Loopeez Fidget Toy                                                                        Sing-Along Nursery Rhymes Sound Puzzles.
Ages 5 years + Loopeez is the perfect mindless “fiddle” -- easy to manipulate without     Ages 2-4 years. Wood peg puzzles that play classic nursery songs when pieces
much physical or mental effort. Endlessly flip the coloured plastic pieces around and     are placed. Song lyrics included on puzzles. Puzzles measure 4.75” x 8.75” x 0.75”.
around the dual axes of the rings. The coloured curved pieces are moulded to fit          Yellow. Hickory Dickory Dock, The Farmer in the Dell, Ring Around the Rosie, Row,
perfectly in one hand or two. You won’t believe how satisfying this feels in your hand!   Row, Row Your Boat, Pop Goes the Weasel, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.
Sized for easy gripping and fine motor practice. The fidget toy that stimulates, and      34453 $18.95
reduces stress. Silent measures 3.5” long x 2” wide, when lying flat.                     Blue. Humpty Dumpty, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Hey Diddle Diddle, Mary Had a Little
39617 Silent $5.80                                                                        Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Jack and Jill.
39616 Mini $5.80                                                                          34455 $18.95

10         1.800.668.0600

Pop Tubes - Pkg. of 24
Ages 3 Years + Connect, twist, stretch, and bend them! Package of 24 Pop Tubes in
assorted colours and lengths (20-75 cm).
33104 $49.95                                                                          Pressure Foam Roller
                                                                                      Ages 3 + Roll away the wiggles with our popular Pressure Foam Roller. Apply light,
                                                                                      medium or heavy pressure as you roll the upper back, legs or shoulders (not the
                                                                                      stomach, face or neck). Provides full body pressure to calm and improve focus. Kids
                                                                                      can imagine being a pancake or cookie dough. Take periodic 5-minute roller breaks
                                                                                      to re-energize or renew concentration for learning. Do not roll on the stomach, neck
                                                                                      or face. 10 oz. 11.5” L and wheels with 1.5” Diameter. Rubber. Latex-free. Colours may
Sensory Fidget                                                                        vary. Use with adult supervision.
Brushes - Set of 6                                                                    34605 $47.95
Ages 5 + A fidget toy and integration
tool, these mini brushes are ideal for
those with sensitivity or resistance to
touch. Soft bristles encourage tactile
exploration, and make a cool popping
noise that keeps kids engaged. Use as
sensory integration therapy to reduce
sensory and tactile defensiveness, ease
transitions and improve focus. Includes
6 brushes, each 1 oz. 2.5” L x 1.75” W.
Silicone. Blue and yellow. Surface wash.
Use with adult supervision.
34607 $24.95                                                                                                                                    Textured products
                                                                                                                                                 provide sensory
                                                                                                                                                 relieve tension,
                                                                                                                                                   and increase

                                                                                      Textured Foam Roller
Vibrating Pet Massagers                                                               Ages 3 + Roll the stress away! Offers the same deep pressure as our Pressure Foam
Ages 3 Years + Calm tension                                                           Roller, but with texture for added tactile appeal. Kids love the soothing, bumpy feel on
and wake up tired muscles                                                             their legs and shoulders. Calms tension, wakes up muscles and boosts focus. Do not
with vibrating Pet Massagers.                                                         roll on the stomach, neck, or face. 10 oz. 19.5” L x 2.5” Diameter. Foam. Colours may
Stimulating and fun; just press the                                                   vary. Wipe clean. Use with adult supervision.
button for a vigorous massage.                                                        34606 $51.95
Power off for a rolling massage.
AA batteries not included.
33016 Lady Buzz $17.95
33018 Tickles the Turtle $17.95
33020 Set of 2 $34.95

                                                                                      Texture Squares
                                                                                      Ages 3 Years + Scratchy, slippery, silky or soft? Young learners build tactile awareness
Sensory Balls, 10 cm, Set of 4                                                        as they interact with these 20 texture squares (10 different pairs) in a variety of
Ages 6 Months + Infants can squeeze, roll, throw, or kick these colourful and         hands-on activities. 5 to 7.5 cm squares. Tip sheet included.
textured balls. Their bumpy surface offers a tremendous sensory play value. Yellow,   37248 $42.95
blue, green, and red.
38022 $23.99
                                                                                                                                        spectrum-nasco.ca                 11

