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                  THE LEGACY

                                                                                                        John & Jane Hong

                                                                                                           Jay Pak

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                                                                                                        Olivia Lee

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                                                                                                         Ricky Riantono

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                                                                                                       Minhee Lee

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                                                                Chelsea Yusuf                           Carolina
                                                                                                           Min A.Ogliaro
                                                                                                                  Lee                                  Yuki Balogun
                                                                                                                                                     Robiat Bomb

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                                                                Yuki Bomb                                 Ashley Dawson                              Ashley Dawson
                                                               Amanda H. Bollig
                                                                       Hong                                 Yuki Bomb                                 Brannon Gee
                                                                Lynn T. L.                                 Brannon Gee                              Annabelle
                                                                                                                                                       Lynn T.Azade

                                                                                                       ISSUE 34 COVER:
                                                                                                      Photography Rielle Oase
                                                                    Creative Director Yuki Bomb + Michelle Wu for CM Agency Stylist Michelle Wu for CM Agency
                                                                        Makeup Archangela Chelsea for Celestine Agency Hair Cherilyn Farris for Mane Addicts
                                                                                        Story/Editor Carolina Ogliaro Production CM Agency

                                                       Emily Sandifer, Rowan Daly, Storm Shoot, Ryan West, Sarah Krick, Luba Shemetova, Karen Rosalie, Agus Santoso Yang,
                                                            Cara Robbins, Shanna Fisher, Sumanta Muth, Christopher Cruz, Diana King, Nolwen Cifuentes, Michael Dirlam,
                                                      Mario Barberio, Catherine Asanov, Emilynn Rose, Leriam, Matt Doheny, Stephanie Diani, David Higgs, Reinhardt Kenneth,
                                          Corrina Day, Victoria Sirakova, Lom Nguyen, Joey Pucino, Slash Studios, Gregg Delman, Ron Mey, Richard Frias, Veronica Sams, Daniel Prakopcyk,
                                                                                       Alessandra Guth, Colin Treidler, Randy Tran, Doria Qi

                                              Marche’ Dorsey, Sarah Kinsumba, Franzy Staedter, Charlie Brianna, Samantha Brukhart, Jaclyn Fleurant, Nicoletre Monroe, Sky JT Naval,
                                        Cat Pope, Desiree Morales, Michelle Wu, Tabitha Sanchez, Estelle Aporongao, Anthony Pedraza, Ali Mullin, Audrey Brianne, Yuki Bomb, Beatrice Balaj

                                                                                                        Hair and Makeup
                                                             Luis Casco, Lucy Gedjeyan, Amy Strozzi, Michael Deunas, Jenna Garagiola, Courtney Hart, Tiffany Daughtery,
                                                          Preston Wada, Iggy Rosales, Rene Cortez, Alison Christina, Craig Gangi, Sabrina Porsche, Ashlyn Ayers, Sean Harris,
                                                            Yuichi Ishida, Naoko Saita, Christopher Miles, Kachay Dorsey, Archangela Chelsea, J Michael, Matilde Campos,
                                                          Tiffany Tarazi, Selda Cortes, Nicole Sanchez, Ermahn Ospina, Sebastian Scolarici, Josh Liu, Ryan Taniguchi, Sienree,

  On the Cover: Dress by House of CB
                                                         Sophia Porter, Mari Shten, Geo Hennings, Ashley Williams, Harper, Natasha Greissing, Jenny Ventura, Victor F. Mendoza
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                YAYOI KUSAMA
                                                          BLACKPINK ROSÉ
                                                                                              BEAUTY BY
OF DREAMS       ART BASEL      HEWITT     JAQUET DROZ     + TIFFANY        COSMOS             STEPHANIE DIANI                      WESTWOOD

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                                                                                     by their work; we very much hope you’ll enjoy each word and beautiful
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  8 COMPOSURE                                                                                                                                                 9
    A stunning display of history and design
    has entered the beautiful halls of Tokyo’s
    Museum of Contemporary Art. With rooms
    akin to galaxies and an array of famed de-
    signs that have made Christian Dior one of
    the most sought-after couturiers of his time.
    With the help of curator Florence Müller,
    the display will continue through May 28,
    2023, while paying homage to Japanese
    Culture with beautiful scenes created by ar-
    chitect Shohei Shigematsu from New York.

