4 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 5 Introduction Executiveviewpoints 6 Howintegratedbackupappliancesfail:TheneedtocustomizeAvailabilitywithinindus tries 8 CreatingacontinuousDigitalLifeexperience 12 Makingrecoverypartofyourransomwarepreparednessstrategy 16 GDPRkeyconsiderations 18 High-profileoutagesshinespotlightonAvailabilityrequirements 20 Veeamintheindustry 22 Energy Increasingreliabilityforcontinuousexploration,productionanddistribution:Key Availabilitylessonstoenabledigitaltransformation 24 Customerstories:OMICRON,PAZ,TroyResources 26 Entertainment&leisure Creatingpersonalized,data-drivencustomerexperiences:WhyAvailabilityisessent ialinthedigitalworldofentertainmentandleisure 30 Customerstories:DenverBroncos,HardRockHotel&Casino,NorwegianCruiseLine,Zoos SouthAustralia,OSN,PinewoodStudios 32 Finance Mitigatingriskandgainingcustomertrust:BestpracticesforHighAvailabilityinthe digitalera 40 Customerstories:Baloise,GarantiBank,LocktonCompanies,KNEIP 42 Healthcare Savingliveswithzerodowntime:PracticalguidelinesforenablingAlways-Onhealthca reinthedigitalera 46 Customerstories:Hologic,GreenvilleHealthSystems,RoswellParkCancerInstitute 48 Highereducation EnhancingAvailabilityforAlways-Onlearning,fromanydevice:Thekeystoenablingth edigitaleducationalenterprise 54 Customerstories:StudyGroup,SUNYCortland,StonyBrook,NorthwesternUniversity 56 Manufacturing Maximizinguptimeformoreprofitableproduction:Availabilitylessonsforthedigita lmanufacturingenterprise 62 Customerstories:Scania,Termomecanica,TataBeverageCorp.HeidtmanSteel,Mazda,O vations 64 Retail Delivering24.7.365multi-channelshoppingexperiences:WhydataAvailabilityisdri vingdigitaltransformationinretail 72 Customerstories:Jordan’sFurniture,DubaiDutyFree,JYSK,TigerWheel 74 Telecom Modernizinginfrastructurestoachievecarrier-gradereliability:Howtelecomprovi dersareboostingagilitywithAvailability 78 Customer stories: Sunrise Communications, Nethys, TK Telekom, Proximus 80 EnablingtheAlways-OnEnterprise 84 VeeamandNutanixpartnertotransformthehyper-convergedinfrastructure(HCI)marke t 86 AcceleratedperformanceandAvailabilityfortheAlways-OnEnterprise,PureStorage+ Veeam=Bettertogether 88 NPSscore:Veeamleadstheindustryin2017 90 Editor’s foreword Dear Subscriber, Welcome to the Q4 2017 edition of VeeamUP magazine! Read about the three strategic imperatives within the digital age and look at eight industriestolearnthecriticalroleAvailabilityplaysin supportingtoday’sdigitaltransformationandinnovationstrategies.

As innovative technology continues to disrupt traditional business models in every industry, the pressure is growing on IT and business leaders to embark on digital transformation programs. But to be successful,thesetransformationsrelyonanytime,anywhereaccess todataandservices—andthatmeanshavingthreekeycapabilities: Non-stop business continuity Companies need to enable non-stop business continuity to mitigate risk and gain user confidence that their Digital Life will be available when, where and how they want it. And it’s only with strong backup, replication, and Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that they can succeed.

Availability helps enterprises manage data securely and accurately, reduce downtime, and instantly recover any app, any data, on any cloud, no matter what.

Digital Transformation Agility As digital transformation has become imperative for all businesses, the need to become more stable, flexible and agile is a stringent need. Enterprises must look for multi-cloud data management and migration to provide easy, secure and reliable service. Cross-cloud backup, replication, availability and mobility for workloads across any cloud or location can enhance this agility, meet business needs and adapt to user requirements as they change. Analytics and visibility When you combine rapidly changing customer expectations with constant disruption from born-digital competitors, the traditional players in many industries face some tough challenges.

Organizations today have an ace up their sleeve: data. The journey from an IT-supported business to an IT-enabled business requires analytics and visibility, so data can be leveraged to respond quickly to new demands, regardless of whether it’s delivering amazing customer experiences, identifying the best new opportunities or fine-tuning operational efficiency.

We hope you find these articles insightful as you work to build out your own digital transformation strategies! Kind regards, Tracey Swanson Editor-in-Chief, VeeamUP


6 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 7


8 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 9 Executive viewpoints Howintegrated backup appliances fail: The need to customize Availability within industries While every data center has similar data Availability needs, diversity amongsuchindustriesashealthcare,financialservices,energy(oiland gas),highereducationandretailrequiresflexibleandreliablesolutions to meet industry-specific requirements.

This diversity is one of the biggest challenges facing integrated backup appliances. Integrated backup appliances are turnkey solutions created by backup software vendors who pre-install backup software onto a server. The server often has suitable disk capacity to meet an organization’s backup capacity requirements. The goal? A quick start. Unfortunately, these shiny systems start to tarnish as soon as they face the demands of daily operations.

