PROSPECTUS 2018-2019 St Patrick's C of E School 'Learning together, growing together, supporting each other' - St Patrick's CE ...

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PROSPECTUS 2018-2019 St Patrick's C of E School 'Learning together, growing together, supporting each other' - St Patrick's CE ...
St Patrick’s C of E School
     PROSPECTUS 2018—2019

‘Learning together, growing together,
        supporting each other’

   “Pupils are alert, energetic and friendly.
        They demonstrate curiosity and
          a great willingness to learn”
                                  OFSTED 2014
PROSPECTUS 2018-2019 St Patrick's C of E School 'Learning together, growing together, supporting each other' - St Patrick's CE ...
PROSPECTUS 2018-2019 St Patrick's C of E School 'Learning together, growing together, supporting each other' - St Patrick's CE ...
St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                         6 September 2017

  St Patrick's Church of
      England School
St Patrick’s C of E School is a modern,
bright voluntary aided church school built
in 1991 and set in the rural village of
Endmoor, near Kendal in the South Lakes.
The school primarily serves communities of
Preston Richard and Preston Patrick which                   St Patrick’s C of E School
include Crooklands and Endmoor but
accepts children from outside this area if            What is special about
places are available. At present there are
56 children on roll.                                      our school?
                                                   At St Patrick’s CE Primary we encourage
                                                   our children to care for each other and
                                                   the world in which we live. We teach them
                                                   to develop these skills through the wider
                                                   curriculum as well as through direct
                                                   teaching of Christian values.

                                                   Teachers have a very good
                                                   understanding of the importance of
               St Patrick’s Church                 promoting pupils’ spiritual, moral, social
                                                   and cultural development alongside their
        Ethos Statement                            academic learning. This contributes
St Patrick’s Church of England School,             enormously to the ethos of the school
Endmoor provides education in accordance           and its position in the local community.
with the principles and practices of the                                           Ofsted 2014
Church of England. Worship, religious              Learning should be fun and our aim is to
education and spiritual development are at         educate children to have the necessary
the heart of every aspect of the work of           skills to be successful in life. We provide
this school. The school aims to serve the          opportunities for enterprise in our
community by producing a high standard of          curriculum, to encourage our children to
education and to allow people to grow in           use and apply their learning for a purpose.
warmth, confidence and security.
At our school we pride ourselves on the            We also believe the children should have
very close links with St Patrick’s Church          the opportunity to
where we always look forward to the                develop their creative
celebration of major Christian festivals; in       self. The school is
which the children lead the worship. We            committed to its’ work
are also proud to be part of the family of         to enable our children
church schools in the Carlisle Diocese; as         to become creative
it is from here that we have gained much           individuals who show
support and advice. This has helped us in          appreciation of the
developing a distinctively Christian ethos         world and who can
and outlook in our school.                         express this in a variety of ways.

PROSPECTUS 2018-2019 St Patrick's C of E School 'Learning together, growing together, supporting each other' - St Patrick's CE ...
6 September 2017                                                    St Patricks C of E School Endmoor

                          General Information
                                                                School Aims
                                                      St Patrick’s C of E School, Endmoor, will
                                                      provide in partnership with parents, our
                                                      Church and our community a safe, happy
                                                      and caring environment where each child
                                                      will be encouraged to:

                                                        Achieve sustained enthusiasm for
                                                      learning, becoming self-motivated,
             Contact Details
  Please telephone: 015395 67388                       Be independent and self-disciplined,
    for further details, or e-mail:                   organising tasks with imagination,
                                                      creativity and initiative.
          Website address:                             Develop high self-esteem and self-
           www. admin@st-                             confidence.
                                                       Have respect for religious and moral
                                                      values, cultures and philosophies of
   Background Information                             other races, religions and ways of life.
Our building offers bright, well equipped
classrooms and a wealth of facilities including        Develop responsible behaviour and a
a modern I.C.T. suite, a soundproofed music           caring attitude, through the direct
room, resource areas and a modern sports hall         teaching of Christian values, so that they
featuring our award winning tapestry.                 become a valuable member of the wider
The school enjoys an open aspect, good playing
fields, large playgrounds, lawns, gardens and a
                                                       Develop their understanding of their
conservation area.
                                                      spiritual self.
The school also offers a new, modern kitchen
where healthy, nutritious food is prepared and
cooked on the premises by our own school
                                                      St Patrick’s CE School has in place a
                                                      Child Protection Policy and procedures
We can also provide ‘wrap around care’ for all        that are in accordance with Local
our children between the hours of 8 am and            Authority guidance and locally agreed
5.45 pm.                                              inter-agency procedures. This Policy;,
                                                      along with other school policies, are
                                                      available to parents on request.
   Equality of Opportunity
                                                      The school’s work to keep pupils safe
We are committed to the principle of equality
                                                      and secure is good. Pupils are
of opportunity for all our pupils. Any form of
                                                      frequently reminded about what they
racism or discrimination of any sort is totally
                                                      can do to keep themselves safe.
contrary to the ethos of this school

PROSPECTUS 2018-2019 St Patrick's C of E School 'Learning together, growing together, supporting each other' - St Patrick's CE ...
St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                                 6 September 2017

                                      Current Staff Members
The school caters for children of all abilities between the ages of 4 and 11. There are
presently three classes in school.

