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   40            13              8           1
Campuses Countries Summer Head
                   Camps Office

                Salamanca                                            Barcelona

                Madrid                                                Valencia


                Cadiz                                                   Malaga

WHILE COMBINING                                                                                            Cuba
40 TOP CAMPUSES                                                                                    Santiago de Cuba
                                                  Mexico                                                               Dom. Republic
32 DESTINATIONS ALL YEAR ROUND                    Guanajuato                                                                       Sosua
                                                                                                    Guatemala              Santo Domingo
8 SUMMER CAMPS                                    Oaxaca
                                                  Playa del Carmen                                           Antigua
                                                                        Costa Rica
                                                                        Santo Domingo de Heredia                               Colombia
Enforex provides you with a truly unique                                                                                              Bogota
                                                                                                                           Cartagena de Indias
opportunity! Our 40 campuses are located
in the liveliest, most important Spanish-                                    Quito

speaking cities in Spain and Latin America,
giving our students the opportunity to live an                  Cusco
authentic Spanish immersion experience. Mix
and match different locations, get to know                      Sucre
different regions, accents, and traditions, and
create an amazing life experience.
                                                                Santiago de Chile
You can jump from one destination to another                               Argentina                                    Montevideo
without missing classes and at no extra                                    Cordoba
                                                                           Buenos Aires
cost. Discover new places by combining 32
destinations with the same teaching method.

Contact us:
T. +34 915 94 37 76

“We inspire students of all ages and nationalities to achieve their dreams
through education and unique experiences.”
Since 1989

Study Spanish in
Spain or Latin America

Alicante, Barcelona, Granada,
Madrid, Malaga, Marbella,           Intensive Spanish 10                            -
Salamanca, Seville, and Valencia
All destinations                    Intensive Spanish 20                            All destinations
                                                                                    Argentina, Chile, Colombia,
All destinations                    Intensive Spanish 25
                                                                                    Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, and Mexico
All destinations                    Super Intensive Spanish 30                      All destinations
All destinations                    DELE Exam Preparation 20                        Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico
All destinations                    DELE Exam Preparation 30                        -
All destinations                    Siele Exam Preparation 30                       Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico
Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga,          Business Spanish and Madrid Chamber of
Salamanca, Seville, and Valencia    Commerce Exam Preparation
All destinations                    Private Classes                                 All destinations
Madrid                              Internship Program                              Argentina and Chile
                                                                                    Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa
-                                   Volunteer Program
                                                                                    Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru
Madrid, Malaga, Salamanca, and
                                    Spanish Teachers’ Training Lab                  Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico
                                    Pathways Program
Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga                                                       -
                                    University Exam Preparation | PAU/PCE
                                                                                    Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador,
All destinations                    Gap Year
                                                                                    Peru, Guatemala, and Bolivia

Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga,
                                    Cultural Immersion International Summer Camps   -
Marbella, Salamanca, and Valencia

Barcelona, Granada, Madrid,
                                    Junior Program                                  -
Malaga, Salamanca, and Valencia
Alicante, Malaga, Marbella,
                                    Spanish for 50+                                 Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico
Salamanca, Tenerife, and Valencia
Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga,
                                    Family Program                                  -
Marbella, Salamanca, and Valencia
All destinations                    Customized Group Program                        Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico
Barcelona, Granada, Madrid,
Malaga, Salamanca, Tenerife,        Winter Break                                    Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico
1. PERSONALIZED                                                      5. AN UNFORGETTABLE LIFE EXPERIENCE

  Our flexible programs start any Monday all year round and can        Studying Spanish is much more than taking classes; it is an
  be personalized to your interests and needs. You will be able to     unforgettable life experience. Explore a new country, its culture,
  build your own perfect course by choosing when, where, and           and its customs while mingling with locals. Stroll through its
  how to study by combining 32 destinations in 13 countries. You       streets, shop in local food markets, and enjoy the spirited
  will also be able to personalize your accommodation by choosing      nightlife. Boost your experience while combining different
  from four different ways to feel at home, away from home.            destinations without missing classes.

2. INTERACTIVE | SMALL GROUP CLASSES                                 6. INTERNATIONAL | 80 +

  In our small classes range from 6 to a maximum of 12 students,       During your stay with us you will share your language travel
  which allows for greater in-class participation and interaction.     adventure and experience with other students from over 80
  Our diverse faculty is made up of enthusiastic professionals         nationalities. Discover a new culture, language, and country
  with excellent academic qualifications and proven experience.        together and make friendships that will last a lifetime.
  Your language success is their motivation. Our weekly cultural
  workshops will have up to 15 students per class.

3. TOP DESTINATIONS | 32 +                                           7. STUDENT-CENTERED

  Our schools are located in the lively, central neighborhoods of      We take a personalized, student-centered approach to
  the best Spanish-speaking locations worldwide. Choose among          education where both students and teachers are actively
  13 different countries and 32 locations. Every one of our            engaged in the learning environment. Our experienced
  schools is located in the heart of the city and boasts modern        and motivated teachers are trained in different teaching
  interiors, social spaces, and a welcoming staff.                     methodologies to respond to the learning needs of each
                                                                       one of our students.

4. ACCREDITED                                                        8. COMPLETE SERVICE | 24 H

  Our schools meet the highest standards of excellence and are         We know that studying abroad is an adventure where you will
  recognized by the most respected organizations worldwide,            create unforgettable memories. That’s why we offer a wide
  including the Instituto Cervantes, which has accredited all our      range of diverse and engaging activities and excursions in all
  Enforex schools in Spain and Latin America. We offer official        our schools.
  university credits for our Intensive Spanish Program in over         Our helpful staff is always available to provide travel details,
  200 universities worldwide.                                          arrange accommodation and airport transfers, and assist with
                                                                       visa issues.
Enforex is the leading Spanish Language Institute with 32 destinations worldwide.        OUR VALUES
                         Embark on your language journey, discover new countries, accents, and traditions, and       Leadership
                                             have an amazing life experience combining different destinations.       Teamwork

                 Embark on
                 your language journey
                 TAKE YOUR SPANISH                          STUDY IN YOUR AGE GROUP              TAKE YOUR SPANISH
                 COURSE IN SPAIN                                                                 COURSE IN LATIN AMERICA

                 Intensive Spanish Courses                  Summer Camps 5-18           12       COSTA RICA

                     ◦ Intensive Spanish 10 Program    6                                         Santo Domingo de Heredia         24
                                                            Junior Program 14-18        12
                     ◦ Intensive Spanish 20 Program    6                                         ECUADOR
                                                            In Your Fifties 50+         13
                     ◦ Intensive Spanish 25 Program    7
                                                                                                 Quito                            25
                     ◦ Intensive Spanish 30 Program    7
                 DELE Exam Preparation                 8
                                                            CULTURAL IMMERSION                   Guanajuato | Oaxaca              26
                 SIELE Exam Preparation                8
                                                            INTERNATIONAL SUMMER                 Playa del Carmen                 27
                 Business Spanish | Madrid                  CAMPS IN SPAIN                       ARGENTINA
                 Chamber of Commerce
                                                            Junior Program              12       Buenos Aires | Cordoba           28
                 Exam Preparation                      8

                                                            Enforex Camps               14       BOLIVIA
                                                                                                 Sucre                            29
                                                            LIVE, LEARN, AND EXPLORE
                 Private classes                       9                                         Santiago de Chile                29

                 Internship Program                    9    Activities and Excursions   16       COLOMBIA

                                                            Mediterranean and Spanish   17       Bogota | Cartagena de Indias     30
                 Family Program                       13
                 Spanish Teachers’ Training Lab       11
                                                            Winter Break                17       Havana | Santiago de Cuba
                 Customized Group Programs            11
                                                            Flamenco | Latin dances     17       Trinidad                         30

                                                            Ski and Snowboard           17       DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
                 LONG-TERM                                                                       Santo Domingo | Sosua            31
                                                            Scuba Diving                17
                 ACADEMIC PROGRAMS
                                                            Golf | Tennis               17
                 Pathways Program                                                                Antigua                          31
                 University Exam Preparation          10    Yoga                        17
                 Gap Year                             10                                         Cusco                            32
                                                            OTHER FEES                           URUGUAY
                 ACCOMMODATION                              Airport Transfer            20       Montevideo                       32

