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Circulation 1800 plus online visits                                                                          Issue No 188 August 2019

                ‘Stimulating and respectful’ …
         Tilba hosts NAIDOC Week panel discussion
      The 2019 NAIDOC                                                                                        from the Statement from
Week theme Voice, Treaty,                                                                                    the Heart. The collaborative
Truth. Let’s work together                                                                                   storytelling and
for a better future was at                                                                                   song-writing of Cheryl
the heart of the Gulaga                                                                                      Davison and Annie Bryant
Reconciliation Group’s                                                                                       created a warm and heart-felt
NAIDOC event in the                                                                                          conclusion to a stimulating
Central Tilba Big Hall on                                                                                    and respectful gathering.
Saturday 13 July. A full                                                                                     Many people stayed on
house of 160 people listened                                                                                 to take in the displays of
appreciatively to a lively and                                                                               historic NAIDOC posters,
informative panel discussion                                                                                 a Yuin timeline and artwork
in which Yuin leaders spoke                                                                                  by the children of The Little
frankly about Aboriginal                                                                                     Yuin Pre-School, and to chat
voice and the call for a                                                                                     over a generous afternoon
treaty.                                                                                                      tea provided by the Tilba
      The panel comprised                                                                                    CWA.
                                                      Above: Denis Muller and Roslyn Field
Ros Field, Chairperson of                                                                                         This entry in the
                                        Below: Annie Bryant and Cheryl Davison (Photo credit: Sean Burke)
the Gulaga National Park                                                                                     audience comment book
Board of Management;                                                                                         perhaps best captures the
Wa r r e n F o s t e r, a c t o r                                                                            feeling of the day:
and cultural advisor to                                                                                           May our ears stay
the National Museum of                                                                                       open to hear these stories,
Australia; Rodney Kelly,                                                                                     such emotive stories, so
lecturer in Aboriginal                                                                                       that as a nation we may
Culture and activist for the                                                                                 begin to understand the
repatriation of the Gweagal                                                                                  ‘truth’. Heartfelt thanks
artefacts from Britain;                                                                                      to all panel members for
Lynne Thomas, Aboriginal                                                                                     your wonderful insight and
Education Officer at                                                                                         individual expression. We
Narooma Primary School;                                                                                      have so much to learn from
and Lynette Goodwin, who                                                                                     the past to create a better
holds several leadership                                                                                     future.
positions including Director,                                                                                     Later at Open
Katungul Aboriginal                                                                                          Sanctuary, Tilba Tilba, there
Corporation Regional                                                                                         was a closing service and
Health and Community Services.                                           discussion and a warming soup supper.
      Panellists were not all in agreement about the the merits                 The Gulaga Reconciliation Group sincerely thanks Shanna
of a treaty, but there was a consensus that the process required Provost, MC; Denis Muller, panel moderator; and Brendan Muller,
extensive individual consultation with all Aboriginal peoples and a sound technician, for their professionalism and sensitivity. The
willingness of non-Aboriginal people to listen to and acknowledge event was partly funded by Aboriginal Affairs, NSW, and made
the truth of the violence of and resistance to European conquest. possible by the support of The Triangle Community Newspaper,
      A screening of the documentary film The Mountains Call the Cobargo Community Association, the Tilba Chamber of
Us Home, about the handback to traditional owners and the Commerce, the Tilba CWA and the Tilba Market Committee. A
joint management of the Gulaga and Biamanga national parks, big thank you to all those who attended.
preceded the ‘Welcome to Country’ by Ros Field and a reading                                                               Cathie Muller
Editorial                                                                                    Ro Beaumont

     With well-attended events, The            deepened the audience’s understanding         to discuss death and end-of-life planning.
Triangle region joined the nation              of challenges, complexity and diverse         Dementia is addressed—imagine living in
celebrating Indigenous culture during          perspectives.                                 a community where everyone understands
NAIDOC Week, themed around ‘Voice,                   In the coming month difficult topics    dementia and how best to support people
Treaty, Truth’. Bermagui Library launched      are to be broached at a number of events—     living with dementia and their carers. The
the new collection of books by Indigenous      death, dementia and family violence.          Bega Valley library has received a grant
authors and two photographic collections       Author Steve Matthews addresses family        to run a Dementia-Friendly Communities
by local photographers, Penny Jones            violence and the culture and perceptions      program which honours each participant’s
and John Ford, amid a happy jumble of          which enable its prevalence through his       lifetime experience, skills and passions.
friendships, conversations and delicious       book, The Skinny Girl. The Death Café         There may be a place to link with the new
food. The Indigenous panel at Tilba            offers a sensitive and informative space      Community Visitors Scheme.

Letters to the editors
            The Triangle will not publish letters which attack individuals personally
 Finding aged residents to visit
      Following on the success of a
campaign in the Bermagui-Cobargo area
to locate volunteers for the Community
Visitors Scheme (CVS), I now find myself,
once again, in the position of seeking
support from your community.
      A quick reminder—the Community
Visitors Scheme (CVS) provides volunteer
visitors to visit lonely and isolated aged
people in the community.
      An appeal earlier this year brought
many volunteers to our attention and now
they are ready to commence visiting in the
Bermagui-Cobargo. While we now have an         Idiot’s End at Haywards Beach
abundance of volunteers, we are finding it
                                                                                               Guidelines for contributors
                                                     An electric golf cart was stolen from    Thanks for your local stories and
difficult to locate and identify people who
                                               a caravan park and rolled and abandoned        photos! We love them and they make
would like to receive this free service.                                                      the Triangle our very own. Just a few
      To receive a volunteer visitor under     on Haywards Beach on Sunday 23 June.
                                                     The thieves weren’t at the beach.        tips for submitting stories and photos...
the CVS program, aged residents must
                                               They had stripped what they could and             1. Stories should be 300 words
be receiving a Government Home Care
                                               left the rest to pollute the beach. If they    maximum except by prior arrangement.
Package assisting them to stay in their own
home with support from local healthcare        were fit enough to strip it, we assume they       2. Photos should be sent as separate
providers.                                     weren’t injured.                               JPG attachments – not embedded
      If you would like to receive a regular         So there is now a ton of metal and       into your story. Please send the original
                                               rubber to join the dog shit and bait bags      digital photo, uncompressed, so we
visitor, or know of someone living in your
                                               that pollute a once-pristine beach.            have as large an image as possible to
community who would benefit from this
                                                                                              work with. Please include a caption for
program, please get in contact with CVS.                         Keith and Trish Bashford
                                                                                              your photo at the bottom of the article it
      If you would like further information,                                 Wallaga Lake
please contact me, the CVS Coordinator,
at or text/ring                                                         3. Send all articles as WORD or other
                                                                Tell ‘em                      TEXT documents.
on 0422 974 911.
                                                             you found ‘em                       4. Please do not send posters or flyers!
                            Greg Wollaston                  in the Triangle!                  Instead, write a few paragraphs about
                Community Visitors Scheme
                                                                                              your event and include the date, time
                                                                                              and venue in that. And attach a photo if
                                   DISCLAIMER                                                 you have one.
 The opinions expressed by contributors to the newspaper are their own, to                       5. Have a think about a headline for
 a greater or lesser degree, and do not necessarily reflect those of the edito-               your story. Please don’t leave it to us!
 rial team. Whilst striving to accurately report the news and views of the read-                 6. Deadline is midday on the 22nd of
 ers, this newspaper accepts no responsibility or liability for statements made               the month.
 or opinions expressed. All letters to the editor must be signed and include the                    Any questions at all, please email
 writer’s full name and address if they are to be considered for publication.                 us

