1       Foreword
   2       Introduction
   3       Executive Summary
   4       What the Evidence Tells Us
   5       Our Corporate Goals
   6       Our Investments over the Next Year

Annex 1        Our work over the next year
Annex 2        Every Child Hooked on Sport for Life Report Card
Annex 3        Nation of Champions Report Card
Annex 4        Budget 2014-15

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1       Foreword

Sport Wales' vision is to unite a proud sporting nation, where every child is hooked on sport for
life and Wales is a Nation of Champions. Delivering this vision with key partners will ensure sport
plays a central role in developing a healthier, more physically literate and more sustainable

Our physical and mental health, our confidence and skills, our academic achievement and national
pride in sporting achievement are all important elements of creating a prosperous, sustainable and
more equal Wales. One important strand of this work is our commitment to the Welsh Language and
its promotion through sport. All of these are the reasons why we invest money, energy and passion
into creating the best sporting opportunities for everyone in Wales to enjoy.

Our Vision for Sport in Wales is continuing to impact on the work of our partners, inspiring bigger
aspirations for the growth of sport and the engagement of people locally. In the last year the sports
sector in Wales has attracted more people to volunteer, delivered new thinking around effective
structures to enable people to benefit from more recreational and competitive opportunities. In
2013 we have seen National Governing Body (NGB) membership increase in gymnastics by 20%, in
athletics by 12%, in cycling by 24%, in boxing by 39% and by 42% in hockey.

The Commonwealth Games is second only to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in terms of event
size, audience, and its power to inspire. Wearing the red vest of wales epitomises our vision of
uniting a proud sporting nation Sport Wales intends to fully utilise the opportunities presented by
the games to promote the role that high performance sport plays in generating interest and
increased participation in sport at community level, and to help generate and sustain a sense of
national pride and cohesion.

The success of our elite athletes in all sports, not just medals in international games, is something we
should all be immensely proud of and we all recognise the impact this success has on the nation and
how we are perceived internationally. Elite sporting success creates role models and fosters self-
belief in Wales as a nation that it is a significant player on the world stage. Sport Wales is committed
to ensuring we are a nation that nurtures and develops all of our available talent both on and off the

We’ve challenged partners to better engage young people in the planning and delivery of sport, and
with over 2430 active Young Ambassadors now recruited to increase sport’s appeal and reach
amongst children and young people, whilst it’s not finished, we’re on our way to embedding the
young person’s voice into everything we do.

Over the course of the last year, Sport Wales has, despite continued challenges posed by austerity;
been able to sustain its support for sport, though there will be a slight reduction in funding this year.
Given the financial challenges facing the whole of the public sector in Wales we are committed to
ensuring that we see a significant return on any investment we make in the organisations we fund.
This funding is not a right but an opportunity to help achieve the goals we have all set.

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2 Introduction
There is a wide ranging debate underway about the kind of Wales we want our children to live in the
future. Sport Wales simply cannot remain on the fringes of this policy debate that is not going to go
away. There is an urgent need for us to be building solid partnerships across other sectors. We have
to develop and clearly demonstrate a cogent case for sport to be central to the programme of
government, reinforcing in particular the positive impact of sport and physical activity on education,
health, Welsh language provision, social equality and child poverty.

To achieve the aims of a more active, healthier and sustainable nation, Sport Wales will firstly be
smarter in the way it works to ensure we are at the centre of public policy development by providing
robust evidence to back our views. Secondly, we will ensure that we establish strong partnerships
across the sector through mutually beneficially collaborations, uniting us behind our vision and
goals. Thirdly, we will have to be sustainable, not only as an organisation, but in our wider
contribution to a sustainable Wales. Getting these things in place will enable us to be successful in
our aim of transforming Welsh Sport at all levels.

We recently undertook the School Sport Survey, the largest of its kind in the world, and it has
provided us with some fantastic insights into how the young people of Wales live their sporting lives
- what motivates them, their aspirations and their ability levels. 40% of young people surveyed are
‘hooked on sport’, meaning they take part in physical activity three or more times a week. This is a
50% increase on the 2011 results. There are significantly fewer young people doing no or little sport
every week than two years ago.

This is testament to our school sport approach and that the wider idea of sport can be attractive to
wide range of young people, regardless of their level of ability or social circumstances but these
benefits can’t be exclusive for only a part of the population. Sport must benefit everyone and we
won’t be happy until every child in Wales is hooked on sport for life.

We know that these changes aren’t going to happen overnight. The School Sport Survey data
underlines the importance we’re placing on physical literacy which will play a key role in making the
major step change in culture that’s needed. Physical Literacy is about providing children with the
motivation and skills to build basic catch, jump and coordination skills to give children the
confidence to pursue a sport or physical activity of their choice.

We live in an increasingly sedentary world, with shocking child obesity rates. But we can turn that
around if we teach our children the habit of exercising more from an early age. To ensure all our
children are prepared physically for the future, we need there to be high-quality sport and PE
provision in every school.

We want PE to be on a par with English, Welsh, Maths and Science as a subject in Welsh schools.
This is the core recommendation of a report, led by Baroness Tanni-Grey Thompson, which would
lead to PE being formally and regularly assessed, leading to higher quality provision and an
improvement in standards. A ‘Physical Literacy Programme’ for Schools (PLPS) will be established
which will strive to realise a Physical Literacy Framework adopted by the Education sector as part of
the new curriculum. Linked to this will be the insight and intelligence where we will investigate the
links between PISA results and being hooked on sport.

Just as our elite athletes will be striving for their personal best, we too must be ambitious and
unflinching in how we address some of the nation’s biggest health issues. We want to play our part
on the Welsh Public Services team – so 2014 will be all about sport moving off the subs bench and
on to the field of play.

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With the Community Sport Strategy we now have a clear direction, know the areas we need to focus
on and the actions that need to be taken (see next section). There are some areas where we are
starting to see positive progress, such as the concerted efforts some partners have made to work in
a different way. For others we have significantly more work to do to fundamentally shift behaviour.
Sport Wales will be working with partners to determine high level population based outcomes that
will galvanise the sector towards every child hooked on sport for life by 2020. The evidence clearly
demonstrates that a young person hooked on sport at a school age is likely to remain participating in
sport and physical activity into adulthood.

