Welcome to UQ Pre-departure briefing for international students - UQ Future Students

Welcome to UQ Pre-departure briefing for international students - UQ Future Students
CRICOS No. 00025B
Welcome to UQ
Pre-departure briefing for international students
Welcome to UQ Pre-departure briefing for international students - UQ Future Students
Pre-departure checklist
Welcome to UQ Pre-departure briefing for international students - UQ Future Students
Before you arrive
Welcome to UQ Pre-departure briefing for international students - UQ Future Students
Before you arrive                                                                                  Starting at UQ
 Accept your offer
 Apply for a student visa

 Activate your UQ student account

 Visit the Starting at UQ website for enrolment instructions and key dates
                                                                                            Department of Home Affairs
 Enrol in your chosen courses

 Plan your finances
 Plan temporary accommodation for your arrival
 Apply for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) policy

 Open a bank account. Some banks allow international students to open an
  account in the three months leading up to arrival.                                      Overseas Student Health Cover
 Book airport pick-up online (a minimum of three days in advance)

 Download helpful UQ apps
 Plan what to pack

 Watch this helpful video

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Welcome to UQ Pre-departure briefing for international students - UQ Future Students
Starting at UQ website

                         To get started visit my.uq.edu.au/starting-at-uq
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Welcome to UQ Pre-departure briefing for international students - UQ Future Students
Enrolling in your courses


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Welcome to UQ Pre-departure briefing for international students - UQ Future Students
Important dates
                 12 July 2019   Last date to request program change/s through my Si-net

              15-19 July 2019   Orientation Week (O-Week/O-Fest)

                 19 July 2019   Due date to enrol for international students

                 22 July 2019   Semester 2 classes commence

               2 August 2019    Last date for addition/alteration of enrolment
                                Due date for payment of fees and charges

              31 August 2019    Census date (last date to drop courses or cancel enrolment without financial liability)

             26 October 2019    Semester 2 classes end

          2-16 November 2019    Semester 2 examination period

           16 November 2019     Semester 2 ends

                                                                                    UQ Academic Calendar:
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Welcome to UQ Pre-departure briefing for international students - UQ Future Students
Get connected

                Download these and other helpful apps my.uq.edu.au/mobile-
                apps and get organised prior to your arrival.
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Welcome to UQ Pre-departure briefing for international students - UQ Future Students
Plan your accommodation
UQ guarantees accommodation for international students with a
number of options.

The UQ Accommodation Service can also assist you with finding a
home that is right for you.


We can assist you with:

•   Advice on accommodation options:
     - Approved Off-Campus Providers
     - UQ Residential Colleges
     - Private Rentals

•   Tenancy advice including before, during and when moving out

•   Share housing advice

•   UQ Rentals database

•   Short stay accommodation (two weeks on arrival) is available. This
    needs to be booked through the UQ Accommodation webpage.

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Welcome to UQ Pre-departure briefing for international students - UQ Future Students
Approved Off-Campus
UQ has agreements with a number of local student accommodation
providers. Our agreements give you the assurance that the ‘approved’
accommodation options are clean, safe and of a quality standard.


What can you expect from a UQ Approved Off-Campus Provider:

•   All residents in the accommodation are students only

•   Flexible room options, all fully furnished

•   Rooms can be pre-booked

•   Social engagement programs, including games, events and

•   All electricity, water and internet costs are included in the weekly

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Residential Colleges
There are 11 on-campus residences across St Lucia (10) and
Gatton (1) campuses

•   Some are co-educational and others are single gender

•   On-site learning support

•   Social engagement programs, including games, events and

•   Most colleges provide full catering for students; some self-
    catering options are available for postgraduate students

•   Walking distance to university facilities

•   Most have additional on site learning support for residents

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Guaranteed Accommodation
for International Students
Guaranteed Accommodation is available to new international
students who are commencing at either St Lucia or Herston
•   Be commencing as an international student at UQ
•   Have accepted your offer of study (including ICTE-UQ and
    IES Foundation Year)
•   Be living alone – we do not provide guaranteed
    accommodation to couples or families
Submit an application for Guaranteed Accommodation and
secure your accommodation before you arrive in Brisbane.
Applications close on Sunday 7th July.
If you are under 18, please refer to our Under 18 Supervision
Program: uq.edu.au/student-services/u18-supervision

