GENERAL INFORMATION TECHNICAL PROGRAM The conference opens on Tuesday, July 2 and closes on Thursday, July 4, 2019. The contributions will be presented orally by the Authors (about 20 minutes each), poster sessions are scheduled. The presence of the authors (at least one per paper) is necessary. Three keynote speech will be presented: on Tuesday, July 2, by RINA Consulting, on Wednesday, July 3, by SIEMENS GAMESA, and on Thursday, July 4, by ENEL‐X. WORKING LANGUAGE The working language of the Conference, for both presentations and discussions, will be English. Simultaneous translation will not be provided.

CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS Each registrant will receive a copy of the Conference Proceedings containing the text of the contributions.

REFRESHMENTS Refreshments will be served each day at the time indicated in the program. The Welcome Party is scheduled on Monday, July 1 at 7.30 pm. The Social Dinner is scheduled on Wednesday, July 3 at 8.00 pm. SECRETARY DESK The Secretary Desk will operate according to the following schedule: Monday, June 26 17.00 ‐ 19.00 Tuesday, June 27 8.00 ‐ 13.00 ; 14.00 ‐ 16.30 Wednesday, June 28 8.30 ‐ 13.00 ; 14.00 ‐ 16.30 Thursday, June 29 8.30 ‐ 13.00

TUESDAY 2nd July Room A Room B 9:00 Opening session 9:20 Keynote speech (Rina Consulting) 10:15 Coffee Break 10:30 Wind turbines: modeling, control and operation Towards zero energy buildings: policies and technical solutions 12:45 Lunch 14:15 Effect of RES on power systems Optimal use of PV sources Poster Area 16:30 Poster Session 1 WEDNESDAY 3rd July 9:00 Keynote speech (Siemens Gamesa) 10:00 Power quality and smart grid Low voltage smart grids 11:15 Coffee Break 11:30 Power quality and smart grid Optimal SUE of storages for EV 13:00 Lunch 14:30 Electric vehicle charging systems: architecture, power and energy management, converters modulation and control Ancillary services for grids with high RES penetration Poster Area 16:30 Poster Session 2 THURSDAY 4th July 9:00 Keynote speech (ENEL‐X) 10:00 New components for PV systems Power electronics for RES 11:15 Coffee Break 11:30 Energy harvesting Integration of storages in power systems 11:50 Closing Remarks 13:00 Lunch PROGRAM AT A GLANCE

9:00 WELCOME ADDRESSES, OPENING SESSION 9:20 KEYNOTE SPEECH: An Holistic Overview of Challenges Towards EU Energy 2030. Stefano Barberis (RINA Consulting) 10:15 Coffee Break 10:30 WIND TURBINES: MODELING, CONTROL AND OPERATION Chairmen: H. Ginn, University of South Carolina (USA) C. Cecati, University L’Aquila (Italy) Development of a 3D Wind Flow Model for Real‐Time Wind Farm Simulation J. Chhor, V. Kipke, C. Sourkounis (GERMANY) Sensorless Variable Speed Operation of Doubly‐Fed Reluctance Wind Generators S. Ademi, R. Binns, M. Jovanovic (UNITED KINGDOM) PM Wind Generator with Reduced Amount of Rare Earth Magnet Material G.

Dajaku (GERMANY) Efficiency and Performance Analysis of the Generator and Exciter Combination D‐H. Lee, H. M. Woo (REPUBLIC OF KOREA) Experimental Assessment of Winding Inter‐turn Short‐circuits in Six‐Phase AC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors D. Casadei, Y. Gritli, C. Rossi, G. Serra, A. Tani, (ITALY) Analysis of Impact of Sub‐synchronous Disturbances on the Mechanical System of Wind Turbine L. Cai, H.G. Eckel,U. Karaagac,T. Lan, Y. Lan,J. Mahseredjian,H.Weber, X.Wu,H.Yin (GERMANY) On the Importance of Correlating Wind Speed and Wind Direction for Evaluating Uncertainty in Wind Turbine Power Output D.