Underpinning all of this work is our commitment to the Welsh Language and its promotion through

There are significant challenges to overcome – every young person has an entitlement to
participate in sport and the sector must recognise that particular individuals, groups, communities
and demographics need different offers if they are to become ‘hooked on sport’.

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3       Executive Summary
The 2014-15 Business Plan’s Five Areas of Focus plus the Remit Letter

Community Sport
There are three points here, firstly to generate even more positive action targeted at under-
represented groups and communities. Clearly if the aspirations of every child hooked on sport is to
be realised then this targeting is required especially as the ‘hooked on sport’ indicator has risen from
27% to 40%. The second point within community sport work is around creating ‘sporting pathways’
across Wales for a minimum of 10 sports. Here every aspect of a sport’s pathway will be clear and
will have ambitious goals for the future so that the hooked on sport goal is more likely to be realised
and that athletes with talent are more likely to rise to elite levels. Finally there is a need to set and
generate consensus with the sector around a bold exciting goal for community sport such as the
‘hooked on sport’ indicator rising towards 75%.

The Welsh Government Minister for Culture and Sport John Griffiths has asked Sport Wales
Provide me with a report on the collective impact the sport sector is likely to have on the Vision For
Sport “ a proud sporting nation” by 2020 and in particular the efficacy and scale of ambition of
invested partners.

Narrow the participation gap between those living in deprived areas (in particular, Communities First
areas) and the national average and increase levels of regular physical activity amongst women and
girls, disabled people and BME communities. Particular attention should be paid to developing
programmes that attract those who are either not participating or participating at a very low level in
sport and physical activity.

Continue to develop the work of the BME forum and evaluate a group of pioneer projects that can
provide evidence for what works in encouraging greater participation

Continue to evolve the coaching and volunteering strategy taking on board the finding from the
Young people and adult surveys. Particular focus should be given to developing the capacity of the
sector in terms of excellence in leadership and management.

Develop proposals for how your relationship with local government might be shaped to deliver a
more effective and efficient provision of sport and active recreation at local and regional level, taking
account of recent important reports such as the Williams’ report on Wales’ public services. This work
should use the RBA outcomes referred to above as a starting point and should focus upon payment
for results.

School Sport
School Sport is seen as part of Community Sport. There are two challenges in schools. The first
challenge is within the young person’s ‘curricular’ experience to create ‘physically literate’ children.
Here efforts will be made to further influence education policy and practice in ‘class’ time so that our
young people have a hugely positive experience. Secondly, this good experience should be so
exciting that young people want to carry it on into the ‘extra-curricular’ after school activities (such
as Dragon and 5x60) and yet further with good links to community exit routes (clubs).

The Welsh Government Minister for Culture and Sport John Griffiths has asked Sport Wales
Give young people the best possible start in life by delivering a Physical Literacy Framework as part
of the Physical Literacy Pilot Scheme (PLPS) that can be used to inform the current curriculum review

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and influence the way in which PE is taught and assessed in our schools. It should also guide and
influence their early experiences of sport and physical activity and their lifelong participation.

Develop the PLPS to operate across selected ‘Challenge Schools’ clusters, implementing and testing
the Physical Literacy Framework in conjunction with DfES colleagues.
Continue the work with the Young Ambassadors, with an increased focus on utilising their skills as
appropriate to deliver the sector wide vision.

Elite Sport
Wales will need to further evolve as a world class developer of talent, learning from Glasgow’s
Commonwealth Games to ensure that elite pathways are fit for purpose for Rio. Secondly the ‘Team
Wales’ image will be further promoted and advocated.

The Welsh Government Minister for Culture and Sport John Griffiths has asked Sport Wales
Review the Elite Sport Strategy post Glasgow 2014 and in parallel, review the current system in
Wales for, identifying, directing and developing talent.

Our vision of every child in Wales hooked on sport for life represents a significant opportunity to
help ease the burden of unnecessary illness that faces the NHS. Sport Wales is determined to play its
part in helping shape a healthier and more sustainable future for the people of Wales.

We will play our part in helping change behaviour because it is an unsustainable proposition to
continue to pay for the treatment of ill health that comes about as a result of people making
destructive lifestyle choices. The challenge is for sporting organisations and the NHS to find
meaningful ways to work together much more closely than in the past. This partnership work must
clearly aim to explain to people the responsibility they have for creating the conditions for health in
their own lives and that an enjoyable way to do this is through increased participation in sport and

The Welsh Government Minister for Culture and Sport John Griffiths has asked Sport Wales
Collaborate with the Health sector to run some pilot schemes that demonstrate how sport and
leisure can cost-effectively support the NHS to deliver an effective and efficient service to treat or
prevent a range of chronic medical conditions.

High Performing Organisations
The business plan is a series of supporting pieces of work to make the above three approaches more
effective. Partners will be challenged as to how effective their own systems and structures are (eg
strong governance and leadership). Proposals will be made for an alternative model for effective
community sport delivery. The quality and quantity of the workforce to make these priorities come
alive will continue to be an important and improving area of work. Finally Sport Wales as an
organisation will continue to strive towards being ‘high performing’ itself so that resources allocated
for sport are used in themes efficient manner. Amongst other work, Sport Wales will raise staff
engagement levels, achieve excellent ratings for the national centres and improve business insight
through better evaluation and analysis. The ‘customer service’ element of Sport Wales’ work is
multi-faceted and requires a degree of greater coordination.

The Welsh Government Minister for Culture and Sport John Griffiths has asked Sport Wales
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Provide specialist, accurate and timely advice to the Welsh Government and maximise the
opportunities to promote the policy priorities for sport and physical activity in Wales across
Programme for Government priorities.

Build on the positive work already undertaken with the Welsh Language Commissioner to increase
the awareness and provision of sporting opportunities through the medium of Welsh.

Develop, in conjunction with the Sports Policy Branch, RBA outcomes and tracking indicators that are
aligned with those of Welsh Government.

