Senior School - St. Michaels University School

Senior School - St. Michaels University School
Senior School
Senior School - St. Michaels University School
As Head Prefects, we want to welcome you to our school and share some of our
     experiences with you. At SMUS, the relationships we create are something special.
     Best friends are naturally found in high school but what’s so exciting about SMUS is
     that after you graduate you will have friends in every corner of the world. There are so
     many different kinds of people here, and no matter your culture or personality, there’s
     a niche for everyone and a common room for all.

     Still worried about fitting in? With new students joining every year and new
     opportunities in every grade, being new to an experience is practically the norm!
     We’re just wondering where you will be new from. What are you passionate about?

     We don’t know if there will ever be a place quite like this again for us; a place where
     we know almost everyone. A place where you’re pushed hard but supported so
     warmly; where you find a family, a home away from home. This community becomes
     a part of your heart and who you are.

     Classes here are something to look forward to. Although life outside the classroom is
     loads of fun, as one would expect, some of the best laughs are often had in class. The
     teachers feel like our friends. They’re understanding, accommodating and passionate.
     Though they challenge us to the extreme, they want more than anything for us to
     do our best and to love learning as much as they do. Their passion and devotion
     naturally trickle down into us, the students, and no matter where you look, the
     students work hard and care.

     Feeling nervous? That’s totally understandable. You’re considering switching schools,
     or coming to a new city, province, country – maybe even continent! We want you to
     know how many people are waiting to welcome and support you as you join
     our community.

     We hope to see you soon!

      Welcome to
     St. Michaels
University School!
Senior School - St. Michaels University School
St. Michaels
University School
St. Michaels University School is an independent, not-for-profit day (Kindergarten to
Grade 12) and boarding (Grades 8 to 12) school located in Victoria, British Columbia,
Canada. This viewbook provides an overview of the Senior School (Grade 9 to 12)
program and experience. All information is current as of publication in July 2020.

Our Mission
We are a community shaped by the pursuit of truth and goodness,
providing outstanding preparation for life.

Our Vision
To learn, to lead, to serve.

Our Values
Respect | Courage | Honesty | Service

We acknowledge that our school rests in the heart of Straits Salish territory, a living
culture with its own rites, ceremonies and unfolding history. We honour the Esquimalt,
Songhees and WSÁNEĆ peoples, whose homelands we share and whom we recognize
as our neighbours.

                 Key Features of the        2            Outdoor Education              18
                 Academic Program
                                                         Student Life		                 20
                 Grade 9			                 4
                                                         Healthy Minds,		               22
                 Grade 10		                 6            Healthy Bodies

                 Grades 11 and 12		         8            Living at SMUS		               24

                 Advanced Placement         10           The Urban Boarding             26
                 University Counselling     12
                                                         How to Apply and               28
                 Arts			                    14           Financial Information
                 Athletics			               16

Senior School - St. Michaels University School
Key features of
    the Academic
    Program at SMUS
    The number one reason for choosing an independent school
    is to get a good education and St. Michaels University School is
    recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of our
    academic program.

    On the following pages, you can find more information about
    each grade and the options we offer. But before you get
    there, here are eight key features of the SMUS Senior School
    academic program you should know.

    “           I can genuinely say that you will love going
                 to class. I’ve never had a teacher here who
               doesn’t make me feel excited about the subject
                that I’m learning. Because the teachers are
               passionate and enthusiastic, and the students
                 all want to learn, it makes for such a great

              atmosphere. That’s something very special that
                       I don’t think many schools have.
                        - Aimee Look, Grade 10 student

Senior School - St. Michaels University School
Recognized                                Personalized                             Individual                                  University
Qualifications                               Learning                                Support                                          (and Life)
   As a school in British Columbia,               SMUS is a pioneer in                 Everything at SMUS is
 SMUS follows the BC high school             personalization. What does this        aimed at your success. Our             Almost all the students who come to
curriculum and graduates receive          mean? It means your education will           personalized approach                SMUS go on to higher education. It
    a BC Certificate of Graduation        be tailored to you – your strengths,        means that teachers will             used to be that getting good grades
      often called the Dogwood            your weaknesses and your interests.       quickly get to know where              was enough but now top universities
 Diploma. The Dogwood Diploma                Everyone has a different way of         and how you might need                 are becoming more selective. They
 is recognized worldwide. You can           learning and SMUS has both the             extra help. We have an              want to see that you have a range of
                                           breadth of courses and the depth         Academic Support Centre                skills, including teamwork, problem-
  also take university-level courses
                                           of teaching so you can follow your         staffed by teachers after               solving, self-motivation and the
  at SMUS through the Advanced
                                             own path. It also means there’s           school and a Learning                 ability to lead. As a university prep
Placement (AP) program including                                                                                           school, these skills are at the core of
                                              no coasting at SMUS. If you’re           Resource team to help
     the prestigious AP Capstone                                                                                           what we do, so you can be confident
                                          finding a subject too easy, you’ll be     students who might need
        Diploma (see page 10).            challenged with additional material.                                               you’re receiving the best possible
                                                                                    more specialized support.
                                                                                                                                 preparation for your future.

  Discovering                                     School in                          Teachers                                        A Love of
  Who You Are                                      the City                          Who Love                                        Learning
   SMUS places a lot of emphasis on
   self-discovery. We’re innovators in
                                             An important part of self-discovery
                                             is having experiences you typically
                                                                                    What They Do                                   Perhaps the most important
                                                                                                                                 difference is that the students
 experiential learning, which will give       don’t get in a classroom. At SMUS,      Students often tell us that their           here love learning. You’ll be in
 you opportunities to use classroom           we offer this by taking advantage         teachers are more than just              an environment where it’s cool
 knowledge in real life. We’ll ask what          of our location in the city of         a teacher to them – a friend,              to like math (or science… or
  it means to you to live a purposeful        Victoria. The Grade 10 Experiential        a mentor, a counsellor. Our               history…) and everybody is
   life and challenge you to lead and          Program (see page 6) extensively        teachers take pride in getting            encouraged to be themselves.
     volunteer (we call this character           uses instructors and facilities       to know you and helping you
                                             outside the school. However, many                                                     The SMUS community is on
education). All of this means that when                                                  through subjects you find
                                                courses integrate off-campus                                                        your side. Whoever you are,
   it’s time to look at AP courses and                                               difficult. We also have an award-
                                              learning. For example, you might       winning development program                    whatever your background,
universities, you will know what you’re
                                              work on a business project with a     for our teachers, so they are at the         you’ll find a home and a family
 passionate about and you can make
                                            local company or display your art at      forefront of their profession for                    at our school.
confident decisions about your future.
                                                     a downtown gallery.                         your benefit.