                                        Teachers and Support Staff

Mrs Suzanne Edmondson : Headteacher

Class 1 : Reception and Year 1
Class Teacher : Mrs Jenny Hunt
Teaching assistant : Mrs Angela Knowles

Class 2 : Years 2, 3 and 4
Class Teacher : Mrs Simone Crane
Teaching assistant : Mrs Kate Stretton

Class 3 : Years 5 and 6
Class Teacher : Mrs Suzanne Edmondson and Mrs Helen Jackson
Teaching assistant : Mrs Michelle Bigland

              Non teaching Staff                                  Job Description

Mrs Anne Braithwaite                             Administrator

Mrs Janet Pereira                                Cook in charge

Mrs Christine Gibson                             Senior mid-day supervisor

Mrs Philippa Hankey                              Lunch time supervisor

Mrs Mich Wilson                                  Lunch time supervisor

Mrs Sandra Bland                                 School cleaner

Mrs Philippa Hankey                              School cleaner

Music and choir support                          Mrs Thelma Aldridge

A number of volunteers kindly give               Mrs Anne Gough
their help to support children and               Mrs Philippa Hankey
teachers.                                        Mrs Mich Wilson

We welcome and encourage volunteers to assist in school. We currently have a number of
parents and community members who kindly give up their time to support our children.

PROSPECTUS 2018-2019 St Patrick's C of E School 'Learning together, growing together, supporting each other' - St Patrick's CE ...
6 September 2017                                                   St Patricks C of E School Endmoor

                                 Governing Body

                                  Current Members
 The governing body supports the head and staff by positively promoting the work of the
 school, celebrating its achievements, and working to ensure the best outcomes for the


Mr Colin Milner                           Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor

Mrs Suzanne Edmondson                     Headteacher, Ex-officio Governor

Mrs Elaine Skikun                         Foundation Governor, Vice Chair

Vacancy                                   Parent Governor

Ms Danielle Hone                          Parent Governor

Mr Andrew Hardwick                        Foundation Governor

Mrs Susan Taylor                          Foundation Governor

Mrs Michelle Sanday                       Local Authority Governor

Mrs Kate Stretton                         Staff Governor

Mrs Anne Pettifor                         Ex-officio Governor

Mrs Valerie Kos                           Foundation Governor

  If you would like to join the Governing Body vacancies occur during the school year.

                                   Our Christmas Play 2016

PROSPECTUS 2018-2019 St Patrick's C of E School 'Learning together, growing together, supporting each other' - St Patrick's CE ...
St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                                     6 September 2017

                                Early Years and Foundation
Ofsted 2014 :

Children of reception age join the school with skills typically as expected for their age. Some are well
above this level.


                                                    We believe that play is important for children’s all
                                                    round physical, emotional, intellectual and social
                                                    development. Play is at the forefront of the Early
                                                    Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. During the
                                                    school day your child will learn through short
                                                    teacher led sessions, they will then have the
                                                    opportunity to put their skills into practise through
                                                    planned play opportunities. These include role-play;
                                                    construction; small world play; exploration and
                                                    investigation and a variety of different creative

                                                    ‘Well planned play, both indoors and outdoors, is a
                                                    key way in which young children learn with
                                                    enjoyment and challenge.’


We believe in the importance of real
life experiences to enhance learning.
A number of volunteers kindly give their time to
help to hear readers and support staff. Our Early
Years pupils enjoy visits to local places of interest
as well as travelling further afield.

                                                                               Day 2

                                                              We welcome and encourage parents to
                                                              help with school activities.

                     e et ing s from

PROSPECTUS 2018-2019 St Patrick's C of E School 'Learning together, growing together, supporting each other' - St Patrick's CE ...
6 September 2017                                               St Patricks C of E School Endmoor

     Special Educational Needs & Curriculum
         Special Educational
                                                 We follow the 2014 National Curriculum
             Needs                               and the Early Years Foundation
Children and young people with SEN all           Curriculum, which we teach through a
have learning difficulties or disabilities       whole school themed approach. The
that make it harder for them to learn            children explore each topic at different
than most children and young people of           levels throughout the school.
the same age. These children and young           We place a high regard on school trips and
people may need extra or different help          vistors to ensure that our children gain a
from that given to others.                       good understanding and experience of
Our aim is to ensure that all children           what they are learning. We ensure that
develop confidence and self-esteem and           either an educational trip or visitor is
have equal access to a broad, balanced and       planned for the beginning of each term’s
differentiated curriculum, so that every         topic. Our children respond so well to this
child achieves their potential.                  and it really does make a difference to
If a child is falling behind the level of        how they approach that learning
their peers, we run ‘early help’                 experience.
interventions. We have these for both
Maths and Literacy. If a child is
recognized as having a SEN, then an
individual plan, with additional provision
will be made.
Ofsted said : Pupils known to be
eligible for the pupil premium and
disabled pupils and those with
special educational needs make good