  Photos Courtesy of DIOR
12 COMPOSURE                                        13
Viewers are invited to move through each display
               as it embodies the art and passion of Dior in a cel-
               ebration of a “deep friendship uniting Dior and Ja-
               pan; this journey into space and time, from Paris
               to Tokyo, is prolonged with totally unprecedented
               archive documents that relate the privileged bond
               Christian Dior enjoyed with this country,” the
               House shares. “The sense of excellence and detail
               of which he shared; in turn, letters, sketches, and
               pieces from shows which took place in Japanese
               cities are thus unveiled; a multitude of enthrall-
               ing souvenirs and accounts, notably expressing
               the unrivaled collaborations between Dior and the
               Daimaru or Kanebo houses.”

14 COMPOSURE                                                          15
Artist Marcelo Florido
16 COMPOSURE               17
A special nod to the Artistic Directors who’ve
   helped shape the House over time, their signed
   creations hold a special place within the exhi-
   bition before a room that houses the ateliers’
   white toiles “reinterpreted in a play of curves
   paying homage to the Dior lines.” Keeping in
   line with attentiveness to Japanese architecture
   and aesthetics, upholding the beauty of natu-
   ral surroundings by using paperwork pieces by
   the artist Ayumi Shibata. Gold, flowers, magic,
   and every hue possible are meant to enchant the
   eyes, plus cosmetics and perfumes from Ste-
   phen Jones are included. They also share that
   visitors at the exhibition’s closing may “also
   discover models that have sublimated some of
   the most dazzling female personalities, from
   Grace Kelly to Natalie Portman via Marilyn
   Monroe, who also appears in three Andy War-
   hol screen prints belong to the MOT.”

18 COMPOSURE                                          19
Artist Charlie Roberts Left, Artist Soimadou Ibrahim Right
20 COMPOSURE                                                    21
It’s always fascinating to see how
               Dior turns their archives into im-
               pressive displays of color, na-
               ture, and art. Their world tour has
               taken us across Europe to Asia,
               and each has its own unique life
               breathed into the decor that makes
               up each installation. A finale sur-
               prise awaits with an “experience
               that suspends time” as it comes
               to an end with “the dress elabo-
               rated by Penny Slinger in tribute
               to the iconic facade of 30 Mon-
               taigne. When the country of the
               Rising-Sun encounters the Dior
               dream, from art to fashion.” All
               brought about by a Christian Dior
               as a child holding a dear and deep
               affection for the country that in-
               spired much of his work.

22 COMPOSURE                                   23
                                      THE WORLD OF
                                      YAYOI KUSAMA
                                      LOUIS VUITTON
                                      CONTINUES TO
                                      IMPRESS US ALL
                                      There was a time when one couldn’t get on social media without
                                      seeing thousands of photos of these beautifully lit rooms like a
                                      galaxy, hundreds of lights bouncing off a mirror box to create in-
                                      finite space. A surreal view that felt endless despite how contained
                                      it really was. Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama’s abstract expression-
                                      ist works were done in scales that stretched the imagination. The
                                      ideas and the obsession of experience through distortion and color
                                      grew on viewers, and over the decades, she found a way to share
                                      her mind with others that felt quite otherworldly.

   Photos Courtesy of Louis Vuitton
24 COMPOSURE                                                                                                 25
While her work to many is one of splendor,
 Kusama took part in political art historically
 at times, especially during the Vietnam War
 protests, along with the disparities in socio-
 economic status during that era. Her work
 thus far in compilation feels like an obser-
 vation of everything she sees and feels. She
 can transform herself through art, and this is
 why so many follow and respect her.

26 COMPOSURE                                      27
As her name became more renowned with
               each creation, it’s just as exciting to see Lou-
               is Vuitton want to collaborate and bring a bit
               of Kusama’s world into their collection. Her
               colorful world of painted patterns and prints
               will be splashed across monogrammed can-
               vas and made into objects for any collector
               of either the luxury House or the artist. A
               bold take on the House classics that goes
               beyond just changing a simple print, for
               those who want to carry a piece, it will be
               more art than fashion. While we understand
               there’s an itch to hold any exclusive and lim-
               ited goods, we hope this collaboration with
               Kusama will make people appreciate the
               span of her work entirely as an artist, from
               her early expressionism to socio-political
               ideals into those spectacular infinity rooms
               so many have come to see in the cities that
               hold installations.

