TRACKDAY INFORMATION PACK ALL DRIVERS MUST BRING THEIR DVLA DRIVING LICENCE (See note below) ALL DRIVERS MUST PRODUCE THEIR DVLA DRIVING LICENCE ON THE DAY CADWELL PARK WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE ONTO THE CIRCUIT WHO DOES NOT HAVE, OR IS UNABLE TO SUPPLY A VALID DRIVING LICENCE If you unable to bring your licence, Cadwell Park will require you to call the DVLA at your own expense and in the company of a Cadwell Park official to ascertain your licence is valid Indemnity Please complete the attached MLR and MotorSport Vision Indemnity Forms and hand in at Forms Registration (one for each driver and passenger) Signing On From 8am: Registration, Driving Licence check, completion of Indemnity form for drivers and passengers (copies attached) and allocation of Car Number will take place in the BAR.

Wristbands Driver wristbands will be issued by Cadwell Park officials and a second wristband issued AFTER the Drivers’ Briefing. Passenger wristbands will be issued at Registration. No one will be allowed on the circuit without the necessary wristbands.

Driver From 8:45: The Driver’s Briefings will be held in the Bar by one of our Instructors and will start Briefing at 08:45. All drivers must attend a briefing, & will be issued a wristband immediately afterwards. Drivers will only be allowed on the circuit with both wristbands. Novices All novices will be given a more in-depth briefing after the main driver’s briefing, prior to taking part in the sighting laps. It is strongly recommended that novices also take advantage of the instruction as soon as they have completed a few laps, and throughout the day. All novices must also attach a novice X on the back of their car so other track users can identify them.

CADWELL PARK Friday 4th March ARRIVAL / PRE-TRACK Track Length (full circuit): 2.17miles / 3.49km

Noise Regs All vehicles must be road silenced and be below 105dba. It is your responsibility to ensure your car meets this standard Car Prep Check all fluid levels (oil, water – radiator and washers, hydraulic & brake fluids) are at correct levels, tyres are in a satisfactory condition, brake lights and indicators are working. Remove all loose items from inside the car and boot before venturing onto the circuit Sighting laps From 9am: To allow everyone time to get a feel for their car and the circuit we will run three groups of sighting laps starting immediately after the drivers briefing.

A group of 20 cars will follow the Instructor’s car initially for 2 slow laps after which the instructor will pull off the circuit to allow drivers to complete a 15 minute session. Cars that are “double driven” should take part in the first and third sighting lap session Etiquette This is one of the most important factors of you having an enjoyable day. Use your mirrors at all time - if you see a car behind, move over to the right when it’s safe to do so and allow the quicker car past – under no circumstances will racing be tolerated. Drivers seen ‘racing’ will be given a warning, and if they persist will be black-flagged and asked to leave.

If any driver is not happy with the driving standards of other drivers, please inform one of the Marshalls or MLR representative of the offending car’s number, as we want everyone to have an enjoyable day Intimidation Be considerate of other drivers on the circuit. Intimidating other drivers by overly aggressive driving, or gestures, flashing headlights, etc will not be tolerated. If any driver is not happy with the driving standards of another, please inform one of the Marshalls or MLR representative of the car number Overtaking All normal overtaking is to take place on the LEFT and on the straights only.

Overtaking on the right, or ‘diving down the inside’ into corners is not allowed. If you persist in ignoring this you rule will be black flagged and asked to leave Spins A “two-spin rule” will be in force throughout the day. If you spin twice you will have a mandatory session with an Instructor in your own car. If you spin for a third time you will be fined £25. Further spins will either warrant a further fine or possible expulsion from the day.

Tuition Please make use of the FREE PROFESSIONAL tuition available throughout the day from our team of ARDS registered instructors; Mark Youde, Graeme Whitehead and Helen Elstrop. If you would like tuition, the instructors will be in the collecting area adjacent to the restaurant. Novices All novices’ cars will be identified by a yellow decal with a black X. Please give novice drivers more consideration and room – think back to your first trackday! Marshalling The day will be fully marshalled by Cadwell Park marshalls. They will be responsible for allowing all drivers onto the circuit, ensuring the number of cars on the circuit does not exceed the circuit maximum (26).

