Starting Primary School in 2018 - A guide for parents and carers - City of London Corporation Starting Primary School 2018 1 - the City of ...

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Starting Primary School in 2018 - A guide for parents and carers - City of London Corporation Starting Primary School 2018 1 - the City of ...
Starting Primary
School in 2018
A guide for parents
and carers

                      City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018 • 1
Starting Primary School in 2018 - A guide for parents and carers - City of London Corporation Starting Primary School 2018 1 - the City of ...
If you have any questions about the
    admissions process please contact:

    School Admissions Service
    Department of Community and
    Children’s Services
    City of London Corporation
    PO Box 270
    London EC2P 2EJ
    T: 020 7332 1002
    F: 020 7332 1621

2 • City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018
Starting Primary School in 2018 - A guide for parents and carers - City of London Corporation Starting Primary School 2018 1 - the City of ...
Welcome from
Andrew Carter, Director of the
Department of Community and
Children’s Services

        The City of London Corporation              Many children living in the City go
        has a very proud and long history           to schools in neighbouring local
        of providing excellent educational          authorities, such as Southwark,
        services to children of all ages. We        Hackney, Westminster, Islington,
        are committed to ensuring that every        Tower Hamlets, Camden and
        child in the City of London gets the        Lambeth, where they have access to
        best start in life and receives the right   many good and outstanding schools.
        support to reach their full potential.      However, City resident families must
                                                    still apply to the City of London for
        I’m sure you will agree that starting       schools in other boroughs.
        primary school is an important and
        exciting time for your child. Getting       We encourage you to consider and
        the right start at primary school,          visit the schools close to your home
        making new friends, developing              regardless of which local authority
        skills and a love of learning sets the      area they are in. Along with this
        foundation for later years.                 guide, we advise you to read the
                                                    ‘Starting Primary School’ brochure of
        We want to make sure that all               the local authority for the school you
        families living within the City get the     are interested in.
        information, support and advice
        they need to make this a rewarding          We are proud to be able to say that
        process.                                    in the past three years approximately
                                                    89 per cent of City parents and
        This guide provides information             carers who applied for a primary
        to help you understand how and              school place received an offer from
        when to make a primary school               one of their top three preferences.
        application for the education year
        2018/19.                                    We will do all we can to help you find
                                                    a school place for your child. Please
        Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary          contact the School Admissions
        School, located near Aldgate, is the        Service on 020 7332 1002 or
        only maintained school in the City of if you need
        London. The school, which has been          any further help.
        judged as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted
        since 2008, consistently achieves high
        standards in English, Mathematics
        and Science and has exceptional
        standards in music.

                                   City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018 • 3
Starting Primary School in 2018 - A guide for parents and carers - City of London Corporation Starting Primary School 2018 1 - the City of ...


3    Andrew Carter, Director of the Department of Community
     and Children’s Services.

     Section A: Introduction
5    The structure of statutory education in the UK
6    Starting primary school in 2018
6    Key dates for 2017/18 primary school applications
7    Children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

     Section B: Choosing and Applying to Schools
8    How to choose a school
9    Things to consider when choosing a school
10   How to apply
11   Applying online

     Section C: How the Admission Process Works
12   How places are allocated
13   Getting your results - Offer Day
14   The appeal process
14   In-year admissions

     Section D: School Information
15   Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School

     Section E: Additional Information
19   Support for parents and carers
20   School admissions services in other local authorities
20   Useful contacts
21   Glossary
Starting Primary School in 2018 - A guide for parents and carers - City of London Corporation Starting Primary School 2018 1 - the City of ...
Section A - Introduction

The Structure of Statutory Education
in the UK
The compulsory school age for children in                   between 1 April and 31 August 2014 you may
England and Wales is currently from five to 16              defer your child’s start at school until September
years of age. Children must enter structured                2019. However should you choose to do this
education during the education year in which                your child may have to start in Year 1 and miss
their fifth birthday falls and remain until the end of      Reception year.
the education year in which they turn 16. Children
are no longer considered to be of compulsory                If you choose deferred entry, you must speak to
school age after the last Friday of June in the             the school about their deferred entry policy as
education year in which they turn 16.                       soon as possible.

When can my child start primary                             Can my child attend Reception part
school?                                                     time?
If your child was born between 1 September                  Yes, but only until the end of the term in which
2013 and 31 August 2014 they should start                   they turn five.
primary school in September 2018 as this will be
the beginning of the education year in which
their fifth birthday falls.                                 Raising the particpation age
                                                            In 2014, the Government introduced legislation,
                                                            called ‘Raising the Participation Age‘ (RPA),
What if I want my child to start school                     which requires all young people to continue in
earlier or later?                                           education or training until they turn 18.

