Membership & Program Guide   Fall 2015
   Western Stark County            Monthly       Start-up               Your Own Unique Quote
    YMCA Association              Easy Pay**      Fee***
                                                                          (Income Based Pricing)
Youth (to 13 years)                $ 13.42           20.00
                                                                Ask us for YOUR rate quote.
Teen/Young Adult (14 - 23)         $ 21.30           20.00      Monthly Rate:
Adult (24 - 64 years)              $ 36.93           40.00      Membership Type:
Family (2 Adults)*                 $ 52.59           50.00      Income Level:

Family (1 Adult)                       $ 44.94       50.00
Senior (65 + years)                $ 26.86           40.00
                                                             Payment Options
Sr. Couple                         $ 42.51           50.00
                                                             **Monthly Easy Pay
         Please note that rates include sales tax.           Easy pay is an automatic monthly withdrawal
            Rates & tax effective 12/01/2013
                                                             of membership dues from a bank account or
Membership Definitions                                       charged to a VISA or MasterCard. You may
Youth: Any child up to 13 years old.                         cancel at any time by providing a 30-day
Teen/Young Adult: Anyone between the ages of 14 and          advance notice, completing a cancellation
23 years old.                                                form, and returning all membership cards.
Adult: Anyone between the ages of 24 to 64 years old.
                                                             Annual Pay
*Family: One or two adults living in the same household
                                                             Benefit… no Start-up fee. When you join as an
who consider themselves family and any children living in
                                                             annual pay member you will pay a prorated
the home up to age 23.
                                                             first month PLUS 12 months. The membership
Senior: Anyone age 65 or older.
                                                             can be renewed each year or you may cancel
***Start-up Fee aka Joining Fee                                          and return your membership cards.
An investment in the facilities, not
payable again as long as your                                           Short Term Membership
membership does not lapse more                                          These memberships automatically
than 30 days.                                                           stop after 30 days. Available as a
Membership Holds Available                                              single adult or teen/young adult.
There is a hold fee, membership                                         Short term rates are more than
will restart automatically.                                             the Monthly Easy Pay.
                                                                        • $26 Teen/Young Adult
                                                                        • $46 Adult (ages 24 and up)

   Regional Membership             Monthly       Start-up    Regional Membership
      Stark/Summit                Easy Pay**      Fee***     The YMCA of Western Stark County
                                                             participates in the Summit/Stark Regional
Youth (6 to 12 years)              $ 19.17           40.00
                                                             membership program. Western Stark County
Teen/Young Adult (13 - 23)         $ 27.69           50.00   members have the option to upgrade their
Adult (24 - 64 years)              $ 44.20           70.00   membership to “Regional”. Regional members
                                                             have access to all the YMCA branches and
Family (1 OR 2 Adults)*            $ 64.97           90.00
                                                             programs in Stark and Summit Counties, as a
Senior (65 + years)                $ 37.28           60.00   member.
                                                             Please purchase your Regional membership at
Sr. Couple                         $ 48.99           70.00
                                                             the location you will use most often.
  Please note that rates include tax. Effective 11/1/14
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Income Based Membership Rates & Scholarship              Membership Benefits
Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to             Automatically you are a member of two
offer income-based rates to ensure that all                facilities   •Massillon Family YMCA
members of our community have access to our                             •Towpath Trail YMCA
programs, services and facilities. Association-           Free Guest access to almost every Y in Ohio
exclusive membership rates are based on annual
household income. Members report their income at          With the Regional upgrade - access to all
                                                           YMCA locations in Ohio and member program
the time of enrollment and verify their claim in one       rates at every Y in Stark & Summit Counties.
easy step within two weeks. Members wishing not
to participate in the Income Based pricing may opt        85+ FREE land & water group exercise
                                                           classes to choose from
out at the time of enrollment. We also offer
scholarships to those who qualify; the application        Child Watch - FREE babysitting for all
is available at the Welcome Center.                        members while at the YMCA (schedule pg. 12)

Income Based Pricing… report your household               Adult only locker rooms with saunas
income upon joining, the Y staff determines your          2 Racquetball courts
unique rates right away, and within two weeks
bring in a copy of your most recent federal tax           Greatly reduced rates on classes, programs
                                                           and day care
return. You’re qualified if your household income is
less than $60,000 & you file a federal tax return.        10 days of priority registration for all six
                                                           week classes and programs
Scholarship… Complete our scholarship form,
                                                          Fitness centers for adults and youth with
provide proof of income and turn it into the YMCA.
                                                           trained staff to help you achieve your goals
Give us some time and our staff will call you with
what you qualify for.                                     FREE fitness center orientation
                                                          Open swim & gym times (schedules online, on
Your Membership Makes A Difference
                                                           the Y app & at welcome center)
As a non-profit organization, your membership
                                                          AWAY (Always Welcome at the Y) Home away
dues not only help us provide quality services             from home privileges at Ys across the
and programming, they help us to serve the                 country and around the world
needs of the community.

