Employee Benefits Guide 2018 - City of Wheat Ridge

Employee Benefits Guide 2018 - City of Wheat Ridge

Employee Benefits Guide 2018 - City of Wheat Ridge
BENEFITS AT A GLANCE                                                                                               2

ELIGIBILITY                                                                                                        3

MEDICAL PLAN                                                                                                       4

FLEXIBLE SPENDING/HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT                                                                           7

DENTAL                                                                                                             8

VISION                                                                                                             9

BENEFITS PRICING                                                                                              10

WELLNESS                                                                                                      12

RETIREMENT                                                                                                    13

LIFE & DISABILITY                                                                                             14

ACCIDENT AND CRITICAL ILLNESS                                                                                 16

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP)                                                                             17

PAID TIME OFF                                                                                                 18

TECHNOLOGY                                                                                                    19

VENDOR AND HR CONTACT INFORMATION                                                                             20

at a Glance                                                                                                        3

This Benefit Guide is for general educational purposes and is based on information provided by The City of Wheat
 Ridge, summary plan descriptions, and other sources. In case of discrepancy, plan documents will prevail over
                 information presented in this Guide. Contact Human Resources with questions.

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Employee Benefits Guide 2018 - City of Wheat Ridge
BENEFIT TYPE                     OPTION
MEDICAL PLANS                         Kaiser Deductible Coinsurance Plan
                                      Kaiser High Deductible Healthcare
                                       Plan (HDHP)

DENTAL PLANS                          Delta Dental PPO
                                      Delta Dental EPO
VISION PLAN                           EyeMed

HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT                Healthcare Spending Account

FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT             Medical Flexible Spending Account
                                      Dependent Care Account
                                      Limited Dental and Vision Flexible
                                       Spending Account

RETIREMENT                            401K Plan
                                      457 (Post and Pre-tax)
                                      Roth IRA
EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM           BDA Morneau Shepell & Associates
                                      Public Safety ESI

VOLUNTARY INSURANCE                   Term Life Insurance
                                      Accidental Death and
                                      Accident Non‐occupational
WELLNESS PROGRAMS                 
                                       Recreation Center Discounts
                                       MonthlyIllness Insurance
                                                Healthcare Premium
                                      Sonic Boom Cash Incentive Program

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Employee Benefits Guide 2018 - City of Wheat Ridge
                    Who is Eligible?
                                                                Eligible Dependents:
   City employee working 20 or more hours per week              Spouse or Domestic Partner
    and classified as benefitted through the budget.             Children, Spouse’s Children,
                                                                  and Adopted Children-up to
   Part-time intermittent employee working an                    age 26
    average of 30 hours per week during the City’s               Unmarried dependents over
    predetermined Affordable Care Act period.                     age 26 who are medically
                                                                  certified as disabled and
                                                                  dependent upon you or your

      When can I enroll or change my benefit elections?

New Hire
The first 30 days of employment with the City as a new hire
or re-hire. Benefit elections are effective the first of the
month following your date of hire.

Open Enrollment
During the annual open enrollment period each October-
November. Any newly elected benefits or changes made to existing benefits become effective
on January 1st of the following year. This year’s Open Enrollment period is October 30th
through November 13th, 2017.

Qualifying Event
What is a Qualifying Event? A life change — like getting married or divorced, having a baby,
adoption, losing health coverage, etc — that can make you eligible for a Special Enrollment
Period, allowing you to enroll in health insurance outside the yearly Open Enrollment Period.

If you experience a qualifying life event, reach out to your HR Business Partner for forms.
Any forms will need to be turned in within 30 days of your qualifying life event date.
Supporting documentation must also be provided as proof of any qualified life event.

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Employee Benefits Guide 2018 - City of Wheat Ridge
                                             MEDICAL PLANS
          In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to be in control of your healthcare choices. So take
          an active role in making the right coverage decisions for your personal situation. Making good
          decisions about your care ‐ from choosing the coverage that meets your healthcare needs to
          requesting generic prescription drugs ‐ is essential to getting the most out of every healthcare
          dollar you spend. When considering your healthcare options, look beyond the pay‐period cost and
          consider whether you’re getting the coverage that is right for you and your family.


          Coinsurance ‐ After you meet your deductible, you pay coinsurance, which is your share of the
          costs of a covered health care service. For example, if the plan’s allowed amount for lab work is
          $100 and your coinsurance is 20%, once you meet your deductible, you will pay 20% of $100,
          which is $20. The health plan will pay the remaining amount ($80).

