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The Award Winning Monthly Newsletter of Corvette Super Sports WWW.Corvettesupersports.com Under The Radar Volume 59 Number 6 June, 2018

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Happy Belated Father’s Day! Officers 2018 President … … Tony Schavone Vice-President . … Wayne Heard Secretary … . Pam DeForrest Treasurer … . Monica Valparaiso NCCC Governor … … Joe Orrico Webmaster … . Douglas Mariani Newsletter Editor … … Debra Ruby Board of Governors Sal Cruz Ron DeBartolomeis Gary Maleski Laura Schavone John Spurr Donna Stewart Committee Chair Banquet … … Marcia Lynch Car Show . … Brian Valparaiso & Brad Lee Care & Kindness….…. Marsha Gallavan Charity . … Will Grohmann Clothing … … Monica Valparaiso Historians … Jan Works Meeting Hostess . Donna Stewart Membership … … TBD Public Relations…………Richard Cheek Raffle … … TBD Sergeant at Arms….Ron DeBartolomeis Sponsor Rep . . TBD Trophies/Awards……………Tom Cuccio Car Show Champion Rally Champion Auto Cross champion We are a car club made up of Corvette owners with a passion for a fine driving machine, with the goal to participate in and support auto-related activities, such as: car shows, auto-crossing, rallies, drag racing, caravans, cruises, parades, etc.

CSS is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the County of Orange, California. We support (N.C.C.C.) National Council of Corvette Clubs, National Corvette Museum, several social, civic, and charitable organizations. http://www.calicintoranch.org/ https://www.patriotsandpaws.org/ https://www.stepsocal.org/ http://www.hishouseoc.org/1cms2/ Ronald McDonald House https://www.rmhc.org/ Who We Are CSS Family Updates Tom Cuccio’s mother, Adaline, passed away on Tuesday, June 26, 2018. She was 96 years old. We send our condolences to Tom and his family.

“Thank you to the CSS Club and individuals for your cards, good wishes, concerns, prayers and flowers. It is wonderful to be so cared about!” — Laura Schavone We Support

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CSS Upcoming Events 2018 July 14 Irwindale Speedway July 15 All American Originals Car Show - Tustin July 21 WAX your Corvette Day with AERO Wax & Two low speed autocrosses at Santa Maria Airport -- Vapor Trail Vettes July 28 John Force Racestation Car Show @ 22722 Old Canal Rd. - 10AM - 2PM August 11 7th Annual OC Vettes Poker Run & Gimmick Rallye August 18 Lake Elsinore Baseball Game August 19 South West Corvettes & CSS Picnic at El Dorado Reg. Park from 11am-2pm. Parking is $7.00 August 25 John Force Racestation Car Show @ 22722 Old Canal Rd. - 10AM - 2PM September 22 Patriots & Paws Open House October 6 Patriots & Paws Car Show from 9am - 3pm October 20 CSS Car Show from 9am - 2pm Please let us know of any events of interest to Club members. ~ ~ * SAVE your POP TOPS from cans for the Ronald McDonald House! * * Please bring your pop tops to our next meeting and give them to Will. Thanks!

~ ~

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The VP’s Column The VP's Word By Wayne Heard Hi fellow Super Sports Members !!! We have several events coming up in July and August. For July: 14th – Irwindale Speedway – Tony – The last trip to Irwindale was a great time! We get to display our cars, take two parade laps around the track, and view a whole evening of racing all for free. 15th – All American Originals Car Show - Tustin 21st – Wax Your Corvette Day – Aero Wax – This is an opportunity to shine up your car. Aero supplies all the products you need for free and shows you how to use them. It’s also a great opportunity to buy the products at a discount so you can maintain a beautiful shine on your car and protect the finish !!! In August we have: 18th – Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball game – Tony. 19th – Sunday – Pot Luck picnic with Southwest Corvettes Club. El Dorado Regional Park. 11 am to 2 pm. $7 per car. Off the 605 @ Spring Street. If there are any particular shows you plan on attending, or if you have an idea for an event and are willing to head it up, please let me know. We will help you organize it. See you next month, and stay safe everyone !!!! Wayne President Tony With summer here and weather just perfect, take a drive in your favorite car... the Corvette!! Take a day trip to the mountains or the ocean and enjoy the wind in your hair. Look at the calendar for the upcoming months and participate in “Wax Your Corvette Day,” the races at Irwindale and enjoy a baseball game in Lake Elsinore. You can’t have any more fun than being with someone in our Corvette family!!!

