1 | P a g e WELBOURN SCHOOL T e K u r a T u a t a h i O P u k e k u r a ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL APPLICATION PACK 2018 Our vision is for every child to develop as Confident, Capable, Creative, Connected and Engaged Life Long learners . . Soaring to Success


2 | P a g e Advertised position - Associate Principal - Welbourn School (4MU) Commencing Term 4 2018 We are looking for an experienced, collaborative teacher with excellent organisational and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build positive relationships with students, staff and our school community. An up to date understanding of the NZ Curriculum, teaching as inquiry, learner agency and assessment are also essential. If you have the desire to progress your career, have proven leadership skills and will respect our current school educational practices and support our school to move forward, we welcome your application. The successful applicant will become a key member of our staff and strong leadership team that takes a ‘collective responsibility’ approach to student learning.

Position commences Term 4 2018. Pre-application visits welcomed. Ph. 06 7575810, or email principal@welbourn.school.nz Applications close 3rd August 2018. Person Specifications The skills and personal attributes required of our Associate Principal are:  Ability to work collaboratively  A commitment and ability to foster positive and effective relationships with students, staff and community  Proven organisational and leadership skills across the school  Enthusiasm for learning and a commitment to achieving the very best outcomes for students, both as a teacher and a leader  Excellent communication and inter-personal skills  Sound, up to date knowledge of the New Zealand Curriculum and effective pedagogy  A strong working knowledge of current assessment tools/strategies  A commitment to the on-going development of our Professional Learning Community  To be approachable and listen with empathy and an open mind Other Important Attributes  Compassionate  Willingness to be a learner  A work life balance  A good sense of humour  Adaptability Appointment Timeline Position Advertised Education Gazette - Online 4.7.18 / In print 7.7.18 Daily News Closing Date Friday 3 August 2018 Shortlisting to be completed Monday 6th August 2018 Interviews August 10 – 11th Associate Principal Appointed TBC Associate Principal Commences Beginning Term 4 2018


3 | P a g e Application for Appointment IMPORTANT NOTES FOR APPLICANTS Thank you for applying for a position with our school. Please ensure you have a copy of the job description and person specifications before completing this application. 1. Please fully complete this form personally. Read it through first then answer all questions and make sure you sign and date where indicated on page 8. 2. Attach a curriculum vitae (CV) containing any additional information. 3. If you include written references, please note that we may contact the writers of the references. This application form includes a request that you give permission for the Welbourn Board, or nominated representative, to potentially make such contact. Without such permission being given, please note that written references may be disregarded.

4. Copies only of qualification certificates should be attached with this application. If successful in your application you will be required to provide originals as proof of qualifications. 5. Failure to complete this application and answer all questions truthfully, or supplying false or forged written references, may result in any offer of employment being withdrawn or any actual appointment being terminated if any information is later found to be false. 6. Our application process aims to maintain a high standard of integrity, expertise, good character and safety in all staff appointments to Welbourn School and to apply appropriately the principles of the Memorandum of Understanding between Child, Youth and Family and the Ministry of Education 2012 to ensure that children’s and young people’s safety and wellbeing is at the centre of School’s decision making processes. See Notes Section.

7. If you are selected for an interview you may bring whanau/support people at your own expense. Please advise if this is your intention. There is a question later in the application form for this purpose. (Page 8) 8. Confidentiality Welbourn School is committed to maintaining confidentiality regarding applicants for, and appointees to, positions advertised by the School unless there are circumstances involving probable risk to the safety of any person(s) and/or where maintaining confidentiality would be unlawful, or when this would compromise principles of natural justice.

Welbourn School responds to The Official Information Act 1982 and The Privacy Act 1993 in terms of its seeking, retaining and sharing of personal information relating to applicants for positions at the School. Refer to the Declaration section at the end of the Application Form for undertakings in respect of privacy and sharing of information relating to the appointment and selection process. Pre-application visits welcomed. Ph. 06 7575810, or email principal@welbourn.school.nz


4 | P a g e Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nōna te ngahere. Ko te manu e kai ana i te matauranga, nōna te ao. The bird that partakes of the miro berry has reign over the forest. The bird that partakes of education has reign over the world. Our school symbol is the Kereru, or wood pigeon. Kereru are seen in our large Puriri trees most days. This Maori whakatauaki gives importance to our symbol. Welbourn School - Te Kura Tuatahi o Pukekura Welbourn is a co-educational contributing state primary school catering for students from Year 1 to 6. Our 2018 start of Term 3 school roll will be 390 students consisting of 75% NZ European, 17% Maori, 1% Pacifica and 7% of students relating to other ethnic groups. We have a special school culture where our School Values and development of the Key Competencies are evident in learning programmes and the everyday actions and interactions in our school.

