4 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 5 Introduction Executiveviewpoints 6 Howintegratedbackupappliancesfail:TheneedtocustomizeAvailabilitywithinindus tries 8 CreatingacontinuousDigitalLifeexperience 12 Makingrecoverypartofyourransomwarepreparednessstrategy 16 GDPRkeyconsiderations 18 High-profileoutagesshinespotlightonAvailabilityrequirements 20 Veeamintheindustry 22 Energy Increasingreliabilityforcontinuousexploration,productionanddistribution:Key Availabilitylessonstoenabledigitaltransformation 24 Customerstories:OMICRON,PAZ,TroyResources 26 Entertainment&leisure Creatingpersonalized,data-drivencustomerexperiences:WhyAvailabilityisessent ialinthedigitalworldofentertainmentandleisure 30 Customerstories:DenverBroncos,HardRockHotel&Casino,NorwegianCruiseLine,Zoos SouthAustralia,OSN,PinewoodStudios 32 Finance Mitigatingriskandgainingcustomertrust:BestpracticesforHighAvailabilityinthe digitalera 40 Customerstories:Baloise,GarantiBank,LocktonCompanies,KNEIP 42 Healthcare Savingliveswithzerodowntime:PracticalguidelinesforenablingAlways-Onhealthca reinthedigitalera 46 Customerstories:Hologic,GreenvilleHealthSystems,RoswellParkCancerInstitute 48 Highereducation EnhancingAvailabilityforAlways-Onlearning,fromanydevice:Thekeystoenablingth edigitaleducationalenterprise 54 Customerstories:StudyGroup,SUNYCortland,StonyBrook,NorthwesternUniversity 56 Manufacturing Maximizinguptimeformoreprofitableproduction:Availabilitylessonsforthedigita lmanufacturingenterprise 62 Customerstories:Scania,Termomecanica,TataBeverageCorp.HeidtmanSteel,Mazda,O vations 64 Retail Delivering24.7.365multi-channelshoppingexperiences:WhydataAvailabilityisdri vingdigitaltransformationinretail 72 Customerstories:Jordan’sFurniture,DubaiDutyFree,JYSK,TigerWheel 74 Telecom Modernizinginfrastructurestoachievecarrier-gradereliability:Howtelecomprovi dersareboostingagilitywithAvailability 78 Customer stories: Sunrise Communications, Nethys, TK Telekom, Proximus 80 EnablingtheAlways-OnEnterprise 84 VeeamandNutanixpartnertotransformthehyper-convergedinfrastructure(HCI)marke t 86 AcceleratedperformanceandAvailabilityfortheAlways-OnEnterprise,PureStorage+ Veeam=Bettertogether 88 NPSscore:Veeamleadstheindustryin2017 90 Editor’s foreword Dear Subscriber, Welcome to the Q4 2017 edition of VeeamUP magazine! Read about the three strategic imperatives within the digital age and look at eight industriestolearnthecriticalroleAvailabilityplaysin supportingtoday’sdigitaltransformationandinnovationstrategies.

As innovative technology continues to disrupt traditional business models in every industry, the pressure is growing on IT and business leaders to embark on digital transformation programs. But to be successful,thesetransformationsrelyonanytime,anywhereaccess todataandservices—andthatmeanshavingthreekeycapabilities: Non-stop business continuity Companies need to enable non-stop business continuity to mitigate risk and gain user confidence that their Digital Life will be available when, where and how they want it. And it’s only with strong backup, replication, and Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that they can succeed.

Availability helps enterprises manage data securely and accurately, reduce downtime, and instantly recover any app, any data, on any cloud, no matter what.

Digital Transformation Agility As digital transformation has become imperative for all businesses, the need to become more stable, flexible and agile is a stringent need. Enterprises must look for multi-cloud data management and migration to provide easy, secure and reliable service. Cross-cloud backup, replication, availability and mobility for workloads across any cloud or location can enhance this agility, meet business needs and adapt to user requirements as they change. Analytics and visibility When you combine rapidly changing customer expectations with constant disruption from born-digital competitors, the traditional players in many industries face some tough challenges.

Organizations today have an ace up their sleeve: data. The journey from an IT-supported business to an IT-enabled business requires analytics and visibility, so data can be leveraged to respond quickly to new demands, regardless of whether it’s delivering amazing customer experiences, identifying the best new opportunities or fine-tuning operational efficiency.

We hope you find these articles insightful as you work to build out your own digital transformation strategies! Kind regards, Tracey Swanson Editor-in-Chief, VeeamUP


6 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 7


8 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 9 Executive viewpoints Howintegrated backup appliances fail: The need to customize Availability within industries While every data center has similar data Availability needs, diversity amongsuchindustriesashealthcare,financialservices,energy(oiland gas),highereducationandretailrequiresflexibleandreliablesolutions to meet industry-specific requirements.

This diversity is one of the biggest challenges facing integrated backup appliances. Integrated backup appliances are turnkey solutions created by backup software vendors who pre-install backup software onto a server. The server often has suitable disk capacity to meet an organization’s backup capacity requirements. The goal? A quick start. Unfortunately, these shiny systems start to tarnish as soon as they face the demands of daily operations.

An integrated backup appliance provides no real advantage to a solution that’s customized for the specific demands of your business. Integrated backup appliances also lack flexibility and can make operation more difficult when faced with business, industry and regulatory requirements, all of which vary, depending on the industry. More likely, an integrated backup appliance will just add a layer of complexity to your environment, especially when the time comes to expand business operations. A prescription for healthy Availability Health care is one of the most regulated of all industries. For instance, there is a specific requirement to retain patient data for, at a minimum, the life of the patient.

There is also a requirement to ensure that data is not changed after it is created. In addition, there are requirements that restrict certain data access to specific, designated individuals. These requirements, along with the need to meet very narrow recovery point and time objectives (RTPO™), can challenge even highly prepared IT organizations. A single, integrated backup appliance would have a difficult time meeting many of today’s sweeping requirements. A software solution such as Veeam® Availability Suite™ can help, thanks to its ability to replicate data, perform frequent and network-efficient backups and provide instant recovery directly from backup hardware.

That said, Veeam needs to be teamed with the right hardware to provide a complete solution that’s capable of meeting the most stringent RTPO.

Backup hardware must meet or exceed the demands of health care IT organizations and Veeam’s capabilities. A health care use case, in particular, can require two types of hardware solutions; one to meet long-term data retention and security demands and another to meet short-term High Availability demands. Managingmultiplehardwaresolutionsoftencreatesanimmediate concern for overworked health care IT teams. But since both hardware solutions are controlled and managed by Veeam, the IT administrator’s data management responsibilities will not be too overwhelming. To preserve and secure data, health care IT administrators require storage systems that can not only scaleincapacity,butalsosupportadvancedfeaturessuchasinstant recovery,dataencryptionandtheabilitytorestoreapplications,files andVMswithoutimpactingbusinessoperations.

Navigating the regulatory waters of financial services requirements As data grows exponentially each year in the world of financial services, data privacy and Availability is of the utmost importance. Like health care, financial services companies have equally stringent retention and security requirements. A higher demand for rapid recovery across a wider cross section of applications is typical, as is the need to ensure 24.7.365 Availability. Again, an integrated backup solution would struggle trying to meet these requirements, and none of the integrated solutions on the market focus on hosting applications that require high-performance disk IO.

Once again, a two-system approach may be required, except By George Crump, President & Founder, Storage Switzerland

10 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 11 the system used for rapid recovery of critical applications may be a production class array, or even snapshots on the primary array, managed by the backup application. Availability: A beacon for the energy sector The challenges faced by energy companies are complicated by the need to support two sides of the business (upstream and downstream) with Availability requirements unique to each. The downstream side sells the product or utility and has very similar requirements to financial services. Records retention is required to meet industry regulations and provide high-performance recovery of certain applications.

While Availability is important, the upstream side of the energy industry is more concerned about long-term retention and sequential recovery performance. One unique need for long-term retention is seismic data preservation fortheanalysisofpotentialfuelsources.Theupstreamsidewants toretainthisdatasoitcancompareittoprevioussurveysorapply newtechnologytothedatatouncoverpotentialoilandgassources. Upstream data is so large that instant recovery from a backup volume may not be practical. Instead, administrators need a system that can stream data and provide high bandwidth restores to a high-performance production system for more rapid analysis than what the backup volume can provide.

Intelligent Availability for higher education Large research universities are more likely to use high-performance computing (HPC) for scientific research. Like other industries, this sector has very specific retention requirements that, depending on theproject,mayormaynotrequirenarrowrecoverywindows.Since research will often dictate retention and recovery requirements, a single turnkey appliance cannot provide the flexibility needed to support data center Availability. The need to quickly process massive data amounts is typical for most HPC environments. As with the upstream side of energy, the HPC environment will probably not host a volume from backup storage.

Instead, it will want a parallel, high-bandwidth recovery to production storage. Availability for remote and branch locations The retail industry is unique in the amount of remote, data- generating locations it may have with, for example, individual stores. Backing up and restoring remote office/branch office (ROBO) data presents unique challenges. Instead of staffing each locationwithon-siteITresources,retailenvironmentsbackupdatato Independent Storage Analysis centralizedlocations.Thisallowsorganizationstomanagedatainto asinglepoolwhereitcanbededuplicated,replicatedandcopiedfor disasterrecoverypurposes.Consolidatingdataintoasinglepoolalso allowsmanagementtocompareanindividualstore’sdatatoother locationsaspartofitsbusinessanalyticsprocess.

Since some form of on-premises software is still required, a single, turnkeyappliancecanfallshort.Availabilityforstorefrontdatarequires protection locally so users can recover quickly if a single system fails. This makes a feature such as instant recovery ideal. The backup hardware should be able to deliver the required performance so applicationscanreturntooperationwithinminutes. Aproductsuch asVeeamBackup&Replication™providestheabilitytocontinuously updateacentrallocationwithdatafromremotesites.

Conclusion Dedicated backup appliances look good on the whiteboard and feel good on the first day of implementation. But the initial luster soon fades when challenged by the daily rigors of organizational reality, especially those deployed in industries with specific and widely varyingretentionanddatarecoveryrequirements.Inmanysituations, a solution requires two different secondary storage hardware platforms, coupled with a controlling backup application, such as Veeam Availability Suite, to manage the process. With more than 250,000 customers, Veeam provides solutions with features designed and proven to meet Availability requirements for a wide range of industry needs, supported and integrated with many of today’s leading storage hardware providers.

Executive viewpoints

12 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 13 Creating a continuous Digital Life experience ExploringTechTarget’s perspectiveontheroles ofbusinesscontinuity and Availability in the digital world Every industry has unique digital needs, but they also share common threads. As organizations across all sectors increasingly move through various phases of digital transformation, each is seeking a solution that delivers enterprise continuity and data agility, as well as analytics and visibility. IncollaborationwithTechTarget,VeeamUPexamineswhatDigital Lifelookslikeforsevenbigindustries—healthcare,highereducation, financialservices,manufacturing,telecom,retail,andenergy—and showswhyAvailabilityisacrucialfactorinmodernenterprisesuccess.

Health care The health care industry now relies on technology at every level, withdifferentrequirementsforalluserssuchaspatients,doctorsand managers.ITteamsmustensureeasy,instantaccessibilityforevery user because unplanned downtime can have a negative impact on patienthealth.Thismeansadoptingadigitalstrategythatusescloud- basedmanagementtoaiddataAvailability,retentionandrecovery. Higher education Higher education is shifting from desks in classrooms and lecture halls to a technology-driven industry, a move triggered by a generation of digital-native students and researchers. To keep up, IT teams need to build a digital strategy that meets the needs of an institution’s students, faculty and administrators.

IT leaders need to guarantee reliable remote access to resources so users can access data and applications from anywhere, at any time, and from a range of different devices. The key in this industry is finding the balance between Availability and security. Executive viewpoints

14 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 15 TechTarget and Veeam teamed up to share the three key steps to ensuring business continuity. Learn more at Financial services Frommobilebankingappsandonlineportals,totraditionalover-the- countertransactions,customersinfinancialservicesexpectthedata they need to be available at any time, regardless of the channel. For IT decision-makers, this means creating an optimized backup and recoverystrategythatprotectssensitivedatawhilealsomaintaining HighAvailabilityforusers.Financialservicesarehighlyregulated.All digitalmanagementsolutionsmustalsooffertransparencyandreal- timereportingfunctionstomaintaincompliance.

Manufacturing Manufacturing is on the cusp of a digital industrial revolution — technology is becoming intrinsic at every stage of the process, from sourcing to delivery. Digital Life in manufacturing looks differentateverylevelandforeverystakeholderandITteamsneed tobeabletosupporteachoneofthem.Asdigitizationandautomation become more common in manufacturing, the industry’s reliance on technology is particularly vulnerable to the Availability Gap when IT can’t meet the continuity requirements of the business. Telecom Digitization has completely transformed the telecom industry over the past two decades.

Digital services have become a huge part of most telecom providers’ business. At the same time, customers today have become completely dependent on digital services in their day-to-day lives. Telecom providers power the digital lives of their customers. If those services are unavailable, the damage to the business can be huge. Modern telecom IT teams need to create and adhere to a business continuity plan and focus their business continuity planning on Availability. Retail Retail is also going through a period of huge change. Digitization has driven huge changes in where, when, and how everyone buys products.

Retail shopping has become an Always-On™ experience, with customers now able to make purchases of all kinds through smartphones, computers and other channels. To support that and enable a 24.7.365 shopping experience, retailers themselves rely on comprehensive business continuity plans and strong Availability solutions.

Energy As oil and gas companies embrace new applications for digital technology, they face a wide range of challenges including data growth, mobility and regulatory compliance related to how they manage and protect their data. Oil and gas enterprises cannot afford to stop or delay the information flow. They must recognize the stringent need of Availability in their business. Conclusion In any industry, unplanned downtime can severely affect the profitability of a product and interfere in customers’ Digital Life. IT decision makers have an important obligation to meet the Always-On expectations of their company’s stakeholders and focus on business continuity and Availability.

Executive viewpoints

16 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 17 Making recovery part of your ransomware preparedness strategy Today, ransomware is a business — yes, a business. Driven mostly through Ransomware as a Service platforms run by organized crime gangs, ransomware is the fastest growing threat today. No surprise, given that a single ransomware attack campaign can net criminals millions of dollars in return for very little risk, expenditure or chance of being caught. Ransomwarehasbecomethethreat-du-jourformostorganizations as they struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing cybercrime landscape and barrage of attacks from cybercriminals and hackers.

ITteams,cyberandinfo-secdepartments,CISOsandCIOsfeellike they’restuckinagiantrevolvingdoorthatrotatesbetweenstates ofsecurityandinsecurityintheirenvironments.

It’s hardly surprising ransomware has become so ubiquitous and successfulbecauseofitsfranklyimpressiveabilitytoevolve.Itsneaks past existing defenses such as secure email gateways and desktop antiviruses with great ease, and it then tricks users into running its viral payloadforthataddedkillerpunch. Ransomware does not discriminate — it attacks organizations of every size, geography and industry, although some industries are hit harder, given an assumption that their data is move valuable to the operational ability of the business. The frustration of those affected by these problems is palpable, and most are now looking at a broader cross section of technologies to protect themselves and more importantly to recover post-attack, rather than rely on pure-play security solutions alone.

How to prepare Assume it’s a when and not an if ransomware will strike. It is critical to have your IT organization prepare every way possible, to either thwart an attack or minimize its impact.

Patch everything, patch often Per the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the average timetodevelopanexploittoapublishedvulnerabilityis30days.With current attacks leveraging vulnerabilities that have been out, literally, since 1998 (1998!), it’s evident that the patch everything part of the recommended steps is not being taken seriously. Use a multi-layered defense strategy Many organizations put their trust in antivirus solutions, which rely on signatures and behaviors to identify intentionally malicious code. MalwareauthorsarefamiliarwithhowAVworksandtheyintentionally studyhowspecificAVvendorsdetectmalwaresotheycanwritecode thatavoidsdetectionbytestingagainstcurrentAVsoftware.

What’s needed is a combination of antivirus, email protection, endpoint protection (e.g. application white/black listing), least privilege, user training, and phishing testing. Part of this layered approach includes an ability to identify the presence of malware/ransomware and notify IT so that the instance can be isolated and eradicated.

Get your road-to-recovery plan in place You might think it would be less expensive to simply pay the ransom if you are attacked. When it comes to the possibility of your data being modified, however, do you really want to trust a cybercriminal to perfectly decrypt and maintain the integrity of your data? Relying on data recovery from your own tested backups will give you 100% confidence in your recoverability. There is also still the issue of removing the ransomware and Trojans on your systems. A recent Citrix survey showed that 36% of organizations are not confident that they can completely eradicate malware from systems.

