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About Us
The word “Gainfort” has become             We have an overall pass rate of 99%
synonymous with flair and excellence       in our ITEC courses to date. Our past
in the hair and beauty industry for        students have secured positions with
30 years now. We’ve been supplying         Disney Cruises, Keville for Hair, Peter
salons with their everyday needs           Mark, Aidan Fitzgerald, AC Pure,
and helping new establishments with        Cheveau Studio, Seafield Hotel Spa,
their design and fit out. And so it was    Whites Hotel, Brandon House Hotel,
only natural to take it one step further   to name but a few, others have set
and open a state-of-the-art training       up their own successful businesses.
academy in 2017.                           Last year, our hairdressing student,
                                           Sarah Harris, won National Best Blonde
Based in Wexford and Waterford.            Image at Crossans Be Fabulous
Gainfort Academy is fully equipped         Awards.
with the latest facilities and teaching
technology. Our intimate classrooms        We offer students tailored payment
and spacious amphitheatre are              plans to help them budget to
specially designed for a wide variety      succeed in their studies. We give all
of courses, seminars and workshops         our students a discount card that is
for industry professionals and aspiring    valid for one year post-qualification
amateurs.                                  which helps them in their first year
                                           as professionals. Academy Director,
The Academy has been selected              Fiona Gainfort, oversees successful
in RSVP Magazine’s Elite selection         recruitment of our students who are
of “Leading Beauty Schools in              head hunted by discerning salon
Ireland since 2014”. Proud winners         owners. All students are entitled to
of The Wexford Business Awards             10% off* workshop rates once paid
Training Provider of the Year 2012,        in full when booking.*This offer is not
2014, 2015 & 2016. In 2017, we were        valid in conjunction with any other
voted - by public vote - as finalists      offers and excludes kits.
for the National Training Academy of
the Year at the Professional Beauty        Train at Gainfort Academy now a
Awards. Gainfort Academy is an             centre of excellence for Revlon,
ITEC and CIBTAC accredited training        L’Oreal, Affinage, American Crew, &
centre. We offer certificates and          Dermalogica, along with guest tutors
diplomas in Hairdressing, Barbering,       such as Paul Mac Special, Sean
Beauty Treatments, Beauty Therapy,         Taaffe, Chris Munt, Gemma Crossan,
Professional Make Up, Holistic             Anne Veck & David Cashman. ITEC
Massage, Nail Technology, and              courses are also approved for lntreo
Teacher Training.                          funding. Please check at your local
                                           office to see if you are eligible.

   Beauty Therapist Pro Package | FULL TIME
     Brand new for 2019/2020 - the Beauty Therapist Pro
      Package includes a range of qualifications that will
          kickstart your career in the beauty sector.

  “     By the end of this package, the student
         will have attained two ITEC Diplomas,
          and a CIBTAC Diploma - recognised
        world-wide - as well as six popular skills
           in the range of beauty & makeup.
                 ONLY €6995
                 Start Date: 10 | 09 |19
Also included: ITEC / CIBTAC Registeration| Books | Uniform | Exam Fees

  Beauty Therapist Pro Package | FULL TIME

 This Beauty Therapist Pro Package is a one year full time
   programme and includes invaluable work experience
     module to ensure students are highly competent.

                   ITEC Beauty Specialist Diploma:
 This includes Skincare & Eye Treatments, Makeup, Waxing, Manicure & Pedicure,
                and Professional Conduct & Business Awareness.

                CIBTAC Beauty Specialist Diploma:
 This is an add-on diploma that gives increased expertise and more recognition in
                                the world of beauty.

                   ITEC Holistic Massage Diploma
This includes practical massage therapy, history of massage, business and market-
                           ing, holistic massage theory.

                           Pro Makeup Artistry
     This course will include masterclasses from professional makeup artists,
  photographers and social media specialists, all of whom will show you what the
                     general public and media are looking for.

