SUNDAY, 6/2 - Geeks Who Drink: Quiz for a Cause


Geeks Who Drink: Quiz for a Cause
June 2 at 7:30p
Nox, 302 N. Goodman St.
$5, at the door
A special iteration of Nox’s weekly pub quiz series, with craft canned cocktails from Southern Tier
Distilling. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Gilda’s Club.​


Bar Career Path with Chuck Cerankosky, Ralph DiTucci, Donny Clutterbuck
June 3 at 1:30p
Jackrabbit Club, 50 Anderson Ave.
The growth of the Rochester food and beverage scene over the last decade has resulted in
more bar and restaurant management positions becoming available. With many new and
talented bartenders and their cohorts being offered opportunities to grow into the leadership
positions in demand, DiTucci (Bar Mecca, Cristallino Premium Ice), Chuck Cerankosky (RCR,
Good Luck, Cure, Radio Social, Bar Bantam), and Donny Clutterbuck (Cure, Pour Cost) will
discuss some of the strategies, responsibilities and skill sets that are helpful in the progression
of a bar career.

From Guatemala to Leyenda: A Conversation with Ivy Mix
June 3 at 3p
Jackrabbit Club, 40 Anderson Ave.
Ivy Mix talks about her career in the industry: the ups and downs of how she arrived at creating
Speed Rack, the all-female bartending competition and breast cancer charity, as well as
opening her bar, Leyenda, in Brooklyn. This conversation will focus on the importance of
inclusion, as well as some fundamental issues facing women within the industry - and ideas
about how we can help.

Drinks and Prints
June 3 at 5p
Tiny Fish Printing, 139 Garson Ave.
Get a taste of Glass Revolution spirits while experiencing an evening of art at Tiny Fish
Printing’s newly opened showroom. Take a peek into the Rochester Print Club archives, with
selected works from artists like Kathryn Polk, Carol Wax and Robert Marx. Then, make your
own screen printed takeaway poster!

Katboocha: Make your Own Kombucha Class
June 3 at 6p
Bar Bantam, 1 S. Clinton Ave.
$28, available via ​Rochester Brainery
Kat Schwarz is the owner of Katboocha, Rochester's first all-kombucha brewery! Katboocha
focuses on small batch kombucha to hone in on flavor and artistry through "huggable"
fermenters. During this class you will not only learn what kombucha is, but also how to make it
at home for yourself. Bar Bantam will be open for cocktails before and after the class.

Art of the Mix
June 3 at 6p
Rochester Contemporary Art Center, 137 East Ave.
$70, available via ​RoCo
RoCo's 8th annual mixology fundraiser will feature signature cocktails & thoughtful amuse
bouche pairings from 13 of Rochester's finest establishments.

Vern's Pop-Up
June 3 at 6p
Roux, 688 Park Ave.
Our newest neighbor pops by for a preview dinner! Come sample a New American menu with
the Italian flair of Vern's, which opens two doors down early this summer, and cocktail pairings
from Glass Revolution and Amrut Whiskeys.

Industry Carnival
June 3 at 6p
The Playhouse // Swillburger, 820 S. Clinton
For one night only, the carnival is in town! Spectacular games, bangin’ cocktails highlighting
Hendrick’s Gin and poppin’ snacks -- this is the Playhouse’s industry night as you’ve never seen
it before. Family friendly until 8p.

Sneak Peek
June 3 at 9:30p
Cheshire, 647 South Ave.
Sneak on over to Cheshire for a special night. In addition to the usual hospitality-centric
experience, we are offering you the chance to imbibe at the hands of several skilled bartenders
from around town. We have our eyes set on industry folk in particular, though all are welcome.
Let us take care of you before the RCR really kicks off.

Got Milk?
11:30 a.m.
Jackrabbit Club, 40 Anderson Ave.
What is milk punch -- how do we make it and why would we want to? Eamon Rockey of
"Rockey's Milk Punch" explores the concept and execution of milk punch.

Deaf Hospitality Seminar
June 4 at 12:30p
Jackrabbit Club, 40 Anderson Ave.
Rochester has the highest per capita population of deaf or hard-of-hearing adults under 65 in
the nation. Join Joshua Mora, Chris McQuaid, and Katharina Jackson to learn about deaf
experience in bars and how to better serve the deaf community. Mora will teach basic signs,
social cues and more.