If you have a special talent or
skill that you would like to
share, please let us know. If you
see a community need that the
YMCA can step forward to meet,
please let us know. If you are
ready to take your membership
to    the     next     level   by
volunteering, please let us know
and we will find you a
meaningful place with the YMCA.

                                        YMCA of Western Stark County
MASSILLON FAMILY YMCA                                                               TOWPATH TRAIL YMCA
131 Tremont Ave SE, Massillon                                                   1226 Market St NE, Navarre
330-837-5116                               www.WestStarkY.org                            330-879-0800
Nurturing the potential of every child and teen.
Preschool - Full Day                                  Genoa, Lohr, Watson, Gorrell, Whittier and Massillon
Our preschool age program runs continuously all       Intermediate School students have YMCA staff and
year and includes preschool curriculum as part of     supplies at their school. Franklin students are
your child’s day. Open 6:00A to 6:00P                 transported by Massillon school buses to and from
Ages: 3 to 5 years old & potty trained                the Massillon YMCA.
  Fee: $25 One-time Registration                      Our programs include fun activities and crafts,
            $115/week Members                         homework help, physical games played in the
            $120/week Non-Members                     gymnasiums, afternoon snack, state certified staff,
                                                      all in a safe environment.
Preschool - 1/2 Day Program                           Registration is open now and continues all school
Play based, star licensed and star rated center,      year.
encourages children to explore their environment as   Visit our website or speak with a Member Services
they develop creativity, problem-solving and skills   Rep for more details and pricing.
related to cognitive, physical and social/emotional   weststarky.org/childcare
growth. Choose between 3 or 4 days weekly.
Program begins September 8, 2015                   School Days Off Programs
 Ages: 3 to 5 years old & potty trained            Themed days for school age children that are filled
When: 9:30 am to 12:00 pm                          with activities and may include special projects, field
         3 days/week = Mon, Wed, & Thu             trips, and swimming. Located at the Massillon YMCA;
   Fee: $25 One-time Registration                  open 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Children should bring a
         $115/month Members                        packed lunch, swimming suit and a towel.
         $120/month Non-Members                    Pre-registration appreciated; open to all children,
                                                   not just children currently in our child care program.
Before & After School Programs                     Ages: Kindergarten to 6th grade
With a focus on safety, health, social growth and  Fee:     $25/day
academic enhancement, Y school age programs serve When: Most scheduled days off school
kindergartners through middle schoolers with a              and snow days
variety of programmatic and activity options to    Upcoming dates:      Sept 4
explore and develop their interests and talents.                        Sept 18 (Perry only)
The YMCA has multiple child care sites serving the                      Oct 12
Massillon, Fairless and Perry School districts.                         Oct 23 (Perry only)
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The Y is the starting point for many youth to learn       Instructional Basketball
about becoming and staying active, and developing         Youth will learn the basic fundamentals of the game
healthy habits they’ll carry with them throughout         and develop better social skills while interacting with
their lives. And the benefits are far greater than just   other kids. The young athletes will learn how to
physical health. Whether it’s gaining the confidence      dribble, pass, shoot and other skills of the game. No
that comes from learning to swim or building the          games will be played but at the end of practice the
positive relationships that lead to good sportsman-       kids will be split into teams and scrimmage. Register
ship and teamwork, participating in sports at the Y is    from August 1st to November 1st.
about building the whole child, from the inside out.        Ages: 5 to 7
                                                             Fee: Member $20
 JOIN US. MAKE A DIFFERENCE.                                        Non-Member $40
 When you volunteer at the Y, you provide                 Locations:
 leadership and talent vital to empowering                          MASSILLON FAMILY YMCA
 people and communities to learn, grow                                 November 3 - December 1
 and thrive. Coaches are always needed.                                Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:15 - 7:00pm

