Study Questions Grades 3-5 2019-2020 - Our Lady

Study Questions Grades 3-5 2019-2020 - Our Lady

DIOCESAN RELIGION BEE 2019‐2020 SAMPLE QUESTIONS FOR ROUNDS ONE AND TWO GRADES THREE, FOUR, AND FIVE 1. What are the letters (epistles) of St. Paul? They are the letters or teachings in the New Testament concerning the needs of the beginning of the Church. 2. What are the three sacraments of initiation? Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist 3. What is the Bible, also known as Sacred Scripture? The Word of God written by human authors under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 4. Why do Christians worship on Sunday? Because Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday 5. Who can help priests celebrate the sacraments of baptism and marriage? Deacons 6.

What do the Ten Commandments teach us? How to love God and be good to others (or to love one another) 7. When does a person have to go to confession before receiving Jesus in Holy Communion? When the person has committed a serious sin.

8. When does an act become mortal or serious sin? a. When the act is seriously wrong against the law of God and b. The person knows that it is seriously wrong and c. The person does it anyway 9. Why are we expected to go to Mass on Sunday or the Saturday vigil Mass? It is the third commandment and a precept or a general rule of the Church 10. Human life must be respected and protected from what to what? From conception to natural death 11. Who is the saint to whom Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in Mexico? St. Juan Diego 12. When we say that God is the Creator of heaven and earth, what does this mean? He made everything out of nothing

2 13. What are visible signs of Jesus’ action in us? Sacraments 14. What faith we is Jesus brought up in? Judaism 15. What is necessary when thinking of the many different cultures and religions on earth? That we respect all people 16. What do we celebrate each Sunday? The miracle of the resurrection of Jesus and giving thanks to God 17. Jesus once talked about how blessed were the poor in spirit, the merciful and the peacemakers. What is this teaching called? The Beatitudes 18. What do we call the white piece of cloth that looks like a handkerchief that is used to clean the sacred vessels at Mass?

Purificator 19. According to Luke, whose young son was raised from the dead by Jesus? The widow of Nain 20. Who was the Pharisee who came to Jesus at night? Nicodemus 21. For the Sundays of Easter, where are the Gospels taken from? Gospel according to John 22. One who speaks on behalf of God is called a _ ? A prophet 23. What took place at Gethsemane? Jesus’ Agony in the Garden. 24. What do we call those who do the will of God? A true disciple 25. What did God require Moses to do before approaching the burning bush? Remove his sandals 26. What is the second commandment? a. You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain

3 27. What Feast do the Jewish people celebrate to remember the night when their houses were passed over by the Angel of Death? The Passover 28. According to Luke, why did Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem? To enroll in the census 29. In the parable of the sower, what does the seed represent? The word of God 30. What was the sign of God’s covenant with Noah? Rainbow 31. What was the agreement called that was made by God with his chosen people? Covenant 32. What were the special stories Jesus used to teach the people? Parables 33. What did the soldiers do to mock Jesus as king of the Jews? Made Him a crown of thorns 34.

Who was stoned to death because he preached so strongly about Jesus? St. Stephen 35. According to Luke, when Jesus was asked, “who is my neighbor”, what parable did Jesus tell?

The Good Samaritan 36. What is the name of the book that contains the Sunday and weekday readings? Lectionary 37. What did Jesus do when he was about 30 years old? He began to publicly teach and preach 38. Who were John Baptist’s parents? Elizabeth and Zechariah 39. What prophet pronounced the great covenant, “I will be their God and they shall be my people?” Jeremiah 40. When did the Spirit of God appear over Jesus in the form of a dove? When he was baptized 41. Where did the transfiguration of Jesus take place?

4 Mt. Tabor 42. What is the round plate called on which the priest places the large host and sometimes some small hosts which during the words of consecration become the Body of Jesus? Paten 43.

What is the lobby or entrance part leading into the church called? Vestibule 44. Why do we light the small votive candles? They are an act of Christian prayer going up to God 45. What is an indication that Jesus in the Eucharist is present in the Church? The sanctuary lamp is lit 46. Why are there always consecrated Hosts (Jesus) in the tabernacle? In case a very sick person needs to receive Him and so that we can spend time praying before Him 47. Who was struck blind on his way to Damascus? Saul 48. When Jesus predicted He would be killed, who rejected the idea that this should happen to Jesus?