An integrated backup appliance provides no real advantage to a solution that’s customized for the specific demands of your business. Integrated backup appliances also lack flexibility and can make operation more difficult when faced with business, industry and regulatory requirements, all of which vary, depending on the industry. More likely, an integrated backup appliance will just add a layer of complexity to your environment, especially when the time comes to expand business operations. A prescription for healthy Availability Health care is one of the most regulated of all industries. For instance, there is a specific requirement to retain patient data for, at a minimum, the life of the patient.

There is also a requirement to ensure that data is not changed after it is created. In addition, there are requirements that restrict certain data access to specific, designated individuals. These requirements, along with the need to meet very narrow recovery point and time objectives (RTPO™), can challenge even highly prepared IT organizations. A single, integrated backup appliance would have a difficult time meeting many of today’s sweeping requirements. A software solution such as Veeam® Availability Suite™ can help, thanks to its ability to replicate data, perform frequent and network-efficient backups and provide instant recovery directly from backup hardware.

That said, Veeam needs to be teamed with the right hardware to provide a complete solution that’s capable of meeting the most stringent RTPO.

Backup hardware must meet or exceed the demands of health care IT organizations and Veeam’s capabilities. A health care use case, in particular, can require two types of hardware solutions; one to meet long-term data retention and security demands and another to meet short-term High Availability demands. Managingmultiplehardwaresolutionsoftencreatesanimmediate concern for overworked health care IT teams. But since both hardware solutions are controlled and managed by Veeam, the IT administrator’s data management responsibilities will not be too overwhelming. To preserve and secure data, health care IT administrators require storage systems that can not only scaleincapacity,butalsosupportadvancedfeaturessuchasinstant recovery,dataencryptionandtheabilitytorestoreapplications,files andVMswithoutimpactingbusinessoperations.

Navigating the regulatory waters of financial services requirements As data grows exponentially each year in the world of financial services, data privacy and Availability is of the utmost importance. Like health care, financial services companies have equally stringent retention and security requirements. A higher demand for rapid recovery across a wider cross section of applications is typical, as is the need to ensure 24.7.365 Availability. Again, an integrated backup solution would struggle trying to meet these requirements, and none of the integrated solutions on the market focus on hosting applications that require high-performance disk IO.

Once again, a two-system approach may be required, except By George Crump, President & Founder, Storage Switzerland

10 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 11 the system used for rapid recovery of critical applications may be a production class array, or even snapshots on the primary array, managed by the backup application. Availability: A beacon for the energy sector The challenges faced by energy companies are complicated by the need to support two sides of the business (upstream and downstream) with Availability requirements unique to each. The downstream side sells the product or utility and has very similar requirements to financial services. Records retention is required to meet industry regulations and provide high-performance recovery of certain applications.

While Availability is important, the upstream side of the energy industry is more concerned about long-term retention and sequential recovery performance. One unique need for long-term retention is seismic data preservation fortheanalysisofpotentialfuelsources.Theupstreamsidewants toretainthisdatasoitcancompareittoprevioussurveysorapply newtechnologytothedatatouncoverpotentialoilandgassources. Upstream data is so large that instant recovery from a backup volume may not be practical. Instead, administrators need a system that can stream data and provide high bandwidth restores to a high-performance production system for more rapid analysis than what the backup volume can provide.

Intelligent Availability for higher education Large research universities are more likely to use high-performance computing (HPC) for scientific research. Like other industries, this sector has very specific retention requirements that, depending on theproject,mayormaynotrequirenarrowrecoverywindows.Since research will often dictate retention and recovery requirements, a single turnkey appliance cannot provide the flexibility needed to support data center Availability. The need to quickly process massive data amounts is typical for most HPC environments. As with the upstream side of energy, the HPC environment will probably not host a volume from backup storage.

Instead, it will want a parallel, high-bandwidth recovery to production storage. Availability for remote and branch locations The retail industry is unique in the amount of remote, datagenerating locations it may have with, for example, individual stores. Backing up and restoring remote office/branch office (ROBO) data presents unique challenges. Instead of staffing each locationwithon-siteITresources,retailenvironmentsbackupdatato Independent Storage Analysis centralizedlocations.Thisallowsorganizationstomanagedatainto asinglepoolwhereitcanbededuplicated,replicatedandcopiedfor disasterrecoverypurposes.Consolidatingdataintoasinglepoolalso allowsmanagementtocompareanindividualstore’sdatatoother locationsaspartofitsbusinessanalyticsprocess.

Since some form of on-premises software is still required, a single, turnkeyappliancecanfallshort.Availabilityforstorefrontdatarequires protection locally so users can recover quickly if a single system fails. This makes a feature such as instant recovery ideal. The backup hardware should be able to deliver the required performance so applicationscanreturntooperationwithinminutes. Aproductsuch asVeeamBackup&Replication™providestheabilitytocontinuously updateacentrallocationwithdatafromremotesites.

Conclusion Dedicated backup appliances look good on the whiteboard and feel good on the first day of implementation. But the initial luster soon fades when challenged by the daily rigors of organizational reality, especially those deployed in industries with specific and widely varyingretentionanddatarecoveryrequirements.Inmanysituations, a solution requires two different secondary storage hardware platforms, coupled with a controlling backup application, such as Veeam Availability Suite, to manage the process. With more than 250,000 customers, Veeam provides solutions with features designed and proven to meet Availability requirements for a wide range of industry needs, supported and integrated with many of today’s leading storage hardware providers.