In June of every year, the town of Le Mans, France becomes the race capital of the world. For 24 hours, the racing world comes to Le Mans and watches 60 cars in 4 classes drive day and night. One of the classes involve the Corvette Racing Team. The history of racing Corvettes began in 1960 – 58 years ago. Briggs Cunningham, a wealthy racer, fielded a trio of Corvettes at the French Classic. Corvette #3 finished 8th overall and 1st in GT class. In 1967, the second generation Corvette made it to Le Mans. Drivers Dick Guldstrand and Bob Bondurant drove a 1967 Big Block L-88. The engine lasted about 12 hours before it gave up.

In 1976, John Greenwood brought his “Spirit of Le Mans” to France and qualified 9th for the race. The Corvette with 700 horsepower was running strong up to the 16th hour when he suffered a blown tire that forced the car out of the race. Next month, I will continue the story with the C-5, C-6, and C-7 Corvettes at Le Mans. Thanks to Gary Maleski for arranging the trip to Tom Malloy’s Car Collection in Corona. For those who couldn’t attend, you really missed an incredible Indy car collection and a lot of one-of-a-kind cars. Check out the Club’s website and monthly newsletter for pictures.

Tony “Save the Wave” Answer to May Trivia Question: Kilometer-per-hour subfaces appeared on Corvette speedometers in what year? Answer: 1975 June Trivia Question: What year did the Corvette first offer the “Heads Up Display” that projected readouts on the windshield? Corvette Time Line: April 10, 1960 – John Fitch and Bob Grossman bring their #3 Corvette home in 8th place overall at the 24-Hours of Le Mans.

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George & Sandy on a Treasure Hunt in Monterey, CA George and Sandy McMullen and Jay and Marcia Lynch attended the Monterey Corvettes car show held at the Hilton Hotel in Seaside, CA on June 1, and June 2, 2018. There were approximately 120 cars present. This was an "All Corvette" show. There were several events to chose from. The two main events were the Treasure Hunt and the Poker Run. The treasure hunt required the participants to locate various items located on the wharf, in Monterey, based on hints handed out prior to the start. In order to prove that you actually identified the item, a photo had to be taken showing the participant and the item together. Those that identified all the items on the list had their names placed in a container to be drawn at the closing Banquet. All prizes were very generous cash prizes. The Poker Run wound its way through Cannery Row in Monterey, through the “17 Mile Drive” through Carmel Canyon, and finally, back to the hotel. The total run was approximately 60 miles. The winners were George and Sandy McMullen with 3 eights. (nice monetary reward) The event ended with a very nice banquet on Saturday night. All of the awards were presented at the banquet. There were items to bid on as well as a 50/50 drawing.

Over all, a very nice time. The photos supplied were taken during the Treasure Hunt.

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Tom Malloy: Auto Racing in His Blood (Corvette Super Sports Visits His Wonderful Collection) by Gary J. Maleski When I was a young boy, I remember the countless times that my parents and I would gather around our television, and put on Channel 7, and watch (in my eyes) the most exciting thing I ever saw: the Indianapolis 500. As the years went on, I never missed it. The excitement and sometimes chaos on the track stay with me to this day. I look at the legendary drivers in my early life, whom I admired, but never thought I would meet. Luckily for me, I had a chance to work in media for Vintage Auto Racing. This gave me an opportunity to interview the likes of Emerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti, Danny Sullivan, and A.J. Foyt, and others. I had the experience also, of renting rides in various types of race cars, but nothing compared to what I saw in the collection of Tom Malloy.