Children cannot be admitted to a mainstream                 This doesn’t necessarily mean staying in
primary school before the beginning of the                  school. Young people can meet the statutory
education year in which their fifth birthday falls.         requirement by:
This applies regardless of their academic ability.          • studying full-time in a school, college or with a
                                                              training provider
You can defer your child’s entry into school until          • working or volunteering full-time, combined
the term after their fifth birthday. This is                  with part-time education or training
known as ‘deferred entry’. If your child was born           • taking up an apprenticeship or traineeship

  Primary school – year, stage, assessment
  Ages          School year             Stage                  Tests/Assessments
  4-5           Reception/Year 1        Key Stage 1
  5-6           Year 1                  Key Stage 1
  6-7           Year 2                  Key Stage 1            Teacher assessments in English, Maths and
  7-8           Year 3                  Key Stage 2
  8-9           Year 4                  Key Stage 2
  9-10          Year 5                  Key Stage 2
  10-11         Year 6                  Key Stage 2            National tests and teacher assessments in
                                                               English, Maths and Science

                                                         City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018 • 5
Starting Primary School in 2018 - A guide for parents and carers - City of London Corporation Starting Primary School 2018 1 - the City of ...
Starting primary school in 2018
If your child was born between 1 September 2013 and
31 August 2014 you must apply for a primary school place
for September 2018

This brochure gives information about the                       Common Application Form
application process for state-maintained primary                Under the scheme, all applications to state
schools.                                                        primary schools must be made using the
                                                                Common Application Form of the local authority
It explains:                                                    in which the child lives, regardless of where the
• how to choose a primary school                                schools to which they are applying are located.
• how to apply for a primary school place                       The form lets you list up to six schools in order of
• how places are allocated                                      preference.
• what happens when there are more
   applications for a school than places available              Should you choose to apply to a school in
• what happens if your child is not offered a                   another borough, the Pan-London Coordinated
   place at one of your preferred schools                       Application Scheme will forward your
                                                                application to that borough’s school admissions
Pan-London Coordinated Admissions                               service.
Scheme                                                          Applications to private schools should be made
Places in state-maintained primary schools in                   directly to the school.
London are allocated using the Pan-London
Coordinated Admissions Scheme. The scheme
coordinates the admission process across all 33                   Types of state-maintained schools
London boroughs to ensure that:                                   Community
• it’s quick, easy and fair                                       Foundation
• more pupils receive offers from their preferred                 Voluntary-aided
  schools                                                         Voluntary-controlled Academies
• fewer children receive multiple offers or no                    Free Schools
  offer at all                                                    Grammar Schools

Key dates for 2017/2018 primary school
2017                                                        2018
• August-September: Local authorities publish               • 15 January: Closing date for applications
    their primary school admissions information             • 16 April: Offer Day
•   1 September: Online admissions open                          • Letters posted informing you of the outcome
•   First week of September: Paper application                     of your application
    forms available from the City’s School                       • If you applied online, you’ll receive an
    Admissions Service and Sir John Cass’s                         email/text alert in the evening informing you
    Foundation Primary School                                      of the outcome or where to find it online
                                                            •    30 April: Deadline for accepting an offer of a
                                                                 primary school place

6 • City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018
Starting Primary School in 2018 - A guide for parents and carers - City of London Corporation Starting Primary School 2018 1 - the City of ...
Children with Special Education Needs                      Children with a statement of SEN or an
and/or Disabilities (SEND)                                 EHC plan
                                                           If your child has a statement of SEN or an EHC
All primary schools have a written policy                  plan, you should not complete a Common
explaining how they help children with SEND.               Application Form. The Education and Early Years
With additional support most children with SEND            Service will provide direct support through the
are able to attend mainstream schools. Contact             admissions process, helping you to identify and
the school to request a copy of their policy.              apply to schools appropriate to your child’s
The City of London has the help of an
educational psychologist who can offer advice              Once a school has been chosen it will be named
to you and the teachers at your child’s school             on your child’s EHC plan.
if your child is having difficulties with learning or
                                                           Local Offer
If your child has special educational needs                Information about the provision and services
but does not have a statement of special                   which are available for children and young
educational needs (SEN) or an Education                    people with special educational needs and
Health and Care (EHC) plan, you must apply                 disabilities (0-25 years) can be found on the City
for a primary school by completing a Common                of London’s Local Offer. The Local Offer sets out
Application Form.                                          information about services and provision both in
                                                           the City and outside of the City. Please visit
Please note: Children currently undergoing an    
Education, Health and Care needs assessment
must apply using the Common Application Form
until they have a confirmed EHC plan in place.                If you would like to discuss your child’s special
                                                              educational needs or would like more
                                                              information, please contact the Education
                                                              and Early Years Team on 020 7332 1002.

                                                        City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018 • 7
Starting Primary School in 2018 - A guide for parents and carers - City of London Corporation Starting Primary School 2018 1 - the City of ...
Section B - Choosing and applying to schools