          Copay ‐ A fixed dollar amount that you pay for a covered health service. Typically, your copay is
          due up front at the time of service.

          Deductible ‐ The amount that you must pay each calendar year for covered health services before
          the insurance plan will begin to pay.

          Out‐of‐pocket maximum ‐ The most you will pay for covered health services during the calendar
          year. All copay, deductible, and coinsurance payments count toward the out‐of‐pocket maximum.
          Once you’ve met your out‐of‐pocket maximum, your insurance plan will pay 100% of covered
          health services.

          Premium ‐ The amount that you pay out of your paycheck in order to be enrolled in the medical,
          dental and/or vision insurance plans. For medical and dental coverage, the monthly premium is
          deducted from the first two paychecks of the month.

          Preventive care ‐ Covered services that are intended to prevent disease or to identify disease
          while it is more easily treatable. Examples of preventive care services include screenings, check‐
          ups and patient counseling to prevent illnesses, disease or other health problems. In‐network
          preventive care is covered 100% by the medical plans.

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Employee Benefits Guide 2018 - City of Wheat Ridge
                         Comparing Medical Plans
              This is what you pay NOW…it comes out of your paycheck bi-weekly

                  DHMO PLAN                            vs              HDHP PLAN
           Premium is higher and ranges                                  Premium is lower and ranges
             from $41.85 - $211.67                                         from $11.86 - $107.96
  Bi-weekly rates for 40 hour status depending on               Bi-weekly rates for 40 hour status depending on
                  enrollment tier                                                enrollment tier

                                               Plan Design
                       This is what you pay LATER…when you seek medical care
 Copays apply to office visits ($30 PCP/$50                   Higher Deductible ($1,500 for individual/ $3,000 for
 Specialist), urgent care ($50) and prescription              family) applies to all services except for
 drugs– No deductible applies                                 preventive care

 Lower deductible ($500) for major medical                    Preventive Care is covered at 100%, no
 services (i.e. inpatient & outpatient                        deductible
                                                              Non-embedded deductible – if you elect
 Preventive Care is covered at 100%, no                       family coverage (EE+1 or EE+Family) you will
 deductible                                                   have to meet entire family deductible before
                                                              coinsurance will apply
 Embedded deductible – if you elect family
 coverage (EE+1, or EE+Family) you will not
 have to meet entire family deductible before
 coinsurance will apply. Deductible is applied
 on the individual only, but capped at a total of
 $6,000 for the whole family

                         Spending/Savings Account Options
                      For out of pocket expenses at the doctor’s office or hospital
Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA)                  Health Savings Account (HSA) pre-tax money
pre-tax money set aside for known only                   set aside for known medical and other healthcare
medical expenses.                                        expenses (see IRS pub 502 for included expenses)
     Money may be used for expenses                     Supplements a HDHP plan
        incurred in the calendar year or it will              Money contributed to an HSA will roll over
        be forfeited. It’s a use-it or lose it.                  from year to year and the account is
     The City does not contribute to the                        owned by you.
        account.                                              The account stays with you if you retire or
     You cannot change your                                     leave.
        contributions.                                        The City of Wheat Ridge does contribute to
.                                                                your HSA.
                                                              You can change the amount contributed
                                                                 throughout the year.

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Employee Benefits Guide 2018 - City of Wheat Ridge
                                               MEDICAL PLANS

                                                  WEBSITE: www.kp.org

          When enrolling in the Kaiser Permanente HDHP or DHMO plans, you must select a primary care physician
          who is responsible for overseeing your health care. With 22 Kaiser Permanente medical offices across the
          Denver–Boulder area, it’s easy to find a doctor who is close to your home or workplace. Most Kaiser
          Permanente medical offices house primary care, laboratory, x‐ray and pharmacy services under one roof,
          which means you can visit your physician and manage many of your other needs in a single trip. The
          Kaiser plans provide in‐network coverage only (except in the case of a medical emergency).
             PLAN FEATURE                                               KAISER PERMANENTE
                                                   High Deductible Health Plan                    DHMO
                                                          (HDHP) with HSA
             Annual Deductible                            $1,500 Individual                 $500 Individual
                                                            $3,000 Family                      $1,500 Family
             Out of Pocket Maximum                        $3,000 Individual                $3,000 Individual
                                                            $6,000 Family                      $6,000 Family
             Primary Office Visit                    You pay 10% after deductible                $30 Copay

             Specialist Office Visit                 You pay 10% after deductible                $50 Copay

             Preventive Care (including labs)                 No Charge                          No Charge