                                     Sensory Blocks
                                     Ages 18 months + Excellent for
                                     sensory exploration. 9-piece
                                     set includes kaleidoscope,
                                     magnifier and mirror blocks, 3
                                     sound blocks, and 3 touch &
                                     feel blocks measuring 3.4 cm.
                                     38242 $37.95

                                                                        Sensory Meteor Ball
                                                                        Ages 12 months + Large colourful textured ball with 6 smaller balls which fit into craters
                                                                        around the surface. A stimulating resource that can be used with infants to explore
                                                                        actions, reactions, and motor skills; or within a small group of toddlers to encourage
                                                                        conversation and develop hand-eye coordination. Small balls have differently textured
                                                                        surfaces and can be used separately.
                                                                        34407 $33.95
                                   Feel & Find
                                   Ages 3 years + This fun
                                   activity encourages object
                                   identification using sight and
                                   touch. First look at the wooden
                                   tile containing the shape. Then
                                   reach inside the bag and find
                                   the object pictured on the tile.
                                   This can also be used as a
                                   matching and sorting activity,
                                   placing the correct wooden
                                   block to the tile.
                                   33262 $39.95

                                   Tactile Turn-n-Match                 Ruff’s Teach N Touch Tactile Set
                                   Ages 2 years + Five-sided            Ages 3 years + Dog-house themed tactile set includes 10 plastic and cloth dog bones
                                   shapes rotate to display a dif-      in assorted textures, and one furry dog. Bones measure 5 cm and are stored in a dog-
                                   ferent texture on each side.         house box with flap opening for “search and grab” play.
                                   34309 $69.95                         31058 $38.95

                      Pin Art™ with Black Frame
                      Ages 8 Years + These pins don’t prick but
                      leave an intriguing sensation when touched.
                      Flip Pin Art™ over so all the pins are touching
                      the clear plastic surface. Carefully place your
                      hand or another object on the back and flip
                      again to see a 3-dimensional relief appear.
                      A great way to explore the combination of         My First Game: Petting Zoo
                      touch and free form art. 10 x 13.75 cm block      Ages 2 years + Take turns spinning the textured “touch and feel” spinner. Feel the
                      frame. This is not a toy.                         space where the spinner stops, then reach inside the Petting Zoo and feel for the
                      36248 $17.95                                      animal with the matching texture. Spin “wild” and pick any farm friend you find; spin
                                                                        “feeding time” and skip a turn! With simple, 3-step instructions and six sweet animals
                                                                        to choose from, Petting Zoo makes a great first game!
                                                                        34402 $36.95

12   1.800.668.0600

Music Blocks®
Ages 3 Years + Making music is as easy as playing with
blocks! Each side of each block plays a different phrase
of music, and three musical selections are included:
Jumpin’ Jive Jazz, African Rhythms and Mozart’s Night
Music. You can create more than 1 million unique musical
combinations with premium digital sound. Blocks feature
magnets to hold them securely in place. Builds reading,    Boomwhackers®
music, cause and effect, and independent play skills.      Ages 3 years + A real winner with kids of all ages! The tubes are perfectly tuned to different musical notes, which are
Provides visual and tactile stimulation. Requires 4 AA     clearly marked on their labels. Whack almost anything to produce tones – thigh, hand, table, chair, floor, etc. Different
batteries (included).                                      surfaces produce different sounds, but always the same pitch.
33857 $104.95                                              34766 8-Note Diatonic C-C’ Set (Upper Octave) $37.95

                     Rainstick                               Spectrum Discovery Music Kit
                     Ages 3 years + The visually             Ages 3 years + 10 piece musical set
                     stimulating gentle pattern imitates     perfect for music centres.
                     rain. Measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 34 cm.       37420 $39.95
                     Designed in Germany. Made of
                     wood, metal and plastic.
                     33979 $31.95

