Worker mobilisation toolkit - Approved Employer - FOR MORE INFORMATION - Pacific labour mobility

Worker mobilisation toolkit - Approved Employer - FOR MORE INFORMATION - Pacific labour mobility
Approved Employer


          FOR MORE

 Phone the Pacific Labour Facility
 during business hours on:
 (07) 3557 7750
Worker mobilisation toolkit - Approved Employer - FOR MORE INFORMATION - Pacific labour mobility
Approved Employer

   The Pacific Labour Facility provides     Welcome to the Pacific Labour Scheme
   administrative support for the
                                            Pacific and Timorese workers will soon join your business and
   Pacific Labour Scheme on behalf of the
                                            community as part of the Australian Government’s Pacific Labour
   Australian Government’s Department
                                            Scheme. These workers help regional businesses address local
   of Foreign Affairs and Trade.            labour shortages, while saving money for a better life back home.
                                            The workers are a long way from their family and friends and
                                            may face language and cultural challenges. It’s important that
                                            the workers are made to feel included in the community and feel
                                            supported during their time in Australia.
                                            This document is a guide for Approved Employers to ensure
                                            a successful mobilisation for both employers and workers. All
                                            timeframes must be complied with and are in line with DFAT
                                            The information in this toolkit is divided into six sections:
                                            Section 1: Meet the team                                        2
                                            Section 2: Mobilisation tips                                    3
                                            Section 3: Worker mobilisation checklist                        6
                                            Section 4: Necessities for workers upon arrival in Australia    8
                                            Section 5: Worker mobilisation schedule                         10
                                            Section 6: Worker details                                       12

Document updated 15/02/21

Worker mobilisation toolkit - Approved Employer - FOR MORE INFORMATION - Pacific labour mobility
section 1

meet the Pacific labour facilty
worker welfare team
Welfare hotline

            If a worker or employer has any concerns, please call your allocated Case Manager during business hours or
            email For significant welfare issues please call the Worker Welfare Hotline
            for 24/7 support on: 1800 51 51 31.

Planning and Mobilisation Coordinators
The Planning and Mobilisations Coordinators will be your first point of contact regarding an impending mobilisation.
The PLF mobilisations team will assist you with obtaining endorsement numbers, flight schedules, Case Manager allocations
and ensuring you have everything in place prior to your workers arrival. Ensure your workers employment location and
recruitment number are always stated in the subject line of your email correspondence. Contact the PLF mobilisation team on:

   Ferdinand                    Hani

Case Managers
A Case Manager will be assigned to your Workers as part of the mobilisation process. Your allocated Case Manager will be
able to provide you guidance throughout the mobilisation process and give advice where needed. Please ensure you advise
the workers the name of their Case Manager and provide them with their mobile number and the Worker Welfare Hotline
to contact for any assistance or support. Post mobilisation, the Case Manager will be the main point of contact for both
yourself and the workers with regards to any welfare related questions, assistance, virtual welfare visits, incident reporting,
Approved Employer support. Please email your enquiries to your assigned Case Manager at:

    Kerry                       Zander                               Mika                            Kelly

    Alex                         Olivia                        Ammaarah                             Shelly

Pacific Labour Scheme visa (subclass 403)
For information on visas, visit the Australian Department of Home Affairs at:

Worker mobilisation toolkit - Approved Employer - FOR MORE INFORMATION - Pacific labour mobility
section 2

mobilisation tips
Please find below a list of useful tips for employers to ensure your workers are prepared to start work and adjust to
life in Australia.


• Book appointments with bank prior to arrival.
• Choose a bank that has a local branch where workers will be living.
• Note: ANZ has branches all over the Pacific and workers are able to transfer money via internet banking easily to their
  families back home as they usually have savings accounts with ANZ.
• Workers will not want to call a bank, introduce workers to their local branch.
• Always have mobile phones/sim cards activated before setting up bank accounts.
• Advise worker prior to appointment they will need to prepare a password and answers to bank security questions.
• Some banks require two forms of photo ID (passport), check what is required before choosing the bank.
• Consider how much international transaction fees are before choosing a bank.
• Get worker to take their Letter of Offer and passport to bank appointment. Make sure workers have a notebook,
  pen and a folder to keep their important documents safe.
• Have the workers home address or employer address written down.
• Have the workers email address and mobile phone number written down.
• Ensure bank sets up both standard account and savings account.
• Ensure bank discuss bank fees with each worker.
• Get workers to download internet banking app on mobile. Bank staff can assist and teach the workers.
• Workers do not pay income tax in home country on wages earnt in Australia – the bank will ask you this.

