Summer 2019 - Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association

Summer 2019 - Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association
Summer 2019 - Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association
PRESIDENTS’ MESSAGES                                        

                                                                   and thought-provoking and I was glad we                        to maintain at least the recent spend
                                                                   made Tom and Jen Satterly’s presenta-                          from Congress of $350 million each for
                                                                   tion available for the spouses and guests                      AFG and SAFER grants. We all made the
                                                                   to attend. In addition, I am proud that                        case that what we really need is to get
                                     ®                             we were able to announce a three-year                          back to the 2011 funding levels of $405
                                                                   extension (2020-2022) with Clarion Fire &                      million each since the current funding
                            By Curt Ignacio                        Rescue Group as our exclusive Corporate                        level does not buy what it did previously.
                            FAMA President
                                                                   Sponsor during the meeting.                                       We also asked Congress to support
                                                                      Of course, an event like this does not                      the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) at
                                                                   just happen. A big thank you goes out to                       the $50 million level, since this is where
It’s hard to believe we are already                                Sonya Kelly and the staff at the Marriot                       many of our first responders get their
halfway through the year and in the                                Hollywood Beach. An additional thanks                          training, and to restore funding to Urban
midst of summer! So far, my year as the                            to Bill Doebler and the Meeting Planning                       Search and Rescue (USAR) at a rate of $50
FAMA Board President has flown by. I am                            Committee that made the event a success.                       million. Since there seems to be a steady
honored to serve FAMA and its members.                                                                                            increase in natural and man-made
                                                                     We hope you all make your way up
   FAMA’s Annual Spring Meeting                                                                                                   events, this fund is essential to have the
                                                                   north to Toronto for the FEMSA/FAMA
was held at the Marriott in Hollywood                                                                                             27 teams prepped and ready to go.
                                                                   Annual/Fall Conference (October 9-11)
Beach, Florida. My feelings that it was a                          and the FAMA Spring Meeting in the                                If your Senator, Congressman or
success were confirmed by the comments                             Don CeSar at St. Pete’s Beach (March                           Congresswoman is a member of the
received and the survey results. We tried                          21-24).                                                        Congressional Fire Caucus, thank them.
a new smaller venue than in the past. The                                                                                         If they are not a member, ask them to
hotel is located right on the beach, which                            Hill Day 2019 was one of the best
                                                                                                                                  consider joining.
provided for great outside networking                              attended in recent history. FAMA/FEMSA
and opportunities to catch up with many                            was well represented with 54 attendees                           As summer makes its way to all regions
of our friends and colleagues in the fire                          representing 42 member companies in the                        of our country, let’s make a promise to
service industry. The meeting set a record                         fire industry. We had great support from                       each other, as my late Mother-In-Law,
with 75 member companies represented.                              Dave Gatton and his team at Development                        Betty Simpson, would say “Make every
We had a total of 158 meeting attendees                            Initiatives Inc. (DII) and held a total of 110                 day a happy day.” Let’s create memories
including spouses, the third highest                               meetings on the Hill, plus many meetings                       and enjoy family and friends this summer.
record in FAMA history. New members                                held by our colleagues from IAFC, IAFF,                          And finally, a must for all of us is to
and first-time meeting attendees totaled                           NVFC and others.                                               remember those that gave the ultimate
15. In addition to solid committee reports,                           We continued with our story that our                        sacrifice for freedom - ours and others in
the attendees enjoyed two keynote                                  local Fire and EMS personnel are the first                     the world we protect. 
speaker presentations from Tom and Jen                             ones to arrive at the scene of an emer-
Satterly and Robyn Benincasa. These                                gency since there is not a federal fire
presentations were riveting, entertaining                          service for such catastrophes. We pushed

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   Welcome New FEMSA Members.................................3                                Article on Diversity........................................................... 17

   GAC Corner.......................................................................... 4-7   New Column: NFPA Reports ................................ 18-20

   FAMA 2019 Spring Meeting Recap...................... 8-11                                  Trade Show Committee Reports......................... 20-21

   FAMA Technical Committee Meeting Recap.... 12                                              Member News................................................................ 22-26

   Welcome New FAMA Members................................ 12                                In Memoriam......................................................................... 26

   FEMSA/FAMA Annual/Fall Conference.......14-15                                              Boards of Directors............................................................ 27

     2        SUMMER 2019 | WWW.FAMA.ORG
Summer 2019 - Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association
PRESIDENTS’ MESSAGES                         

