An Introduction to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan

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An Introduction to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan
An Introduction
to the Staffordshire
and Stoke-on-Trent
Sustainability and
Transformation Plan
An Introduction to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan
    1    Introduction                                                                       3

    2    STP area map                                                                       4

    3    How things should be…                                                              5

    4    How things really are…                                                             6

    5    The challenges facing our health and care system health and wellbeing              7

    6    The challenges facing our health and care system quality of care                   8

    7    The challenges facing our health and care system finance and efficiency            9

    8    How will we solve this?                                                           10

    9    Why hospital care isn’t always the best place for you when you’re ill             12

10       We all need to take more responsibility for our own health, where appropriate     13

    11   What does the future look like?                                                   15

12       Public engagement                                                                 16

13       We need to make these big decisions together                                      18

14       Where can I find out more?                                                       20

2                                                                        Together We’re Better
An Introduction to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan
1           Introduction

STPs are about
local leaders working
together and with
local people to join
up and improve
health and care
within the budgets
available to us.

                                    44 6
There are 44 STPs and each
has a ‘footprint’ — the area
that it covers. Our footprint is
Staffordshire and Stoke-on-
Trent and we have named our                                                    Clinical
plan ‘Together we’re Better’.                                                  Commissioning
We have two local authorities,
six Clinical Commissioning          STPs nationally                  across Staffordshire
Groups, who are responsible                                          and Stoke-on-Trent area
for buying healthcare for
the area, and five NHS trusts
providing services to 1.1 million
people. In addition, Royal
Wolverhampton Trust runs
Cannock Hospital.

Our population needs are
changing as people live
longer, often with more
complex conditions. There
is a life expectancy gap
in some of our communities.

                                    1.1m 542m
Our financial position is
                                    Providing services to            In four years’ time we
challenging — in four years’
time most organisations
                                                                     estimate a funding gap of
across Staffordshire and
Stoke-on-Trent will be in
deficit, and we will have a
funding gap of £542m if we
don’t change things.                people in Staffordshire          for all organisations
                                    and Stoke-on-Trent               across Staffordshire
                                                                     and Stoke-on-Trent, if
                                                                     we don’t change things

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan                        3
An Introduction to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan
2               STP area map


           North Staffordshire                                        Stoke-on-Trent
                  CCG                                                  City Council

                    Royal Stoke                                         Leek
                     University                                       Moorlands
                      Hospital                                         Hospital
                      Bradwell                                                            Hospital

                     Newcastle-under-Lyme                                                 Hospital
        North                                 Stoke-on-Trent
    Staffordshire                                                Cheadle
     Combined                                                                       East
     NHS Trust                                                                  Staffordshire
                          University              Stone         Uttoxeter
                         Hospitals of
                        North Midlands                                                            Queen’s
                          NHS Trust                                                               Hospital
    Stafford &
    Surrounds                                                               Samuel
       CCG                                                                  Johnson         Burton upon Trent      Staffordshire and
                                                   Stafford                 Hospital                                Stoke-on-Trent
                         County                                                                                    Partnership NHS
                         Hospital                                                                                        Trust

                        Cannock                                                                 Burton Hospitals
                        Chase CCG                                                               NHS Foundation
                                                              Cannock                                Trust

      Staffordshire                                                                     Tamworth
     and Shropshire                  County
     Healthcare NHS
       Foundation                    Council
                                                                                         South East
                                                    Cannock            Sir Robert       Staffordshire
                                                     Chase                Peel          and Seisdon
                                                    Hospital            Hospital

Not a geographical representation

4                                                                                                       Together We’re Better
An Introduction to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan
3           How things should be…

Everyone deserves                 difficulties, or a combination      Health and care should be an
                                  of all of these.                    equal partnership between
good quality, safe,                                                   you and the professionals
health and social care            The services you use most of        who support you. We believe
                                  the time should be as close
services that make                to where you live as possible,
                                                                      that prevention is always
                                                                      better than cure and that
the best possible use             as long as this is safe and         we all have a role to play in
of taxpayers’ money.              the local health and care           managing our own health and
                                  system can afford this. For         care — including planning and
These should be readily           the vast majority of the time       budgeting for our needs as
available to you regardless       you should go home as soon          we get older.
of your age, ethnicity, social    as treatment is completed.
and employment status,            More specialist care will
sexuality or where you live.      be delivered in a centre of
                                  excellence, so you may need
The standard of care should       to travel a little further for
be the same whether you           this — but rehabilitation
need physical, mental health      and follow-up treatment/
or social care services,          appointments will happen
support with conditions           close to home.
associated with learning

