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The Vine - Pronto Marketing
The Vine
A fortnightly newsletter for Penrith Anglican College families                                                  To Serve Christ

Friday 21 February 2020                                                                                        Issue No 2, 2020

                                                                              Principal’s Message

On Friday 14 February we celebrated             1. What do you spend the most          There will be a time when all our
the achievements of the 2019 HSC and               money on?                           students graduate from the College and
IB cohorts at our annual High Achievers         2. What do you most often pray for     our direct influence will come to an end.
Assembly.                                          yourself and others?                However, the foundations that have
                                                                                       been laid in their lives during their time
When I first joined the College, I was       To put it another way, if someone had     at the College cannot be escaped. Our
told that “once you are a PAC student,       access to your bank statements and        influence will continue through these
you are always a PAC student”. I have        your prayer lists, what would they        foundations and the prayers that we
seen that for myself over the past few       conclude? Who or what is the focus of     pray for each one of you.
years and I love the heart connection        your life from this evidence?
people have for this place.                                                            And so I will continue to pray and I
                                             I shared with the Assembly the prayer     know many others will do the same.
Just as we are committed to remaining        that I have committed to pray for each
true to the foundations of the College,      member of our College community           I pray/we pray that each person, current
my prayer is that each graduate,             including our 2019 graduates. It is a     students, graduates and staff, will
including the high achievers, would also     prayer I shared with College Council      know Christ as their personal Lord and
live lives that build on the foundations     when we met in February in response       Saviour and that they would know His
that the College has firmly established,     to how they might pray for me as the      will for their life through the wisdom and
particularly our values of compassion,       Principal of the College. It comes from   understanding that the Spirit gives.
integrity, courage, humility and             the first chapter of Colossians where
perseverance.                                the apostle Paul commits to praying for   Great results are wonderful, and the
                                             the Church in Colossae. Paul prays:       results achieved by our students each
As our graduates enter the next                                                        year are outstanding, but the greatest
stage of their educational journey,            For this reason, since the day          thing you could ever know is God’s will
they will have new priorities. As              we heard about you, we have             and purpose for your life.
they move towards greater levels of            not stopped praying for you. We
independence, these new priorities will        continually ask God to fill you with    Mrs Felicity Grima
be based on the choices before them.           the knowledge of his will through all   Principal
It has been said that if you want to           the wisdom and understanding that
discover a person’s real priorities, there     the Spirit gives. Colossians 1:9
are two key questions to ask:

                          “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” James 5:16
The Vine - Pronto Marketing
From the Deputy’s Desk

                                   Student Attendance

                                   The technical issue we were experiencing with Edumate and the App, particularly
                                   with attendance, has now been resolved.

                                   You are now able to explain your child’s absences via either of these two channels
                                   within 7 days from the date of the absence. If you have any questions regarding
                                   how to do this please contact Mrs Sharon Walker via College Reception or via

                                   In response to Government expectations, the College will only approve leave for
                                   justified reasons. Justified reasons for student absences may include:

                                           • being sick, or having an infectious disease
                                           • having an unavoidable medical appointment during school hours
                                           • being required to attend a recognised religious holiday
                                           • exceptional or urgent family circumstances (e.g. attending a funeral)
                                   When an absence is explained with a justifiable reason, either before the absence
                                   or within 7 days after the absence, the College will record the leave as justified and
        In This Issue              approved.

       Principal’s Message         Please note, if your child is late to school, simply writing ‘late’ or ‘late to school’
     From the Deputy’s Desk        will result in the absence being recorded as unjustified. This is because the entry
                                   does not provide an explanation as to why your child is late. It is important that
        Student Wellbeing          you provide appropriate information whenever you are explaining a full or partial
         Performing Arts           absence of your child.
         Library Services
      Cambodia Service Trip        There are also circumstances when parents/carers may apply for an exemption
                                   from attendance for their child. Such reasons may include:
 Secondary School Happenings
  Primary School Sports News              • employment in the entertainment industry
           Pre-K News                     • participation in elite arts or sports events
                                          • following the directive of a public health department
     News from the Canteen
 Compassion Child Sponsorship      Applications for exemption from attendance must be submitted before the
        Prayer and Praise          absence. When the College grants an exemption from attendance, these
         March Calendar            absences will not be counted in the number of days absent for the school year.
   Cranmer House Charity Day       Mr Mark Ramsay
     Dr John Dickson Event         Deputy Principal
          College Tours
          Uniform Shop
   P & F Fun Fair Sponsorship
         WWCC Renewal
2020 Student Residential Address
Collection and Other Information
   Use of Student Images and
        School Opal Card

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
The Vine - Pronto Marketing
Student Wellbeing

Peer Support at the College

Peer Support Australia is a national non-    themselves who run the activities and        Support Leaders looking after a small
profit organisation that has been working    invest time and energy in assisting our      group of Year 7 students.
with schools across Australia. Their         junior students settle into Secondary
aim is to support student wellbeing,         School during Term 1.                        Students involved in past programs can
empowering students with practical skills                                                 remember lots of fun times, especially
and strategies to positively navigate        The first few weeks of the program help      playing games with their Peer Support
life. Penrith Anglican College is part of    our Year 7 Students build connections        Leaders. They learnt lots of great and
thousands of schools who participate         with others in their year group as well      helpful tips about navigating through
each year, involving more than half a        as their Year 11 Peer Support Leaders.       Secondary School and organising the
million students in the program.             Students have the opportunity of getting     multiple pieces of homework from all
                                             to know different aspects of the College     the subjects. Any food related activities
The College runs a two day training          and can ask older students for advice in     were particularly memorable!
program with all of Year 10 Students         navigating through Year 7. Later in the
towards the end of their school year.        term students look at different aspects      We are enjoying watching the 2020 Peer
Students then have the option of             of their wellbeing including resilience,     Support Groups establish themselves
applying to be a Peer Support Leader         overcoming challenges, perseverance          and develop new friendships through
the following year. The program is           and developing empathy.                      them. The photos below are from their
designed to give senior students                                                          meeting on Friday Week 4.
leadership opportunities, equipping          The program is run in House groups,
them with training and skills so that they   allowing students to get to know different   Miss Adele Crane
can run small group sessions with Year       students within their own House and          Director or Student Wellbeing
7 Students. Although staff supervise         strengthening connections between
these weekly sessions, it is the students    them. Each group has two or three Peer