Peter 49. What is faith? Faith is a gift from God to believe and trust in Him 50. Who were the first people God created? Adam and Eve 51. What town did Jesus grow up in? Nazareth 52. Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem? Because his parents were traveling there for the census 53. Who baptized Jesus? (St.) John the Baptist 54. What is Jesus’ foster father’s name? Joseph

5 55. What is known as the birthday of the Church? Pentecost 56. How did Noah demonstrate his love for God while building the ark? He did whatever God told him to do. (Genesis 6:22) 57. According to Psalm 37:4, in what should we delight? We should delight in the Lord 58.

According to Jesus in Matthew 24:35, what will never pass away? God’s words will never pass away. 59. What is the word we use the honor something else in God’s place? Idolatry 60. Who had the coat of many colors and dreams in which God’s providence was revealed? Joseph 61. Who was our Father in Faith who was willing to sacrifice his son to do God’s will? Abraham 62. God appeared to Moses in the form of _ ? A burning bush 63. Which of the Apostles was a tax collector before Jesus called him to follow Him? Matthew 64. What special gift did God bless Samson with? Strength or great strength 65.

Who was the young man who later became the King of Israel after defeating Goliath? David 66. What reading in the Liturgy of the Word is usually from the Old Testament? The First Reading 67. How long did the Israelites wander in the desert? 40 years 68. In what country were the Hebrews enslaved? Egypt 69. On which mountain did God meet Moses? Sinai (or Horeb)

6 70. Did Moses enter into the Promised Land with the Israelites? No 71. What is the name of the holy book that is really a collection of 73 books and letters that were inspired by God the Holy Spirit? The Bible 72. What do we call the head of the parish church? The Pastor (If they say Priest, ask them to be more specific) 73. Who is the head of the diocese and governs the local diocese as an authentic successor of the apostles? The Bishop 74. What is the title given to the authentic successor of St. Peter and who serves as the visible head of the Universal Catholic Church?

The Pope 75.

What do we call the big crucifix which is the first to begin the Entrance Procession? Processional Cross 76. Who established or founded the Catholic Church? Jesus Christ 77. What is the name of those women who are members of a religious order, professing vows and living lives consecrated to God? Nuns or Sisters 78. What city/diocese is the Pope the Bishop of? Rome 79. Who is the current Pope? Pope Francis 80. Who is the first Divine Person of the Holy Trinity? God, the Father 81. Do we confess three Gods or one God in three persons? One God in three persons 82. What is the number of Gifts of the Holy Spirit? Seven 83.

What is the number of Fruits of the Holy Spirit? 12 (or Nine from Paul’s Letter to the Galatians)

7 84. Which Commandment states you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain? The Second Commandment 85. When you obey and honor your parents, which Commandment are you upholding? The Fourth Commandment 86. Name two of the five forms of prayer. Blessing and Adoration Petition Intersession Thanksgiving Praise 87. Which Commandment prohibits abortion? The Fifth Commandment (Thou shall not kill.) 88. Which Commandment do you break when you deliberately do NOT go to Mass because you want to do something else?

The Third Commandment (Keep holy the Lord’s Day) 89. Sanctifying grace enables us to attain eternal happiness where? In Heaven 90.

Ordinarily a person first receives sanctifying grace in Baptism. What is the only way for it to be lost? Mortal sin 91. By which of the theological virtues do we love God above all things for His own sake, and our neighbor as ourselves for the love of God? Charity or love 92. Which woman came to the tomb and announced to the disciples that Jesus had risen from the dead? Mary of Magdala or Mary Magdalene (John 20:18) 93. What is the name of the prayer that Jesus taught the Apostles when they asked Him how to pray?

Our Father or the Lord’s Prayer 94. Which is the first sacrament that must be received before any others may be received? Baptism 95. Which is the greatest of all sacraments? The Eucharist

8 96. The prayer in which beads are usually used and which consists of a series of prayers and calling for meditating on the lives of Jesus and Mary, is called what? The Rosary 97. Which mysteries of the Rosary focus on the events surrounding the birth, infancy, and childhood of Jesus? Joyful Mysteries 98. At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit rested on the heads of the disciples in what form? Fire / tongues of fire / tongues as of fire 99.

Which is the shortest of the four Gospels? Gospel of Mark 100. Which is the longest of the four Gospels? Gospel of Matthew 101. Which Roman Procurator sentenced Jesus to death? Pontius Pilate 102. A prayer or devotion usually prayed in Catholic churches on Fridays during Lent and which has 14 meditations on the suffering and death of Jesus is called?