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan                           5
An Introduction to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan
4           How things really are…

There are many                      we often live longer with ill   [[ A quarter of all patients
                                    health. Currently we treat         admitted to hospital with
reasons why we                      disease and conditions to          a physical illness also have
are not providing                   prolong life, but not always       a mental health condition
the standard of                     with people’s dignity              that in most cases is not
                                    and quality of life as our         treated whilst in hospital.
care we have just                   priority.
described. Our
                                  We are a growing,
biggest challenges                                                            patients are
                                  ageing population…                   800    admitted to our
can be summarised                                                             local hospitals
                                  [[ By 2021 the number of
as follows:                          people aged 65+ will rise                every day
                                     by 16%                                   of these
1. We’re spending far too
   much money and are                                                  330    admissions
                                  [[ 30% of health and care
   building up a very big                                                     are unplanned
                                     costs for those aged over
   debt — £542million in five        65 years are spent on                    patients are
   years if we don’t act now         hospital care                     60     readmitted
   — but we’re not seeing
                                                                              within 30 days
   enough improvements in         [[ Half the local Clinical
                                                                              of discharge
   health and care as a result.      Commissioning
   This matters because we           Groups (CCGs), who                       of people in a
   won’t be able to make             are responsible for buying        33%    hospital bed at
   investments in improving          local healthcare services,               any at any one
   care, the latest technology       exceed the average                       time could be
   and equipment such as             for injuries due to falls                treated better
   scanners, and training.           in people aged 65+,                      elsewhere
   It will also make it even         Stoke-on-Trent was 30%
   more difficult to attract         above the national average.              of acute bed
   GPs, nurses and surgeons                                           30%     occupancy is
   to work here                   …with more complex                          by those with
                                  health needs                                mental health
2. Our major hospitals are                                                    needs
   struggling to meet quality     [[ People are living longer
   standards and demand —            — this is good
   you’ve all heard the stories
   of long queues in A&E and      [[ Many are living with
   cancelled operations              complex long term
3. We’re not always
   providing the right care at    [[ Too many people end up
   the right time in the right       in hospital, particularly
   way — and sometimes this          A&E, when there are other,
   means we actually cause           more appropriate and far
   you harm. The fact we are         less expensive alternatives
   living longer means that

6                                                                            Together We’re Better
An Introduction to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan
5           The challenges
                facing our health
                and care system
                health and wellbeing

Cancer                             Mental health                      Frail and elderly
[[ Main cause of premature         [[ 1 in 4 adults have              [[ Injuries from falls
   death                              a mental health issue              30% higher than
                                       at any one time                   national average
[[ Only 75% of patients seen
   within 62 days                  [[ Many cases of stress,           [[ Reablement spend is
                                      anxiety and depression can         59% lower than national
[[ Local CCGs have poor               be treated at home with            average.
   cancer detection rates.            the right support.

                Smoking                                         Obesity
                [[ Higher rate of death                         [[ One in ten children aged
                   due to smoking related                          four to five is obese
                                                                [[ This rises to one in five
                [[ Need improved                                   by age 11
                   education about health
                   risks.                                       [[ Two out of three adults
                                                                   have excess weight

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan                            7
An Introduction to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan
6          The challenges facing our
                health and care system
                quality of care

Readmissions                   A&E                              Access and
[[ Hip fracture readmissions   [[ Poor performance locally
                                                                wait times
   are up to 35% more likely      against 4 hour wait targets   [[ Large variation in the
                                                                   number of GPs per head
[[ Mental health unplanned     [[ 30% more attendances at          of population
   readmissions worse than        A&E than other areas
   national average.                                            [[ Non — elective admissions,
                               [[ More education needed            62 week wait, all higher
                                  around alternatives.             than national average

                                                                [[ Improvements here would
                                                                   make a real difference.

