YELLOWSTONE CLUB SUMMER SERVICES GUIDE AND CALENDAR 2018 4 5 J U N E 2 0 1 8 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 8 6 5 4 22 20 19 18 21 29 27 26 25 2 9 7 23 30 28 3 10 24 13 12 11 14 17 Flag Day Full Moon GOLF COURSE OPENS Summer BBQ (PP) | 6-9p Father's Day Summer BBQ (PP) | 6-9p  Ladies Sidesaddle Kick Off with Tom Weiskopf (GC) | 10a 16 15 OPENING DAY OF THE SUMMER SEASON WEEKEND WARRIOR CAMP


YELLOWSTONE CLUB SUMMER SERVICES GUIDE AND CALENDAR 2018 6 7 J U L Y 2 0 1 8 1 5 4 3 2 15 13 12 11 10 9 22 20 19 18 17 16 21 29 27 26 25 24 23 30 31 14 28 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY YC SKI & TEE (Weather Permitting) Tour Professional Club Fitting Experience (GC) Golf Luau (GC) Tour Professional Club Fitting Experience (GC) Ladies Sidesaddle (GC) | 10a Hike with Outdoor Pursuits (LL) | 2p Hike with Outdoor Pursuits (LL) | 2p Ladies Sidesaddle (GC) | 10a Brown Pow with Dan (LL) | 9a Ladies Day (GC) | 10a Hike with Outdoor Pursuits (LL) | 2p Ladies Sidesaddle (GC) | 10a Yellowsnow Dog Social (PP) | 5-7p Independence Day Freedom SK Fun Run | 11a w/Pool Party to Follow (CH) Kids Field Trip Teens Only FLoat Trip Peak a Week (LL) | 9a Full Moon Family Glow Golf Event (GC) | 9p Summer BBQ (PP) | 6-9p Summer BBQ & Amateur Rodeo Show | 6-9p Summer BBQ (PP) | 6-9p Summer BBQ (PP) | 6-9p Poker (GC) | 8:30p Poker (GC) | 8:30p PBR, Big Sky Town Center Peak a Week (LL) | 9a Kids Field Trip Nine, Wine & Dine (GC) Nine, Wine & Dine (GC) Hike with Outdoor Pursuits (LL) | 2p Brown Pow with Dan (LL) | 9a All Girls Overnight Camping Trip Nine, Wine & Dine (GC) 11TH ANNUAL GALLATIN CUP (YC FRIDAY, SP SATURDAY) WEEKEND WARRIOR CAMP THE RODEO INVITATIONAL 8 6 7 MONTANA ADVENTURE CAMP JUNIOR TENNIS CAMP LADIES GOLF CAMP JUNIOR GOLF CAMP WEEKEND WARRIOR CAMP Full Moon


YELLOWSTONE CLUB SUMMER SERVICES GUIDE AND CALENDAR 2018 8 9 A U G U S T 2 0 1 8 1 8 6 5 4 15 13 12 11 22 20 19 18 21 29 27 26 25 2 9 7 16 14 23 30 31 28 3 10 17 24 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Nine, Wine & Dine (GC) YCFD Pancake Breakfast (LL) | 8a - 12p Hike with Outdoor Pursuits (LL) | 2p Hike with Outdoor Pursuits (LL) | 2p Brown Pow with Dan (LL) | 9a Ladies Sidesaddle (GC) | 10a Ladies Day (GC) | 10a Yellowsnow Dog Social (PP) | 5-7p Kids Field Trip Teens Only Float Trip  Peak a Week (LL) | 9a Poker (GC) | 8:30p Poker (GC) | 8:30p Poker (GC) | 8:30p Peak a Week (LL) | 9a Kids Field Trip Peak a Week (LL) | 9a All Boys Overnight Camping Trip Summer BBQ (PP) | 6-9p BOUNCY HOUSE EXTRAVAGANZA & MOVIE UNDER THE STARS Junior Championship Nine, Wine & Dine (GC) Nine, Wine & Dine (GC) Hike with Outdoor Pursuits (LL) | 2p Kids Field Trip Peak a Week (LL) | 9a BATTLE OF BIG SKY GOLF TOURNAMENT (YC/SP/MB) Summer BBQ (PP) | 6-9p Summer BBQ (PP) | 6-9p Summer BBQ & Strumfest (PP) | 6-9p Summer BBQ & YCCF Spotlight (PP) | 6-9p Full Moon Glow Golf under the Full Moon Hike with Outdoor Pursuits (LL) | 2p Ladies Sidesaddle (GC) | 10a Kids Field Trip Peak a Week (LL) | 9a LADIES GOLF CAMP YC CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND WARRIOR CAMP JUNIOR GOLF CAMP LEWIS & CLARK MEMBER/MEMBER GOLF TOURNAMENT WEEKEND WARRIOR CAMP MONTANA ADVENTURE CAMP


YELLOWSTONE CLUB SUMMER SERVICES GUIDE AND CALENDAR 2018 1 0 1 1 S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 8 1 5 3 12 10 9 8 19 17 16 15 18 26 23 30 22 29 2 6 4 13 11 20 27 28 25 24 7 14 21 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY LAST DAY OF THE SUMMER SEASON 23 Ladies Sidesaddle (GC) | 10a Labor Day Nine, Wine & Dine (GC) Full Moon Ladies Sidesaddle (GC) | 10a Peak a Week (LL) | 9a THE TOM WEISKOPF CUP & YCCF BENEFIT GOLF TOURNAMENT Welcome Dinner & Activity Sign Ups Chili Cook Off Oktoberfest Couples Classic (GC) FALL ROUND-UP



1109 406-995-7370 • Toll-free 866-456-2001 CONCIERGE YC TRAVEL MEMBER WEBSITE FACEBOOK: ShreddiTheYeti INSTAGRAM: ShreddiTheYeti TWITTER: ShreddiTheYeti For Yellowstone Club Members who prefer to fly privately, our Travel Concierge is happy to assist with managing and booking private charters through XOJET or seats on the YC Shuttle. We have formed an exclusive aviation partnership with XOJET that offers special travel options and rates to and from Yellowstone Club. For your business and personal travel needs beyond YC, XOJET has created programs that extend our exclusive YC pricing.