How to Choose a School

Finding a school                                                Get a complete picture
If you don’t know the schools in your area, a                   Prospectuses, league tables and Ofsted reports
good place to start your search is by looking at                alone will not give you a complete picture of
your local authority’s primary school brochure,                 a school. We advise you to visit the school for
or those of surrounding local authorities. They                 a close-up look at its location, facilities and
contain general information about the local                     surroundings and to get a taste of its educational
schools. You can download copies from their                     environment. Arrange to speak with the
websites. You’ll find contact details for local                 administration, teachers and, if possible, pupils.
authorities near the City of London on page 20.
                                                                Most schools hold Open Days or Open Evenings.
Or you could go on to the Department for                        Attending these along with your child will give
Education’s ‘Find and compare schools                           you a better feel for the school.
in England’ website
performance-tables                                              Look at the admissions criteria
                                                                On your application you should list all of
This website not only provides a comprehensive                  the schools you want to apply to in order
list of schools across the England, but also allows             of preference. Some schools receive more
you access to performance tables that give                      applications than they have places to offer
information on pupils’ results at each school, and              though, so you should always look at the
show how they compare with other schools.                       admissions criteria for each of your preferred
                                                                schools and consider whether you meet them.
The schools information page provides a link
to their Ofsted report. An Ofsted report details
a school’s strengths and weaknesses in terms
of teaching staff and leadership, and its status                  Junior School Admissions
at the time of its last inspection. Schools are                  • Junior schools cater to children attending
currently inspected every three years.                               Year 3 through Year 6 (Key Stage 2)
                                                                 • Children born between 1 September 2010
Once you’ve come up with a short list, find out                      and 31 August 2011 can apply for a junior
more about those schools by reading their:                           school place
• prospectus – detailed information about the                    •   The application timeline is the same as that
  school, its leaders, teachers, courses, facilities                 for a Reception class place
  and philosophy                                                 •   You can only apply for a junior school place
• admissions policy – information about the                          using a paper application. You cannot
  admissions criteria should the school receive                      currently apply online
  more applications than it has places available

You’ll find prospectuses and admissions policies
on the schools’ own websites or you can contact
them directly to request copies.

8 • City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018
Things to consider when
choosing a school
A few questions to ask when deciding whether a
school fits your child’s personality and needs

What do other parents think about the school?
Find out the experiences of parents with children at the schools you’re
interested in.

Does the school have extended services such as breakfast
and after school clubs and after school activities?
Are there supervised activities for pupils outside normal school hours if
parents or carers are at work?

Does the school have the facilities and resources to meet
your child’s special educational needs and disabilities
(SEND) and does it offer additional support?
What provisions are there for children with SEND?

How will your child get there?
• What form of transport will they need to take?
• How long is the journey (time and distance)?
• Is the travel route safe and convenient?

How are the school’s facilities?
Are the buildings, classrooms and grounds well equipped and

  Remember, the school with the best reputation
  may not always be the most suitable
  for your child’s needs

                    City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018 • 9
How to apply
There are two ways you can apply to state                    Proof of home address
primary schools:
• Online via the eAdmissions website                         Your address details will be checked by the City                            of London Corporation Council Tax Team. You
• By completing and returning the Common                     will be asked to provide additional supporting
  Application Form. To request an application                documentation if the Council Tax Team is unable
  form, contact the School Admissions Service                to verify your details.
  on 020 7332 1002
                                                             It’s important you give accurate information
You can apply to up to six schools. We                       on your application form as this can affect the
recommend that you apply to as many as you                   outcome of your application.
can as this will increase your chances of getting
one of your preferred schools.                               You are also required to provide proof of the
                                                             child’s residence. The document must not
                                                             be older than one year and can be either
My child attends the nursery class of                        uploaded online or sent to us as a hard copy.
the primary school I prefer. Do I still                      This can be in the form of a child tax credit
need to apply?                                               notification, letter from the NHS or any other
                                                             document that has your child’s name and
Yes. Every child entering primary school must                address. For more information on the City of
complete a Common Application Form even if                   London Corporation’s address verification policy,
their current nursery school/class is linked to the          visit
primary school you want them to attend.
                                                             The offer of a school place can be withdrawn if
                                                             the information supplied is knowingly incorrect.
Siblings                                                     An admissions authority can also take legal
If your child has a brother or sister attending any          action against anyone who has knowingly given
of your preferred schools at the time of admission           false information to get a school place for their
in September 2018 you should complete the box                child.
marked ‘Sibling details’ alongside the relevant
                                                             Your child’s home address
                                                             • If you are separated from your child’s other
Exceptional reasons                                              parent and your child lives partly with you and
If you’re making an application based on                         partly with the other parent, you should state
medical, social, religious, philosophical or                     the address where your child lives the majority
educational reasons, you must complete the                       of the time
‘reasons for preference’ box on the application              •   If you have an equal shared-care
form. You must also explain in writing why your                  arrangement, state the address of the
child must attend a particular school (including                 parent claiming child benefit, receiving tax
preference for single sex education) and a                       credits linked to the child, or whose address is
professional practitioner, such as a doctor, must                registered at the child’s GP
support your reasons and provide relevant
evidence. The School Admissions Service must                 If you are making an online application you
receive this information by the application                  can upload documents onto your eAdmissions
deadline.                                                    account. If you are making a paper application,
                                                             you will need to send the documents to the City
Please note: Presenting your exceptional reasons             of London School Admissions Service.
and supporting evidence will not guarantee
that your child will be offered a place at the
preferred school

10 • City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018
Applying online
Please note: you must have an email address to apply online

What are the benefits of applying                        What is a Supplementary Information
online?                                                  Form (SIF) and why is it needed?
• It’s quick and easy and your details are safe on       A Supplementary Information Form (SIF) provides
    our secured eAdmissions system                       additional information that some schools use to
•   You can change your application details at           allocate places when they are oversubscribed
    any time up to midnight on the closing date          (they’ve received more applications than they
•   It ensures your application is fully completed       have places to offer).
•   The system will prompt you or not let you
    proceed or submit your application form if a         To find out if a chosen school requires a SIF
    mandatory field is not filled in                     contact the school directly. If you apply online
•   It lets you know if you need to complete any         the eAdmissions website will tell you if a school
    Supplementary Information Forms (SIFs)               requires a SIF.
•   You’ll receive an email notification that your
    form has been successfully submitted                 Most voluntary-aided and foundation schools
•   You can log in to find out the outcome of your       and some academies require a SIF.
•   You can accept a school offer online
                                                         Where do I get a SIF?
What if I don’t have Internet access at                  You can download a school’s SIF from the
                                                         school’s or local authority’s website, or contact
home?                                                    the school to request a form.
With your user name, password and unique
reference number you can apply online even               If you apply online, the eAdmissions website
if you don’t have a computer at home. Use the            will redirect you to the school’s website.
Internet at:
• your local library or community centre
• your child’s primary school                            When and where do I submit a SIF?
• you can book an appointment with a School              Return the form directly to the school to which
   Admissions Service admissions officer who’ll          you are applying by the 15 January deadline.
   help you with the process

