MECA 2017

  Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, ēngari he toa taki mano

14 November 2017

Introduction from your negotiation                        the process. It means that the DHBs have agreed in
team                                                      principle that the work of nurses, HCA and midwives
                                                          is predominantly performed by women, has been
Kia ora koutou from your negotiation team. We             historically undervalued and subject to systemic
are pleased to bring you a proposed MECA for your         undervaluation. We now have a new Government
consideration. A summary is in this update and            fully committed to pay equity and our aim is to have
you can get more information and vote at member           resolution which will include further remuneration
meetings.                                                 increases as soon as possible.
Your negotiating team are recommending the                   We have also reached agreement on the
proposed MECA to members.                                 implementation of CCDM in all DHBs by 2021,
                                                          with improved reporting requirements which are
   Negotiations took longer than we hoped because
                                                          enforceable. Implementation plans now need to be
of the number and complexity of the issues. During
                                                          agreed in all DHBs within 6 months of ratification of
this time however, you kept DHBs aware of your
                                                          the MECA. Further, DHBs will be required to include
solidarity and support with highly visible campaign
                                                          CCDM in annual plans and report to the Ministry of
actions. We want to thank you all so much for your
                                                          Health on progress.
hard work. We were heartened by your support and
effort to keep our issues front and center of the            The amended escalation pathway wording for
employers and governments minds.                          unsafe staffing in the MECA is significantly stronger
                                                          and clearer. Compliance with the escalation pathway
   In the last update in October we let you know
                                                          will be a priority for NZNO in 2018 and NZNO/ DHB
we had an employers offer to bring back to you.
                                                          staff and delegates will be trained on the process.
We were not going to be able to recommend this
offer because it included a 43 month term and a           Ratification Meetings
delay of six months for the first pay increase. But
on November 8 NZNO was informed that the DHB
CEOs were meeting with the Minister for approval to        “It is vital that all NZNO
go beyond the financial parameter so that they could
increase the offer and that the CEOs would manage/
                                                           members attend a meeting, hear
address the additional costs within their budgets.         the full detail of the proposed
   Your negotiation team feels that what is being
                                                           MECA and cast your vote. This
presented is a fair settlement that delivers on            is your MECA so your vote really
most key issues and provides processes with set            does count!”
timeframes to address others. The over-all cost
of the offer is greater than other recent MECA
settlements in the DHB sector.                            Meeting details are at You
                                                          must attend a meeting to vote. The outcome of the
    As well as the proposed wage increases, there         voting will be based on a simple majority nationally
is agreement for negotiations on pay equity which         of members who attend the meetings.
will begin in the new year. This is a big first step in
                                                                                                             ͙͙ 1
Summary of the Proposed MECA                          3. A re-evaluation process will be undertaken
                                                      by the Job Evaluation Review Committee of an
Term                                                  agreed number of Nurse Practitioners roles.
A 33 month term from 1 November 2017- 31 July         This process will be completed by 15 December
2020.                                                 and the results of the re-evaluation will inform the
                                                      DHBs/NZNO Pay Equity Working Group process.
Wage and salary increases
RNs, RMs, ENs, HCAs and Community RNs and
                                                      Leadership programme and salary
                                                      A new Leadership Progression Pathway salary
• 2% effective from 6 November 2017
                                                      scale is available for RNs and RMs who have been
• 2% effective from 6 August 2018                     approved to participate in the DHBs leadership
                                                      programme. The programme outline can be viewed
• 2% effective from 5 August 2019                     on our website.
See salary scales on page 5                              Current clinical leadership pathways include
                                                      employer support for education, training and the
Designated Senior Nurses & Midwives
                                                      individual’s preparation for an advance or expanded
   Additional percentage increases have been          practice roles including future advancement to
agreed to these scales as part of our claim to        a designated senior nurse role. Advance and
address relativity issues with the RN and RM          expanded practice roles may be in response to
scales caused by the increased RN and RM PDRP         organisational development of alternative models
allowances achieved in the previous MECA.             of care or service delivery model.

• 4% effective from 6 November 2017                      We do have some reservations about whether
                                                      this scale will be used fairly and equitably so we
• 2% effective from 6 August 2018                     will monitor this during the term of the MECA
• 2% effective from 5 August 2019                     and if required will raise any issues at the next
  Grade 1 of the designated senior nurse and
midwifery scale shall be deleted.                        Nurses & midwives on the leadership
                                                      programme will not be required to work in Senior
  The current grade 2 of the designated senior        Nurse & Senior Midwife positions or cover for
nurse & midwifery scale will become grade 1 and       vacancies unfilled.
each grade above will be adjusted accordingly.
                                                      See salary scale on page 6
See salary scale on page 6
                                                      Designated RN Prescribers
Lump Sum
                                                      Where a RN is supported by the DHB to achieve
A one-off lump sum payment of $350 (pro rata for      designation as a nurse prescriber as part of
part timers) paid to permanently employed NZNO        these developments they will be placed on the
members on ratification of the proposed MECA.         Leadership Progression Pathway salary scale.

