Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - Excellent health care, every time - WA Health

Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - Excellent health care, every time - WA Health
Strategic Plan 2021–2025
Excellent health care, every time
Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - Excellent health care, every time - WA Health
                                                                               Artwork: Wetj (Emu)
                                                                               Dreaming. 'Wetj is a spirit
                                                                               bird, keeper of the Lore.' Male
                                                                               wetj hatches the eggs and
                                                                               minds the young.

                                                                               SMHS has been granted

Acknowledgement of Country and People................ 3                        permission from the artist to
                                                                               reproduce this artwork.

Message from the Board Chair
and Chief Executive ................................................. 4

Who we are at a glance............................................ 8

Snapshot of the SMHS community......................... 10

SMHS workforce.................................................... 10

Snapshot of the care given during 2019–2020........ 11

Our values and behaviours..................................... 12

Our vision............................................................... 16

Our priorities........................................................... 18

Key areas of focus in 2021..................................... 20

Monitoring our performance................................... 30
Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - Excellent health care, every time - WA Health
Acknowledgement of Country and People
    South Metropolitan Health Service respectfully acknowledges the Noongar people both
    past and present, the traditional owners of the land on which we work. We affirm our
    commitment to reconciliation through strengthening partnerships and continuing to work
    with Aboriginal peoples.

3                                                                                            3
Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - Excellent health care, every time - WA Health
Message from the Board Chair
    and Chief Executive
    On behalf of the South Metropolitan              Our new strategic plan covers a five
    Health Service (SMHS), we are extremely          year period, however we will re-evaluate
    proud to deliver our refreshed strategic         the priorities annually, allowing us the
    plan for January 2021–December 2025.             flexibility to be responsive to emerging
    Our vision over the next five years is to        opportunities in the health sector and
    continue to strengthen our reputation            challenging us to continuously discuss
    in the delivery of safe, high quality clinical   and assess how we are performing as a
    care and achieve our vision of “excellent        Health Service Provider.

    health care, every time”.
                                                     The strategic plan supports SMHS’
    Five key strategic priorities have served        responsibilities under the Sustainable          We would like to
    to anchor our organisation since the             Health Review to prioritise the delivery
                                                                                                acknowledge the unwavering
    launch of our inaugural strategic plan in        of patient-centred, high quality and
    2017. These strategic pillars will continue      financially sustainable health care.       dedication of the SMHS
    to guide us over the next five years as
                                                     We have thoughtfully selected our          workforce, without whom we
    we further strengthen our engagement
    with patients, families, staff and the
                                                     significant priority areas for the first   could not deliver our vision.”
                                                     year of this plan which are focussed on
    community we serve to design and
                                                     transformational change through major
    improve the delivery of our services.                                                                    Adjunct Associate Professor
                                                     projects that will sustain the growing                   Robyn Collins, Board Chair
                                                     SMHS population.                                   and Paul Forden, Chief Executive

Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - Excellent health care, every time - WA Health
Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - Excellent health care, every time - WA Health
In this plan we aim to:                             government, industry and the         strategic objectives over the next
                                                        Commonwealth to make the health      five years will be the momentum for
       Continue to deliver the safest                  care journey more transparent and    significant change that will positively
        and highest quality clinical care               easy to navigate for patients.       position us for the future.
        possible by implementing area-
                                                     Invest in digital transformation       We would like to acknowledge the
        wide safety improvement programs
                                                      technologies that will significantly   unwavering dedication of the SMHS
        that aim towards zero harm of our
                                                      change how we work,                    workforce, without whom we could not
                                                      communicate and provide efficient      deliver our objectives and achieve our
       Invest in our people through a                services.
        variety of organisational programs                                                   vision of “excellent health care,
                                                     Establish revolutionary research       every time”.
        that will build the capabilities of the
                                                      and development opportunities in
        workforce, encourage a positive                                                      We call upon each person reading this
                                                      partnership with our patients that
        and sustainable workforce culture                                                    plan to identify a role you can take on to
                                                      will enable us to drive outcomes
        and lead us towards being a                                                          help ensure its success.
                                                      that positively impact on the care
        fearless organisation that is open
                                                      we provide.
        and engaging.
       Connect with consumers across             As a result of SMHS’ responsible           Adjunct Associate
        the SMHS catchment area by                financial management, we have              Professor Robyn Collins
        providing opportunities for active        effectively managed our finances and       Board Chair
        engagement and involvement                are now on a sustainable trajectory
        in our health services to drive           that allows the flexibility to invest in
        service improvements and hold us          these future strategic initiatives that    Paul Forden
        accountable.                              are integrated, future-focussed and        Chief Executive
       Pursue partnerships with high             evidence-based and most importantly,
        performing international hospitals,       provide the best possible outcome for
        the broader WA public health              the communities we serve.
        system, general practice and
                                                  Now that we have established a solid
        primary health sectors, private
                                                  foundation for our health service, our
        providers, consumers, local

Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - Excellent health care, every time - WA Health
“   A ground breaking study
                                                                                    has found pre-screening of
                                                                                   patients’ blood is improving
                                                                                    post-surgery outcomes and
                                                                                   reducing hospital admission

FSH clinicians, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Western
Australia, examined for the first time both the clinical and economic impacts of
pre-screening clinics to determine if patients awaiting surgery had anaemia or
low iron stores.
Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - Excellent health care, every time - WA Health

    Who we are                                                              FSH
                                                                                   FH                            Fremantle

    at a glance                                                                                                      Murdoch

    SMHS provides hospital and community-based services                          Garden Island

    to quarter of WA’s population within nine local
    government areas as well as WA Country Health Service
    patients from Great Southern, South West, Southern                     RGH
    Wheatbelt and Goldfields. We also provide community
    services to the broader metropolitan area.

    SMHS provides clinical care at:
          Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH)
          Fremantle Hospital (FH)                                                           Mandurah
          Murray District Hospital (MDH)
          Peel Health Campus (PHC)
          Rockingham General Hospital (RGH)                                                                              Pinjarra
          Rottnest Island Nursing Post (RINP)
          Community health services


                                                                                                 Lake Clifton

                                                                                                                                               Nanga Brook
                                                                             Preston Beach
                                           10      5     0          10km

8                                                      Great Southern                 South West                     Goldfields                  Southern Wheatbelt
Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - Excellent health care, every time - WA Health
We offer a range of highly              Our community services
specialised multi-disciplinary          include:
services including:
                                           subacute services
   medical                                rehabilitation
   surgical                               health promotion
   emergency                              public health services.
   cancer care
                                        Among the range of highly specialist
   intensive and high dependency
                                        clinical and support services, our
                                        network of hospitals and community-
   mental health, alcohol and          based health services work closely with
    other drug services, including      our community partners including GPs,
    community mental health             local government, population health
   obstetric and neonatal              services and community providers to
   paediatrics                         enhance the recovery and rehabilitation
   radiology.                          outcomes of our patients and clients.

We also provide the following
superspecialist services:
   adult burns
   hyperbaric
   statewide rehabilitation centre
   heart, lung and renal transplants
   bone marrow transplants
   haemophilia and haemostasis.

                                                             Community services provides allied
                                                             health therapy for patients at home.
                                                               The rehabilitation in home service
                                                             facilitates early supported discharge
                                                                        from hospitals for patients.

Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - Excellent health care, every time - WA Health
Snapshot of the                                                                    SMHS
     SMHS community                                                                     workforce
      SMHS catchment
      has an estimated population of:
                                                   Life expectancy                                                22%
                                                           in the SMHS catchment is

      657,827                   people,                    82.5               years
                                                                                             staff employed

                                                              for   males   and

           WA’s population                                 86.3for   females


                people account for                                                      Age profile of
       of the SMHS population base
                                                  due tochronic conditions

                                               could have potentially been prevented
Snapshot of the care given during 2019–2020
Our emergency departments treated in excess of       Our surgical teams performed                           The baby boom continued

204,000                patients.
                                                     than37,000                elective
                                                                                                            more than 5,500
                                                     and 14,700                                             babies born during
                                                                                                            the year.
                                                     emergency surgeries.