Based on the RBA principles, work with colleagues across the sector to agree a set of core measures
and surveys to be undertaken in the most effective and collaborative way. There are significant cost-
efficiencies to be found if we more carefully align major public surveys (eg Active Adults and Public

What we propose to do over the next year (our business plan) is documented within Annex 1 which
contributes to positively changing the indicators set with the two report cards: Every Child Hooked
on Sport for Life and Nation of Champions (See Annex 2 & 3)

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4       What the evidence tells us

The 2013 School Sports Survey has revealed that 40% of pupils, both at primary and secondary
stages, are participating in organised activity beyond the curriculum on three or more occasions per
week (‘Hooked on Sport’). This constitutes a significant increase, from 27%, amongst primary and
secondary school pupils since 2011.

Boys (44%) were still more likely than girls (36%) to regularly participate in sport and physical
activity, though the figures for both have increased, the gap remains static.

31% of pupils with a disability/impairment are ‘hooked on sport’. This is 10 percentage points lower
than pupils without a disability/impairment. Children and young people in more deprived
communities also participate less frequently than their peers in less deprived areas.

Levels of achievement in curricular Physical Education (PE) have also improved considerably in
recent years. 72% of young people in school Year 9 achieved the benchmark Level 5 or higher in PE
in 2009; by 2012, this had risen to 82% - with boys and girls equally likely to achieve the required
level. The way children and young people experience sport at school can be a major enabler or a
barrier to pupils’ lifelong enjoyment and involvement in sport.

Making sport and physical activity enjoyable and fun is critical to boosting participation by children
and young people. Pupils are almost twice as likely to be hooked on sport if they enjoy school sport
a lot. We know that pupils need to be equipped with the ability and confidence to take part. School
is the most important place in which children learn the competence and confidence to participate in
physical activity.

Rates of adult participation in sport have remained fairly static over the past 25 years, with just
under half of the adult population over the period participating in any sport or physical recreation at
least once a week. Rates of sports club membership (including ‘pure’ sports clubs and leisure/fitness
centres) amongst adults have increased in recent years, reaching 16% of all adults when last

Amongst adults, males were twice as likely as females to be a member of a club, and almost four
times more likely to be a member of a ‘pure’ sports club. A greater proportion of those adults from
higher social grades participate regularly in sport than those in lower social grades.

Five per cent of adults in Wales volunteer in sport, contributing an estimated 16.5 million hours per
year according to the most recent survey, worth £167m in total. The number of qualified coaches
has increased in recent years, and those NGBs with good management information have been able
to significantly increase the number of qualified, active coaches in their sport through focused effect.
Men are more likely than women to volunteer, particularly in traditional sports clubs.

The evidence continues to suggest that our work in improving equality of opportunity in sport,
closing the gender gap, doubling the number of volunteers, and challenging our partners around
the breadth, convenience and appeal of their delivery merits special focus.

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5       Our Corporate & Business Goals

   Our evidence, and the priorities laid out in the Vision for Sport in Wales have helped shape
   our corporate goals. Our goals are designed to help us make a bigger impact on the growth
   of vibrant sporting communities and unrivalled elite success on the World, European,
   Commonwealth and International stage. The ‘endgame’ or result remains the same namely:

   • To achieve a long term target of 75-85% of children hooked on sport for life.*
   • The Wales position, on a per capita basis, at the Commonwealth Games.
   • The number of Welsh athletes competing and winning medals for Great Britain at the
   Olympic and Paralympic Games.

   The detailed goals and current ‘stories’ for the below seven headline indicators can be found in
   annexes 2 & 3.
   *This is a draft 2021 aspiration which will be tested with the sector in terms of a long term Community Sport


                                       UNITE A PROUD
                                      SPORTING NATION

EVERY CHILD HOOKED ON                                                  NATION OF CHAMPIONS

                                           Equality &
   Skills for a Life in Sport            Welsh Language                  Key Stage 3 Attainment Level

                                                                          10% Population Coaching &
    Growing a Skilled &                                                         Volunteering
   Passionate Workforce

                                                                       3 x Sporting Occasions per week
    Sporting Innovation                                             1 This is aYoung
                                                                               draft 2021 aspiration
                                                                                      Adults 16-24 which

                                                                                Club Membership
       Community Sport
                                                                        3 x Sporting Occasions per week
                                                                                  Young People

    Sporting Excellence
                                         Customer Focus                       Medals & Per Capita

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Year                    2009-10          2010-11           2011-12          2012-13          2013-14            2014-15*
                                                       Dragon Sport Registrations
                            179,418            209,804     223,755      229,687                     241,201

                                                 5x60 Frequency: children attending 20 sessions or more
                                                16,885       20,326        22,234         27,624
                                                                       5x60 attendance
                                             1,071,360        1,258,615    1,351,530              1,312,960
                                                                   All Swims per 1000 population
                                                  1,303           1,460             1,456               1609
                                                                   Learn to swim rates at age 11
                                                    69%              75%              74%               78%
*NB this data follows an academic year and so will be reported in mid-2014. 2014-15 targets are generated between the end of
the summer and autumn term.

Year                    2009/10          2010/11           2011/12          2012/13          2013/14            2014/15**

                                        Total NGB Junior Girls Membership
       Target                 31,723          33,894       36,055      43,764                        49,073           66,252
       Actual                 29,402          32,195       40,584      48,164
                                        Total NGB Junior Boys Membership
       Target               117,666          127,664      133,941     143,993                       144,980          160,676
       Actual               132,346          132,573      137,640     144,136
                                       Total NGB Senior Women Membership
       Target                 40,513          40,988       47,834      49,396                        48,451           55,111
       Actual                 37,073          40,092       46,187      48,225
                                        Total NGB Senior Men Membership
       Target               223,615          240,246      273,051     289,752                       261,186          269,711
       Actual               230,095     240,665        253,614       259,027
                                  Total NGB Active Coaches & Officials
 Coaches Target          23,958          30,029         35,644         38,239          43,301                         46,421
 Coaches Actual          29,126          29,777         32,497         37,023
 Officials Target          5,681          6,198          7,117         10,925          10,570                         11,155
 Officials Actual          5,691           5478          8,828          9,883
**targets are not complete as the mix off different NGB financial years means that the accurate
aggregated NGB totals for targets will not be collated until sometime into the ‘normal’ £ year.