                                                         Do I need to complete a SIF?
Late applications                                        Some schools require you to complete a
Applications received after the closing date             SIF while others do not. However, choosing not
will be deemed ‘late applications’ and will              to complete it could reduce your chances
be considered after those received on time. If           of getting a place at that school if it’s
there are exceptional reasons why you couldn’t           oversubscribed.
make the deadline, please write to the school
admissions team directly and provide supporting
                                                         Will completing a SIF guarantee my
                                                         child a place at the school?
Please note:                                             No, but the information provided in the SIF will
• You can only make a late application using             tell the school if your child’s circumstances
  the paper application form. You cannot apply           meet its oversubscription criteria, which may
  online                                                 give you a higher priority.
• If you wish to change your school preferences
  after the closing date, your application will be
  treated as a late application

                                                     City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018 • 11
Section C - How the admissions process works

How places are allocated

Your child will be considered separately by each
school on their application form. The schools do                 Admissions authorities
not know which other schools you’ve listed or
your order of preference.                                        For foundation schools, voluntary-aided
                                                                 schools, academies and free schools, this is
If a school is not oversubscribed, every child that              the school’s governing body. For all other
applies will be offered a place.                                 schools, this is the local authority.

If a school is oversubscribed, places will
be allocated by its admissions authority in
accordance to the school’s oversubscription
criteria. Children meeting criteria with a higher
priority will be more likely to get a place than                 Oversubscription criteria –
those meeting lower priority criteria (see the                   an example
‘oversubscription criteria’ box below).
                                                                 According to the list below, children looked
Oversubscription criteria are part of a school’s                 after by the local authority is a higher
admissions policy. You can get a copy of the                     criterion than distance from school.
policy from the school’s admissions authority.
                                                                 • Children looked after by the local authority
Will children from other boroughs get                            • Children whose siblings attend the school
                                                                 • Distance to school from child’s home
priority over my child?                                           address
Many schools’ oversubscription criteria give
priority to children who live closest to the school.
In this case, children from surrounding boroughs
may get priority over your child if their home
is closer to the school than yours. The school’s
admissions policy will have details of how
distances are measured.

12 • City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018
Getting your results – Offer Day

We’ll post the results of all primary school             should your appeal be unsuccessful. Accepting
applications to parents and carers on 16 April           the place will not affect the outcome of your
2018. If you applied online you’ll receive an            appeal.
email alert that evening informing you of the
outcome of your application, or a text telling you       If you reject the offered place and your appeal
where you can view the outcome online.                   is unsuccessful, the process of finding another
                                                         school is likely to be difficult.
The letter will tell you:
• which school can offer your child a place
• how to accept the place                                What if I don’t receive a place at any of
• what to do if your child was not offered a             my preferred schools?
  place at any of their chosen schools
• how to appeal a decision                               The offer letter will include details of local schools
                                                         that have vacancies and we’ll work with you to
Your child will receive only one offer. If more than     find a school place for your child.
one school can offer them a place, the school
making the offer will be your child’s highest            You can also choose to appeal the refusal or go
preference.                                              on your preferred school’s waiting list. Contact
                                                         the school to find out its waiting list policy and if
                                                         you’ve been automatically added to the list.
Accepting an offer
You can accept the offered school place by
completing:                                              How do waiting lists work?
• the online acceptance form (which will be              Your child’s place on a waiting list is determined
  emailed to you)                                        by the school’s oversubscription criteria, not
• the acceptance slip attached to your offer             by how long they’ve been waiting. Children
  letter and returning it to the School Admissions       meeting higher priority criteria will be higher on
  Service                                                the waiting list than those meeting lower priority
                                                         criteria. Your child’s place can move down if
Either way, your response must be received by            children meeting higher criteria than yours join
30 April 2018 or your place may be offered to            the list.
another child.
                                                         Late applications are included on the waiting
                                                         list and are treated in the same way as on-time
What if my child has a place at a                        applications.
private or independent school?
If you have accepted a place for your child at
a private or independent school please let us              Acceptance deadline
know in writing as soon as possible so that the            • If your acceptance slip is not postmarked by
school place can be offered to another child.                  30 April 2018, your place may be offered to
                                                               another child
                                                           •   If you are likely to be away from home
I’ve been offered a place at one of my                         between 16 April and 30 April 2018, please
least preferred schools and plan to                            let our School Admissions Service know in
appeal. Should I reject the place?                             advance

You are strongly advised to accept the offered
place as it will ensure that your child has a place

                                                     City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018 • 13
The appeal process                                               In-year admissions