 The Triangle August 2019 page 2                                                                    
Who does the work
                  Thumbs UP                       Thumbs DOWN                                     The Editorial Committee
                                                                                                  Linda Sang (President)
                                                        To t h e c o u p l e                      Carolyne Banados (Secretary)
                        To Cobargo P&C            thinking it was their right                     Bhagya (Treasurer)
                                                  to help themselves to water                     Rosemary Beaumont
                   for holding a really great                                                     Ann Maree Menager
   trivia night at the Cobargo Hotel. Great       from a tap at a Cobargo                         Kathy Wilson
   effort by the organisers.                      business premises. When confronted              Debbie Worgan
                                                  they claimed it was for plants and stated       Advertising
        To Four Winds and Vox Choir for a         they were local (they had ACT number            Book advertising space by ringing
                                                  plates). They also got rather abusive and       6493 8369 or 0407 047 404 or email
   magnificent afternoon of singing in late                                             
   June. The childhood songs brought tears        seemed to think it was their right. Yes,        Layout & Design
   of joy to many in the audience.                number plate taken and reported.                Linda Sang, Bhagya & Debbie Worgan
        To all the people who have                     To the caravan and motor home              Email:
                                                                                                  Post accounts to:
   volunteered their time to visit aged           owners helping themselves to ‘free              PO Box 293, Bermagui NSW 2546
   residents in our community. Their              power’ from an unsecured meter box              Phone: 6493 8369
   response to the call for support is            in Cobargo.                                     Area Contacts
   heartwarming.                                                                                  Bermagui: Carolyne Banados, Ann Maree
                                                                                                  Cobargo: Rebecca Blunden
                                Stuck without a sticker                                           Quaama: Bhagya
       These days, I rather like not having       and Prosperous NSW, lacks authenticity,         Tilba: Stuart Absalom
 to replace those pesky rego stickers every       for me.                               
 year. Yet, there is a down side. Anyone else            I thought to question their policy and   Printing: Excell Printing Pambula
                                                                                                  Accounting Services: Fredrick Tambyrajan
 been surprised by a policeman saying, ‘Did       they do have an option for a review, as         Distribution Service: Linda Sang
 you know your car is not registered?’            they are required, so I took it. With only      Distributed by Australia Post and
       I forgot, pure and simple, and was         700 characters allowed, I sent it off with a    available from:
 not reminded at any time before I was told       little ray of light around the possibility of   Bermagui: 777 Supermarket, Visitors
 in no uncertain terms that I was driving         some leniency, perhaps.                         Centre, Library, Post Office, Blue Wave
                                                                                                  Seafoods, Bermagui Country Club, Bermi’s
 an unregistered vehicle. Uninsured and                  Within about 30 hours, I received        Beachside Takeaway, Shell Bermagui
 no CTP for three months after it was             a reply email, which I’ll summarise:            Central Tilba: Post Office, ABC Cheese
 cancelled. Embarrassed and contrite, I           ‘While we understand this penalty may           Factory, Tilba Sweet Spot, Tilba Winery
                                                                                                  Cobargo: Post Office, United Petrol, Well
 certainly am--especially for me, usually         impact your financial situation we have         Thumbed Books, Black Wattle Gallery,
 rather particular about paying bills on time.    no authority to waive or reduce a penalty       Bowerbird Op Shop, Cobargo General
       The new and innovative system has          amount on this basis’. Basically, a review      Store
                                                                                                  Narooma: Information Centre, Library,
 to be admired. They can now check your           you have when not having a review! With         BP station
 number plate from their passing patrol           no power to alter the penalty, what is the      Quaama: General Store
 cars. It must save them … what? What             point of having them review a case, I           Tilba Tilba: Tilba Nursery
                                                                                                  Wallaga Lake: Merrimans Land Council,
 does it save them, I wonder? Money: they         wonder?                                         Montreal Store
 do not need to print and send the stickers,             So, no reminder or warning of renewal,   Deadlines
 yes. Time: not sure how this is saved.           nor of them cancelling it altogether; no        Advertising: 12pm, 19th of each month
 Manpower: not sure about that either,            real appeal process and no leniency for a       Editorial: 12pm, 22nd of each month
 though I guess renewing online is quicker        pensioner from probably the richest state       Advertisers please note that an extra fee
                                                                                                  may be charged for initial ad layout.
 and no staff needed, if you have access          in Australia.
                                                                                                  Letters to the editor
 and trust the ‘system’. Training: a patrol              I am not usually given to writing
                                                                                                  All communications should be forwarded to:
 officer does now what the office person          letters of complaint, yet maybe others          Email:
 did, I guess, yet a patrol officer costs more,   have had such an experience and I wish to       Postal address:
 I imagine. So, it is saving my own effort        offer my empathy, if so. Revenue raising is     The Editors, The Triangle
 of replacing it, though how is it better for     paramount. Our government loses respect         PO Box 293, Bermagui. NSW 2546
                                                                                                  ABN: 75 182 655 270
 police services?                                 and trust yet again.
                                                                                                  The Triangle is a community newspaper.
       Well, the only real benefit for them is                                    Paul Payten     Its aim is to provide information and news
 the revenue they raise from issuing penalty                                         Bermagui     to the people in the Triangle area - the area
                                                                                                  bounded by the three mountains (Gulaga,
 notices to the likes of me. Meanwhile, I, a                                                      Mumbulla and Peak Alone). The committee
 pensioner have to come up with more than                 Visit our Website                       comprises volunteers who donate their time
                                                                                                  and expertise for the benefit of our readers.
 $2000, an extraordinary amount.
       The body that now issues and collects          browse the current issue plus               The Triangle is financially self-sufficient
                                                                                                  through advertising income. This is a tight
 these penalty fees is called Revenue NSW,              back issues, recipes, book                budget and prompt payment of accounts is
                                                                                                  appreciated. The Triangle is published every
 part of the Department of Finance, Services
                                                       reviews, and gardening tips                month except January and has a circulation
 and Innovation. I guess I see what their                                                         of 1800, boosted during holiday seasons so
 main function is and I am sure they have                    going back years                     there’s enough for visitors.
 an important job to do. Their tag: A Fair                                                                                The Triangle August 2019 page 3
General News
                                               Camel Rock rocks!
         Scattered around the region are many interesting objects that tell us about our past or that have helped shape the
 community in which we live. Many have heritage or historic importance – but their significance is not always fully appreciated.
              Bermagui’s Camel Rock is one such object. In future issues of The Triangle we’ll highlight others.

