Tu B'Shvat Happy - BULLETIN - ShulCloud

Tu B'Shvat Happy - BULLETIN - ShulCloud
Winter Issue        January - February 2021   Tevet-Shevat-Adar 5781



      Tu B’Shvat
               January 28
Tu B'Shvat Happy - BULLETIN - ShulCloud
SHABBAT • HOLIDAYS • EVENTS                   JAN - FEB 2021                       DAILY MINYAN SERVICES
                                                                              Monday - Friday                  7:45am
    Shabbat Veyechi		             Jan 1-2        Candlelighting 4:16pm        Monday - Thursday                6:00pm
                                                                              Sundays                          9:00am, 6:00pm
                                                                              National Holidays                Times vary

    Shabbat Shemot		              Jan 8-9        Candlelighting 4:22pm                  SHABBAT SERVICES
    Adult Ed - Rosie Whitehouse   Jan 10				Page 10                            Schmooze                        6:00pm
                                                                               Services                        6:30pm
    Shabbat Va’era		              Jan 15-16       Candlelighting 4:30pm      Saturday
                                                                               Bread & Torah                   9:00am
    Adult Ed - Michael Lawlor     Jan 17				Page 10                            Services                        10:00am

    Shabbat Bo			                 Jan 22-23     Candlelighting 4:38pm             ZOOM & LIVESTREAMING
                                                                             For the foreseeable future, all of our
                                                                             religious services will be on zoom or
    Power of Ten			               Jan 23-24			            Page 8             livestreaming. Some services and events
                                                                             will also be in person. Please make sure
    Shabbat Beshallach		          Jan 29-30     Candlelighting 4:47pm        we have your email so we can alert you
                                                                             to links and passwords.

    Adult Ed - David Banach       Jan 31				Page 10
                                                                            Do we have your email address?
    Shabbat Yitro		               Feb 5- 6       Candlelighting 4:56pm      If you don’t receive our emails you could be
                                                                            missing a lot of great programs. Send yours to
    Adult Ed - Barry Zaret        Feb 11				Page 11                         office@bnaijacob.org
    Shabbat Mishpatim             Feb 12-13      Candlelighting 5:04pm      Cantor@bnaijacob.org
    Adult Ed - JScreeen           Feb 18				Page 11

    Shabbat Terumah		             Feb 19-20      Candlelighting 5:13pm

                                                                             CONGREGATION B’NAI JACOB
    Adult Ed - Herb Keinon        Feb 21				               Page 11           Rabbi                  Rona Shapiro
                                                                             Cantor and             Barbara Haimowitz
                                                                             Religious School Director
            Megillah Reading      Feb 25                                     Office Manager              Lynn Ginzberg
                                                                             Bulletin Editors            Lynn Ginzberg
                                                                                                         Jeanette Kuvin Oren

    Trivia Game Night             Feb 27				Page 9
                                                                             CONGREGATION B’NAI JACOB
                                                                             (USPS 128-600) is published bimonthly for $1.00 per
    Shabbat Tetzaveh              Feb 26-27      Candlelighting 5:21pm       year by Congregation B’nai Jacob,
                                                                             75 Rimmon Road, Woodbridge, CT 06525-2098.
                                                                             Periodical postage paid at New Haven, CT.
    Adult Ed - Rachel Korazim     Feb 28				Page 11                       Daily  Minyan Services
                                                                            Subscription: $1.00 per annum
                                                                             Bulletin- Permit
                                                                                       Saturday            7:45am
                                                                                              Number: 128600
                                                                             Circulation: 400
                                                                          Sunday			                        9:00am
                                                                          Saturday   Afternoon             1:00pm
                                                                             Congregation B’nai Jacob Telephone • 203-389-2111
                                                                          Sunday   - Friday
                                                                             75 Rimmon    Road          Fax6:00pm
                                                                                                           • 203-389-5293
                                                                          National   Holidays
                                                                             Woodbridge,   CT 06525 Times     vary
2                                                                                                      info@bnaijacob.org
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 4          RABBI                                                           Shabbat Morning Walks
                                                                            Jan 16, Feb 20 & March 13 • 8:30am
 5          PRESIDENT
                                                                            Join Rabbi Shapiro for
 6          CANTOR / SCHOOL                                                 a thoughtful, prayerful,
                                                                            meditative walk in the

 8          FUNDRAISING                                                     woods. We will meet
                                                                            at our usual spot, the

                                                                            entrance to the Blue Trail,
            ADULT EDUCATION                                                 behind the church in
                                                                            Woodbridge Town Center.
12          AT HOME                                                         Wear comfortable walking shoes. Hope to see you

13          SOCIAL ACTION                                                   Weather permitting. Health recommendations

14          YARZEITS
16          DONATIONS

In our new reality of Zoom gatherings, we could all use a reminder about Zoom etiquette to make the experience better for all involved.

Have you ever thought you were muted, but everyone just heard you yell at your spouse? Have you thought your video was off, but you were in
full view at services in your pajamas? Have you been cooking, eating, using your phone, conversing with someone, calling to the dog, or other
such distracting behaviors that you didn’t intend to share? Then, these rules are for you!

                                                                           DON’T EAT DURING ZOOM:
It is disruptive to hear background noise on zoom. A phone
ringing, a TV on, even moving about and rustling papers all make a         If you can avoid it, please don’t eat during a zoom event, unless your
tremendous racket on zoom. The solution is to keep yourself muted          video is off. If it’s a casual meeting then it’s all right to munch.
unless you want to speak. And then, re-mute yourself when you are
done.                                                                      BE AWARE OF YOUR VIDEO AREA:

Similarly, as much as it would be lovely to sing together on zoom, it      Keep in mind that people not only see you when your video is on, but
simply can’t be done. There is a time delay, which makes it sound like     they see whatever is behind you in the camera’s view.
a cacophony of dogs barking. Best practice is to mute yourself and
then sing along to your heart’s content, but only so you alone can hear.   Zoom has been incredible at helping us stay connected. Just
                                                                           observing a few rules of etiquette will help everyone enjoy the Zoom
You know you are muted when the red line is through the                    experience that much more. See you soon on Zoom!
microphone. It’s good to glance over to the microphone symbol every
once in a while to be sure that you are muted.


If the line is not through the video camera symbol, then you are live
and on camera. Even if you have chosen the speaker view, which
only shows the speaker, everyone still sees you. If you don’t want to
be seen, turn off the video. If you are on video, please stay focused
and avoid your phone, reading, cooking, talking to others, etc and
give your attention to the speaker. Remember, if the phone rings or
something comes up that you need to attend to, just turn off the video
and mute your microphone.
Tu B'Shvat Happy - BULLETIN - ShulCloud