Executive viewpoints

12 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 13 Creating a continuous Digital Life experience ExploringTechTarget’s perspectiveontheroles ofbusinesscontinuity and Availability in the digital world Every industry has unique digital needs, but they also share common threads. As organizations across all sectors increasingly move through various phases of digital transformation, each is seeking a solution that delivers enterprise continuity and data agility, as well as analytics and visibility. IncollaborationwithTechTarget,VeeamUPexamineswhatDigital Lifelookslikeforsevenbigindustries—healthcare,highereducation, financialservices,manufacturing,telecom,retail,andenergy—and showswhyAvailabilityisacrucialfactorinmodernenterprisesuccess.

Health care The health care industry now relies on technology at every level, withdifferentrequirementsforalluserssuchaspatients,doctorsand managers.ITteamsmustensureeasy,instantaccessibilityforevery user because unplanned downtime can have a negative impact on patienthealth.ThismeansadoptingadigitalstrategythatusescloudbasedmanagementtoaiddataAvailability,retentionandrecovery. Higher education Higher education is shifting from desks in classrooms and lecture halls to a technology-driven industry, a move triggered by a generation of digital-native students and researchers. To keep up, IT teams need to build a digital strategy that meets the needs of an institution’s students, faculty and administrators.

IT leaders need to guarantee reliable remote access to resources so users can access data and applications from anywhere, at any time, and from a range of different devices. The key in this industry is finding the balance between Availability and security. Executive viewpoints

14 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 15 TechTarget and Veeam teamed up to share the three key steps to ensuring business continuity. Learn more at Financial services Frommobilebankingappsandonlineportals,totraditionalover-thecountertransactions,customersinfinancialservicesexpectthedata they need to be available at any time, regardless of the channel. For IT decision-makers, this means creating an optimized backup and recoverystrategythatprotectssensitivedatawhilealsomaintaining HighAvailabilityforusers.Financialservicesarehighlyregulated.All digitalmanagementsolutionsmustalsooffertransparencyandrealtimereportingfunctionstomaintaincompliance.

Manufacturing Manufacturing is on the cusp of a digital industrial revolution — technology is becoming intrinsic at every stage of the process, from sourcing to delivery. Digital Life in manufacturing looks differentateverylevelandforeverystakeholderandITteamsneed tobeabletosupporteachoneofthem.Asdigitizationandautomation become more common in manufacturing, the industry’s reliance on technology is particularly vulnerable to the Availability Gap when IT can’t meet the continuity requirements of the business. Telecom Digitization has completely transformed the telecom industry over the past two decades.

Digital services have become a huge part of most telecom providers’ business. At the same time, customers today have become completely dependent on digital services in their day-to-day lives. Telecom providers power the digital lives of their customers. If those services are unavailable, the damage to the business can be huge. Modern telecom IT teams need to create and adhere to a business continuity plan and focus their business continuity planning on Availability. Retail Retail is also going through a period of huge change. Digitization has driven huge changes in where, when, and how everyone buys products.

Retail shopping has become an Always-On™ experience, with customers now able to make purchases of all kinds through smartphones, computers and other channels. To support that and enable a 24.7.365 shopping experience, retailers themselves rely on comprehensive business continuity plans and strong Availability solutions.

Energy As oil and gas companies embrace new applications for digital technology, they face a wide range of challenges including data growth, mobility and regulatory compliance related to how they manage and protect their data. Oil and gas enterprises cannot afford to stop or delay the information flow. They must recognize the stringent need of Availability in their business. Conclusion In any industry, unplanned downtime can severely affect the profitability of a product and interfere in customers’ Digital Life. IT decision makers have an important obligation to meet the Always-On expectations of their company’s stakeholders and focus on business continuity and Availability.

Executive viewpoints

16 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 17 Making recovery part of your ransomware preparedness strategy Today, ransomware is a business — yes, a business. Driven mostly through Ransomware as a Service platforms run by organized crime gangs, ransomware is the fastest growing threat today. No surprise, given that a single ransomware attack campaign can net criminals millions of dollars in return for very little risk, expenditure or chance of being caught. Ransomwarehasbecomethethreat-du-jourformostorganizations as they struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing cybercrime landscape and barrage of attacks from cybercriminals and hackers.

ITteams,cyberandinfo-secdepartments,CISOsandCIOsfeellike they’restuckinagiantrevolvingdoorthatrotatesbetweenstates ofsecurityandinsecurityintheirenvironments.

It’s hardly surprising ransomware has become so ubiquitous and successfulbecauseofitsfranklyimpressiveabilitytoevolve.Itsneaks past existing defenses such as secure email gateways and desktop antiviruses with great ease, and it then tricks users into running its viral payloadforthataddedkillerpunch. Ransomware does not discriminate — it attacks organizations of every size, geography and industry, although some industries are hit harder, given an assumption that their data is move valuable to the operational ability of the business. The frustration of those affected by these problems is palpable, and most are now looking at a broader cross section of technologies to protect themselves and more importantly to recover post-attack, rather than rely on pure-play security solutions alone.

How to prepare Assume it’s a when and not an if ransomware will strike. It is critical to have your IT organization prepare every way possible, to either thwart an attack or minimize its impact.