                                                                   TOWPATH TRAIL YMCA
Youth Sports                                                         November 2 - November 25
Baseball, soccer, karate, basketball, gymnastics—                    Mondays and Wednesdays 6:15 - 7:00pm
check out the sports offerings at your Y and get in
the game. Improve your skills, make new friends, be       Fundamental Basketball
active with other kids and learn to love a sport at       Coming in January! These clinics will help players
the Y.                                                    improve skills and prepare them for upcoming
          Sports Flyers with more details                 competitive teams. Fundamentals of basketball will
            are available at the YMCA                     be taught each week along with skills, drills, condi-
                                                          tioning, speed training, teamwork and character
Annual YMCA Youth Sports                                  development. Register from October 1 to December
      Soccer - Fall                                         Ages: 8 to 13
                                                          Where: MASSILLON FAMILY YMCA
                                                           When: January 5 - January 28
      Basketball - Winter                                          Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:15 - 7:15pm
                                                             Fee: Member $25
                                                                   Non-Member $45
      Soccer - Spring
                                                          Sports Private Lessons
                                                          A private lesson is a great way for someone to
      Baseball - Summer                                   improve their skills in soccer. We are offering lessons
                                                          to any child aged 3 and up. Improve your soccer
                                                          skills to remain on top of the competition. To
      Basketball - Summer                                 register please call the YMCA and ask for Brian Ohm.
                                                            Ages: 3 and older
                                                           When: 30 minutes
Martial Arts                                                           By appointment
Mr. Smith teaches a combination of Tae Kwon Do,              Fee: $20 Members
Judo, & self defense.
                                                                    $30 Non-Members
 Ages: 7 years old to Adults
 When:      Wed 6:30-8:30
            1 Sun each month 2:00-4:00
            No Martial Arts in July & August
   Fee: Monthly Sessions
            $35 Members
            $50 Non-Members
                                         YMCA of Western Stark County
MASSILLON FAMILY YMCA                                                                   TOWPATH TRAIL YMCA
131 Tremont Ave SE, Massillon                                                       1226 Market St NE, Navarre
330-837-5116                                www.WestStarkY.org                               330-879-0800
Nurturing the potential of every child and teen.
Little Flippers Gymnastics (Parent with Child)           Gymnastics Team
This program is for toddlers who are walking up to       This is the top level of our gymnastics program.
age 3, with a family member. Class is an informal        Participants must have coach permission to sign up
setting where the child guides what he or she wants      for team. Participants will learn routines that will be
to do. Coaches are available to assist but do not lead   used to compete at local meets.
the class.                                                Ages: 6 years and up
 Ages: Walking to 3 years old                             When: Mon, Tue or Thu 5:15-7:00
 When: 30 Minutes                                           Fee: Recurring charges
            Sat 8:30                                               2 practices each week
   Fee: 6 Week Session                                                $50/month Members
            $16 Members                                               $85/month Non-Members
            $30 Non-Members                                        3 practices each week
                                                                      $65/month Members
Mat Munchkins (Preschool Gymnastics)                                  $115/month Non-Members
Participants are introduced to the basics of gymnas-
tics on all four events. Emphasis is placed on          Private Gymnastics Lessons
following direction, turn taking, and cooperation - all For beginner to advanced gymnast.
while having fun.                                        Ages: No Limit
  Ages: 3 to 5 years old                                 When: Determined by the student & instructor
 When: 45 Minutes                                          Fee: Members 30 minutes
             Tue 4:30                                              $15 Private lesson
             Thu 4:30                                              $20 Semi-private (1instructor:2students)
             Sat 9:15                                           Non-Members 30 minutes
             Sat 10:30                                             $25 Private lesson
   Fee: 6 Week Session                                             $30 Semi-private
             $23 Members
             $38 Non-Members

School Age Progressive Gymnastics
Levels: Rollers, Swingers, Kippers & Flyers
First-time gymnast to advanced. Tumbling, bars, low
and high beam, spring board, vault, strength and
  Ages: 6 years and up
 When: 60 Minutes
             Mon 4:30
             Tue 4:30
             Thu 4:30
             Sat 9:15
             Sat 10:30
   Fee: 6 Week Session
             $30 Members
             $45 Non-Members

