Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 1 2018 Term 3 Nurture the FAITH. Grow in KNOWLEDGE. Act with HONOUR. The quarterly newsletter of Trinity Lutheran College Mildura TRINITY CONNECT


Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 2 Dear parents and friends of the Trinity community It is hard to believe that we are at the end of term 3. It has been an activity packed time for many of our students and we are all looking forward to a two week break. Camps, sport carnivals and inter-school competitions, Science Week, Book Week, Fight 4 Our Farmers activities, ICAS competitions, Tournament of Minds, primary musical performances, prep father’s night, transition activities, careers days, information evenings, leadership seminars and presentations of class projects are just a few of these activities.

I am very proud of the commitment and the energetic participation of our students in these opportunities. There is a joy in being in each other’s company and an enthusiasm to learn and do new things. All this would not be possible however without the dedication of our staff and we thank them for their service to our students. As a College community we have at our core the ten values for Lutheran schools. They are love, hope, forgiveness, courage, justice, appreciation, quality, compassion, service and humility. Our values provide wonderful opportunities to reflect on who we are and to remind us of what it means to work, live and learn in a Christian school community.

We action these daily through the 5C’s.

Be Christ-Centred Be Committed Be Courteous Be Compassionate Be Confident Trinity Lutheran College is a community of learners – students and teachers, staff and parents, who come together for the purpose of learning and teaching. To facilitate such a community, the college accepts the need for standards to be set and to be accepted by the community. When students experience conflict or disregard the college’s expectations and code of conduct, we have a responsibility to intervene to redirect the behaviour and attitude of the student and to enable the repair and restoration of relationships.

As we survey our lives, all of us can cite the choices we have made at certain points that set the course for our lives and put us on a path that has led to where we are now. For those who are living with the consequences of some poor choices, God is in the business of restoring us and giving us a hope and a future. Our choices shape our lives, and yet we are prone to choose the thing that glitters most, when often the wisest choice would be something else. I think of the choice Solomon made when God asked him what he wanted, as he took the throne and became king of God’s people. Solomon answered God, “Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?” (2 Chronicles 1:10 - 12).

Do you pray more for wisdom than you do for your physical needs? How wise we would be to choose wisdom to help us make good choices. Every day we’re faced with choices, little and big ones, where we have to decide whether we will serve the Lord or serve ourselves and take the easy way out. Let us pray for wisdom to make wise choices.

As we go about our lives, may we rejoice in the simple pleasures of living in God’s beautiful creation together as family and in community. May our relationships with each other proclaim God’s love to all. In Christian Service Cheryl Bartel Principal PRINCIPAL CONNECT Cover photo: Tournament of Minds primary team excited about heading to Darwin for the Australiasian Pacific finals.


Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 3 CAMP CONNECT Year 1 Our year one students had a fantastic experience on their sleepover and adventure day. They enthusiastically participated in the evening activities with the teachers before sleeping over in the library.

The first stop on Friday was Orange World where the students learnt about all things citrus. Everyone enjoyed Mario’s quiz, a tour of the farm and some freshly squeezed orange juice. Next stop was Woodsies Gem Shop looking at all the gems and exploring the garden maze. The day finished with a walk through Kings Billabong Wildlife Reserve to the Bird Hide. Here the students viewed the abundance of waterbirds living on the largest part of the billabong and saw pelicans, black swans and many species of duck. We are proud of all our students in taking such a big step in camping out overnight away from home.


Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 4 CAMP CONNECT Year 3 On Wednesday 15th August, the year 3 students set off to camp at Lake Cullulleraine. Before arriving at their lodgings, students were taken on a journey back in time to the early pioneering days, when they visited the Millewa Pioneer Village. The students were able to get a feel for what life would have been like back then and were engaged in many different experiences. After this, they headed off to their camp site at Lake Cullulleraine. During their time the students were involved in a lot of physical activity including yabbying, night hikes, treasure hunts, walking around the lake and learning of its history.

Some even managed to catch a few things in their yabby nets including a river rat - YUK! Before heading home, students also learnt how flour is made when they visited the Golden Grain Flour Mill. A great time was had by all.


Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 5 CAMP CONNECT Year 5 The year 5 students had a very exciting time on their camp at Sovereign Hill. Students enjoyed activities such as swimming, a pantomime and took part in their own Red Faces game. Students stepped back in time at Sovereign Hill, experiencing how school was in the 1850's. The students all sat mesmerised by the Blood on the Southern Cross Show. Students panned for gold and saw how the gold was then smelted and poured. On the last day they saw the Pern Collection of valuable indigenous artefact’s at the Gold Museum and the Eureka flag at the Museum of Democracy built on the site of the battlefield.


Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 6 CAMP CONNECT Year 6 Year six camp to Canberra was both fun-filled, hectic and very educational. After the long bus trip, students had some downtime at our beautiful scenic campground, Camp Cottermouth. Some of the highlights of our trip are expressed by the students: Going to the Governor’s House was a real highlight. All the furnishings were very expensive and formal. A memorable moment was meeting the Governor General himself, Sir Peter Cosgrove. It was amazing to meet such an accomplished man. We also realised that as we were walking up to the Governor’s House, Scott Morrison, our current Prime Minister, was in one of the cars leaving! – Jae Knobben Our visit to the Australian War Memorial was great.

We heard many stories of fallen soldiers on our tour and watched a re-enactment of an aerial dogfight. In the ‘Discovery Zone’ we explored time eras and how they were linked to various wars. Going through a submarine, sitting in a chopper and hiding in a trench felt so real. The gift shop had wonderful souvenirs. – Maia Gowers On our tour of the Royal Australian Mint, we scaled a staircase filled with coins to a viewing room where we could see how coins are designed and made. We met a robot called ‘Titan’ who lifts heavy barrels of blank coins. We also found out that many coins turn out odd and can’t be used.

Many people had their own gold coin stamped. – Maya Oldham New Parliament House was jaw-dropping with it’s incredible marble-filled foyer. The Senate room was so cool and especially to feel that we were in a room where a lot of politicians we know have also sat. The staircase had gold rails and marbled stairs which was very aesthetically appealing. – Ella Underhill


Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 7 CAMP CONNECT Year 9 The year 9 students ventured to Sydney for their camp this year. This action packed week immersed the students in an urban environment. They watched a live performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Opera House and travelled on the ferry to Manly for a relaxing afternoon of sand and shopping. The main adventure was two days of challenges and puzzle-solving with The Urban Challenge. Grouped into two teams, the students were responsible for their budget and travel arrangements while blogging their adventures for families to follow along at home.

At the same time, they also had to search the CBD for hidden envelopes containing riddles and complete tasks like building a five-metre ball run out of sand at Watson’s Bay.

The highlight of these two days was definitely the afternoon activities: cooking 226 meals for the homeless at Bondi and dragon boating at Pyrmont. Congratulations to Team 1 who won the overall competition. A great time was had by all and the long bus trip was worth it.


Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 8 CAMP CONNECT Year 10 The year 10 students embarked on the inaugural Ski Camp bound for Mount Beauty, with three days planned in Falls Creek. With a sense of excitement and nervousness, the first time on the 50 minute drive to the snow fields was met with a sense of wonder when the first smattering of snow emerged along the roadside.

The excitement turned to angst when students were faced with getting on and off the chairlift for the very first time. All students undertook compulsory lessons with qualified instructors every day. The skills that became evident by the end of day one is a credit to the students who actively persisted despite the challenges they faced. It was fantastic to see students having a great time over the whole week and watching their confidence grow as they attempted more complex ski runs. We are happy to report that there were no injuries and we are all impressed with the successful outcomes of the camp.


Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 9 COMMUNITY CONNECT Using our gifts to serve This term our Chapel and devotions were based around characters from the New Testament. Some of them are well known and play major roles in the New Testament, like John the Baptist who prepared the way for the start of Jesus ministry on earth and Paul who continued to spread the gospel after Jesus death and resurrection. Then there were Matthew and Peter two of Jesus’ well known disciples. We also looked at some lesser known characters such as Phillip and the Ethiopian and Lydia who barely get a mention in the New Testament but had a major impact in spreading God’s word to other countries.

All of the characters had one thing in common – they were chosen by Jesus to go out and serve him! It didn’t matter who they were, He chose young and old, men and women, fishermen and an astute businesswoman, people from his own area and those of other nationalities, those who were loved and those who were hated. He chose a loner in John the Baptist and an extrovert in Peter. he even chose Saul (Paul) who despised Him and persecuted anyone who believed in Him. We are Jesus’ hands and feet here on earth, we have all been blessed with gifts and talents, so let’s go out and make a difference no matter how big or small.