      To many, Camel Rock, at the northern          were very familiar with this rock outcrop          the risks of swimming nearby. And there’s
end of Haywards Beach, Bermagui, is                 and the surrounding Murunna (‘clear                a bonus for visitors to Camel Rock willing
just another rock outcrop—if seemingly a            water’) area. The Murunna headland,                to take a short walk north—another natural
seated camel gazing seawards.                       north of Camel Rock, has witnessed                 sculpture by the sea, Horsehead Rock. It’s
      In reality, though, it’s very interesting.    Indigenous ceremonies for thousands of             equally amazing!
So—deservedly—it’s a major feature on               years; an adjacent fresh waterhole is sacred             100 other interesting objects of
tourist trails.                                     to women.                                          historic or heritage significance have
      It’s an example of sedimentary                     Dangers inherent from ocean rips              recently been identified in Bega
Ordovician turbidite. The Ordovician                near Camel Rock were well-known to the             Shire’s Hidden Heritage project - at
era was about 450 million years ago,                Djiringanj, who point to a woman’s face in
when life on Earth just comprised marine            the big rock behind the camel, warning of                                        Peter Lacey
invertebrates and marine
algae. And turbidite occurs
when layers of sediment
(including rocks of various
sizes) are deposited in ocean
abysses in a ‘turbidity flow’
(the water being disturbed and
carrying sediment and rocks
with it), probably resulting
from significant earthquakes
or other tectonic movement.
Subsequent geological
uplifting and folding of these
original turbidite sedimentary
layers is clearly visible in the                   Camel Rock, sedimentary Ordovician turbidite … and a major feature on tourist trails
rock. And a rise in sea level
about 4000 years ago has
since further sculpted the
seaward part of this unusual
geological feature.
      So, Camel Rock is an
example of the enormous
pressures and vast timeframes
that created the now-familiar
Far South Coast landscapes.
And, appropriately, this
smaller Camel Rock sits
in the shadow of a nearby
Mount Dromedary (Gulaga).
      The Djiringanj people
                                                                       Another natural sculpture, Horsehead Rock

 The Triangle August 2019 page 4                                                                                
General News
 Bermagui Create and Make Crew offer digital skills
     Bega Valley Shire Library is excited
to announce a new opportunity for young
people aged 16-25 years who are looking to
gain hands-on digital media experience—
to be part of the Bermagui Create and
Make Crew.
     The Crew will create three interactive,
audio-visual public events held throughout
the Shire to showcase their skills.
     Programs and Partnerships Officer
Scott Baker said that the Bermagui Create
and Make Crew is a concept initiated by
Bega Valley Shire Council and funded
through a Youth Opportunity grant from
the NSW State Government Family and
Community Services.
     ‘This is a unique and exciting
opportunity for youth to learn a range of                         Participants will create Vivid-style events in the Bega Valley
digital skills in sound, lighting, events
management and so much more,’ said             gain skills to establish their own creative         decided). Participants will use the skills
Scott.                                         business,’ added Scott.                             developed over the course of the project
     The program aims to equip participants          Three major events are on the                 to design, manage and promote their own
with skills and training opportunities by      Bermagui Create and Make Crew’s                     collaborative artistic event.
accessing the expertise of artistic mentors    calendar:                                                The Crew will meet every Wednesday
in fields such as media, photography,                Festival of Open Minds Launch,                from 31 July, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm at
performance, installation, sound and music.    Friday 13 September 6.00 pm – 7.30                  Bermagui Library. There will also be
Participants will have access to a range of    pm, Littleton Gardens, Bega. A mini                 three three-day workshops in September,
creative technologies based at Bermagui        Vivid-style audio-visual event involving            October and November to be held in Bega,
Library.                                       projection mapping, sound installation and          the Murrah Hall and Tilba, respectively.
     In addition, participants will receive    performance.                                        Participants will need to provide their own
a Statement of Attainment for accredited             Bega Valley Synth Festival, Saturday          transport (there will be limited transport
units delivered by TAFE NSW that will          19 October 10.00 am – 10.00 pm, Murrah              assistance available if needed). Lunch will
give them a kick-start in any future           Hall. A musical event showcasing digital            be provided for all days and workshops.
vocational courses. Sustainable work           music and visuals, as well as workshops,                 More information and sign up forms
practices, workplace health and safety, and    demonstrations and performances from                are available from the project Facebook
team work are all key employability skills     local and interstate artists, producers,            page (bermicreateandmake). For further
that participants will gain.                   retailers and manufacturers.                        information and to register your interest
     ‘It’s possible that some participants           Participants’ Own Event, Saturday             please contact Scott Baker on 6499 2172.
may be able to establish a concept and         7 December (location and time to be

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                                                                                                      The Triangle, PO Box 293,
                                                                                                      Bermagui, NSW 2546.
      Iconic Triangle Catering Business
                                                                                                      Name .........................................................
                On the Market                                                                         Address .......................................................
             Seeking new Owner                                                                        .....................................   P’code ................
       For appointment contact Ante on 64936610                                                       Phone ..........................................................                                                                                   The Triangle August 2019 page 5
General News
                          Recycle Right to reduce landfill
                                                    2. Keep out soft plastics: This                 Recycling Facility at Hume had slowly
                                                    includes all plastic bags, even if              been increasing.
                                                    they have a recycling symbol, are                     ‘In February 2019, the facility
                                                    degradable or compostable, and other            recorded an 18% contamination rate which
                                                    soft plastics including cling wrap,             is up from a long-term average of 11%.
                                                    chip packets and bread bags.                    We know our community is savvy when
                                                    3. Keep out small items: Any items              it comes to choosing the right bin and this
                                                    smaller than a credit card. All plastic         has been demonstrated with our really
                                                    lids now need to be removed from                low contamination rates since we started
                                                    bottles and those smaller than a credit         FOGO last October. It is now time to put
                                                    card put in your landfill bin.                  some focus on our yellow bins and ensure
      An increase in contamination of               4. Keep it safe: Keep out strapping,            we are continually providing information
recycled materials at the ACT Materials             hose, netting, wires, building                  about how to recycle right,’ said Ms Vidau.
Recycling Facility has prompted Bega                materials and other hazardous                         ‘Contaminated recycling may be sent
Valley Shire Council to join forces with            materials.                                      to landfill if it is too heavily contaminated.
ten other councils to help people update            5. Keep it clean: Wipe or rinse                 It is harder to sell on domestic and
their recycling habits.                             any excess food and drink from all              international markets, may contribute to
      Member councils have launched a               bottles, containers and tins before             stockpiling on site and can create serious
new recycling campaign, Recycle Right,              placing them in your recycling bin.             safety issues for staff.’
to clear up confusion and lead to better            Keep out food scraps, nappies and                     If you would like further information
recycling practices.                                soiled paper.                                   on waste and recycling, download the
      The six key messages that form the            6. Keep it loose: Put each item into            Bega Valley Waste App, visit Council’s
Recycle Right campaign :                            your yellow recycling bin separately.           website at or
      1. Keep it simple: Only recycle               Don’t bag, box or contain your                  join the conversation on the Bega Valley
      paper and cardboard, steel and                recyclable items.                               Waste and Recycling Facebook page
      aluminium cans, glass bottles and            Council’s Waste Management                       (BegaValleyWasteandRecycling).
      jars, plastic bottles and containers.   C o o r d i n a t o r, J o l e y Vi d a u , s a i d
                                              contamination rates at the ACT Materials