Stations or the Stations of the Cross 103. What do we call the big book that only contains the Gospel for each Mass and is carried in the Entrance Procession? Book of the Gospels 104. Who are four of the 12 Apostles? (01) Peter (or Simon Peter) (02) Andrew (03) James (the Greater) (04) John (05) James (the Lesser) (06) Bartholomew (or Nathanael) (07) Philip (08) Thomas (09) Jude (or Thaddeus) (10) Simon (or Simon the Zealot) (11) Matthew (12) Judas Iscariot (or Matthias, who was chosen to replace Judas) 105. Which Saint is most well‐known for helping us find lost things? St. Anthony of Padua 106.

Which Saint is known as “The Little Flower”?

9 St. Theresa / St. Therese / St. Therese of Lisieux 107. Who are the four evangelists / Gospel writers? Ss. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John 108. Which Saint is most frequently pictured with a key or keys? St. Peter 109. Which Saint baptized Jesus in the River Jordan? St. John the Baptist 110. Who is the only Apostle that is thought to have died a natural death instead of as a martyr? St. John the Apostle 111. Who was the first Pope? St. Peter / Simon Peter 112. What is the name of those baptized faithful that are not called to the ordained ministry or to the consecrated life?

The Laity or Lay people 113.

Who is the Queen of All Saints? Mary / the Blessed Virgin Mary 114. How many sacraments are there? Seven 115. What does it mean when we say “Amen.” I believe 116. Name 4 of the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit. Charity (Love) Chastity Faithfulness Generosity Gentleness Goodness Kindness Modesty Patience Peace Self‐control Joy 117. What is the Church feast that celebrates Jesus returning to his Father in heaven forty days after his resurrection? The Ascension 118. What part of the Mass includes the Eucharistic Prayer and Communion? The Liturgy of the Eucharist 119. The Rosary is divided into parts called:

10 Mysteries 120. What is the great collection of Hebrew religious songs that Jews and Christians pray today? The Book of Psalms 121. What does “Genesis,” the first book of the Bible, mean? Beginning 122. What are the three vows professed by members of religious orders? Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience 123. Who said that He is the perfect image of the Father (but He is not the Father)? God the Son, or the Son, or Jesus 124. Name three of the corporal works of mercy? Feed the hungry Give drink to the thirsty Clothe the naked Visit the sick Visit the imprisoned Bury the dead Shelter the Homeless 125.

By which of the Theological Virtues do we firmly believe all the truths which God hasrevealed?

Faith 126. What is any intentional thought, word, deed, or omission that breaks God’s law? Sin 127. Which king of Israel was known for his wisdom? Solomon 128. Who are the saints? Saints are people who have spent their lives loving God, following Jesus, and helping others 129. What do we call all the people gathered to worship in the name of Jesus Christ? The Assembly 130. What is living forever with God in the happiness of Heaven called? Eternal life 131. What sign marked the doorways of the Israelites at the Passover? Lamb’s Blood 132. Who killed John the Baptist and how was it done? Herod had him beheaded (Mark 6: 17, 27)

11 133. Whom did Jesus take with Him to the Mountain of the Transfiguration? Peter, James, and John (Mark 9:2) 134. Who were the parents of John the Baptist? Zechariah and Elizabeth (Luke 1:13) 135. The two sacraments that Jesus instituted on Holy Thursday are? The Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders 136. Who are the three archangels named in the Bible? St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael 137. Who helped Jesus carry the Cross to Calvary? Simon of Cyrene 138. Who allowed Jesus to be buried in the tomb that he had purchased? Joseph of Arimathea 139. What are the three gifts presented to Jesus by the Wise Men from the East? Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh 140.

How is a cross different from a crucifix? A Crucifix has a Corpus (Body of Christ) and a Cross does not 141. What is the name of the apostle who cried after he denied knowing Jesus three times? Peter 142. A disciple is the name given to a person who does what? Accepts, lives, and spreads the teachings of Jesus 143. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches his followers many lessons, using several statements that begin “Blessed are the ” What is the name given to this collection of statements?

The Beatitudes 144. Who is the major writer of the Letters in the New Testament? St. Paul 145. What are the two main sections that the Bible is divided into? The Old Testament and the New Testament 146. What did God make on the seventh day of creation? Nothing. He rested. 147. What is the Bible also known as?

12 Sacred Scriptures 148. According to Proverbs 10:1, what makes a parent glad? A wise child. 149. Who is the saint who was born in Lima, Peru and was known for working among thepoor and his care for the sick? St. Martin de Porres 150. What does “Kyrie Eleison” mean? Lord, have mercy 151.