                                                    FEMSA continues to build value on                 with the outstanding networking and
                                                 added services such as the User Informa-             social activities, makes this event a must!
                                                 tion Guide program, and industry statis-             If you have attended previous events,
                                                 tics program, while promoting our legis-             the experience is worth the investment
                                                 lative priorities through the GAC, and               of your time. The planning committees
                                                 recruiting new members. Additionally,                have been working overtime to create
                    By Bill Van Lent             significant progress is underway in plan-            another excellent program. You may want
                    FEMSA President              ning and organizing the informative and              to consider bringing additional members
                                                 educational presentation schedule for                from your organization. The city of
                                                 this year’s annual meeting in Toronto.               Toronto is a center of business, finance,
We are living in interesting times…While                                                              arts, and culture and is recognized as one
there are many mixed economic signals,             At the time of this writing, the 2019
                                                                                                      of the most multicultural and cosmopol-
most of our members are reporting favor-         Annual Meeting registration is open. The
                                                                                                      itan cities in the world. – You don’t want
able business conditions. Unemployment           informative presentations addressing
                                                                                                      to miss it! See you in Toronto! 
is at historic low levels and interest           economic, general business, fire service
rates remain relatively low. Nearly all          specific and general interest topics along
our members report an ongoing need to
recruit and hire additional workers. In
fact, the National Association of Manu-
facturers reports that there are more              Welcome New FEMSA Members
open positions than people looking for
work in the USA. The U.S. business envi-
ronment seems the envy of nearly all our
international trading partners. Certainly,
conditions are less favorable regarding
the domestic political environment as it           Absolute Fire Protection Co. Inc.                  Dependable Fire Equipment
                                                   Anthony Amoroso, Vice President/Partner            Pino Natale, Director of Emergency Vehicles &
remains as fractured and contentious as            2800 Hamilton Blvd.                                Fire Equipment
ever. Undoubtedly, the rhetoric will esca-         So. Plainfield, NJ 07080                           80 Base Pro Mills Drive Unit 26
late as we move toward the 2020 elec-              908-757-3600                                       Vaughan, ON Canada L4K 5W9
tions. Interesting times indeed…                              
   Speaking of our elected representa-             Absolute Fire Protection Co. Inc. has been in
                                                   business since 1946 and is the Central and         Dependable Fire Equipment stocks a wide range
tives in Washington, I’m happy to report           Northern dealer for E-ONE and the dealer for       of parts and equipment to service all of your fire
that FEMSA and FAMA were well repre-               Frontline, Road Rescue and Wheeled Coach           department needs. We are a dealer for a variety
sented at the 2019 Hill Day in Wash-               Ambulances in New Jersey. We sell conversions      of fire equipment manufacturers. We also do
                                                   on Chief Gigs, ICV and EMS and all other types     service and testing of equipment including SCBAs,
ington, DC. 54 members representing 42             of command and specialty emergency vehicles.       pumps, ladders, compressors, air monitoring,
companies conducted 110 meetings with              Our Sales and Service Center is located in South   nozzles, valves, hoses, foam system calibration
House, Senate and Committee offices.               Plainfield we service all makes of emergency,      and much more.
                                                   EMS, fire apparatus and police department vehi-
This was a record turnout! Board officers          cles. We have sales representatives covering
and GAC members also met directly with             all territories that are factory trained and are
                                                   constantly training to be a valuable resource of
both House and Senate Appropriations               information on the latest technology and design
staff. This was an excellent opportunity           of emergency vehicles. Our specialty is service
to join the other Fire Service representa-         before, during and after the sale.
tives on Capitol Hill in a unified message                                                            Firefighters and EMS Fund
in support of the Fire Act, SAFER, USAR                                                               Nile Porter, Director
                                                                                                      4250 Fairfax Drive, #600
and the U.S. Fire Administration. For                                                                 Arlington, VA 22203
those that were able to participate, thank                                                            703-844-2285
                                                   Bobit Business Media
you again! If you were unable to partici-                                                   
                                                   Paul Andrews, Chief Marketing Officer
pate, please plan to attend in 2020 – you          3520 Challenger Street
                                                   Torrance, CA 90503                                 The mission of the Firefighters and EMS Fund
will be glad you did.                              240-595-2352                                       is to provide a grassroots voice for firefighters
                                                                      across the country in the state and local polit-
   Sticking with GAC issues, we are                               ical process. This means that we maintain a
still trying to conclude the update for                                                               network of grassroots supporters whom we can
                                                   Bobit Business Media employs 170 people and
the “employment map project. ” This is                                                                engage and activate in the political process to
                                                   produces 23 B2B magazines, 20 in-person
                                                                                                      help pass legislative measures, such as levies
a valuable illustration of FEMSA and               events, and 42 branded websites that meets
                                                                                                      or referendums, thus helping to keep fire depart-
                                                   specific market needs for knowledge, news and
FAMA’s national reach and the many                                                                    ments throughout the United States adequately
                                                   networking. Some of its print titles and events
employees (aka voters), that our orga-                                                                equipped. Our organization's leadership includes
                                                   include Automotive Fleet, Heavy Duty Trucking,
                                                                                                      members of volunteer departments and those
nizations represent. If you haven’t                Modern Salon, Police Magazine, the International
                                                                                                      involved in the design and manufacturing
                                                   Luxury Coach & Transportation Show, Govern-
responded with up-to-date location and                                                                process of fire apparatus.
                                                   ment Fleet Expo, and Global Fleet Conference.
employment info, please do so now. –               Its headquarters occupy 50,000 square feet in
This is important!                                 Torrance, Calif., and it has 30 regional offices
                                                   throughout the United States.

                                                                                       WWW.FEMSA.ORG | SUMMER 2019                                3
Summer 2019 - Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association
D ay
H i l l
        1 9

Summer 2019 - Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association

Hill Day Advances Fire Service Agenda;
CFSI Pays Tribute to John McCain
by David Gatton

54 FAMA and FEMSA members repre-                will find it hard to come to agreement on       heartfelt and the video tribute produced
senting 42 companies descended on               spending bills until domestic discretionary     by CFSI captured this American hero’s
                 Capitol Hill April             caps for defense and other programs are         dignity and character as a patriot.
                 24-25th for Hill Day           established. Until an agreement on these
                                                                                                   John McCain’s service to the country
                 2019 to advance the            caps is found, FY 2020 funding will be
                                                                                                was one of sacrifice and I believe that’s
                 Fire Service coalition’s       subject to sequestration (automatic across
                                                                                                why he was such a strong and devoted
                 agenda: more funding           the board cuts) to conform to smaller
                                                                                                supporter of the fire service. He under-
                 for AFG, SAFER, the            overall caps in the existing 10-year budget
                                                                                                stood that every first responder put
                 U.S. Fire Administra-          agreement that Congress chose to exceed
                                                                                                their life on the line and he wanted to
tion (USFA) and the Urban Search and            in FY 2018 and 2019.
                                                                                                honor their service. He understood how
Rescue System (USAR).
   Citing the increased intensity of hurri-
canes, tornadoes, floods and wildfires,
FAMA/FEMSA Hill Day teams told
congressional staff that the fire service, at
all levels, has been strained in its efforts
to respond to all natural and man-made
disasters. With an aging population and
the opioid crisis in its various forms, it is
obvious that the local emergency medical
and response system has never been more
important to the nation. Few took issue.
                                                   It will be extremely important in this       important the fire service was in main-
  The FEMSA/FAMA teams visited 110
                                                uncertain environment that FEMSA                taining the unique fabric of the nation.
congressional offices to call for FY 2020
                                                and FAMA members continue to contact
funding of $405 million for AFG; $405                                                              At the end of the video, the more than
                                                their congressional offices, even at the
million for SAFER; $50 million for the                                                          1,500 attendees stood to sing America
                                                district level, to call for the above funding
USFA, and $50 million for USAR—the                                                              the Beautiful, led by Firefighter Regina
                                                levels for AFG, SAFER, USFA and USAR.
same message of the Fire Service coalition.                                                     Wilson, Fire Department of New York
                                                                                                City. It was a fitting tribute to Senator
  Our efforts have initially paid off. Just     The CFSI Fire Service Dinner and                McCain and to all the men and women
before going to print, the House Appro-         a Tribute to Senator John McCain                who protect our nation as members of the
priations Homeland Security Subcom-
                                                   CFSI’s National Fire and Emergency           fire service, law enforcement and military.
mittee adopted an FY 2020 bill that gave
the fire grant programs a $50 million           Services Dinner, which many of FAMA                Everyone was proud to be an Amer-
increase, providing $375 million each for       and FEMSA member companies support              ican that night. They were proud to have
the Assistance to Firefighters and the          faithfully, was special this year. One of       been led by John McCain and proud to be
SAFER programs. Last year’s funding was         the Congressional Fire Service Caucus’s         a part of the American Dream of values
$350 million for each program. Although         original founders and most ardent               larger than ourselves. 
the House of Representatives is likely to       supporters, Senator John McCain, passed
move FY 2020 Appropriations bills by            away since the last dinner. The tributes               See you next year
                                                by Delaware Senator Tom Carper and
the end of June, the House and Senate
                                                House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer were                    at Hill Day!
                                                                                                         April 29 - 30, 2020

                       The FAMA/FEMSA Governmental Affairs Committee highly encourages
                       member companies to host Home Day events regularly. Get to know your
                       representatives and their staff members to build trusted relationships.
                       Be sure to check out the Home Day Tool Kit posted on the GAC website:

                                                                                   WWW.FEMSA.ORG | SUMMER 2019                      5
Summer 2019 - Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association

