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              2019 Guide for
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Table of Content

Buying a recruiting software

Types of recruiting software you can buy
  What is Applicant Tracking System?
  What is Recruitment Marketing Software?

Do I need an ATS, recruitment marketing software or both?
  Recruiting and hiring challenges
     Challenges in the candidate awareness stage
     Challenges in the candidate consideration stage
     Challenges in the candidate interest stage
     Challenges in the candidate application stage
     Challenges in the candidate selection stage
     Challenges in the candidate hiring stage
  Recruiting and hiring solutions
     Solutions that Recruitment Marketing Software offers
        Solutions to Find high-quality candidates
        Solutions to Attract high-quality candidates
        Solutions to Engage and Nurture high-quality candidates
        Solutions to Convert high-quality applicants
     Solutions that ATS offers

Recruiting Software Evaluation


                                     2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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  When we ask recruiters, HR professionals and

    small business owners about how they are

  planning on improving their hiring process in

   2019, majority of them say: “I am buying a

Recruiting Software!” The question that usually

follows is: “What type of a recruiting software are

 you buying?” Most of them answer with another

 question: “What do you mean by what type of a

               recruiting software?

                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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Buying a recruiting software

Majority of recruiters know that, in order to improve their hiring strategy, buying

a recruiting software is a must. What they don’t know, however, is that there are

different types of recruiting software.

        “Companies with newly upgraded HR systems see cost savings

                              of 22% per employee.”

                                                      - Bersin by Deloitte

Since you are reading this guide, I will assume that you are a recruiter, HR

professional, or a business owner looking to improve your hiring efforts. If you

are planning on making an investment in a recruiting tool, this guide is for you.

The purpose of this guide is to help you make the most informed decision about

your new investment. To help you understand why buying a recruiting software

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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truly is an investment in your company’s future, here is a list of most beneficial

changes we have seen with our existing clients:

✓   More high-quality applicants

✓   Stronger Employer Brand

✓   Reduced time-to-hire

✓   Reduced cost-to-hire

✓   Improved candidate engagement

✓   Improved candidate experience

If any of these are your goals for the future, investing in a recruiting software

certainly is a solution.

Firstly, I will define different types of recruiting software, and then I will help you

make a decision about which one of those can best serve your needs, help you

achieve your recruiting and hiring goals and overcome your recruiting


                                            2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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“Spending on cloud-based HR software is growing faster than

spending on installed or on-premises HR software, and cloud-

   based HR software will be 50% or more of total HR

              technology spending by 2017.”

                                                        - Gartner

                        More Applicants

       Candidiate                               Employer
       Experience                               Branding

                     Recruiting Software

        Candidate                            Shorter time-to-
       Engagement                                  hire

                        Lower cost-to-

                                2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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Types of recruiting software you can buy

As mentioned before, not every recruiting software is the same. Moreover, same

types of software differ in their features and capabilities. To make recruiting

software classification as simple as possible, I put them in 2 categories based on

primary solutions that they offer:

   1. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and

   2. Recruitment Marketing Software

To help you understand the biggest difference between the two, think of them as

pre and post application tools. ATS is a solution to manage applicants, and

recruitment marketing software is a solution to manage leads. Leads are defined

as candidates who are or may be interested in your company, but are not ready to

apply just yet.

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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  Recruitment                                   Applicant Tracking
   Marketing                                          System


That being said, solutions offered by these two types of recruiting software are

very different. However, realizing that they complement each other well, and offer

the best recruiting experience together, some software providers now offer 2-in-1

solution. Meaning, there are software that offer both ATS and Recruitment

Marketing solutions that integrate together perfectly under one platform.

Benefits of using one software that offers both ATS and recruitment marketing

are significant. Trying to integrate two or more platforms can never work as well

as one platform that offers both solutions. Later in this guide, we will more closely

explain the benefits of the 2-in-1 solution.

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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What is Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant tracking system is a repository of all of your applicants for job openings

that manages and streamlines your hiring process from job applications to hires.

ATS usually serves as a database with all of your applicants’ profiles, it helps

interview scheduling, candidate screening and evaluation, enables easy team

collaboration and communication...all in one place.

