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I am glad that you chose Graz as your new            World Heritage Site. Our international ar-         coexistence of all citizens of Graz. And this     Graz: “Through conversation people discover
home! Graz is an attractive and cosmopolitan         chitecture scene was in part responsible for       is why Graz is proud to be UNO-City of            common interests and develop friendships.“
city of culture and education in which peo-          the fact that as of April 2011 our city has        Human Rights and why we actively promote          This "New in Graz"- Package provides infor-
ple of 160 different nations live. More than         become a “City of Design.” We attach great         interreligious dialogue, for instance, through    mation about our city so that you will quickly
40,000 children and young adults attend the          importance to the fact that all people living in   the Interreligious Council of the City of Graz.   feel at home in Graz. I sincerely hope that you
various Graz schools, and 55,000 students            Graz should be given equal opportunity to con-     The Interreligious Council consists of delega-    will find friends in our city and that you will
are studying at the universities of Graz.            tribute their experience, ideas and views but      tes of the state-recognized denominations.        ultimately become a true „Grazer/Grazerin“!
Graz devotes considerable space to culture           also be committed to the well-being of others.     Please, make a personal effort to reach out
in all its diversity. Practically the entire Inner   My personal wish as the Mayor is that Graz         and get into a dialogue with the people sur-      Yours sincerely,
City as well as the historical castle Schloss        should remain the city with the highest quality    rounding you, in your residential environment     Mag. Siegfried Nagl
Eggenberg have been declared UNESCO                  of life in Austria! This includes the peaceful     in Graz! Or as we would casually say in           Mayor of Graz

6                                                                                                                                                                                                       7

                                                                                                        NEW IN GRAZ

                                                                                                        DEAR NEW CITIZEN OF GRAZ,

                                                                                                        you have come to live in Graz and have           etc. Some of the information is already men-
                                                                                                        received this "New in Graz" Package that         tioned in the texts – two is better than none.
                                                                                                        you are holding in your hands. The informa-
                                                                                                        tion provided in the "New in Graz"-packa-        Some information would thematically fit in
                                                                                                        ge and its contents serve the purpose of         two chapters; however, it is discussed exten-
                                                                                                        making things a little easier for you during     sively in one chapter only, whereas a “note”
                                                                                                        the first period of living in Graz and getting   will refer you to the respective chapter. Un-
                                                                                                        familiar with the Styrian Capital. Inside this   der “information” you will find useful links
                                                                                                        "New in Graz"-Bag you will find the follo-       and internet addresses. And in the annex
Foto: Graz Tourismus
                                                                                                        wing “goodies”:                                  we have listed contact data in a city map
                                                                                                        •	The "New in Graz"-Brochure with a first       for your convenience and information. We
                                                                                                            ­selection of important information about    hope that the "New in Graz"-Package will
a good host introduces his/her guests to the         nuously improving our services. For our efforts         living in Graz                              be of use to you, and we wish you a happy
new and unfamiliar environment, provides             we have received the Austrian Administration       •	folders on various topics such as “recy-     life in our beautiful city! We do not lay any
an orientation and familiarizes them with the        Award and many other awards. I hope that we             cling”                                      claim to completeness – with all questions,
house rules, and shows them the sights and           always meet our high expectations and that         •	A coupon for a guided city tour of Graz      wishes, ideas, complaints and suggestions
points of interest.                                  you, too, will perceive your communications        •	A city map of Graz                           for improvement and particularly for praise,
Although we cannot personally introduce              with the municipal authorities and services as     •	A pen                                        please turn to the Integration Office of the
all newcomers to Graz as their new living            positive and enjoyable.                            •	An USB-stick on which you will find the      City of Graz (Integrationsreferat).
environment, we would still like to be of help       At this point I simply wish for you to feel wel-        electronic version of the "New in Graz"-    We have tried to always provide you with
by offering you a coupon for a city tour and,        come in Graz and hope that you will have                Brochure in several languages. In this      the latest information. However, as laws,
in this way, introduce you to our city. The other    the chance to discover and experience the               way you can as well read the brochure       fees, contact information, open hours, etc.
contents of the "New in Graz"- Box, as well,         many beautiful parts and aspects of our city.           on your computer.                           often are subject to change, we advise you
serve to familiarize you with the Styrian capital.   Maybe this will change your perception of                                                           to double-check by calling the respective
You will find out that Graz has an excellent         the “Murtropolis” Graz from a mere place of        In the "New in Graz" Brochure we have            services beforehand.
infrastructure and is rightly praised for the high   residence to a place you call home.                compiled useful information for you in
quality of life it offers to its residents.                                                             14 thematic chapters. Within the chapters        Your team of the Integration Office
Representing the city administration, I can          Yours,                                             you will find small information boxes provi-
­assure you that we contribute to your well-         Mag. Martin Haidvogl                               ding you with the contact data of the menti-         + 43 316 872-7481
 being by being strongly committed to conti-         Director of the Municipal authorities              oned authorities, institutions, organizations,

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                                                                                                     Foto: iStockphoto © PeopleImages

EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND                                INFORMATION                                        HOW DO I LOAD                                   INFORMATION ON THE COMPUTER
INFORMATION FOR                                   ON THE SMARTPHONE                                  THE CAPITO APP                                  The easy-to-understand information is of course
RESIDENTS OF GRAZ                                 This brochure has therefore now been transla-      The capito app is available free of charge in   not only available on the smartphone but also
We want people who have recently moved            ted into an easy-to-understand language for        the App Store and in the Google Play Store.     on the computer.
to Graz to feel at home and find their way        the first time and in collaboration with capito
around as quickly as possible. Brief and          Graz. Furthermore, with the capito With the        1. O
                                                                                                         pen the App Store or
clearly arranged information about their          capito app, the information is also available         the Google Play Store.                             Information
new home city helps here. Particularly for        directly on the smartphone and in different lan-   2. Enter “capito” in the search field.
                                                                                                                                                        capito Graz
people who do not yet speak German that           guage levels. The language levels correspond       3. S
                                                                                                         elect “capito – Leicht Lesen”
well, specific information in easy-to-under-      to a very easy-to-understand language (A1)            (“Easy to read”).                               Heinrichstraße 145
stand German is ideal.                            and an easy-to-understand language (A2).           4. Tap on “Install”.                              8010 Graz
                                                  capito QR codes are provided in the table          5. W
                                                                                                         hen you have downloaded the app,       
And from a very general perspective, infor-       of contents and in the individual chapters. By        the symbol for the capito app is display-
mation for all Graz residents that is as barri-   scanning these QR codes with the capito app,          ed on your mobile phone.
                                                                                                                                                        Easy-to-understand information
er-free as possible is a major concern for us     the user can access the easy-to-understand         6. T o open it, tap on the symbol.                can be found at:
in the Graz municipal administration. Because     versions directly. Also included in the app: an        The capito app then shows you the next  
citizens’ satisfaction is very important to us.   English translation and a read-aloud function.         steps.

