Course Brochure Cookery Craft Lifestyle - MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2019 - Denman College

Course Brochure Cookery Craft Lifestyle - MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2019 - Denman College
Course Brochure
MARCH 2018 -
Course Brochure Cookery Craft Lifestyle - MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2019 - Denman College
Courses are in date order               A unique experience, in a warm
         04 Special Events                   and welcoming environment
         06 March 2018
                                             There’s something special about Denman
         12 April 2018                       Founded by the NFWI in 1948, we offer a wealth of opportunities
         19 May 2018                         to learn new skills, make new friends, and leave feeling rested and
                                             inspired. Everyone is welcome – men and women – and you don’t
         23 June 2018                        have to be a WI member. We’ve got something for everyone, so
                                                                                                                                      Did You Know?
                                                                                                                                   The price of a Denman
         29 July 2018                        start browsing and call or book online today!
                                                                                                                                 residential course includes
         34 August 2018                      Denman’s 70th Anniversary                                                           tuition from an expert tutor,
                                                                                                                             plus all accommodation, breakfast,
         39 September 2018                   Keep an eye out for special Platinum courses
                                                                                                                                morning coffee and pastries,
                                             in 2018 and celebrate 70 years of Denman.
         42	October 2018                                                                                                      two-course lunch, afternoon tea
                                             We’ll be using our gorgeous gardens and the
                                                                                                                                  and three-course dinners.
         47 November 2018                    original Denman swan logo as inspiration!
                                                                                                                                        It’s practically
         52 December 2018                                                                                                                all inclusive!
                                             Become a Friend of Denman
         55 January 2019                     Whether you’re new to Denman or a long-term supporter,
         57 Index                            becoming a Friend of Denman gets you closer to the college.
                                             Not only will you have access to special events and this wonderful
         62 Terms and Conditions             support network, but every penny goes towards securing the
         63	Platinum Event:                 future of Denman. For just £75 a year you’ll receive a welcome
             Sounds of the Summer            pack, membership card, special newsletters, 10% off all courses
                                             and events, the residential room of your choice where available,
         64 Application Form                 an exclusive tote bag and front row seats to events!
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                                                                                          big names in the industry,
                                                FoD 	Price for current Friends          or they have fewer places
                                                       of Denman                          to allow for individual tuition.
                                                  These courses involve physical
                                                  activity, long periods of standing   	To join the waiting list of a
                                                  and/or require strong hands.           sold out course or event,
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Course Brochure Cookery Craft Lifestyle - MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2019 - Denman College
SPECIAL                                                                                    Samuel Pepys,
                                                                                              Style & Make Up in                               Georgian Cooking! Talk and Q&A
                                                                                                                                                  with Catherine Sampson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         A Magical Easter
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      with Food and Flowers

                                                                                             17th Century London                                                28 June 2018
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               27 March 2018

                                                                                               with Rosemarie                                             FoD £36 M £40 NM £45                                              FoD £36 M £40 NM £45
                                                                                                   Swinfield                            The Georgian era was the platform-building period for British
                                                                                                                                        cuisine. It began with cooking methods barely changed from
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Come and spend the day at Denman where we will
                                                                                                                                                                                                           be showing you treats and tips for making Easter that
                                                                                                    13 March 2018
                                                                                                                                         the medieval period and ended with food still being cooked       little bit special! The day will start with a demonstration
                                                                                                                                          over an open fire in the kitchen. Yet the Georgians made              by Kelly Mauger, Denman’s WI Cookery School
                                                                                               FoD £36 M £40 NM £45                       great strides forward in attempting to contain and control        Manager and renowned pastry chef. Following Kelly
                                                                                                                                                                                                               is one of Denman’s returning tutors Alex Mackay,
                   Tim Bentinck –                                                              Join us at Denman for an
                                                                                               enchanting lecture on the
                                                                                                                                           the heat source, and their experimentation enabled the
                                                                                                                                                     Victorians to finally invent the range.                  who will be showcasing alternative and traditional
            Being David Archer and Other                                                          glamorous fashions of
                                                                                              Restoration London where
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ideas with a twist and a sprinkling of magic to
                                                                                                                                                                                                               make your Easter extra special. After a delightful
           Unusual Ways of Earning a Living                                                   men wore wigs and women
                                                                                             painted their faces. Everyone
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Denman lunch, Anna Steven, national teacher,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     demonstrator and Chelsea gold medal
                            25 April 2018                                                       wanted to look stylish in                                            An Afternoon & Cookery                          winner and Denman tutor will be taking
                     FoD £49.50 M £55 NM £60                                                      a society where being
                                                                                              unfashionable was seen as
                                                                                                                                                                     Demonstration with Reverend.                        over from Alex for a seasonal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              flower demonstration.
         We are very excited to announce that the wonderful
      Tim Bentinck will visit Denman to talk about his new book                              a social disaster! Rosemarie                                            Kate Bottley
      Being David Archer…. Tim’s mission is to take you behind                               will also present a fascinating                                         21 June 2018 FoD £49.50 M £55 NM £60
        the scenes of the longest running drama series in the                               demonstration of the dramatic                                            Join us for a very special afternoon with Reverend Kate Bottley, known for her
        world, a British institution with a theme tune that Billy                            make-up worn by Restoration                                             appearances on Channel 4’s BAFTA and National Television Award-winning series
          Connolly wants to be the National Anthem! Join us                                    beauties – and some men                                               show Gogglebox, BBC One’s 2016 flagship Easter documentary In the Footsteps
             at Denman for an insightful talk with a Q&A,                                   following the whims of society!                                          of Judas, Pause for Thought on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 Breakfast Show and most
               afternoon tea and Tim will sign your free                                                                                                             recently BBC One’s Celebrity MasterChef 2017. Kate has also written for a variety
                   copy of his book! This event is not                                                                                                               of newspapers and magazines including The Guardian, The Independent and Radio
                              to be missed...                                                                                                                        Times. Kate will talk about her fascinating life and how it has changed since becoming
                                                                                                                                                                     a well-known public figure, but also demonstrate some of her favourite recipes that she
                                                                                                                                                                     produced on MasterChef as well as for her family.

