A celebration of schools from across the UK using Education Technology to support teaching and learning

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A celebration of schools from across the UK using Education Technology to support teaching and learning
A celebration of schools
from across the UK using
Education Technology to
support teaching and learning
A celebration of schools from across the UK using Education Technology to support teaching and learning
The Edtech 50 Schools

              Welcome to the
              Edtech 50 Schools

              The Edtech 50 Schools is a celebration of the work      Peter Rafferty, (Teacher and consultant), Tom Rees
              going on in schools across the United Kingdom and       (Ambition Institute), Jon Severs (Features Editor,
              Northern Ireland, that use education technology to      TES), Gareth Shaw (Ballyclare High School),
              support great teaching and enhance learning.            Kellie Williams (Teacher), Bukky Yusuf (Teacher),
                  Edtech 50 Schools is supported by Intel, Jisc,      Mark Martin (Urban Teacher), Ollie Bray (Lego
              NetSupport and in partnership with the Chartered        Foundation), and Chair, Ty Goddard (Education
              College of Teaching, Independent Schools Council        Foundation and EdTech UK).
              and TES. This report highlights digital flagship            “The question is no longer whether technology

              schools who demonstrate a focused sense of what         should have a place in the classroom,’ says the
              is useful to them in terms of technology – whether it   EEF, ‘but how technology can most effectively
              be in supporting teaching, cutting teacher workload,    be integrated in ways which achieve improved
              collaboration across staff teams or consolidating       outcomes for young people.”
              knowledge, enhancing creativity and broadening              The Edtech 50 also showed the power of assistive
              experiences across the curriculum.                      technology to support learners. We believe that
                  There's a verve and commitment across these         there is more work to be done on honing technology

              EdTech champions, and they deserve real praise.         to support all learners; including those with
              To put yourself forward for a national award, sharing   conditions such as dyslexia or children diagnosed
              your learning and practice is a bonus for all schools   on the autistic spectrum to thrive in the classroom.
              who may want to develop digital. There is a priority        Our long-term work at the Education Foundation
              on safety and security, too. These Edtech 50 Schools    suggests that teacher development and confidence
              are making the sensible case that education             is also crucial when developing digital. And we would
              technology, if used well and coherently, can be         like to see support for training – informal and formal
              of real benefit to education, pupils and teachers.      – across our schools.
                  The richness and commitment to supporting               Leadership of the sector is vital and the
              teaching and learning across England, Wales,            partnership between educators, manufacturers,
              Scotland and N. Ireland is uplifting. But we’ll need    vendors and the EdTech businesses themselves is
              to find out more of what really works. It was clear     of utmost priority.
              that context and implementation itself are key.             We'll need to see better collaboration between
                  The Edtech 50 Schools has been chosen from          schools and across the EdTech sector to benefit
              nomination and the insight of our judging panel.        the wider system. Our next publication, ‘Schools’
              We asked schools to demonstrate a range of work         Guide to Developing Digital’ in partnership with
              using education technology, strategic focus and         the Independent Schools Council will share more
              an ability to articulate impact in ways they thought    of the richness of these Edtech 50 award winners.
              important as educators. It was challenging to award         Across the UK we have education technology
              the Edtech 50 Schools and this publication also         strategies shaped by governments and educators
              contains ‘ones to note’ and ‘ones to watch’ – schools   and we hope the Edtech 50 Schools supports
              that are using education technology in imaginative      learning, innovation and knowledge.
              and innovative ways.                                        I would like to thank Russ Darbon and the team
                  The Edtech 50 Schools would not have                at the Education Foundation, our judging panel,
              been possible without the commitment of                 our partners and all the schools who applied for
              our distinguished judging panel that include:           Edtech 50 Schools.
              Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist), Osi Ejiofor
              (Teacher), Sir Mark Grundy (Executive Principal         Ty Goddard
              of Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust), Martin          Director, Education Foundation
              Hamilton (Jisc), Amanda Hayward (ICT in Schools),       Edtech UK
              Corinne Latham (Principal, Seaview Primary School),     ty@ednfoundation.org
              Ian Phillips (Assistant Head, The Haberdashers'         @EdnFoundation
              Aske's Boys' School), Claire Price (Headteacher),       @EdtechukHQ

A celebration of schools from across the UK using Education Technology to support teaching and learning
The Edtech 50 Schools                                                                                                                                                        The Edtech 50 Schools

Department for Education                               Education Scotland                                       Welsh Government

Technology can be one of the single most important     Our children and young people can access more            I am truly delighted that Welsh schools have been
elements in the educational arsenal. It can act as a   information at the click of a button than at any point   recognised as part of the Edtech 50, as a result of
catalyst for those who learn and those who teach,      in history.                                              their hard work in embracing the digital challenge.
transforming the experiences of both.                      We know that pupils love technology and that             As part of our National mission for education in
    We need schools and leaders to be able to          it can have a significant positive impact on the         Wales, we have committed to provide our learners
understand more clearly, the benefits that specific    learning experience – and on outcomes – when put         with high-level digital skills. I want all of our learners
technology tools can offer them.                       to good use in schools. So it is vital that education    to grow up to be digitally competent, allowing them
    I want our world class education sector to be      systems are exploiting these opportunities and           to evolve into enterprising, creative and critical
at the forefront of this conversation – and to be      preparing our young people for life, learning and        thinkers, giving them best chance in life. That’s why
shaping how innovation can help schools drive          work in our digitised world.                             we’ve made digital competence a key part of our
efficiencies, help drive down teacher workload             Through Scotland’s Digital Learning and Teaching     exciting new curriculum, due to roll out in 2022.
and ultimately of course make the learning             Strategy; our STEM Strategy; and Curriculum for              There is much happening in Wales to support this
experience a better, more successful one,              Excellence, we aim to make this a reality for children   commitment, including The Digital Competence
for all children and young people.                     and young people in Scotland.                            Framework (DCF), the Hwb learning platform,
                                                           We also provide our education system with            our ‘Cracking the Code’ programme, and the new
Rt. Hon. Damian Hinds, MP                              free access to a broad range of tools and services       online personalised assessments. Additionally,
Secretary of State,                                    through our Glow online learning environment, giving     the Technocamps programme gives our learners
Department of Education                                further opportunities to capitalise on the benefits of   the opportunity to develop computational thinking
                                                       digital for education.                                   and coding skills, inspiring them to consider a future
                                                           We are seeing increased use of technology to         in computer science, and beyond.
                                                       support and enhance education right across the               We are also aware that increased digital
                                                       country and the Edtech 50 does a fantastic job of        connectivity comes with its risks. That’s why
                                                       highlighting particular successes. I am delighted to     we’ve introduced our Online Safety Action Plan,
                                                       see a number of Scottish schools recognised for          that outlines the work we’re undertaking to enhance
                                                       their digital achievements and I hope they can           online safety in Wales to keep our children and
                                                       inspire others to replicate that success.                young people safe, and ensure they have the skills
                                                                                                                they need to live safely and successfully in the
                                                       John Swinney, MSP                                        21st Century.
                                                       Deputy First Minister and
                                                       Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills               Kirsty Williams, AM
                                                                                                                Minister for Education

