BULLETINANNUAL EDITION 2018 - Class of 2021 Anchorage, Alaska - Idaho State University

BULLETINANNUAL EDITION 2018 - Class of 2021 Anchorage, Alaska - Idaho State University

  Class of 2021
Anchorage, Alaska
BULLETINANNUAL EDITION 2018 - Class of 2021 Anchorage, Alaska - Idaho State University
Dr. Barbara Adamcik                                           Dr. Virginia Galizia                                               Dr. Barbara Mason
    Professor Emerita                                             Professor Emerita                                                  Professor; Director for Interprofessional Education
    Dr. Jennifer Adams                                            Dr. Brooke Garrett                                                 Dr. Kasidy Mckay
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Clinical Associate       Associate Dean for Student Affairs; Clinical Associate             Clinical Assistant Professor
         Professor                                                     Professor                                                     Dr. Robert Myers
    Dr. Prabha Awale                                              Dr. Lorri Gebo-Shaver                                              Assistant Professor
    Visiting Professor                                            Adjunct Clinical Instructor                                        Dr. Elaine Nguyen
    Dr. Michelle Barcelon                                         Dr. Teddie Gould                                                   Assistant Professor
    General Medicine Pharmacy Clinical Specialist                 Professor Emerita                                                  Dr. Shanna O’Connor
    Dr. Jared Barrott                                             Dr. Ali Habashi                                                    Assistant Professor; Director of Clinical Services
    Assistant Professor                                           Assistant Professor                                                Dr. Catherine Oliphant
    Dr. Michael Biddle                                            Dr. David Hachey                                                   Associate Professor and Interim Department Chair
    Clinical Assistant Professor                                  Professor                                                          Dr. Christopher Owens
    Dr. Julia Boyle                                               Lee Ann Hancock                                                    Associate Professor; Associate Vice President for Health
    Assistant Professor                                           Director of Divisional Marketing and Communications                     Sciences
    Dr. Anushka Burde                                             Dr. Roger Hefflinger                                               Dr. Carol Paredes
    Assistant Lecturer                                            Clinical Associate Professor                                       Adjunct Professor
    Dr. Paul Cady                                                 Dr. John Holmes                                                    Dr. Srinath Pashikanti
    Dean; Professor                                               Assistant Professor                                                Assistant Professor
    Dr. Glenda Carr                                               Dr. Rebecca Hoover                                                 Dr. Tracy Pettinger
    Clinical Assistant Professor                                  Assistant Professor                                                Assistant Dean and Director for Experiential Education;
    Dr. Kerry Casperson                                           Dr. Tim Hunt                                                            Clinical Associate Professor
    Associate Professor                                           Professor Emeritus                                                 Dr. Brecon Powell
    Dr. Debra Cieplak                                             Dr. Stephen Hurley                                                 Clinical Assistant Professor
    Adjunct Clinical Instructor                                   Professor Emeritus                                                 Dr. Angharad Ratliff
    Dr. Kevin Cleveland                                           Dr. Eugene Isaacson                                                Clinical Assistant Professor
    Assistant Dean for Experiential Education and Special         Professor Emeritus                                                 Dr. Richard Rhodes
         Projects; Associate Professor                            Dr. Bret Jacobson                                                  Professor
    Dr. Vaughn Culbertson                                         Lecturer                                                           Dr. Marvin Schulte
    Professor & Director of Non-traditional Programs              Dr. Sandra Jue                                                     Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Chair; Professor
    Dr. Christopher Daniels                                       Clinical Professor Emerita                                         Dr. William Sharp
    Professor Emeritus                                            Dr. Ann Kator                                                      Professor Emeritus
    Dr. Robin Dodson                                              Adjunct Clinical Instructor                                        Dr. Michelle Steed-Ivie
    Associate Dean for Program Development; Professor             Dr. James Lai                                                      Clinical Assistant Professor
    Dr. Kathy Eroschenko                                          Professor                                                          Dr. Cynthia Tillotson
    Clinical Assistant Professor                                  Dr. Cara Liday                                                     Director of Admissions and Student Affairs
    Dr. John Erramouspe                                           Associate Professor                                                Dr. Thomas Wadsworth
    Professor                                                     Dr. Rex Lott                                                       Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Dean for Alaska
    Dr. Judy Fontenelle                                           Professor Emeritus                                                      Programs
    Professor Emerita                                             Dr. Karl Madaras-Kelly                                             Dr. Dong Xu
    Dr. Robert Furilla                                            Professor                                                          Assistant Professor
    Adjunct Professor                                             Robert Mancini                                                     Phil Yankovich
                                                                  Adjunct Clinical Instructor                                        Director of Development and Alumni Relations

    MISSION                                                                                                VALUES
    To develop competent and caring pharmacists who advance                                                In addition to upholding the values of Idaho State
    healthcare and positively impact the profession through                                                University’s Kasiska Division of Health Sciences, the
    innovative education, service, patient-centered care,                                                  College of Pharmacy embraces the following core values:
    scientific discovery and development.                                                                        •         Foster Professional Growth
                                                                                                                 •         Cultivate Intellectual Curiosity
                                                                                                                 •         Ensure Personal Accountability
    VISION                                                                                                       •         Promote Diversity and Inclusiveness
    To be a preeminent college of pharmacy distinguished                                                         •         Advocate Patient Health
    by leadership and collaboration in inter-professional                                                        •         Instill Trust and Open Communication
    education, service, and scholarship.                                                                         •         Encourage Community Engagement

        For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th
BULLETINANNUAL EDITION 2018 - Class of 2021 Anchorage, Alaska - Idaho State University
2    Faculty & Leadership
4    Dean’s Message
5    Graduate Residencies and End-
     of-Year Awards
6    2017 Graduation/Graduates/
10   White Coat Ceremony
12   P1 Students
16   New Administration
18   New Faculty
20   Xu Receives 2018 New
     Researcher Award and Chu
21   Idaho State University renames
     Meridian Health Science Center
22   Updates from Anchoarage
23   Anchorage Open House and
     Spaghetti Feed
24   The Future of Pharmacy
25   Alumni Relations and
26   2017 Honor Roll of Donors
27   Mike Prime Receives William J.
     Bartz Award
28   Alumni & Friends Weekend
29   Sacramento State Tailgate
30   In Memoriam
31   The Alumni Memorial
     Scholarship Endowment Fund
34   On the Road Again

BULLETINANNUAL EDITION 2018 - Class of 2021 Anchorage, Alaska - Idaho State University

    Sending you all a happy hello, I hope                       macy team in this edition.                and add laboratory space, in order to
    this edition of the Idaho State Uni-                        Also in this edition, you can read        provide the best teaching and learn-
    versity College of Pharmacy Bulletin                        about our White Coat Ceremonies,          ing environments for our faculty and
    finds you well.                                             the Annual Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser      students.
    As we look back at the past year, we                        and news of our faculty and students.     As most, if not all of you, will agree
    have many things to be proud of. We                         You will also find information about      that the ISU College of Pharmacy was
    began 2017 excited for the news that                        other initiatives taking place at our     instrumental in your career develop-
    we have earned full accreditation                           three sites in Pocatello, Meridian and    ment and your quality of life, I ask
    through June of 2025. The hard work                         Anchorage, AK. During this past year      you to join me in “Paying it Forward”
    of our faculty and staff have paid off,                     we welcomed a new telepharmacy in         to the next and future generations
    and that is very exciting.                                  Council, Idaho. We are anticipating       of pharmacists by supporting our
    We also welcomed Dr. Jennifer Adams                         the grand opening of another tele-        important Centennial Celebration
    as our Associate Dean for Academic                          pharmacy in Kendrick, Idaho in early      Campaign.
    Affairs, Dr. Brooke Garrett as Asso-                        April. The students and faculty at the
                                                                                                          Sprinkled throughout the bulletin are
    ciate Dean for Student Affairs, and                         college have truly benefited from their
                                                                                                          opportunities to support the program
    Dr. Marvin Schulte as our Chair of                          experiences in telepharmacy and the
                                                                                                          and also be a part of the commem-
    the Department of Biomedical and                            citizens of these rural communities
                                                                                                          orative patio. You will find some
    Pharmaceutical Sciences. We are                             have likewise benefited.
                                                                                                          testimonials from fellow alumni
    also very pleased that Dr. Catherine                        As we reported in our last bulletin,      who have supported the college and
    Oliphant has agreed to serve as our                         we are in the midst of a $15 million      this campaign. You can obtain more
    Interim Chair of the Department of                          Centennial Celebration Campaign,          detailed and updated information on
    Pharmacy Practice and Administrative                        which is the first campaign of this       the campaign at https://pharmacy.isu.
    Sciences. Dr. Christopher Owens, who                        amount in the college’s history. The      edu/100th/.
    was serving as chair for the depart-                        campaign will culminate with our
                                                                                                          Thank you for your continued support
    ment accepted the position of Associ-                       100th Anniversary Celebration in the
                                                                                                          of the ISU College of Pharmacy and
    ate Vice President for Health Sciences                      fall of 2020, which will include the
                                                                                                          our many initiatives. It is very im-
    at ISU in Pocatello. In addition to                         unveiling of our Centennial Celebra-
                                                                                                          portant and very much appreciated.
    these announcements we also have                            tion Patio and the burying of our time
    new faculty that joined our team at                         capsule. The objective of the cam-        Sincerely,
    the beginning of the academic year.                         paign is to increase funds for student
    We have included profiles of the new                        scholarships and programs, along
    members of our ISU College of Phar-                         with capital expenditures to renovate
                                                                                                          Paul Cady, Ph.D.