Take a flight on the twin-engine Bell 429 helicopter for travel from Bozeman to YC or to simply tour the greater Yellowstone area. This four-bladed helicopter provides maximum stability, speed, and plenty of leg room. Up to seven passengers can ride in style with this executive charter model featuring large touring windows to view Montana’s unparalleled beauty. At times throughout the season, we do have rideshares available. We will let membership know about these possible flights via the YC Gazette that is sent out weekly. If you have a flight that you would like published, please reach out to YC Travel with your flight details and/or requests.

Please contact our Yellowstone Club Travel Concierge for more details regarding ride-shares, helicopter tours, or to arrange an XOJET charter.

YC Concierge is your first stop for information about your visit to Yellowstone Club. They will tend to every detail and arrangement of your stay at Yellowstone Club including guest registration, dinner reservations, event reservations, airport transportation, and more. LOCATION | Warren Miller Lodge: Lakeside Lobby HOURS | 8:00am - 8:00pm UNACCOMPANIED GUEST FEES COST • 200.00/day for guests ages 13 and up • 100.00/day for guests ages 6 – 12 Unaccompanied guests ages 5 and under are not charged a guest fee. On arrival days, the fee will be charged if the guest arrives before noon. On departure days, the fee will be charged if the guest departs after noon.

Guest fees are subject to a 3% Big Sky Resort Tax and a YC service charge.

BLACKOUT DATES FOR UNACCOMPANIED GUESTS 7/12/17 - 8/14/13 Rodeo Invitational/Camp YC/Golf Events. GUEST REGISTRATION All guests must be registered at least 24 hours prior to arrival. Each membership is granted 140 guest days per season. Each guest may have 8 guest days per season, across memberships. Of the 140 guest days per membership, 40 days may be allocated to unaccompanied guests (pending approval by YC Senior Management). House guests are permitted access to Yellowstone Club property (to the member home only) for any date through YC Concierge. Club amenities not permitted include but are not limited to skiing, golf, hiking/biking trails, outdoor activities, the Health and Wellness Center, Camphouse, restaurants; any lodges/Club facilities, etc.

House guest days are not counted towards the 140 guest day limit per season. REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR GUEST REGISTRATION THROUGH YC CONCIERGE • First/last name • Age (if under 21) • Arrival/departure dates • Lodging accommodations • Dates the member will be on property • Drivers (for YC Security vehicle passes) •  Whether guests accounts are requested and for which guest name(s) • Golf Cams • Event Registration • Dinner Reservations • Club News and Updates • The YC Gazette • Membership Documents • Member Statements • Member Message Board …and more!

• Member Directory • Members by State Directory • Members by YC Street Directory • Members on Property • Guest Registration • Calendar of Events • Snow Cams The YC Member website offers a variety of online tools and interactive functionality to enhance your YC membership featuring: DownloadtheYCMemberapptostayinformed.


YELLOWSTONE CLUB 1 4 1 5 Y C O U T F I T T E R S 406-995-7395 406-995-7909 ext. 1119 Contact YC Concierge for password.

406-995-7909 ext. 2202 PRIVATE POWDER PHOTOGRAPHY PRIVATE EVENTS VALET Don’t leave your YC experience undocumented. From big events to family portraits, holiday cards to photo albums our in-house photographers, videographers, and designers are on property to capture every wonderful moment at Yellowstone Club. Offering private sessions and photo printing services, Private Powder Photography is here to preserve your Montana memories for a lifetime. Be sure to visit to view photos from each YC event.

• On Mountain Group Portraits: 150.00 *250.00 if fifteen or more individuals in the group • Family Portrait Session: 450.00 *Up to two hours • Private Event Photography: 450.00 *First two hours (125.00/per additional hour) • Photo Retouching: 100.00/hour • Photobooth Rental: 250.00/hror1000.00/night Are you interested in planning a family reunion at Yellowstone Club, a trip for your cohorts, a wedding, or another special celebration? A group event coordinator can assist you with planning the details of your multiday trip. Please refer to the Member Rules and Regulations regarding group policies.

If the Club permits the member to have more than ten guests at the Yellowstone Club at one time, the sponsoring member may be charged a daily large group guest fee determined by the Club from time to time.

VALET SERVICE & ON-PROPERTY SHUTTLES Valet service is available at Warren Miller Lodge, Rainbow Lodge, and the Golf Course Clubhouse. On-property shuttles are also available upon request and are based on availability. Please contact the Concierge to make all airport shuttle arrangements. HOURS | 8:00am – 10:00pm ON AND OFF-PROPERTY SHUTTLES Based on availability and reservations ON PROPERTY SHUTTLES | Price dependent on distance SHUTTLE WAIT FEES • 40.00/hour 8am - 10pm • 60.00/hour 10pm - midnight • 100.00/hour midnight - 2am MOUNTAIN BIKE SHUTTLES • Pioneer Flow Trails (2 laps) 10.00 • Top of Pioneer Trailhead 25.00 • Yellow Mule Trailhead 15.00 PRIVATE RESIDENCE VALET PARKING SERVICE • By reservation only • 175.00 per Valet for a minimum of five hours • 40.00/hour for each additional hour CAR CLEANING SERVICE • Based on availability or by appointment • Exterior Wash/Vacuum/Interior Wipe Down: 80.00 GASOLINE | Daily market price 406-577-6092 YC Outfitters is our retail and rental shop, equipping you for any adventure at Yellowstone Club.