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A celebration of schools from across the UK using Education Technology to support teaching and learning
The Edtech 50 Schools                                                                                                                                                      The Edtech 50 Schools

The Chartered College of Teaching                       Independent Schools Council                              Jisc

It is always a privilege to have the chance to hear     We are delighted to work with the Education              It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Edtech
about the high-quality practice taking place in         Foundation on the Edtech 50 Schools project. It is       50 Schools, fifty schools that are leading the way in
schools across the country. The schools who have        a great opportunity to celebrate the success that        exploiting the potential of technology to transform
been part of Edtech 50 Schools have, of course,         schools are having developing digital elements to        teaching and learning for the better.
demonstrated thoughtful, reflective and purposeful      improve educational outcomes. These are our digital          In this booklet you will hear about fifty schools
uses of technology to improve outcomes for children     trailblazers; striving so we can all understand how to   that are using education technology in imaginative
and young people. But as well as this, they have        get the best from our use of technology and to more      and inspiring ways. Fifty real-world stories about
demonstrated a willingness to support others by         easily transfer digital successes between schools.       how edtech can help learners to develop and
sharing their experience and what they have learnt          These schools have articulated the value of real     flourish, selected by our judging panel of educators,
in the process of engaging with technology, and this    partnerships either in collaborations between            practitioners and edtech experts. From essential
kind of collegiality is hugely important in moving      schools or with educational organisations. It is clear   life skills like literacy and numeracy, through to
practice in the system forward.                         the investment that Edtech companies are making          developing a deep understanding of fourth industrial
     Seeing technology as a tool to support teaching    in schools and educators is making an enormous           revolution technologies like robotics and artificial
and learning, rather than as a goal in itself, means    difference to schools’ ability to adopt and develop      intelligence, edtech is here right now supporting our
supporting teachers.                                    their use of technology.                                 brilliant teachers and lighting a spark in the minds of
     At the Chartered College of Teaching, we               We are very proud of our independent schools         pupils and students.
recognize that well-supported, highly-informed          who are mentioned, the partnerships they have                Here at Jisc our Janet network connects nearly
teachers are the key to ensuring all children and       developed and their investment in innovative training    half of the country’s schools to the Internet,
young people can achieve highly. This has been          approaches in order to achieve their success.            alongside the UK’s universities, colleges and
clear in the submissions for Edtech 50, too. There is       We look forward to working together on the           research institutes. From learners at primary schools
huge expertise demonstrated in how schools have         Schools’ Guide to Developing Digital to support          taking their first tentative steps on the Internet
ensured technologies selected are aligned to school     schools; simplifying the information schools need to     through to space research using Goonhilly Earth
needs, are carefully piloted and evaluated, and are     understand; recommending technical standards and         Station and Large Hadron Collider data feeds, Janet
utilised in a way that genuinely supports teaching      advice for partnerships and sharing stories from         underpins and binds together the UK’s research and
and learning. Ensuring technology use reduces           organisations to enable the transfer of success          education community. We’re really excited about
(rather than adding to) teacher workload is also        between schools.                                         the future of education, and the role that education
very important; we are therefore pleased to see                                                                  technology can play in supporting teachers and
the emphasis given to this in many entries.             Julie Robinson                                           learners alike. The Edtech 50 Schools shows us that
     We have been delighted to see the entries in       General Secretary, ISC                                   the building blocks are here for that to be a positive,
this year’s Edtech 50 and warmly congratulate the       Ian Philips                                              vibrant future full of potential.
schools involved!                                       Chair, ISC Digital Group
                                                                                                                 Dr Paul Feldman
Alison Peacock                                                                                                   CEO, Jisc
CEO, The Chartered College of teaching.

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A celebration of schools from across the UK using Education Technology to support teaching and learning
A celebration of schools from across the UK using Education Technology to support teaching and learning
The Edtech 50 Schools                                                                                                                                                                                        The Edtech 50 Schools