Patch everything, patch often Per the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the average timetodevelopanexploittoapublishedvulnerabilityis30days.With current attacks leveraging vulnerabilities that have been out, literally, since 1998 (1998!), it’s evident that the patch everything part of the recommended steps is not being taken seriously. Use a multi-layered defense strategy Many organizations put their trust in antivirus solutions, which rely on signatures and behaviors to identify intentionally malicious code. MalwareauthorsarefamiliarwithhowAVworksandtheyintentionally studyhowspecificAVvendorsdetectmalwaresotheycanwritecode thatavoidsdetectionbytestingagainstcurrentAVsoftware.

What’s needed is a combination of antivirus, email protection, endpoint protection (e.g. application white/black listing), least privilege, user training, and phishing testing. Part of this layered approach includes an ability to identify the presence of malware/ransomware and notify IT so that the instance can be isolated and eradicated.

Get your road-to-recovery plan in place You might think it would be less expensive to simply pay the ransom if you are attacked. When it comes to the possibility of your data being modified, however, do you really want to trust a cybercriminal to perfectly decrypt and maintain the integrity of your data? Relying on data recovery from your own tested backups will give you 100% confidence in your recoverability. There is also still the issue of removing the ransomware and Trojans on your systems. A recent Citrix survey showed that 36% of organizations are not confident that they can completely eradicate malware from systems.

36% of organizations are not confident in their ability to completely eradicate malware What’s your plan for recovery? Learn more by downloading the full executive brief and the NEW Conversational Ransomware Defense and Survival eBook, by ConversationalGeek and Veeam. RANSOMWARE 4000+ 6 workstations 12 hours 12 hours 2 servers 3-5 bitcoins $3500-6000 DAILY INFECTIONS AVERAGE RANSOM AVERAGE IMPACT AVERAGE REMEDIATION AVERAGE DOWNTIME Loading... Executive viewpoints

18 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 19 GDPR Considerations By Danny Allan, Veeam VP of Cloud and Alliance Strategy Here we are, less than one year out from the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), one of the biggest changes to how personal data is handled and managed in the last 20 years. Either as an employee of a business with customers in the EU, as a EU citizen yourself or perhaps both — you will be affected. At Veeam, we believe in rules that protect the rights of consumers, and have welcomed GDPR since it was adopted by the European Council some 14 months ago. But what is it all about? And why now? In short, GDPR strengthens and gives new rights to individuals over their personal data such as: who can access it, where it can reside, guidelinesandresponsetimesifthedataisaccessedduringasecurity breach, the right to be forgotten by a business and the retrieval of information, to name just a few areas.

This is a necessary law. We are living in a society where breaches cost businesses upwards of $100 million, and post-breach share prices drop an average 1.8%. Since 2013, more than 200 breaches were publicly disclosed on seven global stock exchanges, with 65 considered to be severe and catastrophic. The information obtained is frequently that of an organization’s users. This can lead to fraud and more sophisticated targeting, all of which leave consumers with a low opinion of a brand that allows it to happen. More important, this regulation is designed to create new and strengthen existing rights for individuals.

This includes fundamental principles such as the right to be informed, the right of access, the right of rectification, the right of erasure and the right of data portability.

Personal privacy will continue to be increasingly important as the Digital Life and data becomes more valuable to the industry. Recently, the workplace has welcomed a generation of employees who have only lived a Digital Life. Their expectation is that the internet and internet-based services just work and digital experiences must be seamless and Always-On. By the same token, today’s willingness to share and trade information in exchange for a service has created many new data privacy and ownership issues. A necessary change Adecadeago,smartphonesdidn’texist.Threedecadesearlier,noone owned a home computer.

In fact, when the Data Protection Directive (DPD) was created in 1995, the internet as we know it today did not exist. The world around us continues to change, and with those advancementsmustcomechangesinregulationtoensurewecanuse technologyinasafe,secureandresponsibleway.WebelieveGDPRis a positive regulation. It reinforces the weight of responsibility businesses have when they collect our data (as users), where they store it and how they protect it. If a heavy fine and penalty helps restore the ethical and moral responsibilities of organizations and increases their desire to better manage data, so be it.

The road to compliance Because Veeam is a business based in Switzerland with a global customer base, GDPR is an issue we must also address. I sit on a team that manages compliancy of the regulation. While we’re in good shape, we understand that not everyone is. What we’ve seen and heard from our customers varies a lot. The realization for some is that this is not just a case of documenting what they already do. For some, it will require a fundamental shift in how they operate, handle risk and manage data. Others in industries more familiar with heavy regulation are all set and only need to make small changes.

While the previous DPD regulation was very similar, the difference with GDPR is that it’s mandatory and supported by a range of fines for noncompliance — some up to 20 million euros or 4% of a business’s worldwide group turnover. One-size-fits-all software does not exist WhenreviewingGDPRwithinyourbusinesskeepinmindthatthis isnotmerelyatechnologyissue.Certainly,technologyplaysapart in helping to discover, track and notify, but this is also a legal and compliance issue that involves lots of offline conversations, decisions and strategies.

BeskepticalofvendorssayingtheirsoftwareisGDPRcompliant whenthereisnocertificationtosupportthisclaim.Thereisnotone pieceofsoftwarethatcanensurethatallaspectsofGDPRaremet.

