Strategic Plan 2019-2021 - The King's School

Strategic Plan 2019-2021 - The King's School
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan 2019-2021 - The King's School

            The King’s School is a Christian community that seeks to
              make an outstanding impact for the good of society
             through its students, and by the quality of its teaching
                          and leadership in education.

Strategic Plan 2019-2021 - The King's School

Chairman’s Introduction
The King’s School is a unique place of learning that deeply honours its
almost 200-year history of educating boys, whilst also reframing the future
by developing quality young men who will contribute to the betterment of
humanity through the values they derive from an education at King’s.
Teaching and Learning are focal points of this Strategic Plan as they should be
in every school. We are continuing with our distinctives:
•	Academic   Excellence
•	Character Development
•	Christian Community

Our approach to educating boys and now girls across the three campuses of
The King’s School Preparatory and Senior School in North Parramatta and
Tudor House in the Southern Highlands, is one of constant evolution that
ensures we lead with expertise and is delivered within the environment of a
Christian community.

It is my pleasure and privilege to bring to you    In character development there will be an
the 2019-2021 Triennium Strategic Plan that        emphasis on using our wonderful environment to
broadly guides the efforts in the years ahead,     expand our outdoor educational and
whilst celebrating and affirming our heritage.     co-curricular activities enabling students
                                                   to forge and test their own character strengths.
In this Triennium we will be planning to develop   A service learning program will also help
new and continuing features of this plan. This     students put their leadership, skills and character
plan began with a focus on strategic agility and   into action.
a long term view in its triennium approach and
its research through the McCrindle Project.        Christian community is an area where leadership,
It has been inclusive in its involvement of as     humility, values and human wellbeing flourish.
many staff as possible through distributive        How students interact and relate to each other in
leadership and community involvement.              Boarding and Day Houses and in the Dining Hall is
                                                   of high importance and all underpinned by a strong
I want to thank Headmaster Tony George for         Housing and Chaplaincy staff.
his leadership and vision for this process and
Executive, Staff and Governors for the time        None of this is possible without our community’s
committed to exploring ideas, writing              support teams which are vital to the School’s
and reading scores of Strategic Initiative         efficient organisation. The plan focuses on a
and Project papers and in coming to a              review of ICT services to support teaching and
collective wisdom in producing this                learning, to review Risk Audit and Compliance
multi-dimensional plan.                            and Governance and mapping the organisation
                                                   infrastructure for Finance and Property.
The process has been well thought through
and exciting. The element that has clung to my     The heart of the School’s strength is in the myriad
mind was the discussion that for each decision     of people who have come before us as Old
point there must be the thought that a student     Boys, past parents, past staff, past Governors
or students will benefit.                          and Foundation members who are integral to
                                                   our valuable community. They are vital to the
Within academic excellence there will be           advancement of enrolments, to our fund
an increasing emphasis on developing               raising and to the spreading of the message
thought leadership in our students, on             of this Strategic Plan that “The King’s School
Science through a STEAM precinct and a look        as a Christian community is making an outstanding
to the future on food research and security.       impact for the good of a global society.”
All of this will be enhanced by leading
edge professional development of our staff         This Strategic Plan gives us a purpose, direction
through The King’s Institute.                      and the means to analyse and evaluate our
                                                   progress. We hope that you will view it as a
                                                   dynamic strategy for the growth of our wonderful
                                                   School and students.

                                                   Mrs Rosemary Abrahams

                                                   THE COUNCIL OF THE KING’S SCHOOL

Strategic Plan 2019-2021 - The King's School


Chairman’s Introduction              3

A King’s Education                   6

Our Values                           8

The King’s Distinctive              10

The Decade Ahead                    12

    Academic excellence             13

    Character development           14

    Christian community             15

The First Triennium – 2019-2021     16

    The global century              16

    Global thought leaders          18

    Academic excellence             19

    Character development           20

    Christian community             21

    Organisational infrastructure   22

    Advancement                     23

Conclusion                          24

Strategic Plan 2019-2021 - The King's School
Strategic Plan 2019-2021 - The King's School

A King’s Education

W      e believe there is more to education than the mere inculcation of knowledge with the
       occasional inclusion of co-curricular and sports activities. The commitment to students at
The King’s School is to provide academic excellence with character development in the context
of a Christian community in order that they might graduate as leaders of Christian wisdom and
integrity for a world in need. This was the founding purpose of the School by King William IV,
in 1831, provide leaders for the emerging colony of New South Wales.