                                   Winter Solstice, Hanukkah and the Courage to Act

    I write this article on the day of the winter solstice, the shortest day of the   When the weather got warmer, we put up a tent — our very own first ever
    year. It is cold outside, and snow blankets New England, but, amazingly,          revival tent — and held services there almost every weekend, weather-
    the fact that this is the shortest day of the year, means that tomorrow           permitting, from June through October. High Holidays rolled around, and
    there will be ever so slightly more light, and the next day more, and so          we found ways to create meaningful experiences and to connect to one
    on. At first, we will hardly detect the increase in light, but in a few short     another whether through gift bags to all of you or shofar services in the
    months, the days will become visibly longer, and the first buds of spring         parking lot, or Choose Your Own Adventure Rosh Hashanah programs or
    will be evident — snowdrops, crocuses, and forsythia. In other words, at          a yizkor video. At every juncture, we have faced imperfect conditions, and
    the darkest moment of the year, the light begins to return. Just when we          we are never sure whether we can pull it off, how long the pandemic will
    feel like hiding under the covers until winter passes, we round the corner        last, if people will come, but regardless we have, at each juncture, seized the
    toward spring.                                                                    opportunity and found myriad ways to keep our community together and
                                                                                      strong. We have suffered technical glitches, imperfect sound, video, and
    It is, of course, not a coincidence that every culture, including ours, has       lighting, and programs that frankly flopped. But has it been magnificent?
    some kind of holiday of light at this time of year. As I was thinking about       You better believe it.
    this, I thought about our Hanukkah candles — one light, that first light,
    is very small. Two is not much more. It is hard to pinpoint the exact             There is so much to be learned from that small cruse of oil about the deep
    moment when the Hanukkah lights start to seem full, but by the eighth             hope of a small community that it could survive and generate light against
    day they are certainly glowing brightly, shedding a great light. So too with      all odds. The Maccabees were willing to light that first menorah without
    the passage of winter — we hardly notice the increase of light at first, but      guarantee of success, just as we have, to begin the process without knowing
    sure enough, sooner than we think, the days get longer. Spring comes.             how it would end. So often, human effort is undermined by our sense of the
                                                                                      magnitude of the job and our fear of our own inability to complete it. Why
    I am not one to rush time. I like living where there are four seasons, and        should I learn Torah if I have neither the time nor the ability to become an
    even if winter has its challenges, it is still magical in the snow. But this      accomplished scholar? Why should we gather food for the food pantry or
    year, with the pandemic heavy and all of us shut up in our own homes,             donate money to those in need, when it is but a drop in a bottomless bucket?
    seeing little of one another, I am thrilled that at this moment of darkest
    winter, the harbinger of spring is already here.                                  “The Hanukkah lights encourage us to trust human beginnings and to
                                                                                      focus our passions and efforts on whatever opportunities are available at the
    This past Shabbat, I spoke about the courage of the Maccabees to light            present moment,” writes David Hartman, of blessed memory. “One ought to
    that small cruse of oil. After all, we can easily imagine that there were         pour infinite yearnings even into small vessels. The strength to continue and
    many who objected: “Why light a flame which is bound to burn out                  to persevere grows by virtue of the courage to initiate a process by lighting
    before the Temple is completely rededicated? Let the Temple remain                that first flame. Only lamps which are lit may continue to burn beyond their
    ritually defiled until we are certain that we have enough oil to light the        anticipated life span. Only one who devotes 15 minutes a day to learning
    lamp for a long period. Why initiate a process we cannot complete? Wait           Torah, will discover latent powers of study and analysis. Only one who gives
    until conditions are ripe.” The Maccabees ignored such voices of reason           a minimal amount of tzedakah will discover a greater capacity for caring
    and availed themselves of the opportunities at hand.                              and giving.”

    We here at B’nai Jacob have done the same. When the world closed down             “We all bear children not knowing if we will be able to love them or
    on March 12, we could hold said we will wait until the pandemic is over           provide for their needs throughout a lifetime.” Only in caring for them,
    before we held services again. We could have said that Zoom is not the            do we discover and actually expand our own capacity to to love and grow.
    best platform and online services are far from ideal, and our congregants,        I remember my grandmother’s asking me when I would have children. I
    will struggle to use the technology. We could have said that we would             told her we would have children when we were ready. She said we would
    wait until we had better mics, and better cameras, and people had more            never be ready. I didn’t understand or agree with her then, but I do now. It
    experience using this platform. We could have hoped that all this would           is only in the tending to, in the loving, in the doing, that one discovers one’s
    end soon, and we woulf not have a need to make plans for a situation that         capacity.
    would be temporary. But we didn’t. That first Shabbat, we live-streamed,
    and immediately thereafter, we zoomed. We quickly organized daily                 This is one of the great wisdoms of Judaism, I think. We will not ever
    minyans on zoom, along with religious school and adult ed classes, joke           understand the meaning of Shabbat or any other mitzvah by reading about
    nights and cooking. Was it perfect? Far from it. Was it sometimes deeply          it or contemplating it. We can only understand what Shabbat or Torah or
    flawed? For sure. Was it also magnificent? Yes, without question.                 any other mitzvah means in our lives by engaging it. “Human capacity
                                                                                      grows from action, not from noble ideals and well-meaning intentions. The
    As time went on, we found other ways to connect — I gave away 100                 Hanukkah lamp burned for eight days because of those who were prepared
    cheesecakes on Shavuot. We had a parade to bid farewell to Malachi.               to have it burn for only one day.”
    We had a pizza party in the parking lot to welcome Cantor Barbara.
4                                                                                                                                Continued on botttom of next page --->
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                        The Value of Membership

I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year! May 2021 be far better than 2020!

At this time last year, I spoke of how we as individuals may maintain or rebuild B’nai Jacob’s importance in our lives. I now take that concept one
step farther to highlight what we have received from our congregation membership.

A membership to B’nai Jacob opens a number of doors. We provide services and programs, participation in prayer, whether it be in daily minyan,
Shabbat, holidays, or just high holiday services. We offer the opportunity to sit on committees and boards; to engage in meaningful dialogue
and counseling with congregation leaders; to obtain life cycle officiation with the joys of birth, bar and bat mitzvahs, and marriage; to receive
consolation and support in times of illness and death. Moreover, we may participate in other congregational life, such as enhancing our personal
development through adult education, Torah study, book clubs, visiting scholar presentations, holiday festivity preparation and collective
rejoicing. We volunteer for the betterment of those around us, and, by doing so, perform a mitzvah from time to time for others. Beyond this, we
may even undertake a role in synagogue leadership! By belonging to B’nai Jacob, we engage in self-betterment. By ourselves or in conjunction
with others, we experiment in learning to reflect, explore, discover, empower and experience a self of purpose, trying to understand the meaning
of life and changing and enhancing the global community in which we live. And how extraordinary, that we are able to contribute to and
build a community when we are confined to isolation because of health concerns in the midst of a pandemic. Now, more than ever, we, as a
congregation, may reach out to our fellow members to ensure their well-being, safety and, health. Together with our clergy, the congregation we
have built keeps us together in sound shape to contend with the vicissitudes of life which challenge each of us.

Membership in B’nai Jacob cannot reasonably be compared to membership in Costco, BJs, Netflix or Amazon Prime. When some persons have
evaluated their membership, it cannot come down to whether the price to belong is better spent elsewhere. CBJ is not just a service provider. As
a member of CBJ, you become a member of a support network that is committed to lifting up each other and to improving the infrastructure and
systems facilitating our communal well-being. In contrast to membership in a transactional business, where we evaluate what benefits we obtain
in return for our payment, as a participant in the CBJ community, we value the welfare of our fellow members and the success of the community
as a whole. We do not simply evaluate whether we continue to be members based on whether we enjoyed a sermon, a service or a kiddish meal.
Rather, these instances represent the celebration of our people and our history, the friendships we build both in and outside of the synagogue, and
the congregation members we support year-round in all of their trials and joys.

Please let me know what you believe is important about CBJ. How does CBJ help you? How may we – and you - make it even better!


Rabbi Continued ...

Amazingly, in the middle of Hanukkah, the first Americans began to              To experience the long night of the winter solstice and have faith that
receive the COVID19 vaccine. Imagine scientists who persevered despite          despite appearances, the days will get longer is an act of courage. To light a
skepticism that a vaccine could be found so quickly, brave volunteers who       candle in the dark not knowing if we will have the resources to keep going
allowed themselves to be human guinea pigs for the sake of others; people       is an act of courage. This year, as we wait — for spring, for the vaccine,
in so many fields figuring out the logistics of making millions of vaccines,    for an end to this pandemic, for time, once again, to sit with one another
shipping them out in vials that would not shatter or crack and finding          and sing and enjoy a meal and pray and laugh — we need the faith of the
enough of them, ensuring that each vaccine is safe and safely filled and        Maccabees long ago — that we can light a candle despite the darkness,
administered, flying and trucking these vaccines around the world, keeping      that we can move forward even when we don’t know exactly how or when
them refrigerated at ridiculously low temperatures all the while. As I write,   things will get better, that a little light, seemingly invisible, can soon
thousands of Americans have already received the first dose of the vaccine      become a great flame of hope and healing for us and all the world.
and, God-willing, almost all of us will by summer. All because so many
people were willing to act in the face of uncertain knowledge, to shed light    We’re right there with you!
in the darkness, to trust that one light can light many candles.