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5. Our Investments over the Next Year
In line with the wider public sector, Sport Wales faces a challenging financial year in 2014-15. Welsh
Government funding has fallen by £0.4m, with a further drop of around £0.5m in forecast share of
lottery income. In addition, the organisation faces challenging inflationary pressures of over £1m.
Investment in 2014-15 will be £43.6m, a fall of £0.4m. Against this, Sport Wales has maintained
appropriate National Lottery balances and is currently working on a strategic investment review. We
plan to run lottery budget deficits over the next five years, best using the resources we have in the
furtherance of our aims. To mitigate inflationary pressures, we will identify efficiencies in order to
maintain flat running costs, and seek the best investments in our Welsh Government internal capital
budget of £0.3m.

We will continue in our quest to invest most effectively towards our continuing goals as set out in
our Vision for Sport in Wales. Our investment in Welsh community sport will be reduced by around
3% to £29m as we seek to redress imbalances in school sport funding and take the time to ensure
the next round of our highly successful Calls for Action programme, to be focussed on tackling
inequalities, will be even more fruitful than before. Our Community Chest and Development Grants
programmes continue to deliver benefits to clubs and communities at a local level and will remain

 We have maintained the £1.7m of lottery capital investment to continuing to develop Wales’ Elite
National and Regional facilities. These will be essential in our aim to be a nation of champions and in
continued support to reach even higher after what we expect to be a world-beating performance at
Glasgow 2014. We have increased our investment in Welsh talent over recent years and plan to take
stock after Glasgow, ensuring that we continue to deliver more with less.

                                                             2014-5     2013-4        Var

            Communities Local                                   17.2        17.9      -0.7
            Communities National                                11.9        12.1      -0.2
            Elite & Performance Sport                            7.1         7.1       0.0
            Corporate & Sports Development                       7.5         6.9       0.5
            Total                                               43.6        44.0      -0.4

            of which:
            Welsh Government                                    24.1        24.1       0.0
            Welsh Government Funding                            23.6        24.0      -0.4
            Deficit                                              0.5         0.1       0.4

            Lottery                                             19.6        19.9      -0.4
            Lottery Funding                                     16.0        16.0       0.0
            Deficit                                              3.6         3.9      -0.4

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Annex 1.                            Sport Wales Business Plan 2014-15 with mid and long term impact (shaded are priority areas)

         Vision                2014-15 Key Actions                     1 Year Outputs                   1 Year Impact                      Mid Term Outputs                2020/21 (population outcome)

                          Set clear goals for community          Long term outcomes            4 regional and 10 NGB              Targets reviewed and work plans and     Our work has transformed Welsh
                          sport that will shift the ‘hooked on   targets set and key in year   committed to targets. Data and     resources aligned to ensure goals are   Sport at all levels and as a result,
                          sport’ figures through to 2021         measurable milestones         plans aligned to achieve goals     met                                     Wales is a more active, healthier
                                                                 agreed                                                                                                   and sustainable nation
                          Focus on proactive action with         successful applications       Projects supported that will       Review impact of calls for action and   Reduce the participation gap by
                          women & girls (11-17; 17-44)           across all equality strands   reduce the ‘hooked on sport’       calls for action 2 to establish         75% by 2017
                          disability, BME and deprived           Equality standard 21          gap for under-represented          Sustainable projects and increased
                                                                                                                                  participation across equality strands   (Profile of those participating
                          communities, increased                 NGBs at foundation            groups; particularly BME,
                                                                                                                                                                          more closely mirrors the diversity
                          investment in                          /prelim, of which 5 will      women & girls, disability and                                              of the people of Wales)
                                     Calls for Action 2         have commenced                those young people living in
                                     Community Chest            intermediate                  poverty

                          Every new policy, programme or         All new policy,               Resource is aligned to             Equality is integral in Sport Wales     Reduce the participation gap by
                          project is assessed for its impact     programme or project has      addressing areas of inequality.    planning and is challenged internally   75% by 2017
                          on equality.                           been assessed for its         Staff are confident and            and externally with partners.
  Every Child Hooked on
                          Approaches are in place to reflect     impact on equality.           comfortable to challenge both
      Sport for Life
                          that equality is central to the        (tba) NGBs achieve the        internally and externally.
                          operation of Sport Wales               Equality standards            See an increase in the number of
                                                                                               people participating in sport
    Community Sport                                                                            across the Equality strands.
   hooked on sport75%     Review Sport Wales investment in       Recommendations               Shared learning -leading to        Strong community sport
                          school sport and make                  embedded in the best          greater impact on community        infrastructure in place with ‘school
                          recommendations that feed into         community sport delivery      sport outcomes                     sport’ investment aligned to
                          the new model for community            model in Wales                                                   maximise impact on regular              75% of children are hooked on
                          sport                                                                                                   participation                           sport for life
                          Maximize impact of major sporting      Commonwealth Games;           Increased membership               Fully understand impact of major
                          events in Wales                        Gemau Cymru; IPC                                                 events on sustained membership
                          Minimum of 10 Sports to deliver a      Targets established for       NGB membership & volunteers        Minimum of 10 sports are delivering     Pathway approach to sport is
                          complete pathway of provision          the 10 sports through to      growth as direct result of         a complete pathway across Wales         being delivered across Wales an
                          across Wales by 2018                   2020 and in year              pathway work                       2018                                    increase of 270,000 NGB
                                                                                                                                                                          recreation and competitive
                                                                 measureable milestones
                                                                                                                                                                          members by 2020
                          Through quality workforce              Embedded workforce            Increase number of coaches         Increase in volunteering numbers in     10% of people volunteering, in
                          planning increase the number of        plans in 10 focus sports      from 35,000 to 42,500              2016 active adults survey               sport
                          coaches, volunteers and officials                                                                                                               (number)