Strategic Plan 2019-2021 - The King's School
The King’s School Mission Statement           Accordingly, The King’s School continues
captures this founding sentiment in           to demonstrate its commitment to staff
describing the School as “A Christian         training and development, including
community that seeks to make an               educational research and development,
outstanding impact for the good of society    through The King’s Institute.
through its students, and by the quality of
its teaching and leadership in education.”    Finally, The King’s School is endowed with
                                              an extraordinary geographic footprint in
Kingsmen are challenged to grow and           Parramatta and the Southern Highlands,
develop into global thought leaders.          with facilities for teaching and learning,
                                              sport, drama and music, outdoor
They are not only intellectual, physical,     education and residential facilities for
social, emotional, and spiritual,             staff and students alike.
but also courageous, adventurous,
entrepreneurial, faithful, honourable,        Consequently, the School has a
dependable, and egalitarian men who           responsibility, to not only sustain these
strive to be the very best they can be        wonderful assets for the good of the
for the sake of serving others – we           immediate school community, but in
each seek to be excellent in order to be      ensuring that their benefit may extend to
excellent for others.                         always making an outstanding impact for
                                              the good of a global society.
The King’s uniform, while being the oldest
military uniform worn in Australia, is
wonderfully symbolic of what it means to
be a Kingsman – one who is willing to live
under authority and committed to living
their lives in service for others.

The achievement of our mission is
dependent on the quality of our teaching
and leadership in education. The King’s
School is both blessed by and committed
to the recruitment and development of
outstanding members of staff who lead
and guide students in their growth and
development. Whether they be directly
involved in the classroom or not, every
member of staff is a role model for our
students – as teachers, coaches, mentors
and carers.

The education in The King’s School is not for
the exclusive benefit of those upon whom it is
bestowed, but for that of the entire community.

Strategic Plan 2019-2021 - The King's School
Honesty       Integrity            Compassion


Our Values


    he values of The King’s  School         Humility                 Responsibility Y
    are foundational to the life of the
School and our community.                             W     e take responsibility for others and ourselves.
                                                            Responsibility means recognising that we share
                                                      our lives with others in a shared world. Living and
They are derived and stand on the
                                                      learning in community, means taking responsibility
teachings of Jesus Christ and God’s                   for contributing positively and actively to our
Word as revealed in the Bible.                        community and our world. Responsibility for our
                                                      world means living sustainably. Responsibility is
These Christian values are at                         strongly aligned with compassion and integrity, for
                                                      we reach out with compassion and demonstrate
the centre of the School’s ethos,                     integrity when we choose to take responsibility for
which means that we will seek                         ourselves and others.
to encourage and develop in our                       TAKE RESPONSIBILITY
students and staff, an understanding
of the world through the perspective
of God’s truth.

A King’s education is not just
about a Christian way of
understanding. It is also about a
Christian way of living.

The values of The King’s School                                        INTEGRIT Y
seek to not only inform as to what
Biblical truth is but also inform,
invite, and inspire our students to
                                                      W      e live our lives with integrity. To
                                                             demonstrate integrity means to live a
                                                      life that is integrated and balanced, cohesive
live this way. The King’s School                      and coherent. As a community of integrity, we
                                                      are unified and work together for the common
seeks to teach this way of life every
                                                      good. We are trustworthy and reliable, we
day through all that is done and                      follow through with conviction and courage.
taught. It does this in a setting of                  Integrity is strongly aligned with responsibility
                                                      and honesty, for when we are true to ourselves
a unified community of love and                       and one another and exercise responsibility, we
learning between parents, students                    demonstrate our integrity.
and teachers.                                         DEMONSTRATE INTEGRITY

Strategic Plan 2019-2021 - The King's School
y     Integrity           Compassion