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. 1 Peter 4:10 (NLT) Trinity Lutheran College has been recognised as one of the 40 most innovative schools in Australia in 2018 by The Educator magaizne in recognition of the Earthcare 360 project. Six year 5 students supported by teachers, Stephanie Kriewaldt and Sara Holman, have combined cutting edge technology with the ancient Mallee landscape to create a ground breaking collaborative project. Aimed at sharing the issues facing the Murray River with the rest of Australia and the world, the students engaged eight community agencies, interiewing them about river problems and how the river can be supported.

The students then worked with professionals to use a 360o camera to record footage at six locations within the Mallee and then embedded the videos to create an interactive virtual reality experience. This is a fantastic example of students taking real action and making a difference.

We thank all of our local community agencies and the LLL for their generous grant that enabled our students to make their vision a reality. Details of how to download the VR app and view the videos can be found in both the Term 1 and Term 2 2018 edition of Trinity Connect.


Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 10 IB CONNECT LEARNER PROFILE Reflection is a key part of the inquiry cycle. Students in all year levels are encouraged to reflect on their work during classtime as well as at the end of the unit. It is also common practice for students to self assess and to also ask for feedback from peers.

This helps our students to think critically about what their strengths are and how these can be used to improve learning. This culture of reflection can be extended into all spheres of school life including performances in sport and music and our interactions with each other. At the centre of global education in the Internalional Baccalaureate (IB) is the the Learner Profile which is the IB’s mission in action. In this edition we will focus on exploring the attributes of being REFLECTIVE and KNOWLEDGEABLE.

Year 7 students have been working on an interdisciplinary unit called Around the World in 80 Days. Students drew on their knowledge and skills from the subjects of Individuals & Societies, Language and Language Acquisition so that they could complete the task successfully. Students planned a trip around the world and had to visit 10 countries on 3 continents without repeating any leg of the journey. They were required to produce a travel diary containing items such as ticket stubs, an itinerary, flight bookings and useful phrases in the language of the countries to be visited.

As REFLECTIVE students we thoughtfully consider the world and our own ideas and experience.

We work to understand our strengths and weaknesses in order to support our learning and personal development. As KNOWLEDGEABLE students we develop and use conceptual understanding, exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines. We engage with issues and ideas that have local and global significance. I am KNOWLEDGEABLE when  I know how to do this the right way  I learn about different things and remember them  I learn new techniques and skills and use them effectively  I look at things from a different perspective  I use what I know to solve problems I am REFLECTIVE when  I strive to improve and find ways to do better  I think about my actions  I ask myself was that the right thing to do and what I could have done instead  I welcome mistakes as a way to learn  I celebrate when I have achieved something

Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 11 This term prep students have been immersed in the transdisciplinary theme of How We Express Ourselves. Using the central idea that creativity may be expressed and interpreted differently, students explored this concept by writing narratives and retelling stories in alternate ways such as collages, models and drama. The students also demonstrated their creativity in how they can serve others in times of need through the market day that raised close to $1000 for our drought affected farmers. LEARN CONNECT: PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAM PREP FOCUS ON CREATIVITY How We Express Ourselves

Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 12 LEARN CONNECT: PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAM YEAR 1/2 FOCUS ON SELF EXPRESSION The year 1/2 learning community investigated self-expression this term. The students formed three main questions to guide their study and were able to branch off from these questions with their own focus. These questions were: Why do we communicate? How do we communicate? What if we couldn’t communicate? From these questions, students investigated the history of communication, how it has changed throughout history and how we communicate today with technology. Author, Phillip Gwynne, and illustrator, Anne Spudvalis, visited early in the term and provided a fantastic provocation in expression by giving our students the opportunity to not only question these experts but participate in workshops to experience what these professions provide.

As the term progressed, students started to consider how they could express themselves as a community in a culminating activity. The initiative from our student body of Fighting 4 Our Farmers gave students an opportunity to hold a Market Day to assist our local farmers in crisis. Students identified three main areas that they’d like to be involved in and express themselves. These were: students authoring and producing their own books to sell; students dancing or playing music to put on a performance; and students selling items or providing a game to play. As students worked towards their chosen outcome, they considered how to advertise their activity and what was needed for it to work.

Our Market Day was a wonderful success and we would like to thank our school and local community for their support! How We Express Ourselves

Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 13 LEARN CONNECT: PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAM During term three, students in the Hawthorn Learning Community focused on the central idea of how uniqueness is diverse in both presentation and interpretation. Our provocations included campfire discussions, democratic voting, student governments and wordless picture books. Students looked at how they choose to express themselves and how that might change if they were alone compared to being with a group of people. Students concentrated on the consideration of audience when they express themselves, as well as the constraints placed on expression.