Senior School - St. Michaels University School
                                              Grade 9 is all about getting the ball rolling for success in Senior
            Even though you’re just           School. That means taking core courses to build up your knowledge.
         beginning high school, you’re
         already going to start looking       You will also be challenged in ways you have not experienced before.
             ahead. Before you even           You’ll start developing important skills like creativity, teamwork and
          think about universities it’s       research skills. We think of this as building a toolkit that will help you
         important that you know who          succeed in later grades and beyond high school.
        you are and what’s meaningful
        to you. You’ll spend your Grade       The big, driving question you’ll answer in Grade 9 is “What does it
           9 year with one eye on the         mean to me to live a purposeful life?”. Through different courses
                                              and projects and during trips outside the classroom, you’ll start to

        future, thinking about the kind
            of life you want to lead.         understand what is important to you. You’ll think about how you
                                              might contribute to your community and the world.
            - Mrs. Jenn Bateman,
               English teacher                By the end of Grade 9, you will have gained core academic skills and
                                              challenged yourself with some important questions about where and
                                              how you want to grow.

Senior School - St. Michaels University School
Rugby is one of the many sports open to Grade 9s

    Starting at the Senior School in Grade 9 means                                                                You’ll spend a lot of time in The Snowden Library researching and
    you’ll get the best preparation for university                                                                working with other students

    Developing healthy habits is a major focus of        Mock Parliament is just one example of how we make
    Grade 9                                              classroom learning relevant to the real world

                                                                                                                  All Grade 9 students take a music class – band, strings or choir

Health and Wellness Grade 9 Courses
If you’re going to succeed in life, it’s important   The following courses are required:                      In your Grade 9 year, you can also choose from
you know how to take care of yourself. Starting      } Applied Design, Skills and Technology 9                the following electives:
in Grade 9, you’ll learn what it means to be                                                                  } Athletic Leadership 10 } Modern Studies 9
                                                     } Art 9
healthy as it relates to your mental and physical
                                                     } Career Education 9                                     } Computer Science 10 } Music
well-being. From what you eat, to making smart
choices around social media, to sleep habits,        } Drama 9                                                } Electronics and            Concert Band 9
                                                                                                                  Robotics 10              Concert Choir 9
learning how to be conscious of your health and      } English 9 or English 9 Plus
wellness is an important skill for the busy years      (English Language Learners)                            } Marine Studies and         Strings 9
                                                                                                                  Training 10
ahead. See more about how you'll prioritize          } Physical and Health Education 9                                                  } Painting 9
your physical and mental health and wellness                                                                  } Modern Languages
                                                     } Math 9 or Foundations of Math                                                    } Sport Science 10
on page 22.                                            and Pre-Calculus 10                                       French 9, Beginner
                                                                                                                   French 9, Advanced
                                                     } Modern Language (one course, see list right)                French 9
                                                     } Music (one course, see list right)
                                                                                                                 Mandarin 9,
                                                     } Science 9                                                  Beginner Mandarin 9
                                                     } Social Studies 9 or Social Studies 9 Plus                 Spanish 9 Beginner
                                                       (English Language Learners)

Senior School - St. Michaels University School
    Your Grade 10 year at SMUS is all about
    finding answers to big questions about
    yourself like “What am I good at?” and
    “What do I enjoy doing?”.

    How will you uncover those answers?
    Your Grade 10 year will help you narrow
    down your interests through a variety of
    classroom and off-campus experiences.
    It will be challenging, fun and eye-
    opening all at once.

    And when you are in the classroom,
    you’ll apply what you’ve learned to fun,
    real-world scenarios – like investigating
    a (fake) crime scene in science class
    using forensic identification skills. You’ll

    see firsthand how what you learn in
    class is applied to careers and interests
    after high school.                                       Grade 10 is great because you’ll get to choose
                                                       things you have never done before – like sailing on a tall
    By the end of Grade 10, you’ll know                ship or working on a Volkswagen Beetle. It’s really about
    enough about who you are (and how                   stepping outside of your comfort zone and figuring out

    academics are applied in the real world)           who you are and what you want to do in life, which is
    that you’ll be better prepared to make                          really helpful for Grade 11.
    decisions for Grades 11 and 12 that are
    tied to your future goals.                                          - Michelle Wong ’19

Senior School - St. Michaels University School
You’ll get to learn from experts based in the
                                                           City of Victoria
                                                                                                                     Subjects are linked to real-life projects like using physics and
                                                                                                                     math to build a motorized go-kart

    In Grade 10, you’ll be encouraged to try new
    things and step outside of your comfort zone

                                                           Grade 10 ends with a week-long adventure off campus
                                                                                                                     Part of the Grade 10 program allows you to test out
The Grade 10                                                                                                         potential careers

Experiential Program Grade 10 Courses
The Experiential Program is about self-discovery       The following courses are required:                       In your Grade 10 year, you can also choose from
through progressive skill development. From                                                                      the following electives:
organic farming, to running the school coffee          } Arts Education 10
business to delving into sports analytics, there are     (one course, see list right)                            } Arts Education         } Entrepreneurship 10
many topics to choose from.                            } Career Life Education 10                                   Art 10               } Global Politics 10
The school year starts with a five-day outdoor         } English (Literary Studies and Composition 10,              Concert Band 10      } Marine Studies and
trip with classmates with options like rock              Literary Studies and Creative Writing 10, or Literary                                Training 10
                                                         Studies and Composition 10 Advanced)                       Concert Choir 10
climbing, sailing, hiking and sea kayaking. From                                                                                          } Modern Languages
there, students join a smaller cohort to explore a     } English 10 Plus (English Language Learners)                Drafting 10
focused topic in the following ways:                                                                                Drama 10                 French 10, Beginner
                                                       } Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10                                               French 10, Advanced
} Your Expeditions: Six day-long sessions with           or Pre-Calculus 11                                         Strings 10                French 10
  your cohort in Victoria to deepen your skills        } Physical Education 10                                   } Athletic Leadership 10     Mandarin 10
  and knowledge.
                                                       } Science 10                                              } Business Education 10      Spanish 10, Beginner
} Your Pursuit: A five- to seven-day off-campus                                                                                                Spanish 10
  experience in June to put your skills to use.        } Social Studies 10 or Social Studies 10 Plus             } Computer Science
  Recent examples include:                               (English Language Learners)                                 10, 11, 12           } Science 10
                                                                                                                 } Electronics and            Expansion Pack
  Hiking the Nootka Trail
                                                                                                                     Robotics 10          } Sport Science 10
  Launching a coffee roasting business
  Designing clothing for a fashion show
  Converting a VW Beetle from gas to electric
Learn more in the Senior School Grade 10 section
Senior School - St. Michaels University School
Grades                                       Grade 11

