Testimonials - ALOE VERA - Forever Living Products

Testimonials - ALOE VERA - Forever Living Products

Testimonials - ALOE VERA - Forever Living Products Burn : Due to a house fire. 60% of the body are burned After the treatment with Aloe Vera Gelly, Aloe Propolis Crème, the skin looks extraordinarily healthy. (Source: FLP Get There VCD) Lupus Erythematosus. Rita Thompson's legs in late January, 1983. Note the advanced ulceration. Rita Thompson's legs in late January,1984. With daily intakes of Aloe Vera Juice, the remissions has been complete. ( Source: "The Silent Healer, a modern study of Aloe Vera" Bill Coats, 1984 ) Psoriasis Exposed back of psoriasis victim prior to treatment with Stabilized* Aloe Vera.

Blotches and silver scales covers nearly the entire skin are.

Exposed back of psoriasis victim after 90 days treatment with Stabilized* Aloe Vera , special diet, and megavitamin therapy. Note how the entire skin area is virtually blemish free. ( Source: "The Silent Healer, a modern study of Aloe Vera" Bill Coats, 1984 ) Acne From my latter teenage years I had acne. Six months before my 21st birthday, I was introduced to Aloe Vera. After using the Activator and drinking the Aloe Vera Gel I was able to celebrate my 21st birthday with an almost total clearance of spots.

T.G. Acne March 1998, Newcastle College I found your website of great interest as I suffer from Acne Roseacea.

Testimonials - ALOE VERA - Forever Living Products

Having suffered for seven years, I heard of Aloe Vera and decided to take it. The effect was immediate. Within days my skin condition eased greatly. Although not cured, I am very much a healthier person now that I am taking Aloe Vera. Many thanks. Extract from : Anne Bulcraig's Asthma Testimonial I must also mention my skin, which has always been, I felt, rather spotty & grotty. People have started to ask me if I'm using a new make-up. I'm not. The Aloe lotion is fantastic. It's the only moisturizer that's really worked on me and made a visual difference. Also, the Aloe Vera Gelly is brilliant for spots.

One tiny dab and the spot heals quickly without leaving a mark.

Allergies My daughter Lydia has many allergies. She has a very poor appetite. She also found it difficult to sleep. She was always sick and had to take a lot of antibiotics. I was also worried about the amount of steroids she was taking. On the 25th April I started Lydia on Aloe Vera Gel and Bee Propolis. She was taking one ounce four times per day and two Bee Propolis a day. The first week she had diarrhea and cramps in her stomach. Jennifer suggested we cut the amount of Gel down to 4 teaspoons a day, so I did and by the third week she was great. She hadn't had an attack of asthma and she was sleeping all night, her appetite has improved and her allergies.

I am really delighted with the products as I was nearly going out of my mind with her. The difference in the child is great, her stomach is in perfect condition and her health has improved greatly. Lydia is a much more happy and healthy child. Thanks to Forever Living Products. Bernadette B. Allergies For as long as I can remember I have had an allergic reaction to smells, e.g. petrol, soap, soap powders, bleach, perfume. If a room had been sprayed with air freshener or fly killer, I could not go into the room without coughing, sneezing and becoming very breathless. In fact I stayed away from anything that had a strong smell.

On hearing that Aloe Vera had helped others I decided to try it for myself. On 15th April 97 I purchased 2 litres of Forever Living Products Aloe Vera Gel at lunchtime and at teatime I took 3 teaspoonfuls. Before going to bed I had cramps in my stomach; by lunch the next day my throat became very sore.

A cold sore had formed inside one nostril; this was nothing new if I had used any of the things listed above, but I had not. I telephoned my distributor to ask if the Gel could work as quickly. She assured me it could. I was advised to reduce the dose. I could not swallow anything for three days so I stopped taking the Gel. After three days I started again slowly increasing the dose. Ten days later I attended a presentation of FLP products. A friend who was with me lifted a deodorant stick and held it to my nose. She was astonished when nothing happened (no coughing or breathlessness). On 17th May I had a consultation with David de Gernier who advised me to take 2 pollen tablets each day along with the Gel.

After 3 weeks I was able to use all the things that I could not use before. I have really put FLP and myself to the test. After 49 years I can now use perfume for the first time with no ill effect. I should add my sense of smell is as acute as ever it was. Everyone who knows me is totally amazed at the change. I can recommend FLP with confidence. Sandra S.

Allergies I often receive letters from distributors who have been told in the past that they had an allergy to a particular substance which is listed among the ingredients in one of our products. Some people have allergies to substances which are for most of us healthy and beneficial (wheat, strawberries, etc.). Many of our food ingredients are naturally derived, and therefore are not likely to stimulate the allergic response that a synthetically derived substance will. As a rule, even if you have had a 'legitimate' allergy to a substance, if you build up your body with optimum nutrition, avoiding many of the chemical additives and preservatives that exacerbate inappropriate reactions to otherwise normal ingredients, and indeed fully embracing the Forever Lifestyle, you may find that your allergy is gone! I was allergic to seemingly everything, even sunlight, but now enjoy a normal healthy lifestyle as long as I take care of my body with all the best nutritional and lifestyle tools of nature.

