Victoria College
                                                  Mission & Administrative Capacity
Standard 1: The nursing education unit’s mission reflects the governing organization’s core values and is congruent with its strategic goals and objectives. The governing
organization and program have administrative capacity resulting in effective delivery of the nursing program and achievement of identified outcomes.

                            PLAN                                                              IMPLEMENTATION OF PLAN                                             REVIEW OF PLAN
  COMPONENT /          EXPECTED LEVEL            FREQUENCY/            ASSESSMENT                 RESULTS OF DATA                   ACTIONS FOR                    FOLLOW-UP /
   INDICATOR           OF ACHIEVEMENT          DATE ASSESSED/           METHODS               COLLECTION & ANALYSIS                  PROGRAM                       EVALUATION
                                                  NAME OF                                       (including actual level            DEVELOPMENT,                     (if needed)
                                                  ASSESOR                                          of achievement)                MAINTENANCE OR

1.1                   There is 100%            Frequency:           Include but not        Actual Level of Achievement:          ~The Victoria College       May 2012
The                   congruency between       Every 2 years        limited to:            There is 100% congruency              will revise their mission   ~This standard will be re-
mission/philosophy    the mission/philosophy   (even years) in      ~Review VC mission     between the mission / philosophy      statements and              evaluated again in
and outcomes of the   and outcomes of the      September or         statement & values     and outcomes of the Victoria          philosophy in February,     September with the New
nursing education     Victoria College         upon revision of     with ADN program       College Associated Degree             so follow up evaluation     Evaluation schedule. The
unit are congruent    Associate Degree         the college or the   philosophy             Nursing Program and the Victoria      should be planned for       revisions that were made to
with those of the     Nursing Program and      nursing program’s    ~Review ADN            College.                              May 2012.                   the Victoria College mission
governing             the Victoria College     mission/philosophy   program outcomes to                                                                      statement in February were
organization                                   .                    ensure that they can   Results:                                                          minor word changes.
                                                                    be accomplished with   ~The Victoria College mission
                                               Date Assessed:       the current VC         statement & values were reviewed                                  Michelle Ulbrich MSN, RN
(old plan: 1a)                                 February 6, 2012     mission statement &    and compared with the ADN                                          ~Evaluation Committee
                                                                    values & the ADN       program philosophy.                                                         Chair
                                               Assessor:            program philosophy.    The mission statement of the
                                               Janet Ley                                   Victoria College pledges to provide                               Next Scheduled Review:
                                               Michelle Ulbrich                            educational opportunities and                                     September 2012
                                                                                           services for the students and the
                                                                                           community and the surrounding
                                                                                           communities it services.

                                                                                           ~The ADN philosophy states that the
                                                                                           ADN program is in accord with the
                                                                                           mission, philosophy, purpose and
                                                                                           values of the Victoria College. The
                                                                                           purpose and philosophy of the ADN
                                                                                           program reflects a commitment to
                                                                                           the success of a culturally diverse
                                                                                           population of ADN students and
                                                                                           graduates of the nursing program as
                                                                                           well as a commitment to meet the
                                                                                           nursing care needs of the
                                                                                           community and surrounding

                                                                                              ~ADN Program outcomes reflect a
                                                                                              92% rate of success in the graduate
                                                                                              nurses who receive passing NCLEX
                                                                                              test scores. The community benefits
                                                                                              from having graduate nurses that
                                                                                              are well prepared to meet the
                                                                                              nursing needs of the community.

1.2                     100% of the time there   Frequency:         Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:            ~No actions needed   ~No follow-up needed
The governing           is representation        Annually in        to:                       100% of the time there is
organization and        of students, faculty,    September          ~Review faculty           representation                                               Next Scheduled Review:
nursing education       and administrators in                       committee                 of students, faculty, and                                    September 2012
unit ensure             ongoing governance       Date Assessed:     assignments for           administrators in ongoing
representation of       activities at Victoria   February 6, 2012   campus-wide               governance activities at Victoria
students, faculty,      College and the                             committees & ADN          College and the Associate
and administrators in   Associate Degree         Assessor:          program committees        Degree Nursing Program
ongoing governance      Nursing Program          Faith Darilek      ~Review
activities                                       Michelle Ulbrich   representation on         Results:
                                                                    Faculty Senate            ~Four ADN faculty members serve
                                                                    ~Review of advisory       on faculty senate, two serving as
(old plan: 2a,b)                                                    council, student-         officers. Senators participate in
                                                                    faculty liaison &         Luncheon with the President.
                                                                    curriculum committee
                                                                    minutes for student       ~Ten members (71%) of the
                                                                    participation             nursing faculty are elected
                                                                    ~ Review student          members of college committees
                                                                    participation in          (forum, special faculty, advisory and
                                                                    Student Government        hearing, and administrative)
                                                                    ~Review student           ~100% of ADN full-time faculty are
                                                                    participation at          assigned to at least one department
                                                                    program level             committee (faculty, curriculum,
                                                                                              Selection & retention, student-
                                                                                              faculty Liaison, advisory council,
                                                                                              faculty pinning, evaluation, clinical
                                                                                              performance review, courtesy, peer
                                                                                              review, and SNA)

                                                                                              ~SNA President participates in
                                                                                              Student Government Association.
                                                                                              Faculty members are requested to
                                                                                              nominate students for Luncheon
                                                                                              with the President each semester.

                                                                                              ~All full time faculty members are
                                                                                              members of the faculty committee.
                                                                                              Part-time and adjunct instructors
                                                                                              are encouraged to attend.
~Students participate in curriculum
                                                                                          (level IV), student-faculty liaison
                                                                                          Council (levels I-IV), advisory
                                                                                          council, (level III & IV), and pinning
                                                                                          committee (Level IV).

                                                                                          ~Levels I-IV faculty members
                                                                                          participate student-faculty liaison
                                                                                          and advisory meeting annually.

1.3                   Communities of         Frequency:         Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:             ~Continue to maintain    ~No action needed
Communities of        interest               Annually in        to:                       Communities of interest                  strong relationships
interest have input   have input into        September          ~Review advisory          have input into program                  with communities of      Next Scheduled Review:
into program          program processes                         council & agency          processes and decision making.           interest so that         September 2012
processes and         and decision making.   Date Assessed:     meeting minutes                                                    program improvement
decision making.                             February 6, 2012   ~Review participation     Results:                                 is an ongoing process.
                                                                of practice               ~Advisory Council meets annually
                                             Assessor:          consultants on CPR        in the fall with representation from
 (old plan:                                  Faith Darilek      committees                hospitals (CMC, DeTar, Cuero
not directly                                 Michelle Ulbrich   ~ Review student          Community, Kindred, & Warm
assessed)                                                       faculty liaison meeting   Springs; Long Term Care
                                                                minutes                   Facilities,:Twin Pines and Retama
                                                                ~Review student           Manor South, Golden Crescent
                                                                representation in         Workforce Solutions, Health
                                                                curriculum meetings       Department, Counselor from East
                                                                                          and West High Schools, VISD CTE
                                                                                          Coordinator, Dean of UH-V SON, a
                                                                                          Level IV student representative, and
                                                                                          a recent graduate from the ADN
                                                                                          program). Recent collaborative
                                                                                          efforts included: clinical usage,
                                                                                          preceptorship, transition into
                                                                                          workplace, changes in high school
                                                                                          curriculum for student pursuing
                                                                                          medical careers, etc.