          Our Curriculum                          ‘Big Play’ at the Brewery Arts Centre
Ofsted said : There are a good
range of subjects and activities.                Literacy
They focus appropriately on                      Every aspect of the children's learning is
improving pupils’ Literacy and their             influenced by the extent to which they
number skills. Additionally, they                use language with imagination and
embrace well the importance of                   accuracy. Competence in reading, writing,
activities that add enjoyment and                speaking and listening is encouraged
variety to pupils’ learning and enrich           throughout the curriculum in order to
their lives.                                     enable the children to communicate
                                                 appropriately and effectively. The school
                                                 follows the 2014 National Curriculum and
                                                 Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.
                                                 We recognise the importance of children
                                                 gaining early Literacy skills to ensure that
                                                 they get the best possible start in their
                                                 education. The children across Foundation
                                                 Stage and KS1 follow a daily phonics
        Nature Sculptures Class 2            8   programme to build these essential skills,
PROSPECTUS 2018-2019 St Patrick's C of E School 'Learning together, growing together, supporting each other' - St Patrick's CE ...
St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                            6 September 2017

which are needed for reading and writing. This continues into KS2 with daily spelling and
grammar practice. Although high priority is placed upon children gaining these core
Literacy skills, we also ensure that they are exposed to high quality Literature to foster
and develop a love of our language.
Achievement in reading is a strength of the school. Pupils learn how to love books.
Every classroom has relevant texts on prominent display and there is an extremely
inviting library. In communal areas there is no escaping books. Lots of time is spent
each day encouraging pupils to read and teaching them how to do so well.
Ofsted 2014

Considerable importance is attached to our children achieving, understanding and applying
mathematical processes, concepts and skills. Children actively participate in the learning
process creating a sense of achievement and confidence. There is a strong emphasis on the
development of mental arithmetic and
problem solving.

There are strengths in the way pupils
learn. Extra adults in classrooms,
including teaching assistants, students
and volunteers are given good
information and instructions so they
can get the best out of pupils.
Ofsted 2014
                                                Developing early skills in Foundation Stage

  To enable the acquisition of a systematic, scientific approach to learning, and to develop
 useful knowledge, skills and attitudes about the world in which we live, science experience
is presented to the children in a practical, relevant context. Systematic inquiry, analysis of
    problems, formation of ideas, their testing and modification are encouraged through
                                        project work.

Music       The teaching of music develops pupils’ ability to listen and appreciate a wide
variety of music. Children are encouraged to take an active involvement in different forms
of music-making, both individual and communal, thereby developing a sense of group
identity and togetherness.
All our Year 4 pupils receive guitar tuition for a year, which is provided by the County
Peripatetic Music Staff. We are also very fortunate to have a music specialist who also
works with the children.

Religious Education
St Patrick’s is a Church of England School that provides a contemporary study of religion,

PROSPECTUS 2018-2019 St Patrick's C of E School 'Learning together, growing together, supporting each other' - St Patrick's CE ...
6 September 2017                                                    St Patricks C of E School Endmoor

preparing Christian children for later life.
The school bears in mind that the British
                                                    History and Geography
Isles is a multi-cultural nation and                These subjects are brought to life by using
therefore respect, tolerance and                    artefacts and local studies to help develop an
understanding for the beliefs of others are         understanding of how our society and culture
promoted as part of our programme of                and that of others around the world have
study.                                              developed. We aim to foster an appreciation
Parents have the right to withdraw their            of the influences of people, time, place,
children from religious assemblies and RE           conditions and events.


Art and
Design                                                            Staveley Carnival

We are delighted to
have been awarded the Arts Council                  Computing
Artsmark in recognition of our school’s
                                                    Computer science is a new area of the 2014
commitment to, and excellence in arts
                                                    National Curriculum. The children are taught
education. We are now a registered
                                                    the principles of information and
centre for the Discover and Explore Arts
                                                    computation, how digital systems work, and
award. Mrs Crane is an adviser and we
                                                    how to put this knowledge to use through
have a number of children progressing
through the relevant Arts awards.
                                                    We have a modern ICT suite which was
                                                    upgraded two years ago, with an interactive
                              The children          whiteboard to model teaching. Class 2 and
                              are                   Class 3 have full use of the computers, not
                              encouraged            only for computing lessons, but also to
                              to be                 develop their ICT skills in other areas of the
                              creative,             curriculum. Class 1 children have access to
                              using a               their own computers throughout the day as
                              variety of            well as specific computing lessons.
media and techniques in art and craftwork.
An awareness of colour, shape, balance,             Languages
focus and proportion are developed                  Children in KS2 are taught French in weekly
through our creative curriculum.                    lessons.

St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                       6 September 2017