Forexample,howdoesapieceofsoftwareensureyouhaveappointed aDataProtectionOfficer(DPO)?Somevendorstryclevermarketing, while others are just plain misleading. Assess products with the strictest of review. News flash! Don’t buy into a solution because you think it’s going to save the day and save you from paying a fine. How can Veeam help with GDPR?

Veeam can assist centers on very specific aspects of your GDPR compliancy. Veeam already has great dashboards and reports that can assist in proving compliance for certain articles in GDPR. Veeam’s market-leading ability to restore access and Availability to data in an expedited way following an unplanned outage is commonly understood. Similarly, Veeam’s backup verification testing ensures your organization can assess and evaluate the effectiveness of data saved for restore, answering yet another demand of GDPR.

Right now, we’re encouraging organizations we work with to do a GDPR gap analysis to assess where they are in terms of compliance withtheregulation.Thisshouldbeginwithdataflowmapping.Thiswill provideyouwiththelocationsofallpersonallyidentifiableinformation (PII) and begin the process of who has access, where efficiencies can bemade,wheredataneedstomove,etc.

As we lead up to the enforcement date, we’ll provide you with more information on how Veeam can assist in your GDPR compliance plans. In the meantime, do not delay beginning your GDPR gap assessment or the fines and fallout will be significant. Failure to comply with GDPR comes with heavy fines and, similar to the business challenge of Availability, heavier costs around consumer confidence and loyalty.

Executive viewpoints

20 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 21 High profile outages shine spotlight on Availability requirements It’s incredible to reflect on how much we rely on online services today. From paying bills to checking public transport timetables, we now place an ever-increasing amount of trust in data, and perhaps more importantly, access to that data. This year alone, we’ve seen some high-profile outages — from Amazon and Instagram, to WhatsApp. Amazon suffered a significant outage that left its S3 service offline for hours. Amazon S3 underpins many AWS services and works as an object and media store for many other internet services that are relied on by millions every day.

You can read a little more about the specific issue here, but an internal investigation determined human error was to blame for taking the service out of action. Regardless of the outage’s root cause, it resulted in a cascade effect that rendered large swathes of internet services unavailable for a period of hours, grinding businesses to a halt. By John Metzger, VP Global Product Marketing Instagram also suffered an outage, sparking a wave of Twitter posts from users lamenting the lack of access. While the exact cause of the downtime hasn’t been released, Instagram has one of the most scalableapplicationarchitecturesontheplanet.Instagramreached 700millionusersattheendofApril,meaningthecompanymanaged todoubleitsuserbaseinjusttwoyears.Theplatformservesupadaily totalof80millionphotosandvideos.

Web-basedbusinesseshaveanimplicit(or,inmanycases,explicit) obligation to be available 24.7.365. Instagram powers countless businesses that rely on the digital platform to deliver ad views andcontenttocustomers,alsosettingtheexpectationofaservice that will be Always-On. The cost to the many businesses that rely on Instagram serving content is not easily measured, but Instagram suffered a reputational black eye during the time its services were unavailable. WhatsApp is another tech giant recently kicked offline in a global outage, with some of its 1.2 billion users unable to use the messaging service for several hours.

At the end of the day, regardless of how scalable, resilient and distributed a system architecture is, anything that’s software driven and underpinned by application logic has the potential to break and suffer downtime. There is always an Availability Gap between services going down and being restored, which, in turn, has a knock-on effect for partners and customers alike. The 2017VeeamAvailabilityReportshowsthat82%ofenterprisesacross theglobecannotmeetbusinessrequirements,whichtranslatesinto costs of $22 million per year for the average enterprise. This demands an Availability, protection and recoverability plan that’s separate from inbuilt logic.

In today’s world, where consumers are enraged by downtime, reputations are made by ensuring that services remain available around the clock. As businesses increasingly rely on the cloud to deliver services, any downtime has simply become unacceptable. At Veeam, we’ve addressed this concern by engineering a comprehensive platform that focuses on Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™. Downloadthe2017VeeamAvailabilityReporttolearnmore. Executive viewpoints

22 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 23

24 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 25 Increasing reliability for continuous exploration, production and distribution The oil and gas industry is experiencing a huge shift toward becoming an Always-On™ enterprise that meets the demands of the digital world. The efficiency improvements from using data and new technologies, plus the competitive advantages they afford, make digital transformation the next logical step for many leading companies in the industry.IT teams need to be able to guarantee reliability and Availability for mission-critical systems in an industry where downtime can be genuinely catastrophic.

Companies don’t just face potential financial loss and business delays — there’s also a high risk of accidents and environmental damage that affect both the organization and the public.

This IDG Enterprise white paper examines the challenges facing the increasingly data-dependent oil and gas industry to identify how IT teams can give their companies competitive advantages through Availability and a modernized approach to backup and replication. The forefront of digital innovation Oil and gas companies in the energy industry increasingly rely on bleeding-edge technology to get ahead — in every line of business. Geoscientists are using seismic exploration and combining live data with information from cloud storage to create real-time surveys of potential drilling or fracking sites.