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Private rental options
•   Lower cost option

•   Rent will be based on the location, size, inclusions and

•   May be furnished or unfurnished

•   May be managed by a private owner or real-estate agent

•   You can rent a whole house/apartment or just a room

•   Always inspect property before paying money or signing a
    lease agreement

•   Book one to two weeks short term accommodation when you
    arrive so you have time to inspect properties

•   UQ Accommodation maintains the UQ Rentals database

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When choosing where to live, there are some important
considerations to keep in mind:

•   how will you travel to campus? By bus, bike, ferry, car or on

•   public transport options can be found on the Translink Journey

•   will you have family with you? Do you need to be close to
    schools and parks?

•   access the Suburb Guide to find out more about suburbs:

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Airport reception
The University of Queensland will arrange transportation from the
Brisbane Domestic or International Airports for new UQ
international students. Our limo drivers will meet you at the airport
and give you a welcome pack to help you in your first few days.

We will make sure that you arrive safely in your accommodation.


To arrange airport pick-up, you will need to provide:

•   Minimum of 3 working days notice

•   Date of flight, flight time and flight number

•   Full drop-off address, including unit and street number

•   Number of persons accompanying you

• Luggage and other relevant details
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Plan your finances
How much can you afford to spend on accommodation?

Initial costs
• Temporary accommodation on arrival
• Bond money (4 week’s rent)
• Rent in advance (2 week’s rent)
• Connection fees to utilities (electricity and gas) and phone
• Furniture

Ongoing costs
•  Rent
•  Utilities
•  Phone and internet
•  Essential books and equipment
•  Food, transport and recreation

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Overseas Student Health Cover
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) helps you cover the cost of medical treatment while studying in Australia. UQ’s preferred
OSHC provider is Allianz Global Assistance: allianzassistancehealth.com.au/en/student-visa-oshc/

Allianz Global Assistance OSHC essential package covers:
•   24-hour emergency assistance and medical advice
•   partial coverage of medical services provided by doctors (GP Services)
•   partial coverage of medical services such as pathology and radiology
•   some prescription medicines
•   emergency ambulance services.
After you arrive in Brisbane and have a local address, you can request your OSHC card. It is a simple five-step process you can
complete online:

My OSHC Assistant
Download the free app to manage your health cover on the go: allianzassistancehealth.com.au/en/helpcentre/oshc/oshc-app/

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What to pack
• Important documents (printout of your electronic visa, valid
  passport, transcripts)
• Essential medication and prescription
• Bank account details from home country
• Prescription for glasses or contact lenses

 Leave a copy of your passport at home with your family
 Pack the most important items in your carry-on (cabin)
 Be sure to observe Australia’s quarantine laws and be
  aware of what you can and cannot bring to Australia
Australian Customs and Quarantine laws
View videos on Arriving in Australia

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When you arrive
When you arrive
 Contact your family members                                                       Orientation Week
 Purchase an Australian SIM card
 Purchase a go-card (Translink) and apply for the student discount

 Secure permanent accommodation

 Apply for your OSHC health cover card
                                                                                   Public transportation
 Download the My OSHC Assistant App

 Open a bank account (if not already opened)
 Attend the Getting Started and Safety in Australia information
  sessions (compulsory)

 Attend a Finding Accommodation in Brisbane information session                   Student workshops
 Attend Orientation Week
 Attend Market Day and join a UQ club or society

 Jump Start Academic Preparation Program (JSAPP)

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Getting around
Public Transport (Translink)

Brisbane’s Translink is an extensive bus, ferry and train transport
network that makes it easy to get around.

Purchase a go card from the bus stations at UQ, or many fare
machines or retail outlets.

Apply online for tertiary concession fares (50% fare) to be
activated on your go card.

