Study in Breda the Netherlands - Breda University of ...

Study in Breda the Netherlands - Breda University of ...
Study in Breda
 the Netherlands                                    2019
          Breda University of Applied Sciences offers professional
          and academic bachelor’s and master’s programmes
          in the fields of Games, Media, Hotel, Facility, Logistics,
          Built Environment, Tourism and Leisure & Events
Study in Breda the Netherlands - Breda University of ...
Breda University
of Applied Sciences:
professional and academic bachelor’s
and master’s programmes




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    Logistics                                                                           & Events

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     What else can be found
     in this prospectus:
     SPECIAL TRACKS                                                         24
     DISCOVER OUR NEW CAMPUS                                                28
     BREDA STUDENT CITY                                                     30
     CONTACT                                                                32

2                                                       Breda University OF APPLIED SCIENCES       2019 | 2020
Study in Breda the Netherlands - Breda University of ...
You’re more than
                                      welcome at Breda University
                                      of Applied Sciences
                                      Some 7,000 students from over 100 countries are studying at our
                                      international higher education institute. It is situated in the south of the
                                      Netherlands, in the city of Breda, only 100 km from both Amsterdam and
                                      Brussels. Some 20,000 young people are studying in Breda.

                                      Our institute, which used to be called NHTV Breda, was founded in 1966
                                      as an institute offering bachelors in tourism and leisure and in this field,
                                      it is the largest and leading education institute in the world. New (academic)
                                      bachelors and masters have been developed since then. On page 2 you
                                      will find an overview.
                                      We prepare students for management-level positions in an international
                                      setting. International accreditations from, for instance, the UN World
                                      Tourism Organization and the World Leisure Organization underline the
                                      quality of our education.

                                      Due in part to the joint research programmes, exchange programmes
                                      and summer courses, the international character of the programmes is

             Page   9                 strengthened. We work together with leading education institutions all
                                      over the world. As a result, there are many opportunities for intensive
                                      student exchanges.

                                      In this prospectus we will tell you something about the study
                                      programmes, the study environment, our new campus
                                      and of course about student city Breda!

                                      Want to meet us?
Tourism                               Especially for international students, we
                                      organise Orientation Events. The dates can
                                      be found on the back of this prospectus.
                                      If you have the opportunity, you can
                                      also come to one of our open days.

                                      You can also meet us at some study
                                      fairs abroad. An overview of this and
                                      all practical information can be found

                                      See you in Breda!

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                                    discoVer breda UniVersitY of applied sciences

                        >   Since 1966, formerly known as NHTV Breda
                        >   A government-funded university of applied sciences, meaning attractive tuition fees
                        >   International and highly qualified staff
                        >   Offering professional and academic bachelor’s and master’s programmes
                        >   Special tracks for pre-university graduates
                        >   Deepening or broadening minors in the last year of study
                        >   Some 7,000 students from over 100 countries
                        >   Almost 30,000 graduates
                        >   Green campus nearby the safe city centre of Breda
                        >   In the south of the Netherlands, only 100 km from both Amsterdam and Brussels

Study in Breda the Netherlands - Breda University of ...
professional bachelor ’ s progr amme

Creative Media
and Game Technologies

Is it your dream to work in the game industry? Come
and study in Breda. Our game programme is one of the
best in the world. Whether you want to be the best game
play programmer, an award-winning character artist or
a Triple-A title winning producer, it all starts at International
Game Architecture and Design in Breda.

    in fac t

>	English-taught
>	4 years, 3-year track available                 Working in the game industry
   to pre-university graduates
>	Graduate work placement                         If it is your ambition to work in the game industry, you will need an
   of 20 to 40 weeks                               appealing portfolio. During your studies you will build this portfolio. You will
>	Degree title: Bachelor of Science               specialise in visual art, programming, design or production. You will work
>	Career examples:                                on several projects, from simple arcade games to complete console titles.
   visual artist, programmer, designer,            You will learn to work with professional tool sets and development
   producer                                        methods, including the creative pressure that comes with the job.
                                                   Eventually you will be ready to get involved in the AAA game industry
                                                   and work on the games of the future.
                                     WORKING IN
                                 THE PROJECT LAB

                                                   The right choice for me!

                                                   I worked as an animator and 3D artist
                                                   and even though I loved my work,
                                                   I felt I wanted to be more involved in the
                                                   process of creating and designing of the
                                                   games I was working on. Then I went to the
                                                   Open Day in Breda, unsure and confused about
                                                   what I wanted to do next, but after having talked with some
                                                   students and supervisors, I felt this study was definitely the
                                                   right choice for me. During my studies I worked with the
                                                   latest development technology from sony, nintendo and
                                                   microsoft. The subject I really enjoyed doing was Ludology
                                                   3, where we had to analyse an existing game interface and
                                                   design our own in-game menu and HUD (interface) for a
                                                   PlayStation 4 game. I felt that I could really go crazy, creativity
                                                   wise, in what I wanted to do with this. It was great!”

                                                   Nathalie Verweij
                                                   Graduated in International Game Architecture and Design
                                                   Currently employed by Coffee Stain Studios, Skövde, Sweden

4                                                             Breda University of applied sciences                     2019 | 2020
Study in Breda the Netherlands - Breda University of ...
professional ma ster ’ s progr amme

                    Master Game Technology

                    Are you naturally curious, do you want to
                    know more about research and immerse
                    yourself in a relevant topic concerning the
                                                                  Working on
                    development of games? If so, then choose
                                                                  practical solutions
                    the Master Game Technology programme
                                                                  You will learn to look at research and
                    after completing your bachelor’s. The
                                                                  development issues in the game industry from
                    programme has been developed in               different angles and from a theoretical base you
                                                                  will actively research possible solutions. The
                    collaboration with the international game
                                                                  academic year is divided into four terms of ten
                    industry and teaches you how to deal with     weeks. You will receive weekly coaching by an
                                                                  expert in your subject area. At the end of each
                    difficult practical issues.
                                                                  term you will present your work and will get
                                                                  feedback on the content you produced and
                                                                  the process you went through. To prepare for
                        in fac t                                  this master, you will write a project proposal, in
                                                                  or outside the suggested research areas, in
                    >	English-taught                             which you will summarise your ideas for
                    >	1 year, 60 ECTS                            a research project.
                    >	Graduate with a research project,
                       possibly combined with project work
                    >	Degree title: Master of Science
                    >	Career examples:
                       specialist in art, programming
                       or design

Being in the game industry
is a constant learning process

I work for ea dice in the Stockholm
office on our shared engine technology
called Frostbite, which is used to produce
many of Electronic Arts’ titles including
battlefield, fifa, and upcoming bioware title,
Anthem. My role as a Rendering Engineer in the Image
Quality team is to deliver cutting edge graphics technology
that enhances the visuals in upcoming titles, as well as
upgrading artist workflows used during production and
supporting game-teams that are shipping their titles. Being
in the game industry is a constant learning process, but the
Master Game Technology gave me a head-start acting as a
great instigator of obtaining critical knowledge required to
succeed in the lengthy interview processes.”