This is all great, but...

Even though some applicant tracking systems have some simple capabilities for

communicating and engaging with candidates and applicants, this is not their

primary focus. Instead, their main goal is to make post-application phase of hiring

more simple, automated and faster.

In other words, ATS can help you in your hiring efforts only AFTER you already

have applicants for your job opening. If you are struggling with attracting and

getting more high-quality applicants, ATS is not a solution for that problem…

Recruitment marketing is!

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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What is Recruitment Marketing Software?

In a recent Aptitude research, Madeline Laurano, Co-Founder & Chief Research

Officer, defines a recruitment marketing platform as a platform that

       “Manages outbound sourcing, inbound recruitment marketing,

         and employer branding. A recruitment marketing platform

       includes capabilities that maintain the employer brand, foster

            candidate relationships, and enhance messaging and

        communication efforts. The most critical capabilities in these

         systems include: Career Site, SEO, Employee Referrals, and

                      Talent Communities/Networks.”

                                        2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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Since the struggle for finding and hiring high quality candidates has been

increasing rapidly, recruitment marketing platforms have become the most

popular solutions for biggest recruiting challenges.

           “40% of companies that plan to hire next year have had

        unfilled vacancies for 6 months or longer because they cannot

                          find qualified applicants.”

                                                - McKinsey & Company

 57% OF COMPANIES SAY                               65% EXPECT A SKILLED-
    BIGGEST CHALLENGE                              OVER THE NEXT 2 YEARS

                                        2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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Unfortunately, this problem will keep happening as long as recruiters don’t

understand that recruiting process begins long before a candidate applies for a job.

Unlike ATS, recruitment marketing technologies offer solutions for challenges

that have become much more significant than managing existing applicants--

challenges to GET applicants.

         “Globally, 57% of employers say that competition for talent is

                               their top challenge!”

                                                               - LinkedIn

Features of recruitment marketing software can be numerous, but they vary from

provider to provider. Some of the most important features of a recruitment

marketing software include:

   ✓   candidate relationship management (CRM)

   ✓   employer brand building

   ✓   candidate sourcing

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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   ✓   referral programs

   ✓   social recruiting

   ✓   career site optimization

   ✓   hiring and recruiting analytics and metrics

   ✓   engaging email campaigns and workflows

   ✓   surveys on candidate experience

   ✓   team blogs and web pages

   ✓   career page visitors and conversion tracking

   ✓   talent networking- campus and even scheduling and recruiting

That’s a lot, isn’t it?

Yes, but these are all solutions that companies and recruiters have started looking

for in order to improve their hiring efforts. Therefore, when you start looking for

a recruitment marketing software, make sure that all these features are available.

Even though the main goal of every recruitment marketing solution is to find,

attract and engage both passive and active job seekers, some platforms are much

more robust than others. Thus, when choosing a software to invest in, you should,

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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in addition to being within your budget, look for the one that offers solutions to

more of your challenges than the others.

Unlike recruitment marketing platforms, there are many companies that already

use ATS. However, it is becoming more and more obvious that ATS alone is not

considered a solution for more effective hiring and talent acquisition.

Many HR experts and influencers share the same opinion, including Matt

Charney, one of the biggest HR bloggers and analysts. This is his opinion about


       “If you think you can actually transform a system of record into

            a system of engagement, you must be high on the hog.”

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 14

                                                      Matt Charney is a key

                                                  influencer in recruiting and a

                                                    self-described “kick-butt

                                                 marketing and communications

                                                   professional.” He serves as

                                                 executive editor for Recruiting

                                                 Daily, whose flagship property,

                                                 RecruitingBlogs, is the world’s

                                                    largest social network and

                                                   content-sharing platform for

                                                     recruiting professionals.

In addition, many existing ATS solutions have a reputation of being complicated,

not user-friendly and lack some key features. For these reasons, a large portion of

companies that already use ATS are willing to, or considering to, switch to a

solution that has more recruitment marketing functionality.

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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Do I need an ATS, recruitment marketing software or both?