             Urgent Care                             You pay 10% after deductible                $50 Copay

             Emergency Services                      You pay 10% after deductible      You pay 20% coinsurance
             Diagnostic Tests (X-ray & Lab)          You pay 10% after deductible     X‐Ray: 20% after deductible
                                                                                               Lab: No charge
             Advanced Imaging (MRI, CT, PET)         You pay 10% after deductible              You pay 20%

             Inpatient Mental Health                 You pay 10% after deductible              You pay 20%

             Outpatient Mental Health Facility       You pay 10% after deductible                $30 copay

            PRESCRIPTION                      HDHP Plan with HSA                                 DHMO
            FEATURES                        Retail               Mail                 Retail                 Mail
            Tier 1- Generic Drugs         $20 Copay            $40 Copay            $15 Copay            $30 Copay
            Tier 2- Preferred             $40 Copay            $80 Copay            $40 Copay            $80 Copay
            Brand Drugs
            Tier 3- Non-Preferred         $60 Copay           $120 Copay            Not Covered         Not Covered
            Brand Drugs
            Tier 4- Specialty Drugs       20% after            20% after       20% up to $250          20% up to $250
                                          deductible           deductible

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Employee Benefits Guide 2018 - City of Wheat Ridge

     WEBSITE: http://24hourflex.com/employee-landing-page/log-in-to-employee-account/

MEDICAL FSA- A health care FSA is used to                Common Eligible Expenses
reimburse out-of-pocket medical expenses,                    Insurance: co-pays, deductibles, & co-
dependent care incurred by you and your                       insurance
dependents. This plan is only be to those on                 Medical: Dr. fees, office visit charge, x-rays,
the DHMO plan.                                                lab fees, medicines
                                                             Vision: exams, frames, lenses, contact lenses,
Maximum annual contribution: $2650.00
                                                              LASIK eye surgery
                                                             Dental: exams, x-ray, orthodontia, false teeth,
                                                              fillings, retainers
DEPENDENT CARE FSA- A dependent                              Chiropractic/Acupuncture
care FSA allows you use pre-tax dollars to pay
for eligible, employment-related dependent
                                                         Common Eligible Dependent Care Expenses
care expenses for your dependent children 12                 Daycare for a qualifying child 12 and under.
and under. You can also use this account to                  Before-school and after-school care
reimburse care for dependents who are physically             Expenses for preschool/nursery school
or mentally unable to care for themselves, such as           Extended day programs and summer day
spouses, parents, or grandparents.                            camps
                                                             Elder day care for a qualifying individual
Maximum annual contribution: $5,000.00

LIMITED PURPOSE FSA- a limited purpose FSA allows you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for
Dental and Vision expenses. This plan is only available to those on the HDHP Medical Plan.

                                                         Common Eligible Expenses
HSA- an HSA allows you to set aside money                    Insurance: deductibles, co-insurance
on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical              Medical: office visit charges, x-rays, lab fees
expenses. A Health Savings Account can be                    Vision: vision exams, frames and lenses,
used only if you have a High Deductible Health                contact lenses, LASIK eye surgery
Plan (HDHP).                                                 Prescription Medicines
                                                             Dental: x-rays, fillings, caps, crowns,
Maximum annual contribution (Employer and                    Chiropractors / Acupuncturists
Employee): Individual- $3,450/Family $6,900

Employer Contribution: The employer HSA                                 HSA Employer Contribution
contribution is paid out twice annually (on the 1st               Individual: $800 annually
paycheck in January and in July). If you are                      Employee + One or Family: $1,100 annually
newly hired your first contribution may be pro-
rated based on your start date.
                See your tax benefits for using an HSA, and different FSA’s by going to:
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Employee Benefits Guide 2018 - City of Wheat Ridge
                                             DENTAL PLANS

                                         WEBSITE: www.deltadentalco.com

          The EPO requires that you use Delta Dental’s network of providers. This plan only provides benefits
          if you visit a Delta Dental PPO dentist in Colorado. The EPO plan provides subscribers with a co‐
          payment listing that details of all covered services and their associated out‐of‐pocket costs. Non‐
          covered services are billed directly to you at Delta Dental’s discount rate, so you will still save
          money even if the procedure is not covered under your plan. If you receive treatment from a Delta
          Dental non‐PPO dentist, you will be responsible for all fees charged.
          PPO allows you to use a Delta Dental PPO dentist or go out‐of‐network to a dentist of your
          choice. If you choose to use a dentist outside the network, please be aware that your premiums will
          be significantly higher in comparison to an in‐network dentist.