Alsager School, Alsager, Cheshire                         majority of the Romanian learners were not fluent          The Bentley Federation (King Charles Primary               combining innovative learning techniques with
Ages: 11-18                                               in reading their own language, the team took this          School and Bentley West Primary School),                   traditional teaching methods. For Bolton Boys,
www.alsagerschool.org                                     feedback on board and added an ‘audio’ function.           Walsall, West Midlands                                     the focus is not on the device itself but what it
@AlsagerSchool                                                Forty children have used the app since January         www.bentleyfederation.org.uk                               gives access to.
Alsager School chose to highlight a community art         2018. All the children spoke positively about using the    @thebentleyfed                                                 Technology is replacing the physical elements
and technology project its students are working on –      app; including one pupil who said: “it’s hard but fun.”    The Bentley Federation is a Computing at School            of school. In the words of the Headmaster:
Sway Life Stories. This involves students working with        Our judges were similarly impressed, liking the way    Hub and provides support for other schools in the          “Notability is the new jotter and file, iTunes U
people with dementia, their families, friends and         this school ‘identified a problem and helped develop       area of Computational Thinking, Coding and STEM.           is the new textbook and hand-out, Showbie is
carers in the local community to create personalised      a technological tool to solve it. This is a project with   It uses Google for Education tools and Chromebooks         the new pigeonhole and One Drive is the new
"Life Stories" using Microsoft Sway. It’s linked to the   impact that can be reproduced elsewhere.’                  – to drive innovation, freedom and promote positive        locker. We make extensive use of Socrative
town’s bid to become a dementia friendly town.                                                                       online values.                                             and Educreations/Explain Everything and each
    The concept is to combine aspects of                  Ashford School, East Hill, Kent                                It aims to empower children to become digital          department also employs subject specific apps.”
reminiscence therapy with art and digital Microsoft       Independent                                                creators, not just consumers. To achieve this, the             Our judges noted the tangible evidence of
Sway workshops.                                           Ages: 3-18                                                 schools have invested in an Immersion Room and             academic accomplishment as well as the wider
    At the same time as using Sway as a tool to help      www.ashfordschool.co.uk                                    VR headsets; alongside creation software like              focus on the school’s efficiency.
people with dementia, the skills involved for young       Ashford School, a co-educational independent               CoSpaces. Plans are in place to develop teaching
people include communication skills, listening,           boarding and day school, takes a strategic, holistic       and learning using these tools in order to further         Britannia Village Primary School, London
and creativity. Importantly, it is getting students       approach to the deployment of EdTech with the              inspire and embed technology in the curriculum.            www.britannia-village.newham.sch.uk/
out into the local community and helping people           result that there are positive outcomes for the school,        For a number of years, the Federation has              Through 1:1 access to Chromebooks and daily use
with dementia.                                            students, teachers, parents and the local community.       adopted NAACE’s self-review framework as the               of Google Suite, Britannia Village Primary School
    Friendships have been made and stories shared            They have produced a digital strategy framework         basis of the schools’ development planning. The            has been able to improve computer literacy, digital
with the community coming together to support             for the implementation of technology in the school.        comprehensive approach to technology embraced              skills and e-safety of not only the pupils but also
people living with dementia as one.                       The framework consists of four main strands,               in these plans prioritises online safety guidance          teachers and parents (many of whom were not
    The judges love the idea of making Life Stories       interlinked areas that are designed to result in           (using Digital Leaders, Y6). The Federation were           taught ICT at school).
books and see a potential to introduce the concept        maximum impact. These are: Digital Leadership and          awarded the 360º Online Safety Mark for the                     Moving to the next level, this Google Reference
into other schools. Or as another judge puts it:          Vision, Streamlining of Digital IT and MIS systems,        second time in July 2018.                                  School is now planning to provide high quality
“What a fantastic way to improve learners’ digital        Pedagogical Integration and Content Curation in the            Impacts include many examples of financial             computer science education so children are
literacy whilst also engaging with the community.”        Curriculum. These three pillars are supported by           savings through embracing new technologies,                equipped to contribute and compete within a
                                                          a continuous Digital Teacher Training Programme.           access to technologies for SEN children in the             rapidly changing tech focused world. Further drives
Anderton Park Primary School, Birmingham                     As a result of this streamlined ecosystem,              Federation’s Deaf Resource Base; as well as positive       to improve children’s safety/security online are
www.andertonparkschool.org/                               teachers are able to work in more effective ways,          feedback from teachers on the quality of work              in the pipeline; as well as to share learning and
@AndertonPark                                             making workloads more manageable. There has                deriving from the use of Green Screening, media,           encourage improved IT education amongst partner
Pupils at Anderton Park Primary School speak over         also been a significant impact on well-being and           film and tools like Facerig.                               institutions. The current goal for the school is to
thirty languages and the intake includes the recent       engagement for both students and teachers;                     Our judges thought this was a ‘brilliant submission,   become a Tech Education Hub by 2020.
arrival of children from Romania. While this rich         with students embracing and ‘co-constructing               covering not just the what and how but also the why.’           Automatically collated, online feedback surveys
diversity is valued, staff are acutely aware that         their own independent learning journey.’ Ashford                                                                      from teachers, pupils and visitors include many
children were arriving in a country where they don’t      School has produced a Digital Parenting booklet,           Bolton School Boys’ Division, Bolton                       positive elements. A typical comment from a child
speak a single word of the language and are then          aimed at giving parents a good start in dealing with       Independent                                                is: “it has helped me learn faster, be a better
expected to take national tests in years 1,2 & 6.         the technological challenges their children face.          Ages: 7-18                                                 programmer and research things when I am stuck”.
    One response was to move the IT curriculum            As one of our judges noted – ‘very highly thought          www.boltonschool.org/                                      100% of teachers said that Chromebooks and G
forward to ensure that ICT has been woven into            out digital strategy for both parents, pupils and staff.   An Apple Distinguished School where 1:1 iPad               Suite have benefited teaching and learning. Children
all areas of the curriculum which could then in turn      This school makes excellent use of their digital           use has transformed the way pupils learn and the           have their own class websites which has impressed
begin to impact on English results. In January 2018,      ecosystem to impact learning.’                             school’s efficiency. iPad usage has been for several       visitors and, indeed, our judges. In particular, one
a project was started to increase attainment and                                                                     years an integral part of learning for over 2,000          judge notes the overall rationale for using tech in
progress in English through ICT.                                                                                     pupils, who utilise the technology in the classroom,       teaching and learning, and ‘buckets of impact
    The School has been working closely with                                                                         on the move and at home. iPad ambassadors are              analysis – great job!’
FlashAcademy to develop a flexible, immersive                                                                        trained up to help their classmates.
app which can support children, (and their parents)                                                                      The school’s vision for introducing 1:1 iPads was
to learn English reading across from their home                                                                      about enabling innovative pedagogical approaches.
language. When it became apparent that the vast                                                                      At the same time, its success is predicated on

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A celebration of schools from across the UK using Education Technology to support teaching and learning
The Edtech 50 Schools                                                                                                                                                                                      The Edtech 50 Schools