GAC Mapping initiative, we need your help
by John Granby

Every two to three years, your Govern-
ment Affairs Committee asks all FEMSA
                    and FAMA members
                    to share their employ-
                    ment information in
                    preparation for the
                    upcoming Hill Day
                    activities. This infor-
                    mation is vital to our
participation in Hill Day as it demonstrates
the strength and size of the combined
industrial manufacturing and business
base of the Fire Service and to all of our
alliance partners in the Fire Services.
   Over the years, the Congressional Fire
Service Institute (CFSI) has depended
on these figures to show Congress the
overall size of the fire service and the
size of overall manufacturing and service         Unfortunately, this year we did not
base that are potentially affected by fire     receive a significant amount of responses
service programs such as the Assistance        to our survey request. Because of such a
                                                                                             If you are one of the compa-
to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program and        low overall response we have decided to     nies that has not responded
others. When we have complete and              continue the survey in hopes of getting     to our 2019 survey, please
accurate numbers of our overall private        responses from most, if not all, of our
sector employment, it helps to demon-          overall membership. Please know that all
                                                                                           contact or
strate our position within the overall         of your responses, as they have always for access to
private business sector. As you know,
one of our most powerful arguments to
                                               been, are private and confidential and      the survey. We need your
                                               your information is shared with no one.
Congress has been that a great majority        The overall map that we create only shows   help so we can truly repre-
of our businesses are small businesses         the overall representative employment by    sent all of you in 2020. 
and we represent a significant number of       our members per state and dots to repre-
employees in many states.                      sent the general location of the company.

EXCHANGING KNOWLEDGE: 1,500 Fire Service Officials
Did That in Washington, DC
by Bill Webb

                   On behalf of the CFSI
                   Board of Directors
                   and staff, I would like
                   to extend my thanks
                   to the 54 members of
                   FEMSA and FAMA
                   who attended the
31st Annual National Fire and Emer-
gency Services Symposium and Dinner.
As you know, this event is our major
fundraiser that allows CFSI to perform
its mission – a mission that benefits the
fire and emergency services and the
industry that equips our nation’s fire-

     6     SUMMER 2019 | WWW.FAMA.ORG
Summer 2019 - Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association

   The theme of this year’s program was
“Exchanging Knowledge to Advance
Our Mission.” Each year, we strive
to improve the program so that our
attendees will recognize the value
in attending and return in future
years. The major change to this year’s
program was the expansion of our
seminar program by adding a second
day of seminars. Our speakers included
preeminent public safety leaders who
shared their thoughts and insight on
a broad range of federal and national
issues, policies and programs.
   Unfortunately, Congress was not in
session the week of our event but this
glitch did not discourage our attendees
                                               CFSI also presented four leader-              named the CFSI/Masimo Excellence
– including the brigade of FEMSA and
                                               ship awards to individuals and                in Fire Service-Based EMS Award
FAMA members – from scheduling
                                               organizations:                                recipients.
meetings with congressional staff who
were equipped with CFSI briefing mate-          • Chief Russ Sanders (Ret) of the             We understand the challenges in
rials. They made their presence felt on           National Fire Protection Association     traveling to Washington, DC, to attend
Capitol Hill and disseminated infor-              was honored with the CFSI/Motorola       our program. These challenges are no
mation about fire service legislation             Solutions Mason Lankford Fire Service    different than the ones you face when
pending before Congress.                          Leadership Award;                        attending other events. Travel costs
                                                                                           make it difficult as does potential sched-
   United States Fire Administrator             • Denver Fire Department and the
                                                                                           uling conflicts. That is why we are
Keith Bryant delivered the keynote                Florida Firefighters Safety and Health
                                                                                           always eager to receive feedback from
address at the Dinner. Bryant alluded             Collaborative received the CFSI/NFFF
                                                                                           our attendees about their experiences.
to the work of the National Commis-               Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Service
sion on Fire Prevention and Control, he           Safety Leadership Award;                    Each year, we strive to improve
reminded the audience that the work                                                        the program. This year, we added the
                                                • Dr. Ernest Grant, former Outreach
of the Commission, which published                                                         second day of seminars; the year before
                                                  Nurse Clinician at the North Carolina
America Burning, was “the starting                                                         we incorporated videos into the award
                                                  Jaycee Burn Center, was named the
point of not only the continual exchange                                                   presentations. If you have an idea, please
                                                  recipient of the CFSI/IFSTA at OSU Dr.
of knowledge, but the critical, crucial                                                    share it with us by email or phone call,
                                                  Anne W. Phillips Award for Leader-
conversations and debates that would                                                       at a future trade show or at the Annual /
                                                  ship in Fire Safety Education; and
ensue over time in numerous confer-                                                        Fall Conference. I look forward to seeing
ences, conventions, and symposiums.”            • Phoenix Fire Department and the          everyone in Toronto! 
                                                  Winona (OH) Fire Department were

Clarion Fire & Rescue and FDIC International Continue to
Support FAMA's Governmental Affairs and Other Industry
Special thanks to Clarion Fire & Rescue and FDIC
International for their ongoing loyalty and generosity.
   Clarion and FDIC contributes annually to FAMA’s governmental
affairs and other critical advocacy activities. This contribution is
made to benefit the health and safety of the fire service, as well as
the FAMA member companies. FAMA works in partnership with
FEMSA, IAFC, IAFF, NVFC, CFSI and other fire service organiza-
tions for legislation that supports a stronger, safer fire service.

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Summer 2019 - Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association
d s
        a  r          g , FL
     A w        t i n
FAM nd Mee
                       a c h
                 d B
   a    ll y woo
      2 019

  8   SUMMER 2019 | WWW.FAMA.ORG
Summer 2019 - Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association
FAMA 2019 ANNUAL SPRING MEETING RECAP                                      

2019 Annual Awards

                   Star Achiever                              Good Egg                        Tube Steak   

         Doug Miller                             Roger Lackore                           Doug Kelley

                   Best Dressed                          Past President             Goodwill Ambassador    

           Pat Cahill                               Steve Toren                           Lisa Toren

Golf Awards                                                                              Golf Tournament

                        1st Place                             2nd Place 

Tim Allaband, Oran McNabb, Scott Edens,   Paul Darley, Mark Albright, Mike Bowman,
   Matt Pitzer (absent) (team score 63)        Michael Bednar (team score 66)

              Longest Drive                      Closest to the Pin 

               Ron Truhler                              Scott Edens

                                                                         WWW.FEMSA.ORG | SUMMER 2019        9
Summer 2019 - Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association
FAMA 2019 ANNUAL SPRING MEETING RECAP                                                

