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The Bethany Messenger

The Bethany Messenger

Volume 2013 Issue 11 November, 2013 Dear People of God, The month of November begins and ends with festival Sundays; All Saints on No- vember 3 and Christ the King on November 14. We begin this final month of the church year remembering the saints, living and dead, whose examples of faithful living inspire us to grow in our own faith. Please be sure to con- tact the church office if you would like the name of a departed loved one to be remem- bered in our prayers. We end the month with a celebration of Christ the King, the one in whom the fullness of God entered into human history as one of us and in his life, death and resur- rection opened the way to eternal life for all who trust in him.

Between these holy days we also cele- brate a national day of Thanksgiving. On Tues- day, November 26 at 7:00 p.m., Bethany will host a Community Service of Thanksgiving, As Christians, it is good that we gather with our sisters and brothers in Christ to give thanks for the abundant blessings that we enjoy. We look forward to special music from a choir with members from several Cromwell churches, di- rected by our own Allan Nelson. It is good to give thanks to God in this way, but we are also called to do much more.

When Jesus was asked which com- mandment in the law is the greatest, he re- sponded, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.

This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as your- self.” (Matthew 22:37-39) Loving God with all our heart and soul and mind sounds like a tall order. How can we possibly love God so completely? Jesus gives us an answer, which is especially important to hear this time of year. Part of our Thanksgiving celebration is the opportunity to give thanks to God by sharing our gifts of time, talent and treasure (money). While Bethany’s annual steward- ship appeal is important in the work of pre- paring the church budget which supports our ministry, stewardship is most deeply concerned with Christian living and our spir- itual health.

Jesus, speaking in the Sermon on the Mount, teaches us that, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” There is a connection between how we spend our money and the orientation of our hearts. I have often used this passage to encourage people to examine how they were doing with their stewardship, i.e. where there hearts were, by asking them to prayerfully review their budgets and check- books. That’s a good exercise, and I still commend it to you. But Jesus is saying something even more powerful. This passage is ultimately not about the kind of people we are, but the kind of people we might become.

Jesus is teaching us that our hearts follow our money. This is not a command, but a promise. If we want to love God as Jesus says we should, then we’d better pay attention to our stewardship of the gifts God has given us. As the saying goes, “It’s easier to act one’s self into a new (Continued on page 4) The Bethany Messenger

The Bethany Messenger

The Bethany Messenger Page 2 Empty Spaces Indicate that Volunteers are Needed—Please see the sign up sheets VOLUNTEERS: These assignments are arbitrari- ly made based on past willingness to serve. If you find that you cannot serve on a Sunday when you have been scheduled, please try to find a replace- ment. Also, it is important that you call Robin in the office (860-635-4618) by Thursday, when oth- er arrangements have been made, so the changes can be put into the Sunday bulletin. The 2013 Coffee & Flower Sign-up Sheets are avail- able on the revolving ki- osk in the narthex. Please take a look at the sign-up sheets to see if there is a convenient date for you to sign-up for.

Volunteers for December 1st: Assisting Minister/Lector: 8:00 a.m.— Deb Gustafson 10:30 a.m.— Liz Friedmann & Joshua Sullivan Acolyte: 8:00— 10:30 a.m.— Adrien Ahrens/ Altar Guild: Angel Carlin Ushers: Pete Alison, Scott Friedmann, John Herrewyn Altar Flowers: Allan Nelson Coffee Hour: Counters: Terri Clark & Ann Naughton Assisting Minister/ Lector: 8:00 a.m.— Ellen Arendt 10:30 a.m.—Ryan Griscom & Joshua Sullivan Altar Guild: Evelyn Anderson Ushers: Glen Johnson, Jim Sullivan, Charlie Frago Acolytes: 3 8– Amanda Johnson / Kelley Johnson 10:30– Xavier Rakestrau / Chad Pennington 10 8– Adrien Ahrens / Ryan Adams 10:30– Gina Painchaud / 17 8– Brett Myskowski / Eric Myskowski 10:30– Gina Painchaud /Jacquai Hart 24 8– Adrien Ahrens / 10:30– Kyle Harrison / Coffee Hour: 3 Mike & Nancy Balinskas 8:00 a.m.

10:30 a.m. 10 Steve & Evelyn Anderson 17 24 Altar Flowers: 3 Carol Frago 10 Scott & Liz Friedmann 17 Elaine Jarvis 24 Counters: Russell Smith & Jim Sullivan

The Bethany Messenger

Page 3 The Bethany Messenger From The Organ Loft ADVENT/CHRISTMAS CONCERT Sunday, December 1, 2013 4:00 P.M. The big event of the month is our an- nual Advent/Christmas concert which will be held in the Sanctuary on Sunday, De- cember 1st , 2013 at 4:00 p.m. This con- cert has been a long tradition at Bethany and welcomes in the Advent/Christmas season. This year it falls on the 1st Sunday of Advent and so begins our preparation for the coming of Christmas.

