WELCOME TO C.B.S.E. CLUSTER IV KABADDI TOURNAMENT - (Boys & Girls Under 17 & 19) FROM 30th Sep. to 03rd Oct. 2018 - Mahi International ...

WELCOME TO C.B.S.E. CLUSTER IV KABADDI TOURNAMENT - (Boys & Girls Under 17 & 19) FROM 30th Sep. to 03rd Oct. 2018 - Mahi International ...
           (Boys & Girls Under 17 & 19)
          FROM 30th Sep. to 03rd Oct. 2018

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WELCOME TO C.B.S.E. CLUSTER IV KABADDI TOURNAMENT - (Boys & Girls Under 17 & 19) FROM 30th Sep. to 03rd Oct. 2018 - Mahi International ...

                                                    CBSE INDIA

     MR.SANJAY AGRAWAL                                 MR.YOGESH JAIN                          MR.____________
(Chairman, Mahi International School, Agra)     (Principal, Mahi International School, Agra)     (CBSE Observer)

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WELCOME TO C.B.S.E. CLUSTER IV KABADDI TOURNAMENT - (Boys & Girls Under 17 & 19) FROM 30th Sep. to 03rd Oct. 2018 - Mahi International ...

On behalf of Mahi International School I take this honor to welcome all the participants, Managers,
Coaches, Officials, Chief Guests, Dignitaries and parents to the C.B.S.E. Cluster IV Kabaddi
Tournament(Boys & Girls), 2018-2019. We affirm you that the journey of the on-going event will be
fun filled.

I am thankful to Central Board of Secondary Education, India for providing me an opportunity to
conduct this wonderful event.

Sports Meet such as this gain a special significance in the present day strife torn scenario, as this will
act as a unifying bond of bringing about a spirit of companionship and nurture global partners.
I wish all the participants Good Luck!

Yogesh Jain

Mahi International School, Agra

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WELCOME TO C.B.S.E. CLUSTER IV KABADDI TOURNAMENT - (Boys & Girls Under 17 & 19) FROM 30th Sep. to 03rd Oct. 2018 - Mahi International ...
Mahi International School welcomes all to the city of the TAJ, Agra

The city of Taj, Agra needs no introduction as it is famous the world over for its iconic the Taj, one of
the Seven Wonders of the World built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved
wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The monument is a specimen of white marble beauty. Besides this, Fatehpur
Sikri and the Agra Fort listed in UNESCO World Heritage List also attract tourists from all over the

Mahi International School is a part of this historical and tourist city that is rendering its services to the
society by imparting quality education to the students of not only Agra but neighboring areas. With
the foundation in the year 2014, the school has never looked back and is performing well in all the
spheres of education.

The school has been upgraded to senior secondary level from the session 2018-19 with Science and
Commerce stream. In the short span of five years the total number of students in the school is 1050
and the school has been ranked Agra’s 2nd and 3rd Co-ed Day School in the Education World India
School Ranking 2016-17 and 2017-18 respectively on the basis of the survey conducted by Education
World. The school has also come up with a Play school with 190 students and is actively involved in
various activities. In the session 2016-17, the school hosted CBSE Cluster IV Volleyball Tournament
successfully and in year 2016-17 IIMUN conference was smoothly conducted in the premises and in
October 2018 again we are hosting the same conference. The school has also been nominated for
Clean School Award at the state level.
Mahi International School is unique in its league. The abiding obsession at Mahi is to make learning
inspiring for children including the desire to enquire, explore and experience. For we are a school
which believes that education lies beyond the textbooks and that true learning comes from self
enquiry and research, from discussion, from reading and from encouraging the natural curiosity of
young minds.

With a clear vision and state of art infrastructure, the school management aims at providing
appropriate teaching learning environment in the premises for the holistic growth of its students.

Mission Statement
To provide an amalgamation of cultural fundamentals with modern education techniques to develop
goal oriented and intellectual human beings with feelings of fraternity and global understanding to
face the challenges of the present efficiently.
The school family feels honoured to host CBSE Kabaddi Tournament for the session 2018-19 and
welcomes all the teams to the historic city of the Taj and wish that their stay will be comfortable and
all will return with cherished memories.