“How Winning Works” Robyn Benincasa
By Patrick Cahill

                    FAMA always delivers        yourself to the limit. Benincasa’s character       Benincasa had a setback suffering from
                    when it comes to            is everything the fire industry represents.     stage four osteoarthritis and had to endure
                    bringing world class        Her story shows the true fighting spirit        several hip replacements. It was out of
                    speakers to the Spring      that drives her.                                this setback that she found the strength
                    Meeting and 2019 did                                                        to succeed by starting an organization for
                                                   Benincasa took each of us on an adven-
                    not disappoint.                                                             people with medical setbacks to share an
                                                ture while we sat frozen in our seats during
                                                                                                adventure as part of their recovery.
   “Robyn Benincasa is a World Champion         the FAMA Spring Meeting. She illustrated
adventure racer, award-winning motiva-          her story by showing us that you can be           Benincasa is turning survivors into
tional speaker, three-time Guinness World       totally committed and still have a “crappy      adventurers. CNN recognized her as a CNN
Record kayaker, San Diego firefighter,          day” (as Robin put it).                         Hero for her efforts with this program. She
ten-time Ironman triathlete, New York                                                           pushes her adventurers over the line when
                                                   World class teams succeed when
Times bestselling author, proud owner of                                                        they think they can’t do more but once
                                                everyone does their personal best in
two bionic metal hips and the Founder and                                                       they take that extra step, there is no stop-
                                                carrying the most weight that they can and
CEO of the 501c3 Project Athena Founda-                                                         ping them from reaching the finish line.
                                                performing to their maximum potential.
tion, which helps survivors live an adven-
                                                To maintain optimum performance levels,
turous dream as part of their recovery.”
                                                sometimes you should lighten your load
   While competing on the rugged white          and allow your team members to pull you
waters of a kayaking competition of the         through. Use a towline to keep others at
Global ECO Challenge World Champion-            pace whether you are leading or following
ship, Benincasa lost her focus by turning       because it keeps you together to finish a
her head around to see where her compet-        common goal. When someone falls behind,
itors were. Frustrated, her team leader         you pull them through. If you fall behind,
grabbed her jaw and pointed it forward          they will pull you through. Everyone
telling her that “winning was in front of       suffers equally physically or mentally, and
her not behind her.” It was this reinforce-     everyone benefits equally. Grab towlines           As a leader, every day you get to decide
ment that taught her that although her          from one another when needed. As she            who you are competing with. Don’t be
personal best is important, a leader gets the   said, “If you want to go fast, go alone. When   afraid to get out in front of your team-
whole team to the finish line together.         you want to go far, go together.” Keep          mates and share how awesome you are.
                                                everyone together at an equal pace so you       Inspire those around you to do their best.
   Benincasa works daily as a firefighter
                                                all finish together and share an equal part     Benincasa set the bar for each of us to
for the San Diego Fire Department so
                                                of the outcome.                                 explore “How Winning Works” by being a
she automatically connected with FAMA
                                                                                                leader and an inspiration to all of us who
members. She motivated the diverse                “Don’t be afraid to tilt the game board,
                                                                                                attended. 
FAMA leaders in the room with her               change the game.”
journey on over-coming odds by pushing

From Black Hawk Down to All-Secure
American Heros Tom and Jen Satterly
By: Bill Doebler

The attendees of the FAMA Spring
Meeting were emotionally overwhelmed
by the closing presentation from Tom
and Jen Satterly.
   Tom Satterly, a highly decorated
combat veteran, served in the Army for
25 years. During his last 20 years, he
was in the US Military’s most elite Tier
One unit, Delta Force. Tom was involved
in some of our nation’s most important
missions, including the capture of
Saddam Hussein. His experience of lead-
ership and critical decision-making skills
in high-risk environments are proven.

    10      SUMMER 2019 | WWW.FAMA.ORG
In 1993, Tom Satterly fought in the          Jen Satterly, previously a filmmaker    anger issues and a long list of medical
longest sustained firefight since Vietnam    and photographer, met Tom while she        challenges. Today, Jen is a Certified Health
by the U.S. military, known as the           was directing large-scale special oper-    Coach specializing in Post-Traumatic Stress
Battle of Mogadishu. The firefight was       ation training films. Tom was a consul-    recovery and the co-Founder and CEO of
portrayed in the Oscar Winning 2001          tant on the film project, ensuring accu-   All Secure Foundation.
film: Black Hawk Down.                       racy and credibility were depicted. One
                                                                                           The speaking engagement was a rather
                                             evening after filming ended for the day,
  Now off the battlefield, Tom continues                                                unique forum where the setup was a town
                                             Jen called Tom. Luckily, her call was at
to fight and win his own "silent war."                                                  hall Q & A approach with many of the ques-
                                             the right time.
Satterly came within seconds of taking                                                  tions asking to explain the personal first
his own life and becoming a veteran                                                     hand experiences of Black Hawk Down,
suicide statistic. Luckily, Tom received a                                              the capture of Saddam Hussein, what its
phone call from a new friend at the right                                               like to be one of the nations most revered
time. The new friend is now his wife, Jen,                                              warriors, but more importantly how diffi-
Tom’s guardian angel.                                                                   cult it is to assimilate your life back into
                                                                                        society after the warrior phase is over.
   Today, Tom’s mission is to convince
other veterans healing from combat                                                         Both Tom and Jen shared their very
trauma that they do not need to hide                                                    emotional journey. Notice the key opera-
their weaknesses and suffer in silence.                                                 tive of journey, meaning that it may never
He speaks openly of his mental and                                                      end, but one must keep trying.
emotional struggles in order to save
                                                                                          The session ended with Bill Doebler
other lives and he is committed to raising
                                                After Tom and Jen married, she began    recognizing Tom and Jen Satterly as true
awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress and
                                             searching for answers to help them both    American Heroes, receiving a standing
other veteran issues. Tom co-founded
                                             find a way to constructively deal with     ovation by the entire audience. 
All Secure Foundation, a non-profit
                                             Post Traumatic stress and its symptoms
organization serving Special Operation
                                             including anxiety, severe depression,
warriors and their families.

                        Special Thanks to the 2019 Spring Meeting Sponsors
  The high quality and tremendous value the FAMA Spring Meetings offer would not be possible without the generous support
    of our sponsors. Please be sure to seek them out, thank them and learn about the services and products they represent.

              CORPORATE SPONSOR                                             PLATINUM SPONSORS

                                                   GOLD SPONSORS

                      SILVER SPONSORS                                            BRONZE SPONSORS



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FAMA TECHNICAL COMMITTEE MEETING RECAP                                           

Highlights of the FAMA Tech Meeting                                                             Welcome New
at FDIC 2019                                                                                   FAMA Members
By Doug Miller, FAMA Technical Committee Co-Chair