The Future of Rye in America: a Conversation with Allen Katz
June 4 at 3p
The Cub Room, 739 South Clinton
A seminar on the future of rye whiskey in America hosted by Allen Katz of New York Distilling
Company, and featuring The Cub Room and Ragtime Rye from New York Distilling as well as
Rye from Sagamore, J.H. Cutter, Old Potrero, and Lot 40. The seminar will be followed by a
happy hour with cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres.

Taco Boozeday
June 4 at 5p
Ox & Stone, 282 Alexander Street
Two. Dollar. Tacos. Five. Dollar. Margaritas. Now that's something to taco 'bout.

Spirit Backward
June 4 at 5p
Roux, 688 Park Ave.
FREE ENTRY, ​RSVP via Eventbrite
A full cocktail and food menu takeover all night long featuring low ABV cocktails and
Moroccan/French cuisine sponsored by the Brown-Forman portfolio.

Build a Better Home Bar
June 4 at 5p
Cheshire, 647 South Ave.
$25, at the door
Fancy yourself a bartender? After Cheshire's "Build Your Own Bar" seminar, you should. During
this seminar we will teach you the basic skills you need to mix, shake, and stir your favorite
cocktails. In addition to these essential know-hows, we will help you decide how to stock your
bar with your favorite spirits. During the seminar, you will have the opportunity to try your hand
at bartending basics, as well as sample great cocktails from your favorite Cheshire bartenders.
But wait, there's more. You will also have the chance to WIN your own set of bartending tools.

Aperitivo Hour
June 4 at 5p
Bar Bantam, 1 S. Clinton Ave.
The concept of happy hour is almost in direct contention with the concept of aperitivo hour.
What are some pointers we can take from this European tradition, and how can we make
money doing it? Josh Holly and Scott Krahn discuss ideological differences, cocktail differences,
and how to break down the pricing.

Drinking on Deadline: Inside Beverage Media with Imbibe Magazine
June 4 at 6p
Bar Bantam, 1 S. Clinton Ave.
Cocktails and bar culture are enjoying a special moment in the media spotlight, from traditional
newspapers and magazines to podcasts and online outlets. So where does your bar fit in? This
seminar and Q&A session with Imbibe Magazine Executive Editor Paul Clarke will offer a few
insights into today’s world of drinks journalism, and explore ways to attract media coverage for
your bar, your cocktails or your career.

Life’s a Beach
June 4 at 6p
Locals Only, 311 Alexander Street
Locals Only is hosting their first annual beach party, so bring your beach balls, umbrellas and
sunscreen for a party on the boardwalk! Summertime fun, tiki lanterns and breezy cocktails
made just for you! Life’s a beach, so why not have some fun?

Crafting a Classic with The Drinksmiths
June 4 at 6p
The Daily Refresher, 293 Alexander St.
$55, available via ​Eventbrite
Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a great cocktail? Join The Daily Refresher and
The Drinksmiths as we teach a class on the components of our greatest hits with a focus on
Powers Whisky. Participants will enjoy a short lecture and instructional session where they will
be able to make two cocktails. Light snacks also provided.

Fiasco: A Glassblowing Cocktail Party
June 4 at 6:30p
More Fire Glass Studio, 36 Field Street
$25, available via ​Eventbrite
RCR and More Fire Glass Studio join forces for a one-of-a-kind event! Sip cold spirits from
Glass Revolution​ while observing a hot glass blowing demonstration by Jen, Michael and
Elizabeth of More Fire. All demo items will be available for auction after the workshop, and
attendees can also purchase special hand-blown glassware and bar items from the More Fire
showroom. 21+ ONLY.

Cocktail History Happy Hour
June 4 at 7:30p
Nox, 302 N. Goodman St.
$20, purchase via ​Rochester Brainery
Learn about cocktail history and enjoy some of the first expressions in the cocktail revolution.
Take a quiz for a chance to earn prizes after! Drink flight included with ticket; sponsored by
William Grant & Sons.

Owning the Story: A Conversation about Identity & Media
June 5 at 12:30p
Jackrabbit Club, 40 Anderson Ave.
From Netflix series to daily newspapers, food & beverage culture is an increasingly popular
focus for today’s media. But the ways media tells the stories of those in the hospitality industry
has impacts that extend deep into our larger culture. Paul Clarke, executive editor of Imbibe
Magazine, and hospitality activist Ashtin Berry, cofounder of Radical Exchange, will discuss the
ways the media covers hospitality professionals, focusing on the showcasing of marginalized
identities, and the ways language can create narratives that have far-reaching implications. This
conversation-style session will also delve into how hospitality professionals play a part in
creating these narratives, how they can take ownership of their own stories, and what they
should know to keep this kind of conversation going forward.