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
The Vine - Pronto Marketing
Performing Arts

Meet the Music                                                                       PRIVATE TUITION

Elective music students from Years 9-12 made their way into town to see the          If you would like your child to have
Sydney Symphony Orchestra perform live at Sydney Town Hall as part of the Meet       instrumental lessons with one of
the Music program on Wednesday 19 February.                                          our peripatetic tutors at the College,
                                                                                     please contact Mr Steve Clark
                                       Accompanied by Mr Steve Clark and Mrs         or Mrs Karen Jones in the Music
                                       Irene Samuels, our students were blown        Department.
                                       away by the vigorous and rioting sounds
                                       of Rite of Spring, composed by Russian        Lessons are available in:
                                       composer, Igor Stravinsky in 1913.
                                                                                     Voice		        Michelle Foreman
                                       The allocated seats allowed our students
                                       an amazing view of the orchestra to           Piano		 Diana McIntosh,
                                       witness a range of interesting things,        		      Wanda Gliva, Nerida
                                       including haunting bassoon solos,             		 Hext
                                       energetic rhythms played on the triangle,
                                       guiro, bass drum and timpani, gong            Guitar & Bass Jason Hill
                                       scraping, bow tapping and the use of
                                       enormous tuba mutes! This was a once          Violin		       Ruth Duncan
                                       in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed.
                                                                                     Cello		        Anna Bray
                                       Mrs Irene Samuels
                                       Music Teacher                                 Brass		        Neil Potter

                                                                                     Flute          Diana McIntosh

                                                                                     Clarinet & Saxophone
                                                                                     		            Joanna Watson

                                                                                     Drums		        Nathaniel Howe

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
The Vine - Pronto Marketing
Library Services

Reading for Pleasure

Setting aside time to read is an important task at a school. Within our Secondary School, our younger English classes
have time set aside to read novels of their own choice during class. This is important, as seen in this recent article from the
Sydney Morning Herald:

Gone to the Dogs!

Our most recent display in G Library is to do with the anniversary of Call of the Wild, by Jack London. Staff have been
excitedly sending in their pictures of their furry friends for our display!

Mr Mark Pullen
Head of Library Services

                                           Clean Up Australia Day

                                           Clean Up Australia Day will be on Sunday, 1 March from 10am to 1pm at Regatta

                                           Registration happens on the day, and all details on what to wear and bring can be
                                           seen here:


The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
The Vine - Pronto Marketing
Cambodia Service Trip

Last December school holidays, a team of students and staff participated in the Cambodia Service Trip. They had a great
time exploring the history and culture of Cambodia as well as serving the children at the HOPE Community Centre and
O’Mony II Elementary School. Below is an article from some of the Year 10 students reflecting on their experiences.

Cambodia was a very confronting and beautiful trip. It
taught us many lessons, especially thinking about how
grateful we should be for what we have. We saw some
magnificent scenery such as the beautiful Angkor Wat
temple and its high walls with such amazing detail, or the
floating village and all the smiling kids who were happy to
have new faces appear in their village.

The people in Cambodia were all so friendly to us. A great
example of this was when we went to the markets in Siem
Reap. It was filled with the voices of shop keepers, trying
to strike up a conversation and sell their products. They
had a great sense of humour despite having experienced
great pain during the awful genocide.

One of the major highlights of our Cambodia Trip was the
service work we took part in at the Hope for Cambodian
Children centre and the neighbouring school. This
included a variety of jobs, such as painting playgrounds,
making cement for a toilet block, rendering walls, building
gardens, teaching English lessons and playing games
with the Cambodian kids. All very entertaining considering
the language barrier. Our work at both HOPE and the
neighbouring school was tough, yet rewarding and fun.

It was excellent to work with the children and visit a
village, giving out a number of basic supplies to help out
the families as well as a number of small, fun items for
the children to play with that they might never be able to
afford. We worked hard as a team to do our part in making
a safer, cleaner and a better functioning environment
for the people we met in Cambodia. We hope they will
remember us and have benefited from our visit.

Sam Borger, Lincoln Gilmour, Kate Shepherd, Harry Hicks,
Hamish Dillon, Ben Mallin

Year 10 Students

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
The Vine - Pronto Marketing
Secondary School Happenings

An addition to Edumate!

As Mr Ramsay mentioned in the last edition of The Vine, parents will be interested to know that they can now access more
information about their child/ren on Edumate. Staff at the College are keen to improve the ways in which we communicate
with parents and this allows for simple, timely communication on a range of everyday issues, both the positive and the

Clicking on the “Wellbeing” tab under each student’s
name will show you the following:

           •   Commendations
           •   John Lambert points
           •   Uniform Demerits
           •   Detentions
           •   Incidents in the classroom or playground

You will be able to see the category of incident (Academic / Sport / Community Service / Classroom / Playground / Demerit
etc), the teacher who issued the commendation or demerit. At this stage, this information is not available on the mobile
College App. So you will need to log in on a computer to access this information.

We hope that this is a way for parents to have more information about the progress of their child/ren during their time at the

  Call To Action - Year 12 Needs Your Help!
  We are looking for members of the College and wider community who would be
  willing to come and share a meal with our Year 12 students. The aim of this meal
  is to share your experiences of work and life with our students and for them to
  engage in good old fashioned conversation with new people.

  We have found this extremely valuable in the past and the students really enjoy to
  experience of meeting new people as they start planning their lives after school.