Broadclyst Community Primary, Broadclyst,                There are iPads, apple tv and laptops connected to        They were also impressed by the real evidence            Technology has been a key component in this
Devon                                                    wall mounted digital screens in all rooms across the      of impact – both qualitative and quantitative.           turnaround. Our judges picked up on this change in
https://bcps.org.uk/                                     schools. Pupils are taught basic coding and how to        Caterham School is an Apple Distinguished School.        school performance and overall thought this was a
@BCPSchool                                               use a computer in their earliest years and these skills                                                            ‘brilliant submission, evidencing both the rationale
Broadclyst Community Primary is a Microsoft              are developed as they move through the school.            Copenhagen Primary School, London                        for using the tech and the impact that it has had.’
Showcase School which provides pupils with                   The key digital strategy is to remain at the          www.copenhagen.islington.sch.uk
a project based learning driven curriculum.              forefront of technological development in the field       @CopenhagenP                                             Denbigh High School, Luton, Bedfordshire
Projects are collaborative, encourage creativity         of education. Activities are age appropriate within       Copenhagen Primary School focuses heavily on             Ages: 11-16
and reasoning; having a final tangible outcome           the overall framework and include safeguarding and        digital literacy as much as on traditional literacy      www.denbighhigh.luton.sch.uk/
or product that can be shared with a real world          parental engagement priorities.                           in order to engage its children in a love of learning.   @DenbighHigh
audience. This drives all strategic inclusion of             Impact is multi-layered, including across                 They do this with a strong emphasis on video         Denbigh High School has developed a whole school
technology for pupils and staff.                         engagement and collaboration for pupils – and             production, bringing their work to life using skills     technology and learning strategy, covering all areas
    The most spectacular example of this approach        for staff with pupil assessment and behaviour             of presentation, team work, and video editing, on        of the curriculum and all key stages. It is a key element
is the school’s Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC).       management, and for CPD (online, interactive).            occasions involving authors like Peter Bunzl and         of the school’s continuous improvement planning.
Each year, students aged 9-15 participate in teams       ‘A very impressive submission,’ concludes one judge.      Michael Rosen.                                                The school operates a strategic approach to
across more than twenty countries in this business                                                                     The school also recently made its own prospectus     technology for learning. This manifests itself in a
enterprise initiative. It incorporates a wide range of   Caterham School, Caterham, Surrey                         video with children themselves filming and directing     variety of ways; all of which are importantly
business skills while encompassing many different        Independent                                               the shoot.                                               underpinned by a consistently joined up approach.
elements of the school curriculum, putting the           Ages: 11-18                                                   Copenhagen Primary School collaborated                    From the use of Green Screen in History classes
children’s learning into a real-life context.            www.caterhamschool.co.uk/                                 with the Institute of Education’s EDUCATE                on World War One to instant video playback in PE
    Digital technology underpins the way teachers        @Caterham_School                                          programme to measure the efficacy of EdTech.             lessons, to the development of Apps by pupils,
plan, teach and collaborate. They use digital inking     Caterham School, an independent co-educational            The school was featured by BBC Good Food for             technology is fully embraced at all levels. This also
wirelessly projected within media rich classrooms        day and boarding school, aims to provide an               its take on MasterChef.                                  includes a priority on online safety for pupils, their
that enable a totally different and innovative           education for life that blends the best of tradition                                                               parents and teachers.
approach to teaching. The school cites this              with the exciting opportunities provided by new           Danesfield School, Marlow, Buckinghamshire                    The school is an OfSTED Outstanding School and
approach as delivering sustained year on year            technology. Technology is something which is              www.danesfieldschool.com                                 in recent exam results nearly a third of all students
high outcomes for children across the curriculum.        embedded across the school, enabling pupils to            @DanesfieldSchl                                          gained at least three highest attaining GCSE grades.
Our judges liked the breadth of the digital offer,       do things in class which would not have been              This primary school is a Microsoft Showcase              It is a multi-award winning establishment with
the range of applications used; and the team work.       possible without it; ranging from video reflections       School, as well as being one of only six Microsoft       accolades ranging from selection by UNESCO as
And in the words of one: ‘how amazing it must be to      on work, through to recording biological reactions        Training Academies.                                      the UK Case Study for ‘Using mobile technology to
be a part of the GEC and know that your school is        down a microscope.                                           Technology is completely embedded in the              support learners from disadvantaged backgrounds’
responsible for it.’                                         The school has recently introduced an online          school’s curriculum but teachers do not just use         to being shortlisted on the BBC Radio 1 ‘Teen Hero
                                                         Digital Inquiry course. It requires students to           technology for the sake of it. Its use is carefully      Award – Make It Digital.’ Judges were impressed by
Canary Wharf College, Multi-Academy                      develop a particular digital skill and apply this         considered to enable children to best fulfil the         the commitment to making technology integral to
Schools, London                                          learning to develop a product which solves a              learning objectives of the particular lesson.            learning and the impact on pupil outcomes, not only
Ages: 4-18                                               particular problem they have identified. Skills are          The cultural shift necessary to embedding             for their own pupils but for those of other schools.
www.canarywharfcollege.co.uk/                            developed which will be of value immediately but          technology (and the increase in devices) in the          One simply commented: ‘Well done all!’
@CanaryWharfColl                                         also in the longer-term: benefits around business         classroom was assisted by training through
Canary Wharf College is a multi-academy trust            skills, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and           participation in the Microsoft Educator Community.       Friars Academy, Wellingborough,
with two primary schools and one secondary on            self-awareness.                                           Staff Champions selected particular areas of             Northamptonshire
the Isle of Dogs.                                            In 2016, Caterham School opened its Innovation        expertise/interest, from Minecraft to Skype to           Ages: 11-18
   Technology is a central tool that supports            Centre and has run a number of different clubs            QR code, which they were responsible for sharing         https://www.friarsacademy.org/
teaching and learning at all stages and across all       which aim to develop pupils’ technology skills            across the school.                                       @FriarsAcademyPE
areas of the curriculum. ICT helps to extend the         outside of the curriculum...cyber security                   Adopting imaginative teaching skills, in the view     This academy uses technology to enhance
learning experience through aiding the delivery of       challenges, app-design competitions, Lego                 of the school, has resulted in pupils developing a       students’ perception of the world around them
lesson content in every subject and allows pupils        robotics, VEX robotics, a girls-only coding club.         range of key life skills, making them ‘secondary         to prepare them for the changing world away
to engage in their lessons through a variety of ways.    Judges particularly remarked on the Digital Inquiry       school-ready.’ The school is keen to highlight the       from life in formal education.
   The pupils are able to use resources such as          Course, highlighting the use of digital skills to         significant upturn within three years in its results,       Technology underpins everything at Friars
Bee-Bots, iPads, robot animation kits and specialist     address a real life problem, as well as the overall       from in the bottom 10% of achievement in areas like      Academy; students may not always be able to
equipment which helps to deliver a fuller curriculum.    rationale for use of tech in teaching and learning.       reading, writing and maths to joining the top 10%.       express their thoughts and feelings in the same

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A celebration of schools from across the UK using Education Technology to support teaching and learning
The Edtech 50 Schools                                                                                                                                                                                        The Edtech 50 Schools