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WELCOME TO C.B.S.E. CLUSTER IV KABADDI TOURNAMENT - (Boys & Girls Under 17 & 19) FROM 30th Sep. to 03rd Oct. 2018 - Mahi International ...
CBSE Cluster IV Kabaddi (Boys & Girls Under 17 & 19) Tournament 2018-19
                   Important Information at a Glance
1.    Name of the Tournament              CBSE Cluster IV Kabaddi (Boys & Girls Under 17
                                          & 19) 2018-19

2.    Name of the Host School & Address   Mahi International School
                                          Agra-Gwalior Road, NH-3, Tehra, Agra
                                          283124 (U.P.)

3.    Name of the Principal               Mr.Yogesh Jain

4.    Contact No.                         7055809777

5.    Tournament Date                     30th Sep. to 3rd Oct. 2018

6.    Opening Ceremony                    30th Sep. 2018 at 9:30 am

7.    Veledictory/Closing Ceremony        3rd Oct. 2018 at 3:00 pm

8.    Arrival of Teams                    29th Sep. 2018, 2:00 pm onwards

9. Coach & Manager Meeting (Fixtures) 29th Sep. 2018 at 3:00 pm
10. Venue of the Matches              Mahi International School Ground

11. Organizer’s Contact No. (Contact      Mr.Punit Tomar : 7055809777
    Person)                               Mr.Mohit Sharma: 7055812777

12. E-mail Id & Website                   E-mail: principalmahi@gmail.com
                                          Web : www.mahischool.ac.in

13. Nearest Railway Station               Agra Cantt – 21.1 km (Approx)

14. Transport Facility                    The buses will be available outside the Agra Cantt
                                          Railway station/Bus stand.
                                          Mr.Shailendra Dubey – 7533810055

15. Last Date of Entry                    As per the instruction from CBSE Board
                                          (7 days before the tournament date i.e. 23rd Sep.

16.                                       School Campus :
                                          Mr.Manoj Yadav               -   9760057617
                                          Mr.Alok                      -   8969158632
      Loading Facility         (Boys)     Mr.Mohit Sharma              -   7055812777
                                          Mr.Manish Tyagi              -   9971659550

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WELCOME TO C.B.S.E. CLUSTER IV KABADDI TOURNAMENT - (Boys & Girls Under 17 & 19) FROM 30th Sep. to 03rd Oct. 2018 - Mahi International ...
School Campus:
                                  Ms.Anuradha                - 7055294777
                        (Girls)   Ms.Pema                    - 8838682778
                                  Ms.Jyoti Sruvastava        - 8077417028

 17. Cafeteria                    Nutritious and delicious vegetarian dishes will be
                                  provided in school by the organizers. (Charges
                                  will be as per the CBSE instructions). Food
                                  facilities will be available from 29th Sep. 2018
                                  lunch onwards.
                                  The charges will be Rs.350/- per head per day
 18. Security Deposit             Rs.2000/- (Refundable)

Mr.Yogesh Jain

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Instructions to teams accommodated in School Boarding Houses/School Building

1. The tournament will be organized strictly according to the norms laid by CBSE. Rules and
   regulations can be seen on CBSE website. (refer CBSE sports website)
2. Weight of the players will be checked any time once before the match. The competition shall
   be governed and played as per the prevailing rules:
   Under 17: for girls [below 55 kg weight] & boys [below 60 kg weight] under 17 years age
   category at leveled & soft-surface.
   Under 19: for girls [below 60 kg weight] & boys [below 65 kg weight] under 19 years age
   category at leveled & soft-surface.
3. Participants should maintain high discipline in behavior both at the staying place and the
   Kabaddi Court.
4. The teams Managers are solemnly responsible for the behavior of their team members.

5. All the team Managers, coaches and students are required to follow the timely instructions
   given by the host school staff/students council.
6. Cost of damage caused to any property(s) at the boarding house and the school area should be
   borne by the concerned school.