Located adjacent to Bighorn Lobby in Warren Miller Lodge, YC Outfitters offers apparel and gear for mountain biking, fly fishing, and hiking, as well as summer fashion, swimwear, YC logo items, children’s clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, and other accessories. Mountain bikes and fishing gear are available for rental daily. HOURS | 8:30am - 5:30pm MOUNTAIN BIKE RENTALS • Adult 75.00 • Youth 45.00 • Helmet & Pads 10.00 *Rental bikes include helmet, tool kit, tube, and tire pump FLY FISHING RENTALS • Fishing Rod and Reel 25.00 • Waders, Boots, and Socks 25.00 • Boots and Socks 20.00


YELLOWSTONE CLUB 1 6 406-995-2127 GOLF The Golf Course is reserved for Yellowstone Club Members and their approved guests. All usage must be authorized by the Golf Professional Staff and will be monitored and controlled by the Director of Golf. All unaccompanied guests must be approved in advance by management through guest registration with Concierge. GOLF COURSE HOURS 9:00am – Dusk, with morning opening dependent on weather CLUB RENTALS 50.00/18 holes, 25.00/9 holes (includes six balls) CART FEES (9 OR 18 HOLES) Full Cart Use: 50.00, Half Cart Use: 25.00 FORECADDY FEE 60.00 – 140.00, depending on number of players and holes played TEE TIMES This summer, the Yellowstone Club Golf Course will take tee times July 1 through August 31.

Members may make tee times with the Golf Shop directly or through the Member Website. For all other times during the season we ask golfers to contact the Golf Shop to apprise the Golf Staff of their approximate arrival time at the Golf Course. Tee times cancelled within 24 hours are subject to a $95.00 cancellation fee per person, July 1 – August 31 only.

GOLF PROFESSIONAL LESSONS Playing lessons are the fee per hour on the course PGA DIRECTOR OF GOLF | 135.00 / hour PGA/LPGA GOLF PROFESSIONALS | 100.00 / hour ALL OTHER ASSISTANT PROFESSIONALS | 75.00 / hour JUNIOR LESSONS – AGES 4-15 Rate varies from 50.00 to 75.00 / 45 minutes TPI PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT Trackman video analyst 75.00 / 60 minutes THE PRACTICE FACILITY The Practice Facility is the practice area located between holes 10 and 18, offering Member tees, teaching tees, and multiple target greens. The practice/ range balls are used only on the Practice Facility; anyone who removes practice/range balls for play or any other reason will be notified once.

If a second offense occurs, the Member will be charged the retail price of the practice/range ball removed from the Practice Facility. Additional violations may result in further disciplinary action up to and including suspension of Membership privileges. HOURS | 8:00am – 1 hour prior to dusk GOLF CARTS Each operator of a golf cart must be (i) at least sixteen years of age with a driver’s license, or (ii) at least fifteen years of age with a valid driver’s permit in good standing in the state where issued. Operation of a golf cart is at the risk of the operator. Cost of repair to a golf cart which is damaged by the member or a family member shall be charged to the Member or in the case of damage by a guest, to the sponsoring Member.

Each Member shall be held fully responsible for any and all damages, including, without limitation, damages to the golf cart or any person or property, that are caused by the use or misuse of the golf cart by the member, his or her family members or guests, and shall reimburse the Club and/or any operator of Yellowstone Club for any and all damages they may sustain by reason of such use or misuse.

GOLF SIMULATOR Keep your game sharp and play a round or two in our state-of- the-art golf simulator. Reservations are required. The YC Golf Professional staff also offers lessons in the simulator. COST | 100.00/hour Reservations are available in one hour increments. No shows incur a cancellation fee of 200.00/hour reserved. GOLF RETAIL SHOP The YC Golf Shop offers a selection of YC logoed golf attire, summer golf apparel, summer lifestyle wear, and more. Location: Lower Level of the Golf Course Clubhouse PRO SHOP & RETAIL SHOP HOURS 8:00am – Dusk, beginning Friday, June 15


YELLOWSTONE CLUB SUMMER SERVICES GUIDE AND CALENDAR 2018 1 8 1 9 Our Outdoor Pursuits staff and OP Kids counselors are comprised of professionals, well versed in the activities offered at Yellowstone Club.

Our guides and counselors live and work in the area and all have extensive knowledge to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience at YC! HOURS | 8:00am - 5:00pm *OP Activity Sessions Start Times (excluding Fly Fishing) JUNE 15, 2017 – SEPTEMBER 3, 2017 8:45am, 11:15am, 2:00pm, 4:15pm SEPTEMBER 4, 2017 – SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 9:30am, 12:30pm, 2:45pm ARCHERY Join us this summer to sharpen your archery skills or develop new talents. Our 3D archery course is located by the Trap and Skeet Course off East Golf Course Road. The course is complete with a range of 3D targets for lots of options! This activity accommodates up to eight people per session.

The course is located on rugged terrain, so sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots are recommended.

COST | Two Hour Session, 80.00/person PRIVATE ARCHERY SESSION Private Session 1-8 people, 600.00 ARCHERY TAG Gather your family and friends for the ultimate family-friendly combat archery sport – archery tag! Two teams compete against each other, similar to dodgeball, with bows and foam- tipped arrows. Archery Tag reservations must be made 24 hours in advance and are subject to availability. COST Private Session, 600.00/minimum 8 people, up to 14 people MOUNTAIN BIKING The Ultimate Private Mountain Bike Lesson Learn how to ride a mountain bike and enjoy miles of trails right here at Yellowstone Club.

All abilities and ages are welcome with options ranging from an introduction to biking to rider improvement lessons. Join us to enjoy a leisurely tour, charge the downhill with shuttle service, or come ready to climb for a great workout. This activity does not include a bike rental. COST • Two Hour Session, 250.00/4 people • Four Hour Session, 440.00/4 people UTV TOURS Guided UTV tours are available daily with access to Pioneer Mountain. Trips explore the trails of Pioneer Mountain (Tooth Fairy, Harry’s Water Road, Beginner’s Luck, Back Track, Namaste). Each trip can accommodate a total of nine participants (4 drivers, 5 riders).

Passengers must be at least eight years old. Drivers must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver's license.