8                                                                        Together We’re Better
An Introduction to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan
7            The challenges
                 facing our health
                 and care system
                 finance and efficiency

                                                                      We face a significant
                                                                      financial challenge
                                                                      – £129million
                                                                      gap for 2015/16
                                                                      This equates to:

                                                                      [[ 8% of the total
                                                                         health spend

                                                                      [[ 500 beds in acute

High levels of hospital     Estates — buildings                       [[ Over 3,000 NHS staff,
admissions                  and land                                     including doctors and

                                                                      [[ The six Staffordshire and
                                                                         Stoke-on-Trent CCGs are
                                                                         currently forecast to end
                                                                         the year with a debt
                                                                         of £135million

                                                                      [[ By 2020/21 the CCGs will
                                                                         receive 14.8% more money
                                                                         per year, but health costs
                                                                         will rise 20% in the same
High costs of               Duplication and                              period
emergency care              planned care
                                                                      [[ If we do nothing, the
                                                                         recurring deficit in 2020/21
                                                                         is currently forecast to be
                                                                         £286 million

                                                                      [[ Add in the cost pressures
                                                                         in social care, this forecast
                                                                         increases to £542 million
                                                                         by 2020/21.

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan                              9
An Introduction to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan
8          How will we solve this?

Our draft plan puts together some ideas about how we can solve
these problems based around five key areas:

                                                           We think there
                                                           are two steps
                                                           to achieving the
                                                           care you deserve:
                                                           1. Affordable care
                                                              (The next 1-5 years)
                                                              We need to have honest
                                                              and possibly difficult
                                                              conversations about what
Focused prevention          Enhanced primary (i.e. GP)        we can do without, do less
                            and community care                of, or do in a more effective
                                                              way; but this may involve
                                                              making some difficult
                                                              decisions. For example:
                                                              should we move from three
                                                              A&E sites to two and turn
                                                              the third into an urgent
                                                              care centre? How would
                                                              this work? How could
                                                              we ensure the quality of
                                                              care improved as a result?
                                                              Would this adequately
                                                              serve the needs of the
                                                              local population?
Effective and efficient     Simplified urgent and
planned care                emergency care system          2. Transforming care
                                                              (the next 3-10 years)
                                                              This is the exciting bit. We
                                                              want to work with you to
                                                              plan the steps needed to
                                                              transform the way that
                                                              we will provide health and

                                                              care services in the future
                                                              so that these fit in with
                             Mental health services           the way that we live and
                             (including learning              work today. We need to
                             disabilities) are a part of      make sure that everyone is
                             all of these areas               treated fairly and gets the
Reduced costs of services                                     right support.

10                                                                   Together We’re Better
Affordable care                    Transforming care

Focused          Reduce the number of people        Work in new ways together to make
prevention       with problems caused by            prevention and wellbeing everyone’s
                 alcohol, obesity and smoking.      business. Tackle health inequalities by
                 This will reduce expensive         dealing with the social, economic and
                 hospital admissions by twice       environmental causes of ill health in
                 as much as trying to prevent       your community. Share with you the
                 their admission once the           responsibility for staying well. Develop
                 problem is there.                  holistic approaches to support people with
                                                    both mental and physical health needs.

Enhanced         Increase the proportion of         Improve access to care when you need
primary          care in the community rather       it. Take your mental health as seriously as
and              than hospitals. Reduce the         your physical health, and provide access
community        number and severity of             to mental health professionals /support
care             complications from long            within these teams so you receive care
                 term conditions. Develop a         earlier, reducing barriers and stigma. Plan
                 workforce plan to cope with        your care with you if you have a long term
                 the changes in training, roles     condition. Share with you the responsibility
                 and demand for different           for managing your condition. Join up care
                 kinds of professionals.            and allow your medical records to travel
                                                    with you.

Effective        Reduce ineffective treatment,      Perform more diagnostic tests and
and              reduce duplication of tests        follow up in the community so you only
efficient        and concentrate experts and        go to hospital once. Develop a dual care
planned          specialised diagnostics in a       approach addressing both physical and
care             few centres of excellence.         mental health needs.

                                                    Provide quicker and less invasive
                                                    treatments such as more physiotherapy
                                                    and less surgery, more talking therapy
                                                    and less drugs.