  When: Thursday, March 12 (time TBC)
  Where: Mt Victoria (location of Year 12 CEP)
  Why: As part of our program preparing senior students for life after school

  If this is something you would be interested in, please contact Miss Sophie Tucker at

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
The Vine - Pronto Marketing
Annual Prefects Service

                                                               Our College Student Leadership team was
                                                               commissioned on Thursday 13 February, along with
                                                               student leaders from 35 other Anglican Schools, at
                                                               St. Andrew’s Cathedral by Archbishop, Glen Davies.

                                                               The Archbishop spoke about what it is to serve as
                                                               a leader and encouraged the students to remember
                                                               the example of Jesus in their leadership.

      High Achievers’ Celebration

      On Friday 14 February, we celebrated the achievements of all
      our graduated Year 12 class of 2019, and officially recognised
      the outstanding results of our high achievers for 2019. We
      pray for all our 2019 Year 12 graduates as they embark on
      their new paths of study or work, trusting that the Lord and
      the courage, resilience, humility and perseverance they have
      gained over their time at the College will hold them well.

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
The Vine - Pronto Marketing
Love Is In The Air

Over the past week, our Prefects have been taking orders for
roses and carnations ready for delivery on Valentine’s Day.

Some students were even lucky enough to recieve a special
serenade of the John Paul Young classic!

All money raised from the sales will go to Compassion.

                                                                 Onstage Inspiration

                                                                 On Friday 14 February, our Drama students attended
                                                                 OnStage at the Seymore Centre.

                                                                 Onstage is a showcase of exemplary HSC Drama works
                                                                 from the 2019 HSC, and is presented by the NSW Education
                                                                 Standards Authority and the NSW Department of Education.

                                                                 They enjoyed the day and came home feeling inspired by
                                                                 new creative ideas!

Year 10 Career Aptitude Counselling

In Week 4 our Year 10 students taking part in the Career Aptitude
Testing attended interviews, together with their parents, with
Professional Careers Counsellors from Career Avenues.

This unique program will enable students to gain an understanding
of their skills, strengths, personality and interests to provide them
with an indication of the types of careers they may be suited to. The
process will help them to make informed choices around subject
selections for senior school and work experience later in the year
and encourage them to imagine and build their bright future paths.

For more information visit Career Avenue’s website at www. and watch the following video…/CA_Profile_Info-for-Parents-1.m…

                                                                 Congratulations to Sandra Stojanovic (Year 7), who
                                                                 represented the College at the AICES Open Tennis

                                                                 Sandra is ranked #960 in Australia, and competed against
                                                                 girls up to 6 years older than her at the AICES event. Sandra
                                                                 made it through to the Semi-Finals round of the Repechage
                                                                 Championship, which is an outstanding achievement for a
                                                                 Year 7 student.

                                                                 We look forward to following Sandra’s tennis career as she
                                                                 continues to represent the College in the future!

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
The Vine - Pronto Marketing
Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN)

Four Year 10 students, Chris Kuipers, Harry Hicks, Libby       The weekend stimulated some healthy competition between
Tabor and Daena Madon were selected from Penrith               the colour groups which got everyone pumped to give it their
Anglican College to attend the Rotary Youth Program            best go. The program challenged students to put themselves
of Enrichment (RYPEN) summer camp at the Sydney                outside of their comfort zone which our students embraced.
Academy of Sports and Recreation in this month.                For some this was just the norm and for others this was a
                                                               larger task, but it was noted that different personalities were
On the Friday after school the students travelled to           able to get the best out of each other and have a great time.
Narrabeen and the program started with a large character       Students were able to meet many new people and make a
trait bingo where they had to walk around and find people      lot of friends.
with the things on the list like someone who has never had
braces, or was not born in Australia. The students were        On reflection, Chris said that he really learnt a lot about
placed in different groups and continued playing a range of    teamwork and leadership, and found that it was a great
ice breaker games getting to know their team members and       opportunity. Harry sums up that experience by saying
other camp participants.                                       “Overall, the RYPEN camp was an enjoyable experience,
                                                               one that I would highly recommend to future applicants. The
The rest of the weekend was filled with many activities and    camp was a weekend that we will remember for many years
challenges that were lots of fun and required multiple skill   to come.”
sets so to be able to accomplish them.
                                                               Thank you so much to the Penrith Valley Rotary Club who
The RYPEN program aims to help participants develop            gave our students such a wonderful opportunity.
leadership skills and give them many opportunities to work
together in their teams using communication, creativity and
other skills to complete the challenges given positively and

A favourite activity amongst the students was the economic
rafting which involved 3 different teams who need to trade
items with other teams until they have gathered enough
resources to build a raft. There was much collaboration,
some team members were swapped and environmental
hurdles were overcome to achieve a raft that could float,
which only some teams were able to create.

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
Primary School Sports News

                              Primary Swimming Carnival

                              The weather has certainly been very wet but lucky enough
                              the rain held off for us to have our Primary School Swimming
                              Carnival on Wednesday 5 February.

                              It was a wonderful day with students participating in
                              competitive races, swimming in the 25m lane and the novelty
                              races in the splash pool.

                              Congratulations to Cranmer House who won the day.

                              Special mention must be said Alexandra Hall who broke
                              the records in the 9 years girls freestyle and backstroke and
                              Christopher McAuley who broke records in the 10 years
                              boys butterfly and backstroke. Congratulations to all of our
                              competitors on the day.

                              NASSA Primary Basketball

                              Unfortunately due to extreme flooding of the venue
                              NASSA Primary Basketball was cancelled for this year.
                              Congratulations to Skye McDowell who was picked through
                              nominations to play for NASSA in the CIS Basketball

                              Mr Edward Worrall
                              Primary School Sports Co-ordinator

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
Pre-K News

                          Pre-K and The Very Hungry

                          Pre-K Black has focused on reading the
                          book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They
                          talked about caterpillars and counting.

                          They also discussed the days of the
                          week as well as healthy fruits and
                          unhealthy snack.

                          These are some of the fun activities that
                          they participated in around the book.

