Travel Insurance OPTIONS - Effective 28 October 2015

Travel Insurance OPTIONS - Effective 28 October 2015


                                    ARRAN GED BY
Effective 28 October 2015
Combined Financial Services Guide
and Product Disclosure Statement
Travel Insurance OPTIONS - Effective 28 October 2015
Table of contents                                             More than just a travel

                                                                                                                                                  Part 1
Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)................ 3-44       insurance policy
                                                              We know travel and we know it’s about having an amazing
  1      Introduction                                   3     experience, enjoying yourself even when you are a million
More than just a travel insurance policy                 3    miles from home. We are as enthusiastic about travel as
How to buy                                               3    you, that’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for
                                                              you. We’ve created a range of inclusions, all of which have
 2       The cover                                      4     been designed with your travel experience in mind.
Benefits table                                           4    Throughout the Product Disclosure Statement you will
                                                              find a range of helpful hints from our experienced team of
Policy inclusions and options                            6
                                                              consultants to ensure you travel safely and enjoy yourself.
 3       Existing Medical Conditions and pregnancy      9
Existing Medical Conditions                              9
                                                              How to buy
Pregnancy                                                11   •A
                                                                sk your Flight Centre Consultant in store. Flight Centre
                                                               has over 600 stores across Australia
 4       24 hour emergency assistance and Claims       12     • Visit
24 hour Emergency Assistance                             12   • Call 133 133
Claims                                                   13

 5       Important information                         14
Who is the insurer?                                      14
The Financial Claims Scheme                              14
Who is Cover-More and the providing entity?              14
When and how benefits are provided                       14
Additional policy information                            15
Change of terms and conditions                           15
Your duty of disclosure                                  15
Code of Practice                                         16
The amount You pay for this insurance                    16
How various factors affect the Amount Payable            16
How a claim payment is calculated                        17
We respect Your privacy                                  18
Resolving complaints                                    20

 6       Policy wording                                22
Words with special meaning                              22
Policy conditions                                       25
General exclusions                                      41
Financial Services Guide (FSG)....................... 44-46
                                                              This insurance is issued by Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE (ARBN 127 740 532,
                                                              ABN 18 964 580 576, AFSL No. 318603), trading as Great Lakes Australia, a limited
                                                              liability company incorporated in England and Wales.

                                                                                        Part 1: Introduction                                      3
Benefits table                                                    Per Adult                 Per Adult                  Per Person
                                                                    International                Domestic               Domestic
                                                                        Plan I                    Plan D             Cancellation Plan
                                       Policy Benefits                                Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip
     1      Overseas Medical and Dental                              $Unlimited   ~
                                                                                                    $Nil                        $Nil
     2*     Additional Expenses                                      $Unlimited                                             You can choose
                                                                                                 $10,000                  $200, $400, $600,

                                                                                                                                                   Part 2
     3*     Amendment or Cancellation Costs                         Cover Chosen      ^
                                                                                                                           $800 or $1,500.
     4*     Luggage and Travel Documents                              $15,000•                   $3,000•              Medical cover will not
                                                                                                                      exceed 12 months from
     5*     Delayed Luggage Allowance                                  $1,000                       $Nil              onset.
                                                                                                                      Cover chosen applies
     6      Money                                                       $200                        $Nil              per policy, see page 5.

     7      Rental Car Insurance Excess                               $10,000                     $4,000
                                                                                                                      Additional cover available
                                                                                                                     see page 7.
     8*     Travel Delay                                               $2,000                      $750              Please read the PDS
                                                                                                                     carefully to understand
     9      Resumption of Journey                                      $3,000                       $Nil             what this policy covers.
                                                                                                                     Importantly, please
     10     Special Events                                             $2,000                     $2,000             note that exclusions and
                                                                                                                     limits apply.
     11* Hospital Incidentals                                          $8,000                       $Nil

     12* Hijacking                                                     $8,000                       $Nil
                                                                      $9,000                      $1,500
     13* Loss of Income                                             Up to $1,500                Up to $250
                                                                     per month                  per month
     14* Disability                                                   $25,000                    $10,000

     15* Accidental Death                                             $25,000                    $10,000
     16     Personal Liability                                      $3,000,000                  $200,000
     17     Medical and Dental Expenses in Australia                  only for the                  $Nil
                                                                    Inbound area.
    *Sublimits apply. Refer to the Policy Wording pages 22-43.                                                        Save m
                                                                                                                        Your ca ney on
          Featured benefits                                                                                         Plan I a     r hir
                                                                                                                             nd D c e .
          24 hour Emergency Assistance: 24/7 access to an            cover for pre-paid tickets,                        Your re over s
                                                                                                                                 nt a
          Australian team of experts with a global network of        hotels, tours or other travel                        excess. l
          doctors, nurses and logistical staff.                      related expenses.
          Medical Cover: Cover for overseas hospital, medical,       Additional Expenses: Cover for
          surgical, nursing, ambulance expenses and emergency        emergency accommodation and transport expenses if
          dental expenses.                                           an unexpected natural disaster like a volcano, tsunami,
          Our medical cover also assists You to find treatment       earthquake or flood disrupts Your Journey.
          and if necessary medical evacuation.                       Rental Car Insurance Excess: If You hire a car and
          Cancellation Cover: Only pay for the Cancellation Cover    happen to have an accident, cover is included for
          You need. Add the level which suits You to include         the Rental Car Insurance excess, You may be liable to pay.

4                                                                                               Part 2: The cover                                  5
Policy inclusions and options                                        travel related expenses for all travellers on the policy.
                                                                         The level of cover You choose will be the total amount of
                                                                         cover available under Section 3, on a per policy basis and
    Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip                                     will be shown on Your Certificate of Insurance.
    You can choose a policy to cover one Single Trip or, if You
    are a frequent traveller, rather than buying a Single Trip           Increase luggage item limits
    policy each time You travel, You may want to buy an Annual           The following limits apply to any one item, set or pair of
    Multi-Trip policy.                                                   items (including accessories):