Physical Education                                  Design and Technology
The school aims to develop control, co-             Design technology
ordination and mastery of the body, learnt
                                                    is taught as part
through action, sensation and observation.
                                                    of out termly
Opportunities are provided to grow and
                                                    topic. The children
develop through dance,
                                                    are encouraged to
gymnastics, athletics,
                                                    be inventive, use a
games and outdoor and                               wide range of
adventurous activities.                             materials,
                                                    modifying and
We have close links
                                                    evaluating their ideas through a series
with Dallam secondary
                                                    of projects linked to our creative
school whose staff
teach all KS2 l each
week. Our younger                                   Sex Education
pupils take part in
football skills sessions,                           Our year 5 and 6 children follow a sex
run by an experienced coach as well as PE           education programme during the summer
lessons taken by class teachers.                    term, which informs them about physical
All our KS2 children go swimming at                 changes of the body.
Capenwray pool and are taught by two
qualified swimming teachers. We aim to
ensure that all our children are swimming           Pupils are alert, energetic and
before they leave school.                           friendly. They demonstrate
A short note should be sent to the school           curiosity and a great willingness to
on occasions when your child is unfit to
                                                    learn. In conversation they say
participate in such activities, on the
                                                    that this is a great school where
understanding that a child who is fit for
                                                    pupils are nice to each other.
school ought to be fit for P.E. All items of
jewellery, including ear-rings, must be             Lunch and playtimes are a delight.
removed before participating in P.E.                Lots of pupils with similar interests
lessons.                                            get together and play or talk in
Extra money to promote sport and                                              Ofsted 2014
exercise is being used very well.
                                                    The school enjoys a friendly, caring and
From a very young age pupils are
                                                    supportive atmosphere and emphasis is
made aware about the fun of
                                                    given to encouraging and showing
participating.                                      appreciation of good behaviour rather
                         Ofsted 2014                than punishing bad behaviour.
                                                    We are proud of our pupils and of how
                                                    they conduct themselves both within
                                                    school and whenever we go out on a visit.
                                                    We are proud that we regularly receive
                                                    comment on their excellent behaviour.
                                                    and good manners.
6 September 2017                                                 St Patricks C of E School Endmoor

                             Collective worship
Collective worship at our school takes place
every school day, in accordance with the            Only on very rare occasions is the act of
provisions of the 1988 Education Reform             collective worship ever cancelled; again only
Act. The whole school meets together                for practical circumstances. On Fridays our
usually in the school hall each afternoon.          act of collective worship usually takes the
The content of all the acts of collective           form of celebrating good work and
worship is in accordance with the Trust             achievement within a Christian context and
Deeds of this Church of England school.             all members of the school are expected to
The mentioned Trust Deeds are kept safely           attend. These Friday assemblies usually
at the Diocesan Education Office, of which          take a little longer to perform than the
the school Governors have a photocopy.              others within the week.
                                                    On some occasions throughout the school
This policy has been prepared by the head           year various people are invited in to our
teacher with assistance from the Carlisle           school to conduct an assembly. On such
Diocesan Directorate of Education with              occasions all staff and pupils are expected
approval of the Governors. The teaching             to be in attendance.
and other staff, have had the opportunity           Aims
to observe and make comments.                       1.    To reflect in our worship the
                                                          Christian foundation and ethos of our
Outline of content Our acts of collective                 school.
worship (known to the pupils as                     2.    To help children understand the
"assemblies") nearly always take the form                 meaning of worship.
of story, moral, singing of hymns, pupil            3.    To cater for the educational and
acting/involvement, reflection and prayer.                spiritual needs of all the pupils.
Some include an element of music                    4.    For our pupils to enjoy our times of
appreciation, and others a celebration of                 collective worship as well as to
achievement (known as ‘celebration                        understand it.
assemblies’). Occasionally our school               5.    To share concerns and worries, and
assembly is of a secular nature.                          to give time to think and reflect,
                                                          perhaps through quiet prayer.
Practicalities Collective worship usually           Criteria
takes    place   at    2.50pm.    It   lasts        1.    Our Trust Deed requires that our
approximately 20 minutes. All the pupils sit              outline of worship is mainly Christian,
on the floor, except Y6 who use the                       but of a non- denominational nature.
benches. On Mondays it is usually                   2.    To reflect any alternative religious
conducted by the “Open the Book”                          groups within the wider community of
Christian group and another teacher, while                Endmoor
on the other days it is by the head teacher.        3.    That the content of assemblies is
On Thursdays the local organist leads                     educationally suitable to the age of
musical assemblies with assistance from                   children, and is accurate.
teaching staff and on Fridays the head              4.    That there be a variation throughout
teacher holds our weekly “celebration                     the year in both content and style of
assembly”. Parents are invited to attend                  school assemblies.
to the latter.        At certain Christian          5.    To make the story element
Festivals throughout the year, the whole                  meaningful and of value to all those
school visits our local Parish Church of St               attending

St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                         6 September 2017

          Collective worship/ Community Cohesion

Content and approach
The theme for Collective Worship is based           Community Cohesion
on Christian Values and is linked to the            In short, Community Cohesion represents a
teaching of Religious Education in School.          common vision and sense of belonging by all
                                                    communities, where diversity of
                                                    backgrounds and circumstances are
                                                    appreciated and valued. It is hoped that
                                                    through this strong and positive
                                                    relationships will be embedded within our
                                                    society and will continue to be developed in
                                                    the workplace, schools and the wider

                                                    At St Patrick’s we pride ourselves on the
                                                    strong sense of community we already have
                                                    with our children, parents and the local
                                                    community. It is our aim to deepen this
           Easter Celebrations at                   sense of cohesion and belonging through
            St Patrick’s Church                     teaching all of our children to understand
                                                    one another and appreciate diversity,
We believe that assemblies have a sense of          foster common values and develop their
coming together as a whole school family,           own responsibility for these.
which we believe to be very important.