Fang, V. Di Giorgio, S. Djokic, R. Langella, A. Testa, M. Zou (ITALY; UNITED KINGDOM) 12:45 Lunch ICCEP 2019 TUESDAY 2 ‐ ROOM A

14:15 EFFECT OF RES ON POWER SYSTEMS Chairmen: M. Carpita, University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland A. Vaccaro, University of Sannio (Italy) Differences of Power Flows in Transmission and Distribution Networks and Implications on Inverter Droop Control C. Fuhr, B. Hammer, J. Hanson, U. Konigorski (GERMANY) Considering Dynamic Interdependencies in Modeling Reactive Power Behavior of Distribution Grids A. Moser, M. Maercks, P. Larscheid (GERMANY) Combined use of PCA and Prony Analysis for Electromechanical Oscillation Identification A. Berizzi, A. Bosisio, G. Giannuzzi, C. Maiolini, R.

Nebuloni, G. Rossetto Moraes, R. Zaottini (ITALY) Probabilistic Assessment of Overcurrent in Distribution Systems with High PV Penetration Levels J. Cardoso, A. Costa, L. Lourenco, R. Monaro, M. Salles (BRAZIL) Implementation and Experimental Tests of a Management System for MV/LV Distribution Grids G. Artale, A. Cataliotti, V. Cosentino, D. Di Cara, S. Guaiana, N. Panzavecchia, G. Tinà (ITALY) Comparison of different tools for power flow at distribution level with high wind power integration M. Altin, K. Das, A. Fernandez Guillamon, P. Laescheid M. Maercks, A. Molina‐Garcia, A. Moser (GERMANY) Cluster‐Based Decoupled Voltage Sensitivity Analysis under Asymmetrical Grid Condition M.

Danny, D. Hotschult, K. Jan, S. Lekasawat, E. Ortjohan, V. Shashank, A. Schmelter, P. Tawichai (GERMANY) TUESDAY 2‐ ROOM A ICCEP 2019

10:30 TOWARDS ZERO ENERGY BUILDINGS: POLICIES AND TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS Chairmen: E. Ortjohann, South Westphalia University SOEST (Germany) C. Del Pero, Politecnico Milano (Italy) Modelling of an integrated multi‐energy system for a nearly Zero Energy Smart District N. Aste, J. Barbieri, E. Colombo, C. Del Pero, F. Leonforte, F. Lombardi, N. Stevanato (ITALY) A flow‐based evaluation of techno‐economic benefit indicators for network development M. Bronzini, M. Dicorato, G. Forte, R. Sbrizzai, M. Trovato (ITALY) Modeling and Forecasting Energy Demand in TUCN Buildings B. Bargauan, M. Cretu, A.

Ceclan, L. Czumbil, D. D. Micu, A. Polycarpou, R. Rizzo, D. Stet (ROMANIA) Are guarantees of origin really an effective policy tool in Europe? A critical approach. A. Hamburger (HUNGARY) Comprehensive model of a nearly zero energy building that can be used as basis for an effective energy management system N. Jabbour, E. Tsioumas, M. Koseoglou, D. Papagiannis, and C. Mademlis (GREECE) An Integrated Energy Management System for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings N. Jabbour, E. Tsioumas, D. Papagiannis, M. Koseoglou and C. Mademlis (GREECE) Load matching in residential buildings through the use of thermal energy storages N.