Back Handspring Class
Focuses on tumbling, starting with basic back
walkovers and progressing to back handsprings. This                                   Find it fast @
is connected to a round-off and other higher level
  Ages: 6 years and up                                                                YouthDev
 When: 45 Minutes
           Sat 11:15-12:00
   Fee: 6 Week Session
           $23 Members
           $38 Non-Members
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THE DANCE STUDIO                                          It’s fun to dance at the Y-M-C-A
Our dance program is under the
direction of Ms. Cindy Haley.  Dance Class… A healthy,
                               safe place where young
Classes include warm-up        people grow into healthy
stretches, technique, center   adults learning grace,
floor combinations that        confidence, discipline,
sequence into routines and     strength, character,
progressions across the floor  endurance and respect.
specific to each Dance         Life long valuable lessons!

PreDance - Fundamental movement that teaches
concepts of body/self awareness, balance, coordina-
tion, flexibility, as well as musical concepts of beat,
timing, rhythm and mood. We use tap shoes and
ballet slippers for this class. Girls and boys.

Intro to Dance - Different dance disciplines are
introduced and explored with progression (i.e.: tap,
ballet, jazz, hip-hop).

Hip-Hop – An up-beat, funky fresh, jump-jump to
the beat, high energy, kind of movement!!                 Dance Studio Classes

Kinder Dance - A combination of tap, ballet, & jazz       Class                Ages        Day    Time
for students 4 to 7 years of age who have had prior       Intro to Dance       6 to 12    M       5:15 PM
dance class.                                              Hip-Hop              8 to Teens W       6:45 PM
Ballet – Classical Method                             PreDance               3 to 5        TH 5:15 PM
                                                     Fees:      6 Week Sessions
Tap – Making music with our feet! “As fingers are to            $38 Members
a piano, our feet are to the tap shoe!”.                        $60 Non-Members
                                                                (discounts available to non-members that
Jazz – A smooth, relaxed, fluid movement set to cool            sign up for more than one class)
jazz music.
                                                     Instructor Approved Classes/Levels
Acrobatics – Focuses on flexibility, strength,        Class                  Ages         Day Time
balance and agility necessary to execute movement
such as backbends, hand stand, walkovers, hand-       Tap/Ballet ***         6 to 11      M      6:00 PM
springs, etc.                                         Ballet***              7 to 11      M      6:45 PM
                                                      Kinder Dance ***       4 to 7       W      5:15 PM
Adult Tap - classes available, see Sports & Recrea-
tion page                                             Acrobatics***          7 to 12      W      6:00 PM
                                                      Tap ***                10 to 14     SA     10:00 AM
Dance Session Dates                                   Ballet/Jazz
Fall 1: starts week of Sept. 27                                              10 to 15     SA     10:45 AM
                                                      Technique ***
Instructor Approved classes will start back           Acrobatics***          7 to 12      SA     11:30 AM
in September after Labor Day.                             Fees:    Monthly Sessions
                                                                   $30 Members
   >Please register one week prior. Class schedule                 $40 Non-Members
       subject to change pending registration.              *** = Approval from Ms. Cindy Needed to Register

                                         YMCA of Western Stark County
MASSILLON FAMILY YMCA                                                                 TOWPATH TRAIL YMCA
131 Tremont Ave SE, Massillon                                                     1226 Market St NE, Navarre
330-837-5116                                 www.WestStarkY.org                            330-879-0800
Nurturing the potential of every child and teen.
AGES 0-5                                                    AGES 6+
All levels are progressive, that means we build skills      All levels are progressive, that means we build skills
from beginner up to advanced. The prerequisites             up from beginner to advanced. The prerequisites
indicate what the child is expected to do prior to the      indicate what the child is expected to do prior to the
class in which they will be participating. Listed below     class in which they will be participating. Listed below
are some of the skills and activities that the child will   are some of the skills and activities that the child will
be working on in that level. In order to move to the        be working on in that level. In order to move to the
next level child must have the instructor recommen-         next level child must have the instructor recommen-
dation.                                                     dation.

