SUMMER COURSES - Laude Lady Elizabeth School

SUMMER COURSES - Laude Lady Elizabeth School
SUMMER COURSES - Laude Lady Elizabeth School
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SUMMER COURSES - Laude Lady Elizabeth School
The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019   3

Welcome to Summer 2019

At The Lady Elizabeth School we pride ourselves in providing an excellent education
to students of all ages and nationalities. In July we continue these incredibly high
standards during our Summer School Courses. With children visiting from all over
the world during the summer period, The Lady Elizabeth Summer School is truly
an international experience. Students will make new and lasting friendships whilst
developing their confidence in English or Spanish. They will have the opportunity
to take full advantage of our wonderful facilities and professional Summer School
team of teachers and activity leaders learning new skills whilst participating in a
variety of activities on offer.                                                           Children of all
                                ALL ON ONE SITE
                                                                                           ages from all
Our Secondary and Primary Schools are now located on one site on the beautiful
Cumbre del Sol in Benitachell. Children aged between 2 and 10 will be in our
                                                                                         around the world
Primary School and students aged from 11 to 18 will be in the Secondary School.
                                                                                          enjoy spending
                                   OUR STAFF
                                                                                            the summer
We offer many different activities during summer and all of our staff are not only
professional, motivated and caring but they are also fun and will ensure that your          at The Lady
child will have a great time during the summer. Our English and Spanish teachers
are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English or Spanish as a foreign         Elizabeth School

                              NEW PROGRAMMES

This year we are pleased to offer more choices, Intensive English and Spanish
Programmes, an ‘activity only’ programme, a sports programme and an arts and
performing arts programme. We understand that each child is individual and that
they may prefer some activities to others. Due to our new Secondary Campus we
are able to cater to even more individual preferences. We are also introducing
Robotics for the students from which is a very popular activity among students.
SUMMER COURSES - Laude Lady Elizabeth School
    The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019
SUMMER COURSES - Laude Lady Elizabeth School
The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019   5

Dates, Prices and Times
                      WEEK : MONDAY 1 JULY - FRIDAY 5 JULY
                    WEEK 2: MONDAY 8 JULY - FRIDAY 12 JULY
                    WEEK 3: MONDAY 15 JULY - FRIDAY 19 JULY
                    WEEK 4: MONDAY 22 JULY - FRIDAY 26 JULY
                      HALF DAY PROGRAMME: 09:30 - 13:30
                       FULL DAY PROGRAMME: 09:30 - 16:30

                                     PRICES 2019
                              PRICES WITH HOST FAMILIES

      700 EUROS                                1 WEEK

      1,250 EUROS                              2 WEEKS

      1,650 EUROS                              3 WEEKS

      2,000 EUROS                              4 WEEKS

                             DAY SCHOOL PRICES (WEEKLY)

      Full Day 09:30 to 16:30 (All included 280 EUROS
      except transport)
      Full Day Nursery 09:30 to 16:30 (All 240 EUROS
      included except transport)
      Half Day 09:30 to 13.30 (lunch,         140 EUROS
      transport & excursion not included.
      Transport available only in the

      Transport (Return Journey)               60 EUROS

      Transport (Only in the morning)          30 EUROS

      Excursion (Included in Full Day Price)   40 EUROS

      Food (Included in Full Day Price)        25 EUROS

                           DAY SCHOOL PRICES (DISCOUNTS)

      Full Day (4 Weeks)                       1000 EUROS

      Full Day Nursery (4 weeks)               865 EUROS

      Half Day (4 weeks)                       500 EUROS

      Returning customers                      10% discount off tuition price

      Siblings                                 5% discount for second sibling
SUMMER COURSES - Laude Lady Elizabeth School
    The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019
SUMMER COURSES - Laude Lady Elizabeth School
The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019              7

Facilities at The Lady Elizabeth School
                                             PRIMARY FACILITIES