Corvette Super Sports was invited to see the Tom Malloy car and memorabilia collection in Corona. The caravan of Corvettes left Coco's Restaurant on Saturday, June 9th at 7:45 am to travel to Tom Malloy's. Tom has, as far as I am concerned, one of the most impressive collections of Indy cars in the world. So how did auto racing get into Tom's blood? There were many racing experiences that fed his interest. Tom grew up around race cars and racing. Introduced heavily by his father, Emmett, (who was just recently inducted into the Sprint Car Hall of Fame), Emmett built the Carrell Speedway. It was a half mile dirt oval, which later on was paved in Gardena, California. This became the hub for west coast racing. Tom had the chance to watch legends like Johnny Parsons, Parnelli Jones, Troy Ruttman, and Bill Vukovich, and the ultimate, was when Emmett brought a team of his own to race in the Indianapolis 500 in the 1950s. Was this a dangerous pursuit?

Yes, there is always danger in racing. In fact, Tom's father tried to steer his son from the world of racing. Fortunately for all of us who have met Tom and his passion for racing, this did not happen. In 1992 Tom attended the Skip Barber Racing School in Sonoma, California. Now racing and his love for the cars was officially in his blood. So as the years went on, Tom put together a fantastic collection of race cars and memorabilia. He feels an obligation to honor each car because these cars have much history, and he wants people to appreciate that heritage. This is a wonderful thing for the racing world.

We got to see dozens and dozens of spectacular race cars, and more, and needless to say, I felt like a kid in a candy store. By the expressions and smiles of the other Corvette Club members, they felt the same way. Thank you Tom; blood transfusion completed.

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Tom Malloy Car Collection June 9, 2018

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Tom Malloy Car Collection (Con’t)

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Tom Malloy Car Collection (Con’t)

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June 17, 2018 25th Annual Rodeo Dr. Concours D'elegance, A Beverly Hills Father’s Day Tradition Celebrates it’s Silver Anniversary! But, Wait! There’s More!

CSS General Meeting Minutes June 5, 2018 Offices present: Tony Schavone, Wayne Heard, Pam DeForrest, Monica Valparaiso, Joe Orrico, Douglas Mariani Board Members present: Laura Schavone, Donna Stewart, Sal Cruz, Ron DeBartolomeis, Gary Maleski, John Spurr 36 Members Present Sergeant-at-Arms Ron DeBartolomeis led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance. A quorum was declared to be present by Secretary Pam DeForrest. President Tony Schavone called the meeting to order. Tony talked about the Memorial Day event at the cemetery on Bastanchury Rd. Donna Stewart introduced Dennis Schumerth as our guest and he had been here before in 2014. Donna was to give out new members Ron & Sherri their badges and they could not stay for meeting. Sue Rosen will take to them.

Pam DeForrest made a motion to waive the reading of last month's minutes, the motion was seconded, the vote taken and the motion passed. Treasurer Monica Valparaiso gave the Treasures report. She still has some apparel on consignment at the meeting. The club polo's for sale are through the club. Vice President Wayne Heard reported on the June birthdays: Bill Wisnowski, Chris Spencer, Sal Cruz, Eric Ellsworth, Douglas Mariani, Fred Reinecke, Dennis Blake, Elaine Cooper, Debra Prichard, Nelson Betancourt. The anniversaries are: Eric Ellsworth & Debra Ruby, Steve & Cathy Milton, Bill & Pam DeForrest, Gary & Alina Maleski, Ellis Chee, George & Sandy McMullen.

Joe Orrico talked about the Vette Set, results done and posted. Auto Cross event is same day as Malloy Museum. Marsha Gallavan was present and is working on getting back on track. Charities Chair Will Grohmann was not present. Webmaster Douglas Mariani says the WEB site is up to date. Has had some problems posting photos. Send photos to Debbie and to him please. He has been shopping on E-Bay and found another set of mikes to donate to the club. Also found a cool model Corvette, but it was broken. He sent it back. Found another one and it was the one our Club was named after. It's a magnesium body and modeled after one that Carol Shelby drove. He presented it to Tony as President and would like it to be passed down to the next Club President. Douglas also got an e-mail from a Mopar club and they wanted his help in setting up their WEB site. Newsletter Editor Debbie Ruby was not present. Publicity Chair Richard Cheek reported on a local magazine, Black Top Magazine that is to contact him to see if they will come to our car show. They are based in Orange.