So now that I have, hopefully, helped you better understand different types of

recruiting solutions, let’s move to deciding which solution can best help you

achieve your hiring goals, and overcome your challenges.

Even though there are many different things to consider when choosing a

recruiting software, there is a proven strategy that helps in making the best


The very first, and in my opinion crucial, step is to clearly define your own

recruiting goals and challenges. These can be things such as have more applicants,

hire better quality candidates, have better access to passive candidates, improve

hiring standardization, reduce time to hire or any other recruiting goal you may


To make this task easier, I have identified some of most common recruiting

challenges, and 2 sets of solutions:

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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   1. Solutions that Recruitment Marketing Software offers

   2. Solutions that ATS offers

Recruiting and hiring challenges

Based on different stages that candidates go though, companies may have

different recruiting and hiring challenges. I have identified the most common

challenges based on 6 different stages of a candidate journey:

                               1. Awareness

         6. Hiring                                   2. Consideration
             ATS                                          Makreting

       5. Selection                                      3. Interest
             ATS                                          Marketing

                              4. Application

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 17

Challenges in the candidate awareness stage

Candidate awareness is a stage that never stops. This stage doesn’t include only

communicating your job opening when you have one, but also making candidates

aware of your employer brand and employer value proposition at all times.

Common challenges in the awareness stage include:

   ✓   Spending too much time on new job ads creation

   ✓   Inability to post jobs on multiple job boards at once

   ✓   Not using current employees as a source of new candidates- no

       structured employee referral programs

   ✓   Inability to search for passive candidates and their contact info

   ✓   Inability to search through existing candidate database to find high

       quality applicants from previous openings

   ✓   Not using social media platforms to promote your job openings

Challenges in the candidate consideration stage

Consideration stage is the stage in which you are trying to convince candidates to

consider your company or organization as a new workplace. This is not an

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 18

easy process, especially today when a lot of employers are putting much time and

effort in it. The key here is to engage both passive and active candidates that have

become aware of your company or an open position.

Having a good candidate engagement strategy has become extremely important

in the world of HR and recruiting, especially for some hard-to-fill roles. If you

don’t offer useful content, timely and engaging communication, you are likely to

lose them over your competitors.

Common challenges in the consideration stage include:

   ✓   Inefficient strategy for communicating your employer brand and

       company culture

   ✓   No structured social media campaigns

   ✓   Lack of engaging and useful content for candidates

   ✓   No candidate engagement and communication strategy

   ✓   No structured candidate engagement email campaigns and workflows

   ✓   No recruitment and talent community events for candidates in your

       talent pool

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 19

Challenges in the candidate interest stage

Once you have made candidates aware of your company or a job opening, had

them to consider you as their next employer, you want them to express the interest

in your job opening and move to the next, application, stage.

Common challenges in the candidate interest stage include:

   ✓   Poorly designed career site

   ✓   Career site not optimized for search engines (SEO optimization)

   ✓   Career site lacks engaging and useful content such as team blogging

   ✓   Complicated and not user-friendly application forms

   ✓   Poor or slow candidate communication strategy

   ✓   Career site not mobile-optimized

Challenges in the candidate application stage

After you have moved a candidate through the previous 3 stages, the challenge

becomes to turn them into applicants. It is not uncommon that, after you manage

to attract candidates and convince them to consider you as a new employer, you

bring them to your career site, but they never apply.

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 20

Common challenges in the candidate application stage include:

   ✓   Complicated and not user-friendly application forms

   ✓   Application form not mobile-optimized

   ✓   Inability to track new visitors on your career page

   ✓   Inability to track where the new visitors are coming from

   ✓   Inability to track application form abandon rate and get insights on

       why candidates leave.

Challenges in the candidate selection stage

This stage starts at the point when you have job applicants, and ends with a new

hire. That being said, there is still much work to do. At this point, you should have

high-quality applicants, and you are moving to the hiring process. Unfortunately,

many companies’ struggles don’t end here. Moreover, for some of them struggles

start here.