                          The Primary School facilities include an indoor heated
    Both Primary and      swimming pool, a large sports court, separate playground
                          areas, airconditioned classrooms with interactive white
 Secondary Campuses       boards, an indoor gym, art rooms, ICT suites and specialised
                          rooms for our youngest Summer School children - the 2 -
     have wonderful       4 year olds. There is also a large dining room and many
                          outdoor play areas for all ages.
  facilities. Our brand
   new state of the art
  Secondary Campus
    was completed in
 September 2018 with
  great sporting areas
 including a 25 metre
indoor swimming pool,                      SECONDARY FACILITIES

   an astro turf pitch,   Our Secondary Campus is amazing! Completed in
                          September 2018, the facilities include:
  outdoor sports court    • 25 metre indoor heated swimming pool
                          • Large gym for volleyball, basketball, badminton and many
    and a large gym.      other sports
                          • An astro turf pitch
                          • An outdoor sports area
                          • A large theatre with 400 seating capacity
                          • Dance studio
                          • Drama studio
                          • Recording studios
                          • Photography suite
                          • ICT suites
                          • Science laboratories Food technology classroom
                          • Large dining room
                          • Classrooms fitted with interactive white walls
SUMMER COURSES - Laude Lady Elizabeth School
    The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019
SUMMER COURSES - Laude Lady Elizabeth School
The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019   9

Nursery Programme
Nursery age children enjoy participating in a range of
activities every day at Summer School. Our friendly and
professional staff place an emphasis on fun and provide a
varied and active programme for both the half day and full
day course. With face painting, music, art, gym/sport and
swimming, there is never a dull moment and learning comes
naturally in the relaxed, safe and cheerful environment.

The nursery is based in rooms especially for children of this
age. The courtyard between the classrooms is equipped
with playground equipment, sand pits and bikes with a large
sheltered and shady area for the children to play.

The children follow a daily routine which includes rest
periods where they can either have a short siesta or quietly
watch a film in a room which is created for this purpose.

All activities are creative and taught in English. Spanish
classes are given to those children who are at Summer
School to learn Spanish.

Children from different corners of the globe mix together in
perfect harmony creating a happy and memorable time for
your child!
SUMMER COURSES - Laude Lady Elizabeth School
     The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019
The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019                     11

English Summer Programme
Our highly qualified, professional, friendly and dynamic            During their English studies pupils will be required to research
English staff are experienced in teaching English at all levels,    different topics and prepare Powerpoint presentations, make
from beginners to advanced. During English lessons pupils           posters and complete other projects related to the topic.
will learn the basic language skills; speaking, listening           Using computers and books to assist in research they will
writing and reading. Particular emphasis is placed on               present their work to improve oral communication.
communicating comfortably in English.
                                                                    Our expert staff will assist students in the preparation for any
                          NURSERY                                   pending English examination. Students are tested regularly
                                                                    throughout the course to help us to understand where
In the nursery our youngest Summer School pupils enjoy              students may need extra tuition.
an exciting and fun-filled timetable. Songs, stories and play
encourage the little ones to understand spoken English and          There are four lessons of English per day, two in the morning
to follow simple instructions and tasks. Through writing and        and two in the afternoon. The remainder of the daily
listening activities nursery children become familiar with          timetable is taken up with four lessons of great activities
letters, numbers, animals and short phrases during their            which are all taught in English. The activities are designed
time in Summer School.                                              to be fun, but also to encourage communication in English.
                                                                    Activity groups are split into different nationalities so that the
                        5 YEAR OLDS                                 common language is English.

Five year old pupils are too big for the nursery but don’t quite    With a combined English and activity programme and also
have the reading and writing skills of 6 - 8 year old children.     breaking the English lessons into morning and afternoon,
For that reason they are placed into a group specifically for       we find that our students start each English lesson refreshed
only five year olds where they can learn at a pace which is         and ready to learn.
comfortable for them.
                                                                    This programme is ideal for students who want to learn
                      6 - 8 YEAR OLDS                               English but also want to participate in fun activities.

6 - 8 year olds are placed into groups according to their age
and level of English. They have already started to develop
their reading, speaking, writing and listening skills in their
own language and are at the perfect age to learn a second
or in some cases a third or subsequent language. They love
to learn and participate in the many language activities which
encourage them to communicate in another language.