The Lifestyle Nutritional Programme is a simple, convenient, understandable and sound foundation for any antiallergic lifestyle! Deborah Wolfe, FLP Professional Advisory Board. Animal Care My nine-year-old dog has a case of eczema, which was being treated by the vet with a steroid cream. I used two tubes over four weeks with no improvement whatsoever. I was introduced to Forever Living Products and tried the Aloe Propolis Creme. The eczema totally cleared up within two days.

Sandie Bissett, Sobenkel Kennels, Co. Dublin. Arthritis I have just discovered your site & would like to say that I think it is superb! I have been taking Forever Living Product’s aloe vera gel & more recently, “Forever Freedom” aloe gel for about 3 months as I was told it might improve the arthritis I had developed in my right knee.

All my doctor had advised me was to take painkillers & gentle exercise. I noticed a difference in 3 weeks & 3 months on I am no longer experiencing the daily pain or morning stiffness or the difficulty in climbing the stairs. In fact, I am back to exercising at the gym 3 times a week! About 6 weeks ago I also started giving the gel to my Jack Russell, Candy who had been diagnosed as having arthritis in her rear right knee – she had to be carried everywhere, not even being able to manage the back doorstep, let alone the stairs! Now she has her bounce back & is joining us with our other dog for daily walks again on the beach.

Another benefit to this is the avoidance of a recommended operation which would have cost £400! From 5pm in the evening she pesters me until she has been given her daily dose of Forever Freedom aloe gel – a dog’s instinct maybe in knowing what is good for her?

We have both also in the last couple of weeks started using a new Forever Living Product – Aloe MSM Gel, which gets rubbed in daily, so far, so good – the 2 together seem to be a great combination! I must say that, generally, I feel better overall as a result of taking this daily tonic – I bore this out, having gone on holiday for a week & forgetting the gel, not only did my knee start playing up again, but I didn’t have the same amounts of energy or general feeling of wellness until I returned & got back to my “daily dosage” again. I have also for the last couple of years suffered quite badly from sinusitis and am, in fact, awaiting an operation.

Before taking aloe vera, every cold I got would develop into sinusitis & require anti-biotic, now, although I have had a couple of colds they have not been as severe and required no medication.

My mother is now taking the aloe vera gel daily and using the gelly externally hoping to help a rare condition she has called necrobiosis lipoidica. I will let you know how she gets on with it. I hope this might be of some help to any others who have experienced the pain of arthritis. Regards Karen Russell Arthritis Hello, I am Jackie Brown, from Easley, SC. I have been drinking the aloe vera juice about seven years now. I have arthritis real bad in my body. I have no pain nor swelling if I drink the aloe juice. I have conducted many tests to see if I was fooling myself about this juice. If I quit drinking the juice, within a week, my knees swell, hands swell, and I have terrible pain.

I cannot even walk when this occurs. Then, I start back drinking the juice and every symptom goes away. I am known for my preaching of this product. I tell everyone I know and believe me... I know what I am talking about. My arthritis is so bad that sometimes I have to drink an extra dose to keep the pain down. My father had this disease. Most people think I am nuts but me and my aloe vera knows... I wish the medical field would let this information out to their patients.. of course, they would not have jobs very long. I guess that is why the drug companies do not even go there.

They want to sell their expensive drugs that kill you eventually. Thanks for listening... Jackie Brown 63 years old female Arthritis I have been suffering from arthritis for some time in my neck, shoulders, knees and joints. I learned about Aloe Vera Heat Lotion and Aloe Vera Gel - by taking the Gel and applying the Heat Lotion to the affected areas I found instant relief from pain. This lotion is applied liberally and as often as required. I also found by applying the Heat Lotion to my chest I was getting rid of an awful lot of phlegm. I would have been bothered with my chest from time to time, but this lotion is really an instant relief from soreness or pain.

Agnes Henry. Arthritis At the beginning of January 1996 I decide to try Aloe Vera Heat Lotion treatment for arthritis in my knees. I applied it twice a day and after a while, as well as helping my arthritis it was also clearing up eczema which I had on my left leg. Later I got Aloe Vera Gel which I took orally and am now taking an egg cupful once a day. The Gel is also helping my arthritis and has given me much relief, e.g. walking up inclines, etc., which was difficult for me before. I feel my health is generally much better.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering the same complaints as me.

W.T. Arthritis I suffered from arthritis in my two hands and in my neck. I was introduced to Aloe Vera Gel and decided to try it, having nothing to lose with the 60 day money back guarantee if it didn't work. About two weeks later the pain got much worse but I was told to continue with it as this was a sure sign it was working. I did and a few days later I was pain free. Maureen H. Arthritis I regularly suffer from Athlete's foot and I find it most uncomfortable and terribly hard to clear on some occasions. My foot becomes quite painful and inflamed. During one episode I applied Aloe Vera Gelly to the inflamed areas.

In under a week the inflammation had almost totally disappeared and there was certainly no pain or discomfort. Matthew Wright.

Arthritis In my job I spend long periods on my feet. I also have an old sports injury in my knee. I told my Doctor of the pain in my right knee –he told me that I needed the cartilage removed! My son (who is a Distributor for FLP) recommended I try the Freedom Gel and the Heat Lotion. I also took the Arctic Sea capsules and within six weeks, I noticed mobility returning to the knee. It was less stiff and I could walk for longer periods. Four months later, I am now pain-free because of the Forever Freedom Gel. Thank You! Patrick Maher, Dublin Age 62 Arthritis and IBS I have been suffering from Arthritis for the last 18 months.