                 Homestay, Student Residence          18    Other Services              21       APPLICATION FORM                 33
                 Shared Student Apartment,                  National and Local Spain
                 Private Apartment                    19    Holidays                    21       GENERAL CONDITIONS               35

                 Find the most updated version online at:

Updated 21/01/2020                                                                                                  5
  Live the Spanish language in Spain

                                   10 classes per week
                                                                                               20 classes per week

      Application fee € 35
                                   All destinations in Spain*                                  All destinations in Spain
                 -                 ALICANTE | BARCELONA | GRANADA | MADRID                     ALICANTE | BARCELONA | CADIZ | GRANADA
                                   MALAGA | MARBELLA | SALAMANCA                               MADRID | MALAGA | MARBELLA | SALAMANCA
                                   SEVILLE | VALENCIA                                          SEVILLE | TENERIFE | VALENCIA
      Small groups of 6 to
                                   *Except Cadiz and Tenerife
  maximum 12 students
     The Spanish culture and
 conversation workshops have a
max. of 15 students per workshop   INTENSIVE 10                                                INTENSIVE 20
                                   If you don’t have much time but learning Spanish or         This course is designed for students who want to begin
           Each class
                                   improving your level is one of your priorities, Enforex     communicating as quickly as possible and are eager to
                                   makes it easy for you. With fewer hours of class each       experience the culture of their chosen destination first
       lasts 55 minutes
                                   day, this program is ideal for combining with other         hand.
      (Except Cadiz 45 min.)
                -                  activities. Each day you will have 2 hours of interactive   You will leave feeling more confident, with improved
                                   Spanish classes with students on the Intensive 20           overall communications skills, fluency in Spanish, and
            All levels
                                   course, after this you can use your free time to explore    complete independence.
                                   the city and practice your Spanish with the locals. This
 (A1-Beginner to C2-Superior)                                                                  This program is available for levels from complete
               -                   program is available for levels from elementary (A2) to
                                                                                               beginner (A1) to superior (C2).
                                   advanced (C1).
       Start any Monday
           Year-round              10 GROUP CLASSES PER WEEK                                   20 GROUP CLASSES PER WEEK
                                   Course duration                            PRICE PER WEEK   Course duration                                           PRICE PER WEEK

        Class Schedule:            1-4 weeks                                          € 120    1-4 weeks                                                            € 175
       morning or afternoon        5+ weeks                                           € 110    5+ weeks                                                             € 165
                                   12+ weeks                                          € 105    12+ weeks                                                            € 155
          Written and                                                                          Cadiz: Intensive 20 not available in high season (28/6-12/9).
                                                                                               Tenerife: € 20 supplement per week (all year round).
         oral level test

                                   LONG-TERM ACADEMIC COURSES                                  LONG-TERM ACADEMIC COURSES
 Certificate of attendance
        and completion             12 weeks                                         € 1,260    12 weeks                                                           € 1,860
                                   16 weeks                                         € 1,680    16 weeks                                                           € 2,480

       Minimum age 14              24 weeks                                         € 2,520    24 weeks                                                           € 3,720
        (Cadiz and Tenerife        32 weeks                                         € 3,360    32 weeks                                                           € 4,960
         minimum age 17)
                 -                 Extra week                                         € 105    Extra week                                                           € 155

         Textbook and
        study materials                                                                        + Personalize your course
         € 35 per level
                                                                                                                    Add to your Intensive 20 Spanish Program
       (Cadiz first textbook
           is included)                                                                        5 Weekly Private One-to-One classes*                                 € 150

                                                                                               10 Weekly Private One-to-One classes **                              € 350
                                                                                               *Special price only valid when combining with a Spanish course and
                                                                                                reserved and paid in advance. **Specialized Private One-to-One classes
                                                                                                (example: Business Spanish, Medical Spanish, Legal Spanish, etc.) available
                                                                                                at an additional fee of 15%.

  6                                                                                                                                                    Updated 21/01/2020
Start any Monday all year round. Average 6 students per class, maximum 12.
                                                                    Enforex is the only institution in the Spanish-speaking world that offers you the possibility
                                                                                      of combining 32 unique destinations with the same academic curriculum.
                                                                      Our proven teaching methodology is based on interactive classes and practical learning.
                                                                           Our Intensive Spanish Courses can be taken by themselves or complemented with
                                                                                                 additional or customized classes to meet your academic needs.

20 classes per week + 5 Spanish culture and
                                                                                  20 classes per week + 5 Spanish culture and
conversation workshops                                                            conversation workshops + 5 semi-private
                                                                                                                                                                 Accredited by
All destinations in Spain                                                         All destinations in Spain                                                      Instituto Cervantes
ALICANTE | BARCELONA | CADIZ | GRANADA                                            ALICANTE | BARCELONA | CADIZ | GRANADA
MADRID | MALAGA | MARBELLA | SALAMANCA                                            MADRID | MALAGA | MARBELLA | SALAMANCA
SEVILLE | TENERIFE | VALENCIA                                                     SEVILLE | TENERIFE | VALENCIA

INTENSIVE 25                                                                      SUPER INTENSIVE 30
This course is perfect for students looking to make solid                         Learn Spanish with a combination of group classes,
and quick progress in Spanish. You will be able to                                semi-private classes, and culture workshops to get all                         Combine different locations
combine 20 interactive Spanish lessons per week with                              the benefits of each type of learning environment and                          at no extra cost.
5 extra Spanish culture and conversation classes. You’ll                          further your knowledge of both the language and the
                                                                                                                                                                 All our schools use the same
benefit from a personalized and student-centered                                  culture. Start your Super Intensive 30 program and
                                                                                                                                                                 academic teaching method
approach to education where teachers and students are                             discover everything you can gain from learning Spanish,
                                                                                                                                                                 in 32 destinations at the same price.
actively engaged in the learning experience.                                      no matter what your level is.

This program is available for levels from complete                                This program is available for levels from complete
beginner (A1) to superior (C2).                                                   beginner (A1) to superior (C2).

25 GROUP CLASSES PER WEEK                                                         30 GROUP CLASSES PER WEEK

Course duration                                           PRICE PER WEEK          Course duration                                           PRICE PER WEEK

1-4 weeks                                                            € 195        1-4 weeks                                                            € 305
5+ weeks                                                             € 185        5+ weeks                                                             € 295

12+ weeks                                                            € 175        12+ weeks                                                            € 285
Cadiz: € 35 supplement per week in high season (28/6-12/9).                       Cadiz: € 35 supplement per week in high season (28/6-12/9).
Tenerife: € 20 supplement per week (all year round).                              Tenerife: € 20 supplement per week (all year round).

LONG-TERM ACADEMIC COURSES                                                        LONG-TERM ACADEMIC COURSES

12 weeks                                                           € 2,100        12 weeks                                                           € 3,420

16 weeks                                                           € 2,800        16 weeks                                                           € 4,560

24 weeks                                                           € 4,200        24 weeks                                                           € 6,840

32 weeks                                                           € 5,600        32 weeks                                                           € 9,120

Extra week                                                           € 175        Extra week                                                           € 285     CONDITIONS

                                                                                                                                                                 Course break available
                                                                                                                                                                 One week off for every
+ Personalize your course                                                         + Personalize your course                                                      4 weeks of course taken;
                     Add to your Intensive 25 Spanish Program                                                                                                    1 week of advance notice
                                                                                               Add to your Super Intensive 30 Spanish Program
                                                                                                                                                                 is required.
5 Weekly Private One-to-One classes*                                 € 150        5 Weekly Private One-to-One classes*                                 € 150

10 Weekly Private One-to-One classes **                              € 350        10 Weekly Private One-to-One classes **                              € 350
*Special price only valid when combining with a Spanish course and                *Special price only valid when combining with a Spanish course and
 reserved and paid in advance. **Specialized Private One-to-One classes            reserved and paid in advance. **Specialized Private One-to-One classes
 (example: Business Spanish, Medical Spanish, Legal Spanish, etc.) available       (example: Business Spanish, Medical Spanish, Legal Spanish, etc.) available
 at an additional fee of 15%.                                                      at an additional fee of 15%.

Updated 21/01/2020                                                                                                                                          7
Enforex is recognized by the Instituto Cervantes as an accredited center where students can take the CCSE, DELE,
                                                           and SIELE exams. Enforex also collaborates with the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Madrid.