                                                                                                            71     of these deliveries
                                                                                                                  were multiple births.
        More than  42,000
      emergency patients were children
        aged between 0 and 15 years.                                                          149       patients had their lives
                                                                                              changed by receiving a transplant:
                                                      Our intensive care teams treated

More than
                                                     more than   3,000          patients.
people attended in excess of

614,000                                                                                            9                     13
outpatient appointments.                                                                    heart transplants      lung transplants

                                     In excess of

                           122,000                   More than   162,000                          36                     91
                 occasions of care were provided     people were discharged from our             kidney             bone marrow
                      via telehealth or telephone.       hospitals during the year.           transplants            transplants.

Our values and behaviours

     Care                                                          Integrity
     We provide compassionate care to the patient, their carers    We are accountable for our actions and always act with
     and family. Caring for patients starts with caring for our    professionalism.
                                                                   Ngalak accountable ngaalang warn wer kalyakoorl yaka-l
     Ngalak yoongi karadjiny patient-ak, baalabiny wer moort.      doora kartaga.
     Karadjiny patientak moolyak kaaradjiny ngaalang staff
                                                                   We demonstrate INTEGRITY when we:
     We demonstrate CARE when we:
                                                                      act honestly, truthfully and transparently
        provide an environment that empowers the patient,            are accountable and take responsibility for our
         their carers and family to openly and freely contribute       actions and decisions
         to their care and treatment                                  recognise when we get it wrong and disclose it as
        talk with, listen and respond to the patient, carers          early as possible
         and family                                                   are consistent, fair and equitable in our interactions
        show empathy and understanding to patients, their             and decision making
         carers and family and the situation they are dealing         consider how our individual actions and decisions will
         with in a non-judgmental manner                               impact on others and the health service.
        focus on the patient and staff experience.

Respect                                                       Excellence
We welcome diversity and treat each other with dignity.       We embrace opportunities to learn and continuously
Ngalak wandjoo goordawi wer noordo yennar warma-al
kaaratj.                                                      Ngalak barang wilyan kaadadj wer kalyakoorl kwobabiny.

We demonstrate RESPECT when we:                               We demonstrate EXCELLENCE when we:

   embrace cultural and professional diversity in our           give our absolute best as individuals and teams in
    interactions and decisions                                    everything we do
   acknowledge and appreciate the service and care              support opportunities for teaching, training, research
    being delivered                                               and innovation
   appreciate the opinions, contribution, experience and        actively seek new ideas and approaches and share
    knowledge of all staff                                        them across the service
   communicate with honesty and openness, share                 accept challenges and work proactively to deliver
    information and are responsive with feedback                  improvements
   listen to different points of view and incorporate when      consistently meet safety and quality standards
    and where appropriate, and provide feedback when             make effective and efficient use of available
    we cannot.                                                    resources.

care            integrity

                                                              kaaradj                                 ngwidam
     We recognise the importance of teams and together
     work collaboratively and in partnership.

     Ngalak kaadadj yardi of teams wer dandjoo yaka

     We demonstrate TEAMWORK when we:
                                                                             mengambil berat           诚信
        work across boundaries to develop
         relationships, partnerships and share
        listen to the views of others to reach agreement
        are aware of our own individual behaviour and
         how it impacts on others
        communicate clearly and respectfully with each
        support and encourage others to develop
         knowledge, skills and behaviours
                                                            compassione          ‫یزوسلد‬
        actively participate and seek information on our
         health service and its performance.

teamwork   yaka -dandjoo

integritet                                     menghormati                         团队合作

             ‫یراک قالخا‬                                     respect                    kecemerlangan

sincero                                          kaaratj                         excellence        beli-beli

                                     rispetto                                                                  xuất sắc

                          ‫ندرک کرد‬              tôn trọng                       pengetahuan

                                      ‫مارتحا‬                                            cooperazione                 15
Our vision
     Excellent health care, every time
     To be an excellent health service where we focus on our patients’ journey and experience, staff members’
     engagement, clinical and financial performance.