Any cars considered untrackworthy will be black flagged and asked to return to the paddock to make any necessary repairs Cones To help you find the correct line around the circuit, cones will denote ‘turn in’ and ‘apex’ points No of cars The maximum number of cars taking part in the day will be 65, and the maximum allowed on the circuit at any one time will be 26. This will mean the day will be more relaxed and allow a greater amount of tracktime for everyone - assuming YOU “keep it on the island”! Timing Timing of cars on the circuit is not permitted Close The tracktime will be flagged at 17:00 ON - TRACK DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR DRIVING LICENCE YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE CIRCUIT BEFORE A CADWELL PARK OFFICIAL HAS SEEN IT

Insurance If you require trackday insurance please contact either your own insurer or one of the following; Competition Car Insurance: 0115 941 5255 Marsh: 01892 553160 Moris: 0207 709 9559 Helmets All drivers & passengers must wear a helmet on the circuit. The MLR will have a supply of helmets available for hire on the day for a returnable deposit cheque of £50 & a hire fee of £5.00 Passengers Passengers are only allowed on the circuit in the front seat. No passengers are allowed in the back of a car, even if the car has 4 doors.

Seat Belts Seat belts or harnesses must be worn at all times on the circuit Fire Extinguishers These are not compulsory, but if they are fitted please ensure they are securely fastened Tyres Protyre will be offering full tyre support including the tyre sales.

If you would like tyres (slicks or otherwise) to be brought along on the day, please contact Shaun on 01782 791739 Slicks Slick tyres are allowed Restaurant The circuit restaurant will be open from 8am for both breakfast and lunch. The lunch break will be from 12:30 – 13:30 Petrol The nearest petrol station is Upgate Service Station, Upgate, Louth (5m North A153). The MLR will be offering a petrol (SUL) collection service on day @ £20 per 20 litre jerry can. Minimum age The minimum age of anyone allowed in a car on the circuit is 16. Photographer “Pearsos Photographic” will be present on the day.

Photo’s taken during the morning session will be available throughout the lunch-break and afternoon session photos towards the end of the day. Video All filming at MotorSport Vision circuits requires completion of the attached form which should Cameras be handed in at Registration to the Cadwell Park signing-on staff. In-car cameras must be securely fastened. Hand-held cameras are NOT allowed Alcohol Under no circumstances is alcohol to be consumed at the circuit. Any drivers found drinking will be told to leave immediately Late Arrivals Please go to the Restaurant area when you arrive and see Darin or Mechell.

They will register you and arrange for your briefing and sighting laps by one of the instructors Contacts Cadwell Park; 01507 343248 Darin (mobile); 07971 424472 (signal is not good though!) Cancellations Once booked, cancellations by individuals cannot be refunded. If for any reason Cadwell Park decide to cancel the trackday, only fees refunded to the Organiser will be returned to individuals Spectators Spectators are welcome to come along on the day. There is no charge for entry to the circuit Directions Cadwell Park circuit is situated on the A157 between Louth and Horncastle, Lincolnshire.

From the North: A16 which skirts Louth then the A153 South West From the South: From Horncastle take the A153 North towards Louth From the West: From Lincoln take the A158 to Wragby then A157 North Accommodation HAYWAIN MOTEL 01507 462786 ADMIRAL RODNEY HOTEL 01507 523131 BEAUMONT HOTEL 01507 605005 WINDMILL HOTEL 01507 463377 STAMFORD HOUSE 01507 588682 THE BLACK HORSE 01507 343640 ADDITIONAL INFO DIRECTIONS & ACCOMMODATION

MotorSport Vision Activity Registration Form 2005 (PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY IN BLOCK CAPITALS) Surname . Date of Birth . … First Name(s … … Home Address … … … Postcode … . Telephone No. (Day . Email … . If applicable Company name … … Company address … … … Postcode … … Telephone . Email … … Person to contact in case of emergency … … Telephone No. (Day . Relationship . . Address of emergency contact . … . Postcode . .

• I confirm that I am familiar with the nature of the motorsport activity, which I wish to undertake and acknowledge the risks involved. • I declare that I am in good health and that my eyesight is up to the standard required for a road driving/riding test and that I am not suffering from any other medical condition or disability which is likely to adversely affect my normal control of a vehicle or which might make it unsafe for me to drive or participate in any other motorsport activity.

• I accept that I shall be solely responsible for any decision as to my fitness to participate in any activity and as to whether to continue to drive any vehicle at any time whilst it is in my possession or under my control. I understand that MOTORSPORT VISION LIMITED reserves the right to remove me from the venue if it considers my actions to be dangerous or detrimental to other venue users.