                                                           Sound Box
Rainbomaker™                                               Ages 3 years + Shake the wooden cubes by
Ages 12 months + A simple turn of the Rainbomaker™         their sturdy plastic handles to hear each unique sound
creates a magical combination of sound and colour          and find its match. Look through the translucent
that will captivate young and old alike. Watch and         coloured acrylic base of each box for self-correction.         Twirly Whirly
listen as a rainbow of coloured beads cascades             Builds matching, concentration and perception skills.          Ages 12 months + Offers visual and audio stimulation.
through the tube, recreating the soft sound of gently      31 x 24 x 8 cm.                                                Watch colourful beads cascade down while spinning
falling rain. 40.6 cm Large.                               33122 $68.95                                                   and twirling the wheels. Soothing rainstick-like sound
36974 $36.95                                                                                                              is made as beads tumble. 29 cm H.
                                                                                                                          34442 $29.95
                                                                                                                                              spectrum-nasco.ca                  13

                     36278                                                          37400                                                                                  34003



                                                                                                                                                        Available for
                              33989                                                                                                                Weighted Frog (33993)
                                                                                                                                                       Lizard (34170)
                                                                                                                                                          $36.95 each.

       Hand              Weighted Animals

       Wash              Ages 3 years + Our weighted animals provides deep pressure which influences the nervous system which controls the muscles, joints, bones and
                         ligaments (proprioception). Its weight makes you aware of muscles tension and your body quickly benefits from a calming, relaxing effect. Ideal to
                         use while reading, doing homework or during other tasks that require concentration and relaxation. The stretchable fabric is hand washable and
                         pleasant to manipulate. Made of Lycra® and polyester satin. Stuffed with non-toxic plastic pellets which provide gentle tactile stimulation. For use and
                         instructions see “Technical Sheet” online at spectrum-nasco.ca
Weighted Lizard                             Weighted Frog                                Weighted Snake                                  Weighted Dolphin
Provides a calming, deep pressure feeling   The perfect tool for deep pressure           The snake can beeasily placed around            The Weighted Dolphin molds perfectly
and proprioception. Easy to manipulate      sensation and proprioception input.          the neck or on the shoulders. Easy to           to the contour of the hips or comfortable
and can be put on the shoulders or around   Place them on the thighs or shoulder.        manipulate and very calming.                    embraces the neck. Its velvety fabric is
the neck.                                   37390 Blue Frog (2.5kg) $53.95               33985 Silver Snake (1kg) $44.95                 pleasant to touch.
36278 Blue Lizard (2kg) $52.95              37392 Green Frog (2.5kg) $53.95              37398 Blue Snake (1.5kg) $47.95                 33997 Blue Dolphin (1kg) $49.95
36680 Green Lizard (2kg) $52.95             33991 Silver Frog (2.5kg) $53.95             37400 Green Snake (1.5kg) $47.95                33999 Purple Dolphin (1kg) $49.95
33989 Silver Lizard (2kg) $52.95                                                         33987 Silver Snake (1.5kg) $47.95               34001 Blue Dolphin (2kg) $59.95
                                                                                                                                         34003 Purple Dolphin (2kg) $59.95

                                                                                     Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket
                                                                                     The Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket is very effective
                                                                                     with students who have general stress, anxiety,
                                                                                     sleep difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Disorders,
                                                                                     Sensory Processing Dysfunction, and Attention                 BLANKET COVERS
                                                                                     Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Comes in 5 sizes.
                                                                                     To determine the correct size, please view the               Available Online at
                                                                                     Sizing Guide below. Made of 100% cotton corduroy
                                                                                     and filled with a non-toxic and hypoallergenic PET           spectrum-nasco.ca
                                                                                     pellet material which is BPA and phthalate free.                Product Numbers:
                                                                                     The pellets are sewn into a 100% cotton bag that               34215, 34217, 34219,
                                                                                     is inserted in each chamber to prevent the pellets               34221, & 34222
                                                                                     from escaping. Each blanket is double-stitched
                                                                                     around the outside and then twice on the bottom
                                                                                     hem. The corduroy fabric was selected for its
                                                                                     softness and durability.