COST • Two Hour Session, 195.00/driver, 45.00/passenger • Private UTV Session, 960.00/up to 4 drivers, 5 riders 406-993-2126 OUTDOOR PURSUITS COURSE ETIQUETTE It is important for everyone to maintain the quality of the YC Golf Course by repairing ball marks, filling in divots, raking the bunkers, observing the cart-traffic signage, and keeping golf carts off the tee boxes and 30 yards away from each green complex. Remember that golf carts may be asked to remain on the paths for maintenance reasons (too wet, application of chemicals, etc.) Please be aware of your pace of play and let faster players play through.

Five-somes may be permitted, based on each day’s demand for play. Any five-some must be conscious of all groups behind them. New golfers to the golf course, beginners, and junior golfers are encouraged to meet with one of the Golf Professionals for a little Q&A time about the Golf Course and use of the practice facility.

DRESS CODE Appropriate golf attire, including collared shirts, is required at all times on the golf course and practice facility. Cut-off shorts, gym shorts, beachwear, t-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, and denim are not proper golf attire. Soft spikes or tennis shoes are required. GUESTS All guests at the Golf Course must be accompanied with their sponsoring member and must be registered through Concierge. A guest may use the Club Facilities for up to eight (8) days total per summer season. COST 95.00/player, plus cart fee; guest fee waived if golfer is less than 16 years of age UNACCOMPANIED GUESTS ON THE GOLF COURSE All unaccompanied guests on the golf course must be registered by the sponsoring member through Concierge.

All unaccompanied guests will be charged 225.00 and must be accompanied by a caddy. All guests who are not directly accompanied by a member within their foursome will be charged 225.00 per person and must be accompanied by a caddy. All unaccompanied guests will have restrictions on tee time availability, which will include time and date restrictions and must be approved through the Director of Golf or General Manager.

COST AND POLICIES • 225.00/player plus cart fee, must be approved by YC Senior Management • Using a YC Forecaddy is required; Unaccompanied guest play is subject to time and date restrictions. • Unaccompanied use of other amenities on property is subject to fees.

YELLOWSTONE CLUB SUMMER SERVICES GUIDE AND CALENDAR 2018 2 0 2 1 CHALLENGE COURSE Join us on our upper and lower courses to challenge yourself and build new skills! Upper and lower courses feature elements including an 80’ climb and rappel, gorilla rings, centipede climb, catwalk, cargo net, two leap-of-faiths, stump walk, and an auto zipline.

The Challenge Course also features multiple low elements including a balance beam and a trapeze zip line. Participants must be at least three feet tall, a minimum of 55 lbs., and a maximum of 250 lbs.

COST • Two Hour Session, 95.00/person • Private Challenge Course Session, 1,080.00/up to 12 people HIKING Guides lead individual or family trips to beautiful on-property locations including: MOOSE LAKE TRAIL | 3.0 miles, 2 – 3 hours AMERICAN SPIRIT TRAIL | 1.25 miles, 1 – 2 hours CEDAR LOOP | 7.25 miles, 4 – 6 hours PIONEER MOUNTAIN TRAIL/PIONEER SUMMIT | 4.5miles,2–4hours THIRD YELLOW MULE TRAIL | 2.25 miles, 3 – 6 hours SOUTH FORK TRAIL | 2.2 miles, 1.5 – 2.5 hours *All guided hikes include transportation to/from the trailhead. COST • Two Hour Session, 185.00/6 people • Four Hour Session, 300.00/6 people HORSEBACK RIDING Yellowstone Club partners with Adventures Outfitting to accommodate both Yellowstone Club property and off-property riding options.

Adventures Outfitting offers the finest quality horseback adventures. They specialize in trail rides as well as single and multi-night backcountry trips on Yellowstone Club property, in the neighboring Lee Metcalf Wilderness, and Yellowstone National Park.

*Cost varies per expedition. See Outdoor Pursuits for specifics. CEDAR CAMP OVERNIGHT CAMPING Enjoy a truly unique, family-friendly overnight camping experience right on Yellowstone Club property. Cedar Camp features spacious wall tents with carpeting and beds with mattresses and linens. You’ll enjoy excellent cuisine, served under the stars. For a typical overnight trip, the ride begins on horseback near Warren Miller Lodge at the YC Corral, arriving to camp by mid to late afternoon. That evening, after a delicious dinner, the group relaxes around a campfire to enjoy each other’s company.

The next morning includes a hearty, made- to-order breakfast, and then departure on horseback, returning to Warren Miller Lodge in the afternoon. An option of an additional day is also available.

* 4 person minimum MULTI-DAY BACKCOUNTRY TRIPS Adventures Outfitting offers multi-day backcountry trips in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness surrounding Yellowstone Club and in Yellowstone National Park. The trips are custom planned based upon the group’s interests. Fishing, hiking, photography, horseback riding, relaxing, and spending time around the campfire with family and friends are popular activities. By traveling on horseback, you’ll reach pristine scenery and peacefulness in the backcountry seldom seen by others. DAY RIDE A horseback ride starting on-property affords riders the opportunity to explore beyond the boundaries of Yellowstone Club.

Our trails feature amazing mountain views and vistas, solitude, and beautiful scenery. Trail rides on YC property are available in one hour, two hour, half day, and full day sessions. Yellowstone National Park Day Rides: A horseback ride in Yellowstone National Park features pristine wilderness and prairies, interesting geology, and a great opportunity to see wildlife. Trail rides within Yellowstone National Park require a minimum of six hours to complete a ride.

PLEASE NOTE Transportation is not included in the price of off-property equestrian activities. Children must be at least 6 years old and 48 inches tall. There is no double riding and there is a weight limit of 240 pounds for all riders. Fee minimums apply for all equestrian activities. EQUESTRIAN CANCELLATION POLICY On-property day ride cancellations must be received 24 hours in advance. Cedar Camp, multi-day backcountry trips, and off- property day ride cancellations must be received seven days in advance. Trips cancelled within these parameters will result in a fee equal to the cost of the trip cancelled.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK EDUCATIONAL EXPEDITIONS Biking, Hiking, and Vehicle-Only Tours Join us on a completely customizable family outing through Yellowstone National Park. The tour begins from the minute you step into the vehicle at YC, with great stories of not only what is within the Park but also of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Depending on your focus, whether it is a bike, hike, or vehicle tour, there is something in Yellowstone for everyone, from the amazing wildlife and stunning panoramas, to the steaming geysers and colorful thermal features! These guided tours acquaint everyone to the natural marvels of Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding areas.