After Jesus ascended into Heaven, what did He send to the Apostles so that they could carry out His mission? The Holy Spirit 152. Name the two Sacraments of healing. Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick 153. The waters of Baptism cleanse us of what? Original Sin 154. What is the name given to sins that damage our relationship with God, but do not totally separate us from him?

Venial Sin 155. The ability that God gave to choose for ourselves between right and wrong is called? Free will 156. All members of the church, both those living and those in purgatory and in heaven, are included in what group? Communion of Saints 157. Why is the Catholic Church called the “universal” church? Because she received from Christ all that is needed for salvation 158. What Liturgical color symbolizes sorrow for sin, repentance, and preparation? Purple 159. The commandment by Jesus to love God above all else and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves is referred to as?

The Great Commandment 160.

Praying on behalf of others, even enemies, is called? Intercession

13 161. What part of the Mass is when the bread and wine are brought to the altar, and contributions to the church and for the poor are collected from those assembled? Offertory 162. What three things happened at the Last Supper?  Jesus washed the feet of his apostles on the evening before his death;  he instituted the Eucharist, and  founded the priesthood of the New Covenant 163. What is a special sign given to us by Jesus through which we share in God's life and love? Sacrament 164. What do we call a gift offered to God by a priest in the name of all the people? Sacrifice 165. What does the Last Judgment refer to? Jesus Christ coming at the end of time to judge all people 166.

What book in the Bible tells the story of the work of the Apostles in the early Church The Acts of the Apostles 167. What does the word Messiah mean in Hebrew? The anointed one 168. The grace that we receive in the sacraments is called... Sanctifying grace 169. Why did Jesus wash his apostles’ feet at the Last Supper? He wanted to show they were there to serve each other 170. Why is Mary the model for all Christians? Because she always did God's will with faith and trust 171. What Old Testament figures were with Jesus on the mountain at the transfiguration? Moses and Elijah 172. What happened to Zechariah because he doubted the angel’s message that Elizabeth would have a child in her old age?

He became mute 173. When Jesus broke bread at the Last Supper, according to Mark, what words did he say? “Take it; this is my body.” 174. Where did Mary and Joseph find Jesus when they lost him in Jerusalem? In the Temple

14 175. Why is Sunday called the “Lord’s Day”? Because Jesus rose on Easter Sunday 176. What two liturgical seasons use the liturgical color of purple? Advent and Lent 177. To whom did Jesus say “If you knew the gift of God and who is saying to you, ‘Give me a drink,’ you would have asked him and he would have given you living water”? The Woman at the Well 178.

What is the center of our life of prayer and worship? The Mass 179. We usually pray the Act of Contrition during which Sacrament? Sacrament of Reconciliation / Sacrament of Penance / Confession 180. Who was the tax collector who climbed a tree in order to see Jesus? Zacchaeus 181. What two liturgical seasons use the color of white? Christmas and Easter 182. What are the three sacraments of Christian Initiation? Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist 183. What is the first part of Mass in which we become one as we prepare to listen to God's Word and to celebrate the Eucharist?

Introductory rites 184. What is a special Mass at which we thank God for the life of a person who has died? Funeral Mass 185. What is our share in God's life and love called? Grace 186. What are people who die for their faith called? Martyrs 187. What does Jesus’ public ministry refer to? Jesus' work among the people 188. What is the meaning of the word apostle? One who is sent 189. During what part of the Mass do we confess our sorrow for sin? During the Penitential Rite

15 190. What do we call the special prayer that Our Lady of Fatima asks us to pray? The Rosary 191.

Who was the saint who before his conversion went out of his way to persecute the followers of Jesus? St. Paul 192. How did we come to know God? Jesus revealed God the Father by His life, actions, and words. 193. What parable did Jesus tell about the forgiveness of a father for his son who went wrong? The prodigal son 194. What is the piece of cloth called that is worn around the priest’s neck? The stole 195. Which prayer contains a summary of all that Catholics believe? The Creed 196. Who is the well‐known saint who spent her life among the poor in India? St. Teresa of Calcutta 197. To whom did Jesus appear revealing the great love He has in His heart for us? St.

Margaret Mary 198. What feast day do we celebrate on the last day of the liturgical season? Christ the King 199. What special image of Jesus reminds us strongly that He always takes care of us and protects us?

The Good Shepherd 200. When is the Gloria not prayed or sung during the Mass? During Advent and Lent

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