Car Show Chairman Brian Valparaiso had signup sheets for goody bags. Pam and Bill DeForrest offered to host their home for the stuffing event before the show. Hooters is confirmed. Connell Chevrolet is going to donate cash and t-shirts. Gary Maleski reported on the upcoming events. Tom Molloy Car collection Saturday the 9th. Caravan from Coco's @ 7:45am to Corona. Tour starts @ 9:00am. $10.00 donation. 70 different race cars and memorabilia. Several restaurants in area to get a bite to eat afterwards. Gave out directions. About 11 cars going. Tony gave info on the Irwindale Speedway outing for July 14th. Around 16 cars to go. They get to go around the track and have special seats. Next month will have flyers. Aero Wax Day is July 21st. Last year had 17 cars. Want to leave at 8:00am from Buena Park to caravan. This is a free event and get to use their products. They only ask that we buy product from them.

Clean Car award was given out by Tony. It went to Gary Maleski. Marcia Lynch reported on the Monterey Peninsula Corvette Club event. Friday at the wharf they had a treasure hunt. The prize was $700.00. There was a poker run on the 17 Mile Dr. Sandy and George McMullen won 3-8's. The next event will be in 2020. Pam DeForrest reported on the Lake Elsinore Storms baseball game. We all met to caravan down, but with traffic we lost track of each other. But, all ended in line at the off ramp. Tom and Barbara Cuccio's nephew, Dominic works there and hosted us. Great seats and we got to drive our Vettes around the field and be announced before the game. We had a great time and Tony announced that we are invited to go back again August 18th. Monica Valparaiso reported on the Chino Car and Air Show. We were parked in a big hanger across from the air show but found some shade to watch from where we were. It was very hot that day.

Tony reported on the Muckenthaler show. We had about 13 cars and 26 people. He put together another People's Choice awards. 3rd place went to Kevin Presser with his 2014 CP. 2nd place went to Ken and Jean Pence with their 2014 CP and 1st place went to Bill and Pam DeForrest with their 1966 CP. Tony handed out some cool prizes from his collection. Richard and Sarah Cheek won 1st place in their class in the Concourse De Elegance with their 1965 Convertible. Joe Orrico reported on the spring Mountain event in Las Vegas. Tony reported that the Tahoe 50 is sold out in Reno. You can get on a waiting list if you still want to try and go. It's September 6-9. Dinner raffle was won by #1 Sue Rosen.

Raffle winners for the money: Shirley Jones, Dave McDonald, Gary Maleski, John Spurr and Karen DeBartolomeis. Raffle prizes were generously donated by Steve and Kathy Dull. Winners were: Sarah Cheek, Nelson Betancourt, Vicki Kump, Ken Pence, Dave McDonald, Monica Valparaiso, Sue Rosen, Eddie Hoefer, Brian Valparaiso, Kevin Presser, Gary Maleski, Donna Stewart, Betty Heard, Karen DeBartolomeis, John Spurr, Fred Reinecke, Doug Meeuwenberg and Wayne Heard. The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm. Respectfully Submitted, Pam DeForrest, Secretary

CSS Board Meeting Minutes June 19, 2018 Officers present: Tony Schavone, Wayne Heard, Monica Valparaiso, Pam DeForrest, Debra Ruby Board present: Laura Schavone, Donna Stewart, Sal Cruz, Ron DeBartolomeis, John Spurr, Gary Maleski Others present: Bill Wisnowski A quorum was declared to be present by President Tony Schavone President Tony Schavone called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Tony gave a short report of the e-mail scam of some members credit cards, at lunch, after the June 9th Tom Malloy car collection event. Tony also asked that Wayne take over the free dinner at Sizzler, sign up. Also to retrieve the card from Sizzler to give out to the winner and announce the winner. He also asked that Wayne take over the tip can for Paula our waitress. Paula only comes into work on the night that we have our meeting, to wait on us. Wayne agreed to take over both.