           The Bombshells – Live at Denman!                                                                                                  Platinum                               Who Was Jane Austen?
                             11 May 2018
                                                                                                                                         Riverside Cruise                                    3-4 June 2018

                     FoD £58.50 M £65 NM £70
          Spend an evening at Denman listening to timeless
                                                                                                                                       with Peter Lawrence                       FoD £143.10 M £159 NM £169
                                                                                                                                               21 May 2018                       No other novelist in late 18th and
       classics such as ‘Que Sera Sera’, ‘Let’s Call the Whole                                                                                                                   early 19th century England wrote
        Thing Off’ and ‘We’ll Meet Again’, sung by the brilliant                                                                                                                 with Jane Austen’s clarity or humour.
        trio The Bombshells. Recreating musical history, The                                                                       FoD £107.10 M £119 NM £129                    Two hundred years on, her plots
          Bombshells offer incredible harmonies and bubby                                                                          Come to Denman for a fascinating              and characters intrigue and delight
        personalities; you won’t want to miss this! The event        Talk & Tour of Chedworth Roman Villa                          London Cruise with our very own               a modern audience of readers,
          includes a two course dinner with a glass of wine.                             29 March 2018                             Peter Lawrence, one of Denman’s               film-goers and television viewers.
                                                                                                                                   most popular tutors. From the                 But who was the real Jane Austen?
                                                                                                                                   ancient Britons, through the Roman            Visits to locations that contributed
                                                                                                                                   occupation to London’s development            to her novelistic output, Steventon
                                                                                     FoD £49.50 M £55 NM £60                       over the last millennium, the River
                                                                          Join us at Denman for this one-off special event                                                       and Chawton in Hampshire, and
                                                                                                                                   Thames has always been the single             Winchester, where she died and is
                                                                      celebrating all things mosaics! Visit Chedworth Roman        most important reason for our capital’s
                                                                      Villa, one of Britain’s largest Romano-British villas with                                                 buried, will also be on the itinerary.
                                                                                                                                   existence. Whilst walking the streets         Discover the woman behind the
                                                                    fine mosaics. Dr Nick Humphris, a chartered mechanical         is a fascinating way of learning about
                                                                          engineer and a volunteer at the villa, will give an                                                    writing on this one-night special event.
                                                                                                                                   London, it is nothing compared with
                                                                      insightful talk before you grab a hearty Denman buffet       viewing London from the Thames.
                                                                            lunch and set off to see Chedworth yourself!

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Course Brochure Cookery Craft Lifestyle - MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2019 - Denman College
Cooking the Americas
                          MARCH 2018                                  MARCH 2018                    178.892 14-16 March
                      COOKERY DAY SCHOOLS                     COOKERY RESIDENTIAL COURSES           M £370 NM £410
                                                                                                    This brand new course is a journey
             Knife Skills                                 Bread Baking for the Home                 through the Americas, with stops in
             178.841 6 March                              178.816 2-4 March                         Spanish influenced Argentina, Peru,
             M £105 NM £125                               M £370 NM £410                            Mexico and the USA.
             Learn the essential skills needed            Learn how four simple ingredients can     Peter Lien
             to prepare meat, fish and vegetables         be combined to produce wonderful
             like a pro. In one of Denman’s most          breads. Recipes include rosemary          American Baking
             popular courses, you’ll master the           and potato focaccia, cinnamon swirls,     178.954 19-21 March
             different techniques required to dice,       sultana and walnut loaf and curried       M £340 NM £380
             julienne, and finely chop fruit and          naan bread.                               Bake your way through delicious
             vegetables, fillet fish and joint poultry.   Alison Haigh                              goodies and desserts including
             Peter Lien                                                                             Florida’s key lime pie, donuts,
                                                                                                    bagels, whoopie pies and New York’s
                                                                                                    infamous cheesecake.                                                                   Glass: An Introduction                     Silver Clay For Beginners
                                                                                                                                                             MARCH 2018                    178.919 17 March                           178.945 23 March
                                                                                                    Kelly Mauger
                                                                                                                                                          CRAFT DAY SCHOOLS                M £105 NM £125                             M £105 NM £125
                                                                                                    Vegetarian Italian                                                                     This course is an introduction to the      Ever wanted to design and make
                                                                                                    178.939 21-23 March                          Sculpting: Wonderful Wax                  skills and techniques involved in glass    your own real silver jewellery? With
                                                                                                    M £300 NM £340                               178.877 9 March                           fusing and slumping. We will make          silver clay, a unique new form of real
                                                                                                    Under the tuition of Italian cook and        M £105 NM £125                            three items during the day – glass         silver, becoming a jewellery designer
                                                                                                    food producer Mariella, cook some            Working with locally sourced natural      jewellery fused in a microwave and         is within everyone’s reach. Soft and
                                                                                                    delicious vegetarian dishes that even        beeswax, you will be introduced           two kiln-fired pieces. You will have       pliable at first, the ‘clay’ is fired and
                                                                                                    meat eaters will love; parmigiana di         to a variety of techniques, used          the opportunity to experiment with a       turns to pure silver – like magic!
                                                                                                    melenzane, risotto with Sagrantino           across the world for thousands            variety of ideas and glass materials.      Even better, no specialist tools or
                                                                                                                                                                                           Shirley Eccles                             equipment are needed so by the end
March 2018

                                                                                                    wine, rolls with avocado, rocket and         of years. Abi will guide you through

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   March 2018
                                                                                                    parmigiano, to name just a few.              making jewellery, trinkets, household                                                of the day you will feel confident to
                                                                                                    Mariella Bliss                               décor, figurative sculpture or            Stained Glass Leaded Panels                continue making silver jewellery at
                                                                                                                                                 ornamental animals.                       178.936 22 March                           home.
                              Ingredients                                                           Viennoiserie: Breakfast Pastries             Abi Burt                                  M £105 NM £125                             Melanie Blaikie
                            are included in                                                         178.944 23-25 March                                                                    Make your own beautiful genuine
                              the cost of a                                                         M £340 NM £380                               Silver Clay Jewellery                     stained glass small hanging panel          Handmade Buttons
                            cookery course                                                          Learn to make your own pain au               with Freshwater Pearls                    or window and learn the art of             178.973 26 March
                              What’s more                                                           chocolate, croissants, brioches and          178.895 12 March                          traditional stained glass work. An         M £105 NM £125
                                                                                                    danishes from a true pastry master.          M £105 NM £125                            array of coloured and textured glass       Dorset and singleton buttons are two
                             they will all be             Great British Bakes                                                                                                              will be available to make your own         ancient British thrift crafts. Originally,
                            prepared for you              178.885 9-11 March                        Katie Churchard                              Fancy a day designing and making
                               in advance!                                                                                                       stunning silver jewellery? You will       individual abstract panel. Anna will       they were made on a disc cut from
                                                          M £340 NM £380                            French Farmhouse Kitchen                                                               show you how to cut glass, ‘lead up’,      the horn of Dorset sheep, which was
                                                          Take a whistle stop tour around the                                                    be taught how to use silver clay to
                                                                                                    178.972 26-28 March                          create pendants, charms, brooches         solder, cement and, if you wish, install   covered with needle-worked thread.
                                                          British Isles to discover an assortment   M £340 NM £380                                                                         your panel.                                Singleton buttons can be made from
                                                          of delicious regional baked goods                                                      or earrings and how to incorporate
                                                                                                    Confits of duck and game, to serve           freshwater pearls into your design.       Anna Conti                                 pretty fabrics and use up little scraps
             For the Love of Gin                          from our very own shores. This course     as simple-to-make dinner party                                                                                                    effectively. Cheap as chips to make and
                                                                                                                                                 Louise Simmonds
             178.1001 20 March
                                                          will cover a rich diversity of recipes    dishes including hearty, salted belly                                                  Jewellery: Knotting on Silk                incredibly beautiful, once you start you
                                                          with a variety of cooking techniques      pork, rillettes and rillons of pork for      Crochet for Absolute Beginners            178.950 23 March                           can’t stop making these little treasures.
             M £105 NM £125                               and skills including Welsh bara brith,
             Do you love Gin? Why not kick start                                                    mouth-watering tartes and rich salads,       178.898 12 March                          M £105 NM £125                             Natalie Green
                                                          Dundee cake, Banbury cakes, bishop        crepinettes (home-made sausages)                                                       The central aim for beginners
             your Easter weekend a day early              cake and Cornish saffron cake.
                                                                                                                                                 M £105 NM £125
             and join us for a day of celebrating                                                   and ham and parsley terrine for a            This day course will get you started by   is to learn how to knot a pearl
                                                          Jill Brand                                show stopping party centrepiece.                                                       necklace or bracelet on silk, using
             and cooking with gin. We will be                                                                                                    focussing on an iconic crochet motif,                                                       Take a photo of your
                                                                                                    Lindy Wildsmith                                                                        a Chinese knotting tool, as well as
             making gin and tonic cupcakes, a             Let’s Make Cheese                                                                      the granny square. We will learn how
                                                                                                                                                                                           learning Indian-wiring as applied to            cookery or craft projects
             matcha gin and chocolate tart and a          178.891 12-14 March                                                                    to make a crochet chain and work the                                                         and share it with us
             rhubarb and custard gin pannacotta,                                                                                                 treble crochet stitch, how to cluster     drop earring-making, for those who
                                                          M £340 NM £380                                                                                                                   wish to have a go! Improvers will do              on social media! Find
             plus Katie will demonstrate a stunning       Louise will show you how to make a                                                     stitches and work from the centre                                                             our handles at the
             gin cocktail dessert.                                                                                                               in rounds.                                more practice knotting and undertake
                                                          range of soft cheeses using domestic                                                                                             more complex projects, including                    bottom of the page
             Katie Churchard                              kitchen utensils and cover halloumi,                                                   Lindy Zubairy                                                                                and use the hashtag
                                                                                                                                                                                           graduating pearls.
                                                          mozzarella, mascarpone, butter, cream                                                                                            Frances Benton                                      #MadeAtDenman
                                                          cheese and ricotta.                                            Proud Sponsors of
                                                          Louise Talbot                                                  the WI Cookery School