                                                       Budding Tennis Stars

                                                       Our Pre-K students have also been
                                                       having fun learning new tennis and ball
                                                       skills in the Gym.

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
News from the Canteen

Staff in the Canteen look forward to serving you and your      As previously mentioned in The Vine, our College is
children this year. Should you have any questions please       now registered as a collection point for Bread Tags for
feel free to email me at or call    Wheelchairs. Thank you to those who have already
in and say hello.                                              brought some in. Please continue to do so. If you would like
                                                               further information on this worthwhile project follow the link
This year we have started the process of becoming more
sustainable. Our first initiative is to remove single use
cutlery from the Canteen. With this in mind we ask that        Mrs Michelle Cochrane
if your child brings home any extra cutlery, or if you have    Canteen Manager
some that you are able to donate to the College, it would be
appreciated if you could send them in to school. All cutlery
is washed in our industrial washing machine at very a high

We have sustainability trolleys located in key areas of the
College. On these trolleys students will be able to return
the used cutlery, place their food scraps for composting
and donate eligible Return and Earn containers, we are
also happy for the children to donate Return and Earn
containers from home. If you have larger amounts of these
they can be taken straight to the Canteen.

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020

                       GOOD FOOD HERO           SMALL $5.60 LARGE $6.60
                         BUTTER CHICKEN & RICE (GF)                                                    HONEY, JAM OR VEGEMITE $2.30
                         COCONUT CHICKEN & RICE                                                        CHEESE                     $2.60
                         MACARONI & CHEESE (V) (SMALL ONLY)                                            CHEESE & TOMATO            $3.00

                       PLAIN RICE                SMALL $3.20 LARGE $4.20                               CHICKEN, LETTUCE & MAYO $4.00

           DOOF TOH

                       MEXICAN RICE              SMALL $ 5.20 LARGE $6.20

                                                                                                       EGG, LETTUCE & MAYO        $3.30
                       CORN COB                                      $1.00
                                                                                                       HAM & CHEESE

                       GARLIC BREAD (2)                              $1.20                                                        $3.90
                       NUGGETS                         (4) $2.30 (6) $3.40                             HAM, CHEESE & TOMATO       $4.30

                       SAUSAGE ROLL                      $3.70 (GF $6.20)                              CHEESE & SALAD             $4.20
                       MEAT PIE                           $4.00 (GF $6.90)                             HAM                        $3.60

                       SPINCH & RICOTTA ROLL (V)                     $4.00                             HAM & SALAD                $5.40

                       CHICKEN TENDERS (GF)                    EACH $2.10

                                                                                                       SALAD                      $3.90

                       SWEET CHILLI CHICKEN TENDERS            EACH $2.00

                                                                                                       TUNA                       $3.60
                       CHICKEN KEBAB STICKS                    EACH $3.00
                        BBQ OR HONEY SOY                                                               TUNA & SALAD               $5.40
                       SWEET CHILLI CHICKEN WRAP (WED ONLY)                     $5.20                  TOASTED                    $0.10
                       NACHOS (THURS ONLY)                                      $5.20                  SWAP TO BREAD ROLL         $0.50
                       PIZZA WRAPS (FRI ONLY)                                   $4.00                  SWAP TO GF SANDWICH OR
                                                                                                        WRAP                      $1.00
                       FLAME GRILLED CHICKEN BURGER                             $5.50
                                                                                                       PLAIN BREAD ROLL           $1.20
                       BACON & EGG MUFFIN (B'FAST & RECESS ONLY)                $4.50
                       VEGETARIAN BURGER                                        $5.50                  CHICKEN CAESAR WRAP (TUES
                                                                                                       ONLY )              $5.20
                                                                                             FRUIT SALAD SMALL $3.60 LARGE $4.60
 ANZAC BISCUITS                                              $0.50                           BUILD YOUR OWN SALAD        $2.00 PLUS

 SULTANAS                                                    $0.50                            SALAD OPTIONS          $0.70 EACH

 DIP AVOCADO OR HUMMUS                                       $0.70                             BABY SPINACH       BEETROOT
 RICE CRACKERS                                               $0.80                             CARROT              CELERY
                                                                                               CUCUMBER           FETA CHEESE
 VEGETABLE STICKS                                            $1.20                             ICEBERG LETTUCE    MIXED LEAVES
   CARROT, CELERY OR CUCUMBER                                                                  OLIVES             ONION
 BOILED EGG IN SHELL                                         $0.80                             ROASTED PUMPKIN SESAME SEEDS
 BOILED EGG PEELED                                           $1.00                             TASTY CHEESE       TOMATO
                                                                                             EGG                      $0.80 EACH
 FRESH FRUIT SEASONAL                                        $1.00                           MEAT                     $1.50 EACH
 FRUIT JUICE JELLY                                           $1.00                             CHICKEN      HAM        TUNA
   APPLE, ORANGE OR APPLE & BLACKCURRANT                                                     DRESSING                 $0.70 EACH
 PIKELETS (2)                                                                                 AIOLI                CAESAR
                                     $1.00                                                    BALSAMIC & OLIVE OIL VINAIGRETTE
                                     $1.00                                                    HONEY MUSTARD         ITALIAN
                                     $1.50                                                    MAYONNAISE            RANCH
 YOGHURT POUCH STRAWBERRY OR VANILLA                                                         SUSHI MAKI ROLL           $3.80
 YOGHURT TUB                                                                                  TERIYAKI CHICKEN OR TUNA
                                                                                             SUSHI MUNCH BOX           $3.80
    DIP, RICE CRACKERS & VEGETABLE STICKS                    $2.50                            AVOCADO, CUCUMBER,
 CHEESE & BACON ROLLS                                                                         TERIYAKI CHICKEN OR TUNA
 NUTRI-GRAIN SACHET                                $3.50                                     BOTTLED WATER         250ML $1.00 600ML $1.70
 BANANA BREAD                                      $2.00                                     PLAIN MILK            300ML $1.20 600ML $2.20
                                                   $2.50                                     OAK FLAVOURED MILK 300ML $2.40 500ML $3.60
                      FROZEN JUICE GF             $1.00