I like walking and cycling but found it painful to do either. My Doctor said it was normal wear and tear but I did not accept this.

I started taking Forever Freedom and the Essentials and after a month I noticed that my knee wasn’t painful after a long walk. Six months later there is no pain and I can pretty much do what I like! Another great bonus is I also suffered from IBS for a number of years and since taking the Freedom all traces have disappeared. Brigid Hughes, Dublin 7 Age 61 Asthma - Sinusitis At the age of 7 my daughter developed asthma and sinusitis. The years that followed were filled with pain and anguish. We removed the carpet from our home and got rid of stuffed animals. Diana was put on Albuteral, Intal and Prednisone.

These drugs, like many others, have horrible side effects. Holidays were spent in hospital rooms. School days were spent at home. She would watch other children play outside from the window. She walked around like a zombie. Years went by and her condition grew more serious. Diana’s doses increased. It was as if she did not even have a life.

Finally, I asked the doctor, “When is Diana going to stop taking this medicine?” “Never,” was his cold response. I do not blame the doctors. Most just do what they are told. They are not taught to explore permanent cures. Well, you should never tell a mother her only daughter will be sick all of her life. I went on a rampage of research trying alternative methods from all over the world. When I was ready to give in, I tried one more remedy. I was persuaded to try a remedy with bee pollen and aloe vera. Diana and I used it half-heartedly. There was an immediate response. I purchased the entire remedy.

Slowly we replaced the “traditional” treatments until she was completely off of them. Natural remedies did not just attack a symptom; they boosted Diana’s immune system to fight its own battles. I was never able to look at her run in cross-country running meets. I was so afraid for her. She went from a girl who could not laugh hard for fear of an asthma attack, to a competitive runner with strong lungs. She still hates Christmas time and has trouble talking about her experience. To her, Christmas is a time spent in a hospital room. Diana, the university freshman, now has a normal life.

Hilda S. San Antonio, TX Athlete's Foot I had Athlete's Foot for approximately two years. It was a bright red patch over two toes, which got angry when it came into contact with water. I regularly sprayed Aloe First onto my foot and after a couple of months it cleared up. I was delighted with the results. Paul Wright, Glengormley, 20th Nov. 1996.

Back Pain For over a year now I have had some pain in the lower part of my back, after hurting it at work. Medication from my doctor didn't seem to work. A couple of weeks ago my back was worse than normal, so I decided to try Aloe Vera Heat Lotion.

Within two days it had improved. I continued to use the heat lotion and it really relieved my back pain. So far I have not had any pain since. I also use the Toothgel, which cured my bleeding gums. Since using Aloe Toothgel I would not go back to using any other toothpaste. I also take 40 ml of Aloe Gel for good health. I was so impressed with the products I decided to join the business.

Christine Carlisle. Back Pain In July 1996 I began to experience backache. Tablets prescribed by my GP didn't ease the pain and I felt nauseous when taking them. On completing the course, Aloe Vera Heat Lotion from the Forever Living Products range was recommended to me. After using the heat lotion for only two to three weeks the discomfort was eased significantly and following further use the pain was gone completely. I certainly would not hesitate to use other products from the range, perhaps even before trying medication prescribed by my GP.

A.M.S. Evans, Templepatrick. Back Pain Over the past 15 years I have been suffering from severe back pain.

It originated from a fall in the cold weather and is very painful. I have also developed arthritis in the right shoulder and right arm over the years. I have purchased numerous rubs and painkillers, but have only got partial relief. Approximately 3 months ago my neighbor, Belinda Anderson, introduced me to a product called "L'Aloes". I have been using it constantly; to say I'm getting relief is an understatement. It is not to say I will be 100% cured but I found that by the use of this Forever Living product that great relief is possible.

James Hutchinson, Coleraine. Back Pain Aloe Vera Gelly has helped my back problem very much. I have had a muscular back problem for about 7 years and it was getting gradually worse, until I was in pain and unable to move freely every couple of weeks. The Gelly has taken this away almost completely since July 1996 (4 months ago). Karen Boyd. Back Pain With having been troubled with backache, I always attended physiotherapists and chiropractors. I had been to a chiropractor three times inside five months and getting no relief. A friend introduced me to Aloe Vera Gel in June 1996. My back then improved as I got relief from the constant ache.

I hurt my back quite badly again in October 1996 due to lifting a heavy obstacle. After spending a day in bed, I then contacted the Naturopath who told me to take a very hot bath in dried mustard. I had to then apply Activator and Aloe Heat Lotion with a flannel next to my skin. The instant relief was miraculous. The pains stopped piercing down my legs. I was immediately able to resume my normal duties. I am so thankful to God for producing Aloe Vera and I am now a distributor getting many good results.

Edith McCurdy. Bleeding Gums I was introduced to Forever Living Products in August.

I have used Forever Bright Toothgel ever since and I find it very good. As I always suffered from bleeding gums no matter what toothpaste I used, I find now that this has stopped since using Aloe Vera. I also find my teeth to be whiter. I have also used Aloe Gel, Heat Lotion, Aloe Lips and Aloe Gelly and find them all very good. I would recommend Forever Living Products to my friends. K. Carlisle, Templepatrick. Brittle Hair I used to have very coarse, brittle hair. I also used to have problems finding a shampoo that didn't cause a reaction to my face if it should get on to the skin.