                   WORKSHOPS ALSO INCLUDED:
                  NSI Gel | Acrylic Nails Certificate | Spray Tan |
                  Gel Polish | Lash Extensions | Lash Technician

   Details of this package are on the following pages:
     *All of the following courses can be purchased indivudually.

ITEC Beauty Specialist Diploma | PART TIME
The ITEC Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Specialists enables learners to provide
treatments for the purposes of relaxation, and improving the condition of the
skin and nails. It is suitable for beginners.
This qualification is ideal for a
beginner or introduction course
for anyone who wishes to become
a beauty specialist. This is a part
time course one day per week.

In this course we will cover the
following; skincare and eye
treatments, Makeup, Manicure and
pedicure, waxing and professional
conduct. All units are mandatory
and each has 3 elements- theory,
practical and evidence of
treatments except for Business
which is theory only.

The candidate will study the
theory of all treatments as well
as the anatomy of the skin, hair
and nails. Contraindications and
recognition of skin diseases and
disorders are also a vital part
of their training as well as the
underpinning knowledge and skills
required to successfully perform
the treatments: Skincare and Eye
Treatments, Manicure/ Pedicure,         Also included:
Make-up, and Waxing.                    ITEC Registeration
Students will sit a practical exam      Uniform
and five theory papers at the end       & Exam Fees
of the course. A portfolio of case
studies is also required.

€2395       Wexford: 12 | 09 |19 Waterford: 10 | 09 | 19

ITEC Level 2 | Makeup Certificate
This qualification is ideal for candidates who wish to specialise in makeup.
It is ideal as a beginner or introduction course for anyone who wishes to
become a make up artist. We strongly recommend you continue with the
make up diploma for candidates who wish to become a professional makeup
Students will learn about:
• Heath, safety and hygiene practices
• Client consultation
• Identification of contraindications
• Identification of skin tone, skin types, skin conditions
• Recognise face shapes and enhance clients features
• Airbrush make up
•   Provide a makeup application suitable for all ages and occasions
• Understand and demonstrate the correct use of cosmetics
• Cosmetic Science
The course will consist of a practical exam and a theory exam. Candidates
will also have to prepare evidence of 5 treatments, including 1 treatment per
client, to include one day, one evening, one special occasion, one bridal
and one other makeup. The course cost includes your tunic, exam fees and

€595       Wexford: 17 | 09 | 19 Waterford: 10 | 09 | 19

ITEC Level 2 Beauty Specialist Skin and Eye
Certificate Day Course
This certificate is for candidates
who wish to gain a qualification
to specialise in facial, skincare
treatments and eye enhancement.
No experience necessary. We
highly recommend the elite
upgrade with this qualification.
The course will have a practical
exam and one theory multiple
choice question exam. Candidates
will also have to complete 5 case

€695      Wexford: 03 | 03| 20 Waterford: 03 | 03 | 20
ITEC Professional Conduct & Business Awareness
This qualification is a module contained in most ITEC Diplomas, candidates
who have completed certain modules may be able to convert them into a
Diploma if all modules have been completed.
This is a theory course covering all areas of professionalism and
business, to include:
•   How to maintain professional
    working relationships
•   Professional ethics and client
•   Understand contraindications,
•   Hygienic procedures both
    personally and professionally
•   Business areas such as
    administration, accounts,
    insurance, advertising and

€495      Wexford: 20 | 04 | 20

ITEC level 2 Waxing Certificate
This qualification is ideal for candidates
who wish to specialise in waxing without
undergoing any other qualifications.
Evidence of 5 treatments including one
treatment per client on the following
areas: Full leg, Bikini line, Underarm,
Forearm, Lip, Chin is also required for
the course. This qualification can be a
stand alone certificate or put towards
the Beauty Specialist Diploma. Wax kit
for home use can be purchased at a
discounted price.