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Course Brochure Cookery Craft Lifestyle - MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2019 - Denman College
Needle Felting: Make an Easter Bunny       Watercolours for Beginners                Painting: Big Art                          Jacobean Crewel Embroidery               Resin Work: Make a Clock and Coaster        Watercolours: Atmospheric Landscapes
             178.976 26 March                           178.843 4-6 March                         178.882 9-11 March                         178.894 12-16 March                      178.903 14-16 March                         178.952 21-23 March
             M £105 NM £125                             M £300 NM £340                            M £300 NM £340                             M £540 NM £600                           M £305 NM £345                              M £300 NM £340
             Needle felting is a dry form of            Use watercolours to produce paintings     Paint in a more free and expressive        Experiment with colour and learn         This course is a fantastic introduction     Transparent, watercolour paint
             feltmaking. Using a special felting        in this delicate but expressive           style. Create three linked large scale     many interesting stitches using a        to resin and you will make a unique         lends itself to creating mood and
             needle has barbs the wool is punched       medium. Fun, enjoyment and getting        paintings of flowers in acrylics to hang   design inspired by 17th and 18th         clock and coaster. There will also be       atmosphere in landscape painting.
             to ‘knit’ the fibres together and          inspiration from inside and outdoors,     at home.                                   century tree of life bed hangings.       time to make some resin jewellery           You will try and capture such effects
             creates a very firm finish. Starting       form important aspects of the course.     Sue Klemencic                              Julie Walsby                             as an added bonus. The clock will be        by looking at how other painters
             with pictures of rabbits in various        Sue Klemencic                                                                                                                 made using upcyled materials and a          have achieved it in their pictures.
             poses the body is created with the                                                   Watercolour and Ink:                       Goldwork Embroidery:                     huge range of different colours and         The course will include such subjects
             eyes being the finishing touch that        Knitting Creatively                       Experimental Techniques                    Easter Extravaganza                      pigments in resin.                          as morning and evening skies, rain,
             gives your bunny its special character.    178.849 4-6 March                         178.883 9-11 March                         178.899 12-16 March                      Clare John                                  mist, snow and sunsets.
             Dress him up with a bonnet or a            M £300 NM £340                            M £300 NM £340                             M £540 NM £600                                                                       Pat Gove
             bunch of carrots and you have a            This workshop is for those knitters       A traditional watercolour and ink          Discover the world of goldwork           Embroidery Stumpwork: Exotic Birds
             perfect Easter Bunny!                      who want to create unique pieces of       approach can often be quite tricky.        embroidery and be introduced to a        178.772 19-21 March                         Painting with Powertex and
             Sue Pearl                                  artwork. No sewing up, just use knit      By breaking all the rules, having          variety of techniques, either through    M £300 NM £340                              Mixed Media Canvasses
                                                        and purl stitches, shaping and casting    a willingness to experiment, it is         set designs or by developing your        Exotic birds are admired for the            178.957 23-25 March
             Calligraphy: Learn, Design and Create      on and off.                               perfectly possible to move from            own ideas.                               vibrancy of colour and the beauty           M £300 NM £340
             178.1000 29 March                          Jan Blight                                serendipity to control. By layering        Hazel Everett                            of their feathery plumage. Taking           Learn how to achieve simple crackle
             M £105 NM £125                                                                       transparent inks over a watercolour                                                 them as our inspiration, you can bring      effects, apply materials to create
             The beauty of learning this script is it   Make the Most of Your Overlocker          base, beautiful and varied effects         Bumper Craft Takeaway                    your embroidery to life in stumpwork        texture, mix structure pastes and
             is easier to master and personalise,       178.854 5-7 March                         can be achieved.                           178.902 14-16 March                      using the 3D effect and fresh 21st          more, before finishing with pigments
             making it unique to you. Practising        178.874 7-9 March                         Stuart Green                               M £300 NM £340                           century design.                             and waxes using dry brush and
             the skills in this script, you will gain   M £330 NM £370                                                                       Projects will include folded fabric      Joanna Pout                                 sponge techniques.
             your confidence and finish the day         Master the dreaded threading and
                                                                                                  Embroidered Landscapes                     flowers and other ideas with scrap                                                   Liz Dixon
             by making a small beautiful piece                                                    178.732 12-14 March                        fabrics, lots of button crafts, simple   Mosaics: A Terracotta Dish
                                                        unravel the mysteries of tension
             such as a card, place name or gift         adjustment.                               M £300 NM £340                             jewellery, easy embroidery, work         178.935 19-21 March                         Patchwork: Learn Machine Patchwork
March 2018

             tag. Using fantastic metallic inks         May Martin                                An introductory course into                with beads and threads, simple paper     M £300 NM £340                              178.943 23-25 March