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and young leaders

                                                                                                  Understand impact of give to
                             Pilot ‘Give to Gain’                                                 gain
                             Online Portal launched for             Pilot established &           Qualitative feedback from
                             volunteers and training piloted        evaluated                     Volunteers using resources to
                             across 5 sports                                                      improve sports clubs across 5
                             Establish a business case for          Recommend a new               A commitment to a new model        A revised delivery model for             a new model to enable a more
                             change.                                delivery model to ensure      of delivery has been agreed with   community sport has been shared          effective delivery of community
                             Set out a vision for the future of     community sport is            a plan for implementation          and agreed with implementation           sport, which will result in more
                                                                                                  agreed.                            plan being executed.                     people taking part in sport locally
                             Community Sport.                       effective and coordinated
                                                                    across Wales

  Every Child Hooked on      Working alongside Health               Pilots established & impact   Learning and insight gained of     Health will recognise sport within       Sport will be being utilised in a
      Sport for Life         colleagues to identify and agree       evaluated                     short term impact of sport on      their plans and manifesto                proactive manner as part of its
        “Health”             areas of collaborative work                                          health £ benefits                  commitments.                             prudential health plans
    Community Sport
   hooked on sport75%

  Every Child Hooked on      Establish a Physical Literacy          PL Framework developed        Share learning and development     Physical Literacy Framework adopted
      Sport for Life         Framework for Wales (PLPS)             & pilots established          of the PLF and start the           by the Education sector as part of the
                                                                                                  assessment of the Pilots           new curriculum
                             Targeted Intervention Support          Targeted ‘deprived’           Changed attitudes                  School sport survey shows a
       “Schools”             Programme for Schools: Remit           interventions                 Towards PE within the              reduction in the gap between the
                                                                                                                                                                              Physically literate children
     All children have a                                                                                                                                                      indicator agreed and adopted by
                             letter priority                        Estyn guidance                curriculum                         equality strands
    positive high quality                                                                                                                                                     all schools in Wales as part of the
                                                                                                  Increased outputs(high FSM
      experience of PE,                                                                                                                                                       new curriculum
                                                                                                  categories hooked on sport)
          School and         School sport review Implement          Shared good practice          Increased outputs and more         New Physical Literacy Framework
     Community Sport,        learning**                                                           young people enjoying taking       impacting on schools and community
   (skills, confidence and                                                                        part in sport                      sport. Increasing % of young people
          enjoyment)                                                                                                                 hooked on sport.
           Vision                 2014-15 Key Actions                     1 Year Outputs                   1 Year Impact                       Mid Term Outputs               2020/21
                             Agree criteria for ‘talent’ athletes   Talent development            Talent RAG Health Check            Junior results increased numbers on
                             in specific sports (tbd)*              pathways are established      improved                           to GB pathway
                                                                    for key sports ‘A’ *
   Nation of Champions
                             Identify workforce required            Right people in the system    Glasgow #medals
                                                                                                                                                                              Dominant home country
                                                                    measured by Focus-On          Clarity of new strategy
   Number of medals at                                                                                                                                                        (representation & medals per
                                                                    Tool (people)
    CG and Olympic /                                                                                                                                                          capita)
                             Support identified athletes            RAG improved Focus-On                                            Rio #medals 2016
      Paralympics                                                                                                                                                             Tokyo 2020
                                                                    Tool (athletes)                                                  Gold Coast #medals 2018
                                                                         Revised Elite Sport
                             Carry out review of Glasgow

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Vision              2014-15 Key Actions                         1 Year Outputs                         1 Year Impact                      Mid Term Outputs             2020/21
                       Establish and commence                   governance & leadership           All key partners demonstrate            Review partner progress on           To deliver our business
                       implementation of a governance &         strategy in place                 effective governance, improvement       effective governance,                objectives and demonstrate
                       leadership strategy                                                        planning, and leadership using          improvement planning and             excellent return on investment
                                                                                                  insight and evidence
                                                                49 partners through first cycle   Baseline established to show impact     Self-assessment and                  All key funded partners
                                                                of self-assessment and            improvement planning has had to         improvement planning is owned        demonstrate continuous
                                                                improvement planning; 20          date.                                   by the sport sector and is part of   improvement through self-
                                                                                                                                          their routine business planning      assessment/assurance and
                                                                partners through second cycle     Self-assurance and improvement
                                                                                                                                          cycle                                improvement planning
                                                                27 NGBs have built self-          planning is owned by the NGBs and
                                                                assessment and improvement        is part of their routine business
                                                                planning into their planning      planning cycle
                                                                process. In year improvement
                                                                plans are completed.
                       Undertake a review of a range of         Provide a sector leading          More efficient working via better       Lower IT costs                       Sport Wales is an exemplary
                       business processes                       software solution Office 365      collaboration, Comms, document          Implement across NGBs                public sector in its use of
    Sport in                                                                                      management and remote working                                                resources (trusted to identify
                                                                                                  internally & externally.                                                     the best mechanism and
     Wales                                                      Ten finance processes             More time given to support external     Electronic transactions are the      deliver against the target)
      High                                                      improved / streamlined            sport organisations; Clearer reports;   norm
   Performing                                                   ROI Reviews: Lottery & NGB                                                NGB’s adopting best financial
                                                                Investment.                                                               practice
     Sector            National Centres: Complete 75% of        Maintain current rating in        Maintained high customer                Achieve 'Excellent' rating overall
                       recommended areas from Service           Quest ‘Directional Review’        satisfaction from feedback              and ensure no area falls below
    Smart / Strong /
     Sustainable /     Improvement plan                                                                                                   'good' in any area (Aug 2015)
      Successful                                                                                                                          Fulfil Elite Sport Strategy
                                                                                                                                          recommendations re NC’s
                                                                PM: 40% increased customers       Impacting on women, girls,              Realigned to Vision for Sport
                                                                in outdoor physical literacy      disadvantaged groups, BME               Strategic partnerships
                                                                programmes                        communities and disabled groups
                       Improved performance management          Raise engagement levels across    Create an environment which             Staff engagement between 75-         All of Sport Wales will be
                       processes and reward system to drive     the organisation, measured        attracts, retains and rewards staff     80%                                  united behind our vision and
                       high performance                         engagement index from 67% to                                                                                   goals, working
                                                                75%, by March 2015.                                                                                            interdependently towards
                                                                                                                                                                               delivery of the vision