     This will be achieved through our five strategic priorities:

                    Excellence in the
                                                                                 Provide a great patient
                    delivery of safe, high
                    quality clinical care.

                                                     health care,
        Achieve a productive and                                                      Engage, develop and
        innovative organisation                      every time                       provide opportunities for
        which is environmentally                                                      our workforce.
        and financially sustainable.

                                              Strengthen relationships with
                                              our community and partners.
Excellence in the delivery of safe, high quality clinical care.
SMHS provides consistent high quality care through the use of endorsed service models and by minimising
variations in care. We consistently strive for the highest level of safe care aiming towards a zero harm patient safety
culture. SMHS aims to generate a culture of continuous improvement where research, innovation and redesign are
encouraged and celebrated.

Provide a great patient experience.
SMHS places the patient and their family at the centre of the decision making process. We ensure equity of access
to care with a focus on minority groups and the provision of culturally sensitive care. We ensure patients and their
families are effectively and transparently communicated with throughout their journey. We aim to provide exceptional
customer service, which is flexible and responsive, to ensure the best possible experience for patients and our

Engage, develop and provide opportunities for our workforce.
SMHS aims to create an environment of respect and empowerment within a culture of accountability, trust and
transparency. SMHS focuses on developing a culture that maintains a highly engaged and satisfied workforce as
well as creating a safe workplace that promotes health and wellbeing. A key component of this priority is identifying,
developing and embedding Aboriginal employment opportunities and career planning at all levels.

Strengthen relationships with our community and partners.
By engaging with the community, SMHS can better define and deliver health services required to appropriately meet
the health and wellbeing needs of the local population. SMHS aims to optimise existing partnerships and explore
new opportunities for innovative alliances both within and outside of health care.

Achieve a productive and innovative organisation which is environmentally
and financially sustainable.
SMHS strives to optimise the efficient use of our people and physical resources, including maintaining a sustainable
financial position. We empower our staff to improve productivity and quality, ensuring that they have the required
skills and tools to understand their business.

 Fremantle Hospital Pharmacy’s focus is the safe and
     effective use of medicine, providing both inpatient and
     outpatient services to patients.

                                                               Our priorities
                                                               SMHS has developed a strategic plan
                                                               that provides a vision for five years but
                                                               as a rolling plan, enables us to consider
                                                               the priorities and actions each year to
                                                               continue to successfully deliver projects
                                                               that have a transformational impact on the
                                                               communities we serve.

                                                               The key goals listed have been identified
                                                               by the SMHS Board and Executive team
                                                               as actions that will be undertaken by our
                                                               organisation over the next five years in
                                                               addition to business as usual objectives.
                                                               Some will be key areas of focus in 2021
                                                               and others will be explored in 2021 and
                                                               undertaken in future years.

                                                               Each year, this rolling strategic plan and
                                                               those strategic projects within the plan will
                                                               be reviewed and critically evaluated on their
                                                               impact, relevance and currency. This will
                                                               ensure that SMHS has an up-to-date plan
                                                               for the coming years based on a current
                                                               analysis of the needs of our population,
                                                               environment and opportunities. A
                                                               fundamental review of the SMHS strategic
                                                               plan will occur after five years, in 2026.

