We strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dream' - Berwick ...

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We strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dream' - Berwick ...
‘We strive for success through
fostering relationships built
 upon integrity and equity,
and embracing the courage
    to pursue our dream’.        1
We strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dream' - Berwick ...
Our school zone is available on findmyschool.vic.gov.au. This website shows the most up
to date information about Victorian school zones for 2021 onwards.

Students residing in our zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined
on the basis of your permanent residential address.
The Department provides guidance through the School Placement Policy to ensure that
students have access to their designated neighbourhood school and the freedom to
choose other schools, subject to facility limitations.


                                   TERM DATES 2021
              Term 1                                          Term 2
              29th January-1st April                          19th April-25th June
              * Preps commence Monday 1st February

              Term 3                                          Term 4
              12th July-17th September                        4th October-17th December

Berwick Chase has introduced a timetable structure to allow for greater use of learning
time. The commencement of each session is sounded by three minutes of music followed
by the bell. This allows the students time to get a drink and go to the toilet before class
Music plays at 8.50 am. Learning Common doors are opened at this time and children
can get ready for the day. Class starts at 9 am sharp. It is essential that students arrive at
school on time so that they do not miss out on vital instructions.
Please note:
Children should not be in the grounds unsupervised before 8.45 am or after 3.45 pm.

Prep-Grade 2                                   Grade 3–Grade 6

8:50    Bell Music starts/Class doors open     8:50 Bell Music starts/Class doors open
9.00    School begins                          9:00 School begins
11.00   Morning Recess                         10:00 Morning Recess
11.40   Second Session begins                  10:40 Second Session begins
1.40    Lunch Eating Time                      12:40 Lunch Recess
1.50    Lunch Recess                           1:20 Lunch Eating Time
2.30    Final Session Begins                   3:30 School Finishes
3.30    School Finishes
                                               *Timetable correct as of 17/11/2020

Students coming late or leaving early are required to be signed in/out at the office by a
parent or guardian. This helps us to monitor exactly who is in the school at any time and
is essential in case of any emergencies.
We strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dream' - Berwick ...
On The First Day
All preps will arrive at 8.50 am. This allows the students to learn how to organise themselves
for a 9.00 am start to their learning.

When you arrive at school on the first day, please take your child to their Learning Common
and settle them into an activity or game. Before leaving, please give your child a positive
farewell, tell them you are going and that you (relative/friend) will pick them up from outside
their classroom once school finishes.

The hot weather at the beginning of the year and the long days in a new environment can be
overwhelming for Prep students. Staff and School Council have decided that attending
shortened hours for the first few days would be beneficial. The 1pm finishing time gives
children the opportunity to experience recess out in the playground and get used to eating
lunch at school.

           PREP STUDENTS START : Monday 1st February, 2021

          Prep children will finish at 1pm on the following dates

                                   Monday 1st Feb
                                  Tuesday 2nd Feb
                                  Thursday 4th Feb
                                   Friday 5th Feb

  Prep children will not be required at school on the following dates:
        Wednesday 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th February 2021.

The curriculum at Berwick Chase Primary School has an emphasis on the building of
Literacy and Numeracy skills. Children will have the opportunity to develop and apply
these skills in a variety of relevant and challenging learning situations. Our aim is to
assist each student to develop their academic, thinking, social and physical skills to their
greatest potential, leading to maximum life choices.
We want Berwick Chase graduates to possess the skills and confidence to positively
contribute to their community and the world around them.
We strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dream' - Berwick ...
Prep Enrolments
We pride ourselves on creating a vibrant and inclusive learning environment for all.

To assist us to get the best possible information required to meet each individual’s needs we
conduct an Early Years Evaluation (EYE) Screen with every student who will be attending Prep at
Berwick Chase Primary School to give us consistent reliable information.

This screening helps to give our teachers an idea of each child’s strengths and challenges. It will
help teachers to better know the needs of all of the students in their care.