Vice President Wayne Heard reported that he talked with Dick Malloy at South West Corvettes and have assigned a date for our two clubs to meet for a picnic. It's to be Sunday Aug. 19th at El Dorado Reg. Park. It's off of the 605 Frwy and Spring St., Long Beach. Time will be 11am-2pm. Parking is $7.00. Secretary report. Nothing to report at this time. Treasurer Monica Valparaiso reported that no monies have been spent and needs to make a deposit of monies in house. Newsletter Editor Debra Ruby asked that all newsletter contributions be in by the 26th. She has received lots of photos of events. She won't be at the next board meeting. Monica reported on the car show as Brian was not here. They now have flyers to give out. Brian posted the poster to the Corvette Forum. Douglas to put on WEB site. A link was suggested on the home page to go to flyer and sign up easily. Car show meeting will be June 18th at Laura and Tony's house at 7pm.

Other topics discussed were: 1. Donna reported that she had a lot of fun at the June 9th Tom Malloy event. 2. Tony reported that the Corvette was 21st over all at La Mons. Did not like the way that Velocity aired the event though. 3. Tony will give out info at General Meeting, on the Wax Day event at Aero. It's July 21st and Irwindale. 4. Gary has info on a 1969 Corvette automatic for sale. Will bring info to General Meeting. It needs everything, for sale at $8,000.00. Debbie will put ad in newsletter for sale items. Gary also talked about Patriots and Paws moving in the months of July and August to one of our members’ buildings. 91 Fwy and St. College, Anaheim.

5. Tony talked with Rod Natale and he has been out of town. Should be home in time for our car show. Donna moved to adjourn and it was seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm. Respectfully submitted, Pam DeForrest, Secretary Tony with the cool model Corvette that our club was named after!

NCCC PRESIDENT’s MESSAGE June 2018 I heard someone say that life is like a “merry-go-round.” You get on the ride when it is stopped and ride around not knowing where or when it will stop, and all you do is go around in circles. Our lives are a lot like a “merry-go-round.” We get up in the morning in the place we live and the day passes and we return to the place we live and start over again in the morning on the “merry-go-round” of life! The day of the week is different, the weather can change, and the time might not be the same, but the routine is the same each day.

So how do we make each day different which in turn will make us feel like there is a change in our lives? I suggest we try each day to make someone’s day better. It’s as easy as saying “Good Morning” to a person we see each day, or saying “Thank You” to someone who has done something for you. These simple statements which cost us nothing may change and make a difference in that person’s life. We never know what kind of day a person is having or what merry-go-round they are on. Be a bright spot in someone’s day! The reward on the “merry-go-round of life” is you will feel better making someone smile. When you do this, you will find blessings will come your way for making someone else feel good each day.

The last week of April 2018 I experienced the full week of exciting things happening at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. I have been to the “Corvette Bash” but never was able to stay all week and enjoy all the NCM offers to everyone who attends. One thing I noticed all five days at the NCM was the friendliness from all the staff. I watched as people entered the NCM being welcomed and treated like VIPs’. No matter who or what they needed to know, every NCM staff person directed them to where they needed to go or answered any question they may have had. No one left without a “HAVE A GREAT DAY.” How nice it would be if the whole world was like this. I encourage you to visit the NCM if you have never been there or better yet, attend one of the major events held each year. I promise you will have a good time and feel good about going. In 2016 NCCC voted to support a new charity with the Corvette raffle program. The Charity NCCC Governors voted to support was St. Jude Children Research Hospital in Memphis TN. Seven years ago NCCC Mid-Illinois Corvette Club decided to start a St. Jude Corvette Drive to support the Hospital in Memphis. This year Mid-America Motorworks in Effingham Illinois was added to the drive as a “stop for lunch” location on the route from Peoria to Memphis. I had the pleasure of driving with 80 other Corvettes on the drive to Memphis. All drivers had to raise funds to participate on the drive. What a fun day driving to Memphis and visiting the St Jude Hospital. Together the 81 Corvettes on the drive raised over $240,000 for St. Jude. If you ever wonder what to do in your Corvette, wonder no more. The Peoria team is already planning the 2019 drive to Memphis in May. You need to try it one time to experience the fun. The 80 Corvettes were divided into four groups led by a police car with lights on all the way to Memphis. How much fun it was to see people driving in the left lane on the expressway pull over for the police car and see 20 Corvettes following the police car drive past them. You can check it out online: stjudedrives.org. Please put this on your “bucket list” for next year. Remember to be kind to everyone. Hold a door open when you can. Say “Hi” to the next person you see. Tell someone to have a nice day, and for sure thank someone who has done something for you. It makes them feel good and you also. You will be amazed at the change you can make and you never know, you may end up with a new friend.