                                                SMUS is a university prep school, so every grade is a
                                              step on a journey toward higher education. However,
                                             Grade 11 is when that preparation becomes more
                                            focused. With the support of your university counsellor,
                                          you'll start to make choices and take courses that are tied
                                         to your future goals.

                                       But it’s not all academic. The year is full of fun opportunities

                                     that help you grow as a leader – like outdoor trips, playing on

                                   the senior-level sports teams or becoming the head of a club.

                               You’ll find that Grade 11 is about finding balance. With a heavier
                             course load and lots of extracurriculars to choose from, this is the year
                           when self-discipline and time management become your best friends.
                         With so many opportunities at SMUS, you’ll have to plan carefully and
                       decide what really matters to you.

                   By the end of Grade 11, you will be firmly on the path to university and you will
                have researched many of your future options. You’ll have a solid understanding of
             your strengths and have had opportunities to grow as a leader, as a student and in life.
Grade 11 and                                    Arts Education
                                                                                                           } 3-D Applied Design and Installation 11

                                                           12 Courses                                      } Acting 11, 12
                                                                                                           } Art Studio 11, 12
                                                           English                                         } Concert Band 11, 12
                                                           } English 11:                                   } Concert Choir 11, 12
                                                              Creative Writing 11                         } Digital Art 11, 12
                                                              Literary Studies 11                         } Directing and Script Development 12
                                                              Literary Studies 11 Advanced                } Strings 11, 12
                                                           } English 11 Plus (English Language Learners)   Physical Education
                                                           } English Studies 12                            } Active Living:
                                                           } English 12 Plus (English Language Learners)      Active Sport 12
                                                           } Creative Writing 12                              Blended Physical Education 11
     The Innovation Lab is a popular space for students                                                       Human Performance 11
     interested in robotics and technology                 Math
                                                           } Foundations of Math 11, 12                       Lifestyle and Fitness 11
                                                           } Pre-Calculus 11, 12                              Standard Physical Education 11

Grade 12                                                   } Calculus 12
                                                           Computer Science
                                                                                                              Yoga and Wellness 11, 12
                                                                                                           } Fitness and Conditioning 11, 12
Grade 12 is the end of your journey at SMUS and            } Computer Science 11, 12                       Outdoor Education
it will be bittersweet. You’ll be excited for life after                                                   } Outdoor Leadership 12
                                                           } Robotics 11
graduation but it’s also a year of reflection on
how far you’ve come and the close friends you’ve           Sciences                                        Grade 11 and 12 students can also take Advanced
made. That’s not to say that the preparation is            } Anatomy and Physiology 12                     Placement courses (see page 10). For full program
over. You still have many opportunities to learn                                                           requirements and descriptions see our Senior School
                                                           } Biology 11 Pre-AP
and grow.                                                                                                  Course Handbook available on our website.
                                                           } Chemistry 11, 11 Pre-AP, 12

                                                                                                           Required Courses
Key to this year is stepping forward into a                } Environmental Science 12
leadership role (see page 21 for more on Grade 12          } Geology 12
leadership). All the students in younger grades            } Life Sciences 11
                                                                                                           The following courses are required in Grades 11 or
look up to you as a role model and you will be             } Physics 11, 12                                12. Refer to the list above to see the options in each
given a chance to affect change at the school.             Social Studies                                  subject.
Academically, you, your teachers and your                  } Criminology and Social Justice 12
                                                                                                           }   One English 11
university counsellor will ensure you have                 } Economic Theory 12
                                                                                                           }   English Studies 12
everything you need to make a seamless                     } Law Studies 12
transition to higher education. You’ll be applying                                                         }   One Math 11
                                                           } Physical Geography 12
to universities and making important decisions             } World History 12                              }   One Science 11
about your future.                                                                                         }   One Social Studies 11
                                                           Modern Languages
                                                                                                           }   One Arts Education 11
It all means that by the end of Grade 12, you’ll be        } French 11, 11 Advanced, 12
ready – ready for university and prepared for life.        } Mandarin 11, 12                               }   One Physical Education 11
                                                           } Spanish 11, 11 Advanced, 12                   }   Career Life Connections 11, 12

     AP courses are university-level classes you’ll
     take in high school. You may earn first-year
     course credits at many universities for
     completing AP exams.

     SMUS was the first school in Canada to offer
     Advanced Placement and we have one of the
     broadest AP programs in the country. Our
     students are looking to challenge themselves
     with university-level courses and you will be
     able to focus your studies on subjects that
     matter to you.

      “         APs are one of the most
                 amazing opportunities
                 you’ll get here. This is
                a university-prep school
                 and the APs are really
                 what prepare you. But
                  more than that, they
                   expand your world
                  and you will feel like
               everything is starting to
                connect. I’m taking AP
               Psychology and I’m really
               seeing the connections to

                my AP Biology and AP
                   Chemistry classes.
                   - Titobi Wuraola ’18