7. Participating school Managers, coaches and students are requested to report to their respective
   boarding before 8:00p.m on all the days. Nobody will be allowed to go out of campus without
   prior intimation and permission from the Organizing Principal or Organizing Secretary.

8. They are also requested to keep up the time and extend their fullest co-operation to carry out
   the function smoothly and successfully.

9. The team Managers, coaches and participants should take care of their belongings. The host
   school is not responsible for the same.

10. All the articles given by the host school should be handed over before vacating the lodging.

11. All participants should be on time for refreshment, breakfast, lunch or dinner at the venue.
   Delay in this matter will not be encouraged.

12. Smoking, non veg., liquor and vulgarity in any form are totally prohibited both at the lodging
   and in the campus. Strict actions will be taken if violated.
13. The teams will be accommodated on sharing basis.
14. The school will provide mattress, bed sheet & pillow.
15. Bath rooms: We have separate bathrooms and toilets for each floor.

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16.     Use of toilets
      a. We kindly request you to keep the toilets clean. The toilets should be flushed after use.
      b. All toilets have been kept sparkling clean using bleaching powder and other cleaning
         materials. It is up to keep them that way.

17. Bathing: A mug and bucket is provided in each bath room for bathing.
18. Drinking water: One water container is kept on each floor of the Boarding House/School
    Building. Kindly do not waste water.

19. Coach, Mangers and Participants movement register.
    a. A Coach, Managers and participants movement register is kept with the security at the
       main gate of the school. You are requested to fill the same without fail whenever you
       leave the school premises.
    b. No team shall be accompanied by more than two officials.

20. Use of Dustbin. All waste materials like polythene bags, paper plates, cups etc. should be put
    into dustbin only.

21.    Purely vegetarian food shall be served to all.
      a. Morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner shall be served at the rate of Rs.
         350/ per day per head.
      b. The food cannot be served on pro-rotor basis. Hence you are requested to follow self-
         service system.
      c. Coupon for food can be purchased one day in advance from school office by Mr. Amit
         Saxena from 8:00a.m to 10.00 am and 2.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.
      d. Coupon will be given only for 5 days i.e. from 29th Spt. to 03rd Oct. 2018.
      e. Timing for the meals: We request you to strictly follow the timings mentioned below

               a. Morning Tea – 6.00 a.m. to 6.30 a.m. (Boys & Girls)
               b. Breakfast -7.30 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. (Boys & Girls)
               c. Evening tea – 4.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. (Boys & Girls)

                                            Lunch                     Dinner
                     Girls          12:00 noon to 1:00 pm       8:00 pm to 8:45 pm
                     Boys            1:00 pm to 2:00 pm         8:45pm to 9:30 pm

      f. Coupon has to be handed over to staff on duty in mess. Kindly do not embarrass if
         coupon is misplaced. The food will be served only in mess.

22. Any further clarification, requirements or queries can be asked from the staff In- charge of the
    lodging venue Mr. Manoj Yadav – 9760057617 and Mr. Alok -8969158632
23. Meeting will be conducted for the Coaches & the Managers on 29th Sep. 2018 at 3.00 p.m. in the
    school Conference Hall/Ground.
24. The names of the participants are to be written clearly so that proper certification can be done.
25. The decision of the referee on all types of technical aspects will be final and binding.

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26. Protest against decision of official shall be in writing and must reach the organizing secretary
       within one hour of declaration of result accompanied with a fee of Rs.1000/- (Rupees One
       thousand Only) to organizer office. The decision taken by the Jury be final.
   27. Team managers must take care of the sick/injured participants of their teams. However, it can
       be reported to our Organizing medical in-charge for the first aid.
   28. Last date to send your entry to organizing school’s email (principalmahi@gmail.com) on or
       before 23rd September 2018, strictly before 4:00 pm.
   29. If a school, after filling-in its entry, wishes to withdraw from a tournament, it shall give a
        written request of its intention to do so to the Organizing Secretary/School one week prior to
        the commencement of the tournament.
        School withdrawing without informing/requesting the organizing school, will be penalized
        with a penalty or Rs.1000/-.
   30. All teams are requested to participate in the march past of inaugural ceremony.
   31. You are requested to inform us about your arrival plans so that the transport arrangement
       from Railway station/Bus stand can be arranged. The buses will be available outside the
       Railway station/Bus stand to receive your team.
   32. The detailed entries may be duly signed by the Principal of the school concerned with seal.