                                                                                          ~Agency meetings are held
                                                                                          annually in the spring. Represented
                                                                                          are key staff members for each
                                                                                          facility to which students are
                                                                                          assigned as well as faculty who
                                                                                          conduct clinicals at that facility and
                                                                                          level coordinators. Recent
collaborative efforts include:
                                                                                            computer training, new departments
                                                                                            in hospitals, vacancies for graduate
                                                                                            nurses, National Safety Standards,

                                                                                            ~Two practice consultants (Jeff
                                                                                            Payne/CMC and Maggie
                                                                                            Barefield/DeTar) contribute to the
                                                                                            Clinical Performance Review
                                                                                            (CPR) Committee when the
                                                                                            committee deems their input

                                                                                            ~Student-Faculty Liaison committee
                                                                                            meets in the fall and in the spring
                                                                                            with student and faculty
                                                                                            representatives from each level.
                                                                                            Current collaborative efforts include:
                                                                                            dress code, parking, simulation
                                                                                            days, cross walk across Red River.

                                                                                            ~Curriculum Committee meets
                                                                                            monthly with a student
                                                                                            representative from Level IV.
                                                                                            Recent collaborative efforts include:
                                                                                            student response programs/clickers,
                                                                                            MAP testing, revisions to grading
                                                                                            forms e.g. therapeutic
                                                                                            communication, curriculum review
                                                                                            as needed, etc.
1.4                  Partnerships exist that   Frequency:         Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:             ~Continue to maintain       ~No action needed
Partnerships exist   promote excellence in     Annually in        to:                       Partnerships exist that promote          strong partnerships
that promote         nursing education,        September          ~Review articulation      excellence in nursing education,         with area schools,          Next Scheduled Review:
excellence in        enhance the                                  agreements                enhance the profession, and              organizations, facilities   September 2012
nursing education,   profession, and benefit   Date Assessed:     ~Review participation     benefit the community.                   and/or agencies
enhance the          the community.            February 6, 2012   in SNA, TNA and any
profession, and                                                   other organizations       Results:
benefit the                                    Assessor:          ~Review participation     ~Articulation agreements are
community.                                     Faith Darilek      in any grants             maintained in the Dean’s office. We
                                               Michelle Ulbrich   ~Review affiliation       have a written articulation
(old plan:                                                        agreements with           agreements with UHV last signed in
 not assessed)                                                    healthcare agencies       Fall 2011. We have unwritten
                                                                  used for clinical         articulation agreements with TAMU
                                                                  experiences.              CC and TTU.

                                                                                            ~Students are able to earn points
                                                                                            for Student Nurses Association
                                                                                            (SNA) membership and
                                                                                            participation in community projects
eg: food drives, Habitat for
                                                                                                Humanity, assisting with school
                                                                                                physicals, attendance at TNA

                                                                                                ~10 faculty members belong to
                                                                                                Texas Nurse’s Association (TNA)
                                                                                                and the current president is a
                                                                                                faculty member.

                                                                                                ~Perkins Grants were recently used
                                                                                                to purchase five electronic IV
                                                                                                pumps in Spring 2012.
                                                                                                ~The secretary to Dean maintains
                                                                                                Affiliation Agreements and reports
                                                                                                that the agreements are renewed
                                                                                                yearly and the last renewal was
                                                                                                August 2011.

                                                                                                ~A level 4 ADN graduate is
                                                                                                awarded each semester the BJ
                                                                                                Peterson Award. The student is
                                                                                                nominated by their peers for
                                                                                                demonstrating excellence in the
                                                                                                nursing profession.

                                                                                                ~Also, Citizens Medical Center and
                                                                                                Texas Nurses Association provide
                                                                                                scholarships to our students based
                                                                                                on their award criteria.
1.5                      100% compliance with      Frequency:         Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:              ~No actions needed   ~No follow-up needed
The nursing              required qualifications   Annually in        to:                       There is 100% compliance with
education unit is        of the nurse              November           ~Review Texas Board       the required qualifications of the                             Next Scheduled Review:
administered by a        administrator for the                        of Nursing                Director of the ADN program.                                   November 2012
nurse who holds a        ADN program (Director     Date Assessed:     requirements for
graduate degree          of ADN Program).          March 5, 2012      program director          Results:
with a major in                                                       ~Review NLNAC             ~ The Dean, LeAnn Wagner, has
nursing.                                           Assessor:          requirements for          the responsibilities of the Director of
                                                   Michelle Ulbrich   program director          the ADN program. She has a
                                                                      ~Review ADN director      Master of Science in Nursing from
(old plan:3a)                                                         job description           the University of Texas at El Paso.
                                                                      ~Review degree            An official transcript is file in the
                                                                      status of current         office of the Vice President of
                                                                      program director          Instruction
1.6                      100% of the time, the     Frequency:         Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:              ~No actions needed   ~No follow-up needed
The nurse                nurse administrator has   Annually in        to:                       100% of the time, the nurse
administrator has        authority and             November           ~Review job               administrator has authority and                                Next Scheduled Review:
authority and            responsibility for the                       description for           responsibility for the                                         November 2012
responsibility for the   development and           Date Assessed:     program director          development and administration
development and          administration of the     March 5, 2012      ~Review                   of the program and has adequate
administration of the   program and has                               organizational chart        time and resources to fulfill the
program and has         adequate time and          Assessor:          showing lines of            role responsibility
adequate time and       resources to fulfill the   Michelle Ulbrich   authority and
resources to fulfill    role responsibility.                          responsibility              Results:
the role                                                              ~Interview director on      ~ The Dean of Allied Health, LeAnn
responsibilities.                                                     his/her ability and         Wagner, has the responsibilities of
                                                                      resources to fulfill role   the Director of the ADN Program.
(old plan: 3b)                                                        responsibilities in
                                                                      adequate time               ~The job description of the Dean
                                                                                                  clearly demonstrates administrative
                                                                                                  authority over faculty assignments,
                                                                                                  curriculum evaluation and changes,
                                                                                                  course scheduling, clinical
                                                                                                  scheduling, budget development
                                                                                                  and implementation, liaison with the
                                                                                                  community and regulatory bodies,
                                                                                                  overall program policy development
                                                                                                  and changes, faculty recruitment, as
                                                                                                  well as program goal setting and
                                                                                                  total program evaluation.

                                                                                                  ~The Program Director currently
                                                                                                  conducts evaluation of the faculty
                                                                                                  members in her role as Division
                                                                                                  Dean. The Program Chair conducts
                                                                                                  the evaluation of the program

                                                                                                  ~The Dean of Allied Health has no
                                                                                                  assigned teaching duties ;therefore,
                                                                                                  she has adequate time to fulfill the
                                                                                                  responsibilities of the Division Dean
                                                                                                  and Program Director positions.

                                                                                                  ~The Director, in her role as Dean
                                                                                                  of Allied Health Division, is
                                                                                                  responsible for the Vocational
                                                                                                  Nursing Programs, Medical
                                                                                                  Laboratory Program, Respiratory
                                                                                                  Care Program, Physical Therapy
                                                                                                  Assistant Program, and Allied
                                                                                                  Health Education Center, in
                                                                                                  addition to the Associate Degree
                                                                                                  Nursing Program. Each of these
                                                                                                  programs/departments, including
                                                                                                  the ADN Program, has a Chair who
                                                                                                  is responsible for the day-to-day
                                                                                                  activities of the program or
1.7                    With faculty input, the    Frequency:         Include but not limited     Actual Level of Achievement:              ~The State of Texas      ~No follow-up needed
With faculty input,    nurse administrator has    Annually in        to:                         With Faculty input, the nurse             has significantly cut
the nurse              the authority to prepare   November           ~Review budgeting           administrator has the authority to        funds to community       Next Scheduled Review:
administrator has      and administer the                            process with ADN            prepare and administer the                colleges in the state    November 2012
the authority to       program budget and         Date Assessed:     director & discuss          program budget and advocates              over the next few
prepare and            advocates the equity       March 5, 2012      level of faculty input at   the equity within the unit and            years. The whole
administer the         within the unit and                           faculty meetings            among other divisions of Victoria         college has had to
program budget and     among other divisions      Assessor:                                      College.                                  become creative on
advocates for equity   of Victoria College.       Michelle Ulbrich                                                                         how to cut spending.
within the unit and                                                                              Results:
among other units of                                                                             ~The job description of the Dean of       ~Faculty now are in
the governing                                                                                    Allied Health states, “The                charge of conducting
organization.                                                                                    Instructional Deans are the principal     all weekly tutoring
                                                                                                 academic and budgetary officers for       sessions when before
(old plan:15c)                                                                                   their respective divisions within         an adjunct instructor
                                                                                                 Victoria College. Instructional           was hired to do
                                                                                                 deans are empowered with the              tutoring.
                                                                                                 authority necessary to provide
                                                                                                 positive leadership regarding             ~ Faculty also no
                                                                                                 academic personnel, curricular, and       longer get paid to
                                                                                                 budgetary decisions that further the      substitute for another
                                                                                                 academic, programmatic, and               clinical instructor.
                                                                                                 scholarly mission of the institution in
                                                                                                 its service to the community. Such        ~The division recently
                                                                                                 leadership includes the processes         received Perkins funds
                                                                                                 of academic personnel policy,             to purchase new IV
                                                                                                 participation in budgetary                pumps in the learning
                                                                                                 allocations, determination of             lab.
                                                                                                 academic standards and
                                                                                                 benchmarks, and the acquisition,
                                                                                                 retention or release of academic