Now Aloe Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioner have a permanent home in our bathroom!

Julia O'B. Burns Once while using a cutting torch on a (molten red hot) section of pipe I cut to be lowered on a rope spun around allowing it to melt on contact a round section of my forearm (very unpleasant and painful). The caretaker of the boiler we were disassembling cut a peace of Aloe to squeeze on my burn the pain subsided within two hours and to this day I have no scar on a wound that should have branded me for life. I have kept an aloe vera plant in my home ever since.

A believer. Paul Davis Burns ”A few weeks ago I was lighting my gas oven when it blew up due to escaping gas. My face and hair were badly burnt. One side of my face was very red and raw from the flames. I sent for my friend, Jacqueline Hennesey, a distributor with Forever Living Products and she advised me to spray the Aloe First on the burn every few minutes for the first hour or two then regularly for three days. I did this and was amazed that I suffered absolutely no pain from the burn and the swelling and redness went away very quickly. I also had two scars were my hair had burnt into my face.

I started to apply the Aloe Vera Gelly to these on the third day and very soon the marks were barely noticeable. I would highly recommend Forever Living Products to anyone and feel the aloe First should be in everyone's first aid cabinet.” Anne K.

Burns “At my place of work I quite often need to use a gas torch. On one particular occasion I got rather badly burned on my hand, this was extremely painful. Applying Aloe Gelly notably dulled the pain and several applications helped the burn to heal much faster than expected. One weekend my lips were extremely chapped and broken and giving much discomfort. After applying Aloe Gel and Aloe lips I was very impressed with how quickly the problem was alleviated.” Matt. Burns “One evening I was working in our kitchen and accidentally put my hand on a hot hob and scorched my fingertips. Immediately they came up white and lumped.

As soon as possible I dipped them in a glass of gel. After five minutes I nearly had forgotten why my hand was in the glass.” Matthew Wright.

Burns One of the many testimonies I have is when my husband was burnt at 11:30 am one Saturday morning. He was burning a black plastic sack of rubbish when an aerosol can inside exploded, covering him in melted plastic, his face, neck and hands were red raw and some of the plastic was stuck to his skin. I sprayed on the Aloe First repeatedly, after about 10 minutes when the pain and swelling had gone I applied some Gelly, by 5 p.m. that evening there was absolutely no sign of redness or swelling, in fact the only proof we had that it happened were the clothes he was wearing at the time. Incidentally I still have them, the plastic never came off, even after two washes.

Score Aloe Vera 10/10, Daz 0/10.

Deirdre R. Burns Earlier this year I purchased some Aloe First for burns. Since using this product I have found it to be very effective for treatment of burns and have now ceased using all other brand products. On occasions when we had to use Aloe First, we found it to be fast-acting and long-lasting. It also proved to speed the healing process of the burn thus not allowing the skin to blister and therefore reducing the pain of the wound. Gavin Murphy, Kitchen Manager, Killyhelvin Hotel, Enniskillen. Burns My daughter, Amy, aged 2 years, touched an open oven door. She screamed with pain as her little fingers were burnt.

I grabbed the Aloe First and sprayed her fingers. She stopped screaming and crying immediately, and went off

to play as if they were never burnt! Aloe First has wonderful pain-killing ingredients for all sorts of purposes - burns, cuts, scrapes and insect bites. - Julia OB Larne. Cold Sores “Up until June this year, I was troubled with cold sores on a regular basis. My boyfriend suggested that I try Aloe Vera. I started taking the Gel twice a day, as well as using Aloe Lips and Aloe Toothgel. About two days after starting on the Aloe Vera I got a massive cold sore. At this point my faith in Aloe Vera completely disappeared. My boyfriend explained to me, however, that this could be the herpes virus so I reluctantly carried on taking the Aloe Vera.

To my surprise my cold sore cleared up extremely quickly (it usually takes about 2 ?weeks). Then all through the summer I had no cold sores and I stopped taking the Aloe Vera about a month ago. One week ago I felt a cold sore threatening, so I quickly applied the Aloe Lips. This stopped it from developing any further and four days later it was gone. I have started taking the Gel again and also apply Aloe Lips three or four times daily.” Julie Fenton, Ballymoney, 11th Nov. 1996.

Cold Sores For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from cold sores. I have tried many prescribed treatments, but they have always returned. In September I was introduced to Forever Living Products. I purchased an Aloe Lip and I have been using this since. I am so glad to say that I have not had one single cold sore. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone. Rachel F. Colitis “I had suffered from Colitis for over a year. The symptoms I had were acute pain every morning followed by the necessity to dash to the toilet. I had diarrhea and constant niggly pains throughout each day and bleeding also.

My lifestyle was very restricted as the maximum time I could go out for was two hours, general and social activities were very difficult. Life was very restricted and worrying for me. I had put off going to the doctors as two friends of mine who also suffered from Colitis had little or no relief from the medications they were prescribed, and their lifestyles were very much restricted also. I was hoping it might just get better but the symptoms became much worse and I couldn't cope much longer without some help.

I was very skeptical but my daughter whose family are completely convinced of the benefits of using Aloe Vera persuaded me to try it for myself and assured me that it certainly wouldn't do me any harm or make me any worse than I was, so I reluctantly agreed to try it. She suggested I drink 1 fl oz three times daily to clear my system very quickly. It was most definitely effective at clearing . . I felt it was too effective at clearing me out . . I already suffered from diarrhea and taking the Gel I felt the need to use the toilet even more frequently.