Aste, C. Del Pero, F. Leonforte, A. Miglioli (ITALY) 12:45 Lunch 14:15 OPTIMAL USE OF PV SOURCES Chairmen: L. Palma, University of Concepcion, (Chile) G. Spagnuolo, University of Salerno (Italy) Design and Analysis of the Hybrid Power System using PV and Piezoelectric Modules D. H. Lee, J. Park (REPUBLIC OF KOREA) An Accurate Approach for Parameterizing Gompertz‐based PV Model Y. Mahmoud (USA) A Novel Interpolation‐Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Method ICCEP 2019 TUESDAY 2‐ ROOM B

Y. Mahmoud, A. Ostadrahimi (USA) The MOV as a Possible Protection Measure for Bypass Diodes in Solar PV Modules K. M. Coetzer, A. J. Rix, P. Tawichai (REPUBLIC OF SOUTHAFRICA) Application of Dust Mitigation Strategies to Single‐Axis‐Tracking Photovoltaic Modules in the Semi‐Arid Areas of South Africa A.duPlessis,A.J.Rix,J.Strauss(REPUBLICOFSOUTHAFRICA) Photovoltaic Module Parametric Identification K. Lappalainen, P. Manganiello, G. Spagnuolo, S. Valkealahti (ITALY, FINLAND) Diagnosis of power losses in PV plants by means of UAV thermography A. P. Catalano, V. D’Alessandro, S. Daliento, P. Guerriero (ITALY) TUESDAY 2‐ ROOM B ICCEP 2019

16:30 POSTER SESSION 1 A Full Order Sensorless Control Adaptive Observer for Doubly‐Fed Induction Generator G. Brando, A. Dannier, I. Spina (ITALY) Characterization in ZVS mode of SiC MOSFET modules for MVDC applications J. Fabre, J.‐M. Blaquière, A. Verdicchio, P. Ladoux, S. Sanchez (FRANCE) On the IGBT driver Active Clamp Thermal Effects G. Rubino, L. Rubino (ITALY) Vehicle‐to‐Grid for peak shaving in a Medium Voltage Grid with PV plants A. Dolara, S. Leva (ITALY) Finite Control Set MPC vs Continuous Control Set MPC Performance Comparison for Synchronous Buck Converter Control in Energy Storage Application I.

Aizpuru, C. Bernal, E. Garayalde, U. Iraola, E. Oyarbude, I. Sanz (SPAIN) A novel multi‐objective design tool for multilevel converters by an electrothermal evolutionary approach G. Adinolfi, R. Ciaravela, G. Graditi, A. Merola, M. Valenti (ITALY) Operation analysis and comparison of Multilevel Si IGBT and 2‐level SiC MOSFET inverter‐based high‐speed drives with long power cable F. Cupertino, R.Leuzzi, J. Loncarski, G. V. Minopoli (ITALY) Artificial intelligence based method for the long‐term heat losses calculation applied to large slabs on ground A. Ceclan, L. Czumbil, A. M. Magureanu, D.

D. Micu (ROMANIA) Characterization of Zn‐air fuel cells for usage in energy storage and propulsion system B. Bozzini, T. Donateo, C. Mele, F. Rossi (ITALY) Ultra‐Capacitor Models for All Electric and Hybrid Ship Power Systems F. Balsamo, C. Capasso, M. Fantanuzzi, D. Lauria, O. Veneri (ITALY) Model‐Based MPPT Parameter Optimization for Photovoltaic Panels L. Cristaldi, M. Faifer, C. Laurano, R. Ottoboni, S. Toscani, M. Zanoni (ITALY) ICCEP 2019 TUESDAY 2 ‐ POSTER AREA

Influence of Cycles Number and RMS Value of DC‐current Ripple on Supercapacitors Aging M. Camara, C. T. Sarr (FRANCE) CO2 Emission and Fuel Consumption Evaluation for Variable‐Speed Diesel Generators and DC grids for Ship Power Systems B. S. Carmo, R. Monaro, M. Salles, G. Thibes Vieira (BRAZIL) Modular modelling and efficiency analysis of a 3kV DC railway system M. S. Carmeli, F. Castelli Dezza, M. Mauri, S. Moscatelli, M. Rossi (ITALY) A Robust Method for Choosing a Unique Solution within Pareto Front B. Mociran (ROMANIA) Designing a safety structure for an onshore pivoted wave energy converter: numerical and experimental investigation D.P.