                                                                                                 ~Because the day-to-day operation
                                                                                                 of the ADN Program is the
                                                                                                 responsibility of the Chair, she
                                                                                                 collaborates with the Dean of Allied
                                                                                                 Health to formulate and implement
                                                                                                 annual budget recommendations
                                                                                                 and seeks faculty input regarding
                                                                                                 relevant budgetary matters. She
                                                                                                 also assists in procuring external
                                                                                                 funds for special projects.

                                                                                                 ~The ADN Program has seldom
                                                                                                 asked for an essential piece of
                                                                                                 equipment or personnel that has not
                                                                                                 been funded. While cuts have been
                                                                                                 necessary, this program has had no
                                                                                                 cuts higher than those made in
other programs. In fact, the ADN
                                                                                                      Program has the highest budget of
                                                                                                      the programs at Victoria College
                                                                                                      because of the enrollment and need
                                                                                                      for laboratory and technical
1.8                      100% of policies of         Frequency:            Include but not limited    Actual Level of Achievement:          ~Continue to review   May 2012
Policies of the          Victoria College            Annually in October   to:                        100% of policies of Victoria          handbook yearly to    100% of policies of
nursing education        Associate Degree                                  ~Comparative               College Associate Degree              ensure cohesiveness   Victoria College Associate
unit are                 Nursing Program are         Date Assessed:        analysis of the            Nursing Program are                   between Victoria      Degree Nursing Program
comprehensive,           comprehensive,              March 5, 2012         policies in the Victoria   comprehensive, provide for the        College and the ADN   are comprehensive,
provide for the          provide for the welfare                           College Employee           welfare of faculty and staff, and     program.              provide for the welfare of
welfare of faculty       of faculty and staff, and   Assessor:             Handbook, and ADN          are consistent with those of                                faculty and staff, and are
and staff, and are       are consistent with         Tami Hurley           Faculty Handbook           Victoria College; differences are                           consistent with those of
consistent with those    those of Victoria           Michelle Ulbrich      ~Policies to be            justified by the goals and                                  Victoria College;
of the governing         College; differences                              reviewed include:          outcomes of the nursing                                     differences are justified by
organization;            are justified by the                              1. Non-discrimination      program.-This expected level of                             the goals and outcomes of
differences are          goals and outcomes of                             2. Faculty                 achievement cannot be                                       the nursing program.
justified by the goals   the nursing program.                                  appointment            determined until approval of                                -Expected level of
and outcomes of the                                                        3. Academic rank           Victoria College Employee                                   achievement met
nursing education                                                          4. Grievance               Handbook
unit.                                                                          procedures                                                                         ~Upon review of the newly
                                                                           5. Promotion                                                                           adopted Victoria College
(old plan:4a-j)                                                            6. Salary & benefits                                                                   Employee Handbook, the
                                                                           7. Tenure                                                                              policies found in the VC
                                                                                                      ~The Victoria College Employee
                                                                           8. Rights &                                                                            employee handbook and the
                                                                                                      Handbook was completely reviewed
                                                                               responsibilities                                                                   ADN faculty handbook were
                                                                                                      and taken to the Board of Trustees
                                                                           9. Termination                                                                         congruent and supported
                                                                                                      in February 2012 for approval.
                                                                           10. Workload                                                                           the overall mission of the
                                                                                                      Official notice of approval of the
                                                                           ~Discuss market                                                                        college.
                                                                                                      employee handbook is still pending.
                                                                           scarcity policy &
                                                                           workload policy.                                                                       Michelle Ulbrich MSN, RN
                                                                                                      ~The ADN faculty handbook was
                                                                           ~Any difference s are                                                                   ~Evaluation Committee
                                                                                                      last revised summer 2011.
                                                                           justified                                                                                        Chair
                                                                                                      ~The Victoria College Mission
                                                                                                      statement was reviewed after
                                                                                                                                                                  Next Scheduled Review:
                                                                                                      changes and approved by the
                                                                                                                                                                  October 2012
                                                                                                      Board. Changes to the college
                                                                                                      mission statement were minor
                                                                                                      wording changes.

                                                                                                      ~Full-time ADN faculty receive a
                                                                                                      market scarcity stipend to
                                                                                                      supplement faculty income and
                                                                                                      make the ADN faculty position more
1.9                    Program complaints     Frequency:            Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:            ~Continue to remind        ~No follow-up needed
Records reflect that   and grievances will    Annually in October   to:                       Program complaints and                  students each
program complaints     receive due process                          ~Compare VC               grievances receive due process          semester of the chain      Next Scheduled Review:
and grievances         according to the       Date Assessed:        Student Handbook,         according to the Victoria College       of command. Remind         October 2012
receive due process    Victoria College       March 5, 2012         ADN Student               process published in the catalog        students that the
and include            process published in                         Handbook, & VC &          and handbook.                           appeal process is
evidence of            the catalog and        Assessor:             ADN website for                                                   located in their student
resolution.            handbook.              Tami Hurley           accurate and              Results:                                handbook and the
                                              Michelle Ulbrich      consistent information    ~When the students’ progress is         purpose of the Clinical
                                                                    on grievance              being reviewed, the faculty offers      Performance Review
(old plan: 20 a,b,c)                                                procedure                 the student the opportunity for         (CPR) committee.
                                                                    ~Interview Allied         rebuttal comments to be given.
                                                                    Health Dean/ADN           This allows the student to voice any
                                                                    director/Chair on any     concerns they may have or
                                                                    process and any           questions.
                                                                    complaints about
                                                                    program                   ~A copy of the Victoria College
                                                                    ~Explain Clinical         organizational chart is provided to
                                                                    performance Review        the students in their student
                                                                    Committee                 handbook. Using the appropriate
                                                                                              chain of command is encouraged to
                                                                                              all students at the beginning of
                                                                                              every semester is any problems of
                                                                                              conflicts arise.

                                                                                              ~The Victoria College Student
                                                                                              Handbook contains student rights
                                                                                              related to procedures for academic
                                                                                              appeals. The ADN Program utilizes
                                                                                              these rules for student concerns.
                                                                                              ~The process outlines specific time
                                                                                              lines for the faculty and, as needed,
                                                                                              administration to review and make
                                                                                              decisions regarding the student’s
                                                                                              appeal. The appeals process is
                                                                                              explained to a student when the
                                                                                              situation is necessary. Students
                                                                                              also always have access to that
                                                                                              process via the student handbook.