*Times and pricing vary based on date and number of participants. ROCK CLIMBING Rock Climbing takes place at the Pinnacles, located off The Ridge on Pioneer Mountain. Trips begin mid-July and are weather dependent. We offer climbing for all abilities, ages five and up. Rock climbing is an all-day activity and includes a climbing guide, equipment, snacks, and beverages. Helmets, harnesses, and climbing shoes are provided. Lunch is not provided; if desired, to-go lunch orders must be placed 48-hours prior to the activity. Rock climbing reservations must be made 48 hours in advance and are subject to availability.

To ensure your safety, we can only accommodate four people per session.

TIME | 9:00am – 1:30pm COST | Private Session, 1,250.00/4 people

YELLOWSTONE CLUB SUMMER SERVICES GUIDE AND CALENDAR 2018 2 2 2 3 FLY FISHING Yellowstone Club streams and surrounding waters offer a complete selection of fly fishing, including half-day and full-day walk/wade trips. Half-day walk/wade trips are available on the streams of YC, with full-day walk/wade trips venturing off property into the pristine rivers, streams, and lakes of Yellowstone National Park, and the Madison River. Full-day drift boat float trips are also available through YC on the Madison and Yellowstone Rivers.

Trips include guiding services and flies. Equipment and a Montana fishing license (2-day, 10-day, season) are not included in the cost of a fly fishing trip. To go lunches may be ordered in advance for full-day trips.

Yellowstone Club contracts with Geoff Unger Outfitting for both YC property and off-property fly fishing activities. GEOFF UNGER OUTFITTING, MONTANA LIC. #5887 P.O. Box 160413, Big Sky, MT 59716 HALF-DAY WALK/WADE ON-PROPERTY - COST • 420.00 / 1-2 Anglers • 500.00 / 3 Anglers HALF-DAY WALK/WADE OFF-PROPERTY - COST • 425.00 / 1-2 Anglers • 525.00 / 3 Anglers FULL-DAY WALK/WADE OFF-PROPERTY - COST • 505.00 / 1-2 Anglers • 605.00 / 3 Anglers FULL-DAY DRIFT BOAT FLOAT - COST • 575.00 / 1-2 Anglers OFF-PROPERTY FISHING CANCELLATION POLICY Trips cancelled within 14 days of the activity will be charged the full activity cost.

TRAP & SKEET SHOOTING Come out and shoot with one of our certified shooting experts. We have a range of options for those who may have never held a shotgun before to enthusiastic sportsmen! We provide the firearms, ammunition, and safety gear. The YC Trap and Skeet Course is a shotgun-only, recreational clay target shooting facility. Instructional and practice sessions are available for shooting enthusiasts ages 10 and above. INSTRUCTION Designed for the novice shooter to learn about the sport and for the experienced shooter to develop new skills. COST | 125.00/shooter ONE ROUND OF TRAP OR SKEET  Designed for the experienced and knowledgeable sportsman to enjoy our range amenities while shooting a full round of trap or skeet.

COST | 75.00/shooter, 35.00/each additional round PRIVATE SESSION COST | 990.00/up to 8 people Enjoy a lazy float with your family down the Madison River. Spend three blissful hours lounging on the river, and also enjoy a picnic lunch on the shore. Transportation, inner tubes, life jackets, and lunch are included. Beverages are charged à la carte. Float trips are scheduled on select Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in July and August. TIMES | 9:00am departure from Warren Miller Lodge COST 100.00/person, 10 people minimum, 24 people maximum per trip TEENS ONLY FLOAT TRIPS Wednesday, July 25 and Wednesday, August 15 FLOAT TRIPS ON THE MADISON RIVER Valet: 406-577-6092 YC CLUB ED Academic Tutoring, Standardized Test Preparation, and Homework Support Enhance your child’s education while on property through personalized one-on-one, in-home tutoring sessions with experienced and highly qualified mentors.

Our tutors will effectively support your child’s academic coursework and standardized test preparation endeavors by creating custom plans providing short term or season long guidance for students from kindergarten through high school. Advance reservations of 72 hours are suggested.

YELLOWSTONE CLUB SUMMER SERVICES GUIDE AND CALENDAR 2018 2 4 2 5 CHILDCARE OPTIONS & FIELD TRIPS The childcare program includes inside and outside play time as well as lunch and snacks. AGES | 12 Months and up HOURS | 8:30am – 6:00pm COST | 145.00/day, 95.00/half day, 30.00/hour PRIVATE COUNSELOR Private Counselors are available to cater a day for your children to meet all of your plans and expectations. Counselors are available upon request and based on availability. Advanced reservations are required.

COST • 550.00/day (4 children maximum) • 100.00/additional child FIELD TRIPS Explore all that southwest Montana has to offer! OP Kids offers a variety of field trip options available on select Wednesdays throughout the summer season.

Field trip locations include (but are not limited to) Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, Museum of the Rockies, Big Sky Resort Basecamp activities, Ousel Falls hike, Virginia City and Nevada City, and Yellowstone National Park. Feel free to request your own field trip location! We are always looking to explore new activities in the area. *All field trips require 48-hours advance reservations. COST | 250.00/ per Child AGES | 5+ MONTANA ADVENTURE CAMP Montana Adventure Camp is a fun filled week of activities for our young members.

Both camps give kids an opportunity to meet new friends, try new activities, challenge themselves, and gain an appreciation for nature! Kids will experience Montana’s finest outdoor lifestyles, which may include horseback riding, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, zip lining, and backcountry camping. All outfitted activities are age appropriate and divided accordingly. The final hurrah is the Wednesday overnight where kids will learn all about backcountry education while enjoying storytelling, camp crafts, star gazing games, and plenty of everyone’s favorite: s’mores!