        W       e live to serve one another. Having compassion
                means caring for others, being kind and gentle.
        Compassion is stronger than sympathy or empathy;
        it is much more active and intentional. In a Christian
        sense, it is going out of one’s way to help others, to be
        generous towards others, to care for others and stand
        up   for others. Compassion
         Humility                  Responsibility
                                      is strongly aligned with
        humility and responsibility, for it is from an attitude of                       Humility                    Responsibi
        humility that we choose to take responsibility for others                       HUMILIT Y
        and reach out to them with compassion.
                                                                      W      e do not think more highly of ourselves than
                                                                                            Honesty                  Integrity
                                                                             we ought. We are human and we share in the
                                                                      humanity of others. Being humble arises from our
                                                                      Christian belief that we are equal in the sight of God
                                                                      because we are all created in His image. Humility is
                                                                      strongly aligned with respect and compassion, for
                                                                      it is when we are humble that we are able to respect
                                                                      one another and are motivated to reach out to
                                                                      others with compassion. Being humble recognises
                                                                      that we are not always right; we get things wrong.
                                                                      BE HUMBLE

        W      e strive to be excellent for others and ourselves.
               We do this in order to make an outstanding
        impact for the good of society. Striving for excellence
        means seeking to improve and better ourselves; to be
        always growing. Our striving for excellence is that we
        may be excellent for the sake of others. Excellence is
        strongly aligned with a life of compassion, humility,
        respect, honesty, integrity and responsibility, for it is
        when we commit ourselves to serve others that we
        strive to be excellent for others.
                            Honesty              Integrity           Compassion
                                                                                         RESPECT                         Humility

                                                                      W     e respect one another and ourselves.
                                                                            Respect involves valuing people and
                                                                      property so that neither is dishonoured. We
                                                                      respect other’s beliefs and points of view. We do
                                                                      not bully or impose our will on others, whether
                                                                      in thought, word or deed. We respect ourselves
                                                                      by adopting a lifestyle that is balanced and
                                                                      promotes wellbeing. Respect is strongly aligned
                           HONEST Y
                                                                      with humility and honesty, for it is when we are

                                                                      committed to the truth and able to recognise we
              e are honest. Honesty means being trustworthy,
                                                                      may be wrong, that we are able to show respect.
              sincere and authentic. We are true to ourselves;
        and one another. We do not mislead or misrepresent            SHOW RESPECT
        each other. As members of our community, our trust
        for one another depends on honesty. Honesty is
        strongly aligned with integrity and respect for it is
        our commitment to being honest with each other that
                          Respect                  Humility
        enables us to be trustworthy and live with integrity
        and to show respect for one another.
         BE HONEST

Strategic Plan 2019-2021 - The King's School
                  PL AN
                     PL AN

The King’s Distinctive

T   he King’s School enjoys international prominence
    because of a unique history which comes from
being Australia’s oldest independent school.

Throughout its almost 200 years of educating boys
and developing leaders, The King’s School has
determined the three essential distinctives of:
• Academic Excellence

• Character Development

• Christian Community

which we use as the basis for our strategic intent.

                                                 (QUALIT Y OF SERVICE)

                                     A Life of Service – Leaders & Role Models
                     Kingsman: One who lives under authority and lives his life for the service of others.
                           Graduates who make a  n outstanding impact for t he good of society.

     ACADEMIC                                                                                      CHARACTER
    EXCELLENCE                                                                                    DEVELOPMENT
    (QUALIT Y OF MIND)                            FORTITER ET                                       (QUALIT Y OF PERSON)

   Curricular – Teaching                           FIDELITER                                       Extra & Co-Curricular –
                                                                                                   Mentoring & Coaching
  Focus on Social, Emotional,                 Bravely and Faithfully
    & Intellectual Wellbeing                                                                       Focus on Social, Emotional,
         Academic and                                                                                  & Physical Wellbeing
Mental Development/Competence                                                                      Self-regulation and Personal
                                                                                                   Development / Competence

                                                  COMMUNIT Y
                                             (QUALIT Y OF REL ATIONSHIP)

                                                 Pastoral Care - Caring
                                              Focus on Social, Emotional, &
                                               Spiritual Wellbeing Social and
                                            Spiritual Development/Competence