LITTLE DIPPERS                                              POLLIWOG
No swim skills. Parent with Child.                          Beginning swim skills (*ARC Level 1 & 2)
A program for parents with children from 6 months           Prerequisites: Must be at least 6 yrs. old; no swim
to age 3. Children will learn to get comfortable in the     skills necessary
water, beginning swimming skills and structured             Children will learn submersion, front and back float
water play.                                                 unassisted, kicking skills and be intro-
                                                            duced to water over their head.
Beginning swim skills.                                      Next Level: Polliwog or Guppy
Prerequisites: Must be at least 3 years
old. No swimming skills, toilet trained,                    GUPPY
comfortable without parent.                                 Advanced beginning swim skills (*ARC Level 3)
Children will learn bubble blowing, water submersion,       Prerequisites: Polliwog skills
front and back float unassisted and kicking skills.         Children will learn front crawl with rotary breathing,
                                                            back float with sculling, kicking skills, treading water
Next Level: Pike, Eel or Polliwog if 6 years old.           and introduction to new strokes.

EEL                                                         Next Level: Guppy or Minnow
Advanced beginning swim skills (*ARC Level 1)
Prerequisites: Pike skills                                  MINNOW
Children will learn front crawl with                        Intermediate swim skills (*ARC Level 4)
rhythmic breathing, back float with                         Prerequisites: Guppy skills
sculling, kicking skills, water adjust-                     Children will refine front crawl and back stroke and
ment in the deep end of the pool and build endur-           learn the concept of breaststroke.
                                                            Next Level: Minnow or Fish
Next Level: Eel, Ray, or Polliwog if 6 years old.
RAYS                                                        Advanced swim skills (*ARC Level 5)
Intermediate swim skills (*ARC Level 2)                     Prerequisites: Minnow skills
Prerequisites: Eel skills                                   Children will refine advanced strokes.
Children will refine and improve
endurance of front crawl, learn concept of back-            Next Level: Fish & More
stroke, kicking skills, treading water, survival float,
introduction to new strokes and diving skills.              FLYING FISH
                                                            Advanced swim skills (*ARC Level 6)
Next Level: Ray/Starfish or Guppy if 6 years old.           Prerequisites: Fish Skills
                                                            Skills/Activities: Front crawl, back crawl,
                                                            breaststroke, elementary backstroke, side stroke (all
STARFISH                                                    strokes 100m), rudimentary butterfly 25m. Tread
Advanced swim skills (*ARC Level 3)                         water for 6 minutes. Flip turns.
Prerequisites: Ray skills
Build on Ray swim level skills to refine and build          Next Level: Fish & More
                                                            *ARC = American Red Cross
Next Level: Ray/Starfish or Guppy if 6 years old.
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                                                                                Find it fast @
AGES 0-5
30 minute classes once a week
  Fee: 6 Week Session
           $16 Members
           $30 Non-Members

45 minute classes once a week
  Fee: 6 Week Session                                                  It is recommended that children
           $23 Members                                                 attend swimming lessons twice a
           $38 Non-Member
                                                                       week to provide better results.
Ages 0-5         30 minutes Mon                   Tue            Wed              Thu                Sat
Little Dippers (w/ parent)      6:00 pm           10:00 am       10:15 adapted 10:00 am              9:30 am
Pike                            6:00 pm           10:00 am       6:00 pm          10:00 am           9:00 am
Eel                             6:00 pm           10:00 am       6:00 pm          10:00 am           9:00 am
Ray | Starfish                  6:00 pm                          6:00 pm                             9:00 am
Ages 6+          45 minutes Mon                   Tue            Wed              Thu                Sat
Polliwog                        6:30 pm           10:30 am       6:30 pm          10:30 am           9:30 am
Guppy                           6:30 pm           10:30 am       6:30 pm          10:30 am           9:30 am
Minnow                          6:30 pm           10:30 am       6:30 pm          10:30 am           10:00 am
Fish | Flying Fish | Shark      7:15 pm           10:30 am                        10:30 am           10:15 am