She suggested it would be better to bear the frequency for a week or so until it settled down, she felt a faster detoxification would save me from having to endure all my symptoms for a longer time.

However I felt more comfortable about a slower detoxification and decide to reduce the quantities. After three weeks of taking 1 fl oz per day, sipped at intervals, I began to receive some very positive results. The bleeding and diarrhea was intermittent and not so frequent, the pain was gone. I drank a total of three (one litre) bottles over a three month period, and by that time all my symptoms were gone! I was very happy. My daughter felt that if I had taken the suggested amounts I would have had all the results much sooner, but whatever, I was still very much relieved to be rid of all the unpleasantries.

About two or three months later I had a slight remission but in no way as severe as I had prior to first taking Aloe Vera. I immediately requested a couple more bottles of Aloe Vera which I drank over a two month period. The symptoms quickly vanished and since that time in 1992 I have nit needed to request any more. I have been given a couple of bottles each time my son-in-law and daughter visit us a couple of times a year, as I firmly believe that prevention is better than cure and I know that it has completely enabled me to lead a normal and very active lifestyle once more. Forever Living Products don't claim that Aloe Vera is very effective however I would recommend it to anyone.

I was such a sceptic, about using Aloe Vera before, I wish I had started using it earlier. I would be happy to talk to anyone about it.” Jean W. Constipation I am 42 years old and have been taking Aloe Vera Gel from July 1996. Being a constant sufferer from constipation and having tried all the various remedies from the chemist, I have found since taking Aloe Vera that the relief has been tremendous and I have become more regular and also suffer no side effects. Also, I am a shift worker, which has contributed to my problem; and my general health has been much better since I started taking Aloe Vera.

I don't feel as tired or get as many colds or flu at this time of year.

Pearl Archibald, Coleraine.

Damaged Hair Question: A customer of mine had badly damaged her scalp and hair through frequent hair dye use. What can you suggest? Answer; The frequent use of hair dyes, particularly those containing hydrogen peroxide (a bleach) will lead to the blistering and damage of skin, breaking and killing of hair follicles, even baldness. As peroxide is absorbed easily through the skin, it can also cause toxicity in the blood stream and damage to the body's immune system. Where possible, people should use preparations which do not contain peroxide to dye their hair.

These are becoming more available.

Forever Living Products which will help: the first is to use Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner to revive the dead hair. The best way to do this is to mix one teaspoon of Aloe Activator with two tablespoons of conditioner, rub into scalp and hair (roots only). Cover in a hot towel and leave on for 30 minutes then shampoo. Repeat 3 times a week. Take 2 tablespoons of Gel 3 times a day to assist with detoxification. Take I A-Beta-Care 3 times a day to boost the immune system, speed up healing and improve skin and hair. Use Aloe First on scalp, skin and hair to ease symptoms of itching, burning, skin or hair damage.

David de Gernier. Dermatitis For as long as I can remember I have always had a reaction to various fruits, vegetables and cleaning agents, on my hands. Wearing rubber or cotton gloves didn't help as the heat inside them would also irritate and aggravate the skin. I could not wear silver, do household cleaning, cut or handle raw potatoes, onions, tomatoes, oranges, lemons or strawberries without having to pay the price. My hands would blister, become red, sore, itchy and eventually crack and bleed. In 1992 they became very bad. I tried various hand creams, often having a reaction to the creams themselves, and eventually prescription cortisone, which helped to keep it reasonably controlled but it always take at least a week to start healing up.

I decided to consistently use the Activator and Propolis cream. I stopped using my cortisone cream, Betnovate. For the first couple of days I was rather doubtful, but as I found immediate relief of the itching, I decided to persist. Within the first week I had total clearance.

I use the Aloe Propolis cream every day now as a general hand care cream. It's a great first aid cream to have in the home and it's 'Forever' in use. I'd gladly recommend both the Activator and the Propolis cream to anyone who is at their 'wit's end' with dermatitis. Julia O'B. Diabetes Diane Colman. June1997 Having been a diabetic for 26 years with the problems associated with this condition, loss of kidney function resulting in dialysis and later to my relief a kidney and pancreas transplant, making me since June 1993 insulin free. Although I am now no longer a diabetic I still have the damage that 26 years has done to my circulatory system.

Thus I found myself in September of 1996. I had had a small blister on my toe and although I was keeping it clean and putting antiseptic cream on it, it did not seem to be healing. I had shown it to the Doctor but he said it was OK. One night I woke up with a tremendous pain in it and the next day went to the Doctors and was informed I has a bad infection in it and was put on an intensive course of Antibiotics. The toe improved slightly but, as soon as I stopped taking the pills it flared up again. So I was taken into Hospital for another course of Antibiotics, by this time I was on very strong pain killers.

At the and of all this I was informed that the toe was Gangrenous and that I would either have to have it amputated or wait for the toe to drop off.

This was the news given to me the day before we went to Workshop for the weekend in March 1997 and it was on the return from that trip that the miracle occurred. We stopped at a Craft Fair in Sheffield and here we met Ken and Julie Johnson, they introduced me to the Forever Living Products Aloe Propolis cream and their Aloe Vera gelly. I began using them straight away and immediately my husband saw a difference. Within 2 weeks I was off the pain killers. Now 3 months later I can honestly say that my toe is back to normal. Whereas I could only walk a few yards, and that was in great pain. I am now back to walking on average 2 miles a night, with no trouble.