      For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th
BULLETINANNUAL EDITION 2018 - Class of 2021 Anchorage, Alaska - Idaho State University

Graduate Residencies
Several 2017 graduates are continu-             • Ashley Farley-PGY1 Pharmacy Resident              Center (Sun City, AZ)-Two Year
ing their education through residen-              at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical                 Program
cy programs throughout the United                 Center (Boise, ID)                             • Kelsey Rastello-PGY1 Pharmacy
States. We are proud of our gradu-              • Chelsey Fraser-PGY1 Pharmacy                     Resident at PeaceHealth Columbia
ates who are taking this next step to             Resident at St. Joseph Medical Center –          Network (Vancouver, WA)
enhance their careers and better serve            CHI Franciscan Health (Tacoma, WA)             • Sabrina Sherwood-PGY1 Pharmacy
their patients. Here is a list of those
                                                • Daniel Hendrickson-PGY1 Managed                  Resident at the University of Utah
individuals who we are aware are
                                                  Care Pharmacy Resident at CareOregon             Health (Salt Lake City, UT)
taking this next step.
                                                  (Portland, OR)                                 • Nathan Spann-PGY1 Community
                                                • Sarah Iannacone-PGY1 Pharmacy                    Pharmacy Resident at Sav-On/Idaho
• Justin Bell-PGY1 Community                      Resident at McKay-Dee Hospital –                 State University College of Pharmacy
  Pharmacy Resident (Ambulatory Care              Intermountain Healthcare (Ogden, UT)             (Boise, ID)
  Focus) at Terry Reilly (Nampa, ID)            • Steven Kochman-PGY1 Pharmacy                   • Maisie Trang-PGY1 Pharmacy Resident
• Chelsea Capley-PGY1 Pharmacy                    Resident at Renown Regional Medical              at the Boise Veterans Affairs Medical
  Resident at the Veterans Affairs Salt           Center (Reno, NV)                                Center (Boise, ID)
  Lake City Health Care System (Salt Lake       • Kizito Kyeremateng-Medical Affairs             • Kori Wittrock-PGY1 Community
  City, UT)                                       and Clinical Development Fellow at               Pharmacy Resident at Idaho State
• Maygen Cardona-PGY1 Washington                  Bayer Consumer Healthcare – Rutgers              University College of Pharmacy
  State University Geriatric Residency            Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship               (Pocatello, ID)
  (Spokane, WA)                                   (Whippany, NJ)-Two Year Program                • Nicholas Wood-PGY1 Pharmacy
• Jessica Corbridge-PGY1 Pharmacy               • Quincy Ostrem-PGY1/PGY2 Health                   Resident at Family Medicine Residency
  Resident at Phoenix Children’s Hospital         System Pharmacy Administration                   of Idaho (Boise, ID)
  (Phoenix, AZ)                                   Resident at Banner Boswell Medical

End of Year Awards for Faculty and Students
Each year the College       College of Pharmacy Achievement and Leadership Award – Sarah Iannacone
of Pharmacy presents        Dean’s Award – Maisie Trang
its highest awards to
their top achieving         College of Pharmacy Outstanding Student Achievement – Sabrina Sherwood
students and faculty.       Merck Award – Chelsy Okuma, Daniel Hendrickson
Below is the offi-
                            Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award – Vicky Tang
cial list of our 2017
Award Recipients.           Natural Medicines Award – Matthew Anderson
                            Royal Society of Chemistry Award – Taylor Chavez
                            TEVA Outstanding Student Award – Hamza Ziadeh
                            Wolters Kluwer Health Award of Excellence in Clinical Communication – Kizito Kyeremateng
                            Senior Seminar Excellence Awards – Staci Short, Maisie Trang, Abby Wade, Kizito Kyeremateng
                            Preceptors of the Year – Dr. Paul Otto, Arielle Martin, Dr. Zack Demoe, Nikki Beck, Bret Walters
                            Teachers of the Year – Dr. Glenda Carr, Dr. Tracy Pettinger, Dr. Chris Downing, Dr. Rob Myers

BULLETINANNUAL EDITION 2018 - Class of 2021 Anchorage, Alaska - Idaho State University

        Stephen                                 Walter                               Rachel             Jennifer    Matthew
    Agyenim-Boateng                            Akwagoh                               Algate            Amirhamzeh   Anderson

        Brian Justin                             Jason                               Kirsten             Anna         Eric
            Bell                                 Betts                                Blair              Bodas       Bohm

             Roger                              Chelsea                              Justin             Brandon      Jessica
              Call                              Capley                             Carney Sr.            Clark      Corbridge

           Maygen                               Andrew                               Paul                Judd        Ashley
           Cardona                               Cyr                               Davidson             Durrant      Farley

     For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th
BULLETINANNUAL EDITION 2018 - Class of 2021 Anchorage, Alaska - Idaho State University
Patty     Chelsey      Trent         Daniel      Brittany
 Flitton     Fraser     Galloway     Hendrickson    Hottel

  Sarah     Kenneth       Kizito       Steven      Nguyet
Iannacone    King      Kyeremateng    Kochman        Le

  Todd      Cameron      Justin       Donovan      Gabriela
Lundquist   Marshall     Merrill       Miller       Nava

 Robb        Amy        Cheyene         Blake      Amanda
 Neeley     Nelson      Nickerson      Nielsen      Noble

BULLETINANNUAL EDITION 2018 - Class of 2021 Anchorage, Alaska - Idaho State University

            Chelsy                              Quincy                                Kevin              Kizito     Amir
            Okuma                               Ostrem                                Page             Pa’loguca   Piranfar

            Kelsey                             Shanna                              Alexander           Jennifer     Sabrina
           Rastello                           Riomondo                                Roe               Ruwo       Sherwood

             Stacy                               Steven                              Treven             Dustin      Vicky
             Short                                Snell                             Sorensen            Stacey      Tang

           Spencer                               Maisie                               Abby              Alison     Tammy
           Thomas                                Trang                                Wade              Webb       Whatcott

     For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th
BULLETINANNUAL EDITION 2018 - Class of 2021 Anchorage, Alaska - Idaho State University
Emma-Leigh                 Kevin                  Kori       Nicholas       Hamza
     Whitaker                  White                 Wittrock     Wood          Ziadeh


                               Reji                    Dickie      Tara         Denise
                             Abraham                  Andrew     Bruneski      Holzmann

      Gerald                   Amy                    Yu-chen     Mirjana       Salem
      Nixon                    Lim                      Lin     Lulic-Botica    Maher