                Pet Portraits

                            Oil on canvas or board
                                Pencil on paper
                                 0439 990 546

             Wendy Holmes – Artist

 The Triangle August 2019 page 6                                                                            
General News
                                      Third age?
                 Enjoy the fruits of your labour - and keep learning!
                                                    Ever wondered what U3A stands for?          passion for a topic of interest can share it
                                               University of the Third Age, of course!          with others in the U3A community. You
                                                    In your First Age you are receiving         don’t even have to be a member if you
                                               an education; in your Second Age you are         would like to give a talk. It it’s so easy!
                                               mostly working. And in your Third Age            The Program Team will guide you every
                                               you are hopefully enjoying the fruits of         step of the way and our members always
                                               your labour and loving retirement. But that      appreciate new and fresh ideas. Of course
                                               doesn’t mean you stop learning!                  if you would simply like to just join us
                                                    Our Bermagui U3A aims to provide            and inhale wonderful life experiences,
                                               further learning opportunities to all in         you can easily do this online or by picking
                                               their third age, which is defined not by a       up a membership form at the Bermagui
                                               particular age (we have no age restrictions)     Community Centre.
                                               but by a period in life when full time                                            Jan Rivers
                                               employment has ceased.                                  President & Program Coordinator,
                                                    Bermagui U3A is a shared learning                                       U3A Bermagui
                                               experience where people who have a

                                   May your wishes be GRANTED!
       April Merrick ran a very informative    applications’). The number one thing April       The Federal Government funds can be
 ‘How to apply for Grants’ workshop at         kept reinforcing was that planning was key       found on
 the Quaama Hall as a first of several such    to a grant application being successful.               The State Government has no one
 workshops for the community. April is the     Planning included knowing the issue or           source of truth, so to speak, concerning a
 Grants Management Officer for the Bega        need that the grant was going to be used         list of all the possible grants but you can
 Valley Shire Council and it would seem it     to address. While this sounded like an           start at and
 is not just a job she loves—she also loves    obvious starting point, April mentioned          search for ‘funding community groups
 to share her knowledge through training       that applications were often made for            June 2019’.
 sessions. Look out for her next sessions as   funds with little background thinking in               There are large corporations which
 you will not regret spending a few hours      evidence. Have a picture of what your            like to sponsor and fund local community
 listening to her speak with much authority    success will look like and start with this in    events and projects. Try the Bendigo Bank,
 and experience with grants.                   mind. Ask the community around you what          IMB Community Foundation, Coca-Cola
       There were more than 15 locals in       they think about the idea you have. Gather       Foundation, ING Dream Starter and the
 attendance from a variety of places such      information about similar projects which         Commonwealth Bank Community Grants
 as Brogo, Cobargo, Akolele, Bermagui and      have succeeded in other areas to assist you      for just a few large business sponsors.
 of course Quaama. The participants had a      in being realistic.                                    There are philanthropic foundations
 wide variety of project ideas for possible         Currently, there are ten different          which have private funds from wealthy
 grant funding, including revegetation,        community grants available through the           and/or well-intentioned estates which are
 reclamation of creek beds and native          Bega Valley Shire Council, including             also highly engaged in rural community
 animal corridors, sports and museum           Seniors Week event funding and dollar-           development. Try these two sites for a start:
 facilities as well as research and arts       for-dollar assistance for heritage property  
 projects.                                     owners. See           (click on For Communities > Grants)
       April provided an excellent resource    grants for the details of each of these funds.
 to assist in writing a grant application.          In addition, there are several other        (click on Fund Seeker)
 (, search for ‘writing great   options for possible funding sources.                                   Ann Maree Menager

                                                                              The Tiny Homes Tilba team are committed
                                                                                    to providing tiny homes where
                                                                                 quality is not compromised by size.
                                                                                        All enquiries welcome.
                                                                              Don’t hesitate to contact us on 0414 499 458,
                                                                              or visit our website at                                                                               The Triangle August 2019 page 7
General News
                                       Become a friend of dementia
      Imagine living in a community where everyone understands       This is why Dementia Australia, a national charity, is implementing
dementia and how best to support people living with dementia and     the Dementia Friendly Communities program.
their carers. In this community a diagnosis of dementia is shared         To sign up to become a dementia friend simply visit www.
openly and does not lead to stigma and social isolation. Instead, and complete the short online module which
people with dementia enjoy sustained engagement with friends         includes people sharing how dementia has impacted on their lives
and family and continue to be involved in community activities       and what others can do to support them.
with people who understand dementia and know how to help                  Local community groups interested in a facilitated
someone with dementia, if there was a need. This is a dementia-      Dementia Friends information session can contact me at
friendly community, a national initiative of Dementia Australia.; I’m a local dementia-
      Dementia is not a specific disease; rather, it is a group of   friendly champion and supporter of the Dementia Friendly
conditions characterised by the gradual impairment of brain          Communities program.
function. It commonly affects people’s ability to think, remember         For further information about dementia and the support
and reason, as well as affecting their personality and impairing     services available please call the National Dementia Helpline
other core brain functions such as language and movement.            on1800 100 500.
With nearly 450,000 Australians living with dementia it is                                                                 Annie Dullow
important to increase our understanding of this fatal condition.

           Extended closures of Princes Hwy
                at Quaama this month
           The RMS will be conducting maintenance work on the
     Dry River Bridge this month and will be closing the bridge to
          vehicles and pedestrians at certain times of the night.
  Traffic will be detoured via the coast at Cobargo, heading south, and
                          at Bega, heading north.
                  Dry River Bridge will be closed to traffic
        between 7 pm and 10 pm and between 2 am and 5 am,
                on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights
                         from Sunday 4 August.
        At other times, Dry River Bridge will operate as a single lane
           during work hours under stop/slow traffic control.
                             More information p25.