Summer is here….drive the Corvette. Get out and have some fun! Be safe and God bless you all! Dave Heinemann President NCCC

Where You Can Find Corvette Parts and Merchandise For those of you who have been into Corvettes for awhile most – or all – of the following will not be news to you, but for you relative newcomers to the love of Vettes this offering is being made to help you find the parts you may need for your classic or the trim add-ons you might want to buy to personalize your Vette or the clothing, gear, etc. you might like to own to show others of your interest in the sport. It’s amazing just how many publications are out there that are dedicated to Corvettes and how helpful many of them can be. Following is a list and quick summary of the more popular catalogs that you might want to look into. Most of them are available for routine periodic mailing if you request it, and most of them have a web site from which you can peruse their offerings. Me, I prefer to receive the catalogs so that I can better see just what’s out there I might not have not seen before.

The three largest, most popular catalogs with the most items that are non-“parts” are: a. Mid America Motorworks, www.mamotorworkscom, (800) 500-1500; b. Eckler’s Corvette, www.ecklersCorvette.com, (800) 327-4868; c. Corvette America, www.CorvetteAmerica.com, (800) 458-3475. Those publications periodically also publish catalogs geared specifically for a single generation of Corvettes so when they ask you for the year and model you drive don’t be afraid to tell them. Then there are catalogs that are almost exclusively for parts, especially of older model Corvettes: a. Volunteer Vette Products, www.volvette.com, (865) 521-9100; b. J & D Corvette, www.jdcorvette.com, (800) 838-8353 (located locally in Bellflower, CA). For trim and accessory items as well as clothes, furniture and the like, you should look at: a. Corvette Central, www.CorvetteCentral.com, (800) 345-4122. They have an accessories catalog and a separate catalog of parts, etc., for each generation of Corvettes.

b. Burston Marketing’s Corvette Collection, www.CorvetteCollection.com, (800) 653-1375. c. And finally, the catalog from the retail store at the National Corvette Museum, www.CorvetteMuseum.org, (800) 538-3883. In addition to the above, you might also consider visiting the show rooms of Corvette Mike’s at 1133 North Tustin Avenue and West Coast Corvettes, 1210 N. Kraemer Blvd., both are located near each other in Anaheim just off the 91 freeway in Anaheim. They have a selection of GM authorized accessories and clothes for sale, as well as an indoor Corvette sales room with used road gems. Both also maintain service departments for installing accessories and the like and for general maintenance of Corvettes. West Coast Corvettes has a new catalog that was just released and is available for pick-up at the store. (Price is pre-printed on each catalog as $12.95, but don’t be fooled, they’re free - just ask for one.)

CSS Celebrations June Birthdays 1 - Bill Wisnowski 3 - Chris Spencer 5 - Sal Cruz 12 - Eric Ellsworth 14 - Douglas Mariani 19 - Fred Reinecke 20 - Dennis Blake 22 - Elaine Cooper 25 - Debra Prichard 27 - Nelson Betancourt July Birthdays 3 - Dawnette Norris 14 - Bob Kump 19 - Brenda Kalb 22 - Mike Baddley 25 - Douglas Utash 26 - Eddie Hoefer 28 - Ellis Chee 31 - Cathy Melton June Anniversaries 6 - Eric Ellsworth/Debra Ruby 9 - Steve/Cathy Melton 15 - Bill/Pam DeForrest 16 - Gary/Alina Maleski 20 - Ellis Chee 26 - George/Sandy McMullen July Anniversaries 8 - Jeff/Marybeth Holt 8 - Bob/Vicki Kump 9 - Phil/Sherry Anderson 12 - Chuck/Sue Rosen 12 - Tony/Laura Schavone 13 - Ed Sherlock 19 - Bud/Dawnette Norris

Connell Chevrolet is located at: 2828 Harbor Boulevard Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Sales (714) 546-1200 Service (714)755-3335 Parts (714)546-9400 Website: www.connellchevy.com In Other News: Corvette Super Shots typically meets on the fourth Saturday of each month with lunch afterwards. All are welcome to join! Editor’s Note: rubypics@aol.com Hi everyone! Reminding everyone that I welcome pictures and extra articles from other members as long as you send them to me at least five (5) days before the end of each month. I especially need pictures and copy (articles) for events I do not attend!