The FAMA Technical Committee                     There will be additional labeling
Meeting at FDIC received exceptional          requirements on the vehicles, as well as              I N C O R P O R A T E D

representation from member compa-             specific items that must be referenced
                                                                                           MetalCraft Marine Inc.
nies, despite the early hour. One of the      in the Owner’s Manual, including an          Bob Clark, Contracts Manager
highlights was welcoming back Wes             explanation of the owner’s responsi-         347 Wellington Street
Chestnut, of Spartan Motors, as our guest     bility for proper maintenance. Emissions     Kingston, Ontario K7K 6N7
                                                                                           Phone: 800-410-8464
speaker. The topic was Green House Gas        related warranty items, mileage and time     Cell: 613-561-5803
(GHG) Phase 2 Emissions Overview. His         periods begin when the vehicle is placed
complete presentation is available in the     into service. Chestnut gave a partial list
secured documents section of the FAMA         of the GHG emissions related compo-          MetalCraft Marine is a world leader in the design
                                                                                           and manufacture of custom aluminum boats for
website, called the Vault, in the Technical   nents, which encompasses many vehicle        the government and commercial markets. Our
Committee Meetings folder.                    systems and parts.                           greatest area of success has been designing
                                                                                           and building high speed fire, patrol and search
   A few of the key items Wes presented         The presentation includes website          and rescue craft. MetalCraft vessels are in
to the group included a preface about the     addresses to register and get started        service around the globe, our customers include
                                                                                           the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and the Cana-
complexity of the regulations. The new        with the EPA certification process. User     dian Department of National Defence. MetalCraft
regulations will begin with model year        guides and instructional guides can be       Marine has been an approved U.S. Government
2021, but companies can begin making          found on these websites. Other helpful       General Services Administration (GSA) contract
                                                                                           supplier since 1998.
product changes before then. Small            resource websites are available in the
manufacturers meeting certain criteria        presentation.
may delay until January 1, 2022.
                                                 We appreciate Chestnut sharing his
   Chestnut gave an overview of service       knowledge on this subject and we will        Power Products, LLC
classes and where emergency vehicles          likely hear from him again.                  Danny Ascencio-Hall, National Manager Emer-
                                                                                           gency and Specialty Vehicle Market
fall into place. Trailers are now included.                                                N85 W12545 Westbrook Crossing
                                                 The Technical Committee Meeting
The useful lifetime and mileage has also                                                   Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
                                              also included reviews of: 2020               Phone: 800-307-6702
been amended. Some requirements will                                                       Cell: 714-654-4569
                                              FDSOA Apparatus Symposium presen-
change again in model year 2027. Tire                                            
                                              tation topics, FAMA Forum article
rolling resistance is also a key compo-                                          
                                              schedule for Fire Apparatus and Equip-
nent in the regulations. Certification                                                     Power Products, LLC is a global manufacturer
                                              ment magazine, and status of Appa-           and supplier of electrical products for recre-
of air conditioning systems will now be
                                              ratus Buyer’s Guides. Each subcom-           ational marine and specialty vehicles, industrial
required. There are maximum leakage                                                        power, and transportation. With industry-leading
                                              mittee had a breakout session to discuss
parameters that need to be maintained                                                      brands and a track record of innovative product
                                              hot topics and their Buyer’s Guide           development, Power Products partners with our
on many types of systems, with some                                                        customers for sustainable, mutual growth.
                                              assignments and timelines. 
being exempt.

      A sincere thank you to the meeting sponsors for their generous
     support of the FAMA Technical Committee Meeting. The meet-                            TecNiq, Inc.
                                                                                           Matt Pitzer, National Key Account Manager
     ings would not be possible without the support of our sponsors.                       9100 E Michigan Avenue
     Please be sure to seek them out to thank them and learn about                         Galesburg, MI 49053
                                                                                           Phone: 269-629-4440
                 the services and products they represent.                                 Cell: 269-491-4751
                                                                                           TecNiq Inc. is an engineer owned company that
                                                                                           combines proprietary design and state of the art
                                                                                           engineering to provide the most efficient and
                                                                                           cost saving LED products available on the market
                                                                                           today. Our patented lens technology collects
                                                                                           and directs LED’s light, producing revolutionary
                                                                                           advancements in LED products. Our products
                                                                                           incorporate marine grade passivated stainless
                                                                                           steels, automotive grade polycarbonates and
                                                                                           polyurethane sealed circuit boards. These tech-
                                                                                           nologies help us deliver lighting products that
                                                                                           set a new level of performance per dollar, with
                                                                                           a lifetime warranty that guarantees our lights will
                                                                                           light up, time and time again.

    12     SUMMER 2019 | WWW.FAMA.ORG
FEMSA, FAMA and their members

  WEBSITES                MARKETING          BRANDING &               EVENT
   & SEO                  STRATEGY             DESIGN              MANAGEMENT


          SOCIAL MEDIA                   VIDEO             DIGITAL
          ENHANCEMENT                 PRODUCTION           SIGNAGE

                                             “The First Arriving team has been a
                                           blessing to our organization. They have
                                           a wealth of industry knowledge, making
                                             them our ideal marketing partner.”
                                                          - GearGrid

      Your Marketing Partner in Fire/EMS       240-667-7754 |
 13   SUMMER 2019 | WWW.FAMA.ORG
Keynote Speakers
        Dr. Todd Dewett, Opening Keynote                                                       Richard Bryan, Closing Keynote
        Todd Dewett has rededicated his life to the study of leadership                        Richard Bryan began his career taking over his family owned
        and success in life to help others achieve more happiness and                          car and truck dealership in the UK. He faced lack of leadership
        genuine sense of purpose. Holding a PhD in Management, he has                          succession, but ultimately learned from his mistakes. Bryan was
        been published many times, as well as teaches leadership courses                       able to establish his leadership presence and save his business.
        at Wright State. Todd discovered the power of stories, and now is                      Today, he is a speaker, author and executive coach who shares
        a professional speaker and entrepreneur. He takes his speaking                         with business owners and leaders the leadership strategies that
        engagements as an opportunity to teach, evoke emotion, and                             have proven to be the driving force behind his continued business
        entertain in a way that causes real change within a person.                            success. Richard is a professional member of the National Speakers

Featured Speakers
                                                                                               Association (NSA) and a former Board Member of NSA Colorado.

        Rob Anselmi is the Division Chief of Mechanical Maintenance,                          Kirby James is an accomplished facilitator, educator, board
        Equipment & Asset Management for Toronto Fire Services. He                            member and operational excellence executive. He has served on
        is a licensed heavy truck mechanic with Master EVT status,                            numerous Boards, teaches PhD’s at universities across Ontario
        the past president of the Ontario Fire Department Mechanical                          and is a teaching fellow in Board Governance /Operations for
        Officers Association, and is the Logistics manager for the                            the Canadian Board Diversity Council in their Fellow in Board
        Heavy Urban Search & Rescue team.                                                     Governance (FBG) certification program.
        Anirban Basu is Chairman & CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc.,                            Matthew Pegg is the Fire Chief in the City of Toronto, Ontario.
        which provides strategic analytical services to energy suppliers,                     Toronto Fire Services is the largest fire service in Canada with
        law firms, medical systems, government agencies and more. He                          3,200 full-time personnel. He is also the General Manager of
        lectures at Johns Hopkins University in Global Strategy and                           Emergency Management, overseeing the Toronto Office of
        hosts a radio show weekdays on 88.1FM, WYPR, Baltimore.                               Emergency Management.