                                      CERTIFY YOUR SPANISH LEVEL
                                      Official Exam Preparation Course

               AVAILABLE IN
                          DELE 20
          All destinations in Spain
                                                                                          PASS RATE

                         DELE 30

          All destinations in Spain


          All destinations in Spain

                                      DELE EXAM PREPARATION COURSES                                             SIELE EXAM PREPARATION
                                      DELE Spanish Diplomas are granted by the Instituto                        SIELE stands for International Spanish Language
                                      Cervantes in the name of Spain’s Ministry of Education.                   Evaluation Service and certifies your degree of Spanish
       Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga,     DELE certifies test takers’ level of understanding and                    proficiency through technological means with four
   Salamanca, Seville, and Valencia   command of the Spanish language. It is an official exam                   tests: reading comprehension, listening comprehension,
                                      of great value for students who want or need to obtain an                 written expression and interaction, and oral expression
                                      official certificate for universities and citizenship tests. Our          and interaction. It is an exam directed towards students
                                      DELE Exam Preparation Courses will give you the skills                    and professionals around the world. SIELE is promoted
                                      you need to pass the exam. There are 6 levels, from A1 to                 by the Instituto Cervantes, the National Autonomous
                                      C2, and you decide which level you wish to be examined                    University of Mexico, the University of Salamanca, and
                                      on. The results confirm whether you have passed or failed                 the University of Buenos Aires. You can get ready for the
                                      the exam. Each exam consists of four sections: listening,                 official exam with our SIELE Exam Preparation Course.
                                      reading, writing, and speaking. Tests are taken on paper at               The exam is scored on a scale of 1000 points (there is no
                                      our facilities. The certification does not expire. Exams are              pass or fail result), which officially certifies your level of
                                      usually offered 5 times a year.                                           Spanish from A1 to C1. The certification is valid for five
           OFFICIAL DELE                                                                                        years. Tests are taken on computers at our facilities, all
         EXAM DATES 2020
                                                                                                                year round, upon request.
                                      DELE 20
    14/2 (A2), 17/4 (A1-C1), 16/5                                                                               DETAILS
                                      Certify your Spanish level. Enroll in our Intensive DELE 20
     (A1-C2), 10/7 (A2-C1), 11/9      preparation course and ensure your success.                               Start dates: Any Monday, year-round. Level: All levels.
               (A2), 2/10 (A2-B2),                                                                              Exam dates: All year round. Group size: min. 3 - max. 12
                                      START DATES 2020                                                          students. Minimum age: 18. Exam and registration fees are
                   14/11 (A1-C2)
                                      Courses are offered 2 or 4 weeks before the official exam                 not included.
                                      dates. 2-week course: February 3, April 6, May 4, June 29,
                                                                                                                                             ALL DESTINATIONS IN SPAIN
                                      August 31, September 21, November 2. 4-week course: January
       HOW TO FORMALLY                20, March 23, April 20, June 15, August 17, September 7,                            20 GROUP SPANISH CLASSES + 10 PRIVATE SIELE CLASSES
            SIGN UP FOR               October 19.
         THE DELE EXAM                                                                                          1 week                                                   € 490
       Exam and registration fees     Group size: min. 3 - max. 12 students. Level: A2 to C1.                   BUSINESS SPANISH | CHAMBER OF
                are not included      Minimum age: 16.
                                                                    ALL DESTINATIONS IN SPAIN                   COMMERCE EXAM PREPARATION
  To formally sign up for the exam,
registration and payment must be                                       20 GROUP DELE CLASSES/WEEK               Get ready for the Business Spanish and Madrid Chamber
completed at least 10 weeks prior                                                                               of Commerce Exam with our 10-class preparation
 to the exam date, at the following   2 weeks                                                   € 490
                                                                                                                program. The exam is organized in collaboration with the
                           website:   4 weeks                                                   € 980           University of Alcala. This certificate is internationally
                                                                                                                recognized for Business Spanish and gives you an edge in
   We can help you by phone with                                                                                the corporate world.
 the registration procedure within    DELE 30
    the stipulated deadlines: € 30.   Add 10 Private DELE Preparation Classes to your Intensive                 DETAILS
                                      20 Spanish Program. This tailor-made program will give you                Start dates: 1st Monday of each month, year-round. Group
            DELE exam fees 2020       the opportunity to focus fully on the specific areas you wish to          size: min. 3 - max. 12 students. Required level: B2. Minimum
                                      improve upon.                                                             age: 18. Exam: Students can take the exam when taking 4
                                                                                                                weeks of Business Spanish Classes. Exam and registration
           A1= € 108, A2= € 130,      DETAILS
                                                                                                                fees are not included.
           B1= € 160, B2= € 190,      Start dates: Any Monday. Group size: min. 3 - max. 12
           C1= € 205, C2= € 220       students. Level: All levels. Minimum age: 16.                                                     BARCELONA | MADRID | MALAGA
                                                                    ALL DESTINATIONS IN SPAIN                                          SALAMANCA | SEVILLE | VALENCIA

                                                20 GROUP SPANISH CLASSES + 10 PRIVATE DELE CLASSES                                                    10 GROUP CLASSES/WEEK

                                      1 week                                                    € 490           1 week                                                   € 350

   8                                                                                                                                                          Updated 21/01/2020
                                         Private classes                                                  Work experience

               AVAILABLE IN

               PRIVATE CLASSES

          All destinations in Spain



                                         PRIVATE CLASSES                                                  INTERNSHIP PROGRAM
                                         Private classes are carefully crafted and tailored to your       Gain experience and learn Spanish in a professional
                                         goals, needs, interests, and learning style. It’s designed       environment. Choose an internship in a specific
                                         for those who want to learn to communicate in Spanish            professional field with a company or organization in
                                         with ease at their own pace. They are a great way to             Spain. You can apply exclusively for the internship or
                                         improve specific areas, like pronunciation, reading              combine it with one of our Spanish language courses.
                                         comprehension, and vocabulary.                                   Internship candidates must have a minimum B1 superior
                                                                                                          level to be eligible.
                                         Private One-to-One classes
                                         DETAILS                                                          Fields where placement is offered:
                                         Start dates: Any weekday. Flexible schedule. Personalized        Hospitality, Marketing, Customer Care, Web
                                         curriculum. Class duration: 55 minutes per class. Level: All     Development, Graphic Design, Public Relations
                                         levels. Schedule in the morning or afternoon, to be confirmed
                                         with the school before or upon arrival.

                                                                      ALL DESTINATIONS IN SPAIN           PROGRAM DETAILS
                                                                        PRICE PER WEEK (55 MIN. /CLASS)
                                                                                                          Intensive Spanish 20 or 25 Program
                                         1 Private One-to-One class                                € 40
                                                                                                          1st Monday of each month, year-round
                                         5 Private One-to-One classes                             € 185
                                                                                                          Required level: B1
                                         10 Private One-to-One classes                            € 350

                                         20 Private One-to-One classes                            € 640   Minimum age: 18

                                         + Additional Private class                                € 32   Training, evaluation, assessment, and professional orientation

                                                                                                          It is mandatory to take out insurance against accidents
                                         Semi-Private classes
                                         Start dates: Any weekday. Schedule to be confirmed with the
              Specialized Private
                                         school before or upon arrival. Level: All levels.
              One-to-One classes
                                         Group size: min. 2 - max. 3 students.                                                                                MADRID*
   Classes are held at our facilities.                                 ALL DESTINATIONS IN SPAIN                                                       PRICE PER PROGRAM
        Should you be interested in
                                                                        PRICE PER WEEK (55 MIN. /CLASS)
         classes outside the school                                                                       4-week Intensive Spanish 20 Program plus
       or classes applied to specific    1 Semi-Private class                                      € 30   8-12 weeks of Internship                               € 1,695
      sectors (for example, medical
                                         5 Semi-Private classes                                   € 140   4-week Intensive 25 Spanish Program plus
      or business Spanish, or other
                                                                                                          8-12 weeks of Internship                               € 1,775
   special tailor-made private one-      10 Semi-Private classes                                  € 260
     to-one classes), a surcharge of                                                                      Internship of 8 to 12 weeks without
                                         20 Semi-Private classes                                  € 480   a Spanish course                                          € 995
                15% will be applied.
                                         + Additional Semi-Private classes                         € 24   Extra week Spanish course or Internship                   € 195