                                                                                                                                                Part 2
    On Our Annual Multi-Trip policy You can select from the
    available choices, a Journey duration to suit Your needs and                                             Mobile
                                                                                 Cameras Laptop      Tablet  Phones Other
    be covered for an unlimited number of Journeys more than                     & Video
    250 km from Your Home during the Period Of Insurance.                        Cameras Computers Computers & Smart Items
    Areas of travel                                                       Plan I $3,500    $3,000    $1,500   $750 $500
    Where You travel will influence Your premium.                        Plan D     $300         $300          $300         $300       $300
    Single Trip: You will need to choose the main destination
    based on where You will spend the most time on Your Journey.         You may be able to increase the item limit by paying an
                                                                         additional premium.
    Annual Multi-Trip: You will need to choose the area which
    will cover all of Your trips for the year. If You select an          Receipts or valuations (less than 12 months old) must be
    international area, this also includes cover for travel more         available if requested by Us.
    than 250 km from Your Home in Australia.
                                                                         Activities included in Your cover
    Note:                                                                We know that not all travellers enjoy the same activities
    • If 20% or more of any Journey will be spent in the                whilst travelling so We have a comprehensive list of activities
       Americas or Africa You must nominate the area including           which are covered while You are on Your Journey.
       these countries as the main destination.                          Our Plans automatically cover:
    • If You are travelling Inbound to Australia, You can only          • Abseiling                    •      Kayaking
       select a Single Trip option, the maximum age limit is 69          • Archery                      •      Paragliding
       years of age and there is no cover for any Existing Medical
                                                                         • Ballooning                   •      Parasailing
       Conditions other than those We automatically cover.
                                                                         • Bungy Jumping                •      Skydiving
    Choose Your excess                                                   • Flying Fox                   •      Snorkelling
    When travelling internationally You can choose Your excess.          • Horse Riding                 •      White Water Rafting
    We currently have the below excess choices available.                • Jet Boating                  •      Working Holidays
    The higher the excess You choose, the lower the premium.             • Jet Skiing
    Your excess will be shown on Your Certificate of Insurance.          Your participation in any of the activities listed is subject to the
    • $0 excess                       • $ 25 excess applies to the      terms of cover and in particular General Exclusion 16 on pages
    • $100 excess                        Domestic Plan D and the         42-43 and Section 16 Personal Liability exclusion 3 on page 39.
                                         Domestic Cancellation Plan
    • $250 excess                                                        Motorcycle/moped riding
    Cancellation cover                                                   You may wish to hire a motorcycle (including a moped) as
    The International Plan does not automatically include                the driver or a pillion passenger during Your Journey. If You
    cancellation cover however You can add the amount of                 choose to do so You will only be covered if:
    cancellation cover that suits You. Select an amount from the         • the engine capacity is 200cc or less;
    options available at the time of applying for cover.                 • You are wearing a helmet;
    The level of cancellation cover You choose will influence            • You are not participating in a Professional capacity;
    Your premium. Typically people look to choose an amount
6   that will cover all prepaid travel tickets, hotels, tours or other                            Part 2: The cover                              7
• You are not racing; and
      hilst in control of a motorcycle, You hold a licence valid
                                                                         Existing Medical Conditions
     in the relevant country.                                            (Of You or Your travelling companion)
    Note: No cover will apply under Section 16 Personal Liability.       This policy does not automatically cover claims arising from, or
                                                                         exacerbated by, some Existing Medical Conditions or pregnancy.
    Snow skiing, snowboarding                                            Where Existing Medical Condition cover is separately
                                                                         applied for and accepted by Us, cover may be subject to
    and snowmobiling                                                     special conditions, limitations, excesses and amounts
    If You wish to be covered for these activities during Your           payable depending on Your age, duration and destination.
    Journey, You must pay an extra premium. Please ask                   This will be stated on Your Certificate of Insurance.
    Your Flight Centre Consultant for a quote.
    Even if You pay the extra premium, You will only be covered if:
                                                                         An Existing Medical Condition is:
                                                                         a)	Any physical defect, condition, illness or disease for which
    • You are skiing or snowboarding On-Piste;
                                                                            treatment, medication or advice (including investigation)
    • You are not racing; and                                               has been received or prescribed by a medical or dental

                                                                                                                                            Part 3
    • You are not participating in a Professional capacity.                 adviser in the 90 days prior to the Relevant Time; or
                                                                         b)	Any chronic or ongoing (whether chronic or otherwise)
    Extending Your Journey                                                  medical or dental condition, illness or disease medically
    Having too much fun? If You’re having too much fun on Your              documented prior to the Relevant Time.
    Journey and wish to be insured for longer than the original
                                                                         Relevant Time in respect of:
    period You will need to purchase a new policy through Flight
    Centre prior to the expiry date shown on Your original Certificate   a) Single Trip policies means the time of issue of the policy.
    of Insurance. It is not an extension of the previous policy.         b)	Annual Multi-Trip policies means the first time at which
                                                                            any part of the relevant trip is paid for or the time at
    It is important to note that should a medical condition present
                                                                            which the policy is issued, whichever occurs last.
    itself prior to the time of issue of the new policy, it may be
    considered an Existing Medical Condition under the new               If You are unsure whether You have an Existing Medical
    policy and therefore may not be covered by the new policy.           Condition, please call Cover-More on 1300 72 88 22
    Purchasing a longer duration policy up front may avoid this risk.    for assistance.
    Restriction on durations may apply.
                                                                         Getting cover for Existing Medical
    Money back guarantee                                                 Conditions
    Should You cancel this policy for any reason within                  There are three categories of Existing Medical Conditions:
    the cooling off period which is within 15 working days               • conditions We automatically cover.
    (excluding public holidays) of the date of purchase, We will
    give You Your money back.                                            • conditions which cannot be covered.

    Our money back guarantee ensures a refund of the entire              • conditions We need to assess.
    premium unless You have already:                                     Please review each of these categories to determine which
    • made a claim under the policy; or                                  category applies.
    • departed on Your Journey.                                          Conditions We automatically cover
    Should You wish to cancel Your policy and receive a full             Subject to the requirements shown, this policy
    refund, please contact the providing entity within the               automatically covers:
    cooling off period. We may give a partial refund if You              Acne – If You have not required treatment by a medical
    amend Your policy before You depart on Your Journey.                 practitioner in the last 60 days.
                                                                         Allergies – If the condition has not required treatment by
                                                                         a medical practitioner in the last 6 months and You have no
                                                                         known respiratory conditions (e.g. Asthma).
8                                                                                Part 3: Existing Medical Conditions and Pregnancy          9
Asthma – If no exacerbation requiring treatment by a            Conditions which cannot be covered
     medical practitioner in the last 12 months. You must also
                                                                     Under no circumstances is cover available for:
     be under 60 years of age.
                                                                     • conditions involving the back or neck.
     Breast/Prostate/Kidney/Bowel/Colon Cancer – If You
     were diagnosed over 6 months ago, have not had any              • conditions involving drug or alcohol dependency.
     chemotherapy or radiotherapy in the last 6 months, Your         • c onditions for which You are travelling to seek medical
     cancer has not spread beyond the primary site at any               treatment or review.
     time and Your Journey is less than 6 months. In respect         • t ravel booked or undertaken against the advice of any
     of prostate cancer You must also have a Prostate Specific          medical practitioner.
     Antigen (PSA) of 10 or less.
     Cataracts/Glaucoma – If You have no ongoing                     Conditions We need to assess
     complications, are not on a waiting list for an operation       For all other medical conditions You will need to complete
     and have not been operated on in the last 30 days.              an online medical assessment by either contacting Your
     Coeliac Disease – If the condition has not required             Flight Centre Consultant or calling Cover-More on
     treatment by a medical practitioner in the last 6 months.       1300 72 88 22 for additional assistance.