Diede Apers
Graduated in Game Technology
Currently employed by EA DICE, Stockholm, Sweden


Study in Breda the Netherlands - Breda University of ...
professional bachelor ’ s progr amme

Creative Business

The impact of media and entertainment
concepts continues to grow. Media
                                                                 in fac t
spectacles and virtual worlds are taking
over parts of social life. Does this world                   >	English-taught
                                                             >	4 years, 3-year track available
fascinate you? Then choose International
                                                                to pre-university graduates
Media and Entertainment Management,                          >	20-week work placement
                                                                in the third year
which focuses on creativity, technology
                                                             >	20-week graduate work placement
and commercial thinking!                                     >	Degree title: Bachelor of Arts
                                                             >	Career examples:
                                                                content manager, producer, media
                                                                planner, marketing strategist,
                                                                communication manager, online
I’m highly satisfied
in the kind of work
we’re assigned
                                                             The world of media
I aspire to one day become a
producer of major movies,                                    The world of media is all about creative concepts, information,
or perhaps even run my own                                   communication technology and commerce. It is important to
film studio. Studying in Breda is                            research what occupies the minds of consumers. In the course
just the right stepping stone I need to place                of your study you will explore different kind of media like
myself into the international market. As                     television, magazines, VR/AR and online media platforms. You
someone coming from South Africa, being                      will also work in our Production House. You will learn to develop
able to be a part of this programme is an                    entertainment concepts and create media products. The
opportunity I’ll be forever grateful for.                    second year you will take a course in making live television in
Hopefully it gives me the experience and                     Hilversum, the UK or the USA. From the third year, you will
qualification to be able to present myself                   specialise in content, production or marketing.
globally. Here in Breda, I have the potential
to build a strong international network.
The institute does a good job in informing
potential applicants exactly what the
course is about and what it entails. I’m
highly satisfied in the kind of work we’re
assigned and the overall layout of the
curriculum. The programme emphasises
vitally important skills and knowledge
necessary for the real world.”

Nicolas van Ysendyk from South Africa
First-year student International Media
and Entertainment Management

                                                LIVE RADIO

6                                                            Breda University of applied sciences                 2019 | 2020
Study in Breda the Netherlands - Breda University of ...
professional ma ster ’ s progr amme

                                                      Master Media Innovation

                                                      Would you like to learn more about how digital media
                                                      processes work and how they are constructed? Then choose
                                                      the Master Media Innovation programme after completing
                                                      your bachelor’s degree. The programme has been developed
                                                      in collaboration with international media partners and teaches
                                                      you how to come up with new groundbreaking concepts.

                                                         in fac t

                                                      >	English-taught
                                                      >	1 year, 60 ECTS
                                                      >	Practical assignment from a large
                                                         media cooperation
                                                      >	Graduation project: develop a new
                                                         media concept
                                                      >	Degree title: Master of Arts
                                                      >	Career examples:
                                                         e-commerce manager,
                                                         interactive marketeer, creative
                                                         consultant, digital strategist,
                                                         creative brand strategist

                                                             I chose the best programme
                                                             that fitted my passion

                                                             Currently, I am working as a
                                                             news reporter in the largest and
                                                             most popular television company in
Creating new combinations                                    Bulgaria – nova tv. After my Bachelor
                                                             in Journalism in Bulgaria, I wanted to
In this master’s programme you will research which           expand my knowledge and experience by obtaining
building blocks make a successful media product.             a master’s degree abroad. I chose the best programme
With this knowledge you can eventually make new              that ideally fitted my passion and curiosity in media
combinations and come up with new concepts.                  and innovation. This master provided me with
The programme has four themes: Media Theory,                 priceless practical skills, taught me how to make
Business Models, Media Technology and Research               professional business presentations and effectively
& Communication Studies. Next to that you will also          sell my ideas. I got the opportunity to make
get a practical assignment from the industry. Here           important contacts with great professionals – my
you can think of multinational companies like KLM,           motivated teachers, creative fellow students and
Ziggo or Samsung.                                            many people from the business sector. But the
                                                             programme also gave me the chance to work with
                                                             a major international company such as samsung.”

                                                             Gabriela Nikolaeva Andreeva from Bulgaria
                                                             Graduated in Media Innovation
                                                             Currently employed by Nova TV Bulgaria


Study in Breda the Netherlands - Breda University of ...
Prepared for

Hotel                                                                         the hospitality industry
                                                                              Your future colleagues and guests will come
                                                                              from all over the world. That is why you will
                                                                              learn, among other things, to cooperate in an
                                                                              international context during your placement.
                                                                              Besides practical courses and field trips, you
professional bachelor ’ s progr amme
                                                                              will develop personal and professional skills,

Hotel Management                                                              as well as research skills. Talented students
                                                                              may be invited to join the Hilton Class. Once
                                                                              you graduate, you will be able to use your
                                                                              knowledge, creativity and innovative ideas to
In hospitality, creating an experience for the
                                                                              begin your career in the dynamic hospitality
guest is all important. How do you respond                                    industry anywhere in the world.

to the individualisation of society and how
do you deal with an increasingly critical
customer? You will learn in our Hotel
Management programme. As a manager
in the international hotel business you will
be the key player in a 24/7 organisation!

    in fac t

>	English-taught
>	4 years, 3-year track available
   to pre-university graduates
>	24-week work placement
   in main phase
>	Graduate research project
   of 6 to 9 months
>	Degree title: Bachelor of Arts
>	Career examples:
   general manager, food &
   beverage manager, rooms division
   manager, hospitality consultant
>	Possible employers:
   hotels, resorts, catering
   businesses, conference centres,
   cruise lines
                                                           HILTON AMSTERDAM
                                                           AIRPORT SCHIPHOL

                   You are given the attention you need and deserve

                   The Hotel Management programme was absolutely the right choice for
                   me. The small-scale structure of the programme sees to it that you are
                   given the attention you need and deserve. There is an atmosphere of
                   mutual trust and that’s why a connection with your fellow students as
                   well as with lecturers is quickly made. This atmosphere encourages
                   students to study and also let them enjoy their study time. I am currently
                   the Corporate Director of Revenue Management for dorsett hospitality
                   international (DHI), based in Hong Kong. I am responsible for the total Revenue
                   Management strategy of the company. At DHI, I am also responsible for feasibility studies
                   for potential hotel asset opportunities that we are looking to buy all over the world.”