The current strategic priorities and goals identified for 2021‒25 are:

                                                                                                         Achieve a productive
                                                                                Strengthen               and innovative
Excellence in the                                   Engage, develop and         relationships with       organisation which is
delivery of safe, high    Provide a great patient   provide opportunities       our community and        environmentally and
quality clinical care     experience                for our workforce           partners                 financially sustainable

Implement a clinical      Implement a community Rollout SMHS                    Explore and develop      Reduce the impact the
excellence unit           membership scheme     leadership development          twinning opportunities   organisation has on the
                                                program                                                  environment

Empower our people        Deliver an outpatient     Implement an equity,        Strengthen engagement    Establish a research
to be innovative in our   reform program            diversity and inclusion     with GPs and primary     and development
safety improvement                                  plan                        care                     biobank
and continuous
improvement program

Implement a               Educate patients to       Develop an                  Collaborate with         Develop / enhance
deteriorating patient     improve outcomes for      organisational              schools to support       information to decision
command centre            surgery                   development framework       career pathways for      makers
                                                    that leads us towards       local high school
                                                    being an open and           students
                                                    engaging organisation
Establish a single                                                              Build business
point for referrals to                                                          partnerships with the
community subacute                                                              industry sector
                                                    Develop a professional      Develop robust
Partner with key                                    role diversification plan   corporate professional
stakeholders to improve                                                         relationships and
community access to                                                             collaborations with
acute mental health                                                             tertiary institutions
services                                                                                                                           19
Key areas of focus in 2021
     Below are our specific goals for 2021 and the planned actions we will undertake.l

                 Excellence in the delivery of safe, high quality clinical care.

       Implement a clinical
                                              The effective delivery of health services is   In collaboration with senior clinicians,
       excellence unit
                                              premised on a motivated and engaged            we will develop agreed data sets and
                                              clinical workforce. The implementation         audit capability to monitor specialty and
                                              of a clinical excellence unit means that       clinician performance with the aim of
                                              we can proactively and positively engage       minimising patient harm and reducing
                                              our senior clinicians to identify excellence   unwarranted variations in health care. In
                                              and opportunities for improvement which        early 2021, we will begin by recruiting
                                              feed into the senior medical practitioner      staff to the Clinical Excellence Unit with
                                              performance review process and five            a view to having the unit fully operational
                                              yearly re-credentialing cycle.                 by the third quarter of 2021.

       Empower our people
       to be innovative in our                With clinical governance now well              care, health care associated infections
                                              established across SMHS, we will               and preventable deaths. In 2021, we
       safety improvement
                                              move our focus to implementing further         will develop a clear roadmap including
       and continuous quality                 proactive area-wide safety improvement         identification of key focus areas for
       improvement program                    and quality improvement programs to            the Safety Improvement and Quality
                                              build staff skills and capability, thereby     Improvement programs.
                                              reducing patient harm, variation in

    Fiona Stanley Hospital’s Family Birthing Centre welcomed babies
                                                                                       and families back to celebrate the centre’s first birthday.
                                                                                       There were 189 babies born in the centre in its first year.

       Provide a great patient experience

Implement a community
                             Creating the ability for members of the         across SMHS leading to increased
membership scheme
                             public across the SMHS’ catchment               collaboration around priority issues and
                             to engage in a SMHS community                   a shared commitment to improving
                             membership scheme will provide                  community health. In 2021, we will
                             opportunities for active engagement and         review how other organisations engage
                             design in our health service.                   their consumers, and develop a terms of
                                                                             reference for the membership group with
                             A membership scheme will allow the
                                                                             a view to seeking expressions of interest
                             community to be part of the conversation
                                                                             to join the group from the community by
                             regarding the delivery of health services
                                                                             the end of 2021.