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            March 2018
             with calligraphy, your work will look a                                              embroidering landscapes using a            crafts and lots more.                    A lovely creative course where you          M £300 NM £340
             million dollars.                           Kumihimo Jewellery                        range of embroidery skills – crewel,       Natalie Green                            will learn how to cut and “nibble”          On this enjoyable and creative course
             Jane Lappage                               178.875 7-9 March                         stump, ribbons – to create a small                                                  tessarae to create a wonderful mosaic       you will be opening the door to an
                                                        M £300 NM £340                            embroidered picture.                                                                within a round terracotta dish. Using       interest that will provide you with the
                                                        Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) is           Deborah Hastings                                                                    glass tiles, ceramic tiles, stained glass   opportunity to discover a new and
                         MARCH 2018                     a simple way of making beautiful                                                                                              fragments, mirror, Millefiori slices,       exciting craft. You will learn how to
                  CRAFT RESIDENTIAL COURSES             jewellery and decorative cords for
                                                                                                  Silver Clay Jewellery with Fused Glass                                              broken pottery, and a large variety of      use all the tools associated with the
                                                        upholstery and trimmings. Create at       178.896 12-14 March                                                                 other materials, you can then create a      project and in the process make a
             Trousers to Fit: Patterns and Toile        least two necklaces using cord and        M £300 NM £340                                                                      beautiful and unique piece of work for      cushion.
                                                        beads from a choice of designs. Learn     Always wanted to design and make                                                    your home.                                  Patricia Robson
             178.833 1-4 March
                                                        how to make unique jewellery to match     stunning silver jewellery? You’ll be                                                Lis Greensmith
             M £485 NM £545                                                                       amazed at what you can produce
             This course will teach you how             your outfit or to give as presents.
                                                        Christine Mayer                           using this incredible material.
             to apply your personal body                                                          Louise Simmonds
             measurements to draft your own
                                                        Flowers for Spring and Easter
             trouser pattern.
                                                        78.884 9-11 March                         Watercolour Pencils: Sketching Spring
             Christine Eady                                                                       178.897 12-14 March
                                                        M £300 NM £340
             Willow Baskets                             Now the winter has passed, come           M £300 NM £340
                                                        and use the beautiful flowers of spring   Techniques will include using the
             178.832 2-4 March
                                                        to make lovely arrangements for           pencils dry and wet, colour mixing,
             M £300 NM £340                                                                       shading, wet in wet and using the
             Weave your own round willow baskets        your home.
                                                        Christine Pearce                          pencils with pen and wash. All
             using various colours of willow from                                                 techniques and exercises will be
             the Somerset levels and some more                                                    demonstrated by the tutor and the
             unusual hedgerow materials.                                                          course will be run in a relaxed and
             Norah Kennedy                                      Join as a Friend of
                                                                                                  friendly manner.
                                                                 Denman for just
                                                                                                  Jonathan Newey
                                                                  £75 and enjoy
                                                               discounts, VIP seats
                                                                    and more!

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Course Brochure Cookery Craft Lifestyle - MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2019 - Denman College
Jewellery: Pearl Knotting, a Floating       Pattern & Dress Making:                   Focus on Fitness, Dance and Fun             Rennie Mackintosh and                        Have you Ever Thought about Writing       Ramble and Explore:
             Pearl Necklace and Drop Earrings            Bodice & Sleeve Blocks                    178.834 2-4 March                           Influences on Design                         your Life Story?                          Blenheim Park (6 Miles)
             178.951 23-25 March                         178.974 26-29 March                       M £300 NM £340                              178.852 7-9 March                            178.938 19-22 March                       178.963 25-27 March
             M £300 NM £340                              M £485 NM £545                            Dancing has been found to be one            M £340 NM £380                               M £445 NM £505                            M £335 NM £375
             The aim is to learn silk knotting and       If you make your own clothes and          of the best forms of exercise. As           An exploration of the history, inspiration   Writing your life story is a wonderful    Walk in the grounds of Blenheim
             make a fully-knotted pearl necklace         find commercial patterns don’t fit your   well as dancing, keep fit will also be      and craftsmanship found in many              reflective and enjoyable occupation.      Palace, following some of the less
             and/or bracelet, on silk using a            body shape, you will find working         included, as well as relaxation, a basic    of our magnificent country houses.           You will revisit and recapture tales      frequented paths. In the afternoon
             Chinese knotting tool, together with        with your personal body and sleeve        massage, and lively talks. It is for all    Visits will be made to the gloriously        from the older generation of your         explore more of Blenheim Park and
             a spaced ‘floating’ pearl necklace on       templates the key to creating made-       ages and levels of fitness, in a friendly   renovated 78 Derngate, Northampton,          family, along with memories of your       cross the Grand Bridge with fine views
             jewellery wire with bracelet and drop       to-measure patterns that fit well and     and fun atmosphere.                         a delightful interior designed by            childhood, school days, work and          of Vanbrugh’s monumental Palace.
             earrings for students who can and           are comfortable. This course will         Gill Avery                                  Charles Rennie Mackintosh.                   family life. This course is designed      We end the day in the market town of
             want to do more.                            teach and support you in the process                                                  Anna Steven                                  to give you the help and inspiration      Woodstock, rich in historic interest.
             Frances Benton                              of developing basic bodice and            Meditation Methods: An Introduction                                                      you need to plan, write and organise      John Harris & Christine Booth
                                                         sleeve blocks, which are the basis        178.818 2-4 March                           Blenheim and the Churchills                  your own unique life story, creating an
             Ribbon Embroidery: A Cottage Garden         of developing patterns for dresses,       M £300 NM £340                              178.893 12-14 March                          enduring record of your life and times.   Yoga: An Introduction
             178.959 23-25 March                         blouses and jackets.                      Meditation is a state of open               M £345 NM £385                               Chrissie Hall                             178.962 25-27 March
             M £300 NM £340                              Christine Eady                            awareness where the mind is free            John Churchill was born a commoner                                                     M £300 NM £340
             Silk ribbon is easy to work with as it is                                             from thoughts and totally engaged           with no expectation of fame but              Singing: Elizabethan Madrigals            The course will consist of a gentle
             soft and malleable and grows quickly;       Sewing: Learn to use a Sewing Machine     in the moment. In order to reach            through a mixture of good luck and skill     178.961 21-23 March                       evening yoga session and a more
             a perfect course for beginners and the      Part 2                                    this state one practices mediation          became a duke and an internationally         M £300 NM £340                            energetic morning session. After the
             more advanced embroiderer.                  178.975 26-29 March                       techniques designed to quieten and          respected soldier and statesman who          The Elizabethans loved their music,       morning session, explore methods of
             Marilyn Pipe                                M £445 NM £505                            focus the mind. This course aims            was promised a palace by his grateful        and they loved to sing and play.          meditation and look at different types
                                                         Make two cushions that combine skills     to introduce different meditation           queen. Look at his life and career, and      Gathering together of an evening,         of prananyama (breath work) and
             Silver Clay Jewellery For Beginners         such as piping, zip insertion, simple     and mindfulness practices so that           visit the amazing house that is still        friends would get out the part-books      it’s uses.
             178.958 23-25 March                         patchwork, appliqué and buttonhole        participants can find the method they       home to his descendants today.               and sing madrigals. These were            Jacqueline Rice
             M £330 NM £370                              sewing, plus more detail on cutting,      are most suited to.                         John Vigar                                   songs in three or more parts, to be
             Enjoy an adventure into a world of          paper patterns, ideas for beginner        Alan Baker                                                                               sung un-accompanied. With food,           The Easter Story in Art and Music
                                                                                                                                               Mistresses and their Houses
March 2018

             silver with one of the UK’s foremost        dressmaking projects, interfacings                                                                                                 wine and madrigals, much fun was          178.971 27-29 March