                   Tim Smits
                   Graduated in Hotel Management
                   Currently employed by Dorsett Hospitality International in Hong Kong

8                                                             Breda University of applied sciences                  2019 | 2020
Study in Breda the Netherlands - Breda University of ...
in fac t
>	English-taught
>	4 years, 3-year track available
   to pre-university graduates
>	24-week work placement
                                                         professional bachelor ’ s progr amme
   in main phase
>	Graduate research project
   of 6 to 9 months
                                                         International Facility
>	Degree title: Bachelor of                             Management
   Business Administration (due
   to new future legislation this
   degree title will change)                             The facilities department is the driving force behind any
>	Career examples:
                                                         well run company. Our International Facility Management
   facility manager, innovation
   manager, work environment                             programme prepares you for an international career in
   advisor, event manager
                                                         facilities. You, as a facility manager, will learn how to participate
>	Possible employers:
   multinational companies, hotels,                      in the decision making process at a strategic level.
   hospitals, airports, catering
   businesses, event organisers
                                                                       CLASSES IN KITCHEN
                                                                         AND RESTAURANT

The facility manager
as the driving force
You are responsible for the perfect match between people, processes
and housing of an organisation and for safety. You are a business
partner at strategic level and you will make sure that the organisation
can offer a fitting and effective work environment to its staff. By managing
the facility processes you can make an important contribution to the
satisfaction, production and motivation of employees. Just like our hotel
students, you will get practical courses in kitchen, restaurant and catering
business with a focus on in-house emergency response and safety.

                                                         You have to be a real go-getter!

                                                         After completing my degree, I started
                                                         working with an umbrella organisation
                                                         of 240 day nurseries. My job involves the
                                                         complete spectrum of facility management
                                                         aspects. I am responsible for several services,
                                                         such as cleaning, budget management, and
                                                         maintenance of the nurseries. What’s more, I keep a close
                                                         watch on trends and developments in the market, in order to
                                                         improve our services. This programme taught me nearly all
                                                         aspects of the profession. After all, facility services are needed
                                                         in all levels of an organisation. You have to be a real go-getter,
                                                         and the school offers you a great deal of choice in your
                                                         studies. For instance, in my third year, I organised the field
                                                         trip for students, together with a number of fellow students.”

                                                         Suzanne Steehouder
                                                         Graduated in International
                                                         Facility Management                
                                                         Currently employed by an umbrella
                                                         organisation of day nurseries

Study in Breda the Netherlands - Breda University of ...
                                                     professional bachelor ’ s progr ammes
At the centre
of the logistical hub                                Logistics Management
                                                     Logistics Engineering
In our logistics study programmes you will
learn how logistics and supply chain can be
improved and more efficiently and effectively        Logistics is about planning streams of goods, information
organised in an international context. For
                                                     and people in the quickest way and at the lowest costs where
Logistics Management the emphasis is on
economic and financial elements. Logistics           sustainability is also an important element. We will enable
Engineering focuses more on technology and
                                                     you to explore the economical or technical side of logistics.
ICT. In year 1 and 2 you will learn how to plan
and organise production, transportation and
warehousing processes. You will finish these
two years with a real-life case from the industry.              in fac t
In year 3 and 4 you will apply and expand your
knowledge and skills during your placements                 >	English-taught
and your graduate research project. Besides                 >	4 years, 3-year track available
that you will also choose a minor, for example                 to pre-university graduates
Supply Chain or Change Management.                          >	2 times 14-week work placement
                                                               in the third year
                                                            >	18-week graduate research project
                                                            >	Degree title: Bachelor of Science
                                                            >	Career examples:
                                                               planner, logistics analyst,
                                                               purchasing manager, supply chain
                                                               manager, consultant
                                                            >	Possible employers:
                                                               production companies, transportation
                                                               businesses, health care organisations,
                                                               wholesale, retail
                                                            >	Prepares for follow-up masters

                                                     That’s what drives me every day!

                                                     During the past four years I have been
                                                     working for vanderlande, market leader
                                                     in automated material handling solutions.
                                                     During this time I have had multiple jobs,
                                                     of which the last one was Supply Chain
                                                     Manager for Vanderlande’s automated guided
                                                     vehicles (AGVs) for Airports. For this employer I have
                                                     been travelling a lot to visit suppliers around the globe.
                                                     Recently I have moved to slimstock, specialist in forecasting
                                                     and stock management. With my partner I will move to
                                                     Melbourne, Australia to set up their office for the Australian
                                                     and New Zealand market. Choosing to study logistics
                                                     was a great choice, improving processes and working
              A master’s programme                   internationally is what drives me every day!
              in Logistics is in preparation.
              Check          Fleur Straathof
              for an update.                         Graduated in Logistics Engineering
                                                     Currently employed by Slimstock

10                                                             Breda University of applied sciences              2019 | 2020
                                              professional bachelor ’ s progr amme

                                              Built Environment

                                              In our globalising and urbanising world, ever greater
                                              importance is placed on cities built for human well-being,
                                              with attractive living and working environments, traffic
                                              accessibility, traffic safety and sustainability. In the
                                              International Spatial Development programme you will
                                              explore spatial development from an integrated perspective,
                                              based on urban planning, urban design and mobility
                                              – looking across country borders.

                                              Shaping society
                                              You will work on the (re)development of urban areas from all relevant
                                              angles: planning, designing and managing sustainable urban mobility. In an
   in fac t
                                              international classroom, you will research, plan and sketch, build scale
                                              models, make computer drawings, and design integrated mobility
>	English-taught
                                              concepts. You will explore built environment all over the world – and help
> 4 years
                                              shape society. The programme is centred around six themes: Dutch
>	2 times 14-week work placement
                                              Design, Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, Water Management,
   in the third year
                                              Transformation, Smart Cities, and Energy.
>	18-week graduate research project
>	Degree title: Bachelor of Science
>	Career examples:
   strategic designer, urban
   planner, sustainable urban
   mobility manager, integrative       I get to see monkeys
   international spatial developer     clowning around in front of my office
>	Possible employers:
   multinationals, small and           Currently I’m doing a work placement at
   medium-sized enterprises,           research & development foundation of
   government services, housing        cept university, a research hub based in the
   associations, private developers,   north-western part of India – Ahmedabad. This
   design firms, municipalities,       research centre plays an important role in shaping national
   water boards, provinces,            and local policies on human settlements within India. My
   consultancy agencies,               assignment is on the TOD (Transit Oriented Development) debate in
   project developers                  India, which is about planning real estate and mixed-use buildings
>	Prepares for follow-up masters      around public transport points to transform the urban landscape as
                                       well as people’s habits and create a more liveable environment in
                                       busy cities. At CEPT I get the chance to expand my knowledge and
                                       I get a glimpse of what the field work here looks like. Plus, I get
                                       to see monkeys clowning around in the trees in front of my office
                                       during work. Makes everything so much more fun!”
                                       Lisette Kompagne
                                       Student International Spatial Development