Wexford: 07 | 11 | 19
Waterford: 07 | 01 | 20
ITEC Level 2 Manicure & Pedicure Certificate
This ITEC Mani/Pedi course gives you the knowledge you need for nail
therapies and an insurable certification to take this to a higher level. This
qualification is ideal for candidates who wish to specialise in nail treatments
and may wish to advance to a career as a nail technician. This cert is often
followed on with workshops such as Nail Art and NSI. It also forms part of
the Nail Technician Pro Package. For candidates who wish to qualify with a
Beauty Specialist Diploma, modules to be added are Skincare & Eye care
Treatments, Make Up, Waxing and Professional Conduct.
This course covers the following:
•   Shaping Nails,
•   Cuticle Removal,
•   Application of Nail Enamel,
•   Nail Diseases and Disorders,
•   Filing Nails,
•   Buffing,
•   Specialised Nail Treatment such as Hot Oil, Parafin
    Wax, Hand Masks, Thermal Mittens/Boots etc

€595       Wexford: 12 | 09 | 19 Waterford: 05 | 11 | 19

ITEC | CIBTAC Award in
Facial Electrical Treatments
The aim of the award in Facial Electrical
Treatments is to enable candidates
to gain the necessary practical and
theoretical skills in order to provide facial
electrical treatments.

This course covers the following:
•   Preparation and care of the Client
•   Effective cleansing and preparation of the skin
•   Safe use of various electrical machines and suitability of machine or
    treatment for client.
•   Theoretical knowledge of science and electrical theory including health
    and safety.

€595        Wexford: 12 | 09 | 19

                     Pro Makeup Artistry
We at Gainfort’s recognise how the makeup industry has changed in such a
phenomenal way. Makeup standards have been raised - and so have ours!
 This is why we have decided to create this bespoke, contemporary and
                     relevant Professional MUA course.

Upgrade to this course and you will cover all aspects ot the latest techniques
                        in makeup artistry including:
                               Face charts
                           Contour & Highlight
                Bridal/Mature/Fashion/Catwalk Makeup
                          Blending Techniques
          Brow Defining Including the 7 Steps to on Trend Brows
      Eyeshadow Techniques: Cut Crease, Glitter, Smokey & Spotlight
                    Airbrush Makeup & Body Painting
                  Lash Application – Strip & Individual
                     Skin preparation – cleanse, etc.
                          Spray Tan techniques
                       Special Effects Introduction
             Photoshoot with digital copies for your portfolio

Masterclasses with Professional Makeup
 Artists, Photographers, Bloggers, TV
    Makeup and Bridal Specialists!

                     Pro Makeup Artistry
 This course will include masterclasses from professional makeup artists,
photographers and social media specialists, all of whom will show you what
              the general public and media are looking for.

                   Previous Guest Aritsts Include:
             Marie Murphy | Diane Everett | The Social Editor

DIANE EVERETT                                            MARIE MURPHY

               ONLY €1950
                         inc. makeup
              Wexford: 12 | 11 | 19 Waterford: 05 |11 | 19

             ITEC Award in the Art of Photographic Makeup
              Gainfort Academy Pro Makeup Artist Diploma
                       ITEC Certificate in Makeup
PLUS Certificates of Completion from all Masterclasses & Celebrity Guests

ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage
The main aim of the ITEC Level
3 Diploma in Holistic Massage
is to enable Learners to provide
treatments for the purposes of
relaxation and stress release.

Our ITEC accredited Holistic
Massage Diploma course is for
those interested in becoming
a massage therapist - many
candidates combine this with
a Beauty Specialist Diploma to
become a Beauty Therapist.