Diabetes In 1988 I began to feel generally unwell most of the time. I noticed increasingly a problem with thirst and tiredness. Blood tests showed nothing irregular but gradually the tiredness became exhaustion and the thirst increased. I also became prone to infections of various types and took many antibiotics. By 1990 the problem was becoming worse and one day in September 1992 I blacked out while teaching. I was in hospital for almost three weeks at that time and many tests were done, including a water deprivation test, which meant not even a sip of water for 24 hours. By this time I was drinking 10-12 litres of water daily, so the test was severe.

Blood and urine samples were taken every hour during the test, which was to see if the body was producing ADH. The test proved inconclusive and was repeated 48 hours later. A CT scan showed there to be calcification on the pituitary and craniopharyngioma was diagnosed. I was told I had diabetes insipidus, which is a rare form of diabetes, not related to insulin.

I was referred to the neurosurgeon who felt it best not to operate in the meantime but to have regular scans including an MRI. I was put on Desmospray twice daily which is an intranasal spray consisting of vasopressin. This stopped the excessive thirst problem. However, I started to become very bloated. The hospital put me on a low calorie diet but even with that and regular exercise I gained four stones in weight. Energy levels dropped and I began to have a lot of sickness and was now being treated for a problem with stomach lining (non-ulcerative). In December 1994 I was told by my doctors to stop my job as a music teacher.

I was granted medical retirement at the age of 34 but had no choice, as I was physically unable to cope. I was now on Desmospray, Zantac, betablockers and anti-depressants. My spirits were very low and my blood pressure was very high. On June 1st 1996 a friend introduced me to Aloe Vera Gel. I was very cynical about it and felt it couldn't be of any real help, but by the end of the 2nd week I noticed a change - a higher level of energy and I'd lost a few pounds due to the detoxifying effect. I still thought it was a coincidence and didn't say to anyone as I felt the next day I'd be back to square one.

By the end of the 3rd week I was up 5-6 hours daily rather than 1-2. Each week showed real improvement in many ways. Many people told me I was looking so different. On 8th July I started taking Royal Jelly and Garlic & Thyme.

On 9th August I went to Scotland to help cook at a youth camp. In September I started back to part-time teaching and am also doing 2 computing courses and a Christian counseling course. That along with the FLP is a full-time job! I can hardly believe the change in my whole body. I have lost the 4 stone I had gained and even the texture of hair and skin has improved greatly. I am now off all medication. My own GP is amazed at what has happened in the last few months. Another important change is that I had very severe candida. I was attending hospital and had several courses of Lamasil and various creams.

I was not permitted to put my hands in water; even washing hair had to be done wearing cotton-lined rubber gloves. My fingernails had stopped growing and several of them were just flaking off and dying due to the yeast fungus. I could not button up my clothes at times the pain in my fingers was so great. On July 11th I went to hospital to have my thumb nail removed. I was told it would not grow again and this was traumatic for me, as I am a pianist. I went on a heavier dose of Garlic & Thyme, Gel and a yeast-free diet and within two weeks my thumbnail began to change dramatically! There was no pain or irritation and the nail started to grow again.

In fact all my nails started to grow for the first time in years and I now have to file them often. The thumbnail is now as normal as it can be, having been disfigured but there is growth. Another miracle!!

So you can see why I am so excited about Aloe Vera!! And then there are all the other people who I have watched start taking it, often cynically at the start and see how their quality of life has improved in various ways thanks to ALOE VERA!! Rosemary Aiken, Co. Antrim. Eczema Five weeks after giving birth to my son Joe I noticed spots on his forehead which spread down to his shoulders. Our Doctor diagnosed eczema. Joe was now four months old and was proscribed steroid creams and balneum, a moisturizing cream.

By Seven months his face and neck were infected and he had scaly skin over his body.

A friend suggested Aloe Propolis Crème. As a natural anti-biotic it appealed to me. We started using the Propolis with the steroids and noticed in a few weeks the infection on his face going down. After a month it had virtually gone and his skin was softer and less itchy. When Joe was 11 months, we introduced the Aloe Berry Nectar drink and weaned him off the steroids. Joe is now three. We still use the Propolis and he has near-normal skin as well as being free from the distress of constant irritation.

Maggie Mutters, Age 36,Somerset, UK

Energy - Stress To whom it may concern, I just want to write a few words to say how pleased I am since I've started using Aloe Vera products. I used to be very tired and stressed out all of the time. When I was introduced to Aloe Vera I was very skeptical about using it, but said, "what the hell, it can't make me any worse." So I did. I have been taking Bee Pollen and drinking the Gel for about 4 months now and have found great energy from these. I then went on to take Royal Jelly and found they calmed me. I would recommend these to anyone who feels like this as I've had great results.

Margaret Martin Energy - Improved Health I've taking Aloe Berry Nectar for about three weeks. Since taking it I feel the benefit of it, I have a lot more energy, and I feel that I am losing a lot of fluid, I am sleeping very well at night. I am also able to go out shopping now, as before I didn't have the inclination nor the energy to do so. I have just started to take Lycium as I am troubled with Phlebitis and varicose veins. I was troubled with kidney and chest infections but the Gel has given me relief and I haven't had any bother since. I am 75 years of age and feel good. I would recommend Forever Living Products to everyone.