Throughout the unit, they made a concerted effort to be clear, concise and authentic communicators. This term, students have made many choices about when, where and how to express themselves effectively. They spent time researching a chosen topic and preparing presentations which suited both their topic and their own expression styles. They wrote speeches and songs and presented them to various audiences. Students participated in the 3-6 concert in various roles. Towards the end of the unit, students spent some time reflecting on their personal expression choices and unpacking what this has meant for how their expression has been interpreted.

The students have loved every minute of their inquiry this term and have learned a lot about themselves in the process! YEAR 3/4 FOCUS ON DIVERSITY How We Express Ourselves

Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 14 LEARN CONNECT: PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAM This term the year 5/6 classes investigated the ways in which people determine an appreciation of the aesthetics around us. Through a variety of integrated topics, students experimented with poetry, different art mediums and science experiments to help them understand why we choose the things we do. An exploration of the use of our senses connecting with our experiences, helped students to develop an understanding into why we each have varying views and opinions on similar things. As global citizens the unit has helped thr students to see that even though we all have different perspectives, we can communicate through various forms and work together to create new understandings for the future.

YEAR 5/6 FOCUS ON AESTHETICS How We Express Ourselves

Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 15 CONNECTING TO THE LIBRARY How We Expresss Ourselves! Students from Prep to year 8 had the opportunity to meet award winning author, Phillip Gwynne and illustrator, Anne Spudvilas. They listened to a talk from both Phillip and Anne about their writing career and how they used their creativity. Anne instructed the prep to year 6 students in a “hands on” drawing workshop using willow charcoal. The students surprised themselves at their artistic ability and creative flair.

At the end of the week, Phillip offered a writer’s workshop in smaller groups to students who nominated an interest in writing. He used his experience, wit and skills to inspire students’ to express themselves through their own writing and ideas.

Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 16 BOOK WEEK CONNECT On Wednesday 22nd August 2018, we celebrated the annual Book Week dress up day and parade. It is one of the most popular days of the school year and nearly all students, regardless of their age, (staff too) let their love of books shine as they dressed up as a favourite book character. The theme, ‘Find Your Treasure’, invoked a sea of boisterous pirates of all sizes and a whole lot of ‘aaaarghs’ echoed around the hall! Following the parade and with much cheering and chatter, the primary students rotated through a selection of activities in multi-age groups.

It was very impressive to see the students maintain their character role, in often elaborate and tricky costuming throughout the day.

Book Week is celebrated annually at Trinity. It is a chance to showcase the year’s best selection of Australian children’s authors and illustrators. Activities this year included a Book Fair, a schoolyard Treasure Hunt and a competition matching the favourite book ‘treasures’ of the staff. Book Week finished with a lunchtime viewing of ‘Treasure Island’.

Trinity Connect_2018_Term 3_21 September_Page 17 Discovery Day LEARN CONNECT: MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAM The Shark Tank This term year 8 students in their individuals and societies subject, worked in groups to plan, prepare, run and evaluate a small business.

They started off the process by developing a company name and logo, business cards and a newsletter. Each member of the group took on a position of responsibility so that various aspects of running a company would be covered. Students then had to investigate and design an original product that could be promoted to the panel using a Shark Tank format. Each group member had to prepare and present their aspect of the company’s product, such as advertising, finance, design and logistics. The Shark Tank panel consisted of Mrs Kathy Venneri, Mr Darren Oborne (a celebrity who is known for his promotion of hair products) and Mrs Helen Watts.

The panel listened to each group as they pitched their idea and then they fired questions at them before making their offers of financial assistance. RESULTS Great Aussie Drive-thru: Mrs Watts paid $120 000 for a 40% share Innovative Farming Solutions: Mrs Venneri paid $200 000 for a 40% share Real Vision: Mr Oborne paid $200 000 for a 45% share Bug Buster Insect Killer: Mrs Watts paid $40 000 for a 20% share Year 6 students from Trinity and around the Sunraysia region had the opportunity to experience our secondary school facilities as well as engaging in activities linked with the IB Middle Years Program concepts during our second Discovery Day for 2018.

Students were challenged to ‘Think Outside the Square’ and engaged in a range of activities and challenges.