                                                                                               CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY OR BANANA

                        APPLE, APPLE & BLACKCURRANT,                                                   600ML VANILLA MALT $3.80
                        ORANGE, PINEAPPLE OR MANGO                                           LIGHTLY SPARKLING MINERAL WATER          $2.20
                      FROZEN MILK              $1.00                                          PLAIN, LIME, MANGO OR RASPBERRY
                        BANANA, CHOCOLATE,
                                                                                             FRUIT JUICE POPPERS                      $1.50
                        STRAWBERRY OR VANILLA MALT
                      QUELCH STICKS          $0.80 MANGO,                                      APPLE, APPLE & BLACKCURRANT, ORANGE OR
                      ORANGE, PINEAPPLE OR                                                   TROPICAL
                        TROPICAL                                                             UP & GO CHOCOLATE OR STRAWBERRY          $2.50
                      FROZEN GRAPES GF                     $0.50                             MINERAL WATER 350ML $2.20 (LIME ONLY) 600ML $3.20
                      FROZEN PINEAPPLE RING                                                    LEMON, LEMON & LIME, ORANGE OR
                        HALF                               $0.25                               ORANGE, PASSIONFRUIT & GUAVA
                        FULL                               $0.50

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
Primary Compassion
  Competition Dates for 2020

               Term 1
                                                        Compassion Child Sponsorship
     Tuesday         10 March
     Tuesday          7 April

                                   Pedro Guilherme Oliveira Sampaio

                                   Pedro is our newest Pre K sponsor child. He is
                                   4 years old and lives in Brazil with his mum and
                                   two siblings. He loves to play ball games and go
                                   to kids’ church.
                                   He doesn’t have any chores to do because he
                                   is too little. Pedro has been waiting quite a while
                                   to be chosen as a sponsor child as his family is
                                   extremely poor. What an answer to prayer that
                                   his family can now receive food, medical care
                                   and Pedro will receive an education when he
                                   is old enough to go to school. His family is so
                                   grateful to us.

                                   We welcome Pedro to our PAC family!

        In This Issue              Mrs Sue Munce
                                   Primary Compassion Co-ordinator
       Principal’s Message
     From the Deputy’s Desk
        Student Wellbeing
         Performing Arts
         Library Services
      Cambodia Service Trip
 Secondary School Happenings
  Primary School Sports News
           Pre-K News
     News from the Canteen
 Compassion Child Sponsorship                                           Prayer and Praise
        Prayer and Praise
         March Calendar
   Cranmer House Charity Day
     Dr John Dickson Event
                                   Please praise God for:                       Please pray for:
          College Tours
          Uniform Shop               •   The rain we have had to fill              •     Our upcoming Fun Fair on 28
   P & F Fun Fair Sponsorship            dams and make rivers flow.                      March.
         WWCC Renewal
2020 Student Residential Address     •   The wonderful Twilight Family             •     Those families in the College
Collection and Other Information         Fun Night for our Primary                       community enduring times of
                                         School.                                         hardship and stress.
   Use of Student Images and         •   The dedication and energy of              •     Our new staff, students and
          Achievements                   our P&F Association.                            parents as they settle into the
        School Opal Card                                                                 rhythm of life at the College.

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
March Calendar
       Events are correct at time of print. Please download the College App or log onto Edumate for latest updates.

                                                           Sunday, 1 March 2020     Clean Up Australia Day
                                                           Monday, 2 March 2020     IB Half Yearly Exams
                                                                                    TBC - CIS Cup Boys Rd 2 Game vs. Mamre
                                                           Tuesday, 3 March 2020    AICES Girls Basketball
                                                                                    Year 7 Vaccinations
                                                                                    Year Group Meeting Years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12
                                                                                    Stage One Assembly
                                                                                    Lego Robotics
                                                                                    Musical Rehearsal
                                                                                    K - Year 12 Tour and Info Evening 6:00pm -7:30pm
                                                        Wednesday, 4 March 2020     AICES Boys Basketball
                                                                                    Peer Support
                                                                                    Year 11 and 12 Parent Teacher Student Interviews
                                                          Thursday, 5 March 2020    CIS Primary AFL Trials
                                                                                    Yr 12 Textiles and Design and Technology Excursion
                                                                                    Studio Time Year 12 Visual Arts
                                                            Friday, 6 March 2020    Primary Prefects Investiture Time TBC
                                                                                    Year 9 Geography Fieldwork Excursion
                                                           Monday, 9 March 2020     IB Group 4 Project
                                                                                    All Schools Girls Softball
                                                                                    NASSA Primary Football TBC
                                                                                    Business Studies Crossline Task
                                                         Tuesday, 10 March 2020     All Schools Boys Softball
                                                                                    Primary Compassion Competition
                                                                                    Lego Robotics
                                                                                    Musical Rehearsal
                                                       Wednesday, 11 March 2020     AICES Hockey - TBC
                                                                                    CEP Week Times TBC
                                                                                    CEP Year 7 Camp
        In This Issue                                                               Council Meeting
                                                         Thursday, 12 March 2020    Studio Time Year 12 Visual Arts
                                                         Saturday, 14 March 2020    John Dickson TLC Event
       Principal’s Message                                                          John Dickson Evening Event
                                                                                    Pi Day Time TBC
     From the Deputy’s Desk                                                         John Dickson Event
        Student Wellbeing                                Sunday, 15 March 2020      AICES Boys Basketball Training
                                                         Monday, 16 March 2020      All Schools Girls Water Polo
         Performing Arts                                                            CIS Primary Girls Football Trials
         Library Services                                                           John Dickson Event
                                                         Tuesday, 17 March 2020     All Schools Open Boys & Girls Cricket Championship
      Cambodia Service Trip                                                         Year Group Meeting Years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12
                                                                                    ENCORE Matinee Concert
 Secondary School Happenings
                                                                                    Stage One Assembly
  Primary School Sports News                                                        Lego Robotics
                                                                                    Musical Rehearsal
           Pre-K News                                  Wednesday, 18 March 2020     AICES Tennis Cup
     News from the Canteen                              Thursday, 19 March 2020     Year 10 Photography Excursion
                                                                                    Pre-K and Kindergarten Open Morning
 Compassion Child Sponsorship                                                       Peer Support
        Prayer and Praise                                                           Studio Time Year 12 Visual Arts
                                                            Friday, 20 March 2020   NASSA Secondary Football Trials
         March Calendar                                  Saturday, 21 March 2020    Harmony Day
   Cranmer House Charity Day                                                        Penrith CBD Festival
                                                         Monday, 23 March 2020      All Schools Boys Water Polo
     Dr John Dickson Event                                                          All Schools Pizzey Cup Tennis
          College Tours                                  Tuesday, 24 March 2020     CIS Girls 16 & U Hockey Championships
                                                                                    Peer Support
          Uniform Shop                                                              Lego Robotics
                                                                                    Musical Rehearsal
   P & F Fun Fair Sponsorship
                                                                                    Year 7 2021 Information Evening
         WWCC Renewal                                  Wednesday, 25 March 2020     14s Boys & Girls Futsal Schools Championship
                                                        Thursday, 26 March 2020     16s Boys & Girls Futsal Schools Championship
2020 Student Residential Address                                                    CIS Primary Diving Championships
Collection and Other Information                                                    CIS Primary Swimming Championships
                                                                                    Year 10 WW1 Incursion
            Collection                                                              Studio Time Year 12 Visual Arts
   Use of Student Images and                                Friday, 27 March 2020   Open Boys & Girls Futsal Schools Championship
                                                         Saturday, 28 March 2020    PAC Fun Fair
          Achievements                                                              Musical Cast Autumn Fair Performance
        School Opal Card                                 Monday, 30 March 2020      AICES Swimming Carnival
                                                                                    CIS Open Golf Championships
                                                                                    Peer Support
                                                         Tuesday, 31 March 2020     Year Group Meeting Years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12
                                                                                    Stage One Assembly
                                                                                    Lego Robotics
                                                                                    Musical Rehearsal