AGE | 5–7 and 8–12 DATES • Monday, July 9 – Thursday, July 12 • Monday, August 6 – Thursday, August 9 COST | 900.00/week, 250.00/day, 350.00/overnight only WEEKEND WARRIOR CAMP Weekend Warrior Camp is for kids who just can’t get enough of the great outdoors! Try this three-day nature-based camp focused on different daily themes and planned activities. AGE | 4 – 6 and 7+ DATES • June 28 – June 30 • July 5 – July 7 • July 26 - 28 • August 16 – 18 • August 23 – 25 COST | 250.00/day GROUP OVERNIGHTS This year, we are offering our popular Girls Only and Boys Only campouts! Overnight trips include supervision, activities, camping supplies, and meals.

Please contact Outdoor Pursuits about locations and themes.

*For Group Overnights, we require at least 72-hour advance reservations and at least four children scheduled to attend. COST | 350.00/overnight AGES | 6+ ALL GIRLS OVERNIGHTS | Tuesday, July 31 ALL BOYS OVERNIGHTS | Wednesday, August 1 SPECIALTY THEMED OVERNIGHTS | Check the Gazette for special themed overnights. PRIVATE OVERNIGHTS Utilize Yellowstone Club property to explore Montana’s wilderness! Join us for an overnight trip this summer to head outside and learn basic outdoor living skills. You can design your own overnight event to meet the desired backcountry experience for your children.

*Private Overnights require 72-hours advance reservations.

COST | 500.00/per child AGES | 5+ JUNIOR GOLF CAMP Calling all junior golfers! We want you to enjoy an awesome week of golf and improve your game at the same time. Join the YC Golf Professional staff for a kids camp sure to lower your score and get you that much closer to beating your parents’ score on the course. Learn all the skills and life lessons that you will need to improve yourself on and off the course. It is never too late to learn the greatest game ever played. AGES | 5-16 DATES • Monday, July 23 – Wednesday, July 25 • Monday, August 13 – Wednesday, August 15 COST | 125.00/perday,perchildorsignupforallthreedaysfor325.00 JUNIOR TENNIS CAMP Junior Tennis Camp is an opportunity to explore the game of tennis in a fun, active and game-like setting! While encompassing the fun-aspect instantly, your kids will never even know that they are studying and learning while simultaneously mastering the primary skills of tennis.

It provides a great opportunity for all ages to maintain physical and mental endurance while making new and lasting friends! Fun competitions entice the youth to earn prizes as each activity is played!

Two junior tennis camps: the first camp for novice players, ages 4-8, and the second camp for more experienced players, ages 9-13! Have a fantastic time on the tennis court! AGES | 4-8 (8:30a-12:00p) & 9-13 (1:00a-4:30p) DATES | Monday, July 16 – Wednesday, July 18 COST 125.00/per day, per child or sign up for all three days for 325.00 OP KIDS MULTI-DAY CAMPS OVERNIGHT EXPERIENCES OUTDOOR PURSUITS AND OP KIDS RESERVATIONS AND CANCELLATION POLICY For cancellations within 48 hours of a reserved activity, Members will be charged the full activity price. Additionally, there are no credits or refunds for starting an activity late or leaving an activity early.

Inside childcare is not subject to the cancellation policy.

YELLOWSTONE CLUB 2 6 CAMPHOUSE FITNESS CENTER Camphouse is a 24-hour facility that offers a variety of options and activities for those looking to stay active. The amenities at Camphouse include scheduled fitness classes, cardio and strength training equipment, 75-foot heated pool, relaxing outdoor hot tub, tennis court, full-sized basketball court, two regulation-sized platform tennis courts, and a selection of healthy snack options. Camphouse also has a retail space with a selection of active wear, swim accessories, and more! Reservations for use of the regular and platform tennis courts are encouraged.

The pool at Camphouse will be open all season. If the pool is covered, please contact a Camphouse Attendant who will remove the cover for you. The pool will be covered based on outside temperatures. Fitness classes are offered throughout the summer season.

RAINBOW LODGE FITNESS AREA Rainbow Lodge’s fitness center includes cardio and strength training equipment, a yoga room, two outdoor hot tubs, an outdoor pool, and spa treatment rooms. Nestled at 8,375 feet above sea-level, challenge yourself with a phenomenal work out on top of the mountain! SPIN This low-impact, high-energy class is guaranteed to get your heart pumping! Our nationally certified Spin class instructors will motivate and encourage people of all fitness levels to join in for an exhilarating and calorie-torching class. Whether it is your first class, or you are an avid spinner, hop on one of our Schwinn Performance Plus Spin bikes and pedal your way to a stronger core, toned legs, and a healthier heart.

Since you control your bike’s tension, you can control intensity to challenge yourself while still feeling like you’re keeping up with the class. You will see and feel the benefits!

COST 15.00/person BOOT CAMP Do you want to change up your workout routine? Not seeing the results you want? Not sure where to start? Time to try Boot Camp! This class is fit for all levels and combines strength, cardio, functional movements, muscular endurance, flexibility, and core exercises to challenge your mind and body! We utilize the Principle of Muscle Confusion so every workout is different, keeping your muscles guessing for better results! COST 15.00/person RESTORATIVE YOGA Get physically and mentally ready for the day ahead by starting your morning with Restorative Yoga. Members of all ages and abilities are encouraged to participate to build strength, increase flexibility, and find focus as well as improve internal peace and balance.

Mats, blocks, and straps are provided. On particularly beautiful days, we will move the class outside to the pool deck so Members can take in the scenery while realigning the body and mind.

COST 15.00/person VINYASA YOGA This class is a perfect way to get warmed up for your day. Enjoy flowing through a dynamic series of poses in such a smooth manner that you will feel as though you are dancing! All levels are welcome to join and experience this wonderful blend of synchronizing breath with yoga postures. COST 15.00/person HATHA YOGA Progressing through various movements will connect movement to breath with conscious intention and awareness. Each dynamic class will leave the participant feeling stronger, and empowered both mentally and physically!

