Stratford High School - Photos from around the school this month - December 2020

Stratford High School - Photos from around the school this month - December 2020
December 2020
                      High School

                                         around the
                                         school this

Stratford High School: Vol20 Issue 6
Stratford High School - Photos from around the school this month - December 2020
Junior Cans for
                                                                                                   The junior students had a
                                                                                                   mufti day as part of their last
                                                                                                   week of school. With lots of
                                                                                                   enthusiasm the junior student
                                                                                                   council members collected
                                                                                                   the cans and had a total of
                                                                                                   approximately 1000 items
                                                                                                   donated. These items will go
                                                                                                   to the Stratford Foodbank
                                                                                                   in time for Christmas. Mrs
                                                                                                   Walker offered a chocolate
                                                                                                   cake to the form class who
                                                                                                   had the highest average per
                                                                                                   student. This was given to
                                                                                                   Mrs Lightoller’s form class in
                                                                                                   appreciation of their efforts.
                                                                                                   Wendy Walker, TIC Student

2020 Peak Hot off the Press
Veni Vidi Vici
Peak 2020 is a record of an extraordinary year of
challenges and change within our school. Many thanks to
the staff and students for their contributions, participation
and support. A big shout out to Razz Print for pushing
boundaries and allowing us to deliver our magazine to the
students on book day.
Students who have paid the school donation can collect
their magazine from the school office while it is open.
Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.
Suzanne Blackwell, TIC Peak

It was a great way to end the year. Thank you to Caroline and Dave Armitstead for their generosity in allowing all the Te
Rangimārie team to visit their farm. They really spoilt us, not only with farm activities but also doughnuts, iceblocks (courtesy of
Fonterra), home baking, fresh cows milk out of the vat and fruit. On other days we watched movies, went out for lunch, splashed
around at the pool in New Plymouth, had a ball at Naki Nitro and wandered around Pukekura Park. We ended the week with
shared lunch with whanau and farewelled our three leavers, Danny Kendall, Pauline Burgess and Nicole Dawinan. Thanks to all
our whanau for their support this year.       Tracey Herewini-Davis and Jeanette Bell
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Stratford High School - Photos from around the school this month - December 2020
From the Principal’s Desk
Kia ora koutou katoa,

What a term! We have managed to squeeze a lot into Term 4 and can be proud of our efforts.
NCEA examinations have been and gone and staff and students now wait patiently for the
results to be published in January.

Our Senior Prizegiving was a highlight of the term, as it is every year. Having Jacinda Ardern
arrive part way through and joining us to present the Prime Minister’s Excellence Award for Vocational Pathways, Proxime
Accessit and then Dux was something we will all remember for some time. Her willingness to wait behind to have photos with
those who wished to have them with her (and there were plenty), was a lovely touch and enjoyed by all.

At Senior Prizegiving, I had the privilege of announcing Duncan Sheed and Ella Hussey as our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2021.
The process was comprehensive, including an application, interview and then addressing the school. We know they will be great
role models for our community and look forward to them leading our school in the new year.

Our Year 13 students were farewelled at the annual leavers’ dinner and it was a lovely opportunity to acknowledge their time at
school, as well as the contribution they have made to the success of Stratford High School. We wish them all well and know they
are well set up to approach the real world with the skills for success.

Next year begins in February, with our Year 9 and 13 students in on the Tuesday 2 February. All other year levels then join them
on Wednesday 3 February. Information about our uniform, stationery requirements and key dates
and timings will be available on our website from early January.

Congratulations to all students on their efforts throughout an interesting year and thank you to the
parents and whanau who supported us in our endeavours. I wish you all a happy and safe festive
season and will look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Nga mihi nui