36% of organizations are not confident in their ability to completely eradicate malware What’s your plan for recovery? Learn more by downloading the full executive brief and the NEW Conversational Ransomware Defense and Survival eBook, by ConversationalGeek and Veeam. RANSOMWARE 4000+ 6 workstations 12 hours 12 hours 2 servers 3-5 bitcoins $3500-6000 DAILY INFECTIONS AVERAGE RANSOM AVERAGE IMPACT AVERAGE REMEDIATION AVERAGE DOWNTIME Loading... Executive viewpoints

18 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 19 GDPR Considerations By Danny Allan, Veeam VP of Cloud and Alliance Strategy Here we are, less than one year out from the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), one of the biggest changes to how personal data is handled and managed in the last 20 years. Either as an employee of a business with customers in the EU, as a EU citizen yourself or perhaps both — you will be affected. At Veeam, we believe in rules that protect the rights of consumers, and have welcomed GDPR since it was adopted by the European Council some 14 months ago. But what is it all about? And why now? In short, GDPR strengthens and gives new rights to individuals over their personal data such as: who can access it, where it can reside, guidelinesandresponsetimesifthedataisaccessedduringasecurity breach, the right to be forgotten by a business and the retrieval of information, to name just a few areas.

This is a necessary law. We are living in a society where breaches cost businesses upwards of $100 million, and post-breach share prices drop an average 1.8%. Since 2013, more than 200 breaches were publicly disclosed on seven global stock exchanges, with 65 considered to be severe and catastrophic. The information obtained is frequently that of an organization’s users. This can lead to fraud and more sophisticated targeting, all of which leave consumers with a low opinion of a brand that allows it to happen. More important, this regulation is designed to create new and strengthen existing rights for individuals.

This includes fundamental principles such as the right to be informed, the right of access, the right of rectification, the right of erasure and the right of data portability.

Personal privacy will continue to be increasingly important as the Digital Life and data becomes more valuable to the industry. Recently, the workplace has welcomed a generation of employees who have only lived a Digital Life. Their expectation is that the internet and internet-based services just work and digital experiences must be seamless and Always-On. By the same token, today’s willingness to share and trade information in exchange for a service has created many new data privacy and ownership issues. A necessary change Adecadeago,smartphonesdidn’texist.Threedecadesearlier,noone owned a home computer.

In fact, when the Data Protection Directive (DPD) was created in 1995, the internet as we know it today did not exist. The world around us continues to change, and with those advancementsmustcomechangesinregulationtoensurewecanuse technologyinasafe,secureandresponsibleway.WebelieveGDPRis a positive regulation. It reinforces the weight of responsibility businesses have when they collect our data (as users), where they store it and how they protect it. If a heavy fine and penalty helps restore the ethical and moral responsibilities of organizations and increases their desire to better manage data, so be it.

The road to compliance Because Veeam is a business based in Switzerland with a global customer base, GDPR is an issue we must also address. I sit on a team that manages compliancy of the regulation. While we’re in good shape, we understand that not everyone is. What we’ve seen and heard from our customers varies a lot. The realization for some is that this is not just a case of documenting what they already do. For some, it will require a fundamental shift in how they operate, handle risk and manage data. Others in industries more familiar with heavy regulation are all set and only need to make small changes.

While the previous DPD regulation was very similar, the difference with GDPR is that it’s mandatory and supported by a range of fines for noncompliance — some up to 20 million euros or 4% of a business’s worldwide group turnover. One-size-fits-all software does not exist WhenreviewingGDPRwithinyourbusinesskeepinmindthatthis isnotmerelyatechnologyissue.Certainly,technologyplaysapart in helping to discover, track and notify, but this is also a legal and compliance issue that involves lots of offline conversations, decisions and strategies.

BeskepticalofvendorssayingtheirsoftwareisGDPRcompliant whenthereisnocertificationtosupportthisclaim.Thereisnotone pieceofsoftwarethatcanensurethatallaspectsofGDPRaremet.

Forexample,howdoesapieceofsoftwareensureyouhaveappointed aDataProtectionOfficer(DPO)?Somevendorstryclevermarketing, while others are just plain misleading. Assess products with the strictest of review. News flash! Don’t buy into a solution because you think it’s going to save the day and save you from paying a fine. How can Veeam help with GDPR?

Veeam can assist centers on very specific aspects of your GDPR compliancy. Veeam already has great dashboards and reports that can assist in proving compliance for certain articles in GDPR. Veeam’s market-leading ability to restore access and Availability to data in an expedited way following an unplanned outage is commonly understood. Similarly, Veeam’s backup verification testing ensures your organization can assess and evaluate the effectiveness of data saved for restore, answering yet another demand of GDPR.

Right now, we’re encouraging organizations we work with to do a GDPR gap analysis to assess where they are in terms of compliance withtheregulation.Thisshouldbeginwithdataflowmapping.Thiswill provideyouwiththelocationsofallpersonallyidentifiableinformation (PII) and begin the process of who has access, where efficiencies can bemade,wheredataneedstomove,etc.

As we lead up to the enforcement date, we’ll provide you with more information on how Veeam can assist in your GDPR compliance plans. In the meantime, do not delay beginning your GDPR gap assessment or the fines and fallout will be significant. Failure to comply with GDPR comes with heavy fines and, similar to the business challenge of Availability, heavier costs around consumer confidence and loyalty.

Executive viewpoints

20 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 21 High profile outages shine spotlight on Availability requirements It’s incredible to reflect on how much we rely on online services today. From paying bills to checking public transport timetables, we now place an ever-increasing amount of trust in data, and perhaps more importantly, access to that data. This year alone, we’ve seen some high-profile outages — from Amazon and Instagram, to WhatsApp. Amazon suffered a significant outage that left its S3 service offline for hours. Amazon S3 underpins many AWS services and works as an object and media store for many other internet services that are relied on by millions every day.

You can read a little more about the specific issue here, but an internal investigation determined human error was to blame for taking the service out of action. Regardless of the outage’s root cause, it resulted in a cascade effect that rendered large swathes of internet services unavailable for a period of hours, grinding businesses to a halt. By John Metzger, VP Global Product Marketing Instagram also suffered an outage, sparking a wave of Twitter posts from users lamenting the lack of access. While the exact cause of the downtime hasn’t been released, Instagram has one of the most scalableapplicationarchitecturesontheplanet.Instagramreached 700millionusersattheendofApril,meaningthecompanymanaged todoubleitsuserbaseinjusttwoyears.Theplatformservesupadaily totalof80millionphotosandvideos.

Web-basedbusinesseshaveanimplicit(or,inmanycases,explicit) obligation to be available 24.7.365. Instagram powers countless businesses that rely on the digital platform to deliver ad views andcontenttocustomers,alsosettingtheexpectationofaservice that will be Always-On. The cost to the many businesses that rely on Instagram serving content is not easily measured, but Instagram suffered a reputational black eye during the time its services were unavailable. WhatsApp is another tech giant recently kicked offline in a global outage, with some of its 1.2 billion users unable to use the messaging service for several hours.

At the end of the day, regardless of how scalable, resilient and distributed a system architecture is, anything that’s software driven and underpinned by application logic has the potential to break and suffer downtime. There is always an Availability Gap between services going down and being restored, which, in turn, has a knock-on effect for partners and customers alike. The 2017VeeamAvailabilityReportshowsthat82%ofenterprisesacross theglobecannotmeetbusinessrequirements,whichtranslatesinto costs of $22 million per year for the average enterprise. This demands an Availability, protection and recoverability plan that’s separate from inbuilt logic.

In today’s world, where consumers are enraged by downtime, reputations are made by ensuring that services remain available around the clock. As businesses increasingly rely on the cloud to deliver services, any downtime has simply become unacceptable. At Veeam, we’ve addressed this concern by engineering a comprehensive platform that focuses on Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™. Downloadthe2017VeeamAvailabilityReporttolearnmore. Executive viewpoints

22 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 23

24 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 25 Increasing reliability for continuous exploration, production and distribution The oil and gas industry is experiencing a huge shift toward becoming an Always-On™ enterprise that meets the demands of the digital world. The efficiency improvements from using data and new technologies, plus the competitive advantages they afford, make digital transformation the next logical step for many leading companies in the industry.IT teams need to be able to guarantee reliability and Availability for mission-critical systems in an industry where downtime can be genuinely catastrophic.

Companies don’t just face potential financial loss and business delays — there’s also a high risk of accidents and environmental damage that affect both the organization and the public.

This IDG Enterprise white paper examines the challenges facing the increasingly data-dependent oil and gas industry to identify how IT teams can give their companies competitive advantages through Availability and a modernized approach to backup and replication. The forefront of digital innovation Oil and gas companies in the energy industry increasingly rely on bleeding-edge technology to get ahead — in every line of business. Geoscientists are using seismic exploration and combining live data with information from cloud storage to create real-time surveys of potential drilling or fracking sites.

With a full picture of the site they’re targeting, companies can increase confidence in the potential of the project before committing to production. Meanwhile, oil rigs are collecting data from thousands of machine sensors attached to drilling equipment and the rig itself to reduce the impact of unexpected faults and the risk of accidents through predictiveshutdownsystems.Whenthetechnologyorequipmentin theoilandgasindustryfails,thereisamassivenegativeimpact—and notjustintermsofthecost. Innovationacrossoilandgasenterprises hasresultedinITmanagingheterogeneousenvironmentsthatgrow morecomplexeachyear.Notonlyisdatastoragegrowing,butcloud storageisincreasingandmergersarebringingnewinfrastructuresinto themix.Organizationsarebecomingmoredependentonadvanced datacentertechnologiesandcloudstorage,whilemoreworkloadsare growingincreasinglymission-critical.

Making the most of technology Togetthebestresultsfromnewtechnologies,companiesalways needtobeabletoaccessthemostup-to-dateinformation.This means opting for Availability solutions that leverage virtualization and cloud and offer complete visibility in the IT infrastructure. Such solutions must also guarantee reliability for backing up and accessing large volumes of data at any time and from any device, even when communicating between remote sites, such as ships at sea, jungle exploration sites or oil fields. IDC predicts that 25% of oil and gas companies will use modelling, simulation and 3D virtual reality technologies by 2019.

Increasing reliability for continuous exploration, production and distribution 25 Energy Veeam in the Industry VeeamUP / Q4/ 2017 To learn more about how Availability solutions can support oil and gas organizations, download the IDGE white paper, 10 Availability Lessons Leading Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry.

26 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 27 OMICRON powers 24.7.365 technical support with Veeam and NetApp “Veeam and NetApp provide the best way for us to provide multi- site Availability through frequent backup and fast recovery. They help us minimize the risk for data loss and deliver access to our technical support employees as quickly as possible.” Bernd Flatz, Team Leader, IT infrastructure, OMICRON OMICRON is a world leader in providing innovative testing solutions for the energy industry. OMICRON helps make the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity safe and reliable in more than 150 countries.

Customers include energy providers and manufacturers of equipment for the distribution and transmission of electrical power.

OMICRON provides customers with outstanding technical support so electrical power systems run smoothly, safely and efficiently. Highly qualified experts provide support around the clock and free of charge. Passion and energy are what drive them. To provide support around the clock, technicians require 24.7.365 access to customer data. Without 24.7.365 access, technicians can’t serve customers the way OMICRON intends or customers appreciate and expect. Veeam in the Industry / Energy

28 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 29 Veeam fuels business continuity for energy company Mining company strikes gold with Veeam Troy Resources Limited is a global gold producer headquartered in Perth, Australia.

Troy’s IT goal was simple: data in a distributed IT infrastructure should be recoverable quickly from any office worldwide. “Wewantedareliablesolution thatworkedsuccessfullythefirsttimeand everytime,”saidCraigFrenchHendry,Group ICT Manager at Troy. “Full confidence in ourabilitytorestoredataquicklyandeasily fromanylocationwaskey.And,wesought asolutionwithaclean,simpleinterface.” Hendryandhiscolleaguesdidn’tgoonline toreadsoftwarereviewsbeforechoosinga solution.Theytalkedwiththeirpeersinstead. “Easeofrecoveryisthecrux ofVeeamforus.Iamfully confidentinourabilityto restorefromanypointintime.” Craig French Hendry, Group ICT Manager, Troy Resources Limited The Paz Group is Israel’s leading energy corporation.

Paz supplies a third of Israel’s fuel products and was the country’s first energy company to own a refinery. Paz also operates the country’s largest network of filling stations and convenience stores. Reliable data protection and efficient disaster recovery are important to Paz, so when backing up 215 virtual machines took up to 50 hours, the IT team looked for a faster, more reliable solution. “Whohastimeforslowbackup?”askedYohai Rosenbaum, Computer Systems Manager at Paz. “Slow backup and recovery meant our employees couldn’t access the systems theyrequiredtocompletetheirwork.Legacy backupwasdisruptingbusinesscontinuity.” Paz replaced legacy backup with Veeam Backup&Replication.

“Ifwehaveacrisis,allwehave todoisrecoverfromthelatest backup.Thechanceofdata lossdramaticallydecreasesand businesscontinuesasusual.” Yohai Rosenbaum, Computer Systems Manager, Paz Group Veeamhelpskeepthelightson OMICRON provides superior technical support to customers on all continents. When legacy backup prevented fast recovery of customer data, OMICRON replaced it with Veeam based on these three requirements: 1. 2. 3. Recovers quickly from backups so access to customer data can be restored fast. Verifies the recoverability of backups because a backup is only useful if data can be recovered from it.

Integrates with NetApp storage, yet is storage agnostic because the company has mixed-storage environments. “It’s hard to see the wood from the trees on the Internet when vendors spout their competitiveadvantagesovereachother,”he explained.“Ourchoicewasmadebylistening to the loudest voices among our peers. The loudestvoiceeachtimesaid‘Veeam.’” WithVeeam®Backup&Replication™,asingle backup server acts as a point of control to manage multiple backup proxies and repositories across Troy’s IT infrastructure. HendrysaidVeeam’sdistributedarchitecture has saved the day several times, beginning shortly after deployment when a colleague in the Australian office accidentally deleted herinbox.Hendryquicklyrestoreditfromthe Argentinean office.

“She called me when I was out to dinner, and she was naturally panicked. She’s the assistant to the CEO, and she needed her emails. Restoring her inbox was simple, and I still had time to go back for dessert.” Veeam delivers business continuity Backup speed increased by 96% Recovery speed increased by 92% 15-minute RTPO diminished downtime “We discovered two major differences with Veeam: price and recoverability,” Rosenbaum said. “Veeam is more cost- effective and offers the best RTPO™ in the industry, which is what you need for business continuity. No business can afford to lose a system for several hours.” Veeam in the Industry / Energy OMICRON’s backup tool was complicated and slow to recover data, putting delivery of technical support at risk.

OMICRON replaced legacy backup in each branch office with Veeam Backup & Replication for local backup and fast recovery. For recovery redundancy, the branch offices transfer backup copies to OMICRON’s primary data center using Veeam’s built-in WAN acceleration to avoid latency where bandwidth is limited. If one of the branch offices suffers a catastrophic incident such as a fire, the primary data center will use Veeam to recover data from a backup copy and reinstate access to technicians. “We looked at several solutions, but only Veeam met all of our requirements — and went above and beyond,” said Bernd Flatz, team leader of the IT infrastructure at OMICRON.

“Veeam recovers in minutes, integrates seamlessly with NetApp, is storage agnostic, simpletouseandhelpsusavoidtheriskofdatalossinourmostcritical business systems. Veeam is the perfect Availability solution for us.” Flatz said OMICRON chose NetApp storage for its snapshot technology. Veeam’s integration with NetApp was a big selling point. “Veeam and NetApp provide the best way for us to provide multi-site Availability through frequent backup and fast recovery,” he said. “They help us minimize the risk for data loss and deliver access to our technical support employees as quickly as possible.” Veeam energizes business intelligence Veeam also helps minimize data loss and restore access quickly to OMICRON’s developers who create the software customers rely on to run their companies.

“Abigpartofourbusinessintelligenceliesinsoftwaredevelopment, so our development environment is very important to us,” Flatz said. “Approximately one-quarter of our employees are software developers — hundreds of people depend on Veeam to restore their test environments quickly. They also depend on Veeam to create their test environments.” OMICRON’s developers use Veeam to create isolated virtual labs where they can test new software and update current software in a production-like environment. Flatz and his colleagues also rely on virtual labs to test and verify the recoverability of backups automatically.

That functionality is called SureBackup®, and it’s another way OMICRON guarantees 24.7.365 Availability. “One of the things we like most about Veeam is functionality,” Flatz said. “The functionality is robust, but easy to use. Veeam has become the solution we use across our company.”

VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 31 Digitaltechnologyhastransformedalmosteveryindustryacrossthe globe, and entertainment and leisure are certainly no exceptions. Businessofallkinds—fromfilmstudiosandTVcompaniestohotels andthemeparks—areunderpressuretoadapttoandembracenew businessmodelsasdigitaldisruptiontearsaparttraditionalmarkets. This digital disruption is perhaps most visible in areas such asentertainmentmedia,wherecompaniessuchasNetflixandSpotify haverevolutionizedthewayweexperiencefilm,TVandmusic. Thisgrowthalldependsontheconvenienceofferedbyanywhere and anytime access to huge libraries of entertainment media.

Astheon-demandmediamarketitselfgrowsandservicessuch as Netflix become core parts of the Digital Life, pressure to deliver on the promise of unbroken, uninterrupted access to entertainment services is growing too.

In 2017, the global internet video market will overtake the physical home video market, positioning itself to grow 11.6% CAGR by 20211 . Meeting new customer demands for modern entertainment Fortoday’sdigitalentertainmentandleisurecustomers,24.7.365 accesstopersonalized,flexible,on-demandservicesenabledbythe latesttechnologyisn’tjustarequest,it’sabasicexpectation. Forthe enterprisesservingtheseorganizations,ifthecontentplatformis unavailable,theentirebusinesscanbebroughttoitsknees.That’s aparticularlysignificantproblemforcompanieswheretheplatform istheproduct,suchasAirbnbwhereentirerevenuestreamswould grindtoahaltintheeventofunexpectedplatformdowntime.