         Mobile phones

• Choose a provider that has good network coverage in the area, this can be checked at the retail shop or online.
• If a worker brings their own mobile phone it must be unlocked before arrival for an Australian sim card to be used.
• Mobile phones can take up to 24 hours to activate (prefer to take workers directly to the Telstra/phone shop as customer
  officers can setup the phone and activate sims for them straight away – appointment may be required depending on
  number of workers and this should be completed prior to bank appointment).
• Ensure the phone is 4G smart phone.
• Always encourage the purchase of pre-paid mobile phones, not plans.
• If mobilising a large group pre-purchase mobile phones, as it can be hard to buy large numbers of mobile phones.
• If mobilising a large group, ensure provider/retail has enough sim cards – (if going instore, call ahead as appointment may
  be required to for reasons stated and staff availability) Also check with local supermarket Coles or Woolworths first as they
  usually have specials on sims that provider charges full price).
• Passport (one ID) is required for activation of a pre-paid sim card.
• Email address and a residential/business address is required when activating sim card.
• Some providers require a bank card to activate the sim card (Telstra and Vodafone do not) Note: workers won’t have a
  bank card on arrival.
• Workers may not be confident to call a phone provider, therefore we suggest you introduce them to their local store and
  show workers how to buy phone credit.
• Ensure workers understand how expensive it is to call home.
• Encourage workers to use Wi-Fi and Apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger to make calls overseas.

Worker mobilisation toolkit - Approved Employer - FOR MORE INFORMATION - Pacific labour mobility
Section 2

mobilisation tips

• Use every opportunity to educate the workers.
• Tell workers to meet you at a certain time – if they are late, remind them of the importance to be on time – suggest
  setting an alarm clock for work each day.
• With food/clothes shopping, educate on budgeting- suggest the supermarket brand as the cheaper option.
• Where possible, take workers to secondhand stores/opportunity shops.
• Sharing a house – encourage them to divide their food shopping bill evenly and shop for the household and
  not individually as they will be able to save money.
• Write a shopping list before they go to the shops.
• Keep receipts of all their purchases in case they need to return item or show proof of purchase if asked by
  security/shop owner.
• Suggest they count their change and check receipt after purchasing item that they were charged the correct amount.
• Workers generally will not know how to use an after-hours fob in a lift – (take them through this if they are in a hotel/
  motel accommodation upon arrival).
• If in a city, educate on crossing the road (green man/red man).
• Education on transportation system (taxi, train, bus).
• Ensure they know the emergency contacts, employer, Worker Welfare Hotline and emergency services (000).
• Suggest workers write down important details (provide worker with a notebook) or take a picture and save in
  their messenger/photos.
• Pay rent and bills on time.
• Ensure they each have each other’s mobile numbers in case they find themselves alone and in need of assistance.
• Advise workers to save contact numbers for their AE, Case Manager, Country Liaison Officer, WWH or emergency 000
  in their phones in the event of an emergency.
• Always advise their housemate or close friend/family of their whereabouts and whom they are with.
• If they do not have a valid driver’s license, they are not allowed to drive a vehicle in Australia – consequences.
• For those that have a valid driver’s license, ensure they are advised of the rules concerning alcohol consumption and
• Advise not to use excessive amount of water as this could be costly – i.e. don’t leave the tap water running.


Describe to workers the day-to-day household chores associated with living in a rental house. For example:
• Taking out the bins – explain difference between general rubbish (red) and recycling rubbish (yellow). Explain that
  general rubbish is collected weekly and recycling is fortnightly. Check with the neighbours or council what day the
  garbage collection is for their street.
• Checking the mail
• Tenancy agreement
• Noise restrictions
• No smoking in the accommodation
• Utilities (electricity, gas, water)
• How to use a washing machine
• How to use a microwave
• How to use an oven (gas / electric)
• Show them where the power box is in case the power/light switch turns off or if there is a fire in the house.
  Explain to them the different switches and their purpose.

Worker mobilisation toolkit - Approved Employer - FOR MORE INFORMATION - Pacific labour mobility
Section 2

mobilisation tips
        Accommodation (continued)

Tips for workers to have a happy share house:
• Clean up after yourself, especially in shared areas (bathroom, kitchen, living area).
• Respect each other’s privacy.
• If you want friends or family to visit and stay over, talk to your housemates first and come to an agreement.
• Create a weekly cleaning roster for the house and the yard.
• Respect the belongings of your housemates.
• If taking shower or bath, be considerate with the hot water - advise that the less time in shower will save money.
• Do not give out their home address to any strangers or invite strangers to their house.
• Switch off the oven, heater, cooler and any recharge cables when leaving the house.
• Lock all the doors with the house keys and shut all the windows when they leave the house.


• Pacific Labour Scheme workers are residents for tax purposes.
• Pacific Labour Scheme workers are required to lodge a tax return.
• Ensure workers know when they receive TFN in the mail, they must provide it to the employer straight away.
• TFN Application form - write down a staff member in the ‘someone assisting you’ section on the ATO website
  (make sure to write down the reference number that is issued once completed) – if applying on phone, take a
  screenshot of the reference number.
• If workers do not receive their TFN within 28 days, ensure they bring this to your attention as a matter of urgency.