This course will train students
to the highest level of Swedish
Massage, also equipping them
with detail knowledge of the Body
Structures under which they work.
Case studies are also required to
be completed for this award. The
case studies ensure that a variety
of clients must be consulted and
treated in all the above areas and
the outcomes of the treatments
must be documented in order to
gain experience of working with
a variety of clients and conditions
whilst candidates are still under
                                      This course covers the following:
Graduates of this course can          •   Anatomy and Physiology of the
seek employment in spas, beauty           Body
salons, gyms, etc. and this is also   •   Practical Massage Therapy
the perfect course to accompany       •   History of Massage
Complementary Therapies like          •   Business and Marketing Studies
Reflexology, Aromatherapy, etc.       •   Holistic Massage Theory

€1750 inc. A&P Wexford: 16 | 10 | 19 Waterford: 11 | 09 | 19

ITEC level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
This qualification enables candidates to go ahead and study qualifications,
upon completion candidates will have a thorough understanding of the
Anatomy & Physiology of the body, ideal for anybody to undergo as this is a
pre- requisite to a lot of courses such as Sports Massage, Holistic Massage,
Reflexology, Body Treatments etc.
This course covers the following:
•   S keletal system
•   Muscular system
•   Skin
•   The Cell
•   Circulatory and Lymphatic system
•   Endocrine system
•   Respiratory system
•   Digestive system
•   Urinary system
•   Reproductive system

This course is suitable for: Any adult
returnee with a good basic general
education, returning to education
with a desire to work as a massage
therapist or reflexologist for which
the A&P award is a pre-requisite.            Students who complete the
Anyone already working as a nurse            Diploma have the opportunity to
or carer who may wish to become a            progress into a lot of elements
complementary therapist as the A&P           in the beauty industry including
is a pre-requisite qualification to many     Holistic Massage or even
other awards. Anyone involved in gym         Reflexology, Anatomy and
or aerobics who must have a good             Physiology is also part of the
understanding of the body structure or       Gym Instruction and Aerobics
who may wish to add sports massage           qualifications along with other
to their skills, as the A&P with Holistic    fitness training qualifications. We
Massage is a pre-requisite for this          also recommend that students
qualification. Anyone who wishes to          do 7 to 10 hours home study per
train as a Beauty Therapist.                 week.

€595 Wexford: 16 | 10 | 19 Waterford: 11 | 09 |19

NSI 4 Day Gel/Acrylic Nails Course
This gel system is a new and revolutionary odourless acid free gel which
delivers great performance and flexibility. This is a one step program,
easy to use and saves you time and money. Or choose Acrylic Nails this
Acrylic Course is designed to teach you the basic polymor.

This Course will teach you powder and liquid with Attraction System,
which is renowned for its performance and had gained competition wins
throughout the World. Students who reach pass level in their exam will
receive a NSI Certificate( this Certificate is recognised World wide).
This course covers the following:
•   Hygiene/ Salon Safety,
•   Nail Anatomy,
•   Preparation of nails,
•   Application of tips,
•   Tools of trade,
•   Product Application,
•   Maintenance refill treatments,
•   Trouble shooting,
•   Marketing.
*Please note that you are required to do
ten case studies as part of your course.

€695 Wexford: 30 | 09 | 19 Waterford: 09 | 12 | 19

Beauty Specialist with Trending Techniques Package
New for 2019/2020! By the end of this package, the student will have
attained a Beauty Specialist ITEC Diploma - recognised world-wide - as well
as six popular skills in the range of beauty & makeup.

ITEC Beautv Specialist Diploma includes:
• Skincare & Eye Treatments,
• Makeup,
• Waxing,
• Manicure & Pedicure,
• Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

Nail Art Workshop | Threading | 2 Week Gel Polish Workshop | Marvelbrow
Workshop | Spray Tan Workshop | Advanced waxing

Package Offer €2750          Wexford: 05|11|19 Waterford: 10 | 09 | 19
Professional Nail Package
New for 2019/2020! The main aim of the Nail Technician Professional
Package is to enable Candidates to provide treatments for the purpose of
caring for and enhancing nails and become versed in a number of disciplines
including NSI Gel/Acrylic nails, Gel Polish, ITEC Level 2 Certificate Manicure/
Pedicure and Nail Art. Upon complete of this course, you will receive an ITEC
Level 2 Certificate in Manicure and Pedicure, along with an NSI Certificate in
Gel/Acrylic Nails.