                                                                                                         Person’s weight                                    Blanket
                                                                                     Cat. No.    Size                         Age         Dimensions                     Prize
                                                                                                             Approx.                                        Weight

                                                                                                               10-16 kg        3 yrs       81 x 92 cm        2.2 kg
                                                                                     31212        XS
                                                                                                             (22-35 lbs)                   (32” x 36”)       (5 lbs)   $269.95

                                                                                                             16-20.5 kg       4-5 yrs        92 x 106        3.6 kg
                                                                                     31214        S
                                                                                                             (36-45 lbs)                    (36” x 42”)      (8 lbs)   $319.95

                                                                                                             20.5-32 kg      6-10 yrs      106 x 137 cm      5.4kg
                                                                                     31216        M
                                                                                                             (46-70 lbs)                    (42” x 54”)     (12 lbs)   $372.95

                                                                                                             32-63.5 kg      11-15 yrs     137 x 183 cm      7.2 kg
                                                                                     31218         L
                                                                                                             (71-140 lbs)                   (54” x 72”)     (16 lbs)   $459.95

                                                                                                              63.5 kg+        16+ yrs     145 x 203 cm       11.3 kg
                                                                                     31220        XL
                                                                                                              (141 lbs+)                   (57” x 80”)      (25 lbs)   $514.95

14         1.800.668.0600

Wipe Clean! Weighted Lap Pad
An Easy-Clean Choice for Focus and Self-Regulation. When it’s time to sit still and
focus, our Weighted Lap Pad helps put the wiggles to rest. The deep pressure
soothes and serves as a gentle reminder to stay in place. Place on lap while seated,
or across the back when lying down. Just wipe down to clean, making this suitable
for use by multiple children or during meal time. For extra comfort, slip on a Lap Pad
Cover. 100% polyester weighted with steel pellets in separate 100% polyester lining.      Weighted Lap Pad Slipcover, Smooth Blue
Surface wash, air dry. Lap Pads provides proprioceptive feedback to help focus and        Ages 4 years + Smooth & Soothing Cover for Weighted Lap Pads. Soft, smooth and fun
self-regulate, supports children and adults with ADHD, sensory processing disorder or     to feel! When combined with the grounding weight of a Lap Pad (sold separately) feeling
autism & helps with mood and attention; sensory over responding; sensory seeking          the smooth-to-the-touch cover helps some children calm and focus. Fill with towels or
and travel issues. Use weighted products with guidance from a therapist. Use with         t-shirts to make a soft cushion, or stuff with crinkly paper to provide auditory stimulation.
adult supervision. For Slip Covers see items 39638, 39639 and 39640 bellow.               Machine washable cover protects your lap pad. 100% polyester nylex with hook and
Small                          Medium                        Large                        loop closure. Colour blue. Use with adult supervision. For Lap Pads see items 31244,
Ages 3 years + Measures        Ages 5 years + Measures       Ages 7 years + Measures      31246 and 31248 above.
13” L x 8” W (33 cm x 20.3     18” L x 9” W (45.7 cm L       23” L x 11” W (58.4 cm L     Small                           Medium                           Large
cm). Weighs 3 lbs (1.36        x 22.8 cm W). Weighs 5        x 27.9 cm W). Weighs 7.5     Measures 14” L x 9” W           Measures 18”L x 10”W             Measures 24” L x 12” W
kg). For children weighing     lbs (2.26 kg). For children   lbs (3.4 kg). For children   (35.6 cm L x 22.9 cm W).        (45.7 cm L x 25.4 cm W).         (61 cm L x 30.5 cm W)
30+ lbs.                       weighing 50+ lbs              weighing 75+ lbs.            Fits item 31244.                Fits item 31246.                 Fits item 31248.
31244 $57.95                  31246 $61.95                 31248 $63.95                   39638 $21.95                   39639 $21.95                    39640 $21.95

Weighted Tactile Bean Bags
Ages 3 + Colourful bean bags provide calming, soothing weight and tactile
exploration. Each set contains 5 bean bags in satin, denim, corduroy, fleece,

and solid cotton textures.
31238 0.5 kg (1 lb) (4” W x 5” L) $44.95
31237 0.25 kg (0.5 lb) (3” W x 4” L) $38.95