                        OLDER PUPILS

Teachers concentrate on teaching the English language, to
the older pupils, based on real-life situations and scenarios.
A broad range of vocabulary is taught and a daily Science
lesson encourages students to extend and improve their
vocabulary whilst performing fun experiments, learning
about animals and their habitats, the solar system and
environmental issues. Students also participate in role
plays, team building activities and drama based activities to
ensure a total immersion in the language. We aim to keep
the lessons interesting and diverse promoting an excellent
environment for learning languages.

English classes are organised according to age and ability
and in all age groups there are four levels ensuring that your
child is placed at the right level. Students will be moved
within these groups if the level is found to be inappropriate.
At the beginning of the course students are required to
complete an examination in English to ascertain their level.
Class sizes are kept to a maximum of no more than ten
pupils per class.
     The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019
The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019                      13

Activities 5 - 8                                                     Activities 9 - 18
The 5 - 8 year olds enjoy a number of activities ranging             Drama, Sport, Swimming and Dance are fun and highly-
from cooking to dance. Sport is great fun with children              energised activities which are enjoyed by everyone. Sporting
experiencing a variety of different games including mini             activities include football, basketball, rounders, volleyball,
basketball, mini tennis and dance.                                   badminton, handball and table tennis. Swimming lessons
                                                                     offer a combination of stroke correction, water polo and
Once a fortnight they compete in a Mini Olympics with                other water based activities as well as free time to cool down
exciting events such as; sack races,, egg and spoon races,           and have fun.
tug of war and obstacle courses. Each afternoon they have a          Drama is a great way to meet new friends and interact with
drama class where they prepare for their performance which           different nationalities in drama based games and activities.
takes place each fortnight.                                          It also encourages students to communicate in English as
                                                                     many of the activities are role plays. Students are given
Chocolate brownies, pizzas, cup cakes, pancakes and other            different parts in real-life or made-up scenarios and are
tasty treats are made during cooking lessons which are               required to act out their part in English. At the end of each
loved by this age group.                                             fortnight there is a performance which we encourage each
                                                                     student to participate in. The performance is based on
Swimming is part of the routine with all young students              fortnightly themes and can include anything from Hollywood
having the opportunity to swim everyday. It is an excellent          to Everything British.
way to gain confidence in the water and to cool off in the           Dance is an alternative to sport and the dance routines are
summer heat. Certificates are given for reaching certain             also based on the fortnightly themes. Expertly choreographed
milestones in the pool as children improve their swimming            by our professional teacher they are performed by students
skills vastly during their time at Summer School.                    who enjoy the challenge of learning something new and
                                                                     performing in front of their friends.
Art and craft classes are also part of the daily timetable           Students get creative in Art, Cooking and Photography.
with children having the chance to show their artistic talents       Cooking lessons are an all time favourite of our students
using a variety of different materials to make interesting           and there is always a delicious smell coming from the
masterpieces. It is important that children have a lot of            kitchen during Summer School. They make anything from
fun whilst also learning English or Spanish. The activity            pizzas to chocolate brownies. Students like the responsibility
programme provides just the right balance.                           of following a recipe and working as a team in the kitchen
                                                                     to create some wonderful and tasty treats.

                                                                     The art programme during Summer School is diverse and
                                                                     promotes imagination and creativity amongst our students.
                                                                     The focus is not just on painting but also on design and
                                                                     technology, digital art and other mediums.

                                                                     Photography is a very popular activity. Pupils enjoy the
                                                                     challenge of learning new skills using different cameras,
                                                                     phones and tablets to firstly take the photographs and then
                                                                     using programmes such as: Photoshop and Illustrator, they
                                                                     come up with original and quality ideas to create great

                                                                     All activities at The Lady Elizabeth Summer School are taught
                                                                     to the highest level by highly skilled and fun activity teachers
                                                                     and monitors.
     The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019
The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019   15

Intensive English
The Intensive English Course is designed for students who
want to concentrate solely on learning English. The course
revolves around the four language skills; reading, writing,
listening and a lot of emphasis is placed on the fourth skill,
speaking. We prepare students for upcoming exams and
specialise in the preparation for the prestigious Cambridge
English Examinations for students studying English as
another language.