                  PL PL

The Decade Ahead


T   he King’s School is recognised
    for the academic excellence of its
students. The School has emerged
                                           In the decade ahead, our
                                           opportunity is to ensure
                                                                        The School intends to establish a Centre
                                                                        for Thought Leadership in order to bring
                                                                        together the teaching and learning of
as one of the highest achieving            that commitment to           English, History, Philosophy, Languages
non-selective schools through our          academic excellence is       and Biblical Studies as an interdisciplinary
commitment to academic excellence.         secured by:                  approach to the development of thought
                                                                        leadership in our students.
This commitment is demonstrated in
such existing initiatives as The Future    •	thedevelopment of a       Good leadership begins with a quality
Project, together with the establishment     culture and practice       of mind as evidenced in critical thinking,
of The King’s Institute, where research      of continuous              reasoning and wisdom. The Centre for
and development into leadership and                                     Thought Leadership will provide a unique
best practice in education, teacher          improvement across all     opportunity for every student to construct
training and development, school             areas of the School;       the foundations of their own thought
leadership development, talent                                          world in the light of the School’s Western
management and research                    •	our commitment to the     and Christian traditions.
and publishing are all in practice.          elaboration and practice
                                                                        The School will also expand its world
                                             of thought leadership;     leading Science Education to include
                                           •	our support and           Technology, Engineering, Art and
                                                                        Mathematics through the development
                                             development of STEAM       of a STEAM quadrangle in the Education
                                             (science, technology,      Precinct of the School. The further
                                             engineering, art           development of STEAM capabilities will
                                                                        complement the School’s agricultural
                                             and mathematics)           program and food research programs in
                                             curriculum                 The Future Project.


The Decade Ahead


T   he King’s School is recognised for the
    character of its students. Leadership
requires good character and integrity,
                                              The School intends to expand and
                                              formalise its co-curricular offerings in sport,
                                              outdoor education and the performing
                                                                                                The King’s School will also provide
                                                                                                a Service Learning Program that will
                                                                                                encourage all students to engage in
qualities that are forged and tested in the   arts as part of a unique King’s School            community service opportunities at
co-curricular programs of the School,         Leadership and Character Development              home and abroad. The program will
including sport, outdoor education and the    program. Not only in the senior school but        further encourage our students to
performing arts, among others.                from Pre-K onward across all campuses.            develop a global awareness of human
                                                                                                and environmental need and facilitate
While students are able to develop            While other schools invariably need to            the opportunity for students to put their
their thinking in the classroom, it is the    travel off-site to enjoy sporting and outdoor     character into action through helping
contest and striving to succeed against       education facilities, The King’s School is        and supporting others in need.
one’s competition or the elements of the      uniquely positioned to be able to provide
environment that allows a student to face     all of these facilities at its Parramatta
their limitations. It is in the crucible of   and Southern Highlands locations. The
adversity that character is formed.           development of an Outdoor Education
                                              precinct at Parramatta is key to offering a
Thus we have recognised that the              unique world-class facility that supports
challenge before us in the next decade        the School’s distinctive in character
is to further strengthen our reputation       development through Cadets and Duke
for delivering world class leadership and     of Edinburgh programs, and providing an
character development.                        emphasis on coaching and mentoring of
                                              students to be the best that they can be.


T   he King’s School is more than
    merely a school, it is a community
of families, Kingsmen, teachers, staff,
                                          Through the 360 acres in Parramatta and
                                          170 acres in the Southern Highlands in
                                          which we live and learn, we also exist
                                                                                           Most of our boys will become fathers
                                                                                           and husbands, with families who will
                                                                                           depend on them for their wellbeing and
Old Boys and past parents. This is, in    in a unique village that provides the            human flourishing. Our world needs
reality, our starting point.              environmental context for the Christian          courageous and faithful men, and
                                          community that cares for each and every          The King’s School will continue to
                                          student. The pastoral care of our students       develop its unique Boys to Men program
                                          is provided in the context of dedicated          to give every boy the opportunity to
                                          houses, Day and Boarding Houses, in              explore and confirm his commitment
                                          which each student develops a strong             to serving others.
For The King’s School the                 attachment and identity. The Day and
                                                                                           Our Christian community is committed
community is the heart                    Boarding Houses are a unique feature of
                                                                                           to growing young men of Christian
                                          pastoral care at The King’s School and
of the village. We are the                offer the best facilities of any school in the
                                                                                           character and integrity. Chaplaincy
sum of our traditions, our                world. The Houses are supported with
                                                                                           ensures the inclusive nature of our
                                                                                           community – humble, hopeful and
history, and of all who                   Health Care Facilities and Dining Facilities.
                                                                                           wonderfully egalitarian, Kingsmen have
have gone before us.                      The sharing of a meal continues to mark          always sought to live lives of excellence
                                          our mateship. Meal times are important           for the sake of others, and always will.
We embody an aspiration
                                          at King’s, for it is around a meal that
for humanity, grounded in                 relationships are formed and grow,
our biblical understanding                conversations spark and trust develops.
                                          The School is committed to ensuring that
as a christian community                  meal times are not merely a time for a
and realised in                           feed, but a time for forming friendships,
                                          growing and being educated. Meals are
human flourishing                         provided for more than 1,600 students
and wellbeing.                            every day, a feat unique in Australia.