Wrist Weights                                                                             Theo the Therapy Dog
Ages 4 years + Wear on the wrist to provide                                               Ages 3 years + Meet Theo the Therapy Dog! This fuzzy lapdog is specially designed
weight bearing and strength building benefits.                                            to function as a comforting companion. With a 2.5 lbs body weight, this lovable and
Can also be used to provide grounding. Made of                                            cuddly friend can provide a sense of security to children with sensory input needs.
comfortable soft blue fleece, each wrist weight                                           Theo’s soft, floppy body can lay across your lap or shoulders, and even sit-up beside
contains a 1/4-lb. weight. One size fits most — 5"                                        you. The beads, fur, paw-pads, ears, eyes and nose all provide unique textures for
elastic scrunchie style stretches to double the                                           tactile exploration. The hook and loop pocket in his tummy holds a pouch of ceramic
diameter. Spot wash and wipe. Fabric U.S.A. Not                                           beads that emits a gentle lavender aroma. Remove the pouch to heat in the micro-
recommended for children 4 years and under.                                               wave, or chill in the fridge, then replace, for soothing temperatures anyone can love!
36362 $39.95                                                                              Includes 1 plush dog & 1 hot/cold pack. Materials: polyester fibers, ceramic beads.
                                                                                          39625 $24.95

Weighted Blanket - 5 lbs.
Ages 4 years + Have trouble settling down to
sleep? Weighted blankets stimulate touch receptors,
helping your body to relax. The extra pressure and
weight create a calm secure feeling — just like a
soothing hug. Wear like a cape or fold in your lap to
promote relaxation and sensory organization during
the day. Use during rest time, car trips, homework
or any time calm is needed. Breathable fabric with
evenly distributed weight prevents bunching.
Size: 59” L x 29” W (150 cm L x 74 cm W).
                                                                                          Weighted Gel Lap Pads
                                                                                          Ages 5 years + Pads provide the deep pressure points students require in order to
100% polyester fabric. Polyurethane filling
                                                                                          feel grounded, enabling them to sit better for longer periods and pay closer attention
and weighted with steel pellets . Hand
                                                                                          for improved learning. Vinyl-covered pads clean easily with spray-and-wipe cleansers
wash cold. Air dry. Not for use with small
                                                                                          and disinfectants. Although the gel is non-toxic, it should not be chewed or ingested.
children. Never place in crib with an
                                                                                          Use with adult supervision.
infant. Use with adult supervision.
31240 $164.95                                                                             33648 Red, 1.5 kg (3 lb) $36.95
                                                                                          33650 Green, 2.5 kg (5 lb) $38.95
                                                                                                                                              spectrum-nasco.ca                   15

                                  A. Weighted Vests
                                  Ages 2-11 years Improve focus and concentration at school or at home. This vest provides
           A                  A   proprioception, helping to achieve calm. Snaps over clothing and looks fashionable so kids
                                  don’t feel like they stand out. Smooth material makes this vest ideal for sensory defensive kids.
                                  Includes 2 lbs. of weights (two 1/2 lb. and four 1/4 lb. weights). Choose from blue or pink. Cotton and
                                  polyester blend. Machine wash. Use with adult supervision and/or guidance from a therapist.
                                  Small (2-3 years)                  Medium (4-6 years)                   Large (7-11 years)
                                  31250 Blue $82.95                  31254 Blue $89.95                    31258 Blue $98.95
                                  31252 Pink $82.95                  31256 Pink $89.95                    31260 Pink $98.95

                                   Cat. No.                 Size                Width / Length of Vests*                    Age
                                                                                    26” - 30” W / 14.5”L
                                   31250 / 31252            Small
                                                                                66 cm - 76 cm W /36.8 cm L              2-3 years
                                                                                     28” - 32” W / 17” L
                                   31254 / 31256          Medium
                                                                                 71 cm - 81 cm W / 43 cm L              4-6 years
                                                                                     32” - 36” W / 19” L
                                   31258 / 31260            Large
                                                                                  81 cm - 92 cm / 48 cm L               7-11 years
                                  * all measurements have been rounded to the nearest decimal
                                  *measurements shown reflect the size of the vest.