COST 15.00/person BIKRAM YOGA Start off your day by warming up your muscles with a Bikram Yoga class! Join us in our heated Yoga room as we focus on a series of postures meant to stretch and tone your muscles, reduce stress, and increase your balance.

This is a great opportunity for Members of all levels and abilities to focus on alignment and concentration, while emerging energized and refreshed. COST 20.00/person FITNESS 406-995-7183 HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER GYM The Health and Wellness Center gym is conveniently located on the Mezzanine level of the Warren Miller Lodge. There are cardio and strength training machines, and free weight equipment. PERSONAL TRAINING Not sure which workout routine would work best for you? Are you interested in learning new exercises to keep your body challenged? Do you simply need guidance to learn new machines? Let our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers help you get started today! Ensure that every session is safe, effective, and fun while conditioning, lightening, and toning every body part with a series of cardio and strength exercises modified specifically for you.

Make an appointment to start improving your balance, coordination, and mobility for a more flexible, safer, and stronger “you”! FITNESS CLASSES

YELLOWSTONE CLUB SUMMER SERVICES GUIDE AND CALENDAR 2018 2 8 2 9 FITNESS CLASSES & PRIVATE YOGA PRIVATE YOGA/ FITNESS CLASS  100.00/hr ADDITIONAL PARTICIPANT  20.00/person PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING  100.00/hr SEMI-PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING  125/hr up to two people ADDITIONAL PARTICIPANT  20.00/person SUMMER FITNESS CLASS SEASON PASS  250.00 Group Fitness Classes are scheduled July 1, 2018 through August 31, 2018, with a modified class schedule June 15, 2018 through June 30, 2018 and September 1, 2018 through September 23, 2018. TENNIS LESSONS LESSON (ALL LEVELS AVAILABLE) 

75.00/hr ADDITIONAL LESSON PARTICIPANT  25.00/hr HITTING PARTNER  60.00/hr PICKLE BALL LESSON (1 PERSON)  60.00/hr CARDIO TENNIS Looking for a fun, high energy workout in a beautiful setting? Join us for one of our Cardio Tennis classes! Players of all abilities are welcome and encouraged to join.

Each class will keep you looking sharp on and off the court. Through high intensity drills, set to music, keeping your heart rate elevated, Cardio Tennis will improve your tennis skills while also providing an entertaining, social, and full-body workout. COST | 15.00/person WEEKLY FITNESS SCHEDULE JULY 1, 2017 – AUGUST 31, 2017 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY • Spin | 7a • Restorative Yoga | 7a • Bootcamp | 7a MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY • Spin | 7a • Bikram Yoga | 8:30a • Bootcamp | 7a • Restorative Yoga | 7:30a • Restorative Yoga | 7a • Hatha Yoga | 8a • Spin | 7a • Bikram Yoga | 8:30a • Bootcamp | 7a • Hatha Yoga | 8a • Spin | 8a • Vinyasa Yoga | 9a • Cardio Tennis | 10a MODIFIED FITNESS SCHEDULE JUNE 16, 2017 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2017 AND SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 THROUGH SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 TENNIS

YELLOWSTONE CLUB SUMMER SERVICES GUIDE AND CALENDAR 2018 3 0 3 1 SWEDISH MASSAGE This YC favorite utilizes gentle pressure to promote total relaxation of both mind and body. 60 minutes: 125.00 | 90 minutes: 185.00 | 120 minutes: 210.00 THERAPEUTIC DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Deep tissue massage focuses on detailed therapeutic muscle work to increase circulation and encourage recovery for tired, sore muscles. 60 minutes: 150.00 | 90 minutes: 210.00 | 120 minutes: 260.00 PRENATAL MASSAGE Recommended for women in their second and third trimester of pregnancy, this custom massage is excellent for alleviating back pain, reducing inflammation, and diminishing anxiety.

60 minutes: 150.00 | 90 minutes: 210.00 HOT STONE THERAPY Allow the heat of smooth, hot basalt stones to penetrate your tight muscles, increase circulation, and melt away resistance. 60 minutes: 150.00 | 90 minutes: 210.00 | 120 minutes: 260.00 BODY SCRUB Enjoy a pampering body scrub including full body exfoliation and rich shea butter application to create smooth natural radiance. 60 minutes: 125.00 | 90 minutes: 185.00 | 120 minutes: 210.00 BODY WRAP Detoxify and smooth your entire body with this truly indulgent body wrap. Enjoy lymphatic brushing, dry exfoliation, and hydrating shea butter application including a wrap with a restorative scalp, face, and foot massage.

90 minutes: 210.00 | 120 minutes: 235.00 IN-HOME MASSAGE Enjoy a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage in the privacy of your own home.

Additional 50.00 on regular pricing YC SIGNATURE FACIAL Our customized facial includes a skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, soothing massage, masque, and moisture veil for your face, lips, and eyes. 60 minutes: 150.00 | 90 minutes: 210.00 | 120 minutes: 235.00 WAXING SERVICES Facial waxing services are available. Brow 25.00 | Lip 20.00 | Chin 20.00 | Face 45.00 WARM OIL SCALP TREATMENT Add this therapeutic 15-minute scalp treatment onto any massage. Warm hydrating oil is massaged into the scalp and hair, followed with a hot towel wrap.

15-min add-on 32.00 FEET RETREAT Add this indulgent 15-minute treatment onto any massage.

The feet will be treated with a sea salt scrub, followed with hot towels and soothing foot massage 15-min add-on 32.00 406-995-7909 | EXT. 1718 LOCATION | Warren Miller Lodge, Mezzanine Level HOURS | 10:00am – 6:00pm FITNESS AREAS ARE OPEN 24 HOURS/DAY YC BLOW DRY BAR After a day enjoying YC’s many outdoor activities, take a moment for yourself and freshen up your locks at the YC Blow Dry Bar. Need to look fantastic for an event? YC has you covered! We carry a complete line of Amica products that you will love, and retail offerings so you can take home the products you covet.