Common challenges in the candidate selection stage include:

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 21

   ✓ No centralized database of all the candidates and applicants

   ✓ No easy way to review and triage applicants

   ✓ Messy candidate database

   ✓ Hard to find candidates’ profiles

   ✓ No centralized database of rich applicant and candidate profiles

   ✓ No streamlined candidate workflow

   ✓ Applicants interview kits, assignments and scorecards

   ✓ Hard to efficiently share information with other recruiting and hiring

       team members

   ✓ Communication and interview scheduling is a manual and time-

       consuming process - no automation

   ✓ No structured applicant email campaigns

   ✓ Too much paperwork and spreadsheets

Challenges in the candidate hiring stage

Once you have selected a candidate, recruitment marketing and ATS usage stops.

However, for companies that use solutions such as HRIS, it is important to have

the ability to integrate.

                                         2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 22

Common challenges in the candidate hiring stage include:

   ✓     Inability to integrate ATS with HRIS tools

   ✓     Inability to integrate with employee onboarding platforms

   ✓     Inability to integrate with employee management platforms.

Recruiting and hiring solutions

Now that we have identified challenges in different stages of recruiting, let’s move

to solutions that recruitment marketing software and ATS offer to overcome those


Solutions that Recruitment Marketing Software offers

After identifying challenges that companies face when trying to move candidates

through different stages of their journey, let’s discuss solutions that can help you

overcome these recruitment challenges and achieve your recruiting and hiring


                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 23

To move candidates all the way from awareness to application stage, your

solution is a Recruitment Marketing Software that has all the features to lead

you through the 5 stages of recruitment marketing process: Find, Attract,

Engage, Nurture and Convert candidates.

Solutions to Find high-quality candidates

Solutions that a complete Recruitment Marketing software should offer to find

more high-quality candidates include:


With just one click, distribute your job opening to multiple free and premium job

boards. Posting on just one job board is not enough to get high-quality applicants.

On the other side, manually posting to multiple job boards is too time consuming.


Integrate your social media accounts, such as Facebook, with you recruiting

software. When talking about passive candidates, your job ads are much more

likely to be seen on social media than job boards.

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 24


Do not get a recruitment marketing tool without this feature! Passive candidates

are everywhere, so you need to be able to find them. Web sourcing is a powerful

tool that searches for people with specific profiles on online platforms, internal

and external databases and imports them directly to your ATS.


Sometimes, when it comes to a new candidate search, you need to look no further

than your own company. Referrals are known to be the best employees. Some

recruitment marketing software have structured referral programs and email

campaigns for referrals. Contact your employees and ask for referrals directly

from the software.

Solutions to Attract high-quality candidates

Attracting high-quality applicants should be a long-term goal for every recruiter.

This is not a onetime task, and it requires a lot of planning and strategy.


Have a structured employer branding strategy and campaign. Communicate your

employer brand and employer value proposition to attract candidates who are the

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 25

best fit for your company. Personalize your brand messages to target talent for

roles that are hard-to-fill.


Personalize your job ads to attract best candidates. Make them clear and full of

relevant information important to potential candidates. With a recruitment

marketing software, this is an easy, yet powerful step in attracting candidates.


Since Millennials are spending every day on social media, recruiters have started

doing the same. In order to attract Millennials, you have to be where they are, and

deliver a message that is interesting, relevant and useful. Modern recruitment

marketing software integrate with your social media platforms, and make this step

easy and fun.


When researching about companies, candidates often go to career sites. An

unattractive and boring career site can cost you high-quality applicants.

Recruitment marketing software offers a solution to create a beautiful career site

that reflects your company’s culture and brand.

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 26


Yes, marketing and recruiting must learn how to collaborate in order to improve

hiring and recruiting strategies. Both passive and active job seekers do their

research about companies and job openings on search engines. If you are not

properly using keywords to describe your awesome company’s culture, your job

openings, job descriptions, duties and responsibilities, Google may not rank you

as high as you would like to be. Understand what job seekers are looking for, and

customize your online content accordingly straight from your recruitment

marketing software.

Solutions to Engage and Nurture high-quality candidates

Once you have built your talent pool, it is important to have strategy for engaging

and nurturing them. Timely communication of highly relevant content and

information through your recruitment marketing platform is crucial for building

strong relationships with candidates until they are ready to make the move and

apply for you current or future job opening.