                                                                                                                                       Part 3
     Diabetes/Glucose Intolerance – If You were diagnosed over       Note: Any traveller who has ever been diagnosed with a
     6 months ago and have not had any complications in the          heart condition or a lung condition (not including Asthma
     last 6 months. You must have a Blood Sugar Level reading        if under 60 years) or any traveller with reduced immunity
     between 4 and 12 or a HbA1C score of 9% or less. You must       e.g. as a result of medical treatment or a medical condition
     also not currently be undergoing any treatment for kidney,      will need to complete a medical assessment if they are
     eye or nerve complications.                                     travelling to the Americas or Africa for any length of time.
     Ear Grommets – With no current infection at the
     Relevant Time.                                                  Pregnancy
     Epilepsy – If there are no underlying medical conditions        If You are aware of the pregnancy at the time of issue
     (e.g. previous head trauma, stroke) and You have not            of the policy, an online medical assessment must be
     required treatment by a medical practitioner for a seizure      completed if either of the following apply:
     in the last 2 years.                                            1. there have been complications with this or any previous
     Gastric Reflux – If the condition does not relate to another        pregnancy, or
     underlying diagnosis (e.g. Hernia/Gastric Ulcer).               2. the conception was medically assisted (including
     Gout – If the gout has remained stable for the last 6 months.       hormone therapies and IVF).
     Hiatus Hernia – If no surgery is planned.                       You can complete a medical assessment by either
     Hip/Knee Replacement – If performed more than                   contacting Your Flight Centre Consultant, or by calling
     6 months ago and less than 10 years ago.                        Cover-More on 1300 72 88 22.
     Hypercholesterolaemia (High Cholesterol) – If You have          Whether or not You have to apply, the following restrictions
     no known heart conditions.                                      apply to all pregnancies:
     Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) – If You have no             • c over is only provided for unexpected serious pregnancy
     known heart conditions and Your current blood pressure             complications which occur before or during the 26th
     reading is lower than 165/95.                                      week of pregnancy.
     Menopause – Provided You do not suffer from Osteoporosis.       • no
                                                                        cover is provided for childbirth or the health of a
                                                                       newborn child, irrespective of the stage of pregnancy at
     Peptic/Gastric Ulcer – If the condition has remained stable
                                                                       which the child is born.
     for the last 6 months.
                                                                     Expectant mothers should therefore consider whether they
     Skin Cancer (excluding melanoma) – Provided the skin
                                                                     travel under this policy, particularly if travelling beyond the
     cancer was excised more than 30 days ago.
                                                                     20th week of pregnancy.
     Underactive/Overactive Thyroid – If not as a result
     of a tumour.
10                                                                           Part 3: Existing Medical Conditions and Pregnancy         11
24 hour emergency assistance                                    Claims
     We hope You have the trip of a lifetime but should              Before making a claim please refer to Policy Conditions 4
     something go wrong, We’re here to help.                         and 5 on page 26.
     All policyholders have access to Our emergency assistance
     team who is contactable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.        How to make a claim
     Our team of case managers, nurses, travel agents and            You have two choices:
     doctors provide the following services to all policyholders:    1.	Complete an online claim
       ssistance in accessing medical treatment and care            • Visit and follow the prompts;
      whilst away                                                       or
      Our team of case managers, nurses and doctors will             2. Download and print a claim form
      assist You to find medical facilities and then monitor Your    • D
                                                                        ownload, print and complete a claim form from
      medical care.                                          
       ayment of bills                                                a) Add receipts and other supporting documents
      Falling ill overseas can be very expensive so those larger
      bills can be paid by Us directly to the hospital.              		   i)	Follow the checklist on the claim form for the
                                                                               supporting documents You need to send Us with
       ringing You Home                                                       Your completed form.
      Our team can decide if and when it is appropriate to
      bring You Home and will coordinate the entire exercise.        		    ii)	We need original documents, so please keep a
                                                                                copy of any documents before sending them in.
       ssistance when passports, travel documents or credit
      cards are lost                                                   b) Send in Your claim
      If You need assistance in contacting the issuer of the         		Send Us the completed claim form and/or any

                                                                                                                                 Part 4
      document, Our emergency assistance department can help.           additional documents to support Your claim to:
       elp to change travel plans as a result of an emergency          Cover-More Travel Insurance,
      If Your travel consultant is not available to assist with         Claims Department
      rescheduling in an emergency situation, Our team can help.        Mail: Private Bag 913
                                                                              North Sydney NSW 2059
     Certain services are subject to a claim being accepted under             Australia
     Your policy.
                                                                     Should You require any additional assistance
     When You call, please have the following information:           You can contact Cover-More on 1300 72 88 22
     • Your policy number                                            (or +61 (0) 2 8907 5000).
     • A phone number to call You back on                           Email:
     Please call Australia DIRECT and TOLL FREE from:
     USA 1800 937 9763                Canada 1800 645 8714
                                                                     How long will my claim take?
                                                                     We aim to process claims as quickly as possible. You will
     UK    0800 892 014		             NZ         0800 445 524
                                                                     hear from Us within 10 working days from the time We
     Charges may apply if calling from a pay phone or                receive Your claim.
     mobile phone.
     Other countries: Call direct +61 (0) 2 8907 5619
     If You are experiencing difficulties please try the following
     numbers: p +61 (0) 2 8907 5619, f +61 (0) 2 9954 6250.

12                                                                             Part 4: 24 emergency assistance and Claims        13
Important information                                            • pay the person to whom You are legally liable; or
                                                                      • pay You.
     Who is the insurer?                                              Additional policy information
     The insurer, Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE, trading in         The insurance We offer You is set out in the PDS and Policy
     Australia as Great Lakes Australia (GLA), is authorised by the   Wording. It is important that You:
     Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to carry on
     insurance business in Australia.                                 • are aware of the limits on the cover provided and the
                                                                          amounts We will pay You (including any excess that applies);
     Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE is a wholly owned subsidiary
     of Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG (Munich           • are aware of the “Words with special meanings” found
     Re), part of Munich Re (Group) which is one of the largest           in the Policy Wording on pages 22-25;
     insurance groups in the world. GLA’s contact details are:        • are
                                                                         aware of the Maximum Benefit Limits shown in the
     Mail: Great Lakes Australia                                        “Benefits table” on pages 4-5; and
     PO Box H35, Australia Square NSW 1215                            • are aware of the Policy Conditions and General
                                                                          Exclusions found in the Policy Wording on pages 41-43.
     The Financial Claims Scheme
                                                                      Change of terms and conditions
     In the event of the insolvency of GLA, You may be entitled
     to payment under the Financial Claims Scheme. Access             From time to time and where permitted by law, We may
     to the Scheme is subject to eligibility criteria. Information    change parts of the Combined FSG/PDS. We will issue You with
     about the Scheme can be found at or by           a new Combined FSG/PDS or a Supplementary FSG or PDS or
     calling the APRA hotline on 1300 55 88 49.                       other compliant document to update the relevant information
                                                                      except in limited cases. Any updates which are not materially
     Who is Cover-More and the                                        adverse to You from the view of a reasonable person deciding
                                                                      whether to buy this insurance, may be found on covermore.
     Providing Entity?                                       You can obtain a paper copy of any updated
     Cover-More Insurance Services Pty Ltd (ABN 95 003 114 145,       information without charge by calling 1300 72 88 22.
     AFS Licence No. 241713) (Cover-More) administers the policy
     (including customer service, medical assessments and claims      Your duty of disclosure
     management) and will usually arrange for the issue of the        Before You enter into this contract of insurance, You have a
     insurance, either directly or through the appointment of         duty of disclosure under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984.
     authorised representatives. Alternatively, another financial     The duty applies until (as applicable) We first enter into the