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               March 2018
             teachers and this amazing new               and lots more.
                                                                                                   Art on the London Streets:                  178.901 14-16 March                          had by all.                               M £300 NM £340
             form of pure silver. Learn wonderful        Natalie Green                             An Armchair Journey                         M £350 NM £390                               Kate Eckersley                            This quiet, serene and contemplative
             techniques and tips to design and                                                     178.842 4-6 March                           Discover the fascinating stories of royal                                              course is for those who wish to
             create real silver jewellery using just a                                             M £300 NM £340                              courtesans, their families and houses.       Digital Photography and Photoshop:        experience how the Easter story has
             few simple tools. You’ll make at least                                                Learn about the incredible amount of        From the professional mistress to            Out and About                             inspired many composers and artists
             four beautiful, finished pieces that can                                              variation, history and amusement there      those who fell in love, we look at the       178.956 21-23 March                       to create wonderful works that have
             even be hallmarked.                                     MARCH 2018                    is on London’s streets through the          part they played in English history.         M £300 NM £340                            been truly emotional, both heart-
             Melanie Blaikie                                LIFESTYLE RESIDENTIAL COURSES          medium of art. From memorials, statues,     John Vigar                                   Improve your skills taking digital        rending and heart warming.
                                                                                                   murals and graffiti, there is so much to                                                 photographs and using computers           Richard Box
             Patchwork: Happy Scrappy                                                              make you think and smile. From the          Bridge: Brush Up Your Bidding                to edit and manage your shots. We’ll
             Patchwork For Beginners                     Think You Can’t Learn Italian?            warmth and comfort of Denman we             and Playing                                  use the grounds to improve your
             178.960 25-27 March                         Think Again!                              will travel around London, picking out      178.905 14-16 March                          technique then either bring your own                  Don’t forget
             M £300 NM £340                              178.831 2-4 March                         hot-spots of art that fascinates both       M £300 NM £340                               laptops or use the Denman computers                    to pick up
             Always fancied having a go at               M £300 NM £340                            Londoners and tourists alike.               Bridge is a fascinating and rewarding        to Photoshop elements to make the                      a Denman
             patchworking but not known where to         Have you always wanted to learn           Peter Lawrence                              game, which can be played with great         most of your pictures.                              souvenir in our
             start? This is the course for you!          another language but struggled                                                        enjoyment at any level, but there is         David Clarke                                         shop on your
             Christine Green                             at school or have distant memories        Literature: Jane Austen’s Letters Part 1    always room to develop skills and                                                                   next visit!
                                                         of learning by rote and dreary            178.845 4-7 March                           techniques! This fun, practical course
             Sewing: Fabulous Fabric Flowers             lessons? Well, things have changed!       M £485 NM £545                              will help you brush up your basic
             178.965 25-27 March                         This course will focus on lots of fun     Jane Austen’s letters to her family         bidding and play techniques, and
             M £300 NM £340                              and speaking practice, and give you       and friends provide a unique insight        feel more confident and competent
             Recycling at its best with stunning         insight into the structure and grammar    into the author’s response to her life      when bidding.
             results! Have fun manipulating,             of the language.                          and times. Invariably witty and often       Ann Lee
             burning, folding and sewing your            Sue Mckenna                               wickedly irreverent, she records her
             favourite leftover fabrics into stylish                                               thoughts on dancing and fashion,
             flowers to give your outfit and                                                       marriage, men and women, gossip
             accessories the “wow factor”.                                                         and scandal, with a sharply observant
             Jan Cadman                                                                            eye; little escapes her critical gaze.
                                                                                                   Hazel Jones

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Course Brochure Cookery Craft Lifestyle - MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2019 - Denman College
Simple Super Foods Everyday
                          APRIL 2018                             APRIL 2018                178.1061 9-11 April                        Flavours of Asia
                                                                                                                                      178.1121 18-20 April
                                                                                                                                                                                               APRIL 2018
                     COOKERY DAY SCHOOLS                COOKERY RESIDENTIAL COURSES        M £340 NM £380
                                                                                                                                                                                           CRAFT DAY SCHOOLS                                APRIL 2018
                                                                                           Super foods are everywhere you             M £370 NM £410                                                                                CRAFT RESIDENTIAL COURSES
                                                                                           look: in the news, supermarkets,           Join Peter on a journey through
             Introduction to Fermentation           Let’s Make Cheese: Part 2              magazines and on television. But do        the Far East, stopping off in Japan,      Needle Felting: Pigs and Piglets
             178.1082 12 April                      178.1011 4-6 April                     you know which ones you can use            China, South East Asia and the Indian     178.1104 7 April
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Kumihimo Jewellery
             M £105 NM £125                         M £340 NM £380                         to create tasty everyday recipes the       subcontinent. Starting with a selection                                                  178.1014 3-5 April
                                                                                                                                                                                M £105 NM £125
             Discover the processes of              Louise will show you how to make       whole family will enjoy?                   of Pan-Asian street food which you        Everybody loves piggies, there is              M £300 NM £340
             fermentation and how it can be         clotted cream and a range of hard      Ashley Keen                                will prepare for lunch, the course will   something about their floppy ears and          Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) is
             used to enhance our menu planning      cheeses including cheddar and                                                     include miso glazed salmon, mee           snout that attracts. You will use an           a simple way of making beautiful
             and health. This course will cover     camembert. She will also share         Magic Fridge                               goreng, beef rendang and dal with         easy process with a special needle             jewellery and decorative cords for
             techniques and recipes to create       some great recipes that incorporate    178.1092 16-18 April                       roti bread.                               called a felting needle, which has             upholstery and trimmings. Create
             tasty fermented foods and drink like   cheese. This is a follow-on course     M £370 NM £410                             Peter Lien                                little barbs on to catch the wool fibres       at least two necklaces using cord
             kombucha tea, sauerkraut, labneh,      so it is essential that you have       The course to inspire you and give                                                   and ‘knit’ them together to make a             and beads from a choice of designs.
             yoghurt and pickles and even create    completed the introductory course as   you the tools to cook simple and           Patissiere: Part 2                        solid sculpture. Using beautiful soft          Learn how to make unique jewellery
             your own sourdough starter for         it will have given you the grounding   delicious food every day without           178.1122 20-22 April                      wool in a myriad of colours you can            to match your outfit or to give as
             homemade sourdough.                    and knowledge to make these more       spending a fortune. It has all the         M £340 NM £380                            produce the most realistic little pigs         presents.
             Ashley Keen                            complex cheeses.                       advantages of cheating without             This course is ideal for anyone who       and piggies.                                   Christine Mayer
                                                    Louise Talbot                          the guilt because you prepare and          has joined us for our first patisserie    Sue Pearl
                                                                                           preserve the magic yourself. From          course and would like to extend their                                                    Free Machine Embroidery:
                                                                                           there on in, just swing open your          knowledge. It will bring new ideas and    Knitting Hints, Tips and Finishing             Thread and Texture and Soluble Fabric
                         Ingredients                                                       fridge door for a little magic whenever    further creative techniques as you make   Techniques for a Professional Finish           178.1102 3-6 April
                       are included in                                                     you want to eat well.                      an opera gateau and a Paris brest.        178.1050 9 April                               M £445 NM £505
                         the cost of a                                                     Alex Mackay                                Katie Churchard                           M £105 NM £125                                 Come and see just how versatile free
                       cookery course                                                                                                                                           On this course you will learn some             machine embroidery is and take lots
                         What’s more
                                                                                                                                      Mediterranean Cuisine                     quick knitting tips and new techniques         of samples home with you.
                        they will all be                                                                      Proud Sponsors of       178.1134 23-25 April                      from a professional hand-knitting              Claire Muir
April 2018