Clearly Beautiful Cocktails
June 5 at 1:30p
Jackrabbit Club, 40 Anderson Ave.
Crystal clear, large format ice has become a standard of excellence in great cocktail bars across
America. From the Old Fashioned to the Highball and beyond, today's bartenders are using
premium, clear ice to elevate the presentation of their most prized cocktails. In this seminar,
Ralph DiTucci, Founder of Cristallino Premium Ice, will demonstrate a variety of uses for large
format cocktail ice, sharing tips and techniques for easy handling and use during bar service
and special events.

How and Why to Build a Longer Table
June 5 at 2:30p
The Spirit Room, 139 State St.
We can all make great cocktails; can you make the world a better place for your employees and
your patrons? Join us on this deep dive, as we walk you through the intersecting axis of
privilege, the difference between diversity, equity, and inclusion, how inclusion can make your
company more profitable, practical steps on avoiding tokenism, and defining your role in a social
movement towards equality.

A-Malfy Aperitivo Beach Party
June 5 at 5p
Branca Midtown, 280 East Broad St.
Bask in the paradise of the Amalfi coast while sipping on the bright and fresh Malfy Gin.
Featuring bubbly aperitivo cocktails and small bites that will transport you to Italian paradise.
Ciao, bella!

Strictly Business
June 5 at 5p
Cheshire, 647 South Ave.
Tonight is the after party before the after party. Cheshire is the place where you can relax with
perfect cocktails, mood lighting and great music. Stop by for a drink and stay for the dopest hip
hop playlist. We will have several off-menu drinks at the ready, brought to you by William Grant
& Sons. After all, we mean business.

Spanish Street Festival
June 5 at 5:30p
Tapas 177, 177 Saint Paul St.
$15, available via ​Eventbrite
This will be a progressive event -- beginning at the upstairs bar and finishing on the downstairs
courtyard patio -- featuring regional food specialties found at various festivals throughout Spain.
A sampling of Iberian-inspired cocktails with the unique barreled wines of Cooper & Thief will be
served alongside each tapa. Using decor, music, artwork, video and flavor, we aspire to
transport our guests (if only in spirit) to Barcelona, Malaga, Bunol and Pamplona for the

You Can Pick Your Friends Spirit Dinner
June 5 at 5:30p and 8p (two seatings)
Cure, 50 Public Market
$69, Available via ​Cure
Alpine Distilling showcase. From the city that annually welcomes 100x its static population in
tourism comes a spirits company as diverse and intentional as the population it supports. Alpine
Distilling produces well-made spirits, and Cure creates cuisine and cocktails to highlight their

Booze & Botany
June 5 at 6p
George Eastman Museum, 900 East Ave.
$55, available via ​Eventbrite
The George Eastman Museum's elaborate and historic gardens provide a picturesque setting for
guests to sip botanical cocktail creations, enjoy hors d'oeuvres, listen to live music, and create a
cyanotype (sun print) using fresh herbs and flowers. White, khaki, and floral attire, along with sun
hats, encouraged. Sponsored by Ketel One Botanical.

Whiskey Unparalleled Spirit Dinner
June 5 at 6p
Good Luck, 50 Anderson Ave.
$75, available via ​Good Luck
Here at Good Luck, we sure do love our whiskey. For this dinner, we'll prove this true with a
deep dive into the portfolio of Brown-Forman, enjoying expressions of Old Forester and
Woodford Reserve in neat and cocktail formats. These fine bourbons and ryes will explore the
complements of distilling and degustation with four courses of cuisine from the Good Luck

Classic with a Modern Twist Spirit Dinner
June 5 at 6p
Lento, 274 N. Goodman St.
$45, call ​271-3470 for reservations
Five classic cocktails from the portfolio of Hotaling & Co. featuring a modern twist paired with a
dish from classic eras featuring an updated preparation from Chef Art Rogers.
Whistlepig Spirit Dinner
June 5 at 6p
The Revelry, 1290 University Ave.
Come get your pig on! Join The Revelry for a Southern-inspired block party featuring a 120 lb.
pig roast with signature southern sides. Grab a Whistlepig whiskey cocktail and play a yard
game outside.