manner as others around them. Innovative use of              generally a confidence and competence in both pupils     Halcyon London International School,                         The school emphasises digital fluency across
technology allows another form of expression,                and staff in getting the best out of the technology.     London                                                   its work and as a senior leader says; “ We believe
another channel for sharing and receiving information        The judging panel thought Godolphin’s submission         Independent                                              we have a duty to provide our students with an
that may go unseen or misunderstood in the usual             was a ‘brilliantly set out exposition’ on how and why    Ages: 11-18                                              education for the 21st century where effective
day-to-day context.                                          the school has taken this approach, incorporating        https://halcyonschool.com/                               and innovative use of technology is important to
    A staff Tech Team has been created to manage             independent evaluation feedback; combined with           @HalcyonSchool                                           the demands of the modern world.” It is important
the delivery of Microsoft 365 across the Academy;            validated ideas to support a transformation in           Halcyon London International is an International         for the school that much of this work is also led by
working together to bring different perspectives             teaching and learning. The school hosts the West         Baccalaureate School based in the centre of              student Digital Leaders – this includes hosting many
and experiences that are shaping knowledge and               London Regional Training Centre for Apple.               London. Committed to innovation, collaboration           international visitors to the school; accessing a range
understanding.                                                                                                        and community, its intake from around the world          of learning activities off site and then sharing their
    A junior Tech Team has also been set up to               Hadrian Primary School, South Shields                    consists of 43 nationalities. Pupils experience a        experiences with students back at school.
capture a student perspective. They are now                  www.hadrianprimary.org/                                  challenging academic programme combined with                 One pupil said, “We were able to introduce
training to use an in-house mobile radio station             @Hadrianprimary                                          an innovative approach to wellbeing, which is            visitors to some apps such as Showbie and Nearpod.”
for future broadcasts.                                       As a school with ‘a huge percentage of children with     underpinned by an integrated digital environment.            The new academic year will see teachers
    A vertical English intervention group uses Sway to       EAL from different backgrounds’, getting children to          The school is very clear about why and how it       becoming certified Apple Teachers. Hove Park is
write and share a student newsletter; this is shared         understand technology and use it well has become         uses EdTech – digital tools are only present if they     launching the Classroom App for Years 7-10 which
with students, parents and carers and is shown on            a core theme. Hadrian Primary School has begun to        ‘serve to support and/or transform what is going on      will allow teachers to direct student learning inside
the screen in the school’s reception.                        integrate technology across all areas of school life.    in the classroom.’ Every child has their own device      the classroom more effectively.
    Current work includes supporting local schools           It aims to use technology to enhance the learning of     and uses Google Suite for Education. As well as              The school has recently introduced Everyone
to enhance their use of technology and a                     pupils, teaching, assessment and to enhance              teaching Digital Citizenship, Halcyon School aims        Can Code resources at the Valley campus to help
partnership with local business, Cummins UK.                 communication with and involvement of parents.           to leverage the power of Augmented Reality and           students to learn to code on iPad, with many
                                                                 It has adopted Ireland’s ‘Digital Strategy for       Virtual Reality and cites exemplary usage in subjects    students choosing to continue their coding studies
The Godolphin and Latymer School, London                     Schools 2015-2020' document as its own – to              as diverse as Biology and Spanish. Alternative           independently at home.
Independent                                                  understand what strategies work best and to              Realities enable students to immerse themselves in
Ages: 11-18                                                  ’achieve great things in technology’. All the elements   experiences outside the school walls from Machu          John Lyon School, Harrow-on-the-Hill
www.godolphinandlatymer.com/                                 of the strategy are addressed including live             Picchu to Antarctica or into Space. The school is a      Independent
@GandLSchool                                                 assessments (using Seesaw), integrated teaching,         Google Reference School and an Apple Regional            Ages: 4-18
The Godolphin and Latymer school, an independent             learning and assessment across the whole school.         Training Centre. Judges liked the fact that the use of   www.johnlyon.org/
day school for girls, defines itself as a ‘research-             The school notes a huge impact in most areas.        technologies is well embedded in the school that it      @JohnLyonHarrow
informed’ school and is particularly proud of the            These include having a purpose for writing through       is ‘invisible', and that ‘pedagogy underpins decision    John Lyon School’s digital strategy is informed by its
approach it has taken to the use of technology, on           providing the children with a world-wide audience        making and external agencies’ research underpins         wider values. It fully embraces technology, but it is
its ‘1:1 iPad journey’ since September 2015. A digital       for their work. For instance, pupils wrote poems         strategic direction with the focus on outcomes.’         only used when it enhances learning outcomes.
strategy is firmly embedded in the school’s overall          about Mohammed Ali and placed them on social                                                                          The school, an independent boys’ school, has
approach to teaching and learning. There is an               media. By the next day, his daughter had viewed          Hove Park School, Hove                                   successfully implemented a Bring Your Own Device
underlying philosophy that technology can amplify            them and sent a message of thanks.                       Ages: 11-19                                              policy for all students, with content increasingly
great teaching, but not replace it.                              In Maths and Reading, by using Reading Plus, for     www.hovepark.brighton-hove.sch.uk/                       delivered and assessed online with a wide range of
    The Godolphin & Latymer School has been                  example, or producing ‘YouTube How to Videos,’           @HpsHove                                                 media. General impact on learning has been positive
involved in filming for the forthcoming FutureLearn          attainment has significantly improved. As a judge        Hove Park School introduced 1:1 iPads in 2013            at a number of levels, with students taking more
(a previous Edtech 50 2018 winner) course from the           comments, ‘the improvements in results and in            and soon after was recognised for the first time         ownership and responsibility for their learning and
Chartered College of Teaching entitled, ‘Using               aspirations of pupils to succeed stand out.              as an Apple Distinguished School. The devices            freeing up staff time.
Technology in Evidence Informed Teaching and                 Technology is embedded across the school,                are used in a multitude of ways to enhance                   Practicalities around bringing their own device,
Learning.’ As part of this project, the school               but I like the way staff and pupils are still looking    traditional learning methods. Staff have new             maintaining it, and using it appropriately has fostered
provided footage of exemplar classroom practice,             at ways to develop further and encouraging               ways to engage students in their learning and            close staff/student collaboration, including
for example using quizzing apps such as Nearpod,             enjoyment to learn. Being able to reach a real           powerful, interactive methods for assessing and          providing a springboard for discussions around
Socrative and Quizlet, collaboration using G-Suite           audience opens a window into the world and               developing understanding. Students experience            online safety and healthy device use.
apps and screen-casting using Explain Everything,            has impacted on writing standards.’                      greater choice and creativity for producing                  The school has established a Digital Innovation
    The 1:1 use of iPads in particular and more widely the                                                            work, and can share this with each other, their          Space, which students are designing and choosing
school’s use of technology has been independently                                                                     teachers and the wider world with ease; also             how to furnish. It will be used to encourage learning
evaluated; the report commending in particular the                                                                    allowing parents a greater insight into their child’s    in non-traditional ways, as a makerspace, with
fully integrated use of Google Suite, and noting more                                                                 day to day studies.                                      student projects and personal interests encouraged.