Theseenterprisesnowcompeteonthequality,valueandconsistency of their customer experience and they know that customers have zerotolerancefordowntime.Tostaycompetitive,acompany’sdata and services must be constantly available, responding in real time to changing customer needs.But Availability isn’t just important for maintainingserviceuptime—it’salsocriticaltomaintainingthedata- drivenservicesthatdigitalentertainmentcompaniesrelyontobetter servetheircustomers.Advancedanalyticsandartificialintelligence help enterprises uncover deep customer insights, which means collecting,storing,analyzingandactingonhugequantitiesofdata— allofwhichneedstobeavailable24.7.365.

1 Source: PWC US edition: Global entertainment and media outlook 2017-2021 Creating personalized, data-driven customer experiences: Why Availability is essential in the digital world of entertainment and leisure What businesses need to do to keep up Companiesmustdifferentiatetheiruserexperiencetothriveinaworld ofnewrevenuestreams,rapidlygrowingcompetitionanddramatically differentcustomerexpectations.Theyalsoneedactionable,real-time insights into customer behavior, both at macro and micro levels, to deliver relevant and personalized experiences. Just having the right strategy and capabilities alone is not enough though.

Customer-facing and back-office services must be Always-On™, and data must be readily accessible. This means that businesses need Always-On Availability they can trust. As entertainment and leisure companies become data-driven enterprises, it will mean accelerating investments in virtualization, modern storage and cloud technologies, which will leave legacy backup and disaster recovery systems unable to cope. With amodernAvailabilitysolutionbuiltfortheworldofvirtualization, bigdata,flashstorageandcloud,companiescankeepdataprotected. Thismeanstheycandifferentiatethemselvesintheindustryandthrive infiercelycompetitiveandconstantlychangingmarkets.

Read customer stories to learn more about how Veeam supports entertainment and leisure businesses to help them compete, succeed and meet growing customer expectations. Entertainment & Leisure Veeam in the Industry VeeamUP / Q4/ 2017

32 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 33 The Denver Broncos add Availability to their playbook American football is big business and the Denver Broncos are big players in a big market. The team, which valued at $2.4 billion in 2016, is a member of the National Football League (NFL), which reigns supreme among sports leagues worldwide. Howmuch. net reports that the NFL generated $13 billion in revenue in 2015, followed by Major League Baseball ($9.5 billion) and the Premier League ($5.3 billion). The Denver Broncos are one of the most successful teams in the NFL. They choose exceptional players, hire brilliant coaches and use IT to gain a competitive edge on and off the field.

The Broncos were one of the first teams to digitize their playbook, giving coaches a fast, easy way to communicate new plays and video to staff and players. They also build proprietary applications and databases for scouting, training and game-day video analysis, along with other football-centric applications. “You can never have too much information at your fingertips, especially when the clock is ticking and decisions have to be made fast,” said Russ Trainor, Vice President of Information Technology for the Denver Broncos Football Club. “The clock seems to tick loudest during the NFL draft, training camp and on game days.

That’s when access to data is most critical.” “Reliability is where the rubber meets the road. When our team is on the clock to make a draft pick or any big decision, every second counts. Veeam is a reliable data Availability solution. It eases our anxiety.” Russ Trainor, VP of IT, Denver Broncos Football Club Veeam in the Industry/ Entertainment & Leisure 1.

2. 3. The Broncos virtualized every football application except one because they worried legacy backup wouldn’t be able to recover it. Because Veeam backs up and recovers reliably, they could virtualize the application and complete their digital transformation. Veeam provides an integrated, fast and secure way for the team to back up, replicate and restore from public or private clouds. To enhance disaster recovery, the Broncos can point their backups and replicas to the cloud of their choice using their Veeam console. Veeam provides detailed reports on the team’s backup infrastructure, which helps the Broncos demonstrate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for fan credit card purchases and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for player medical records.

VeeamsupportedtheDenverBroncos inthreeinitiativesthatlegacybackup couldn’thandle:thefinallegofdigital transformationtovirtualization,backup tothecloudandindustryaudits. TheNFLdraftisathree-daymediaextravaganza.Overthecourseof sevenrounds,teamsselecteligibleplayersfortheupcomingseason. Theyhave10minutestoselectinroundone,sevenminutesinround two and only two minutes in remaining rounds. “Our guys at the draft venue are in constant contact with the folks back home who’ve spent weeks analyzing each eligible player and compiling invaluable statistical data,” Trainor said. “If that data isn’t available every minute leading up to the draft and during the draft, we can’t make the best-possible selections.

Choosing the right players can make or break a team.” Trainor said data Availability is just as critical during training camp, the weeks leading up to game day and, of course, on game day. Without access to data during training camp, coaches have a difficult time whittling a 90-player roster down to 53. Without access to data on game day, digitized playbooks are useless and fan-facing systems become obsolete. Ticket scanners won’t work at entrance gates to the stadium, point-of-sale systems are useless at concession stands, videos won’t play on scoreboards, and Wi-Fi can’t power fans’ mobile apps.

“If data isn’t available, we’re in a bad situation,” Trainor said. “That’s why we had to replace legacy backup. It was unreliable and made us susceptible to downtime, which is unacceptable, and data loss, which is unthinkable.” Veeam Scores Big TheDenverBroncosreplacedlegacybackupwithVeeamAvailability Suite.Veeamdelivers24.7.365Availabilitysotheteamcanmakefast, well-informeddecisionsonandoffthefield.

“When the clock is ticking during the draft, at training camp and on game days, we know Veeam has our back,” Trainor said. “Our data is available 24.7.365 because Veeam Backup & Recovery is fast and reliable.”Trainorsaidreliabilityisthenumber#1benefitofusingVeeam. “Reliability is where the rubber meets the road. When our team is on the clock to make, a draft pick or any big decision, every second counts. Veeam is a reliable Availability solution. It eases our anxiety.” VeeambenefitstheteaminadditionalwaysperTrainor.

“Veeam is scalable, so even though our data grows by 30% each year, Veeam scales with us,” he said.

“Veeam also integrates fully with VMware and NetApp. They work as one unit, so restoring virtual machines from NetApp storage snapshots is simple and straightforwardwithVeeam—nospecialtrainingisrequired.The Veeaminterfaceisintuitiveandeasytouse.“Whenyouconsider allVeeamoffersandyoufactorincost—Veeamisaffordable— switching to Veeam was a no-brainer,” Trainor said. “Now I understand why a friend of mine said sarcastically ‘You’re not using Veeam?’ It makes perfect sense.”

34 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 35 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino rocks Availability and saves $150,000 per year “Veeam helps us deliver on our mission to create authentic experiences that rock. Even during our busiest months whenwehostseveral conventions and hundredsofthousands ofpeople,Veeamgives uscompleteconfidence that our IT systems supporting guest experiences are available 24.7.365.” Kevin Ragsdale, Director of IT, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Veeam in the Industry / Entertainment & Leisure It’srareforabrandtogaincriticalmassgloballyandstillmaintainits authenticspirit,butHardRockhassucceeded.Bycoveringtheglobe withrock‘n’roll-themedrestaurants,hotelsandcasinos,HardRock embracestheattitudes,culturesandcharismaofeachlocationand deliversexperiencesofalifetime.

TheHardRockHotel&CasinoLasVegasisfamousforitsmusicscene, state-of-the art gaming tables, thousands of the hottest slots, lavish accommodations,gourmetrestaurantsandfloor-to-ceilingrock‘n’roll memorabilia. Situated on 26 acres and employing 2,200 people, the resort combines an energetic entertainment and gaming experience with the services and amenities of a boutique luxury hotel. Millions of people make the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino their destination each year.TheHardRockisLasVegas’rock‘n’rollplayground.Whatdrives successattheworld-renownedresort?ItbeginswithHardRock’s mission:Createauthenticexperiencesthatrock.

“Our#1priorityisdeliveringexceptionalguestexperiences,”saidKevin Ragsdale, Director of IT for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. “Whetherguestsarelisteningtolivemusic,playingslots,eatinginour restaurants,attendingconventions,relaxingbythepoolorshopping inourboutiques,wemakesuretheirexperiencesarestellar.” To deliver that level of service, the IT systems supporting guest experiences must be available 24.7.365, such as keycard access to hotel rooms, automated minibars, casino ecards and hundreds of point of sale (POS) systems throughout the resort. When the IT systemssupportingguestexperienceswerethreatenedbyagonizingly slow recovery, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino wasted no time fixing the problem.

With a busy convention season approaching (January, FebruaryandMarch),justonehourofdowntimecoulddestroyguest experiences,diminishtheirloyalty,damageHardRock’sreputationand costmillionsofdollars—inPOSpurchasesalone. Veeam rocks the Hard Rock Veeam Availability Suite helps the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegasprovideexceptionalguestexperiences,maintainguestloyalty, preserve brand value and protect revenue. “Veeam helps us deliver on our mission to create authentic experiences that rock,” Ragsdale said. “Even during our busiest months, when we host several conventions and hundreds of thousands of people, Veeam gives us complete confidence our IT systems supporting guest experiences are available 24.7.365.” No matter how busy the resort gets and or how large Hard Rock’s virtual infrastructure grows, Veeam is fully capable of scaling efficiently and effectively.

“Enterprisescalabilityiswhatwelikebest aboutVeeam,”Ragsdalesaid.“Legacybackuphadlimitedscalability. WecouldonlybackupourITsystemsonceaday,andrecoverycould takehours,whichwasabigheadache.Howdoyoutellcasinoguests towaitafewhourswhileyourestoreMicrosoftSQLServer?Veeam meetsourenterpriseneedsbyprovidingenterprisescalability.We backupmoreoftenandrestoresystemsinminutessoguestscan moveontotheirnextstellarexperience.” VeeamismusictoHardRock Providing exceptional guest experiences is the #1 priority at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. When the IT systems supporting guest experiences were threatened by agonizingly slow recovery, the resort wasted no time replacing legacy backup with Veeam Availability Suite.

Veeam delivers 24.7.365 Availability of IT systems supporting guest experiences, enabling Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to set the stage for rock star treatment. Guest experience is highly correlated with loyalty and brand value, andloyaltyinthehospitalitysectorcan’tbeunderestimated.Research by the Harvard Business Review shows that customers who’ve had the best experiences spend 140% more compared to those who’ve hadpoorexperiences.Whileguestsarerockingoutandplayinghard, Veeamissavingtheresort$150,000eachyear.

“Legacy backup was too expensive,” Ragsdale said. “We paid $100,000 in yearly licensing renewal plus $50,000 in specialized hardware. Saving $150,000 every year gives us the opportunity to consider additional technology initiatives thatwillhelpensureoptimalguestexperiences.”Ragsdalesaidhisnext projectismasteringVeeamAvailability Orchestrator. Hard Rock has disaster recovery (DR) plans inplace,butformostenterprises,testing, executinganddocumentingtheseplansiscomplexandcumbersome. ThiscanleadtountestedandoutdatedDRplansandputcompliance andAvailabilityatrisk.

“We’ll use the Veeam Availability Orchestrator to validate and substantiate our DR plan,” Ragsdale said.

“We’ll also use it to expeditegamingaudits.”Each year, the resort must demonstrate reliable data storage, retention and recovery to meet regulatory requirements in the gaming industry. Ragsdale said Veeam will streamline and shorten the auditing process by several hours. “Veeammakesourjobeasier,”Ragsdalesaid.“Veeamrocks.”

36 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 37 It’s smooth sailing for Norwegian Cruise Line with 24.7.365 Availability Cruises offer one of the most unique experiences in the tourism industry.Thevoyageitselfisasappealingasthedestination.Guests enjoylavishaccommodationsandonboardentertainmentasthey traveltoalloftheworld’smostbeautifullocations. Each year, Norwegian Cruise Line provides millions of guests with thevacationofalifetime.Deliveringexceptionalguestexperiencesis Norwegian’scompetitiveadvantage.Whenslowbackupandrecovery oftheITsystemssupportingguestservicesfailedtomeetNorwegian’s strictstandards,theITteamsoughtareplacement.

Norwegian deployed Veeam support guest services. Veeam now backsup3,000VMwarevSpherevirtualmachinestoExaGridstorage. If critical systems fail, Veeam recovers them quickly from ExaGrid’s landingzone,whichretainsthemostrecentbackupsincompleteform. “With ships sailing all around the world, it is important for us to feel confident that we have the best Availability solution in place,” said Michael David Perez, Director of IT Infrastructure and Operations, Norwegian Cruise Line. “Veeam meets our recovery time and point objectives and helps with business continuity. We’ve had great success with Veeam and highly recommend it to other businesses seeking the same.” “We operate worldwide, so we needed a solution that would meet the Availability needs of an enterprise company.

Veeam helps keep our systems running 24.7.365 so we can provide outstanding guest experiences.” Michael David Perez, Director of IT Infrastructure & Operations, Norwegian Cruise Line VeeamanchorsAvailabilityforNorwegian. Norwegian operates a fleet of 25 ships and 50,400 berths globally, offering cruisesto more than 500 destinations. Veeam meets the data protection andAvailabilityneedsofthissuccessful enterpriseorganization.

Veeam in the Industry / Entertainment & Leisure

38 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 39 Veeam takes center stage during a digital transformation VeeamkeepsTV networkonair24.7.365 The Pinewood Studios Group is a multi- national studio company headquartered in Iver Heath, England. More than 1,500 production companies use facilities and services provided by Pinewood Studios to produce TV shows and films such as Marco Polo, Passengers, Skyfall, T2 Trainspotting, The Strain and Wonder Woman. Like many organizations, Pinewood Studios embarked on a digital transformation to virtualization.

The IT team quickly discovered that legacy backupwasgreatforphysicalserverbackup, butnotforvirtualserverbackup. Veeam Backup Essentials™, which combines backup, replication and recovery with advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning, protects the virtual environment and delivers 24.7.365 OSN believes its viewers deserve the best TV experience. The company works to provide the widest choice of the best English and Arabic TV entertainment “With Veeam, we have peace of mind. You just set it and forget it.” John Chase, IT Manager, Pinewood Studios Group “Veeamleveragesthemany benefitsofvirtualization, mitigatesthemassiverisk thatdowntimeposestoour business,andsavesustime andmoney.Veeamhelpsus deliveronourcommitmentof premiumcustomerservice Ronald D’sa, IT Director at OSN “Veeamprotectsour businessoperations, ourprogrammingand ourbrandreputation.

Veeamhelpsusmaintain ourpositionasaleading entertainmentnetwork.” Zoos don’t monkey around with DR: Veeam ensures High Availability ThepeoplewhoworkforZoosSouthAustralia(SA)arepassionate aboutanimalsandconservation.They’realsorealistic.Theyworkfor anon-profitorganizationwherecorerevenuestreamisadmission. Onehourofdowntimeateitherzoo,AdelaideorMonarto,cancost $12,000to$15,000inlostrevenue.

“We’re open every day of the year, and we can’t afford downtime,” said Ashlen Naicker, ICT Manager for Zoos SA. “The zoos rely on my team to get visitors through the doors and ensure they have an awesome time. That means all systems must be working flawlessly, such as admissions, Wi-Fi and point-of-purchase. When downtime became a realistic possibility, we decided to replace legacy backup. Our organization was growing, but our backup tool wasn’t growing with us. Uncertainty spiraled.” As a non-profit organization that aims to teach recent university graduatesandsupporta24.7.365business,ZoosSAlookedforarare combinationoffeaturesinanewsolution:Powerful,affordable,easy- to-learnandoperateandbackedbyareliablesupportteam.Zoos SAfoundexactlywhatitneededinVeeamBackup&Replication.

Veeam was so successful at ensuring High Availability in the organization’s data center that Zoos SA deployed a new admission systemtoreplacethepreviousone.“Asadmissionisourcorerevenue stream,we’realwayskeentoimprovethatprocess,”Naickersaid. “We wouldn’t have entertained the thought of a new system without being absolutely positive it could be backed up and recovered quickly and reliably. That’s the biggest difference between Veeam and the legacy backup tool — performance. Veeam gives us peace of mind.” Naicker cited another big advantage Veeam has over the legacy backup tool. “When we called the backup vendor about a technical issue, we felt likeweweretalkingtorobots,”hesaid.“Theywantedtogetusoffthe phoneasfastaspossibleandtoclosetheticket.WhenwecallVeeam Software,wetalktoacompassionatehumanbeingwhospendstime withus,followingtheissuethroughtotheend.Iappreciatethatlevel ofservice.Veeamisanawesomeproduct.” “Comparing Veeam to the legacy backup tool is like comparing a Ferrari to the average car.

It’s always a pleasure raving about something you believe in. We have a passion for animals and truly appreciateVeeamhelping us realize our goals.” Ashlen Naicker, ICT Manager, Zoos South Australia Availability of critical systems. As one of the leading studio and related services providers to the worldwide film and television industries, Pinewood Studios requires around-the-clock access to data. “Veeamworksbrilliantly,”saidJohnChase, Group IT Manager at Pinewood Studios. “We back up our virtual servers in one- third of the time it took to back up our physical servers, and we recover items like Microsoft Exchange mailboxes in minutes.