                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 27

Candidate relationship management tools are considered one of the most

important and most powerful solutions for converting passive and active job

seekers into applicants. As the name explains, CRMs are built to develop,

strengthen and maintain relationships with candidates from your talent pool.


As a recruiter, you probably already know which roles in your company are

hardest to fill. For those roles, create and send highly personal, automated email

campaigns directly from your recruitment marketing platform. Send relevant

information about industry trends, tips for finding and getting jobs, updates about

your company and new career opportunities.


Some companies use talent networking as a way to educate and engage talent as

well as to communicate their employer brand. Schedule talent networking events

in your recruitment marketing platform, and invite candidates from your talent


                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 28


Having a career site that lists your job opening is not enough to engage high-

quality applicants. With a recruitment marketing platform, you can create team

blogs on your career page where you can write interesting and fun facts about

your company’s brand, culture and values, about company’s current projects,

industry trends or anything else candidates would see as valuable and interesting.

Ask them to engage, comment, give suggestions, share or like. This is one of the

most innovative and very powerful tools that gives you a competitive advantage

over competitors.

Solutions to Convert high-quality applicants

Now that you have finally managed to convince candidates to choose you as their

next employer, you have to make sure that their application process is as easy and

painless as possible. In addition, to be able to start converting more candidates

into applicants, it is important to identify areas that have room for improvement.


Do you know how many candidates that start filling your application form,

actually hit “Submit”? According to Society of Human Resources Management

60% of job seekers abandon online application forms because of their length and

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 29

complexity. Candidates for hard-to-fill roles have numerous options, and they are

aware of that. A little thing such too many fields to fill out may be the reason for

not converting a potentially good hire into applicant. Customize your online

application form through your recruitment marketing software and see how job

application conversion increases.


In order to convert more high-quality applicants, it is important for you to

understand what is working and what is not working in your recruiting strategy.

Knowing the importance of tracking every step of candidate journey and

recruitment marketing, some modern recruitment marketing platforms now have

the ability to do so.


                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 30

In addition to analytics, modern recruitment marketing tools have beautifully

designed reports and dashboards with important hiring and recruiting metrics.

Analyzing dashboards with simple recruiting metrics have become an everyday

activity for modern and productive recruiters. Analyze data about your efforts,

and plan your future hiring and recruiting strategies accordingly. Some of the

metrics that recruiters see as most useful include:

   ✓   Time-to-hire

   ✓   Applicants per job opening

   ✓   Applicants per job board

   ✓   Hire-to-applicant ratio

   ✓   Website visitors-to-applicant ratio

   ✓   Source of most applicants

   ✓   Source of most hires

   ✓   New hires per recruiter

   ✓   Cost per hire

All these metrics can give you great insights on where your best candidates and

hires are coming from, how to shorten your time-to-hire, how to reduce your cost-

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 31

per-hire, who is your best recruiter, if and why are candidates abandoning your

application form and many more.

Solutions that ATS offers

As mentioned before, ATS or Applicant Tracking System offers solutions in the

application stage of candidate journey, and it ends with a new hire. Once you have

job applicants in your system, recruiting goals become to streamline and simplify

hiring process as much as possible. A modern and well-designed ATS can help

you achieve these goals by offering following solutions:


ATS enables you to have all of your passive and active candidates and applicants

in one single database. Sourced candidates, referrals, applicants from job boards,

social media platforms, career sites will all be in one place. Get rid of papers and

spreadsheets, and enjoy a more organized way to manage your candidate and

applicant pool.

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 32


Often times, companies post new job openings before searching their existing

applicant database. In many cases you already have a high-quality applicant in

your talent pool, but finding them seems like a mission impossible. With ATS,

you can easily search for candidates that have previously applied for a job



If you are assessing most important skills and characteristics in your application

form, you can automatically disqualify candidates who don’t satisfy those

requirements. This way, you will be able to build a higher-quality candidate pools

that are easier to manage. Manual screening is considered one of the most time

consuming tasks in recruiting, especially when 75% to 88% of the resumes

received for a role are unqualified.