Coiro, F. De Luca, G. Troise, N. Bizzarrini, G. Lazzerini (ITALY) High Reliability Selective Interlock System for Fault Protection of Critical Power Installations M. Asif, P. Chiesa, A. Fidigatti, I. U. Niazi, E. Ragaini (ITALY) TUESDAY 2 ‐ POSTER AREA ICCEP 2019

9:00 KEYNOTE SPEECH: The breakthrough of renewables ‐ market and technology trends. Marco Milanesi (SIEMENS GAMESA) 10:00 POWER QUALITY AND SMART GRID Chairmen: P. Varilone, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (Italy) P. Verde, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (Italy) Low Voltage Grid Monitoring and Control Enhancement: The GridEye Solution M. Bozorg, M. Carpita, A. Dassatti, J. Jaton, O. Mousavi, S. Reynaud (SWIZERLAND) A centralized voltage optimization function exploiting DERs for distribution systems A. R. De Fazio, M. De Santis, G. Pisano, M. Russo (ITALY) Methods for Assessment of Supraharmonics in Power Systems.

Part I: Theoretical Issues L. Alfieri, A. Bracale, P. Kostyla, Z. Leonowicz, T. Sikorski, P. Varilone, M. Wsowski, (ITALY, POLAND) Methods for Assessment of Supraharmonics in Power Systems. Part II: Numerical Applications L. Alfieri, A. Bracale, P. Kostyla, Z. Leonowicz, T. Sikorski, P. Varilone, M. Wsowski (ITALY, POLAND) 11:15 Coffee Break 11:30 POWER QUALITY AND SMART GRID Chairmen: P. Varilone, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (Italy) P. Verde, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (Italy) Temporal Variations of System Operating Conditions and Continuous Assessment of Low‐Order Harmonic Emissions from Customer Installations: Voltage Harmonic Vector Approach S.

Djokic, R. Langella, I. Papic, A. Spelko, A. Testa (ITALY, UNITED KINGDOM) Detecting the Origin of the Voltage Sags Measured in the Smart Grids M. De Santis, L. Di Stasio, C. Noce, P. Varilone, P. Verde (ITALY) ICCEP 2019 WEDNESDAY 3 ‐ ROOM A

Performance Assessment of Series Power Electronic Compensator in a Real LV Network K. Akkala, R. Faranda, E. Kazemi‐Robati, M. Sepasian (ITALY) Stochastic model of Lithium‐ion Batteries based on Polynomial Chaos Expansion M. Conti, S. Orcioni (ITALY) Quality of the earthing voltage for electronic device protection in power substations F. Acerbis, M. Brenna, F. Spada, D. Zaninelli (ITALY) 13:00 Lunch 14:30 ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING SYSTEMS: ARCHITECTURE, POWER AND ENERGY MANAGEMENT, CONVERTERS MODULATION AND CONTROL Chairmen: C. Mademlis, University of Thessaloniki (Greece) M. Ricco, Univerity of Bologna (Italy) Stationary Battery Storage: Presenting a Benchmark System with Integrated DC Charger B.

Gohla‐Neudecker (GERMANY) State of Art on Modelling inductive power transfer for EVs D. De Marco, A. Dolara, M. Longo, W. Yaici (ITALY) Low Voltage Trench‐Gate MOSFETs for High Efficiency Auxiliary Power Supply Applications F. Fusillo, S. Musumeci, F. Scrimizzi (ITALY) EV Recharge for the Supply of Balancing Services in Italy: Preliminary Techno‐Economic Evaluations S. Canavese, D. Cirio, M. Gallanti, A. Gatti (ITALY) Comparative CCM‐DCM Design Evaluation of Power Inductors in Interleaved PFC Stage for Electric Vehicle Battery Chargers S. Borlo, D. Cittanti, M. Gregorio, F. Mandrile, S. Musumeci (ITALY) A DC/DC Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles with Minimum Input/Output Ripple Based on Multiphase Interleaved Converters G.