                                                                                              ~The ADN program has a
                                                                                              clinical performance review
                                                                                              (CPR) committee that is
                                                                                              composed of ADN faculty members.
                                                                                              The committee is
                                                                                              utilized to:

                                                                                              1. Assess students’ clinical
evaluation and anecdotal
                                                                                                  records for objective teaching
                                                                                                  evaluation of students’ ability
                                                                                                  to meet clinical objectives.

                                                                                                  2. Validate accuracy of
                                                                                                  the clinical performance

                                                                                                  3. Act as a support system to
                                                                                                  the clinical instructor by
                                                                                                  offering positive reinforcement
                                                                                                  when accuracy of clinical
                                                                                                  performance assessment has
                                                                                                  been validated and student
                                                                                                  failure has been determined.

                                                                                                  4. Assist clinical instructor in
                                                                                                  devising alternative methods
                                                                                                  for evaluating performance
                                                                                                  when the student is in
                                                                                                  Jeopardy of failing (example:
                                                                                                  Having another instructor
                                                                                                  Observe and evaluate student).

                                                                                                  ~The resolution to most student
                                                                                                  concerns can be found in the
                                                                                                  student’s file.

1.10                   The definition of         Frequency:             Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:       ~The Victoria College       May 2012
Distance               distance education as     Every 2 years in       to:                       The definition of distance         will revise their mission   ~This standard will be re-
Education:             defined by the Victoria   September (even        ~ Review VC mission       education as defined by the        statements and              evaluated again in
Distance education,    College Associate                                                          Victoria College Associate         philosophy in February,     September with the New
                                                 years) or upon         statement & values
as defined by the      Degree Nursing                                                                                                so follow up evaluation     Evaluation schedule. The
                       Program is congruent      revision of the        with ADN program          Degree Nursing Program is          should be planned for       revisions that were made to
nursing education
                       with the mission of       college or the         philosophy                congruent with the mission of      May 2012.                   the Victoria College mission
unit, is congruent
with the mission of    Victoria College and      nursing program’s      ~Review SACS              Victoria College and the                                       statement in February were
the governing          the philosophy of the     mission/philosophy     definition of distance    philosophy of the Victoria                                     minor word changes.
organization and the   Victoria College          or a revision in the   education: 3.4.12:        College Associate Degree
mission/philosophy     Associate Degree          definition of          The institution’s use     Nursing Department.                                            Michelle Ulbrich MSN, RN
of the nursing         Nursing Department.                                                                                                                        ~Evaluation Committee
                                                 distance education     of technology
education unit.                                                                                                                                                            Chair
                                                 from the Southern      enhances student          Distance Education at Victoria
                                                 Association of         learning and is           College is defined as:                                         Next Scheduled Review:
(old plan:1d)
                                                 Colleges and           appropriate for           The institution’s use of                                       September 2012
Schools (SACS)     meeting the              technology enhances student
                   objectives of its        learning and is appropriate for
Date Assessed:     programs. Students       meeting the objectives of its
February 6, 2012   have access to and       programs. Students have access
                   training in the use of   to and training in the use of
Assessor:          technology.              technology.
Debbie Pena        ~Review how the RN-
Michelle Ulbrich   LVN transition           Results:
                   program curriculum is    ~The VC ADN program is
                   presented to students    congruent with the mission of
                                            Victoria College, the philosophy of
                                            the Victoria College Associate
                                            Degree Nursing Department, and
                                            Southeran Association of Colleges
                                            and School (SACS).

                                            ~Online course evaluations are
                                            completed at the conclusion of each
                                            online course. They are compared
                                            with face-to-face evaluations for
                                            significant discrepancies and are
                                            reported with the level evaluation
                                            summaries yearly.
                                            Summer 2010 RNSG 1327, 25
                                            online students, 24 retained, 1 W for
                                            a 96% retention rate
                                            Fall 2010 RNSG 2514, 10 online
                                            students, 10 retained
                                            Spring 2011 RNSG 2535, 17 online
                                            students, 17 retained

                                            ~The ADN-LVN curriculum is
                                            posted on the VC website and
                                            faculty discuss program specifics
                                            with interested students.
Victoria College
                                          ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING SYSTEMATIC PLAN OF EVALUATION
                                                                Faculty and Staff
Standard 2: Qualified faculty and staff provide leadership and support necessary to attain the goals and outcomes of the nursing education unit.

                                  PLAN                                                                  IMPLEMENTATION OF PLAN                                                REVIEW OF PLAN
   COMPONENT /               EXPECTED LEVEL OF           FREQUENCY/         ASSESSMENT            RESULTS OF DATA COLLECTION &            ACTIONS FOR PROGRAM                  FOLLOW-UP /
    INDICATOR                  ACHIEVEMENT              DATEASSESED/         METHODS               ANALYSIS (including actual level           DEVELOPMENT,                      EVALUATION
                                                          ASSESOR                                         of achievement)                   MAINTENANCE OR                       (if needed)

2.1                          2.1                        Frequency:         Include but not        Actual Level of Achievement:            ~With a number of full-time     ~No follow-up needed
Fulltime faculty are         100% of full- time         Annually in        limited to:            As of Spring 2012, 100% of full- time   faculty members retiring in
credentialed with a          faculty are credentialed   November           ~Interview ADN         faculty are credentialed with a         the next year, the number of    Next Scheduled Review:
minimum of a master’s        with a minimum of a                           Chair on               minimum of a master’s degree with a     qualified instructors           November 2012
degree in nursing and        master’s degree with a     Date Assessed:     credentials of full-   major in nursing or 6 graduate          available to teach in the
maintain expertise in        major in nursing or 6      April 2, 2012      time faculty & get     nursing hours in accordance with        ADN program in the Victoria
their areas of               graduate nursing hours                        rationale for any      the Texas Board of Nursing              area is
responsibility.              in accordance with the     Assessor:          faculty member         requirements (Texas BON Rule            limited. This is a future
                             Texas Board of Nursing     Faith Darilek      without the            215.7.c) and maintain expertise in      concern for the program
(old plan:5a,b,c)            requirements (Texas        Michelle Ulbrich   minimum                their areas of responsibility by        with no clear solution to the
                             BON Rule 215.7.c) and                         credentials            maintaining a minimum of 20 CEU’s       problem. As of Spring 2012,
2.1.1.                       maintain expertise in                         ~Review faculty        in accordance with the BON              we have enough instructors
The majority of part-        their areas of                                profiles that          licensure requirements (Texas BON       needed to teach the number
time faculty are             responsibility by                             should include         rule 2.16.a,b)                          of students in the program.
credentialed with a          maintaining a minimum                         continuing
minimum of a master’s        of 20 CEU’s in                                education              Most adjunct faculty, are
degree with a major in       accordance with the                           activities and any     credentialed with a minimum of a
nursing; the remaining       BON licensure                                 activities that        master’s degree with a major in
part-time faculty hold a     requirements (Texas                           demonstrate            nursing or 6 graduate nursing hours
minimum of a                 BON rule 2.16.a,b)                            maintenance of         in accordance with the Board of
baccalaureate degree                                                       expertise in area.     Nursing requirements; Teaching
with a major in              2.1.1                                         ~Interview ADN         assistants hold a Bachelor’s degree
nursing.                     Part‐time faculty,                            Chair regarding        in Nursing
                             adjunct faculty, are                          credentials for
(old plan:5a)                credentialed with a                           part-time faculty &    100% of faculty that do not meet
                             minimum of a master’s                         get rationale for      above Board of Nursing
2.1.2.                       degree with a major in                        any faculty            qualifications are approved to work
Rationale is provided        nursing or 6 graduate                         member without         under a waiver in accordance with
for utilization of faculty   nursing hours in                              the minimum            Board of Nursing requirements
who do not meet the          accordance with the                           credentials.           (Texas BON Rule 215.7.d)
minimum credential.          Board of Nursing                              ~Review Texas
                             requirements; Teaching                        Board of Nursing       Results:
(old plan:5a)                assistants can hold a                         requirements           ~Alison Hewig, ADN Chair, has copies
                             Bachelor’s degree in                                                 of all current faculty profiles..
2.1.2                       She reports:
100% of faculty that do     ~ All Full-time faculty meet minimum
not meet above Board        credentials of a master’s degree with a
of Nursing qualifications   major in nursing.
are approved to work
under a waiver in           ~All Adjunct faculty (part time) either
accordance with Board       hold a master’s degree with a major in
of Nursing requirements     nursing or 6 graduate nursing hours or
(Texas BON Rule             have received a waiver from the Texas
215.7.d)                    Board of Nursing to work as an adjunct