Tu B'Shvat Happy - BULLETIN - ShulCloud

                                                                            What do you do to enrich yourself, regardless of busy Zoom
                                                                            school lessons in a living room that doubles, triples, quadruples
                      New Beginnings                                        as office space, classroom, play area, and family entertainment
                                                                            center? What does your discretionary time look like, however
I t is winter, it is January. Time to think about everything you
have always wanted to learn, but never did. For some reason or
                                                                            little it is, and how do you fill it? Perhaps with music, with study,
                                                                            with synagogue programming.
another, you put it off for another time, another place.
                                                                            Tell us what you are interested in. Tell us what you have always
But you may as well now. This winter, we are starting up an                 wanted to learn or do. We are starting with an Adult B’nai
Adult B’nai Mitzvah program. Truth be told, I never had a                   Mitzvah this winter. But we can revive the joy of singing together
formal Bat Mitzvah - although I have since caught up on reading             with a virtual choir, as the Sweet Singers of B’nai Jacob have done
Torah as a Cantor! - and I will be learning along with those who            for many years, even with the limitations and delays of Zoom.
opt to work with the Rabbi and me!                                          We started the Havdalah Harmonics series, which we can turn
                                                                            into active participation sessions rather than passive listening
The pandemic has created some unique and unexpected                         opportunities.
trends in the music world. Because Netflix, Hulu, Instagram,
Facebook, and online shopping have only so much lure before                 Let music and study be the calming influences in your life, right
they introduce a certain degree of numbness, a lot of people                now. It is January. I am going for a re-set, with new resolutions,
have invested in learning something new, playing guitar, playing            new fresh ideas! A Shir Chadash, a New Song.
ukulele, flute, anything they set their mind to as music has
a calming influence. During this stressful time, people need                I look forward to being with you, to getting to know you better
different coping mechanisms from passively vegetating at home               over these cold and lonely winter months and to sharing my
for months on end. What do you do after you have finished your              musical skills to bring you light and joy into your living rooms
shift, your online commitments for the day, without a commute?              and on our CBJ grounds!

Hanukkah 2020
Our Hanu-kits were a delicious success!
Many thanks to all of those who volunteered to plan, carry, paste,
stuff, sort, assemble, deliver and greet including

Ros Sperling , Joanna Cooper , Mara Ginsberg, Dana Schwartz,
Melissa Lawson, Barbara Berg, Judy Cooper, L. Faith Miller, Adele
Messina, Carol Shanbrom, Sue Skope, Ana White, Marsha Schwartz,
Cindy Gerber, David Eder, Lillian Topf, Mindy and Stan Brownstein
and Jen Bayer.                                                               We welcomed the first night of
                                                                             Hanukkah all together with a
Special thanks to Rabbi Shapiro and Cantor Barbara. We were thrilled         drive-in candlelighting that we
to deliver almost 200 Hanu-kits! Stay tuned for our next project!            zoomed live.
- Stacey Perkins

    To Stacey Perkins for organizing planning and organizing the Haanu-kits project. (See article above.)
    To Ros Sperling for sponsoring the musical guest, Eli Asheer, during one of our Hanukkah candlelightings.
    To Tzvi Rapaport for hosting one of the other nights of Hanukkah candlelightings, and teaching us about the Maccabees.
    To Betsy Flaherty for hosting one of the other nights of Hanukkah candlelightings, and sharing her beautiful collection of dreidels.
    (Sean buys her a new one every year :))
    To Cantor Barbara for hosting one of the other nights of Hanukkah candlelightings, Dutch-style.

Tu B'Shvat Happy - BULLETIN - ShulCloud

Our Love for Everything Jewish

T   his year, in all the helter skelter of the pandemic, we have two
steady school presences online, our Wednesday and our Sunday
                                                                            We just completed a Hanukkah video from the Religious School which
                                                                            we sent to the entire CBJ community.
Religious School. The students are engaged. The little ones in Morah
Irma’s class are learning the Hebrew alphabet; the 3rd and 4th graders      As for the other classes, the teachers have fully adapted to the
in Morah Rashi’s are learning to read, to daven, and the 5th, 6th and       challenges of exclusive online teaching for an extended time. Morah
7th graders have a combination of time from Rabbi Shapiro, Morah            Rashi is thrilled to be working with Alex Klee as her Tech Madrich!
Revi, Morah Lauren, and myself.                                             Alex created a Google Classroom set-up which makes life simpler for
                                                                            the many overextended parents who not only need to keep track of
We usually start out our Sunday mornings with a Parashat HaShavua           their own work deliverables, but who are constantly being tasked to set
review, discuss the weekly Torah portion, and top this off with a           up their kids for success online.
BimBam video, that captures the essences of each Torah portion in a
simplified age-appropriate and explanatory way. Then we move on to          I am having fun. The students are having fun. We sprinkle in Kahoot
some Tefilah. Recently, we have been working on the Ashrei, on the          quizes; we play virtual dreidel. We talked about celebrating Hanukkah
Barchu. It is not about rote memorization; it is about understanding        in the former Soviet Union, with very limited freedom of religious
where the prayer comes from, what it intends to portray, and how            expression, and realized that in the middle of this pandemic, we
middle school students can identify with it. We use the Behrman             can continue to make Judaism fun, work on our developing Jewish
House Mitkadem series which help us achieve just that.                      identities, and meet our Jewish counterparts all over the world. I have
                                                                            lots of ideas that will keep Religious School a riveting experience, with
Every so often, we go on a trip to Israel, with our beloved tour guide      the students wanting to come back next week! Stay tuned!
Rotem, or another location, anywhere in the four corners of this earth.
Our next trip is scheduled for January, climbing up Masada along the        Best regards,
snake path. Tie your hiking boots; bring a water bottle and set your        Barbara
alarm for 3am, as it is too hot to climb the snake path in the blazing
Israeli sun! We will get to the Masada top and see the sunrise there!

Most recently, we celebrated Hanukkah with our sister twin school in
Afulah/Gilboa, a school named Bet Singer in Kfar Yehezkel. We will
work with Bet Singer on a project for the remainder of the year and
meet on key occasions such as Tu Bishvat, Purim, and Pesach.

From Alex’s Angle -- Who knew online Hebrew school could be so fun?
Throughout the pandemic, we have all figured out that learning             together even when we are at home.” Jacob Klee loves the friendly
from home is no simple task. It requires a great deal of effort from       competition with his classmates, “It’s fun playing Kahoot. You have
teachers, students, and parents. For the past few months, the Hebrew       to be quick on your feet and know your facts.” In Morah Rashi’s
School has been having classes online. While at first, there were          class, the kids play Tic-Tac-Toe and Bingo using Hebrew vocabulary
many details to work out, things are now running smoothly. As the          and reading. Noah Zigun thinks both Tic-Tac-Toe and Bingo are
teaching assistant for Morah Rashi’s third and fourth grade class, I       fun! Morah Irma has kept up her creative projects, and festive songs.
get to witness it first hand. “It feels close enough to regular Hebrew     Abby Zigun loves the crafts and according to Ben Novick, “We
school,” says fourth grader, Noah Zigun. They have also been doing         made a neat drum to celebrate a special day in Ethiopia. We also
things that they wouldn’t have normally done in the classroom.             made tzedakah boxes and thankful boxes. For Chanukah, we made
For example, the kids went on tours of Israel. Sixth grader Sammy          dreidels.” If the pandemic has taught us anything, it would be that
Bayer said, “I loved the trip to Israel. I can’t wait to go in person. I   we have learned to overcome obstacles that are in our way. Whether
want to visit Machne Yehuda to try their Zahtar and Olives!” The           it be microphone issues or making sure everyone has the materials,
teachers are also balancing work and fun. Jack Novick sums it up           everyone has really stepped up. Overall, a great deal of work has
well, “Every week we learn about the parsha in a fun way.” The kids        gone into making this year engaging, fun, and nearly normal. Thank
in Cantor Barbara’s class have been playing Kahoots. For those who         you to our creative and hardworking principal, Cantor Barbara and
don’t know, Kahoot is a fast paced quiz learning tool that is designed     all our amazing teachers for making Hebrew school so successful.
to feel like a game. Jacqueline Miller, a sixth grader in Cantor           				- Alex Klee
Barbara’s class said, “Playing virtual games makes us feel like we are

Tu B'Shvat Happy - BULLETIN - ShulCloud

This year, our popular Power of Ten fundraiser will return on Zoom. We hope you will enjoy the
diversity of the schedule and the opportunity to choose multiple offerings in four different time slots.
Look for more information, including full descriptions and bios, and how to sign up, in emails and on our website.