Before Veeam, restoring a mailbox could take the entire day. When you’re restoring a mailbox for the company’s chief executive officer, which happened shortly after Veeam was deployed, you’re very glad you have a solution like Veeam.” from the biggest names in the business. If there’s something you want to watch, it’s on OSN’s more than 150 channels. OSN’s IT infrastructure supports programming that must be available 24.7.365 because TV viewing never stops. After virtualizing critical systems, the network needed to guarantee their Availability. “Eachsecondof downtimecanmeanhundredsofthousands of dollars in losses and irreparable damage to our brand,” said Ronald D’sa, IT Director at OSN.

“We simply can’t put the business atrisk.”BecauseOSNkeepsthestationonair 24.7.365,itreplaceditslegacybackupwith VeeamBackup&Replication. “Theresultswereamazing,”D’sasaid. “Backupandrecoveryspeedincreasedby 200%,andbackupcostsdecreasedby50%. Veeamprotectsourbusinessoperations, ourprogrammingandourbrandreputation. Veeamhelpsusmaintainourpositionasa leadingentertainmentnetwork.” Veeam in the Industry / Entertainment & Leisure

40 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 41 Thehot-buttonissuesinthefinancialservicesindustryremainthe same:securityandregulation.Withcustomersentrustingincreasing amounts of data to their banks and ever-tightening rules around dataintegrityandsecurity,it’svitalthatfinancialservicesproviders build the right infrastructure. Their customers need simple, reliable access to their data, without the risk of sensitive information being compromised—apotentiallycostlyriskforfirmsandcustomersalike. Veeam’s IDGE white paper, 7 Best Practices to Availability for the Always-On Financial Services Enterprise, examines the impact of these demands on the financial services industry.

We’ve also identified the key areas where a smart approach to Availability and security can help prevent data loss and keep customers onboard. IDCestimatesthat themeancostofone hourof downtime for an organizationwith1,000 to4,999employeesis approximately$225,000. In2014,theRoyal BankofScotlandwas fined£56millionfor downtimecaused bysoftwareissues. Preventing data loss Financialservicescompaniesareoneofthemostobvioustargets forcybercriminals,astheyhosthighlysensitivedataanddealwith massive amounts of customer money. For these companies, their reputation is as vital as the services they provide.

Downtime can haveasmuchofanegativeimpactasdatalossorfinancialdamage. In 2016, British bank HSBC experienced several hours of downtime after a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack overwhelmeditsonlinebankingsystem.AlthoughDDoSattacks aren’t aimed at stealing data or money, they have a significant impact on the public image of the bank. And coming on the heels of several other disruptions, HSBC’s reputation suffered. It’s not just banks whose reputations are at risk, nor is it always malicious intent that causes downtime. A data breach at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) saw Mitigating risk and gaining customer trust: Best practices for High Availability in the digital era 41 Finance 44,000 customer records accidentally downloaded by an employee on her last day at the agency.

Though the FDIC recovered the data within three days, it certainly raised questions about the integrity of its security protocols. Both examples show the importance of a reliable backup and DR infrastructurethat’ssecureaswellasefficient,particularlyasfinancial servicesorganizationsdiversifythewaystheydeliverservices. Responding to regulatory pressure Compliance with national, and often international, regulations is a significant concern for financial services IT teams. Publicly traded banks are subject to Sarbanes-Oxley requirements for securing and retaining data, and the Basel Accords dictate how banks should implement DR systems.

Compliance means maintaining full visibility into how a bank’s data is used and how it ensures that its services stay available. Not meeting regulations can prove costly for financial services institutions. By taking steps such as outsourcing Availability, establishing low RTPOs and automating DR, financial services firms can maintain compliance and deliver the 24.7.365 access customers now require. Veeam in the Industry VeeamUP / Q4/ 2017 Discover more To learn more about the evolving role of IT in the financial services industry and the six best practices for Always-On Availability download the IDG Enterprise white paper

42 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 43 Veeam’s enterprise scalability helps Baloise deliver its simply safe strategy “Veeam keeps all critical systems available 24.7.365. We meet SLAs with our business units, they deliver innovative offerings to our customers and Baloise maintains an edge over competitors.” Markus Marksteiner, Head of Infrastructure & Support, Group CTO, Baloise Group TheBaloiseGroupismorethanatraditionalinsurancecompany. Thechangingsecurity,safetyandserviceneedsofsocietyinthe digitalagelieattheheartofitsbusinessactivities. Baloise’s 7,400 employees focus exclusively on the wishes of their customers.

They combine the best customer service with innovative products and services, making Baloise the first choice for people who want to feel simply safe. The IT systems supporting customer-facing products and services must be available 24.7.365 for Baloise to retain an edge over competitors. Backend systems must be accessible around the clock to support business operations. Otherwise, customers in crisis can’t access online services such as customer service assistance and mobile banking. Without 24.7.365 Availability, Baloise risks brand damage and customer loss. To avoid these risks, the company restructured its DR strategy.

Baloise had been backing up between two data centers in Basel and copying backups to a third data center in Zürich. If one or both Basel data centers failed, critical systems could be restored from backup copies in Zürich.

The possibility of both Basel data centers failing is relatively high because Basel is in a high-risk earthquake zone. The largest earthquake in Switzerland’s recorded history occurred in Basel in 1356 and measured 6.6 on the Richter magnitude scale. The Swiss Seismological Service estimates an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 to 7 may occur soon. For these reasons, Baloise decided it was smarter to replicate data from Basel to Zürich because failing over to replicas is faster for business continuity. If an earthquake hits Basel and both data centers are destroyed, Baloise can fully recover data quickly from replicas in Zürich.

However, one challenge remained. “Legacy backup was old-fashioned,” said Markus Marksteiner, head of infrastructure, support and group CTO at Baloise. “Legacy backup didn’t provide replication, and even if it did, it lacked the enterprise scalability required to back up, replicate and restore 1,400 virtual machines fast enough for us to meet service level agreements (SLAs) with business units.” HowVeeamsupports innovation,competitive edgeandbrandpromise Innovation is what gives the Baloise Group a competitive edge. To be innovative, the company must be extremely agile so it can respond to market changes quickly.

To be extremely agile, the IT infrastructure must be available 24.7.365. Veeam delivers 24.7.365 Availability, making it easier for Baloise to deliver its simply safe strategy. Veeam Availability Suite helps Baloise deliver on its simply safestrategyby ensuring critical business systems are always running. “Veeam keeps all critical systems available 24.7.365,” Marksteiner said. “We meet SLAs with our business units, theydeliverinnovativeofferingstoourcustomersandBaloise maintainsanedgeovercompetitors.” VeeamgivesBaloiseanothercompetitiveedge.VeeamhelpsBaloise’s IT infrastructure stay agile so the company can respond quickly to changes in the market.

“By staying agile, Baloise can create new safetysolutionsquicklytomeetcustomers’needs,”Marksteinersaid. “WhenacustomerappwecreatedincollaborationwiththeUniversity ofLuxembourgbecameextremelypopular,wetransformeditinto asafe-drivingprogram.WecoulddothatbecauseVeeamkeepsour ITinfrastructureagileandaffordsustime.Wespend50%lesstimeon backupbecauseVeeamissoeasytouse,savingus20hoursperweek.” TwoofMarksteiner’scolleagueswhouseVeeamagree.“Withjusta fewclicks,wecanrestoreanentireserveralmostinstantly,”saidFabio Sandmeier, systems engineer. “Veeam also allows us to be proactive, which was unimaginable with legacy backup.

Veeam monitoringalertedustoaclustergoingoffline,makingitimpossible for1,500employeesinabranchofficetoworkonline.Justonehour ofdowntimeinasingleofficecouldcostthecompany€500,000.” Jean Döscher, infrastructure architect, said Veeam was more affordable than legacy backup, saving nearly €200,000 per year. “Veeam supports our IT processes perfectly. In a failure situation, we can bring systems up so fast that customers aren’t impacted,” Döscher said. “Veeam also gives a clear roadmap for our cloud strategy. Veeam Cloud Connect will be our conduit for storing backup copies in Microsoft Azure, and Veeam Availability Orchestrator will orchestrate, test and report on DR.” Veeam plays another role in Baloise’s future.

“The company is on course to attract an additional one-million customers by 2021,” Marksteiner said. “Enterprise scalability and 24.7.365 Availability are essential to our success.” Strengthens DRstrategy andsavesnearly €700K Veeam provides what legacy backup couldn’t: replication and the enterprise scalability required to keep systems running all the time. Saving money was an unexpected bonus.

Reducesbackup management timeby 50% Between instant recovery and monitoring, Baloise saves 20 hours a week with Veeam, giving the company more time to test new products that will keep customers safe. Veeam in the Industry / Finance

44 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 45 Financial services firm safeguards 24.7.365 Availability and industry compliance “No company wants to risk losing their data. Veeam enables us to provide 100% assurance that our backups and replicas are tested and verified recoverable.” Lee Marshall, Head of IT, Infrastructure and Operations, KNEIP KNEIP provides regulatory reporting and investor disclosure solutions to the investment fund industry worldwide.

Established in 1993, KNEIP serves more than400fundcompaniesanddisseminates funddataanddocumentsin40countries. Thefirmdistributes266,000datapoints eachdayandmanages1.63-milliondata pointseachmonth.KNEIPcan’trisklosing 24.7.365Availabilityofdataoremail,which Veeam supports insurance brokerage firm’s digital transformation Novarica,aninsuranceresearchand consultingfirm,identifiedcoresystems upgrades,IToperationsandinfrastructure transformationasthetopthreeITpriorities forglobalinsurancecompaniesin2017. “Veeamiscost-effective andsimpletouse.

Simplicitywasakeyfactor forus.Veeamwassimple toinstallandissimpleto maintain.Veeamdoes whatitsaysitwilldo,and itdoesitallthetime.Once installed,Veeamtakes careofitselfandistrouble- free.Veeamletsusfocus ourenergyonrevenue- generatinginitiatives.” — Suk-Wah Kwok, Chief Information Officer, Lockton Companies (Hong Kong) Ltd. Lockton Companies Inc. is the world’s largest privately held insurance brokerage firm, providing insurance, risk management and employee benefits solutions. Lockton operates in 87 locations in 27 countries and employs approximately 6,800 people worldwide.TheAPACoperationcoverseightmarketsintheregion and employs more than 750 employees.

The insurance industry is facing lower margins, increased competition and shifting customer loyalty. Therefore, Lockton’s APAC growth strategy required IT to become business-centric and transformintoaleanerandmoredynamicoperation.Ahighlyscalable andeffectiveAvailabilityandbusiness-continuitysolutionwasneeded tosupporttheshifttoa100%virtualizedITenvironment. Lockton APAC deployed Veeam Availability Suite to create a stable, reliable IT environment and ensure continuation of services. Veeam raisedcustomertrustlevelsbyofferingDRguarantees,reducedrestore time from days to minutes and decreased IT maintenance by 75%.

NowLocktonhasmoretimetofocusonrevenue-generatinginitiatives. Financial institution banks on Veeam to back up and manage virtual environment “As one of the region’s largest private banks, we use technology to maintain our leadership position. We continuously evaluate and upgrade our IT infrastructure and made a substantial investment in virtualization. We were looking for the right tools to manage and protect the new environment. With Veeam, we made the right choice.” Ilkay Aygun, Senior Systems Support Specialist, Garanti Bank isitsprimarymodeofcommunicationwith clients.Anothertoppriorityiscompliance withindustryregulationsfordatasecurity andAvailability.

KNEIP relied on a legacy backup tool for Availability and compliance, which made backup and recovery time-consuming. Reporting was also non-existent, making it tedious to allocate computing resources. Veeam Backup & Replication now helps KNEIP safeguard 24.7.365 Availability of data and email and maintain its impeccablerecordofindustrycompliance. NotonlydoesVeeamhelpKNEIPeliminate the risk of data loss, it also provides complete transparency into IT resource usage so KNEIP can reallocate existing resources and curb spending. With more than 10 million customers, Garanti Bank is Turkey’s second largest private banking facility.

Throughout its 65-year history, Garanti Bank has demonstrated leadership in innovation and technology, gaining flexibility and agility by leveraging the power of IT. GarantiBankwasanearlyadopterof virtualization.Shortlyafterdeploying VMwarevSphere,Garantirealizedits legacybackupandmonitoringtoolswere insufficientinavirtualenvironment.Veeam Backup&Replicationcametotherescue. Veeamprovidescontinuousdataprotection and24.7.365Availabilitythroughreliable backup,recoveryandreal-timemonitoring andreporting.VeeamhelpsGarantiBank meetRTPOsandproactivelyresolveITissues beforetheyimpactthebusiness.Veeam helpsGarantibeabetterbank.

Veeam in the Industry / Finance

46 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 47 Health Care With technology’s shifting role in how health is monitored and managed, it’s unsurprising that the health care industry represents one of the fastest growing sources of data, with estimates putting its growth at 48% annually. Despite this growth, health care is behind other industries when it comes to digitization. The demands on its technology and data are unique because few other industries are dealing with such high stakes. Access, Availability and security are paramount, with a range of stakeholders, from treatment providers to governments, demanding different tasks of their IT.

The digitization of health care is complicated, with users needing accessibility from a diverse range of devices, while also expecting airtight security for sensitive data. Combine this with mounting data volumes hosted in hybrid environments on-premises, off site and in cloud storage and digitization is not as straightforward as a simple switch from paper-based processes. TheIDGEnterprise whitepaper,SavingLiveswithZeroDowntime:6Guidelinesfor Availability,examineskeyconcernsfacinghealthcareITteams,and thebestwaystoensureAvailability.

Data breaches cost the health care industry $6.2 billion annually.

Ensuring electronic health record (EHR) Availability and non-stop access to data Maintaining access to data is an increasingly complex challenge,especiallynowashealthcareinstitutionshavebecome an increasingly common target for cybercrime. Not only does data loss or delayed access affect revenue for the institution, inextremecases,itcanhaveadirecteffectonpatientwellbeing. With the Ponemon Institute estimating that data breaches cost the industry $6.2 billion annually, and Accenture’s prediction that 25-million patients will have medical information stolen between 2015 and 2019, protecting data must be the priority.

However, data still needs to be readily accessible as the industry shifts to electronic record-keeping, which means finding a balance between security, 24.7.365 Availability and rapid and robust DR. Bottom line? The industry has zero tolerance for downtime. Technology is triggering a boom in data volume While new technologies drive the the health care industry’s digital transformation, innovations such as the Internet of Things are just starting to find their place in this industry.

Alongside a massive boom in mobility and analytics, more and more people are using apps and devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches to monitor their health, including over 40 million in the U.S. alone at the end of 2015. Hospitals are expected to use internet-enabled sensors and devices to collect and share patient data, both on site and remotely. Saving Lives with Zero Downtime Practical guidelines for enabling Always- On health care in the digital era 47 This is creating a massive volume of data today, all with different requirements for safeguarding and retention, from immediate Availability to archival storage.

An institution’s Availability solution needs to account for any increased risk that comes with digitized information, be it cybercrime, outages or human error. A practical path to Always-On health care The IDG Enterprise paper, Saving Lives with Zero Downtime: 6GuidelinesforAvailability,explainswhathealthcareorganizations shouldneedtoachievewiththeirdataAvailabilitysolutions: 1. Data privacy must be maintained 2.Fast backup and Always-On™ Availability 3. Disaster recover planning 4.Flexibility through cloud connectivity 5. Cost-effective data storage and maintenance 6.Satellite services Veeam in the Industry VeeamUP / Q4/ 2017 To learn more about the challenges of health care Availability and learn why these six guidelines are essential, download Saving Lives with Zero Downtime: 6 Guidelines for Availability.

48 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 49 Hologic, Inc. pushes the boundaries of science to develop solutions that help people live longer, stronger and healthier lives. One of Hologic’s core business units is breast health. The company is dedicated to transforming breast cancer screening and diagnosis so radiologists can identify even the most invasive cancers at the earliest stage possible and save lives. Hologic’s 3D Mammography was developed by the company to increase detection of breast cancer. The technology, which is part of Hologic’s mammography system called Selenia Dimensions, is becoming the new standard for breast imaging.

Comparedtotwo-dimensionalmammography,3DMammography allows radiologists to see smaller sections of the breast, enabling themtofindadditionalcancersearlier.Hologichasinstalled3,600 SeleniaDimensionsmammographysystemsinhospitals,cancer centers and imaging clinics worldwide. Hologicisafull-servicecompany.Followinginstallationsofproducts, including Selenia Dimensions, field-service engineers provide customers with ongoing technical assistance. If something goes awry, engineers upload work logs to Hologic for diagnosis before resolving the issue. Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Citrix Server support the diagnostic process.

If these systems are unavailable, engineers can’t fix its Selenia Dimensions systems quickly and Hologic can’t meet its SLAs with customers. The result? A backlog of unhappy patients waiting for mammograms. “Patients are anxious about the possibility of breast cancer or the progression of their cancer,” said Mike Le, System Administrator for Server Operations at Hologic. “They don’t want to hear their mammogram has to be rescheduled because the equipment isn’t working. They might leave our customer for another mammography provider.” Veeam backs up thousands of VMware vSphere VMs in 10 locations to ExaGrid storage,enablingHologictorecoverfrom ExaGrid’slandingzoneinjustminutes.

ExaGridreplicatesVMstoHologic’stwo datacentersforDR.