                                                                                                                                         Part 5
     services licensee or its authorised representatives may          policy with You, or We agree to a variation, extension or
     arrange for the issue of this insurance.                         reinstatement with You.
     The person who provides You with this PDS is the providing
     entity. The capacity in which they act is displayed in the       Answering Our questions
     Financial Services Guide on pages 44-46 of this booklet.         In all cases, if We ask You questions that are relevant to Our
                                                                      decision to insure You and on what terms, You must tell Us
     When and how benefits are provided                               anything that You know and that a reasonable person in the
     The benefits for which You are insured under this policy         circumstances would include in answering the questions.
     are payable:                                                     It is important that You understand You are answering Our
     • when an insured event occurs during the Period Of            questions in this way for Yourself and anyone else that You
         Insurance causing You to suffer loss or damage or incur      want to be covered by the contract.
         legal liability; and                                         Variations, extensions and reinstatements
     • Your claim is accepted by Us.                               For variations, extensions and reinstatements You have a
     After calculating the amount payable We will either:             broader duty to tell Us anything that You know, or could
     • pay for replacement (after allowing for depreciation) or     reasonably be expected to know, may affect Our decision to
         repair of Your personal items;                               insure You and on what terms.
     • pay for specified Additional expenses;
14                                                                                     Part 5: Important information                     15
If You do not tell Us something                                  • Area - higher risk areas cost more.
     If You do not tell Us anything You are required to tell Us, We   • Age - higher risk age groups cost more.
     may cancel Your contract or reduce the amount We will pay        • Excess - the higher the excess the lower the cost.
     You if You make a claim, or both.
                                                                      • Duration - the longer Your trip the more it usually costs.
     If Your failure to tell Us is fraudulent, We may refuse to pay
                                                                        ancellation Cover - the more cancellation cover You
     a claim and treat the contract as if it never existed.
                                                                       require the higher the cost may be.
     Code of Practice                                                 • Extra Cover Options - additional premium may apply.
     GLA is a signatory to the General Insurance Code of              • E xisting Medical Conditions and pregnancy - additional
     Practice (Code) which is developed by the Insurance                 premium may apply if accepted for cover.
     Council of Australia.
                                                                      How a claim payment is calculated
     The Code sets out high standards of service that general         When We pay a claim We consider a number of aspects in
     insurers must meet when consumers are buying insurance,          calculating the amount. These can include:
     making claims, experiencing financial hardship, requesting
                                                                      1. The amount of loss or damage or liability;
     information, or wanting to make a complaint.
                                                                      2. The excess;
     To obtain more information on the Code and the rights
                                                                      3. The maximum benefit limits and sub-limits;
     You may have under it please contact Cover-More on
     1300 72 88 22 or You can access the Code at                      4. Reasonable depreciation; and                                       5. The terms and conditions of the policy.

     The amount You pay for this insurance                            The following example illustrates how We will calculate the
                                                                      amount payable for a claim:
     You can obtain a quote from the providing entity. The amount
     We charge You for this insurance policy is the total amount      • Y our new video camera with an original purchase price
     of the premium that We calculate to cover the risk and any          of $4,000 is stolen from a hotel room.
     relevant government charges (such as GST and stamp duty).        • You are travelling on International Plan I.
     These amounts add up to the total amount You must pay.           • Y ou have not paid an additional amount to increase the
     Once the policy is issued Your total premium and any                standard item limit.
     relevant government charges are shown on the Certificate         • You have chosen the nil excess option.
     of Insurance.

                                                                                                                                      Part 5
                                                                      • Y ou have not paid an additional amount to increase the
     If You change Your policy in any way You may be entitled            standard item limit.
     to a partial premium refund or required to pay an
     additional amount.                                               The amount payable following the claim would be
                                                                      calculated as follows:
     How various factors affect the                                   • consider the value of the video camera – $4,000 (no
     Amount Payable                                                      depreciation applies because the video camera was new).
     We consider a number of factors in calculating the total         • c onsider the maximum benefit limit for Luggage and
     Amount Payable. The key factors that may affect the                 Travel Documents – $15,000.
     amount You pay include the plan, the area to which You           • c onsider the maximum item limit payable for cameras
     are travelling, Your age, the excess and the duration of Your       and video equipment – $3,500. This item limit does
     Journey and whether You take out additional cover.                  apply in this case.
     The following is a guide on how these factors combine            • a s You have chosen the nil excess option, no excess is
     together and may impact on the assessment of risk, and              deducted. This results in an amount payable of $3,500.
     therefore Your premium.
       lan - the International Plan, which provides more cover,
      costs more than the Domestic Plan.

16                                                                                     Part 5: Important information                  17
We respect Your privacy                                        •	our related companies and other representatives or
                                                                       contractors who we have hired to provide services or to
     In this Privacy Notice the use of “we”, “our” or “us”
                                                                       monitor the services provided by us or our agents, our
     means Cover-More and Great Lakes Australia (GLA), unless
                                                                       products or operations; and/or
     specified otherwise.
                                                                    •	other parties we may be able to claim or recover against
     Why Your personal information is collected                        or other parties where permitted or required by law.
     We collect Your personal information (including sensitive      Additional parties and service providers are detailed in
     information) for the purposes of:                              the Cover-More Privacy Policy and GLA Privacy Statement.
     • identifying You and conducting necessary checks;             The contractual arrangements that we have in place with
                                                                    these parties and service providers generally include an
     •	determining what services or products we can provide to
                                                                    obligation for them to comply with Australian privacy laws.
        You and/or others;
                                                                    We may need to disclose personal information about You
     •	issuing, managing and administering services and
                                                                    to other parties and service providers, some of whom may
        products provided to You and/or others including claims
                                                                    be located in overseas countries. Who they are may change
        investigation, handling and payment; and
                                                                    from time to time.
     •	improving services and products e.g. training and
                                                                    Generally these recipients will be located in the overseas
        development of representatives, product and
                                                                    countries You travelled to over the duration of Your policy
        service research, data analysis and business strategy
                                                                    and Your claim. These recipients would usually be service
                                                                    providers, such as, medical providers, providers of travel
     Cover-More also collects Your personal information for the     related services, investigators, assessors and facilitators or
     purpose of providing special offers of other services and      our related entities that carry out services on our behalf
     products that might be of interest to You.                     in relation to Your policy and Your claim. Further details
     How Your personal information is collected                     of these types of recipients are set out in the Cover-More
                                                                    Privacy Policy and the GLA Privacy Statement.
     We may collect Your personal information through websites
     from data You, or Your travel consultant, input directly or    We may not always be able to take reasonable steps to
     through cookies and other web analytic tools, via email, by    ensure that these recipients comply with the Privacy Act.
     fax, by telephone or in writing.                               Some of the countries where these recipients are based may
                                                                    not offer the same protection or obligations that are offered
     We collect personal information directly from You unless:      by the Act in Australia. By acquiring the services and products
     • You have consented to collection from someone else;          from us You agree that You may not be able to seek redress