10                                                                                                                                                                                                11

Foto: Joel Kernasenko

Graz is the Provincial Capital of Styria and the   Hall located on the main square is the seat of    the Cultural Capital of Europe; in 2011 Graz       E levation: 353 m (1158 ft.)
second largest city in Austria. The 328,276        the City Government. The city is administered     was made “City of Design”. Furthermore, Graz        above sea level
inhabitants of Graz (Date: 1.1.2019) come          by the municipal authorities (Magistrat Graz)     is a “Fair- Trade- Community,” an “Eco-City”        Geographic position:
from ca. 160 countries. The first residents        with about 3,000 employees. The “Holding          and the first “Capital of Culinary Delights”         47.05 degrees north latitude
settled about 5,000 years ago between the          Graz“ is the municipal utilities company of the   in Austria. The city has four Universities, two      15.22 degrees east ­longitude
river Mur and the Schlossberg, a steep rock        City of Graz. With another 4,000 employees        Universities of Applied Sciences and two          Communal districts: 17
located in the heart of the city. The name Graz    the Holding Graz is in charge of supplying        Teacher Training colleges. A total of about          Length of the River Mur in the
was first chartered in history in the year 1128.   important services such as electricity, water,    55,000 students are studying in Graz.                 city area: 15.87 kilometers (9.86 mi)
The colors of the city are white and green.        public transport, garbage collection, sewage                                                            Length of the road network:
Its coat of arms is green and shows a silver       system, etc.                                      FURTHER FACTS AND FIGURES:                             about 1,200 kilometers (745 mi)
panther which is walking upright. The City of      Graz is a center of culture, science and tech-    Population in total: 328,276, of which                Length of the cycle path network:
Graz is governed by its Mayor, the City Parli-     nology; a city of gentle mobility and “short       246,121 of Austrian citizenship, ­                     ca. 120 kilometers (75.76 mi)
ament (48 members) and the City Council (7         distances.” The historic Old Town and the          45,074 from EU-member states,                          Length of the tram network:
City Councilors). The elections are held every     castle “Schloss Eggenberg” are part of the         37,081 from countries outside the                       66 kilometers
5 years. The elected members of the City           UNESCO–World Heritage. In 2001 Graz as             European Union.                                  Businesses: about 10,000 companies
Parliament in turn elect the City Councilors,      the first city in Europe was awarded the title     Area of Graz: 127.58 sq. km (49 sq. mi)                Employees: about 172,000 people
the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor. The City           “City of Human Rights”. In 2003 Graz was            of which 40 percent are green areas.                    as of January, 2013.

12                                                                                                                                                                                                 13

                                                                                                    The Service Centers are in charge of:
                                                                                                    • registration,
                                                                                                                                                        Steiermärkische Landesregierung
                                                                                                    • reports of losses and finds,
                                                                                                                                                        Abteilung 3 – Verfassung und Inneres
                                                                                                    • submission of applications concerning
                                                                                                                                                        Paulustorgasse 4, 8010 Graz
                                                                                                       child care,                                          +43 316 877-2084
                                                                                                    • permits to long-term parking in the desig-
                                                                                                       nated “Blue and Green Parking zones,”      

                                                                                                    • registration of dogs,                             Servicestellen der Stadt Graz
                                                                                                    • “Lebensbestätigung” issuing of various           Servicestelle Andritzer Reichsstraße 38
                                                                                                       certificates and c­ onfirmations,                Mo–Fr 7–13 Uhr und Mi 13–18 Uhr
Foto: Graz Tourismus © Harry Schiffer
                                                                                                    • activation of mobile ­phone signatures.
                                                                                                                                                        Servicestelle Bahnhofgürtel 85, 1. OG
                                                                                                                                                        Mo–Fr 7–13 Uhr und Di 13–18 Uhr
                                                                                                    CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION
                                                                                                    Citizens of EEA countries (all EU-Member            Servicestelle Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-
                                                                                                                                                        Straße 104 (Ostbahnhof)
                                                                                                    States as well as Iceland, Norway and Liech-
                                                                                                                                                        Mo–Fr 7–13 Uhr und Do 13–18 Uhr
NEW IN GRAZ                                                                                         tenstein) and citizens of Switzerland do not
                                                                                                    need a visa and may stay in Austria freely for      Servicestelle Kärntner Straße 411
                                                                                                    a period of three months. If they plan to stay      Mo–Fr 7–13 Uhrund Do 13–18 Uhr

In this chapter you will find a comprehensive     obligation to register also applies to all of     longer than three months, they have to place        Servicestelle Schmiedgasse 26
overview of the first important things which      your family members who have moved to             an application for a confirmation of registration   Haupteingang: Portier im Amtshaus, Parterre
you will have to take care of after having        Graz with you. Before registering, you have       (Anmeldebescheinigung) as a confirmation            Mo–Fr 7–13 Uhr und Mo 13–18 Uhr

arrived in Graz. You will learn which autho-      to cancel your registration at your former        of their right of residence within four months      Servicestelle St. Peter-Hauptstraße 85
rities you will have to turn to in order to get   place of residence (within three days before      after the date of their arrival. After five years   Mo–Fr 7–13 Uhr und Di 13–18 Uhr
e.g. a passport, an ID- card, etc. The staff      or after moving). You can do both at the same     of permanent residence in Austria, citizens
                                                                                                                                                        Servicestelle Stiftingtalstraße 3, 1. OG
members of the seven Service Centers for          time. In case you want to change your existing    of EEA countries may apply for a permanent          Mo–Fr 7–13 Uhr und Mi 13–18 Uhr
citizens (BürgerInnen-Servicestellen) are your    registration in Graz from secondary residence     residence confirmation (Bescheinigung des
contact persons.                                  to main residence, you may do so within the       Daueraufenthalts). Applications may be placed       Expositur Mariatroster Straße 37
                                                                                                                                                        Mi 7–13 Uhr
                                                  period of one month. Registration is free of      at the authority in charge: Department 3 of the
REGISTERING YOUR RESIDENCE                        charge. In case you violate the obligation to     Styrian Government (Amt der Steiermärkischen        KONTAKT
If you move to Graz, you need to register         register, you commit an administrative offense.   Landesregierung.                                      +43 316 872-6666
                                                                                                                                                          +43 316 872-6689
within three days of your arrival. You have       You may register, cancel your registration or
to register your main place of residence, if      change your registration at any of the Service    TIP                                         
you have chosen to live in Graz. The legal        Centers for citizens.                             more information at:

14                                                                                                                                                                                                    15
              NEW IN GRAZ