The First Triennium

This Global Century – a future in Education
and Food Security

W     ithin the First Triennium,
      the School will prioritise the
development of a number of initiatives
                                             There are six broad areas of strategic
                                             interest for The King’s School. They are:

that underpin our ability to shape           GLOBAL THOUGHT LEADERS
young men through Academic                   ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE
Excellence, Character Development            CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT
within a Christian Community.
                                             CHRISTIAN COMMUNIT Y

In this strategy we recognise an             O RGANISATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE
opportunity to align The King’s School       ADVANCEMENT
with Australia’s future in education and
in food security. This opportunity is        These six areas frame all the operations
made significant because of Australia’s      and activities of the School and are given
unique positioning as a world leader         detailed commentary below.
in international education and food
                                             Within each area, the School has identified
security at the beginning of this
                                             a variety of strategic initiatives that are
global century.
                                             considered to be worthy of attention and
                                             focus over the coming Triennium.
The School needs to offer pathways
to all the universities of the world, with   Within each initiative there are a range
globally recognised accreditations not       of projects to facilitate the development
just an option, but an imperative.           and implementation of each initiative.
                                             The planning process and each project
The offering of global accreditation         has involved staff from across the School
pathways that include VET and the            according to their passion and interest.
International Baccalaureate need
to be considered by the end of               What needs to be achieved between
the coming decade. Further,                  2019 and 2021 is the establishment
educational delivery platforms of            of the process of triennial planning that
a world-class education offering             facilitates strategic agility through the
academic excellence with character           involvement of all staff of the School.
development to Kingsmen needs to             Many of the projects will be preliminary
be synonymous with the experience            or exploratory in nature so as to
of a King’s education by the end of          provide the planning foundations for
the decade.                                  subsequent Triennia.


The First Triennium


Always remaining mindful of what           King’s 2070 Initiative:                    King’s Global Initiative:
is going on in the world, the School       •	Triennial   Planning.                  •	International     School Tours.
will also explore various global
                                           •	Strategic   Agility.                   •	International   Exchange Programs.
opportunities through the development
of international relationships with like   •	Strategic   Scope and Sequence.        •	International     Enrolments.
schools and communities.                   •	King’s2070 and the McCrindle
                                               research Project. While this project
The following strategic initiatives            was completed in 2018, it will
have been identified as critical to the        continue to inform the development
School’s success over the coming               and implementation of strategy
decade and worthy of prioritisation in         over the decade.
the 2019-2021 Triennium:


Teaching and Learning is the engine room of the School. Academic Excellence
is essential for the School’s ongoing success. Consequently, the priorities for the
2019-2021 Triennium include attracting and retaining high quality staff through
the continuing development of The King’s Institute.