Simplified       Increase community based           Provide better access to more urgent care
urgent and       urgent care and reduce             nearer to your home. Make it easier for
emergency        A&E attendances. Reduce            you to know where to go for urgent advice
care             emergency hospital                 and treatment. Provide safe alternatives to
system           admissions and readmissions.       admission to hospital. Rapid 24/7 access
                                                    to mental health care for those in A&E who
                                                    need it; 24/7 home treatment for those in
                                                    a mental crisis.

Reduced          Review buildings, grounds and      Involve you in all difficult decisions about
cost of          bed capacity to ensure we          what we can afford. Provide safe and
services         are providing the right care in    efficient environments for care, which are
                 the right place. Increase the      designed for 21st Century requirements.
                 amount organisations work          Maximise the use of technology to improve
                 together to reduce excess          communication, information, monitoring
                 management costs.                  and problem solving.

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan                            11
9           Why hospital care isn’t
                 always the best place for
                 you when you’re ill
If not hospital, then            that treating people closer to     When you need
where?                           home through more localised        hospital care, it will be
                                 services leads to them
People currently view hospital
                                 getting better quicker and
as the best — or only — place    having a better quality of life,   It is important to know that
for them when they’re ill        but extra support is needed if     hospitals will always be there
because they either don’t        we are to achieve this.            when you need them, but by
know about the alternatives,                                        giving you better options for
or those alternatives don’t      Alternatives may include           your health needs, it will help
exist. If we are to encourage    improved access to GPs with        relieve some of the pressure
people to go to hospital only    a wider range of services          the hospitals currently face,
when it’s really necessary, we   available; access to walk-in       allowing them to focus on the
need to ensure there are high    centres and specially trained      people that really need their
quality alternatives available   pharmacists or developing          specialist care, improving
elsewhere and that people        centres of excellence that         quality as a result as well as
know they exist and know         focus on specific health           being able to better manage
how and when to access           needs, such as cancer or           demand and wait times.
them. Evidence suggests          diabetes.

12                                                                            Together We’re Better
10            We all need to take more
                 responsibility for our own
                 health, where appropriate
NHS and social care services                        It’s not all about health
should continue to be there                         We recognise that to truly tackle some of
when we really need them, but to                    the health issues we face in our area, we
                                                    need to look not just at the symptoms but
ensure this happens in the future,                  at the root cause — and these aren’t always
many of us could take on more                       health related. Poor housing, social isolation
personal responsibility for our                     and a missing sense of community all
                                                    contribute to poor health, particularly mental
own health. This could be through                   health. We recognise that we need to treat
making better lifestyle choices to                  your mental health as equally as your physical
help us stay well, or by managing                   health. It makes absolute sense to engage with
                                                    the voluntary and third sectors. It is clear that
our own health better when                          we all need to work together to help improve
we are ill. It could even involve                   health and social care across Staffordshire
making use of new technology to                     and Stoke-on-Trent.

monitor and maintain long term
conditions in the home.

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan                            13
14   Together We’re Better
11           What does the future
                 look like?
We certainly don’t                 These teams will work              We believe that it will also be
                                   closely together with patients     less expensive as long as we
have all the answers               as equal partners in the           are all prepared to accept that
yet but local clinical             management of their physical       if we get this right the roles of
leaders have been                  and mental health, and people      hospitals will change.
working on a new                   will be given the necessary
                                   advice, support and resource       This is likely to mean fewer
community ‘model                   to help them stay well for as      hospital beds, less staff
of care’ in which a                long as possible.                  working in a hospital setting
                                                                      and more specialist services
number of health and               When they are ill, they will       in fewer hospitals. As part
care professionals                 be given the necessary             of this we will look to move
with different skills              knowledge and help to              from three to two A&Es and
will work in small                 manage their own conditions        one Urgent Care Centre and
                                   wherever appropriate and           an exploration of potential
teams (we call these               possible, giving them more         options, though no decisions
‘multi-disciplinary’),             control over their lives.          on the locations of these
which will both                    This kind of proactive
                                                                      services has been made.
support and learn                  approach to care will              Doing this well would mean
from one another.                  help us all work together          our financial position would
                                   to reduce the number of            begin to improve in the
We think we would need             times people need to be            longer term and we would
around 23 teams based              admitted to hospitals for both     be able to meet the national
around local populations           pre-planned and emergency          standards for care within our
in Staffordshire and               care, allowing people to           major hospitals — something
Stoke-on-Trent of between          remain independent, in control     we have all struggled with in
30,000 — 70,000, many of           and sleep in their                 recent years. This will mean
whom will need relatively          own beds rather than on            less queues in A&E, reduced
little support from the            hospital wards.                    waits for operations, better
system most of the time.                                              care and better patient
                                   This will help to reduce a lot     experience.
These teams will need to           of the stress associated with
have the right information         illness for patients and their     We will have to make some
about their patients at their      families, as well as being a       investment in the short term
fingertips in order to help        much more convenient, cost         to make sure this works, and
identify those who may             effective way of providing         we have factored this into
need additional support,           services.                          our plans as we know this
help and advice.                                                      will lead to savings in the
                                                                      longer term.
They will focus on the overall
needs of the person rather
than dealing with a series of
individual symptoms, putting
the “jigsaw” together when it
comes to looking after people.