                                                                                                                                      Part 5
     • it is unreasonable or impracticable for us to do so; or      under the Act, or from us and/or from the recipients in
     • the law permits us to collect from someone else.             overseas countries, or to the extent permitted by law.
     We also collect additional personal information from other     You and any other traveller included on the policy consent
     third parties to provide You with our services and products.   to these uses and disclosures unless You tell Cover-More,
                                                                    using the contact details below.
     If You provide personal information to us about another
     person You must only do so with their consent and agree to     Your choices
     make them aware of this Privacy Notice.                        If You choose not to provide Your personal information and/
     Who we disclose Your personal information to                   or choose not to consent and/or withdraw Your consent to
                                                                    the use and disclosure of Your personal information set out
     We may disclose Your personal information to other parties     in this Privacy Notice at any stage, we may not be able to
     and service providers for the purposes noted above.            provide our services or products or manage and administer
     The other parties and service providers include:               services and products to You and/or others.
     • insurers and reinsurers;                                     If You wish to withdraw Your consent including for things such
     •	medical providers, travel providers and Your                as receiving information on products and offers or Your travel
        travel consultant;                                          consultant receiving personal information about Your policy
     • our lawyers and other professional advisers;                 and coverage, please contact Cover-More on 1300 72 88 22.
18                                                                                   Part 5: Important information                    19
More information                                                  • If You are unhappy with Our response, please tell Us.
     For more information about how Your personal information             Cover-More will undertake a separate review of the
     is collected, used or disclosed, how to access or seek               matter. Provided We have the information We need this
     correction to Your personal information or how to make               review will be completed within 15 business days.
     a complaint and how such a complaint will be handled,             • If You are not satisfied with the resolution, then Your
     please contact Cover-More’s or GLA’s Privacy Officer, using the      complaint will be referred to the Dispute Resolution
     contact details below or refer to the Cover-More Privacy Policy      Officer or their delegate at GLA.
     available on            We will send You Our final decision within 45 days from the
     and the GLA Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy available        date You first made Your complaint.
                                                                       We expect Our procedures will deal fairly and promptly with
     Cover-More Privacy Officer                                        Your complaint.
     Cover-More Insurance Services Pty Ltd                             However, if You are not satisfied with Our final decision You
     Mail: Private Bag 913, North Sydney NSW 2059 Australia            can choose to have the matter resolved externally – with
                                                                       the Financial Ombudsman Service Australia (FOS). This is
     Email:                           an independent body and its services are free to You. As a
     Telephone: 1300 131 746                                           member We agree to accept the FOS’s decision, where We
                                                                       are bound to do so.
     GLA Privacy Officer
                                                                       You can contact the FOS by:
     Munich Re Australia
                                                                       Mail: F inancial Ombudsman Service Ltd
     Mail: PO Box H35, Australia Square, NSW 1215 Australia
                                                                             GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001
                                                                       Telephone: 1800 367 287
     Telephone: +61 (0) 2 9272 8000
                                                                       Fax: (03) 9613 6399
     Fax: +61 (0) 2 9272 8139
     Resolving complaints                                              Email:
     If You think We have let You down in any way, or Our
     service is not what You expect (even if through one of Our
     representatives), please tell Us so We can help. We are
     committed to resolving Your complaint fairly.

                                                                                                                                       Part 5
     If You have a complaint:
       all Cover-More by phone on 1300 72 88 22. You will be
      put in contact with someone who can help resolve Your
     • If You wish You can also write to Us about Your complaint
        marked for the attention of:                                                    Only car
        The Customer Relations Manager                                                 with You necessities
        Private Bag 913, North Sydney NSW 2059                                                   .As
                                                                                       is the mo tolen bag
        or email                                               s t comm
                                                                                           lug gage c       on
       e will listen to You, consider the facts and respond                                          laim.
      to You within 15 business days. If We need more
      information or more time to respond properly to Your
      complaint We will contact You to agree an appropriate
      timeframe to respond.

20                                                                                      Part 5: Important information                  21
Policy Wording                                                      “Accompanied Children” means Your children or
                                                                         grandchildren who are identified on the Certificate of
     The benefits described in this policy wording should be read        Insurance and travelling with You on the Journey, provided
     in conjunction with Policy inclusions and options (pages            they are not in full-time employment and they are under
     6-8), Your duty of disclosure (pages 15-16), Words with             the age of 21 years.
     special meanings (pages 22-25), Policy Conditions (pages            “Act Of Terrorism” means an act, including but not limited
     25-28) and General Exclusions (pages 41-43).                        to the use of force or violence, of any person or group(s)
     THE POLICY IS NOT VALID UNLESS THE CERTIFICATE                      of persons, whether acting alone or on behalf of or in
                                                                         connection with any organisation(s) or government(s), which
                                                                         from its nature or context is done for, or in connection with,
     We will give You the insurance cover described in the policy       political, religious, ideological, ethnic or similar purposes or
      in return for receiving the total Amount Payable.                  reasons, including the intention to influence any government
      It is a condition of the policy that:                              and/or to put the public, or any section of the public in fear.
      • You are not aware of any circumstance which is likely to        “Additional” means the cost of the accommodation
          give rise to a claim.                                          or transport You actually use less the cost of the
      • You are a resident of Australia or non-resident of              accommodation or transport You expected to use had the
          Australia travelling on the International Plan I Inbound       Journey proceeded as planned.
          area cover and will be returning to Your Home at the           “Amount Payable” means the total amount payable
          completion of the Period Of Insurance and within               shown on Your Certificate of Insurance.
          18 months of the Journey commencing.                           “Disabling Injury, Sickness or Disease” means a disabling
      • If You purchase the Annual Multi-Trip Policy, cover will only   injury, sickness or disease which first shows itself during
          extend to a Journey that involves travel to a destination      the Period Of Insurance and which requires immediate
          which is more than 250 km from Your Home.                      treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.
                                                                         “Existing Medical Condition” means:
     Words with special meanings
                                                                         a)	Any physical defect, condition, illness or disease for which
     In this policy the following words have the following meanings:
                                                                            treatment, medication or advice (including investigation)
     “We”, “Our”, “Us” means Great Lakes Australia.                         has been received or prescribed by a medical or dental
     “You”, “Your” means the people listed as adults on the                 advisor in the 90 days prior to the Relevant Time; or
     Certificate of Insurance and includes Accompanied Children          b)	Any chronic or ongoing (whether chronic or otherwise)
     except on the Domestic Cancellation Plan in which case                 medical or dental condition, illness or disease medically
     cover applies on a per person basis only. Where more                   documented prior to the Relevant Time.
     than one person is listed as an adult on the Certificate
                                                                         “Home” means Your usual place of residence in Australia.
     of Insurance all benefits, limitations, conditions and
     exclusions will be interpreted as if a separate policy was          “Insolvency” means bankruptcy, provisional liquidation,
     issued to each of the persons listed as an adult other than:        liquidation, insolvency, appointment of a receiver or
                                                                         administrator, entry into a scheme of arrangement,
     a)	In the event a claim arising from the one event is made,
                                                                         statutory protection, presentation of a petition for the
        an excess (if applicable) will only be applied once.