With a full picture of the site they’re targeting, companies can increase confidence in the potential of the project before committing to production. Meanwhile, oil rigs are collecting data from thousands of machine sensors attached to drilling equipment and the rig itself to reduce the impact of unexpected faults and the risk of accidents through predictiveshutdownsystems.Whenthetechnologyorequipmentin theoilandgasindustryfails,thereisamassivenegativeimpact—and notjustintermsofthecost. Innovationacrossoilandgasenterprises hasresultedinITmanagingheterogeneousenvironmentsthatgrow morecomplexeachyear.Notonlyisdatastoragegrowing,butcloud storageisincreasingandmergersarebringingnewinfrastructuresinto themix.Organizationsarebecomingmoredependentonadvanced datacentertechnologiesandcloudstorage,whilemoreworkloadsare growingincreasinglymission-critical.

Making the most of technology Togetthebestresultsfromnewtechnologies,companiesalways needtobeabletoaccessthemostup-to-dateinformation.This means opting for Availability solutions that leverage virtualization and cloud and offer complete visibility in the IT infrastructure. Such solutions must also guarantee reliability for backing up and accessing large volumes of data at any time and from any device, even when communicating between remote sites, such as ships at sea, jungle exploration sites or oil fields. IDC predicts that 25% of oil and gas companies will use modelling, simulation and 3D virtual reality technologies by 2019.

Increasing reliability for continuous exploration, production and distribution 25 Energy Veeam in the Industry VeeamUP / Q4/ 2017 To learn more about how Availability solutions can support oil and gas organizations, download the IDGE white paper, 10 Availability Lessons Leading Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry.

26 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 27 OMICRON powers 24.7.365 technical support with Veeam and NetApp “Veeam and NetApp provide the best way for us to provide multisite Availability through frequent backup and fast recovery. They help us minimize the risk for data loss and deliver access to our technical support employees as quickly as possible.” Bernd Flatz, Team Leader, IT infrastructure, OMICRON OMICRON is a world leader in providing innovative testing solutions for the energy industry. OMICRON helps make the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity safe and reliable in more than 150 countries.

Customers include energy providers and manufacturers of equipment for the distribution and transmission of electrical power.

OMICRON provides customers with outstanding technical support so electrical power systems run smoothly, safely and efficiently. Highly qualified experts provide support around the clock and free of charge. Passion and energy are what drive them. To provide support around the clock, technicians require 24.7.365 access to customer data. Without 24.7.365 access, technicians can’t serve customers the way OMICRON intends or customers appreciate and expect. Veeam in the Industry / Energy

28 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 29 Veeam fuels business continuity for energy company Mining company strikes gold with Veeam Troy Resources Limited is a global gold producer headquartered in Perth, Australia.

Troy’s IT goal was simple: data in a distributed IT infrastructure should be recoverable quickly from any office worldwide. “Wewantedareliablesolution thatworkedsuccessfullythefirsttimeand everytime,”saidCraigFrenchHendry,Group ICT Manager at Troy. “Full confidence in ourabilitytorestoredataquicklyandeasily fromanylocationwaskey.And,wesought asolutionwithaclean,simpleinterface.” Hendryandhiscolleaguesdidn’tgoonline toreadsoftwarereviewsbeforechoosinga solution.Theytalkedwiththeirpeersinstead. “Easeofrecoveryisthecrux ofVeeamforus.Iamfully confidentinourabilityto restorefromanypointintime.” Craig French Hendry, Group ICT Manager, Troy Resources Limited The Paz Group is Israel’s leading energy corporation.

Paz supplies a third of Israel’s fuel products and was the country’s first energy company to own a refinery. Paz also operates the country’s largest network of filling stations and convenience stores. Reliable data protection and efficient disaster recovery are important to Paz, so when backing up 215 virtual machines took up to 50 hours, the IT team looked for a faster, more reliable solution. “Whohastimeforslowbackup?”askedYohai Rosenbaum, Computer Systems Manager at Paz. “Slow backup and recovery meant our employees couldn’t access the systems theyrequiredtocompletetheirwork.Legacy backupwasdisruptingbusinesscontinuity.” Paz replaced legacy backup with Veeam Backup&Replication.

Ifwehaveacrisis,allwehave todoisrecoverfromthelatest backup.Thechanceofdata lossdramaticallydecreasesand businesscontinuesasusual.” Yohai Rosenbaum, Computer Systems Manager, Paz Group Veeamhelpskeepthelightson OMICRON provides superior technical support to customers on all continents. When legacy backup prevented fast recovery of customer data, OMICRON replaced it with Veeam based on these three requirements: 1. 2. 3. Recovers quickly from backups so access to customer data can be restored fast. Verifies the recoverability of backups because a backup is only useful if data can be recovered from it.

Integrates with NetApp storage, yet is storage agnostic because the company has mixed-storage environments. “It’s hard to see the wood from the trees on the Internet when vendors spout their competitiveadvantagesovereachother,”he explained.“Ourchoicewasmadebylistening to the loudest voices among our peers. The loudestvoiceeachtimesaid‘Veeam.’” WithVeeam®Backup&Replication™,asingle backup server acts as a point of control to manage multiple backup proxies and repositories across Troy’s IT infrastructure. HendrysaidVeeam’sdistributedarchitecture has saved the day several times, beginning shortly after deployment when a colleague in the Australian office accidentally deleted herinbox.Hendryquicklyrestoreditfromthe Argentinean office.