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan                              15
12   Public engagement

          In partnership with       [[How can we make
          Healthwatch Staffordshire    the best use of public
          and Healthwatch Stoke-       money?
          on-Trent, throughout
          November and December The events were held at:
          2016 we held a number     [[ Staffordshire Moorlands
          of patient and public        (Biddulph)
          engagement events,        [[ South Staffordshire
          known as Conversation        (Codsall)
          Staffordshire and
                                    [[ Stoke-on-Trent
          Stoke-on-Trent. These        (two events)
          events were about local
          people talking about      [[ Stafford
          the very real, very       [[ Newcastle-under-Lyme
          serious issues outlined
                                    [[ Lichfield
          in a Conversation
          Staffordshire and         [[ Tamworth
          Stoke-on-Trent            [[ Cannock
          document through
          an open, two-way          [[ East Staffordshire (Burton)
          discussion.               These events offered the
                                       opportunity to have frank and
          We asked:                    open discussions with leaders from
          [[Which services are         the STP about the work we have
                                       done so far, and difficult decisions
            valued most?               that may need to be made going
          [[How can they be            forward, as well as some of the
                                       opportunities this will create.
            shaped and improved?       These were not full consultation
                                       events, but the discussions may in
          [[Where do patients          the future inform the content of
            need to access those       any future consultations about any
            services?                  major changes to health and care

16                                                       Together We’re Better
During the events we              Many clinicians and health         No decisions can or will
received feedback                 professionals have been            be made until we have
                                  involved in the work we have       thoroughly engaged with
and ideas on:
                                  done so far, but we now need       you, our staff, politicians
[[ What you have seen that        to get everybody involved.         and voluntary sector
   could be done better           We need people who care            organisations, and any
                                  about their local services and     major changes to service
[[ Where money could be           who are interested in seeing       have to go through a formal
   better spent                   their local NHS not only           consultation process.
                                  survive the coming months
[[ What services mean the         and years, but also begin to       We are lucky to have a
   most to you and how we         thrive and improve as we           National Health Service as
   can improve them               move towards 2020.                 well as the social care that
                                                                     wraps around it. By getting
[[ If more of the care you        We must also be realistic          involved now, you can help
   need were available close      — with a population of well        to make sure your local NHS
   to where you live, how         over one million people            continues to provide high
   far would be acceptable        it’s unlikely we can please        quality, easily accessible
   to travel to receive           everyone, and not all ideas        healthcare to you, your
   specialist care                and proposals will be              friends and your family
                                  achievable. However, we            for years to come.
[[ What we can do without         will do our best to ensure
                                  decisions made are in
[[ Whether it is right to
                                  collaboration with the public.
   expect people to budget
   for their care needs as        Local Scrutiny Committees,
   well as their overall living   your local MPs, councillors,
   expenses in old age.           the voluntary sector and
                                  patient representatives
Healthwatch Staffordshire
                                  will all have an important
and Healthwatch Stoke-on-
                                  role to play in commenting
Trent will be providing a more
                                  upon and challenging our
detailed report which will
                                  plans. We have also set up
be used to inform ongoing
                                  an Ambassador Training
                                  Programme for patients, staff
No decisions about major          and local people who want
changes to local services will    to learn more so they can
be made without extensive         share information with their
public consultation and           communities.