If you didn’t receive an offer from                              What is in-year admission?
your most preferred school you can                               In-year admission is the process of applying
appeal against the refusal                                       to a school at any time outside the normal
                                                                 admissions rounds. Normal admissions rounds
                                                                 are those that take place during September
                                                                 of the year a child starts either Reception or
What you need to do                                              secondary school.
• Contact the school you want to make an
    appeal against as soon as possible. They                     You must complete an in-year application if
    will provide you with information about their                your child:
    appeals process – what you need to do and                    • is transferring from one primary school to
    when.                                                          another
•   Present your appeal. Your appeal will be                     • has been educated at home and now wishes
    heard during May, June or July 2018 by the                     to apply for a school place
    Appeal Panel, which is made up of people                     • is newly arrived in the UK and is looking for a
    who have not been involved in any way in                       school place.
    the allocation of school places.
•   The Appeal Panel’s decision is final.
                                                                 What do I need to do?
Details of how to appeal will be included in the                 That depends, as the in-year admissions
offer letter.                                                    application process varies. With some schools
                                                                 you apply directly to the school while with
If you intend to make an appeal you should still                 others you’ll need to complete the local
accept the school place you’ve been offered                      authority’s in-year application form. Contact
so that your child will have a place if your                     the school directly to find out more.
appeal is unsuccessful.

Accepting the place you’ve been offered will
                                                                 Is there a closing date for in-year
not affect the outcome of your appeal.                           admissions?
                                                                 No, although we advise you to make your
                                                                 application as soon as possible.

                                                                 I don’t like the school that my child
                                                                 is currently attending and want to
                                                                 change their school. Can I make an in-
                                                                 year admissions application?
                                                                 Yes. But before you do, please consider that
                                                                 moving schools can be very unsettling for
                                                                 children, particularly if they are preparing
                                                                 for exams or have difficulty adapting to new
                                                                 situations and surroundings.

14 • City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018
Section D - School information

Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School

St James’ Passage                                      music, the arts and sport alongside reading,
27 Duke’s Place                                        writing and mathematics. Our aim is for every
London                                                 child to make exceptional progress and be well
EC3A 5DE                                               prepared for their secondary education.
T: 020 7283 1147
F: 020 7626 5071                          We provide:                             • A stimulating, broad and balanced curriculum
                                                           for every child.
Head Teacher: Mr T Wilson                              •   A religious education according to the
Deputy Head Teacher: Ms Alex Allen                         principles and practices of the Church of
Ages: 3–11 boys and girls                                  England in a context where everyone is valued
Reception places: 30                                       and respected.
Religious affiliations: Church of England              •   Excellent teaching and carefully targeted
Supplementary Information Form (SIF) required?             support to ensure every child is challenged to
Yes. See page 11                                           excel and achievements are celebrated.
Ofsted Rating: Outstanding                             •   Staff development to ensure our staff is well
Nearest tube stations: Aldgate, Aldgate East,          •   A safe, disciplined environment where all
Liverpool St, Tower Hill and Moorgate                      members of our school community are
Nearest train stations: Liverpool Street and               expected to treat each other with courtesy
Fenchurch Street. London Bridge and Cannon                 and respect.
Street are within a 15-minute walk
Nearest buses: 8, 15, 25, 78, 100 and 205
Nearest Docklands Light Railway Station: Tower         Behaviour
Gateway                                                We expect all members of our school community
Description                                            • Respect and care for each other.
                                                       • Celebrate our unique talents, achievements
At Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School we          and strengths.
aim to provide an exceptional education for            • Work hard every day and take responsibility for
every child in a safe, stimulating environment           our own learning.
where everyone is valued and respected. We             • Be fair and honest in everything we do.
believe education is a partnership between             • Look after our environment.
home and school. We encourage the spiritual            • Move sensibly and quietly around the school.
development of the children and the knowledge
of God and the world.
We’re a diverse and inclusive school community.        Each child is expected to do homework every
We believe in the importance of a rich                 week. This could be reading, maths, project work
curriculum with excellent subject teaching. Our        or music practice. Work will be set appropriate to
Early Years Foundation Stage is a special place        age and ability.
to learn. We believe play is learning in the early
years, that every child is unique and deserves
the opportunity to interact in a creative, well-
resourced environment, which is rich with              Children, parents and staff have an agreed
language and resources. In Key Stage One and           school uniform policy; you can find details of the
Two we seek to deliver a rounded education             uniform on our website or by contacting the
which prioritises the vital skills of communication,   school.