Cost of travel depends on number of zones travelled.

Download the ‘My Translink’ app to plan your journey.



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Compulsory information sessions
                              •   Meet an International Student Advisor
                              •   Receive campus and local maps

          Getting Started     •
                                  Learn how to enrol, register and change classes
                                  Find out how to get your ID card
                              •   Learn more information on university facilities, student discounts on public transportation
                              •   orientation.uq.edu.au/event/getting-started

                              •   Personal safety in Australia

        Safety in Australia   •
                                  Surviving Australian beaches
                                  Animals to be aware of
                              •   orientation.uq.edu.au/event/safety-australia

                              •   Attend your specific program’s welcome and information session during Orientation Week (O-Week)
        Program Welcome       •
                                  Receive a detailed overview of your program
                                  Hear from teaching staff and current students
         and Information      •
                                  Login to ‘Starting at UQ’ for your programs session details

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Other information sessions
      Jump Start Academic     • A four-day program held in a friendly and supportive environment to help you make the transition to
      Preparation Program      a new educational institution, and a new cultural setting.
                              • uq.edu.au/student-services/jsapp

     English for Academic     • An eight week, part-time course to assist with your English language skills.

     Communication (EAC)      • Apply at icte.uq.edu.au/study/support-uq-students/english-academic-communication

   Preparing for Success at   • key skills needed for academic writing at university. You will get the opportunity to develop a critical
                               approach to writing, get feedback, and engage with other student writers.

          University          • https://www.uq.edu.au/student-services/upcoming-workshops

pages 12-13
Other information sessions
                             • Secure accommodation if you haven’t already
    Finding Accommodation    • Learn about the types of accommodation available, things to consider when looking for
                              accommodation, steps to apply for rentals, your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, what to do
          in Brisbane         when moving in and out of accommodation, and steps for a successful share house experience
                             • orientation.uq.edu.au/event/renting-brisbane-information-session-0

   OSHC and the Australian   •
                                 How to access medical help and doctors in Australia
                                 What to do when you get sick

      Medical System         •
                                 How to use Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

                             •   Australian culture
                             •   Assignment and study skills

         Other workshops     •
                                 Exam preparation
                                 Wellbeing and living
                             •   Careers and employability
                             •   uq.edu.au/student-services/upcoming-workshops

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Key dates: information sessions and programs
          Session                                   Dates/Times                                       Weblink
          Getting Started COMPULSORY                Every Friday from 7 Jun to 19 Jul / 11am–12       orientation.uq.edu.au/event/getting-started
                                                    Mon 15 Jul / 9am, 10am, 11am or 2pm
                                                    Tue 16 Jul / 10am, 11am or 1pm
                                                    Wed 17 Jul / 11am or 2pm
                                                    Thu 18 Jul / 11am
          Safety in Australia COMPULSORY            Mon 15 Jul / 9am or 12 midday                     orientation.uq.edu.au/event/safety-australia
                                                    Tue 16 Jul / 11am or 2pm
                                                    Wed 17 Jul / 1pm
                                                    Thu 18 Jul / 2pm
                                                    Fri 19 Jul / 12 midday
          Finding Accommodation in Brisbane         Wed 17 Jul / 12 midday                            orientation.uq.edu.au/event/finding-
          English for Academic Communication                                                          icte.uq.edu.au/study/support-uq-students/english-
          Jump Start Academic Preparation Program                                                     uq.edu.au/student-services/new2uq/jsapp

          Library Tours                             Central library: Mon 15–Fri 19 Jul / 10–10:30am   orientation.uq.edu.au/event-search/category/uq-
                                                    Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences library:    library-tours-43/organiser/3778
                                                    Mon 15 to Fri 19 Jul / 1–1:20pm
          O Week Festival                           Mon 15 to Fri 19 July                             orientation.uq.edu.au
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Settle in
Find out all you need to know about living in Brisbane:

•   sport and recreation

•   food

•   arts and entertainment

•   nature and wildlife

•   student testimonials

•   places to visit.