Show workers where key shops/locations such as:
• Church
• Bank
• Shopping centre
• Sporting groups
• Phone provider
• Medical centre
• Dentist
• Police station
• Opportunity shop
• Post office

Worker mobilisation toolkit - Approved Employer - FOR MORE INFORMATION - Pacific labour mobility
section 3

worker mobilisation checklist
After completion of each mobilisation, the employer must complete the form below and email to:

Employer name:                                                            Mobilisation location:

Number of workers:                  Mobilisation dates:                   PLS recruitment plan number:

 PRE-ARRIVAL                                                                                                STATUS
 The Labour Sending Unit (LSU) will forward documentation to the PLF mobilisation team              Complete  Incomplete
 to generate an endorsement number. Ensure this number is received prior to lodging the             Not applicable
 Lodge visa – any issues please refer to:                          Complete  Incomplete
 (The PLF are unable to assist with the Visa process).                                              Not applicable

 Send health insurance details to the PLF mobilisation team. Details must include the               Complete  Incomplete
 Health Insurance number, the type/level of insurance coverage and cost of coverage                 Not applicable
 (as outlined in the signed Letter of Offer)
 Once visas have been issued, forward a copy of the Immi Grant Notification to the                  Complete  Incomplete
 PLF mobilisation team.                                                                             Not applicable

 Discuss flight options and mobilisation dates with the PLF mobilisation team.                      Complete  Incomplete
 Ensure the most efficient flight route, date and costings are used, bearing in mind                Not applicable
 it is the worker who will eventually repay these costs through their deductions.
 Keep the LSU informed of suggested flight dates.
 Purchase flight tickets. Email e-tickets to the PLF mobilisation team and the LSU.                 Complete  Incomplete
                                                                                                    Not applicable

 If workers are transiting between their home countries and their final destination, please         Complete  Incomplete
 ensure transit accommodation and transport is organised and communicated to the                    Not applicable
 workers, the PLF mobilisation team and the LSU.
 Ensure accommodation has been secured for the workers prior to arrival.                            Complete  Incomplete
                                                                                                    Not applicable

 The PLF mobilisation team will introduce the AE to their assigned Case Manager                     Complete  Incomplete
                                                                                                    Not applicable

 Before completing the Worker Mobilisation Schedule, discuss with the PLF mobilisations             Complete  Incomplete
 team a preferable time and day to carry out the virtual On Arrival Briefing (OAB).                 Not applicable

 Email a copy of the Worker Mobilisation Schedule to the PLF mobilisation team,                     Complete  Incomplete
 Case Manager and LSU. This must be submitted for approval within 5 business days                   Not applicable
 prior to arrival. Refer to page 10.
 Book an appointment with the preferred bank to open a salary account and savings                   Complete  Incomplete
 account for the workers.                                                                           Not applicable

 If administering a Cash Advance, ensure this is prepared prior to the arrival of workers and       Complete  Incomplete
 that these deductions are in line with their signed Letter of Offer and understood by the          Not applicable
 Organise mobile phones and simcards for workers to receive and have ready for use upon             Complete  Incomplete
 arrival. You may want to contact local retailers prior to the arrival of your workers to ensure    Not applicable
 stock is available.
 Organise daily transportation for workers from their accommodation to place of work.               Complete  Incomplete
                                                                                                    Not applicable

Worker mobilisation toolkit - Approved Employer - FOR MORE INFORMATION - Pacific labour mobility
section 3

worker mobilisation checklist

 Advise the LSU and PLF mobilisations team of any clothing or footwear that is required                          Complete  Incomplete
 due to extreme seasonal or locations changes                                                                    Not applicable

 Research local community groups for worker participation: for example, churches,                                Complete  Incomplete
 sporting clubs, dance groups, choirs etc.                                                                       Not applicable

 Ensure a representative of the company is at the airport prior to the workers arrival                           Complete  Incomplete
 for collection.                                                                                                 Not applicable

 (Use a sign at the airport with your company name so worker can identify your                                   Complete  Incomplete
 representative)                                                                                                 Not applicable

 Email the PLF mobilisation team to notify the PLF of the safe arrival of workers within                         Complete  Incomplete
 24hrs of arrival. Although 5 days is specified in the Deed, in the interest of families in                      Not applicable
 country, notification of a safe arrival earlier rather than later is preferred.
 Purchase and activate mobile phones and sim cards – note each worker’s phone number                             Complete  Incomplete
 on the Worker Details Form on page 12.                                                                          Not applicable

 Set up bank accounts including savings accounts and internet/phone banking.                                     Complete  Incomplete
                                                                                                                 Not applicable