             Semi-Private classes                                                                         *Ask us for availability in other destinations.
                                         Tutorial One-to-One Online classes
       All students must have the
                                         Available online. Ideal for students who have already
               same Spanish level,
                                         studied with us and want to keep up their Spanish skills after
      take the class together, and
                                         returning home.
                   arrive together.
             Prices are per person.                                     PRICE PER WEEK (55 MIN. /CLASS)

                                         1 Online Private class                                    € 40

Updated 21/01/2020                                                                                                                  9
                                  Pathways Program                                              Study Abroad

            AVAILABLE IN


 Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga

                    GAP YEAR

  All destinations in Spain and
  Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador,
Peru, Guatemala, and Bolivia in
                 Latin America

                                  UNIVERSITY EXAM PREPARATION                                   GAP YEAR
                                                                                                Did you just finish high school and still aren’t sure what to
                                  “PAU/PCE” stands for “Prueba y Acceso a la Universidad,”
                                                                                                do next? No matter which stage of life you are in, taking a
                                  or “University Entrance Exam,” and it is one way of gaining
                                                                                                break can be a wise decision and the best way to invest in
                                  entrance to the Spanish higher education system. The
                                                                                                your personal growth and develop soft skills like empathy,
                                  exam takes place in June and consists of a series of tests
                                                                                                flexibility, and leadership.
                                  covering a variety of subjects such as Spanish language
                                  and literature, history, a foreign language, and geography.   Explore the Spanish-speaking world and discover its
                                  An Enforex course counselor will be available to give you     cultural diversity and linguistic heritage by combining
                                  personalized attention.                                       19 destinations in Spain and Latin America with one
                                                                                                academic program.
                                  To apply for our course, you will need to have a high-
                                  intermediate or advanced level of Spanish (B2 to C2).
                                                                                                PROGRAM DETAILS

                                                                                                Intensive Spanish 20 Program.
                                    In addition to preparing you for the PAU/PCE Exam,
                                    we will also guide you through the admissions               Level: All levels. Start dates: Any Monday.
                                    process to a Spanish university.                            Duration: Study a semester, academic year, or customize your
                                                                                                language journey.

                                                                                                An Enforex certificate of completion certifying your entire
                                  DETAILS                                                       academic program

                                  Level: B2-C2.                                                 Destinations: Combine 19 top destinations in Spain and Latin
                                  START DATES
                                                                                                A 2-week DELE exam preparation course.
                                  January or October             BARCELONA AND MALAGA           A 1-hour mentoring session every 4 weeks.
                                  February or September                              MADRID     Modern and strategically located facilities.
                                                                                                Volunteering program in Latin America (included in Costa
                                                                               BARCELONA        Rica, Ecuador, or Mexico).

                                                             25 GROUP PAU/PCE CLASSES/WEEK      One full day weekend excursion every 4 weeks.

                                  34-week program | October to May                    € 7,155   The application fee is charged only once.

                                  22-week program | January to May                    € 5,805   CRAFT YOUR OWN LANGUAGE JOURNEY

                                                                                    MADRID      A dedicated Enforex course counselor will be helping you
                                                                                                organize every stage of your language journey. While you
                                                             20 GROUP PAU/PCE CLASSES/WEEK
                                                                                                are on site our local staff members can help you with any
                                  36-week program | September to May                  € 6,345   questions or concerns. Contact us for your personalized
                                                                                                assessment at
                                  15-week program | February to May                   € 4,995

                                                                                                                                        ALL DESTINATIONS
                                                                                                                              INTENSIVE SPANISH 20 PROGRAM
                                                             20 GROUP PAU/PCE CLASSES/WEEK
                                                                                                Combine 19 destinations              Spain     Latin America
                                  34-week program | October to May                    € 6,885
                                                                                                12 weeks                          € 2,350              $ 3,100
                                  22-week program | January to May                    € 5,400
                                                                                                24 weeks                          € 4,650              $ 5,995

                                                                                                32 weeks                          € 5,950              $ 7,750
                                  More information:
10                                                                                                                                             Updated 21/01/2020
                                    Spanish Teachers’ Training Lab                                    We work together

              AVAILABLE IN

                 TRAINING LAB

      Madrid, Malaga, Salamanca,
                    and Valencia

                     PROGRAMS                                                                                                      Combinez des cours d’espagnol
                                                                                                                                 avec toutes les activités culturelles,
        All destinations in Spain                                                                                                voyages, excursions de votre choix!

                                    SPANISH TEACHERS                                                  CUSTOMIZED GROUP PROGRAMS

                                    The program for Spanish teachers is specifically                  At Enforex we design personalized Spanish Immersion
                                    designed for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language            Programs for groups of six or more students.
                                    (ELE) who would like to expand upon and update their
                                                                                                      We have worked with teachers and professors from
                                    knowledge of foreign language teaching methodologies
                                                                                                      over 400 high schools and over 250 universities from
                                    and resources. Participants will increase their
                                                                                                      all around the world, and we are the provider of many
                                    pedagogical expertise by discussing methodological
                                                                                                      governmental and other official institutional programs
                                    topics, such as how to teach grammar and vocabulary,
                                    how to integrate culture into the lessons, and how
                                    to plan a class integrating new technologies; and by              Our academic programs are completely customizable
                                    observing different Spanish language classes and                  and can be combined with special cultural events, tours,
                                    reviewing other related issues that will inevitably enrich        excursions, trips, different types of accommodations,
                                    their classrooms back home.                                       activities, and anything else that will make your group´s
                                                                                                      experience abroad unforgettable!
                                    PROGRAM DETAILS

                                    20 group sessions (each lasting 55 minutes) about different
                                    aspects of Spanish teaching methodology. Participants will           Our special Customized Group Programs Division is at
                                    present their projects in the final session.                         your disposal to help you in any way we can.
                                                                                                         We look forward to sending you a personalized proposal
                                    10 observation hours in immersive Spanish language classes
                                                                                                         adapted to your budget and needs.
                                    of varying levels and content.
                                                                                                         Please contact
                                    Readings and references about Spanish teaching and the
                                    European key competences for foreign language teachers.
                                                                                                      PROGRAM DETAILS
                                    Feedback from the teacher on the required final project
                                    presented by the participant.                                     Personalized and 100% FLEXIBLE

                                                                                                      32 top destinations to combine
                                    Access to workrooms at the center, with Wi-Fi, for individual
                                    work.                                                             Top facilities in the best locations

                                    Access to the free activities organized by the center during      Open or closed group classes
                                    the course.
                                                                                                      Minimum 6 students
                                    Course completion certificate
                                                                                                      Excursions and activities included

                                                                                                      Accommodation adapted to individual needs (homestay,
                                    DETAILS                                                           student residence, student apartments, or hotel)

                                    Group size: min. 4 - max. 16 students.                            Airport transfer service
                                    Required level: C1.                                               Supervision 24/7
                                    Start date: 6/7 and 20/7.
                                    Required class attendance: 85%.                                   We work with the best prices and quality
                                    Target students: Spanish Language Teachers                        Personalized attention

                                              MADRID | MALAGA | SALAMANCA | VALENCIA                     Free: Accommodation and activities for 1 group leader
                                                                                                         for every 8 to 15 students, 2 group leaders for every 30
                                     20 GROUP CLASSES + 10 HOURS OF OBSERVATION + MENTORING
                                                                                                         students, and 3 group leaders for every 45 students.
                                    2 weeks                                                   € 550

Updated 21/01/2020                                                                                                                  11
                                    Summer Camps 5-18                                                   Junior Program 14-18

              AVAILABLE IN

         SUMMER CAMPS 5-18

     Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga,
Marbella, Salamanca, and Valencia


   Barcelona, Granada, Madrid,
Malaga, Salamanca, and Valencia
                                                                                 More information
                                                                                          page 14

                                    CULTURAL IMMERSION                                                  JUNIOR PROGRAM 14+
                                    INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMPS 5+
                                    JUNE, JULY, AND AUGUST | AGES 5 TO 18                               JANUARY, JUNE, AND JULY | AGES 14 TO 18
                                    RESIDENCE, DAY CAMP, HOMESTAY                                       ALL-INCLUSIVE PROGRAM | WEEKLY ACTIVITIES
                                    ENGLISH OR SPANISH CLASSES                                          100% INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS

                                    Our international summer camps create a supportive,                 Specially designed for teens who want to combine
                                    friendly, and diverse environment where students open               learning a second language and discovering a new
                                    their minds and immerse themselves in a new culture                 culture.
                                    and language.
                                                                                                        Our Junior Program brings young people aged 14 to 18
                                    Our camps bring students together to create a truly                 together from all over the world. It is all-inclusive
                                    global community where differences are celebrated.                  (course + accommodation), with supervision during the
                                    60% of our student body is comprised of Spanish                     classes and cultural activities and in the accommodations.
                                    students and 40% of international students                          Students can stay with host families in a homestay or in
                                    representing over 80 nationalities.                                 our residences with a shared double or triple room and
                                                                                                        full board. In addition to supervised activities, teens will be
                                    Our innovative and proven teaching methodology based
                                                                                                        able to enjoy some independence and free time to explore
                                    on cooperative and project-based learning provides for
                                                                                                        their destination with new friends.
                                    a fun, interactive, and effective way to learn Spanish or
                                    English. Sports, workshops, activities, and excursions              START DATES

                                    are included in the camps experience.                               January 5                BARCELONA | GRANADA | MADRID | MALAGA

                                                                                                        June 21                            BARCELONA | GRANADA | MADRID
                                    Students also have the opportunity to explore their                                                               MALAGA | VALENCIA
                                    interests in optional courses covering a variety of                 July 5 and July 19                             ALL DESTINATIONS
                                    topics from robotics, or creativity to debate and public            August 2                   GRANADA | MADRID | MALAGA | VALENCIA
                                    speaking, yoga, or theater. Optional sports lessons are
                                    also available. We offer three different summer camps
                                                                                                        Level: All levels. Group size: Min. 3- max. 15 students.
                                    experiences: students can stay at our camps overnight,
                                    come just for classes and activities during the day, or             ALL-INCLUSIVE: Intensive Spanish 20 Program, full board,
                                    stay with a local family.                                           accommodation in student residence or homestay, textbook,
                                                                                                        3 afternoon activities per week, and 1 full day weekend
                                    All options include 24-hour supervision.                            excursion every 2 weeks.


                                           20 lessons per week, accommodation, full board, sports,           GRANADA | MALAGA | SALAMANCA | VALENCIA
                                        activities, workshops, excursions, 4 meals/day, books, study    2 weeks                                                    € 1,395
                                                    materials, health insurance, 24-hour supervision.
                                                                                                        4 weeks                                                    € 2,495
                                    START DATES                                                         Extra week                                                  € 725
                                    June 21                                        MADRID | MALAGA      Extra 10 hours of Spanish classes per week*                 € 250

                                    June 28, July 5, and July 19                   ALL DESTINATIONS                                            BARCELONA | MADRID

                                    August 2 and August 16             BARCELONA BEACH | MALAGA         2 weeks                                                    € 1,495
                                                                       MARBELLA ELVIRIA | VALENCIA
                                                                                                        4 weeks                                                    € 2,695
                                                                                                        Extra week                                                  € 775
                                    Level: All levels. Age: 5 - 18.                                     Extra 10 hours of Spanish classes per week*                 € 250
                                    Group size: Average 8 - max. 15 students.                           *Small groups of maximum 5 students.

 12                                                                                                                                                     Updated 21/01/2020
Spanish for 50+                                                     Families with children aged 5-18

                                                                                                                                              AVAILABLE IN

                                                                                                                                              SPANISH FOR 50+

                                                                                                                                              Alicante, Malaga, Marbella,
                                                                                                                                              Salamanca, Tenerife, and
                                                                                                                                              Valencia in Spain and
                                                                                                                                              Costa Rica, Ecuador, and
                                                                                                                                              Mexico in Latin America

                                                                                                                                              FAMILY PROGRAM

                                                                                                                                              Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga,
                                                                                                                                              Marbella, Salamanca, and
 IN YOUR FIFTIES 50+                                                FAMILY PROGRAM

 This program has been designed to offer you a complete             This completely customizable program is for families of
 language and cultural immersion at a pace that is                  all sizes and interests who wish to improve their Spanish
 right for you. This time in your life can provide magical          or English levels in Spain.
 travel opportunities, letting you live thoroughly new
                                                                    Design your own program to strike the perfect balance
 experiences and continue to learn.
                                                                    between language study, leisure, and family time. While
 Our 2-week program is a motivating combination of                  the youngest family members are busy living a truly
 Spanish classes and a rich, integrated cultural program.           international adventure in our summer camps, spreading
                                                                    their wings with our Junior Program, or taking advantage
 Choose from different destinations and signature                   of one of our intensive courses, parents are free to follow
 local experiences and fiestas.                                     their own path. Choose any of our group classes, one-
                                                                    to-one classes, or private classes just for the two of you.
 START DATES                                                        At the end of the day, the whole family can dive into the
                                                                    local culture together and enjoy Spain’s enviable climate,
 February 17                                            TENERIFE
                                                                    acclaimed gastronomy, and Mediterranean beaches.
                                        World-Famous Carnival
                                                                    Our specialized course counselors will ensure all your
                                                                    needs are met. They can help organize special services,
 March 9                                               Las Fallas   like childcare*, family activities, excursions, and more!
 October 12                             Mediterranean Lifestyle     We also offer various premium accommodation options.
 March 30                                               MALAGA
                                                                    Let us know how you envision your ideal family vacation
                                      Experience Semana Santa
                                                                    in Spain, and we’ll make it happen.
 May 11 and October 12                                SALAMANCA
                                       Culture and Architecture

 June 1                                                MARBELLA
                                   Spanish Fiesta - San Bernabé

 November 9                                            ALICANTE     PROGRAM DETAILS

                                       Savor the Mediterranean
                                                                               BARCELONA | MADRID | MALAGA | MARBELLA
                                                                                                SALAMANCA | VALENCIA

                       ALICANTE | MALAGA | MARBELLA                 All year round. Summer camps are only offered during the
                     SALAMANCA | TENERIFE | VALENCIA                months of July and August.

  20 GROUP SPANISH CLASSES + 3 CULTURAL ACTIVITIES PER WEEK         Completely customizable program
 2 weeks                                                  € 680
                                                                    Intensive Spanish courses with 10, 20, 25, or 30 classes per week

 DETAILS                                                            Wide range of accommodation options
 Level: All levels.
                                                                    Parents can have their children aged 5-18 attend day camp or
 Group size: Minimum 3 students.                                    residential summer camps during summer months. During the
 Includes: 20 group Spanish classes plus 3 cultural                 year we can arrange day care options for the little ones*.
 activities per week.
                                                                    Family activities and excursions
 These programs are also available at our schools in Costa
                                                                    *Childcare service is offered upon request and subject to availability.
 Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico. For more information, see
 pages 24-27.

Updated 21/01/2020                                                                                                                       13
Ages 5-18
                                       Cultural Immersion Summer Programs in Spain

                                       INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMPS
                                       JUNE, JULY, AND AUGUST | MIXED WITH 60% SPANISH STUDENTS | ALL-INCLUSIVE

               AVAILABLE IN

               Barcelona, Madrid,
                Malaga, Marbella,
          Salamanca, and Valencia

                                       Live an unforgettable experience with Spanish students
                                       Summers at Enforex are always fun and full of life. For the past 30 years we have organized international summer
                                       programs and camps for children and teenagers, creating unforgettable experiences. Our camps help create lifelong
                                       friendships between campers from around the world. 60% of our student body is comprised of Spanish students and
                                       40% of international students representing over 80 nationalities. All campers experience a true linguistic immersion
                                       while developing interpersonal skills and enjoying activities of all kinds.