28 COMPOSURE                                                      29

                     HEWITT             Story by Carolina Ogliaro
                                      Photography Rielle Oase
                     Creative Director Yuki Bomb + Michelle Wu for CM Agency
                                 Stylist Michelle Wu for CM Agency
                          Makeup Archangela Chelsea for Celestine Agency
                                Hair Cherilyn Farris for Mane Addicts
                                       Production CM Agency

               Self-made women who run their own businesses are the needed inspiration for
               all the other women who are in doubt about taking the big step of becoming
               their own boss. Deciding to fully invest in yourself could be scary at the begin-
               ning as there are a lot of unpredictable risks, but it is absolutely worth taking
               some of them in order to achieve the life of your dreams. Nothing great comes
               from a safe place; stepping out of the comfort zone is essential for inside growth
               to gain confidence in yourself and become stronger and independent.

32 COMPOSURE                                                                                        33
Marianna Hewitt, the worldwide famous digital influencer and entrepreneur co-found-
  er of Summer Fridays, has built an empire through important milestones by deciding
  to invest in her own career. 2022 has marked ten years since Hewitt debuted her blog
  “Life with Me,” where she shared her style tips, favorite beauty products, and travel
  adventures. But when Hewitt began over a decade ago, she had no idea that the influ-
  encer industry would become what it is today. When she started, the word “influenc-
  er” wasn’t even a thing, and the only choices were to be either a blogger or YouTuber.
  Hewitt said, “Over the last decade, the core of my vision has always remained the
  same, which was sharing products that I love to inspire people to live a beautiful life
  inside and out. A vital turning point in my career was when my co-founder of Summer
  Fridays, Lauren Ireland, and I decided to start working on our brand. It was 2016, and
  at the time, there were not many influencers starting companies. It took us nearly two
  years to work on the brand, and we launched in 2018, and we are coming up on our
  five-year anniversary. A lesson that I would like to share is that even if you think it’s
  too early or the time isn’t right if you want to go for something, you should just do it
  because we’re so glad now that we did when we did.”

  Ten years as a businesswoman are an important milestone, and these years have seen
  Hewitt’s growth as a woman, along with style and a sense of fashion that has evolved
  with her. When she first started creating content online, Hewitt was in her early 20s,
  and as she grew through her 20s and now into her 30s, her style reflects her age, ca-
  reer, and what she does in her day-to-day life. “I’m either dressing to go to the office
  or a meeting, and that’s when I put my business hat on, or I’m going to an event or
  a party, and I have an outfit that I want to share on my social media. I still have the
  same personal style throughout all the different areas of my life, but it just depends on
  the type of work I’m doing that day. I would describe my style as neutral, minimal,
  classic, and feminine.” And since building a statement wardrobe with some key piec-
  es that could save us in every situation, Hewitt has no doubt about the three garments
  everyone should own to create a capsule closet. “I love a good pair of denim because
  I think I can wear it from work or going out, and it looks great with flats or heels,
  and when I tailor them, they fit perfectly, so they are a really good investment piece.
  A jacket is something that I wear a lot, especially living in Los Angeles, and it really
  elevates an entire look. A great bag is always an important piece to have in a capsule
  wardrobe because it really puts an entire outfit together. A designer bag can really
  elevate a look, and I have invested in a few bags over the years that are so special to
  me, and I know will last a lifetime.”

  Top & Trouser: L’AGENCE
34 COMPOSURE                                                                                  35
As co-founder of iconic Summer Fridays, Hewitt has made the Jet Lag Mask one of
               the IT beauty products of this last decade; she is always keen on educating her fol-
               lowers on the importance of having good skincare for glowing, healthy skin. The Jet
               Lag Mask is a great place to start because it can be used as an everyday moisturizer,
               hand cream, and eye cream, and it really does it all. Some other products should
               enter the perfect beauty routine, like the lip butter balms that are best sellers—they
               are incredible. Hewitt’s favorite flavor and shade is vanilla beige. Another favorite
               is Summer Fridays new Midnight Ritual Retinol; it’s such a beautiful product. “I’ve
               been using retinol in my skincare routine for the last decade, and it’s such an incred-
               ible ingredient, and we are so happy to offer a gentle yet effective formula that I
               think people would love.” Summer Fridays is committed to protecting our planet and
               animals. With recyclable packaging and cruelty-free and vegan formulas, Summer
               Fridays is the front line to put words into action. “If we each make small changes,
               they can really add up to big results. So anything small that you can do in your daily
               habits, compounded with all of our efforts, can really make a big difference in the
               world. At Summer Fridays, we have a recycling program that we offer, and you can
               recycle your empty products to get something back in return. We are so proud to be
               able to create products in sustainable packaging and tree-free cartons to do what we
               can. “ And for all the Summer Fridays lovers out there, the brand has just launched
               the new Midnight Ritual Retinol, but there are a couple of really great launches com-
               ing up for the year as the label will celebrate its fifth anniversary.