The categories in which the EYE assesses progress is:
    Awareness of Self and Others
    Cognitive Skills
    Language and Communication
    Physical Development
    Fine and Gross motor skills

To ensure this is done in a timely manner the screenings take place from September in the year
prior to starting school. Each session runs for approximately 45 minutes and bookings are

                  What Your Child Will Need For School
                                                                                       Sunsmart Hats are
    School uniform with their name clearly marked.                                         worn by
                                                                                       ALL STUDENTS
    School bag with name clearly marked.                                              from September to
    Packed snack, brain food and lunch in a clearly labelled
     lunch box.
    Clearly labelled plastic drink bottle containing water.
    Shoes in which your child can comfortably run and play safely (closed toe).
    Art smock.
    Sunsmart wide brimmed or bucket school hat.(Caps are not acceptable)
    Prep children may need a change of clothes in case of an ‘accident’.
    Home Reader Bags (Years Prep - 2) - These are to be brought to school every day.
    Required Medication - Medication must be accompanied with medical plans signed by a
     Doctor. Children who may require Ventolin inhalers from time to time, can
     leave an inhaler in the school’s care (Asthma plan is required). These will
     be kept in sickbay and available to use when required.

              Children may bring their own soccer balls,
              basketballs and footballs to school but please make
              sure they have their name on them.

We strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dream' - Berwick ...
Specialist Classes

           The school has fully equipped art room facilities. The children will
           experience a wide range of art and craft activities. It is recommended
           that each child has an art smock. One of Mum or Dad’s old shirts
make great smocks, or they are available to purchase from Primary School Wear
(PSW - the school’s uniform provider).

                          The Physical Education program aims to give students the
                          opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence
                          when participating in physical activity. Our program also
focuses on personal and social skills that can be developed through participation in
movement and physical activities, including communication, decision-making,
problem-solving, critical and creative thinking and cooperation.

From Prep to Grade 2, students begin to develop their ability to perform fundamental motor
skills that provide the foundation for competent and confident participation in a range of
physical activities. When participating in physical activity students develop knowledge and an
understanding about how and why the body moves and start to understand the link between
physical activity and health.

In Grade 3 to 6, students focus on developing their skills through modified major games and
begin to apply their skills in sport-specific settings. They begin to observe and give constructive
feedback on the skill performance of their peers. They start to work cooperatively to achieve
goals in both cooperative and competitive games, explore basic game tactics and understand
the roles of various positions.

                          Children have lessons in Library. They are able to borrow
                          books from our Library as long as they have a library bag to
take them home in. This can be a material or cloth bag (no plastic bags). The Library holds a
Scholastic Book Fair every year and also runs a Book Character Dress Up Day yearly.

Specialist Science lessons are for all students from Grades 3 through to Grade 6. Once a
week the children get to visit the Lab to develop a greater appreciation of their
        world, how it works and their place within it. Each session they will explore
        and challenge their curiosity through hands on experiments, observations,
        discussions, songs, games and projects. Students in Prep to Grade 2
        participate in Science Investigations in their classroom throughout the

Our society is immersed with digital devices and technologies – it’s an integral part of our work
and personal lives. The students at Berwick Chase are the children of this digital age. They
deserve to be equipped with the knowledge and skills that will not only help prepare them for
the future but allow them to develop the confidence to engage with technology successfully
and safely – now and in the future. Student learning is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum
Digital Technology strand and our program incorporates valuable lessons around Cybersafety.
We strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dream' - Berwick ...
                    AND SWIMMING PROGRAMS
Throughout the year students will be encouraged to take part in excursions and sporting
activities. This includes Camps for Grade’s 3-6 and Swimming Programs for all year
levels. Some of the excursions Berwick Chase students have had the opportunity to enjoy
include Athletics, Swimming Carnival, Legoland, Melbourne Zoo and Coal Creek.
Camp locations include beach, rural bush and city experiences including Phillip Island
and the Melbourne City Camp (Grade 6).

To attend these excursions and camps, parent/guardians must sign the Permission Form
that is sent home with their child. Payments must be received by the due date stated on
the form.

                                   SUN SMART
The school is very aware of the need for children to be protected from the sun.
Our Sunsmart Policy makes the wearing of a hat compulsory from September to April.

Both students and staff are required to wear a Sunsmart hat when outside to protect
themselves from the sun. Slouch and bucket hats are recommended, as they provide the
best protection from the sun. If a hat is not worn, children play in the undercover area
between the two main buildings.

On days of extreme weather conditions children will remain indoors during break times.