The AP Program at SMUS                                                                                          AP Course List
Our Advanced Placement program helps you deepen your knowledge in subjects you are passionate about.            }   Art History                } French Language and
Working with your university counsellor, you will design a course load that is personalized to your interests   }   Biology                      Culture
and strengths, and aligned with your post-secondary goals.                                                                                     } Human Geography
                                                                                                                }   Calculus AB
With 27 AP courses to choose from at SMUS, you can dive deeper into diverse subjects or concentrate your        }   Calculus BC                } Macroeconomics
area of study. We encourage our students to take at least one AP course to challenge themselves and we          }   Chemistry                  } Physics 1
offer the scheduling flexibility for students to design personalized course loads in their Grade 11 and 12      }   Chinese Language           } Physics 2
years. You can also choose to pursue the AP Capstone Diploma (see description to the right).                        and Culture                } Physics C – Mechanics
No matter how you structure your AP course load, you’ll graduate with the confidence and skills you need to     }   Comparative                } Physics C – Electricity
reach your goals.                                                                                                   Government and               and Magnetism
                                                                                                                    Politics                   } Psychology
                                                                                                                }   Computer Science A
Average AP Capstone                                   Average AP Capstone                                                                      } Research
                                                                                                                }   Computer Science             (part of AP Capstone)
(Research) score in comparison                        (Seminar) score in comparison                                 Principles                 } Seminar
                                                                                                                }   English Language and         (part of AP Capstone)
  4.13         SMUS                                      3.56     SMUS                                          }   English Literature and
                                                                                                                                               } Spanish Language
                                                                                                                                                 and Culture
                                                                                                                    Composition                } Statistics
  3.76         CANADA                                    3.43     CANADA                                        } Environmental Science        } Studio Art (2-D Design,
                                                                                                                } European History               3-D Design, Drawing)
  3.15         GLOBAL                                    3.08     GLOBAL                                                                       } World History

                                                                                                                AP Capstone

Number of SMUS students writing at
least one AP exam
                                                      SMUS AP Scholars (students who receive scores
                                                      of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams)
                                                                                                                Are you looking to take your university prep to a
                                                                                                                higher level? The AP Capstone program is where
                                                                                                                you develop in-depth critical thinking, research and
                                                                                                                presentation skills. Think of it like a PhD prep program
                                                                                                                in high school. It’s also a chance to challenge yourself
                                                                                                                by researching a subject you’re deeply interested in.

28                                                    593
                                                                                                                Capstone is divided into two courses: AP Seminar,
                                                                                                                which you take in Grade 11, and AP Research in Grade
                                                                                                                12. AP Seminar introduces you to the seminar and
                                                                                                                research format you’ll experience at university. In
                                                                                                                AP Research, you’ll dive deeper into a topic of your
SMUS AP Canadian National Scholars (students
                                                      Total number of exams taken by                            choice, research it and submit a final paper. You’ll also
who earn an average of 4 or higher on all their
                                                      SMUS students                                             be asked to orally defend your paper – just like you
AP exams and score 4 or higher on five or more
                                                                                                                would a thesis at university. Students who take both
                                                                                                                Capstone courses, as well as four other AP courses,
(AP data is from the 2018-19 school year)                                                                       can earn the prestigious AP Capstone Diploma.
                 From helping you with academic planning while
              you’re at SMUS, to looking toward the future with you,
              I will be here to support you. I’m excited to hear about
                your goals and dreams, about where and what you

                   want to study, and your career ambitions.
                   I’ll help you find ways to achieve them.
                           - Ms. Ruth McGhee,
                 Acting Director of University Counselling

     University                                        As you enter Grade 9, you’ll be paired with one of our
                                                       four university counsellors who’ll work alongside you
                                                       every step of the way through to graduation. They

                                                       will help you pick courses in high school, discover
                                                       possible career and post-secondary options, consider
                                                       scholarships, and support you through the university
                                                       application process. If you’re thinking about American
                                                       universities, SMUS is a test centre for the SAT.

University Destinations
                                                                                   and Areas of Study
                                                                                   SMUS grads are currently attending some of the top
                                                                                   universities around the world. From business and
                                                                                   engineering to medicine and fine arts, the topics they
                                                                                   study are as diverse as the universities they attend.
                                                                                   Recent graduates are also studying science, sociology,
                                                                                   international relations, political science and computer
                                                                                   science, among other subjects.

                                                                                   Canadian Schools
                                                                                   } McGill University
                                                                                   } Queen’s University

                                                                                   } Quest University
                                                                                   } University of British Columbia
             Beyond just providing answers to the what and how                     } University of Toronto
              of post-secondary options, University Counselling                    } University of Victoria
           pushed me to ask why – ‘why am I interested in a given
           program and why does it make sense for me?’. I cannot                   American Schools
            imagine the application process without them. I’m not                  } Caltech

            sure I would have known where to begin looking and                     } Harvard University
           my applications certainly would not have been as strong.                } New York University
               Jasper Johnston ’16 (right), Harvard Class of 2020,                 } Pomona College
                      pictured with Sean Finamore ’18 and                          } Stanford University
                  Aysha Emmerson ’18, Harvard Class of 2022                        } University of California, Los Angeles
                                                                                   } University of Chicago
                                                                                   International Schools

Grad Class of 2020
                                                                                   } Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
                                                                                   } London School of Economics
                                                                                   } Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

  518                University
                                       attending   115                   schools
                                                                                   } Sciences Po
                                                                                   } Tecnológico de Monterrey
                                                                                   } University of Cambridge
                                                                                   } University of Edinburgh
                                                                                   } University of Oxford

                                        Value of top five scholarships             } University of New South Wales
  Number of
   graduates                            $40K-$200K                                 } University of Tokyo

     Let your artistic talents shine by taking advantage
     of our music, theatre, creative writing and visual arts
     programs and extracurriculars.

     No matter your grade or skill level, you can delve
     into the arts – from Grade 9 choir or strings to AP
     Studio Art and creative writing. See the previous
     pages for the full list of arts education courses
     you can take.

     Victoria is a city known for its art (the world-famous
     painter Emily Carr lived here). You’ll take field trips
     to see exhibits and get master classes from local
     artists. You’ll also get the chance to perform in the
     annual musical, like a past year’s production of
     Mamma Mia!, and show your art in city theatres
     and galleries. If you want private music instruction
     outside of class time, we work with teachers who
     can take your skills to the next level.

Extracurricular Arts
                                                                                                                       Need more art in your life? After school you have a
                                                                                                                       wide variety of options. The annual Senior School
                                                                                                                       musical brings together actors, singers, dancers,
                                                                                                                       set-builders, musicians and more to put on a huge
                                                                                                                       three-day show at a major theatre in downtown
                                                                                                                       Victoria. You can also play in a jazz band, sing in a
                                                                                                                       choral ensemble, sit on the school’s Arts Council and
                                                                                                                       so much more.