                            ~All teaching assistants (part time) hold
                            a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

                            ~ Full-time and part time faculty
                            maintain expertise in their areas of
                            responsibility by maintaining a minimum
                            of 20 CEUs

                            ~TX BON site (accessed 3/30/12 @
                            ion/faq_faculty.html) states: A faculty
                            member in a professional nursing
                            education program should:

                                be licensed as a registered nurse
                                 or have privilege to practice in the
                                 State of Texas
                                have teaching experience
                                have current knowledge and
                                 clinical expertise in subject area of
                                 teaching responsibility
                                hold a master’s degree or
                                 doctorate, preferably in nursing

                            Spring 2012

                            ~14 Full Time faculty members
                            all have Master’s Degree in nursing or a
                            Master’s degree with 6 graduate hours
in nursing

                                                                                              ~3 adjunct faculty members
                                                                                              2 hold a Master’s Degree in Nursing
                                                                                              and 1 adjunct holds a Bachelor’s
                                                                                              Degree in Nursing and is currently
                                                                                              pursuing a Master’s Degree in Nursing.
                                                                                              She plans to graduate within the next
                                                                                              year. She has received a waiver from
                                                                                              the Texas Board of Nursing.

                                                                                              ~1 Teaching assistant
                                                                                              She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in

2.2                       100% of the full and        Frequency:         Include but not      Actual Level of Achievement:               ~No actions needed   ~No follow-up needed
Faculty (full and part    part time faculty will be   Annually in        limited to:          100% of the full and part time faculty
time) credentials meet    licensed in the State of    November           ~Interview ADN       are licensed in the State of Texas to                           Next Scheduled Review:
governing organization    Texas to practice                              Chair                practice nursing and meet the 3‐year                            November 2012
and state                 nursing and will meet       Date Assessed:     to get credentials   full time equated work experience or
requirements.             the 3‐year full time        April 2, 2012      of all faculty       related field in the area they are
                          equated work                                   members              teaching (Texas BON Rule 215.7.c)
(old plan: 5a             experience or related       Assessor:          ~Review job
                          field in the area they      Faith Darilek      description to see   Results:
                          are teaching (Texas         Michelle Ulbrich   if faculty meet      ~All full-time faculty are licensed with
                          BON Rule 215.7.c)                              minimum              the State of Texas and meet the 3-year
                                                                         qualifications       full time equated work experience or
                                                                         ~Review Texas        related field in the area rule.
                                                                         requirements         ~Melissa Salinas (telephone
                                                                                              communication on 3/30/12, Human
                                                                                              Resources) stated that the job
                                                                                              descriptions are in the Human
                                                                                              Resources Department.

2.3                       100% of full and part       Frequency:         Include but not      Actual Level of Achievement:               ~No actions needed   ~No follow-up needed
Credentials of practice   time practice laboratory    Annually in        limited to:          100% of full and part time practice
laboratory personnel      personnel are               November           ~Review number       laboratory personnel are                                        Next Scheduled Review:
are commensurate          commensurate with                              of lab personnel,    commensurate with their level of                                November 2012
with their level of       their level of              Date Assessed:     job description of   responsibilities in the practice lab
responsibilities.         responsibilities in the     April 2, 2012      lab personnel &      and have appropriate credentials
                          practice lab and have                          highest degree
(old plan:                appropriate credentials     Assessor:          attained             Results:
not assessed)                                        Janet Ley          ~Interview lab         ~The laboratory has two full time
                                                     Michelle Ulbrich   personnel to           personnel.
                                                                        confirm their level
                                                                        of responsibility      ~One of the lab persons, Mary Kitchens
                                                                                               LVN, primary responsibilities is to set
                                                                                               up manikins in the lab and to make sure
                                                                                               that the lab has adequate supplies for
                                                                                               student practice. That person is an LVN
                                                                                               with a current Texas license. She has
                                                                                               experienced teaching in the nursing
                                                                                               assistant program and her nursing
                                                                                               knowledge and experience allows her
                                                                                               to anticipate the needs of the students
                                                                                               and prepare the lab with the supplies
                                                                                               needed to facilitate their learning.

                                                                                               ~The other lab person, Monica
                                                                                               Hamilton BSN, RN, is responsible for
                                                                                               creating and assisting with simulation
                                                                                               experiences. She holds a current Texas
                                                                                               license and RN and has a Bachelor
                                                                                               Degree in Nursing and is working on
                                                                                               her Master of Science in Nursing

                                                                                               ~Both individuals are classified as
                                                                                               support staff and do not hold a faculty
2.4                      Program outcomes are        Frequency:         Include but not        Actual Level of Achievement:                ~With a number of full-time    ~No follow-up needed
The number of            achieved with the           Annually in        limited to:            Program outcomes are achieved with          faculty members retiring in
utilization of faculty   number of full time         November           ~Interview ADN         the number of full time faculty,            the next year, the number of   Next Scheduled Review:
(full and part time)     faculty, adjunct faculty,                      chair on current       adjunct faculty, teaching assistants,       qualified instructors          November 2012
ensures that program     teaching assistants,        Date Assessed:     number of full and     and lab personnel                           available to teach in the
outcomes are             and lab personnel           April 2, 2012      part time faculty                                                  ADN program in the Victoria
achieved                                                                and any available      Results:                                    area is limited. This is a
                                                     Assessor:          openings               ~Victoria College AND program follows       future concern for the
(old plan:6a)                                        Janet Ley          ~Discuss in            the Texas BON which mandates that           program with no clear
                                                     Michelle Ulbrich   faculty meeting if     clinical groups have no more than 10        solution to the problem. As
                                                                        current number of      students per faculty member or 15           of Spring 2012, we have
                                                                        faculty allow the      students with a faculty member and a        enough instructors needed
                                                                        program to             teaching assistant.                         to teach the number of
                                                                        achieve program                                                    students in the program.
                                                                        outcomes.              ~Most full time faculty are responsible     Getting instructors to teach
                                                                        ~Review Texas          for only one clinical group and also        has always been a
                                                                        BON requirement        have teaching responsibilities in theory.   challenge; however, the
                                                                        of faculty to                                                      program chair has always
                                                                        student ratios in      ~The ADN program also uses adjuncts         found enough qualified
                                                                        the clinical setting   in the clinical setting who have a BSN      instructors. Hopefully, this
                                                                        and confirm            and completed a minimum of 50% of           concern will be minimal.
                                                                        compliance             coursework at the Master’s Degree
(Texas BON Rule   Level. A waiver must be granted from
215.10.g,i)       the Texas BON to utilize these

                  ~ Teaching assistants must have a BSN
                  as well as experience in the areas they
                  are overseeing in clinical. The number
                  and utilization of full and part time
                  faculty is sufficient to meet the needs of
                  the ADN program at this time.