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
Cranmer House Charity Day

                                            Cranmer House Charity Day
                                              Friday 28 February 2020
       Dear Parents and Carers

       On Friday 28 February Cranmer House will be holding their charity day to raise money for the Anglican Aid
       Bushfire Appeal.
       Funds donated to the Anglican Aid Bushfire appeal will be distributed through Anglican churches in the
       affected areas where specific applications are made, and aims to deliver help to people who may miss out
       on NSW government emergency assistance. For more information website found at the link below:
       The students can pre-purchase a sausage sandwich and apple juice popper, as well as tokens to use for a
       few fun games! For years 3-6 activities include a lolly jar guessing competition, a football pass challenge
       and a basketball hoop shooting challenge, and for K-2 activities will include a lolly jar guessing competition
       and the ‘chicken throw’ competition! The activities will be run by Senior Cranmer students assisted by the
       Cranmer Primary House Captains and Year 6 students.

       This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to have a fun time together as they support people in need
       through the Anglican Aid Bushfire appeal.

       $5.00 will purchase a sausage sandwich ($3) and Apple Juice popper ($2)

       Tokens will be $1.00 - with each of the games available for one token. (Please note each student will only
       be able to play each game once so a maximum of 3 tokens may be purchased)

       Please complete the slip below and return to your child’s class teacher with the correct money enclosed in
       an envelope by Wednesday 26th February to order food and tokens. Class teachers will distribute the
       tokens to the children before lunch on Friday 28th February.

       Primary students in Cranmer House may wear their sports uniform on the day.

       Yours sincerely
       Mrs Sue Kennedy - Head of Primary

       Cranmer House Charity Day Friday 28th February

       Child’s name: ___________________________ Class: ______________

       Teacher: ____________________

       I would like to order a Sausage Sandwich ($3.00) and Apple Juice popper ($2.00) - (please circle):

                         Sausage Sandwich $3                        Apple Popper $2

       Number of tokens ($1.00 each) - (please circle):         1         2        3

       Total Enclosed $ _______________ (maximum $8.00)

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
Dr John Dickson Event

                                      WHERE FAITH & SCIENCE MEET

                                     SAT. MAR. 14 | 7:30 - 9:30
                                      IS JESUS HISTORY?
                                CAN WE TRUST THE HISTORICAL SOURCES FOR JESUS?

                                                 DR JOHN DICKSON
                                  HISTORIAN, BROADCASTER, AUTHOR
                                                  RIDLEY COLLEGE MELBOURNE

                                                ALL WELCOME | VENUE: PENRITH ANGLICAN COLLEGE
                                                     OR EMAIL US: CROSSCULTUREPENRITH@GMAIL.COM

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
College Tours

                                                                        Invite your friends and family to join us to
                                                                        discover Penrith Anglican College at one
                                                                        of our College Tours, Open Mornings or
                                                                        Information Sessions.

                                                                        They will have the opportunity to explore our
                                                                        expansive and modern campus and meet
                                                                        our Principal Mrs Grima and chat with staff
                                                                        and students about life at the College.

                                                                        Our next tour is coming up on Thursday
                                                                        27 February and Information Session on
                                                                        Tuesday 3 March.

                                                                        For all the tour dates, times and to book
                                                                        your place visit

                                                Uniform Shop

     Perm-A-Pleat offers a made to measure service for students who do not fit the standard uniform sizes. This is
     offered to ensure that all students have a well fitted and comfortable uniform.

     The made to measure uniforms are ordered once the student’s measurements are recorded by the shop staff.
     This process takes up to 8 weeks for the garments to be made and delivered.

     If you have a student that may require a custom fit for the winter uniform please ensure that you come into the
     uniform shop by Friday 6 March’ This is the last day for an order to be placed.