                                       DESTINATIONS, DATES AND PRICES
                                                                  BARCELONA BARCELONA     MADRID      MALAGA     MARBELLA       MARBELLA          MARBELLA SALAMANCA VALENCIA
                                                                    BEACH    CENTRO                               CENTRO         ELVIRIA*          CHAPAS

                                        AGES                        5 - 17     14 - 18     5 - 18     12 - 17     14 - 18     5 - 13    14 - 18    14 - 17     5 - 18       12 - 17

                                        1-WEEK SESSION:
                                                                                             P           P
                                         a. June 21 - June 27
                                          b. June 28 - July 4         P           P          P           P           P          P                     P           P            P
                                        2-WEEK SESSION:
                                          c. July 5 - July 18         P           P          P           P           P          P                     P           P            P
                 * Marbella Elviria:
           in July ages 5 to 13 and       d. July 19 - August 1       P           P          P           P           P          P                     P           P            P
            in August ages 5 to 18.       e. August 2 - 15            P                                  P                      P          P                                   P
                                          f. August 16 - 29           P                                  P                      P          P                                   P
       ** The option of adding an
   extra week is not guaranteed.
      For information about the         Residence                     P          P           P          P            P          P         P          P           P             P
   availability of adding an extra      Homestay                                 P           P                       P                                           P             P
    week, please check with our
                                       OVERNIGHT RESIDENCE CAMP OR HOMESTAY PROGRAM
                     Head Office.
                                        1 week                         € 995      € 995       € 995      € 895       € 995      € 795     € 795       € 795       € 795         € 895
        Purchasing the daily camp       2 weeks                      € 1,690    € 1,690    € 1,690     € 1,590      € 1,690 € 1,490 € 1,490         € 1,490     € 1,490       € 1,590
          bus service is mandatory
                                        4 weeks                      € 3,190    € 3,190    € 3,190     € 2,890      € 3,190 € 2,690 € 2,690         € 2,690     € 2,690       € 2,890
           for homestay programs.
Transportation during weekends          6 weeks                      € 4,750               € 4,750     € 4,290                € 3,990                                         € 4,290
 is not available. Please note that     Extra week **                  € 995      € 995       € 995      € 895       € 995      € 795     € 795       € 795       € 795         € 895
    students will have to find their   All-inclusive: 20 classes per week, accommodation, full board, activities, workshops, excursions, 4 meals/day (except in Marbella Centro and
     own means of transportation       Valencia which include 3 meals/day), books, study materials, health insurance, sports, 24-hour supervision.
   to attend weekend activities at     Level: All levels. Average: 8 students per class. Maximum: 15 students per class. 1 lesson= 45 min.
                          the camp.    DAY CAMP (from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
                                        2 weeks                     € 755      € 755      € 755       € 755        € 755     € 755      € 755      € 755       € 755         € 755
                                        Extra week                  € 395      € 395      € 395       € 395        € 395     € 395      € 395      € 395       € 395         € 395
                                       Level: All levels. Average: 8 students per class. Maximum: 15 students per class. 1 lesson= 45 min. The only meal provided is lunch.
                                       Students can participate in the activities and excursions organized on the weekends at an additional cost. Please note that students will
                                       have to find their own means of transportation to attend weekend activities at the camp.

                                       LANGUAGE COURSE ONLY (from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)
                                        2 weeks                     € 390      € 390      € 390       € 390        € 390     € 390      € 390      € 390       € 390         € 390
                                        Extra week                  € 195      € 195      € 195       € 195        € 195     € 195      € 195      € 195       € 195         € 195
                                       Level: All levels. Average: 8 students per class. Maximum: 15 students per class. 1 lesson= 45 min.

14                                                                                                                                                                   Updated 21/01/2020
“The best part for me was being able to meet people
                                                                                                   from all over the world in one place.
                                                                               I learned more Spanish in two weeks than in my whole
                                                                                                      life in school classes back home.”
                                                                                                          William . United Kingdom . 10 years old



                                                                                                                                                                  20 lessons per week,
                                                                                                                                                                  accommodation, full board,
                                                                                                                                                                  sports, activities, workshops,
                                                                                                                                                                  excursions, 4 meals/day,
                                                                                                                                                                  books, study materials,
                                                                                                                                                                  health insurance, 24-hour

   OPTIONAL SPORTS                                   SESSIONS / 2 WEEKS
                                                                                          OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES                               SESSIONS / 2 WEEKS

   Soccer                                                                                 Robotics                                      12 sessions       € 200
   Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, and     16 sessions          € 250                Madrid, Marbella (Las Chapas and Elviria)
                                                                                          Creativity                                    12 sessions       € 200
   Tennis                                                                                 Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, and Salamanca
                                                12 sessions          € 200
   Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, and Salamanca
                                                                                          Modern Dance                                  12 sessions       € 200
   Paddle Tennis                                                                          Malaga and Marbella
                                                12 sessions          € 200
   Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, and Salamanca
                                                                                          Theater                                       12 sessions       € 200
   Horseback Riding                                                                       Malaga and Marbella
                                                12 sessions          € 250
   Madrid, Marbella, and Salamanca
                                                                                          Yoga                                          12 sessions       € 200
   Golf                                         18 sessions          € 500                Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, and Salamanca
                                                                                          Entrepreneurship and Leadership
   Swimming                                                                                                                             12 sessions       € 250
                                                  8 sessions         € 100                Barcelona Centro, Madrid, Marbella Centro,
   Marbella (Las Chapas and Elviria)
                                                                                          and Valencia
   Sailing and Water Sports                                                                                                                    SESSIONS / WEEK
   Sailing, Standup Paddleboarding,
   Windsurfing, and Canoeing**                    8 sessions         € 200                Semi-private Intensive Spanish*               10 sessions       € 300
   Barcelona                                                                              All Camps

   Sailing                                                                                *Maximum 5 students per class. Sessions are in the afternoon.
                                                12 sessions          € 200

   Windsurfing and Standup Paddleboarding*
                                                  8 sessions         € 200

   * The choice of activities will depend on weather conditions.
   ** Students can enjoy 8 hours of water sports combining 2 hours of                                      DETAILS OPTIONAL SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES:
   sailing (Optimist boat), 2 hours of windsurfing, 2 hours of canoeing, and
   2 hours of standup paddleboarding each 2 weeks.                                           The number of sessions per day and the duration of each
                                                                                                 session may vary depending on the sport or activity.

        TRANSFER from airport/ bus or train station
        Airport transfer one way                                                € 85

        Camp bus (Mon-Fri) daily transfer for 2 weeks
        (optional; mandatory for homestay programs). Min. 6 students.
        Pick-up and drop-off at bus stops (no door-to-door service).

        Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella                                    € 195
        Round-trip shuttle from/to Madrid
        Madrid airport/city to Malaga, Marbella, Valencia, or Salamanca
        (Please check conditions before planning your trip)                    € 150
        For more transfer options and other services                      page 20

        OTHER FEES
        Application fee                                                         € 35
        Study materials                                                   Included
        Uniform (optional)
        5 T-shirts, 1 sweatshirt, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 baseball cap            € 100
        Day camp weekend activities per day                                    € 100
        Extra night                                                             € 65

Updated 21/01/2020                                                                                                                                           15
         AVAILABLE IN            Included
                                 SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AND
     All destinations in Spain

                                 Get a real cultural immersion experience
                                 by joining Enforex school activities and

                                 Learning a new language is also about
                                 discovering the culture which surrounds
                                 it. That’s why Enforex organizes plenty of
                                 afternoon and weekend cultural activities
                                 and excursions at all of our destinations.

                                 You’ll live the city in a unique way while
                                 getting an authentic look into how locals
                                 use the language in their daily lives. The
                                 activities and excursions organized may vary
                                 depending on the time of year.

                                 SOME EXAMPLES

                                 • Adventure experiences
                                 • Day and weekend excursions
                                 • Tapas and wine tastings
                                 • Cultural activities
                                 • Walking tour
                                 • Museums (Reina Sofia, Prado Museum,
                                    Figueras, Dalí Museum, Thyssen,
                                    Archaeology Museum, etc.)
                                 • Camp Nou, Bernabeu soccer stadiums
                                 • Afternoon activities
                                 • Sports

                                 To find out more about what we will offer
                                 during your stay, contact us for prices and

16                                                                              Updated 21/01/2020
Join a vibrant and diverse community of students who live
                                                                                            their Spanish language journey to the fullest. At Enforex we
                                                                                               organize great extracurricular activities every week that
                                                                                            are offered to all of our students. In addition to our planned
                                                                                             events, you can book other incredible experiences with us.