                          WELFARE & DISCIPLINE
The school’s Welfare and Discipline Policy requires children to respect the rights and
property of others at all times. The policy also strongly encourages the students to take
full responsibility for their own actions and behaviour. We strive to maintain the happy
and safe environment that exists here at Berwick Chase through a range of positive

Our Welfare and Discipline and Student Management Procedures all link back to:
  - Mutual Respect
  - No one has the right to interrupt anyone else’s learning
  - Everyone has the right to learn

At the commencement of each year, teachers and students develop their classroom rules
together to ensure each class provides an orderly learning environment.             6
We strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dream' - Berwick ...
Please inform the school, in writing, of any change of address, phone number, email address,
place of work, family living arrangements etc. This is important to keep our records up to date,
especially if we need to contact you if your child is sick or injured. It would also be helpful, where
possible, to inform the school of two emergency contacts in case you cannot be contacted.

Please inform the school if there are any Court Order’s, Intervention Orders or Parenting Plans
relating to your child/children. We also require a hard copy of these plans to be kept on file at the

                              MINIMISING INTERRUPTIONS
If your child has left any items at home that are required for the day, you may drop them in to the
office and they will be passed on to your child at the commencement of the next break. This helps
to avoid interruptions to your child’s class during learning time.

Although we are here to assist you, please make sure you give all your messages and reminders
to your children in the morning before they leave for school. We cannot send messages to your
children every day about where to meet you or who is picking them up unless there is a change of
plans or in the case of emergencies.

                              ABSENCES AND ILLNESSES
If your child is absent from school you are required to notify us by 9.15 am on the date of
absence. Known absences can be submitted in advance. This is a legal requirement. Our
preferred methods of communication are via the Sentral for Parents App, email or a written note.
Please state the date your child was absent, their full name, grade and a brief reason why. If your
child is feeling unwell, they must be kept at home until they are well, to prevent the spread of
communicable illnesses which occurs easily in the school environment. Children that become sick
at school will be sent to sick bay and parents / guardians will be contacted to collect their child
early. Please notify the school immediately if your child develops a contagious illness e.g. chicken
pox/school sores/measles.

All medication must be accompanied with medical plans signed by a Doctor. This enables us to
administer at school if required. Please note antibiotics should not be administered at school
unless they are required 4 times daily. Please note any side effects of medication cannot be
monitored at school, therefore the first dose must always be given at home. Children who may
require Ventolin inhalers from time to time, can leave an inhaler in the school’s care (an Asthma
plan is required). These will be kept in sickbay and available to use when required. Should you
have further questions regarding medication, please contact sickbay on 9707 7799.

                        SCHOOL INJURIES AND INSURANCE
Parents and guardians are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured
students, including ambulance costs. If an accident happens at school and we feel your child is in
urgent need of medical attention beyond the boundaries of first aid, we will call an ambulance. If
you do not have Ambulance Cover, the cost to transport your child may be extremely expensive.
We strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dream' - Berwick ...
The Berwick Chase Primary School Newsletter, the Chase Chatter, informs you of current
events and important dates to remember. It is sent out via the Sentral for Parents App and
can also be viewed on our school website.

                             BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS
Sometimes students like to celebrate their birthday by bringing treats to school to share with
their class. Keeping in mind that some students may have allergies, this will need to be
discussed with your child’s classroom teacher before the day.

Children who ride their bikes or scooters to school MUST wear an approved bicycle helmet.
As a result of Victorian law, School Council has determined that children who ride their bike
without a helmet to school will not be permitted to ride their bike home from school. Parents
will be contacted and asked to come and collect the bike. Children must walk their bikes/
scooters through school grounds.

                                   SCHOOL CANTEEN
The Canteen is open at recess and lunchtime to purchase snack items only. If you wish to
order lunch for your child this must be pre ordered via Qkr!, by 9 am on the day the order is
required. Alternatively a written order on a paper bag, with the money inside, can be placed in
the class lunch tub. These are then taken to the canteen by lunch order monitors and
delivered back to the grades for lunch eating time. The Canteen Menu can be viewed on our
school website and QKR!.
The canteen is unable to offer credit, lunch orders must be pre-paid.

                       LUNCHES BROUGHT FROM HOME
Few of us jump for joy at the prospect of preparing packed lunches. But it is a fact of life that
when your child starts school, you are probably letting yourselves in for more than ten years
of cut lunches.