Veeam in the Industry / Health Care Medical technology company saves $3.2 million in three years

50 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 51 Veeam supports digital transformation of patient health records Thebreastimagingmarketishighlycompetitive.Globalstudiesshow it will be worth more than $4 billion by 2021. To meet SLAs with customers,Hologicdeployedthreebackup-to-tapetoolsfor24.7.365 AvailabilityofMicrosoftExchange,SharePointandCitrixServer. “We managed to maintain 24.7.365 Availability and meet SLAs, but that came with a price,” said Hai Dinh, System Administrator atHologic.“Wepaidforthreebackuptools,tapes andaserviceprovider to manage our tapes and recover our data.

Mike and I never went anywhere without our laptops, not even on vacation, because we spent so much time, 70% ofourworkdays, troubleshooting failed backup and recovery.” Hologic is an enterprise-size company with an enterprise- size IT infrastructure and thousands of VMs. Legacy backup lacked the enterprise scalability Hologic needed. “There’s a reason Veeam is #1 in the market. Nothing compares to Veeam for enterprise scalability and 24.7.365 Availability.” Chris VanAsselberg, Manager for Server Operations, Hologic, Inc.

Enterprise scalability is in Veeam’s DNA Tosolveitsenterprisescalabilityproblemandsupportthedigital transformationfromtapebackuptodiskbackup,Hologicreplaced thethreebackuptoolsandserviceproviderwithVeeamAvailability Suite. Veeam now delivers 24.7.365 Availability of the diagnostic systemthat’srequiredtomeetSLAswithcustomersandhassaved thebusinessmorethan$3.2millionoverthreeyears. “We’re saving an enormous amount of money because Veeam provides enterprise scalability — something three different backup tools couldn’t provide individually or together,” said Chris VanAsselberg, Manager for Server Operations at Hologic.

“Enterprise scalability helps us meet SLAs so our customers can serve their patients efficiently and save lives.” VeeamalsosupportsmanufacturingforHologic.“Manufacturing a Selenia Dimensions mammography system takes several weeks and requires full Availability of email, file shares and sales forecasting,” VanAsselberg said. “Veeam delivers 24.7.365 Availability of each system to keep manufacturing on track. If any of these systems fail, Veeam recovers them in minutes and manufacturing doesn’t miss a beat.” In addition, Veeam supports regulatory compliance through reportsthatshowsuccessfulbackupandrecoveryofcriticalsystems.

VanAsselberg said reports help with capacity planning, too. “One reportshowed861of900VMswereimproperlysized,”hesaid. “Byright-sizingthem,wedidn’tneedthecapacityweanticipated, saving$100,000inhardwarepurchasesandsoftwarelicensing.” That $100,000 is in addition to the $3 million Veeam saves Hologic over three years. Veeam saves time for Hologic as well. In addition, Veeam prevented Hologic from having to deploy a stand-alone DR solution costing approximately $140,000. Hologic now has its DR covered thanks to Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery® and ExaGrid storage appliances. “We save 3,000 hours in troubleshooting time each year, which is equivalent to a full-time engineering position,” VanAsselberg said.

“There’s a reason Veeam is #1 in the market. Nothing compares to Veeam for enterprise scalability and 24.7.365 Availability.” Greenville Health System (GHS) is a public, not-for-profit academic medical system committed to excellence through clinical care, education and research. In2014,GHSbeganthe massiveundertakingofintegratingpatientrecordsandbilling.The electronichealth-recordsystemiscalledEpic,anditreplacednearly 50differentsystems.EpicwasafundamentalcomponentofGHS’s digital-transformationstrategy.

Epic gives health care providers on-demand access to patients recordsatanytime,dayornight.Withcompletepatientinformation, providers can quickly and safely make well-informed treatment decisions.Patientsbenefitfromelectronichealthrecords,too.Epic allows1.5millionGHSpatientstoaccesstheirmedicalinformation, scheduleappointmentsandcommunicatewiththeirphysicians throughasecurewebportal. “Epic unifies our data and positions GHS for the future, but Epic is only as good as the technology that supports it,” said Greg Johnson, Manager of Systems Engineering at GHS. “If backup or recovery fail, we can’t guarantee Epic’s Availability.” That’s exactly why GHS sought an Availability solution before Epic was fully deployed.

“Ourtopbusinessprioritywasrollingout Epic,butbackupandrecoverywereunreliable,”Johnsonexplained. “Evenifabackupcompleted,itwasn’talwaysrecoverable.Ifyou’re notsureyourbackupsarerunningproperly,you’reneversureifyou Veeam in the Industry / Health Care

52 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 53 Verified recoverability helps cancer institute comply with HIPAA “We really appreciate Veeam recovery during aHIPAAauditwhenwe’re restoring patient data. SureBackup verifies the recoverability of every backup, and Instant VM Recovery restores fast.” Nick Vega, Network System Specialist, Roswell Park Cancer Institute Founded in 1898 as America’ first cancer center, Roswell Park Cancer Institute set the standard for today’s multidisciplinary approach to the highest-quality cancer care.

Roswell Park is an enterprise health care organization that requires 24.7.365 Availability of data.

Cancer never takes a break and Roswell Park doesn’t either. The institute tried several backup tools to ensure data was available 24.7.365, but to no avail. “Thebackuptoolswereindustryleaders,buttheyweredefinitely not enterprise solutions,” said Nick Vega, Network System Specialist at Roswell Park. “If any of our critical systems fails, including the electronic medical records database, our business stopsandwecan’tservepatientstothebestofourability.Plus,we havetobeabletofullyrestorepatientdataforHIPAAcompliance.” Healthier backup and recovery Roswell Park replaced its legacy backup with Veeam Availability Suite.

Veeam backs up and recovers quickly from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 3PAR StoreServ snapshots, making the electronic medical records database available 24.7.365. Backups are stored in HPE StoreOnce, and since both Veeam and StoreOnce have built-in compression and deduplication, Roswell Park stores more backups on site, which also speeds recovery.

“Being able to restore a whole virtual machine and individual items including files and emails like they were never missing is incredible,” Vega said. “We really appreciate Veeam recovery during a HIPAA audit when we’re restoring patient data. SureBackup® verifies the recoverability of every backup, and Instant VM Recovery restores fast.” Monitoring, reporting and capacity planning also help Roswell Park. “As part of our DR strategy, a few of our domain controllers are outside of the backup infrastructure,” Vega said. “Veeam monitors and reports on the entire virtual environment, allowing us to detect and resolve issues fast before they impact the institute.” canrestoreproperly.Imagineapatientwaitingforherdoctortowrite aprescription,butthedoctorcan’taccessherhealthrecordstosee whatpreviousmedicationsworkedbestforherasthmainthepast.

That’snotagoodpatientexperience.Wehavetobefullyconfident inourabilitytorecoverEpicfast.” Backupstorageutilizationwasanotherchallenge. “Legacybackup wasn’tmanagingandretiringrestorepointsinourstorageappliances, so backup storage utilization was at 90%, which is heart-attack territory,”Johnsonsaid.“Wedidn’twanttoriskrunningoutofbackup storageforEpic,sowemadeplanstopurchasemore.” MattShuford,SystemsEngineerforGHS,identifiedtwoadditional challenges.Limitedvisibilityintothebackupinfrastructureprevented him from seeing and resolving backup issues before they impacted users. Spending 25 hours each week troubleshooting failed backup and recovery also kept him from working on other data center projects.ShufordaskedJohnsontoconsiderhiringsomeonetofocus onbackup.“Aroundthissametime,wedeployedaproof-of-concept (PoC)projectfeaturingVeeamAvailabilitySuite,”Shufordsaid.“Our challengesdisappearedonebyone.” Veeamisjustwhatthedoctorordered Veeam turned each challenge GHS faced into opportunities for 24.7.365Availability.“Thesystemsthathelpusprovidepatientswith thefinestcareandthatprotecttheirprivacyareupandrunningatall times,thankstoVeeam,”Johnsonsaid.“ThisincludesEpic,thedriving force of our health care system and the centerpiece of our digital transformationstrategy,aswellasdocumentmanagement,patient identificationtrackingandlaptopencryption.” During the PoC project, Veeam proved its worth time and time again, beginning with quick recovery of VMs running Microsoft SQL Server, which supports Epic.

Next Veeam backed up and recovered a VM supporting a patient identification tracking system,despitethelegacybackupvendortellingGHSthatbackup wasn’t possible. The tracking system is critical to patient safety because it enables clinicians to use wireless, hand-held devices that monitor patient locations within the hospital and verify their identification before dispensing and administering medication. VeeamevenrecoveredacorruptedVMsupportinglaptopencryption, and this prevented a data breach, fines and lawsuits. “If we hadn’t been able to restore our laptop encryption system, we wouldn’t have been able to un-encrypt our laptops, inconveniencing thousands of users,” Shuford said.

“If a laptop had been stolen, we wouldn’t have been able to erase its hard drive, which might have compromised patient data.” VeeamalsosavedGHStimeandmoney.“Wesave1,300hourseach year in troubleshooting time, which saved us $70,000 because wedidn’thavetohiresomeonetofocusonbackup.Wealsosaved $250,000inbackupstoragebecauseutilizationdroppedfrom90% to60%—Veeamdeletesoutdatedrestorepoints.That’satotalof $320,000eachyear,”Shufordsaid.

Shufordnowusesthetimehesavesintroubleshootingtofine-tune the backup environment with Veeam monitoring, reporting and capacityplanning. “Veeamalertsustoissuesweaddressbeforethey becomeproblemsandimpacttheorganization,”Shufordexplained. “Forexample,VeeamtellsusifaVMsupportingEpicisrunningout ofresourcessowecanresolvetheissueproactivelyandeliminatethe riskofdowntimeanddataloss.We’veneverhadthislevelofvisibility intoourbackupenvironment.Wefeelfullyincontrolforthefirsttime.” “Thesystemsthathelp us provide patients with the finest care and protect their privacy are up and running at all times, thanks to Veeam.” Greg Johnson, Manager, Systems Engineering, GHS Veeam in the Industry / Health Care

54 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 55 55 Higher Education Technology is changing the way higher education institutions approacheverything,fromadministrationtoteaching.Thesector is changing in response to rising costs, shrinking budgets and a culture shift in how students approach learning. The higher education experience is no longer tied to a desk in a classroom — students are learning on-site and remotely, and even at satellite campuses. Naturally, technology plays ahugeroleinthischange,withstudentsusingmultipledevices toaccessawideningrangeofapplicationsdesignedtoenhance personalization and collaboration.

This has led to increased scrutiny over cybersecurity, regulation and data Availability in the higher education industry. The IDG Enterprisewhitepaper,Learn5BestPracticestoEnabletheDigital EducationalEnterprise,examinesthekeyconcernsofthesectorand outlineshowinstitutionsshouldapproachthewaytheyusedata. Anattractivetargetforcybercrime Access to and Availability of data for higher education institutions has resulted in increasing cybercrime threats, with everything from student information to valuable research becoming prime targets for theft or ransom.

The Ponemon Institute reported that cybercrime was the cause of22%ofdatacenteroutagesin2015.Therehavebeenseveralhigh- profile breaches in recent years, including the University of Calgary, which cost the institution $20,000 in ransom.

Combine this with Veeam’s research that shows the average organization experiences anaverageof15unplanneddowntimeeventseachyear,andit’sclear thatminimizingdatalossisamajorfactorforhighereducation. Syracuse University, for example, saw its data grow from 345 terabytes to a huge 1.35 petabytes in only two years. A total 94% of industry leaders believe students should be able to access information and software remotely at any time, on any device.

Adaptingtodatagrowth Much like other sectors, higher education is grappling with a boom in data, which means traditional storage and backup techniques are no longer adequate. Institutions are increasingly experimenting with technology, introducingvirtualrealityandwearables,andbigdata,collecting informationabouttheirstudentsandhowtheyaccessservices. Bycollectingthisdata,theycanpersonalizeservicesandattract more students — but the volumes of data involved are huge. Institutionsdon’tjustneedrobuststorageandbackupsolutions, theyneedAvailabilitysolutionsthatcanscalefastwhileoffering acertaindegreeofflexibilityandmobilityofdata Enhancing Availability for Always-On learning from any device: The keys to enabling the digital educational enterprise Respondingtoanywhere,anytimedemands This belief is reflected by the students themselves, with research indicating that four in 10 use two or more mobile devices during an average day, and two in five would rather use more mobile technology than they do now.

That means as institutions continue to grow, they must ensure their services are set up to meet the demandfor24.7.365access.

Meetinghighereducationchallengeshead-on Thewhitepaper,Learn5BestPracticestoEnabletheDigital EducationalEnterprise,outlinesthefollowingkeyconsiderations forbackup,recoveryandAvailabilityinhighereducation: 1. Always-OnAvailabilityforfaculty,staffandstudents 2. Scalabilityandflexibilitytosupportexplosivedatagrowth 3. Fast,frequentbackupwithreducedstorageneeds 4. High-speedrecoveryanddatalossprotection 5. SupportforROBOdeploymentsatsatellitecampussites Veeam in the Industry VeeamUP / Q4/ 2017 Tolearnmoreaboutthechallengesmodernhigher educationinstitutionsarefacingandgetadetailedset ofbestpracticerecommendations,downloadtheIDG Enterprisewhitepaper,Learn5BestPractices toEnabletheDigitalEducationalEnterprise.

56 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 57 Study abroad company gives Veeam A+ for disaster recovery Study Group prepares students for life in a global society and success in a global economy. In 2016, the company provided more than 70,000 students from 163 countries with life-changing learning experiences. Study Group’s international programs help students bridge academic, cultural and language gaps through international study. Study Group estimates that approximately 7 million students will study outside their countries of birth during the next decade. The organization works with academic institutions and its own colleges on 85 campuses throughout the world.

Thestudy-abroadmarketishighlycompetitive.Thousandsofcultural exchangeprogramsareavailable.Tostayseveralstepsaheadof competitors,StudyGroupmodernizeditsITinfrastructuretoprovide businessflexibilitywhendealingwithpeaksinstudentenrollment. Modernizationbeganwithdigitaltransformationtovirtualization. VirtualizingonVMwarevSpherewaseasy,butdeployingadependable DR solution was not. Recovering from tape was time-intensive, expensiveandimpractical.

Study Group stays ahead of the curve Study Group deployed Veeam Availability Suite in its modern IT infrastructure. Backup and recovery is now fast and reliable with Veeam, making critical systems available 24.7.365. Failing over to a replica for DR is also straightforward and quick. “VeeamsimplifiesDR,”saidAndrewChristensen,SeniorSystems Engineer for Global Data Centers at Study Group. “Our IT infrastructure is more flexible because of Veeam, enabling us to adapt quickly to peaks in student enrollment. “Christensen said Veeam ticked all the boxes for Study Group: streamlined DR, 24.7.365 Availability and a significant return on investment (ROI).

Veeammakesthegrade Study Group educates students from across the globe, enabling them to realize their potential through transformational learning experiences. Study Group’s DR solution was slow, putting the company at risk for downtime. Veeam Availability Suite was a whole different story. Fast backup, replication and recovery process now help Study Group avoid downtime. Veeam delivers 24.7.365 Availability. “Veeam simplifies DR. Our IT infrastructure is more flexible because of Veeam enabling us to adapt quickly to peaks in student enrollment.” Andrew Christensen, Senior Systems Engineer for Global Data Centers, Study Group Streamlined DR “Veeamwasquiteaneye-opener,”Christiansensaid.“DRbefore Veeamwouldhavetakenthreetofourdays,leavingthebusiness inalurch.NowthatVeeamisdeployed,DRwilltakeaboutanhour.” 24.7.365 Availability of data “The business requires continual access to data, which means little to no downtime,” Christiansen said.

“Veeam Availability has made us a more flexible and adaptable company.” Significant ROI “Comparedtolegacybackup,Veeamhassavedustimeandconserved backupstorage,whichcurbedhardwarepurchases,”Christiansensaid. “ROIwithVeeamwasabout45%,givingusmorebangforourbuck.” Veeam in the Industry / Higher Education

58 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 59 University majors in 24.7.365 Availability with Veeam and ExaGrid Technologyhasrevolutionizedtheuniversityexperience.Students and faculty members today are perpetually connected to their peers, course work and school information. A crucial part of this connection is the campus portal, which links students and faculty to email, announcements, assignments, online learning,grades,courseregistration,financialaidandbillpayment. StateUniversityofNewYork(SUNY)includes64institutions.One ofthemisSUNYCortland,whichisinthecenterofthestate.SUNY Courtlandreliesonitscampusportaltoprovidestudentsandfaculty withimmediateaccesstoinformationandresources.

Like universities everywhere, SUNY Cortland faced two ongoing challenges related to the portal: providing 24.7.365 access toademandingstudentpopulationandaccommodatingrapiddata growth. Data increases by 25% every two years at SUNY Cortland for several reasons. The university’s 9,000 users are storing more files; files are growing larger; and data is archived from the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for reporting purposes. The ERP, campus portal and web servers are SUNY Cortland’s most critical applications and must be available 24.7.365. “If our critical systems aren’t available all the time, university business comes to a standstill,” said Josh Peluso, Director of Systems Administration and Web Services at SUNY Cortland.