     Mrs Sarah Jenkins
     Uniform Shop Manager

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
P & F Fun Fair Sponsorship


      Penrith Anglican College is pleased to present a unique opportunity to promote your
             business by becoming a sponsor and/or donor of our Fun Fair in 2020.

     The Penrith Anglican College Fun Fair has a wonderful reputation and presence in the
                            local Penrith community and beyond.

       With a great variety of market stalls, rides, competitions, food trucks, entertainment
        and activities the fair attracts large numbers from the College and wider Penrith

                  We look forward to your support to make this year the best ever!

                              Secure your spot now!
                                                 338-356 Wentworth Rd, Orchard Hills, NSW 2748
                                                 College telephone: 02 4736 8100
                                                 P&F e-mail:

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
The Penrith Anglican College Parents and Friends' Association is excited to announce our 2020 Fun Fair will be
                                                     held on Saturday 28 March.

            The Penrith Anglican College Fun Fair is our major biennial fundraising event. Funds raised in 2020 will help create
                               a new playground with equipment and soft surface for the junior school area.

            Our Fair has strong well established relationships with the community and brings family and friends of students past
                                        and present, together with members of the wider community.

                          We are seeking to partner with the business community in sponsorship and donations.

                                 All sponsorship allocations are available in increments of $500 for rides,
                                                    cake stall, coffee stall and reptiles.

             Businesses selecting full sponsorship of a ride may also set up a complimentary stall at the ride promoting their
            Full sponsorship will also receive additional advertising in social media and links to their business and larger logo

               Donations of goods and services are sought to support the Fun Fair silent auction. Some examples include:
                                                              • gift vouchers
                              family outings, adventures or experiences (zoo, gold class movies, local restaurant)
                                                             • retail vouchers
                                  goods and services eg hairdressing, Wine and wine collections, Hotel stays
                                                         • Sporting event tickets
                                                         • Entertainment tickets
                                                  (concerts, theatre, symphony, opera, ballet)
                                                          • Sports memorabilia
                                           • Gift packages of any of the items described above.
                          Please complete the attached form and forward via email to

                                   Your support and consideration is greatly appreciated
                             2020 Fun Fair Committee Penrith Anglican College P&F Association

                                2020 MAJOR SPONSOR
               We are very grateful to Chatterbox
              Speech Pathology for their support as
                 our major sponsor of $10,000.

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
                        RIDE SPONSORSHIP
                                Ferris Wheel          Yo Yo Ride

                              Total Sponsorship    Total Sponsorship
                                    $4500                $4000
                                  Available            Available
                                  9 x $500             8 x $500

                                Giant Slide         Super Sizzler

                              Total Sponsorship    Total Sponsorship
                                    $4000                $2500
                                  Available            Available
                                  8 x $500             5 x $500

                               Dodgem Cars           Red Barron

                              Total Sponsorship    Total Sponsorship
                                    $4000                $2500
                                  Available            Available
                                  8 x $500             5 x $500

                                 Top Gunn           Cup & Saucer

                              Total Sponsorship    Total Sponsorship
                                    $4000                $1500
                                  Available            Available
                                  8 x $500             3 x $500

                               Tumble Town
                               $950 - TAKEN

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
            Business Name
             Trading Name
             Contact Person

             Postal Address

                  X $ 500 Ride                                                Total Ride Sponsor - Please specify

                  X $ 500 Cake Stall, Coffee Stall, Reptiles
           Donation for Silent Auction - Provide Details

                                                                                TOTAL SPONSORSHIP / DONATION

             Please make your payments in one of the following ways:

            Direct Deposit:                                                 Please make your cheques payable to:
                                                                            Penrith Anglican College
            Account Name: Penrith Anglican Working Account
            Commonwealth Bank of Australia                                 Payment in cash, can be placed in an envelope
            BSB: 062 199                                                   addressed to P & F Association - Fun Fair
            Account Number: 1015 1728                                      sponsorship/donation with this form and handed to
                                                                           the administration office.
            ** Please include this wording when making a deposit:
            “Sponsor/(Your business name)”

            Please email this form to and note your payment method.
            If you require further information please indicate in your email and a P&F member will contact you.

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
WWCC Renewal


You might not be aware of this, but Working With Children Checks (WWCCs) only last for 5 years. If your WWCC is about
to expire, there’s a pretty good chance you will have already received an email notifying you. If you have not received such
an email, it might be in your junk mail or sent to an address you no longer use.

Please note, it is illegal to work with children in NSW without a valid Working With Children Check, and this
includes both paid and volunteer work.

The good news is that the process of renewing your WWCC is straightforward, and is free for volunteers. However, please
note that a volunteer WWCC is not valid for paid work in NSW involving children.

       There are 3 steps to complete in order to renewal your WWCC:

       Step 1 of 3 Please go to, update your details (particularly if you did
       not receive the aforementioned email) and then click “Renew your WWCC”.

       If you do not know your WWCC number, go to and click “Lost my
       WWCC number”.

       Please note the system will only allow you to renew your WCCC within three months of the expiry
       date. Please also make sure you click “Renew” and NOT “Apply for Your Check”, as the latter starts a
       new application which will cost you more time and more money.

       If your details are already linked to the College, we will receive notification of your renewal for our records.
       This will also enable us to verify you as a College volunteer.

       Step 2 of 3 Please note volunteers do not need to pay for the Working With Children Check. However,
       at this point you will need to verify your identity at your nearest Service NSW branch. Unfortunately, this part
       of the process cannot take place online.

       Step 3 of 3 Once your identity has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email. Please forward the
       email containing the details of your renewal (including your date of birth) to our College receptionist,
       Mrs Maxine Nielsen (, who will update the College system.

If you require any further information, please go to or contact me at the
College via email

Thank you again for all you do at the College, we very much value your contribution.