Grandi, M. Hammami, M. Ricco, A. Viatkin (ITALY) WEDNESDAY 3 ‐ ROOM A ICCEP 2019

10:00 LOW VOLTAGE SMART GRIDS Chairmen: A. Benigni, University of South Carolina (USA) M. Pau RTWH Aachen (Germany) Stable Operation of a Microgrid by Distributed Generation of Renewable Energy Sources K. Johnson, R. Pecen, F.Yildiz (USA) Enabling End‐User for LV Smart Grids N. V. K. Akkala, R. Faranda, H. Hafezi (ITALY) Cluster Description Model for Intelligent Electricity Networks M. Danny, K. Jan, D. Holtschulte, S. Leksawat, E. Ortjohan, V. Shashank, A. Schmelter, P. Tawichai (GERMANY) Smart Grid Regulator with Asymmetrical Controlled Inverter M. Danny, D. Holtschulte, J. Kortenbruck, S.

Leksawat, E. Ortjohan, V. Shashank, A. Schmelter, P. Tawichai (GERMANY) 11:15 Coffee Break 11:30 OPTIMAL SUE OF STORAGES FOR EV Chairmen: Bodo Gohla‐ Neudecker, BMW (Germany) L‐A. Steenkamp (Republic of South Africa) Fully integrated EV energy storage using transport infrastructure E. Ballantyne, D. Stone, T. Zhang (UK) Fuzzy Control of Energy Recovery in Electric Vehicles with Hybrid Energy Storage A. Aksjonov, Z. Raud, V. Ricciardi, V. Vodovozov (ESTONIA) Real‐time Electric Vehicle Range Estimation Based on a Lithium‐Ion Battery Model S. Barcellona, D. De Simone, S. Grillo (ITALY) Addressing minimum energy consumption and minimum CO2 emission for Electric Mobility G.

Brusaglino, L. P. Di Noia, A. Oceano, R. Rizzo, G. Rodella (ITALY) Design, implementation and experimental results of a wireless charger for E‐bikes N. Campagna, V. Castiglia, A. Damiano, R. Miceli, F. Pellitteri (ITALY) 13:00 Lunch ICCEP 2019 WEDNESDAY 3 ‐ ROOM B

14:30 ANCILLARY SERVICES FOR GRIDS WITH HIGH RES PENETRATION(*) Chairmen: S. Djokic, University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) R. Langella, University of Campania L. Vanvitelli (Italy) A Decision Support System for the Strategic Operation of Virtual Power Plants in Electricity Markets G. Bernardo, E. D’Argenzio, A. Pepiciello, A. Vaccaro (ITALY) Effects of Virtual Inertia on Stability and Power Sharing in Inverter‐Based Power Systems C. Fuhr, J. Hanson, B. Hammer, U. Konigorski (GERMANY) Decentralized Model Predictive Control of a Power Electronic Power Distribution System A. Benigni, C.A. De la O, H.

I. Ginn, B. Moon (USA) Frequency Response and Inertia Analysis in Power Systems with High Wind Energy Integration A. Fernandez Guillamon, E. Gomez Lazaro, A. Molina‐Garcia, A. Vigueras Rodriguez (SPAIN) Optimising Power System Frequency Stability using Virtual Inertia from Inverter‐based Renewable Energy Generation W. Farmer, A. J. Rix (REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA) Clustering Power System Approach for Dynamic Smart Grid Operation on DSO‐Level M. Danny, D. Holtschulte, K. Jan, E. Ortjohan, S. Leksawat, V. Shashank, A. Schmelter, P. Tawichai (GERMANY) (*) This session has been co‐organized together with the Italian IEEE PES Chapter PE31 WEDNESDAY 3 ‐ ROOM B ICCEP 2019