Thank God for Forever Living Products. Mary Rose Mc Inerney Ear Problems My two little girls both have glue ears and have been attending Craigavon Hospital on a regular basis, in fact every month. One of them also has a perforation for which she is going to need a skin graft. Their hearing was impaired. I started to use Aloe Activator each night. When they had their monthly check-up, both ears had improved. The glue was drying up, their hearing was perfect and the perforation is beginning to heal. The consultant was very impressed when I told him what I had used as one of the children had been prescribed Dimotane and couldn't take it as it made her very sleepy.

Both these children love Aloe Vera and tell all their friends about it. --Maureen H.

Ear Problems I had a bad ear ache so my cousin Clare put Activator on a teaspoon and put it in my ear. It made my ear tickle a bit, but it felt better in five minutes. Thank you, Activator and cousin Clare. - John Energy As the mother of three young children, and the wife of a full time student, my life is very hectic, with lots of demands every minute of the day! I was interested in anything that would give me more energy—something I never had enough of! I was constantly running out of steam throughout the day! That didn’t just put a toll on me, but my whole family as well! I’ve always been "nutrition conscious" and not given to fads that come and go.

If anything, I’m skeptical! What attracted me to the Forever Living program was its sensibility and overall good nutrition/health concept. I have low blood sugar and was especially interested in aloe vera to see if it could really help stabilize those highs and lows! I noticed a difference the very first week of using it! I couldn’t believe how bad it had been until I started feeling so much better! I had more stamina throughout the day. Also, because I wasn’t so tired and on edge, I was less short with the kids. I felt more on top of things. Also, after the kids went to bed, I actually had some energy and motivation left for myself! This was an emotional boost.

It’s been 4 1/2 weeks now, and I see several gradual changes besides the stabilizing of the blood sugar levels. My concept of food as fuel—not just satisfying a hunger. My sweet intake is way down and I’m having much more success controlling those cravings. I just don’t have the cravings as much. I’m also reading labels and know our fat consumption is greatly decreased. I’m starting to see the benefit of that now too, losing some inches around my middle and my legs! The program hasn’t been just for me, but the whole family too. Our snacks are better. The kids last through those stressful late afternoon hours better.

This program is one I will follow for years to come! I’m convinced it’s superior nutrition. I feel better and look better. As far as preventive medicine is concerned, this program tops the list in staying healthy!

Shannon S. Epilepsy Ten years, at the age of 18, I developed epilepsy. Quite often at the time I was wakening up and there was a doctor standing over me. I was put on treatment and sent for an EEG. I was doing quite well for a while but after the birth of my daughter I was back at square one again. I was having seizures all the time and tried all types of treatment. At this stage I was just about coping. I became pregnant again and reacted badly to the treatments. My seizures were now so frequent I was having them in my sleep. My medication was increased again. I was having 3 or 4 seizures a day with no quality of life at all.

I was introduced

to Forever Living Products and decided to try The Aloe Vera Gel. In just two weeks I had taken three seizures but now being on the Gel long term, I am seizure free. Margaret Marley Donegal Eye Problems In August I had to attend the eye clinic about a black spot in the field of vision in my left eye. The consultant informed me that it was a floater and that I would have to live with it. I decided to try Aloe Activator and so I began putting the Activator in the eye. After about two or three weeks I noticed that the black spot had totally gone. Rose D.

Fatigue It was evident after taking Aloe Vera Gel that I received a new level of energy from the product.

I seem to have more get-up-and-go now which has helped me in my own life and at work. I intend to keep using this product for as long as I live. Mary Cathcart. Fat Loss When my normally healthy sixty-year-old mother was told she had high blood pressure due to her weight, I began to find out more about your program from a co-worker. My mom decided she would give FLP a try and within a few short weeks she not only lowered her blood pressure, but she looked and felt better. To date she has lost over 30 pounds and several inches of fat from your program. When I saw the results, and the energy my mom now had I decided to try the program myself.

In only eight weeks I lost 12 inches of fat and had more energy to handle my full time job, attend college part time, and run a household for myself and my husband. Your "eating program" is unlike any diet I have ever tried. It not only lets you eat all day long but you are eating real food. Thanks for your dedication and determination to make this program a reality for people like me.

Mickie M. Fat Loss - Improved Health Dear Forever Seagulls, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to have had the good fortune of discovering the Forever Living Program . . As a Physical Education teacher (before becoming a Mother), and an avid promoter of exercise, I’ve always prided myself on knowing how to eat properly, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and how to control my weight. This, of course, didn’t mean that it was always easy. In fact, I’ve been struggling with being overweight all my life. By the time I was 18, I had learned almost every fad diet there was, and the yo-yo syndrome on my metabolism had begun.

Fortunately, I was blessed with some athletic ability; and my involvement in competitive swimming and gymnastics led me to continue in the Physical and Health Education field at University. By learning more about how our bodies function, I know that lots of exercise with a relatively balanced diet was the only way to live. This took discipline, and also included deprivation of food. What I didn’t realize is that I wasn’t consuming enough calories in a day to provide all the nutrients that my body needed. Also, before FLP, I believed I had reached my ideal weight, and the I would just have to live with my "chunky" legs.