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          April 2018
                       prepared for you                                                                       the WI Cookery School   M £370 NM £410                            designer so your own hand-knitted
                                                                                                                                      Join our cruise through the Med                                                          Stained Glass Box Lamps
                          in advance!                                                                                                                                           garments and projects look better
                                                                                                                                      stopping off in the sun drenched ports                                                   178.1015 3-6 April
                                                                                                                                                                                finished and well-presented. Some
                                                                                                                                      of the Greek Islands, North Africa,       knitting experience and knowledge              M £485 NM £545
                                                                                                                                      Spain, France and Italy. We’ll make       of how to read knitting patterns is            This course is a great introduction
                                                                                                                                      the most of the fantastic ingredients     required.                                      into making lampshades. You will
                                                                                                                                      that the region has to offer.             Linda Parkhouse                                be able to choose a design or draw
                                                                                                                                      Peter Lien                                                                               your own and decide on your colour
                                                                                                                                                                                Making Willow Piglets                          scheme. Working with beautiful
                                                                                                                                      Brilliant Bread for Beginners             178.932 20 April                               glass, you will build a four sided lamp
                                                                                                                                      178.1145 25-27 April                      M £105 NM £125                                 and learn how to attach a bulb to
                                                                                                                                      M £340 NM £380                            Using some simple basket making                illuminate it. If you don’t want to plug
                                                                                                                                      Learn how four simple ingredients can     techniques and different colours of            it in, you can choose instead to make
                                                                                                                                      be combined to produce a variety of       willow, you will make a delightful piglet      a lantern using the same process by
                                                                                                                                      wonderful breads, including a muesli      to display in your home or garden.             replacing the electrics with a candle!
                                                                                                                                      loaf, olive oil bread and teacakes,       Learn how to make the body, floppy             Anna Conti
                                                                                                                                      as well as discovering kneading and       ears, little fat trotters and a curly tail –
                                                                                                                                      proving techniques. Linda will also       the only thing you will not be making
                                                                                                                                      include some delicious complimentary      is the squeak!
                                                                                                                                      accompaniment recipes including jam,      Norah Kennedy
                                                                                                                                      red pepper pesto and hummus.
                                                                                                                                      Linda Hewett
                                                                                                                                      Artisan Bread
                                                                                                                                      178.1166 27-29 April
                                                                                                                                      M £340 NM £380
                                                                                                                                                                                “This visit was my second to Denman and it was fantastic.
                                                                                                                                                                                  The food and room were really good and the ambassador
                                                                                                                                                                                   was extremely pleasant. The course with May was superb,
                                                                                                                                      Take your bread making to another
                                                                                                                                      level by learning the art of sourdoughs      as May is an excellent tutor, giving loads of advice whilst
                                                                                                                                      and long fermentation dough.
                                                                                                                                                                                   giving you confidence in yourself. Julia and I have already
                                                                                                                                      Dede Liss                                    booked for another visit in 2019!
                                                                                                                                                                                   Kath Harvey

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Course Brochure Cookery Craft Lifestyle - MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2019 - Denman College
Jazzy Jewellery! Beaded,                 Michele’s Little Art Course (Part 2)       Ribbon Embroidery: Fabulous Fuchsias       Patchwork: Patch and Quilt All in One      Acrylic Painting: Paint Like the          Goldwork Embroidery
             Knitted, Crocheted and Wired             178.1051 9-11 April                        178.1052 11-13 April                       178.1057 12-13 April                       Impressionists                            178.1088 16-20 April
             178.1103 3-6 April                       M £300 NM £340                             M £300 NM £340                             M £180 NM £200                             178.1095 15-18 April                      M £540 NM £600
             M £445 NM £505                           This is a follow on from ‘How to           With the aid of pictures and               Learn how to design for scrappy            M £445 NM £505                            Discover the world of goldwork
             Spend a few days exploring the           Draw’ and ‘Beginners Watercolours’.        demonstration of all stitches, by the      patchworking and quilt all at the same     This is a course aimed at beginners       embroidery and be introduced to a
             wonderful world of mixed media           This time you will tackle watercolour      end of the course your lovely flowers      time using a lovely array of fabrics.      and students with some knowledge          variety of techniques, either through
             jewellery. Using bead weaving,           landscapes. You will consider the          will be mounted ready to be framed         You will make a quilted glasses case       that will show you how the French         set designs or by developing your
             knitting, crochet with beads and         techniques of big washes, textures,        on your return home. Silk ribbon is        embellished with beads and buttons         impressionists painted landscapes.        own ideas.
             bead loom weaving there will be          composition and perspective, and           soft and malleable, so easy and quick      and some simple embroidery, and            Jonathan Newey                            Hazel Everett
             four projects including lots of          discover how to put it all together. At    to work with, creating beautiful flowers   once you’ve made this you could
             variations. You can choose to create     the end of the course you will be able     with ease.                                 go on to bigger and more ambitious         Watercolours: Glorious Tulips             Watercolours: Spring Flowers
             necklaces, pendants and bracelets        to construct beautiful landscapes with     Marilyn Pipe                               projects.                                  178.1079 15-18 April                      178.1110 18-20 April
             or decorative pieces which are just      confidence.                                                                           Christine Green                            M £465 NM £525                            M £300 NM £340
             a few of the uses to which you can       Michele Floyd                              Crochet for Improvers                                                                 The course provides all the basics        We will be spending time during this
             apply your treasures!                                                               178.1062 11-13 April                       Sculpting: Working with Wax                of watercolour painting – materials,      course concentrating on making
             Sally Boehme                                                                        M £300 NM £340                             178.1081 12-13 April                       colour, how to mix it paints,             accurate drawings of spring flowers
                                                                                                 This improvers course will recap           M £180 NM £200                             techniques and picture instruction.       such as daffodils, tulips, hellebores,
             Willow Garden Structures                                                            the basic stitches that underpin all       This course gives you an insight into      The tutor will take you through the       anenomes from observation.
             178.1017 3-6 April                                                                  crochet work, as well colour changing,     the endless possibilities of sculpting     history of tulips in small informative    Pat Gove
             M £445 NM £505                                                                      increasing and decreasing, working         with wax. The tutor will guide you         bites. You will also spend a morning at
             Learning some basic willow weaving                                                  in the round, creating a lacy border,      through making whatever you                the Ashmolean Museum discovering          Quilling for Beginners
             techniques to enable you to make a                                                  and reading more complex crochet           wish, including jewellery, trinkets,       tulips in art, guided by Anna Steven,     178.1101 18-20 April
             variety of willow sculptures for your                                               patterns. You will also have a go at       household décor, figurative sculpture      art historian and floristry artist.       M £300 NM £340
             garden, including a dragonfly, a plant                                              textured stitches and colour work          or ornamental animals.                     Michele Floyd & Anna Steven               Do you have an old quilling kit
             support, a willow rabbit/hare and a                                                 through fans, chevrons, bobbles,           Abi Burt                                                                             lurking at the back of the cupboard?
             bird feeder.                                                                        puffs, popcorns and waffles.                                                          Sewing: Nip and Tuck: Altering Clothes    Dust it off and discover the endless
             Victoria Conner
                                                           Platinum Special: Silver Clay         Lindy Zubairy                              Silver Clay Filigree Jewellery             178.1114 16-20 April                      possibilities of rolled paper strips. All
                                                           Jewellery Make a Silver Leaf                                                     178.1094 15-17 April                       M £600 NM £660                            the basic techniques will be covered,
April 2018