Mr Mitchell Clarke
Director of Teaching and Learning

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
2020 Student Residential Address Collection
                       and Other Information Collection

                                      For parents/guardians of students:

             2020 Student Residential Address and Other Information collection notice

     This notice is from the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment (the
     department), to advise you that the department has requested that your child’s school provide a
     ‘statement of addresses’, in accordance with the Australian Education Regulation 2013 (Cth) (Regulation).
     A statement of addresses contains the following information about each student at the school:
            Student residential address (not student names)
            Student level of education (i.e. whether the student is a primary or secondary student)
            Student boarding school status (i.e. whether the student is boarding or a day student)
            Names and residential addresses of students’ parent(s) and/or guardian(s)

     Schools generate a record number for each student for the purposes of this collection, which is also provided
     to the department.

     Purpose of the collection
     This collection is routinely used to inform Commonwealth school education policy, and to help ensure that
     Commonwealth funding arrangements for non-government schools are based on need, and are fair and
     The information collected in the statement of addresses will be used to inform school funding calculations. It is
     combined with data held by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to calculate the estimated capacity of a
     school community to contribute to the schools’ operating costs (capacity to contribute). Australian
     Government funding to non-government schools takes this estimated capacity to contribute into account.
     On 20 September 2018 the Government announced that it will implement a new, improved capacity to
     contribute methodology used in the calculation of the Commonwealth’s needs-based funding arrangements
     for non-government schools. Known as the direct measure of income (DMI), the proposed new methodology is
     based on the median income of parents or guardians of students at a non-government school. This is in
     contrast to the current area based measure which is a point in time analysis based on average circumstances
     in 2011 of the area in which students at the school lived. This change follows a review of the existing
     methodology by the National School Resourcing Board. Further information about the review and the
     Government’s response can be found on the department’s website:

     Use and disclosure of personal information
     Your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Any use and disclosure of
     your personal information relating to the statement of addresses will occur in accordance with the Regulation.
     Your personal information may be used by the department, or disclosed to the ABS, for the purposes of
     reviewing capacity to contribute methodology, calculating capacity to contribute and Commonwealth school
     education policy development (including school funding), or where it is otherwise required or authorised by

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
Your personal information will be provided to the ABS for capacity to contribute calculations and analysis as
part of the Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP). Departmental staff will use the ABS’ secure
DataLab to undertake analysis and calculate capacity to contribute scores for schools using de-identified data
(i.e. data that has had identifiable information such as name and address removed). The linked information
will not be used for other purposes. Further information on the MADIP can be found here:
The department may, from time to time, carry out audits of school submissions. In the event of an audit,
contracted auditors may seek to compare a school’s statement of addresses with student enrolment
information held by the school. These contractors will not use the information for any other purpose.
The department may also be required to disclose your personal information to its service providers for the
purposes of the provision of information and communications technology (ICT) support services to the

What do you need to do?
You are not required to do anything. Your school is responsible for providing the requested details to the
department, however, you may wish to ensure that your school has the most up-to-date and correct details
for your family.

Contacts for further information
Your school can provide additional information about the process of the address collection.

If you have any further questions regarding the collection, you can contact the department by:
       Email:
       Phone (free call): SES helpdesk on 1800 677 027 (Option 4)

The department’s privacy policy is available on the department’s website at The privacy
policy contains information about:
       how individuals can access and seek correction of the personal information held by the department;
       how complaints about breaches of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) can be made; and
       how the department will deal with these complaints.

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
Use of Student Images and Achievements

              24 January 2020

              Withdrawal of Permission for Use of Student Images and Achievements 2020

              Penrith Anglican College wishes to obtain confirmation that you are willing for images (an image can be in the form of
              photograph or video) of your child and/or details regarding their academic results or other achievements to be used in
              various media published in the public domain in 2020.

              If you are NOT WILLING to allow the College to use images of your child and academic results or other
              achievements in these ways, please complete this form to withdraw permission and return it to the College.

              If you ARE willing to allow the College to use images of your child and/or academic results you need take no
              further action.

              If you (or your child if they are over the age of 15) do NOT wish images of your child and/or information regarding academic
              results or other achievements, in any of the media below, please indicate on this form. (A new form is required for 2020
              if you do NOT wish images of your child to be used even if you have submitted one in previous years.)

              I do NOT agree to the use of [Tick relevant box or boxes]

              ¨        my child’s image
              ¨        academic results or other achievements

              [Tick relevant box or boxes]

              ¨        on the College website

              ¨        in print media such as promotional flyers, brochures or press ads

              ¨        in digital or on social media

              ¨        on digital signs

              ¨        on other marketing and promotional material including buses or other out-of-home advertising.

              If you are unwilling to allow images of your child to be used in any way by the College or wish to place particular restrictions
              on their use, please indicate above, complete the slip below and return the whole form to the College by Friday 7 February

              If you wish to discuss the use of student images, please contact our Marketing Manager, Mrs Melissa Brinkworth either by
              email at or telephone on 4736 8100.

              Student Name: ______________________ Signature (if 15 years or over): __________________ Year in 2020: ___

              Parent Name: _______________________ Signature: __________________________________________

              Date: ___/___ /2020

                                                                      To Serve Christ

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
School Opal Card

              School Opal Card
              As part of our campaign against fare evasion, and our on-going
              commitment to provide the level of service needed to transport
              students to and from your school, Busways conducts regular checks of
              School Opal card.

              All students must be in possession of a valid Opal card or pay a fare.

              Students in possession of an Opal card must also tap on/off with their
              card when boarding our buses.

              This is important, because the Opal data collected determines the level
              of service we are able to provide to your school. If students don’t tap
              on and off, the services will appear underutilised and may be
              considered for cancellation based on low passenger numbers.

              To apply for a School Opal card or to report a lost or stolen card, go on-
              line to

              Students who are ineligible for School Opal will need to purchase a
              Child/Youth Opal card or pay a fare to travel on our buses.

              Thank you in advance for your assistance and support.

The Vine - Issue No 2, 2020
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