ISSUANCE OF A PASSPORT                            If you need your passport as fast as possible,      sport with you. Furthermore, the ID card is          The cost of a citizenship certificate is 48.50
You can get a passport at the Service Center      you may apply for an express-passport (Ex-          recognized as a valid travel document in             Euro. In addition you may be charged ad-
of the City of Graz in the Council Office         press-Pass) (posted to you within 3 working         32 European countries. You may also apply            ditional fees for other necessary documents
(Amtshaus), Schmiedgasse 26, 8011 Graz,           days, cost is 100 Euro) or even a one- day-         for the ID card at the Service Centers of the        or translations of documents. For a child the
Tel. +43 316 872-5252. The costs: 75.90           express- passport (Ein-Tages-Express-Pass,          City of Graz in the Council Office (Amts-            issuance of a citizenship certificate is free of
Euro. Passport validity: 10 years. At    posted by the next working day, cost is 220         haus), Schmiedgasse 26, 8011 Graz, Tel.              charge, if the application was placed during
reisepass you can conveniently book your          Euro); both are valid for ten years as well.        +43 316 872-5252, 5254. It costs 61.50               the child’s first two years of life and the child
online appointment and in this way avoid          At the Graz airport you can apply for an            Euro. For a child up to the age of 16, it            is an Austrian citizen (with the exception of
standing in line.                                 emergency passport (Notpass) which, howe-           costs 26.30 Euro. Validity of the ID card:           the citizenship certificate which is subject
                                                  ver, is valid only for a period of six months.      10 years. The issuance process takes up to           to charge because it was applied for after
In principle you may apply for a new passport     Attention: Some countries will not allow entry      two weeks. For the ID card the same rule             the child was granted the citizenship in a
with any passport office at the respective        with an emergency passport!                         applies as for the birth certificate: Within the     citizenship application procedure).
authority, irrespective of your place of main                                                         child’s first two years the initial application of   If you need the citizenship certificate for a
residence in Austria. The so-called “high         Children in Austria are required to have a          a passport is free of charge, if the child is of     subsequent passport application, the same
security passport” is printed by the Austrian     passport of their own, if the child is an Aust-     Austrian citizenship. At you       department will handle the passport appli-
State Printers and will be sent to you within     rian citizen. It costs 30 Euro (up to the 12th      can conveniently book your online appoint-           cation process.
five days after the submission of the appli-      birthday of the child; from then on 75.90           ment and in this way avoid standing in line.
cation. You will receive an RSb- letter (which    Euro). Within the child’s first two years of life
has to be signed for but can be received by       the initial application of a passport is free of    ISSUANCE OF A
a representative, such as a work colleague        charge, if the child is of Austrian citizenship     CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP
at the working place, signing in your name,       (Attention: A 3-day express passport costs          The Civil Registry Office (BürgerInnenamt),
too. In case nobody can confirm the receipt       45 Euro, a one-day-express-passport costs           Passport- and Document Services is in charge               Information
of the RSb- letter with his/her signature, you    165 Euro. After a child‘s 12th birthday a           of issuing citizenship certificates for Austrian
will receive a yellow notice slip, explaining     three-day express passport costs 100 Euro,          citizens. The person requesting the issuance            BürgerInnenamt
that the letter has been taken to your post       a one-day-express passport costs 220 Euro!).        of a citizenship certificate has to be registered       Referat Personenstands- und
office where you can collect it personally).                                                          and living in Graz.                                     Staatsbürgerschaftswesen
                                                  Open hours of the Service Center: Monday,           Depending on whether you need the certifica-
                                                                                                                                                              Amtshaus, Schmiedgasse 26, 4th floor
You can find out which documents are requi-       from 7AM to 6 PM and Tuesday through                te for yourself or for your child and on whether        8011 Graz
red for the passport application by calling the   Friday, from 7 AM to 1PM.                           you are an Austrian national by descent
                                                                                                                                                              Open hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from
Service Center at Tel. +43 316 872-5252.                                                              or you have been granted the citizenship,
                                                                                                                                                              7 AM to 1 PM, Monday and Wednesday
If you need a certificate of citizenship for      ISSUANCE OF AN ID CARD                              you will need to bring different documents.             from 7 AM to 5 PM
your passport application, you can get it at      The ID card in the practical credit- card size      Therefore, we advise you to call beforehand
                                                                                                                                                                 +43 316 872-5201
the same time at the Service Center at the        makes it easier for you to identify yourself;       and request information from the registrar’s     
department of Civil Status- and Citizenship.      you don’t always have to carry your pas-            office- Tel. +43 316 872-5185, 5187, 5188.

16                                                                                                                                                                                                         17
               NEW IN GRAZ
ISSUANCE OF A BIRTH CERTIFICATE                     Jan. 1, 2017), your employer has to regis-
The first birth certificate issued directly after   ter you with the social insurance company.
the birth is free of charge. A subsequent           Social insurance includes Health-, Accident-,
issuance of a birth certificate for a child         and Pension insurance and you can use all
born in Graz is possible (each notarial do-         medical services covered under the health
cument costs 9.30 Euro (Current rates as of         insurance. Your spouse and your children can
Jan. 1, 2017).                                      be covered under your insurance. For more
                                                    detailed information read chapter “Health
GENERAL COMPULSORY                                  Care.”
All children who are living in Austria for at       HOUSING/ WORK/HEALTH CARE/
least a semester are required to attend school.     LIVING SITUATIONS & SOCIAL
Compulsory schooling starts in the year the         AFFAIRS
                                                                                                         Foto: Graz Tourismus © Harry Schiffer
child turns 6 and lasts 9 school years. The         TIP
requirement of compulsory schooling is fulfilled    For details on these topics, please read the res-
after having attended the following schools:        pective chapters (of the same names).                and will give you the license plates after the     TIP
                                                                                                                                                            Find more info on the driver´s license in
                                                                                                         registration process is completed. You are, of
                                                                                                                                                            chapter „Traffic & Transport“. Further info on the
 uring the first four years:
D                                                   GERMAN COURSES                                       course, welcome to register your car/ motor        above mentioned topics:
• Primary school (Volksschule)                      TIP                                                  cycle personally with your insurance or any
• 5th to 8th grade: New middle school,”            For details on this topic, please read the chapter   other admission office. You may obtain infor-
   (Neue Mittelschule), high school (AHS)           „Integration & Migration“.                           mation on all documents necessary for vehicle
• In 9th grade: Pre-vocational polytechnic                                                              registration right there. In order to drive on
   course (Polytechnische Schule), continua-        VEHICLES/DRIVER’S LICENSE                            Austrian highways (Autobahn), you need a
   tion of secondary (vocational) school, or        In Austria compulsory insurance applies to all       valid motorway toll vignette. The vignette has
   high school.                                     motorized vehicles (such as cars, trucks, motor      to be applied to the inside of the windshield
• Almost all schools offer after school day        cycles, motor bicycles). In order to drive you       of your car in a clearly visible way. (It can be      BürgerInnenamt
                                                                                                                                                               Amtshaus, Schmiedgasse 26/3, 8011 Graz
   care services (subject to costs).                have to take out liability insurance with an         bought at automobile clubs, post offices, gas
                                                    insurance company. Only then your vehicle            stations and tobacco stores). There are three             +43 316 872 5201
TIP                                                 can be approved for public traffic (registration     different kinds: validity of 10 days, 2 months
More detailed information: Read the chapters        with the respective authorities). After having       or one year. In Austria the law requires the          Department of Education
„Education“ and „Children & Young Adults“!          paid the required fees, you will receive the         driver and all passengers of a car to wear            and Integration
                                                    license plates and the motor vehicle assess-         a seat belt! Children under the age of 14,            Keesgasse 6, 8011 Graz
HEALTH INSURANCE                                    ment sticker (“Pickerl“). Your insurance agent       who are smaller than 4.9 ft (1.5 m), have to
                                                                                                                                                                   +43 316 872 7474
As soon as you are working and are earning          can take care of the registration of your car        be seated in a child seat adequate to their     
more than 425.70 Euro a month (rate as of           and a change of registration respectively            height and weight.