        Brian Brauer is the Associate Director for Infrastructure and                         Mark Puknaitis has been the Fire Chief for the City of
        Special Projects at the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute                 Naperville Illinois for 11 years. He is a 34-year veteran of the
        and has volunteered as a fire officer and EMT since 1990. He                          fire service and currently serves as President of the Illinois
        holds a Master’s in Global Human Resource and a Doctorate in                          Fire Chiefs Association, Chairman of the Illinois Fire Chiefs
        Education in Educational Policy and Organizational Leadership.                        Association Accreditation Committee and the 2009 recipient of
                                                                                              the coveted Ray Picard Award.
        John Butler is currently the Fire Chief for the Fairfax County (VA)                   Tammy Rimes is the Executive Director of the National
        Fire and Rescue Department. He holds a graduate degree from                           Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP), and strives to
        Johns Hopkins University, and certificates from Johns Hopkins                         motivate procurement teams across the nation and support
        Public Safety Leadership Program, John F. Kennedy School of                           their efforts in solving tough problems. Tammy has the unique
        Government, Harvard University, and the IAFC Fire Service                             perspective of working in three different worlds – corporate,
        Executive Development Institute.                                                      government and entrepreneurial.
        Nathan Calabrese is Vice President of International Sales for                         Deryn Rizzi serves as the Fire Chief with Vaughan Fire and
        Task Force Tips. He enjoys forming ties with organizations who                        Rescue Service. She was named one of GTA’s most influential
        are committed to further development of international trade and                       women in 2018 and speaks internationally on topics ranging
        commerce. His strong background in engineering and mechanics                          from active threats to leadership. She serves on the Ontario
        come from his days as a marine engineer onboard working cargo                         Association of Fire Chiefs board of directors and chairs the
        vessels over the Great Lakes.                                                         Human Relations Committee for the IAFC.
        Jim Crawford is the project manager for Vision 20/20, a former                        Gordon Routley is a 50 year fire service veteran and
        chair of the NFPA technical committee, and the author of Fire                         currently serves as Assistant Director of the Montreal Fire
        Prevention Organization and Management. Crawford retired                              Department. He has been actively involved with many fire
        from the fire service after 35 years, ending his career as the                        service organizations during his career, including the National
        Deputy Chief and Fire Marshal of Vancouver, WA.                                       Fallen Firefighters Foundation, Canadian Fallen Firefighters
                                                                                              Foundation, NFPA and IAFC.
        Darnell D. Fullum is currently serving as Fire Chief of the DeKalb                    Bill Webb is the Executive Director of the Congressional Fire Services
        (GA) Fire Rescue Department. He has over thirty-two years of fire                     Institute, the Vice Chairman of the National Fallen Firefighters
        service experience as a firefighter, lieutenant, captain, battalion                   Foundation and an honorary member of the Vienna (VA) Volunteer
        chief, training chief, fire marshal and deputy fire chief.                            Fire Department, Delaware Volunteer Firefighter’s Association and
                                                                                              the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 36.

        Dave Gatton serves as Senior Advisor to the FAMA/FEMSA
        Governmental Affairs Committee. He has over 35 years’
        experience in Washington D.C., representing cities, the fire            GET THE APP
        service and urban interests before Congress. He resides in              Download the conference app (Android and Apple versions available). In
        McLean, VA.
                                                                                one place, you’ll access schedules, agendas, speaker bios, list of attendees
                                                                                with photos, meeting rooms/floor plans, as well as local points of interest.

        John Granby is LION’s Vice President, government relations and                                          Search “FEMSA/FAMA” on the Google
        corporate responsibility. He is a member of E54 Committee on                                            Play or Apple App Store
        Homeland Security, CFSI's National Advisory Committee, NFFF's
        Partner Council, and the First Responder Center for Excellence in
        Reducing Occupational Illness and Death Inc. board.                            Follow the FEMSA Group on LinkedIn for updates.

  14   SUMMER 2019 | WWW.FAMA.ORG
Time                    Monday – October 7, 2019 | Arrival Boards
                        Tuesday – October 8, 2019 | Arrival Members | Networking Hours: 5pm to 11pm
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm     FEMSA Board Lunch
12:30 pm - 3:00 pm      FEMSA Board Meeting
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm      FAMA Board Meeting
 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm      Joint FEMSA/FAMA Board Meeting
 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm      FAMA Board & Committee Chairs Meeting
 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm      FAMA Technical Committee
                        Wednesday – October 9, 2019 | Networking Hours: 5pm-6pm; 8:00pm-11:00pm
 7:00 am - 8:00 am      Breakfast – All Members and Guests
 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Speaker Presentations (Joint Session)
 8:00 am - 8:05 am      Official Welcome to Toronto: Chief Matthew Pegg
 8:05 am - 9:10 am      Joint Presentation: Dr. Todd Dewett, Opening Keynote – "Authenticity in Leadership"
 9:10 am - 10:00 am Joint Presentation: James Kirby – “Building Resilient Organizational Culture”
10:00 am - 10:20 am     Break
10:20 am - 12:00 am     Joint Presentation: Anirban Basu – “To All the Economists I’ve Loved Before”
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm      Lunch Break (on your own)
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm      FAMA New Member/First-Time Attendees Lunch
  1:15 pm - 2:30 pm     Joint Presentation: Brian Brauer – “Human Behavior and Innovation”
 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm      Joint Presentation: Washington + AFG Updates • CFSI – Bill Webb; GAC – Dave Gatton / John Granby
 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm      Canadian Members Breakout Session • Richard Boyes, Moderator
 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm      Break
 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm      FEMSA Business Meeting
 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm      FAMA Business Meeting
 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm      FAMA Networking Event
 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm      New Attendee Reception
 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm      Welcome Reception – All Members and Guests
                        Thursday – October 10, 2019 | Networking Hours: 5pm-6pm; 9pm-11pm
  7:15 am - 8:30 am     FEMSA Breakfast – FEMSA Members and Guests
  7:15 am - 8:30 am     FAMA Breakfast – FAMA Members and Guests
 8:00 am - 9:30 am      Chiefs Panel Prep Session
 8:00 am - 10:00 am FAMA Business Meeting
 8:30 am - 10:00 pm FEMSA Member Caucus Groups
10:00 am - 10:30 pm Break
10:30 am - 12:00 pm Joint Presentation:
                    Chiefs Panel on Future of the Fire Service with a Focus on Fire Based EMS and Transportation Technology
                    Moderator: Assistant Director J. Gordon Routley, Montreal, QC Fire Department; Panelists: Division Chief of
                    Mechanical Rob Anselmi (Toronto Fire Services), Chief John S. Butler (Fairfax County, VA Fire & Rescue),
                    Chief Darnell Fullum (DeKalb, GA Fire Rescue Department), Chief Mark Puknaitis (Naperville, IL Fire Department),
                    Chief Deryn Rizzi (Vaughan, ON Fire & Rescue Service)
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm      Lunch – All Members
  1:15 pm   - 1:55 pm   Joint Presentations: Fire Lane #1 – select one:
                        “Family Businesses” – Richard Bryan | “Cooperative Procurement” – Tammy Rimes
  2:00 pm    - 2:45 pm Joint Presentations: Fire Lane #2 – select one:
                       “Podcasting” – Nathan Calabrese | “Partnering in Community Risk Reduction” – Jim Crawford
 2:45 pm - 3:15 pm      Break
 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm      Joint Presentation: Richard Bryan, Closing Keynote – “Learn to Lead: Guaranteed to Succeed”
                        (All Members and Guests)
 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm      Reception – All Members and Guests
 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm      Dinner – All Members and Guests
Departure (Most)        Friday – October 11, 2019