W     e will seek to improve our
      online offerings and presence
and explore opportunities in food security
                                                •	Develop  the technological capability to
                                                    enable academic data to better inform
                                                    teaching and learning.
                                                                                                The King’s Institute Initiative:
                                                                                                •	Enhancement   of Teaching and
                                                                                                    Learning and Professional Practice.
and languages.                                  •	Commence      designing and build a          •	Develop opportunities for staff
                                                    new Centre for Thought Leadership               development and leadership.
“We are one school, with three
                                                    that brings together English, History,
campuses. Thus, Tudor House will                                                                •	Buildpartnerships with parents
                                                    Philosophy, Biblical Studies and
continue to be top of mind through the                                                              and universities.
                                                    Languages into an inter-disciplinary
implementation of the Tudor House                                                               •	Furtherdevelop mentoring
                                                    teaching and learning facility to replace
Business Plan.”                                                                                     and coaching.
                                                    the old science building.
                                                                                                •	Teacher growth and
The following strategic initiatives have been   •	Commence    designing, development
                                                                                                    development program.
identified as significant for the School’s          and building of STEAM Quadrangle,
success over the coming decade and                  to complete Education Precinct.             •	Develop  high levels of teacher
worthy of prioritisation in the                                                                     accreditation.
2019-2021 Triennium:                            Languages Initiative:
                                                                                                King’s Online Initiative:
                                                •	Immersion   and multi-modal language
Global Certification Initiative:                    (French, German, Chinese & Indonesian)      •	King’s  On-line – Content Management
•	Develop    Business Case for                                                                     System, Learning Management System
                                                •	Language    exchange programs and
    International Baccalaurete.                                                                     and intercampus communication.
                                                    strengthen languages with the view
                                                    to meeting the requirements of the          •	Student/Staff/Parent     portals.
•	Continue  to support and develop
    current VET programs. Explore and               International Baccalaurete.
                                                                                                Food Security Initiative:
    develop business case for offering
                                                Libraries Initiative:                           •	Paddock  to Plate – continue to develop
    courses in-house for Primary Industries,
    Construction, Food Tech & Hospitality       •	ICT  and Libraries restructure. Following        Tudor House program. Consider a
    through auspicing.                              the appointment of a Director of                Paddock to Plate coordinator role with
                                                    Knowledge Services, integrate ICT               new TKS catering contract.
•	Explore a VET leadership course for
                                                    and Library services to take advantage      •	Explore   and develop food security
    Cadet Corps.
                                                    of economies of scale and to improve            initiatives in PYP programs.
Academic Excellence Initiative:                     service provision.                          •	Strengthen and expand the
•	Staffing structure and allocations to                                                           School’s Agriculture programs
                                                Tudor House initiative:                             and involvement.
    attract and retain high quality staff.
                                                •	Implement    Tudor House Business Plan.
•	Tutoringexpansion – Boarding and
                                                •	Tudor   House PYP Accreditation.
    Day houses.
•	Scholarship program to be reviewed
   towards a fully funded model.


The First Triennium


C    haracter Development is a
     unique value proposition of
The King’s School. Along with Academic
                                          The priorities for the 2019-2021 Triennium
                                          feature a shift in emphasis in the School’s
                                                                                        Leadership and Character Initiative:
                                                                                        •	The   King’s Certificate – Scope and
                                          sports program from one of administration        Sequence. This initiative seeks to map
Excellence, The King’s School is          to one of coaching and development.              all the School’s offerings in intellectual,
distinctive for its unique approach to    This is accompanied with a growth and            physical, emotional, social and spiritual
Leadership and Character Development      development of the School’s outdoor              development.
– one that is predicated on a Christian   education offerings in Cadets and Duke of
                                                                                        •	Director
                                                                                                  of Leadership and Character
vision for humanity as shaped by the      Edinburgh Program. The emphasis here
School’s unique Australian context.       will be on the mentoring of every student
                                                                                        •	Distributed    Leadership.
                                          to be the best they can be.
                                                                                        •	Service Learning Program
                                          These initiatives are complemented by the        (Incl. Overseas Tours).
                                          building of an indoor sports centre and
                                          outdoor education precinct, as well as the    Outdoor Education Initiative:
                                          encouragement of a number of sporting         •	Develop   Outdoor Education Facilities
                                          associations such as football, basketball        – unique to TKS. The program and
                                          and tennis.                                      facilities mean that TKS is able to offer
                                                                                           all the benefits of an outdoor residential
Captured by the                           The appointment of a Director for                education program without having to
                                          Leadership and Character Development
School’s motto, Fortiter                                                                   leave Parramatta. Thus, boys remain for
                                          is important to the coordination of sports       sport during Year 9 etc.
et Fideliter, Bravely                     and outdoor education development
                                                                                        •	Kahiba,Cadets, D of E / Outdoor
and Faithfully, the                       as contributing meaningfully and
                                                                                           Education Expansion.
                                          purposefully to the educational
School’s approach                         development of each student.                  •	Staffing    structure and allocations.

to Leadership and                                                                       •	Revisionand redevelopment of
                                          The School will complement these                 programs in Cadets and D of E.
Character Development                     initiatives with the development of staff
is contextualised by the                  and a continuous improvement culture in       Physical and Sports Development
                                          the School. The School’s performing arts      initiative:
adventure, adversity                      will also see some significant attention      •	Sports  Centre and Facilities
and mateship of sport                     through the building of a Performing             Development – Football, Rowing,
                                          Arts centre in the Preparatory School,           Athletics, Tennis.
and outdoor education,                    as well as a review and restructure of        •	Sportsphilosophy of coaching
while characterised by                    the secondary music and drama.                   and mentoring – Director of
faithfulness, integrity                   The following strategic initiatives
                                                                                           Sport Coaching.

and commitment of our                     have been identified as significant for       Performing Arts initiative:
                                          the School’s success over the coming
unique house based                        decade and worthy of prioritisation in
                                                                                        •	Preparatory     School Music facility.

pastoral care.                            the 2019-2021 Triennium:                      •	Senior
                                                                                                 Music and Drama Review
                                                                                           and Restructure.