                                  B. Weighted Fleece Vests
                                  Ages 2-9 years Kids feel cool while staying warm, cozy, and secure! Looks like any other fleece vest,
                                  but weights are tucked inside for calming proprioceptive input. Wearing the soft, fuzzy vest offers
                                  a reassuring deep “hug” that helps kids feel more secure and improves their focus. Front zipper
                                  for easy on and off. Hook and loop closures at the sides to adjust width. Add or remove weights as
                                  needed to the eight interior pockets. Includes 2 lbs. of weights (two 1/2 lb. and four 1/4 lb. weights).
                                  Navy blue fleece. Machine wash. Use with adult supervision / guidance from a therapist.
                                  31262 Small $99.95                                   31266 Large $99.95
                      B           31264 Medium $99.95

                                  Cat. No.                 Size                  Width / Length of Vests*                   Age
                                                                                        20” W / 14”L
                                  31262                    Small
                                                                                     51 cm W /36 cm L                    2-4 years
                                                                                        27” W / 16” L
                                  31264                   Medium
                                                                                     69 cm W / 41 cm L                   5-6 years
                                                                                       32” W / 19” L
                                  31266                    Large
                                                                                      81 cm / 48 cm L                    7-9 years
                                  * all measurements have been rounded to the nearest decimal
                                  *measurements shown reflect the size of the vest.

                                  C. Weighted Compression Vests
                                  Ages 2 years - Adult Adult Slip on this vest to calm down,focus or cope with sensory overload.
                                  It’s like a big wearable hug that provides steady proprioceptive input with deep pressure and
                                  balanced weight. The effect is so gentle, soothing and reassuring, kids even ask to wear their
                                  vest. Comfy neoprene provides compression and extra stretch. Breathable mesh on the sides.
                                  Hook and loop closures to adjust fit. Add or remove weights as needed to the interior pockets.
                                  Includes 2 lbs. of weights (two 1/2 lb. and four 1/4 lb. weights). X-Small includes 1 lb. of weights.
                                  Machine wash. Use with adult supervision.
                                  X-Small                             Medium                              X-Large
                                  31268 Blue $134.95                  31274 Firefighter Red $134.95 31282 Firefighter Red $134.95
     C                    C       Small                               31276 Navy Blue $134.95             31284 Navy Blue $134.95
                                  31270 Firefighter Red $134.95 Large
                                  31272 Navy Blue $134.95       31278 Firefighter Red $134.95
                                                                31280 Navy Blue $134.95

                                   Cat. No.                 Size                Width / Length of Vests*                   Age
                                                                                 21” - 27” W / 12.5” - 13.75” L
                                   31268                  X-Small
                                                                             53 cm - 69 cm W / 32 cm - 34 cm L          2-5 years
                                                                                 23” - 30” W / 15.5” - 16.5” L
                                   31270/ 31272            Small
                                                                              58 cm - 76 cm W / 39 cm - 42 cm           6-9 years
                                                                                 29” - 37” W / 18.5” - 19.75” L
                                   31274 / 31276          Medium
                                                                             74 cm - 94 cm W / 47 cm - 37.5 cm L        10 years +
                                                                                  34” - 40” W / 21.5” - 23” L
                                   31278 / 31280           Large
                                                                             47 cm - 102 cm W / 55cm - 58 cm L         Teen / Adult
                                                                                   41” - 46” W / 24” - 26” L
                                   31282 / 31284          X-Large
                                                                              104 cm - 116 cm / 61 cm - 66 cm L        Teen / Adult
                                  * all measurements have been rounded to the nearest decimal
                                  *measurements shown reflect the size of the vest.

16   1.800.668.0600
Bouncy Bands®
Kids now have an outlet for excess energy while
working, alleviating anxiety, hyperactivity and boredom
                                                                                                                                        MOTOR SKILLS
– increasing focus and academic performance. An
independent Clemson University study concluded that
students using Bouncybands® focus and stay on task
10% longer than without them. Teachers like how kids
are able to get more work done in class when students
have a way to stay on track better. Improves academic
results as extra focus leads to higher grades and better
behaviour & Installs in seconds - No tools required