The programme, as stated, is intensive so we have included
activities which still concentrate solely on the use of English,
but are designed to enhance the use of the language in
a more practical situation. Role plays include everyday
occurrences, such as job interviews, purchasing tickets,
asking for directions and other possible situations which will
all help with future education, travel, careers and everyday
communication in English. Subjects such as; History,
Geography, and Global Issues are also studied during the
lessons which expand vocabularies and provide a much
broader understanding of the language.

One lesson per day is dedicated to science where students
conduct interesting and fun experiments, learn specific
scientific terms and study science related topics.

English classes are organised according to the individual
student’s level and the examination which the pupil
is specifically aiming for. Classes will be conducted
concentrating on the different Cambridge Examination Levels
including KET (Key English Test Level A2), PET (Preliminary
English Test Level B1), Cambridge First Certificate B2,
Cambridge Advanced Certificate C1 and Cambridge
English Proficiency C2. Class sizes are kept to a maximum
of ten students per class.

Students will be expected to prepare and present PowerPoint
presentations on a variety of subjects which they will have
to research and investigate. During speaking lessons
they will be filmed and given individual feedback on their
performance. Grammar lessons will be interesting and
taught in a very practical way.

Throughout the course pupils will complete practice
examination papers and exercises, in all skills, which will
help in their exam preparation.

During the Intensive English Course individual student’s
progress is monitored very closely. Where areas of weakness
are detected more focus will be given to that specific skill.
Parents will be informed of the students’ progress and a
final report will be issued at the completion of the course.
The report will contain information regarding the student’s
level, the work they have completed and a recommendation
regarding which examination the child should sit and which
areas need improvement.

Courses are available in two or four week blocks.
     The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019
The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019   17

Spanish Lessons
What better location to learn Spanish than in Spain itself. We
offer an exciting Spanish Course taught by native Spanish
speakers. Classes for all age groups are available. Ability
levels are ascertained and students are placed into groups
according to both their age and also their ability. Students
studying Spanish will also complete basic lessons in science,
and study history and geography as part of their Spanish
lessons. The beginner level focuses on vocabulary, grammar
rules and the structure of the language. Many topics will
be explored and students will learn how to greet people,
introduce themselves,and become familiar with words and
phrases associated with everyday conversation. Intermediate
classes are intended to extend students beyond basic
vocabulary and grammar and take them to the next stage.
Lessons will be based on the four skills; writing, reading,
listening and speaking. Once again particular attention will
be placed on the speaking skill to encourage students to
communicate in Spanish and feel comfortable in doing so.

Advanced classes are for students who already have a good
level of Spanish and are looking at improving on this level.
They may be studying for specific exams; such as GCSE
Spanish, and need their skills to be polished to get them
ready for these exams. Classes will revolve around the four
language skills, reading, writing, speaking and listening with
a greater emphasis on communication skills. Students will
be required to research a topic and give presentations to
fellow class members.

Staying With a Spanish Host Family Students learning
Spanish have the added advantage of staying with a Spanish
Host Family. This helps to reinforce what has been learnt
in Spanish language classes during the Summer School
programme. Students will return to the host family in the
evening and continue to speak Spanish. Similar to our British
Host Families, our Spanish Host Families are also committed
to helping to teach your child another language. In a home
situation students learn the language at a different level and
it is a very natural way of developing language skills. At
the same time students will be enjoying a different cultural
experience as they sample the Spanish way of life.