                                             EPO                                      PPO
                                      (In‐Network Only)
                                                                      In‐Network           Out‐of‐Network
         Deductible                  None                     $50/$150 – Applies        $50/$150 – Applies
         (Single/Family)                                    only to Basic and Major      only to Basic and
                                                                    Services              Major Services

         Annual Out‐of‐Pocket        $1500                              $1500                    $1500
         Preventative                Schedule of Copays            Plan pays 100%          Plan pays 80%
                                                                                        subject to in‐network
                                                                                           negotiated fee
         Basic Services              Schedule of Copays            80% Co‐insurance        Plan pays 80%
                                                                                        subject to in‐network
                                                                                           negotiated fee

         Major Services              Schedule of Copays            50% Co‐insurance        Plan pays 50%
                                                                                        subject to in‐network
                                                                                           negotiated fee

         Periodontics                Schedule of Copays            80% Co‐insurance         80% Co‐insurance
         Orthodontics                Schedule of
         (Child and Adult)           Copays 50%                    50% Co‐insurance         50% Co‐insurance

         Child only until age 19     Coinsurance                        $1000                    $1000


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Employee Benefits Guide 2018 - City of Wheat Ridge
                                   VISION PLAN

           WEBSITE: https://www.eyemedvisioncare.com/member/public/login.emvc

  The City also provides a supplemental plan at your cost for more extensive
  eye care coverage. The vision plan with Eyemed. EyeMed has a broad
  network of independent providers and nation retail chains as in-network
  providers including: Lens Crafters, Sears Optical, JC Penney Optical, Pearle
  Vision (most locations).

            Vision Care Services                            Member Cost
Eye Exam (Calendar Year)                   $10 copay
Standard Lenses:
Single Vision                              $10
Bifocal                                    $10
Trifocal                                   $10
Frames                                     $120 allowance, 20% off retail price over $120
Contact lenses:
Medically Necessary                        Paid in Full
Elective (Cosmetic)                        $135 allowance, 15% off retail price over $135
Laservision Correction:                    15% off retail price or
LASIK or PRK                               5% off promotional price
Exam Frequency                             12 Months
Lenses Frequency                           12 Months
Frames Frequency                           24 Months
Contact Lenses                             12 Months

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                                        2018 BENEFIT PLAN COSTS
                     Listed below are the bi-weekly pre-tax paycheck deductions. Deductions are taken from the
                     first two paychecks of each month. In months where there are three pay periods, the 3rd check
                     will not have any benefit premium deductions. Medical Premiums do not reflect the $5.00
                     bi-weekly premium discount for participating in the Wellness Program.

                                                 MEDICAL PREMIUMS
                                                         40 Hour Status
                   Medical         Employee Only         Employee Plus One                       Family
                              City Cost   Employee          City Cost     Employee        City Cost Employee
                                            Cost                            Cost                      Cost
                   HDHP       $225.28      $11.86          $ 448.18        $49.80        $ 611.77    $107.96
                   DHMO       $237.13       $41.85         $ 468.68        $117.17       $ 635.02       $211.67
                                                         35 Hour Status
                                 Employee Only             Employee Plus One                      Family
                              City Cost    Employee         City Cost      Employee       City Cost     Employee
                                             Cost                             Cost                         Cost
                    HDHP      $197.12       $40.02         $ 392.16         $105.82       $535.30        $184.43
                   DHMO       $207.49        $71.49        $ 410.09         $175.75       $555.64       $291.05
                                                         30 Hour Status
                                 Employee Only             Employee Plus One                      Family
                              City Cost    Employee         City Cost      Employee       City Cost     Employee
                                             Cost                            Cost                         Cost
                    HDHP      $168.96      $68.18          $ 336.14        $161.84       $ 458.82       $260.90
                   DHMO       $177.85      $101.13         $ 351.51        $234.34       $ 476.26       $370.43
                                                         25 Hour Status
                   Medical       Employee Only             Employee Plus One                      Family
                              City Cost    Employee         City Cost      Employee       City Cost     Employee
                                             Cost                            Cost                         Cost
                    HDHP      $140.80      $96.34          $ 280.11        $217.87       $ 382.35       $337.37
                   DHMO       $148.21      $130.77         $ 292.92        $292.92       $ 396.89       $449.80
                                                         20 Hour Status
                   Medical       Employee Only             Employee Plus One                      Family
                              City Cost    Employee         City Cost      Employee       City Cost     Employee
                                             Cost                            Cost                         Cost
                    HDHP      $112.64      $124.50         $ 224.09        $273.89       $ 305.88       $413.84
                   DHMO       $118.56      $160.41         $ 234.34        $351.51       $ 317.51       $529.18

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                             DENTAL PREMIUMS
Listed below are the bi-weekly pre-tax paycheck deductions for dental and vision. Deductions
are taken from the first two paychecks of each month. In months where there are three pay
periods, the 3rd check will not have any benefit premium deductions.