                                                                                                   Top: MAJORELLE from REVOLVE
                                                                                                 Blazer: SHONA JOY from REVOLVE
                                                                                                            Leather Pants: Equipment
36 COMPOSURE                                                                                                                    37
Not only a beauty and fashion entrepreneur, but Hewitt has also created a
                           successful podcast, Life with Marianna, the #1 fashion and beauty podcast
                           on Apple podcasts. “I started my podcast a little over two years ago and have
                           published over 100 episodes in the last two years. I launched Life with Mar-
                           ianna during the pandemic, and it was my way of giving back to my online
                           community with content that I would hope would inspire, motivate, or help
                           them in some way. I have such a great network of friends and peers and so
                           many topics that I wanted to share more in-depth than I could in just a single
                           Instagram story, so this was such a great platform for me to create meaningful
                           content. Hearing feedback from the listeners has been so incredible to hear
                           how I’ve been able to change their lives with the podcast.”

                           Hewitt’s career started as an influencer, and the fashion world revolves around
                           fashion weeks. Attending the best shows and events, getting to know the de-
                           signers, and meeting people from around the world is always a unique emo-
                           tion. And as she grew up with her mother watching Elsa Klensch on CNN,
                           she has always dreamed of covering fashion weeks, and when she was little
                           watching it on TV, Hewitt had no idea that one day she would be so fortunate
                           to be able to attend herself. “I started attending New York fashion week in my
                           previous job before I was an influencer, and then I started going as a creator,
                           and it’s evolved now into attending Paris fashion week, which is just the best
                           of the best. Not only do I love attending the shows, but I love being in the city
                           and seeing people from all over the world attend and what they’re wearing
                           when they are in Paris and getting to catch up with friends that I’ve made over
                           the last decade. I love seeing the art and creation, and dedication that goes
                           into each of the shows, and it is such an honor to be there.”

  Dress: Khaite New York
38 COMPOSURE                                                                                                   39
During fashion week, the time can be hectic and having the day fully pre-
               planned can help a lot. “I usually wake up in the morning and have break-
               fast as I get ready and shower, and then I’ll start hair and makeup before
               going out for the day. I try to only attend one to two shows a day, and then
               there usually is an event or something at night. In between shows and
               events, I go back to my room and work on the content that I want to post,
               any emails I need to catch up on, or try to get a nap when I can. When I go
               to different cities for fashion week, I love to explore the city and have free
               time, so I try not to over-schedule myself so that I can enjoy where I am
               and also be well rested.”
                                                                                    Blazer: Celine
                                                                                 Crop Top: KSUBI
40 COMPOSURE                                                                                  41
Not only work but also live the present in a healthy and joyful way: Hewitt has worked and
   still works with some of the most famous worldwide brands. From Valentino to Fendi, her
   name is associated with labels that create the industry’s history. And looking down memory
   lane, there are many priceless memories that have been created, but Hewitt’s favorite one
   was when she attended her first Paris Fashion Week show, which was for Dior. “It was such
   an honor to be invited, and to be able to go backstage before the show started and see the
   models getting ready, everyone who puts a show together, and how it all came together in
   the end. It was such a special memory to be able to go to such an iconic show in Paris, and I
   will always cherish that day and the memories I created from that show. “

   2023 will be for Hewitt a year to remember absolutely; from Summer Fridays’ new launches
   to new great podcast guests coming on and much content to share all year long on her Insta-
   gram, the life of a businesswoman may feel full and hectic. Still, there’s a beautiful journey
   to enjoy along the way.                                                                          Oceanus (Top), ADIBA (Coat, Skirt),
                                                                                                                Stay Here LA (Jewelry)
42 COMPOSURE                                                                                                                       43
          JAQUET DROZ
       “For anyone born after 1963, there is the Sun, the
        Moon. And the Rolling Stones” - Keith Richards