“Toavoidthatsituation,weneededabetterwaytoensureAvailability. Beingalmostcompletelyvirtualized,ourtraditionalbackuptoolwasn’t fittingourneedsanymore.Ittiedupproductionresourcessowecould onlybackupatnight.Therewasn’tenoughtimetobackupallourdata each night, and to make matters worse, backups failed 25% of the time,resultinginasnowballeffect—morefailedbackupsledtomore resourcecontention.” Veeammovestotheheadoftheclass SUNY Cortland replaced traditional backup with Veeam Availability Suite. Not only does Veeam deliver 24.7.365 Availability so university business can continue as usual, Veeam also helps SUNY Cortland achieve a major goal.

“Our #1 priority is to support teaching and learning by utilizing technologyasatoolandplatformforadvancingknowledge,”Peluso said. “Because of Veeam, we don’t spend 15 to 30 hours each week troubleshooting failed backups and building virtual machines from scratch like we did with the traditional backup tool. Instead, we work oninitiativesthatimproveuniversitylife,suchasourcloud-basedprint managementsolutionandBYOD(bringyourowndevice),sostudents andfacultycanbringtheirowndevicesforcomputingpurposes. “Veeam backs up and recovers the way virtualization intended, allowing us to work on innovative ways that support teaching and learning by utilizing technology as a tool and as a platform for advancing knowledge.” Josh Peluso, Director of Systems Administration and Web Services, SUNY Cortland Veeam in the Industry / Higher Education Veeamalsoaffordsustimetosupportourcolleagueswho’vebeen awarded NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) andNSF(NationalScienceFoundation)grants.Thesegrantsinclude specificrequirementsaboutbackingupandrecoveringresearchdata.

MeetingthoserequirementswithVeeamisveryeasy,”hecontinued. Peluso said recovery with Veeam takes minutes. “Veeam recovers from ExaGrid’s landing zone almost instantly. We love the way Veeam integrates with ExaGrid. For example, Veeam deduplicates backup data and ExaGrid deduplicates it again, which conserves backup storage.” Veeam saves the day Peluso said the university has great confidence in Veeam. “It’s becauseofVeeamthatwe’vebeenabletorestorecriticalsystemsin minutes,likeMicrosoftActiveDirectory,whichplaysamajorroleinour identity management program. Our users access the campus portal withanIDthatprovidesappropriatelevelsofaccesstoonlineservices.

ThoselevelsrequireintricateprogramminginActiveDirectory.Before Veeam, we worried about being able to reinstate access privileges. Nowwejustrollbacktothepreviousbackupandrestoreinminutes. Ifyouwantperfectbackupandrecovery,deployVeeam.”

60 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 61 Stony Brook University’s tiny IT team delivers enormous data Availability Northwestern University enrolls Veeam for data protection and virtualization management Stony Brook University is one of America’s most dynamic public universities, a center of academic excellence and an internationally recognized research institution. Like many institutions of higher education, Stony Brook has a very small IT team that is responsible for providing 24.7.365 access to critical university systems so students, faculty and staff have access to whatever they need, whenever they need it.

Critical is a relative term. For universities, critical systems range from streaming instructional videos used by students, to a report managementsystemusedbycampuspolice.Whileit’scertainlycritical forstudentstoaccessinstructionalvideoswhenevertheyneedthem, it’sunequivocallycriticalthatcampuspolicehaveaccesstotheirreport Northwestern University combines innovative teaching and pioneering research in a highly collaborative environment enhanced by the richness of Chicago city life. Northwestern currently educates more than 21,000 students. In the early days of Northwestern’s digital transformation to virtualization, the university’s IT team performed traditional file-based backup on VMs with the same tool used on physical machines.

However, VM backups were not completing within the allotted backup window.

“Backup was simply taking too long and preventing us from completing a full, daily backup of every VM,” said John Walsh, IT Platforms Architect at Northwestern University. “Restoring VMs wasachallengetoo,requiringustoprovisionandmanuallyrestorethe databacktoeachVM.Fromarisk-managementperspective,ifwehad ever found ourselves in a disaster situation, it could have been days beforegettingourmission-criticalappsfullyoperational.”Universities cannot afford downtime. They rely on IT to provide campus-wide accesstoinformationandtosupportteaching,learning,trainingand research.UniversitiesrequireITAvailability24.7.365.

The Veeam Solution Northwestern University replaced legacy backup with Veeam AvailabilitySuite.“Veeamwastheonlyproducttooffer24.7.365 Availability,”Walshsaid.“Veeamnotonlyprotectsourdata,italso helpsusmanageourvirtualenvironmentsotheITinfrastructure remains flexible and agile.” Veeam provides advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning that give Northwestern full visibility into the virtual environment. With better visibility, the IT team sees and resolves issues before they become problems and impact faculty and students. “Our goal is a flexible, agile, resilient and robust IT infrastructure capable of supporting teaching andlearning,”Walshsaid.“ITunderpinsalmosteveryuniversity activity, and Veeam helps us keep IT running 24.7.365.” “Veeam’s biggest benefit to the university is 24.7.365 Availability of data.

The extra functionality Veeam provides, including instant recovery and visibility into backup performance, is a bonus.” Shrikant Iyer, Systems Engineer, Stony Brook University “Our goal is a flexible, agile, resilient and robust IT infrastructure capable of supporting teaching and learning. IT underpins almost every university activity, and Veeam helps us keep IT running 24.7.365.” John Walsh, IT Platforms Architect, Northwestern University management system. They use it to log small incidences, such as parkingviolations,buttheyalsorequireitduringaworst-casescenario, such as an active shooter incident.

These two situations are worlds apart,buttheydemonstratethedireneedfor24.7.365accesstodata. “When legacy backup made it difficult to maintain 24.7.365 access tocriticalsystems,weactedfast,”saidShrikantIyer,SystemsEngineer at Stony Brook University. “The decision was easy — we switched to Veeamtokeepcriticalcampussystemsrunningcontinually.” HeaddedthatspeedandeaseofusemakeVeeamunique.“Wehad Veeam up and running within 15 minutes because it’s so simple to installandconfigure,”heexplained.“VeeamisidealforourITteam.” Veeam in the Industry / Higher Education

62 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 63 Manufacturing The manufacturing industry is now as reliant on digital technology as it is on machines. It’s the largest segment of the world economy, and it’s undergoing a digital transformation to match. In the U.S. alone, manufacturers are now producing double the product output of 1984 — with one-third fewer employees. Organizationsaredigitizingprocessesateverystage,fromsourcing thematerialstodeliveringtheproduct,andsuccesscomesdown to adopting a data-driven approach by relying on Availability solutionsthatleveragevirtualizationandcloudwhilereducingthe riskofdowntime.Inanewwhitepaper,5LessonsLeadingDigital TransformationinManufacturing,IDGEnterpriseexaminesthe changingroleofdataandtechnologyintheindustry,andidentifies thefivekeywaysmanufacturersneedtoadapttostaycompetitive.

Downtime kills profitability Whensystemsorapplicationsareunavailable,itcanresultinvarious issues, regardless of the industry. In manufacturing, however, downtimecansignificantlydamageacompany’sprofits.Estimates placethecostofunplanneddowntimeatamassive10xthecost of planned downtime for maintenance. And it’s not just costs associated with processes. Unplanned downtime also triggers an estimated5%to10%increaseininventoryandlaborcosts,withany delaysinproductionnegativelyaffectingtheprofitabilityofaproduct. Advances in the Internet of Things and connected equipment are helping businesses avoid unplanned downtime.

Manufacturers are Organizations experience an average of 15 unplanned downtime events each year, costing an average of $16 million. Since 1981, the U.S. Federal government has issued an average of 1.5 manufacturing regulations every week. Maximizing uptime for more profitable production: Availability lessons for the digital manufacturing enterprise now able to monitor the health of their machines through sensors, using predictive maintenance to replace worn-down parts and identifying potential faults before they become a problem for the production line.

Staying compliant is a constant challenge Few industries are as heavily regulated as manufacturing, Maintaining and proving compliance is reliant on data. However, it’s not enough to just accurately collect and retain the data regulators; it’s also vital that data is instantly available when the business needs it. As traceability becomes increasingly important to the industry, it’s vital that organizations maintain complete visibility at every stage in the manufacturing process. That way, in the event of a recall or audit, manufacturers will be able to identify the specific product or data point without damaging the rest of business operations.

To minimize disruption and maximize uptime, manufacturers need Availability solutions that offer real-time reporting, monitoring and capacity planning for their virtual, physical and cloud-based environments.

63 Learn more So how can manufacturers avoid disruption and ensure real-time access to accurate data? With an Availability solution that ensures high-speed recovery through strong backups and replication and complete visibility into the infrastructure to deliver an Always-On™ manufacturing enterprise. Downloadthefullwhitepaper,5LessonsLeading Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, (needslink)tolearnhowthemanufacturingindustry is combating downtime, regulatory pressure, cybercrimeandmore.Discoverthefivekeystodata Availabilitythatfacilitatedigitaltransformation. Veeam in the Industry VeeamUP / Q4/ 2017

64 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 65 Scania Great Britain achieves ROI during the first DR test with Veeam “If you’re going to recover, especially in a DR situation, you’ve got to have 100% confidence in your Availability solution. It must work every time. Veeam provides an insurance policy for Availability.” Harley Carter, Solutions Architect, Scania Great Britain “We love Veeam’s flexibility, especially withbackups.Wemake backupsfromNetApp storage snapshots as oftenaswewantwithout impacting production. Wealsoappreciatethat Veeamisstorage-agnostic soourbackuprepositories aren’t tied to specific hardware vendors.” Scania Great Britain Limited is part of the Scania Group, which was founded in Sweden in 1891 and became a leading manufacturer of trucks, buses and engines.

Scania Great Britain supports sales and service through 90 dealer locations across the United Kingdom. Scania vehicles are designed and built to provide customers with maximum utilization and minimum cost. To deliver on that promise, Scania Great Britain made vast investments in its dealer network to expand service outlets, increase staff and extend operating hours so customers have more access to local sales and repair services. Raising the bar on customer service meant Scania Great Britain and its dealers required 24.7.365 Availability of virtualized data and applications. Their legacy backup tool was not cooperating, however.

Scania Great Britain tried to back up its VMs to tape with the same tool it used to back up its physical machines, but the legacy tool could only perform file-level backup and recovery. Both processes wereslow,labor-intensiveandlikelytofail.“Ourdealersworkalmost all the time. So, if they need a file restored — day or night — it must be restored fast,” said Harley Carter, Solutions Architect for Scania Great Britain. “File-level restore from tape could take hours, and since whole-VM restore wasn’t possible with the legacy backup tool, we had to rebuild VMs from scratch, which could take days.

We quickly realized that the legacy backup tool was a waste of time with VMs. We had invested in virtualization and felt we should be able to do much more with backups.” Carter said time- intensive backups and recoveries were frustrating, but nothing compared to the time and cost spent each year on DR testing. Scania Great Britain supports its dealer network through a main office that focuses on day-to-day business operations, and a finance office that facilitates vehicle financing and insurance. DR testing is required in the finance office for auditing purposes. “WespentoneweekpreparingforandexecutingeachDRtest,”Carter explained.

“We also spent a good deal of money to have third-party consultants on site to rebuild VMs and reconfigure applications, so wecouldgetbackupandrunningquickly.”Carterandhiscolleagues talked to peers in their industry about their frustration with slow backups,time-intensiverecoveriesandcostlyDRtesting.“Theyall recommendedthesameAvailabilitysolution,”Cartersaid. Veeam speed to the rescue ScaniaGreatBritaindeployedVeeamBackup&Replicationtoensure 24.7.365 Availability of critical systems. Veeam provided the company with high-speed backup, replication and recovery, as well as quick, easy and free DR testing.

“We were never 100% confident in DR with our legacy backup tool,” Carter said. “We worried about business continuity and didn’t have peace of mind. With Veeam, we’re 100% confident we can recover whatever we’ve backed up, giving us complete peace of mind. And, DR testing is so fast and simple that we can test as often as we want. Veeam more than paid for itself during the first DR test.”DR testing is fast and simple because Veeam automatically verifies the recoverability of backups and replicas and recovers them instantly. “Veeam delivers 24x7 Availability,” Carter said. “We can recover almost anything in minutes, despite our data tripling during the last two years.” Scania Great Britain backs up and replicates VMs in the finance office from NetApp storage snapshots.

VMs in the main office reside ondifferentstorage,DellEqualLogicSANs.That’snotanissuebecause Veeamisstorage-agnostic.“Veeamisflexibleinsomanyways,helping usgetthemostfromvirtualization,”Cartersaid.“Veeamevencopies ourbackupstotapesowecanleverageourtapelibraries.” Veeam in the Industry / Manufacturing

66 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 67 Global tea company infuses data center with VMware and Veeam “We rely on Veeam to protect the systems that support manufacturing and distribution. Our company operates 24.7.365, and Veeam supports our business model by delivering 24.7.365 Availability.” Sabu Hameed, IT Infrastructure Architect, Tata Global Beverages Limited Availabilityforsuccess All facets of manufacturing are becoming increasingly digitized. New technologies and capabilities that rely on data Availability are revolutionizing the industry. Companies that take advantage of these innovations, including Tata Global Beverages, are poised for success.

Tata Global Beverages Limited is the world’s second-largest manufactureranddistributorofteaandamajorproducerofcoffee and water. Headquartered in India, the company has a presence in more than 40 countries. Tata Global Beverages has a 200-year history of innovation. It began as a tea farm and grew into a global organization with a portfolio of well-known brands such as Tata Tea, Tetley, Eight O’Clock and JEMČA. The company’s heritage of innovationincludesvirtualization.Virtualmachinesruncriticalsystems thatsupport150locationsandthousandsofworldwideemployees. Tata Global Beverages chose VMware vSphere as its virtualization platform because it wanted an efficient and agile IT infrastructure.

The company chose Veeam Availability Suite because it wanted comprehensive data protection and VMware management for its modern data center. “We combined Veeam and VMware because it’sawell-knownfacttheyworkbettertogether,”saidAbuHameed, ITInfrastructureArchitectatTataGlobalBeverages.“Ourultimate goalisbusinesscontinuity,andthebestwaytoguaranteebusiness continuity is through high-speed recovery, visibility and control of the virtual infrastructure. Veeam gives us all that and more.” Manufacturers that don’t adapt to innovation become less competitive and ultimately fail. Tata Global Beverages is not one of those companies, it’s driven by innovation.

That’s why the company chose Veeam.

Veeamdelivers24.7.365Availabilityofbusiness-criticalsystems that support the supply chain at Tata Global Beverages. The IT team has strict SLAs with internal business units, and Veeam helps the team meet RTPO in each SLA. “We rely on Veeam to protect the systems that support manufacturing and distribution,” Hameed said. “Our company operates 24.7.365, and Veeam supports our business model by delivering 24.7.365 Availability.” Veeam provides fast and reliable backup, replication and recovery, advanced monitoring of backup jobs and resources, reporting and documentation of VMware performance and capacity planning to optimize assets.

“Veeam gives us complete visibility of the entire virtual environment so we can pinpoint and resolve issues before they impact the business,” Hameed said. “We can track the size of snapshots and find out ahead of time if backup repositories are getting full. We can track the status of backup jobs, review backup performance and map our virtual infrastructure. We don’t worry about downtime because Veeam has our back.” Downtime can be especially damaging to enterprise companies run 24.7.365 like Tata Global Beverages. “We’ve used Veeam since day one of our virtualization project, and we’ve been satisfied ever since,” Hameed said.

“If you’re using VMware, you should be using Veeam, too. They help companies maintain oversight and control of critical business systems.” Veeam in the Industry / Manufacturing

68 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 69 Steel company galvanizes Availability to meet customers supply chain demands Heidtman Steel Products, Inc. processes, packages and distributes flat-rolled steel products to manufacturers in the automotive, furniture, appliance and HVAC industries. Based in Toledo, OH, the company processes more than 5-million tons of steel each year in facilities throughout the Midwest. Automotive industry giants, Ford Motor Company and General MotorsaretwoofHeidtmanSteel’slargestcustomers.Thecompany’s production success is contingent on Heidtman Steel providing its products on time.

To meet customer’s supply-chain demands, Heidtman Steel’s processing facilities operate 24.7.365, thanks to a custom-built ERP system. If the ERP system isn’t available, the processing facilities fall back to manual processes that can Ovations Food Services provides exceptional food and beverage managementservicestopublicassemblyfacilitiesthroughoutNorth America, including stadiums, convention centers, hotels, casinos, racetracks,zoos,performingartscentersandamphitheaters.Ovations operatesmorethan140venuesandserves9millioncustomers. TheOvationsITstaffonlydeployssolutionsthatdelivermeasurable results.VMwarevSpherewasthechoiceforvirtualizationandVeeam Backup Essentials was the choice for 24.7.365 Availability.

“Veeam Backup Essentials fits perfectly with VMware vSphere Essentials,” said Jarrid Crews, IT Manager at Ovations. “I, alone, can manage anenterprise-classvirtualinfrastructure.” Crewssaidthecompany’sdataprotectionneedsarestraightforward: Ovations requires 24.7.365 Availability of critical systems because downtime prevents the company from meeting customer SLAs. OvationsusesVeeamforon-sitebackupinitsdatacentertofacilitate fast,localrecovery.Ovationsreplicatestoasecondsitefordisaster recovery.Intheeventofdisaster,Veeamfailsovertoareplicaand restoreskeysystemsinminutes,soOvationscanmeetcustomer SLAs.