                                       40 Hour Status
 Dental         Employee Only             Employee Plus One                  Family
            City Cost Employee           City Cost Employe          City Cost Employee
                        Cost                        e Cost                      Cost
EPO          $7.70         $0.86          $8.30         $8.30       $18.10       $18.10

PPO          $17.37        $1.93          $18.08        $18.07      $32.74       $32.74

                                    35 Hour Status
EPO           $6.74         $1.82          $7.26         $9.34      $15.84       $20.36

PPO          $15.20         $4.10         $15.82        $20.33      $28.65       $36.83

                                    30 Hour Status
EPO           $5.78         $2.78          $6.23        $10.38      $13.58       $22.63

PPO          $13.03         $6.27         $13.56        $22.59      $24.56       $40.93

                                    25 Hour Status
EPO           $4.82         $3.75          $5.19        $11.41      $11.31       $24.89

PPO          $10.86         $8.44         $11.30        $24.85      $20.46       $45.02

                                    20 Hour Status
EPO           $3.85         $4.71          $4.15        $12.45       $9.05       $27.15

PPO           $8.69        $10.62          $9.04        $27.11      $16.37       $49.11

                              VISION PREMIUMS
            Employee Only                 Employee Plus One          Family
              City Cost    Employee         City Cost    Employee    City Cost Employee
                             Cost                          Cost                  Cost
 Vision          0.00          $3.73          0.00          $7.07       0.00       $10.36

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                                          WELLNESS PROGRAM
              The purpose of the City’s Wellness Program is to establish a work environment that promotes
              healthy lifestyles and enhances quality of life for all team members. Our overarching goal is to
               promote a culture of wellness. The Wellness Program Year starts on Nov. 1, 2017 and goes
                                                  through Oct. 31, 2018.

                                               Benefits Available
                                           Cash incentive
                                           Access to Sonic Boom
                                           Drop‐in use at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center
                                           Drop‐in use at the outdoor pool in Anderson Park
                                           1 free massage, 1 personal training session, & 1 Pilates reformer
                                           50% off registration for team sports with 50% of employees on
                                            the roster, see roster requirements
                                           Additional selection of programs/classes offered by the
                                            Recreation Division
                                          *Note ‐ Team members pay income tax on the value of
                                          Recreation passes, classes and programs

                                              What is Sonic Boom?

           Sonic Boom is an interactive online platform that promotes friendly competition, reliable wellness
           information, and enables personal accountability for wellness goals. If you’re newly hired or
           promoted into a benefitted position, you will receive a fit tracker, if you don’t already have one.

                                              Wellness Incentives
            You can earn premium reduction and cash incentives by participating in the Wellness Program.
            Verify your Biometric Screening are up-to-date and complete the Sonic Boom Health Assessment,
            to earn the $5 bi-weekly premium reduction. Once you’ve completed the wellness requirements
            you can start earning up to $200 in cash incentives. Check out Sonic Boom’s Rewards tab to learn
            how to earn lifestyle points and to learn how many are needed to reach the different incentive

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                        Website: http://www.icmarc.org/

As a benefited City employee, you are automatically enrolled in the City of Wheat Ridge
401(a) money purchase plan through ICMA-RC. A money purchase plan is a defined‐
   contribution plan that is similar to a profit‐sharing plan, with fixed contribution

 VESTING- is a process used by many government agencies. It is the period of time by which
 an employee accrues non‐forfeitable rights over employer contributions. The City of Wheat
 Ridge vests employer contribution at a rate of 20% for every completed year of service.


                         Employee                 City                     Vesting Period
                        Contribution          Contribution
Employee                    4%                       4%                        5 years

Sworn Employee               10%                      10%                      7 years

Director                      4%                       5%                    Immediate


    Deferred Compensation (457) ‐ A voluntary program where employees can
 contribute on a pre‐tax or post‐tax basis. This plan offers a ROTH component to the
  fund choices. You may defer up to $18,500 of compensation for 2018. The limit on
              catch‐up contributions for 2018 is $6,000 (over age 50).