                                                                 MEDITERRANEAN AND
                                                                 SPANISH COOKING
                                                                 BARCELONA | GRANADA
                                                                 MALAGA | SALAMANCA


                                                                 Start date: Any Monday, year-round.
                                                                 Level: A2 to C2.                                    FLAMENCO | LATIN DANCES
                                                                 Includes: 10 classes per week.                      ALL DESTINATIONS

               SKI AND SNOWBOARD - Upon request                  PRICE
               GRANADA | Sierra Nevada         February 10-14    2 weeks                                    € 395
                                                                                                                     Start date: Any Monday, year-round.
                                                                                                                     Level: All levels.
                                                                                                                     Includes: 3 or 8 classes per week.
                                                                                                                     There is a minimum of three students required
                                                                                                                     to offer the course. Please note: students may
                                                                 GOLF | TENNIS                                       need to purchase flamenco shoes.

                                                                 MARBELLA                                            PRICE

                                                                                                                     1 private class                             € 50
                                                                                                                     3 group classes per week                € 125
                                                                 Start date: Any Monday, year-round.
                                                                                                                     8 group classes per week                € 300
                                                                 Level: All levels.
                                                                 Includes: 10 classes per week (5 tennis or golf
                                                                 classes + 5 practice classes).
                                                                 Clubs, rackets, and balls are provided.

                                                                                                                     WINTER BREAK IN SPAIN
                                                                 PRICE                                               BARCELONA | GRANADA | MADRID | MALAGA
               SCUBA DIVING
                                                                 1 week                                     € 330    SALAMANCA | TENERIFE | VALENCIA

               DETAILS                                                                                               Brighten up your Winter Break with the sun of
                                                                                                                     the Mediterranean while you learn Spanish in a
               Start date: Any Monday, year-round. Level:                                                            new country and discover a different culture.
               All levels. PADI Dive Master: Not available for
               students under 18. PADI qualification required.
               Students are required to provide a medical                                                            DETAILS
               document (issued in their country of origin)
                                                                                                                     Start date 2020
               certifying that they are fit to perform the       MADRID | MARBELLA
                                                                                                                     1-week course: December 21 and 28
                                                                 Practice yoga while you learn Spanish with us.      2-week course: December 21
               PRICE                                             This program is offered for all expertise levels.
                                                                                                                     Level: All levels.
               2 weeks                                                                                               Group size: Min. 3 students.
                                                                                                                     Includes: 20 group Spanish classes plus 3
               PADI Open Water
                                                       € 495     Start date: Any Monday, year-round.                 special cultural activities per week.
               beginner or advanced
                                                                 Includes: 4 classes per week.
               PADI Rescue Dive                        € 695                                                         PRICE

               3 weeks                                           PRICE                                               1 week                                      € 215

               PADI Dive Master                        € 855     1 week                                     € 175    2 weeks                                     € 430

Updated 21/01/2020                                                                                                                   17

                                         STUDENT HOUSING
          Available in
     All destinations in Spain

 Arrival/Departure time
     From Sunday to Saturday

     Shared apartments and
 residences: a 10-15 min. walk
       from the school.

  Host families: a maximum of
  15 minutes from the school in
small cities and 30 minutes in big
cities, either walking or by public
                                         HOMESTAY                                                                             STUDENT RESIDENCE

                                         Bed linens, blankets, towels, Wi-Fi, and laundry                                     Wi-Fi, bed linens, towels, meals, weekly cleaning, and
      Private bathroom                   service once a week are included. Some host families                                 welcome amenities are included. Kitchen and laundry
 Available upon request, subject         offer a bag lunch instead of a sit-down meal at home.                                facilities available.
  to availability (charges apply).
 Double rooms have one private                                                                                                Enjoy your stay with other international students.
 bathroom for both roommates.
                 -                                                                                            PER WEEK                                                                           PER WEEK

                                            GRANADA | SALAMANCA                                                                  GRANADA* | SALAMANCA
         Special diets
     If you have any dietary             Double room, half board                                                      € 165   Double room, breakfast                                                 € 189
restrictions (lactose intolerance,
                                         Double room, full board                                                      € 185   Double room, half board                                                € 219
 vegan, gluten-free, etc.) just let
       us know in advance.                                                                                                    Double room, full board                                                € 249
                                         Single room, half board                                                      € 195
  Available in host families and
residences upon request, for an          Single room, full board                                                      € 219   Single room, breakfast                                                 € 219
        additional charge.
                                                                                                                              Single room, half board                                                € 249
                                                                                                                              Single room, full board                                                € 279
                                                                                                                              * Private bathroom included in Granada. The bathroom is shared by two people.
       Additional days
  There is a maximum of three
    extra days available upon               ALICANTE | SEVILLE | VALENCIA
request, for an additional charge
                                         Double room, half board                                                      € 189
   and subject to availability.
      The cost of an entire              Double room, full board                                                      € 209
 week will be charged if you stay
four or more days (not applicable        Single room, half board                                                      € 219      MALAGA | SEVILLE | VALENCIA
     to private apartments).
                                         Single room, full board                                                      € 239   Double room, breakfast                                                 € 239
                                                                                                                              Double room, half board                                                € 269
            Deposit                                                                                                           Double room, full board                                                € 299
    When staying in a student
  residence or shared student               CADIZ* | MALAGA | MARBELLA                                                        Single room, breakfast                                                 € 299
   apartment a € 150 security                                                                                                 Single room, half board                                                € 329
    deposit must be must be              Double room, half board                                                      € 209
  paid upon arrival (via Visa or                                                                                              Single room, full board                                                € 359
                                         Double room, full board                                                      € 229
Mastercard) and will be returned
at the end of your stay, provided        Single room, half board                                                      € 239
  there are no damages to the
     residence or apartment.             Single room, full board                                                      € 259
                 -                       *Double rooms in Cadiz only available for two students traveling together.

                                                                                                                                 BARCELONA | MADRID
Combine different cities for free.                                                                                            Double room, breakfast                                                 € 249
You will receive a free overnight           BARCELONA | MADRID | TENERIFE
 stay (Saturday-Sunday) when
                                                                                                                              Double room, half board                                                € 289
    combining destinations.              Double room, half board                                                      € 229   Double room, full board                                                € 319
                                         Double room, full board                                                      € 259   Single room, breakfast                                                 € 299
                                         Single room, half board                                                      € 259   Single room, half board                                                € 339
                                         Single room, full board                                                      € 289   Single room, full board                                                € 369

18                                                                                                                                                                                      Updated 21/01/2020
Feel at home in the world. Live like a local.                                          Student Residence and
                                                       We offer four kinds of accommodations to our students: Homestay,                                                 Shared Student Apartment
                                                     student residence, shared student apartment, and private apartment.                                                ✓✓ Mix of nationalities
                                                                                                                                                                        ✓✓ 100% satisfaction guarantee
                                                                                                                                                                        ✓✓ Top locations in the heart of
                                                                                                                                                                           each city

                                                                            Wi-Fi         10-25 minutes       100%        Welcome     Special diets     Bedding and
                                                                       Internet access   from the school   Satisfaction   amenities    available      towels included

                                                                                                                                                                        OTHER SERVICES
                                                                                                                                                                        AND FEES

                                                                                                                                                                        Extra night in homestay, student
                                                                                                                                                                        residence, and shared student
                                                                                                                                                                        apartment (double or single room)
                                                                                                                                                                        € 45/day

                                                                                                                                                                        Private bathroom
                                                                                                                                                                        (double or single room)
                                                                                                                                                                        Included in Granada residence
                                                                                                                                                                        € 55/week