                  Spring 2012

                  Level 1:
                  4 clinical groups
                             2 full time faculty (MSN) with
                              each instructor having 10
                             1 adjunct instructor (BSN with
                              a waiver) with 10 students
                             1 full time faculty (MSN) with
                              a Teaching assistant and 15

                  Level 2:
                  4 clinical groups
                             4 full time faculty (MSN) with
                              each instructor having 9-10

                  Level 3:
                  5 clinical groups
                             1 full time faculty (MSN) with
                              10 students.
                             1 full time faculty (MA in
                              Psych Nursing) had 2 groups
                              of 10 students by choice
                             2 adjunct faculty (MSN) with
                              10 students each

                  Level 4:
                  6 clinical groups
                             4 full time faculty (MSN) with
                              10 students
                             1 full time faculty (MSN) with
                              2 clinical groups with 10
                              students in each group

                  ~The Victoria College ADN program
                  continues to maintain a high NCLEX
first time pass rate which demonstrates
                                                                                                that program outcomes are being

2.5                       100% of full‐ and part‐      Frequency:         Include but not       Actual Level of Achievement:                   ~Recommendation was             ~No follow-up needed
Faculty (full and part    time faculty will            Annually in        limited to:           100% of full‐ and part‐time faculty            made to change the wording
time) performance         participate in continuing    September          ~Review ADN           participate in continuing education            on the concept care map to      Next Scheduled Review:
reflects scholarship      education and reflect                           program’s             and reflect participation in diversity         “evidence based nursing         September 2012
and evidence based        participation in diversity   Date Assessed:     definition of         of scholarship through teaching,               rationale” to correspond with
teaching and clinical     of scholarship through       February 6, 2012   scholarship by        application, integration, and                  the current terminology.
practices.                teaching, application,                          Ernest Boyer          discovery as it relates to educational
                          integration, and             Assessor:          ~Have faculty         effectiveness in nursing education.
(old plan:5c, 7a, 8a)     discovery as it relates      Janet Ley          submit faculty
                          to educational               Michelle Ulbrich   profiles which        Results:
                          effectiveness in nursing                        need to contain       ~Faculty profiles reflect that 100% of
                          education.                                      accomplishments       ADN faculty participates in continuing
                                                                          & certifications &    education. Faculty profiles also
                                                                          demonstrate           demonstrate participation in diversity of
                                                                          scholarship           scholarship as defined by Ernest Boyer
                                                                          ~Discuss with         through teaching, application and
                                                                          faculty regarding     integration of evidence based practice
                                                                          how evidence          into the classroom and a diversity of
                                                                          based practice is     clinical experience that enriches the
                                                                          incorporated in       nursing education experience.
                                                                          the classroom &
                                                                          clinical (give        ~See Systematic Plan of Evaluation
                                                                          examples)             binder for standard 2.5 list that identifies
                                                                                                ways that faculty use evidence based
                                                                                                practice as to enhance teaching
2.6                       The number and               Frequency:         Include but not       Actual Level of Achievement:                   ~No actions needed              ~No follow-up needed
The number,               utilization of non‐nurse     Annually in        limited to:           The number and utilization of staff
utilization, and          faculty and staff are        September          ~Discuss faculty      are sufficient to meet the needs of                                            Next Scheduled Review:
credentials of non-       sufficient to meet the                          perceptions of        the nursing program and meet the                                               September 2012
nurse faculty and staff   needs of the nursing                            clerical support at   minimum requirements as defined in
are sufficient to         program and will meet        Date Assessed:     faculty meetings      the job description. The program
achieve the program       the minimum                  February 6, 2012   and ability to        does not currently employee non-
goals and outcomes.       requirements as                                 achieve program       nurse faculty.
                          defined in the job           Assessor:          outcomes
(old plan:16a)            description                  Janet Ley          with current          Results:
                                                       Michelle Ulbrich   support               ~Faculty perceptions of recent additions
                                                                                                to staff are positive and the stated
                                                                                                opinions expressed by faculty were that
                                                                                                currently staff support is sufficient to
                                                                                                achieve the program goals and

                                                                                                ~In November, a new ADN secretary
                                                                                                was hired. She is doing well in her new
                                                                                                role but obviously there will be a
                                                                                                learning curve with her new position.
~Also, a student worker will be hired for
                                                                                              the Spring semester.
2.7                      100% of full‐ and part‐     Frequency:         Include but not       Actual Level of Achievement:                ~No actions needed   ~No follow-up needed
Faculty (full and part   time faculty are oriented   Annually in        limited to:           100% of full‐ and part‐time faculty are
time) are oriented and   according to the            October            ~Review ADN           oriented according to the Victoria                               Next Scheduled Review:
mentored in their        Victoria College                               faculty handbooks     College Associate Degree Nursing                                 October 2012
areas of                 Associate Degree                               for orientation       Program orientation policy.
responsibilities.        Nursing Program             Date Assessed:     policy for new full
                         orientation policy.         March 5, 2012      time faculty and
                                                                        adjunct faculty
(old plan:                                                              ~Interview ADN
not assessed)                                        Assessor:          Chair to assess if
                                                                                              ~The full and part time faculty
                                                     Janet Ley          the orientation
                                                                                              orientation and mentoring is carried out
                                                     Michelle Ulbrich   process is
                                                                                              in accordance with the policy guidelines
                                                                                              of the Associated Degree Nursing
                                                                        ~Interview new
                                                                                              Program. Full time faculty are guided
                                                                        faculty members
                                                                                              through a structured orientation process
                                                                        on their
                                                                                              and assigned a mentor, which is usually
                                                                        perception of their
                                                                                              the Course Coordinator, to facilitate the
                                                                                              transition into their new position.
                                                                        experience and
                                                                        their new role.
                                                                                              ~New faculty interviewed reported
                                                                        ~Discuss with
                                                                                              mentors were very accessible, patient
                                                                        faculty regarding
                                                                                              and knowledgeable during the
                                                                        any changes that
                                                                                              mentoring phase of the orientation.
                                                                        are needed to the
                                                                        orientation policy
                                                                                              ~Adjunct faculty are also put through a
                                                                                              similar process and are then assigned a
                                                                                              mentor who reviews their

                                                                                              ~The policy for the ADN orientation
                                                                                              process can be found in the ADN
                                                                                              faculty handbook and ADN adjunct

2.8                      100% of full‐ and part‐     Frequency:         Include but not       Actual Level of Achievement:                ~No actions needed   ~No follow-up needed
Systematic               time faculty are            Annually in        limited to:           100% of full‐ and part‐time faculty are
assessment of faculty    systematically              October            ~Interview Allied     systematically assessed and their                                Next Scheduled Review:
(full and part time)     assessed and                                   Health Dean           performance will demonstrates                                    October 2012
performance              performance will                               regarding number      competencies that are consistent
demonstrates             demonstrate                 Date Assessed:     and timeliness of     with program goals and outcomes.
competencies that are    competencies that are       March 5, 2012      evaluations done
consistent with          consistent with program                        and discuss           Results
program goals and        goals and outcomes.         Assessor:          his/her               ~Faculty and adjunct faculty are
outcomes.                                            Janet Ley          perceptions of        evaluated each semester by students
                                                     Michelle Ulbrich   competency            and the results of the evaluations are
(old plan: 7a)                                                          expectations and      reviewed by the dean.
                                                                        consistency with
program goals
                                                                      and outcomes.       ~Tenured faculty are evaluated every
                                                                      ~Review VC          semester but only meet with the
                                                                      employee            Division Dean every 2 years or as
                                                                      handbook & ADN      needed according to VC policy.
                                                                      faculty handbook
                                                                      for evaluation      ~ Non–tenured and tenure track faculty
                                                                      process and         are evaluated every semester and
                                                                      consistency         required to meet with the Dean every
                                                                                          semester to discuss their results.

                                                                                          ~Those faculty members seeking
                                                                                          tenure meet yearly with a committee
                                                                                          that oversees the tenure process. If
                                                                                          major concerns arise, they are reviewed
                                                                                          by the Division Dean and plans for
                                                                                          improvement in problem areas are
                                                                                          discussed or discussions about
                                                                                          continued employment are considered.

                                                                                          ~The ADN Chair also visits the
                                                                                          classroom and/or clinical setting to
                                                                                          evaluate faculty members.