Intensive Spanish Courses Intensive Spanish Courses are
available to students who would like to concentrate solely
on studying Spanish without participating in other activities.
Eight lessons of Spanish per day will enhance their language
skills greatly and help prepare them for any upcoming
examinations. To break up the week there will be a cultural
tour each Wednesday where students will visit Valencia,
Xativa and local towns to visit museums, castles, markets,
cathedrals and many other special places of interest. These
excursions will be conducted only in Spanish and are a
great way to help develop a student’s understanding of the
Spanish language.
     The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019
The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019        19

 Outdoor Activities
 Outdoor Activities are held in different locations outside          We are also have a Marine Biologist and PADI Dive
 of the school each Wednesday. Professional companies,               Instructor on our staff who runs Scuba Diving Courses
 who are affiliated with the school, are utilised to allow           throughout the summer. Students are able to combine
 Summer School pupils to experience sailing, kayaking, SUP,          English or Spanish with Scuba Diving and have the
 snorkelling, caving, ropes courses and many other exciting          opportunity to obtain their PADI Open Water Dive
 activities. It is important for students to have a break from       Certificate whilst at Summer School.
 their studies and to spend time with their friends whilst trying
 something that may be totally new to them.

Outdoor Activities for the 6 - 8 Year Olds
Every Wednesday the 6 - 8 Year group leaves the School to
participate in an outside activity. These activities are fun and
loved by all of the children. They will visit the marine park
Mundomar, the Vital Par Centre in Parcent where they will
go on zip wires, climbing walls, the ropes course and have
the opportunity to ride horses. They also visit the nature park
Terra Natura and learn all about sea animals when they go
to Oceanográfic in Valencia.
     The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019
The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019   21

Staying With a Host Family
Lasting friendships are made during Summer School
especially between students who stay with a Host Family. We
have many native British families living in close proximity to
The Lady Elizabeth School. We have a number of Spanish
families available for students who want to learn or improve
their Spanish over the summer. What better way to reinforce
the language taught during the day at Summer School than
to go home and continue to speak in English with English
people or Spanish with Spanish people.

Our Host Families are committed to helping your child
to extend their vocabulary and knowledge of English and
develop an understanding of the language during ‘real-life
situations’ as well as looking after them in a caring manner
and ensuring that they really enjoy their summer!

We personally choose the British or Spanish Family which is
most suited to your child’s needs. All families are assessed
and we have the up-most trust in them. We look at the family
situation and the common hobbies and interests that your
children and the Host Family may have. We encourage
the Host Families to participate in a series of games and
activities which help to strengthen the relationship between
your child and the Host Family and also encourages
speaking in the target language. On the Sunday before the
course commences you have the opportunity to meet with
your child’s Host Family in a relaxed environment.

Our staff members closely monitor the Host Families and
the students and ensure that everyone is happy and they
regularly communicate this feedback to the parents.

Staying with a Host Family, in such a wonderful environment
where the sun doesn’t stop shining and the beach is just
around the corner creates an excellent atmosphere
conducive to learning another language.
     The Lady Elizabeth School   l SUMMER COURSES 2019
The Lady Elizabeth School    l SUMMER COURSES 2019       23

A Day in the Life of
Our Students

    Students wake up in the house of their Host Family and are
    immediately speaking and communicating in the target
    language. They travel to School either in the car, with their
    Host Family, or on the school bus. The School day begins
    at 09.30 and includes four interesting and quality language
    lessons, and four fun activities including; Sport or Dance,
    Drama, Swimming, Art and Cooking. During lunch-time
    lunch is eaten in the School Cafeteria and then the students
    can participate in football or basketball matches, play
    table tennis or badminton in the gym, join one of the many
    supervised activities or just relax whilst they are waiting for
    the afternoon lessons to begin. At 16.30, after a busy but
    rewarding day, pupils return to their Host Family either via
    car or the school bus. Upon returning to the house they will
    enjoy dinner with their Host Family and can practise what
    they have learnt during the School day.

    On Thursday night the residential students stay at School
    to enjoy a pool party and a disco followed by a meal and
    then they return to their Host family. This evening activity is a
    great opportunity for the residential children to get together
    to help create lasting friendships that always eventuate in
    Summer School. Each Saturday a trip to local theme parks
    Terra Mitica or Aqualandia is organised and all pupils have
    a fun day out with their monitors and members of staff.
Summer Courses 2019

   Entrada Norte de la Cumbre del Sol
       03726 Benitachell (Alicante)

            Contact information:
             Santiago Altamira
             Tel. 649 281 980
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