                                                    In order to facilitate, this, we shall ensure
Withdrawal                                          all of our pupils continue to have equal
Parents who wish to have their children             opportunities to access and learn about
withdrawn from acts of collective worship           people from different backgrounds
must state their request clearly to the             through linking with a different school and
headteacher. In compliance with the law,            community locally as well as at an
arrangements for these children's                   international level.
supervision will be made during collective
worship times. Alternative provision will be
provided if it is necessary and practical,
and is asked for by the children's parents.

                                                            Community Gardening Day

6 September 2017                                                    St Patricks C of E School Endmoor

         Homework, Assessment and Reporting
Homework                                              If, however, parents feel the need to
                                                      discuss matters concerning their child at
Education is a partnership between the                other times, they may make a mutually
school, parents and child . A strong                  convenient appointment via the
partnership between home and school has a             headteacher. Progress of all pupils is
significant impact upon the raising of                monitored closely by staff in order that
awareness and standards.                              children of all abilities are given
The purposes of homework are:                         opportunities to fulfill their potential.
• to encourage pupils to develop skills,
confidence and motivation to study                    We also hold a highly successful pupil
effectively on their own.                             afternoon in the spring term when pupils
• to consolidate and reinforce skills and             invite their parents to come and see their
understanding developed at school                     work.
(particularly in LITERACY and NUMERACY)
• to extend school learning e.g. through
                                                      Home School Agreement
additional reading and research.                      Children learn best and are more confident
• to develop and sustain the involvement of           when home and school work in partnership.
parents in the management of their                    So that our responsibilities are clearly
children's learning and thereby keep them             understood we ask that each child and
informed about the work done in school.               their parents sign our Home School
• to use resources for learning, of all kinds,        Agreement.
at home, actively involving parents.

The purposes and types of homework will
obviously change as children get older.
Please help your child by:
• providing time and a suitable place for
• making it clear that you value homework
and support our school in explaining how it
can help children make progress.
                                                            Tower Wood outdoor activities

Reporting and Assessment                              Educational Visits
A detailed annual written report on your              Visits to a variety of places of interest are
child's progress and attainment is issued             encouraged, when and where appropriate, in
towards the end of the summer term.                   order to enhance studies undertaken by
                                                      the children. Prior notification and details
Opportunities to discuss your child's
                                                      of all such outings will be given to parents.
progress are given three times a year,
                                                      Parents will be asked to voluntarily
when private interviews with the class
                                                      contribute towards expenses, in
teachers are held via an appointments
                                                      accordance with L.A. policy. Costs of some
system. These evenings are held in the
                                                      activities are subsidised from Friends of
early autumn, spring and summer term.
                                                      St Patrick’s funds. The school takes
Teaching staff are also available
                                                      groups of older pupils, from years 5 and 6,
immediately after school on most evenings
                                                      annually on a week of outdoor pursuits at
on a formal or informal discussion basis.
                                                      Tower Wood, near Windermere.
St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                               6 September 2017

Attendance Analysis 2016-17

                Unauthorised Absences                        1.17             Including
                                                                                      1.26Off Roll
                                                    On Roll Students Only
                  Authorised Absences                        3.16
                Total School Attendance                     95.67                     95.7

Attendance              Please ensure that your
child arrives at school in time for the bell               Arrivals and Departures
at 8.55am.
                                                           Mrs Sheila Eccles, our lollipop lady, is on
All children arriving after registration will              duty at the beginning and end of the school
 8.55 am—At bell children line up and are                  day. If you are coming to school by car,
 escorted to class. Registration                           please do not drive up to the school
 10.40—10.55 am—Playtime                                   building but use one of the car parks on
 12.00–1.00 pm—Lunchtime                                   the approach to school. There are often
 2.30—2.45 pm—Playtime                                     children walking or cycling in these areas so
 3.15 pm—The school day ends for the                       please be vigilant at all times for
 Infants                                                   everyone’s safety and encourage your
 3.20 pm—The school day ends for the                       children to be aware of road safety. Please
 Juniors                                                   wait for your child/children inside the

be given an ‘L’ (late) mark in the register.               Holidays in Term Time
If your child is regularly late for                        Statutory guidance requires the school not
registration you will be formally contacted                to grant absence for holidays during school
by the Headteacher. Regular lates (L) may                  time.
also lead to further investigation by the
Educational Welfare Officer.                               Extra Curricular
Absence                                                    Activities
If your child is away from school for any                  A range of activities are available for
reason, please contact us by telephone                     children after school, which are changed
before 9 am or as soon as possible and                     during the term.
forward a letter explaining the reason for
his/her absence on his/her return to
school. This is especially important if your               Cheeky Monkeys is an independent
child is absent with an infectious disease.                extended services provider. Please contact
There are strict regulations regarding                     the school for further details.
registration in school and any unauthorised
absences are treated as truancy and may
lead to further investigation by the
Educational Welfare Officer. If there is
any doubt about your child being fit for
school, we ask that you exercise careful
judgement, bearing in mind the welfare of
the other pupils and the limited facilities
we have in school for attending to a sick
6 September 2017                                                   St Patricks C of E School Endmoor

                                School Meals
School Meals/ Universal Free School Meals
Here at St Patrick’s we provide our children with healthy, nutritious meals prepared in our
own school kitchen. A menu is provided for parents and children to enable pre-booking of
meal options. The cost of a school meal is £2.25 per day payable in advance on Mondays or on
the day on which a child returns to school after an absence. We are delighted to have been
awarded our Bronze Award by the Food For Life Partnership in recognition of our excellent
school meals. Parents in receipt of Income Support, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
etc. and meet the qualifying criteria are entitled to free school meals for their children. An
application form is available from the school office.