    From The Triangle’s Sarah Breakey, in Edinburgh. ‘It’s always good to catch up on news from the amazing Triangle area!
   Memories of the natural beauty, fresh, clean air and vibrant community keep me smiling. I’m working in Scotland’s capital,
   busy with tourists asking tricky questions like ‘How long is the Royal Mile?’ or ‘What time does the one o’clock gun go off?’
      keeps me on my toes and maybe I’m one of the few Scots who feel happy when it rains again and again and again …’

 The Triangle August 2019 page 8                                                                   
General News
                             Memory loss no barrier to new
                              intergenerational program
       If you’re a senior
 person experiencing memory
 loss, or their carer, then the
 Intergenerational Community
 Activities project is for you.
       B e g a Va l l e y S h i r e
 Library has received a grant
 of $10,000 from Dementia
 Australia’s Dementia-Friendly
 Communities program to run
 this project.
       Programs and Partnership
 Officer Scott Baker said this
 initiative has the potential to
 really make a positive impact
 on people’s lives, and will
 honour a participant’s lifetime
 experience, skills and passions.
       ‘If you’re a senior (or you
 care for someone experiencing
 memory loss) and you think
 you may be eligible, we’d love
 to hear from you as soon as
 possible because we’re aiming
 to start the program in August.                      Intergenerational experiences provide enormous benefits for people of all ages.
       ‘The idea is that senior
 participants will be co-facilitators            you might have mastered over the years,               memory loss, taking part in meaningful
 and will collaborate with the program co-       or experiences from your lifetime that                and enjoyable activities can stimulate
 ordinator, Hayley Reynolds, to create a         you would like to share with the next                 improved cognitive function and enhance
 series of activities to share with local pre-   generation.                                           feelings of self-worth.
 schoolers,’ said Scott.                               ‘The program might involve you                       New experiences of meeting people
       Hayley Reynolds holds qualifications      visiting a local preschool over a number              of different ages and from different
 in both early childhood education and           of weeks to share your skills with a group            backgrounds help children develop their
 diversional therapy (aged care) and has         of children, or you might take part in                social skills.
 extensive experience in developing and          Storytime or Rhyme Time sessions at local                  If you would like more information
 delivering intergenerational programs.          libraries.                                            about this project please call Sugita
       As a co-facilitator, you will be                ‘Most importantly, Ms Reynolds will             Wahl on 6499 2361 or email VWahl@
 supported to design and deliver activities      work with co-facilitators and carers to     
 that highlight your skills, strengths,          develop the best type of sessions that suit                More information about Dementia
 knowledge, interests, history and/or            your needs,’ explained Scott.                         Friendly Communities is available at www.
 culture. The focus may be something                   Intergenerational experiences have    
 you are passionate about, something             enormous benefits for both older folk and
                                                 children. For those people experiencing

              Baking Buddies
                 Cakes / Slices / Biscuits
                   Bread / Preserves
        Like Grandma used to make!
                 Saturdays, 7.30am -1pm
               Beside the Cobargo Pharmacy
                    Lorraine 6493 7175
                    Beth 0428 696 623                                                                                       The Triangle August 2019 page 9
General News
               Appeal period ends for Flight School DA
     In accordance with Section 8.10 of the        the application.                                  Speaking after the expiration of
Environmental Planning and Assessment                    In line with Schedule 4A of the       the appeal period, Bega Valley Council
Act 1979, the six-month appeal period              Environmental Planning and Assessment       Mayor, Cr Kristy McBain, acknowledged
available to Sports Aviation Australia, the        Act, Council forwarded the application      the tireless work done by staff in assessing
proponents of a Flight School at Frogs             to the SJRPP for final determination.       the DA and the groundswell of locals who
Hollow, expired at midnight on 16 July.            The Act compels Council to refer certain    stood firm against the proposal.
     No appeal against the Southern                developments valued at over $5 million            ‘This process has been very
Regional Joint Planning Panel’s (SRJPP)            to the SJRPP; this includes air transport   challenging and brought great uncertainty
decision to uphold the recommendation              facilities.                                 and distress for many people and it is a
to refuse the Development Application                    On top of the staff recommendation,   relief this is now over,’ Cr McBain said.
has been lodged with the NSW Land and              Bega Valley Shire Councillors also made           ‘It is fantastic to know that those
Environment Court.                                 a collective submission to the SRJPP        living in the vicinity of Frogs Hollow
     The contentious proposal was the              strongly opposing the $10.4 million         can continue to enjoy their peaceful
subject of an exhaustive assessment                proposal to extensively develop the         surroundings – this is absolutely the right
process undertaken by Council’s Planning           existing Frogs Hollow Airfield site—a       outcome.’
and Sustainability Team that resulted in           submission that aligned closely with the
the eventual recommendation to refuse              huge community opposition.

                             Three of the very finest Australian novels
      Listening to the trilogy of novels by        failures, their kindnesses and cruelties,   characters are warm or cruel, harsh or
Ruth Park (Missus, Harp in the South and           their bigotry and acceptance, are never     loving and pretty much a result of their
Poor Man’s Orange), read by Kate Hood,             hung out to dry by Ruth Park. These         life experience. Ruth Park’s generosity of
has been extraordinarily moving. They tell                                                     spirit permeates the books and the effect is
of a family, their life experience, their trials                                               to understand better the struggle each of us
and tribulations starting in the late 1800s                                                    faces, just in living. To acknowledge that
and going through to the late 1950s. If you                                                    life is often not fair, somehow takes the
wanted to know what it was like to grow                                                        sting from that pain.
up poor in Australia at that time you could                                                          Park also includes soaring passages
hardly do better.                                                                              about events such as the arrival of a
      Of course, some of us are old enough,                                                    Southerly Buster into the Sydney slums,
or lived a harsh enough early life, that the                                                   the bells and smells of a catholic Mass, the
recognition is immediate and powerful:                                                         interior of an old-fashioned delicatessen.
the conversations, the presence of the pub                                                     They are wonderful descriptions,
in everyday life, the street smells of Surry                                                   unmatched by any other Australian writer,
Hills, the religion and the snobbery, and the                                                  except perhaps Tim Winton, writing about
sheer glorious resilience of people battling                                                   the Swan River.
through difficulties and doing the best                                                              We listened to these novels via the
they can. Issues are raised: immigration,                                                      Bega Valley Library. I am sure these books
abortion, racial prejudice, ambition, and                                                      will please many people, whether read or
though progress has been made on some                                                          listened to. If you choose to take the audio
fronts, the brutal language describing the                                                     path, you will be sure to enjoy the reading
situation applies in some cases today.                                                         by Kate Hood. She reads with relish and
      Far from being a dreary recital of                                                       delight. Truly a great experience.
hardship, there is humour and sensitivity.                                                                                  Keith Bashford
The characters, for all their faults and

               DRINKING                                                    COBARGO
                                                                                                         Jae Constable

                                                                                                           BULK DELIVERIES

  Drinking water household deliveries                                      SAND                                PO Box 759
                                                                                                           Narooma NSW 2546

 Brand new poly tank Food quality stamped                                                              Screened River Sand
                                                                                                            Fill Sand
                   Available in the triangle area                                                     Delivering between Bega & Narooma