We are fortunate to have a unique school environment bordering the Te Hēnui stream with views to our Maunga; Mt Taranaki. The school is working with the Taranaki Regional Council to develop our bush area as a Key Native Ecosystem. The mature native trees in our grounds are home to native birds, including the Tui and Kereru ( Also known in Taranaki as Kukupu). The Kereru, native wood pigeon, is our school symbol. Sustainability and environmental awareness is a future focus learning opportunity we are including in our school curriculum. We have a number of student led initiatives that promote environmental education, using our local area resources.

We enjoy a positive partnership with our school community and have a Home and School group that supports Board of Trustees initiatives. Our parents are actively involved in all aspects of school life. The school promotes safe healthy practises and active options. We are very well resourced with outdoor equipment and fund a Sports Coordinator to organise the large number of our children playing in out of hours school sports teams. We achieved a SPARC award for promoting 'Fairplay' principles and have SunSmart School status. We are a ‘Let’s Go’ school, promoting sustainable active transport options; Walk, Bike Ride, with the support of the NPDC Let’s Go team who have helped achieve roading changes to make routes to school safer. Welbourn School values the Arts in children’s learning and development. The quality of Visual Arts produced by students and on display is a feature of our school. Music, Dance and Drama are included in class programmes. We bring outside performers into the school to widen children’s appreciation of the Arts. Welbourn School is very well resourced for teaching and learning. The school continues to develop a strong infrastructure to support ICT. We have interactive whiteboard technology in all classrooms, with pods of Chrome books and Ipads in classes for student use. Further development of ICT, digital literacy and citizenship is a strategic goal for the school.

The school property is well maintained with buildings being upgraded on a planned basis to provide a quality learning environment for our students and staff. One of strategic goals outlines the emphasis we place on learner agency and developing quality teaching and learning programmes that meet individual needs, with emphasis on raising student achievement in the core areas of Literacy and Numeracy. Our school actively lives and promotes our core values and our school motto; “Make good choices, Be Fair, Care and Share"


5 | P a g e OUR VALUES Our values will be evident in our school curriculum, classrooms, and relationships; the everyday actions and interactions within the school. Respect Excellence Innovation Integrity Community Manaakitanga Hiranga Wairua auaha, Wairua uiui Ngākau tapatahi Kotahitanga To Make Good Choices: Be Fair, Care and Share We want our students to develop strategies for managing challenge and change and to take a personal responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. We will encourage, model and explore the attitudes and values with our children. These, together with development of the key competencies, will enable our students to participate and contribute effectively in the future.

We want them to 'Make good choices". If our students become emotionally competent, practice being fair, caring and sharing, they will be best placed to learn. Their emotional competence will, in effect, create its own climate for learning. Students will be encouraged to value: • Excellence, by aiming high and by persevering in the face of difficulties; • Innovation, inquiry, and curiosity, by thinking critically, creatively, and reflectively; • Diversity, as found in our different cultures, languages, and heritages; • Equity, through fairness and social justice; • Community and Participation for the common good; • Ecological Sustainability, which includes care for the environment; • Integrity, which involves being honest, responsible, and accountable and acting ethically and to respect themselves, others, and human rights.

Our touchstones are the values we share to be encouraged, modeled and explored by our students. New Zealand Curriculum To be encouraged, modelled, and explored


6 | P a g e APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMENT To: Chairperson, Appointments Committee – Welbourn School Position applied for: Associate Principal PERSONAL DETAILS Name: Address: Phone Numbers: Home: Mobile: Email: Teacher Registration Number: Expiry Date; Please circle appropriate answer Are you a New Zealand citizen?* YES No If not, do you have resident status?*, or YES No A current work permit?* YES No *See Notes Section - Note 1 TERTIARY EDCUATION QUALIFICATIONS* *See Notes Section - Note 2 Institution Attended Year(s) Qualification Attained Date Awarded PRESENT EMPLOYMENT Name of Present Employer: Address: Phone Numbers: Work: Mobile: Position Held: EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Please outline most recent employment history, beginning with current or latest employment Position Level School Dates (from / to)

7 | P a g e REFEREES* *See Notes Section - Note 3 1. Name: Address: Contact Phone Numbers: Work: Mobile: Relationship to Applicant: 2. Name: Address: Contact Phone Numbers: Work: Mobile: Relationship to Applicant: AUTHORITY TO CONTACT REFEREES* *See Notes Section - Note 4 & 5 I authorise the Board, or nominated representative, to approach the above nominated verbal referees to gather information related to my suitability for appointment to the position at any time during the selection process, INCLUDING PRIOR TO my potentially being shortlisted for the position.