If you are “keen of ear” you have heard the sounds of Christmas ringing from the Chapel during Bethany Choir rehearsal and after church you have heard the music of our Folk Group as they prepare their numbers for the program.

It is thrilling for me, as Minister of Music, to see all this activity as our musi- cians prepare for their part in the program. We are unique in that virtually all of our par- ticipants are either members of Bethany or in some other way have a close association to the church, either though the Pre-school or a family member. Musically, we will offer a wide variety of music from around the world. Our theme this years is “All Children See Him”, lifting up and celebrating the fact that Jesus comes to all. Children await the coming of the Christ Child in their own way-seeing in him a reflection of themselves.

The music reflects that theme and we will hear a ven- ue of many styles and from many palaces. Ellen Arendt continues her tradition of writing a beautiful script which ties the program and theme together.

In addition, we will welcome back some of our former Choir members and al- so have a variety of instruments to en- hance the evening. Come, and prepare for the season. Bring your friends and neighbors for a spir- itual and joyful time of preparation of this glorious season. Carol Frago is in charge of the Con- cert Reception and I am sure she would appreciate any and all food offerings for the Fellowship Hour. Advent is upon us, come and join in the singing! THANKSGIVING SERVING On Tuesday, November 26th Bethany will be hosting the Communi- ty Thanksgiving Service. This service has a long tradition in our town and offers an opportunity for the entire community to gather together to offer thanks.

A com- bined chorus will offer two anthems during the service and the congregation will join in the singing of traditional Thanksgiving and patriotic songs. as gifts of money and food are brought forward in support of the Crom- well Food Bank. This service and the re- ception which follows are well attended and well supported by our church and the town. —Allan

The Bethany Messenger

The Bethany Messenger Page 4 Statistically Speaking... Attendance... 2012 2013 Is Your Pledge Up to Date MARK YOUR CALENDARS—SAVE THE DATE January 17—20, 2014 for the Annual Bethany Retreat at Calumet. Details and registration information to follow soon. See Mike Balinskas or Pastor Paul with any ques- tions. Monday Evening “Come As You Are” Worship Are your kids involved in sports on Sun- day mornings? Do you sometimes travel on weekends? Ever wish there was an alternative to Sunday morning worship? Beginning in Oc- tober, we offered a simple, “Come As You Are” service in the chapel. This simple Service of Holy Communion will be informal and family friendly.

Seminarian Joshua Sullivan will be helping to lead the music on his guitar. The ser- vice will last approximately 45 minutes, so that confirmation students not able to be with us the previous Sunday will be able to attend before class begins at 7:00 p.m. Want to try something different? See you in the chapel Monday eve- nings at 6:00 p.m.

How about just a handy tidbit of information? Many of us are walking around carrying a key bit of Bethany knowledge that possibly no one else knows. Where is the black cloth that (Continued on page 6) Pledge activity thru October 31, 2013 — Pledges needed over first 43 Sundays to reach our Budget: $143,885 Received over the first 43 Sundays: Pledges : $136,873 Deficit: $7,012 8 am / 10:30 am 8 am / 10:30 am Monday Evening October 6 18 / — 51 / 83 3 October 13 24 / 79 51 / 65 9 October 20 22 / 70 44 / 74 7 October 27 — / 118 42 / 126 — way of thinking then to think one’s self into a new way of acting.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” I pray that this month, as we observe All Saints Sunday, as cele- brate Christ the King Sunday, and as we make a commitment to support our ministry in the coming year and the budget that will make that ministry possible, we will let our treasure lead our hearts to Christ. In His Name, Pastor’s Column (Continued from page 1)

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The Bethany Messenger

The Bethany Messenger Page 6 The December Messenger Deadline is: November 15th WOMEN OF THE ELCA Schedule for 2013—2014 Monday, December 9, 2013—Packing cookies for “special friends”, time to be determined Monday, February 10, 2014—Breakfast at “Spada’s”, Main Street, Cromwell Monday, April 28, 2014—Planning Meeting June—Picnic, date to be determined we drape over the cross on Good Friday? Who painted the ceramic nativity figures that show up at Christmas? What day do we usually do something on? If you know the answers to these or any other similar types of questions, Danielle O’Linn is compiling a “Bethany Bits & Pieces” notebook so just in case the one person who knows where that important item is stored isn’t available the moment that item is needed, we might have a chance of finding it anyway.