       Jenny                  Elana                   Seoung      Thomas       Matthew
         Ng                Shendarovich                Sung        Togno        Tsang


BULLETINANNUAL EDITION 2018 - Class of 2021 Anchorage, Alaska - Idaho State University

        WHITE COAT
As has been a tradition for over twen-
ty years, the ISU College of Pharmacy
welcomed our incoming P-1 students
in August during two separate cere-
monies in Pocatello and Anchorage.
On August 17, 92 students from our
Pocatello and Meridian sites received
their coats with their friends and
family in attendance. Dean Paul Cady
began the festivities by welcoming
the students as they officially begin
their Pharm.D. education. The guest
speaker for the evening was Nicole
Chopski, Pharm.D., chair of the Idaho
State Board of Pharmacy. The evening
was also honored to have in atten-
dance Christopher Oswald, Pharm.D.
and President of Idaho Society of
Health-System Pharmacists (ISHP)
and Debbie Marchetti, Pharm.D., of       a comment to Arden that he has           seven students were welcomed to the
Albertsons.                              probably seen a lot of changes in the    program.
                                         profession over these many years. He     We are very excited to welcome these
The white coats were presented by        stated, “It’s like comparing a Model T
Associate Dean for Student Affairs,                                               students to the College of Pharmacy
                                         to a Ferrari.”                           family. Neither of these ceremonies
Brooke Garrett, and Assistant Deans
for Experiential Education, Tracy Pet-   On August 18, Dean Cady welcomed         would have been possible without the
tinger and Kevin Cleveland. Incoming     12 incoming P-1 students at our          generosity of our alumni and friends.
students may select a relative, friend   Anchorage ceremony. Assisting with       Through this generosity, we raised
or colleague who is a pharmacist to      the festivities was Tom Wadsworth,       over $11,000 for scholarships to assist
present them with their coat. One        assistant dean for Alaska Programs/      these students with their academic
wonderful example of this is Arden       PPRA clinical associate professor.       expenses.
Drake (’51) presented a white coat       The class of 2021 is now the second      Thank you again to everyone who
to his granddaughter Kelby Drake.        class in Anchorage. Last year was the    supported this year’s White Coat
Before the ceremony, someone made        inaugural White Coat ceremony where      Ceremony.



         Michelle                       Collette                      Maggie                            Daniel    Michael     Lauren
           Bai                          Bailey                        Baldock                           Enox       Kelty     Lauruhn

         Brittany                     Cassandra                       Kenneth                           Joanne     Leyla     Aminda
         Romans                        Sanborn                         Shin                             Sidney   Sinyawski    Skan


          Jazmin                         Omar                            Kofi                        Sergey        Zach      Brittany
           Agee                        Aljuboori                        Ansah                       Arsenyuk     Blanchard    Burch

         Svetlana                       Tayler                          Joe                              Kate    Matthew     Dustin
         Chornyi                        Daniels                        Davies                            Fox      Fuit       Garcia

      For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th
Mercedes      Jesus       Katie      Melanie    Kelley    Elizabeth
Garza-Ramos   Gonzalez    Gonzalez    Hackett   Hammond     Hodges

   Reed       Zachary       Alex      Edina      April     Michael
   Jeppe        Kim      Landaverde   Masic     Mendoza    Montalbo

 Radhika       Davis       Nicole      Jose      Amy        John
Narsinghani   Nyariki     Orlovich     Parra     Pierce    Roberts

  Tristan     Hannah        Seth        Ken      Jodine     Alexis
  Roberts      Roche       Rourk      Spencer   Steemers   Tolman

   Yen        Kaitlin     Kimberly    April
   Tran       Walker      Westrick    Wood



           Navid                       Whitney                          Dray                            Brian      Ann         Erika
           Amini                       Andersen                         Bailey                          Byrd     Clappier    De La Cruz

          Dallin                         Rayna                          Yaz                             Mandy      Julie        Lily
          Farnes                         Flynn                         Frodin                            Fry      Garcia       Genta

          Sydney                       Brandon                        Dustin                         James        Chris        Aaron
          Gomez                        Guthrie                      Hannawalt                      Harrington    Hegman        Henrie

          Rachel                         Kelby                         Kyle                             Teresa     Tyson       Kelsey
          Higbee                         Hillam                     Hirschfield                         Hughes   Huskinson     Kobzi

           Zayne                         Aaron                          Caleb                        Trevor       Adan          Neil
           Lanier                        Lewis                          Lunt                        Meldrum       Ortiz      Parkinson

      For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th
Branden    Nathan             Heather                 Taurean            Richard                Vivian
Robinson   Santos             Spears                  Stewart            Strachan               Trinh

 Sarah     Shane
Wegemer    Welker

              Find Your Place in ISU History in our
              Centennial Patio and Time Capsule
              Located just outside of Leonard Hall on the       to the noble profession of pharmacy and
              Pocatello campus, the College of Pharma-          Idaho State University’s first college. Your
              cy Centennial Patio will recognize those          generous donations will be recognized as a
              donors who supported our campaign at a            permanent part of the patio for generations
              level of $5,000 or higher leading up to our       to come. This area will provide a beautiful
              Centennial Celebration in 2020. The patio’s       and relaxing getaway for students, faculty
              natural stones were chosen to blend in with       and the community.
              Idaho’s natural landscape. The name of the        The patio will also serve as home for our
              donor, donor’s business or a loved one will       Time Capsule. We are asking you to provide
              be prominently engraved in a stone corre-         us with stories, artifacts and memorabilia
              sponding to the size of the gift.                 that will be added to the capsule and un-
              This patio will be a lasting monument             veiled at the 150th anniversary in 2070.


     Idaho State University Names New Chair in College of Pharmacy
     Dr. Marvin K. Schulte is the new chair                                                                facilities and curricula. In 2013, he
     of the Department of Biomedical and                                                                   was appointed the McNeil Endowed
     Pharmaceutical Sciences in Idaho                                                                      Professor of Pharmacology at the
     State University’s College of Pharma-                                                                 Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.
     cy.                                                                                                   An accomplished researcher, Schulte
     Before joining ISU in January, Schulte                                                                has published more than 30 articles
     was a tenured professor and chair of                                                                  and abstracts on a variety of top-
     the Department of Pharmaceutical                                                                      ics dealing with neuroscience and
     Sciences at University of the Sciences,                                                               biochemistry, including treatments for
     Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, a                                                                   Alzheimer’s disease, obsessive-com-
     position he held for five years.                                                                      pulsive disorder and rabies. His
     Schulte brings more than two decades                                                                  research has been supported by grants
     of administrative, leadership and                                                                     from the National Science Founda-
     teaching experience to ISU with a                                                                     tion, National Institutes of Health and
     proven track record in research, cur-                                                                 the American Heart Association.
     riculum development and enhancing                           of Alaska, Fairbanks working with         A member of the American Phar-
     student enrollment. At University of                        biomedical and neuroscience research      macists Association and Society for
     the Sciences, he led research devel-                        development programs. He also spent       Neuroscience, Schulte received the
     opment in the Philadelphia College of                       nine years as an assistant and associ-    Sven Ebbesson Award for Excellence
     Pharmacy.                                                   ate professor of medicinal chemistry      in Neuroscience and an Outstanding
     “I am excited to join the university                        at the University of Louisiana Monroe.    Teaching Award two years in a row
     community and I look forward to                             Schulte holds doctoral and master’s       from University of Alaska, as well as
     contributing to the already outstand-                       degrees in biochemistry from the          dean’s awards for outstanding service
     ing research and teaching environ-                          University of Minnesota, Minneapolis      from the Philadelphia College of
     ment at ISU,” Schulte said. “I was                          and completed a three-year postdoc-       Pharmacy.
     attracted to this position because of                       toral fellowship at the Medical College   “I am very pleased that Dr. Schulte
     the College of Pharmacy’s excellent                         of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in        chose to join our team. Not only is he
     reputation and strong focus on bio-                         1996. From 1984 to 1987, he served        a gifted researcher, he has a history of
     medical research development.”                              as a physics and computer science         serving as a mentor and assisting oth-
     Prior to his work at University of the                      teacher with the U.S. Peace Corps in      ers in building and expanding their
     Sciences, Schulte spent nine years                          Belize where he received grants from      research and teaching careers. That is
     as an associate professor of chem-                          U.S. Aid for International Develop-       true leadership,” said Dr. Paul Cady,
     istry and biochemistry at University                        ment to develop computer science          College of Pharmacy dean.