Provide a great patient experience

     Deliver an outpatient
                                   SMHS will transform the outpatient            operational process improvements;
     reform program
                                   health care experience by delivering          innovation promotion and adoption;
                                   reform that improves access to specialist     continuous data quality improvement
                                   services and provides our patients            and ensuring clear program reporting
                                   with greater choice in how they attend        and accountability. This will lead to
                                   outpatient appointments. The outpatient       a reduction in wait times and the
                                   reform program will develop and enact         number of referrals waiting longer than
                                   a suite of activities with key areas of       recommended for a first attended
                                   focus to include: pioneering the use          appointment across SMHS sites.
                                   of digital technologies to improve
                                   service quality and deliver efficiencies;

     Educate patients to
                                   Ensuring our patients have appropriate        (e.g. smoking cessation, reducing alcohol
     improve outcomes for
                                   informed expectations of physical, social     consumption, increasing exercise,
     surgery                       and psychological impacts from their          managing any co morbidities) leading
                                   surgery, including robust integration and     to a reduction in hospital acquired
                                   review of the Goals of Patient Care at all    complication rates and a reduction in
                                   stages of the patient journey, will deliver   patient length of stay.
                                   better patient outcomes.
                                                                                 The LifeFit-SurgFit program with
                                   The LifeFit-SurgFit program will optimise     preoperative, intraoperative and post-
                                   and prepare patients for surgery by           operative pathways for general surgery
                                   supporting and addressing lifestyle           patients will be implemented in the first
                                   improvements with the patient                 half of 2021.

“    In 2021 our efforts will
                                                                           be on progressing the
                                                                       substantial programs of work
                                                                      to enact our vision of “Excellent
                                                                         health care, every time”..”

 Rockingham General Hospital’s experienced and friendly
midwives and obstetric care team provide the highest level of care.
Engage, develop and provide opportunities for our workforce.

     Rollout SMHS leadership
                                   Having a workforce supported by              and sustainable leadership culture for the
     development program
                                   effective leadership can positively          future.
                                   influence patient and healthcare
                                                                                In 2021 we will extend the ‘Care to Lead’
                                   organisational outcomes.
                                                                                program to include people leaders at all
                                   In 2020, SMHS launched the ‘Care to          levels, ensuring we continue to develop
                                   Lead’ pilot program designed to develop      the leadership capability of our workforce
                                   our frontline and emerging operational       in higher and executive leadership roles.
                                   leaders as the foundation for a positive

     Implement an equity,
                                   The development of the SMHS Equity,          staff experience a sense of belonging
     diversity and inclusion
                                   Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2020-2023 is    and inclusion in the work environment.
     plan                          an integral part of SMHS’ commitment to      In 2021, we will focus on increasing
                                   diversifying, recognising and encouraging    the number of vocational training that
                                   inclusivity. The plan aims to increase       SMHS participates in, targeting diversity
                                   diversity and inclusivity in the workplace   groups such as cadetships, traineeship,
                                   by increasing the representation of          graduate and other employment based
                                   people from different backgrounds at         training pathways and programs.
                                   all levels across SMHS and ensuring all

Engage, develop and provide opportunities for our workforce.

Develop an
                            An organisational development                 excellent patient care. We can do this by
                            framework is key to transformation            developing and aligning the behaviours
development framework       across SMHS. It allows us to assess our       and performance of our people.
that leads us towards       organisational culture, identify agents
                                                                          In 2021, we will complete cultural
being an open and           for change and design optimisation
                                                                          benchmarking and work towards
engaging organisation       programs that will build a positive culture
                                                                          developing a two-year culture
                            and one that supports our workforce to
                                                                          optimisation roadmap of people
                            be fearless; that is, open and engaging.
                                                                          engagement and culture-based initiatives
                            It is essential that we effectively lead      that drive performance effectiveness
                            and manage change, innovate and work          across SMHS.
                            towards transformation in the delivery of

Strengthen relationships with our community and partners.

     Explore and develop
                                  As a major health care provider in          care professionals gain insight from
     twinning opportunities
                                  Western Australia, SMHS contributes         knowledgeable and experienced health
                                  to sharing clinical excellence expertise    care professionals to explore methods of
                                  and practice and leading innovative         improving diagnosis, treatment and care
                                  models of care. Developing a sustainable    to our patients. By the end of 2021, we
                                  international twinning partnership and      will secure a twinning partnership with a
                                  strategic alliance with one of the top      distinguished global hospital and develop
                                  global hospitals will mean our health       a program that ensures mutual benefit.