18                                                                                                                                                                                                          19
II                                                                                                   SUPPLEMENTARY RENT                               TIP
              LIVING IN GRAZ                                                                         COMPENSATION                                     For more information see chapter
                                                                                                                                                      „Integration & Migration“
                                                                                                     Tenants of a council flat may apply for sup-
                                                                                                     plementary rent compensation if they have
                                                                                                     to spend more than 33 percent of their gross
                                                                                                     household income on rent, operational- and
OBLIGATION TO REGISTER YOUR                       In any case you should ask which costs are         heating costs. For more information see­
PLACE OF RESIDENCE                                already included in the price of rent- the so
If you move to Austria, or if you move within     called operating costs (Betriebskosten) for
                                                                                                     HOUSING INFORMATION CENTER
Austria, you need to register your new place      services such as electricity, heating, trash
of residence with the respective authority        collection, house maintenance and general          OF THE CITY OF GRAZ (WOIST)                         Gemeindewohnungen/
within three days of your arrival. You can find   cleaning can enormously increase the rent          WOIST offers counselling free of charge,            Wohnungsmanagement
more information on this topic in the chapter     charged. By law a rent contract has to be          unbiased and without prior appointment on           Schillerplatz 4, 4th floor, 8011 Graz
“New in Graz.”                                    signed for a minimum period of three years.        the topics of Rental Law, apartment ownership,         +43 316 872-5413 Gemeindewohnungen
                                                  The renter, however, may cancel the contract       Estate Agency Law, finding an apartment or             +43 316 872-5444 barrierefreie
HOW TO FIND AN APARTMENT                          after a minimum period of one year (Attention:     rent subsidies etc. Simply bring all relevant          Gemeindewohnungen
                                                                                                                                                            +43 316 872-5409
You can rent an apartment from:                   at three months notice). The rent contract may     documents with you, please!                  
• Housing associations                            be cancelled by mutual agreement at any time.
• Real estate agents                                                                                                                                     Gebäudemanagement/
• Private people renting or selling a home        COUNCIL FLATS                                            Information                                   Hausverwaltung:
                                                                                                                                                         Schillerplatz 4, 2nd floor, 8011 Graz
                                                  If you fulfill certain requirements, you may
                                                                                                        WOIST – Wohnungsinformations-
The best advice we can give you is to read        apply for one of the ca. 11,000 council flats                                                             +43 316 872-5432
                                                                                                        stelle der Stadt Graz
the housing advertisements in the daily news-     at the Department of Housing Affairs (Woh-            Schillerplatz 4, 1st floor, 8011 Graz               +43 316 872-5489
papers (weekend- editions), weekly journals       nungsamt). These requirements you can find
                                                                                                           +43 316 872-5450
and/or free newspapers. There are also spe-       at                                                                                      Schlichtungsstelle:
                                                                                                           +43 316 872-5459                              Zentrale Annahmestelle: Monday to Friday,
cial magazines with housing advertisements                                                       
                                                                                                                                                         7 AM to 3 PM/ first floor INFO-Point,
only. There are, of course, unlimited housing     You can make a written application, by com-                                                            Schlichtungsstelle/4th floor: Tuesday to
                                                                                                        INFO POINT
advertisements on the internet.                   pleting an application form or apply online                                                            Friday, from 8 AM to 12 AM
                                                                                                        Schillerplatz 4, first floor, 8011 Graz
                                                  (There are a variety of documents which need
                                                                                                                                                            +43 316 872-5424
Attention: Real estate agents charge a fee for    to be added to your application). Unfortunately       Zentrale Annahmestelle für Ansuchen und
                                                                                                        Unterlagen: Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 3 PM          +43 316 872-5409
their services (mostly the dual monthly gross     there are only very few available council flats,                                                
                                                                                                        Schlüsselausgabe: Monday to Friday,
rent or a certain percentage of the selling       and this is why immediate offers are not to be        7 AM to 1 PM/Parterre INFO-Point
price). Please, be advised to have your rent-,    expected (with the exception of the „council                                                           Zentrale Annahmestelle: Monday to Friday,
                                                                                                        Ticketausgabe zur Vorsprache im Wohnungs-
or purchase contract checked by a professi-       flats without waiting periods“ at                                                         7 bis 15 Uhr /first floor, INFO-PointMietzins-
                                                                                                        management: Tuesday to Friday from 7 AM
                                                                                                                                                         zuzahlung/4th floor: Tuesday and Friday,
onal in the field of law such as a lawyer, the    nen). The minimum waiting period currently            to 9 PM, Tiefparterre (max. 60 Tickets/Tag)
                                                                                                                                                         8 AM to 12 AM
Renters’ Association (Mietervereinigung), the     is at nine to twelve months for 1-, 2– and
                                                                                                           +43 316 872-5402 oder -5403
Chamber of Labor (Arbeiterkammer) or the          3– person households. 4– and more person                 +43 316 872-5409
                                                                                                                                                            +43 316 872-5423
                                                                                                                                                            +43 316 872-5409
Housing Information Center of the City of         households have to expect a waiting period     
Graz (Wohnungsinformationsstelle).                of 18–24 months.