Backyard Cookout
June 5 at 7p
The Owl House, 75 Marshall St.
$80, call to reserve: 360-2920
We’re busting out the grill for a delicious cookout-inspired pairing dinner. Join us on the patio for
conversation, delightful drinks featuring B ​ eam Suntory spirits,​ and four thoughtfully designed
courses. Vegan and vegetarian options available. $80 per person includes 4-course dinner,
spirit pairings, tip and tax. Limited seating available.

House Party of the Damned Presents: A Tribute to Lili St. Cyr
June 5 at 9p
The Spirit Room, 139 State St.
$5, cash only at the door
Commemorating the birthday of burlesque legend Lili St. Cyr, local musician Reverend Kingfish
will perform songs of infidelity, booze and death, accompanied by local burlesque dancers.
Showcasing a mix of early blues, jazz, and barrel house jams, Reverend Kingfish and his
bathtub hoochers will conjure the mood of old-time vaudeville cabaret, alongside cocktails from
sponsor Beam Suntory. Tarot card readings will also be available.

O’Cinco de Juno
June 5 at 10p
Good Luck, 50 Anderson Ave.
They name the joint ‘Good Luck,’ and t’isn’t an Irish bar? Well tonight, mates, let’s imagine ol’
Lucky’s as a proper pub and cocktail parlor. Enjoy celtic cocktails crafted from the spirited
whiskeys Tyrconnell, Connemara and Kilbeggan. Throw back a pint and don’t ye dare miss our
midnight Irish car bomb seminar. Sláinte!

Kondo Your Bar Life
June 6 at 12:30p
The Daily Refresher, 293 Alexander St.
Yoga is helpful, but who has the time? Make the time. John Henry and Elana Effrat guide you
through a sweeping tutorial regarding productivity and organization, broken down by categories
and tools in useful snippets.

Booze & Beyond: Life, Death & Libations
June 6 at 2p
The Spirit Room, 139 State St.
A lively discussion on how alcohol has been used to honor these universal experiences across
cultures. From offerings to Olympian gods to 40 oz. commemorations, the practice of “pouring
one out” for the dead is one of the oldest human customs spanning five-thousand years.

Templeton Happy Hour
June 6 at 5p
Branca Midtown, ​280 E. Broad St #100
Enjoy the good stuff with Templeton and Branca.

Tonic Takeover
June 6 at 5p
The Revelry, 1290 University Ave.
A perfectly proportioned gin & tonic is a thing of beauty. But the refreshingly bitter character of a
tasty tonic can complement any number of spirits, adding verve and complexity to even the
simplest of cocktails. Join the team from Skurnik Wines & Spirits as they serve a selection of
highballs celebrating distillates, quinine and the magic that happens when the two come

Netflix and Chill, Dude
June 6 at 5p
Ox & Stone, 282 Alexander St.
$20, available via ​Eventbrite
So, you wanna come to our place and watch a movie or something? Come on in, we'll fix you a
real nice drink. Pick your theater room, sit back, and relax. Your ticket gets you entry for a
movie, a Monkey Shoulder cocktail and your choice of junk food. And our 'lobby' isn't just
serving Coca-Cola products.
Prism Sentence Spirit Dinner
June 6 at 5:30p and 8p (two seatings)
Cure, 50 Public Market
$69, Available via ​Cure
What do you do when you’re afforded the ability to work with every flavor imaginable? You
accept your fate. In this collaboration between Giffard/Backbar Project and Cure, we use
laser-focused cocktail builds and a wide array of cuisine to illustrate a full dynamic range of
flavors and textures.

Moulin Rouge Dance Party
June 6 at 6p
The Daily Refresher, 293 Alexander St.
Come to The Daily Refresher as we transform our bar into a fantastical French early-twentieth
century cabaret: “Moulin Rouge” meets “The Great Gatsby” meets the circus. Burlesque
performances, (candy) cigarette girls, and hula performers. Enjoy the evening in a luxurious
lounge enjoying elevated cocktails spotlighting Real McCoy and High West spirits and a live DJ
dance party late into the night.

Angel’s Lucky Spirit Dinner
June 6 at 6p
Good Luck, 50 Anderson Ave.
$75, available via ​Good Luck
The port cask-finished bourbons and ryes of Angel’s Envy come to earth for a four-course spirit
dinner. This heavenly collection of whiskeys will show its complexity and elegance in pairing
with the divine cooking of the Good Luck kitchen.