44 COMPOSURE                                                45
One of our most favorite collaborations has come about, taking the skillful mastery of Jaquet
          Droz’s artisans and combining them with one of the greatest bands of all time, the Rolling Stones.
          The amount of detail that has gone into such tiny creations placed delicately on a face that is only
          fitting to the fame of the band is beyond anything we could imagine. Zooming up on the photos
          to see how the hand-painted intricacies are perfect in such a tiny form makes us speechless.
          There’s more than just collector’s value in this timepiece; there’s the sentimental value that can’t
          be priced by any means.

46 COMPOSURE                                                                                                     47
House in a stunning 43 mm red gold case, the artisans have
               created a spectacular stage for Ronnie Wood’s Fender Strat,
               Charlie Watts’ drums, and Keith Richard’s guitar to sit upon,
               bringing about memories of epic live shows that would have
               fans screaming and reveling in the excitement and the glory
               of the performance. One thing that makes this piece stand out
               the most is the six albums painted on the face and how “each
               collector will be able to choose the covers of albums. They
               will be reproduced by hand by the craftsmen of Jaquet Droz on
               a disc able to rotate, on demand, around the central stage.” A
               rotation that lasts around thirty seconds and can be done eight
               times due to a push-piece on the crown at the 3 o’clock mark.
               For those that love some extra movement to impress viewers,
               the iconic Stones logo moves at the same time as the tongue,
               one shifts up and down, and the latter left to right.

48 COMPOSURE                                                                     49
There’s always something special; whether hidden trea-
               sure in movements or hand sculpting, this watch it’s too
               hard to choose which is more impressive. Guitars and
               amps are worked and shaped by hand, and white and gold
               threads make up various design aspects. Blocks of gold
               that don’t exceed 1/10th of a millimeter are remarkable.
               On the case back, the chosen album name (there are 23
               to pick from) will be engraved along with the release date
               and the studio name of where it was recorded, giving an
               authentic one-of-a-kind feel. It’s really everything we’ve
               expected from one of our favorite Haute Horlogeries.

50 COMPOSURE                                                                51
               CELEBRATING WITH
               BLACKPINK’S ONE &
               ONLY ROSÉ
               The beloved Lock bangles have been expanded to
               include a new array of rings, earrings, and pendants
               in exquisite rose gold leading to multiple colors lat-
               er this year. This new global launch is a celebration,
               but also “signaling a new expression of design and
               craftsmanship, the Lock collection plays homage to
               the jeweler’s illustrious heritage while introducing the
               latest innovation to the bangle: an elegant swiveling
               mechanism that allows the designs to open and close.”
               Allowing ease and function will make new fans of
               Tiffany’s classic bangles. As they continue to revamp,
               remake, reimagine their offerings, and expand our
               favorite collections, we always look forward to their
               new exciting campaigns with global superstars. In this
               case, one of our absolute favorites K-pop icon ROSÉ
               from BLACKPINK, is at the forefront again!

54 COMPOSURE                                                              55
She stuns in elegant, simple black to make her beauty and the beauty of Tiffany’s
               pieces stand out. As a House ambassador, she embodies a youthful and contemporary
               look that shows not only the versatility of the designs but also a feminine energy that
               is aligned with the new direction the House of Tiffany & Co. has been shifting towards
               with each new collaboration and collection. The spirit of Tiffany reaches toward these
               powerful women and men to capture an all-inclusive essence and push forth their first
               all-gender jewelry collection. A must-have for everyone because there’s nothing like
               daily wearable pieces that go with an entire slew of wardrobe styles.

56 COMPOSURE                                                                                             57
As Tiffany continues to embrace their House ambassa-
   dors and also continue to make their mark in fashion for
   a positive impact towards sustainability and equity, and
   finding ways to ensure their business is constantly going
   forward on being responsible, we find ourselves engag-
   ing more and more with the House as well as respecting
   the heritage and hands of the artisans it came from.
58 COMPOSURE                                                   59

               ON THEIR COSMOS
               La Chaux-de-Fonds – First released in 2019, the Cosmos wonderfully demonstrates Gi-
               rard-Perregaux’s horological prowess. Equipped with three exceptional complications, the
               model encompasses technical virtuosity, uncompromising finishing and artisanal craftsman-

               Out of this world
               The Cosmos is equipped with three complications, including a tourbillon, a mechanism de-
               signed to counter the adverse influence of gravity on the regulating organ. Presented at the
               base of the dial, the tourbillon features a titanium lyre-shaped cage. This is held in position by
               Girard-Perregaux’s signature Neo Bridge, a contemporary interpretation of Constant-Girard’s
               famous ‘arrow-shaped’ bridge of the 19th century.