If ‘No’ please indicate below any referees you would prefer are NOT contacted prior to shortlisting YES NO AUTHORITY TO APPROACH OTHER REFEREES* *See Notes Section - Note 6 I authorise the Welbourn School Board, or nominated representative, to approach persons or the Teachers Council, other than the referees whose names I have supplied, to gather information related to my suitability for appointment to the position. YES NO CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS AND BEHAVIOURAL HISTORY* *See Notes Section - Notes 7-10 Have you ever had a criminal conviction?

(You may choose to tick ‘No’ if you have convictions that do not need to be disclosed as per the provisions of the ‘Clean Slate Act’ 2004. See Notes Section - Note 8.) If “Yes” please detail: YES NO Have you ever received a police diversion for an offence within the last seven years? If “Yes” please detail: YES NO Have you been convicted of a driving offence which resulted in temporary or permanent loss of licence, or imprisonment? (You may choose to tick ‘No’ if you have convictions that do not need to be disclosed as per the provisions of the ‘Clean Slate Act’ 2004. See Notes Section - Note 8.) If “Yes” please detail: YES NO Are you awaiting sentencing / currently have charges pending? If “Yes” please state the nature of the conviction /cases pending: YES NO

8 | P a g e Have you ever been ‘stood down’ or subject to any investigation due to behaviour, or allegations of behaviour, which has been considered to have potential to cause harm to students, school staff and /or school community and /or school property and /or security?* See Notes Section - Note 9 YES NO OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION In addition to other information provided are there any other factors that we should know to assess your suitability for appointment and ability to do the job? If “Yes”, please elaborate: YES NO Have you had any injury or medical condition caused by gradual process, disease or infection, such as occupational overuse syndrome, stress or repetitive strain injuries, which the tasks of this job may aggravate or contribute to?

If “Yes”, please detail: YES NO Do you have a current New Zealand driver’s licence? YES NO INTERVIEW SUPPORT I wish to bring whanau/support person(s) to my interview, should I be successful in being shortlisted for an interview for this position and understand that any costs associated with their attendance will be at my own expense. YES NO DECLARATION The below declaration takes into account the provisions of both the Privacy Act 1993 and the Official Information Act 1982. This Application is submitted on the understanding that any information given is for the use of the Welbourn Board and their nominated representatives only and solely for the intended purpose of selection for appointment. The Board and/or its nominated representative(s) may at any time have access to this information for the intended purposes of or review of selection decisions and undertakes to store this information securely so as to ensure it is not able to be accessed beyond those authorised to view it.

I agree to the Welbourn Board or its nominated representative approaching any/all of my nominated referees and/or writers of written references submitted, for information regarding my abilities and character in relation to this Application and, should it be necessary, to seek verbal clarification from referees on points that may need further explanation. I give consent to the Welbourn Board or its nominated representative to make enquiries of my present or past employers or colleagues, Teachers’ Council or any other person who may assist in establishing my suitability for the position(s) at this School applied for.

I understand that I may have access to information provided by me or by referees or other individuals consulted in the process of this application and selection process in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993, including information obtained via ‘police vet’. I also understand that I have the ability to request correction of information if such information on my file is incorrect and I am able to provide reasonable evidence that this is the case. Applicant Signature Date I certify that the information supplied in this application is true and correct. I understand that if I have supplied incorrect or misleading information, or have omitted any important information, I may be disqualified from appointment, or if appointed, may be liable to be dismissed.

Applicant Signature Date Note: If completing this form electronically a hard copy (signed) must be provided also.