12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 13
A celebration of schools from across the UK using Education Technology to support teaching and learning
The Edtech 50 Schools                                                                                                                                                                                           The Edtech 50 Schools

    This will be a space to experiment with new               For each student ANT includes the general                 Matthew Moss High School, Rochdale                        developing skills in collaboration and teamwork
technology such as Virtual Reality and robotics,          context, behaviour, attendance and academic targets.          Ages: 11-16                                               via coding projects, using Swift Playgrounds
to investigate how it may fit in to existing school       Supplemented with accessible key documentation,               www.mmhs.co.uk/                                           (an iOS coding app). Using drones, this creates
curricula and to also give students an opportunity        there is fast access to relevant teaching strategies and      @MathewMossHigh                                           an immersive learning experience for children.
to learn about technology and issues which fall           clear referral routes to specific staff. It allows teachers   Matthew Moss High School has a strong culture of          Staff have noticed that children who may not be
outside of the scope of their lessons. This is seen       to share strategies on what works with each student,          using G-Suite as the basis for communication. This is     the highest attainers in some subjects have great
as vital given that we ‘cannot predict exactly what       the Inclusion team to add supporting documents for            complemented by using carefully selected services         success with Swift; beginning to help others in
developments will occur in the future.’                   all colleagues to utilise and finally, to quantify levels     which are integrated, following discussions between       their classroom.
                                                          of support in a concise and transparent way.                  department leads, teachers and the IT Support team.          Another significant impact of technology has
Layton Primary School, Blackpool                              Staff feedback suggests a strong appreciation             This leads to a robust and stable IT provision that       been experienced by the high percentage of
www.layton.blackpool.sch.uk                               of ANT as a support mechanism. Our judges are                 enables rather than hindering teaching and learning.      children for whom English is an additional language,
@LaytonPS                                                 similarly positive including making the observation               The school is keen to highlight its partnership       and not spoken at home. Taught photography and
Layton Primary School operates its so-called 5Rs          that the approach is ‘useful in schools – as support          with Tassomai, (an EdTech 2018 ‘One to Note’              recording skills have given the most reluctant
for its children and staff: resilience, reflective,       teams often have specialised knowledge that is not            product) used to help boost attainment in GCSE            speakers a voice, and reluctant writers, a purpose.
risk-taking, resourceful and relationships. For the       always shared with ‘mainstream’ teachers. And again           science. It has resulted in the best GCSE science         Self-recording of spoken English has proven to be
school, though, technology is not additional to the       they find it ‘really fascinating to see how the school        grades the school has seen with over 7% of students       a great way for pupils to practise, self- assess and
5Rs but goes hand in hand with such qualities.            have been successful in taking their own bespoke              getting the highest possible grade. Over half of the      improve language acquisition. Judges love the many
    Children use their devices as a digital pencil case   route to using tech to support teaching and learning.’        cohort were above 55.                                     examples of impact here; but especially the success
enabling them to be resourceful learners. Having 1:1                                                                        Mathew Moss also run a voluntary Saturday             with EAL and more reluctant learners. Apple’s North
devices also ensures inclusivity for every single child   London Design & Engineering University                        school session where local sixth formers are paid to      London Regional Training Centre is based at
no matter of their educational need nor ability. For      Technical College, London                                     coach their peers. This year, the sixth form students     Woodberry Down Primary School.
teachers, a device for each of them has had a huge        Age: 14-19                                                    were able to look at Tassomai's data to identify any
impact on their workload – they spend more time           https://www.ldeutc.co.uk/                                     problem areas, and say “actually, I can see you’re        Newington Green Primary School, London
looking at how children learn and this feeds in to        @LDEUTC                                                       finding this particular subject tricky so let’s work on   http://newingtongreen.co.uk/
how teachers give voice feedback. Time can then           London Design and Engineering UTC (LDE UTC)                   that today”. The judges feel that ‘here is an example     @NGpupils
be spent developing their subject knowledge.              is a mixed University Technical College on the                of integrated educational technology impacting on a       Newington Green Primary School demonstrates
    None of these developments and successes              University of East London campus in the Royal                 school at all levels.’ One notes the real-life changing   good practice in the use of digital resources and
came about by accident. The school embarked on            Docks area of London.                                         outcomes… ‘complemented by canny involvement              technologies to support and enhance opportunities
a long-term strategic journey around six years ago,           It’s a high tech school where academic excellence         of sixth formers in a tutoring capacity. Fantastic!’      for all learners regardless of age or ability. This is
at which point educational outcomes were rather           and employer partners combine to create the next                                                                        across the curriculum and subject areas.
poor. Today – Layton Primary has 1:1 devices, was         generation of ‘confident, work-ready individuals.’            New Wave Federation, Hackney, London                         It does this informed by a comprehensive digital
graded as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, and has been in            The curriculum is delivered through interesting and       Grazebrook Primary School                                 strategy, covering everything from staff CPD, to
the top 1% of schools in the country for progress.        exciting employer-led projects, enabling learning by          Shacklewell Primary School                                prioritising SEN and inclusion as part of its digital
    An ‘Innovation Team' is tasked with making sure       doing. Learning is relevant and memorable and                 Woodberry Down Primary School                             offer, to engaging and empowering parents. For two
the school can sustain innovation. Pupil iLeaders in      boosts students’ academic achievement.                        newwaveteachingschoolalliance.co.uk/                      neighbouring schools, Newington Green is the
school lead staff meetings and go into classes to             A cohort of the college’s Y13 Digital Media               @NewWaveFed                                               Digital Technical Lead.
teach their peers and teachers, embedding the             students were graded ‘Double Distinction’; being              The New Wave Federation consists of three primary            Introducing Office 365 and cloud solutions has
school’s motto of 'Growing great minds together'.         able to demonstrate real-world projects such as               schools working together in Hackney. There is a           already brought about a change in work practices
    Our judges thought this was ‘a fantastic success      published Apps and VR animations with organisations           focus on using mobile devices (iPads) as a tool for       and workflow. For pupils, including some of the
story.’ Layton Primary School is an Apple                 such as Augmentifyit, Fujitsu and Water Aid.                  learning with a range of technology on offer to           youngest, EdTech use has provided them with an
Distinguished School.                                         Working with real employer briefs focusing on VR          ensure that the computing curriculum is both broad        outlet for their voice. Apps such as Seesaw enable
                                                          and AR technologies and Digital Media assignment              and engaging.                                             pupils to articulate their thoughts and opinions more
Leeds West Academy, Leeds                                 work, LDE UTC is underpinned by a whole school                   The Federation has a digital strategy team which       readily than if they had to note them down.
Ages: 11-19                                               themed learning approach, using technologies such             supports teachers to integrate technology in their           Probably the greatest impact of EdTech use,
www.leedswestacademy.org.uk/                              as 3D printing, robotics, VR, AR and LEGO.                    teaching, while there’s also an expectation that          the school believes, is through the use of LGfL
@LeedsWestWay                                                 As one judge puts it, about LDE UTC’s                     subject leaders have a responsibility to embed the        resources such as Busythings, J2e and an
The Leeds West Academy have created a bespoke             programming robots project, – consisting of a                 purposeful use of technology into their teaching.         assortment of Augmented and Virtual reality
online system called the 'ANT ' to support all            collaborative task to get a Nao robot to ski, plus a              Impact has been seen in higher attainment             packages. Indeed, the school won the LGfL
colleagues in the academy to understand the needs         trip to the Italian Alps, and 3d printing: ‘I can’t un-see    levels and in the continuous improvement in Key           Digital Excellence award for 'Whole school
of all pupils. (ANT stands for Additional Needs Team).    the skiing robots!’                                           Stage Two data. The schools are now focusing on           use of LGfL resources'.