20                                                                                                                                                                                                        21
                LIVING IN GRAZ
                                               REGISTERING ELECTRICITY, ­
     Mietervereinigung Steiermark              HEATING AND WATER
     Feuerbachgasse 1, 8020 Graz               Electricity, natural gas and central heating can
     Open hours: Monday to Thursday from       be registered or cancelled at “Energie Graz”,
     9 AM to 12 AM and 1 PM to 4 PM, Friday    at the Customer Service Center, Andreas-Hofer-
     from 9 AM to 12 AM
                                               Platz 15. Re-registration of your water supply:
        +43 50 195 43 00                       At Graz Holding, Water Supply Services.
                                               REGISTERING RADIO AND TV
                                                                                                  Foto: iStockphoto © ah_fotobox
     For members only!                         Cancel/Re-register your radio and TV/ca-
     Counseling by appointment only.           ble TV contracts compulsory TV license fee
     Arbeiterkammer Steiermark
                                               (GIS-Gebühren). In Austria a compulsory            LIVING TOGETHER PEACEFULLY                       to inform your neighbors in advance. Avoid
     Hans-Resel-Gasse 8-14, 8020 Graz          radio and TV license fee is charged. Please,       To be new in a city requires you to adapt to     having a BBQ on your balcony (because of
                                               register your radio and TV sets at the Radio       the new situation and make some changes          the heavy smoke). Please, do not park your
     Telephone consultations: Monday through
     Friday from 8 AM to 1 PM
                                               and TV License Information Center of the           in your life style. As a new tenant or as the    bicycles, strollers, etc. in the staircase. Separate
                                               Austrian Television- ORF (GIS – Gebühren           new owner of an apartment, you, too, need        your trash and use the respective trash cans
        +43 5 77 99 0                          Info Service des ORF). The application form        to adapt to the customs and common practice      (have a look at the information in paragraph
                                               can be downloaded online at                of the apartment building you are living in.     Garbage Management).
     Mieterschutzverband Österreich                                                               Please note that most apartment buildings
     Sparbersbachgasse 61/P, 8010 Graz                                                            have house rules (they usually are posted in     CONFLICT MEDIATION IN
     Open hours: Monday from 2.30 PM to                                                           the staircase of the building). Please abide     HOUSING ESTATES
     5 PM, Wednesday from 2.30 PM to 7 PM         Holding Graz Wasserwirtschaft                   by these house rules. Introduce yourself to      In order to successfully solve conflicts in
     and Friday from 9 AM to 11.30 AM.            Wasserwerkgasse 11, 8045 Graz                   your new neighbors when moving in- don’t         housing estates in a peaceful and satisfactory
     Counseling by appointment only.
                                                                                                  worry about language skills, your neighbors      way, you may turn to the Peace Office of the
                                                     +43 316 887-7272
        +43 316 38 48 30                                          will appreciate the gesture. Please note that    City of Graz and its "Community Mediation               all activities in the apartment, in the garden   Service – Nabas (Nachbarschaftsservice)".
                                                                                                  or the court yard which generate loud noise      This service supports and assists residents of
                                                  GIS – Gebühren Info Service des ORF
     Kundenservice-Center der Energie Graz                                                        (such as hammering, sawing, lawn mowing)
     Andreas-Hofer-Platz 15, 8010 Graz               +43 810 00 10 80 (Service Hotline)           as well as loud music are not allowed Monday           Information
                                                     Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 9 PM,
     Open hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday                                                       through Friday, from 7 PM to 7 AM, Saturdays
                                                     Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM
     and Friday from 7.30 AM to 3 PM,                               also from noon to 3 PM and on Sundays and           „Nachbarschaftsservice Graz“
     Thursdays from 7.30 AM to 6 PM.                                                                                                                  Friedensbüro
                                                                                  holidays all day long. Please respect the pe-
                                                                                                                                                      Keesgasse 6, 1st floor, 8010 Graz
        +43 316 8057-1857                         Anmeldeformulare erhalten Sie auch in den
                                                                                                  ace at night from 10 PM to 7 AM. If you are                           Servicestellen der Stadt Graz.                  having a party in your apartment or in your             +43 316 872-2180
                                                                                                  courtyard or garden, please, be so kind as

22                                                                                                                                                                                                  23
              LIVING IN GRAZ

housing estates in finding solutions to problems   GARBAGE MANAGEMENT
resulting from disputes between neighbors.         Garbage management is regulated by law in
The Community Mediation team, consisting           Austria. The focus is placed on garbage pre-
of four professional mediators is committed to     vention. The responsible handling of garbage
supporting you. The team helps to clarify the      is an essential contribution to the protection
                                                                                                    Foto: iStockphoto © ah_fotobox
circumstances of the conflict in an unbiased       of the environment and to sustaining natural
way, gives legal information, mediates bet-        resources. In the city of Graz you will find
ween the conflicting parties and refers them       garbage cans put up for the collection of the    • Light packaging material (yellow               the Garbage- and Environment Counseling
to other authorities, if necessary. You can call   following types of garbage:                         garbage can; for all packaging made            Service of the City of Graz (Abfall- und Um-
the “Conflict- Hotline” at Tel. +43 316 872-       • Residual waste (black garbage can; for           of plastic and composite material, textile     weltberatung) There the
2180 Monday through Thursday from 8 AM                broken dishes, broken glass, rubbish, cat        material, Styrofoam, wood, disposable          “Garbage Separation Leaflets” are available
to 3 PM and Friday from 8 AM to 12 noon.              litter, bones, dirty paper, diapers, broken      tabeleware, etc.)                              for download in 19 languages.
                                                      toys, vacuum cleaner bags, etc.)              • Metal packaging (blue garbage can;
CHECKLIST FOR MOVING HOUSE                         • Organic Waste (brown garbage can;                beverage- and food cans, pet-food cans,
On the following two pages you can find an            for vegetable- and fruit waste, dry foods,       paint cans and metall cover foils, etc.).
extensive list of all the tasks and bureaucratic      solid food leftovers, flowers, plants, cut
procedures that you need to consider and              grass, etc.)                                  Bulky garbage such as old mattresses, furni-           Information
take care of when organizing your moving           • Paper (red garbage can; for paper,            ture, bicycles, electric appliances and toxic
to a new apartment.                                   ­cardboard, newspapers, magazines,            substances (such as waste oil, batteries, etc.)      Holding Graz Abfallwirtschaft
                                                       books, paper files, etc.)                    have to be disposed of at the Recycling Cen-         Recyclingcenter
                                                                                                                                                         Apply for/order/change bio- and residual
SAVING ENERGY                                      • Glass packaging (green garbage can;           ter of the Holding (Sturzplatz). The cost per        waste bins; waste disposal charges
Cutting down on electricity and heating                for glass, separate the clear from the       entrance is: 4 Euro; load of up to 200 kg free
                                                                                                                                                         Sturzgasse 16, 8020 Graz
consumption spares your budget! Opting for             colored glass)                               of charge. Toxic waste can also be taken to
                                                                                                                                                             +43 316 887-7272
district heating (in part depending on your                                                         the Toxic Waste Express (Giftmüllexpress) of             +43 316 887-7117
income level) and solar energy system solutions                                                     the Holding Graz Waste Services (a mobile      
is subsidized by the City of Graz. You can find         Information                                 collection center for toxic waste). Information
                                                                                                                                                         Open hours: Monday through Friday from
detailed information on environment friendly                                                        on dates and the Toxic Waste Express at Tel.         7 AM to 5 PM, Saturdays, Sundays and
alternative energy options online at oekostadt.       Saving Energy                                 +43 316 872-4388. Further delivery points            Holidays from 8 AM to 6 PM. and also at the Energy Counseling                                                           are the fire at the fire brigade on Lendplatz,
                                                      Städtisches Umweltamt                                                                              Abfall- und Umweltberatung
Service (Energieberatung), Tel. +43 316 872-          „Energieberatung“                             at the fire brigade station Dietrichsteinplatz,      der Stadt Graz
4328. More information on the topic of district                                                     Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5                Schmiedgasse 26, 8011 Graz
heating can be found at the website of Energy            +43 316 872-4302                           PM, Saturday from 8 AM to 2 PM. For more
                                                                                                                           +43 316 872-4388
Graz (Energie Graz) online at:                               detailed information on garbage preventi-     
or at Tel. +43 316 80 57-9090.                                                                      on, -separation and -disposal you can call

24                                                                                                                                                                                                  25
             WHEN MOVING HOUSE