Visit future-students.uq.edu.au/living-in-Brisbane

Hear from international students in Brisbane:


pages 26-27
St Lucia campus
One of the world’s most beautiful campuses, just seven
kilometres from Brisbane’s city centre
•   Bound by the Brisbane River on three sides
•   An ideal study, research and living environment
•   Sandstone buildings, parklands and lakes alongside world-
    class teaching and research facilities
•   Seven libraries on campus, 24 hour study areas

Everything you need on campus
•   Sporting venues (UQ Sport), shops, banks, book shop, post
    office, cafés and food outlets
•   UQ Heath Service doctors, pharmacy, dental clinic
•   Museums, theatre and a full range of entertainment options
    and events
•   Transportation – bus, ferry, bicycle, car

page 19
Herston campus
UQ‘s core campus for clinical health teaching and research

•   Located alongside the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
    and the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute,
    approximately three kilometres from Brisbane City

•   Home to the School of Medicine, the School of Public Health,
    the Faculty of Medicine office, the UQ Centre for Clinical
    Research (UQCCR), The Oral Health Centre (OHC), Health
    @ UQ, and the research activities of the School of Nursing
    and Midwifery

•   Health Sciences library

•   Food and cafes, ATM banks, post office, bookshop, news
    agency, pharmacy

page 20
Gatton campus
UQ’s rural campus, close to Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba
• Relaxed, friendly atmosphere with open space to experience nature
  and a farming lifestyle
• Modern teaching facilities and laboratories alongside historic
• $33 million Centre for Advanced Animal Science
• Supportive community of students and academics
• Medical, wellness and learning support services for students, and a
  range of recreation activities
• Newly refurbished J.K. Murray library, post office, childcare centre,
  bookshops, cafés, banking facilities, gym and a licensed club
•   Free university-operated express bus four times each weekday
    during semester
•   Free on-campus parking for students

page 21
Safety in Australia
Brisbane is a big city and generally safe but you need to take the
same precautions as you would do in your home city.

•   New and unfamiliar environment

•   We want you to remain safe

•   Safety in Australia workshop – compulsory for all new

page 12
The Mobile Application

Sonder is a 24/7 safety
and wellbeing
service for you
during your studies at
University of
Queensland. Use the
service to feel safe
and supported if you
get lost, injured, need
any safety or
wellbeing advice.

                          App Demo http://sonderdemo.online/uni

                              Video   https://resources.sonderaustralia.com/appexplainer
To activate your account visit
  Safety  and
Active your
Sonder        is one
  of the primary
NOW! Follow the
  factors for
  students and on
  parents  in
your “Sonder
  deciding where
Activation      Card”
  to study

                         Questions? Please email Sonder at
Beach and Surf Safety
UQ provides an education and awareness program and safety tips as part of your Health and Safety workshop.

page 27
International Student
•   Appointments

•   Transition to living in Brisbane and Australia

•   Understanding university processes

•   Financial, welfare and health issues

•   Bringing your family

•   Workshops

page 24
•   Pet therapy program

•   Art-based therapy

•   Mindfulness yoga

•   Freedom from your cage

•   Lived experience sessions

•   Appointments

page 24
Learning Support
•   Learning workshops

•   Peer mentoring

•   Assignment writing

•   Group work tips

•   Postgraduate support

•   Appointments with Learning Advisors

page 24
Diversity, disability and inclusion
UQ provides free support and services for students with a
disability, illness, injury or mental health condition, whether       Contact a Disability Advisor
temporary or permanent.
A Disability Advisor can assist with:
• Guidance and support regarding academic access
                                                                            prior to arrival to UQ
• Develop an individualised Student Access Plan
• Arrange appropriate adjustments

Example disability support services:                                  All information will be confidential
• Assistive technology
• Computer facilities                                             and will not affect your application to UQ.
• Participant or Access Assistant
• Note taking
• Alternative print services

The Disability Advisor will request appropriate medical
documentation to put the necessary support in place.

page 24                                                                                                         42
Multi Faith Chaplaincy
•   Prayer, meditation and worship

•   Individual spiritual guidance and direction

•   Opportunities for informal gatherings reading and discussion

•   Many faith traditions represented

page 24
Student Relations Network
UQ students calling to welcome you!