     $54 for one event on one screen
     $118 for unlimited events on one screen (one event per time slot)
     $154 for unlimited events on unlimited screens in one household (all access) *                                                        Zisl Slepovitch (Dmitri Zisl
     * All-Inclusive members are invited complimentary at the $154, all access, level. RSVP required.                                      Slepovitch) is an internationally
                                                                                                                                           renowned multiinstrumentalist
                                                                                                                                           (clarinetist, saxophonist, flutist,
Saturday Evening, Jan 23 and through the day Sunday, Jan 24                                                                                pianist, keyboardist, singer), composer,
6:30pm Havdalah and a bit of zoom schmooze                                                                                                 arranger, translator, and music and
7:00pm Opening Performance from our musical guest, Zisl Slepovitch                                                                         Yiddish educator, whose credits include
                                                                                                                                           music preparation for the renowned
ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE INVITED TO THE OPENING EVENT                                                                                          off-Broadway production of Fiddler
                                                                                                                                           on the Roof in Yiddish

           Sat • Jan 23                               Sun • Jan 24                                Sun • Jan 24                                  Sun • Jan 24
            8:00 pm                                    10:00 am                                     1:00 pm                                      4:00 pm

Seth Gerber                                    Steve Skowronek                            Eddie Shapiro                                Emily Wittlin
w/Ben Sperling                                 The President and the                      Sneak Peek at “A                             Learn to make Bagels
Grape Expectations*                            Constitution:                              Wonderful Guy:                               like a Pro*
If you’re thinking this is a Charles           A Conversation                             Conversations With the                       Is it the New York water? the flour? the
Dickens’ Book club event, you misread          Steve will engage participants in an       Great Men of Musical                         heat? Come find out how to make great
the title! Please join Sommelier, Seth         informal discussion of the ambiguities     Theater”                                     bagels with Emily Wittlin, an LA-based
Gerber, and Wine Enthusiast Ben                of presidential power in the               Eddie Shapiro, the rabbi’s brother,          baker. Emily is dedicated to bringing
Sperling for an engaging program of            Constitution and of the controversies      will return to B’nai Jacob with a talk       people together through food.
wine tasting highlighting various wines        that have come to surround them.           on his soon-to-be-published book on
from around the world.                         (This event is limited to 15 screens.)     Broadway’s leading men. Eddie is a
                                                                                          writer and event producer who lives

Dr. Tamar Gendler                                                                         in New York and Los Angeles. For             Rob Klee
                                                                                          money, he will reveal the inside scoop
                                                                                                                                       A New Year for the
The Future of the                              Steve Conn                                 on the rabbi.
University                                                                                                                             Trees and the Planet
In recent years, the American university
                                               Play Ball
                                               Senior Director of Strategic
                                                                                          Haris Lender                                 A Conversation about Climate Change
system has faced a changing landscape:         Communications for Yale University’s       Meditation for the                           and the new Administration.
                                                                                                                                       Rob Klee is a Lecturer at the Yale School
technologically, geopolitically, and           Athletic Department, Steve Conn, will      Entire Family                                of the Environment and Yale Law
culturally. How has it adjusted? How           share anecdotes of his notable career in   Kids meditating? Haris will lead us in
                                                                                                                                       School, and the former Commissioner
might it continue to adjust? And what          college sports.                            some basic meditation techniques, teach
                                                                                                                                       of the Connecticut Department of
might be some of the consequences?                                                        how meditation can be kid-friendly and
                                                                                                                                       Energy and Environmental Protection.
Tamar is the Dean of the Faculty of Arts                                                  Jewish, and help you make it a habit in
and Sciences at Yale as well as the Vincent                                               your life. Haris (Harini) Lender is the
J Scully Professor of Philosophy, and
                                               Linda Reis                                 founder and creator of Kidding Around
Professor of Psychology and Cognitive
Sciences.                                      Beginning at Knitting*
                                                                                          Yoga , a registered children’s yoga school
                                                                                          with the Yoga Alliance.
                                                                                                                                       Jeanette Kuvin
                                               Knit one, purl 2? Learn the basics of
    Andy Rubenoff
                                               knitting with Linda Reis. Linda is the
                                               owner of Knit New Haven, a knitting
                                                                                          Dr. Scott Miller                             The History and
    A Night on Broadway                        store in downtown New Haven.               COVID-19 Therapies                           Artistry of the Menorah
    Andy will play old favorites on piano,                                                and Vaccines:                                Learn about the history and artistry
    and take requests! A well-known New                                                   So far so good. But beyond record            of the 7-branched menorah, from the
    Haven Designer, Andrew Rubenoff                                                       speed? Or slow and steady pays off?          ancient Temple to the modern State of
    has also entertained at parties, cabaret                                              Probably, it’s both. Scott Miller is a       Israel. Since 1984, Jeanette has created
    events, galas, and restaurants for many                                               member of the National Academy
    years.                                                                                                                             installation Judaic art for more than 400
                                                                                          of Science and the Irene Dupont
                                                                                          Professor of Chemistry at Yale.              synagogues around the world.

            * A list of supplies and ingredients will be sent upon registration.
Tu B'Shvat Happy - BULLETIN - ShulCloud

                                                                                       SAVE THE DATE!
 Saturday night, February 27                                                           Megillah Reading
        at 8:00 pm                                                                       February 25
    A B’nai Jacob mid-winter zoom
              FUNdraiser                                                  Mishlaoch Manot
                                                                          campaign begins in early February
             $36 per screen                                               More Purim info will be emailed and on our
                                                                          website .
Hosted by online trivia professional, Michael Wade, owner of Trivia
Throwdown Online, LLC.

Compete on your own or as a team., testing your trivia knowledge
against other CBJ teams. You and your partner can play on one
screen together for $36 or buy two screens for $72 and each have           Healthy CBJ Community Challenge.
your own screen and compete on your own.
                                                                           We ask participants to set goals for their health, whether
Wade runs a rousing game with several categories of questions.             that is for physical, spiritual or emotional well being for
There is something for everyone including movies, music, history,          yourself or your entire family. We'll have checkins and
science, sports, pop culture, and everything in between.                   motivational exchanges and will highlight our efforts
                                                                           in our weekly Happenings. Let our CBJ community
Each round is unique and features different categories of trivia, such     support your quest for better health. A healthier you and
as identifying movie scenes with minimal visual clues, name that           a healthier CBJ for 2021.
tune, estimation skills, logic puzzles, family feud, double or nothing,
and straight up classic trivia.

You’ll be on a team that is randomly created by Michael Wade. He’ll
ask a question and then send everyone into team breakout rooms
to discuss and decide the answer. One member of the team acts as
the “caller” submitting the answer. They keep track of the score and
updates everyone as we go along.

We are playing for pride, and the winning team will have their
picture on the CBJ website with the caption, “WINNERS!”.
This should be a really fun night, and we hope you will join us.

Registration forms will be available on the website
or through the CBJ office.

Any questions, please contact Judy Taylor
203-980-5607 or bnaijacobscrip@gmail.com

Tu B'Shvat Happy - BULLETIN - ShulCloud
ADULT ED                            Winter 2020

Sunday, January 10, 2021 at 1:30pm on Zoom
The People on the Beach - Journeys to Freedom After the Holocaust
Rosie Whitehouse and Cindy Gerber
                     CBJ hosts its first-ever live Zoom transatlantic interview between journalists Cindy Papish Gerber (CT) and
                     Rosie Whitehouse (UK), and author of this critically acclaimed book.