It is frustrating, to say the least, if your child returns home with the larger part of your carefully
prepared lunch untouched. Without being defensive, try to find out why this has happened.
Good communication here is vital! Remember that the bottom line is to have your child eat

                                    BRAIN FOOD TIME
Many classes have a brain food break during the second session of the
day. Please see your child’s teacher for more details.

Eating healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, cheese and yoghurt is

We strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dream' - Berwick ...
Sentral for Parents App

Berwick Chase Primary School uses the Sentral for Parents App as our main form of
communication. This is where you will view your child’s academic reports, book parent/teacher
interviews, receive sick bay notifications, and submit student absences. The app also allows
us to send instant notifications to families quickly, including our fortnightly newsletter,
messages from classroom teachers, reminders from the office, excursion/camp/special days,
school photos and any emergency information. Push notifications are sent, therefore you will
get an instant notification on your smart phone or tablet whenever there is a new message.
The Sentral for Parents App is free to download from the app store; a unique access key, per
registered parent is required, which you will receive soon after commencement.

                      iPad Program (Grades 5 and 6)

At Berwick Chase we feel passionate about educating children in ALL areas of learning so that
they can navigate the world successfully. From a young age, children are taught to hold hands
when they cross the road, to use good manners and to show empathy. We must give equal
amount of attention to guiding children in their use of technology, particularly in the social
world so that they can become successful 21st Century citizens and cope in a rapidly changing
Our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) iPad program aims to prepare our students to excel
technologically and to:

   Be engaged learners: an iPad program supports innovative curriculum planning and
      implementation. The interactivity of iPad technology provides students with a highly
      engaging learning experience.
   Be creative thinkers: there is an excellent range of apps designed to stimulate the
      student’s creative instincts where virtual and real-world creativity can be managed.
   Be problem solvers: powerful apps mean students don’t just consume content, they
      create it and are able to find their own way to problem solve and engage with it.
   Be connected global citizens: an iPad program will support the initiating of global
      communication and collaboration.
   Be independent and self-directed learners: an iPad program provides students with
      personal, portable devices to access learning at a time, in a place and at a pace, which
      supports their learning needs.
   Be social collaborators: the iPad program will enable students to research, to access
      information and to connect with others for communication and collaboration in a safe,
      nurturing environment.

Upon signing Student and Parent Agreements and paying a fee, which includes the cost of all
apps installed on your child’s iPad as well as a management program, children are then
invited to bring their iPads to school. This allows for anywhere and anytime access to learning
both within and out of school hours.

We strive for success through fostering relationships built upon integrity and equity, and embracing the courage to pursue our dream' - Berwick ...
How Can I Become Involved In School?
Berwick Chase Primary School prides itself on being an ‘open door’
school, which welcomes and values all parents. There are lots of ways to
become a part of our school and help make it a better place for your
children and the community.

* Please note: Volunteer roles within a school environment require participants to
obtain/own a current Working with Children Check (WWC). If you do not have a Working
With Children Check, please apply online at www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au

Please ensure you register our school so we can obtain a letter from the
Department of Justice, confirming you have registered our school.
Our school address is:
72 Viewgrand Drive, Berwick 3806

Volunteer Program
The commitment and dedication shown by our parent and school community in
supporting our classroom programs has been outstanding! To further develop and utilise
the skills of our volunteers, we offer a course to train members of our community who are
willing to be classroom helpers.

The course provides you with strategies to best assist students across all areas of the
curriculum and grade levels, give you ideas on the many and various ways you can help
in and out of the classroom, and answer any questions you may have. It’s also a great
opportunity to meet other members of our school community.

Courses will be run during Term 1. Parents must complete the course if they wish to
assist in the learning commons throughout the year. The course dates will be advertised
early in the new year.

Reading Helpers
This is extremely important throughout all areas of the school. An hour or two per week
can be of great assistance to the class teacher. Let your child’s teacher know if you are
interested in hearing children read.

Berwick Chase Primary School is committed to relationships between home and school.
This cannot be over emphasised in regard to a child’s acquisition of reading skills.