Roth IRA ‐ This is an additional retirement offering. For 2018, you may contribute up
 to $5,500 (under 50 years of age) or $6,500 total (over age 50). Your contributions
                      would be made as an after‐tax deduction.

                     Tools & Calculators:
  Retirement Education Center: http://www.icmarc.org/rec.html#topic-

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                                               LIFE AND DISABILITY

                                      Website: https://my.cigna.com/web/public/guest
                    If you are not properly insured and experience an unexpected, short-term or long-term disability,
                    it can have a significant impact on your financial situation. The City automatically provides you
                    Basic Long-Term Disability Insurance through Cigna for all employees with no cost to you.

                           Benefit Amount                   60% of pre-disability earnings
                           Weekly Minimum Benefit           $50 per week
                           Weekly Maximum Benefit           $500 per week
                           Benefit Waiting Period for       30 days
                           sickness and Accident
                           Premiums Paid By                 City of Wheat Ridge

                           Benefit Amount                   60% of pre-disability earnings
                           Weekly Minimum Benefit           The greater of $100 or 10% of an Employee’s
                                                            monthly benefit prior to any reductions for other
                                                            income benefits
                           Monthly Maximum Benefit          $6,000 per month
                           Benefit Waiting Period           90 days
                           Premiums Paid By                 City of Wheat Ridge

                        BASIC LIFE INSURANCE
                        Benefit Amount for Employee        1 ½ x’s the employee’s annual salary up to $150,000
                        Benefit Amount for Employee        $2,000 per dependent
                        Dependents (ie Spouse, Children
                        Proof of Good Health               Not required
                        Age Restrictions                   Decrease in benefit at age 70 (reduced to 65%) and
                                                           age 75 (reduced to 50%)
                        Conversion/Portability Option      Conversion within 31 days of your termination of
                        Premiums Paid By                   City of Wheat Ridge
                        Accidental Death &                 Same as life

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          Voluntary Term Life Insurance
If you are seeking more coverage, you can get additional life insurance for
yourself, your spouse/domestic partner, and your children. Your
spouse/domestic partner life voluntary election cannot exceed 50% of your
voluntary Life Insurance benefits.
                                                       Employee/Spouse Non-                  Smoker
Guaranteed Issue Amount (GI): is the amount
                                                       Monthly Cost per Smoker
of life insurance available to an employee without     $1,000 Units
having to provide Evidence of Insurability only
                                                       Children             $0.20         n/a
provided at the time of hire to employees.
                                                       Under Age 20         $0.07         $0.139
Elections an employee makes outside of their
first 31 days of employment will be subject to         Age 20 – 24          $0.07         $0.139
providing Evidence of Insurability.                    Age 25 – 29          $0.07         $0.139
                                                       Age 30 – 34          $0.077        $0.147
For example: If you are age 35 and your spouse is
                                                       Age 35 – 39          $0.10         $0.216
34 and you want 100,000 of life insurance for you,
$60,000 for your spouse and $10,000 for your           Age 40 – 44          $0.171        $0.371
children, please see below for how to calculate:       Age 45 – 49          $0.277        $0.317
                                                       Age 50 – 54          $0.41         $0.903
Employee: 100 units (of $1,000) x $0 .10= $10.00
                                                       Age 55 – 59          $0.625        $1.28
Spouse: 60 units (of $1,000) x $0.077= $4.62           Age 60 – 64          $1.056        $1.983
Child(ren): 10 units (of $1,000) x $0.20= $ 2.00       Age 65 – 69           $1.944       $3.333
Total Monthly Premium: $16.62
   Benefit Election Units            Amounts elected in units of $10,000
   Guarantee Issue Amount            $150,000
   Maximum Benefit                   The lesser of 7 times annual earnings or $300,000
   Benefit Rounded to Next $1,000    Yes
   Proof of Good Health              Yes, for any amount over $150,000 and late applicants
   Age Restrictions                  Decrease in benefit at age 70 (reduced to 65%) and
                                     age 75 (reduced to 50%)
   Conversion/Portability Option     Included
   Premiums Paid By                  Employee
   Benefit Election Units            Amounts elected in units of $10,000
   Guarantee Issue Amount            $30,000
   Maximum Benefit                   $150,000
   Benefit Election Units            Amounts elected in units of $2,000
   Guarantee Issue Amount            $10,000
   Maximum Benefit                   $10,000 (The maximum benefit for a Child less than 6
                                     months old is $250)

                                           Page 15
                                ACCIDENT & CRITICAL ILLNESS COVERAGE
                                                            PROVIDED BY ALLSTATE

                              No one plans on having an accident or a critical illness. That's       If you’re on the HDHP plan,
                              why insurance, like accident & critical illness coverage can help         out-of-pocket costs and
                              you in the event that you experience a major medical event.            major medical costs can be
                                                                                                           expensive. These
                              How does it work? When you’re injured or have a major
                                                                                                      insurances can help cover
                              medical event, you will receive a cash benefit based on the
                                                                                                          expenses incurred.
                              percentage payable for the condition. You then determine how
                              to use that cash.