•   To provide skills at Level 3 in the National Qualification Framework for
    those interested in the Beauty Therapy Industry
•   To provide an NSI qualification
•   To qualify Candidates in Manicure/Pedicure at an ITEC Level 2
•   To sustain the interest of Candidates wanting to work in the Beauty
    Therapy Industry
•   To provide opportunities for Candidates to focus on the development of
    the major Key Skills and the wider Key Skills in a Beauty Therapy context
    such as communicating with clients, working with others and problem
•   To provide opportunities for Candidates to develop a range of skills and
    techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful
    performance in employment as a Nail Technician

Package Offer €1295            Wexford 12|09|19      Waterford: 05|11|19
VTCT Diploma in Education & Training
This diploma is for candidates who wish to teach any type of vocational
course in the further education sector. At Gainfort Academy we tailor the
training practice hours for candidates wishing to teach in the hair, beauty or
complementary therapy sector. All other sectors will need to find teaching
practise in their relevant discipline. Students can avail of teacher training on
Gainfort Academy.
Candidates should have a level 3 ( level 5 Irish National Framework) skills
in the subject you intend to teach, though a qualification is optional. All
applicants are subject to an interview before securing a place on the course.
You must have competent reading and writing skills in the English language

This course covers the following:
•   Developing Teaching, Learning and assessment in education and train-
•   Teaching, Learning and assessment in Education and Training
•   Theories, Principles and models in Education and Training
•   Wider professional practice in Education and training
•   Developing, Using and Organising Resources within a Specialist area
    Inclusive Practice
•   Teaching in a specialist area

ITEC Diploma Level 5 - equivalent to level 7 Irish National Framework

€2595 Wexford: 29 | 03 | 20
Training Provider of the Year

        Suppliers Of

                     Fiona Gainfort
Fiona is the Gainfort Academy           You will find Gainfort Academy is a
                                        compelling place with much to offer
Director and plays a major role
                                        you, including outstanding facilities,
in helping the next generation
                                        students, and staff, as well as a
of Hairdressers and Beauticians
                                        challenging curriculum.
kickstart their careers. She is a
qualified tutor with qualifications
                                        In an intimate setting like we have
in hair, beauty, life coaching and
                                        here at Gainfort Academy, we can
career guidance. Fiona is also a
                                        accomplish what simply cannot be
member on the Executive Board
                                        done in larger, more impersonal
of the Hairdressing Council of
                                        schools. We can become a true,
Ireland, and aims to be the voice for
                                        inclusive community; supportive of
hairdressers in the South East.
                                        the multiplicity of ways we can come
                                        together, learn and develop.
Gainfort Academy has won Wexford
                                        We are the school of choice for
Chamber of Commerce’s Training
                                        leading salons and I am very
Provider of the Year award on four
                                        committed to assisting graduates
occasions (unique record) 2012,
                                        in gaining employment, having
2014, 2015 & 2016. They have also
                                        achieved great success rates.
won RSVP magazine’s Leading
Beauty School award annually
                                        Working closely with you and our
since 2013. At Gainfort Academy,
                                        faculty, we aim to provide services,
we strongly believe that each of
                                        activities, and resources that
you will have much to contribute
                                        support the Academy’s enterprise
and likewise, we are committed to
                                        while we support you personally
supporting and working with you.
                                        as you learn, grow, and change
                                        through your time here. We care
Gainfort Academy is a place for
                                        about you and want to make you the
you to continue to develop your
                                        best that you can be!
intellectual passions and personal
                                        We look forward to meeting our
talents, and for each of us to
                                        future prospective students as we
support one another.
                                        work together to ensure that your
                                        experience at Gainfort Academy is
                                        deeply rewarding.