THE SIGNATURE BLOWOUT 60.00 Includes shampoo, relaxing scalp massage, and style THERMAL STYLE +20.00 DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT +20.00 ADD A BRAID OR PONY +15.00 DRY STYLE 35.00 KIDS (UNDER 10) 25.00 MEN’S STYLE 20.00 SPA RESERVATIONS AND CANCELLATION POLICY Please contact the Health & Wellness Center Concierge for all spa services and treatment reservations. We recommend that all reservations are booked at least 48 hours in advance to ensure that your requests can be accommodated. Please note that some specialty services may require advance booking time and may not be available daily. As a courtesy to other Members and our staff, appointment cancellations and time changes must be completed 48 hours in advance to avoid a charge for the full amount of your treatment.

No shows or cancellations made less than 48 hours from your scheduled appointment will be charged the full treatment price.


YELLOWSTONE CLUB 3 2 WARREN MILLER LODGE LAKESIDE LOBBY • Continental Breakfast, Snacks, and Coffee Bar 8:00am – 2:00pm, Daily • Hot Breakfast items available 8:00am – 10:30am BIGHORN BAR & SLOPESIDE PATIO • Lunch, 11:00am – 5:00pm, Daily beginning June 15, 2018 DINING ROOM • Closed for the Summer Season. • Available for Private Events. TAKEAWAY MENU A selection of “Take ‘n’ Bake” items is available for takeaway from Lakeside Lobby. RAINBOW LODGE • Dinner, 5:00pm – 9:00pm, Dinner, Saturday through Wednesday • Beginning June 23, 2018 through September 12, 2018 • Closed Wednesday, July 4, 2018 and Saturday, July 28, 2018 GOLF COURSE • À la carte Breakfast 8:00am – 10:30am, Daily beginning June 22, 2018 • Lunch, 11:00am – 5:00pm, Daily beginning June 15, 2018 • Dinner, 5:00pm – 9:00pm, Daily except Fridays beginning June 15, 2018 • Open Friday, June 15, and Friday, September 7, 14, and 21 • Closed for select special events.

CAMP YC PARTY PAD FAMILY BBQ • 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Fridays beginning June 22, 2018 through August 31, 2018 CAMPHOUSE GRILL • 11:30am – 5:00pm, Daily, June 22 – September 2, 2018 11:30am – 2:30pm, Fridays – Sundays, September 7 – September 16, 2018, weather dependent • Additional Dinner Dates July 18 and 19, 2018, 5:00pm – 9:00pm TO GO LUNCHES Adventure-ready ‘to go’ lunches are available upon request, 48 hours in advance. Contact YC Concierge for more information.. Timberline Café, Warren Miller Lodge Dining Room, The Restaurant on Eglise, and the Frost Bite Diner at 20 Below are closed for the summer.

These outlets are available for Private Events, contact the YC Concierge for more information. Private in-home chef services are available. Please contact the YC Concierge for more information.

YC Corkage Policy: YC Members are welcome to bring their own wine into YC Restaurants. After the first two bottles, a 15.00 corkage service charge will be added for all subsequent bottles of wine opened at the table. PLEASE NOTE Charges will be applied to your member statement. All Dining charges are subject to a 3% Big Sky Resort Tax and a YC service charge. MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE ZIP The Adventure Zip is built for those looking for speed! This zip includes four lines spanning 1,500 feet long and 150 feet above the forest floor. This experience lasts three hours and requires a minimum weight of 80 lbs.

and a maximum of 220 lbs. NATURE ZIP The Nature Zip is a mellower but very scenic experience. This zip includes a 20 minute hike up Lone Mountain and three ziplines ranging from 350 feet to 500 feet long and 30 to 60 feet above the forest floor. This experience lasts two hours and requires a minimum weight of 45 lbs. and a maximum of 300 lbs. RIVER ADVENTURE ZIP Zip along where the scenery includes towering limestone cliffs, pine forest, and a rushing river. The River Adventure Zip takes place on the Gallatin River where the movie “A River Runs Through It” was filmed! The maximum weight for this experience is 260 lbs.

and the minimum weight is 65 lbs. Anyone under the minimum will tandem zip with a guide (maximum of 2 tandem guests/tour). Due to safety restrictions, young ones are not permitted to ride tandem with a parent. LONE PEAK EXPEDITION The ultimate experience at Big Sky Resort! The expedition is a guided tour that begins with a ride up Swift Current chair lift, then transitions to the Big Sky expedition vehicle, and finally rides up the Lone Peak Tram! Great views and fun to be had by all ages! WHITEWATER RAFTING AND KAYAKING The Gallatin River offers the chance to take in incredible scenery and paddle through some fun, challenging, and continuous whitewater.

Different stretches of river are recommended for varying skill levels. Ultimately, water levels determine the best stretch for you to enjoy! Depending on your expectations, timing your trip can be the most important factor. Do you want to raft the infamous Class IV Mad Mile? The water is higher earlier in the season and then tapers as the summer progresses. Looking for a mellower ride? Check the Upper Gallatin at any time or the Lower Gallatin later in the summer. *Participants must be at least six years old. HALF-DAY LOWER WHITEWATER (CLASS III/IV) HALF-DAY UPPER WHITEWATER (CLASS II/III) HALF-DAY SCENIC FLOAT (CLASS I/II) PRICING, ACTIVITY TIMES, AND CANCELLATION POLICIES ARE DEPENDENT ON LOCAL BIG SKY VENDORS.

CONTACT OUTDOOR PURSUITS FOR MORE INFORMATION. ACTIVITIES IN BIG SKY DINNER AND EVENT RESERVATIONS 406-995-7370 YC DINING RESERVATION CANCELLATION POLICY Dinner reservations in all Yellowstone Club restaurants that a member "no shows" or cancels within 24 hours of the reservation will be assessed a 100.00 per person fee. All other cancellations of dinner reservations in any Yellowstone Club restaurant will not be charged.