She called me when I was out to dinner, and she was naturally panicked. She’s the assistant to the CEO, and she needed her emails. Restoring her inbox was simple, and I still had time to go back for dessert.” Veeam delivers business continuity Backup speed increased by 96% Recovery speed increased by 92% 15-minute RTPO diminished downtime “We discovered two major differences with Veeam: price and recoverability,” Rosenbaum said. “Veeam is more costeffective and offers the best RTPO™ in the industry, which is what you need for business continuity. No business can afford to lose a system for several hours.” Veeam in the Industry / Energy OMICRON’s backup tool was complicated and slow to recover data, putting delivery of technical support at risk.

OMICRON replaced legacy backup in each branch office with Veeam Backup & Replication for local backup and fast recovery. For recovery redundancy, the branch offices transfer backup copies to OMICRON’s primary data center using Veeam’s built-in WAN acceleration to avoid latency where bandwidth is limited. If one of the branch offices suffers a catastrophic incident such as a fire, the primary data center will use Veeam to recover data from a backup copy and reinstate access to technicians. “We looked at several solutions, but only Veeam met all of our requirements — and went above and beyond,” said Bernd Flatz, team leader of the IT infrastructure at OMICRON.

Veeam recovers in minutes, integrates seamlessly with NetApp, is storage agnostic, simpletouseandhelpsusavoidtheriskofdatalossinourmostcritical business systems. Veeam is the perfect Availability solution for us.” Flatz said OMICRON chose NetApp storage for its snapshot technology. Veeam’s integration with NetApp was a big selling point. “Veeam and NetApp provide the best way for us to provide multi-site Availability through frequent backup and fast recovery,” he said. “They help us minimize the risk for data loss and deliver access to our technical support employees as quickly as possible.” Veeam energizes business intelligence Veeam also helps minimize data loss and restore access quickly to OMICRON’s developers who create the software customers rely on to run their companies.

Abigpartofourbusinessintelligenceliesinsoftwaredevelopment, so our development environment is very important to us,” Flatz said. “Approximately one-quarter of our employees are software developers — hundreds of people depend on Veeam to restore their test environments quickly. They also depend on Veeam to create their test environments.” OMICRON’s developers use Veeam to create isolated virtual labs where they can test new software and update current software in a production-like environment. Flatz and his colleagues also rely on virtual labs to test and verify the recoverability of backups automatically.

That functionality is called SureBackup®, and it’s another way OMICRON guarantees 24.7.365 Availability. “One of the things we like most about Veeam is functionality,” Flatz said. “The functionality is robust, but easy to use. Veeam has become the solution we use across our company.”

VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 31 Digitaltechnologyhastransformedalmosteveryindustryacrossthe globe, and entertainment and leisure are certainly no exceptions. Businessofallkinds—fromfilmstudiosandTVcompaniestohotels andthemeparks—areunderpressuretoadapttoandembracenew businessmodelsasdigitaldisruptiontearsaparttraditionalmarkets. This digital disruption is perhaps most visible in areas such asentertainmentmedia,wherecompaniessuchasNetflixandSpotify haverevolutionizedthewayweexperiencefilm,TVandmusic. Thisgrowthalldependsontheconvenienceofferedbyanywhere and anytime access to huge libraries of entertainment media.

Astheon-demandmediamarketitselfgrowsandservicessuch as Netflix become core parts of the Digital Life, pressure to deliver on the promise of unbroken, uninterrupted access to entertainment services is growing too.

In 2017, the global internet video market will overtake the physical home video market, positioning itself to grow 11.6% CAGR by 20211 . Meeting new customer demands for modern entertainment Fortoday’sdigitalentertainmentandleisurecustomers,24.7.365 accesstopersonalized,flexible,on-demandservicesenabledbythe latesttechnologyisn’tjustarequest,it’sabasicexpectation. Forthe enterprisesservingtheseorganizations,ifthecontentplatformis unavailable,theentirebusinesscanbebroughttoitsknees.That’s aparticularlysignificantproblemforcompanieswheretheplatform istheproduct,suchasAirbnbwhereentirerevenuestreamswould grindtoahaltintheeventofunexpectedplatformdowntime.

Theseenterprisesnowcompeteonthequality,valueandconsistency of their customer experience and they know that customers have zerotolerancefordowntime.Tostaycompetitive,acompany’sdata and services must be constantly available, responding in real time to changing customer needs.But Availability isn’t just important for maintainingserviceuptime—it’salsocriticaltomaintainingthedatadrivenservicesthatdigitalentertainmentcompaniesrelyontobetter servetheircustomers.Advancedanalyticsandartificialintelligence help enterprises uncover deep customer insights, which means collecting,storing,analyzingandactingonhugequantitiesofdata— allofwhichneedstobeavailable24.7.365.

1 Source: PWC US edition: Global entertainment and media outlook 2017-2021 Creating personalized, data-driven customer experiences: Why Availability is essential in the digital world of entertainment and leisure What businesses need to do to keep up Companiesmustdifferentiatetheiruserexperiencetothriveinaworld ofnewrevenuestreams,rapidlygrowingcompetitionanddramatically differentcustomerexpectations.Theyalsoneedactionable,real-time insights into customer behavior, both at macro and micro levels, to deliver relevant and personalized experiences. Just having the right strategy and capabilities alone is not enough though.