Universal free school meals for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, as such all children
will be able to choose from our pre-booked menu.
Lunch Boxes
Lunch boxes should contain healthy food. To avoid confusion please ensure your child’s lunch
box is clearly labelled on the outside with his/her name. Children on packed lunches are to
bring a labelled drinks container containing either water or fresh fruit juice. Alternatively,
cartons of milk are available at lunchtime,. Please register your child online at (free to under 5s). We request that items of packed lunch which remain
uneaten are returned home in order that parents may monitor eating habits.
Playtime Snacks
We ask that parents exercise careful control over playtime snacks. The school has been
awarded Healthy Schools status and we continually promote healthy eating and healthy
lifestyles and therefore discourage snacks such as crisps, chocolate etc. and encourage fresh
fruit, raisins etc. Infant pupils are currently provided with free fruit via the National Fruit
Scheme which is distributed during afternoon play.
Children are asked to bring a clear water bottle for use in school.

                          Accidents and Medical
Please ensure that we have an up-to-date telephone number where you can be contacted
during the day, should your child take ill or have an accident whilst at school. Always notify
the school of any change in address, telephone number etc. in case of emergency. All
reported school accidents are logged and dated in the accident book and parents notified.

Medicals and Medicine
It is helpful if prior notice is given about medical appointments requiring time out of school.
Medical including dental appointments should be made during the school holidays or out of
school hours wherever possible.

St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                         6 September 2017

                             Results & Secondary School
                                                    School Results
                                                    At St Patrick’s CE Primary School, we have
                                                    very small cohorts, so this has an impact on
                                                    overall percentages. In the 2017 Key Stage 2
                                                    assessments 77% of children achieved the
                                                    expected level or above in both English and
                                                    Standards are above average and rising
                                                    and pupils are making increasingly rapid
School Uniform
Black/Dark Grey or navy blue skirt or               OFSTED 2014
trousers                                            School performance tables can be viewed at
White shirt or blouse                     

Red sweater or cardigan                             Transfer to Secondary School
Red dress or black/grey shorts (Summer)             At the end of Year 6 the children transfer
White / Red polo or sports shirt                    to secondary school. You will receive more
                                                    information nearer the time. The teaching
Comfortable plain white t-shirt and dark
                                                    staff work closely with colleagues from the
P.E. shorts and pumps are required by all
                                                    secondary schools to provide continuity of
pupils for P.E., as well as track suit or
                                                    teaching and learning.
suitable warm outdoor clothing.
                                                    At the end of the 2016/17 academic year:
There is a range of sweatshirts, coats, polo
shirts, cardigans and St Patrick’s CE               8 children transferred to Queen Elizabeth
fleeces available for order through the             School
school website :                                    1 child transferred to Dallam School
                                                    SECONDARY SCHOOL TELEPHONE
Since the introduction of school uniform
many parents have expressed delight, as it
means most pupils are suitably dressed for          Dallam School 015395 63224
school and any debate about what their              Kirkbie Kendal School 01539 727422
children should be wearing is eliminated.           Queen Elizabeth School 015242 71275
                                                    Queen Katherine, Kendal 01539 720045
The Governing Body encourages all parents
to ensure that pupils wear school uniform.
We strongly encourage all pupils to wear
our school uniform.

Uniform helps to give the children a sense
of belonging to the school community.
Wearing uniform helps to prevent those
morning arguments about what your child
might want to wear to school.

6 September 2017                                               St Patricks C of E School Endmoor

                Complaints & Ofsted Inspection

Complaints Procedure
The Governing Body has agreed a procedure
for progressing general school complaints. A
copy of this procedure is available from the
Head and the school website:
 It would be helpful, however, where parents
have concerns about the operation of the
school if they could discuss these in the first
                                                   Further Information
instance with the Headteacher.                     In accordance with government regulations
                                                   the Governors and staff produce a School
OFSTED Inspection                                  Profile, which has replaced the annual
The school was inspected in 2014 when the          report to parents.
Lead Inspector commented on how the                The school has a number of policy
children are keen to learn and get on well         documents concerning the curriculum and
with each other. Our pupils spoke articulately     other matters, and these along with our
and with enthusiasm about their life in            Ofsted Report are available from the
school. The children enjoy school and the          school website or by a request to the
report recognised that the care and guidance       Headteacher.
provided by our established staff helps to
develop pupils who leave us as well rounded        Large print copies of this Prospectus are
individuals.                                       available
                                                   from the school office upon request.
Parents are given a lot of good information        It must be appreciated that this
about what is going on in the school, how it       information is correct at the time of
is contributing to community life and what         printing. If there is anything about which
they can contribute to their children’s            you need more detailed information, please
learning. The vast majority of parents             contact the school.
would recommend this school to other


We are extremely proud of the achievements
of all the pupils at St Patrick’s CE School and
wish to congratulate not only them but the
staff, governors, Friends of St Patrick’s,
parents and all those from the wider
community who have dedicated so much time
and effort into supporting the school.