 Apply for Tax File Numbers (TFN). Go to:                                                 Complete  Incomplete
                                                                                                                 Not applicable

 Take workers shopping for food/personal/work-essential items - refer to Section 4 page 9                        Complete  Incomplete
 for suggestions.                                                                                                Not applicable

 On arrival briefing has been conducted.                                                                         Complete  Incomplete
                                                                                                                 Not applicable


 Worker Details forms (page 11 and 12) and Worker Mobilisation checklist (page 6) to be                          Complete  Incomplete
 sent to within 5 days of workers arriving into                          Not applicable
 Once TFN has been received, set up superannuation account.                                                      Complete  Incomplete
                                                                                                                 Not applicable

 Are there any concerns the case worker should be aware of prior to their visit to see the workers?
 Is there anything the case worker needs to follow up on when visiting? Please email any concerns to:

Name: ______________________________________________________ Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: ________________

Worker mobilisation toolkit - Approved Employer - FOR MORE INFORMATION - Pacific labour mobility
section 4

necessities for workers
upon arrival in australia
               Workers ability to settle and adjust to life in Australia and
               to be productive in the workplace, will be greatly enhanced
               by the level of on-arrival support provided to them by their
               Approved Employer. The first few weeks of a worker’s time
               in Australia may be challenging as they await receipt of
               their first pay.
               The Pacific Labour Facility (PLF) has prepared the following list
               of items which workers are likely to require upon their arrival
               in Australia. The list is a guide only and will vary depending
               on personal and employment needs and accommodation
               requirements of the worker.
               It is recommended that Approved Employers work with sending
               countries to communicate the specific items which workers
               are should bring with them to Australia. It is important to note
               that even where workers are being recommended to bring items
               to Australia, it should not be assumed that these items will be
               available to workers and/ or brought with them.
               Having regard to above, the PLF proposes that Approved
               Employers consider alternative arrangements for workers to have
               items of necessity made available to them upon arrival. Costs for
               associated items should be considered by Approved Employers
               as part any cash advance payment, with the list below to assist
               in determining if and what amount of cash should be advanced
               to workers.

Worker mobilisation toolkit - Approved Employer - FOR MORE INFORMATION - Pacific labour mobility
section 4

necessities for workers
upon arrival in australia
                                                       EMPLOYER TO BUY/SUPPLY   WORKER TO BUY

Track pants
Runners (closed-in shoes)
Work shoes (steel caps/specific brand)
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Wet weather gear
Knives (for chef roles)
Thermal wear / sunscreen
Bath soap
Sanitary items
Hair products
Toilet rolls
Bedding (sheets/blankets/pillows)
Household furniture (lounge/dining table and chairs)
Kitchen utensils
White goods and bins
Small appliances (toaster, kettle, rice cooker)
Food storage containers
Water bottle
Mobile phone and SIM card

section 5

worker mobilisation
Employers are required to complete this page and email to: at least five days
prior to the worker’s departure from their home country.

 Recruitment plan
 Number of workers
 Worker mobilisation date
 Worker start date

Travel to: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

          Route                   Flight numbers             Departure date & time             Arrival date & time   No. of workers

Outline the activities scheduled for each day of the mobilisation in the table below. This form will be required to be received
by the PLF mobilisation team 5 days before the arrival of workers. This will also be shared with the LSU and the workers prior
to departure from home country. If changes are required the PLF will inform you as soon as possible and a new schedule will
be required to be re-submitted. Example below:

            Day                       Time                                                      Activity
 Sunday 25.07.2020            10.00am                 Workers arrive at Brisbane International Airport on flight NF20 from Port Vila.
                                                      Met by Jennifer Jones from XYZ company. Contact number: 0423 098 555.
                                                      Workers will then be driven to accommodation (approx. a 2 hour drive) and
                                                      settled in for the first evening. XYZ company will provide meals for the first

 Monday 26.07. 2020           8.30am – 12pm           Take workers to the bank to set up accounts, shopping for clothes, set up
                                                      mobile phones, induction, apply for TFN, tour of local community.
 Monday 26.07. 2020           12.00pm – 1.00pm        Lunch break
 Monday 26.07. 2020           1.00pm – 3.00pm         On arrival briefing - virtual session with PLF Case Worker

section 5

Once the on-arrival briefing is complete, please fill in the table below and email to your assigned Case Worker.

 First name                 Surname                    Gender        Country of origin                  Position

Work address:

Accommodation address:

section 6

worker details
Once the mobilisation is complete, please complete this table and email to your assigned Case Worker.

  Recruitment plan      Mobilisation date         Employer            Employment             First name   Last name        Residential/postal   Mobile number   Contact email   Health insurance   Emergency contact   Emergency contact
      number                                                            location                                                address                                          policy number          name                phone

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