                                                                                                                       Art Opportunities at SMUS
                                                                                                                       You’ll find there is no shortage of creative outlets
                                                                                                                       for your talents at SMUS. We offer a range of art
                                                                                                                       opportunities both as part of the curriculum and as
                                                                                                                       extracurricular activities:
                                                            More than 100 students bring their talents to the annual
                                                            Senior School musical, a highlight of the year             } 3-D Applied Design        } Jazz Band
                                                                                                                         and Installation          } Life Drawing
                                                                                                                       } Art                       } Photography
                                                                                                                       } Art History               } Musical Theatre
Keep The Beat is an annual student-led music marathon                                                                  } Choir                     } Script Writing
to raise money for charity
                                                                                                                       } Concert Band              } Sculpture and
                                                                                                                       } Creative Writing            Ceramics
                                                                                                                       } Digital Art               } Strings
                                                                                                                       } Drama                     } Swing Band

                                                            Your artwork will be displayed throughout campus and
                                                            sometimes in downtown galleries
                                                                                                                       Art Schools
                                                                                                                       Recent SMUS grads have pursued a variety of arts
                                                                                                                       degrees – in musical theatre, architecture, dance, vocal
                                                                                                                       performance, creative writing, fashion design and
                                                                                                                       more – at prestigious schools worldwide including:
                                                                                                                       }   American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York
                                                                                                                       }   ESMOD, Paris
                                                                                                                       }   Parsons School of Design, New York
                                                                                                                       }   Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto
                                                                                                                       }   School of Visual Arts, New York
You’ll perform at spectacular venues in the city like the   The Schaffter Hall Music Centre has dedicated strings,
                                                                                                                       }   University of the Arts, London
McPherson Playhouse and Christ Church Cathedral             choir, band and practice rooms                             }   USC Thornton School of Music, LA

Athletics                                                                                                Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just enjoy keeping fit, you’ll become a Blue
                                                                                                             Jag at SMUS. Physical education is part of the program and you’re also encouraged to
                                                                                                             play sports after school. Joining a team is a great way to feel part of the community and
                                                                                                             research shows that keeping fit will have a positive impact on your studies too.

                                                                                                                               The rugby Boot Game is an important annual rivalry, which began in
                                                                                                                               1995 (Go SMUS!)

The SMUS Rowing Centre is on the Gorge waterway, which connects to downtown Victoria

One, Two, Three, Vivat!                                                                                                        Former students come back to campus each year at Alumni Weekend to
                                                                                                                               play against senior teams

SMUS sports teams regularly earn a spot to compete at          Being part of a team is a great way for you to make             The Girls Rugby team won the most recent CAIS national sevens
provincials, including many teams that reach the finals        friends and have fun                                            tournament title, hosted in Ontario

Recreational Activities
                                                          You don’t have to play a sport competitively to enjoy
                                                          being active. The recreational program at SMUS is
                                                          important for keeping fit and having fun with other
                                                          students. There are many different activities for you to
                                                          try, which include:
                                                          } Dance                        } Strength and conditioning
                                                          } Hiking                       } Table tennis
                                                          } Rock climbing                } Yoga
                                                                                                                       The on-campus fitness centre has long opening hours to fit
Competitive                                               Athletic Facilities                                          around your schedule

Sports                                                    } Four full-size playing
                                                                                        }   Fitness centre
                                                                                        }   Squash courts
At SMUS you will be able to test your skills against      } Two gymnasiums,             }   Rowing centre
other schools in local sports leagues – and sometimes       including three full-
against teams in Canada and the U.S. You’ll receive         size basketball courts      }   Erg machines
expert coaching and training to become the best           In addition to our facilities, the school also benefits
athlete you can be. Some graduates join varsity           from being able to use facilities in Victoria including
and professional sports teams, and many have              swimming pools, tennis courts and all-weather pitches.
represented their countries at world championships

and the Olympics. If you’re new to a sport or just
finding your way, SMUS has many developmental

teams that also give you a taste of competition
                                                                                                                       Yoga sessions are a great way to unwind and stay active
against other schools.

Sports offered at SMUS:                                   SMUS has a great track record of athletic scholarship
                                                          offers from universities. Recent grads have won
}   Badminton                   }   Sailing
                                                          awards to attend the University of North Carolina
}   Basketball                  }   Soccer                (soccer), Princeton University (squash), University of
}   Cross Country               }   Squash                St Andrews (golf ), the University of Tulsa (rowing)
}   Field Hockey (girls only)   }   Tennis                and the University of Victoria (basketball, field hockey,
                                                          rugby, soccer).
}   Golf                        }   Track and Field

                                                          Steve Nash
}   Rowing                      }   Volleyball
}   Rugby
If you play a sport we don’t offer, we’ll work with you   Steve Nash ‘92, a two-time NBA MVP and Hall of
so you can continue to train and compete. As an           Famer, is a SMUS graduate. It was on the courts at
urban school, there are many opportunities to play        SMUS that he honed the skills that would eventually
in a community league or train at a local recreation      make him one of the best players in NBA history. The
centre. You should talk to the Admissions team about      Blue Jags continue to enjoy success as one of the
your sport.                                               top high school basketball teams in British Columbia.


                                                                                                                                 Victoria                               USA

Outdoor                                                                                                                                                      Seattle

               Education                                                                                                                           Outdoor
                                                                                                    The Outdoor
                                                     Weather                                                                                       Leadership skills are one of the core

                                                     When you think of Canada, you probably
                                                                                                    Education                                      components of the outdoor education
                                                                                                                                                   program. You’ll be put in challenging
                                                     think of cold temperatures and snow,           Program                                        situations with your classmates and it
     Vancouver Island                                but Victoria’s climate is one of the mildest
                                                     in Canada. It rarely ever snows in the city;   You’ll experience the best of Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                   will give you the opportunity to learn
                                                                                                                                                   when to take charge and when to
     SMUS is in the city of Victoria (see page 26)   however, the Island’s diverse landscape        Island as part of outdoor education at         follow another’s initiative. As you gain
     on the southern tip of Vancouver Island         means you could ski in the morning             SMUS. The program provides you with            more experience, you’ll be asked to
     on the west coast of Canada. You can            and surf in the afternoon. Compared to         hard skills like learning how to kayak and     lead younger students too. Graduates
     travel to the Island by ferry or airplane.      the rest of Canada, the winter is much         build a fire, as well as soft skills such as   often say outdoor experiences are
     Victoria has an international airport with      warmer (the lowest average temperature         teamwork, creativity and determination.        some of their best memories of SMUS
     direct flights to the U.S., Mexico and          in Victoria is 4°C / 39°F) and we also get     You’ll be amazed how much you’ll bond          because of the confidence they gained
     other Canadian cities.                          much less rain than Vancouver or Seattle.      with your friends on an outtrip.               from the program.
Sailing                                        Surfing                        Hiking and Camping