We are looking forward to building upon our
achievements and continuing our success for
the future.
St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                         6 September 2017

                                    SCHOOL CHARTER

                                      The children promise……….

                                         to behave sensibly
                                         to be hardworking
                                         to be happy and cheerful
                                         to arrive at school on time
                                         to speak kindly to each other

                                      The adults promise……….

                                         to always help
                                         to always listen to suggestions given
                                         to be friendly and kind
                                         to look after us all the time

                                      Everyone in our school promises ………

                                         to get along with each other
                                         to keep each other safe
                                         to look after each other
                                         to look after the school’s property

6 September 2017                                                        St Patricks C of E School Endmoor

                             Admissions Policy

                           St Patrick’s Church of England Primary School
                                   Admissions Policy 2018/2019

The Governors of St Patrick’s Church of England Primary School are the Admissions Authority for
the school. Following consultation with the Diocesan Board of Education and the Local Authority
the Governors have set the published admission number for access to the reception class as 14.
The parental pack contains information and an application form for admission to our school. It is
also possible for an application to be made on the Local Authority’s website. This is the preferred
option but if you wish your application to be considered under the faith criteria you should also
please complete the supplementary form and hand it to School.

An application for entry in September 2018 must be made by the closing date which is the 15th
January 2018.

Parents are encouraged to name three schools in order of preference on the application form.
The Governors operate a system whereby they consider all preferences equally. So the order of
your preferences will not be used in considering your application. (It will only be used if a place is
available for your child at more than one school.) Places at this school will be allocated according
to this Admissions Policy and the Local Authority’s Coordinated Admissions Scheme. A letter
informing parents of the success or otherwise of their application will be sent out by the Local
Authority. Parents of those children not offered a place will be informed of the reason and
offered an alternative school by the Local Authority.

All children will be admitted unless there are more applicants than places in which case the
Governors will make allocations using the following criteria. These are listed in order of priority.
1. Children who are or have been in Public Care. A child in public care is defined as a child who is
looked after by the Local Authority within the meaning of section 22 of the Children’s Act 1989.
(Please refer to explanatory note).
2. Children who have physical and/or medical needs who would be disadvantaged by travelling to
another school. Written evidence from an appropriate professional would be required for the
Governors to consider admission in this category.
3. Children living within the catchment area having a brother or sister attending our school at the
time of their admission giving priority, if necessary, to those children with the youngest siblings.
Brothers and sisters are those living at the same address including step, adopted and foster
4. Children living within the catchment area who with a parent attend at least twice a month, a
church in membership of Churches Together in Britain or the Evangelical Alliance. Attendance
may be at more than one church but should be for at least two years prior to the application
date. 5. Children living within the catchment area who with a parent worship in a non-Christian
faith which is in membership of the U.K. Interfaith Network.
6. Children living within the catchment area.
7. Children living outside the catchment area having brothers and sisters attending our School at
the time of their admission giving priority, if necessary, to those children with the youngest
siblings. Brothers and sisters are those living at the same address including step, adopted and
foster children.

St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                                6 September 2017

                                       Admissions Policy Continued
8. Children living outside the catchment area who with a parent attend on a regular basis, i.e. at
least twice a month, a church in membership of Churches Together in Britain or the Evangelical
Alliance. Attendance may be at more than one church but should be for at least two years prior to
the application date.
9. Children living outside the catchment area who with a parent worship in a non-Christian faith
which is in membership of the U.K. Interfaith Network.
10. Children living outside the catchment area.
Please contact school for details of our catchment area.
The criteria outlined above will be strictly followed there being one exception. If a child has a
statement of Special Educational Needs, and/or Education, Health and Care Plans naming St
Patrick’s Church of England Aided Primary School then irrespective of the criteria the child will be
admitted as in these circumstances the Governors have a statutory duty to admit the child

Tie Break.
In some categories, where there are more applicants than places available, age will act as a
determining factor but unless specified it will be distance. The distance is measured from the
child’s home front door to the main entrance door of the school. The distance is determined by
the shortest walking route by road. The Governors will use the Local Authority measuring system
to ensure consistency of measurement. The closest addresses will have priority.

Address of Pupil.
The address on the application form must be the current one at the time of application. Where a
child can live at more than one address the home address is to be the one where the child sleeps
and thus wakes up for all or the majority of the school week. Where there is any doubt the
governors reserve the right to verify the information provided by the parent(s), for example,
through the GP or the child benefit address.

In Year Admissions.
In year admissions are those which occur outside the “normal” admission time. If you wish your
child to attend St Patrick’s Church of England Primary School you should visit our school and
admission details will be provided if we have a vacancy in the relevant year. If your child is refused
a place you will be informed of your right to appeal.