     Garrett Named Associate Dean for Student Affairs
     Dr. Brooke Garrett became Associate                         her Pharm.D. degree from Idaho            pharmacotherapy residency at the
     Dean for Student Affairs for the ISU                                            State University      ISU Department of Family Medicine
     College of Pharmacy at the beginning                                            in 2004. After        in 2006. She joined the Idaho State
     of the 2017-18 Academic year. In                                                graduation she        University Faculty in 2006. Dr. Garrett
     addition to these new responsibilities,                                         completed an          is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy
     Brooke maintains her role at a Clinical                                         ambulatory care       Specialist and maintains a clinical
     Associate Professor in the Department                                           residency at the      practice site at Health West Communi-
     of Pharmacy Practice and Adminis-                                               Southeast Idaho       ty Health Center.
     trative Sciences. Dr. Garrett is also the                                       VA Outpatient
     Director of Continuing Education for                                            Clinic in Pocatello
     the College of Pharmacy. She earned                         in 2005, followed by a primary care

       For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th
ISU Names New Associate Dean in College of Pharmacy
Idaho State University’s College           Adams, Pharm.D., Ed.D., a graduate         patient care programs, as well as the
of Pharmacy’s Jennifer Adams has           of Boise State University, Idaho State     National Patient Counseling Compe-
accepted a position as Associate Dean      University, and The George Wash-           tition.
for Academic Affairs and Assessment        ington University, says she wanted         Adams also served for nearly 10 years
in Meridian. The position is to provide    to work at a place where her love for      as the Senior Student Affairs Advisor
                    oversight for the      pharmacy started.                          at the American Association of Col-
                    Pharm.D. curric-       “I chose to work at ISU because I          leges of Pharmacy (AACP). There she
                    ulum, experien-        wanted to give back to the University      provided leadership and oversight for
                    tial education,        where my pharmacy career started,”         association national student affairs
                    interprofessional      said Adams. “I have learned so much        activities including the Pharmacy Col-
                    education and          working at the national level in phar-     lege Application Service (PharmCAS),
                    assessment.            macy and it is my hope that my na-         the Pharmacy College Admissions Test
                     “I am really excit-   tional perspective will greatly benefit    (PCAT), the Pharmacy Career Informa-
                     ed about this new     the ISU College of Pharmacy.”              tion Council, and student recruitment.
position and for the growth in our         Her previous experience includes           She has received national awards in
leadership capacity at the College,”       working in hospital and community          recognition of her leadership skills
said Adams. “Expanding to two Asso-        pharmacy settings and the American         and is a member of the American As-
ciate Deans from only one, will allow      Pharmacists Association (APhA) with        sociation of Colleges of Pharmacy, the
us to expand our services to students,     student pharmacists, helping them to       American Pharmacists Association,
the ISU community, and to the greater      develop as professionals and leaders       Phi Lambda Sigma - the pharmacy
Idaho community. Our mission is to         in the pharmacy profession. Adams’s        leadership society, the Idaho Society
prepare competent, caring pharmacists      experience at APhA includes devel-         of Health System Pharmacists, and the
who provide innovative care and I am       oping and managing several national        Idaho State Pharmacists Association.
very pleased to be a part of that.”

Interim Chair Named in College of Pharmacy
Dr. Cathrine Oliphant was recent-          ern Memorial Hospital in Chicago,          She teaches in all four years of the
ly appointed Interim Chair of the          Illinois. Prior to joining the faculty     program. Dr. Oliphant co-coordinates
Department of Pharmacy Practice                                   at ISU College      the Infectious Disease Module in the
and Administration at Idaho State                                 of Pharmacy in      P3 year, GI module in the P2 year and
University College of Pharmacy. She                               2003, Dr. Oliph-    the Residency Readiness course. She
is a professor in the Department of                               ant taught for      also facilitates P2 and P3 case stud-
Pharmacy Practice and Administra-                                 seven years at      ies. Dr. Oliphant is the Rho Chi and
tion. Cathy accepted this position due                            the University of   Generation RX advisor. Her research
to the promotion of former Chair Dr.                              Wyoming-School      interests include infectious diseases
Chris Owens who accepted the posi-                                of Pharmacy.        and prescription drug abuse issues.
tion as Associate Vice President of the    Oliphant maintains a practice site at      Dr. Oliphant has been selected as
Kasiska Division of Health Sciences        St. Luke’s Boise and Meridian Medical      Teacher of the Year and Most Influ-
at ISU.                                    Centers. She works with the St. Luke’s     ential Professor by 4th year Doctor
Cathy earned her Pharm.D. degree           Internal Medicine physicians and           of Pharmacy students. We are very
from the University of Michigan in         hospitalists in addition to the infec-     appreciative of Cathy accepting this
Ann Arbor, Michigan. She completed         tious disease physicians. Dr. Oliphant     leadership role as our Interim Chair.
a residency and infectious diseases/       precepts students on medicine, infec-
microbiology fellowship at Northwest-      tious diseases, and academic APPEs.


     New Assistant Professor: Jared Barrott
     Idaho State University’s College of                         Brigham Young University. After          department of Biomedical and Phar-
     Pharmacy has welcomed Jared Barrott                         meeting and marrying his wife, the       maceutical Sciences as a tenure-track
     as a new Assistant Professor in the                         family traveled east for schooling at    assistant professor in August.
                         Department of                           Duke University to obtain his Ph.D.      Dr. Barrott says there are several rea-
                         Biomedical and                          in Pharmacology and Cancer Biol-         son why he enjoys his job.
                         Pharmaceutical                          ogy. There he graduated first in his
                         Sciences.                               class only taking three years and 10     “One is the independence that I have to
                                                                 months.                                  do cutting-edge research for a pop-
                           “In addition to                                                                ulation of patients that normally do
                           teaching in both                      “My entire family became Cameron         not receive a lot of attention,” said Dr.
                           the graduate                          Crazies while attending Duke Uni-        Barrott. “To think that what I do on
                           school and Col-                       versity and we enjoy cheering on the     a research bench might translate into
                           lege of Pharmacy,                     Blue Devils during March Madness         better health outcomes for patients,
     I conduct research in cancer phar-                          each year. The deal with my wife was     specifically in pediatric oncology is
     macology,” said Dr. Barrott. “I use                         that as soon as schooling was over       very gratifying. The other aspect of my
     genetically engineered mice to form                         we would come back west. My wife         job that I am enjoying is the connec-
     rare soft-tissue sarcomas that I can                        whom I met at BYU-Idaho is from          tion with students through my teach-
     then treat with anti-cancer drugs to                        Star Valley, Wyoming.”                   ing. I love to see concepts of genetics
     test for safety and efficacy.”                              Dr. Barrott completed a postdoctoral     solidify for students who are trying to
     Dr. Barrott who is from Chatta-                             fellowship at the Huntsman Cancer        understand the implications of certain
     nooga, Tenn., traveled west for his                         Institute in Salt Lake City in July      genetic mutations and their potential
     undergraduate education at Idaho’s                          of 2017 and started working in the       for therapeutic intervention.”