BEFORE MOVING                                    • If necessary: Set the actual moving date      • You may need to apply for a new special          versity of your change of address
• Cancel your current rent contract in ac-         and organize helpers, a moving van and           parking permit                                • Notify your office for alternative civilian
   cordance with the terms of the lease             sufficient transporting boxes                 • Have the change of address noted in              service of your change of address
• Clarify any refunds or takeovers of           • Inform your household insurance on the           your respective firearm pass (such as the     • Notify the respective military authorities
   ­furniture with the subsequent tenant            upcoming house moving in time (as the            gun license)                                     of your change of address (only if you
    (best in writing)                               moving process is normally covered by         • order/change order of organic and                are moving abroad)
• Read your meters- gas, electricity, water,       the household and liability insurance)           ­residual waste garbage cans                  • Change of address on your hunting and/
    heating (in your former and your new         • If necessary: Apply for a temporary no        • Re- register your dog, if you have one           or fishing license
    apartment!)                                     stopping zone so you will be able to load                                                      • Change of address on all certificates of
• Cancel district/gas heating and electricity      and unload the moving van/truck               NOTIFICATIONS                                       authority
    in your old apartment and re-register        • Collect all receipts of expenses related      • Notify your employer and/or the Public        • Cancel your registration with all ongo-
    those services.                                 to your moving so you can later deduct           Employment Service (AMS) of your chan-           ing subscriptions or inform them of the
• Cancel/Re-register your radio and TV/            them in your tax declaration                     ge of address                                    change of address (such as newspapers,
    cable TV contracts                           • Document the condition of your new            • Notify the Styrian Regional Health In-           journals, theatre, etc.)
• Cancel/Re-register telephone                     apartment before moving in (for instance         surance Fund (GKK) and your respective        • Notify all organizations, your doctors
    (land line)/internet                            by taking pictures)                              Pension Insurance Fund of your change            banks and libraries and services or shops
• Place a forwarding order at your local        • Ask for a final account of your rent pay-        of address                                       of which you are a member of your chan-
    post office                                     ments for the apartment you are vacating      • Notify your bank/insurance company               ge of address
• Apply for leave of absence for moving         • Cancel all standing orders for rent-,            of your change of your address. As far        • Notify the information service in charge
    with your employer                              utility-, and electricity payments for your      as the household insurance is concerned          of the compulsory license (GIS – Gebüh-
• Fix and appointment for the handover of          old apartment                                    make sure to inform them in time (at the         ren Information Service) to view Austrian
    the old and takeover of the new apart-                                                           latest when re-registering)!                     TV (ORF) of your change of address
    ment (incl. a record for each exchange)      CHECK LIST AFTER HAVING MOVED                    • Notify the tax authorities (Finanzamt) of
• For those who have a special parking          • Return the keys to your old apartment            your change of address                        TIP
    permit, do not forget to exchange it         • Cancel your former registration and re-re-    • Have your change of address noted in          This checklist is meant to be a guideline to
                                                                                                                                                   make moving easier and does not claim to be
• If necessary: Plan and coordinate renova-        gister at your new main residence                any deed of property ownership                complete. Information taken from the website
   tions in your old and/or new apartment        • Put name plates on your front door            • Notify your church of your change of (Date20.09.2016)
• If necessary: Contact and contract a          • Deregister- and re-register your car at the      address
   moving company to help you in moving             new address                                   • Notify your child care facility/school/uni-

26                                                                                                                                                                                             27
                WORKING IN AUSTRIA

 The Austrian labor market is based on many             staff member. The employer has to apply for
 laws. The most important rules and regulations         the pre-employment and employment permit
 regarding the Austrian labor market are:               and – jointly with the foreign employee – for
                                                        the employment permit as a key staff member.
 AUSTRIAN LABOR MARKET:                                 THE RED-WHITE-RED CARD
 • All women and men of Austrian citizens-             The Red-White-Red work permit card can
     hip, their spouses and children, as long as        be issued to:
     they are entitled to residence under the           • Highly qualified migrants
     Settlement and Residence Act (Niederlas-           • Skilled migrants in scarce occupations
    sungs- und Aufenthaltsgesetz).                         (defined according to demand)
 • All citizens of the following countries:            • Other highly qualified key staff members
    ­Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland                 • Foreign graduates
     , France, Greece, Great Britain and                Experts and qualified staff from Non-EU Mem-
     Northern Ireland, Irland, Island, Italy,           ber States can obtain permanent residence
     Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, the               and work in Austria through the Red-White-Red
                                                                                                            Foto: Istockphoto © lovro77
     Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden,             Card. However, for the migration of citizens
     Spain, Cyprus and Switzerland.                     from Non- EU Member States to Austria,
                                                        specific criteria in regard to the level of occu-   Card may also apply for residents‘ permits         CINT – CLUB INTERNATIONAL
 EXEMPT FROM THE AUSTRIAN                               pational qualification, work experience, age,       for their (immediate) family members. The          As a bilingual competence- and service center
 FOREIGNERS‘ EMPLOYMENT ACT                             level of German and English language skills,        family members then are eligible to a RWR-         for international key workers, specialists and
 ARE:                                                   prospective job offers and minimum income           Card Plus with unlimited access to the labor       their families, the CLUB INTERNATIONAL
 Refugees recognized under the Geneva Refu-             levels are assessed on a points-based system.       market in Austria.                                 supports its member companies and contri-
 gee Convention, migrants in the diplomatic or                                                                                                                 butes to the internationalization of Styria as
 consular service as well as lectures and rese-         T HE RED-WHITE-RED-CARD PLUS                       „PERMANENT RESIDENCE STATUS EU“                    a business location.
 archers in universities. A requirement for taking       It entitels its holders to right of permanent      Those who have held a residence permit for
 up gainful employment in Austria is a valid             residence and unlimited access to the labor        Austria for a minimum of five years, may apply
 certificate of residence. In addition to the settle-    market.                                            for a „Permanent Residence EU“. This status        Find further information at +43 316 601-759, cint.
 ment permit or the temporary residence permit,          Holders of the RWR- Card who in the period        entitles its holders to permanent residence        at and at the Federal Ministry of Work, Social
                                                                                                                                                               Affairs and Consumer Protection and
 one needs an employment permit (Arbeitsge-               of 12 months have been employed for at            and unlimited labor market access in Austria.      the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs
 nehmigung). This can be a pre-employment                 least 10 months, may apply for an upgrade         For this residence title applicants are required
 permit followed by an employment permit, an              to the RWR-Card Plus. Key staff members           to prove advanced German language skills
 employment permit alone or a license as a key            and highly skilled employees holding a RWR-       (certificate of B1 level).

