Treatment Menu - Earth + Skin

Treatment Menu - Earth + Skin
Treatment Menu - Earth + Skin

Earth and Skin Experience                                                 60min            $160
Mini Earth Massage, Refresh Facial with Jade Stone facial massage
Ideal for newcomers to organic skincare. Enjoy our Mini Earth Massage which will ease tension in
your back, neck and shoulders, followed by a customised Refresh Facial using organic skincare
and a Jade stone facial massage.

Wild Moon Ritual                                                         160min           $360
Guided Chakra Meditation, Detox Clay Cocoon with Earth Massage and Crystal Balancing Ritual,
Elemental Facial with Jade stone face massage
For organic lovers and believers in the power of the Earth’s energy. We start with our guided
chakra meditation to balance your energy points. Your body will be wrapped in your very own
Detoxifying Clay cocoon followed by a Crystal Balancing ritual and soothing Earth Massage. A
customised Elemental Facial with Jade Stone facial massage will complete this full body
harmonizing experience.
Treatment Menu - Earth + Skin
Natures Wisdom                                                               115min            $280
Mini Earth Massage, Age Retreat Advanced Facial with Foot Relief
Beginning with a Mini Earth Massage, tension in your back, neck and shoulders will soften.
We follow with our Age Retreat Advance Facial to nourish and smooth your skin using our
finest boutique range of Organic skincare. To finish, the attention will move to your feet with a
soothing foot massage and exfoliation.

Mother Nurture Escape                                                         90min             $210
Guided Chakra Meditation with Crystal Balancing Ritual, Elemental Facial with Facial Massage
Indulgence and Foot Relief
A gentle nurturing treat for ‘Mother’s to be’. Our Guided Chakra meditation and Crystal
Balancing Ritual will open this treatment, relaxing and connecting both mother and baby. An
Elemental Facial will follow with an extra long facial massage as a special treat! A foot massage
to finish will ease tired, swollen feet and ensure you are relaxed from head to toe.

Mountain Dreamers             couples experience                             120min            $295     E
Earth Massage, Elemental Facial with Foot Relief                                                        H
Calling out to all the best friends, sisters, daughters, brothers, mothers or lovers… this is a treat
designed for 2! Beginning with a rhythmic and relaxing Earth Massage to soothe tension,
followed by a customised Elemental Facial and hydrating Foot Relief treatment to finish. You will
experience this side by side in our custom built rainforest couples room - how special!
​** Not a couple? Thats ok, you are welcome to enjoy this experience solo​
Treatment Menu - Earth + Skin
Refresh Facial                                                               30min              $95
Cleanse, tone, mask with scalp massage, moisturise
An introduction to Organic, Chemical-free skincare products and treatments.

Elemental Facial                                                             60min             $160
Cleanse, tone, jade stone face massage, exfoliate, mask with scalp massage, moisturise
After a thorough consultation, your skincare professional will customise your facial to suit your
individual skin type. Ancient Jade stones assist the skin to absorb organic products into the
deeper layers of the dermis, providing more effective results and a soothing touch.

Advanced Facial                                                               75min            $180
Cleanse, tone, massage, mask with scalp massage, moisturise
Choose from two uniquely crafted facials that target your specific skin concerns. Using our
organic, active range of skincare, both are the perfect preparation before a special event.
Illuminate - helps to decrease pigmentation for more even skin tone
Age Retreat - to re-awaken the skin and smooth fine lines
Treatment Menu - Earth + Skin
Vegan Collagen Stimulating Facial                                            45min            $130
Cleanse, tone, bian stone Gua Sha, massage, exfoliate, mask with scalp massage, serum
application, moisturise.
This cruelty free, vegan facial is designed to support the skin of those who prefer a plant based
diet. High protein products free from animal derived ingredients are absorbed into the deeper
layers of the skin and help promote collagen production. Using our hands and our bian stone
tools, our facial massage helps to promote collagen production resulting in a visible difference
in your skin.

Awareness Facial                                                             30min             $95
Education, cleanse, tone, mask with scalp massage, moisturise and product recommendation and
usage instructions.
Your skin is unique to you and always changing. A beautiful informative facial ending with a
step-by-step process for caring for the specific needs of your skin. Perfect for anyone dealing with
changes in their skin such as acne or pimples, dryness, wrinkles and pigmentation. Get glowing
skin at any age.