2019 Rochester Cocktail Revival Gala
June 6 at 6p
Strasenburgh Planetarium, 663 East Ave.
$45, available via ​Eventbrite
Join us for the most extravagant event of the sixth annual Rochester Cocktail Revival, the 2019
RCR Gala: a night under the heavens with Lunazul Tequila and Larceny Bourbon. Mingle
beneath a magical projection show in the Strasenburgh Planetarium while enjoying cocktails
crafted by Rochester's finest bartending talent. The gala will feature multiple bars, a tasting
table, hors d'oeuvres, a planetarium show, and other entertainment. Dress to impress! 21+ only.

There Can Only Be One
June 6 at 6p
The Playhouse // Swillburger, 820 S. Clinton
If you've had one cocktail, you've had 'em all... SAID NO ONE EVER. Help us celebrate mixed
drink diversity with a competitive tasting of four different classic cocktail recipes showcasing
spirits from Honeoye Falls Distillery. Taste entries from Rochester's top bartenders and vote for
your favorite!

Casino Royale
June 6 at 7p
Cheshire, 647 South Ave.
Test your luck and press your luck. Here at Cheshire, we invite you to our blackjack tables and
our fully stocked bar featuring Greenhook Ginsmiths. Drink, gamble, socialize - on this night, we
will be here with drinks in hand and tokens in pocket. Buy a drink, get 10 tokens to spend at our
blackjack tables. Do you like your martini shaken or stirred? Perhaps both? In either case,
Cheshire's got you.

Ultimate Mixtape
June 6 at 8p
Swan Dive, 289 Alexander St.
Staff curated playlists, along with live performances by local hip hop artists and DJs, inspire a
Copper and Kings-focused cocktail menu.

Total Recall
June 6 at 10p
Good Luck, 50 Anderson Ave.
This annual event reunites legends of the Rochester craft bar scene, all throwing down together
behind the pine at Good Luck. Stay tuned for an all-star roster of special guest bartenders,
anchored by the stellar spirit portfolio of Hotaling & Co.

Industry Agave Lunch
June 7 at 12p
Ox & Stone, 282 Alexander St.
Rochester bartenders are invited to join the Michael Skurnik spirits team for a lunch and learn.
Taste through an expansive collection of agave spirits paired with Ox & Stone fare.
Whiskey Walkaround
June 7 at 2:30p
Cure, 50 Public Market
Sample more than 50 whisk(e)ys from the portfolio of Michael Skurnik. Take a figurative tour of
the world of whiskeys, with spirits literally from around the world.

High Dive Fest
June 7 at 3p
Swan Dive, 289 Alexander St.
FREE ENTRY, ​RSVP via Eventbrite
Inspired by large music festivals like Electric Forest, the Dive transforms into a micro festival.
Neon everywhere. Bands throughout the day in Big Pink, and various DJs and bands on the
side patio. Street-style food menu and fried goodness. Cocktail menu highlighting Metallica’s
Blackened Whiskey brand will be served in comically large neon glassware (i.e., hand grenade
New Orleans). Slushies for days. Don’t need to purchase a wristband, but with it you get access
to a discounted featured cocktail menu and priority access at the door.

Bee’s Knees Release Party
June 7 at 5p
The Cub Room, 739 South Clinton
What do Lemon, Honey, Gin, and Fifth Frame all have in common? They’re the Bee’s Knees!
Join us for a special limited release of Fifth Frame’s first-ever Bee’s Knees Cocktail-inspired
sour beer, featuring honey, lemon, and juniper and aged in gin barrels. Come by to pair it with a
delicious honey and lemon dessert. Is there a better way to transition from Cocktail Revival into
Real Beer Week?

Owl House Oyster Bar
June 7 at 5p
The Owl House, ​75 Marshall St.
For one night each year, The Owl House is transformed into a spectacular oyster bar. Join us for a
cocktail party featuring oysters and Neversink Gin martinis. Owl House Oyster Bar should not be
missed! Reservations can be made by calling 3  ​ 60-2920.