     New Assistant Professor: Elaine Nguyen
     Idaho State University’s College of                         Health degree from the University of     “Through outcomes research, I hope
     Pharmacy has welcomed Elaine Nguy-                          Iowa. She then completed her PGY-1       to help show the difference that these
     en as a new Assistant Professor in the                      and PGY-2 ambulatory care resi-          providers are making,” she said.
     Department of Pharmacy Practice and                         dencies at the Boise Veterans Affairs    “Lastly, I also had previous ties to
     Administrative Sciences. This position                      Medical Center. She followed this by     the area as I completed two years of
     will primarily focus Nguyen’s atten-                        completing a fellowship in health        residency in Boise. Choosing ISU and
     tion to research and scholarship.                           economics and outcomes research at       moving back allowed me a new start
                          “This allows me                        the University of Connecticut/Hartford   while also providing some familiarity
                          to collaborate                         Hospital.                                and I knew I would appreciate this
                          with both inter-                       “There were so many exciting reasons     dichotomy.”
                          nal and external                       for me to choose to join the ISU fam-    Nguyen is currently working on
                          partners, which is                     ily,” Nguyen said. “One of the most      several different projects. Some of
                          an awesome part                        compelling reasons was the oppor-        these topics areas include population
                          of my position,”                       tunity to start in a new and dynamic     management, coordination of care
                          Nguyen said. “I                        position and really make it my own. I    and telehealth.
                          also get to teach                      also recognized the research potential   “I am excited because I get to use the
     and interact with students, which is                        in Idaho.”                               database analysis, evidence synthesis,
     one of the most rewarding aspects of                        She also said healthcare providers       and comparative effectiveness skills
     working in academia.”                                       in this state, especially pharmacists,   that I acquired in my training on
     Nguyen, born in Iowa, graduated with                        have amazing opportunities to impact     these projects,” she said.
     her Pharm.D. and Master of Public                           patients and the healthcare system.

       For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th
New Clinical Assistant Professor: Angharad Ratliff
Dr. Angharad Ratliff joined the Col-       University of Texas. Upon graduation,      stewardship program and works in
                     lege of Pharmacy      she completed a PGY1 and a PGY2            the critical care and general medicine
                     in 2018 as a Clin-    Infectious Disease residency at the        units. She is the primary preceptor for
                     ical Assistant Pro-   VA San Diego Healthcare System. Dr.        adult medicine rotations for Alaska
                     fessor in Anchor-     Ratliff then moved to Oklahoma City        students.
                     age. She works        and worked as a Critical Care Clinical     In her spare time, Dr. Ratliff enjoys
                     in a shared role      Pharmacy Specialist at the Oklahoma        hiking and exploring Alaska with her
                     between the Col-      City VA Healthcare System.                 husband, daughter and two dogs.
                     lege and Alaska       Dr. Ratliff works as a clinical pharma-
                     Regional Hospital.    cist at Alaska Regional Hospital where
Dr. Ratliff earned her Pharm.D. at the     she coordinates the antimicrobial

New Assistant Professor: John Holmes
Idaho State University’s College of        and graduated in 2007. Following           Specifically, he started a project aimed
Pharmacy has welcomed John Holmes          graduation, he completed a one-year        at pilot testing a team-based care
as a new assistant professor in the        ambulatory care residency in 2008 at       delivery model that uses telehealth
Department of Pharmacy Practice and        the Veterans Affairs Community Based       technology to integrate a pharmacist
Administrative Sciences.                   Outpatient Clinic in Pocatello. He then    into the care team at rural and under-
“I’m continually drawn to ISU as           completed a one-year pharmacotherapy       served clinics.
there is massive potential to develop      residency at Pocatello Family Medi-        “This was one of the most significant
collaborative research and quality         cine and a two-year clinical research      projects I’ve lead and was ambitious
                     improvement           fellowship at the ISU’s Department of      in its timeline and goals,” he said.
                     opportunities with    Family Medicine under the supervision      “It’s been a massive learning curve
                     many stakehold-       and mentorship of Rex Force, Professor     to take the step from developing an
                     ers across the        & Vice President for Health Scienc-        intervention to actually implementing
                     state including       es, Director-Clinical Research Center      a highly novel and innovative inter-
                     health-systems,       Pocatello Family Medicine. Currently       vention. I’ve run into several barri-
                     quality improve-      Holmes is working towards a Master         ers and obstacles but have received
                     ment organi-          of Public Health degree at ISU and ex-     excellent input from stakeholders on
                     zations, clinics      pects to graduate this academic year.      the project.”
and pharmacies, health departments,        “I officially started my position at the   Another project Holmes has been
and other academic units within            College of Pharmacy in July 2017,” he      working on with other faculty, stu-
and external to ISU,” Holmes said.         said. “Because this health outcomes        dents and external organizations is
“I’ve further been drawn to ISU as         position was a co-funded position          the development and implementation
I have a strong research interest in       between the College of Pharmacy            of a quality improvement initiative
improving rural healthcare deliv-          and Department of Family Medicine,         to screen patients for adverse drug
ery and Idaho provides an excellent        I’ve continued several scholarly and       events related to opioids, anticoagu-
laboratory to implement and evaluate       teaching duties at the Department of       lants and hypoglycemic.
evidence-based strategies to improve       Family Medicine while also increasing
rural healthcare delivery.”                engagement and collaboration with          “Personally, I’d like to increase
                                           others at the College of Pharmacy and      collaborations with other disciplines
Holmes, who was raised in Pocatello,                                                  across the university to develop and
attended Carroll College in Helena,        within the Division of Health Scienc-
                                           es.”                                       implement community-based health
Montana, and University of Mon-                                                       care initiatives in a systematic and
tana for undergraduate studies. He         Holmes is working on several research      evidence-based process,” Holmes said.
then completed his Pharm.D. at ISU         and quality improvement projects.


     Xu Named 2018 Recipient of AACP New Investigator Award
     DRUG DISCOVERY AND                                          (PI), with the goal that research fund-     the applicant must also be a current
                                                                 ed by the NIA will provide a founda-        individual member of AACP.
     REPURPOSING AGAINST                                         tion for future scholarly endeavors
     A KEY CLOSTRIDIUM                                                                                       Danny received his Ph.D. at San
                                                                                       and continued         Diego State University. Currently,
     SORDELLII EXOTOXIN                                                                extramural fund-      he is working as Assistant Professor
                                                                                       ing success.          in College of Pharmacy, Idaho State
     Dong (Danny) Xu, Assistant Professor                                              To be eligible for    University in USA. He is serving as
     in the College of Pharmacy at Idaho                                               this award, all       an Executive Editor of Interdisci-
     State University is among sixteen                                                 eligible applicants   plinary Sciences: Computational Life
     recipients to receive the American                                                must have earned      Sciences. He is serving as EB member
     Association of Colleges of Pharmacy                                               a terminal degree     of several journals like ISRN Compu-
     (AACP) 2018 AACP New Investigator                                                 (Pharm.D., Ph.D.,     tational Biology, Journal of Proteome
     Award (NIA).                                                or equivalent) and have a regular           Science & Computational Biology,
                                                                 full-time faculty appointment at the        Journal of Molecular Engineering &
     The New Investigator Award provides
                                                                 assistant professor level at a U.S.         Systems Biology, etc. He has authored
     start-up funding for the indepen-
                                                                 college or school of pharmacy that is       several articles. He is a member of
     dent research programs of early-ca-
                                                                 accredited by ACPE (either candidate        American Chemical Society, American
     reer pharmacy faculty. This grant is
                                                                 or full accreditation status). The ap-      Association of Pharmaceutical Sci-
     intended to be the first extramural
                                                                 plicant’s institution must be a regular     entists, Sigma Xi Scientific Research
     research funding received by a faculty
                                                                 institutional member of AACP, and           Society and Biophysical Society.
     member as a principal investigator