                                                                                                                                                                        Special diets (e-g. lactose intolerance,
SHARED STUDENT APARTMENT                                                                        PRIVATE APARTMENT                                                       vegan, gluten-free)
                                                                                                                                                                        € 15/week
Wi-Fi, bed linens, access to a fully equipped kitchen,                                          Our private apartments, in the heart of each
and welcome amenities are included. Towels, meals,                                              destination, are a great option for those looking for
and cleaning services are not included. All shared                                              more privacy and a relaxed environment.
student apartments are close the school and reflect
                                                                                                They are located near Enforex schools and are
Enforex’s high quality standards.
                                                                                                perfectly furnished and equipped with bed linens and
                                                                       PER WEEK                 towels. We recommend private apartments especially
   ALICANTE | CADIZ* | GRANADA | MALAGA                                                         for those traveling with their partners or families;
   MARBELLA | SEVILLE | SALAMANCA                                                               they are the perfect way to feel at home from the
   TENERIFE | VALENCIA                                                                          minute you get to Spain.
                                                                                                                                                                        A double room for individual use is
Double room                                                                  € 109
                                                                                                                                                                        available upon request at an additional
Single room                                                                  € 169                                                                                      charge of 35% of the single room price.
                                                                                                For more details please contact us:
High season supplement                                                        € 45    
                                                                                                                                                                          20% off
 Alicante 13/6-16/8/2020                     Seville        4/4-10/5/2020
 Cadiz          28/6-12/9/2020               Tenerife 15/2 -1/3/2020                            PLEASE NOTE:                                                            Triple rooms are available in student
                                                                                                An exact price quote will be given when consulting specific             apartments and residences when 3
 Marbella 13/6-16/8/2020                                    27/6-30/8/2020                                                                                              students are traveling together; they are
                                                                                                availability. This type of accommodation has special/
*Double rooms in Cadiz only available for two students traveling together.                                                                                              available at 20% off the double room price
                                                                                                additional conditions. Full payment must be completed at the            per student. This discount does not apply
   BARCELONA | MADRID                                                                           time of booking, and in case of cancellation no refund or credit        to high season supplemental charges.
                                                                                                towards the purchase of other products will apply.
Double room                                                                  € 139
Single room                                                                  € 199

             Long stay discounts | per month
   Students who stay for a minimum of 6 months with
    Enforex will have special prices when staying in a
              shared student apartment.


Double room                                                     € 410/ month

Single room                                                     € 570/ month


Double room                                                     € 470/ month
Single room                                                     € 670/ month

Not included: gas, electricity, water costs and heat: € 75/month. For
private bathroom and high season supplements rates, see prices
mentioned above. Total months in the same city. Full payment
must be completed at the time of booking. In case of cancellation,
if any refund or credit is applicable, the administration fees will be
calculated based on the regular prices per week mentioned above.
Updated 21/01/2020                                                                                                                                                 19
     Fees and holidays in Spain

                                  TRANSFER SERVICE Airport/bus or train station
                                                                            ARRIVAL OR DEPARTURE            2+ PEOPLE*

                                  Alicante                                                € 85                 € 50
                                  Valencia                                              € 225                 € 135
                                  Barcelona                                               € 85                 € 50
                                  Gerona/ Reus/ Tarragona                               € 225                 € 135
                                  Jerez                                                   € 85                 € 50
                                  Granada                                                 € 85                 € 50
                                  Malaga                                                € 225                 € 135
                                  Madrid                                                  € 85                 € 50
                                  Malaga                                                  € 85                 € 50
                                  Granada                                               € 225                 € 135
                                  Malaga                                                  € 85                 € 50
                                  Gibraltar                                             € 225                 € 135
                                  Salamanca                                               € 85                 € 50
                                                                                        € 145                 € 110
                                  (Private and public transportation)
                                  Madrid (Private transportation)                       € 225                 € 135
                                  Valladolid                                            € 225                 € 135

                                  Seville                                                 € 85                 € 50
                                  Tenerife Norte                                          € 85                 € 50
                                  Tenerife Sur                                          € 195                 € 115
                                  Valencia                                                € 85                 € 50
                                  Alicante                                              € 225                 € 135

                                  * 2+ people traveling together to the same address.
                                  ** Salamanca bus private transfer from Madrid airport to bus station, transfer to
                                  Salamanca by public transportation, and private transfer from Salamanca bus station to
                                  your accommodation.

20                                                                                                       Updated 21/01/2020

                                                                                           2020 National holidays

                                                                                         JANUARY 1                       New Year’s Day

                                                                                         JANUARY 6                       Epiphany

                                                                                         APRIL 10                        Easter

                                                                                         MAY 1                           Labor Day

                                                                                         AUGUST 15                       Asunción de la Virgen

                                                                                         OCTOBER 12                      Spanish National Holiday

                                                                                         NOVEMBER 1                      All Saints’ Day

                                                                                         DECEMBER 6                      Constitution Day

                                                                                         DECEMBER 8                      Inmaculada Concepción

                                                                                         DECEMBER 25                     Christmas

                                                                                           2020 Local holidays
   OTHER SERVICES AND FEES                                                       PRICE
                                                                                         These dates are provisional. We are not responsible for changes
   APPLICATION FEE FOR ANY ENROLLMENT TYPE                                               made by central or local authorities.
   (one time only per year)                                                       € 35
   CANCELLATION GUARANTEE                                                                Classes cancelled due to national or local holidays will not be made
   Before and after arrival                                                              up or refunded. When more than one holiday falls in the same week
   Allows students to cancel program for any reason (I.e., examination, work,
                                                                                         (Monday-Friday), either one day of the cancelled classes can be
   illness, visa issues...). Does not apply to private apartments or hotels.
                                                                                         made up or a 20% discount will be applied to the corresponding
   Price per week                                                                 € 40
                                                                                         course week price for a 1-2 week program; if students prefer to
   Price per week for Summer Camp and Junior Program                              € 95
                                                                                         receive the discount, they must notify us at the time of enrollment.
                                                                                  € 35   One-to-One classes will always be made up.
   (First textbook is included in Cadiz)
   EXPRESS MAIL                                                                          Remember that public holidays falling on a Sunday are often
   For original certificates or invitation letters to:                                   celebrated on a weekday. Classes will start on Tuesday when a
   Western Europe and USA or Canada                                               € 55
                                                                                         public holiday falls on a Monday. All schools are open year-round.
   Eastern Europe                                                                 € 95
                                                                                         IMPORTANT: Please check with our Head Office to confirm exact dates
   Other countries                                                               € 125
                                                                                         before planning your trip; schools will be closed during official holidays
   OPTIONAL ASSISTANCE WITH OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION                                       (national and local).
   Administrative support and information at the school.                          Free
   Personal assistance including visit to the corresponding city hall,                   ALICANTE                March 19, April 13 and 23, June 22 and 24, October 9
                                                                                 € 175
   bank, Travel health insurance (long-term students).
   Documents required for registration in the Municipal Census                           BARCELONA               April 13, June 1 and 24, September 11 and 24,
                                                                                 € 250
   Record / “empadronamiento” (if needed).                                                                       December 26
   One week off for every 4 weeks of study; 1 week of advance                            CADIZ                   February 24 and 28, April 9, October 7, November 2,
   notice is required (student will be charged for their full stay at                                            December 7
   our accommodation, including breaks, in order to keep their
   reservation).                                                                         GRANADA                 January 2, February 28, April 9, June 11, November 2,
   All other breaks requested.                                                    € 50                           December 7

                                                                                         MADRID                  April 9, May 2 and 15, November 2 and 9, December 7
   Before arrival: Changes to your confirmed booking (start dates,                € 25
   program, or services) can be made up to 10 days before your arrival.
   Two changes are free of charge. After the second change, each                         MALAGA                  February 28, April 9, August 19, September 8,
                                                                                                                 November 2, December 7
   change will be charged.
   After arrival: Change of destination, school, program, or                      Free   MARBELLA                February 28, April 9, June 11, October 19,
   accommodation. Subject to availability. Any difference in price will
                                                                                                                 November 2, December 7
   be charged to the student. Does not apply to summer camps.
   2 weeks of advance notice is required.
                                                                                         SALAMANCA               April 9 and 23, June 12, September 8, November 2,
   PLACEMENT AND ACCOMMODATION FEE                                                                               December 7
   When staying in accommodation without being enrolled in one of
   our programs and sharing a double room with an enrolled student.                      SEVILLE                 February 28, April 9 and 29, June 11, November 2,
   Per week when staying at accommodation without taking a course                 € 50                           December 7
                                                                                         TENERIFE                February 25, April 9, May 30, July 14, September 7,
   Mandatory for students under 18 and Internship Programs. Includes                                             December 7
   hospitalization and repatriation. This is a third party service. All claims
   and coverage issues will be handled directly between the insured party
   and the insurance company.
                                                                                         VALENCIA                January 22, March 19, April 13 and 20, June 24,
                                                                                                                 October 9
   Price per week                                                                 € 30
                                                                                         Please check for updated
                                                                                         holiday information before planning your trip to Spain.

Updated 21/01/2020                                                                                                                    21
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