                                                                               WWW.FEMSA.ORG | SUMMER 2019                   15
CHIEFS SPEAK              

Chiefs Speak                                     sets per year). $42,000/year in hoods,          we really want these things to work
                                                 helmets, boots, gloves. 1 fire appa-            when they are released. We want to
by Nathan Calabrese
                                                 ratus every 5 years, 1 ambulance                be sure that the stuff is always going
                                                 every 2 years.                                  to work, first time, every time.
                    General Questions
                                              QQ:Are there challenges you face in the         Open Ended Questions
                    QQ:How long have             procurement and purchasing process
                    you been with the            while utilizing your budget?                 QQ:If you could directly communicate
                    department?               AA:No one ever wants to discuss spending           anything you wanted to the manufac-
                    AA:25 years                  money on housing for the firefighters.          turers, resellers, and service providers
                    QQ:Is your staff paid/                                                       of the industry, what would it be?
                                              QQ:Does your department actively seek           AA:Just because we are forced to accept
                    volunteer/mix?               out and apply for grants?
AA:All paid/career                                                                               the lowest bid does not mean that we
                                              AA:Yes, very much so. The chief and two            want low quality. We cannot circum-
QQ:How many personnel do you have?               assistants are on a grant committee.            vent the bid process because we are
AA:62 employees including personnel in        QQ:How far in advance do you plan your             government, but we do not want the
   our 3 stations                                purchases for vehicles and equipment?           cheapest lowest quality product.
QQ:How many apparatus do you operate?         AA:Turnout gear, apparatus, SCBA are all        QQ:What are the top three challenges you
AA:14 in total                                   on a set time replacement program.              face in managing the organization?
QQ:What size is the population that you
                                                 Otherwise, it depends on department          AA:Budget. Always. Getting the team to use
                                                 input and communicated needs.                   the safety equipment they are provided.
   serve, and the square mileage of your
   jurisdiction?                              Product and Purchasing                             Training. Cost, time, participation.
AA:A population of 40,000 across 27           Questions                                       QQ:What are the top three challenges your
   square miles                                                                                  department faces in responding to calls?
                                              QQ:In terms of products, would you
QQ:How many calls does your department           describe your department as brand
                                                                                              AA:Enough resources. Need to expand,
   run per year? What is your call ratio in                                                      city doesn’t want to. Can’t hire
                                                 loyal, function loyal, or price loyal?
                                                                                                 one person, but need to hire three.
   terms of fire, accidents, EMS, natural     AA:We are primarily distributor loyal. We
   disasters, or other?                          have a relationship with a local distrib-       Keeping apparatus rolling and on
AA:4,600 calls in 2017. 80% EMS/Acci-            utor and we try to stick with what they         the road. Apparatus repairs are our
   dents, 15% fire (ANY fire call including      have to offer. We do go out and explore,        largest line item.
   fires, alarms, structures, autos) and         we look at new products, and we know
   5% natural disasters (floods, storms,         what we like. But we try to be as loyal         EMS. Being on the cutting edge to
   power lines).                                 as possible to the distributor as long as       provide the best patient care possible
                                                 that distributor is giving us their best        in terms of equipment, technology,
Budgetary Questions                                                                              and knowledge. 
                                                 price the first time around.
QQ:Are you satisfied with the depart-
   ment budget in terms of budget size vs.
                                              QQ:What is your opinion of the work
                                                 manufacturers are doing in terms of
                                                 presenting and offering new tech-
AA:Never. Never. Never. $5 million of
   the total budget, which is $6.2 million
                                                 nology into the industry?
                                              AA:It’s mixed. The attempt to bring new
                                                                                                  REGISTER TODAY TO
   a year, goes to HR expenses such as
   wages, insurance, etc.
                                                 technology to the industry is a plus,            ATTEND
                                                 and I think manufacturers are doing
QQ:What are your top 3-5 equipment                                                                        2019 FEMSA/FAMA
   purchase expenses?
AA:Hoses, fans, saws, turnout gear (13
                                                 a great job. Motorola and MSA have
                                                 made fantastic steps in integrating               Annual/Fall Conference
                                                 accountability with Bluetooth, but
                                                                                                          October 9-11
                                                                                                          Toronto Marriott Downtown
                                                                                                          Eaton Centre Hotel
                                                                                                          Toronto, Ontario
 2020           FAMA Spring Meeting                                     2021           FAMA Spring Meeting
                 March 21-24                                                             March 20-23
                 Don CeSar Hotel                                                         The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort
                 St. Pete Beach, FL                                                      Fort Lauderdale, FL

 2020           FAMA/FEMSA Hill Day                                     2021           FAMA/FEMSA Hill Day
                 April 29-30                                                             April 28-39
                 Washington, DC                                                          Washington, DC

 2020           FEMSA/FAMA Annual/Fall Conference                       2021           FEMSA/FAMA Annual/Fall Conference
                 October 7-9                                                             September 22-24
                 JW Marriott New Orleans                                                 The Westin Tampa Waterside
                 New Orleans, LA                                                         Tampa, FL

    16     SUMMER 2019 | WWW.FAMA.ORG
We’re Here. You Just Don’t See Us.
FAMA/FEMSA’s Responsibility to Help Fire Service Increase Minorities and Women
By Garry Briese, Board Member, W.S. Darley