School Council
This is the school’s major decision-making body. Being a member of the School Council
is an excellent way to learn how the school runs and to have input into its programs and
This is also an excellent opportunity to get to know the teachers and other parents.
Parent Members Contact Email: berwick.chase.ps@education.vic.gov.au

Help the school raise funds to assist with the support and education of your child.
The Fundraising Team is always looking for more parents to assist and come up with ideas
to raise money for the school. Fundraisers over the years have included Mother’s Day and
Father’s Day Stalls, Easter / Christmas Raffles, Trivia Nights, Colour Run and many more.

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)
P.M.P. is part of the P.E. program which develops the children’s balance, strength and
co-ordination. It also has a direct effect on the children’s learning outcomes across the
curriculum. P.M.P. requires regular helpers to assist with the activity groups. Check with
your classroom teacher if you are interested in helping. We would love your assistance with
this program.

School Assemblies are held every fortnight on Friday afternoons at 2.50 pm. It is a time to
celebrate the achievements of the students and share news. The Social Skill for the
following week is also discussed at this time. We also have an assembly on the last day of
each school term. This is a way to celebrate the end of term and say goodbye to our students
for the holiday break.

Our provider of Before and After School Care services is Team Kids
TeamKids are setting a new standard in the OSHC space. Now into our 8th year, we have a
service offering that;

   Builds parental and student confidence through the quality of outstanding programs
   Maintains a firm focus on employing Teacher qualified or pre-qualified
   Creates child-led, tried and tested programs that enrich and extend children
   Building long-lasting relationships with our schools and the broader community
   Providing industry-leading educator-to-student ratios of 1:10.

Unique to our industry, TeamKids employ a qualified full-time Director of Service at every
B&A service. They have two overarching responsibilities, and that is to:

    Implement age-appropriate experiences that are engaging and fun, but also create
     learning environments that are warm, unique and stimulating, a place where children
     don’t have to go, they want to go.
    Ensure consistency of staff, provide an exemplary level of communication with the
     children and parents and ensure that we build a strong, genuine relationship with the
     school and the broader community.

If you have not used TeamKids before then you will need to register your child and add your
bookings for Term 1. Please go to the website www.teamkids.com.au and select our program
and follow the enrolment instructions.

If you have used TeamKids before, please contact their Customer Service Team and they will
link your account. You will then just need to add your bookings for Term 1 2021.
Our preferred method of payment at Berwick Chase Primary School is a facility called Qkr!. This is an
App that can be downloaded to your smart phone, computer or iPad. It is a secure facility that can be
likened to PayPal, whereby it holds your credit card information to use for the majority of things parents
pay for at Berwick Chase Primary School.
If you wish to make payments via Credit Card or cash these must be made at the office. We do not
accept any cash or Credit Card details through the classroom.

Essential Student Learning Items
Parents are required to pay for (or provide where appropriate) the Essential Student Learning Items
used by their children each year. The charge covers the costs of workbooks, stationery, consumables
and additional speciality supplies for Visual Arts, Science, Languages, Inquiry, student cooking and
other instructional supports to add to or enhance the standard curriculum.

Our school provides the service of bulk stationery to ensure all children have the correct and necessary
books, pens, pencils, crayons, and diaries etc. for the school year. The supplies are of high quality and
are suitable for use in a primary school setting. Because everything is purchased in bulk we are able to
provide the items at a reduced rate.

Optional Education Items
Berwick Chase Primary School also offers a range of optional extras for which the parents are expected
to pay if they wish their children to attend or receive. These items include travel and entry costs for
visiting performances, excursions and camps, school photos, private music tuition and Graduation

Throughout the year students will also be encouraged to take part in excursions and sporting activities.
This includes camps for Years 3 to 6, and swimming programs for all year levels.

Voluntary Financial Contributions
Our School Council invites you to donate to the following:

Library Fund Donation: These donations are used for the purchase of new and relevant library
books for your child to borrow and enjoy. BCPS has a strong and vibrant library program that
promotes a love for reading and expanding knowledge. Donations over $2.00 are tax deductable.

Curriculum Development Contribution: These donations are used for the continuing
development of our resources in the Key Learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Science, ICT,
Technology, Physical Education, Humanities and Performing Arts.

Grounds Development Contribution: These donations assist in the further development of the
school grounds. Past projects have been the formation of the Explore garden, vegetable garden and
the building of outdoor furniture.