                                                   City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018 • 15
Children’s Centre                                            Admissions criteria
The school has an integrated Sure Start                      • Children looked after by a local authority.
Children’s Centre providing care and early                   • Children whose parent(s) worship fortnightly
education for children from three months old to                  and continuously and have done so for the
Reception class.                                                 previous two years, in the parish Church of St
                                                                 Botolph’s, Aldgate.
Childcare                                                    •   Children for whom this is the nearest Church of
We offer excellent and affordable childcare for                  England school in order of proximity of home
children aged 3 months to 11 years from 7.45am                   to school, measured in a straight line distance,
to 6.00pm 48 weeks a year.                                       whose parent(s) worship fortnightly and
                                                                 continuously in an adjoining Anglican church
How to apply                                                     and have done so for the previous two years.
You have six preferences and should list them in             •   Children for whom this is the nearest Church
your order of preference on the City of London’s                 of England school in order of proximity of
Common Application Form. For example, if Sir                     home to school, measured in a straight line
John Cass’s Foundation Primary School is your first              distance, whose parent(s) worship fortnightly
choice then list this first. When you’ve completed               and continuously in churches of other Christian
the form return it to the City of London’s School                denominations, (such denominations being
Admissions Service.                                              members of Churches Together in Britain and
                                                                 Ireland (CTBI) and the Evangelical Alliance),
Please note: Your application must be                            and have done so for the previous two years.
accompanied by a completed Supplementary                     •   Children with a sibling attending the school in
Information Form. Both forms should be returned                  the education year of admission.
by 15 January 2018                                           •   Children who have a place in the nursery class
                                                                 of the Cass Child and Family Centre.
                                                             •   Children living in the admissions priority area
Admissions information                                           in order of proximity of home to school,
Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School is a                   measured by the shortest walking route.
Church of England Voluntary Aided primary                    •   Children of members of staff if the staff
school. The responsibility for the admission of                  member is filling a post for which there is
pupils rests with the governing body. The school’s               a demonstrable skill shortage. The head
current maximum admissions number is 30, with                    teacher’s designation of such posts will be
30 children in each class. These arrangements                    submitted to the governing body for approval.
and the admissions criteria (below) are reviewed                 Priority will be limited to one place for each
annually. When there                                             form of entry in any year.
are more applications than there are places                  •   Any other children in order of proximity of
available the Governors will admit pupils                        home to school, measured over the shortest
according to the following criteria, which are                   walking route.
listed in order of priority.
                                                             Terminology, definitions and notes on
Please note: Priority will be given to children with
a statement of special education needs (SEN)                 the oversubscription criteria
or an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan                  • If there are more applicants than places in any
where this school is named in the statement or                   of the above categories, priority will be given
plan                                                             to applicants living nearest the school, in order
                                                                 of proximity of home to school, measured in a
                                                                 straight line distance.

16 • City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018
• Highest priority must be given to looked after                            the school place is sought is living in the same
    children and children who were looked after                             family unit at the same address as the sibling.
    but ceased to be so because they were                               •   Children attending nursery class at Cass Child
    adopted or became subject to a residence                                and Family Centre will not gain automatic
    order or special guardianship order. Further                            entry into the Reception class. Parents must
    references to previously looked after children                          re-apply for a Reception class place.
    in this code means children who were
    adopted or subject to residence orders or
    special guardianship orders immediately                             Admissions Priority Area
    following having been looked after.                                 The school has a admissions priority area, which
•   A Parent is a person who has parental                               will be used in relation to oversubscription
    responsibility for or is the legal guardian of the                  criterion 7. Please see map below. A more
    child.                                                              detailed map can be found on our school
•   Attendance at the church must be two years                          website
    by the application closing date. If you are
    applying under criteria 2, 3 or 4 a completed                       For a copy of the full policy please visit
    supplementary information form (SIF) should               
    be sent to the school directly and you should
    obtain a receipt confirming the date the
    form was received by the school. You should                         Proof of home address
    contact the school if you do not receive a                          You will need to produce proof of your
    receipt within 10 schools days as it may mean                       permanent home address. This can be a current
    we have not received your SIF. If we do not                         council tax statement, child benefit letter or
    receive your SIF by the deadline date, we                           similar documentation.
    will not be able to apply your application to
    criteria 2,3 or 4 and it will be applied to either
    criterion 7 or 9 as applicable instead.                             Fraudulent information
•   Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School                           If the allocation of a place has been made on
    will use the City of London’s Geographical                          the basis of fraudulent or intentionally misleading
    Information System (GIS) to measure straight                        information, the governors reserve the right to
    line distance to prioritise applicants for                          withdraw the place.
    admission. The distance will be
    measured from the address point
    as indicated within the Local
    Land and Property Gazetteer


    (LLPG) to the address point of                                            Islington

    the school within the LLPG as a
    straight line. Measurements by

    alternative systems and/or to
                                                                                                                                             Option 1

    other points will not be taken into                                                                                                          Sir John Cass
                                                                                                                                                 City of London

    account under any circumstance.
                                                                                                                           Tower Hamlets         Priority Area 1

                                                                                                                                                 London Boroughs

    Where applicants have identical                                                       City of London

    distance measurements, priority
    amongst them will be determined           City of Westminster

    at random.
•   Sibling refers to brother or sister,                                                                                                        Created by:
                                                                                                                                                Amrul Khan

    adopted brother or sister, step
                                                                                                                                               Date Created:
                                                                                                                                               25 Sep 2014

    brother or sister or foster siblings
                                                                                                                                           0 62.5125   250     375
                                                        Lambeth                                  Southwark                                        Metres

    of the child of the parent/carer’s                                                                                                      © Crown copyright and
                                                                                                                                             database rights 2014
                                                                                                                                               Ordnance Survey

    partner where the child for whom

                                                                    City of London Corporation               Starting Primary School 2018 • 17
Number of places
offered using the                       Reception admissions 2016 (60 places allocated)
oversubscription                        Criterion 1- 2           Criterion 4 - 0         Criterion 7 - 16
criteria – 2016/2017                    Criterion 2 - 7          Criterion 5 - 13        Criterion 8 - 0
The table below shows how               Criterion 3 - 0          Criterion 6 - 11        Criterion 9 - 11
places were allocated using
the oversubscription criteria                                       Total 60
last year. Each criterion
number corresponds to the
admissions criteria list.
                                        School Term and Holiday Dates 2017/18
There were no appeals
                                        Autumn Term 2017          Spring Term 2018         Summer Term 2018
lodged for reception
2016/2017                               New Term:                 New Term:                New Term:
                                        Wednesday 6               Thursday 4 January       Monday 16 April
                                        September                 Half Term:               Half Term:
                                        Half Term:                Monday 12                Monday 28 May -
                                        Monday 23                 February - Friday 16     Friday 1 June
                                        October - Friday 27       February                 Term Finishes:
                                        October                   Term Finishes:           Friday 20 July
                                        Term Finishes:            Thursday 29 March
                                        Wednesday 20