                       Articulate a coherent 'story' from the   Creation of a Sport Wales         An engaging way of updated on           Position paper to be updated         Sport Wales is at the centre
                       Business Plan, identifying priority      position paper that outlines      progress both during and at end of      every year with headline             of public policy development
                       activities, which provides an easy to    what we do, why we do it and      year, whilst also reinforcing Sport     business plan projects               and delivery
                       understand narrative for all staff,      how. Final section will include   Wales' role.
                       partners & stakeholders. All staff to    headline projects for business    Enable us to speak as one with          Better informed political            Sport in Wales will be valued
                       deliver to their key stakeholders.       plan that will be updated         consistency and confidence.             audience                             for its contribution to a

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annually.                                                                                                          sustainable Wales:
                                                                                             Advocacy tool with elected                                                           Economy
                                                         Feedback gained from internal       politicians measured through AM                                                      Society
                                                         & external stakeholders             survey                                                                               Environment
                                                                                             Golden thread from what we are
                                                                                             doing in year to our role and
                                                                                             celebrating the success along the
                                                                                             How do we get feedback both
                                                                                             internally and externally?
                Development of series of position        Q1 Sport Wales, health,             Clarity on Sport Wales' position in      Further position papers to be
                papers outlining Sport Wales'            education and elite position        reference to two key sectors , as well   identified including on poverty,
                agreed views on education,               papers to be completed              as papers to be used for onwards         equality, etc.
                poverty, health, BME, etc., for                                              briefing by all staff for key
                internal and external audiences          Revised Elite Strategy              stakeholders                             Develop a better informed
                                                         Governance Strategy                                                          political audiences

                                                                                                                                      Each paper regularly reviewed
                Deliver four communications plans        Four Comms plans competed           Maximized Sport Wales messaging          Health and education plans may
                on community sport delivery              with timescales and key             before, during and after                 run beyond one year, with
                model, education & physical              outcomes identified.                Commonwealth Games                       relevant measures in plans
                literacy, health sector                  Glasgow and potentially                                                      Poverty Strategy revised 2015
                engagement, Glasgow 2014                 community sport delivery                                                     Equality plan
                                                                                             Community Sport Delivery model
                                                         model to be completed in year       plans communicated to key decision
                                                                                             makers and the wider sport sector
                In discussion with Welsh Government      To have a plan that outlines and    Clarity among colleagues, Board          In collaboration with Welsh
                and SMT identify and plan more cost-     is starting to deliver more cost-   Members and Welsh Government             Government, to have rationalised
                effective and sustainable ways in        effective and sustainable ways      about the direction of research          its large scale surveys relating to
                which to meet the strategic research,    in which to meet the strategic      within a financially challenging         sport, recreation, health and
                analysis and insight requirements of     research, analysis and insight      climate.                                 well-being among the adult
                the organisation.                        requirements of the                                                          population of Wales.
                                                         organisation.                       Sport Wales’ profile and reputation
                All relevant staff are able to                                               as a producer of quality, innovative,    To have established collaborative
                providing insight and expertise to                                           efficient, high impact research is       working relationships with Higher
                drive performance                                                            increased.                               Education Institutions and other
                                                                                                                                      bodies to undertake joint-
                                                                                             More efficient use of our resources.     resourced research, evaluations,
                In consultation with the sport, health   To have a suite of segmentation     The sport, education and health          and analysis.
                and education sectors, develop and       tools developed and published       sectors have a better understanding
                publish a suite of segmentation tools    on the Sport Wales website.         of Wales' socio-demographic
                by the end of 2014                                                           sporting and health geographies
                                                                                             which when applied will lead to the
                                                                                             more efficient and effective
                                                                                             targeting of resources.

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Annex 2.                    OUTCOME:           Every child hooked on sport for life                                                               POPULATION: All people in Wales
 OUR PRIORITIES                                                                                                                        WHAT OTHER DATA DO WE NEED Existing data is collected on a biennial basis,
 Support everyone to undertake at least 3 occasions of sport each week outside of school                                               therefore other sources of data need to be utilised to assess progress on a more frequent basis.
 Increase the number of 16-24yrs old who participate in 3 occasions of sport each week                                                 Currently no trend data for young adults who are hooked on sport; however, this will be
 Give young people the skills/confidence to be physically literate through high quality sporting experiences.                          addressed with the publication of data from Active Adults Survey in May 15. The quality of data
                                                                                                                                       relating to Ethnic Minority Communities is variable. This will be addressed through qualitative
 Increase the number of people involved in sport at a club
                                                                                                                                       research. More clarity needed on the right key outputs to evidence progress against outcomes.
 Double the number of volunteers and coaches involved in sport                                                                         Physical competency measure to be developed.

 The pattern of participation is variable, geographically and demographically. Males are more likely to be ‘hooked on sport’ and club members than females. Similarly, those with a long-term illness, health problem or
 disability are less likely to be ‘hooked on sport’ or a club member. Levels of leisure and fitness club membership is however broadly the same for both male adults and female adults. Participant is not at the centre
 of the planning process. Participation decreases with age. Participation in leisure and fitness clubs is broadly the same for men and women. In line with club membership rates for adults — males are much more
 likely to volunteer in sports clubs.