We would love to check in with you and see how you are going,
enter in your Australian phone number

We can help you with
• Enrolment and sign-on (SI-net)
• Student Services (accommodation; learning support;
  counselling and wellbeing; faith)
• Making friends; joining clubs and societies; transport;
• Key contacts in your Faculty/School and the UQ Community


page 24
UQLife – Make new friends
 UQ Mates program, social activities and events

 Head to orientation.uq.edu.au/ for all of your orientation event
  information including three weeks of live music, dance, food,
  fun and information – Great Court, starts 15 July!

 Join UQLIFE on Instagram: @uqlife and facebook: @uqlife to
  keep up to date with what’s happening on campus

 Check out UQ Mentoring to find peer, social, industry
  mentoring programs my.uq.edu.au/mentoring

 Sign up to O’ to 4 Mentoring to meet new friends and learn
  from other students mentoring.app.uq.edu.au/p/p10/about

page 25
The four major banks in Australia are:

• Commonwealth Bank of Australia

• Westpac Bank

• National Australia Bank


There are also a number of smaller banks to choose from in

Some banks may offer preferential rates for full-time international
students, such as no monthly service fees.

Banking facilities are available on all UQ campuses (full branches
and ATMs). Download the UQnav app to find out what banking
facilities are available on your campus.

page 7
Working while studying
Student on a Student Visa

As a student on a Student Visa, you are entitled to work:
•   up to 40 hours a fortnight (2-week period) while studying
•   unlimited hours during semester break
•   HDR students can work unlimited hours

Working on a Student Visa workshop and learn:
• Work limitations of your student visa
• How to obtain a Tax File Number (TFN)
• Where to look for student-friendly jobs
• Income tax on your earnings/savings

pages 6-7
Student Employability
The goal of the Student Employability support is to develop graduates with the knowledge, leadership skills and innovative mindset to
build meaningful networks, create agile careers and put their ideas in motion.

There are a range of free online employability courses through Exploy101x, free mentoring via O’ to 4 Mentor and loads of volunteering
opportunities to expand your knowledge and apply new skills.

Each Faculty has an employability team to help guide students in the discipline area and the central Employability Centre offers a
number of additional resources to provide guidance and support to students throughout their UQ journey:

• planning for the future

• developing employability

• preparing for employment.


page 23
Campus maps

Your first weeks at UQ                                                       orientation.uq.edu.au
 Get to know your campus

 Review the safety services on campus
                                                                         Wednesday Markets (St Lucia)
 Attend your first day of class                                    uqu.com.au/outlet/43/wednesdaymarkets
 Know where to get help through the International Student
  Support services

 Make professional connections through the Student                        Events and entertainment
  Employability Centre

 Get to know Brisbane and surrounds

 Plan your weekends and free time

                                                                         International Student Services
International Student Video – to recap on what you need to do
before you arrive.                                              uq.edu.au/student-services/international-students

page 29
Offers and commencing            UQ International - General office
study:                           T +61 (7) 3365 7941
                                 E applicationstatus@uq.edu.au

                                 Level 2, JD Story Building
                                 The University of Queensland
                                 St Lucia Qld 4072

Accommodation, disability and    St Lucia                                  Gatton                               Herston
international student support:   T: +61 (7) 3365 1704                      T +61 (7) 5460 1046                  T: +61 (7) 3365 1704
                                 E: student.services@uq.edu.au             E: student.services@uq.edu.au        E: student.services@uq.edu.au
                                 Student Support Services Building (21D)   Morrison Hall, Via Warrego Highway   UQ Oral Health Centre,
                                 The University of Queensland              Gatton Qld 4343                      Level 5, Building 883
                                 St Lucia Qld 4072                         AUSTRALIA                            288 Herston Rd
                                 AUSTRALIA                                                                      Herston Qld 4006
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