& Events
professional bachelor ’ s progr amme

Leisure & Events

Quality of life is becoming increasingly                         in fac t
important in the way we spend our spare
                                                             >	English-taught
time. As an up-and-coming entrepreneur or                    >	4 years, 3-year track available
                                                                to pre-university graduates
manager in the leisure business it is up to
                                                             >	20 to 40-week work placement
you to give people an experience that                           in the third year
                                                             >	Graduate research project
enriches their lives. In the Leisure & Events
                                                                of about 20 weeks
Management programme you will learn how                      >	Degree title: Bachelor of Arts
                                                             >	Career examples:
you can create memorable experiences.
                                                                event coordinator, congress
                                                                organiser, concept developer,
                                                                policy advisor, programme manager
                                                                at a theatre, project manager
Working on meaningful                                           at a sport federation, operations
leisure products                                                manager at a theme park

In year 1 you will learn all about events,
concerts, museums, theatres, sports, theme
parks and large leisure projects. You will work
on projects for real companies. In year 2
you will specialise in a chosen field. All study   I will never forget my work placement
tracks have an international focus. The tracks     at Disney World!
are Event Management, Attractions & Theme
Parks Management, Social Innovation, Leisure       I am passionate about the theme
Management and Cultural Venue Management           entertainment business and that is why
(only in Dutch). Year 3 consists of a work         I chose Leisure & Events Management and
placement and in year 4 you will wrap up           specialised on Attractions & Theme Parks
your degree with a minor and a graduation          Management. My work placement position was
project at a company or you will start your        with the walt disney world resort in Orlando, Florida.
own business. We join forces with Efteling in      What an unforgettable experience! I did my graduate
the Efteling Academy.                              research project for van assendelft & partners. While
                                                   doing this project I learned that there is little theory about
                                                   themed entertainment. That is when I made the decision to
                                                   continue my studies. After the pre-master’s programme I
                                                   have obtained the Master of Science Leisure and Tourism
                                                   degree. After that I commenced the doctoral process at
                                                   Breda University of Applied Sciences where I research the
                                                   neuropsychology behind the emotions that people have
                                                   while on a themed entertainment experience.”

                                                   Wim Strijbosch
                                                   Graduate Leisure & Events Management and Master of Science
                                                   Leisure and Tourism Studies
                                                   Currently pursuing a PhD degree at Breda University
                                                   of Applied Sciences

12                                                           Breda University of applied sciences              2019 | 2020
ac ademic bachelor ’ s progr amme

                                                   Bachelor of Science
                                                   Leisure Studies

                                                   We offer an academic bachelor’s programme in which you
                                                   study the leisure industry from a social and business point of
                                                   view. The Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies is the only
                                                   academic programme in the field of Leisure in the Netherlands.

                                                   Kids are the best inspiration!

                                                   It is the broad perspective on leisure that
                                                   I learned during my study which is still
                                                   very useful in my working life. I gathered
                                                   insights in the economics, the sociology and
                                                   the psychology of leisure. I just started in my new
                                                   job as Team Lead marketing & sales at efteling.
                                                   Before this, I worked as a Manager Strategy & Research at
                                                   Efteling. We conduct a lot of research in which we are
                                                   supported by two consumer panels; one kid and one adult panel.
                                                   Important topics are marketing research, in which we for
                                                   example tested the main image for the marketing campaign and
                                                   guest satisfaction research, which enables us to improve our
                                                   products and guest experience. Kids are the best inspiration!”

                                                   Marjolein Mens
                                                   Graduate Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies
                                                   Currently employed by Efteling in Kaatsheuvel

                                                                    in fac t

Academic education                                              >	English-taught
                                                                >	3 years (in cooperation
about leisure                                                      with Tilburg University)
                                                                >	Graduate with writing a thesis
In year 1 you will be introduced to the
                                                                   about a complex issue in the field
concept of leisure. You will study this from
                                                                   of leisure
different disciplines, for instance psychology,
                                                                >	Degree title: Bachelor of Science
sociology, anthropology, marketing and
                                                                >	Career examples:
economics. You will learn to study and
                                                                   marketeer or market researcher,
critically evaluate theories and academic
                                                                   strategic manager in the leisure
literature. You will also be trained in research
                                                                   industry, policy officer in the field
methods. You will take on practical issues in
                                                                   of sports, culture, tourism or events,
working groups. In year 2 you will expand
                                                                   consultant or researcher
your knowledge. Theoretical lectures will
be mixed up with practical seminars
and projects for real clients. In year 3 you
will pick a minor, with a possibility to go
to a university abroad, to widen your
knowledge and you will graduate.


ac ademic ma ster ’ s progr amme

Master of Science
Leisure and Tourism Studies
People have more and more leisure pursuits to choose from.
As a result, the phenomena of Leisure and Tourism are
increasing in complexity. For that reason we offer an academic
master’s programme which builds on the knowledge and
expertise from different disciplines. We look at Leisure and
Tourism from the perspective of urban studies, policy
and innovation management.

Researching Leisure and Tourism
Leisure and Tourism is not just important to people’s wellbeing but it is also
an important part of the economy. You will work on three important research
                                                                                                in fac t
themes: Storytelling & Consumer Experience, Imagineering & Business
Innovation and Place-making & Events. The programme is divided into two
                                                                                            >	English-taught
phases. In the first phase you will take a number of business related courses
                                                                                            >	1 year, 60 ECTS (in cooperation
like Understanding Leisure and Tourism, Attractions and Events, Imagineering
                                                                                               with Tilburg University)
as Strategic Design in Leisure Organisations and Experience Marketing in
                                                                                            >	Graduate with an individual
Leisure and Tourism. In the second phase you will work on your graduation.
                                                                                               research dissertation
You will prepare for this in seminars together with other students, after which
                                                                                            >	Degree title: Master of Science
you will write your individual dissertation.
                                                                                            >	Career examples:
                                                                                               manager, consultant,
                                                                                               policy or research officer
                                                                                               in profit or non profit
                                                                                               organisations in the tourism
                                                                                               or leisure industry
                                                                                            >	Applicants with an academic
                                                                                               bachelor’s degree mostly have
                                                                                               direct access to this master. If you
                                                                                               have a professional bachelor’s
                                                                                               degree, you will first have to
                                                                                               complete the pre-master’s
                                                                                               programme described on the
                                                                                               next page