Treatment Extras                                                                               $35     E
Fruit Enzyme Peel A 15% blend of fruit enzymes. Papaya, Pineapple and Pomegranate.                     H
Massage Indulgence extra facial massage time - yes please!
Activated Charcoal Pore Treatment T-Zone blackhead treatment and extractions if required
Eye Rejuvenation soothing tired, puffy eyes
Foot Relief hydrating and lightly exfoliating including massage
Guided Chakra Meditation balance your chakras and relax into your treatment

  extras are available with limited treatments, please ask
Treatment Menu - Earth + Skin
Treatment Menu - Earth + Skin
Underarm Detox
Initial (includes full size Organic Deodorant paste to take home)            15min             $55
Follow up treatment (Recommended every 3 months)                             15min             $35
Chemicals in deodorant really are the pits! Make a change to chemical free deodorant.
Our specialised treatment is designed to detoxify your underarms and kick start your healthy
lifestyle change.

Detox Clay Cocoon                                                            45min            $170
Dry brush exfoliation, clay wrap with scalp massage and full body moisturiser application.
An invigorating dry brush exfoliation will increase circulation and remove dead skin cells before
you are lathered in a warm clay mask to soften the skin and detoxify your body. You will be
wrapped in your very own warm cocoon as your therapist performs a soothing scalp massage.
Finish your experience with full body moisturiser.
ADD REFRESH FACIAL                                                         + 15min             $50   x
ADD EARTH MASSAGE                                                          +45min              $65   r

Uplifting Sugar Scrub                                                        45min            $160
Full body sugar scrub and moisturiser application.
Using our Organic Sugar Scrub blend with uplifting essential oils, your skin will be invigorated
and left silky smooth and soft. A full body moisturiser will hydrate your skin to finish.            x
ADD EARTH MASSAGE                                                          +45min              $65   a
Treatment Menu - Earth + Skin
treatments tailored to suit men
Treatment Menu - Earth + Skin
Mountain Man                                                                   60min             $165
Mini Earth massage, Refresh Facial, Activated Charcoal Pore treatment
A Mini Earth Massage will target and soothe any areas of tension and stress, followed by a
Refresh Facial to remove dead skin cells from the surface and tighten your pores.

Tidal Warrior                                                                  90min             $225
Earth Massage, Back Sugar Scrub, Refresh facial, Foot relief
Beginning with a full body massage to ease tension, an invigorating sugar scrub will follow to
decongest the skin. A Refresh facial specifically tailored to suit male skin is next, followed by a
soothing foot treatment and foot massage.

*Even though these treatments have been created with men in mind, we welcome you to enjoy
any of our treatments regardless of your gender.
Treatment Menu - Earth + Skin
Earth Massage
A rhythmic relaxation massage to ease tension and stress

 30min        $70                    60min        $120                      90min        $160

Body Balance Massage
Aromatherapy, Guided Chakra Meditation, Crystal Balancing Ritual
Designed to awaken your senses. We take you on a journey exploring sight, sound, smell and
touch. This massage will leave you harmonised and balanced.

                                    60min         $140                      90min        $180
Ancient Stone Massage
Hot stone massage using volcanic basalt stones
Using warm volcanic earth stones, your muscles will instantly melt and relax as they are
massaged with the stones and your therapists hands. With the rhythmic flow, your body and
mind will relax as your tension slowly drifts away.

                                    60min         $140                      90min        $180
Using 100% natural sugar
                paste, this method of hair
                removal is less painful and
                results in less skin irritation
                than other methods.
                Made from sugar, water and
                lemon juice it is suitable for
                even the most sensitive skins.

Brazilian [women only]                       $65
G-String [women only]                        $50
Bikini [women only]                          $35
Underarm                                     $35
Full Leg                                    $105
½ Leg                                        $65
¾ Leg                                        $80
Full Arm                                     $70
½ Arm                                        $45
Nostril                                       $15
Lip or Chin                                  $20
Jawline                                      $40
Full Face                                    $70
Snail Trail                      from        $25
Back/Shoulders                   from        $60
Chest/ Stomach                   from        $60
Other                    price upon consultation
We choose to use an Organic and Vegan tanning
formula that develops into a natural looking, deep earthy
brown colour on the skin.

One Coat                                                                      $40
Extra Coat                                                                    $20
*We recommend for you to wear loose and comfortable attire to your
appointment. We will provide you with a disposable g-string and shower cap,
for your comfort and protection.

Professional Eyebrow Shape                                                                 $35
Our professionals will create the perfect brow shape for your face

Eyebrow or Eyelash Tinting                                                                  $25
Includes scalp massage    *Please be aware this tint is not organic

Eye Makeover                                                                               $80
Includes a Professional Eyebrow Shape, Brow Tint, Lash Tint and scalp massage

Henna Brow Tinting                                                                          $55
Using the finest plant based pigment, this 100% natural method of tinting will temporarily
stain your hair and your skin giving your brows a beautifully defined look. Henna is made from
crushed leaves and does not contain lead, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or any other synthetic
ingredients. This treatment includes a relaxing scalp massage.                                    x
ADD PROFESSIONAL EYEBROW SHAPE                                                             $30    a
Please see our website for Spa Etiquette including cancellation
            policy, arrival procedure and children.

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