                                                                                                 Painting: Acrylic with Texture

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              April 2018
             An Introduction to Hand Weaving on a                                                                                           M £300 NM £340                             Breathe new life into your wardrobe.      together with lots of quilled inspiration.
             Rigid Heddle Loom                           178.1116 18 April                       178.1083 11-13 April                       You’ll be amazed at what you                                                         Students will go home with a clutch of
                                                                                                                                                                                       Re-shape those ill fitting garments.
             178.1055 9-11 April                         M £105 NM £125                          M £300 NM £340                             can produce using this incredible          Learn tips and tricks for fabulous        completed projects to delight family
                                                         Fancy a day designing and               Acrylic paint is a wonderfully versatile   material, with lots of guidance and        alterations.                              and friends.
             M £330 NM £370
                                                         making stunning silver jewellery?       medium. By utilising one of the many       inspiration to help you and absolutely     May Martin                                Diane Boden
             Learn how to weave unique, exciting
                                                         You’ll be amazed at what you            modelling or structure pastes and gels     no experience is needed. Firstly
             and creative cloth on a simple rigid
                                                         can produce using this incredible       available, and adding sand or sawdust      you will be using syringe clay, which
             heddle loom using colourful hand-
                                                         material in just one day! Firstly,      to the paint it is possible to create      is a similar technique to icing but
             knitting yarns and then take home
                                                         you’ll pick your leaf from the          a variety of textures and surfaces         transforms into delicate filigree
             with you a lovely scarf.
                                                         Denman gardens and using                producing an almost sculptural effect.     silver. Then, you will learn rolling and
             Linda Parkhouse
                                                         silver clay paste you’ll transform      Stuart Green                               texturing and how to transform a real
                                                         it into a pure silver leaf to create                                               leaf into a pendant.
                                                         a stunning pendant or pair of           Patchwork: Start a Sampler Quilt           Louise Simmonds
                                                         earrings which look impressive          178.1080 11-15 April

             “I have just had a wonderful
               weekend at Denman. Great
                                                         but are in fact simple to make.
                                                         Louise Simmonds
                                                                                                 M £540 NM £600
                                                                                                 Suitable for beginners, this course
               course (crochet flowers),                                                         will introduce you to a variety of
               amazing accommodation                                                             patchwork and applique designs, how
               and food. Met some lovely              Knitting with Wire                         to construct, quilt and finish them into
                                                      178.1067 9-11 April                        a beautiful quilt.
               people too. The meals are                                                         Pat Lumsdale
                                                      M £300 NM £340
               super, the dairy free items            Knitting with wire is a great way of
               are marked so I know what              either learning new skills or adding
               I can have and there is even           skills to knitters. You will be taught
               often a choice for me, and             how to knit a bracelet and a necklace                Find out more
                                              “      using wire and beads. If you can cast               about our special
               all so delicious. Thanks               on, knit and cast off, you will be fine.             one-off events!
               Denman, I will be back.                You will leave wearing your matching                  See pages 4-5
               Barbara Wiseman                        necklace and bracelet.
                                                      Susan Burns