 28                                                                                                                                                                                                             29
III                                                                                                   of employees and consumers in Austria and           plays an important role when entering the
                 WORKING IN AUSTRIA                                                                   provides information and advice on worker-          Austrian labor market. In order to better assist
                                                                                                      and consumer protection.                            and support clients in the challenging validita-
                                                                                                                                                          tion and recognition process, different service
                                                                                                      LABOR UNION (GEWERKSCHAFT)                          centers have been established. These service
 FINDING A JOB                                      NEWSPAPERS / UNSOLICITED JOB                      The Austrian Federation of Trade Unions (Ös-        centers offer multilingual and free of charge
 PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SERVICE (AMS)                    APPLICATIONS                                      terreichische Gewerkschaftsbund ÖGB) is             counseling on the recognition of professional
 The Austrian Public Employment Service             Most newspapers feature career sections           an umbrella organization of various smaller         qualifications to migrants living in Austria.
 ­(Arbeitsmarktservice AMS) is a public provi-      with a variety of job offers. You can always      craft unions (such as Public Service-, Building-,
  der of labor market related services and as       send your application on your own initiative      Wood- or Private Sector unions). It represents      I n Graz the organization ZEBRA with its service
  such is responsible for counseling in the field   to a company in which you would like to be        the interests of wokers and employees, but           center AST (Anlaufstelle) provides information
  of work, assisting jobseekers as well as admi-    employed.                                         also of those retired, unemployed or still in        on recognition processes of qualifications
  nisterin and paying unemployment insurance                                                          training. The ÖGB also has a function in the         and professions obtained abroad. Further
  benefits. The Careers Information Center of       ONLINE- JOB PLATFORMS                             negotiation of new laws and bills concerning         information also at:,
  the AMS provides information on career and        The numerous online job listing platforms assu-   labor issues as well as collective agreements,, anlaufstelle-anerkennung.
  education opportunities, job offers as well as    me more and more importance in finding a job.     (Kollektivverträge). The monthly membership          at aca-
  tips and tricks for the right choice of career.   Europe-Wide Job Search                            fee is 1% of the gross income. For apprentices,      demic_mobility/enic_naric_austria
                                                    The European Job Mobility Portal EURES            pupils, students, unemployed, etc. special
 If you are looking for work or are still in        assists job seekers to find placement in EEA      agreements are in effect. More detailed in-         SELF- EMPLOYMENT/REGISTERING
 employment, but facing unemployment,               countries.                        formation can be found at                  A BUSINESS
 do not hesitate to turn for counseling and                                                                                                               If you want to become self- employed in Aus-
 assistance to the regional AMS service cen-        REPRESENTATION OF THE INTERESTS                   WORKS COUNCIL (BETRIEBSRAT)                         tria, you can get counseling provided by the
 ter competent for your place fo residence          OF EMPLOYEES                                      In any company of at least 5 eligible employees     Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer).
 as soon as possible. More detailed and             CHAMBER OF LABOR (ARBEITERKAMMER):                (irrespective of their citizenship status) a work   In Austria you may only operate a business
 important information can be found at       The Chamber of Labor represents the interests     council may be elected. The works council           with a valid business license. The extract of
                                                                                                      represents the interests of the employees at        the trade register serves as evidence of the
                                                                                                      company level with respect to their employers.
                                                                                                      A works council levy which serves to cover the
        Information                                                                                   costs of representation is deducted automati-             Information
                                                                                                      cally from the employees’ salaries. This levy
      AMS AusländerInnenfachzentrum                 AMS Graz West und Umgebung                                                                               Arbeiterkammer Steiermark
                                                                                                      must not exceed 0.5 % of the gross income.
      Niesenbergergasse 67-69, 8020 Graz            Niesenbergergasse 67-69, 8020 Graz                                                                       Hans-Resel-Gasse 8-14, 8020 Graz
                                                                                                      Staff Representatives (Personalvertretung): In
      Open hours: Monday through Thursday from         +43 316 70 80-0                                the public sector, staff representatives take the         +43 5 77 99 0,
      7.30 AM to 3.30 PM, Friday 7.30 AM to 1 PM       +43 316 70 80-190                              place of works councils.
                                                                                                                                                             ÖGB Region Graz
         +43 316 70 80-0                            AMS Graz Ost                                                                                             Karl-Morre-Straße 32, 8020 Graz
         +43 316 70 80-590                          Neutorgasse 46, 8010 Graz                         RECOGNITION OF PROFESSIONAL                                                                                                                                  +43 316 70 71
                                                                                                      QUALIFICATIONS                                        +43 316 70 80-0                                                                                
                                                       +43 316 70 80-190                              For skilled workers from foreign countries the  
                                                                                                      recognition of qualifications acquired abroad

 30                                                                                                                                                                                                      31
               WORKING IN AUSTRIA

 business license. You will have to decide which    REINTEGRATION
 will be the ideal legal structure for your busi-   INTO THE LABOR MARKET
 ness, clarify whether you need a business- or      The bbs – Employment Services Steier-
 an operating license, find out how to finance      mark inter-connects non-profit organiza-
 your business investments, etc.                    tions all over Styria which are dedicated
 Which requirements you need to fulfill and         to reintegrate long-term unemployed per-
 which documents you need for registering a         sons and/or members of difficult-to-pla-
                                                                                                      Foto: Foto Fischer
 business can be found out at the municipal         ce social groups into the labor market.
 Office for Commerce and Trade Procedures
 (Referat Gewerbeverfahren) of the Service          EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT
 Center for Citizens Graz as well as at the         When you are employed by a company, your
 Consultancy Service for Start-Ups at the           employer is obligated to give you a contract                                                         dent-, pension- and unemployment insurance
 Chamber of Commerce Steiermark (gruen-             of employment as documentary evidence and                                                            and you will receive the E-Card from your                                    proof of your rightful employment. It has to                                                         regional insurance fund. With the E-Card you
                                                                                                            ZEBRA, ­Anlaufstelle AST
                                                    state the name and address of the employer              Counseling on appointment only!              have access to all health insurance benefits.
 EMPLOYMENT OF PUPILS,                              and the employee, the date of beginning of              Granatengasse 4, 4th floor, 8020 Graz        Self- employed women and men have to sign
 ­STUDENTS AND YOUNG ADULTS                         the employment, the duration of the notice                                                           up the Social Insurance Company for Trade
                                                                                                                  + 43 316 83 56 30
  Children and young adults in Austria enjoy a      period, the amount of income, the date on                        and Commerce (Sozialversicherungsanstalt
  high level of protection and this is why chil-    which the salary has to be paid, the amount                                     für Gewerbliche Wirtschaft). This compulsory
  dren are not allowed to work. Young adults,       of working hours per week as well as the                                                             insurance as well includes pension-, health-,
                                                                                                            BürgerInnenamt, Gewerbeverfahren
  however, may learn a profession after having      amount of vacation time per year. Independent           Schmiedgasse 26, 8011 Graz,                  and accident insurance as well as a self-em-
  completed at least nine years of compulsory       contractors are entitled to an independent              Council Office (Amtshaus), 4th floor         ployed pension scheme. For more information
  schooling. Young adults who are recognized        contractor agreement. Contracts of apprenti-                                                         see chapter “Health Care.”
                                                                                                                  +43 316 872-5230
  refugees and who want to learn a profession       ceship always have to be concludet in writing.      
  do not need any special permit. In Austria        Contracts of employment can be temporary                                                             WORKING HOURS, VACATION
                                                                                                            Open hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  men and women have equal right to educa-          or open-ended.                                          7.30 AM to 1 PM, there are no office hours
                                                                                                                                                         In Austria the standard working hours for
  tion and vocational training and exercising a                                                             on Tuesday and Thursday                      full time employment are 8 hours per day
  profession. Women and girls are allowed to        INSURANCE                                                                                            and 40 hours per week. Apart from full time
                                                                                                            Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark
  train in technical and manual professions and     Prior to the commencement of work, employers                                                         employment, there are many other schemes of
  to practice them. Many students and pupils        are obliged to sign up their employees with the         Körblergasse 111-113, 8010 Graz              working time such as part-time-, marginal- or
  would like to earn their own money during         social insurance and pay employers‘ insurance                                                        seasonal employment contracts. Employees
                                                                                                                  +43 316 601-600
  their training. Detailed information on such      premiums. As employee you are entitled to           
                                                                                                                                                         are entitled to a minimum of 25 working days
  possibilities can be obtained at the AMS (see     a copy of the registration. Under the social                             of vacation per year. This also applies to
  page 28 for contact data).                        insurance you are covered by health-, acci-                                                          parttime or marginal contracts. There is no