16:30 POSTER SESSION 2 A control strategy for participation of DSO flexible resources in TSO ancillary services provision R. Ciavarella, M. L. Di Somma, G. Graditi, M. Valenti (ITALY) A New Modification for TLBO Algorithm to Placement of Distributed Generation M. Salles, S. I. Taheri (BRAZIL) On line Bayes Estimation of Capacity Fading for Battery Lifetime Assessment N. Andrenacci, E. Chiodo. D. Lauria, F. Mottola (ITALY) A performance evaluation method for VSD control systems affected by torsional vibrations: sensitivity and energetic analysis M. Bruha, M. S. Carmeli, F. Castelli Dezza, K.

Elshawarby, M. Mauri, M. Rossi (ITALY) A predictive stress‐strength model addressing the dynamic transformer rating A. Bracale, G. Carpinelli, P. De Falco (ITALY) MV cable modeling and validation for application in the digital twin of a windfarm F. Asensio, P. Eguia, L. Martinez, O. Onederra, A. Pujana, E. Perea (SPAIN) Evaluating the Extension of Batteries Life in Hybrid Storage Solutions A. Benigni, M. Hunt (USA) Design of Easter Island energy supply by renewable energy sources F. Asensio, O. Onederra, A. G. Saldana, J. I. San Martin, A. Silva, I. Zamora (SPAIN) Optimization of PV‐Wind‐Battery Storage microgrid system using genetic algorithm T.

Adefarati, R. Bansal, R. Naidoo, S. Padmanaban, S. Potgiete, R. Rizzo (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA) Analysis of the protection scheme for a LVDC grid R. Lazzari, L. Piegari (ITALY) Frequency Support of Grid Connected Wind Turbine Based‐DFIG A. P. Grilo Pavani, L. A. Gutierrez Gomez, L. F. Lourenco, M. Salles, A. J. Sguarezi Filho (BRAZIL) Utilization of E‐Bus Applied to Urban Lines M. Brenna, F. Foiadelli, C. Leone, M. Longo (ITALY) ICCEP 2019 WEDNESDAY 3 ‐ POSTER AREA

Transitioning to clean energy – an overview of energy taxes in BRICS L‐A. Steenkamp (REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA) Merged photovoltaic/wave system for the power supply of a marine buoy for harbour monitoring C. Attanasio, S. Daliento, P. Guerriero, I. Matacena (ITALY) Wind Speed Effect on the Conductor Temperature of a Distribution Line R. Alberdi, I. Albizu, M. T. Bedialauneta, E. Fernandez, R. Fernandez, A. J. Mazon (SPAIN) Calculation of the Levelized Cost of Energy and the Internal Rate of Return using GIS: the case study of a floating wave energy farm L. Castro‐Santos, A. Filgueira Vizoso, L.

Piegari (SPAIN) Coupling fixed pitch rotor design to PMG defluxing control for GEMSTAR marine current turbine D.P. Coiro, D. Iannuzzi, M. Coppola, L.P. Di Noia, G. Troise, N. Bizzarrini, G. Lazzerini (ITALY) Modelling the technical influence of randomly distributed solar PV uptake on electrical distribution networks A. J. Rix, A. Steyn (REPUBLICOFSOUTHAFRICA) Comparative Analysis of Partial Shading Power Losses in Photovoltaic Topologies M. Al‐Smadi, Y. Mahmoud (USA) Thermal Analysis of DAB Converter Core used in Hybrid Aircraft Propulsion System F. Ciccarelli, L. P. Di Noia, S‐I. Hamasaki, R.