                               Contact Mark
                                0408 167 172
                                                                                Ph: 0438 642 334
 The Triangle August 2019 page 10                                                                     
General News
                  The Well Thumbed Poets set themselves a challenge.
                                                                                          Winter poetry challenge
            Akin to ‘found object’ sculpture, their poems are assembled from              and an event to support
       ‘found text’. And, to keep it local, the text fragments all came from the               our wildlife
            June edition of The Triangle. Here’s Virginia York’s poem.                        Capture an aspect of winter on the
                                                                                        Far South Coast in a line of poetry, and
                              Winter 2019                                               send it to us.
                                                                                              Well Thumbed Poets are inviting
     Live the dream by the sea …                 Simplifying, some of the 		            Triangle readers to send us a line of your
     Live a quieter life,                        fundamentals                           own poetry about your experience of living
     Experience living on the far                – the flare of a sunset,               here in winter. This is the first of four
     south coast                                 A smile, a loving gaze.                seasonal poetry challenges, which will
     You and the water will 		                                                          result in four communal poems.
     become intimate partners.                   Live the dream, by the sea,                  Your line can be an observed detail,
                                                 Live the quieter life.                 something you’ve heard someone say, a
     An experience of closer 		                  You and the water will 		              general observation—anything, really.
     confinement …                               become intimate partners.                    It can have up to five stressed
                                                                                        syllables—the syllables anyone would
     Encourage your exploration.
                                                                                        stress in speaking a line. For example, in
     Silence can be another 		                   The effect is somewhat 		              the line ‘Blow, blow, thou winter wind’ the
     entry into experiential 		                  otherworldly,                          four syllables in bold are stressed.
     interconnectedness –                        As dark descends outside,                    Send your lines to Kai Jensen at
     An explosive delicious taste,               The atmosphere was            by 31 August. Well
     the scent of a flower,                      warm inside.                           Thumbed Poets will arrange the submitted
     Intentionally sit in silence,               It’s a marvelous night,                lines into a poem, which we’ll submit to the
     The realm of the mystic.                    Colours like I have never 		           October Triangle.
     Raise the roof,                             seen                                         Everyone’s contribution is welcome.
     Honour the full moon,                       Glow and quiver on the trees.                    Poems and music to support
                                                                                                       wildlife rescue
     Keeping warm and cosy.                      It’s truly beautiful.
                                                                                              Well Thumbed Poets will read poems
                                                                                        about nature on Saturday 7 September, starting
     Chilly mornings,                            Live the dream by the sea,             at 10.30 am. The reading, ‘Footprints’, will
     Frozen hands,                               Live the quieter life.                 include music by Elizabeth Andalis and
     Pruning in the rose garden                                                         morning tea.
     and orchard,                                                       Virginia York         Entry is by donation: proceeds will
     Grief about lost time …                                                            be split between Far South Coast Animal
     The sap slowing down.                                                              Rescue and WIRES, the two organisations
                                                                                        that rescue injured wildlife on this part of
                                                                                        the coast.
                                                                                              The reading starts at 10.30 am at
                                                                                        Well Thumbed Books, Cobargo.
                                                                                                                         Kai Jensen

     Best quality market fresh fruit &
          vegetables twice a week
  Bulk oil, local honey and flour available
  Local eggs and Benny’s quality meats
             Local fresh produce
    Morrison Street gourmet sausages
              Berry Sourdough &
             fresh bread varieties
     Wide variety of organic certified
            and gluten free foods.
       Discounts on wholesale and
                  bulk orders
            OPEN 7AM TO 7PM
             7 DAYS A WEEK
            02 6493 4682                                                                     The Triangle August 2019 page 11
Tilba Bites                                                                  		               Sally Pryor

       Mild days full of sun, not enough rain,   beautiful winter evening on their veranda        removed until the repairs can be completed.
cold nights and a few frosts—that sums           with plenty of live music from Bev and           Council is on the job and the Cemetery
up winter in our part of the Triangle area.      Zoe and Stewie himself belting out a few         Committee is arranging a working bee to
Things are looking a bit dry everywhere and      good ones.                                       clean up as best they can for now.
the usual green hues of Tilba are giving way           The same night the CWA was                       Huge congratulations to the three local
to brown bleached paddocks. But if you           celebrating the winter solstice down in the      businesses who are finalists in the 2019
are brave enough to go out and appreciate        main street, with a lantern parade followed      Eurobodalla Business Awards, including
our clear night skies (a current topic in the    by supper in the halls. Talk about spoiled for   the Drom Hotel, Reva at Tilba, and MBK
news with the anniversary of the ’69 moon        choice ... plenty of opportunities to revel.     for Life. Winners will be announced at the
landing) you’ll be treated to an amazing               The well-attended NAIDOC                   Gala Dinner, to be held on 3 August at the
array of stars, the Milky Way seemingly          Week event organised by the Gulaga               Tomakin Sports and Social Club, so we
resting gently over the mountain, and you’ll     Reconciliation Group in Tilba’s Big              eagerly await the outcome.
not wait long to see a shooting star or two.     Hall was an opportunity for celebration,               Tilba Chambers have also been busy
Incredible. So if you get the chance, go out     acknowledgment and a chance to hear the          sponsoring a project for funding under the
and look up, you won’t be disappointed.          Indigenous voice of our country front and        NSW Government My Community Project
      We may be cold now but we’ll soon          centre. The panel discussion around the          Scheme. The project is called Tilba - Living
be stepping into spring and the Drom is          NAIDOC theme of ‘voice, treaty, truth’           in History and seeks to preserve the written,
fairly blossoming under new ownership            was excellent, followed by the telling of        photographic and oral history of Tilba
with the pub’s first-year anniversary bash       Dreaming stories and performance of songs        and surrounds in a mobile accessible and
well attended. Around 100 people warmed          of reconciliation. The CWA provided a            engaging manner. Recording audio and
themselves around the fire in the beer           great afternoon tea.                             video histories as spoken by long term
garden (its last hoorah we were told by                The Tilba Halls Committee are all          residents and local historians. If the project
Jeremy, it’s on its last legs) lovely to see     taking a well-earned rest now in the quieter     is successful it will include presentation of
both new and familiar faces all enjoying the     moments. Quiet, that is, apart from the          key photos from the Corkhill collection
atmosphere. Entertaining us from the barn        markets, which are still a thriving spot to      to illustrate the early history of Tilba, key
were the dulcet tones of crooner Mike Ward       come and purchase your veggies whilst            women’s contribution to the area (CWA),
and on top of the beautiful food there was       listening to resident pianist Cathie tickling    the stories embedded in the Tilba Cemetery,
even birthday cake, along with a special         the ivories. On the subject of markets, local    documenting the changing faces of local
vote of thanks to duo Waz and Wendy. Well        artist Cheryl Davison is making plans to         heritage buildings and acknowledgement
done Team Drom.                                  hold Twilight Art Markets in the Big Hall        of local collectors of heritage items and
      So many celebrations of late. Apart        over December and January ... more details       displays of their collections. Residents can
from the pub, the hills around Tiverton          to follow so watch this space.                   vote for their favourite project.
were rocking as Phil and Mandy hosted                  Tilba Cemetery is sadly looking                  So there we are, a fair bit has been
what looked to be most of the community          worse for wear after some of the railings        going on in and around Tilba. No need to
for his significant birthday which you’d be      surrounding the upper cemetery completely        ‘make something up’ as one local identity
forgiven for thinking went on for a good         collapsed due to white ant activity. The         who shall remain nameless (but regularly
couple of weeks; Cara Elton celebrated a         resident cows were clearly thinking the          drinks coffee at the lolly shop on a Saturday
significant birthday on a sunny afternoon at     grass was greener and lost no time helping       morning ... you know who you are)
the Tilba Winery with family and friends;        themselves to the other side, but sadly          suggested as I was stressing about filling
Stewie Long had an intergenerational             damaged a number of grave sites in the           in for Stuart!
celebration with his granddaughter Mae, a        process. These opportunists have been