Thank you, Gary M for pictures and a great article about the Tom Malloy event as well as pictures from the Father’s Day event. Thank you, Brenda, Nelson and Sandy for pictures. Thank you, George for writing about your trip to Monterey, CA. Thank you, Eric for being my editor. If there are any birthdays or anniversaries that I missed, please email me so I can correct it for the future! Remember to send me your business cards or other ads for the For Sale page! Please contact me about any comments or suggestions you may have regarding the newsletter.

Thanks! Debbie

Used with permission from Connell Chevrolet

$$$ FOR SALE! $$$ DebraRubyPhotography.com 5 Lighthouses for Sale “Dept. 56” 1. Candlerock Lighthouse/Restaurant: “Snow Village” 2. Rock Paint Lighthouse: “Snow Village” 3. Queens Port Lighthouse: “Dickens Village” 4. Lynton Paint Tower Lighthouse: “Dickens Village” 5. Trinity Ledge Lighthouse: “New England Village Series” Best Offer Call Karen: (714) 528-3839

July 21, 2018 Low Speed Autocross Santa Maria Airport, Santa Maria, CA NCCC West Coast Region Sanction Events ~ WC-518-R01 & WC-518-R02 All Cars Welcome NCCC Members Non-NCCC Registration Fees: $50 $60 Register on-line at motorsportreg.com - Opens June 21 ~ Closes July 17 Register early! Registration limited to no more than 50 entries. Schedule: Gate Opens at 7:00am + Gate Closes at 8:00am Registration Check-in - 7:00am to 8:00am Tech Inspections – 7:00am to 8:00am Mandatory Drivers Meeting – 8:30am First Car Out – 9:00am (approximate) Participants must be inside the gate no later than 8:00am! Catering truck will be available for food and drinks. Questions: Clay Beck + 805-709-4434 + crb500@yahoo.com See reverse side for map and more details. Autocross Event Details

Autocross Event Details Saturday, July 21, 2018 These events are sanctioned by the National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc. (NCCC). Autocross classifications are as outlined in NCCC guideline. For members of NCCC, the sanction numbers are WC‐518‐R01 and WC‐518‐R02. Non‐NCCC members and all makes of cars and trucks are welcome to participate. All non‐NCCC member participants will be placed in one of the following four groups. A and B Men’s and A and B Women’s. Open A are vehicles that utilize Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) treadwear rating 200 or less. Open B is rating 201 or greater. Non‐NCCC Corvettes the meet the safety and classification requirement of a NCCC class may participate in that class for trophies but they will not be awarded points, nor affect member’s points. Registration is accepted online only at motorsportreg.com. There will be no registration the day of the event. If two participants are driving the same car, both must register as separate drivers. Participants must be 18 years old. Registrants will receive an email registration confirmation with car number. Please be sure you email address is correct on your online registration. SNELL approved “SA” or “M” helmets less than 10 years old are required. Drivers must wear securely fitting shoes with closed toes. Entrants will be divided into groups for both the morning and afternoon events. Unless physically unable, all participants will be asked to volunteer as course safety workers.

Santa Maria Airport is a TSA controlled facility with strictly enforced security. Vapor Trail Vettes must conduct this event accordingly. Participants must enter and leave via one secure gate monitored by a TSA guard. The gate will open at 7:00 am and will be closed at 8:00 am and unmanned until the event’s conclusion. We strongly urge you to arrive no later than 8:00am. No one will be allowed to enter after 8:00 am. All participants must sign an event waiver and workers will be issued a wrist band that must be worn at all times within the TSA boundaries. Drivers will be issued a wrist band when checking in at the autocross trailer. Once you enter the TSA controlled zone, you must leave through the secured gate only once. One entry and one exit only. Ensure you have everything you need for the day including enough fuel for all runs. All entrants must be a driver or a volunteer event worker. Sorry, TSA regulations do not allow this to be a spectator event.