Private Swim Lessons                                         Family Swim Lessons
Improve skills one-on-one.                                   This adult and child class teaches basic water safety
 Ages: No Limit                                              and personal rescue skills. Instructor modifies class
 When: Determined by instructor & you                        to meet personal goals. Four, 45 min. classes per
   Fee: Members 30 minutes                                   session. Day and time is set up by you and your
        $15 Private lesson                                   instructors availability.
        $20 Semi-private                                       Ages: All ages and skill levels welcome
        Non-Member 30 minutes                                 When: Determined by instructor & you
        $25 Private lesson                                      Fee: 4 Sessions of 30 minutes
        $30 Semi-private                                              $45 Members
                                                                      $55 Non-Members
Swim Lessons for Teens & Adults
 Ages: 13 years old and up                                   Aqua Runners Club
When: 45 Minutes                                             Add power to your run. Take part in
       BEGINNERS ............................ Tue 7:00 pm    rigorous leg workouts. Increase your
       ADVANCED BEGINNERS....... Thu 7:00 pm                 agility and stability by working your
       STROKE IMPROVEMENT ..... Sat 10:15 am                 core, hips and glutes.
  Fee: 6 Week Session                                          Ages: No Limit
       $23 Members                                            When: Days/Times To-be-determined
       $38 Non-Members                                          Fee: TBD
                                             YMCA of Western Stark County
MASSILLON FAMILY YMCA                                                                       TOWPATH TRAIL YMCA
131 Tremont Ave SE, Massillon                                                           1226 Market St NE, Navarre
330-837-5116                                     www.WestStarkY.org                              330-879-0800
Improving the nation’s health & well-being.
                                                       TRX Suspension Training
                                                       Expect a workout that’s as hard as you make, in
                                                       which the degree of difficulty chiefly depends on how
                                                       the straps are handled. Consider, for example, a TRX
                                                       push-up, in which your feet are suspended and your
                                                       hands are on the floor. With your feet a couple
                                                       inches off the ground, it’s pretty easy. Raise those
                                                       straps, though, and the same exercise just got way
                                                       harder. The beauty of TRX is that no extra weights
                                                       or equipment is needed — just some adjustments to
                                                       the straps.