                     One summer’s night in 1946, over 1,000 European Jews waited silently on an Italian beach to board a secret ship.
                     They had survived Auschwitz, hidden and fought in forests, and endured death marches--now they were taking
                     on the Royal Navy, running the British blockade of Palestine. From Eastern Europe to Israel, Rosie Whitehouse,
                     a journalist specializing in Jewish life after the Holocaust, follows in the footsteps of those secret passengers,
                     uncovering their extraordinary stories--some told for the first time. This remarkable, important book digs deep and
                     travels far in search of answers. https://www.hurstpublishers.com/book/the-people-on-the-beach/

Sunday, January 17, 2021 at 10am on Zoom
2021: A Year of a Criminal Justice Reform?
The Top 10 Trends Driving Change
Michael Lawlor, J.D.
                         CBJ presents Michael P. Lawlor, J.D, Professor of Criminal Justice at University of New Haven, former
                         prosecutor, CT state legislator, and Governor’s Criminal Justice advisor. Lawlor’s discussion will explore central
                         themes found in two award-winning films, “13th”, and “Just Mercy’. Viewing of both films (available on Netflix)
                         is recommended prior to attendance. “13th,” director Ava DuVernay’s documentary about the U.S. prison
                         system, examines how the country’s history of racial inequality drives the high rate of incarceration in America.
                         “Just Mercy,” based on the work of civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, tells the true story of Walter McMillian,
                         who, with the help of young defense attorney Stevenson, appeals his murder conviction. A widely acclaimed
                         expert, Lawlor has served on numerous national criminal justice reform commissions and led the push for CT’s
same-sex civil union legislation. His current focus is on researching, writing, and collaborating with students on policy reforms. We are
fortunate to be able to learn about Lawlor’s work and how the nation might carry Dr. King’s democratic vision into the future.

Sunday, January 31, 2021 at 10am on Zoom
“Covid-19 Update”
David Banach, M.D., M.P.H.
                    We are very fortunate to have CBJ member Dr. David Banach teach us about current issues in combatting the
                    pandemic. Dr. Banach, an infectious disease specialist and epidemiologist, is a Lecturer in Epidemiology in the Yale
                    Schools of Medicine and Public Health, as well as an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Head of Infection
                    Prevention at UCONN Health. He is an officer in the CT Infectious Disease Society, and is co-chair of the Science
                    Subcommittee of the state’s Vaccine Advisory Group, which makes recommendations to Gov. Lamont regarding
                    Covid-19 vaccine distribution. Dr. Banach is thus actively engaged in protecting the health of CT citizens. Please join
                    in as we become better informed CT citizens.


Offered by CBJ Jewish Book Club
Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 7pm on Zoom
What is Jewish Poetry? A discussion based upon original poems
by Barry Zaret”
Barry Zaret M.D.
Barry Zaret’s third book of poetry, “A House of Many Rooms,” will be published in 2021. In our session Barry plans to read and discuss
several poems containing Jewish themes and/or liturgical/text references and metaphors. The poems will be drawn from Barry’s first two
books, as well as newer, as yet unpublished work from his new book. The poems will be distributed before the session, and the author
hopes that they will engender lots of discussion. The two earlier books, “Journeys” and “When You Can’t Do Any More,” will be available
for sale at the CBJ Gift Shop.

Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 10am on Zoom
Game Changer: How the Abraham Accords Alter the Middle East,
Strengthen Israel and Impact the Path to Peace with the Palestinians
Herb Keinon
Herb Keinon, senior contributing editor and analyst for The Jerusalem Post, looks at the significance of the Abraham
Accords on the Middle East and Israel’s place in it.

Three Sundays, February 28, March 7, and March 14, 2021, 10:30-12:30 on Zoom
“A Pigeon and A Boy” Book Club
Rachel Korazim
                     “A Pigeon and a Boy” by Meir Shalev is a story of love during a time of war and bloodshed. It is a tale of families
                     holding together in spite of rifts and impossible challenges. It is also an exploration into the true meaning of home
                     and homeland as houses are built and are falling apart. It has magic and fantasy, all held together by homing pigeons
                     flying only in one direction- homewards. In our book club we will:
                     • Explore the art of Shalev’s writing; a contemporary poetic prose rooted in layers of Jewish texts.
                     • Get to know the historical background of the events.
                     • Travel in the book’s landscape across Israel.
                     • Meet amazing men and women – all fictional yet so real.
                     Rachel is a wonderful teacher. Her presentations, which have graced CBJ before, are filled with humor, serious
                     knowledge of Israel, an understanding of her Diaspora cousins, and deep, insightful purpose. They are richly
illustrated with pictures and maps. Do not miss this opportunity. The book is available at many online locations.

                                                                       Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 7:00pm on Zoom
                                                                       From BRCA to Tay-Sachs: How Genetic Testing Saves Lives
                      Learn with                                       JScreen
                      Rabbi Rona Shapiro                               Learn about the history of Jewish genetic screening, hereditary risks in the
                                                                       Jewish community, and how genetic testing can help ensure your health, and
                      BREAD & TORAH                                    the health of your children and grandchildren.
                      Shabbat mornings                                 JScreen is a national, non-profit initiative based out of Emory University. JScreen’s
                      9:00am on zoom.                                  goal is to prevent genetic diseases by improving access to testing through an online,
                                                                       at-home education and screening program. JScreen makes genetic screening simple,
                                                                       accessible, and affordable.

                MAZEL TOV                            BLESSING FOR HEALING
                                                           MI-SHEBERACH LIST
     Barry & Hyla Vine on their
                                             Please call the office at 203-389-2111 to add or delete a
     granddaughter’s babynaming
                                             name on our Mi-Sheberach list. Names remain on the
                                             list for one month. After one month we need to hear
     Malcolm & Barbara Rashba on their
                                             from you: Should the name be renewed? If we don’t hear
     granddaughter’s wedding
                                             from you, we may have to remove the name from the list.
                                             Please just let us know how long you need the name to be
     Judy and Mark Taylor on the
                                             on the list.
     engagement of their daughter, Amy, to
     Daniel Sforza

     Esther Krystal, celebrating a special
     milestone birthday.

     B’naiJacob at home
             WE REMEMBER
          Recent deaths of loved ones

                Lois Smirnoff                           SPECIAL THANKS
             Mother of Betsy Hoos
                                                               Mara Ginsberg
            Muriel “Moo” Greenblatt              for organizing and sponsoring the Zoom
                                               museum tour of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The
                Joseph Schwartz                           Notorious RBG exhibit
            Father of Harry Schwartz