Elementary Chairs
Ages 5 - 18 years The bands are 13” and stretch to fit
chairs up to 17” wide. Each set comes with 2 support
pipes that keep the band in place so it won’t slide down
to the floor with repeated use.
• Students with short legs enjoy being able to rest their
  feet on the Bouncyband® instead of having them                       34184
  dangle all day
• Chairs can be lifted, moved and stacked, while the
  4” support pipes and bands stay secured
Bouncyband® for Elementary Chairs can be used with kindergarten chairs
and they also stretch to fit up to fifth grade chairs.
34184 $20.95
Bouncyband® for Middle & High School Chairs
Ages 8 years + / Grade 3 + Kids have an outlet for
excess energy while working - alleviating anxiety,
hyperactivity and boredom - increasing focus and
academic performances. Latex free & easy to install -
no tools required.                                                                        Lean-N-Learn Wedge Cushion
Details:                                                                                  It’s no ordinary seat cushion. Our wedge gently tilts the hips, pelvis and spine forward
• Bands stretches to fit chairs with legs 17”-24” apart                                   to place kids in a more active seating position. With improved seating posture, kids
• Support pipes are 4” long and 1.5” in diameter                                          are ready to learn and can focus for longer periods of time. Two-sided design offers
39681 $21.95                                                                              smooth surface on one side. Other side has tactile bumps when sensory integration
                                                                                          is needed. Encourages active seating posture. Supports children with sensory
Standard Desk with Blue Support Pipes                      34183                          processing and focus challenges. Inflate to the max to create a beveled surface that
Ages 6 - 18 years The latex-free bands have solid                                         challenges balance and supports wiggly learners by encouraging movement. Deflate
rubber loops on the ends to quickly slide up the desk                                     for a firmer, steadier seat. Use with adult supervision.
legs. Each set comes with 2 support pipes that keep                                       39641 Ages 4 -10, Green 10” x 9.5” $45.95
the band in place so it won’t slide down to the floor                                     39642 Ages 8 - Teen, Blue 13” x 13” $45.95
with repeated use.                                                    NEW
• Desks can be moved around the room without the
support pipes falling off
• The bands are 20” long and stretch to fit desks 20-
28” wide
34183 $22.95                                                           39681


                                    Spiky Tactile Cushion                                 Bouncyband® Wiggle Feet Sensory Cushion - Blue
                                    Ages 4 years + A wiggle cushion especially for        Ages 3 years + Fidgeting with Wiggle Feet allows excess energy to be expelled
                                    sensory seekers! Spiky on one side and bumpy          while sitting at a desk or in any chair helping achieve greater focus. Quietly enables
                                    on the other, so kids can choose which type of        movement while working as the relaxing deep pressure fosters the ability to stay on
                                    tactile input they prefer. No inflation required!     task and be more productive. Provide a calming influence as the dual textured surfaces;
                                    Helps children who require a heightened sensory       on one side flexible nubs and on the other small bumps facilitate just the right amount
                                    experience stay seated for longer periods of time.    of tactile stimulation. One size fits all - 12” x 15” x 2.5”. Customize firmness to contour
                                    Encourages kids to wiggle while they learn to         exactly to each individual’s needs. Anti-burst, slip-resistant high quality material. Comes
                                    boost focus and remind them to stay in their spots.   inflated with easy-inflation pump included (pump has small parts).
                                    A discreet sensory tool for use during circle time,   39647 $29.95
                                    desk work or at the table for kids who require
                                    extra stimulation to concentrate.
                                    33173 $45.95
                                                                                                                                         Dynamic Seating Cushion
                                                                                                                                         Ages 3 years + Smooth surface on one
                                                                                                                                         side and a soft, molded circular pattern
                                                                                                                                         on the other. 37.5 cm diameter.
                                                                                                                                         33172 $44.95

Wiggle Cushion
Ages 3 years + Less obtrusive than a therapy ball, but just as helpful for curbing the
wiggles! The Wiggle Cushion travels easily from home
to school for an instant seat that encourages
active learning. Provides a constructive outlet                                                                                          Inflatable Sitting Disc
for movement during circle time, desk work                                                                                               Ages 3 years + Encourage proper
or while eating. Smooth surface on one side.                                                                                             posture with this inflatable sitting disc.
Other side has slightly raised bumps for extra                                                                                           Can be inflated from 1” (2.5cm) to 2”
tactile support. Encourages weight                                                                                                       (5cm) high for full firmness. Mimics the
shifting and movement to                                                                                                                 action of sitting on an inflatable ball but
sharpen focus. Supports                                                                                                                  works on a regular chair! One side is
challenges of ADHD,                                                                                                                      nubby and the other is flat.
sensory processing disorder
and autism. Challenges balance and offers                                                                                                34372 $26.65
postural training.
33174 $44.95                                                                                                                                 spectrum-nasco.ca                   17