                                  There are opportunities to improve formal   chronic disease and mental health, GP
     engagement with
                                  communication with GP practices,            education and shared care including
     GPs, non-government          non-government organisations, acute         co-designing GP education sessions in
     organisations and            and primary care services to identify       partnership with key stakeholders.
     primary care                 opportunities to improve the quality of
                                  referrals, access to clinical support and
                                  advice, and supporting the management
                                  of care in the community, including
                                  shared care. We will begin by identifying
                                  initiatives across the key focus areas of

Strengthen relationships with our community and partners.

Collaborate with schools
                              Providing our next generation with           In early 2021, we will have a plan
to support career
                              opportunities to gain insight into health    detailing SMHS-wide workplace
pathways for local high       care careers will create a pathway to        experience programs and initiatives such
school students               transition local high school students from   as innovation-focused virtual tours, a
                              school to work.                              SMHS job fair, health care influencer
                                                                           sessions, buddy up programs, volunteer
                              Introducing structured work placements
                                                                           programs and ‘a day in the life’, which
                              through initiatives such as the Get
                                                                           aim to attract the next generation of
                              Real Experience and Try Program
                                                                           health care employees.
                              (GREaT), will encourage enrolments
                              in health specific and non-degree
                              courses, such as Support Services and
                              Assistant in Nursing, that will support
                              future workforce planning and address
                              professional workforce shortages.

    Fiona Stanley Hospital Intensive Care Unit

                                                  “   Seeing patients recover
                                                  after a long stay, overcome
                                                   a critical illness and take
                                                   ownership of their care is
                                                       very rewarding .”

Achieve a productive and innovative organisation which is
        environmentally and financially sustainable.

Reduce the impact the
                              SMHS is committed to global efforts         sustainability via a stakeholder
organisation has on the
                              to reduce the impact the health             engagement and communications plan,
environment.                  care sector has on the environment.         drive implementation of initiatives by
                              Following the development of the            establishing functional Site Sustainability
                              SMHS Environmental Sustainability           Interest Groups, develop a Green
                              Framework, our focus now shifts to          Ambassador program and participate
                              embedding and operationalising the          as an active contributor to state and
                              Framework. In 2021, SMHS will foster        national environmental sustainability
                              cultural change around environmental        forums.

Establish a research and
development biobank.          SMHS will be exploring opportunities        contribute to improving their clinical care
                              to develop a biorepository platform         and to sign up and become involved in
                              to collect and store specimens and          research projects.
                              materials that will assist our passionate
                                                                          In 2021, we will explore opportunities
                              research community to drive system-
                                                                          to facilitate collaboration with key
                              wide change and develop revolutionary
                                                                          partners that can enable access for
                              outcomes that will positively impact the
                                                                          SMHS researchers to the use of “open
                              community. SMHS aims to cultivate a
                                                                          specimen” platforms.
                              positive perception of a biorepository
                              which sees all patients motivated to

Monitoring our
     The strategic plan is a living document as we
     operate in a changing environment. Regular
     review and monitoring is necessary as it allows
     for the identification and evaluation of internal
     and external factors impacting on our strategic

     Accountability of implementation and
     delivering the strategic plan lies with the Chief
     Executive supported by the executive group.
     Demonstrated success towards achievement
     of the strategic priorities will be closely tracked
     and evaluated by the Board on a quarterly

     Successfully delivering our strategic priorities
     and goals will mean we are ensuring our
     community is receiving the best possible health
     care which is changing the lives of our patients,
     and our staff feel supported, engaged and
     proud to be a part of our agency.

        Fiona Stanley Hospital’s theatres.

South Metropolitan Health Service
                                                                                       Fiona Stanley Hospital, Administration Building,
                                                                                  Second Floor, 14 Barry Marshall Parade, Murdoch WA 6150
                                                                                    Postal address: Locked Bag 100 Palmyra DC WA 6961

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