             Toby Roberta Horton
            Cousin of Phyllis Horton

                Stanley Thalen
             Father of Julie Thalen

            Rhoda Russota Berman
      Step-mother of Linda Berman Soffer

      Charles Sterling and Norma Pisetsky

Help for the Homeless in Winter During a Pandemic
Winter is always difficult for people experiencing homelessness, but          needed beds in the shelters during the winter months. This winter,
the COVID19 pandemic has made this winter worse than usual.                   pandemic precautions prevent participants from hosting the men in
More people are in need of services, and shelters are operating at            their buildings and volunteers from serving meals in person. Instead,
reduced capacity. Many of the businesses and public spaces where              we are soliciting funds and items to support people in the Columbus
homeless people could take a break from the cold are closed.                  House shelters and to subsidize rent for those moving to permanent
Fortunately, Columbus House and Downtown Evening Soup                         housing. As in the past two years, B’nai Jacob is partnering with United
Kitchen (DESK), the primary organizations that serve the homeless             Church on the Green, in New Haven.
in our area, have risen to the challenge and have continued to
provide food and shelter while maintaining COVID safety protocols.            Those who have volunteered for Abraham’s Tent in past years, either
                                                                              cooking and serving a meal or staying overnight in the church with the
Congregation B’nai Jacob has supported both these organizations in            men, know that it can be a very moving and humbling experience. We
several ways. We collected food and monetary donations to support             don’t often come into such close contact with people who are so much
DESK’s Thanksgiving Dinner, and began a winter coat drive that will           less fortunate than we, and so we don’t often get to see first hand their
continue through the cold months. Steve Werlin, Executive Director            courage, resilience, kindness, and gratitude, and our shared humanity.
of DESK, gave a very informative Zoom talk, explaining how DESK               This story, by Debbie Fried, tells of her encounter with one of the men
provides much more than meals to its clients and giving us a preview          of Abraham’s Tent in the winter of 2020.
of their new building. B’nai Jacob, in partnership with three other
synagogues and the Unitarian Society of New Haven, raised funds               The young man sat silently eating alone....and we all sort of intuitively
to provide a catered Christmas Dinner to over 250 residents of the            kept our distance from him. After he very tidily cleared his plate and
Columbus House shelters. Margaret McDermott, the Executive                    utensils, he walked purposely up to the table that had a partially done
Director of Columbus House, will give a Zoom talk in January.                 jigsaw puzzle, and stood motionless over it....and then began to move,
                                                                              putting this piece in right where it fit, another taking a bit more effort
Abraham’s Tent is a program of Columbus House in which houses                 but finding its right place too, and so on, making great headway in a 500
of worship, including B’nai Jacob, have collaborated since 2009. In           piece puzzle that looked daunting to me. I slowly approached the puzzle
normal times, participating synagogues and churches provide shelter           table and asked if I could ......what, help? (he clearly needed none) keep
and home-cooked meals to a dozen homeless men, freeing up much                him company? (no reason to think he wanted any) so..... I offered to learn
                                                                              from him, as one who is very slow and inept at puzzles....he looked up and
                                                                              smiled, nodded briefly and resumed his work. I struggled with a four-leaf-
  Introducing the first offering of an                                        clover type piece, you know the kind, and he swiftly corrected my efforts
  occasional discussion group on                                              and found the home for my piece....and so we went, for about an hour,
                                                                              without words, with me occasionally actually fitting a piece in myself,
  anti-racism                                                                 but more generally with him helping me....and me learning. From this
                                                                              homeless man who surely knew his way around many a kind of puzzle.
  Wednesday, February 3 • 7pm on Zoom
  Sami Ginzberg will lead a discussion on James Baldwin’s                     Sadly, we won’t have the opportunity to have an experience like Debbie’s
                                                                              this winter, but hopefully Abraham’s Tent will be back to normal
  critically-acclaimed book, The Fire Next Time.                              operations in 2022. Nevertheless, we can still help Columbus House
  Sami, a member of our synagogue, is an English teacher at Wilbur            provide much-needed services to the growing number of people
  Cross High School and is completing her 6th year certificate in             experiencing homelessness in our area. Please keep a lookout for the
  Education with a focus on Social Justice.                                   link to donate to Abraham’s Tent in the weekly BJ Happenings, and
                                                                              please be as generous as you can.

                                                                                                                COLUMBUS HOUSE FOR
                                                                                                                CHRISTMAS DINNER
We gratefuly acknowledge donations made this fall:                                                              Joe & Betty Lou Blumberg
                                                                                                                Stuart & Joan Margoli
GIFT CARDS FOR JFS                                                                                              Fred & Mary Ginsberg
                                   Naomi Chiel                       Hank & Dawn Kopel                          Spencer & Rochelle Lauer
Michael & Caryl Kligfeld
                                   Mark & Adele Messina              Rose Rudich                                Adam & Stacy Dworkin
Gary & Priscilla Leibowitz
                                   Ros Sperling                      Barbara Berg                               Joshua Weinstein
Stephen & Justine Antopol
                                   Rabbi Shapiro & David Franklin    Richard & Vicki Horowitz                   Daniel Headrick & Kate Ezra
Stanley & Mindy Brownstein
                                   David & Judy Skolnick             Rhoda Myers & George Olshin                Mark & Adele Messina
John Krystal & Bonnie Becker
                                   John & Lillian Resnik             David Novick & Dena Springer               Aimlee Laderman
Joe & Betty Lou Blumberg
                                   Aimlee Laderman                   Stuart & Joan Margolis                     Gary & Priscilla Leibowitz
Stephen & Roz Atkins
                                   James & Carol Shanbrom            Mel & Brenda Stoltz                        Jesse & Linda Cedarbaum
Pamela & David Teitelman
                                   John & Marcia Gell                Kalman Watsky & Debbie Freid               Mark & Jennifer Gottdiener
Peter & Myrna Weinstein
                                   Sam & Paulette Bobrow             Mark & Judy Taylor                         Harold & Dana Schwartz
Harry & Dana Schwartz
                                   David & Elaine Emery              Isaac & Dianne Goodrich                    Hap & Stacey Perkins
Jonathan Bell & Deborah Fernbach
                                   Sheila Saltzman                   Maurice & Anya Klee                        Jonathan & Abby Silbert
Daniel Headrick & Kate Ezra
                                   Arlene Weyler                     Paul & Marjorie Ellen Labowitz             Michael Caplan & JoAnne Burger
Kinneret Chiel
                                                                                                                Rhoda Myers
At our Daily and Shabbat Services the following Yarzeits will be observed from
JANUARY YARZEITS                                                                                 January 1, 2021 to January 31, 2021 - 17 Tevet to 18 Shevat 5781.