Rizzo (ITALY, JAPAN) Battery conditional Reliability Function under an inverse Gaussian model and its Bayes estimation N. Andrenacci, E. Chiodo, D. Lauria, F. Mottola (ITALY) A novel sliding mode controller for DC DC Boost Converters A. Cervone, D. De Simone (ITALY) WEDNESDAY 3 ‐ POSTER AREA ICCEP 2019

9:00 KEYNOTE SPEECH: E‐Mobility market development as great opportunity to innovate the energy sector and to foster the renewable integration: the Enel‐X solution. Rosario Caleno (ENEL X) 10:00 NEW COMPONENTS FOR PV SYSTEMS Chairmen: J. A. Rix, Stellenbosch University (South Africa) R. Miceli, University of Palermo (Italy) A Tool for the Generation of Realistic PV Profiles for Distribution Grid Simulations A. Angioni, A. Monti, M. Pau, F. Ponci (GERMANY) Graphene‐on‐Silicon solar cells with graphite contacts E. Bobeico, P. Delli Veneri, P. Guerriero, L. Lancellotti, N. Lisi, I. Matacena (ITALY) PV Installation Designs Influencing the Risk of Induced Currents from Nearby Lightning Strikes K.

M. Coetzer, A. J. Rix, P.G. Wiid (REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA) Electrical characterization and comparison of a novel covered PVT collector N. Aste, C. Del Pero, F. Leonforte, A. Miglioli (ITALY) 11:15 Coffee Break 11:30 ENERGY HARVESTING Chairmen: D. Stone, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) C. Buccella, University of L’Aquila (ITALY) A Hybrid Storage System for Wireless Sensor Nodes powered with Energy Harvesting F. Pellitteri, P. Livreri, L. Schirone, R. Miceli (ITALY) Two‐Dimensional P&O MPPT Technique for Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesters L. Costanzo, M. Vitelli (ITALY) Maximum Power Transfer in Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesters driven by Non‐ Sinusoidal Vibrations L.

Costanzo, M. Vitelli (ITALY) Harvest energy from water distribution networks for plug‐in electric vehicle charging ICCEP 2019 THURSDAY 4 ‐ ROOM A

M. Iervolino, L. Rubino, A. Vacca (ITALY) 13:00 Lunch . THURSDAY 4 ‐ ROOM A ICCEP 2019

10:00 POWER ELECTRONICS FOR RES Chairmen: P. Ladoux, ENSEEIHT Toulouse (France) A. Damiano, University of Cagliari (Italy) Investigation about SHM‐PAM procedure for grid connected CHB seven level inverters C. Buccella, C. Cecati, M. G. Cimoroni, V. Patel, M. Tinari (ITALY) Symmetrical Three‐Phase 7‐Level E‐Type Inverter for PV Applications F. Crescimbini, M. di Benedetto, P. Grbovic, A. Lidozzi, L. Solero (ITALY) A GaN‐Based Battery Energy Storage System for Residential Application G.

Gatto, P. Ghani, M. Moradpour (ITALY) Single Stage Quasi‐Z‐Source Push‐Pull Based Microinverter for On‐Grid PV Applications L. Palma (CHILE) 11:15 Coffee Break 11:30 INTEGRATION OF STORAGES IN POWER SYSTEMS Chairmen: M. B. C. Salles, University of São Paulo (Brazil) G. Brusaglino, Automobile Technical Association ATA (Italy) Experimental Steady‐State and Transient Analysis of a Behind‐The‐Meter Battery Storage for Residential Customers with PV Systems Y. Baghzouz, C. Hicks (USA) Sensitivity Analysis of Optimal Battery Sizing to Differences in Microgrid A. Benigni, M. Hunt (USA) Optimum allocation of BESS for power quality improvement.

A comparative study P. Eguia, A. Etxegarai, E. Torres, V. Valverde, I. Zamora (SPAIN) Investment assessment over fast and ultra‐fast EV charging stations with embedded electricity storage system G. Coppola, C. B. Munoz, L. Schirinzi (ITALY) 13:00 Lunch ICCEP 2019 THURSDAY 4 ‐ ROOM B

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