    Kayaking                                                 Rock Climbing                 Skiing and Snowboarding

If you love the outdoors, Vancouver
Island will be your idea of paradise!
The beautiful scenery and range of
activities available are two of the
main reasons people choose to live
here (and why it‘s a major tourist
destination). Going to school on
Vancouver Island will give you the
chance to try the activities on this    Survival Skills                      Canoeing
page (and many more).
Student   There’s so much more to being at SMUS than your studies. The campus is a hive of activity.
               There is something happening every day and in the evenings too. From clubs and councils,
               to leadership roles within the school and international service trips, you will be able to
               explore what matters to you.

        Life   You’ll become a member of our community in and out of the classroom and build lasting
               friendships. The teachers will know you on such a personal level that you’ll also want to
               keep in touch with them after graduation. At SMUS, you can be who you are – no matter
               your faith, orientation or background – and pursue your interests with like-minded people.
               Everyone here wants to see you grow and succeed.

Clubs and Councils                                                                                                                   Leadership and Service
When you’re not in class you have plenty of                                                                                          SMUS puts a high priority on helping you develop as a
chances to get involved in activities you’re                                                                                         leader. Leadership is hard to learn only in a classroom,
passionate (or curious) about. There are more                                                                                        so we give you challenging opportunities to hone
than 65 clubs and councils to join, including:                                                                                       the skills that make for a good leader: teamwork,
                                                                                                                                     communication, encouragement and decision-making.
} Academic, Arts,            }    Peer Tutors
  Athletic, Grade and        }    Photo Club                                                                                         While leadership is something you work on from
  Intercultural councils                                                                                                             Grades 9 through 12, the culmination of our
                             }    Pride Alliance                                                                                     leadership program is becoming one of our school
} Amnesty
  International              }    Psychology Club                                                                                    prefects. A prefect is a student in Grade 12 elected
} Book Club                  } Public Speaking,                                                                                      by their peers to be a role model and work directly
                               Debate & Model               SMUS’s reputation attracts students from across                          with staff to make a positive impact on the school
} Buddy Reading Club           UN Club                      the world
                                                                                                                                     community. You can meet our two head prefects on
} Business Club                                                                                                                      the inside cover of this viewbook.
                             } Radio Club

} Chess Club                 } Robotics Club                                                                                         Service and having a desire to help others is part
} Community Service          } Set Design Club                                                                                       of being a SMUS student. You’ll work to make
} Entrepreneur Club                                                                                                                  a difference in our community to benefit local,
                             } Spoken Word Club                                                                          r
} Film Club                                                                                              Novembe                     national and international charities, and graduate
                             } Sustainability &                                                                   st
                                                                                                      for breakfa                    understanding that giving back is an important part
} Grad Committee               Outdoors Council                                G et ready and go
} Green Club                 } Swing Band                  6:45 - 7:50                                                               of life. There are service opportunities every week and
                                                                       am      French 11                                             the Volunteer Club is one of our most popular clubs.
} History Club               } Volunteer Club              8:10 - 9:15                  bly
                                                                         am Assem                                                    You can also participate in Spring Break international
} The Jag Newspaper          } Wellness Club                9:15 - 9:50
                                                                                      ess                                            service trips, where you might, for example, build
                                                                        0 am Rec
} Link Leaders                                               9:50 - 10:1                               11 Pre-AP                     schools in Kenya or install water filtration systems
                             } Yearbook Club
                                                                            2:1 0 pm    Chemistry
} Math Challengers                                           10:10 am -                                 g                            in Nicaragua. These trips will be among your most
                                                                                        ch & preppin
                                                                          0 pm Lun                                                   meaningful activities at SMUS.
                                                              12:10 - 1:1                          n classes
If you have an interest that isn’t a current club,                                 for afternoo                     t & Politics
we’ll help you start your own! You can see the full                                         pa  rative Governmen
                                                                            pm AP Com
clubs and council list on our website.                         1:10 - 2:15
                                                                                             lculus 11
                                                                              pm Pre-Ca                                 e
                                                                2:15 - 3:25                                etball gam
                                                                                     S en io r boys bask
                                                                3:45 - 5:30
                                                                                     Dinner                                     g)
                                                                 5:30 - 6 pm                                     usic buildin
                                                                                         z z ba  n d practice (m
                                                                  6:00 - 7:15
                                                                                pm Ja                                  alled Prep)
                                                                                                          my room (c
                                                                                      S tu dy time in
                                                                  7:15 - 9 pm                                         or t Centre
                                                                                               the A ca demic Supp
                                                                                       or in
                                                                                                                   t in
                                                                                                      hanging ou
                                                                                       Snacks &
                                                                    9-10 pm                             mmon room
                                                                                         boarding co

    The bustling Clubs and Councils Fair is where you’ll                                                Example of a boarding            International service trips provide you with a chance to
    get to learn more about extracurricular activities                                                     student’s schedule            make a difference with a humanitarian project

Healthy Minds,
      Healthy Bodies
      As a university prep school, part of what you will learn at SMUS is how to balance your commitments to make sure
      you get the most from your educational experience. As you discover how to effectively learn, you will also gain the
      skills needed to ensure you are taking care of your physical and mental well-being.