                                        The school closes at 1.30pm on the last day of each term

                                        Inset days 2017/18
                                        Monday 4 September, 2017               Wednesday 3 January 2018
                                        Tuesday 5 September, 2017              (You will need to come into
                                        Tuesday 2 January, 2018                school on this day for your
                                        Wednesday 3 January, 2018              child’s progress meeting)
                                        Monday 4 June, 2018

18 • City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018
Section E - Additional information

Support for parents and carers

Help with home-to-school travel costs                  • Child Tax Credit where the parent is not
Transport for London (TfL) provides free                   entitled to Working Tax Credit and whose
travel at any time on London buses, London                 annual income (assessed by Inland Revenue)
Underground, trams, DLR, London Overground                 does not exceed £16,190.
and most National Rail services in London for          •   Guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
children aged 5-10.                                    •   Working Tax Credit Run-on: this is normally paid
                                                           for four weeks after you stop qualifying for
If children are travelling unaccompanied, they             Working Tax Credit.
must have a valid ’five to ten’ Oyster photocard       •   Universal Credit.
to travel free of charge.
                                                       If you meet these criteria, you can apply for free
How to apply: You must apply online and you’ll         school meals to the local authority where your
need a Zip Oyster photocard web account.               child’s school is located.

If you have an Oyster photocard account for            For more information or to apply for free school
a non-Zip Oyster photocard, you’ll need to use         meals at Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary
a different email address to create a Zip web          School contact the City of London Corporation’s
account.                                               School Admissions Service.

For more information, contact Transport for            Young people who get paid these benefits
London on 0343 222 1234.                               directly, instead of through a parent or guardian,
                                                       can also get free school meals.

School meals
All primary schools offer a midday meal. Children
                                                       School Clothing Grants
may also bring a packed lunch.                         A school clothing grant is a one-off payment
                                                       of £30, made during August each year, to help
Each school has its own arrangements, so please        with the cost of school uniforms and footwear,
check directly with the school.                        including PE kits.

                                                       To be eligible you and your child must live in the
Free school meals                                      City of London and your child must be:
Your child may be eligible for free school meals if    • receiving free school meals
you receive one of the following benefits:             • starting or transferring to a state school with an
• Income Support or Income-based Job Seeker’s            agreed school uniform.
• an income-related Employment and Support             The grant is paid at the discretion of the City of
  Allowance.                                           London Corporation.
• support under Part VI of the Immigration and
  Asylum Act 1999.                                     For more information contact the School
                                                       Admissions Service on 020 7332 1002.

                                                   City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018 • 19
Additional information

School admissions in other local authorities
Camden Education Authority Admissions Service                Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
5 Pancras Square                                             Kensington Town Hall
London N1C 4AG                                               Hornton Street
T: 020 7974 1625                                             London W8 7NX                                 T: 020 7745 6432
Hackney Council Admissions Service
Hackney Learning Trust                                       London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
1 Reading Lane                                               Kensington Town Hall
London E8 1GQ                                                Hornton Street
T: 020 8820 7247                                             London W8 7NX                           T: 020 7745 6434
Haringey Council Admissions Service
4th Floor Alexandra House                                    Westminster City Council
10 Station Road                                              Kensington Town Hall
London, N22 7TR                                              Hornton Street
T: 020 8489 1000                                             London W8 7NX                             T: 020 7745 6433                

Islington Council Admissions Service
222 Upper Street                                                 Useful contacts
London N1 1XR                                                    Coram Children’s Legal Centre
T: 020 7527 5515                                                 Coram Community Campus                            48 Mecklenburgh Square
                                                                 London WC1N 2QA
Lambeth Council Admissions Service                               T: 020 7713 0089
International House                                    
Canterbury Crescent
London SW9 7QE                                                   Local Government Ombudsman
T: 020 7926 9503                                                 PO Box 4771                         Coventry CV4 0EH
                                                                 T: 0300 061 0614
Southwark Council Admissions Service                   
4th floor, Southwark Children’s Service
PO Box 64529                                                     Independent Schools
London SE1P 5LX                                                  Council
T: 020 7525 5337                                                 First Floor, 27 Queen Anne’s Gate                            London SW1H 9BU
                                                                 T: 020 7766 7070
Tower Hamlets Council Admissions Service               
Education Service
Mulberry Place
5 Clove Crescent
E14 2BG T: 020 7364 5006

20 • City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018
When reading through this brochure you may come across
some words or terms that you are unclear about. Below is a
list of common terms used in the primary school admissions
process. If you need further help, please call the School
Admissions Service on 020 7332 1002