Fraudulent applications.
If the Governors of St Patrick’s Church of England Primary School discover that a child has been
awarded a place as a result of an intentionally misleading application from a parent, for example,
an incorrect address and as a result it effectively denies a place to a child with a stronger claim
then the Governors will withdraw the offer of a place. The Governors will reconsider the
application and the right of appeal offered if a place is refused.
Deferred admission.
For children beginning School following their fourth birthday admission is normally in September.
However, if you wish entry can be deferred until later in the year or until the term in which your
child reaches compulsory school age. For example if your child’s fifth birthday is between
September and December then, if you wish, admission may be deferred until the beginning of the
Spring Term. If it is between January and April admission may be deferred until the beginning of
the Summer Term. You can also request part time education until the term in which your child
reaches compulsory school age. The Governors recommended that in your child’s interests full
time education is deferred no later than the start of the Spring Term.
6 September 2017                                                       St Patricks C of E School Endmoor

               Admissions Policy Continued
Appeals Procedure
If the Governors are unable to offer your child a place because of over subscription you as a
parent have a right of appeal under the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 as
amended by the Education Act 2002. You should notify the Clerk to the Governors of St
Patrick’s Church of England Primary School within 20 school days of receiving the letter which
will give the grounds for refusing a place. As a parent you will have an opportunity to submit
your case to an independent (of the Governors) appeals panel. You must set out your grounds
for the appeal in writing. You will normally receive at least 10 school days notice of the time
and venue for the appeal hearing where you will be able to present your case in person. This
right of appeal does not prevent you from making an appeal in respect of any other school.
The Independent Appeal will be organised on behalf of the Governors by the Legal and
Democratic Services Unit at Carlisle.

Waiting List
Those children who are not offered a place may, if the parents so wish, be placed on a waiting
list. The names will be placed on the list in the order of the admissions criteria. Late applicants
will be slotted into the list according to the admissions criteria. It is thus possible for a child
recently arrived in the area to have a higher priority than a child who has been on the waiting
list for sometime. Irrespective of whether an appeal has been submitted, if a place becomes
available it will be offered to the child at the top of the list. The waiting list will remain open
for the whole of the first term in the year to which it relates.

Infant Class Size
If your child was refused a place in a reception or key stage one class because of Government
limits on infant class size, the grounds on which your appeal could be successful are limited.
You would have to show that the decision was one which no reasonable governing body
would have made or that your child would have been offered a place if the governors’
admissions policy had been properly implemented.

Multiple births
The Governors of St Patrick’s Church of England Primary School will ensure as far as possible
that twins, triplets or those children born in the same year are not separated. Such children
will be given priority in any particular category.
While no infant class is to contain more than 30 pupils there can be very limited exceptional
circumstances. The admittance of such a child(ren) will be known as an “excepted pupil” for
the time they are in an infant class or until the numbers fall back to the size limit. An excepted
child would be one whose twin or sibling from a multiple birth is admitted otherwise than as
an excepted pupil. It might also include a statemented or looked after child or a child of a U.K.
Serviceman to be admitted outside the normal admission period.

Pre School
If you have a child in Pre School then you must make a separate application for the Reception
Class. A place in Pre School does not guarantee a place in our Reception Class.

                             Signed : C Milner
                                   Chair of Governors

St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                                             6 September 2017

                St Patrick’s Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School.

                                    Supplementary form to be used if applying for admission
                                               to our School on faith grounds.

       Name of your child:-

       Surname________________               Forenames__________________________

       Date of Birth__________              Boy              Girl

       Name of parent(s)/carer(s)/guardian(s) __________________________________

       Address __________________________________________________________


       Post Code ________ Telephone Number (daytime contact)_________________

       The name of an older sibling who will still be attending our School at the date of the

       proposed admission. ________________________________________________

       The place(s) of Worship attended by at least one parent and the named child.

       The name of the place(s) of Worship. ___________________________________

       Address _________________________________________________________

       The name of the Vicar/Priest/Minister/Faith Leader ________________________

       Address + Postcode _________________________________________________


       Worship Attendance:
       How frequently do you attend worship with your child?

       Weekly                                  Fortnightly

       For how long have you been so attending?

       One Year               Two Years        Three Years or more

       Your Church leader will be contacted to confirm the details on this form.

       Signed (Parent/Carer/Guardian) ______________________________

6 September 2017                                           St Patricks C of E School Endmoor

              Endmoor Pre-school
              Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
              8:00 am—3:30 pm . Term time only.

              15 / 30 hour grants accepted for 3 / 4 year olds.
              2 year old grants accepted.

                       Please contact Janet Young for further details
                      Endmoor Pre-School at St Patrick’s CE School
                   Gatebeck Road, Endmoor, Kendal, Cumbria LA8 0HH

                   Tel: 015395 67388 . Mobile: 07913 879651
                       Email :
                                    Reg. No. EY313627

                         Parent & Toddler Group
                                at St Patrick’s CE School
                     Every Friday morning in school (term time only)
                                   9:00 am—11:00 am
                      Please contact Janet Young for further details
                          Tel: 015395 67388 or 07913 879651

St Patricks C of E School Endmoor                                    6 September 2017


    We are able to offer a high-quality wrap-around care package to
    meet the needs of busy families. Every day, we run both a
    Breakfast Club (no need to book), and a pre-bookable
    After-School Club in school.
                         BREAKFAST CLUB
                     RUNS DAILY FROM 8 AM
                        FEE : £2 PER CHILD
                             OF CEREAL

                    AFTER SCHOOL CLUB
                  OFFICE ON 015395 67388



                                    CHEEKY MONKEYS CLUB
                                    PLEASE CONTACT LOUISE LEACH ON
                                      015395 67024 or 0779 8826256
                                           FOR SESSION PRICES

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