Customer-facing and back-office services must be Always-On™, and data must be readily accessible. This means that businesses need Always-On Availability they can trust. As entertainment and leisure companies become data-driven enterprises, it will mean accelerating investments in virtualization, modern storage and cloud technologies, which will leave legacy backup and disaster recovery systems unable to cope. With amodernAvailabilitysolutionbuiltfortheworldofvirtualization, bigdata,flashstorageandcloud,companiescankeepdataprotected. Thismeanstheycandifferentiatethemselvesintheindustryandthrive infiercelycompetitiveandconstantlychangingmarkets.

Read customer stories to learn more about how Veeam supports entertainment and leisure businesses to help them compete, succeed and meet growing customer expectations. Entertainment & Leisure Veeam in the Industry VeeamUP / Q4/ 2017

32 VeeamUP / Q4 / 2017 33 The Denver Broncos add Availability to their playbook American football is big business and the Denver Broncos are big players in a big market. The team, which valued at $2.4 billion in 2016, is a member of the National Football League (NFL), which reigns supreme among sports leagues worldwide. Howmuch. net reports that the NFL generated $13 billion in revenue in 2015, followed by Major League Baseball ($9.5 billion) and the Premier League ($5.3 billion). The Denver Broncos are one of the most successful teams in the NFL. They choose exceptional players, hire brilliant coaches and use IT to gain a competitive edge on and off the field.

The Broncos were one of the first teams to digitize their playbook, giving coaches a fast, easy way to communicate new plays and video to staff and players. They also build proprietary applications and databases for scouting, training and game-day video analysis, along with other football-centric applications. “You can never have too much information at your fingertips, especially when the clock is ticking and decisions have to be made fast,” said Russ Trainor, Vice President of Information Technology for the Denver Broncos Football Club. “The clock seems to tick loudest during the NFL draft, training camp and on game days.

That’s when access to data is most critical.” “Reliability is where the rubber meets the road. When our team is on the clock to make a draft pick or any big decision, every second counts. Veeam is a reliable data Availability solution. It eases our anxiety.” Russ Trainor, VP of IT, Denver Broncos Football Club Veeam in the Industry/ Entertainment & Leisure 1.

2. 3. The Broncos virtualized every football application except one because they worried legacy backup wouldn’t be able to recover it. Because Veeam backs up and recovers reliably, they could virtualize the application and complete their digital transformation. Veeam provides an integrated, fast and secure way for the team to back up, replicate and restore from public or private clouds. To enhance disaster recovery, the Broncos can point their backups and replicas to the cloud of their choice using their Veeam console. Veeam provides detailed reports on the team’s backup infrastructure, which helps the Broncos demonstrate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for fan credit card purchases and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for player medical records.

VeeamsupportedtheDenverBroncos inthreeinitiativesthatlegacybackup couldn’thandle:thefinallegofdigital transformationtovirtualization,backup tothecloudandindustryaudits. TheNFLdraftisathree-daymediaextravaganza.Overthecourseof sevenrounds,teamsselecteligibleplayersfortheupcomingseason. Theyhave10minutestoselectinroundone,sevenminutesinround two and only two minutes in remaining rounds. “Our guys at the draft venue are in constant contact with the folks back home who’ve spent weeks analyzing each eligible player and compiling invaluable statistical data,” Trainor said. “If that data isn’t available every minute leading up to the draft and during the draft, we can’t make the best-possible selections.

Choosing the right players can make or break a team.” Trainor said data Availability is just as critical during training camp, the weeks leading up to game day and, of course, on game day. Without access to data during training camp, coaches have a difficult time whittling a 90-player roster down to 53. Without access to data on game day, digitized playbooks are useless and fan-facing systems become obsolete. Ticket scanners won’t work at entrance gates to the stadium, point-of-sale systems are useless at concession stands, videos won’t play on scoreboards, and Wi-Fi can’t power fans’ mobile apps.

If data isn’t available, we’re in a bad situation,” Trainor said. “That’s why we had to replace legacy backup. It was unreliable and made us susceptible to downtime, which is unacceptable, and data loss, which is unthinkable.” Veeam Scores Big TheDenverBroncosreplacedlegacybackupwithVeeamAvailability Suite.Veeamdelivers24.7.365Availabilitysotheteamcanmakefast, well-informeddecisionsonandoffthefield.

When the clock is ticking during the draft, at training camp and on game days, we know Veeam has our back,” Trainor said. “Our data is available 24.7.365 because Veeam Backup & Recovery is fast and reliable.”Trainorsaidreliabilityisthenumber#1benefitofusingVeeam. “Reliability is where the rubber meets the road. When our team is on the clock to make, a draft pick or any big decision, every second counts. Veeam is a reliable Availability solution. It eases our anxiety.” VeeambenefitstheteaminadditionalwaysperTrainor.

Veeam is scalable, so even though our data grows by 30% each year, Veeam scales with us,” he said.

Veeam also integrates fully with VMware and NetApp. They work as one unit, so restoring virtual machines from NetApp storage snapshots is simple and straightforwardwithVeeam—nospecialtrainingisrequired.The Veeaminterfaceisintuitiveandeasytouse.“Whenyouconsider allVeeamoffersandyoufactorincost—Veeamisaffordable— switching to Veeam was a no-brainer,” Trainor said. “Now I understand why a friend of mine said sarcastically ‘You’re not using Veeam?’ It makes perfect sense.”

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