Cameron Stone, Principal
NCEA                                                             SHS FACEBOOK PAGE
•       NCEA examinations finish at Stratford High School
                                                                 The official SHS Facebook page is “SHSTaranaki” and is updated
on Wednesday 9 December.
                                                                 regularly with photos, notices and reminders. You can use the
•       Any student who is shifting after the completion of
                                                                 hashtag @SHSTaranaki for our sports instagram page.
exams, must inform NZQA of their new address by December
18 (phone 0800 697 296 or email so
that exam papers can be sent to their new address.               HAVE YOU CHANGED
•       Provisional Results for 2020 will be able to be
accessed on-line by students through their individual student    YOUR CONTACT DETAILS?
login on the NZQA website in mid-January 2021 (Scholarship       Have you moved recently? Have you changed your phone number
exam results are not available until mid-February). Students     or email address recently? Please contact the school office and
will also learn of how many Learning Recognition Credits         update your details. It is very important we have the correct
they have earned from NZQA (These were additional                information for your child in case there is an emergency and we
credits to be awarded to students because of the COVID           need to contact you immediately. If any contact details change
lockdown earlier in the year and they are calculated and         throughout the year please let the school office know.
added to student 2020 results by NZQA) Notification of the
availability of Provisional Results will be via the NZQA         KEY DATES FOR 2021
website and the media.                                          The school office will close for the holiday break on Wednesday
•       Students will receive their examination papers in the   16 December 2020.
mail in late January 2021.                                      PTA Uniform sale on Friday 15 January 2021.
•       There is a period in early February 2021 in which       School office will open on Monday 18 January, 2021.
students can apply for a review or reconsideration of their     January 2021 onwards. The first copy is FREE.
exam results by NZQA. Information about this will come          •      Any leavers heading overseas can find information about
with returned exam papers and on-line with their results        specific country requirements in recognising NCEA on the NZQA
release.                                                        website.
•       Any late results completed before the end of February   Please contact Wayne Smith at school (7656039) up until
2021 (Summer School / Outside providers) will be included       Friday 11 December if you have any queries regarding NCEA
in students final results for 2020.                             matters.
•       Final results are confirmed in March 2021.              From the beginning of the school year in 2021, the new NCEA
•       Students can order a copy of their updated NZ Record    Principal’s Nominee at school will be Mr Dirk Vermeulen.
of Achievement (through their student login) from late          Wayne Smith, Principal’s Nominee
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Stratford High School - Photos from around the school this month - December 2020
Around the School:
It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to Stratford High School where I have worked as the
Library Manager for the past 9 years. During my time here I have had a vision for the Library
as an information hub where the environment supports learning and teaching and
encourages and enables students to become lifelong learners. I have aimed to create
a library culture in which diversity flourishes and where every person who walks
through the door feels safe and welcome. I would like to acknowledge all of the
student librarians whom I have worked with over the years and who have given
                                up their interval and lunch times to help promote
                                the library as it would not be the special place it is
                                without their input. I am also going to miss the energy
                                and unique insights these
                                young people bring to our
                                Library. Finally I would
                                like to say it has been a
                                privilege working with
                                such an amazing group
                                of people and I am sad to
                                say goodbye.
                                Emma Loveridge, Library

Term 1     Start: Monday 1st February (school open)          Monday 8th February: Waitangi Day observed
           Tuesday 2nd February (First day for Y9 & Y13)     Friday 5th March: Teacher Only Day
           Wednesday 3rd February (All students return)      Monday 8th March: Taranaki Anniversary
           Friday 5th February (Staff only day)              Thursday 18th March: Parent-Teacher Interviews Y9-13
           End: Friday 16th April                            Friday 2nd April: Good Friday
                                                             Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th: Easter Monday & Tuesday

Term 2     Start: Monday 3rd May                             Thursday 20th May: Teacher Only Day
           End: Friday 9th July                              Monday 7th June: Queen’s Birthday
                                                             w/c 7th June: Senior Assessment Week
                                                             Wednesday 7th July: Open Evening

Term 3     Start: Monday 26th July                           Tuesday 3rd August: Teacher Only Day
           End: Friday 1st October                           Thursday 5th August: Parent-Teacher Interviews Y9-13
                                                             Monday 6th September: Mid-term break
                                                             Wednesday 15th - Tuesday 21st September Y11-13 Practice Exams
                                                             Friday 1st October: Haka Competition