        Ciara Mc Coy
        Ciara has been in the hair and beauty industry since 2005.
        Ciara studied beauty therapy in Clarence College Wexford
        and Waterford College of Further Education gaining ITEC,
        CIBTAC and CIDESCO diplomas.
        She was awarded Student of the year by WCFE and also
        CIDESCO student of the year after completing her exams.
        She is working in both the hair and beauty industry part
        time while also tutoring for Gainfort Academy.

        Gina has been in the beauty industry since 2010, after she
        recieved her diploma. Gina is ITEC, CiBTAC and CIDESCO
        qualified. She recieved student of the year in 2010 from
        Enniscorthy Vochational College.
        Gina has worked with Dermalogica, Decleor, Payot, Elemis,
        Mamamio, Biodroga, Dr. Hauschka, Guinot, Vita Liberata
        Tan and He-Shi Tan.

        Marie Murphy
        Marie trained in skin and bridal make up, working for various
        companies and was a finalist in lllamasque Distinction of Make
        Up Artistry Awards 2013. She won the Cinema Make Up School
        Legends of Make Up School to study Special FX in Hollywood.
        Since then she has worked for Disney channel, the media
        industry and most recently is a make up artist for Kat Von Dee
        Make Up
•   Gainfort Academy is an ITEC, CIBTAC & AIT accredited training centre
•   To get the Irish National Framework level add two the ITEC level i.e. ITEC Level 2 is
    Level 4 on the Irish National Framework.
•   All courses are available in Wexford academy, limited availability in Waterford
•   All courses start at 10am unless otherwise stated
•   Students will on occasion be offered free workshops that may not be their usual
    college day, we strongly recommend students avail of these courses as they are of
    great benefit to their career.
•   Hairdressing students will be encouraged to enter the IHF competition and any
    other competition students are interested in. Gainfort academy will assist but the
    academy do not cover entering fees or additional costs for these competitions.
•   There is a minimum of 80% attendance on ITEC courses before you can sit an
•   Medical certificates must be produced to the academy to ensure your
    attendance is not effected, however, long term absenteeism will effect your ability to
    sit exams
•   All courses must be paid in full before sitting exams
•   All payment plans with Gainfort Academy are subject to a finance fee of €150 -
    two year courses will have a €200 fee To avail of the Gainfort payment
    plan students must set up a weekly standing order payment to Gainfort
    Academy and sign a legally binding contract agreeing to the payment plan
•   Deposits are non refundable+ non transferable All kits included in fee price remain
    property of Gainfort Academy until fees are paid in full.
•   Students must agree to the academy rules and procedures or may be subject to
    suspension or expulsion.
•   We can provide readers and other learning assistance where possible to our
    students once we are informed by the student. We deal with each case separately
    and confidentially. * Students must remind academy of this near to exam time.
•   Graduation is once a year at Gainfort Academy, usually end of October/start of
    November. Student of the year awards and conferring of students will occur on
    this evening. Gainfort Academy will have a professional photographer available
    for students and their families, however, payment and collection of photographs is
    between the photographer and the student. Cap and gowns are also available for
    the ceremony at a hire cost of €15.
•   Course fees are due in full prior to course and are non-refundable in any
    circumstance, medical or otherwise. If you leave the course, all fees are due in full
    with no exception.
•   A deposit is required to secure your place. Minimum of €200 for
    certificate course and €500 for Diploma Courses. Deposits & Course fees
    are non refundable & non transferable in any circumstances medical or

•   Balance of course fee(s) are required in full one week prior to start date.

•   It is the students responsibility to ensure they are aware of the course
    requirements and any kits and/or models required for that course.

•   Gainfort Academy DO NOT supply models for any of the courses.

•   Gainfort Academy reserve the right to cancel a course due to insufficient
    applications and fees will be refunded in full.

•   Early Booking Offer Available until specified dates on pricelists.

•   Free workshops with the exception of Affinage Programmes, are to be
    booked by students through the academy office.

•   Evening students may have to attend workshops by day if there isn’t an
    evening option.
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