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan                             17
13        We need to make these big
               decisions together
During our engagement                       You said:
events to date we have set                  There are lots about our current services
out a “direction of travel”,                that you value highly, but you also gave
                                            us examples of poor experiences, and
but there are a number of                   overall concerns that the current way we
big decisions that we need                  deliver care is not working as it should.
to make with you in 2017
                                            We did:
and beyond:                                 The plan is based on a new model of care
                                            which will be more joined up, and bring
[[ How quickly, and in which locations,
                                            care as close to home as possible, but also
   should we deliver the new joined up      help people take more control of their own
   way of providing primary, community,     health and care.
   mental health and end of life care

[[ How can we best use community            You said:
   hospitals and other estate (buildings    You are worried about the pressures on
   and land) to complement this?            our A&E services, and there is confusion
                                            about what services to use when.
[[ What is the most sensible and cost
   effective way of providing elective
                                            We did:
   (planned) care? Should we centralise     We recognise the need to simplify the
   University Hospitals of North Midlands   current system, and our proposals about
   NHS Trust care services onto one site,   redesign of urgent care are based on
   and should we have fewer, high quality   improving the service offered at local level.
   centres of excellence? Where should      These will be subject to consultation in the
   these be?
[[ Improving urgent care in line with
   national recommendations may             You said:
   reduce the need for A&E services.        You understand and agree with our
   Do we need the same number of A&Es       ambition to provide care closer to
   and if so where should they be? Our      home, but you have real concerns that
   current thinking is that we could move   community services do not exist at
   from three to two A&E sites and one      present to make this happen.
   Urgent Care Centre. This is something
   we will hold a consultation about in     We did:
   summer 2017.                             We recognise that the development of
                                            these locality teams will require investment
[[ Can we make further cost savings         and transition funding. This is built into the
   by sharing services or organising        STP plan.
   ourselves differently?

18                                                                    Together We’re Better
You said:                                            You said:
 We need to recognise the differences                 The current system is fragmented,
 there are between local areas, and the               and care is often affected by lack of
 different needs of local populations.                communication between professionals.

 We did:                                              We did:
 We agree and can reassure you that the               The fundamental basis for the plan is
 development of these new models will                 the development of integrated teams
 be bottom up — driven locally. The most              at locality levels who will deliver a more
 likely form will either be multispecialty            consistent service offer. These locality
 community provider (MCP) or Primary                  teams will over time develop into new
 and Acute Care System (PACS). A MCP                  models of care in line with the five
 moves specialist care out of hospitals               year vision for the NHS. This will mean
 into the community, whilst a PACS joins              professionals working together in teams
 up GP, hospital, community and mental                to give you a joined up service. These are
 health services. The STP has not made any
                                                      the cornerstone of the STP.
 statement about the format or geography
 of these developments.

                                                      You said:
                                                      Are there any ways of slimming down
 You said:                                            your management costs or sharing
 You are really concerned about the                   facilities?
 future of the community hospitals in
 Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, and feel
 in many places these are under-utillised;            We listened:
 you gave us lots of ideas about how we               We recognise that reduction of cost is
 could use these facilities better.                   important and we will look closely at
                                                      the way we work to see if there are any
                                                      sensible ways of joining up our services.
 We did:
 The STP is very clear that reduction in
 beds will be supported by additional
 investment in ‘out of hospital’ services             You said:
 including community, mental health,                  We have dedicated and committed staff
 primary and social care. The CCGs will               in our NHS and care services, and you
 be consulting formally in the new year               value highly their work.
 about their plans for the future use of
 community hospitals and we welcome
 suggestions from local people.                       We listened:
                                                      We agree that our staff are fundamental
                                                      to delivering the plan and every
                                                      organisation is committed to supporting
                                                      their staff through the delivery of the

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Plan                            19
14                   Where can I find
                           out more?

                                                                        You can read the full STP
                                                                        submission here.

                                                                        This will give you more detailed
                                                                        information about the work that is
                                                                        underway. It sets out our direction
                                                                        of travel but no decisions have been
                                                                        made yet — so there is plenty of time
                                                                        to have your say.

                                                                        We want to know what you think, so
                                                                        if you have any comments on the draft
                                                                        plan or would like to get more involved
                                                                        please call the Communications and
                                                                        Engagement Team at Midlands and
                                                                        Lancashire Commissioning Support
                                                                        Unit on 0333 150 1602.

ABHC_5393_Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent STP Public Facing Document
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