                                                                                           Rockin’ Rocker Board
                                                                                           Ages 3+ The sturdiest, most functional
                                                                                           rocker board ever! Our Rockin Rocker
               34107                                       34013                           Board helps improve balance, motor
                                                                                           planning and coordination. Use for
CanDO Plastic Mobile Chair with Back
                                                                                           righting and tilting reactions in multiple
An ergonomic chair and exercise tool in one! Patented design promotes correct              positions - sitting, kneeling, standing, or
posture and better balance and improves circulation. Anti-burst BalanceBall®               it can be placed under a desk to keep
removes easily for quick exercises. Guide shows stretching and strengthening               feet busy. Built to stand up to heavy
techniques. Also includes blaster pump.                                                    use. Holds 200 lbs. 15” square. 4” H.
34013 Large - 21” x 31” x 22” Weight limit 300 lbs. For 5 ft. tall to 5 ft. 11”. $189.95   Wood. Wipe clean. Always use with
34107 Small - 19-1/4” x 19-1/4” x 23-1/4” Weight limit 150 lbs.                            adult supervision.
       For children. 4 locking castors. w$134.95                                           34604 $149.95

                                                                                                              HowdaHUG® Adjustable Seats
                                                                                                              Cradles, contains, and calms! The cozy feeling of the HowdaHUG’s®
                                                                                                              “embrace” provides deep sensory input contributing to the
                                                                                                              ability to stay focused for longer periods. Ideal for students with
                                                                                                              sensory integration disorders, autism, ADD and ADHD. Strong
                                                                                                              supported movement promotes balance and core strength, while
                                                                                                              providing security and firm, physical contact. Cushioned bottom
                                                                                                              hinge provides wear and tear protection and softer rocking and
                                                                                                              sitting in classroom. Adjustable straps can be tightened to create
                                                                                                              a better “hug” or loosened for growing students. Lightweight and
                                                                                                              easy to carry and store, just roll up and tuck under your arm. Water
                                                                                                              resistant, flexible wooden slats with rugged canvas. All 100% cotton
                                                                                                              canvas, environmentally safe, and lab tested.
                                                                                                              Petite HowdaHUG®                      HowdaHUG2®
                                                                                                              For children up to 40 lbs.            Fits ages 6 -10 years and up to
                                                                                                              Red canvas.                           100 lbs. Designed to fit taller and
                                                                                                              31290 $139.95                         thinner individuals. Multicoloured
                                                                                                              HowdaHUG1®                            31288 $139.95
                                                                                                              Fits ages 7+ and up to approx.
                                                                                                              125 lbs. Multicoloured canvas.
                                                                                                              31285 $139.95

                                                                                                                       Therapy Ball
                                                                                                                       Starting at ages 3 years to adults Need to wiggle and
                                                                                                                       move to help focus? Go chairless! Therapy balls offer
                                                                                                                       an active seating alternative for classrooms and clinics.
                                                                                                                       Children can fidget and move at their desks without
                                                                                                                       disrupting their peers. Sitting on a therapy ball engages
                                                                                                                       core muscles and supports vestibular therapy. Sit on it,
                                                                                                                       kick it, roll it or just have a ball! Use with adult supervision.
                                                                                                                       Sized for children and adults. Measure from armpit to
                                                                                                                       fingers. Choose the corresponding size or next size up.
                                                                                                                       Balls support up to 250 lbs.
                                                                                                                       31316 41 cm (17”) Orange $37.95
                                                                                                                       31318 52.5 cm (20”) Orange $41.95
                                                                                                                       31320 62.5 cm (24”) Green $44.95
                                                                                                                       31322 82.5 cm (29”) Blue $47.95
                                                                                                                       31324 92.5 cm (31”) Red $51.95

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