                                                                                                     NEED a CAR?
                                                                                                             Need a car for
                                                      Tyre and Wheel                                         a day or two?
 *   All Mechanical Repairs
                                                   Alignment Service                                 The community car is
 *   Log Book Servicing
 *   Tuning (Petrol, LPG. Diesel)                                                                     available to borrow.
 *   Tyres and Batteries
 *   Full 4x4 Servicing
                                                                                                   See one of the women at
 *   Wheel Align and Balance                                                                         Well Thumbed Books
                                                                                                     or book it by phoning
         1 Sherwood Road Bermagui 2546
          Ph: (02) 6493 5906 Fax: (02) 6493 5907
                                                                                                   Louise on 0416 039 895
              email:                                                        or Linda on 0407 047 404

 The Triangle August 2019 page 12                                                                         
Tilba Bites
                                                         Tilba CWA News
 Winter Solstice Lantern Parade                             Lyndall Magnusseson, also part         August CWA Community Craft
      CWA members cooked hot soups                    of GRG, said, ‘The afternoon tea was               plus presentation
and sweet cakes for the Winter Solstice               amazing. We expected 90-100 people
                                                                                                         Tilba CWA’s monthly Community
Lantern Parade in Central Tilba. Local                but apparently 160 turned up and yet
                                                                                                   Craft get-together continues on Monday
families enjoyed being out together for               everyone got fed. It was that kind of day,
                                                                                                   12 August from 9.30 am in the Tilba
this fun annual winter event. Janine Halasz           just expansive.’ Tilba CWA members felt      Small Hall. In addition to craft, Annie
said, ‘The soups were a real hit with                 privileged to support our local NAIDOC       Dullow will facilitate a ‘Dementia Friendly
compliments flowing. It was a great night.’           celebration.                                 Communities (DFC)’ presentation at 10.30
                                                                                                   am. Annie explained, ‘The focus of DFC
                                                         August meeting plus koala
                                                                                                   is to raise awareness about what it’s like
                                                               presentation                        to live with dementia. Through increased
                                                           At our upcoming Tilba CWA monthly       knowledge and understanding, we can all
                                                      meeting on Friday 9 August in the Tilba      do small things to reduce the stigma of
                                                      Small Hall, respected environmentalist       dementia and support people with dementia
                                                      Dr Rosemary Beaumont will speak on           in our community.’ Annie will play a 20
 Winter Solstice in Central Tilba was cold outdoors
 but the lights from the Lantern Parade made the      ‘Koalas and Climate Disruption’. Koalas      minute video and then answer general
               children smile with joy                are the fauna of focus for CWA this year     questions or refer people to the experts
 Tilba CWA caters afternoon tea                       and Rosemary will discuss the intimate       at Dementia Australia. All are welcome
    for NAIDOC celebration                            interconnection of koalas with their         to attend our craft get-together, the DFC
                                                      environment. Rosemary will outline the       presentation and morning tea.
     Members catered afternoon tea for
the recent NAIDOC event in Central                    key threats to remnant populations of
                                                      South Coast koalas, including climate         Tilba School International Day
Tilba. CWA served a delicious assortment
                                                      change and habitat loss. Action plans,            This year the country of focus for
of sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and                                                                 CWA is Papua New Guinea. On Friday
scones. Linda Newcombe of the Gulaga                  including the Mumbulla Strategic Plan
                                                      and the Great Southern Forest Proposal,      16 August Vicky Stadon, Tilba CWA’s
Reconciliation Group (GRG), organising                                                             International Officer, is coordinating a day
this event, said, ‘Please pass on many,               will also be discussed. All are welcome to
                                                      attend this presentation with morning tea    of PNG-themed hangi food, craft activity
many thanks to everyone involved in                                                                and a presentation for the school children
Saturday’s remarkable afternoon tea.                  from 10.30 am.
                                                                                                   and their teachers at Tilba School.
It was a magnificent spread!’
                                                                                                                            Annette Kennewell

                                                                                   COMMUNITY OWNED SINCE 1901                                   SOCIETY LTD
                                                                                                          52-54 PRINCES HIGHWAY COBARGO 02 6493 6401

                                                      NEW RANGE
                                      • Dog Beds, Treats Harnesses & Leads
                                          • Horse Brushes & Halters
                                                         • Bare Root Trees & Roses
                                                                     Selling Fast ...
                                                      One Stop Farm Shop
                                Stock feed, fertiliser, hardware, fencing, irrigation
                             full nursery, seedlings, ornamentals, pots, special orders
          52-54 Princes Highway, Cobargo                                                      Phone: 6493 6401                                                                                The Triangle August 2019 page 13
Cobargo Conversations                                                                      Rebecca Blunden