                                                                                                                                            Part 6
                                                                         compulsory winding up of, stopping the payment of debts
     b)	In the case of luggage item limits which shall be as per a     or the happening of anything of a similar nature under the
        single policy.                                                   laws of any jurisdiction.
     c)	For Section 3 on Plan I where the limit chosen applies          “International Waters” means waters outside the
         per policy.                                                     jurisdiction territory of any country.
     In respect of organised groups each child not travelling with       “Journey” means the period commencing at the time You
     their usual guardian must purchase a separate policy.               leave Your Home and ceasing at the time You return to
                                                                         Your Home.
                                                                         “Limb” means a hand at or above the wrist or a foot at or
                                                                         above the ankle.
22                                                                                            Part 6: Policy Wording                        23
“On-Piste” means on a marked trail or slope prepared for           “Rental Car” means a rented sedan, campervan,
     the purpose of skiing or snowboarding within the boundary          motorhome or people mover that each does not exceed
     of the ski field or ski resort and used in accordance with any     4.5 tonnes; hatchback or station-wagon (including 4WDs)
     regulations published by the ski field or ski resort.              rented from a licensed motor vehicle rental company.
     “Period Of Insurance” means:                                       “Terminal Illness” means any medical condition which is
     a)	In respect of Single Trip Policies from the time You          likely to result in death.
        commence the Journey or the travel start date shown on          “Transport Provider” means a properly licensed coach
        Your Certificate of Insurance (whichever is later) until the    operator, airline, shipping line or railway company.
        time You complete the Journey or the travel end date shown
        on Your Certificate of Insurance (whichever is the earlier).    Policy Conditions
     b)	In respect of Annual Multi-Trip Policies from the time You
        commence each Journey or the travel start date shown            1. Excess
        on Your Certificate of Insurance (whichever occurs last)        The excess is the first amount of a claim which We will
        until the earliest of the following times:                      not pay for. The excess, if applicable, applies to any claim
       (i)		the time that You complete the Journey; or                arising from a separate event in respect of Sections 1, 2, 3,
                                                                        4, 5, 9 and 10 of the policy only.
       (ii)		the expiry of the maximum insured duration per
              Journey (this maximum duration is shown on Your           The excess is the amount shown on Your Certificate
              Certificate of Insurance); or                             of Insurance.
       (iii)	12 months from the travel start date shown on Your        An additional excess may apply in certain circumstances,
              Certificate of Insurance.                                 such as cover for Existing Medical Conditions where You
                                                                        do not meet the provisions on pages 9-11. If an additional
     Cover under Section 3 begins from the time the policy
                                                                        excess applies We will notify You in writing.
     is issued. The dates on Your Certificate Of Insurance can
     only be changed with Our consent. In respect of Section            2. Sections Of The Policy Applicable To Each Plan
     9, cover is suspended while You are in Australia and will          If You purchase:
     recommence once You resume the Journey, subject to the
                                                                        a) Plan I, all Sections of the policy apply;
     original expiry date.
                                                                        b) Plan D, Sections 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 16 of the
     “Permanent” in respect of Section 14 means a period of time
                                                                            policy apply.
     lasting 12 consecutive months after the expiry of which We
     consider there is no reasonable prospect of improvement.           c) Domestic Cancellation Plan, Sections 2 and 3 only of this
                                                                            policy apply.
     “Professional” means undertaking any activity for which
     financial payment is received from another person or party.        3. Limits Of Liability
     “Public Place” means shops, airports, streets, hotel foyers        The limits of Our liability for each Section of the policy
     and grounds, restaurants, beaches, private car parks and           are the amounts shown in the relevant table for the plan
     any place the public has access to.                                selected (see pages 4-5) except:
     “Relative” means Your spouse, defacto, parent, grandchild,         a) where the policy limit for Section 3 on Plan I will be
     brother, sister, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, parent-in-law,           shown on Your Certificate of Insurance; or

                                                                                                                                           Part 6
     grandparent, child, step-parent, brother-in-law, sister-in-law,    b) where additional luggage cover has been effected.
     fiance(e), first cousin, aunt, uncle, niece and nephew.
                                                                        c) Plan D where the maximum liability collectively shall not
     “Relevant Time” in respect of:                                         exceed in total the sum insured stated under the policy
     a)	Single Trip policies means the time of issue of the policy.       plan selected for Sections 2 and 3; or
     b)	Annual Multi-Trip policies means the first time at which      d) the Domestic Cancellation Plan where the maximum
        any part of the relevant trip is paid for or the time at            liability collectively shall not exceed in total the sum
        which the policy is issued, whichever occurs last.                  insured stated under the policy plan selected for Sections
                                                                            2 and 3; or

24                                                                                           Part 6: Policy Wording                        25
e) t he maximum liability collectively for Sections 13, 14 and        monies otherwise payable under this policy You must do so
        15, shall not exceed $25,000 on Plan I and $10,000 on               and the policy will only cover the remaining amount.
        Plan D; or
                                                                            6. You Must Help Us To Make Any Recoveries
     f) where We have notified You in writing of different limits
                                                                            We have the right to recover from any other party in Your
         such as on Your Certificate of Insurance.
                                                                            name, money payable under the policy or to choose to
     4. Claims                                                              defend any action brought against You. You must provide
     a) The loss or theft of luggage, personal effects, travel             reasonable assistance to Us.
          documents or money must be reported within 24 hours               7. Claims Payable In Australian Dollars
          to the police or responsible Transport Provider and a
                                                                            All amounts payable and claims are payable in Australian
          written report must be obtained at that time.
                                                                            dollars at the rate of exchange applicable at the time the
     b) If You are admitted to hospital or You anticipate Your             expenses were incurred.
          medical expenses and Additional expenses are likely
          to exceed $2,000 You must phone the emergency                     8. Policy Interpretation
          assistance number as soon as physically possible.                 The policy shall be interpreted in accordance with the law of
     c) You must take all reasonable steps to prevent or                   the State or Territory in which it is issued.
          minimise a claim.                                                 9. Emergency Assistance
     d) Y ou must not make any offer, promise of payment or                a) Where Your claim is excluded or falls outside the policy
          admit any liability without Our written consent.                      coverage, the giving of emergency assistance will not in
     e) Y ou must advise Us of any claim or occurrence which                   itself be an admission of liability.
          may give rise to a claim as soon as possible and within           b) The medical standards, sanitary conditions, reliability
          60 days of the return date shown on Your Certificate of               of telephone systems and facilities for urgent medical
          Insurance by sending a completed claim form.                          evacuations differ from country to country. Responsibility
     f) You must at Your own expense, supply any documents                     for any loss, medical complication or death resulting
         in support of Your claim which We may request, such as                 from any factor reasonably beyond Our control cannot be
         original police reports, receipts, valuations, repair quotes           accepted by Our emergency assistance, Cover-More or Us.
         and/or medical certificates and You must co-operate fully
         in the assessment or investigation of Your claim.                  10. Free Extension Of Insurance
     g) Where You are a registered entity on a Plan D or on the            Where Your Journey is necessarily extended due to an
          Domestic Cancellation Plan You may be entitled to an              unforeseen circumstance outside Your control, Your Period
          input tax credit for Your Amount Payable and/or for               Of Insurance will be extended until You are physically able to
          things covered by this policy. You must disclose these            travel Home by the quickest and most direct route. The Period
          entitlements to Us if You make a claim under Your policy.         Of Insurance will not be extended for any other reason.
     h) If We agree to pay a claim under Your policy We will               11. Special Conditions, Limitations, Excesses and
          base any claim payment on the Goods and Services Tax                   Amounts Payable
          (GST) inclusive costs (up to the relevant limits of liability).   If You:
          However, We will reduce any claim payment by any input