                                                                                           ~The policy for evaluation of non-
                                                                                          tenured and tenured faculty members is
                                                                                          available in the Victoria College
                                                                                          employee handbook
2.9                     100% of non‐nurse         Frequency:          Include but not     Actual level of Achievement:               ~No actions needed        ~No follow-up needed
Non-nurse faculty and   faculty and staff are     Annually in         limited to:         100% of non-nurse staff are
staff performance is    systematically reviewed   October             ~Review in VC       systematically reviewed in                                           Next Scheduled Review:
regularly reviewed in   in accordance with the                        employee            accordance with the policies of                                      October 2012
accordance with the     policies of Victoria                          handbook, policy    Victoria College.
policies of the         College.                  Date Assessed:      on evaluation of
governing                                         March 5, 2012       non-nurse faculty   Results:
organization.                                                         and staff           ~The ADN program has no non–nurse
                                                  Assessor:           ~Interview with     faculty. The ADN secretary is reviewed
(old plan:                                        Janet Ley           ADN Chair on        in accordance with the college policy.
not assessed directly                             Michelle Ulbrich    evaluation          Faculty has informal input into the
-mentioned in 16)                                                     process of non-     performance of secretarial staff as part
                                                                      nurse staff and     of the evaluation plan.
                                                                      timeliness of
                                                                      evaluations         ~ Evaluations are done each spring
                                                                                          semester. The evaluation includes the
                                                                                          staff member’s self- assessment, the
                                                                                          assessment of the supervisor and a
                                                                                          discussion of the evaluation between
                                                                                          the two.
2.10                    100% of faculty that      Frequency:          ~Include but not    Actual Level of Achievement                ~Continue to encourage    ~No follow-up needed
Distance Education:     teach distance            Annually in April   limited to:         100% of faculty that teach distance        faculty to seek ongoing
Faculty (full time and   education engage in      faculty meeting    ~Faculty will        education engage in ongoing                development for distance   Next Scheduled Review:
part time) engage in     ongoing development of                      provide              development of distance education.         education.                 April 2013
ongoing development      distance education.                         documentation of
for distance education                            Date Assessed:     ongoing              Results
                                                  April 2, 2012      development in       ~All faculty that teach online courses
(old plan:                                                           distance             are to receive training in Blackboard by
not directly assessed                             Assessor:          education such as    Helen Dvorak and training in Panopto
-mentioned in 17a)                                Debbie Pena        but not limited to   and ITV by Jeremy Gould. At the
                                                  Michelle Ulbrich   blackboard           beginning of each semester, updates
                                                                     training, Panopto    are given as needed by computer
                                                                     training, computer   technology staff the week of
                                                                     courses, ITV, etc.   convocation.

                                                                                          ~The following instructors taught the
                                                                                          following online courses:

                                                                                          Summer 2010 – RNSG 1327 was
                                                                                          taught online by Marty Horecka, MSN,

                                                                                          Fall 2010 – RNSG 2514 was taught by
                                                                                          ITV by Level 3 faculty

                                                                                          Spring 2011 – RNSG 2535 was taught
                                                                                          online by Level 4 faculty

                                                                                          Summer 2011 – RNSG 1327 was
                                                                                          taught online by Julie Cordova, BSN,
                                                                                          RN (33 graduate hours)

                                                                                          Fall 2011 – RNSG 2514 was taught
                                                                                          online by Level 3 faculty
                                                                                          Spring 2012 – RNSG 2535 was taught
                                                                                          online by Level 4 faculty

                                                                                          ~The computer technology staff are
                                                                                          very accessible when an issue arises.
                                                                                          The computer help desk also is helpful
                                                                                          if it is after hours. Their hours are:

                                                                                          Helpdesk Office Hours
                                                                                          Fall and Spring Semester

                                                                                          Monday - Thursday | 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

                                                                                          Friday | 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Fall and Spring On-Call Hours

Friday | 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Saturday - Sunday | 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Summer Sessions

Monday - Thursday | 8 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Friday | Closed

Summer Sessions On-Call Hours

Friday | 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Saturday - Sunday | 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.

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Victoria College
                                             ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING SYSTEMATIC PLAN OF EVALUATION
Standard 3: Student policies, development, and services support the goals and outcomes of the nursing education unit.

                              PLAN                                                                     IMPLEMENTATION OF PLAN                                               REVIEW OF PLAN
   COMPONENT /            EXPECTED LEVEL             FREQUENCY/             ASSESSMENT              RESULTS OF DATA COLLECTION &                   ACTIONS FOR          FOLLOW-UP / EVALUATION
    INDICATOR             OF ACHIEVEMENT           DATE ASSESSED/            METHODS                ANALYSIS (including actual level of             PROGRAM                    (if needed)
                                                      ASSESSOR                                               achievement)                         DEVELOPMENT,
                                                                                                                                                 MAINTENANCE OR

3.1                       100% of student          Frequency:            Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:                 ~Continue to review     ~No follow-up needed
Student policies of the   policies of the          Annually in October   to:                       100% of student policies of the              annually as new
nursing education unit    Victoria College                               ~Comparative              Victoria College ADN Program are             editions to handbooks   Next Scheduled Review:
are congruent with        ADN Program are          Date Assessed:        analysis of VC            congruent with those of Victoria             are released.           October 2012
those of the governing    congruent with those     March 6, 2012         Student handbook          College, publicly accessible, and
organization, publicly    of Victoria College,                           with the Victoria         consistently applied; differences will
accessible, non-          publicly accessible,     Assessor:             College Nursing           be justified 100% of the time.
discriminatory, and       and consistently         Debbie Pena           Programs Student
consistently applied;     applied; differences     Michelle Ulbrich      handbook                  Results:
differences are           will be justified 100%                         ~Review and               ~100% of nursing student policies
justified by the goals    of the time.                                   compare website for       addressing items 1-13 is congruent with
and outcomes of the                                                      accessibility of          those of the college.
nursing education                                                        student policies
unit.                                                                    ~Any differences are      ~The college student handbook is
                                                                         discussed                 accessible at
                                                                         Review the following
(old SPE: 9a-m)                                                          student policies:         ndbook
                                                                         1. Non-discrimination
                                                                         2. Selection and          ~The revised college student handbook
                                                                             admission             is accessible at
                                                                         3. Academic     
                                                                             progression           s/pubs/handbook_addendum_2011.pdf
                                                                         4. Student evaluation
                                                                             and Grading           ~The Victoria College Nursing Programs
                                                                         5. Retention              Student Handbook is given to the student
                                                                         6. Withdrawal/            in printed form at the beginning of Level
                                                                             dismissal             1. Any revisions to the VC ADN
                                                                         7. Graduation             handbook is given to the student
                                                                             requirements          throughout the program. The student is
                                                                         8. Financial aid          given an acknowledgement form to sign
                                                                         9. Transfer of credit     stating that they received the addition or
                                                                         10. Recruitment           change to the handbook.
                                                                         11. Health
                                                                         requirements              ~For a detailed chart of comparisons of
12. Validation of prior   handbook policies see the Systematic
                                                                      Learning              Plan of Evaluation binder where that
                                                                  13. Grievance/            comparison is made.