With a well-designed ATS you can extract applicants names and contact info from

their resumes within seconds.

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 33


According to research, it is estimated that resume screening and candidate

shortlisting can take 23 hours. Making this task easier, faster and more automated

is crucial for reducing time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.


Modern ATSs have customizable interview questions and scorecards within the

software. You can customize them based on most important characteristics you

are looking for in a candidate. This makes candidate evaluation is much easier,

organized and efficient.


Save time by sending automated mass email responses such as “thank you” emails

“rejection” emails and “offer emails”. Some software even offer customizable

email templates for ATS users.


Schedule interviews with the candidates directly from the software. Automatically

share the most important interview information such as structure and location.

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 34


Track and manage candidates’ progress to make your hiring more streamlined.

Use existing software’s hiring stages, or create your own to best match your hiring



Create email campaigns in your software to keep candidates engaged throughout

the hiring process. Timely and relevant communication is crucial for not losing

high-quality applicants.


Sharing important insights and information about candidates with other hiring

team members is extremely important to many ATS buyers. One of the most

important ATS solutions should be easy team collaboration and communication.

In addition, ATS should enable user admins to give different types of access and

authority to different team members.


If you are using different online platforms such as Gmail, Slack, platforms for

candidate sourcing or candidate testing and assessment, HRIS or Google

                                          2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 35

Analytics, look for an ATS that can easily integrate with them and work well


Recruiting Software Evaluation

Many online software offer a free trial period during which you can evaluate their

performance. However, many recruiting software, especially the ones that “say”

that offer both ATS and Recruitment Marketing solutions, don’t include

recruitment marketing features in their free trials. When choosing a software to

try, make sure that you can test all the features promised.

As I mentioned before, benefits of buying a single software that offers multiple

solutions are significant. To keep adding and integrating tools from different

providers is possible. However, witnessing the difference in performance, we

strongly recommend choosing a single tool with all the solutions. To make it more

clear, check the matrix at the end of this paper. The matrix shows the difference

between software that offers only ATS or only Recruitment Marketing, versus a

2-in-1 software, such as TalentLyft.

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 36


ATS is, as it has been around for a while, a familiar hiring solution to many

recruiters. This tool is still very important because, without it, there is a good

chance that your process of moving applicants through different hiring stages will

looks like a mess, or at least will have a lot of room for improvement and


The problem is that, in the world of a war for talent, ATS is not a solution for

many challenges recruiters and business owners are facing. They now want a

platform that helps them market job openings, communicate and strengthen

employer brand, attract high-quality applicants, build talent pools for both current

and future open positions, and a platform that gives them metrics to evaluate their


This is why many recruiters that use ATS feel like they are stuck with a solution

that doesn’t solve their biggest recruiting problems. Why do I say that?

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 37

             “Research has shown that, in many cases, recruitment

        marketing solutions bring over 50% more job applicants than

                                   ATS alone. “

For those that feel like they are stuck, this is what one of the biggest influencers

in the HR world, Matt Charney, says:

          “The good news is, there is still hope -- and there’s no better

        way to get a fresh start (and competitive advantage) from your

        recruiting systems than to start from scratch and replace them

        with more sophisticated, more user friendly and more effective

                               marketing solution.”

You CAN solve all of your challenges with a single recruiting tool. TalentLyft is

both ATS and Recruitment Marketing software that offers solutions to any

challenges you may have identified above.

                                           2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 38

2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
P a g e | 39

About TalentLyft

TalentLyft users have improved various stages of their recruiting strategies from

finding to hiring high-quality applicants. Our four products offer solutions to the

biggest recruiting and hiring challenges:

   • TalentLyft Source: Make finding high-quality candidates easier and more


   • TalentLyft Engage: Communicate with candidates more effectively and

      become a desirable employer to work for

   • TalentLyft Convert: Turn your career site visitors into job applicants

   • TalentLyft Track: Streamline your recruiting process, make it paperless,

      and measure every step of your hiring strategy.


                                            2019 Guide for Buying a Recruiting Software
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