If you think you might have a “secret” to share, speak to Danielle!

Just a few notes from the Worship Ministry Committee: Plans are well underway for several ex- citing services and events coming up. The Community Thanksgiving Service will be hosted by Bethany this year on Tuesday, November 26th. This is a great service that brings together several churches in Cromwell and we are looking forward to hosting everyone here this year. We have started on new Monday Night “Come as You Are” Service that is targeted for families that might have sports commitments on Sunday mornings, or people who might be trav- eling on the weekend. It is an informal service and our confirmands will have the opportunity to help with readings.

The service will begin at 6:00 and last about 45 minutes.

We are looking for some new volunteers to help with the Altar Guild – setting up for and cleaning up after church services on Sunday. It’s a pretty easy job, and Pastor has created a detailed description complete with photos of ex- actly how to set up for communion and what Bethany’s Bits & Pieces (Continued from page 4) else needs to be done each week. If you might be interested speak to Pastor Paul. Advent begins on December 1st and we will be switching back to Setting Four for the service. This is the more familiar setting that we have been using for several years, so the music and responses should ring a bell.

Our weekly bulletins are still a work in progress. There is still work to be done to come up with a truly effective and affordable way to make the service easy to follow – for members and visitors alike! If you have suggestions, please speak to Pastor or Liz Friedmann and we’ll take your ideas into consideration. We also have large print bulletins availa- ble if anyone would like one. Just ask one of the ushers!

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Page 7 The Bethany Messenger The hymn sing seems to be a hit, so we will continue doing a hymn sing in place of a prelude on the first Sunday of every month, so find your favorites and we’ll all sing along! St. Vincent DePaul Place Sunday Dinner Sunday, November 10, 2013 is the next time Bethany will be hosting Sunday dinner at St. Vincent DePaul Place. There are three ways you can support this important ministry with your donations of food and supplies, time and/or money. Look for the sign-up sheet in the narthex or on line!

Stewardship and Thanksgiving In this season of thanksgiving, a sincere 'thank you' is in order to everyone who supports our congregation throughout the year with their attendance, service and regular financial contri- butions.

For those of you who are interested, the church offers electronic giving options for mak- ing donations on a scheduled, automated basis. It's convenient for you and provides much- needed financial consistency for the church. Give Robin a call in the office to find out how. Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

For some of us, it's not always easy to hear. If you are one of those whose hearing is not what it once was, try using one of the elec- tronic hearing assistance devices available at the usher's stand. Simply put in the earbuds, Bethany’s Bits & Pieces (Continued from page 6) turn on the device and adjust the volume to a comfortable level. Give to the Troops Thank you to all who contributed to our holiday collection of stocking stuffers and wrap- ping paper for Give to the Troops. Your partici- pation is appreciated.

For all the Saints who from their Labors Rest… As we observe All Saints’ Day, we traditionally remember those who have passed to the Church Triumphant during the past year.

They are: Randy Friedmann Bessie Shea Louis Spada Paul Landry Carolyn Heckert One more thing…  We received a thank you from the Town of Cromwell Human Services Department thanking Bethany for their generous dona- tion which will help to replenish food in the food pantry.

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The Bethany Messenger Page 8 2013 – 2014 Schedule We extend an invitation to the en- tire congregation to join us for any or all of our activities. December 19th Christmas – Decorating of Lounge (Ray and Bertha - refreshments) January 16th Speaker (to be announced) February 20th Mardi Gras (all to provide refreshments) March 20th St. Patrick’s Day Celebration (Gus and Janice – refreshments) April 10th Visit to Recycling Plant May 15th Birthday Party June 19th Florence Griswold Museum Lunch at Flanders Fish House or at the Museum July 17th Picnic at Chafinch Island (Jack to provide potato salad) Bring a box lunch August Baseball Game – Gus in charge September 18th Planning Session (Ellen and Allan to pro- vide refreshments) At the All Committee Night, mem- bers of Saints Alive agreed to act as greeters at special events such as funer- als, community concerts etc.

BETHANY We have scheduled dated for our youth group events as follows: November 3rd—Flight, then we will do piz- za December 13th—Gingerbread houses and the congregation will vote the following Sun- day January 3rd—Volleyball and pizza making February 7th—Laser Tag March 28th—Game Night or Movie Night April 4th—TBD April 13th—Palm Sunday and we would like to have our Annual Baked Potato Bar after the 10:30 a.m. service. We missed it last year. May 9th—TBD June - Pool party at my house. Date to be decided and may be last minute due to the weather.

Bethany Lutheran Youth Group is an opportunity for all to gather to have fun.