14                                                                  Breda University of applied sciences                  2019 | 2020
ac ademic pre - ma ster ’ s progr amme

                                                               Leisure and Tourism Studies

                                                               After completing your bachelor’s degree at Breda
                                                               University of Applied Sciences – be it in Tourism,
                                                               Leisure or Hotel Management – this pre-master’s
                                                               programme will allow you to move on to the
                                                               academic master’s programme Master of Science
                                                               Leisure and Tourism Studies. This programme will
                                                               take one year. After a fast track bachelor’s
                                                               programme you could have your academic master’s
                                                               degree in just 5 years!

                     in fac t

                 >	English-taught
                 >	1 year, 60 ECTS
                 >	Degree title: this pre-master’s
                    programme does not grant
                    you a title but it does give
                    you access to the Master
                    of Science Leisure and Tourism
                    Studies as described on the
                    previous page

State of the art technology

I have completed both the pre-master                                        Being well prepared
and the master Leisure and Tourism
Studies. The pre-master’s track is a very
                                                                            for an academic master’s
intensive year, in which your knowledge                                     programme
and skills are raised to a higher level in a short
amount of time. In my master I learnt a lot about                           In this programme you will mostly work on a
the meaning of Leisure to the individual person, businesses                 solid theoretical base and on your research
and the society as a whole. Maybe even more important                       skills so that you have the best preparation
is that the master’s degree offers you so many opportunities                possible for the academic master’s programme.
to pursue your passions and to take control of your own                     The pre-master’s programme consists of two
development. I, for instance, had the opportunity to work                   semesters. In the first semester you will take
with state of the art technology to give a museum                           several theoretical courses, you will learn how to
a unique insight into their visitor’s experience. So plenty                 conduct research and you will work on a real-life
of opportunities to distinguish yourself!”                                  project. In the second semester you will again
                                                                            take a number of courses, will start with
Colin Prins                                                                 qualitative and quantitative data analysis and
Graduate Master of Science Leisure and Tourism Studies                      will conduct research for your dissertation.

professional ma ster ’ s progr amme

Master Imagineering

Imagineering is a contraction of imagination and
engineering. This master’s programme will teach you
about an analysis and design technique that enables you
to encourage innovation and growth within companies
or in networks of social organisations. You will do so              Innovation from the
by designing and supervising processes by means of                  perspective of experience
which you can steer the imaginative power of all parties
                                                                    As an imagineer you work on business or product
involved into the direction of a solution.                          innovation by using the power of imagination. In
                                                                    this master’s programme you will learn how to do
                                                                    this. During your course of study you will develop
                                                                    a proactive and analytical attitude. You will develop
     in fac t
                                                                    the knowledge and skills to shape and change an
                                                                    organisation and you will learn how to innovate and
> English-taught
                                                                    guide creative processes. The master’s programme
> 1 year, 60 ECTS
                                                                    consists of three phases. In the first phase: Strategic
> Graduate by writing a business
                                                                    Innovation, you will learn how to turn the DNA
  report, a project and a practical
                                                                    of an organisation into an experience concept.
  inspirational guide
                                                                    The second phase: Organisational Transformation,
> Degree title: Master
                                                                    deals with the implementation of the new concept
  in Imagineering
                                                                    and management of changes. In the third and final
> Career examples:
                                                                    phase you will graduate by writing a business report,
  innovation, strategic or
                                                                    a project and a practical inspirational guide.
  brand manager, business
  consultant, strategic designer,
  process facilitator

                                               Imagineering can
                                               be applied everywhere

                                               Last year has been very intense. First
                                               we spent a lot of time changing our
                                               mindset, to learn to look at the world and
                                               organisations in a different way. Since then
                                               I notice that Imagineering can be applied everywhere.
                                               I learnt how to facilitate processes of change, where people
                                               are taught to see things differently so that they can build on
                                               the existing strength of an organisations and then look
                                               beyond that. This requires a lot of confidence and transparency.
                                               Facilitating this is, in my opinion, one of the most challenging
                                               and fun jobs of an Imagineer. At this time I am doing my
                                               graduation project at a cultural organisation in Brabant
                                               working on the repositioning of a museum. In this process
                                               I look into how we can get children and youths more involved,
                                               for instance through the ‘let the kids take over day’.”
                                               Carlijn Geluk
                                               Student Master Imagineering

16                                                       Breda University OF APPLIED SCIENCES                   2019 | 2020
professional bachelor ’ s progr amme

Tourism Management
                                                                                              in fac t
Can you provide people with an awesome holiday while
considering the impact of tourism on the environment and the                              >	English-taught
                                                                                          >	4 years, 3-year track available
local population? How do you respond to a changing market where
                                                                                             to pre-university graduates
technological developments and customer experience become                                 >	20-week work placement
                                                                                             in the third year
increasingly important? You will learn in our economic management
                                                                                          >	18-week graduation track
programme Tourism Management.                                                                with the possibility to get
                                                                                             a Double degree at a partner
                                                                                             institute abroad
                                                                                          >	Degree title: Bachelor of Arts
Working on                                                                                >	Career examples:
experiencing tourism and innovation                                                          e-commerce manager or SEA
                                                                                             specialist at a tour operator,
We are pioneers in the world of tourism with 50 years of experience and a large              customer insights marketeer
international network. We work together with Carribean Tourism Organization,                 at an online booking, TUI, Landal Greenparks, VisitBrabant, Transavia and Disney,                 platform, yield revenue
amongst others. This offers you many opportunities for interesting assignments               manager at an airline, tourism
and work placements. Year 1 has three central themes: the travel industry, the               & recreation policy officer
recreational industry and the tourist destination. You will work on projects and will        at a municipality, sustainability
get courses like marketing, e-business, financial management and consumer                    coordinator at a holiday park,
behaviour. During year 2 you will specialise in one of the following fields:                 customer experience manager
Travel Industry, Recreation & Hospitality, Tourism Destinations or Attractions               at a theme park, consultant
& Theme Parks Management. In the final year you will specialise in Tourist                   at a destination marketing
Experience, Tourism Business, E-Tourism or Tourism & Design Development.                     organisation

                                                                   My work placement
                                                                   in Bogota is quite exciting!