      From the food available to fuel your day, to the facilities and supports in place to help you reach your goals, you will
      find what you need on campus.
The student commons, in the Sun Centre, is a great
    place to relax and socialize with your friends

                                                                                                                           The annual Health and Wellness Week includes activities
                                                                                                                           such as therapy dogs and healthy living celebrations

    Students have access to confidential, 24-hour            Activities such as yoga are available recreationally as       Often student-led, chapel is a place to explore ideas
    counselling services                                     well as part of the curriculum                                across cultures

Food and Dining                                          Health and Wellness                                           Chapel
Our dining hall and student commons in the Sun           SMUS has a well-equipped, on-campus Health Centre,            SMUS is a non-denominational school that welcomes
Centre is a community gathering place where              where nurses are on duty to provide medical assistance        all faiths and beliefs. The school has a Chapel where
you will come together to share meals and spend          and a doctor comes to campus for appointments. If             you’ll join your classmates to reflect, listen and learn
time between classes. The dining hall feeds both         you need to see a specialist, the Health Centre will          from other cultures, and build community. We base
day and boarding students, providing breakfast,          make an appointment and provide transportation. A             our gatherings on the school's Values, which are true
lunch and dinner. You’ll have access to healthy          hospital is only a five-minute drive from campus.             to the school’s aspirations and upheld within most
and hot options at every meal, alongside a full                                                                        cultures: respect, courage, honesty and service.
salad bar, fruits, cereals and more. The kitchen         Your mental health is as important as your physical
staff will also work with you if you have allergies      health, and staff at SMUS are committed to providing          More than half of the Senior School gatherings are
or dietary restrictions.                                 you with the support you need. You will regularly             led entirely by students, giving you an opportunity to
                                                         meet with your homeroom advisor who can guide                 share in dialogue that is meaningful to you and your
If you need a snack during the day, you can stop         you on academic or personal questions. You also               peers. Everyone attends chapel once a week, with
in to The Howard Café, our student-staffed coffee        have confidential, 24-hour support from our                   additional gatherings for boarders twice a month.
shop that serves lunch options, hot and cold             counselling team.
drinks and baked treats.
                                                         If you’re involved in sports, you’ll know that injuries
                                                         happen, so SMUS also has a certified athletic therapist
                                                         to help you safely get back to performing at your best.

           at SMUS
     There are many reasons that students come to Victoria and
     live on campus as a boarding student. For some it’s for the
     increased academic opportunities, while for others it’s for the
     adventure and independence. Whatever your motivation,
     you’ll find a community here ready to welcome you.

     Your Room and House
     SMUS boarders live in bright, furnished rooms that
     are shared between two roommates (you and one
     student). We are serious about your privacy, so your                                                             WiFi
     room also has its own bathroom – that means                       Wall-mounted bookshelves above desks
     no communal showers and no large dormitory
     bathrooms at SMUS – which is uncommon for
     a boarding school.                                                                                                                    Lockable door to
                                                                                                                                           boarding house
     We have six boarding houses, with 21
     rooms in each. Boys and girls live in
     separate houses, but share a common                                                                      Shared wardrobe
     room where you’ll find TVs, games,
     computers, a kitchen and lots of great friends
     to socialize with.

     Houseparents                                                               Bedside tables with lockable drawer

     You will live down the hall from adults at SMUS called
     houseparents. Houseparents have many jobs but their
     number one priority is caring for you. They keep track                                                                     Bathroom
     of you and your well-being, provide guidance with your
     studies (most houseparents are also teachers) and make
     sure everything in the boarding house is running smoothly.
                                                                                Wall-mounted storage above beds

Being a boarding student at SMUS means living in a
                                                                                                                        Every weekend you’ll get to choose from several fun activities
    safe, friendly city

                                                             There is a friendly competition between the six boarding
    Boarding rooms are both peaceful and private
                                                             houses, especially at monthly House Games

Evenings and                                             A Weekend at SMUS
Weekends                                                 Below is a list of organized activities for just
                                                         one weekend at SMUS:
                                                                                                                                 Boarding school is a
On school days, you’ll have a set daily schedule.                                                                             big step but don’t worry,
                                                         } Watch an ice hockey game downtown                                it’s like joining a big global
After school, you will usually be involved in an
                                                         } Trip for coffee and to the beach                                     family. We’ve got more
extracurricular activity before dinner and at 7pm
you’ll have prep time – two hours when all the           } Guided naturalist hike                                           than 30 nationalities at the
students in the boarding houses are quietly doing        } Ice cream sundae bar!                                            Senior School and if you’re
schoolwork. This is also when the Academic                                                                                      from another country,
                                                         } Ziplining through a rainforest
Support Centre is open and you can get one-                                                                                 you’ll see that everyone will
                                                         } Trip to the movies                                                welcome you and celebrate
on-one help from a teacher. See page 21 for an
                                                         } Trip to Seattle for a baseball game                               your culture. And because
example of a daily schedule of a boarding student.
                                                         On long weekends, the boarding community                            we have day students from
On the weekend, there are fun and unique                 organizes optional trips to Disneyland, Whistler,                     Victoria at SMUS, you’ll
opportunities to try new activities, go on exciting      Hawaii, New York and many other places.                                   experience lots of
trips, explore and volunteer in your community,                                                                                 Canadian culture, too.
as well as free time to enjoy everything living
in Victoria has to offer (it’s a lot!). In fact, your                                                                        - Danny Baer, Houseparent
hardest job will be deciding which of the many
activities you want to participate in.

The   Urban
           Boarding School
       SMUS is sometimes called “the urban boarding school” given our central location
       in the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island (you can read more about Vancouver
       Island on page 18). You’ll get to know Victoria very well. It’s small, safe, easy to
       navigate and there are lots of fun things to do here.
International            Ferry Terminal
                       Airport            to Vancouver
                      25 mins             30 mins
                                                                    Mount Douglas Park
                                                                    (PKOLS)                             Map of
                                      Saanich                      Centre

                                                                         of Victoria

                                                       Hillside Centre

                     Esquimalt                                                                   SMUS and
                                                                   Hospital            Willows                                        Known as Canada’s most bike-friendly city, Victorians
                                                                                       Beach                            Walk
                                                                                                                                      walk and cycle more than anywhere else in Canada
                                              Downtown                                                                  10 mins
                                                                         Oak Bay                 Located in a quiet, tree-lined
0    1          2          3     4
                                                                                                 suburb, SMUS is a 10-minute walk
            Map Scale                               Beacon
    1 cm = Approx. 1 km/0.6 mi                                                                   to shopping, including Hillside
                                                    Hill Park
                                                                                                 Centre with clothing stores, a
                                                                                                 pharmacy, a bookstore and a
                      Ferry to                                                                   grocery store. There are also
                       Seattle                                                                   restaurants, coffee shops and
                                                                   to Vancouver                  a recreation centre nearby. Bus
                                                                                                 stops are located near campus.