Our goal is to foster Christian relationships that may carry over for a lifetime. The youth group is a place where all are accepted and free from any type of bullying or harassing. Please take note of our calendar of events and make it you goal to attend all of them. Diane McAdams G R O U P

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Page 9 The Bethany Messenger You are cordially invited to B3S-"Brown Bag Bible Study." This is an opportunity to explore the lectionary read- ings for the upcoming Sunday in a deeper way than is possi- ble in a sermon. No past bible study is needed. Come as you are and let's take a look at the texts over lunch. Join us every Wednesday, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The coffee pot will be on! SIMPLY GIVING Would you find it helpful to have your offerings debited directly from your bank account as you proba- bly do with other obligations? Betha- ny offers electronic giving for those of you who wish to have your contribu- tions transferred electronically to the church’s account.

If you travel, this is particularly helpful in keeping up with your intended offerings. One simple, easy to use authorization form can begin or change your electronic contri- bution amount.

Contact Robin in the church office Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., 635-4618, for more de- tails. SCS BULLETIN BOARD And a MESSENGER ARTICLE FOR December 1st: 5th Grade Check out Pastor Paul’s Weekly Blog at: blog/ If you have a loved one or you are hos- pitalized and/or you would like a visit from Pastor Paul – please let us know. He would be happy to visit with you at your home or hospital. Pastor Paul’s cell phone is: 860-951-5597 and his email is: revpaulkram- Also, please call the office and if Robin isn’t in, leave a message on the machine, 860-635-4618 or send an email to: bethanylutheran-

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE… In an effort for security and so that we know who is in our building at any given time, we have started a Visitor’s Log. When visiting the church, during Pre- school hours, please come to the preschool door and ring the doorbell to gain access to the building. All church members and/ or visitors must sign in and sign out.

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The Bethany Messenger Page 10 It’s time to welcome November! Our classrooms are busy preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday of feasting and festivity! There will be rich autumn colors, cornucopias, squirrels and other animals preparing their winter homes and many “turkey” project! The preschool classes are once again collecting food and toiletry items to do- nate to the Cromwell Social Services to make some of our local “friends in Need” have a more en- joyable holiday! Donations will be accepted from November 1st to November 15th.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of the students and staff.

- Cheryl Harrington, Director Poinsettia Order Form Please return or mail your order to the church office or place it in the offering plate (with pay- ment). I would like to order: _____ red poinsettia(s) _____ white poinsettia(s) _____ pink poinsettia(s) Given by: _ _ _ _ In (Memory or Honor) of: _ _ _ _ _ _ The cost is $10 per plant. (The plants are in a foil-wrapped 6-1/2” pot and are 12”-15” high with 5 - 7 flowers.) DEADLINE FOR ORDERING : Nov. 24, 2013 For office use: Amount Paid _ , Check _ / Cash Envelope _ _ DO YOU HAVE A KEY TO THE CHURCH? We are trying to compile a list of the members who have keys to the church.

Please call Robin in the church office at 860-635-4618 or send her an email at: bethanylutheran- to let her know if you have a key. We appreciate your help!

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The Bethany Messenger Page 12 The Bethany Messenger Inside This Issue… ...All Saints Day, November 3rd ...St. Vincent’s Dinner, Nov. 10th ...Community Thanksgiving Svc.,11/26 ...Advent Concert, December 1st ...Annual Retreat at Calumet, January 17—20, 2014 ...Do You Know a Secret to Share? ...Youth Group Schedule ...Poinsettia Order Form, deadline Nov. 24th Pastor: The Rev. Dr. Paul Krampitz Pastor Emeritus: The Rev. Winton M. Hoog Council President: Mike Balinskas Council Vice President: Charlie Frago Minister of Music: Allan R.

Nelson Folk Choir Director: Liz Friedmann Cherub & Youth Choir Director: Sue Ross Sunday School Superintendents: Paula Krampitz & Kim Brisson Church Council: Mike Balinskas, George Corneliusson, Charlie Frago, Diane McAdams, Ann Naughton, Danielle O’Linn, Kitty Richheimer, Russell Smith, & Pastor Paul Krampitz Church Secretary: Robin Scotti Church Office: (860) 635-4618 Fax: (860) 635-4618 (please call first] Preschool: (860) 632-0597 E-Mail Address: Web Site: Decmber Messenger Deadline: November 15, 2013 Our Church Staff: W O R S H I P S C H E D U L E Sunday Worship with Holy Communion: Summer Worship (mid-June thru mid-September) 9:30 a.m.

Worship (mid-September thru mid-June) Sunday: 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. Monday: 6:00 p.m. Office Hours: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, M—F Bethany Lutheran Church ELCA 50 Court Street Cromwell, CT 06416

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