     June Abeshouse           Irene Finke              Priscilla Kerson            Celia K. Moore                        Barbara Siegel
     Ann Abrams               Jacob Fischman           Milton Keslow               Martin Moss                           Benjamin Sills
     Philip Adler             Goldie Fleischman        Hilda Kessler               Jechiel Mostow                        Hilda Silver
     Herman Adler             David Fleischner         Zoltan Kinori               Arych Leo Motzkin                     Rose Silver
     Saul Agranov             Michael Franford         Sara Kleiner                Daniel Nadel                          Charles Silver
     Arnold Alderman          Meyer Friedenson         Manuel Kligerman            Eliezer Nahary                        Julia Silver
     Louis Allinson           Fred Friedenson          Gertrude Kogan              Josef Nimon                           Samuel Silverman
     Abraham Alpert           Shirley Friedman         Joseph Kogon                Samuel Olmer                          Lloyd Silverman
     Sarah Arons              Naftali Froimovitz       Frank Kohn                  Rose Olmer                            Hilda Rashba Sloan
     Pauline Arons            William Furman           Joel Kolomer                Leonard Papish                        Ethel Sloane
     Abraham Babit            David Gandelman          Hyman Komisar               Alex Parizer                          Esther Minnie Smith
     Maurice H. Bailey        Renee Gant               Julius Konowitz             Henry Parker                          Solomon Charles Smith
     Jennie Ment Bass         Steven Gant              Ethel Korman                Pesach Peateruch                      Morris Snaider
     Murray Beberman          Ernest Garrick           Arnold Kornreich            Martha Perkins                        Joseph Soffer
     Mark Beck                Morris Gay               Shirley Kovner              Marjorie D. Perlman                   Arthur Spiegel
     Liman Bender             Celia Geisinger          Conrad Kramer               Arnold Perry                          Adolph Stern
     Isador Bender            Theodore Gessner         Robert G. Kramer            Sam Polan                             Ruth Steyn
     Judy Bennett             Celia Ginsberg           Samuel Krause               Phillip Polayes                       Ida Stone
     Jennie Berkowitz         Pauline Glass            Merry Jane Kravitt          George Pollack                        Harry Stone
     Celia Berkowitz          Louis Glazer             Samuel Saul Kravitz         Ida Pomerantz                         Charles Burton Stone
     Helen Bernblum           Sarah Glicklin           George Krevit               Sylvia Schnirman Pornov               Estelle Stone
     Celia Blech              Robert Gold              Jacob Krevolin              Dina Rapaport                         Betty Susman
     Philip Block             Sydney Goldberg          Meyer Kuperman              Marlene Rappaport                     Sally Tarren
     Ann Block                Velvel Goldberg          Millie Kuperman             Harvey Rappaport                      Rose Tashman
     Charlotte Bloom          Samuel Goldblatt         Hyman Kuritch               Joel Rappeport                        Sandra A. Taubin
     Arthur Blumberg          Ida Golden               Gabrielle Kuvin             Mildred Rayack                        Joel Teller
     Jack Bober               Harry Goldslager         Ethel Labowitz              Burton Resnik                         Mildred Teplitzky
     Louis Bobrow             Paul Goldstein           Melvin Lambert              Sophie Resnikoff                      Jack Tishkoff
     Barbara Bobrow           Sarah Goldstone          Bennett Lasky               Edward J. Ritch                       Arnold Unger
     Ruth Botwinik            Samuel Goodman           Esther Lebedecker           Edward L. Ritch                       Albertina Vidone
     Shirley Brander          Thelma Gordon            Anne Lebov                  Kenneth Rockllin                      Sol Vogel
     Sibyl Cinoman Breskman   Patrica Gordon           Bessie Ledewitz             Edythe Rogers                         David Wain
     Harry Brody              Shirley Granoff          Benjamin Ledewitz           Sarah Rome                            Henry Wallace
     Helen Brown              Sarah Krantz Green       Aaron Leff                  Nellie Rosen                          Barry Walter
     Anna Brumberger          Morris Greenberg         May Leff                    Thelma Rosen                          Alan C. Wasserman
     Jennie Bufferd           Sidney Greenberg         Rose Lender                 William A. Rosenberg                  Rose Weinberg
     Irving H. Burrows        David Greenblatt         Minnie Rubin Lerman         Mark Rosenberg                        Kate Weinstein
     Sarah Canter             Gustave Greene           Sarah Lerman                Herbert Rosenblum                     Reah Weinstein
     Hyman Caplan             Eugene Greene            Aaron Lerner                Marilyn Rosenfield                    Joseph Weinstein
     Harry Caplan             Bebe Greene              Samuel Lesnow               Morris Rosner                         Aaron Weinstein
     Harold Cinoman           Millie Greengarden       Jack Less                   Myra Cohen Rosoff                     Irving Weisbert
     Alan Cober               Richele (Ricki) Gross    Rosalyn Lesser              Max Rubin                             Nathan Weisman
     Frances Cohan            Melvin Grower            George Lessner              Shirley Rubinrott                     Anne Wernick
     Sylvia Cohen             Dora Hadelman            Louis Levi                  Joseph Rudof                          Lena Wernick
     Meyer Cohen              Nettie Handler           Geraldine Levin             Barbara Sachs                         Goldie Weshner
     Joseph Cohn              Parker Hayes             Ida C. Levine               David Sacks                           Morton J. Weyler
     Marilyn Cohn             Abraham Hillman          Israel Levine               Irving Saginor                        Arleen Wiggetman
     Gertrude Cole            Edward Hoffman           Mary Levine                 Rose Salmonson                        Anna Chatzek Witkin
     Roger Coleman            Mildred Hoffman          Joseph Levine               Barry Saltzman                        Mark Witten
     Joseph Cooper            Joseph Horowitz          Phillip Levine              Morton Samson                         Jeanette Wolfe
     Gary Cooper              Florence Horwitz         Anna Schnitman Levine       Meyer Samson                          Morris Wolfe
     Robert Corcoran          Dolores Horwitz          Irving Lieberman            Sylvia Samuels                        Selma Wolfe
     Harry I. Croog           Fannie Hurwitz           Erik Jon Liebman            Erwin Samuelson                       Charles Wolfson
     Max Cutler               Max Hurwitz              Sorel Liebman               Maurice Savin                         Minnie Wolfson
     Dorothy Riff Dalton      Elsie Hutensky           Isadore Lipka               Murray Schaffer                       Sylvia Yager
     Ida Davis                Adolph Perlroth II       Samuel Lipsher              Jack Schaffer                         Benjamin Yankeloff
     Regina Den               Rose Jacobi              Harry Lipsher               Charles Schechtman                    Ida Yudkin
     Morris Dermer            Nahman Jacobs            Bernard Litsky              Dina Schnitman                        Martha Zeidenberg
     Evelyn Dermer            Rose Jacobson            Isaac S. Liveten            Gerard Schoenfeld                     Murray Zellner
     Sylvia Diamond           Max Johnson              Gussie Lurie                Stanley Scholsohn                     Emanuel Zik
     John Dick                Alex Johnson             Benjamin Lurie              Henry Schreiber                       Lawrence Zirken
     Emmanuel Dickler         Charles Kadsivitz        Henry Maretz                Sidney Schwaber                       Sylvia Zirken
     Minnie Dietz             Eva Kahn                 Sophie Maretz               Bernard Schwartz                      Victory Olmer Zolot
     Thelma Dinerstein        Shmuel Kain              Sidney Margolis             Isadore Schwartz
     Diane Dinerstein         Milton Kantrovitz        Esther Schnitman Marinoff   Deborah Schwartz
     Ida Jacobs Disken        Rose Kantrowitz          Abraham Markle              Russell Schwartz
     Jacob Dubrovsky          Rebecca Kaplan           Ruth Markle                 Sarah Scott
     Jack Ehrlich             Charles Kaplan           Lazarus Marmitt             Nathaniel Scott
     Ida Eisenberg            Phillip Kaplan           Nachama Mass                Anna Seder
     Gene Eliasoph            Theodore Hertzl Kaplan   Donald Meisel               Fay Seltzer
     David Elmalach           Isadore Kaplan           Eva Melny                   Julius Shanbrom
     Irving Enson             Robert Kasowitz          Charles Merberg             Anna Sheftel
     Alice Entin              Minerva Kasowitz         Joseph Messina              Helen Sherman
     Samuel Epstein           Irving Katsoff           Roman Mester                Morris Shiffrin
     Robert Epstein           Channa Katz              Jack Meyers                 Bessie Shlensky
     Meyer Epstein            Merle Katz               Fannie Meyerson             Ruth Shulman
     Robert Ertel             Pauline Katz             Sherman Meyerson            Stephen Shulman
     Albert Evans             Abraham Katz             Walter Mierzwa              Lewis Shure
     William Fast             George Kaufman           Blanche Miller              Jenette Shycon
     Paul Feuerstadt          Lisa Shanbrom Keane      Ivan Miranski               Maurice Siegel
     Frank Fink               Anna Kern                Elise Gant Mooney           Ethel Siegel