Land, Spey and Skye Spirit Dinner
June 7 at 6p
Good Luck, 50 Anderson Ave.
$85, available via ​Good Luck
Scotch. An ancient, moody, bold and expressive whisky, demanding attention, respect and
understanding. We'd like to assert that, at its finest, our cuisine showcases the same emotions.
For this dinner, we'll complement the floral and fierce elegance of a prized collection Single Malt
Scotches with four courses of craftsmanship from the Good Luck kitchen. Seasonal
preparations will allow Chef Martello and crew to tune cuisine to the intricate nuances of the full
range of expressions from Oban (Highland), Lagavulin (Islay), Taliskar (Isle of Skye) and
Dalwhinnie (Speyside).

Rock ‘n' Roll Prom
June 7 at 6p
The Daily Refresher, 293 Alexander St.
It's the prom celebration of the decades! Put on vintage digs and bring a date to relive your
favorite high school dance memories. We will have fun twists on classic cocktails with
Jägermeister and a live cover band so you can Do The Twist to classic tunes.

No Sympathy for the Devil
June 7 at 6p
Roux, 688 Park Ave
Get wavy, lose your mind, and then find it again with us as we slink through the night, Singapore
slings in hand. Fear and Loathing is taking over Roux sponsored by Bacardi so dress up, drop
out, and get lost with us.

Israeli BBQ
June 7 at 6p
Radio Social, 20 Carlson Rd.
It’s officially summer time at Radio Social! Play lawn games in our backyard while enjoying delicious
cocktails made with Nolet’s Gin and dope Israeli-inspired barbecue from Chef Steve Eakins and crew.
Snack Shack and DJ Chreath provide the beats, and a $25 pass gets you BBQ and two drinks.

Sols Similaires Spirit Dinner
June 7 at 5:30p and 8p (two seatings)
Cure, 50 Public Market
$69, available via ​Cure
Cognac is an extremely versatile spirit, ranging from use in its many unadulterated original
forms to shaken, stirred, and carbonated drinks. The kitchen at Cure collaborates with
Moet-Hennessy to showcase the versatility and history of Cognac in all its grandeur.

Luau Pig Roast
June 7 at 7p
Ox & Stone, 282 Alexander St.
Hawaii, anyone? It's the pig roast of the summer, luau-style. Tiki cocktails featuring Angostura
Rum and Hawaiian food take over at the Ox. Slow-roasted pork with traditional sides, poke
bowls, surf rock and grass skirts. Now, Mai Tai ask you a question? How could you possibly

Skirts & Suits
June 7 at 7p
Cheshire, 647 South Ave.
Come spend the evening with Cheshire in collaboration with Derrick Lucas from Jazz 90.1.
Dress to the nines. (Best dressed for the evening will win a prize.) Drink the night away with
specialty cocktails from St. George Spirits, along with all of your Cheshire favorites.

Super Sound
June 7 at 7:30p
Anthology, 336 East Ave.
$15, available via ​TicketWeb
The biggest musical event of RCR: come drink, dance, revive and imbibe! Friday, June 7
features the bluegrass tunes of Finger Lakes-based Dirty Blanket with The Brothers Blue, with
curated whiskey cocktails from Bulleit.

Nightcap Theatre
June 7 at 7:30p and 9p
The Metropolitan, 1 S. Clinton Ave.
$30, available via ​Eventbrite
Where a cocktail party and a night out at the theatre coincide. This interactive drama will whisk
attendees away to the 26th floor of the glamorous Metropolitan Building, where they become
part of a mid-century modern story while sipping period-appropriate cocktails from Absolut Elyx.
An original production written for RCR by local performers Kerry Young & Abby DeVuyst.
Mid-century attire appreciated, but not required. Two performances: 7:30p and 9p.

Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency
June 7 at 9p
The Playhouse // Swillburger, 820 S. Clinton Ave.
Dust off your rotary phone, unearth your old banana seat cruiser and head to The Playhouse //
Swillburger for a 1960s-inspired cocktail party with Mad Men themed drinks from the
Constellation Brands spirit portfolio, dapper outfits, and classy tunes.

Gangster Party II
June 7 at 9p
Branca Midtown, 280 East Broad St.
Like any good gangster movie, we're doing a sequel! Celebrate your favorite cinema and dress
your baddest. Featuring classic Italian cocktails from the Campari Portfolio, because bitter is
better. Aperol Spritz will be flowing from the golden fountain all night long. Raise a glass and
party like a gangster! Bada bing.

Synthwave Dance Party
June 7 at 9p
The Revelry, 1290 University Ave.
Swing through The Revelry for a throwback into the future. Our dance floor will be reinforced
and ready for the spirit of Ryan Gosling to move through you. Wear your neon blockers because
this party will be lit. And dress like the 80s is today... Because where we're going, we don't need
roads. Sponsored by Santa Teresa Rum.