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)
Families (or temporary foster parents) holding a valid means-tested concession card are eligible to
apply for CSEF. $125 per year will be paid for eligible primary school students. Payments go directly to
the school and are tied to the student. This is to be used for school organised programs such as school
camps, excursions/incursions and swimming programs. These funds cannot be used for Student
Essential Items.

Please collect your Application Form from the school office. If you have applied in the year prior at
Berwick Chase PS, and are still eligible we will reapply on your behalf.
Things To Help Me At School
     Know where to meet Mum/Dad/Carer after school.

     Tie up my own shoelaces.

     Put my jumper and coat on and take them off.

     Know that I must not leave the school grounds during school time.

     Have my name on everything that I bring to school.

     Wash my face and hands properly.

     Be away from mum/dad without getting upset.

     Use the school crossings if I need to cross the road. Children under 10 should be
      supervised by an adult.

     Can go to the toilet without adult assistance.

     Say my name, address and telephone number clearly.

                                                       Working as a TEAM
                                                       ‘Together Everyone
                                                        Achieves More’

    Ways Parents Can Participate in the Partnership
     Visit the school often and talk with your child's teacher outside class time.

     Read with and to your child as often as possible.

     Attend our Parent/Teacher interviews and Information Nights.

     Read the school's fortnightly newsletter.

     Seek election to School Council.

     Help out at PMP and assist in classroom activities.

     Check the Sentral for Parents App and your child's
      bag regularly for school notices.


Berwick Chase Primary School’s uniform supplier is PSW. It is compulsory that your child
wears the official Berwick Chase school uniform. There is a wide variety of different
school uniform items to choose from. Families are encouraged to choose the uniform
combinations that best suits their child. Plain navy coloured shorts and tracksuit pants are
acceptable and do not need to be purchased through PSW.
There is no set Summer or Winter uniform. Students may choose to wear anything from
the list below throughout the year.

    Windcheater/Bomber jacket (with logo)
    Tracksuit pants/Bootleg pants navy blue (not leggings)
    Polo shirt – Short or Long Sleeve (with logo)
    White socks
    Polar fleece jacket/Polar fleece vest (with logo)
    Uni-sex shorts / Skort (Navy Blue)
    Girls Summer Dress
    Girls Tunic & White Long Sleeve Polo
    Cargo pants/shorts (Navy Blue)
    Bucket Hat (Navy Blue)
    School Bag
    Runners are the preferred footwear.

                                Primary School Wear (PSW)
                                407 Old Princes Highway, Officer.
                                Phone 9768 0382

                                 LOST PROPERTY
At times children will leave their jumpers lying around or somehow misplace their hats/
lunch boxes/drink bottles/ toys and balls.

Lost items are sent to ‘Lost Property’ which is located near the office. Items with names
will be sent back to your child’s grade where time permits, however it is
expected that children will look for their own lost property.

                                                           HELP US HELP YOU…
                                                               PLEASE LABEL
Every assembly commences with the singing of the Australian National Anthem

             Advance Australia Fair

         Australians all let us rejoice,
          For we are young and free.
     We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil,
           Our Home is girt by sea.
      Our land abounds in nature’s gifts,
           Of beauty rich and rare.
       In history’s page let every stage,
            Advance Australia Fair.

         In joyful strains then let us sing
              Advance Australia Fair.

    Beneath our radiant Southern Cross.
      We’ll toil with hearts and hands;
    To make this Commonwealth of ours
         Renowned of all the lands;
   For those who’ve come across the seas
      We’ve boundless plains to share;
      With courage let us all combine
          To Advance Australia fair.
         In joyful strains let us sing,
           Advance Australia Fair


        72 Viewgrand Drive, Berwick 3806
      PO Box 4084, Narre Warren South 3805

                Phone: 03 9707 7799

               Principal: Mr Chris Short
Assistant Principals: Mrs Nicole Weller, Mrs Jodie Day

   Email: berwick.chase.ps@education.vic.gov.au
     Website: www.berwickchaseps.vic.edu.au

    School Tours (Held during school terms):
              MONDAYS at 2.45 pm,
            WEDNESDAYS at 9.15 am,


                   The information in this booklet was up to date as at time of printing: 17/11/2020
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