                                                       TRX is a variation on ropes training, developed by a
                                                       former Navy SEAL. Straps hang from an elevated
                                                       position, and your instructor leads you through
                                                       exercises that make use of them in various ways,
Group Exercise                                         whether it’s pushing against them to do mid-air
Nearly all our exercise classes are free to Y members planks, pulling on them for a variation on rows, or
and don’t require registration. Over 85 to choose      hanging on them for a stretch. It’s not all intuitive —
from, see the schedule online or available in print at hand a newbie a TRX system and he might have no
the Welcome Center. Non-members may get a short idea what to do with it — but with experience, either
term membership and take all the free classes.         in class or one-on-one, all will become clear. You can
Some of the many “Land” classes available:             do cardio with TRX but that’s rarely the point. It’s
                                                       more about torturing your core into peak physical
 360 Toning                   SilverSneakers®
                                                       form, using minimal, equipment.
 Afterburn                    Tabata                  When:       Thu 10:00 to 10:50 am
                                                                    Thu 5:30 to 6:00 pm (Express)
 Belly Dance & Isolation  Total Body Fitness                      Fri 9:00 to 9:50 am
                                                          Fee: 6 Week Sessions
 Bodies in Motion             Yogalates                           $30 Members
 Hoop Fit                     Zumba®                              $20 Members (Express 30 min class)
                                                                    $5 Jump In - when space avail. (one class)
 Kettlebells                  Zumba® Toning
 Rock Hard Abs                Zumba Gold®            Y-101 for Fitness
                                                       FREE to members ages 10 & older
Starting the week of September 26, Afterburn will      Achieve a new comfort level in the Fitness Center!
resume on Tuesday at 5:30 with Beth or Shannon.        Learn the basics and helpful hints from a trainer to
Yoga Saturdays at 8:30 with Ryan.                      make your time here productive.
                                                       When: Tuesdays at 10:00 am
                                                               Wednesdays at 11:00 am
Water Group Exercise Classes                                   Thursdays at 10:00 am
The objectives of the YMCA water fitness programs              Fridays at 10:00 am
are Spiritual, Mental, and Physical development. Our
programs are a part of our mission, to help people     Personal Training
develop character and a positive sense of self worth. The Y has many options for your individual training
                                                       needs. A traditional training, Semi-Personal,
 Aqua-Fitness               Water Blast              Aquatics, Muscular Development, Pilates,
 SilverSplash®              The Water Works          Powerhouse Performance, Self Defense, Sports,
By helping people exercise to the degree that they       Ages: All ages
are capable, we are setting the foundation. Join us in When: By appointment
our quest to help you achieve your personal goals.       Cost: $35/hr for members | $55/hr non-members
Check the Group Exercise Schedule for class                     Purchase a punch card & get a discount
descriptions and times.
                                                       See the Personal & Small Group Body Training Guide
                                                       for details.
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HEALTH, WELL-BEING & FITNESS                                SPORTS & RECREATION
Fitness Nutrition Coaching                                  Adult Dodgeball League
Meet one-on-one with a coach to discuss                     Relive your middle school days with our YMCA Adult
individual goals, barriers to exercise, nutritional         Dodgeball League! Whether you were the constant
suggestions, fitness successes and challenges and           target or dodgeball hero our league is designed to
learn how the Y can support you on your journey.            bring out the dodgeball champion in you. Each team
Get the support and motivation you need to make             will play 6 regular season best of 3 games with the
a lifestyle change! See a trainer or the Welcome            final two weeks being set up as a single elimination
Center to be contacted by a Fitness Nutrition               tournament. Teams must have at least 6 players and
Coach to schedule appointments.                             up to 4 substitutes with at least1 player on the
 Fee: 6 Visit Punch Card                                    court being a female. All participants will receive a
         $26 Members                                        colored team shirt.
         $36 Non-Members                                     When: November
                                                                      Days TBD
YMCA Smartphone App                                                      7 pm – 9 pm
Access the Massillon Y and Towpath Trail YMCA’s                Fee: $150 per team
Group Exercise, Pool & Gym schedules via your
mobile device or online.
                                                        Martial Arts
The YMCA Mobile App works on your Android or            Mr. Smith teaches a combination of Tae Kwon Do,
iPhone. Links to download the app can be found on       Judo, & self defense.
our website at www.weststarky.org/schedule Ages: 7 years old to Adults
                                                         When:      Wed 6:30-8:30
                                                                    1 Sun each month 2:00-4:00
Plus you can put your membership card into the app
                                                           Fee: Monthly Sessions
and check-in with your phone!
                                                                    $35 Members
                                                                    $50 Non-Members
Small Group Body Training
Meet your specific needs of improving your fitness
                                                        Adult/Teen Dance Classes
and nutrition goals! Program is designed to give you
                                                        ADULT TAP
an individualized workout program, nutrition
                                                         Ages: 16 years old to Adults
coaching, accountability and group support. Karla        When: Thursdays 6:00 pm
Ferguson, 15 year trainer, will tackle all areas of                     $40 - 5 class punch card
fitness from beginner to competitor in this 8 week      For help with class selection contact Ms. Cindy at
session. Class is limited to the first 6 people to sign
  Ages: 16 and older
                                                        Swim Lessons for Teens & Adults
 When: BODY RENOVATION with Danielle
                                                         Ages: 13 years old and up
            Sat—time TBD
                                                         When: 45 Minutes
         Late registrations accepted
                                                                 BEGINNERS ............................ Tue 7:00 pm
   Fee: 8 Week Sessions
                                                                 ADVANCED BEGINNERS ....... Thu 7:00 pm
            $60 Members
                                                                 STROKE IMPROVEMENT ...... Sat 10:15 am
            $80 Non-Members
                                                           Fee: 6 Week Session
                                                                 $23 Members
Youth Fitness Room
                                                                 $38 Non-Members
Workout equipment designed just for kids. Youth
must be accompanied by an adult.                        Noonball
  Ages: 7 years to 4’10” tall
                                                        Basketball pick-up games
 When: During regular building hours. Please see the
                                                         Ages: 16 and up
         Welcome Center for access.
                                                         When: Mon, Wed, & Fri
   Fee: FREE - Members Only
                                                           Fee: FREE Members
                                                                 $8/visit Day Pass

                                           YMCA of Western Stark County
MASSILLON FAMILY YMCA                                                                      TOWPATH TRAIL YMCA
131 Tremont Ave SE, Massillon                                                          1226 Market St NE, Navarre
330-837-5116                                   www.WestStarkY.org                               330-879-0800
Monday through Friday: 5:45 am to 9:30 pm
                                       Facility Hours                       Saturdays: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
                                                                       Sundays: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (begins 9/6)