                                                                                                                                             Part 6
                                                                            a)	want cover for an Existing Medical Condition which does
          tax credit You are, or would be, entitled to for the repair
                                                                                not satisfy the provisions set out on pages 9-11; or
          or replacement of insured property or for other things
          covered by this policy.                                           b)	are travelling to the Americas or Africa for any length of
                                                                                time and have ever been diagnosed with a heart or lung
     5. I f You Are Able To Claim From A Statutory Fund,                       condition (excluding Asthma if You are under 60 years
         Compensation Scheme Or Transport Provider                              old) or have reduced immunity;
     If You are able to claim from a statutory fund,                        You will need to complete a medical assessment which We
     compensation scheme (for example a private health fund                 will notify You of the outcome. If We are able to provide
     or workers compensation scheme) or Transport Provider for

26                                                                                               Part 6: Policy Wording                      27
cover for the condition(s) it may be subject to special
     conditions, limitations, excesses and amounts payable.
                                                                       The Benefits
                                                                       SECTION 1: Overseas Medical and Dental Expenses
     12. Automatic Reinstatement Of Sums Insured
                                                                       If during the Period Of Insurance You suffer a Disabling
     If You purchase the Annual Multi-Trip Policy the sums
                                                                       Injury, Sickness or Disease We will pay the usual and
     insured under each Section of the policy are automatically
                                                                       customary cost of medical treatment, emergency dental
     reinstated on completion of each Journey and in respect of
                                                                       treatment and ambulance transportation which is provided
     Section 4, also once on each Journey.
                                                                       outside Australia by or on the advice of a qualified medical
     13. Policy Conditions applying to Sections 1 and 2 only           practitioner or dentist. Medical cover will not exceed a
     a) We have the option of returning You to Australia if the       maximum of 12 months from the date of suffering the
         cost of medical and/or Additional expenses overseas           Disabling Injury, Sickness or Disease.
         are likely to exceed the cost of returning You to Australia   The maximum benefit limit for this section is:
         subject always to medical advice. We also have the                  Plan I:           Plan D:         Domestic Cancellation
         option of evacuating You to another country.                      $Unlimited         No Cover           Plan: No Cover
     b) In all cases the cost of evacuation or to bring You back
         to Australia will only be met if it was arranged by and       We Will Not Pay For:
         deemed necessary by Our emergency assistance network.         1.	medical treatment, dental treatment or ambulance
     c) If You are hospitalised We will pay for a share room. If          transportation which is provided in Australia. This
         a share room is not available We will, at Our discretion          exclusion does not apply to medical treatment provided
         and that of Our medical advisers, pay to upgrade You to           whilst on a ship (including cruise ship, passenger ship
         a single room.                                                    or passenger ferry) even if that ship is within Australian
                                                                           territorial waters. However, this additional benefit
     d) If You do not hold a return airline ticket an amount equal
                                                                           does not apply to any medical treatment provided on
         to the cost of an economy class one way ticket will be
                                                                           Australian inland waterways or whilst the ship is tied up
         deducted from Your claim for repatriation expenses.
                                                                           in an Australian port.
     14.P  olicy Conditions applying to Sections 13, 14 and          2.	dental treatment caused by or related to the
           15 only                                                         deterioration and/or decay of teeth or associated tissue
     a) If the conveyance You are travelling in disappears, sinks         or involving the use of precious metals.
         or crashes and Your body has not been found after             3.	the continuation or follow-up of treatment
         12 months You will be presumed to have died.                      (including medication) started prior to Your Journey.
     b) You must obtain and follow advice and treatment given         4.	medical treatment, dental treatment or ambulance
         by a qualified doctor as soon as possible after suffering a       transportation which is provided in Your country
         disabling injury, during the Period Of Insurance.                 of residence.
     15.N  on-Australian Residents Travelling To Australia -         Also refer to: General Exclusions - pages 41-43.
           Inbound area, International Plan I                          Policy Conditions - pages 25-28.
     This policy condition applies if You have paid the                SECTION 2: Additional Expenses
     International Plan I Inbound area Amount Payable and You

                                                                                                                                        Part 6
     are a non-Australian resident. In this policy wording (other      1. If You Become Sick
     than in this policy condition, the second bullet point on         If during the Period Of Insurance You suffer a Disabling
     page 22, Section 1 and Section 17):                               Injury, Sickness or Disease, We will pay the:
     a)	the word “Australia” should be replaced with Your             a)	reasonable Additional hotel accommodation and
         country of residence; and                                          Additional transport expenses incurred by Your
                                                                            travelling companion who remains with or escorts You
     b)	the word “overseas” should be interpreted to mean a                until the completion of the Period Of Insurance or until
         place outside Your country of residence.                           You are able to resume Your Journey or travel Home,