Term 4     Start: Monday 18th October                        Monday 25th October: Labour Day
           End: Thursday 16th December                       Wednesday 3rd November: Senior Prize Giving (12.30pm)
                                                             Monday 8th November: NCEA exams begin
                                                             Friday 12th November: Year 8 Orientation Day
                                                             Tuesday 30th November: Teacher Only Day
                                                             Friday 3rd December: Junior Prize Giving (11.30am)
                                                             Monday 6th December: Book Return
                                                             w/c 6th December: Activities Week Y9&10
                                                             Monday 13th December: Last day for Year 9/10 (midday)
                                                             Thursday 16th December: Last day for staff

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Stratford High School - Photos from around the school this month - December 2020
If you are a student and you have a concern:
 If your concern is             You should first see…. If not resolved                If not resolved, then .    And if still not
 about...                                                                                                        resolved….
 Your learning, e.g.            Your teacher               Subject HOD                Your form teacher and/     SLT member
 classwork & assessment                                                               or Dean
 A discipline problem, e.g.     The teacher who gave you   Your Dean                                             SLT member
 a detention                    the detention
 A pastoral issue, e.g.         Your form teacher          Guidance Counsellors: Whaea Jo or Liza                SLT member
 bullying, attendance                                      Your Dean
If you are a parent and you have a concern:
 If your concern is about...          You should first see…         If not resolved, then ...            And if still not resolved ...
 A learning problem, e.g.             The teacher, then the HOD     Mrs Ralph and Dr Taylor
 classwork and assessment             and your year level Dean      Deputy Principals
 A discipline problem, e.g. a         The Dean                      Mrs Ralph and Dr Taylor
 detention                                                          Deputy Principals
                                                                                                         Mr Stone, Principal
 A pastoral issue, e.g. bullying,     The Dean                      Liza Albers, Counsellors, Deputy
 attendance                                                         Principals
 A financial issue relating to any    Mrs Terry
 account or charge
At Stratford High School, our year level deans play an important role in the pastoral care of your sons and daughters. Please
phone 7656039 and leave a message for your child’s dean or email

The junior prizegiving was held on Tuesday 8 December and was a very successful event. Thank you to the whanau that came
to support our students on this very important day. Anina Loveridge and Kauby Ngatai-Northcott led the ceremony well. We
would like to thank Mr Kerr and Mr Smith who have given a trophy for Excellence in Social Studies and congratuations to the
inaugural winner Heidi Sextus. Zoe Pitcher is this year’s recipient of the Chadwick Trophy which awards a junior student for their
achievement, participation and overall contribution to the junior school.

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Stratford High School - Photos from around the school this month - December 2020
Term 4 has seen some sort of normality return to our TSSSA and sporting events. Whilst the senior students have been away
studying and sitting exams, our junior students have been busy with TSSSA Road Relays, Touch and Modified Sports Week.
Unfortunately, we had to cancel our Junior Exchange with Inglewood and the weather intervened with Junior Quick Rip so there
have still been issues with time constraints imposed by Covid-19.

It has been a challenging year with many postponements and reorganizing of events, only to find they would eventually be
cancelled. The students have been very understanding and just want to get out and about on the field or court.

Congratulations to all students who made representative teams and/
or attended national sporting events. Thank you to all our parents and
community members who have helped out this year with coaching,
management of teams and transporting them to and from their chosen
sports. Your support is very much appreciated.

We look forward to 2021 in the hope that we can function as normal and
full sporting activity can return. Thank you once again.
Philippa Smith, Sports Coordinator