     Annual Chu Lectureship Held in October
     The 2017 Chu Lectureship was held                           contribute to our understanding of          (TRAIL), is a protein functioning as
     at the ISU Meridian campus with Dr.                         biology and also to our ability to ma-      a ligand that induces the process of
     Kim D. Janda as our guest speaker.                          nipulate complex systems for human          cell death called apoptosis. TRAIL is a
                          Dr. Janda is a                         health and welfare. The combination         cytokine that is produced and secreted
                          Professor and Ely                      of the tools and principles of chemis-      by most normal tissue cells.
                          R. Callaway Chair                      try, together with the tools of modern      Students and faculty of the Kasiska
                          in Medicinal                           biology, allows us to create both syn-      Division of Health Sciences in Merid-
                          Chemistry at the                       thetic and natural molecules, compris-      ian and through distance learning at
                          world-renowned                         ing processes with novel biological,        our sites in Anchorage and Pocatello
                          Scripps Research                       chemical and physical properties. This      attended the Chu Lectureship.
                          Institute in San                       lecture illustrated the opportunities
                          Diego, Califor-                        that lie at the interface of biological     The Chu Lectureship is supported by
     nia. He is also Director of the Worm                        chemistry with the notion of translat-      a generous gift from Dr. David and
     Institute for Research and Medicine                         ing basic research to clinical trials.      Jane Chu through their Chu Family
     (WIRM).                                                                                                 Foundation. Dr. Chu is a 1970 Mas-
                                                                 During his presentation, Dr. Janda          ter’s graduate of the ISU College of
     Dr. Janda’s presentation titled, “Merg-                     detailed three examples that he is          Pharmacy. The Chu Lectureship was
     ing of Chemistry & Biology: In Search                       actively working on in his laboratory.      created, “…to secure an expert in the
     of Molecules with Translational Func-                       These include developing vaccines           field of biomedical research and/or
     tion,” explored the notion that nature                      for treating opioid abuse, a new line       drug discovery to deliver lectures,
     contains information to instruct                            of attack for combating a C. difficile      programs and scholarly programs to
     scientists about what is possible. This                     infection and cancer immunosurveil-         the students and faculty in the College
     can serve as an inspiration to probe                        lance as it relates to TRAIL’s apoptotic    of Pharmacy at Idaho State Univer-
     the frontiers of biology and chemis-                        pathway. In the field of cell biology,      sity.
     try. At the same time, chemistry can                        TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand

       For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th
Meridian Health Science Center Renamed                                             From left, Idaho State University President Arthur
                                                                                   C. Vailas, Vice President for Health Sciences Rex
                                                                                   Force, and Susie Balukoff, a member of The ALSAM
in Honor of Sam and Aline Skaggs                                                   Foundation’s Grants Committee and daughter of the
                                                                                   late Sam and Aline Skaggs.

Idaho State University has renamed       Since 2007, the late Sam and Aline        “Educating health care professionals
its Meridian health science complex      Skaggs—through their charitable trust     was always a priority for my father,”
in honor of Sam and Aline Skaggs,        The ALSAM Foundation—have donat-          said Sam Skaggs’ daughter Susie
whose decade of financial support has    ed more than $10 million to ISU. An       Balukoff, a member of The ALSAM
helped grow the Meridian campus and      initial gift of $5.25 million was used    Foundation’s Grants Committee. “I
provide advanced health professions      to purchase property for the health       know he would be pleased to see the
education for hundreds of students       science center and provide pharmacy       growth and progress Idaho State Uni-
and working professionals in the         scholarships for ISU students. ALSAM      versity is making in Meridian.”
Treasure Valley.                         also created a $1.5 million scholarship   Idaho Lt. Gov. Brad Little, citing Idaho
The Idaho State University-Meridian      endowment in the College of Pharma-       labor department statistics, said Idaho
Health Science Center, 1311 E. Central   cy. A recent gift of $3.85 million will   currently has 20,000 jobs that need to
Drive, is now the Sam and Aline          enable ISU to add a second floor to       be filled—with a significant number of
Skaggs Health Science Center at Idaho    the complex for additional classroom      them in the health professions. “This
State University-Meridian.               and research space this year.             facility is absolutely the key to filling
“We are honored to have the names        Vailas thanked The ALSAM Founda-          those jobs,” he told the audience.
of Sam and Aline Skaggs on our           tion, state lawmakers, ISU administra-    Other ALSAM gifts have funded anat-
building. Because of their generous      tors and the State Board of Education     omy, physiology, bioskills and phar-
financial support, we are able to        for sharing a vision that, within 11      macy research labs on the Meridian
provide the state’s highest level of     years, transformed what was once          campus—resources that strengthened
health professions education while       a shuttered electronics plant owned       Idaho’s bid for the state’s first medical
improving access to quality health       by the West Ada School District into      school. The privately owned Idaho
care for underserved Idahoans,” said     a state-of-the-art health science         College of Osteopathic Medicine will
ISU President Arthur C. Vailas during    education complex graduating several      open next fall next to the Sam and
a naming celebration Jan. 23.            hundred students each year.               Aline Skaggs Health Science Center at

Updates from Anchorage
     On October 19, employers and leaders                                                                  macy education in Alaska. We are
     from around the state joined us for                                                                   pleased to announce the creation of
     the second annual Pharmacy Career                                                                     the Bernie Klouda Memorial Student
     Fair held at the UAA/ISU Doctor                                                                       Scholarship, so generously donated
     of Pharmacy Program. This year                                                                        by First National Bank of Alaska and
     the career fair and exhibition were                                                                   the American College of Apothecaries
     organized by the students and special                                                                 Research and Education Foundation.
     thanks goes to Janelle Solbos, P2,                                                                    The scholarship is created to finan-
     for exemplary leadership in planning                                                                  cially support the education of Alaska
     and hosting the event. We had 14                                                                      Doctor of Pharmacy students at
     representatives from eight different                                                                  Alaska’s Doctor of Pharmacy Program
     companies attend the exhibition and                         APhA-ASP Diabetes and Cardiovascu-        here at UAA. We were honored to
     meet with students. Students ex-                            lar Community Outreach to these rural     host Bernie’s wife, Teresa Hall-Klou-
     plored job and intern opportunities,                        communities in Prince William Sound       da, and representatives from First
     learned about residencies, attended                         that have limited access to healthcare.   National Bank Alaska to present the
     rotation roundtables and CV work-                           These educational operations in-
     shops, and socialized with Alaskan                          clude point of care testing (POCT) for
     leaders in pharmacy. The capstone                           glucose and cholesterol, educational
     of the fair was the keynote address                         dialogues to encourage and equip
     from Dr. Robert Sewell, Program                             self-management, and patient-specific
     Director of Alaska’s SHARP Program,                         education on medications and cardio-
     on support-for-service opportunities                        vascular risk.
     available to students as they graduate                      We are delighted to announce that
     and begin practicing throughout the                         Corrie Black, P2, received the APhA-
     state. Thank you to all who attended                        ASP Student Recognition Certificate,      scholarship.
     and supported the event and we look                         which is awarded annually at the          Bernie Klouda was a fifth generation
     forward to expanding next year.                             APhA-ASP Midyear Regional Meeting         Alaskan as well as a local and nation-
                                                                 to students who demonstrate exem-         al leader in the pharmacy community.
                                                                 plary leadership and service. Corrie      He founded Bernie’s Pharmacy and
                                                                 was also inducted into the Pharmacy       was a dedicated leader in the Anchor-
                                                                 Leadership Fraternity, Phi Lambda         age community for over 30 years.
                                                                 Sigma, the first Pharmacy student in      Among his many leadership roles,
                                                                 Alaska to do so.                          Bernie was also a Past President of the
                                                                 We also very proud that two of our        Alaska Pharmacists Association. He
                                                                 second year students, Alex Marinelli      was a staunch supporter of pharma-
                                                                 and Corrie Black, presented peer-re-      cy education and a mentor for many
                                                                 viewed poster projects at the 2017        students interested in independent
                                                                 Alaska WWAMI Medical Research             pharmacy. We are deeply grateful for
     October was a busy month, as stu-                           Forum and ASHP Midyear Meeting in         Bernie’s lasting example and for the
     dents also participated in the long                         Orlando, Florida.                         generosity of Teresa Hall-Klouda,
     anticipated Prince William Sound                                                                      First National Bank Alaska, and
     Traveling Health Fair (PWS-THF).                                                                      American College of Apothecaries
     The annual PWS-THF is a multidisci-                                                                   Research and Education Foundation.
     plinary team with established rela-                                                                   Bernie’s memory and influence will
     tions within the Prince William Sound                                                                 echo in the lives of this new genera-
     communities of Valdez, Tatitlek,                                                                      tion of Alaskan pharmacists.
     Chenega Bay, Whittier, and Cordova
     and provides basic services such as                                                                       Thomas Wadsworth, Pharm.D., BCPS
     nutrition, health, and safety educa-                                                                       Assistant Dean for Alaska Programs
     tion. Alyeska Pipeline provides the
     “Endurance”, an oil response vessel,
     to transport and house the health fair                      We closed out 2017 with a very
     providers during the week as they                           special ceremony on December 27th
     spend 1.5 days in each community.                           honoring the dream of a life-long
     The pharmacy students delivered                             Alaskan pharmacist to support phar-