28                                                                                         Part 6: Policy Wording                       29
whichever occurs first. This benefit is only payable on         b)	loss of passport or travel documents except involving
        the written advice of the overseas medical practitioner;            government confiscation or articles sent through
     b)	reasonable Additional hotel accommodation and                      the mail;
         Additional transport expenses incurred by Your Relative        c) a quarantine regulation You unknowingly breach;
         who travels to and remains with You following You              d) a natural disaster;
         being hospitalised as an inpatient. The benefit ceases
                                                                        e)	a collision of a motor vehicle, watercraft, aircraft or train
         when You are able to continue Your Journey, travel
                                                                            in which You are travelling;
         Home or on completion of the Period Of Insurance,
         whichever is the earlier, and is subject to the written        f)	Your scheduled transport being delayed for at least 12
         advice of the overseas medical practitioner and                    hours due to severe weather conditions. We will pay
         acceptance by the emergency assistance network;                    up to $250 providing written confirmation from the
                                                                            Transport Provider has been obtained.
     c)	reasonable Additional hotel accommodation expenses
         and Additional transport expenses incurred by You and          The maximum benefit limit for this section is:
         at the same fare class as originally booked, if You are              Plan I:             Plan D:       Domestic Cancellation
         unable to complete the Journey on the written advice of            $Unlimited           $10,000^        Plan: Cover Chosen*
         the overseas medical practitioner;                             ^
                                                                         Combined limit of Section 2 and 3. *Shown on Your
     d)	reasonable expenses incurred in returning a hired              Certificate of Insurance
         motor vehicle to the nearest depot provided that, on
         the written advice of the overseas medical practitioner,       We Will Not Pay For:
         You are unfit to drive it.                                     1.	any costs or expenses incurred prior to You being
                                                                            certified by a medical practitioner as unfit to travel.
     2. If You Die
                                                                        2.	claims arising from Avian Influenza (including the H5N1
     We will pay reasonable overseas funeral or cremation
                                                                            strain) or any derivative or mutation of such viruses, or
     expenses or the cost of returning Your remains to Australia
                                                                            the threat or perceived threat of any of the above.
     if You die during the Period Of Insurance. In either event
     the maximum amount We will pay in total will not exceed            Also refer to: General Exclusions - pages 41-43.
     $20,000.                                                           Policy Conditions - pages 25-28.
     3. If Your Relative Or Business Partner Becomes Sick               SECTION 3: Amendment Or Cancellation Costs
     We will pay reasonable Additional transport expenses if            If due to circumstances outside Your control and unforeseen
     You are required to return to Your Home due to the sudden          at the Relevant Time:
     Disabling Injury, Sickness or Disease or death of a Relative       1.	You have to rearrange Your Journey prior to leaving
     or business partner in Australia.                                      Home, We will pay the reasonable cost of doing so (We
     4. If Your Home Is Destroyed By Fire, Earthquake Or Flood              will not pay more for rearranging Your Journey than the
                                                                            cancellation costs which would have been incurred had
     We will pay the reasonable Additional transport expenses
                                                                            the Journey been cancelled).
     for Your early return to Your Home in Australia if it is totally
     destroyed by fire, earthquake or flood while You are on Your       2.	You have to cancel the Journey (where You cannot
     Journey.                                                               rearrange it prior to leaving Home) We will pay You:

                                                                                                                                            Part 6
                                                                            a)	the non-refundable unused portion of all travel
     5. Other Circumstances
                                                                                 costs prepaid in advance including the travel
     We will pay Your reasonable Additional hotel                                agent’s commission (the travel agent’s commission
     accommodation and Additional transport expenses                             is limited to the lesser of $4,000 or the amount
     incurred on the Journey due to an unforeseen circumstance                   of commission the agent had earned on the pre
     outside Your control and resulting from:                                    paid refundable amount of the cancelled travel
     a)	disruption of Your scheduled transport because of                       arrangements).
         riot, strike or civil commotion occurring after the
         commencement of the Journey provided You act
         reasonably in avoiding Additional costs;

30                                                                                           Part 6: Policy Wording                         31
b)	for frequent flyer or similar flight reward points lost   SECTION 4: Luggage and Travel Documents
              following cancellation of Your airline ticket. The        1. Loss, Theft Or Damage
              amount We will pay is calculated as follows:
                                                                        If during the Period Of Insurance Your luggage or personal
     				 (i)	the cost of the equivalent class airline ticket,         effects are lost, stolen or damaged We will replace, repair or
               based on the best available advance purchase             pay You the value in cash of the luggage/personal effects. It
               airfare at the time the claim is processed, less         is Our choice which of these We do. If We pay You the value
               Your financial contribution towards the airline          in cash, We will deduct reasonable depreciation from the
               ticket multiplied by                                     amount We pay You. If We replace, We will deduct reasonable
     				 (ii) the total amount of points lost divided by               depreciation from the amount We pay the supplier and the
     				 (iii)	the total amount of points used to obtain the          amount deducted must be paid by You to the supplier.
                airline ticket.                                         Our payment will not exceed the original purchase price of
     The maximum benefit limit for this section is:                     an item with a limit for any one item, set or pair of items
                                                                        including attached and unattached accessories of $500
            Plan I:            Plan D:        Domestic Cancellation
                                                                        on Plan I and $300 on Plan D, or $3,500 for camera and
         Cover Chosen*        $10,000^         Plan: Cover Chosen*
                                                                        video camera equipment on Plan I, or $3,000 for laptop
      Shown on Your Certificate of Insurance ^Combined limit of         computers on Plan I, $1,500 for tablet computers on Plan I,
     Section 2 and 3                                                    and $750 for mobile phones and smart phones on Plan I.
     We Will Not Pay For Claims caused by:                              The limit can be increased by up to $4,500 per single item
     1.	Transport Provider caused cancellations, delays or             if the item is separately specified and the appropriate
          rescheduling other than when caused by strikes.               additional amount paid. For multiple items the overall
                                                                        increase in limits cannot exceed $7,000.
     2.	the disinclination of You or any other person to proceed
          with the Journey or deciding to change plans.                 2. Travel Document Replacement
     3.	any contractual or business obligation or Your                 We will pay You for the cost of replacing travel documents
          financial situation.                                          and credit cards lost or stolen on the Journey. We will also pay
     4.	the failure of Your travel agent or Our agent who issued       for Your legal liability arising from their illegal use. You must
          this policy to pass on monies to operators or to deliver      however comply with all the conditions of the issue of the
          promised services.                                            document prior to and after the loss or theft.
     5.	a request by Your Relative or employer unless You are a        3. Automatic Reinstatement Of Sum Insured
          member of the police force and Your leave is revoked.         In the event that a claimable loss, or damage to Your luggage
     6.	a lack in the number of persons required to commence any       and personal effects is incurred, We will allow You one
          tour, conference, accommodation or travel arrangements        automatic reinstatement of the sum insured stated in the
          or due to the negligence of a wholesaler or operator.         Plan selected whilst on Your Journey.
     7. any government regulation, prohibition or restriction.          The maximum benefit limit for this section is:
     8.	the death, injury, sickness or disease of any person                 Plan I:            Plan D:         Domestic Cancellation
          living outside Australia.                                          $15,000             $3,000            Plan: No Cover
     9.	any costs or expenses incurred prior to You being

                                                                                                                                            Part 6
          certified by a medical practitioner as unfit to travel.       We Will Not Pay For:
     10.	claims arising directly or indirectly from an Act Of          1.	loss or theft which is not reported to the police or
          Terrorism or the threat or perceived threat of an Act             responsible Transport Provider within 24 hours. All
          Of Terrorism.                                                     reports must be confirmed in writing by the police or
     11.	claims arising from Avian Influenza (including the H5N1           Transport Provider at the time of making the report.
          strain) or any derivative or mutation of such viruses, or     2.	items left unattended in any motor vehicle unless stored
          the threat or perceived threat of any of the above.               in the boot and forced entry is gained.
     Also refer to: General Exclusions - pages 41-43.                   3.	items left unattended in any motor vehicle overnight
     Policy Conditions - pages 25-28.                                       (even if in the boot).

32                                                                                           Part 6: Policy Wording                         33
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