14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    15
A celebration of schools from across the UK using Education Technology to support teaching and learning
The Edtech 50 Schools                                                                                                                                                                                              The Edtech 50 Schools

    One of our judges’ comments, 'here was a               A long-term and comprehensive strategy                    Stephenson Memorial Primary School,                           iPad project has made a positive contribution to
fantastic canter through the tech supported             underpins the school’s digital thinking. This includes       Newcastle upon Tyne                                           the school’s work to close the gap between the
interventions that the school has used and the          the use of formal qualifications, such as Microsoft          www.stephensonmemorial.co.uk/                                 progress of disadvantaged students with their
rationale behind them'.                                 Office Specialist and Technical Associate to formally        @SMemorial                                                    peers, particularly with reading and writing. And
                                                        recognise the students’ digital literacy. Judges             This Apple Distinguished School sees iPads as                 staff have noticed a ‘massive rise in the confidence’
The Olive Tree Primary School, Bolton                   particularly like this commitment to students’ skills        ‘important as a pencil’ and operates a very successful        of autistic students.
www.theolivetreeprimary.com/                            for their future. Other priorities focus on the use of       1:1 iPad leasing scheme for all children in key stage 2;         In short, EdTech has ‘transformed the learning
@OliveTreeBolton                                        real-time learning apps across the school. A thread          soon to be rolled out to KS1. iPads and MacBook are           environments of Springwell from four walled
The majority of the Olive Tree Primary School’s         runs throughout the plan on the adoption of new              available throughout the school alongside Apple               classrooms to no walled classroom.’
students are from one of the most disadvantaged         technology such as AI and Mixed Reality to enhance           TVs and flexible learning environments.
areas in the UK. Most are from minority ethnic          the learning experience. The school’s pragmatic                   Digital agility and integration is at the heart of the   Swiss Cottage School Research &
backgrounds with English as an additional language.     mantra is: ‘try it, measure the impact, evaluate it,         school’s vision of engaging parents and pupils. The           Development Centre, London
    The school’s iPad one-to-one programme allows       adopt or drop!’                                              considered and thought-through use of iPads is seen           Ages: 2-19
the teachers and students ‘to reach a potential that                                                                 as crucial to integrating technology into the school’s        http://swisscottage.camden.sch.uk/
wouldn’t ordinarily be possible.’ Opportunities are     Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, Ipswich                     learning; which includes project based learning.              This special school in the London Borough of
created for students to direct their own learning       Independent                                                  They sit alongside products in the school which               Camden views education through the lens of making
through methods such as content creation, voice         Ages: 11-18                                                  mean that pupils can quickly display their work to            it inclusive for all. It’s also a teaching school, leading
feedback and coding.                                    www.royalhospitalschool.org/                                 the whole class and receive instant feedback.                 an alliance of school and professional partners who
    Recorded voice feedback has significantly           @RHSuffolk                                                        Results have been impressive. The school holds           work collaboratively to promote innovation and
improved students’ understanding of teachers’           The Royal Hospital School’s approach to the use              progress data that shows how a cohort that had 1:1            research in a range of areas, including pedagogy,
feedback and their ability to progress more quickly     of technology, is comprehensive and ambitious.               iPads made significantly more progress than a                 technology and teacher training.
compared to traditional handwritten marking.            At its core, the school, a co-educational                    cohort that did not. In-school data indicates that                The school makes use of professional learning
Teacher workload, too, has been significantly           independent day and boarding school with                     children make good progress from very low starting            communities, who work across the school with all
reduced through the use of digitised voice              naval traditions, aims to make learning as relevant,         points. In addition to higher attainment levels in            staff and specialised teams. Consequently, the right
feedback. There’s a reduction in teacher workload       contemporary, contextualised and as interesting as           general, outcomes for SEN boy pupils have improved,           learning technologies can be allocated to the pupils
of around 4.5 hours per week.                           possible. Technology is seen as a key to achieving           as well as the school’s SAT results. This sort of             against their personal learning intentions, including
    The school indicates that students with EAL         this, along with traditional teaching pedagogy.              success contributed to Stephenson’s Memorial                  communication devices and specific apps – like
show particular improvement. Parental engagement            The school highlights its use of augmented               Primary School becoming North Tyneside’s first                Snap and Core and Clicker and specialist hardware
is higher and this has been demonstrated recently       reality to build an immersive art installation to            Apple Regional Training Centre in 2015.                       and software.
by a Leading Parent Partnership award. The judges       commemorate the centenary of the Armistice,                                                                                    The impact of technology across the school, and
find the Olive Tree’s submission: ‘short and to the     and separately, its comprehensive approach to                Springwell Learning Community, Barnsley                       for wider stakeholders, is channelled via the centre’s
point – this school has a clear goal to use tech to     online safety and institutional progression.                 https://springwelllearningcommunity.co.uk/                    online learning journal. This allows pupil progress to
reduce teacher workload, has achieved it and even           It strives for excellence in the use of EdTech.          @SpringwellLC                                                 be tracked over time. It also enables the capture of
won an award for their work.’                           Mobile learning has been significant in the                  Springwell is a full age range special academy.               formative assessments and to evaluate learning to
                                                        development of teaching and learning for over                EdTech provides all students with an appropriate              establish ‘summative assessment measures.‘ As a
Ribblesdale High School, Clitheroe                      six years. This commenced with a two-year                    curriculum that gives opportunities for academic,             Teaching School, achievements are also shared and
Ages: 11-16                                             training programme for teachers; with a roll                 social and emotional progression.                             widely disseminated through events like 'What's
www.ribblesdale.org/                                    out of 1:1 devices in 2014.                                     The school is now fully immersed in the iPad 1:1           Special about Special,’ which provide an insight for
@ribbweb                                                    The School is an Apple Regional Training Centre,         programme. Blogging was introduced, highlighting its          organisations into SEND education technology case
Ribblesdale High School has implemented a cloud         and recognition includes a 360 Degree Online                 capacity to make a real difference to the children’s          studies and projects.
first digital strategy. The use of OneNote Class        Safety Mark and status as a national 'Beacon of              learning. The platform to write for a real audience               One of the judges commented that he ‘really
Notebooks allows students to produce work in            Good Practice.’                                              gives genuine purpose, impacting positively on the            liked how the school has embedded tech as an
a variety of ways, which best suits their learning          Within its technology curriculum, the Key Stage 3        quality of their writing. Imaginative and effect use          enabler in key processes like teacher training.’
style. Teachers are also able to provide real-time      Compass module comprises a ‘carousel of digital              of social media (e.g. ‘Honey I Shrunk the Pupils’ on
feedback, ensuring the opportunity for impact is        skills, coding, creativity, workflows and problem            YouTube) means there is a ‘buzz’ about the place;
maximised. It also gives the opportunity for teachers   solving exercises to develop digital literacy.‘              attainment is up, negative behaviour incidents are
to provide feedback in a variety of forms, such as          For one judge, this is a fantastic example of a school   down, morale is high amongst all stakeholders as ‘we
video and audio. This not only saves teachers’ time,    that ‘doesn’t just know why it is using tech in teaching     continue to redefine learning and promote creativity’.
but often prompts students to react more readily        and learning, but can point to its success in rising            Evidence based on the tracking of achievement
than if it were in the written form.                    attainment and indeed has won awards for its work.’          data shows that the introduction of Springwell’s 1:1