   The lump sum is not payable to casual                 When a RN is appointed to a position that
employees or people who join NZNO after we            requires them, as an essential requirement of
notify the DHB representatives of the outcome of      the job description, to be a designated nurse
the ratification meetings. This is likely to happen   prescriber they will be appointed onto that salary
on Tuesday the 12 December to allow time for the      scale.
scrutineers to collate the final voting count.
  The lump sum will be paid no later than 28
February 2018.                                        PDRP (effective from 6 November 2017)

Nurse Practitioners                                   • EN Accomplished increased from $4000 to
                                                      $4500 p.a.
The following is agreed:
                                                      • EN Proficient increased from $2500 to $3000
1. Nurse Practitioners are included in Coverage 2.1   p.a.
of the MECA
                                                      On call (effective from 6 November 2017)
2. Nurse Practitioners are currently scoped at
Grade 8 of the Senior Nurses Scale                    • $4.06 increased to $8.00 an hour

                                                                                                           ͙͙ 2
• $6.06 increased to $10.00 an hour on a public       • Implementation plans to be published by each
holiday                                               DHB and the Safe Staffing Healthy Work Places
                                                      Unit. These plans shall comply with the CCDM
• Telephone on-call allowance of $10.00 will be       standards and among other things include;
included in the MECA and preservation of higher
allowances where they apply                             −− timeframes for each stage/milestone of
Higher duties allowance
                                                        −− paid release of staff for education and all
• Access now to the allowance for staff who work        other components of CCDM eg steering group
12 hour shifts applies after three consecutive days     meetings, CCDM council meetings
work and staff who work 10 hour shifts after four
consecutive days worked.                                −− education on a validated acuity tool and the
                                                        CCDM programme for all staff
Pay Equity
                                                        −− agreed resourcing to ensure implementation
“DHBs have agreed in principle                          of plans and consequent/ subsequent activities.
with the merit of our claim. This                        Very significantly implementation plans are to
is a big first step in the process,                   be outlined in each DHBs accountability document
                                                      and annual plan and included in the Ministry of
it means that the DHBs have                           Health operational policy framework.
agreed in principle that the work
                                                      Escalation process for unsafe staffing
of nurses, HCA and midwives is
predominantly performed by                            The current MECA escalation provisions (clause
                                                      6) is unclear and not user friendly. DHB structures
women, has been historically                          and processes do not assist in the operation of
undervalued and subject to                            the escalation pathway. The following wording will
                                                      be now added and the provisions will moved to
systemic undervaluation.”                             the safe staffing healthy workplaces appendix 1(b)
   We have reached agreement on the process           rather than in the hours of work provisions.
by which we will seek resolution of the pay equity
                                                      • Notification of unsafe staffing can be made by
issues and this includes agreed timeframes.
                                                      the nursing or midwifery team and not individuals
   The process shall begin in February 2018 with
                                                      • Strengthened role of Health and Safety
the goal of achieving an outcome later in 2018. We
will report back to members on progress as we go.
                                                      • Patients and staff safety and wellbeing being
   This is a real opportunity to deal with gender
                                                      paramount objectives
equity with a broader brush across a longer term
rather than for example pursuing pay parity which     • Clear response times for each part of the
would not necessarily deliver equity across all       process
groups in a set of MECA negotiations.
                                                      • Timely recruitment processes to avoid
Safe Staffing                                         unwarranted delays
A package of changes has been agreed. Overall the     • DHB commitment to train managers on process
team believes that these changes will strengthen
DHBs obligations to deliver CCDM and provide          • NZNO commitment to training own staff on
NZNO with greater ability to enforce the MECA if      process
there are disputes.
                                                      • Clarified role of incident reporting
There is commitment to the following:
                                                      • Clarified who has authority to address each
• Full implementation of CCDM in all DHBs by 30       stage of the process
June 2021
                                                      • Ensured consideration is given to appropriate
• DHB Implementation plans shall be agreed            skill mix
between the CCDM councils in each DHB and the
                                                      • A requirement for the DHBs to ensure
Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces Governance
                                                      consideration of appropriate skill mix and
Group within 6 months of ratification of the MECA
                                                      availability of casuals/ new grads/ resource nurses
(this includes DHBs who are yet to purchase an
acuity tool)

                                                                                                          ͙͙ 3
Discretionary sick leave                                  Variations currently in operation shall be
                                                       reviewed and confirmed by letter.
Included in the Terms of Settlement is “A
reminder to DHBs of their obligations, as well as a    Claims that were not able to be
statement that DHBs’ financial positions, or within    progressed
reason, statutory leave balances should not be
                                                       DHBs did not agree to the following member
used as a deterrent to apply for discretionary leave
                                                       claims and the team were not able to progress
or as a reason not to grant discretionary leave”
                                                       them this time:
To progress through the term of the                    • Inclusion of Needs Assessor Co-ordinators
agreement                                              who are nurses in the MECA. This issue will soon
Support for victims of domestic violence and an        be tested by NZNO in the Employment Relations
alternative dispute resolution process consistent      Authority.
with NZNO’s commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi
                                                       • Improvements to Professional Development
will be explored jointly with other unions and DHBs
during the term of the MECA.
                                                       • Reductions to the number of hours staff can be
Technical changes and bargaining fee                   required to work on-call
                                                       • Two full consecutive days off work each
There were a number of amendments to address           week. The DHBs’ interpretation of this clause is
legislation changes or to improve clarity and          impacting on member’s ability to have adequate
reading of the MECA.                                   rest after a period of work. This is a health and
  These will be on the NZNO website www.               safety issue. We are considering whether the and available in handouts at the       DHBs’ interpretation complies with the MECA
meetings, as will be the bargaining fee clause.        and whether there are potential legal options to
                                                       resolve this outstanding and important issue.