3.2                     Student evaluations    Frequency:         Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:                 ~The last few               May 2012
Student services are    reflect that student   Annually in        to:                       Student evaluations                          semesters, student          ~Student evaluations for the
commensurate with       needs are              February           ~ Review Support          reflect that student needs are               evaluations have not        transition online students were
the needs of students   commensurate with                         services that are         commensurate with the needs of the           been conducted              conducted this semester so the
pursuing or             the needs of the                          provided to students      students pursuing or completing the          separately in the Fall      online and face to face students
completing the          students pursuing or   Date Assessed:     through Victoria          ADN program.                                 for the online transition   can be evaluated separately
associate program,      completing the ADN     February 6, 2012   College and through       However, student services for                students in level III,      when that data becomes
including those         program including                         the ADN program           students using distance education            and the Spring for the      available.
receiving instruction   those students with    Assessor:          ~Review support           as their mode of delivery is difficult to    online transition
using alternative       distance education.    Tami Hurley        services for distance     assess since evaluations the last few        students in level IV.       Michelle Ulbrich MSN, RN
methods of delivery.                           Michelle Ulbrich   education students        years have not been conducted                The online and face to      ~Evaluation Committee Chair
                                                                                            separately except in the summer.             face evaluations have
(old SPE: 10a)                                                                                                                           not been separated so       Next Scheduled Review:
                                                                                                                                         a comparison could not      February 2013
                                                                                            Results:                                     be made between the
                                                                                            ~During Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 the        two groups. The
                                                                                            results for all four Levels were greater     overall ratings from
                                                                                            than 98% for the course evaluation           these levels have been
                                                                                            questions #14,15 & 16 about library          good; however, it is
                                                                                            resources, AV resources and the              difficult to evaluate
                                                                                            bookstore. Course evaluations regarding      between the two
                                                                                            services such as Library, Bookstore and      different modes of
                                                                                            Computer services resulted in a mean         delivery.
                                                                                            score of 4.63, 4.63, 4.64 respectively out
                                                                                            of 5.                                        ~Fall 2010 there was
                                                                                                                                         no online course
                                                                                            ~ During Summer 2010 (online course          offered. There was an
                                                                                            for transition students), 100% of students   ITV course offered
                                                                                            rated library resources, AV resources,       instead. However, the
                                                                                            computer services and the bookstore as       evaluations from the
                                                                                            average, food or very good. This             ITV students were not
                                                                                            resulted in scores of 4.67, 4.50, 4.67,      conducted separately.
                                                                                            and 4.58 respectively out of 5.              The ITV students did
                                                                                                                                         voice their comments
                                                                                            ~College support services contact            on the evaluations that
                                                                                            information is updated for all students      were conducted. Many
                                                                                            each semester and provided in their          negative comments
                                                                                            syllabus (now learning resource packet).     were received about
                                                                                                                                         ITV. As a result of the
                                                                                            ~New systems of Banner, Panopto and          dissatisfied students,
                                                                                            turning point clicker technology have all    the online mode of
                                                                                            been implemented since Fall 2010 into        delivery was put back
                                                                                            various levels.                              in place.

                                                                                            ~Additionally, administration is currently   ~The summer
pursuing more safety measures to             transition students do
                                                                                              ensure safety of students and faculty        conduct their
                                                                                              including Emergency alert system             evaluations separately
                                                                                              enhancements and policy changes.             as noted and have
                                                                                                                                           been pleased with the
                                                                                              * Data for Fall 2011 not yet reported        student services they
                                                                                                                                           have received.

                                                                                                                                           ~The course
                                                                                                                                           coordinators have been
                                                                                                                                           notified of the problems
                                                                                                                                           with not conducting
                                                                                                                                           online evaluations
                                                                                                                                           separately. They will
                                                                                                                                           take an active role in
                                                                                                                                           making sure that these
                                                                                                                                           evaluations are
                                                                                                                                           conducted separately
                                                                                                                                           in the future.
3.3                      100% of student        Frequency:          Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:                 ~No actions needed         ~No follow-up needed
Student educational      educational records    Annually in March   to:                       100% of student educational records
and financial records    are in compliance                          ~Communicate with         are in compliance with the policies of                                  Next Scheduled Review:
are in compliance with   with the policies of   Date Assessed:      the Director of           Victoria College and state and federal                                  March 2013
the policies of the      Victoria College and   March 6, 2012       Financial Aid and         guidelines.
governing                state and federal                          College Registrar
organization and state   guidelines.            Assessor:           regarding compliance      Results:
and federal                                     Faith Darilek       with the policies of VC   ~Kim Obsta, director of financial aid,
guidelines.                                     Michelle Ulbrich    and state and federal     (phone conversation 3/2/12) stated that
                                                                    guidelines.               100% of student education records are in
(old plan: 11a)                                                     ~FERPA compliance         compliance with the policies of the
                                                                    reports                   governing organization and state and
                                                                                              federal guidelines. (e.g. records are
                                                                                              confidentially maintained and kept within
                                                                                              a secure location).

                                                                                              ~Records of students enrolled or seeking
                                                                                              enrollment in the ADN program are
                                                                                              maintained in secured file cabinets in the
                                                                                              nursing office.

                                                                                              ~Missy Klimitchek, Registrar, stated that
                                                                                              VC is in 100% compliance with FERPA
                                                                                              regulations. All employees are required
                                                                                              to attend FERPA training.

                                                                                              ~All students are required to sign a
                                                                                              FERPA release form.
3.4                      3.4                    Frequency:          Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:                 ~No actions needed         ~No follow-up needed
Compliance with the      100% Compliance        Annually in March   to:                       100% Compliance with the Higher
Higher Education         with the Higher                            ~Communicate with         Education Reauthorization Act Title IV                                  Next Scheduled Review:
Reauthorization Act        Education                  Date Assessed:        the Director of           eligibility and certification                                     March 2013
Title IV eligibility and   Reauthorization Act        March 6, 2012         Financial Aid             requirements are maintained.
certification              Title IV eligibility and                         regarding eligibility
requirements are           certification              Assessor:             and certification         100% of students that have loans
maintained                 requirements are           Faith Darilek         requirements of           receive a written, comprehensive
                           maintained.                Michelle Ulbrich      Victoria College          student loan repayment program
3.4.1                                                                       ~Communicate with         addressing student loan information,
A written,                 3.4.1                                            the Director of           counseling, monitoring, and
comprehensive              100% of students                                 Financial Aid             cooperation with lenders is available.
student loan               that have loans                                  regarding loan
repayment program          receive a written,                               repayment program         Students are informed of their ethical
addressing student         comprehensive                                    addressing loan           responsibilities regarding financial
loan information,          student loan                                     information, default      assistance.
counseling,                repayment program                                rate, counseling,
monitoring, and            addressing student                               monitoring and            ~Kim Obsta, Director of Financial Aid,
cooperation with           loan information,                                cooperation with          reports compliance with standards.
lenders is available.      counseling,                                      lenders.
3.4.2                      monitoring, and                                  ~Communicate with         ~Policies are in the Financial Aid office,
Students are informed      cooperation with                                 Director of Financial     VC catalog, and VC student’s handbook.
of their ethical           lenders is available.                            Aid regarding ethical     Students receive a handout when
responsibilities                                                            responsibilities          applying for a loan that speaks about
regarding financial        3.4.2                                            regarding financial       their responsibilities for repayment.
assistance.                Students are                                     assistance.               Face-to-face entrance counseling is
                           informed of their                                                          conducted. Entrance and exit counseling
(old SPE: 21b)             ethical                                                                    is required.
                           regarding financial                                                        ~Students apply for financial aid by
                           assistance.                                                                submitting a FAFSA form. Award letter
                                                                                                      informing them of grants and scholarship
                                                                                                      are sent to the students.

                                                                                                      ~Default rate:
                                                                                                      2010=14.5 (draft)

                                                                                                      ~The emphasis on completion may be a
                                                                                                      contributing factor to the increasing
                                                                                                      default rate.

3.5                        100% of information        Frequency:            Include but not limited   Actual Level of Achievement:                 ~No actions needed   ~No follow-up needed
Integrity and              intended to inform         Annually in October   to:                       100% of information intended to
consistency exist for      the public, including                            ~Compare content of       inform the public, including the                                  Next Scheduled Review:
all information            the program’s              Date Assessed:        VC Student                program’s accreditation status and                                October 2012
intended to inform the     accreditation status       March 6, 2012         Handbook, VC              the NLNAC contact information,
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