16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        17
The Edtech 50 Schools                                                                                                                                                     The Edtech 50 Schools

The West Grantham Academy St Hugh’s,                    performance management targets for staff. The aim        Witton Park Academy, Blackburn
Grantham                                                is to achieve realistic innovation; ensuring staff are   Ages: 11-16
Ages: 11-16                                             trained, confident and able to make and learn from       https://witton.atctrust.org.uk/
www.wgacademiestrust.org.uk/                            any mistakes. The local Community Learning Centre        Witton Park Academy, a Google Reference School,
The West Grantham Academy St Hugh’s is                  has noted approvingly the drive to integrate             recognises that its students’ lives are filled with
passionate about the role that technology can play      technology into all learning.                            technology and wants them to feel at ease in ‘this
in the learning process, and encourages the use of          A recent outstanding Ofsted report highlighted       rapidly changing climate.’ In this context, the use of
iPads in the classroom and at home to deepen the        the use of technology and the school is proud            Google for Education and Chromebooks are seen
learning experience. It is a 1:1 iPad school. 50% of    of its engagement with parents through Seesaw            to enable students to become well-informed,
students are in receipt of the pupil premium.           for Schools.                                             responsible digital citizens and lifelong learners.
    St Hugh’s is keen to highlight the way technology       Judges are impressed by the use of technology            It is clear about what it wants students and staff
is used to encourage independent learning. The          to impact on results: ‘I also liked that they improved   to achieve with the use of technology in education.
curriculum is designed to allow time for students to    parental engagement with a simple initiative. Simple     As one of our judges notes: ‘a lot of thinking has
study independently, following their feedback – via     but effective.’ Another comments: ‘What an inspiring     gone into how the tech is used in a nuanced way. ‘
a weekly e-statement, Showbie, Seesaw, Tassomai,        success story!’                                              Staff use a variety of apps to organise,
Complete Maths and many other options. It enables                                                                collaborate and engage students in their learning.
learners to become increasingly independent.            Wimbledon High School, London                            Comments and advice can be directed to pupils
    A comprehensive strategic approach to               Independent                                              in real time; enabling them, also, to be supported
technology is now in its third year, allowing a         Ages: 4-18                                               individually, discretely. Cloud storage also allows
progression to sharing successes with weekly            www.wimbledonhigh.gdst.net/                              students to work at school, at home, between
Sharing Good Practice Sessions and a move towards       @WimbledonHigh                                           the two.
ensuring all staff become Apple teachers.               Uppermost in this school’s mind is the need to               Witton Park uses technology to inspire and help
    The school is one of the case study schools for     equip its girls to navigate a fully digital world.       nurture students to become independent and
the Chartered College EdTech online course. The         Technology is embedded right across the school,          curious learners. They are empowered to virtually
study focuses on modelling; dual coding and             as a tool for enhancing learning, underpinned            travel to parts of the world to experience the
collaborative writing. Another area of impact has       by pedagogy and informed by a clear strategic            scenes and sites that they learn about in History
been St Hugh’s project with Beaconsfield High           direction. Wimbledon High School, an independent         and Geography. The technology is knowledge
School. The latter’s Y12 students mentored St           girls’ day school, is a Microsoft Showcase School        enhancing. From the teachers’ perspective, many
Hugh’s KS4 students two mornings a week via             and the use of Teams and OneNote is the                  positive impacts are cited from the use of G Suite,
FaceTime. Using iPads, this enables students who        cornerstone of its approach.                             ranging from time, cost and paper savings to earlier
have recently experienced success in their GCSE             The strategic focus is on developing and             diagnosis of any student subject misconceptions.
exams to support those who are preparing for them.      measuring real added value to transform the
    Our judges were really positive about this          school’s teaching. This is perhaps best captured
improving school: ‘Absolutely wonderful reading this    in the school’s STEAM philosophy, where cross-
– very clear from the submission how the school is      curriculum thinking, making and experimentation
making thoughtful use of tech and with results that     are ‘at the heart of what we do.’
speak for themselves. Great to hear the student             All subject departments work with STEAM, aided
voice represented.’                                     by Scientists in Residence located in the school’s
                                                        new STEAM Lab. This enabling space can help break
Whitefield Primary School, Liverpool                    down barriers between subjects, ensuring pupils are
www.whitefieldprimaryschool.co.uk/                      confident, critical thinkers; with a creative approach
@WhitefieldPS                                           to problem-solving. Judges were impressed with
Whitefield Primary School has embedded                  the rich vein of feedback provided by the
technology across the curriculum through iPad use.      technology, used by teachers to shape future,
   The school is now also using VR to support           bespoke, (and according to the school’s impact
foundation subjects and literacy. E-safety is taken     measures), much faster-paced lessons. Wimbledon
seriously and White Field Primary has operated          High School’s creative and well thought-through
eCadets, (a 2018 EdTech award winner) for five years.   approach to technology was also noted. As one
   New technology is explored using the Lesson          judge comments: ‘Loved the STEAM room, it’s like
Study approach, supported by policy and                 a sauna, but for tech!’

18                                                                                                                                                                                           19
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