                                                                   I am currently doing a work
                                                                   placement at voyage by frosch
                                                                   colombia in Bogota. It is a tour
                                                                   operator for corporate as well as leisure
                                                                   travel and MICE. In this context I work in
                                                                   the department of Voyage Colombia, helping with the
                                                                   planning of holiday trips for individual travellers and
                                                                   families or small groups. The company assignment
                                                                   that was created for me definitely meets my interests,
                                                                   because it deals with the development of a sustainable
                                                                   tourism product and I am very much interested in
                                                                   the aspect of sustainable tourism. I also had to carry
                                                                   out some research about sustainable tourism and
                                                                   conduct a market analysis. In the end I will have to
                                                                   present everything to the company. Quite exciting!”

                                                                   Kristina Holzer
                                                                   Student Tourism Management

Joint degree with:

ac ademic bachelor ’ s progr amme
                                                                           in fac t
Bachelor of Science Tourism                                            >	English-taught
                                                                       >	3 years (joint degree with
                                                                          Wageningen University)
In a joint degree with Wageningen University we offer an
                                                                       >	In year 1 and 2 you will study
academic bachelor’s degree programme where you will                       in Breda
                                                                       >	In year 3 you will study
research the developments in tourism and its impact on
                                                                          in Wageningen
society, the environment and the economy. The Bachelor                 >	Degree title: Bachelor of Science
                                                                       >	Career examples:
of Science Tourism is the only academic programme in
                                                                          strategic policy advisor, consultant,
the field of tourism in The Netherlands.                                  marketeer, manager, researcher

This study helped me to
discover and develop myself

I chose the Bachelor of Science
Tourism programme because of its
interdisciplinary approach to
tourism. I liked the international
mindset and the fact that it is taught in
English. Looking back I couldn’t have made a better
choice. The study programme is well-structured and
both breda and wageningen are great places to live
and study. As we progressed through a wide range
of courses and subjects, I discovered which fields
of study I found most interesting. In the third year
I had the opportunity to study in canada. During
this ‘free-choice’ period I was able to explore these
fields of study in depth. The study significantly helped
me to discover and develop myself.”

Marc van Iwaarden
Graduate Bachelor of Science Tourism                       academic programme
On /alumnibto you can read more about              In this academic bachelor’s programme you will combine
graduates and their current jobs.                          economic, social and environmental sciences. You will study
                                                           theories and concepts, will receive intensive training on research
                                                           methods and will learn how to critically evaluate these. You will
                                                           also get practical experience. Through field work in year 1,
                                                           you will experience what it is like to research tourism issues.
                                                           In year 2 you will apply your intercultural skills and your
                                                           knowledge about sustainable tourism on a challenging research
                                                           project at an international destination. In the final year you will
                                                           complete your degree by writing a dissertation.

18                                                         Breda University of applied sciences                   2019 | 2020
professional ma ster ’ s progr amme

                                                               Master Tourism Destination

                                                               Tourism comes with economic benefits and
                                                               opportunities for the businesses in and habitants
                                                               of a tourism destination, but there are also threats.
                                                               It is important to match supply and demand. In this
                                                               master’s programme we will look at the situation at
                                                               a destination. From there we will develop strategies
                                                               for responsible socio-economic growth.

              in fac t

          >	English-taught
          >	1 year, 60 ECTS
          >	Graduate with a research project
             anywhere in the world
          >	Degree title: Master of Arts
          >	Career examples:
             policy or research officer at
             a profit or non profit organisation
                                                                     Study at four locations
             in the field of tourism, business                       in the world
             manager, consultant
                                                                     This master’s programme offers you the opportunity
                                                                     to study at four different locations in the world. During
                                                                     phase one you will study in Breda together with
                                                                     students from various countries. You will study theory,
A memorable voyage!                                                  attend guest lectures and work on practical assignments.
                                                                     In the second phase you will carry out research at three
The voyage of this master was                                        different destinations in Australia and South-East Asia.
a memorable one. Here we were,                                       This way you will get many intercultural experiences.
31 students from 16 countries                                        Each destination finds itself in a different stage of
across the globe, it was indeed an                                   development. In previous years destinations were:
international course! Different cultures                             Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Myanmar, Cambodia,
and backgrounds making it the best place                             Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Fiji. In the final phase
to meet and experience other people’s culture. The course            of your degree you will work on your graduation
experience is still vivid in my mind from the theory part            assignment. You can do this anywhere in the world.
conducted in Breda by skilful lecturers to the unforgettable         Either independently or for a company.
journey of the second phase of the programme. We visited
three destinations in the Asia-Pacific for field research,
from Australia to Cambodia and Bali in Indonesia. The
combination of both theory and field research equips you
with the technical knowhow which is vital for today’s
competitive market. Having settled back home in
Rwanda, I am currently working as a senior officer in
charge of Accommodation and Catering in the tourism
department at rwanda development board.”

Frank Murangwa from Rwanda
Graduated in Tourism Destination Management
Currently employed by Rwanda Development Board


Pre-master’s programme for
all our fourth-year students
ac ademic pre - ma ster ’ s progr amme
                                                                             in fac t
Pre-master                                                               >	English-taught
Strategic Business                                                       >	1 year, 75 ECTS
Management and Marketing                                                 >	You will follow this pre-master’s
                                                                            programme in your final year
                                                                            of your professional bachelor at
                                                                            Breda University of Applied Sciences
We offer all of our students who are
                                                                         >	Upon completion of this
in their final year of their studies the                                    pre-master’s programme you will
                                                                            receive a certificate of the pre-
opportunity to follow the academic
                                                                            master SBM and a bachelor’s degree
pre-master’s programme Strategic                                            of the programme you have
Business Management and Marketing
(SBM). After completion of this pre-master,
you have direct access to the Master of
Science programmes in business related
programmes at our academic partners
such as the universities of Amsterdam,
Maastricht, Tilburg, Brussels or Warwick
and to our own Master of Science Leisure
and Tourism Studies.

Combining doing business
with academic research
This academic pre-master’s programme will prepare
you for worldwide entrepreneurship, in other words,
you learn how to do business. You will also learn
how to conduct academic research in a chosen
subject area. This could be e-tourism, hospitality,    A challenging and highly valuable
sports or culture, the media, the creative industry,   programme
traffic and logistics management or urban
planning. The programme will prepare you for           While this pre-master’s programme
the academic master’s degree level and is made         was challenging at times, it proved to
up of five modules: (1) Business Qualitative and       be the best decision I have taken in
Quantitative Methods and Applied Statistics,           the past years. Following the SBM
(2) Socio-psychological Analysis of Consumer           pre-master enabled me to gain access to
Behaviour, (3) Operations, Human Resource              the ‘Business Intelligence Management’
Management, Quality and Financial Management,          master of science track at Maastricht
(4) International Strategic Marketing, Marketing       University and thus increases my career prospects to
Communications, CRM and E-commerce, and                a great extent. Moreover, this programme made me
(5) Research Practical and academic skills. Next to    grow as a person; I learned to work under pressure,
that you will work on a graduation assignment for      to prioritise some tasks over others and work more
a year at a company of your choice.                    academically in general. I would definitely choose this
                                                       pre-master course again and recommend it to anyone
                                                       who plans to follow a business related career.”
                              Lisa Herzog
                                                       Graduate Pre-master Strategic Business Management
                                                       and Marketing

20                                                           Breda University of applied sciences                 2019 | 2020
What about
admission requirements,
application procedures,
our learning community
and Breda student city?