Hwy 101 North Directions: - Exit right from the 101 N to E. Union Valley Parkway. - Turn left on E. Union Valley Parkway - Follow to W Union Valley Parkway - Turn right on S. Blosser Road - Follow Blosser to Autocross Main Gate. Hwy 101 South Directions: - Exit right from the 101 S. to E. Union Valley Parkway - Turn right on E. Union Valley Parkway - Follow to W. Union Valley Parkway - Turn right on S. Blosser Road - Follow Blosser to Autocross Main Gate Sponsor

7th Annual OC Vettes Signature Date Name Address City/State/ZIP Phone Email Name 2 Email 2 Saturday,Aug 11, 2018 NCCC Sanction # WC-325-001 A portion of proceeds benefit OCV’s charities Registration begins at 9:30 AM, Poker Run begins at 10 AM Starting Location: Outlets at San Clemente, 101 W Avenida Vista Hermosa, San Clemente, CA 92672 Finish at: Prego Mediterranean 2409 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782 (The District) Lunch on your own at Prego Awards and Raffle Prizes after lunch I hereby understand that I am responsible for my car, its contents and any passenger therein. I agree to hold harmless and release OC Vettes and NCCC of liability for any damage, injury or loss of property during the OC Vettes Poker Run event. Non-NCCC entrants are not covered by NCCC insurance. ENTRY FEE: $30 PER CAR, EXTRA HANDS $10 EACH NCCC #: CUT HERE Make checks payable to : O C Vettes. Mail entry form and payment to: Janet Cherry, 18679 Diddy Circle, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. Mailed entry must be postmarked no later than 8/8/2018; otherwise, form will be accepted as day-of-event pricing. Total Amount Enclosed Add’l Hands @ $10 ea Poker Run Entry Amount $ Best Poker Hands Win! NCCC # 2: Raffle for lots of great gift baskets and other prizes! Open to all makes and models DAY OF ENTRY FEE: $40 PER CAR, EXTRA HANDS $10 EACH $ $ Sponsored by McJack’s Corvettes

CORVETTES ● ALL DOMESTIC CARS & TRUCKS SHOW HOURS: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM DAY OF SHOW REGISTRATION 8:00 AM TO 10:00 AM GATES OPEN 7:00 AM REGISTRATION: Postmarked by October 10th: $35 Postmarked after October 10th: $40 Car Show Chairmen: Brian Valparaiso & Brad Lee

VETTES for VETERANS DJ....Raffle Prizes…. Silent Auc�on…. Dash plaques …. Trophies...1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in ALL Genera�ons. “Best of Show ”….Bridgestone or Firestone �re cer�ficate valued at $500.00. Hosted by North Coast Ve�es - Sponsored by Weseloh Chevrolet of Carlsbad and Elite Finish WHEN.….Saturday, November 10th. No rain date—No refunds WHERE…The Shoppes at Carlsbad, 2525 El Camino Real, Carlsbad TIME...….REGISTRATION FROM 7AM-9AM, car show 10AM-3PM If you want to park together, you must arrive together Name _ Phone _ _ Address _ City _ _ State _ Zip _ Club _ _ E-mail _ _ Year of Ve�e _ Color _ If you are a veteran check here: As a par�cipant in “VETTES for VETERANS”, the undersigned agrees to hold harmless North Coast Ve�es, Weseloh Chevrolet, Elite Fin‐ ish, and The Shoppes at Carlsbad from any known or unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgements, and/or claims of any kind that may be suffered by/from any entrant to his person or property.

Signature _ Date _ _ For informa�on contact Chair Sco� Groters, 951-500-2203, NCVSco�Groters@yahoo.com An ALL CORVETTE car show Honoring San Diego Area Veterans. Net proceeds will go to Saturday, November 10, 2018 Mail $35.00 payment payable to NORTH COAST VETTES, care of: northcoastve�es.org Paralyzed Veterans of America, Cal-Diego Chapter, and the Semper FI Fund of San Diego COST…….Advance Registra�on $35. Advance Registra�on ends Friday, November 2. Day-of-Show Registra�on $45. Ed Reardon, 30 Baroness Lane, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 No pop-up tents or canopies

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