                    As major advertisers,      its firefighters and paramedics reflect the        Five Actions for FAMA/FEMSA
                    the members of FAMA        diversity of the communities they serve.           Members
                    and FEMSA have a
                                                  Chief John Butler, Fairfax County (VA)          1. Corporate ads should demon-
                    responsibility to use
                                               Fire and Rescue (former Howard County                 strate diversity as a natural part
                    the power of their
                                               MD), provides emphasis when he says,                  of the fire service
                    brands to facilitate the
                                               “For us, we envisioned hiring a cultur-
                    fire service’s ongoing                                                        2. Make sure women and minori-
                                               ally diverse group of individuals who will
efforts to increase diversity.                                                                       ties are depicted in fair, accurate
                                               not only affect positive change in our
                                                                                                     and realistic ways
  The marketing and advertising efforts        community, but also have the knowledge
of FAMA and FEMSA members are                  and drive to progress in our fire depart-          3. Include explicit diversity require-
uniquely positioned to shape how the fire      ment throughout their careers.”                       ments in specifications or RFPs for
service thinks about diversity and how to                                                            marketing and advertisements
                                                  Sadly, after many years of trying to
create positive change.                                                                           4. Advocate via the Congressional
                                               diversify the fire service, the lack of diver-
   We need to give firefighters, who           sity continues to be a challenge and some             Fire Service Institute for the U.S.
believe in diversity in the fire service,      say the numbers of women and minori-                  Fire Administration to develop an
the opportunity to positively move the         ties in the fire service are declining. Accu-         accurate triennial report on
fire service forward by reinforcing their      rate up-to-date numbers are challenging               diversity in the American fire
opinions with more depictions of minori-       to find and no national fire service orga-            service. This report should be
ties in fire service advertisements.           nization maintains statistics on diversity            provided to Congress and the
                                               levels in today’s fire service.                       national fire service organizations
  According to a 2016 study published
                                                                                                     “If it’s not being measured....”
in Marketing Week, minorities “are                IAFF reports it has 313,000 members
featured in less than 20% of advertising,      which may be the most accurate numbers             5. Actively engage and support
according to new research, but given           in the entire fire service since IAFF                 minority fire service
65% of people would feel more favorable        members pay individual annual dues.                   organizations and educational
about a brand that promotes diversity,         The total number of career firefighters,              conferences such as:
companies are missing a huge opportu-          volunteer firefighters or even the total            • IWomen Conference
nity to connect with consumers.”               number of fire departments is an average
                                               estimate from the U.S. Government and               • Women in Training Exchange
   Photos or depictions of minorities are                                                            WTREX
                                               a SWAG at best. This level of inaccuracy
featured in less than 10% of all advertise-
                                               facilitates the status quo since “it is not         • Carl Holmes Executive
ments in printed fire service publications
                                               being measured and therefore, it is not               Development Institute
from 2016-2018. The lack of diversity of
authors in printed fire service publica-                                                           • IAFC’s Diversity Executive
tions is even more striking with just four        Various sources report the numbers on              Leadership Program (iDELP)
minority authors out of 147 articles from      women firefighters are about 13,100 or
                                                                                                   • IAFF’s Ernest A, “Buddy” Mass
2016-2018 (Briese 2019).                       between 4.5% and 7% of the average esti-
                                                                                                     Human Relations Conference
                                               mate of the total number of firefighters.
  There are three reasons that fire manu-
                                               Black firefighter numbers are estimated
facturers and suppliers should care about
                                               at 9.2% and Hispanic firefighters at 9.0%        women and minorities in advertising and
promoting diversity in the fire service:
                                               of the total firefighters in the US.             authorship of articles and presentations.
  • Internal: Diverse teams deliver supe-
                                                  The US Forest Service, Bureau of Land            The goal is to facilitate change in the
    rior results
                                               Management and National Park Service             numbers of women and minorities in
  • Altruistic: It’s the right thing to do     report that just 12% of their wildland           the fire service and FAMA and FEMSA's
    and good business too                      firefighters are women.                          support could be the start of a major posi-
  • Realistic: The fire service cannot do         Importantly to FAMA and FEMSA                 tive trend. To change how people behave,
    this by themselves                         members, the significant underrepresen-          we need to change what they see and
                                               tation of minorities in fire service adver-      how they think.
   Diversity in the fire service will help
maintain the fire services preeminent          tising and authors does not help facilitate        As a female African-American Battalion
level of public trust and confidence           the recruitment and retention of women           Chief noted, “You have to be able to see
because the fire service has a central role    and minorities. The business and social          yourself in the fire service, then you can
in the development of social fairness and      opportunities are obvious and FAMA/              believe it is possible.” 
equal treatment and should strive to have      FEMSA members should actively seek

                                                                                   WWW.FEMSA.ORG | SUMMER 2019                     17
AR       TICLE
NFPA Report - FEMSA                                                 NEW
By Bill Van Lent

A significant benefit that FEMSA and               NFPA Technical Committees and                    professional standing, commitment to
all of our members enjoy is represen-            Panels serve as the principal consensus            public safety and the ability to bring to
tation on NFPA’s Fire and Emergency              bodies responsible for developing and              the table the point of view of a category
Services Protective Clothing and Equip-          updating all NFPA codes and standards.             of interested people or groups. For this
ment (FAE-AAC) Correlating Committee.            Committees and Panels are appointed                reason, FEMSA has been granted a “seat
This Correlating Committee (CC) over-            by the Standards Council and typi-                 at the table”. Each Technical Committee
sees coordination of over 25 NFPA stan-          cally consist of no more than 30 voting            is constituted so as to contain a balance
dards associated with fire and emergency         members representing a balance of                  of affected interests, with no more than
services. The NFPA standards included            interests. NFPA membership is not                  one-third of the Committee from the
are: 1801, 1802, 1851, 1852, 1855, 1858,         required in order to participate on an             same interest category. The Committee
1877, 1891, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1971, 1975,        NFPA Technical Committee. Appoint-                 must reach a consensus in order to take
1977, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987,        ment to a Technical Committee is based             action on an item.
1989, 1991, 1992, 1994, and 1999.                on such factors as technical expertise,

 Document # Document Title
 TBD               Electronic Safety Equipment for Emergency Services
 TBD               SCBA for Non-Structural Fire Fighting
 NFPA 1801         Thermal Imagers for the Fire Service: 2018
 NFPA 1802         Personal Portable (Hand-Held) Two-Way Radio Communications Devices for Use by Emergency Services
                   Personnel in the Hazard Zone: Proposed
 NFPA 1851         Selection, Care and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting:
                   Formal Interpretation issued Aug 5, 2014; PPE repair materials
 NFPA 1852         Selection, Care and Maintenance of Open-Circuit Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA): 2019
 NFPA 1855         Selection, Care and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Technical Rescue Incidents: 2018
 NFPA 1858         Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services 2018
 NFPA 1877         Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Wildland Fire Fighting Clothing and Equipment Proposed
 NFPA 1951         Protective Ensembles for Technical Rescue Incidents: 2013: TIA Oct 28, 2014 MB Chemical exposures: 2013
 NFPA 1952         Surface Water Operations Protective Clothing and Equipment: 2015:
                   TIA Nov 2014 application of ice suits, hoods, gloves and footwear
 NFPA 1953         Protective Ensembles for Contaminated Water Diving: 2016
 NFPA 1971         Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting: 2018
 NFPA 1975         Standard on Emergency Services Work Clothing Elements: 2019
 NFPA 1977         Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting: 2016
 NFPA 1981         Open-Circuit Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for Emergency Services: 2019
 NFPA 1982         Personal Alert Safety System (PASS): 2018
 NFPA 1983         Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services: 2017
 NFPA 1984         Respirator for Wildland Fire Fighting Operations: 2016
 NFPA 1986         Standard on Respiratory Protection Equipment for Technical and Tactical Operations: 2017
 NFPA 1987         Standard on Combination Unit Respirator Systems for Tactical and Technical Operations
 NFPA 1989         Breathing Air Quality for Emergency Services Respiratory Protection: 2019
 NFPA 1991         Vapor-Protective Ensembles for Hazardous Materials Emergencies: 2016
 NFPA 1992         Liquid Splash-Protective Ensembles and Clothing for Hazardous Materials Emergencies: 2018
 NFPA 1994         Protective Ensembles for First Responders to Hazard Materials Emergencies & CBRN Incidents: 2018
 NFPA 1999         Protective Clothing and Ensembles for Emergency Medical Operations: 2018
 NFPA 2112         Standard on Flame Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel against Flash Fire: 2018
 NFPA 2113         Standard on Selection, Care, Use, and Maintenance of Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial
                   Personnel Against Short-Duration Thermal Exposures: 2015

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