Education year             receives more               on the admissions             by members of the
The school year starts     applications than it has    arrangements. These           community, such as
in September and ends      places to offer.            schools develop strong        parents, teachers,
in July of the following                               links with the local          charities and
calendar year.             All Through Schools         community.                    businesses, on a
                           These schools provide                                     not-for-profit basis. Free
Academies                  education for both          EHC Plan                      schools can set their
Academy schools            primary and secondary       Education Health and          own admissions
are publicly funded,       school-aged children.       CarePlan                      policy.
managed schools that       Appeal Panel                Faith Schools                 Governing Body
benefit from freedoms,     An independent              Faith schools have            Every school has
including freedom          panel of trained            a particular religious        a governing body
from local authority       people that hears and       character. They are           made up of members
control, the ability to    makes decisions on          mostly run in the same        of the community,
set their own pay and      appeals made against        way as other state            local authority,
conditions for staff,      admissions decisions.       schools. However, their       school staff and
freedoms around                                        faith status may affect       parents. Governing
the delivery of the        Catchment Area              their curriculum and          bodies promote
curriculum and the         A defined                   admissions policies.          high standards
ability to change the      geographical area                                         of educational
lengths of terms and       that some admissions        Foundation Schools            achievement. Their key
school days.               authorities use             Foundation schools            objectives are around
                           to decide which             are state maintained,         setting strategic
Admissions Authority       applications should be      but it is the school’s        direction, ensuring
The body that sets a       given priority to attend    governing body                accountability, and
school’s admissions        a particular school.        that employs                  monitoring and
arrangements and                                       the staff and has             evaluation.
allocates school           Common Application          primary responsibility
places. For voluntary-     Form (CAF)                  for admissions                Independent Schools
aided and foundation       The form that must be       arrangements. Many            Independent schools
schools, it is the         used when applying          foundation schools            set their own curriculum
school’s governing         for a place in a state      were formerly                 and admissions
body.                      school.                     grant-maintained              policies. They are
                                                       schools.                      funded through fees
Admissions Policy          Community Schools                                         paid by parents.
The policy that            Community schools           Free Schools                  Applications for
determines how the         are run by the              Free schools are              independent schools
school will allocate       local authority,            funded by the state           are made directly to
places if the school       which decides               but set up and run            the school.

                                                    City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018 • 21
Infant Class Size             Curriculum is organised       Oversubscription             Undersubscribed
Government legislation        into blocks of years          Criteria                     School
requires local authorities    called ‘Key Stages’.          Criteria used to decide      A school that has
to make sure that no          There are four Key            which children will be       vacancies because
Key Stage 1 class will        Stages plus an ‘Early         given priority if the        there have been fewer
have more than 30             Years Foundation              school receives more         applications than the
pupils if there is only one   Stage’, which covers          applications than it has     school has places
fully qualified teacher       education for children        places available.            available.
available for that class.     before they reach five
                              years old (compulsory         Primary School               Voluntary-aided
Infant School                 school age). Each             Reception to Year 6          Schools
Infant school is              National Curriculum           classes.                     Voluntary-aided schools
Reception to Year 2           subject has a target                                       are state maintained
classes of a primary          for each key stage            Secondary Schools            and are mainly religious
school.                       that sets out the             Year 7 to Year 11            or ‘faith’ schools.
                              skills, knowledge and         classes and usually          The governing body
Junior School                 understanding your            attended by children         employs the staff and
Junior School concerns        child should achieve          aged 11-16.                  sets the admissions
Year 3 to Year 6 classes.     at that level.                                             criteria.
Looked After Children         National Tests                Special educational          Voluntary-controlled
Children who are in the       The tests are intended        needs and disabilities       Schools
care of a local authority     to show if your child                                      Voluntary-controlled
or who were looked            is working at, above          State-maintained             schools are similar to
after but ceased to be        or below the target           Schools                      voluntary aided
because they were             level for their age. This     Any school that is           schools, but are run
adopted or became             enables schools to            maintained and               and maintained by the
subject to a residence        know whether they are         funded by the local          local authority. As with
order or special              teaching effectively          authority. This includes     community schools, the
guardianship order.           by comparing their            community, voluntary-        local authority employs
                              pupils’ performance to        aided, voluntary-            the school’s staff and
National Curriculum           national results.             controlled and               sets the admissions
The National                                                foundation schools.          criteria. School land
Curriculum sets out           Ofsted                                                     and buildings are
the stages and core           The Office for                Supplementary                normally owned by
subjects your child           Standards in Education        Information Form (SIF)       a charity, often a
will be taught during         is the Government             A form containing            religious organisation,
their time at school.         department responsible        additional information       which also appoints
Children aged five to         for inspecting and            about a child and            some of the members
16 in maintained or           producing inspection          their circumstances          of the governing body.
state schools must be         reports on schools.           that some schools
taught the National                                         use to allocate
Curriculum.                   Oversubscribed School         places when they
                              A school where there          are oversubscribed,
National Curriculum           have been more                in accordance to
Key Stages                    applications than             their own published
The National                  places available.             oversubscription criteria.

22 • City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018
City of London Corporation   Starting Primary School 2018 • 23
If you would like this information in another language or another format
such as Braille, Large Print or Audio Tape etc please contact the Family
and Young People’s Information Service on 020 7332 1002, or email us at

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