             Exploring                                City of                                    Downtown                             Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and has easy
                                                                                                                                      transportation links to Vancouver and the U.S.
             the City                                 Gardens                                    Victoria                 Bus
                                                                                                                          15 mins

             At SMUS, we think it’s important         One of the reasons you’ll love             Downtown is on a direct bus
             you have the freedom to become           living in Victoria is how beautiful        route from SMUS and really has
             more self-reliant. When you go to        the city is (we’re known as the            something for everyone. It’s quite
             university, you will have to take        City of Gardens because of all the         common for boarding students
             buses and navigate a new place,          trees and green spaces). Victoria          to head downtown on the
             so it’s valuable prep to practise        is almost completely surrounded            weekend to shop, go to a board
             those skills in a small city like        by water so there are lots of              game café, eat out and watch a
             Victoria. Just like you would at         beaches to explore. You’ll also            movie, or just relax in beautiful
             home, when you leave campus              enjoy some great short hikes to            Beacon Hill Park. Downtown is
             you’ll need to tell houseparents         get breathtaking views of the              also the cultural hub of Victoria,
             where you’re going, who you’ll be        Olympic Mountains to the south             where you’ll find museums,           Downtown Victoria is home to the second oldest
                                                                                                                                      Chinatown in North America after San Francisco
             with and when you’ll be back.            and Mount Baker to the east.               galleries and boutique shops.
How to Apply to St. Michaels                                        Financial Aid and Scholarships
                                                                 University School                                                   SMUS offers both financial aid and scholarships. More
                                                                                                                                     information including conditions and deadlines to apply
                                                                 In order to benefit most from a SMUS education, we
                                                                                                                                     is available on the website. Financial aid is confidential,
                                                                 recommend applying to Senior School for Grade 9.
                                                                                                                                     needs-based and open to all students. Last year, SMUS
                                                                 At Senior School, we have a rolling admissions process,             awarded $2.8 million in financial aid to assist more than
                                                                 which means there is no deadline to apply. However,                 20% of the student body. If you feel the cost of a SMUS
                                                                 demand for places at our school is high. Students are only          education is prohibitive, you should ask about financial aid.
                                                                 able to start at SMUS at the beginning of the school year in        Scholarships are merit-based. SMUS offers a limited number
                                                                 September. We strongly recommend you apply at least 10              of entrance scholarships for boarding students. To learn
                                                                 months in advance.                                                  more visit our website.

       Alexis, Kevin, Michael and Linda
                                                                 Step 1: Complete an online application                              Fees
                                                                 You apply to St. Michaels University School on our website
                                                                 using the Online Application Centre. Start at         Fees at St. Michaels University School include tuition,
                                                                 and follow the instructions.                                        textbooks and transportation costs for our clubs and teams,
     Thank you for considering St. Michaels University School.
                                                                                                                                     and for boarding students, it also includes accommodation
     Choosing a school is an important decision and we hope      You will be asked to provide documentation that includes            and care in residence, meals, laundry and access to 24-hour
     this viewbook has answered your biggest questions.          report cards, teacher references, transcripts and a                 nursing. We also advise budgeting another $350 (day) to
     The Admissions team is here to guide you through the        verification of citizenship. There is an application fee of $250.   $500 (boarding) per month for additional expenses (e.g.,
     application process. Please contact us at any time if we                                                                        uniform, optional trips and technology). You can find more
     can assist you.                                             Step 2: Interview and testing                                       information on our website or ask the Admissions team.
                                                                 Your application is reviewed by the Admissions team, who            The cost of a SMUS education varies by the location of the
     We look forward to connecting soon.                         invite select candidates to visit the school for standardized       primary residence, as do the options for paying your fees.
                                                                 testing and interviews. For international families who are          Please see the website for further information.
     The SMUS Admissions Team
                                                                 unable to travel to SMUS, Admissions will make alternative
     Phone: 1-250-592-2411                                       arrangements for testing and interviewing.                          2020-21 Fees
     Toll-free in North America: 1-800-661-5199                  Step 3: Admissions notifies you of the decision                     Below are the Senior School fees for the 2020-21 year. Fees for
     Email:                                                                                                       the 2021-22 year will be available in January 2021. Historically,
     Web:                                     If you receive an offer of admission, you will need to accept       annual fee increases have been between 2.5 and 5%.
                                                                 the offer by the deadline provided by the Admissions office.
                                                                 To accept the offer and hold your place, you will also pay a                                                  Program
                                                                 non-refundable registration fee.
                                                                                                                                             Place of
         Annual Giving                                           English Language Learners (ELL) Program                                    Residence                  Day             Boarding

         St. Michaels University School is a not-for-profit      After interviewing and testing, the Admissions team may                 British Columbia            $24,950             $54,850
         organization and students benefit every day             offer admission to the English Language Learning program.
         from community giving. We can offer all the             The ELL program is for boarding students going into Grades               North America              $30,530             $60,440
         opportunities in this viewbook because of the           9 or 10 who need additional assistance with English. ELL
         generous donations of parents, alumni, staff,           students take additional English classes to support their                 International             $41,900             $71,770
         students and friends. If you join our school, you       studies at SMUS.
         will be asked to contribute to our Annual Appeal
         at a level that’s meaningful for you and your           Summer English Programs                                                         Language Learning Supplement (LLS)
         family. We thank you for your support.                  SMUS offers short summer English (ESL) programs for youth
                                                                 aged between eight and 18. We have classes for every level                      LLS Grades 9-10                +$11,000
                                                                 of English skill – from beginner to advanced students. Visit
                                                        for more information.                                              LLS Grades 11-12                +$5,000

                                                                                                                                     The Language Learning Supplement (LLS) additional fee is
                                                                                                                                     for students receiving specialist English Language Learning
                                                                                                                                     (ELL) support.

                                            class size

                    592 518
  School                                                             Floreat, the school's ambitious 2020-2030
                                                                     strategic plan is centred around four Strategic
                                                                     Priorities for excellence in all areas. Student
                                                                     success is at the centre of everything we do
                                        University Acceptances for   and you can learn more at
                    Students            the Class of 2020

                           at Senior        65                 Advanced
                                                               Placement subjects          13

  Ratio                                     Clubs and                                      Competitive
          52   48                           Councils                                       Sports
St. Michaels University School
3400 Richmond Road
Victoria, BC
Canada V8P 4P5
Read the SMUSpaper

Contact the Admissions Team
Phone: 1-250-592-2411
Toll Free in North America: 1-800-661-5199

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Printed in Canada

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