Junior House Mid Year Awards:
Junior students have had a very long wait for the                 McAllister House:
presentation of the first half year junior house badges.          Cady Webb: Academic
These badges were introduced in 2007 and are awarded              Emily Orr: Academic
across 4 disciplines; Academic, Culture, Sport and                Maia Hussey: Cultural
Distinction. In order to be eligible for an award Y9 and 10       Coby Van Pelt: Cultural
students had to be nominated by their form class teacher          Bailey Ngataierua: Sport
or house leaders. The house awards are given out twice a          Cheyenne Ngataierua: Sport
year.                                                             Trimble House:
The junior report and other academic events like Maths            Judah Harvey: Academic
Week are consider for the academic award. Cultural                Angela Lumanglas: Academic
awards centre around Kapa Haka, speeches, music, drama,           Hannah Burroughs: Cultural
art and languages. Sport features commitment and attitude         Richard Drummond: Sport
as well as ability from either one sport or a wide range.         Max Edgecombe: Sport
The distinction award became the most highly sought               Jamalia Brown: Distinction
after as it represents the all-rounder who participated           Sophie Maddox: Distinction
enthusiastically, fairly, intelligently and skilfully in a wide   Tyrer House:
variety of events.                                                Ellie Brady: Academic
If a student has previously been awarded a badge, they            Matthew Jones: Academic
will be presented with a bar for attachment. For term 1 and       Hollie Eagar: Cultural
2 the following students will receive a house award.              Gus Waite: Distinction
Amess House:                                                      Heidi Sextus: Distinction
Jessica Harris: Academic                                          Skie Higgison: Sport
Ciara Staines-Hurley: Academic                                    James Smithson: Sport
Lara Abraham: Cultural                                            Congratulations to all
Arabella Barber: Cultural                                         students. Term 3 and 4 awards
Amber Cox: Sport                                                  were announced at junior
Neve Payne: Sport                                                 prizegiving.
Anina Loveridge: Distinction
Stratford High School - Photos from around the school this month - December 2020
NCEA Internal Subject Excellences 2020
Students studying NCEA this year can                Jessica Huston: Accounting (2), English (3)            Teina Toopi: Music
receive an excellence grade for their               Korban Johnson: Accounting (2), Science                Dylan Wyllie: English
                                                    Brianna Jury: Home Economics, Mathematics (3)          Hohepa Weston: Physical Education
internal assessments. Those students who            Sereima Lum: English (2), Physical Education           Holly Ratu: Physical Education
have achieved this for an internal during           Kaleb Robinson: English, Mathematics                   Lydia Barber: Chemistry, Physical Education
term three and four are acknowledged                Kelly Armitstead: English (3), Home Economics,         Tarin Nicholls: Chemistry, Music
below.                                              Science                                                Toni Cameron: Chemistry, English, Physics
                                                    Aimee Cook: English, Home Economics, Account-          Ella Hussey: Chemistry, Fabric Technology (2),
                                                    ing (2)                                                Physics
Level 1                                             Alexandra McGeoch: English (2), Fabric Technology      Jazmine Huston: Chemistry, Music (2), Physics
Isabella Anderson: Music                            (2), Science
Arlo Beckett: Accounting
Oceana Brown-Martin: Mathematics (2)
                                                    Rebekah Hodge: Accounting (2), English (2), Fabric
                                                    Technology (2), Science                                Level 3
Jimmy Coull: Agriculture                            Keisya Gunawan: Accounting (2), English (4), Legal     Gerome Brotherson: English
Megan Dodunski: English                             Studies (2), Mathematics                               Maddi Butler: English
Jordan Edgcombe: Agriculture                        Aidan Renshaw: Accounting (2), English (2), Math-      Simon Clegg: Physical Education
Brayden Fale: Agriculture                           ematics, Science                                       Phoenix Fox: Home Economics
Cohen Fredrickson: Accounting                       Elysse Kerr: Accounting, English, Mathematics,         Avalon Haku: L2 English
Elliott Gernhoefer: English (2)                     Music, Physical Education                              Kristine Macalalag: Chemistry
Rouruina Gerrard: Music                             Isabella Stewart: Accounting (2), English, Mathemat-   Liam Mills: Accounting
Ashton Gibson: Mathematics                          ics, Physical Education, Science                       Thomas Olmo: Music
Bella Inwood-Peebles: Home Economics                                                                       Ethan Parker: Physical Education