• I declare that I have a full driving licence and have produced it to MOTORSPORT VISION LIMITED for inspection Signature . Date: 4th March 2005 To Be Completed If Driver Is Under 18 Years Of Age: I . being the lawful parent or guardian of the above named and having read and understood the terms of this registration hereby sign this form by way of approval and undertake acceptance of the above on behalf of the above named. SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN … … Data Protection Act 1998 • The data controller is MotorSport Vision Limited, • Our nominated representative dealing with data protection issues is the Company Secretary, MotorSport Vision Limited, Brands Hatch Circuit , Fawkham, Longfield, Kent DA3 8NG.

• All of your personal data will be processed in accordance with the data protection act 1998 • As a customer of ours, you may be entitled to receive occasional special offers and information regarding Motorsport Events and products from us, other companies in our group and selected suppliers or marketing partners. If you do not wish to receive these mailings, please tick this box  For Office Use Only: Driving Licence checked  (tick to confirm)

Please complete this form if you will be using a video camera at the circuit MotorSport Vision Grant of Media Facilities at MotorSport Vision Limited (“MotorSport Vision”) (valid for date of issue only) Name .

Venue . Event Date . . Make/Model of Car . Race No(s … … 1. In accepting passes which enable the employees, contractors and agents of the above-named to move outside of approved enclosures, the undersigned acknowledges the risk to those persons involved in the use of these passes. Furthermore, in consideration of the granting of said facilities to the above-named, the undersigned agrees to save harmless and keep indemnified the organisers of the events for which these passes are valid, the above-named, MotorSport Vision and their respective officials, servants, representatives, agents and drivers from and against all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands howsoever arising in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to the person or property of any person including but not limited to the employees, contractors and agents of the above-named.

Further the undersigned warrants that all employees, contractors and agents of the above-named are aged over 18 years, are aware of the risks inherent in motorsport and are not suffering from any infirmity or physical disability likely to affect their mobility. 2. The undersigned declares to the best of belief that all employees, contractors and agents of above- named possess the standard of competence required to act as a trackside camera operative at motorsport events, having regard to the course and the speeds that will be reached. 3. (A).The undersigned declares that any material filmed is for personal or internal above-named use only and is not for broadcast on any public transmission media anywhere in the world (including but not limited to internet, terrestrial, cable or satellite), and agrees to pay MotorSport Vision the sum of £25,000 if any material filmed should appear on such media.

(B) Please ensure that all equipment is securely in place at the time of scrutineering Signed . Date … … Daytime Telephone No … Fax No … … (Office Use Only) Authorised by … Date … …

PLEASE TICK DRIVER PASSENGER MLR TRACKDAY INDEMNITY FORM Cadwell Park trackday 4th March 2005 Please complete one form per person Full Name (block capitals . . Address: House Number/name . Post code . Tel No . . Car (if you are a driver . Reg No . . Next of Kin Name . Tel No . . (this should be someone who is NOT at the trackday with you) I hereby apply to take part in the Mitsubishi Lancer Register trackday at Cadwell Park.

In consideration of being accepted to take part in this event, I agree to save harmless and keep indemnified the Mitsubishi Lancer Register and their respective officials, servants, representatives and agents from and against all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect of death of or injury to or damage or loss of property to myself and my guests (as the case maybe) arising out of or in connection with my taking part in this event and notwithstanding that the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of the said bodies, their officials, servants, representatives or agents and/or others persons participating in the said event.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief I am not suffering from any disability whether permanent, temporary or otherwise that might affect my participation in the event and that my eye-sight is up to the standard required for a road driving test in the United Kingdom. I accept that I will not be able to participate in this event if I cannot, to the satisfaction of the officials, comply with the safety standards and/or requirements of the officials. I accept that the decision of the officials in respect of all matters concerning safety is final.

I declare that to the best of my belief I possess the standard of competence necessary for an event of this type, and I hold either a full Road Traffic Act Licence or MSA Competition Licence and that I will wear any protective clothing/equipment, helmet deemed necessary, up to a suitable standard.

I declare that the vehicle in use is either “road-legal” in terms of the Road Traffic Act or that it meets MSA regulations applicable to that vehicle and that it meets the noise standard requirements of the Cadwell Park circuit as applicable on the day (105dba).

Furthermore, in respect of any part of this event which is on ground where third party insurance under the Road Traffic Act is not compulsory, this Agreement shall, in addition to the parties above named, extend to all and any other event, person and their servants or agents and to all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect of loss or damage to the person or property of myself. I agree to attend all briefing sessions relevant to the event, abide by all the instructions of the officials not to drive in a dangerous or unsafe manner and not to attempt to or pass any pace car, which may be in use.

I accept that any transgression will result in exclusion from the event, with no refund of any fee. SIGNED . DATE : Friday 4th March 2005

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