 32                                                                                                                                                                                                 33
                 WORKING IN AUSTRIA

 legal claim to supplementary payments in the     income tax and have to file an income tax
 form of a 13th or 14th salary. The claim only    return. Based on the tax regulations of the
 exists, in the case that such payments have      year 2012, the tax-free base income is limi-
 been contractually agreed on.                    ted to 12,000 Euro per year for employees
                                                  and 11,000 Euro per year for self-employed
 TAXES                                            enterpreneurs.
 Anybody who has his/her legal residence in
 Austria has to pay tax on all income. In order   NOTICE OF TERMINATION
 to avoid double taxation from income gained      With a notice of contractual termination the
 abroad, the Double Taxation Convention           employer may dissolve a contract of indeter-
 (Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen) was agreed          minate duration.
 between EU- and EEA- Member States have to       Contracts of determinate duration may only be
 be income tax which is taken out of the gross    dissolved early, if the termination is mutually
 salary by the employer and is paid directly to   agreed on by both parties, the employer and
 the tax authority. Through filing an employee    the employee. Notice periods and termination
 tax assessment, one may reclaim over-paid        dates are stated in your work contract or in
 taxes. Self- employed women and men pay          the collective agreement applicable to you.


      Finanzamt Graz-Stadt                        bbs – Beschäftigungsbetriebe
      Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße 14-18,         Steiermark
      8010 Graz                                   Keesgasse 3, 2. Stock,
                                                  8010 Graz
         +43 316 881-538                         

                                                                                                         Foto: iStockphoto © fzant
 34                                                                                                 35
IV                                                                                                   cards). At the tobacco store you can buy tickets     Bicycle Station at Graz Central Train Station
                                                                                                     in advance: tickets valid for 1 hour, 24 hours, 1    (south of the main entrance) you can leave
                                                                                                     week and multiple trip tickets. Tickets valid for    your bicycle in a secured area or rent a bike
                                                                                                     6 months or a full year may only be bought at        to explore the city (Tel. +43 664 61 73 874,
                                                                                                     the Mobility Center (Mobilitätszentrum) (see
                                                                                                     below). The tickets cost the same, no matter
                                                                                                     whether you buy them on the bus, in the tram         DRIVING
                                                                                                     or at the tobacco store.                             Driver’s License: in order to drive in Austria you
                                                                                                                                                          need to hold a valid driver’s license. If your
                                                                                                     There are many different reduced ticket options:     driver’s license was issued in an EU- member
                                                                                                     Eligible for reductions are pupils, students and     state or in an EEA- country, it is valid in Austria,
                                                                                                     apprentices as well as senior citizens (60 years     too. You do have the option of having it reis-
                                                                                                     and older depending on the income. Family            sued as Austrian driver‘s license. If you are a
                                                                                                     pass holders may obtain tickets at reduced           third country national and you have registered
                                                                                                     price; Graz residents may buy the „Graz              your main residence in Austria, you have to
Foto: Joel Kernasenko
                                                                                                     ticket“ at reduced price.                            have your driver‘s license reissued within the
                                                                                                     Students who register their main residence in        period of six months. In the process you may
                                                                                                     Graz are granted a mobility check (Mobili-           have to take the practical driving test again.
TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORT:                                                                               tätsscheck) worth 30 to 40 Euro per semester.
                                                                                                     Information on any other requirements students
                                                                                                                                                          You may need a certified German translation of
                                                                                                                                                          your driver’s license or an international driver’s
CARS, PARKING, BICYCLES                                                                              have to meet in order to be eligible for the         license. For more detailed information, please,
                                                                                                     mobility check, where to apply for it and how        contact the Traffic Department at the Police
Graz is a “City of Short Distances“: You can        even after midnight. On the bus you may buy      to use it can be found online at – Traffic   Directorate Graz (Landespoliziedirektion).
run most errands on foot, especially in the inner   your 1 hour- or 24 hour-ticket (in cash) with    (Verkehr). More detailed information online
city. In this way you not only save money, but      the driver. In trams you may buy tickets valid   at
also safeguard the environment and stay fit!        1 hour, 24 hours, 1 week or 1 month at the                                                                  Information
If you cannot walk or do not want to walk,          ticket machine (accepts coins, bills and bank    BICYCLE RIDING
you have the following options:                                                                      Graz has an excellent network of bicycle                Abteilung für Verkehrsplanung
                                                                                                                                                             Europaplatz 20, 8th floor, 8020 Graz
                                                                                                     paths (about 120 km). The “Graz Bicycle
PUBLIC TRANSPORT – BUSES AND                             Information                                 Map” (Radkarte Graz) showing all bicycle                    +43 316 872-2881
TRAMS                                                                                                paths and bicycle routes can be picked up         
Graz has a tightly knit network of means of            Mobilitäts- und Vertriebscenter               free of charge at “Mobil Zentral”, Jakomi-
public transport- please see the Public trans-         Jakoministraße 1, 8010 Graz                   nistraße 1, at the Graz Tourist Center (Graz            Landespolizeidirektion Steiermark
port- network map and the folder on ticket                                                           Tourismus), Herrengasse 16, at the Bicycle              Parkring 4, 8010 Graz
                                                       Open hours: Monday through Friday from
prices included in your "New in Graz"-Box.             8 AM to 6 PM, Saturday from 9 AM to1 PM       Station at the Central Train Station (Haupt-            Office hours: Monday through Friday
The “Graz Lines” are taking you by bus and                                                           bahnhof) and at the Department for Traffic              from 8 AM to1 PM
                                                          +43 316 887-4224
tram to every corner of the city from 5AM to                                                         Planning (Abteilung für Verkehrsplanung),
                                                                                                                                 +43 316 059 133 60-6211
12PM. On Friday and Saturday the busses of                                  Europaplatz 20. Tel. +43 316 872-2882,            
the “Nightline” will take you safely back home                                                       E-Mail At the

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