                                                                                        People and Culture Initiative:
                                                                                        •	Staff   recruitment and retention.
                                                                                        •	Continuous      Improvement.
                                                                                        •	Talent    Management.
                                                                                        •	Personal     Growth Trajectories for Staff.


It is essential that we secure and
 strengthen those distinctives that are
foundational to our traditions.
                                              The priority we place
                                              on human flourishing
                                                                        We intend to enact changes in the areas of
                                                                        catering and food provision, so we will work
                                                                        with our partners and with the wider community
These include our unique Christian            and wellbeing will also   in ensuring that the fellowship of sharing a meal,
Community and culture, our unique                                       dining together, ensuring worthy and appropriate
village context, our residential education,
                                              be prominent with         celebrations of that which we have achieved and
and our fellowship around meals               the development of a      that which is good within the School are at
and celebrations.
                                              school-wide program       the core of community.

Our focus here is on the strengthening        involving students,       The following strategic initiatives have
of the School’s unique community                                        been identified as significant for the School’s
context by enhancing the cultural and
                                              staff and parents.
                                                                        success over the coming decade and worthy
physical identity of our geographic place.                              of prioritisation in the 2019-2021 Triennium:

We will place the School Chapel at                                      The Community Initiative:
the centre of regular church worship
                                                                        •	Establishment      of TKS Residents’ Association.
for House Chapel Services, King’s
Community Church Services, and                                          •	Signage  and wayfinding, including
weddings, baptisms and funerals                                             street naming and numbering.
through improved Chapel amenities                                       •	Development    of concept and business plan
and a pavilion.                                                             for the Heritage Precinct.

                                                                        •	Preserving  and celebrating our unique history
                                                                            and tradition.

                                                                        •	Strengthening   and supporting stakeholder
                                                                            relationships with Old Boys, and school families.

                                                                        Chaplaincy Initiative:
                                                                        •	Chaplaincy    Staffing and Program.
                                                                        •	Chaplaincy    Place – Student Centre.
                                                                        •	Chapel    Amenities and Pavilion.
                                                                        •	Community Chaplain –
                                                                            King’s Community Church.

                                                                        Human Flourishing Initiative:
                                                                        •	Director
                                                                                   of Wellbeing – Positive Education
                                                                        •	Staff,   student and parent wellbeing.

                                                                        Catering Initiative:
                                                                        •	Improve    the food and dining experience.
                                                                        •	Explore    alternative food outlets.
                                                                        •	Aligning  catering with the educational
                                                                            priorities of the School.

                                                                        Boarding Initiative:
                                                                        •	Occasional    boarding.
                                                                        •	Develop    Business Case for House Clustering.
                                                                        •	More     Day/Boarding integration.
                                                                        •	Full   Boarding.
                                                                        •	Explore    extended day scheduling.


The First Triennium


The King’s School has one      This will be complemented by               Knowledge Services Initiative:
                               improvements in finance and
of the largest operational     administration, productivity
                                                                          •	ICT,
                                                                                  Libraries and Analytics
                                                                              Restructure and Development.
support teams of any           improvements in property and
                                                                          •	Development of ICT infrastructure
school in the world. It is     maintenance, and an overhaul of
                                                                              to accommodate cloud-based
                               the School’s approach to ICT as a
important that we review       strategic driver within the broader
                                                                              technologies and BYO.

our governance, our            context of Knowledge Services.             Property Initiative:
finance and administration,    The School will also explore               •	Master  Planning by Precinct to
                                                                              better manage the School’s asset
our property services, and     alternative approaches to the
                                                                              burden as well as promote targeted
                               provision of quality transport for
our ICT services to ensure     its community.                                 philanthropic efforts.