Contact to the following for

       S.No.           Incharges                   Person Name                Contact No.
         1.  Transport                       Mr.Shailendra Dubey              7533810055
         2.  Accommodation                   Mr.Manoj Yadav                   9760057617
             (Loading & Boarding )           Mr.Alok                          8969158632
             (Boys)                          Mr.Mohit Sharma                  7055812777
                                             Mr.Manish Tyagi                  9971659550
         3.    Accommodation                 Ms.Anuradha                      7055294777
               (Loading & Boarding)          Ms.Pema                          8838682778
               (Girls)                       Ms.Jyoti Sruvastava              8077417028
         4.    Food Coupon                   Mr.Amit Saxena                   7533810033
         5.    Technical Support             Mr.Shradheya Johari              8077353517
                                             Mr.Vinod Kumar                   9827436807
         6.    Registration                  Mr.Trivendra Goyal               7533922333
                                             Mr.Punit Tomar                   7055809777
                                             Mr.Ramesh Kumar                  9760276708
         7.    Any other quires              Mr.Manoj Yadav                    9760057617

         8.    Matches                       Mr.Manish Tyagi                   9971659550
                                             Mr.Yameen Hussain                 8279478963
                                             Mr.Mohit Sharma                   7055812777

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Kindly ensure that the following details are submitted at registration counter on 29 th Sep. or
   30th Sep. 2018.
i) Students ID form (with unique ID and photo) signed by the Principal. (downloaded by
    logging Into http://cbsesports.in/)

ii) List of Participants from the School signed by the Principal. (Downloaded by logging Into

iii) Proof for date of birth (Birth Certificate / bonafide from School)
iv) Scanned copy of fee receipt / DD / Challan of Annul Sports fee of Rs. 10,000/- paid to
v) Names of the students participating in the cultural programme on 03rd Oct.2018 at 3.00 p.m.
vi) All the teams will have to deposit the security amount of Rs. 2000/- (Refundable) to the
    registration counter at the time of registration. Deduction will be done if any damage is done
    to the school property.

         1.   School Uniform
         2.   Sports Kit
         3.   School I.D. Card
         4.   Other personal items


          1. Group photograph of the team with the Principal’s signature and seal on the
             backside of the photograph
          2. Two School flag for opening and closing ceremonies.
          3. 2-2 passport size photograph of the participants.
          4. Copy of the online registration duly attested by the Principal of the School.
          5. Individual Unique ID card of the participants downloaded with Principal’s
             signature and seal.

  Note: Official will have to submit all the copy of ANNEXURE (A, B, C, & D) at the registration
        counter at the time of registration duly signed by the concerned school Principal.


Organizing Principal

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    The player should be within the particular age group on 31st December of the year of
       a) Only bonafide students shall be eligible to participate in the Inter-School tournament.
          Feeding any non bonafide student shall lead to disqualification of the team.
       b) A student, who has failed twice in a particular class, shall no more be eligible to
       c) Incomplete information in any respect in liable for disqualification of team.
       d) Any violation in eligibility (over age or impersonation) shall be dealt according to rules.
       e) Each participant must produce an indentify card duly signed by the Principal valid for
          running session whenever needed.
       f) Principal of the participating school is requested to sign eligibility format. No form will
          be accepted in poor writing/overwriting/cutting/incomplete.
       g) Medical checkup may also be applied by the Jury of Appeal appointed by the
          Organizing school in the cases of overage suspicion.
       h) A player shall be under 17 & 19 years of age as on 31st Dec. of the year of event.
          Accordingly, for session 2018-19 sports events, the age criteria will be as follows;
           i.  Under 17 years: Born on or after 01-01-2002
          ii.  Under 19 years: Born on or after 01-01-2000
       i) All the supporting papers verifying the age of the player, etc in original, as per the
          CBSE Guidelines & Rules shall be carried personally by the Team Manager/Coach
          while reporting for participation.
       j) The players right to participate forfeits if fails to produce the papers supporting the
          eligibility in original on demand.
       k) Students studying in class IX and X must provide CBSE Registration No. provided by
          the respective school. Students studying in class XI and XII must provide photocopy of
          class X certificate issued by CBSE.