       For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th

                                                           Celebrating the 25th Annual

                                                    Spaghetti Feed
                                        On February 9, students from the ISU College of Pharmacy (COP) held its 25th An-

Anchorage                               nual Spaghetti Feed in Pocatello. On February 23, our Meridian site held its inau-
                                        gural Spaghetti Feed event. A new tradition has begun with the annual spaghetti

Open House                              feed fundraiser being held in both Pocatello and Meridian.
                                        The event raised funds to assist sixteen-year-old Logan who has been diagnosed
                                        with cerebral cavernous malformations after suffering from a stroke. Immediately
On Thursday, February 9 our An-
                                        after his diagnosis, Logan had surgery to remove a golf ball-sized malformation.
chorage site held an open house
                                        These malformations are genetic and cause blood vessels to grow in the brain.
at its facility. Invited guests were
                                        They require brain surgery to remove, and at this time, there is no cure. Logan
attendees of the Alaska Pharma-
                                        is currently undergoing therapy to strengthen his left side and working hard to
cist’s Association convention,
                                        recover. Up to twenty percent of the Spaghetti Feed proceeds will be donated to
students with pre-pharmacy or
                                        Logan’s wish to play golf on a PGA course in Hawaii.
pre-health interest, and the general
public. The open house attendees        In addition to assisting with Logan’s wish, the Spaghetti Feed also helps fund
were given a tour demonstrating         important initiatives through the ISU College of Pharmacy Professional Pharma-
the Distant Learning connection         cy Student Alliance that organizes student-run, patient care projects that provide
to Idaho sites, the compounding         complimentary health screenings, immunizations, and health education to the
lab in action, and a presentation       public. These patient care projects include Operation Heart, Operation Immuniza-
on what our Alaska students have        tion, Operation Diabetes, Generation Rx and OTC Medication Safety. In 2016-2017
accomplished in our second year         our student-led projects reached more than 2.1 million people and screened and
of operation. More than 50 guests       educated more than 42,000 Idahoans.
attended the open house, which          The evening festivities at both locations began with opening comments from Dr.
culminated with a dinner and a          Jennifer Adams-Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, welcoming the attendees.
UAA Seawolves hockey game.              Logan and his family were in attendance at both events, along with representatives
The game was very exciting and          from Make-A-Wish Idaho, local and state leaders, and many ISU COP alumni sup-
gut wrenching as the Seawolves          porters. Logan and his family especially enjoyed the trivia game held throughout
lost a heartbreaking 3-2 overtime       both events. The evenings were capped off by the live auction and the announce-
thriller to Lake Superior State.        ment of the raffle winners. Special thanks to Albertsons, St. Luke’s Health, and
During the open house, our stu-         Woodward Camp, for their sponsorship of the event!
dents also held a fundraiser where                                                         MERIDIAN SPAGHETTI FEED
they sold raffle tickets, hats, and
coats. Our students did an ex-
cellent job serving as hosts while
touring the facilities and indicating
the initiatives that students are
undertaking to assist the Alaska
community. A common thread
from our attendees were comments
along the lines of “Wow, we didn’t
realize how much you all were do-
ing.” We are very excited with our
students and the impact they are
having on our Alaska community.

Future of Pharmacy
     Pharmacy is at a turning point. The                         pharmacists who saw their role as          of Pharmacy, our state professional
     vision we held for many years is                            helping their patients have a higher       associations, our legislature, and our
     taking shape. I have had the privilege                      quality of health and life. So, what is    governor. The focus of regulation is
     of being in and around pharmacy                             this change in focus from product to       shifting from regulating procedures
     my entire life, from taking my first                        patient that Dr. Brodie spoke about?       to ensuring standard of care. Now
     steps in my father’s pharmacy, to the                       To reach this goal of focusing on pa-      pharmacists must meet the practice
     privilege of serving my profession at                       tient care would require a change in       standards set by their peers, not mere-
     the ISU College of Pharmacy. From                           regulation, a change in law, a change      ly meet the procedures as outlined
     my earliest days, I heard my father                         in reimbursement, and a change in          in law and regulation. More than
     and other pharmacists discussing                            the environment. We are prepared.          before, pharmacists are providing care
     their wishes to advance the profes-                         We are ready. Pharmacists are fo-          to their patients independently. Phar-
     sion. Then, as all pharmacists today,                       cused on the patient. Our ability to       macists are using their independent
     they served their patients and did                          fully reach this goal has been held        prescribing authority. These steps will
     what they could to help their patients.                     back and limited by regulation, laws,      continue to propel the profession into
     They wanted to do more and they                             reimbursement, and professional turf       the future.
     knew, if allowed, they could do more.                       battles.                                   I am well aware of the financial
     As I began my education in phar-                            Through the effort, innovation, and        difficulties that we face in pharmacy.
     macy, the discussion in pharmacy                            drive of many strong-willed phar-          There are those, outside our profes-
                         was about new                           macists, the practice has continually      sion, who do not value our contribu-
                         opportunities as                        moved forward. Perhaps not as fast         tion to patient care. They are actively
                         a consultant in                         or efficiently as we initially proposed,   opposing our progress. I do not be-
                         long term care,                         but the profession has moved toward        lieve the road will be easy. Perhaps I
                         the development                         that goal. Clearly, many practice sites    am a dreamer, but I believe doing the
                         of Drug Informa-                        have made great strides in providing       right thing will win out and helping
                         tion Centers, and                       innovative patient care. But many          our patients improve their quality of
                         the early con-                          pharmacists remain held back from          life is the right thing. Our great pro-
                         cepts of clinical                       their true desire and full potential. We   fession of pharmacy will prevail and
     pharmacists. I learned of Dr. Donald                        are now beginning to see the system        improve patient care.
     Brodie, a pharmaceutical chemist,                           change. It must change. Improving          The faculty and staff at the College of
     who introduced the concept of “drug                         patient outcomes cannot and will           Pharmacy are committed to helping
     use control” and introduced the term                        not occur without our profession –         the profession move forward. We are
     “pharmaceutical care.” He encouraged                        the medication use experts on the          committed to helping practicing phar-
     us to move the focus of pharmacy                            healthcare team. Today we are seeing       macists use these new opportunities
     from product to the patient.                                states develop new practice models         to improve the quality of life for those
     During my graduate training I had the                       and witnessing the expansion of the        they serve. We are committed to pre-
     privilege of learning from Dr. Brodie.                      profession of pharmacy.                    paring our students to embrace these
     He was a kind man and he knew that                          I have been privileged to see the          changes and prepare them for much,
     patient care was always in the heart                        innovative practice models develop in      much more. Our visions are coming
     of pharmacists. This was nothing                            Idaho. We, in Idaho, owe a great debt      true. The future will be bright.
     new. I grew up with a father and other                      of gratitude to the Idaho State Board                                    Paul Cady