Discover it on the next pages!
Admission requirements
Bachelor’s programmes
 Study                    Apply                               Admission
 programme                before                              requirements

 Creative Media and       15 January
 Game Technologies
                                                              An equivalent of a Dutch
                                                              diploma of higher general
                                                              secondary education
 Creative Business        1 May                               (havo) or pre-university
                                                              education (vwo) is
                                                              required. After having
                                                              received your application,
 Hotel Management         1 May                               Student Office will inform
                                                              you if you meet the
                                                              admission requirements.
                                                                                              * 	If you apply after 1 May (at least before 1 September) a commission
 All other bachelor‘s     Preferably before 1 May*                                               of the study programme will decide on your admission.
 programmes               Non-EEA students: 1 May**                                          ** 	Applications of non-EEA students will not be processed after 1 May.

Master’s programmes
 master’s                 Apply             Admission
 programmes               before            requirements

 Master                   15 August*        Bachelor’s degree in International Game Architecture and Design or another bachelor’s
 Game Technology                            degree in the fields of Graphic Design, Digital Art, Multimedia Design or Games

 Master                   15 August*        Bachelor’s degree in the fields of Business Administration, Media Studies, Communication Studies,
 Media Innovation                           ICT, or another media-related field

 Master                   15 August*        Bachelor’s degree (BA, BSc., BBA, B Com), for example in the fields of tourism, hotel management,
 Tourism Destination                        international business, management, economics, law, e-commerce, urban development, geography,
 Management                                 social sciences or finance

 Master                   15 August*        Bachelor’s degree, in a relevant field of study, for example business management or economics, tourism, leisure, sports,
 Imagineering                               culture or hotel management


 Master of Science        15 August*        Academic bachelor’s degree in any of the social sciences – such as sociology, psychology, economics, management or marketing –
 Leisure and Tourism                        or having completed the Bachelor of Science Tourism, Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies, the pre-master’s programme Leisure
 Studies                                    and Tourism Studies, or the pre-master’s programme Strategic Business Management and Marketing (SBM)


 Leisure and Tourism      1 September       Bachelor’s degree, preferably a Bachelor of Business Administration, for example, in the fields of tourism, leisure, hotel
 Studies                                    or general management, economics, commerce or finance
                                            After completion of this pre-master’s programme, you will have direct access to the Master of Science Leisure and Tourism Studies

 Strategic Business       15 June           Three years of a professional or academic bachelor at Breda University of Applied Sciences (180 ECTS)
 Management               (selection)       Students from other higher education institutes can also apply after their third year and they can qualify for a Double degree
 and Marketing

* Please note: the application deadline for non-EEA students is 1 June.

 English language requirements
 As an international applicant, you will also be required
 to demonstrate sufficient results of one of the following
 tests: CAE (Cambridge Advanced Certificate) or CPE
 (Certificate of Proficiency in English), IELTS or TOEFL.
 Please check the English language requirements of the
 study programme of your choice at to make sure
 if you will need to take an English test for admission
 to this programme.

22                                                                                      Breda University of applied sciences                                    2019 | 2020
Practical information
How and when to apply?
International applicants are required to apply through Studielink and our
Student Office. For detailed information on the admission requirements
and the application procedure, please check the application information
of the study programme of your choice at

Step 1:
Please register in Studielink. This is the national administration system
for higher education in the Netherlands.

Step 2:
Please make sure you upload all additional documents requested.
Please note: we will start processing your application once you have
submitted your application in ‘My online application’ portal of Breda University
of Applied Sciences.

What about the costs?
Breda University of Applied Sciences is a government-funded institute.
The statutory tuition fee for our bachelors’ programmes is € 2,078
(bachelor Media: € 2,588). Check the tuition fee regulations on the study
programme pages at to verify if you are eligible for the statutory
tuition fee. Bachelor students from the EEA who apply for the first time
pay half the statutory fee for the first year of study. Most of our master’s
programmes are government-funded. The statutory tuition fee for these
government-funded programmes is € 2,078.

Furthermore, you should take into account the costs of textbooks, readers,
study trips, a laptop and your daily expenses and costs of living.

What about grants and scholarships?
Foreign EEA students can apply to the Dutch Ministry of Education for
a student grant or a loan for tuition fees. Please check
for detailed information.

For non-EEA students we offer a number of Bachelor’s Scholarships.
Please check for detailed information.

Our Student Office assists foreign students with a wide range of practical
matters related to your studies and your stay in Breda, including
application and admission, scholarships, incoming exchanges, housing
and visa applications for non-EU students. Please feel free to contact our
Student Office via

Furthermore, we are member of the international student organisation
ESN. The mission ESN has, is to represent international students under
the principle of Students Helping Students.

Special tracks
Whatever degree programme you choose at Breda University
of Applied Sciences, you will always be encouraged to bring out
the best in yourself. Each study programme offers possibilities
for extra challenges and special study tracks. Just think of deepening
or broadening minor tracks, special tracks for pre-university
graduates, or a fast track towards an academic master’s degree.
These pages present an overview of the possibilities.

                  Deepening or broadening minors
                  In the fourth year of study, several minors (30 ECTS) are offered by means
                  of which you can deepen or broaden your knowledge and skills. In all
                  minors cases and assignments are developed in cooperation with
                  companies and organisations in the professional field. A deepening minor
                  allows you to further specialise in the specific discipline you have chosen.
                  You may also decide on a broadening minor, which involves working side
                  by side with students and lecturers from other study programmes. Looking
                  beyond the boundaries of your own study programme – and as such, your
                  discipline – will teach you more about interdisciplinary thinking and acting.
                  Check for more information.

24                                                             Breda University of applied sciences   2019 | 2020
Pre-university education
                                        completed successfully?
                                        After having completed your pre-university education successfully
                                        (e.g. vwo, Abitur, International Baccalaureate), you can opt for
                                        an academic bachelor’s programme or a professional bachelor’s
                                        fast track at Breda University of Applied Sciences. After three years
                                        you can move on to further study at master’s level.

