Sunrise and sunset on big red - Big Red Bash

Sunrise and sunset on big red - Big Red Bash

WELCOME to our January Newsletter.
                                                   SUNRISE AND SUNSET ON BIG RED
We hope you enjoyed Christmas & New                It’s a spectacular sight to watch
Year and were lucky enough to get some             the outback sun rise and
goodies for your outback adventures!               set on Big Red.
Now we’re into 2020 the Big Red Bash team
is busy preparing to ensure everything is
in place for your arrival.
Around one third of Bash attendees are
families and close to 2,000 under 18s are
expected this year. With no internet, and
so many exciting things to keep them
occupied they are in for a fantastic time.        Plan to get yourself out of bed early at least one
                                                  morning for a heart pumping walk up the dune to
The Big Red Bash is not just about the            watch sunrise. Make sure you’re rugged up as it’s cold
amazing music… it’s about the journey,            that time of morning. Sunrise is around 7.30am with
the adventure and experience, and the             Astronomical twilight starting as early as 6.10pm.
camaraderie and festival atmosphere at
                                                  If Yoga takes your fancy, stay around for the
this stunning and iconic outback location.
                                                  Sunrise Yoga Session on Big Red starting from
This month we’re going to have a look at          8am each morning.
some of the activities and entertainment
                                                  Sunset is spectacular, with the added benefit of not
that happen at the Bash (apart from the
                                                  having to struggle out of bed in the cold, and the
music) for young and old alike.
                                                  bonus of being able to watch the main stage from
So let’s go!                                      high above on the dune on one side while watching
                                                  the sun set on the other.
Sunrise and sunset on big red - Big Red Bash
BIG RED DUNE                            We also have a multi city distance   the Fashions in the Desert for a
ACTIVITIES                              sign and photo stand up there –      chance to be crowned Queen
Apart from sunrise and                  a great place to get some            of the Bash.
sunsets, there’s plenty else            memorable Big Red Bash photos.
                                                                             Join in our Nutbush Dance World
to do on the Big Red Dune.                                                   Record Attempt, so you can head
                                                                             home and brag you’re a WORLD
With the dune closed to vehicle         PARTICIPATION
traffic during the Bash, it’s a great                                        RECORD HOLDER! 2020 will be
                                        ACTIVITIES                           our third and possibly last year
place to just hang out during the
                                        We’re all at the Bash for a          for the Nutbush, so be part of it.
day and get a good view over the
                                        good time and to let our hair
Bashville campsite. You can watch                                            We broke the record in 2018
                                        down, so sign up for one of
some of the music from up there,                                             with 1719 dancers and beat our
                                        our crowd participation
overlooking from behind the open                                             own record in ‘19 with 2,320. Will
                                        activities, with all funds going
top stage with the crowd beyond.        the Royal Flying Doctors.            you be one of those helping us
                                                                             get to 4,000 people in 2020?
We’ve got “Desert Volleyball” set up    Pack your fancy drag costume
for anyone to use. (It’s like beach     for the Bashville Drags and          If you’re not up to participating,
volleyball, just with red sand).        Fashions in the Desert and let       make sure you’re there to watch
                                        your inner Priscilla shine. Run      and support everyone involved.
Kids (and adults) will have a ball
                                        from the top of Big Red to the       We’ve got even more in store
surfing 100 ft Big Red on boogie
                                        Plaza, then strut your stuff in      for 2020, so stay tuned.
boards or whatever else works.

Sunrise and sunset on big red - Big Red Bash
HELICOPTER RIDES                       KIDS ENTERTAINMENT                                                      Tune into
A scenic flight over Bashville and     We’ve got a bunch of activities
the surrounding Simpson desert         to keep kids entertained before
                                                                                                    99.9 BAinfo
                                                                                                            SH+ tunes
is an amazing way to see the           the main music starts in the
                                       early afternoons.                     99.9 BASH FM is our on-site radio
sights and get a true perspective
                                                                             station, and we’ll be keeping you
of the area. It’s a must do Big        Kids can try dunny door painting,     up-to-date with everything
Red Bash experience!                   and see their artwork displayed       ‘Bash’. For news, information and
                                       on one of the composting dunny        entertainment tune your car radio
CAMEL RIDES                            doors at the main concert area.       to 99.9 as you arrive.
What better place to ride a camel      The Crackup Sisters put on a          That’s all for now, we hope this
than in the desert? Choose from a      fun range of kids shows in the        helps to keep the excitement
30 minute desert safari, or a short    mornings, which keep the nippers      building as we all prepare for this
ride in the plaza – ideal for kids.    busy and entertained. (If you can     years’ Big Red Bash.
                                       get them down off Big Red!)
EARLY ROLL IN                                                                Next time we’ll run through some
ENTERTAINMENT                          There will be other kids activities   details about camping at the Bash
                                       available, so stay tuned.             so you know what to expect and
If you’re rolling into camp
                                       Check out all the activities and      can get the most out of your
early we’ve got some fantastic
evening entertainment sorted.          entertainment on the Big Red          Big Red Bash experience.
                                       Bash website here.                    The Birdsville Big Red Bash Team
On Sunday and Monday nights we
have movies on the Big Screens,
                                        BOUND FOR THE BASH GEAR
starting around 6pm.                                                             MULTI-USE
                                        Check out our special Bound for           BANDANA
                                                                                 - headband -
Also on Monday night the Big Red        the Bash 2020 merch range                  dust mask
Bash Band will be rocking the stage     and order on-line HERE.
in front of Big Red. What better way    A great way to meet other                                                TRAVEL
                                        Bashers and get in the spirit                                              $55
to get into the swing of things!
                                        on your journey.                                  VEHICLE
Sunrise and sunset on big red - Big Red Bash Sunrise and sunset on big red - Big Red Bash Sunrise and sunset on big red - Big Red Bash Sunrise and sunset on big red - Big Red Bash Sunrise and sunset on big red - Big Red Bash Sunrise and sunset on big red - Big Red Bash Sunrise and sunset on big red - Big Red Bash
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