9 | P a g e PERSONAL QUALITIES Statements in this section should be relevant to the requirements of the position advertised. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary. If completing this digitally please use the same headings. Experience for the Associate Principal Position Personal Strengths Class / School Management Strengths

10 | P a g e Relationship with Students, Staff and Community State Curriculum Strengths / leadership in relation to your current role Welbourn School Record (office use only) Date Application received Time

11 | P a g e NOTES SECTION 1. Should you be selected for appointment to the position advertised, you will be required to provide proof of identity that includes a photograph (i.e. Licence, Passport, or other), and where applicable evidence of Permanent Residency or a valid work permit prior to an appointment being able to be finalised. 2. In order to make a final decision regarding an appointment, Qualifications Checks will be conducted to confirm that qualifications noted in an application, that have material bearing on the position(s) being applied for, have been awarded to the applicant (where these are not otherwise able to be confirmed via information available from the Teachers’ Registration Board).

3. This application form requests contact details for at least two (2) verbal referees, and seeks your permission for the Welbourn Board, or nominated representative, to make contact with these referees. Note that should such permission not be given, your application will not proceed for the selection process. 4. Contact with referees will be made in every instance where an applicant is shortlisted for potential selection, and in most instances will also be made in advance of shortlisting to assist with the shortlisting process. Should you have an issue with contact being made prior to potentially being shortlisted for a role for which you have applied, please note this in the space provided.

5. All verbal referees and writers of written references contacted will be asked a standard list of questions which are designed to ascertain suitability for employment and the integrity and good character of the candidate. 6. This application form also requests your permission for the Welbourn Board, or nominated representative, to approach persons or the Teachers’ Council, other than the referees whose names you have supplied, to gather information related to your suitability for appointment to the position should this be deemed necessary in order to make a final decision regarding an appointment. In all cases, and prior to a final appointment decision, this will include making contact with your most recent, or current, employer, whose details are also requested.

7. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to give consent to a ‘police vet’. It is a requirement in the Education Sector for all employees to be vetted and appointments can only be confirmed once a ‘police vet’ has provided assurance that an applicant has no convictions of a nature which indicate they may present a risk to children’s, staff’s, the school’s and/or the school community’s safety, wellbeing and security. Should any offer of employment made ‘subject to receiving evidence of an applicant’s criminal history via police vetting’ subsequently be deemed inappropriate in light of official information received, the Welbourn Board and/or its nominated representative will consult with the person so-offered before making and advising any final decision not to commence confirmed employment.

In any instances where final confirmed appointment is awaiting results of ‘police vetting’, but where it is considered appropriate for ‘conditional employment’ to start, any such conditional appointees will not be permitted to have unsupervised access to students. At the application stage you are asked to note any criminal convictions, pending convictions or offences for which you have previously received ‘police diversion’ (subject to the conditions of the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004. See Note 8 also).

Should a later-requested ‘police vet’ reveal convictions other than, or in addition to, those noted in this application (and not subject to the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004, this is most likely to result in any offer of employment being withdrawn following due consultation with the applicant. 8. In terms of a Criminal Conviction, the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 provides certain convictions do not have to be disclosed providing: a. You have not committed any offence within seven (consecutive) years of being sentenced for the offence and b. You did not serve a custodial sentence1 at any time (this would exclude serious offences such as murder, manslaughter, rape and causing serious bodily harm) and

12 | P a g e c. You have not been ordered by a Court to be detained during a case due to your mental condition and d. You have not been convicted of an offence classed as a “specified offence” (“specified offences” are in the main related to sexual offending against children) and e. You have paid any fine, reparation or costs ordered by the Court in relation to any criminal cases and f. You have not been indefinitely disqualified from driving under Section 65 Land Transport Act 1998 (or equivalent).

1 Custodial sentences include a sentence of preventive detention and corrective training. Non-custodial sentences include fines, reparation orders, community-based sentences and suspended sentences. Please note that you are not obliged to disclose convictions if you meet all of the eligibility criteria (a-f set out above) but can do so if you wish. If you are uncertain as to whether you meet eligibility criteria for non- disclosure, under the ‘Clean Slate Act’ 2004 contact the Ministry of Justice. 9. At the application stage, you are asked to note if you have ever been ‘stood down’ or subject to any investigation due to behaviour, or allegations of behaviour, which has been considered to have potential to cause harm to students, school staff and/or school community and/or school property and/or security. Should information other than, or in addition to that noted in this application reveal that information you have provided is not full or accurate, this will most likely result in any offer of employment being withdrawn or any actual appointment being terminated.

10. Evidence of a criminal conviction or other record of an offence, or a significant and/or questionable previous employment history resulting from any of the aforementioned pre-employment checks will not, of itself, necessarily be a barrier to employment, but will require the Welbourn Board or nominated representative to have regard to the extent to which the record is in conflict with the requirement of the role or undermines the credibility of the person to undertake the role.