“Veeam Backup Essentials is a spectacular product. It integrates so well with VMware vSphere Essentials to deliver 24.7.365 Availability,” said Crews. Food service company puts Veeam on the menu for 24.7.365 Availability “Veeam Backup Essentials is a spectacular product. It integrates so well with VMware vSphere Essentials and delivers 24.7.365 Availability.” Jarrid Crews, IT Manager at Ovations “Veeamisoneofthebest— ifnotthebest—products I’veusedduring my 28-year career. Because of Veeam, our ERP and other critical systems are available at all times to help us meet and often exceed customers’ supply chain demands.” Ken Miller, EDI/Database Administrator, Heidtman Steel Products, Inc.

VeeamBackupEssentialsisapowerful, easy-to-useandaffordablesolutionforsmall businesses. Designed for organizations withfewerthan250employeesandvirtual environmentswithupto6CPUsockets, Veeamdeliversreliableandcost-effective 24.7.365Availability.

jeopardizethebusinessbecauseitcanseverelyimpactthroughput andmakeitdifficulttomeetcustomerdemands. Heidtman Steel deployed Veeam Backup & Replication to meet customers’ supply chain demands. Veeam delivers 24.7.365 Availability of the ERP system through high-speed backup, recovery and replication. Veeam backs up from HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage snapshots to ExaGrid appliances. If the ERP system fails, Heidtman Steel can recoveritinminutesfromabackuponExaGrid’slandingzone.Veeam alsoreplicatescriticalsystemstoHPStoreVirtualifdisasterstrikes.Fast failoverandfailbackalsorecovertheERPsysteminjustminutes.

Veeam in the Industry / Manufacturing

70 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 71 Mazdazoom-zooms to24.7.365Availability Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Mazda North American Operations oversees the sales, marketing, parts and customer-service support for Mazda vehicles through more than 600 dealers in the U.S. and Mexico. Dealers need their dealerships up and running 100% of the time, and they need to focus on what they do best: selling and servicing Mazdas, not IT. Dealers rely on Mazda North American Operations to keep the company’s dealer management system (DMS) running 24.7.365. The DMS tracks each car sale and customer, from prospect to buyer to aftercare, so dealers can provide excellent customer service.

If the DMS isn’t available 24.7.365, Mazda dealers can’t service their customers to the best of their ability. That’s why Mazda North American Operations was an early adopter of virtualization. The goal was to improve IT efficiency so dealers would have access to data whenever they needed it. Mazda cruises through virtualization Mazda North American Operations deployed Veeam Backup & Replication during the company’s digital transformation to virtualization. Veeam delivered 24.7.365 Availability of the DMS and other critical systems. “Veeamwasaneasychoicebecauseit providesfarmorecapabilitiesthanothersolutionsonthemarket,” saidKaiSookwongse,Manager,EnterpriseInfrastructureServices atMazdaNorthAmericanOperations.“High-speedbackup,instant recovery,theabilitytotargetanystoragedeviceandeasyfailoverfor disasterrecoveryhelpusdeliverdatatodealers24.7.365sotheycan servicecustomersefficiently.” “Veeam is a must-have product if you’re virtualizing or have already virtualized your enterprise IT infrastructure.” Kai Sookwongse, Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Mazda North American Operations Veeam in the Industry / Manufacturing

72 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 73 73 Retail Technology is taking a prominent role in all stages of the retail journey, both in-store and online. Competition is constantly increasing and consumers are more empowered than ever. The increasingly connected retail industry is also giving new power to retailers through data. Online shopping now represents a large proportion of retail sales. And it’s no longer tied to the home. In late 2016, mobile internet usage outpaced desktop internet usage for the first time in history. Retailer websites and apps are naturally generating huge amounts of data, from the number of site visits to sales records.

This is giving businessesaboosttotheirmarketingandcustomerservice,butsmart retailersaren’tjustcollectingdatafromtheironlinepresence,they’re alsotakingadvantageoftheirphysicallocations,too.

Some retailers are embracing the Internet of Things, offering contactless payment through smartphones and smartwatches, and using embedded sensors to monitor in-store foot traffic or track stock as it moves from the warehouse to the store. Each data point can contribute to a better customer experience or a more streamlined supply chain, and drive profit. The Ericsson Mobility Report predicts the traffic generated by smartphones alone will multiply by a factor of 10 from 2016 to 2022. However, simply collecting and storing this data is proving a challenge for organizations still running legacy infrastructures, and that’s before they even need access to it.

To get the value from the data they’ve amassed, retailers need to be able to provide 24.7.365 access to everyone, including their customers. Availability drives the multi-channel experience Without real-time, 24.7.365 Availability, businesses can’t meet the demands of their customers seeking today’s Always-On™ retail experience., retailers need to provide reliable access to data and services, both in-store and on site, to deliver a high standard of customer service. In pre-sales and sales roles, employees need immediate access to all kinds of data to help close sales, from stock levels and dispatch dates to granular information about measurements or color.

In post-sales support roles, employees need to be able to solve problems quickly to prevent revenue loss. On the other side of the equation, retailers that offer any kind of self-service — whether through in-store kiosks, online support centers, or mobile apps — must provide their customers Delivering 24.7.365 multi-channel shopping experiences: Why data Availability is driving digital transformation in retail with the same real-time access to information, such as accounts, transactions and delivery data. If retailers can’t meet these expectations, customers will simply shop at a competitor that can.

Get the IDG Enterprise perspective To be an Always-On retailer and make digital transformation possible, businesses need to adopt next-generation Availability solutions for their modernized infrastructures, leveraging server virtualization, scalable storage capacity and the cloud to enable the today’s modern shopping experience that customers expect. Veeam in the Industry VeeamUP / Q4/ 2017 DownloadtheIDGEnterprisewhitepaper,6Availability LessonstoSuccessfullyEnableDigitalTransformation inRetail,tolearnhowretailersarecollecting,usingand safeguardingdata.Findoutwhy24.7.365Availabilityis crucialintheretailindustry.

74 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 75 Furniture retailer shelves legacy backup for Veeam Furniture retailer shelves legacy backup for Veeam Jordan’s Furniture got its start in 1918 in Waltham, MA, when the foundersoldfurnitureoutofthebackofhistruck.Today,Berkshire HathawayownsJordan’sFurniture,whichhasgrownintoaleading furnitureretailerinNewEnglandwithsixlocationsandmorethan 1,000 employees. Jordan’s is much more than a furniture store. Various locations feature 3D IMAX theaters, restaurants, rides, a trapeze school, a water show and ice cream parlors. Shortly after virtualizing the IT infrastructure on VMware vSphere, Jordan’s realized its backup tool wasn’t performing as well as expected.

Backups failed more often than they succeeded, and sometimestheyneverexecutedasscheduled.Tocomplicatematters, recoverywasextremelyslow,takinguptooneday.Unreliablebackups and sluggish recovery didn’t allow Jordan’s to reap the full benefits ofvirtualization.Thelikelihoodofdowntimeputthebusinessatrisk. “The combination of Veeam and ExaGrid is very compelling. You get the best backup and recovery available for virtualization, and you get 24.7.365 Availability for business continuity.” Ethan Peterson, Network Engineer, Jordan’s Furniture Hundreds of VMs run most of Jordan’s critical applications, such as Web servers that support e-commerce and Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory and SQL Server that support daily business operations, including the point-of-sale system.

“Weneverreallyfeltthebackuptoolwasintendedforvirtualization because it lacked fundamental features,” said Ethan Peterson, Network Engineer at Jordan’s. “It wasn’t aware of backup folders, soeverytimewebuiltaVM,wehadtomanuallyassignitforbackup.

Thatmaysoundminor,butovertimethosetypesofthingstakeatoll onworkflow,resultinginwastedtimeandmoney.” Peterson said his company needed a backup solution designed for virtualization, and it had to provide much more than reliable backup. “We also needed high-speed recovery and replication for our most critical VMs and ease of use,” he explained. “We wanted to set it and forget it.” Veeam turns the table on legacy backup Jordan’s replaced legacy backup with Veeam Backup & Replication tokeepbusiness-criticalsystemsrunning24.7.365.“Veeamoffersthe mostfeaturesavailableforvirtualizedenvironments,”Petersonsaid.

“This includes features you’d assume, like automated deployment of VM backups, and features you’d think might be complicated, such as restoring groups from Active Directory; but they’re not complicated because Veeam is extremely easy to use.” VeeamExplorer™forMicrosoftActiveDirectoryisajustoneofthe flexiblerecoveryfeatures.Whenauseraccidentallydeletedagroup record in Active Directory, Jordan’s IT team recovered it in three minutes.“PriortoVeeam,thistypeofrestorewouldn’thavebeen possible,”hesaid.“Recoverywiththepreviousbackuptoolwould havebeensoslowthatitwouldhavebeenfastertorebuildtheVM.” Peterson said another reason Jordan’s chose Veeam is because it integrates so well with ExaGrid, which the company already used as its backup target.

Veeam and ExaGrid provide fast, reliable backup, replication and instant recovery. They also deduplicate backups to lower storage costs. “ThecombinationofVeeamandExaGridisverycompelling,”Peterson said.“Yougetthebestbackupandrecoveryavailableforvirtualization, andyouget24.7.365Availabilityforbusinesscontinuity.” Veeam in the Industry / Retail

76 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 77 Dubai Duty Free cashes in on 24.7.365 Availability DubaiDutyFree(DDF)openedforbusiness in 1983 and has grown to become one of thelargestairportretailersintheworld.The companyhasstoresintwoofthelargestand busiest airports: Dubai International and Al Maktoum International. These airports are hubs for flights between Asia and the West, serving1.5milliontravelerseachweek. DDF gets more foot traffic in one week than most retailers get in one year. Since people walk by DDF all day and all night, DDF never closes, making it a classic example of an Always-On Enterprise. “Lengthyrestoreisunacceptable tothebusiness.Wemustrecover criticalsystemsinminutes,and ifwe’reinadisasterrecovery situation,wehavetoguarantee business continuity.

Our executiveswanttoknowthat 24.7.365Availabilityisreal—now, andasthecompanygrows.” Faizan Billah, Assistant Manager of Technology & Infrastructure, DDF “Being a 24.7.365 retailer means zero downtime, but slow recovery of our multi-hypervisor environment worriedusaboutdowntime,”saidFaizan Billah,AssistantManagerofTechnology & Infrastructure at DDF. Home goods retailer furnishes the IT environment with 24.7.365 Availability to support business growth JYSK NORDIC sells Scandinavian-inspired furniture and accessories for the home. The company has more than 1,000 stores and 10,000 employeesin18countries.JYSKNORDICisarapidlygrowingcompany.

To keep pace with customer demand, the company’s distribution centers must operate 24.7.365.

“Making sure our customers receive their orders on time is a top priorityforus,butslowbackupoftheroboticsystemthatautomates fulfillment in our distribution centers put us at risk for downtime,” said Robert Christiansen, System Administrator at JYSK NORDIC. The company replaced legacy backup with Veeam Backup & Replication to ensure critical systems would be available 24.7.365. “We make backups and replicas from HPE 3PAR StoreServ snapshots, and we recover from them quickly to avoid downtime,” Christiansen said. “Veeam keeps our IT infrastructure agile so we can ensure fast time to market.” Provisioningforthefuturewasachallengeforthecompany.Itsdata grows by 30% each year, so the company needed deeper insight into the virtual environment for capacity planning and budgeting.

“We didn’t have a clear picture of the relationship between our physical and virtual infrastructures,” said Christiansen. “Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) monitors our physical environment, so our goal was to be able to monitor the virtual environment under that single pane of glass.” Veeam Management Pack™ (MP) for System Center supports the company’s data growth by delivering monitoring, alerting and capacity-planning reports directly into the System Center console. “Veeam MP gives us an integrated view of our physical and virtual worlds, making it easier for us to identify and resolve issues before they impact the business,” Christiansen said.

“Proactive resolution helps us ensure 24x7 Availability, too.” “Veeamprovides24.7.365 Availabilityofcritical ITassets,supportsthe company’stime-to-market requirementsandgives usthebigpictureofour ITinfrastructure,sowecan provisionforthefuture andresolveissuesbefore theyaffectthebusiness.” Robert Christiansen, System Administrator, JYSK NORDIC Automotive company accelerates recovery by 100% “EveryITdirector needssomemagic inherITtoolbox. Veeamismy superhero.” Melody Fourie, Group Information Technology Executive, Tiger Wheel & Tyre Founded in 1967 in a backyard in Johannesburg, Tiger Wheel & Tyre has become one of the largest wheel and tire suppliers in southern Africa.

The company’s 103 stores also provide wheel alignment, balance and rotation, puncture assessment and repairs, nitrogen fill-ups, wheel locks and insurance. Tiger Wheel & Tyre virtualized its IT infrastructure to support two key components of the business: Daily operations and research and development (R&D). However, slow backups and recoveries made the company susceptible to downtime. “Recovery could take days, and that kind of downtime could cost us millions inlostrevenue,”saidMelodyFourie,Group InformationTechnologyExecutiveatTiger Wheel&Tyre.

FouriereplacedlegacybackupwithVeeam Backup & Replication to improve daily operations and R&D. “Veeam is a game- changer,” said Fourie. “Imagine moving from painfully slow backup and recovery to insanely fast speeds. We can restore aserver,onaverage,inlessthan10seconds. It’s science fiction come true. If you could recoveraserverinseconds,whywouldyou sufferthroughproductsthattakedays?” Fourie said Veeam’s virtual lab is perfect for R&D too. “Whenwewanttotestanew applicationforthebusiness,Veeamgivesus a live test environment that’s ready to rock in30seconds.EveryITdirectorneedssome magicinherITtoolbox,andVeeamismagic.

Ican’timaginerunningavirtualenvironment withoutit.Veeamismysuperhero!” “If critical operations fail, like our point- of-sale system, we can’t tell the customer to wait 30 minutes while we bring it back online. Thirty minutes of downtime could cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. We must recover critical systems in minutes, and if we’re in a disaster recovery situation, we have to guarantee business continuity,” Billah continued. “Our executives want to know that 24.7.365 Availability is real — now, and as the company grows.” DDF replaced its legacy backup with Veeam Availability Suite to avoid downtime.

“Our goal was 24.7.365 Availability,” said Billah. “Veeam gave us that and so much more,includingadisasterrecoverysolution for business operations and scalability to support business growth.” Veeam in the Industry / Retail

78 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 79 79 Telecom Telecom companies today are fighting to stay relevant inanincreasinglycompetitiveenvironment.Formanytelecom players,digitaltransformationisn’tjustthelogicalnextstep— it’s already well underway. This transformation is putting anewemphasisondataasacrucialresourcefordeliveringbetter customer experiences while cutting costs and staying agile.

Telecom is experiencing a period of enormous, rapid growth as it becomes more common for customers to own multiple connected devices. Phones, tablets and laptops are all using network connections — both wired and cellular — and, crucially, creating data every time they transmit using the carrier’s services. Tocopewiththisincreasingdemand,telecomprovidersareexpanding the range of services they offer. And that’s forcing them to also redesign their IT infrastructure and adopt next-generation solutions to ensure non-stop connectivity and access to data. Adapting to new landscapes Changes in telecom company structure have been triggered by a shift in how consumers use their services.

Fixed-line and mobile voice services now represent less than a third of total networktraffic,whiledataservicesnowaccountforawhopping 65% of revenue, up from 25% in 2010.

McKinsey & Company said digitization could boost telecom provider profits by 35%. Traditional providers aren’t only adapting to changing customer needs, they’re also responding to new digital-native competition. Unlike providers who own and operate the entire infrastructure that they utilize; over-the-top providers deliver services through an existing network owned by a different company. These non-traditional providers have the freedom to focus their resources on the package they provide — with fewer concerns over the underlying operations. Those who run their own infrastructure must streamline and digitize operations to stay agile enough to be competitive.

Moving on from legacy environments Telecom companies that digitize primarily from their legacy environments face challenges today because the industry- common backup and recovery tools they use are often based on decades-old architecture. Successful providers are meeting these challenges now by taking a new, digital-first approach to how they manage their infrastructure. For many companies, the first step is virtualizing data centers and networks — though this increases the risk of downtime, particularly with legacy tools unable to support the increased Modernizing infrastructures to achieve carrier-grade reliability How telecom providers are boosting agility with Availability demand.

Few industries have less tolerance for downtime than the telecom industry, with outages potentially affecting millions ofcustomersatatime.Withsomanyprovidersnowinthemarket, brandloyaltyislesscommon,andcompaniesneedtoworkharder todeliverasuperiorservice.

By modernizing, providers can simplify compliance with regulations on data retention and security, meet tighter RTPO and ensure 24.7.365 data Availability. This not only makes it easier to meet their all-important SLAs, but also allows companies to stay competitive as the market shifts. Veeam in the Industry VeeamUP / Q4/ 2017 Tolearnmoreabouthowtelecomcompaniescanusemodern Availabilitysolutionstoleveragenewtechnologiesandadapt todigitalchanges,downloadournewIDGEwhitepaper, 5WaystoEnableDigitalTransformationinTelecom.

80 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 81 Telecommunications provider mobilizes for business continuity SunriseCommunicationsAGisthelargestprivatetelecommunications provider in Switzerland.