Jalisco Disco
June 7 at 9p
Bitter Honey, 127 Railroad St.
Join the team at Bitter Honey for Jalisco Disco! A throwback to the days where the lights were
low, the music was hot and the booze was flowing. Our team will be joined by Bar Clavel's
beverage director Dre Levon as he hops behind the bar and presents a speciality cocktail menu
for the evening featuring G4 Tequila. 70s-era attire preferred.

Welcome to the Jungle: Cocktail Safari
June 7 at 10p
Good Luck, 50 Anderson Ave.
What we’ll be doing: beasting behind the bar, riling up a fantastical menagerie of wild cocktails
contacted from the exotic spirits of Maison Ferrand and Plantation Rum.
What you’ll be doing: arriving in animal prints and dancing the royal rumpus to the wild sounds
of DJ Roco Rex!

Dearly Beloved: A Prince Drag Extravaganza & Dance Party
June 7 at 10p
The Spirit Room, 139 State St.
$5, cash at the door only
June 7 is the day our purple lord and velvet savior, Prince Rogers Nelson, was born. Get ready for a night
of lipstick, duct tape and crying doves! Drag Queens from Rochester and NYC will be purple raining all
over our stage, celebrating the life and music of a rock ’n roll legend. Supported by Great Women Spirits.

Casa Dragones Pop-up
June 7 at 10:30p
Cure, 50 Public Market
A late night soirée featuring the elegant and intriguing tequila of Casa Dragones against the
backdrop of live jazz from the Lost Wax Collective.

Spirit Tasting Spectacular
June 8 at 11a
The Metropolitan, 1 S. Clinton Ave.
$15, available via ​Eventbrite
Taste through more than 40 spirit brands, including national and New York State distillers.
Sample an expansive variety of craft spirits -- the toolkit of the RCR bartenders. Entry includes
samples of up to 16 spirits. A cash bar featuring drink specials and bar snacks will be available
at Bar Bantam in the lobby of The Metropolitan. 21+ only. First 150 attendees receive a
Rochester Cocktail Revival tote and copy of Imbibe Magazine.

CBD vs. THC in Cocktails: A Hands-On Workshop
June 8 at 11a
Good Luck, 50 Anderson Ave.
$15, available at ​
What's the difference between CBD and THC, and how are each usable in the cocktail world?
Taste the difference in this hands-on workshop! Warren Bobrow will demonstrate with infusions,
seltzers, bitters and Pickett's Ginger Beer Syrup. Sponsored by El Buho mezcal.

R(h)um Deep Dive
1 p.m.
Bar Bantam, 1 S. Clinton Ave.
$15 (includes admission to the Spirit Tasting Spectacular), purchase via ​Eventbrite
Skurnik Spirits tackles the complex category of R(h)um as seen through the lens of Caribbean
culture and provenance. We’re excited to offer an intimate educational experience that will use
the touchstones of production history, terroir, and Tiki Culture to paint a vivid picture of what
r(h)um means in this part of the world and beyond.

Camp J - Bird
June 8 at 2p
Swan Dive, 289 Alexander St.
Think 80s summer camp, but with Swan staff as the counselors and guests as the campers.
T-shirts provided, dining hall-style food menu, punch-focused Campari cocktail menu, canned
veggies, and on and on and on. Sign-up the week prior for ‘The Talent Show’ on the side patio
stage at 6p, arts and crafts, kiddie pool in the back lot (take a dip, no divin’), tug of war, and
more. Nighttime screening of “Wet Hot American Summer” on the turf. Oh, and DJs. Would you
not wanna attend with all your friends?
Toga Party
June 8 at 4p
The Daily Refresher, 293 Alexander St.
"You guys up for a toga party?" The Daily Refresher is throwing a celebration that would make
Belushi proud: a live band with cocktail and shot specials from Tito’s Vodka. Discounts for
patrons wearing a toga!