       For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th
We are happy to bring you our latest         $15 million Centennial Celebration                              we ask that you consider the impact
edition of our Alumni Relations and          Campaign. In this edition, we take a                            that the ISU College of Pharmacy has
Development section                          moment to honor and pay tribute to                              had on your career and quality of life.
of our College of                            those alumni whom we have lost in                               Based upon this consideration, we
Pharmacy Bul-                                our In Memoriam section. Don’t forget                           ask that you “Pay it Forward” as we
letin. There have                            about our “On the Road Again” sec-                              position the College of Pharmacy to
been many excit-                             tion, which highlights the new alumni                           be at the forefront of the continuous
ing alumni related                           I have met with, and took pictures of,                          changes taking place in pharmacy, as
activities that have                         since our last edition.                                         we educate the next and future gener-
taken place since our                        In our last bulletin we highlighted                             ations of this noble profession.
last bulletin. In this                       our Centennial Celebration Campaign                             I hope you enjoy this edition of our
edition you will learn of the recent         and how each of you can assist us                               bulletin and that we can also count
guest lecturer of the Chu Lectureship,       in achieving our goal of $15 million.                           on you for your campaign support.
as well as the events that were held,        For more detailed information on                                Please feel free to contact me any
including our alumni weekend and             the campaign please go to pharmacy.                             time for anything at (208) 339-4770
the Sacramento State Tailgate and            isu.edu/100th. This site will pro-                              or at yankphil@isu.edu.
Football game. We also recognize             vide detailed information about the
1970 graduate Mike Prime as the                                                                              Kindest Regards,
                                             campaign, current funds and other
current recipient of the William J.          specific needs of the campaign. I look
Bartz Award. In this Annual Edition          forward to visiting with you in the
we also recognize our donors through         coming months to discuss your in-
the 2017 Donor Honor Roll. We truly                                                                                                           Phil Yankovich
                                             terest in supporting this initiative. As
appreciate your current and future                                                                                                   Director of Development
                                             has been my mantra of this campaign,
support as we are in the midst of our                                                                                                    & Alumni Relations

Gifts to the College of Pharmacy
Your gift to the Idaho State University      1. Student Outreach Initiatives........................................................ $5,000-$10,000
College of Pharmacy helps to enhance            a. Operation Immunization
and improve the programs and initia-            b. Operation Diabetes
tives that take place here. You may             c. Operation Heart
be interested in making a future gift           d. Over the Counter Medicine Safety
to assist us in these areas.                    e. Generation Rx
                                             2. Equipment Needs.......................................................................... $5,000-$15,000
                                                a. Student compounding and dispensing labs
                                             3. Endowments............................................................................................. $25,000+
                                                a. Create your own or contribute to an existing endowment
                                             4. Naming Rights for Classrooms and/or Study Rooms.............$25,000-$50,000
                                             5. Student Scholarships................................................................$5,000-$100,000+

To see all giving options and for additional information
about contributing to the College of Pharmacy, visit

     $100,000 AND ABOVE                          $500-$999                                     Errol & Connie Maus        Sandra Driskell
     Walker Drug/Jack Walker                     Jennifer L. Adams                             June M. McKenzie           Larry B. Durrant
                                                 Leo D. Basch                                  Lisa A. Miller             Dyke’s Electric, Inc.
     $10,000-$24,999                             Jodie Brunsting                               Margaret B. Mortensen      Betty Z. Eastwood
     David & Jane Chu/Chu Family Foun-           David Y. Chan                                 Debra A. Proksch           Peggy J. Eaton
        dation                                   Cornerstone Pharmacy Services, Inc            Kent L. Quickstad          Tamara J. Eide
     Walgreen’s                                  Michael C. Eaton                              Mark W. Recker             David M. Faux
     Peter & Mee Woo                             Ed Snell’s Pharmacy Shop                      Margaret L. Rice           Michael E. Fox
                                                 Kathryn K. Fader                              Jack L. Rupp               Patricia A. Frasier
     $5,000-$9,999                               Julius H. Favilla                             Sav Mor Drug Store         James R. Frisk
     Michael & Corinne Araki-Kawaguchi           Darrell J. Fike                               Michael E. Shaw            Renata M. Galvez
     Bi-Mart Corporation                         Bob & Tina Fischer                            Christine A. Steckline     Leslie Gieselman
     Paula J. Blair                              Brent L. Fricke                               Leonard J. Valente         K L. Givens-Colwell
     Catherine J. Fry                            Shawn M. Furniss                              David R. Von Der Mehden    Francine M. Gomes
     Kyle & Janice Peters                        James Gee                                     Theodore W. Young          Thomas P. Hamilton
     Rite Aid Hdqtrs, Corp.                      Hinh D. Ha                                                               Elden M. Hansen
     Josh Gehrke & Sandee Moore-Gehrke           Samuel A. Hoagland                            $100-$249                  Amanda R. Harrison
     Stanley Reinhaus Family Foundation          LIlly US Matching Gifts Program               Shirley S. Ackerman        Ann V. Heimgartner
                                                 Gary G. Meadows                               Sabrina L. Allen           Kelly R. Henggeler
     $2,500-$4,999                               Stephen G. Moss                               David H. Anderson          Aubrey R. Herrmann
     Albertsons Safeway                          Chhitubhai N. Patel                           Richard T. Arrossa         John W. Hill
     Paul S. Cady                                Ara G. Paul                                   Marilyn M. Arrossa         Paul E. Holloway
     Idaho State Pharmacy Association Inc        Pamela H. Pham                                Larry D. Ashton            Garth H. Holmes
     Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts            Carol M. Rounds                               Molly C. Barry             Jessica J. Howell
         Program                                 Gavin Rowan                                   Anna & Gabriel Bartoo      Bi Huang
     Joy Plein                                   Schwab Charitable Fund                        Ronda J. Bateson           William J. Hunter
     Larry & Debrra Updyke                       Kevin Sims                                    John W. Beebe              In-Chul Har
                                                 Sidney L. Sly                                 Dawn M. Berheim            Travis C. Jackman
     $1,000-$2,499                               Dennis R. Smith                               Frederick M. Berneking     Kimberly L. Jacoby
     Albert G. Bouvier                           Gary L. Tauscher                              Abraham Bidaki             Parviz Jahangirizadeh
     Judith Brigham                              Joanne Westberg                               Michael A. Biddle          Jan D. O’Neil
     Susan & Claude Connelly                     Adrian M. Wong                                Paul A. Black              Leslie K. Jang
     CVS Health Foundation                       Phil C. Yankovich                             Roger L. Bovey             Kristina M. Jonas
     Dave Della Zoppa                                                                          Firth G. Bowden            Glenda M. Jorgensen
     Annick & Ryan Dixon                         $250-$499                                     P. P. Bregitzer            Thomas P. Jurewitz
     David Dokimos                               Joseph B. Atuah                               Theodore P. Briski         Marie E. Kadillak
     Alice H. Dunn                               David J. Bendahan                             James E. Brown             Dorrine Kendrick
     Verlin L. Gingerich                         Gary L. Bertagnolli                           Jenni D. Buu               Ned I. Kikuchi
     Wang Y. Kan                                 Harmon E. Cannon                              James M. Cannella          Patricia Komoda
     Donald J. Leonard                           Yvonna E. Christensen                         John J. Chelenes           Karan & Milton Kutsurelis
     National Community Pharmacists Assoc        Lynn H. Coltrin                               Nicole L. Chopski          Karmen R. Lee
     Douglas E. Nau                              C.W. D. Anderson                              Connie C. Christofferson   Gordon L. Lee
     Felix A. Nordyke                            William M. Eames Associates                   Kevin W. Cleveland         Stella Liem
     Michael T. Prime                            Rex W. Force                                  S. Dwight Comstock         Mark E. Lindhardt
     Daniel B. Seargeant                         Kenneth D. Fuchs                              Richard L. Connors         Andy F. Louie
     Shaver Pharmacy & Compounding               Barbara K. Ganir                              G. Lynn Crawford           Laura K. Lybecker
         Center                                  Russell Goto                                  Sheri L. Curtis            Richard C. Mackie
     Archie C. Shum                              Alan D. Harmon                                Kent Cutforth              Elizabeth L. Martindale
     Gary E. Thomas                              Jon K. Juergensen                             Nancy M. Davison           Dianne K. McClusky
     Jack L. Walker                              Steven E. Kramer                              James A. Davison           James A. McDonald
     Walmart                                     James C. Lai                                  Joseph Della Zoppa         Caroline S. McFadden
     Carol Westby                                Raymond S. Lee                                Dale L. Derbidge           Brent W. McFadden
     Bill Wolfe                                  Karen F. Lee                                  John R. Dixon              Rosalie J. McIlroy
     Deborah A. Yee-Chow                         Ed Maurino                                    Weiping Dong               Brian W. McKillip

        For more information on our Centennial Celebration Campaign please go to pharmacy.isu.edu/100th
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