A big rise (50%) over two surveys in the primary indicator      Fewer participate beyond the age of         Across year groups 3 to 11, 54% are      Sports volunteering is the largest              Standards improved for last 10
‘hooked on sport’. 44% male & 36% female participate on         15, more pronounced for girls. At           members of a sports club in 2013         section of volunteering in Wales.               years from 66 to 86% but
at least 3 occasions per week. Making sport and physical        every age group, women are less             compared with 45% in 2011.There          Volunteers ‘fall into’ volunteering, e.g.       variations across Wales. This is
activity enjoyable and fun is critical to boosting              likely to be hooked on sport.               remains a significant differential in    active parents, sports lovers, skilled          around the same national
participation by children and young people. We should be        Participation by adults remained            the percentage of boys and girls         volunteers. Recruitment is organic,             standard for other subject areas.
focusing on ensuring that deliverers are creating a             static over the last ten years.             that are members of a sports clubs;      opportunistic nor the most efficient.           However, historically, a lower
motivational climate for every young person. This means         Traditional model of sport – limited        61% of boys and 46% of girls.            The support of volunteers needs to be           number of pupils achieve Level 6
putting the young person at the centre. Schools are an          opportunities for those people who                                                   more strategic and locally-determined.          standard in PE.
important place where we have the opportunity to reach          cannot make traditional teams,                                                       Time is barrier – process of becoming a         PESS has improved standards at
ALL children so they can learn the competence and               lacking appropriate competition for                                                  coach is too long. Volunteers leading           KS2 and now focussing on KS3 as
confidence to participate in physical activity. Girls less      all.                                                                                 clubs find it difficult to source support.      key outcome
likely to participate on 3 occasions or more across all age                                                                                          Strong programme of young leaders
groups. At secondary school gender gap more noticeable                                                                                               needs converting into active adult
(and increases with age). We need a better connection                                                                                                volunteers. Net increase in active
between school and community.                                                                                                                        coaches in last 5 yrs.
WHAT WORKS Successful Community Sport is  Policy makers see value of sport                               A broad range of quality providers.                          A diverse, passionate and skilled workforce; paid and
delivered through:-                                     Teachers who are appropriately qualified and passionate        Modernised offers, such as short, sharp variations of      voluntary, to encourage and support participants
 Young people enjoy variety of sport opportunities      about sport.                                                    sports; responding to growing time pressures and          Deliverers who create motivational, engaging and fun
  within school linked to strong sporting community.    Local opportunities to continue playing sport in a club.        lifestyle choices of the Welsh population.                 climates for everyone.

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ANNEX 3. OUTCOME               Nation of Champions                                 REPORT CARD (18/02/14)                                           POPULATION: All         people in Wales
      1.    OUR PRIORITIES /APPROACH                                                                                                                                                        Institute feedback
                                                                                                                                                                                            Survey data:
Aspiration:           No.1 nation (per capita) at the Commonwealth Games
(Vision)                                                                                                                                                                                    Athletes - 58% response
Mission:              Win an ever increasing share of medals at multi medal events at successive games                                                                                      Coaches - 90% response
                                                                                                                                                                                            PD’s - 70% response rate
Objective:            Support athletes to win medals on the international stage though the delivery of world class institute services
                      Support Sports to develop systems to win medals on the international stage through strategic investment support and advice                                            The headline statistic
                                                                                                                                                                                            was that the quality and
                                                                                                                                                                                            effectiveness of the
      If we can do these things, we are confident that the result will be more medals won at Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth, World and European levels between                           services delivered was
      2010 and 2016, fulfilling the Welsh Government’s vision that:                                                                                                                         generally rated as either
                   “We want to be the best we can be and we want to be known across the world for our sporting achievements.”                                                               very good or excellent by
                                                                                                                                                                                            86% of respondents.

      2.    HOW WELL ARE WE DOING? Figures 1: Commonwealth, Olympic and Paralympic Results

                                                                                                                             2000 Sydney
             31                                                                                 30                                          40                                                              2000 Sydney
 35                                2002
 30                       25       Manchester                                                   25
                                                                             0 1 2 3 4                                       2004 Athens    30                                                              2004 Athens
 25               19 19                                                                         20
                                                      Commonwealth Games

                                                        Per Capita placing

                                   Melbourne                                       2nd          15                                                                                                          2008 Beijing
 15                                                                                                                          2008 Beijing   20
                                   2010 Delhi                                            3rd    10                                                                                                          2012 London
  5                                                                                       4th   5                            2012 London    10
  0                                2014 Glasgow                                                                                                                                                             2016 Rio
                                                                             1st                0
           Commonwealth            (target)                                                                                                 0                                                               (target)
                                                                                                     Olympic    Paralympic   2016 Rio
           Games Medals                                                                              Medals      Medals                           Olympians    % of Team   Paralympians   % of Team

      (Fig. 1B)                           (Fig. 1A)                                                        ( Fig. 1C)                                                (Fig. 1D)
STORY BEHIND THE GRAPHS – Games Graphs: The Commonwealth and Olympic medal graphs (figs 1B and 1C) are only representative of the state of health at the time of the Games, up to 2010 Commonwealth and
2012 Olympic. Figure 1A identifies that, despite the fact that Wales continues to be the best performing Home Country in medals per capita, performance against the entire Commonwealth has started to erode slightly,
 nd           th
2 (2002) to 4 (2010). There are a number of contributory factors, foremost being the improved competitive nature of some countries such as Malaysia and Cyprus, plus the fact that Sport Wales has spread its elite
support service too thinly across a high number of sports. The Elite Sport Strategy has been developed to counter this, focussing strategically on a fewer number of medal winning sports. Welsh athlete performance at
the Olympic and Paralympic level continues to improve in terms of medals won (fig 1C) although has increased in Olympic terms for numbers on the team and also for the Paralympics (fig 1D)

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Figure 2: World Class Pathway / Talent Cymru Numbers                                                                                                                           Figure 3: Focus 2014 System
                                                                                                                                                                                   1)    Base Medal Measure &
     140           122                  122              120                  122                122 122                  122             120 124                                                Evidence          ↑           ↑                                              ↑
     120                                                                                                                                                                          2)    Stretch Medal Measure &
                                                                                                                                                                                                Probability                                                                   ↑      ↑
                                                                                                                                                                                   3)     System Health of Sport               ↑                                                                            ↑
     80         53                                                                      52                                                                Olympic Pathway
                                      50                       51
              (4.8%)                (4.4%)                   (5.0%)                   (4.8%)                                                                                            Availability of medals     44          19        13       44         12    19         14     15             8       20
     60                                                                                                                                                   Paralympic Pathway


                                                                                                                                                          Talent Cymru



                      29                    28                                                26



                    (9.3%)                  (9.0%)           Mar-…                          (7.4%)