Academic                                Professional                                Professional bachelor
bachelor and master                     bachelor and master                         and academic master
in 4 or 5 years’ time                   in 4 or 5 years’ time                       in 4 or 5 years’ time
We offer two academic bachelor’s        All our professional bachelor’s             pre - master
programmes. A unique opportunity        programmes can be completed in three        strategic business management
for you if you want to pursue           years’ time, if you have successfully       and marketing

university-level education in the       completed your pre-university education.    We offer all our students the opportunity
fields of leisure or tourism.           You will attend a practice-oriented         of attending the academic pre-master’s
                                        three-year curriculum. Upon successful      programme in Strategic Business
bachelor of science                     completion, you will have access to         Management and Marketing (SBM) in the
leisure studies                         a range of one-year professional            final year of study. Successful completion
  English-taught                        master’s programmes either within or        of this programme will give you direct
  3 years (in cooperation with          outside our institute. You can opt for an   access to various Master of Science
  Tilburg University)                   English-taught professional bachelor’s      programmes in business related studies
  Degree title: Bachelor of Science     programme in the field of Games,            in management and marketing at our
  After three years direct access       Media, Hotel, Facility, Logistics,          partner universities. A few examples are
  to academic master in Leisure and     Built Environment, Tourism or Leisure       the universities of Amsterdam, Maastricht,
  Tourism Studies at Breda University   & Events. Pre-university graduates are      Tilburg, Brussels (B), and Warwick (UK).
  of Applied Sciences (1 year)          obviously also allowed to attend the        After this pre-master’s programme, you
                                        regular four-year track.                    will also have direct access to our
bachelor of science                                                                 academic master in Leisure and Tourism
tourism                                                                             Studies. This way, it will be possible for
  English-taught                                                                    you to earn an academic master’s degree
  3 years (joint degree with                                                        within five years’ time or, after having
  Wageningen University)                                                            completed a fast professional bachelor’s
  Degree title: Bachelor of Science                                                 track, even within four years’ time!
  After three years direct access to
  academic master in Leisure, Tourism                                               pre - master
  and Environment at Wageningen                                                     leisure and tourism studies
  University (2 years) and academic                                                 We also offer a pre-master’s programme
  master in Leisure and Tourism                                                     in Leisure and Tourism Studies. You can
  Studies at Breda University                                                       start this programme after completing
  of Applied Sciences (1 year)                                                      your professional bachelor’s programme.
                                                                                    This pre-master’s programme lasts
                                                                                    one year and afterwards you can
                                                                                    move on to our academic master in
                                                                                    Leisure and Tourism Studies (1 year).
                                                                                    So, upon completion of a fast professional
                                                                                    bachelor’s track, you can earn an
                                                                                    academic master’s degree within five
                                                                                    years’ time.

                                                                                       For detailed information,


                 Studying at Breda University
                 of Applied Sciences
                 After your graduation in Breda, you are competent and qualified for
                 starter positions, self-managing and self-responsible, creative and
                 innovative, and you have an international view of the world and your
                 profession. In order to achieve this, entrepreneurship, creativity,
                 personal and professional responsibility, and internationalisation are
                 key focus areas in our study programmes.

                                    How do you study at Breda University of Applied Sciences?
                                    Effective learning is not something that you do alone. After all, it is precisely
                                    through cooperation and debate with other students and lecturers that
                                    you learn to develop knowledge actively. That is why we have adopted the
                                    teaching model of the learning community. Students and lecturers from
                                    different (cultural) backgrounds and areas of expertise work together on
                                    real-life problems taken from the international professional field. In this
                                    process, you will learn to use different perspectives and develop an open
                                    mind to alternative approaches.

                                    What do we expect of you?
                                    The success of a learning community depends on the full participation and
                                    support of everyone involved – lecturers, tutors, but especially you as a
                                    student. That is why we expect serious commitment from you when it
                                    comes to preparing for lectures and projects. Through coaching and
                                    feedback we will teach you to take responsibility for your individual learning
                                    process and for your role in cooperation with lecturers, fellow students
                                    and industry professionals.

26                                              Breda University of applied sciences                     2019 | 2020
What makes the Dutch
   education system unique?
   Respect for each individual’s opinions and
   convictions is central in the Dutch education
   system. The teaching style can be described
   as interactive and student-centred, providing
   students with the attention and freedom
   they need to develop their own opinions
   and creativity while applying their newly
   acquired knowledge.
                                                                               Why choose us?
                                                                               Our subject areas are very much
                                                               A SCALE MODEL   interconnected. Because of this you will
                                                                               get a broad education, notice
                                                                               connections between topics and learn
                                                                               to create solutions coming from
                                                                               different angles.

                                                                               We cooperate with businesses which
                                                                               are at the top of their field. This means
                                                                               that you can get work placement
                                                                               positions at some of the big names in
                                                                               your field of expertise. You can find
                                                                               examples of this on

                                                                               In our large international network
                                                                               we cooperate with other universities
                                                                               and companies in education and
                                                                               research. To you this means a lot
                                                                               of opportunities abroad. For instance
                                                                               exchanges, research projects
What can you expect of us?                                                     and field trips.
Our lecturers will create opportunities for independent learning and active    entrepreneurship is at the core
cooperation for you. To this end, they use digital resources, ensuring that    of our learning community.
more time can be devoted to interaction, in-depth exploration, supervision
                                                                               You are encouraged to start your
and feedback in class. With the community concept in mind, it is essential
                                                                               own business, it can even be your
for lecturers to participate in national and international networks,
                                                                               graduation project!
encourage cooperation with national and international industry
professionals, and contribute to strengthening the link between education,     We are internationally accredited by
research and industry.                                                         amongst others the UN World Tourism
                                                                               Organization, the World Leisure
The core of the learning environment is formed by real-life cases and          Organization and the International
assignments from professional practice aimed at inspiring students towards     Facility Management Association.
active and collaborative learning. In our professional bachelor’s programmes   Furthermore we have an ECA
entrepreneurship is promoted by offering possibilities for developing          certificate for Quality in Programme
specific ‘entrepreneurial skills’ and you can even do a graduation project     Internationalisation. Check
within your own business. All in all, you are truly encouraged to get          for more accreditations.
the best out of yourself.
                                                                               Our new and green campus is located
Within each study programme, there                                             near the centre of student city
are possibilities for extra guidance and                                       Breda. On campus there are many
support, for instance, if you have a                If you are not             opportunities for meeting people and
disability or learning difficulty.            from The Netherlands,            to get inspired. The city itself is fun,
More information on this subject  is worth          safe and internationally oriented.
can be found at                   checking out. There you will
                                            find everything you need
                                             to know about studying
                                                in The Netherlands,
                                               including some useful

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