The company supplies most of the country’s households with mobile phone service and internet access. Early in Sunrise’sdigitaltransformationtovirtualization,thecompany’sITteam recognizedtheneedforascalableandreliablesolutiontobackupand monitorthegrowingvirtualenvironment. “Legacy backup was inefficient, and that was unacceptable,” said YvanComte,TechnicalLeadatSunrise.“Afullbackuptook36hours, whichdidn’tcomplywithourdisasterrecoverystrategy—everyvirtual machine must be backed up at least once a day. Recovery was slow too; we require instant recovery so our critical assets are available to the business 24.7.365.” MonitoringtheVMwareenvironmentwasinefficienttoo.“Weusedto relyonagentsformonitoring,butthatwasrudimentaryatbest,”Comte continued.“Wewantedamorecomprehensivemonitoringsolutionfor ourvirtualenvironment,butwedidn’twanttolearnandmaintainanew framework.WealreadyusedMicrosoftSystemCenterinthephysical environment,sowethoughtitwouldbeidealtomonitorourphysical andvirtualworldsfromthesameconsole.” “Veeam MP provides system data that helps us make informed, strategic decisions thatsupportbusiness continuity.” Yvan Comte, Technical Lead, Sunrise Communications AG Veeam unleashes the power of System Center Sunrise replaced legacy backup and monitoring with Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam MP for System Center.

“Veeam supports our DR strategy by delivering 24.7.365 Availability of our critical IT systems,” Comte said. “Backup speed increased by 78%, recovery speedincreasedby83%andmonitoringalsoimprovedtremendously. Now we have complete app-to-metal visibility in our physical and virtual worlds — all from the System Center Management console.” Veeam MP extends System Center monitoring capabilities with detailed insights into Sunrise’s VMware vSphere environment. This gives the company a clear picture of the relationships between the physical and virtual infrastructures, which simplifies and accelerates problem solving.

“Veeam MP provides system datathathelpsusmakeinformed,strategicdecisionsthatsupport business continuity,” said Comte.

Veeam MP delivers monitoring, alert management, reporting, topology views, dashboards and heat maps, which put critical datainclearview.Inaddition,theITteamcandrilldownthrough data to spot discrepancies, see historical trend reports and accurately predict future needs with capacity-planning tools. Microsoft System Center administrators require real-time monitoring and visibility of their Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere environments to ensure 24.7.365 Availability. Veeam MP provides complete app-to-metal visibility for virtual and physical environments, creating the big-picture view of the entire virtualized infrastructure — and all from within the native System Center Management console.

“Veeam MP is a comprehensive, yet simple-to-use, monitoring solution that integrates nicely with System Center,” said Compte. “We didn’t want a new monitoring system and console. And we certainly didn’t want to spend a lot of time learning a new process. Veeam MP is intuitive and easy to use; and now we see our whole IT infrastructure under a single pane of glass. If something goes wrong in the virtual environment, we fix it before it escalates and impacts business continuity.” Veeam MP also provides real- time data to help solve problems fast. From Veeam Morning Coffee Dashboard®, which offers a broad view of critical metrics to start the day, to detailed alert management and reporting, Veeam MP provides the visibility admins need to manage mission- critical applications and services.

Veeam in the Industry / Telecom

82 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 83 Belgium’s biggest mobile telecom provider picks Veeam to monitor VMware in Microsoft System Center Proximus is the largest mobile telecommunicationscompanyinBelgium. OneofthebiggestITchallengesthecompany facedwasmonitoringalargeandcomplex virtualenvironment.“Ifourvirtualmachines aredown,thereisadirect,tangiblecostto thecompanyintermsofproductivity,which canleadtolostrevenueopportunities,”said theProximusWindowsEngineeringTeam. “An enterprise like Proximus must have adequate monitoring of the virtual infrastructure. By using Veeam MP in conjunction with Microsoft System Center, we can see a problem coming and prevent it from impacting the business.” Proximus Windows Engineering Team Veeam helps telecommunications operator complete its digital transformation TK Telekom is one of the largest telecommunicationsoperatorsinPoland.

Thecompanyprovidestelecommunication and data transmission solutions to the country’s railway system, government agencies, businesses and individuals. TK Telekom virtualized its data centers to strengthen the company’s disaster recovery (DR) strategy. Early into the “Veeam gave us the confidence to continue virtualizing. Veeam is the best solution for an Always-On company like TK Telekom.” Lukasz Rakowski, Manager of IT, TK Telecom digital transformation to virtualization, it became apparent that the traditional backup tool wasn’t suitable for the virtual environment. It was slow and unreliable.

Even worse, it didn’t have built-in replication. “How could we continue our digital transformation without reliable dataprotection?”askedLukaszRakowski, Manager of IT at TK Telecom.

Veeam Backup & Replication was the answer for TK Telecom. “Veeam gave us the confidence to continue virtualizing,” Rakowski said. “Fast, reliable backup and recovery improved our DR strategy, and replication guarantees we have access to critical systems 24.7.365. Veeam is the best solution for an Always-On company like TK Telekom.” ProximushadalreadyinvestedinMicrosoft SystemCentertomonitorandmanagethe physicalenvironment,sotheWindows Engineering Team set out to find a monitoring andmanagementtoolfor theVMwareenvironmentthatintegrated withSystemCenter.

Proximus chose Veeam MP for System Center because it extends System Center monitoringbyprovidingdetailedinsightsinto VMsandhosts,plusthehardware,storage andnetworkresourcestheyrunon.

“With Veeam MP, we get end-to-end monitoringcoverageofhardware,hypervisor and storage components in our VMware environment,”saidProximus.“Veeambrings thatinformationintoOperationsManager sowehaveaholisticviewofourphysicaland virtualworlds.VeeamMPhelpsusmaintain 24.7.365Availabilityofourcriticalsystems.” Telecom company dials Veeam for Availability Nethys is a telecommunications, energy and industrial development company headquartered in Liège, Belgium. FollowingthemergerofseveralorganizationstoformNethys, therewasanurgentneedtoguaranteeAvailabilityofcritical systems in the event of a disaster.

Backup and recovery processes were slow and unreliable. Backing up Microsoft Exchange took 10 hours, and if the backup didn’t fail, it spilled into the next workday. This negatively impacted employees. Recovery was time-consuming, too. Employees waited up to four hours for a file to be restored. It was nearly impossible for the IT team to meet RTPO. “We’re a 24.7.365 company, so we require 24.7.365 access to our critical systems,” said Laurent Timmermans, IT Infrastructure Architect at Nethys. “We have to be able to recover critical systems in minutes, such as email.” NethysreplacedlegacybackupwithVeeamBackup&Replication.

“Veeam met all of our requirements, including RTPO,” Timmermans said. “Veeam delivers 24.7.365 Availability of the business-critical systems that keep our company running.” In addition to Microsoft Exchange, both SharePoint and SAP arebusiness-criticalsystemsforNethys.TheITteamusesVeeam ExplorerforMicrosoftExchangeandVeeamExplorerforMicrosoft SharePoint to restore individual items to employees in minutes. The team replicates SAP so a copy is available in a ready-to-start state for business continuity.

“All of the backup and recovery challenges caused by legacy backupdisappearedoncewedeployedVeeam,”Timmermanssaid. “With Veeam, our systems are always up and running when we need them, as they should be.” “All of the backup and recovery challenges causedbylegacybackup disappeared once we deployed Veeam,” Timmermans said. “With Veeam, our systems are always up and running when we need them, as they should be.” Laurent Timmermans, IT Infrastructure Architect at Nethys Veeam in the Industry / Telecom

84 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 85

86 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 87 Veeam and Nutanix partner to transform the hyper- converged infrastructure (HCI) market We are now witnessing the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, which continues to change the way we work, live and do business.Technologyisnowbecomingembeddedineveryaspect ofsocietytoday,anduserdemandismoreintensethaneverbefore.

We now demand instant access to information, data and applications 24.7.365, no matter what device we are using or where we are located on the planet. Enterprises today MUST deliver Always-On services, or services that are always available, across all their environments. Veeam pioneered the market of Availability, and I’m proud to say that we are continuing to make big strides forward in our vision of enabling a seamless Digital Life experience for everyone.

During the Nutanix NEXT Conference in Washington, D.C., Veeam announced a new partnership with Nutanix, the leader in enterprise cloudcomputingandthehyper-convergedinfrastructure(HCI).Asyou may know, HCI has become one of the fastest growing segments of the enterprise infrastructure market. It is enabling new levels of agility and operational efficiencies today within key parts of the data center. By Peter McKay, Veeam Co-CEO & President Enabling the Always-On Enterprise 1 + 1 = 3 Nutanix + Veeam Better Together Thisispivotalforcompaniesembracingmulti-cloudenvironments suchasVeeam.Andnow,VeeamisthepremierAvailabilitysolution providerforNutanixvirtualizedenvironments.Inaddition,Veeam is adding support for Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) in Veeam Availability Suite.

This support will now allow both Nutanix and Veeam customers to benefit from its enterprise-class Availability solution. This partnership brings together Nutanix, the leader in enterprisecloudcomputing,withVeeam,theleaderinAvailability solutions—bothfocusedondeliveringmulti-cloudsolutionstothe enterprise.AtVeeam,weareeagertoensureAlways-OnAvailability inmulti-cloudandhybridcloudenvironmentsforourcustomers. We are excited to be the premier Availability solution for supportedNutanixvirtualizedenvironments.Tobestsummarizethis newpartnership,wearehappytoannouncethattwoproducts, both of which JUST WORK, are finally working together! For more information on this partnership, visit our newsroom and be on the lookout for more details in the coming weeks.

Learn how integrated solutions ensure your converged infrastructure stays available 24.7.365.

88 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 89 Accelerated performance and Availability for the Always-On Enterprise: Pure Storage + Veeam = Better Together In the world of business, a lack of speed can be fatal to the ability tocompete. Perhaps that is why many organizations are embracing all-flashstoragesolutionsfortheirdatacenterenvironments.All-flash solutionshelpdelivermorepredictableperformanceacrossbusiness workloadstoensureamoreseamlessdigitalexperiencetocustomers, partnersandendusers.But,youneedmorethanjustspeedtosurvive inthisdigitalage.YoualsoneedAlways-OnAvailability.

Veeam attended Pure Storage Accelerate in San Francisco to promote joint offerings with Pure. Veeam celebrated its ongoing success in the enterprise space and made some exciting announcements about taking the partnership to the next level. Today, Pure Storage and Veeam provide a compelling solution for businesses that are undergoing a digital transformation. Enabling the Always-On Enterprise Traditional Apps APP Cloud-Native Apps APP SaaS Apps Public Cloud SaaS Managed Cloud Private Cloud On-Premises Physical Veeam Availability Platform Pure’s three “Es” of effortless, efficient and evergreen cloud- era flash solutions enable organizations of all sizes to accelerate performance, simplify management, reduce costs and get a higher return on their storage investments.

When combined with Veeam’s Always-On capabilities, joint customers can pair the high performance of Pure’s all-flash technology with very high levels of Veeam application Availability, while also gaining additional IT operational efficiencies across the board. The combination of Pure’s Always-On speed with Veeam’s Always- On Availability is a very compelling solution for businesses looking to accelerate their digital transformation journey. It’sonlygoingtogetbetter.WiththerecentadditionofVeeam’s UniversalStorageAPIframework,Veeamishappytoannounce that Veeam and Pure Storage are collaborating on integrating Veeam Backup & Replication with Pure’s Storage Snapshots.

This integration will be available early next year and to businesses the ability to leverage storage snapshots for significantly improved RPOs and reduced infrastructure impact for an even higher return on IT investments.

VeeamisexcitedtobetakingitspartnershipwithPureStoragetothe nextlevelandunprecedentedlevelsofperformance,Availabilityand efficiencytotheenterprise. WATCHVIDEOtolearnmore.

90 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 91 NPS score: Veeam leads the industry in customer satisfaction in 2017 By listening to and understanding customers and providing support services that matter to them, Veeam doubled the industry benchmark this year by leading in customer satisfaction andshowingthehighestresultsever.Whenitcomestogrowingits business and reaching a goal of becoming the world’s #1 provider of Availability, here’s what Veeam customers indicated in an independent survey conducted by Omega Management Group: • 91% of Veeam customers are completely satisfied with Veeam as a software vendor.

• 90% of Veeam customers plan to renew their contract when the current contract is complete. • 89% of Veeam customers are completely satisfied with features and functionality offered by the Veeam products they are using. • 91% of Veeam customers would recommend Veeam solutions to their friends and colleagues. In 2017, Veeam earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 73! Veeamshotup12pointsfromits2016scoreof61,despitedeclinesin customersatisfactionforothercompaniesintheITspace.TheNPS is an index ranging from -100 to +100, which measures the willingness ofcustomerstorecommendacompany’sproductsorservices to others.

It is used as a proxy for gauging overall customer satisfaction with a company’s product or service, as well as customer loyalty to the brand. To put these numbers into perspective, a good corporate NPS score is around 20, and the average score of our tech competitors is 23. So, how did Veeam measure up to other companies?

Veeam’s 2017 NPS (73) is 2.4x the industry average (30) Compared to top consumer brands, Veeam’s NPS of 73 is higher than Pandora at 59, and Southwest Airlines at 62. It is trending toward Apple at 89. A key trend between 2016 and 2017 is that more customers plan to expand with Veeam, and fewer intend to evaluate the competition at renewal. In 2017, the number of customers planning to expand their Veeam footprint within the next 12 months increased by 12% over 2016. The number of Veeam customers planning to evaluate another vendor’s solution at renewal continues to decline, standing at 12% in 2017.

A total of86%ofcustomersagreethatVeeam’ssolutionisveryimportant to the success of their key business initiatives. By Cheryl Zupan, Veeam Global Editorial Team Manager Customers speak out Veeam customers highlight the professional work of the customer support department, SEs and sales specialists, who all received the highest ratings for their work. But it’s the satisfaction and trust that customers have in Veeam’s quality products that sells Veeam: • “Veeamhassavedusbefore,recoveringboththesmallest offilesandfullvirtualmachines.”—NewtonThaiposri,Network &SystemAdministrator,MuseumofContemporaryArtAustralia.

• “Veeamisthemostcost-efficient,comprehensivebackup and disaster recovery solution on the market today.” — WilliamParson,ITManager,BrochsteinsInc.,USA • “WehighlyrecommendVeeamtoanyonewhorequiresaquick, easy-to-use and extremely reliable backup solution.” — Paul Elwin,ITAdministrator,AdvancedElectricalEquipment,Australia This NPS is the reason Veeam continues to be an industry leader in customer satisfaction. The secret? Veeam never loses sight of why it is here, which is, ultimately, to ensure that every company in the world has the capability to operate as an Always-On organization. Veeam is serious about its commitment to its customers, and this success is reflected in its NPS.

Enabling the Always-On Enterprise

92 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 93

94 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 Germany Konrad-Zuse-Platz 8 81829 München Phone: +49 89 207 042 800 Fax: +49 89 207 042 810 USA — Atlanta 2520 Northwinds Parkway, Suite 600 Alpharetta, GA 30009 Phone +1 678 353 2140 USA — Phoenix 303 West Elliot Road, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85284 Phone: + 1 614 339 8200 Australia Office Building Address: Level 4, 22 Darley Rd, MANLY NSW 2095 Postal Address: PO Box 131 MANLY NSW 1655 Phones: +61 2 9191 7840, +64 9 925 0456 Fax: +61 2 8088 6899 France 13/15 rue Jean Jaurès, 92800 Puteaux, France Phone: +33 (0)1 75 61 27 45 USA — Columbus 8800 Lyra Drive, Suite 350 Columbus, Ohio 43240 Phone: + 1 614 339 8200 Fax: +1 614 675 9494 India #1356, 13th Flr, Platinum Tech Park, (Near Vashi Railway Stat., Sec.

30) Vashi, Navi Mumbai, 400705 Phone: +97 14 433 2150 Singapore 7 Temasek Boulevard, #21-03 Suntec Tower One, Singapore, 038987 Phone: +65 6653 1543 United Kingdom The Annexe, Hurst Grove, Sandford Lane, Winnersh Berkshire RG10 0SQ, Phone: +44 (0) 118 934 2982 USA — Boston Wellesley Office Park 20 William Street, Suite 230 Wellesley, MA 02481 Phone +1 678 353 2140 Malaysia Suite9.03,Level9,CentrepointSouth, The Boulevard Mid Valley City. Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Phone: +60 3 2724 1601 Japan 100-0005,Kishimoto Bldg. 6F 2-2-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo Switzerland Linden Park, Lindenstr.

16, CH-6340 Baar Phone: +41 41 766 71 31 EMEA Region Americas region Asia Pacific Region If you’d like to learn more visit us at or call one of our offices Global Headquarters The Netherlands Evert van de Beekstraat 310, 1118 CX, Schiphol Centrum, Phone: +31 (0) 20 654 18 05 Fax: +31 (0) 20 654 1801 Canada 3773 Côte-Vertu Boulevard, Suite 210, Saint-Laurent, Québec Technical Support Phone: +1 647 694 09 22 China Unit 1510A, Level 15, Raycom Information Park, No. 2 Kexueyuan South Road, Haidian District, 100190, Beijing, China Phone: +86 10 8418 4549 1 000 000 USERS 49 000 PARTNERS 255 000 CUSTOMERS 80 TOP INDUSTRY AWARDS VEEAM IS VERY PROUD OF OUR

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