       Let’s be honest, Cobargo. July was a     exhibition. Straight out of Fitzroy 2010,       Vote for Baskets and Bikes
little confused. Lavishing us with lashings     with a slightly higher chance of crocheted
                                                                                                      Firstly, the Cobargo Skate Club
of October sunshine and then battering us       landscapes. So make sure you pull on
                                                                                                would like to thank the Yuin Folk Club
with the heavy westerly gusts of August.        your skinny jeans and check it out from
                                                                                                for their generous donation to our Baskets
At times I could almost smell the daffodils     17 August.
                                                                                                and Bikes project. We really appreciate
and plum blossoms, briefly, before the                A ceremonial scything has occurred at
                                                                                                your help.
whiplash of a thick icy frost landed me         the future sight of the Cobargo community
                                                                                                      Secondly, we have applied for a NSW
back in reality. Watching on as magpies and     gardens. Our big dreams and our small
                                                                                                Government ‘My Community Project
wattlebirds, obviously without a Gregorian      town seem to be harmoniously striding
                                                                                                Grant’, and have made it through to the
calendar, battled birdy battles and hurriedly   out together, drunk on possibility. Doers
                                                                                                voting stage. If we are successful, this grant
gathered my hair for their nests. The pied      and Thinkers and Dreamers are uniting
                                                                                                will enable us to build our multipurpose
Currawongs, down on their yearly coastal        and conspiring for great things. Long-dead
                                                                                                basketball/netball court at the skate park.
jaunt from the high country, fought over        and dusty spaces are being activated, swept
                                                                                                      To be successful we need everybody’s
the last of the privet berries and eyed the     and up-kept for greater purposes. Green
                                                                                                help. As the voting is across the two
heavens suspiciously with their yellow          spaces, natural places and play spaces are
                                                                                                shires in the Bega electorate, and as we
eyes. Heaven knows what’s going on up           being planned and planted. And while parts
                                                                                                are competing against projects in the big
there ... Only the dry keeps the town’s         of the main street may still appear empty
                                                                                                towns, we need YOUR vote.
lawns down and the mowers in the shed.          and dormant to the untrained eye, you
                                                                                                      You will have to either go online to
Fingers twitch towards tomato seeds, but        don’t need to walk far or look hard to see
we are not so naive to think that this is       a scurry of activity or to smell the sweet
                                                                                                or visit our local Services NSW Centre in
really the end of winter. Not in Cobargo.       optimistic air.
                                                                                                Bega and vote for our ‘Baskets and Bikes’
       But the weather is not the only thing          Can you come with me for a moment?
making me doubt winter’s conviction             What can you imagine for Cobargo? A large
this year. The usual hibernation period         central park perhaps? A town square? Our                                     Tania Lingard
of Cobargo’s hardy inhabitants has been         town’s heart no longer the road that cuts us,
half-hearted at best, constantly interrupted    but a lush network of utility and frivolity?
by a heavily stacked social calendar of         Can you imagine the skirts of our town, no
fundraisers and working bees. Dispersed         longer a tangled, impenetrable wasteland
by an excited air of optimism and activity,     of waist-high lovegrass, paspalum and
local punters have been seen throwing           blackberry, but accessible, exciting green
fifties over the counter at the post office     areas for adventure and play, bird and bee?
staff and biting their fingernails as $110      Can you imagine the children, with safe
million was put to the balls. No local          space after safe space, for sport and play,
winners as far as I know, but certainly the     rest and learning? Can you imagine support
enthusiasm was there. People could be           for the needy? Friendships and cups of tea
heard talking excitedly in small groups,        for the lonely? What can you imagine?
making big and small plans. And the                   Well, my dear Cobargo, it might not
chickens are laying again.                      be as impossible or as far away as you may
       All manner of things are being           think. As we soar through this lacklustre
squashed into eight-inch squares for the        winter and head for the new spring ... what
                                                                                                     Tania and Alfredo thank the Folk Club
Cobargo Creators’ up and coming 8XEight         can you imagine?                                               for their support

                                                                                                     Auto Spares
                                                                                                    and Mechanical
                                                                                                  Servicing, Repairs, Tyres, Batteries
                                                                                                    and all your mechanical needs
                                                                                                            and rego checks
                                                                                                       CAll 6493 6453

                                                                                                61 Rankins Road, Coolagolite
                                                                                                       Still servicing Mowers,
                                                                                                      Quad bikes, trimmers etc.

 The Triangle August 2019 page 14                                                                       
Cobargo Conversations
                  Meanwhile, on the land …
       Cobargo is pottering                                                                          Daniel thanked the committee
 through winter and as we                                                                            and the community for all their
 pass the shortest day of the                                                                        hard work last year with special
 year most people’s eyes are                                                                         mention to Secretary Naomi
 strained skyward for a drop of                                                                      Rolfe for doing a splendid job.
 rain. The gardens are drying                                                                        They are now busy preparing
 out and the tanks and dams                                                                          for the Spring Horse Show on
 are looking a little worse for                                                                      26 October.
 wear. However, the Dairy                                                                                  Culminating at Cobargo
 Symposium was held recently                                                                         Showground will be a special
 in Bega, with a great array                                                                         group of ultra-marathon
 of topics covered. Many                                                                             runners, led by Scott Page who
 different speakers took the                                                                         was inspired by his grandfather
 podium. A group of hard-                                                                            Super Sutherland to run
 working young local dairy                                                                           heritage tracks starting from
 farmers sat on two panels for                                                                       Braidwood, running 85km the
 discussion on their current                       Wandella Hall awaiting new steps                  first day. They plan the run
 dairying situation. The topics                    Meanwhile the Wandella Hall is                   for September with a group of
 varied from the installation of robots to    having some new steps installed to enable   horse riders joining in. The aim is to raise
 milk cows on a Bega farm, to the use of      a safer entry. Cobargo Show Society         awareness of autism. Watch this space.
 technology to help monitor records and       held their annual general meeting and            Sadly we have learned of the passing
 improve financial gain on the farm, to the   Daniel Allen was returned as President,     of some iconic locals and past locals: Alan
 reduced cost of growing grass for cow        June Tarlinton as Senior Vice President,    Pearce, Val Clarke, and Bernie Wakeling.
 fodder against buying in concentrated        Warren Salway and Dave Williams as          Thoughts go to their families. We are also
 feeds. A ‘Women in Dairying’ breakfast       the two Junior Vice Presidents, Naomi       very pleased to welcome a son, Braxton
 was held with a mental health guest          Rolfe as Secretary, and Dave Rugendyke      Aubrey, to Debra and Rod Taylor, and
 speaker covering the topic of depression     as Treasurer with assistant Christy         congrats go to grandparents Graham and
 and suicide. People from every corner of     Holland. Three executive members were       Lyn Parr, and Marion Robinson.
 Australia travelled for the event.           Ben Tett, Greg Holland and Ron Cole.                                    June Tarlinton

                                Now open 324 Bermagui Rd Akolele by appointment.

                                              renewed spirit
                                    (Mobile / workplace can also be arranged)

    Shiatsu-Massage, Bodywork and Meridian Therapy
   Shiatsu is a Japanese treatment and healthcare                     Treatments are individually tailored to your needs
   system that incorporates lengthening stretches,                    and can focus on specific injuries such as; - back
   rhythmical and therapeutic joint rotations with                    pain, sciatica, lumbago, neck tension, pregnancy,
     pressure/massage along meridians, muscles                              R.S.I., anxiety, P.T.S.D., depression etc –
               and the skeletal system.                               Through balancing the Ki of mind and body via
      Shiatsu uses the Hara or center of gravity                      the meridian system, a greater connection with
      to sink in with pressure rather than push                       one’s deeper self and spirit is often experienced.
      resulting in a sensitive yet firm pressure.                     Sessions can be done with my own range of natural
     During a session I utilise my hands, thumbs,                     oil blends on a massage table or fully clothed on
           elbows, knees and foot pressure.                           a treatment mattress to allow for more stable,
     Cupping, Moxabustion, Hot Stones and Reiki                            sensitive pressure and deeper stretches.
                    also available.
       I am a fully qualified (2 year +) diploma                         For Bookings call Raven 0437 529 212
               trained practitioner with                              Mention this add in August to receive
                 13 years experience.                                   a 20% discount off your first treatment.
                      Shiatsu-massage - bodywork - meridian therapy
                                   2 year + dip trained with 13 years experience
                                          Akolele clinic/mobile sessions.
                                                   0437 529 212                                                                       The Triangle August 2019 page 15
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