                                                                                                           ͙͙ 4
Salary Scales

           Registered Nurse and              Effective    Effective     Effective      Effective
           Registered Midwife scale          4/07/16      6/11/17       6/8/18         5/8/19

           Step 5                            66,755       68,090        69,452         70,841
           Step 4                            60,081       61,283        62,508         63,758
           Step 3                            56,865       58,002        59,162         60,346
           Step 2                            53,528       54,599        55,691         56,804
           Step 1 (New Grad)                 49,449       50,438        51,447         52,476

           Enrolled, Obstetric, Karitane     Effective    Effective     Effective      Effective
           Nurses                            4/07/16      6/11/17       6/8/18         5/8/19

           Step 3                            50,685       51,699        52,733         53,787
           Step 2                            46,977       47,917        48,875         49,852
           Step 1                            44,505       45,395        46,303         47,229

           Health Care Assistants and        Effective    Effective     Effective      Effective
           Hospital Aides                    4/07/16      6/11/17       6/8/18         5/8/19

           Step 4                            42,650       43,503        44,373         45,261
           Step 3                            41,894       42,732        43,587         44,458
           Step 2                            39,269       40,054        40,855         41,673
           Step 1                            36,955       37,694        38,448         39,217
           Caseload Midwives (penals
           and overtime do not apply         Effective    Effective     Effective      Effective
           with the exception of penals      4/07/2016    6/11/17       6/8/18         5/8/19
           on public holidays)
                                             89,299       91,085        92,907         94,765

           Progression: By annual increment through all steps in each scale at anniversary date.

            Community Mental
            Health Nurses, District
            Nurses and Public
            Health Nurses and
            Community Midwives              Effective    Effective      Effective      Effective
                                           4/07/2016      6/11/17        6/8/18         5/8/19
                      8*                    73,706        75,180         76,684          78,217
                      7*                    72,290        73,736         75,211         76,715
                      6*                     70,871       72,288         73,734         75,209
                       5                    66,755        68,090         69,452         70,841
                       4                    60,081        61,283         62,508         63,758
                       3                    56,865        58,002         59,162         60,346
                       2                    53,528        54,599         55,691         56,804
                       1                    49,449        50,438         51,447         52,476

          Progression: By annual increment at anniversary date steps 1 to 5 inclusive. Thereafter
          progression is annual at anniversary date, subject to satisfactory performance which will
          be assumed to be the case unless the employee is otherwise advised (*).

                                                                                                      ͙͙ 5
Salary Scales continued

         8.0.4    Designated Senior Nurse and Midwifery Salary Scale

          Grade                Effective         Effective      Effective          Effective
                              4/07/2016           6/11/17        6/8/18             5/8/19
          Grade 2
                                72,290              75,182       76,685             78,219
                                73,706              76,654       78,187             79,751
                                75,125              78,130       79,693             81,286
          Grade 3
                                78,749              81,899       83,537             85,208
                                81,779              85,050        86,751            88,486
                                84,807              88,199       89,963             91,763
          Grade 4
                                83,292              86,624       88,356             90,123
                                86,321              89,774       91,569             93,401
                                89,350              92,924       94,782             96,678
          Grade 5
                                87,834              91,347        93,174            95,038
                                90,866              94,501       96,391             98,318
                                93,893              97,649       99,602             101,594
          Grade 6
                                90,866              94,501       96,391             98,318
                                93,893              97,649       99,602             101,594
                                96,922              100,799      102,815           104,871
          Grade 7
                                93,893              97,649       99,602             101,594
                                96,922              100,799      102,815           104,871
                                98,896              102,852      104,909           107,007
          Grade 8
                                98,896              102,852      104,909           107,007
                               104,253              108,423      110,592           112,803
                                109,611             113,995      116,275            118,601
                               114,967              119,566      121,957           124,396

         Progression: Movement through steps in each grade shall, subject to satisfactory
         performance (see 8.1(f) below), be annual on the anniversary date of appointment to the
         designated senior position. Movement between Grades shall be on the basis of
         appointment to a higher graded position.

           Progression pathway            6/11/2017           6/08/2018           5/08/2019
                  Step 1                   69,100              70,482               71,892
                  Step 2                   70,500              71,910               73,348
                  Step 3                   72,000              73,440               74,909

                                                                                                   ͙͙ 6
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