FAMILY TIME                                                                          REGISTRATION
Family Swim                                Racquetball Players Club                  Registration Start Dates
Family swim is a great way to spend        For beginners and advanced players.       for 6 Week Sessions
time bonding and having fun.               No commitments. Drop in anytime. Get      Member Priority Registration:
Swimming is an accidental work-out.        a fun workout while meeting others              09/01 for Fall sessions
Come spend time together and meet          that enjoy the sport of Racquetball.            12/01 for Winter sessions
other families! This is a great            All are welcome. You’ll need to bring     Open Registration:
opportunity for those who are not Y        safety glasses                                  09/10 for Fall 1 & 2
members to come swimming.                  We’ll play: Single Matches (11pts.)             12/10 for Winter 1 & 2
Ages: All, but youth under 18 must be                   Cut Throat
accompanied by an adult.                                Rotating Singles             Session Dates
When: Fridays 6:30-8:00pm                               Doubles
        Saturdays 12:30-3:30               We are here for fun! Any questionable          SEPTEMBER
  Fee: FREE to members                     calls, the point should be played over.    S   M    T   W    T  F S
       $3 per person for the public                                                            1   2      6
                                                                                                       3 4 5
                                           When: Tuesdays and Thursdays               6   7    8   9      6
                                                                                                       10 11 12
                                                  6:00pm until 9:30pm
                                                                                     13 14 15 16 17 18 19 6
Lap & Open Swim                             Fee: Free. Just drop in.                 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 6
weststarky.org/schedules                                                             27 28 29 30          7
Child Watch “The Playroom”                 We have two slides, a twisty fireman’s             OCTOBER
Our Child Watch program offers             pole, wood truck, & picnic tables.         S   M    T   W   T   F   S
members a safe and convenient place        Open for member use daily.                                  1   2   3
for their children while they are in the   Ask to sign out the key at the
                                           welcome center. A parent or adult
                                                                                      4   5    6   7   8  79   10
facility. This free service is provided
for children of members of the YMCA,       must accompany all children.              11 12 13 14 15 16 17 7                 1
while their parents are attending                                                    18 19 20 21 22 23 24 7
classes or using the Y for fitness or      Event Rentals                             25 26 27 28 29 30 31 7
recreational purposes. While caring        Having a birthday party? How about
for your child, our program will           doing it at the Y. The Y has rooms
provide a positive, safe, fun              available to rent for your special
                                           event, including the pool. Discounts       S   M     T W T    F S
Ages: 6 weeks to 10 years                  offered to Y members. Take a look in       1   2    3 4   5 6 77
When: Limit of 1hr 45min per day.          the Rentals flyer for details.             8   9               8
                                                                                               10 11 12 13 14
        Mornings                                                                     15 16 17 18 19 20 21 8
        Mon-Fri 8:45-12:00                                                           22 23 24 25 26 27 28 8
        Sat 8:45-12:15
                                                                                     29 30                8
        Mon & Wed 5:00-8:30                                                                                                 2
        Tue & Thu 4:30-8:30                                                                   DECEMBER
In the event that the Child Watch has                                                 S   M    T   W   T   F   S
no children, we may close up to 45                                                             1   2   3   4   5
minutes early.                                                                        6   7    8   9   10 11 12      8
  Fee: FREE to members                                                               13 14 15 16 17 18 19            8
        (donations appreciated)                                                      20 21 22 23 24 25 26           Break
        $2 per hour for non-members
                                                                                     27 28 29 30 31                 Break

     Dates to Remember
                                                                       WEATHER RELATED CANCELLATION POLICY
   09/07—Labor Day (Y Closed)                                         Posting of cancelled classes & facility closings
   09/18—MOMS Circle resumes biweekly Fridays 12:30                   will be on facebook.com/massillon.ymca and on
                                                                                                                                   Printed: August 21, 2015

   10/02—Fab/Fit After 50 (10am to 2pm)                               television channels 3 (WKYC) & 5 (WEWS).
   11/26—Thanksgiving (Massillon Y open 7am-11am)                     In order to keep our class fees as low as
                                                                       possible, we will not be able to issue refunds
   12/20 to 01/02—Two week Break (for 6 wk classes)
                                                                       for missed classes or activities, even if they
   12/24—Christmas Eve (Massillon Y open 5:45am-4pm)                  occur as a result of inclement weather. You
   12/25—Christmas Day (Y Closed)                                     may not make up in another section of a
   12/31—New Year’s Eve (Massillon Y open 5:45am-4pm)                 swimming or tumbling class because of the
   01/01—New Year’s Day (Massillon Y closed & Towpath                 design of the programs.
    Trail Y open 10a-4p)
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