I was absolutely thrilled when, after 3 or 4 weeks on your program, I had lost two inches from my hips and two inches from my legs. That was a breakthrough for me! And not only that, at age 40, I feel better, lighter, healthier, and more energetic than I ever felt at age 20. In fact, most days I’m euphoric! I want to shout about this from the roof tops, because this program is REAL. It has real benefits. It’s not a magic trick. It’s safe and it’s easy. In a world full of big business, quick fixes, diet potions, and expensive gimmicks, finally there is Forever Living whose incredible wealth of knowledge in geriatrics; high standards; integrity; and most of all, beautiful gift of sharing is giving people a way to be healthy, not only in body, but in mind and spirit!!

Thank you so much!, Susan B. Fat Loss - Energy “As you know, my background is in fitness and nutrition with a Bachelor of Science in adult Corporate Fitness from Abilene Christian University. I was skeptical at first of your program, so I decided to give it a try for 30 days to see if it worked for myself and my clients. I was amazed with the results in just that short time period. Working 12-hour days as a personal trainer, my energy level was constantly low. Almost at once, I felt an increase in energy on starting the Program. I also lost 10 pounds of body fat within the 30-day trial. Soon after having these positive results, I became pregnant.

There is a history of the women in my family gaining 40 to 50 pounds during pregnancy. During my pregnancy I gained only 23 pounds, and left the hospital with 18 of those pounds gone. I was amazed to be at my original weight within six weeks after having Clinton! My mother-in-law, Carmen, also had a miraculous success. Just before Christmas, she had her blood work done and found that her triglycerides were over 700 and her cholesterol was over 300. Carmen started on the program January 2nd and three weeks later had her blood work done again. Both her triglycerides and cholesterol had dropped dramatically to the 220 range! You can imagine what wonderful news this was to her and to our family.

She was also happy to lose 20 pounds of body fat in eight weeks. With these successful results, I am a firm believer in the Forever Living Products.

Thank you for all of your support - Ashly T. Fibromyalgia - I.B.S. To whom it may concern, I am 36 years of age and have had Fibromyalgia for 4 years and I.B.S. for 2 years. I have been using Aloe Vera Gel for two months and have found a great improvement, especially concerning my I.B.S. The Gel has made me feel calmer and more relaxed within myself. I find I have more energy than before, and I am able to concentrate better and be more focused. I have been attending my own GP and hospital clinics for the past 5 years on a regular basis and have received various treatments, from pain killers, anti-depressants to physiotherapy but have always been disappointed with the results.

Until now I thought I would just have to put up with the pain and the way these illnesses had affected me. The Aloe Vera Gel has proven different. Not only have I noticed the change within me, but so has my husband, family and friends, and they are delighted with the results. Lucille Lennon Fibromyalgia - Asthma I suffered with Fibromyalgia for 10 years. Fibromyalgia is a condition which is very inhibiting .I had inflammation in all of the muscles and soft tissues of the body. I was unable to do even small things like cleaning my teeth without extreme pain. I also was exhausted and spent a lot of my time in and out of bed.

Sleep was a thing of the past! I suffered from depression, and I was very overweight. A friend introduced me to Aloe Vera gel in October 1999. By Christmas 1999 I was feeling the energy building up in my body. I was able to peel potatoes for the first time in years! This may sound trivial but believe me anyone out there with the same condition knows what I'm talking about! I have been taking the gel now for 14 months and I am off all my medication. I kept in touch with my doctor all the way through and every time I felt I had improved further he lessened my medication until I did not need any more.

I also had chronic asthma for 6 years and needed 3 inhalers a day. Along with the gel which I was taking regularly I started to take the Garlic and Thyme (2x3times daily) and Gingko (1at nighttime). Inside 6 weeks I was off all three inhalers! Needless to say my doctor was delighted. He is a great believer in self help and alternative therapies. To-day I am still clear of asthma. I still have Fibromyalgia but the gel is keeping me virtually pain free. I can do so many things now that I was restricted with that I sometimes get carried away and tend to overdo things. One other thing, I always suffered from mouth ulcers and since I started using Forever Bright Toothgel I haven't had even one!! I am 49 years young and feel healthier now than when I was 29.

Deirdre Mc Creanor Northern Ireland Flu I was introduced to Aloe Vera Gel in December 1996. I was initially skeptical but as there were no side effects I thought I would have nothing to lose. I was very run down following scarlet fever and a severe flu. After 3 bottles of Aloe Vera Gel I felt great. Benefits gained are as follows: 1. Increased energy 2. Weight loss 3. P.M.T. disappeared 4. Back pain disappeared 5. Sleep better. My husband has taken Aloe Vera for joint pains with excellent results. The products are excellent and are of a high quality. The high percentage of Aloe Vera guarantees results.

Brenda B., B.N., R.G.N., Comber.

General In September 1996, I was introduced to Aloe Vera through an invitation to Nigel Carlisle's home where a Mr. Wright gave us a very interesting talk on the uses of Aloe Vera in its many different forms. I was very impressed when he related to various incidents where people had been helped or even cured of various illnesses. I have from time to time suffered from bouts of Irritable Bowel Syndrome on various occasions during the last ten years. Since I started to take Aloe Vera Gel in September I would definitely say I feel much better. I also had suffered stiffness and soreness in my left elbow, which has now gone completely.

I would say my general health is much better and there is a notable difference to my skin, hair, etc. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to try this product as I reckoned at the time that if it didn't do me any good, it certainly wouldn't do me any harm. Anon.

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