With Age Comes Spirit Dinner
June 8 at 6p
Good Luck, 50 Anderson Ave.
$85, available via ​Good Luck
Time: the secret ingredient in all great spirits, allowing vigorous interplay of wood, oxygen and
alcohol, tumbling in ways unseen to create beautiful expressions of the waters of life. This
dinner will showcase the different results to be found in the ageing of a variety of spirits. Belle
Meade Bourbon, High West Double Rye, Real McCoy 12yr Rum, Casa Noble Reposado
Tequila and Copper and Kings Brandy will pair with five inspired courses of Good Luck culinary

Summer Camp Ox-Ah-Wanna
June 8 at 6p
Ox & Stone, 282 Alexander St.
Camp Ox-Ah-Wanna, we hold you in our hearts. When we think about you it makes us wanna
START. (Drinking, that is.) Our 'Salute Your Shorts' summer camp-themed party will surely get
out of hand once the camp instructors turn in. The music will get bumped up, and we'll break
into those campy cocktails using Four Roses Bourbon. Summer camp costumes optional, but
strongly encouraged.

Super Sound
June 8 at 7:30p
Anthology, 336 East Ave.
$15, available via ​TicketWeb
                                                                        ​ aturday, June 8
The biggest musical event of RCR: come drink, dance, revive and imbibe! S
showcases the soulful jazz of Vermont-based Kat Wright with special guest Flying Object, with a
cocktail bar featuring Jack Daniels and Old Forester whiskeys.

Cheshire's Bourbon Boutique
June 8 at 9p
Cheshire, 647 South Ave.
Cheshire and Four Roses Bourbon bring you a variety of bourbons and bourbon-based

Mezcal and Mofongo: A Night in Old San Juan
June 8 at 9p
Bitter Honey, 127 Railroad St.
Una noche de fuego! Salsa night at Bitter Honey with live music, tropical rum cocktails and
Puerto Rican themed late night menu. Join us for a sweaty, late night.

Shakin’ Too: Cocktail Boogaloo
June 8 at 10p
Good Luck, 50 Anderson Ave.
A Casamigos cocktail party and breakdancing exposition, with a few of Rochester’s finest
breakers popping and locking on the linoleum while our bar crew shakes and stirs a fly
assortment of Casamigos tequila and mezcal cocktails, all backdropped with a hip-hop set from
the rocksteady sound system of DJ Daggz.

The Green Scene
June 8 at 10p
Cure, 50 Public Market
A Chartreuse seance and a Chartreuse slushy machine will be the foundation of the RCR’s
biggest little party. DJ Delano provides beats to shake the place while you close out the RCR
with all your friends in the cocktail universe.

Industry Pilates
June 9 at 11a
Bitter Honey, 127 Railroad St.
PIlates is just Jazzercise for millennials, right? A pilates class geared toward bar personnel with
exercises and stretches to restore and condition bodies working hard behind the pine during
RCR. Sponsored by Tito’s Vodka.

Hip Hop Brunch
June 9 at 11a
The Revelry, 1290 University Ave.
Dance on over to The Revelry for our annual hip hop brunch. This Battle Royale pre-game is
just what you need to hang with your local bartenders to celebrate the upcoming Battle with all
of your favorite products from Pernod Ricard. The DJ will start spinning those funky beats at
11a, come get your hip hop going early - and remember, Brunch Rules Everything Around Me.

Whiskey Brunch: Cocktails and Crooners
June 9 at 11a
The Cub Room, 739 South Clinton
Join us alongside Tommy Brunett of Iron Smoke and his all-star, whiskey-soaked rat pack for
live music, cocktails and, of course, brunch. There will also be a donation drop-off to support
Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Effervescent Brunch
June 9 at 11:30a
The Owl House, 75 Marshall St.
Join us for a brunch menu takeover with sparkling cocktails featuring Mionetto Prosecco.
Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant: ​360-2920.

Stories with Cocktails
June 9 at 1p
Cheshire, 647 South Ave.
$20, available via ​RocSpoke
Enjoy handcrafted classic cocktails while listening to local writers read their cocktail-inspired
stories. A continuation of Rochester Spoken Word’s long-running Speak Easy Series held
monthly at Cheshire, Stories with Cocktails is sure to bring you back to the literary golden age.

Bar Room Battle Royale
June 9 at 5p
Radio Social, 20 Carlson Rd.
$12, available via ​Eventbrite
RCR bartenders from around the city go shaker-to-shaker in the annual Bar Room Battle
Royale, but only one will claim mixological supremacy. Ticket price includes admission to the
Iron Shaker tasting arena and the Bar Ninja competition, spirit tasting tables, and samples.
Cash bar with drink specials and bar snacks will also be available, all set to the soundtrack of
DJ Chreath. $15 at the door. Sponsored by Campari America.
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