Figure 2: The role of Sport Wales is to develop athletes so as to gain selection onto UK Governing Body Pathway and, therefore, into GB Olympic and Paralympic teams. Welsh representation on UK Governing Body
Performance Olympic Pathways is broadly in line with its population size whilst Welsh representation within Paralympic Pathways is much higher than its population size; this is a reflection of the mature set up from the
FDSW and their unique Paralympic focus. A key indicator and milestone for athletes aspiring to Olympic or Paralympic Pathways is the number and quality of athletes on the Talent Cymru scheme. The Talent Cymru
figure is based on Olympic and Paralympic sports only and this area of activity is potentially a shared goal between Institute, National and Area teams.
Figure 3: Six out of the ten Sport Wales Elite Focus sports are regarded as having a green status for their general performance health. This is a new representation of a sports ability to deliver World Class performances
and is broadly in line with small performance improvements represented elsewhere since 2010. There is no historical data previous to this and as we work towards 100% green Health over the coming months and years
we would expect to see a corresponding improvement in GB representation (figure 2) and Welsh Medal delivery (figure 1).
The chart reports on the ten Category A & B sports that we are focusing on to deliver Commonwealth medals. The three coloured above each sport refer to: 1) The base medal target (number) and the level of objective
evidence presented to achieve that target (green being high); 2) The Stretch medal target (number) and its probability (green being high) and 3) The general performance system health;
3.  PARTNERS WHO CAN HELP US                                                       Welsh NGBs                                                  Universities
    Commonwealth Games Council Wales                                               GB NGBs                                                     BOA/ BPA
    Elite support personnel                                                        UK Sport                                                    Sport service practitioners
    Elite Athletes                                                                 Home Nation Institutes                                      Commerce
    Stop – As a result of the Elite Sport Strategy we have stopped trying to provide direct Institute services across Wales to all sports and athletes.
    Start – We have prioritised the sports and athlete’s depending on their probability of delivering medals at Olympic and Commonwealth games and now focus support on those athletes and
    sports to deliver on our shared outcomes.
    We have worked with our partners to agree sport specific medal targets appropriate to us deliver on our shared medal outcomes.
    Continue – To deliver an athlete-centred approach, to ensure our elite performers receive the necessary quality assured high performance institute services from sports science, sports
    medicine, performance lifestyle and performance analysis to support them in achieving their goals.
Success formula – 2014 Template
     Working intensely with only those that have evidence they can deliver – Prioritisation and Categorisation
     Integrated support, quality assured support services – Institute Services
     Direct Identified Athlete support – Elite Athlete          Direct coach support – Elite Coach
     Provision of and access to high quality National and regional facilities and equipment – Elite Environment
     High Performance Planning to bring all the elements together to deliver a systematic HP programme, linked where appropriate to GB plans – Elite Planning

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Annex 4 Budget 2014-15
Funding                                                       £m
Source                                               2014-5    2013-4   Var

Welsh Go vernment
                    Dragon Sport                        1.3       1.3   0.0    Primary school extra curricular & multi skills programme - LA delivery

Welsh Go vernment
                    5*60                                4.7       4.9   -0.2   Secondary school extracurricular - LA delivery

Welsh Go vernment
                    Free swimming                       3.5       3.5   0.0    WG Free swimming splash & strucutured programme - LA delivery

Welsh Go vernment
                    Other Grants                        0.1       0.1   0.0    Old grants in the system

                                                                               Community Activity - Club and workforce focused - LA stakeholder
Lo ttery
                    Community Chest                     2.1       2.1   0.0    committee decisions
                                                                               Up to £50,000 - Small scale club focused (larger than Community Chest)
Lo ttery
                    Development Grants                  4.8       4.0   0.8    Plus LAPA flexible budget - SW Administered
                                                                               Over £50k -partnership and equality issues focused - 3yr sliding scale -
Lo ttery
                    Calls for Action                    0.8       2.0   -1.3   Major projects participation- SW administered (TBA)
                    Communities Local                  17.2      17.9   -0.7

                                                                               National programme - encouraging community activity for more hard to
                    Street Games                        0.1       0.1   0.0    reach individuals - faster less formal street versions of games - National
Welsh Go vernment                                                              partner
                                                                               UK Government Legacy for 2012 -UK School Games - Wales competes as a
Welsh Go vernment
                    School Games                        0.0       0.1   -0.1   region last year 2013 - block grant contribution
                                                                               Community activity - participation and work force development linking up
Welsh Go vernment
                    Urdd                                0.3       0.3   0.0    with NGBs - National partner URDD
                                                                               All Wales community scheme - - increase participation and numbers of
Lo ttery
                    Disability Sport                    0.6       0.6   0.0    clubs for disabled athletes - managed by FDSW in partnership with LA
                                                                               National investment into NGBS of sport -governance, community and
Welsh Go vernment
                    GB Development Grants               5.1       5.3   -0.2   performance focused - NGB delivery
                                                                               Part of the WG coaching money directed to NGB sport to increase coaches
Welsh Go vernment
                    Coaching                            1.2       1.2   0.0    and leaders working in performance and community sport
                                                                               Investment into the 2 SW National centres fro use by NGB, in the mina elite
Welsh Go vernment
                    GB Facility Use                     1.0       1.0   0.0    camps, training and competition - internal SW transfer
                                                                               Facility investment - Capital development or upgrade to maintain the elite
Lo ttery
                    Capital Grants                      1.7       1.7   0.0    national or regional facilities
                                                                               Employment and development Coaches at Elite level for sports outside of
Lo ttery
                    Coach Cymru                         1.0       1.0   0.0    Focus 2014

Welsh Go vernment
                    Cardiff Centre (NRC)                0.3       0.3   0.0    Running costs SWNC

Welsh Go vernment
                    Cardiff Centre (Capital)            0.2       0.2   0.0    Capital investment in SWNC

Welsh Go vernment
                    Plas Menai (NRC)                    0.3       0.3   0.1    Running costs PM

Welsh Go vernment
                    Plas Menai (Capital)                0.1       0.1   0.0    Capital investment in PM

                    Communities National               11.9      12.1   -0.2

Welsh Go vernment   Corporate Costs - Exchequer         3.6       3.7   0.0

Lo ttery            Corporate Costs - Lottery           1.3       1.2   0.1

Welsh Go vernment   Sports Development - Exchequer      2.2       1.8   0.4

Lo ttery            Sports Development - Lottery        0.4       0.3   0.0
                    Corporate & Sports Development      7.5       6.9   0.5

                    Total Budget                       43.6      44.1   -0.5

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