     Any team not fulfilling the eligibility criteria before the commencement of the
     tournament/meet shall not be permitted to participate.

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Dear Sir / Madam,

Greetings from

Mahi International School, Tehra (AGRA)

We are happy to have you in our school for the CBSE Cluster IV Kabaddi Tournament
(Boys & Girls, Under 17 & 19) 2018-19.

We would like you to complete the following given Annexures to make your stay comfortably and
memorable through e-mail on or before 20th Sep. 2018.

Email ID: - info@mahischool.ac.in , principalmahi@gmail.com





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                                      (TRAVEL PLAN)

Name & Contact Number of the person in charge:__________________________________________

1) Arrival: Train Number and Name:_____________________________________________________

 Place of Arrival: Bus stand / Railway station____________________________________________

 Arrival Station Name: ____________________________ Arrival Time: _______________________

 Number of: Students _____________________________ Staff _______________________________

2) Departure: Train Number and Name: __________________________________________________

  Departure Time: ____________________________

  Departure from: _____________________________

 Sports Incharge                      School Seal                   Signature of the Principal

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Name of the School: ___________________________________________________________________

School Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Age (Under 17/19) : __________________________ Category (Boys/Girls):___________________

Accommodation required for 4/5 days: _________________________________________________

From _________________________________ to ___________________________________________

Reporting time: ______________________________________________________________________

Departing Time: _____________________________________________________________________
          S.No.    Team Manager/Coach Name           Designation    Mobile No.

           S.No.                 Students Name                         Class


 Sports Incharge                     School Seal                   Signature of the Principal

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                                (CONSENT OF PARTICIPATION)

Performa of letter for sending consent of participants to the Organizing School

(On School Letterhead)

The Principal
Mahi International School
Agra- Gwalior Highway,
NH-3, Tehra-(AGRA)- 283124

Subject: Consent of participation – CBSE Cluster IV Kabaddi Tournament (Boys & Girls, Under 17
& 19) 2018-19.

Dear Madam / Sir

This is to confirm that our school would be participating in the CBSE Cluster IV Kabaddi Tournament
(Boys & Girls, Under 17 & 19) 2018-19 being organized by your school.

We shall be forwarding you the detailed entry Performa so as to reach you at least a week before the
commencement of the competition.

Name of Contact Person: ______________________________________________________________

School’s Phone No./Person: _____________________________/_____________________________

E-Mail Id For Communication: __________________________/______________________________

Thanking you
Yours faithfully


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                                   (REGISTRATION FORM)

Name of the School: _______________________________________________________________

School Address: __________________________________________________________________

Age (Under 17/19) : __________________________   Category (Boys/Girls):______________

School Contact No: __________________________     CBSE Affiliation No: ________________

Principal Name: ____________________________      Contact No: ________________________

           S.No.    Team Manager/Coach Name           Designation     Mobile No.

            S.No.                 Students Name                          Class


 Sports Incharge                      School Seal                    Signature of the Principal

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How to reach Mahi International School, Tehra ( Agra)

Agra Cantt Railway Station to Mahi International School – 21.1 K.M

Agra Cantt Railway Station         Pratap Pura Chuaraha              Tehra – Mahi International School

Agra fort Railway Station To Mahi International School – 22.8 Km

Agra Fort Railway Station         Bijlighar Bus Stand               Tehra– Mahi International School

ISBT Bus Stand to Mahi International School 35.8 Km.

ISBT Bust Stand      Bhagwan Talkies Chauraha               Pratap Pura Chauraha      Tehra– Mahi
                                                                                   International School

Idgah Bus Stand to Mahi International School—20.9 km.

Idgah Bus Stand         Pratap Pura Chauraha                 Tehra– Mahi International School

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