At our Daily and Shabbat Services the following Yarzeits will be observed from
February 1, 2021 to February 28, 2021 - 19 Shevat to 16 Adar 5781.                                                            FEBRUARY YARZEITS
Shirley Aaronson                       Aaron Disken                              Charles Horton               Rose Millen             Rose Satler
Ruth Aaronson                          Dorothy Dorfman                           Ruth Horwitz                 Michael Miller          Sarah Schaefer
Ida Hilcoff Abkowitz                   Herman Dorman                             Jacob Huberman               Lillian Miller          Helen Schaefer
Samuel Ades                            Charles Drazen                            Sophie Hurwitz               Samuel Mittler          Norma Schaefer
Sara Adler                             Gene Dreyfus                              Eli Hurwitz                  Hyman Montlick          Sara Schapiro
Charles Albom                          Anne Dube                                 Charlotte Isenberg           Walter Morse            Richard Schatz
Ethel Albom                            Anna Durham                               Rudolph Jacobson             Rebecca Mowitz          Adeline Schecter
Ruth Alderman                          Benjamin Eichenbaum                       Peter Jacobson               Lottie Myers            Sam Scherr
Carl Allinson                          Samuel Elitzak                            Barbara Jacobson             Harry Myers             Edward H. Scherr
Morris Alter                           Arlene Ellant                             Bernard Jacoby               Edith Myers             Harry Schnier
Dora Amerling                          Harold Elston                             Racheil Jaye                 Diana Natkin            Clara Schnier
Murray Amerling                        Ada Epstein                               Caryn Rosoff Johnson         Reba Newman             Joseph Schnitman
Max Amerling                           Katie Epstein                             Bernard Josephson            Dina Nicklesberg        Erika Schoenfeld
Gertrude Amidar                        Alice Evans                               Frances Josephy              Bernard Nitkin          James Schottland
Alexander Ammerman                     Hilda Fannick                             Bella Judelson               Paul Noun               Bea Schrank
Jennie Arovas                          Bluma Feigelman                           Louis Kaletsky               Shep Nuland             Naomi Shapiro
Renee Babit                            Albert Feinberg                           Rachel Lerea Kamhi           Helen O’keefe           Joseph Shapiro
Rose Babit                             Mayer Fenig                               Charles Kantrowitz           Samuel Olanik           Louis Shaywitz
Bessie Backer                          Edward Fewes                              Claire Kaplan                Janet Olderman          Max Shiffrin
Nachem Barzilai                        Leonard Fink                              Ann Kaplan                   Sharon Olmer-Portal     Harry Shiffrin
Avraham Battat                         Fred Finkel                               Albert Kapleau               Rebeka Oren             Freida Shure
Cynthia Gimbel Baybick                 David Fleischner                          Blanche Kasden               Shiffra Padroff         Frances Shure
Irving Beck                            Max L. Forman                             Julia Kashner                Louis Pearlin           Edward Sickle
Srul Bekker                            Richard Franford                          Ethel Katz                   Rose Perlman            Rebecca Sickle
Morris Bell                            Moses Freedman                            Samuel Katz                  Aaron Perlmutter        Harry Siegel
Barbara Bell                           Roman Froimovitz                          Robert Kaye                  Marsha Perlmutter       Sylvia Sigel
Elana Bell                             Israel Fromer                             Sara Kellert                 Gussie Philips          Albert Silver
Fred Bender                            Samuel Fromkin                            Sidney Kessler               Mildred Pisetsky        Melvin Silverman
Esther Cohen Bender                    Mae Charlotte Fromkin                     Rose Freedman Ketover        Hannah Pite             Harry Simon
Samuel Beresner                        Maurice Gallin                            Martin Koenigsberg           Tillie Podheiser        Florence Simonson
Sylvia Berg                            Adeline Gamm                              William Kogan                Isadore Podheiser       Margery Skalka
Gerald Berg                            Charles Gans                              Philip Komisar               Harold Podolsky         Harry Skolnick
Stanley Berg                           Rebecca Gantmacher                        Gerard Kornblum              Sillik Polayes          Jennie Skolnick
Florence Bernstein                     Frances Gantmacher                        Esther C. Krevit             Beatrice Potash         Elaine Sloane
Shirley Bernstein                      Mollie Garrick                            Florence Krimsley            Dvara Potoff            Samuel Sloane
Samuel Berstein                        Sophie Gefen                              Abraham Kuklinksky           Ruth Press              Anita Cohen Small
Ezra David Bessey                      Phillip Geller                            Sanford Kuvin                Irving Radin            Albert Louis Small
Edith Bitterman                        Lorraine Gerall                           Ezra Laderman                Harry Radin             Benjamin Smith
Lester David Blumberg                  Simon Germain                             Ann Lambert                  Howard P. Raphael       Shlomo Soffer
Jacob Blumkin                          Samuel Gibson                             Ida Stein Laster             Rose Rappeport          Oscar Soloway
Mildred Bogdish                        Rose Gibson                               Sidney Lauer                 Arnold Rashba           Nathan Spector
Esther Botwinik                        Judith Gibson                             Joyce Lavietes               Bob Rausch              Isaiah Spector
Jerome Brand                           Nancy Joy Gimbel                          Sarah Lazaroff               Moses Ray               Frances Spector
Joel Brander                           Myer “Max” Ginsberg                       Morton Lazaroff              Tinoket Reiter          Philip E. Sperling
Molly Braverman                        Sylvia Glassman                           Milton Lebov                 Alice Resnikoff         Dennis Steinmetz
Dorothy Brenner                        Freda Gluck                               Rose Lebowsky                Herbert Rice            Alex Sterling
Louis Brodsky                          Sophie Goby                               Gussie Lebowsky              Lillian Rimland         Eva Stern
Minnie Brodsky                         Sadye Yudkin Goffan                       Yeshaya Lerea                Philip Rimland          Lillian Sachs Still
Polly Brogadir                         Lena Gold                                 Holly Lerner                 Lillian Rock            Barbara Still
Morris Bronen                          Velma Gold                                Marguerite Lerner            Arnold Roffman          Richard Stone
Stacy Brown                            Joseph Gold                               Celia Lerner                 Carole Rogers           Joseph Swirsky
Jean Brown                             Esther Goldfarb                           Josiah Lessner               Helen Rogovin           Norma Tannenbaum
John Brownstein                        Hyman Goldstein                           Faye Levin                   Morton Roklen           Abraham Teitelman
Samuel Brownstein                      Joseph Goldstein                          Leonard Levine               Larry Rome              Ida Teitelman
Rachael Brownstein                     Max Goldstein                             Rhea Levine                  James Rosen             Andrew Tureck
Sonia Bufferd                          Sondra Cohen Goodman                      Rhoda Levine                 William M. Rosen        Charles Virship
Charles Buxbaum                        Myrna Gordon                              Lillian Levine               Sylvia Rosen            Jacob Wadler
Harold Buxbaum                         Isidore Gorkin                            Beatrice Levine              Marc Rosenberg          Maxwell Wechsler
Morris Caminear                        Alan Gouz                                 Zelly Levine                 Eva Rosenfeld           David Weiner
Samuel Caplowitz                       Selig Greenberg                           Bernard Levitt               Jason Rosenholtz        Manuel Weisman
Helanie Causgrove                      Lena Greenberg                            Ellen Isacoff Levy           Minnie Rosenkrantz      Edward Wettreich
Sophia Cedarbaum                       David J. Greenberg                        Beverly Levy                 Louis Rosenzweig        Shirley Wettreich
Samuel Chaskes                         Florine Greene                            Bertha Schwartz Bober Levy   Joseph Edward Rosner    Sara Weyler
Rose Chernes                           Anne “Bernie” Grodd                       Joseph Levy                  Hattie Rosoff           Joan White
Jessie Clark                           John Jack Groves                          Evelyn Lewis                 Andrea Krevit Ross      Ruth R. White
Lillian Cleman                         Edward Halprin                            Rosa Lewith                  Henry M. Rothberg       Doris Whitman
Louis Cohan                            Rubin Halprin                             Gerta Linchitz               Don Rubens              Sheila Becker Williams
Henry Cohen                            Henry Hankin                              Sylvia Lipka                 Anna Rubin              Alexander Winnick
Bella Cohen                            Sam Hauser                                Bessie Lipsher               Louis Ruda              Minnie Witten
Sara Cohen                             Suzanne Hecht                             Morris Lipsher               Anna Ruda               Benjamin Wiznia
Abraham Cole                           Lewis Herman                              Freda Litsky                 Benjamin Sachs          Esther L. Wolfe
Marilyn Conn                           Helen Hillman                             Thelma Lubin                 Anna Sachs              Abraham Wunsch
David Cooper                           Irving Hillman                            Fanny Lubowitz               Joel Sachs              Rebecca Meyers Yankeloff
Doris Corry                            Israel Hillman                            R. Stanton Lyons             Nettie Sacks            Pauline Ziontz
Doris (Dodie) Crane                    Eric Hirsch                               Harry Mann                   Samuel Sacks            Goldye Zitser
Sydney Davidoff                        Tess Bresnick Holiner                     Belle Maretz                 Saul Saginor            Saul Zitser
Edith Davidson                         Esther Hoos                               Jacob Mark                   Eli Sahl                Minnie Zolot
William Deitch                         Harry Hornstein                           Anne Marks                   Abraham “Al” Saltzman
Emma Segre DeLeon                      Ida Horowitz                              Milton Marks                 Norman Sands
Howard Denbow                          Rubin Horowitz                            Nathan Merriam               Celia Saposnik
Elaine Diamond                         Leon Horton                               Barbara Mezoff               George Satin
Samuel Dirnfeld                        Norman Horton                             Isidore Mezoff
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