               Complementing the tourbillon, the watch is equipped with two additional complications, a ter-
               restrial globe and a celestial globe. The terrestrial globe, located at 3 o’clock, serves as a day/
               night indicator. Positioned opposite, at 9 o’clock, a celestial globe displays the constellations
               of the Zodiac. All three unique pieces feature two-part dials, formed of aventurine, obsidian
               or spectrolite. Likewise, the globes are made of black aventurine, black aventurine or onyx.
               Each set of globes is endued with golden micro-painting, painstakingly executed by hand, a
               process that takes no less than 14 hours to complete.

               The Sun revolves around the Earth every 24 hours, the time it takes for the terrestrial globe to
               rotate 360°. Celestial time equals the rotation period of a celestial object, namely 23 hours and
               56 minutes. The different pace of each globe is barely perceptible to the human eye, however,
               Girard Perregaux has ensured that both globes rotate at the correct speed, demonstrating its
               unrelenting attention to detail. Unlike the real world, viewing constellations on the dial of this
               model is not impeded by light pollution or limited light.

               A sense of cohesion
               A notable characteristic of the Cosmos is that the dial elements are arranged with due con-
               sideration to symmetry. The resultant dial layout is balanced and cohesive. Eager to augment
               this sense of balance, Girard-Perregaux has dispensed with a conventional crown. Instead, an
               innovative winding and setting system is located on the reverse of the timepiece emulating the
               styling of pocket watches from yesteryear. The setting system features three engravings, all of
               which are filled with luminescent ceramic, indicating the purpose of each bélière.

               An exemplar of Haute Horlogerie
               Since it was founded in 1791, Girard-Perregaux has become known for crafting exquisite
               expressions of Haute Horlogerie. Throughout its history, the Maison has repeatedly united ex-
               ceptional chronometric performance, bewitching aesthetics and extraordinary craftsmanship.
               The Cosmos upholds this reputation.

               The Cosmos is equipped with the Calibre GP093020, a hand-wound movement enriched with
               high-end finishing. The titanium Neo Bridge is black PVD-treated, sandblasted and incorpo-
               rates hand-bevelling. Similarly, the mainplate is black PVD-treated and embellished with cir-
               cular-graining, sandblasting and bevelling. The lyre-shaped tourbillon cage is made of light-
               weight titanium, hence it requires less energy to rotate, a factor that contributes to the model’s
               impressive power reserve of at least 57 hours.

               The Cosmos bids farewell
               The Cosmos fuses the worlds of design, Métiers d’Art and watchmaking excellence. These
               three models incorporate sumptuous materials, hand-painted globes and a high quotient of
               watchmaking know-how. However, ultimately, all goods things must come to an end and these
               three pieces represent the last chapter in what has been a fascinating story. All three Cosmos
               unique pieces will be sold exclusively by The Hour Glass as of December 2022.

60 COMPOSURE                                                                                    Story Via Girard-Perregaux   61
Photographer: Stephanie Diani

                                       EMBRACING HARLEM’S RENAISSANCE
Model: Genevieve at Jag Models
       Stylist: Aisya Washington
 Hair and Makeup: Madge Earle
    Photo Assistant: Tom Miller
        Stylist Assistant: Octavia
      Location: Fourth and Fifth

     Dress: Fansy by Virginia Saiach
     Heels: Daniela Uribe
     Ring: Seasonal Whispers

62 COMPOSURE                                                            63
Dress: Fansy by Virginia Saiach
                         Heels: Daniela Uribe
                      Ring: Seasonal Whispers

64 COMPOSURE                             65
Gold Dress: Elmadawy New York
   Handcuff: Joselie Jewelry
   Ring: Seasonal Whispers