that the School meets best     The following strategic initiatives have
                                                                          •	Productivity
                                                                                          Improvements for
                                                                              property and maintenance.
practice expectations.         been identified as significant for the
                               School’s success over the coming
The importance here is to      decade and worthy of prioritisation in
                                                                          Finance and Administration Initiative:
                                                                          •	Financialmanagement – KPMG
ensure that the School is      the 2019-2021 Triennium:                       modelling, mapping the asset
able to prioritise resources   Governance Initiative:
                                                                              burden, modelling the School’s
                                                                              value creation and value flow.
towards its Teaching and       •	Governance    audit and review.
                                                                          •	Productivityimprovements to
Learning activities.           •	Governance/Management                     property services.
                                   reporting and dashboards.
                               •	Compliance
                                             and Continuous               Transport Initiative:
                                   Improvement.                           •	Transport review (buses) and
                                                                              productivity improvements.


The School stands to         The School also seeks to broaden            The following strategic initiatives have been
strengthen enrolments        its metropolitan, regional and global       identified as significant for the School’s
                             enrolment bases.                            success over the coming decade and worthy
and philanthropic funding                                                of prioritisation in the 2019-2021 Triennium:
                             The initiatives in the Advancement
from a variety of sources    areas will see a broader interest in        Admissions Initiative:
should it improve its        sales, marketing and advancement            •	Regional   and Preparatory Enrolments.
                             across the School.
sales, marketing, and                                                    •	Use of school facilities outside of
advancement efforts.         The School will seek to strengthen              term time.
                             its regional and preparatory enrolment      •	Scholarships.
Engaging the School’s        programs and initiatives with the
broad and varied             appointment of a regional and preparatory   Advancement Initiative:
                             registrar. This will see the School’s       •	Associations,   OBU, Foundation.
community groups is          Registrar developing a more global          •   Parent Association.
critical to this exercise,   focus as well as exploring opportunities
                                                                         •   Community Database.
as people devote time,       for the School’s use of facilities
                             outside of term time for mission            The Future Fund Initiative:
money and energy to          based opportunities.
                                                                         •   Bequests.
their passions, and people   Advancement initiatives will target         •   Trust Funds.
are passionate about         funding for scholarships, the Heritage      •   Annual Giving.
                             Precinct of the School and ensure that
The King’s School.           the School’s database of Old Boys and
                                                                         •   Masterplan and Appeals.
                             other community members is up to            The Future Project Initiative:
                             date and functional. Advancement will
                                                                         •   The Future Project.
                             also work with the Foundation and the
                             various Associations of the School to
                             develop an intentional, sequenced and
                             cohesive strategy to enhance community
                             engagement and philanthropy.


Fortiter et Fideliter

“    On the eve of this global century, there has never
     been a time more poignant for the contribution
     of The King’s School as a Christian community
     to make an outstanding impact for the good of a

     global society.

T   he King’s School has
    courageously and
faithfully grown and
                                This strategic plan is but
                                another step in the centuries’
                                old history of The King’s School.
developed thought leaders       It is a plan that seeks to bring
of Christian character and      together and orient the hopes
integrity for almost 200        and aspirations of students, staff,
years. It was the School’s      parents and Old Boys towards the
founder, Bishop Broughton,      possibility of another 200 years.
who stated, “The education      Yet, while plans are easy, making
in The King’s School is not     them happen takes commitment,
for the exclusive benefit       resources, and hard work. Further,
of those upon whom it is        while this plan introduces some
bestowed but for that of the    new ideas and possibilities, may we
entire community.” It is the    always ensure that the distinctives

Old Boys as graduates of        that lie at the heart of a King’s

The King’s School who have      education continue to remain

carried this benefit for the    certain and foundational to who we
                                are and what we do as a Christian
entire community for more
                                educational community.
than 50 years. On the eve
of this global century, there   May God continue to bless
has never been a time more      The King’s School as a Christian
poignant for the contribution   community of courage
of The King’s School as a       and faithfulness.
Christian community to make
                                Mr Tony George
an outstanding impact for the
good of a global society.       THE KING’S SCHOOL



                               The education in The King’s School is not for
                              the exclusive benefit of those upon whom it is
                             bestowed, but for that of the entire community.
                                                        WILLIAM GRANT BROUGHTON, 1832


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     Cricos No: 02326F   —   The Council of The King’s School, ABN: 24 481 364 152           —   Incorporated by The King’s School Council Act 1893

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