                                                                   Video Links:

                                                                 EXAMPLES OF ITEMS COVERED
                                   CRITICAL ILLNESS                            Accidents
                                   Heart Attack                                Fractures
                                   Stroke                                      Dislocation
                                   Cancer                                      Loss of extremities
                                   Paralysis                                   Broken Tooth

                                            MONTHLY PREMIUMS FOR ACCIDENT INSURANCE
                                                                                    PLAN 1                     PLAN 2
                                Employee (EE)                                        $8.74                     $12.45
                                Employee plus Spouse (EE+SP)                        $21.15                     $28.38
                                Employee plus Children (EE+CH)                      $26.60                     $34.77
                                Employee plus Family (F)                            $33.01                     $45.60

                                *If you are on the HDHP medical plan, you are only able to choose Plan 1 because that’s
                                            the only HSA compliant plan for both Accident & Critical Illness.

                                        MONTHLY PREMIUMS FOR CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE
                                                          Non-Tobacco                                   Tobacco
                                                 Plan 1                 Plan 2                Plan 1                Plan 2
                                AGES      EE &         EE+SP EE &             EE+SP EE &      EE+SP EE &                  EE+SP
                                          EE+CH         &F    EE+CH            &F    EE+CH     &F    EE+CH                  &F
                                18-35       $7.42      $11.19   $12.73        $19.15 $11.50   $17.31 $20.88                $31.38
                                36-50      $17.23      $25.91   $32.37        $48.60 $28.49 $42.79    $54.85               $82.34
                                51-60      $35.74      $53.66   $69.38       $104.12 $59.37 $89.11 $116.64                $175.01
                                61-63      $56.09      $84.19  $110.07       $165.16 $86.27 $129.46 $170.43               $255.70
                                64+        $83.52     $125.34 $164.94        $247.46 $128.94 $193.47 $255.76              $383.70

                                                                          Page 16
            Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    The City offers you the access to an Employee Assistance Program through BDA,
    Morneau & Shepell. The EAP offers confidential assistance to help you and your
  family meet the challenges that life, work and relationships can bring. You can call,
      text, or email the EAP. They offer 6 face to face counseling sessions and are
       available 24 hours a day/7 days a week via phone and web. Get help with:
                                         Depression
                                       Substance abuse
                                Legal and financial concerns
                                 Marital or family difficulties
                                Stress management/anxiety

  The EAP also offers many types of resources for employees such as: child care and
    eldercare search, online legal forms, financial calculators, Self-Assessment &
                     Questionnaires, and many more resources.

                                    BDA, MORNEAU & SHEPELL EAP PROGRAM
  Contact Phone Number                         866.757.3271
  Website                                   www.eapadvantage.com
  Company Password                              Wheatridge

                         Public Safety EAP
   This EAP program is offered to our public safety personnel such as sworn police
  officers and their families. Public Safety EAP address specific stressors and issues
that public safety personnel and their families face every day. This EAP offers many of
  the same amenities that our other EAP offers such as counseling, legal information,
              financial tools and calculators, child & elder care assistance.

                                           PUBLIC SAFETY EAP PROGRAM
  Contact Phone Number                             888.327.1060
  Website                                    www.PublicSafetyEAP.com

                                          Page 17
                                             PERSONAL TIME OFF (PTO)
                A leave program is for employees to use for vacations, medical/dental appointments, personal
                business, child care needs, bereavement, family emergencies, off‐the‐job injuries, incidental illness,
                etc. The number of PTO days earned per year (hours accrued each pay period) is dependent upon
                years of service and full-time/part-time status.
                                                                           Per Pay Period

                     Years of Service         40 Hour           35 Hour           30 Hour         25 Hour         20 Hour
                                                Status           Status            Status          Status          Status
                     0 ‐ 5 years             6.25 hours        5.47 hours        4.69 hours      3.91 hours      3.13 hours

                     6 ‐ 10 years            7.25 hours        6.34 hours        5.44 hours      4.53 hours      3.63 hours

                     11 – 15 years           8.25 hours        7.22 hours        6.19 hours      5.16 hours      4.13 hours

                     16+ years               9.25 hours        8.09 hours        6.94 hours      5.78 hours      4.63 hours

                                                    EXTENDED SICK LEAVE (ESL)
                For Regular employees with 40 hour status, 40 hours will be accrued per year (1.5385 hours per
                pay period) for the use of personal illness or injury and events qualifying under the Family and
                Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Part‐Time employees working a consistent 20 to 35 hours per week and
                recognized through the budget process accrue on a pro‐rated basis.