66 COMPOSURE                       67
Blouse: 2Madison Avenue
  Skirt: OTKUTYR
  Earrings: Bisoulovely

68 COMPOSURE                69
Sequin Dress: VENTURA
                     Heels: MASHIZAN
70 COMPOSURE                    71
  The undisputed queen of British fashion, trendsetter, and avant-gar-
  de provocateur to awaken consciences, Vivienne Westwood, has
  walked her final runaway on the 29th of December 2022.
  Westwood was a self-taught designer without classic fash-        “STOP Climate Change. This is a war for the very exis-
  ion training. With Malcolm McLaren (the future manager of       tence of the human race. And that of the planet. The most
  The Sex Pistols), she opened in the 70s a revolutionary shop    important weapon we have is public opinion. Become a
  based at 430 Kings Road in Chelsea, London.                     freedom fighter.”
  revolutionary                                                   Many words can be said about how Vivienne Westwood
  /ˌrɛvəˈl(j)uːʃən(ə)ri/                                          has revolutionized the fashion world and beyond, but they
  1. involving or causing a complete or dramatic change.          would be extremely reductive of the life’s work she’s had to
                                                                  try and give her a single title. Queen of Punk? But also of
  Revolutionary is one of the most used adjectives related        the New Romantic? The forerunner of times and trends? All
  to Dame Westwood. She really made a revolution in the           of these but actually much more. Westwood doesn’t need to
  fashion world, putting the base of the Punk manifesto in        be boxed into a pre-formed file, and above all, she wouldn’t
  the sense of a way of living. With safety pins, extremely       want it; she would have come out of that box and set it on
  provocative writings, sexual innuendos, chains, patches,        fire.
  rips, and underwear used as outwear but also the usage
  of tartan, classic designs, and romantic touches, Vivienne      Andreas Kronthaler, her husband and work partner, has giv-
  Westwood has changed fashion in the usual way we know           en us a gift with his precious words “I will continue with
  it. And what she did, she did to inspire people to be free.     Vivienne in my heart. We have been working until the end,
  She did it because the young upcoming generations could         and she has given me plenty of things to get on with. Thank
  always feel the freedom to be whatever they felt to be.         you, darling.”
  “The only reason I am in fashion is to destroy the word’        Example of a solid and symbiotic bond, Vivienne and An-
  conformity,’” Westwood said in her 2014 biography.              dreas have merged emotional and professional life giving
                                                                  life to the most authentic and real partnership possible. Al-
  Thank you, Vivienne, for reminding us of the importance         ways side by side, Andreas and Vivienne have walked to-
  of living and not just existing. Never give in to conformism    gether a life worth living and have given the world the hope
  but fight hard to eradicate it.                                 that true and authentic love exists. Together, Andreas and
  To move away from the cliché that we all need to be ho-         Vivienne have made a further revolution, in addition to the
  mologated in a society without lucid and vivid dreams. To       stylistic one, to give the hope that authenticity in love ex-
  have courage and fight for our ideals.                          ists. Not toxic morbidity, but a genuine feeling of two peo-
                                                                  ple who choose each other with conscience, a union of soul,
  Never negotiate with yourself on what matters.                  heart, and mind. An example for the generations of fast love
                                                                  and fake feelings, an example to be inspired by. And also, in
  We cannot be content to sit and wait for the world to change    this, Vivienne leaves us a great legacy.
  or wait for someone else to take liberating actions for us.
  No.                                                             Conformity was not for her, and this tribute is intended to
                                                                  be anything but the rhetoric that she would not have liked.
  No.                                                             Westwood is a lifestyle.
  Our voice must be used.
                                                                  If we really want to honor and pay homage to the English
  The Vivienne Foundation, a not-for-profit company found-        Grand Dame, we must make our lifestyle “Made in West-
  ed by Vivienne, her sons, and her granddaughter in late         wood.”
  2022, will officially launch this year to honor, protect and
  continue the legacy of Vivienne’s life, design, and activism.   I would like to listen to the question, “How would you like
  The Foundation aims to raise awareness and create tangible      to live your life?” The answer “I don’t know; the only thing
  change by working with NGOs. Built upon four pillars: Cli-      I know is that I live it in Westwood style.”
  mate Change, Stop War, Defend Human Rights, and Protest
  Capitalism. The Vivienne Foundation exists to create a bet-     Thank you, Vivienne. We love you forever.
  ter world and implement Vivienne’s plans.

72 COMPOSURE                                                                                                                      73
Epicure at Le Bristol
                      Paris, France
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