                                                    Level 2
Jenna Johnson: English                                                                                     Dannielle Reid: Accounting (2)
Justin Leeman: Mathematics                                                                                 Keren Whareaitu: Chemistry
Chrissy Manuel-Isaacs: Music (2)                    Elaida Alluad: English                                 Emily Armitstead: Chemistry, English (2)
Te Awe Ngatai-Turahui: Music (2)                    Corey Bailey: Physical Education                       Henry Armond: Chemistry, Physics
Alex Peihopa: Music                                 Emma Baldock: Physical Education                       Julia Howatson: Chemistry, Music (2)
Marshal Roberts: Agriculture                        Jordan Bolger: Mathematics                             Annie Li: Chinese (2), Physics
Emily Rosendaal: English (2)                        Ocean Hakaraia: English                                Cassandra McIlroy: Chemistry, English (2)
Madison Scott: Mathematics (3)                      Harmony Hanover: Chemistry                             Hannah Patterson: Chemistry, Physics
Abbey Sextus: Accounting (2)                        Caleb Jackson: Physical Education                      Samantha Perrett: Accounting (2), English (2)
Hallie Shute: Accounting (2)                        Taleesha Kelsen: Chemistry                             Shayla Renshaw: Chemistry, Physics
Cacia Triggs: Agriculture                           Lucca Kowalewski: Music
Sarah Trott: Mathematics                            Nancy Kirk: Chemistry                                  Congratulations to all students who have
                                                    Breeze Moeller-Smith: Fabric Technology (2)
Joshua Trowbridge: Mathematics (3)
                                                    Toby Nicholls: Music
                                                                                                           achieved an excellence grade in their
Te Rangi Walker: Mathematics                                                                               internal assessments this year. We hope
Tama Washer-Wakeling: Agriculture                   Kyla Radford: Mathematics (3)
Tayte Wilkins: Mathematics                          Ashlee Reid: Accounting (2)                            that your success will continue at this
Megan Baldock: English (2), Fabric Technology (3)   Jordan Rogers: Chemistry                               level for your external assessments this
                                                    Duncan Sheed: Music (2)
Jade Cadman-Drummond: Music, Science
                                                    Alyssa Simkin: Accounting (2)
Sam Clothier: English (3), Science                                                                         Wayne Smith, Principal’s Nominee

                                           CYBER SAFETY
 Dear parents and caregivers,
 You are in control of your child’s online activities. Are you concerned about your child’s online activities? The
 school endeavours to educate students about acceptable online behaviour but you can find more information by
 looking at Please find a notice below from the NZ Police.

                                  CYBER BULLYING NOTICE
 •   If you have a revealing image of someone under 16 on your phone, you are in possession of child pornography even if that
     person consented to you having the image.
 • If you then distribute that image, you are guilty of distributing child pornography regardless of your age.
 • If you have a revealing image on your phone of someone 16 or over and you do not have their consent to have that image,
     you can be prosecuted under the Harmful Digital Communications Act.
 • You cannot distribute that image unless you have that persons consent.
 • If you receive an inappropriate image from someone, you have to make an immediate decision to delete that image from
     your device and ask the person not to send you other images or remove yourself from that chat.
 The consequences are severe and long lasting for anyone in breach of the Harmful Digital Communications Act.

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Stratford High School - Photos from around the school this month - December 2020
Students have enjoyed the range of activities during their last week of school for 2020. From beach
                                                                                                       The new baking skills were
                                                                                                       fun and we learnt how to
safari, to spending time in the kitchen, our students have been out and about in Stratford, Taranaki   make hot chocolate on the
and even as far afield as Hawkes Bay. Staff have enjoyed the time spent with students that they        barista machines.
may not have taught this year. Below are photos and comments from some of our activities.
Outdoor adventures was real cool. Kayaking was the best day because we missed our surfing.

What a fantastic week we all had in Hawkes Bay. We spent three days
tramping in the beautiful Kaweka Forest and a visit to the hot pools
(yes, hot pools in the forest!) Once we returned to civilization there
were many activities to have fun with. A trip to Napier Prison in the
evening with a ghost tour and the chance to break free from the escape
room (unfortunately we did not escape). Team Green won the laser
tag challenge, no one is safe when the teachers get their hands on the
lasers guns. We had a whole day at Splash
Planet in the sunshine with rides, slides,
lazy rivers and yummy picnic food.
Our final day took us to The National
Aquarium in Napier, with a guided tour                                                         We had time to relax with our friends.
of the various fish tanks and a chance to
meet the crazy penguins at feeding time.
I’m fairly sure all slept well on Friday
Dan Martin and Denise Kay

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Stratford High School - Photos from around the school this month - December 2020 Stratford High School - Photos from around the school this month - December 2020
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