                                                      2018 HOLIDAY SCHEDULE
                New Year’s Day…..…………………………………………………..…………………Monday, January 1
                Martin Luther King, Jr. Day…………………….………………………………Monday, January 15
                Presidents’ Day…….…………………………………………….…………………………Monday, February 19

                Memorial Day…………………………….………………………………………………………..Monday, May 28

                Independence Day…………………….……………..………………………………………..…Wednesday, July 4

                Labor Day……………………………..……………………………………………………….Monday, September 3
                Veterans’ Day……..……………………………………..……..…………………………….Sunday, November 11
                Thanksgiving Day…..……….……….………………………………….……………..Thursday, November 22

                Day after Thanksgiving Day……………….……………………………………………Friday, November 23

                Christmas Day……………………………..….…………..……………………..…….….Tuesday, December 25

                 NOTE: When a day recognized by the City as a holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday is observed as the
                 holiday. In 2018, Veterans Day will be observed on Monday November 12. When a day recognized as a holiday by the
                 City falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday is observed as the holiday.

                                                                     Page 18
                           What’s App’ening?

In today’s world, technology has improved the way we communicate and the way we
consume our information. That same thing applies for the way we consume our benefits.
Many of our vendors supply online mobile applications (app’s) that can help you get quick
access to your health, 401k, and wellness information. By downloading and registering with
our benefit providers you can:
             Get access to your health, dental, and vision card via their mobile application
             Find a healthcare, dental, or vision provider near you
             View your benefits and have access to calculators
             For the EAP, the app gives you the ability to text or call from the Mobile
        app with the click or swipe of the phone
             App’s available are: Kaiser Permanente, Delta Dental, EyeMed, BDA,ESI
        Group, Sonic Boom, 24hour Flex, ICMA-RC, and Give-A-Wow (pictured below)

Can’t get to the Doctor due to schedule. For non-urgent, non-life threatening, illnesses
 there are now ways to communicate with your Medical provider. There are options
    to do e-visits, phone calls with your Doctor, and even chat sessions (or instant
 messaging) with Kaiser Permanente Physicians. Most of these options are available
 by an easy click going through the KP mobile app or booking from our
                            KP account online.

                            WHAT’S AN E-VISIT?
     An e-visit lets you or someone you care for communicate more
  effectively with a doctor or other health care professional online. E-
 visits are for when a Kaiser Permanente member needs more than an
 answer to a question but doesn't necessarily need or want to come in
     for a medical facility appointment. To schedule e-visits go to:

                                             Page 19
                                               ADDITIONAL RESOURCES

                                                           Vendor Contacts

                                                HSA & FSA provider        (303) 369‐7886     http://24hourflex.com/

                             Allstate             Critical Illness &
                                                                          (800) 521-3535    www.allstatebenefits.com
                                                 Accident provider
                                                  Life & Disability       (800) 362‐4462         www.cigna.com

                          Delta Dental
                                                       Dental             (800) 610‐0201       www.deltadental.com

                        EAP: BDA,
                        Morneau &                       EAP               (866) 757‐3271    www.eapadvantage.com
                      EAP: Public Safety EAP
                                               First Responder EAP        (888) 327‐1060   www.publicsafetyEAP.com

                             EyeMed                                                        www.eyemedvisioncare.com
                                                       Vision             (866) 939‐3633
                                                 401A & 457/IRA           (800) 669‐7400         www.icmarc.org

                       Kaiser Permanente
                                                      Medical             (303) 338‐3800           www.kp.org

                                                   Human Resource Contacts

                         Tamara Dixon          (303) 235‐2887     tdixon@ci.wheatridge.co.us         HR Manager

                           Josh Neeble         (303) 235‐2814     jneeble@ci.wheatridge.co.us    HR Business Partner

                          Millie Lewis         (303) 235‐2812     mlewis@ci.wheatridge.co.us     HR Business Partner

                         Christine Jones       (303) 235‐2884     cjones@ci.wheatridge.co.us        HR Technician

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