  14         For more information on courses and events visit or call 01865 391991                                                                                                                                             Follow us on                        15
Course Brochure Cookery Craft Lifestyle - MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2019 - Denman College
Step into your New Style                   Murder Sex and Mayhem in Old Churches
                                                                                                                APRIL 2018                              APRIL 2018                     178.1063 9-12 April                        178.1093 15-17 April
                                                                                                          LIFESTYLE DAY SCHOOLS               LIFESTYLE RESIDENTIAL COURSES            M £465 NM £525                             M £320 NM £360
                                                                                                                                                                                       Raise the bar and find out which is        This course looks at the weird and
                                                                                                  Drum for Fun                             Ramble and Explore                          your most flattering look and why.         wonderful images, carvings and
                                                                                                  178.1072 14 April                        The Thames Path (4 - 5 Miles)               From shades of colour to shapes of         inscriptions that take us into another
                                                                                                  M £105 NM £125                           178.1012 3-6 April                          clothes we all have our own individual     world of murder, sex and mayhem.
                                                                                                  Drumming is great fun, very focusing,    M £485 NM £545                              look. Be confident that even as trends     You will look at examples countrywide
                                                                                                  a powerful way of making music with      The Thames Path provides an easy            change your personal style remains         and enjoy a full day out visiting
                                                                                                  other people. It is an accessible way    and accessible way of exploring the         with you. Find out the tricks and tips     churches to look at the symbolism
                                                                                                  into music as well as being a genre      beautiful valley of the River Thames        on the use of cosmetics, choosing          and imagery. Unbelievable stories
                                                                                                  in its own right. Working in a drum      near to the old market towns of             styles and enjoying accessories.           will be told of grisly deaths, feats of
                                                                                                  circle, you will start with body beats   Henley and Wallingford.                     Liz Prest                                  derring-do and of carnal lust. Not one
                                                                                                  and percussion, rhythm games and         John Harris & Christine Booth                                                          for the fainthearted!
                                                                                                  activities, and learn how to make                                                    Drum for Fun                               John Vigar
             Textiles: Let’s Twist Again and           Impressionist Landscapes in Acrylic        our own rhythms, polyrhythms, and        Tai Chi for Beginners                       178.1059 11-13 April
                                                                                                  African drum rhythms.                    178.1016 4-6 April                          M £300 NM £340                             Music Appreciation: Church Choral Music
             Make a Bag                                178.1142 23-26 April                                                                                                            Working in a drum circle, you will         178.1091 16-18 March
                                                                                                  Heather Summers                          M £300 NM £340
             178.1112 20-22 April                      M £445 NM £505                                                                                                                  start with body beats and percussion,      M £320 NM £360
                                                                                                                                           Millions of people in the Western
             M £300 NM £340                            This is a course for anyone who            Computer Skills: iPad for Beginners      world practice Tai Chi for its              rhythm games and activities, and           For centuries the Church has been
             This is a fun and experimental course     wants to learn to paint in acrylics. You   178.1071 15 April                                                                    learn how to make our own rhythms,         at the forefront of musical innovation
                                                       will be taught in a structured way, be                                              remarkable benefits – reduced stress,
             with a chance to use all the pieces                                                  M £105 NM £125                                                                       polyrhythms, and African drum              – from the earliest plainsong through
                                                       introduced to the medium and work                                                   improved health, lifelong vitality and
             of your material stashed away and                                                    You will look at the basics of setting                                               rhythms.                                   to Lloyd-Webber’s Requiem. If you
                                                       with others in a tranquil and focused                                               stamina. Time magazine called Tai
             transform them into beautiful blooms!                                                up your iPad tablet, joining networks,                                               Heather Summers                            can sing, at whatever standard, be
                                                       atmosphere. The course will help you                                                Chi ‘the perfect exercise’. This course
             Marilyn Pipe                                                                         understanding how to use it and get                                                                                             prepared to do so! Includes a visit an
                                                                                                                                           will be fun, as well as giving you
                                                       develop your powers of perception
                                                                                                  the best from it. You will also          practical skills to take control of your
                                                                                                                                                                                       Gardening: Right Plant, Right Place        Oxford college for choral evensong.
             Willow Creatures                          and understanding of colour,                                                                                                    178.1058 11-13 April                       Carl Attwood
                                                                                                  investigate apps, photos, music and      health.
             178.1124 20-22 April                      composition and painting techniques.                                                                                            M £300 NM £340
                                                                                                  books. Lots of work, but it will be      Jason Boden
April 2018

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Discovering Spas and Pleasure Resorts

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              April 2018
             M £300 NM £340                            Richard Box                                                                                                                     Choosing the best plants for your
                                                                                                  fun too!
             An enjoyable course where you
                                                       Embroidery by Hand: Italian Casalguidi     David Yallop                             What’s in a Word: English Etymology         conditions and ornamental effect is        178.1115 17-20 April
             will discover simple basket making                                                                                            178.1060 9-11 April                         the key to successful gardening.           M £475 NM £535
             techniques while you create unique        178.1135 23-27 April                       Bridge for Beginners                                                                 We will look at soil, aspect, and          Today we take holidays for granted
                                                       M £540 NM £600                                                                      M £300 NM £340
             willow creatures using different                                                     178.1151 28 April                                                                    position for trees, shrubs and             but how did they start and who went
                                                       Learn this little known 19th century                                                Tracing the antecedents and relatives
             colours of willow.                                                                   M £105 NM £125                                                                       herbaceous plants considering size,        on them? This course looks at the
                                                       Italian technique by making a pin                                                   of words from a dictionary and
             Norah Kennedy                                                                        Have you ever thought about having                                                   shape, seasonal features, colour,          amazing progression from visits to
                                                       cushion or small bag. Traditionally                                                 specialist sources will demonstrate
                                                                                                  a go at Bridge, but been put off by      contributions to the modern                 fragrance and wild life interest. With     health resorts to the development of
             How to Draw                               a white-on-white embroidery, it                                                                                                 walks in Denman’s glorious gardens         the seaside holiday. This fun course
                                                                                                  the complicated-seeming rules? This      English vocabulary. The existence,
             178.1137 23-25 April                      has areas of raised stem band and                                                                                               for practical plant identification         looks at the history of spas and
                                                                                                  course is designed for you. Bridge is    development, and usage of English
             M £300 NM £340                            needlelace flowers on a pulled fabric                                                                                           and inspiration, you will go away          pleasure resorts through the eyes of
                                                                                                  a stimulating, enjoyable and sociable    words will be examined through
             Come and take those first creative        background.                                                                                                                     with a personalised garden plan to         those who used them. It’s a mixture of
                                                                                                  game, and we are sure you will enjoy     directed and assisted participant
             steps and see how fulfilling and fun it   Pat Trott                                                                                                                       implement once back home                   social, topographical and architectural
                                                                                                  this taster, which will leave you keen   presentations and group discussions.
             is. Learning to draw is learning how                                                 to learn more!                                                                       Letta Jones                                history with an icing of literature! We
             to look at things in a simpler way        Patchwork: Hand Techniques for                                                      The etymological aspects will not be
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  will study several dozen towns in
                                                       Absolute Beginners Part 2                  Ann Lee                                  overly academic and so all that is
             and then becoming familiar with the
                                                                                                                                           required is an enquiring mind.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Computer Skills: iPad for Improvers        England and Wales and there will be
             techniques to translate what you have     178.1167 26-29 April                                                                                                            178.1096 15-17 April                       a full day outing to Bath to discover its
                                                                                                                                           Brian Jaques
             seen on to paper. You will be amazed      M £445 NM £505                                                                                                                  M £300 NM £340                             historical development.
             at what you can achieve when shown        Discover some more advanced                                                         Photography: Landscape Photography          Do you have an iPad or thinking of         John Vigar
             how, and how your confidence will grow.   patchwork techniques that can be                                                    178.1053 9-12 April                         getting one? Have you been on a
             Michele Floyd                             worked by hand. In Part 2 we will                                                                                               beginner’s course? This is for all those
                                                                                                                                           M £445 NM £505
                                                       discover more advanced English                                                                                                  who want to go beyond the basics.
             Patchwork: Woodpile Quilt                                                                                                     On this course you will learn how to
                                                       paper piecing shapes, work on a                                                                                                 David Yallop
                                                                                                                                           take landscape images which really
             178.1131 23-27 April                      “Snow Puzzle” table runner, learn the
                                                                                                                                           engage and tell stories. Combining
             M £540 NM £600                            art of wool applique by hand using

                                                                                                                                           learning on good photographic
             Woodpile is a fast-strip piecing          luxury threads and try our hand at
                                                                                                                                           technique, strong composition and a                 convey our thanks to all at Denman for their efforts
             method for making a small quilt           American Punch needle!                                                                                                           to make our visit this weekend a success. Our members were
                                                                                                                                           good dose of patience, we will use the
             commonly known as faux log cabin.         Sallieann Harrison
             Patricia Robson
                                                                                                                                           beautiful scenery around Denman to           full of praise for the tutors, the food and the accommodation.
                                                                                                                                           lift your landscape photography to a
                                                                                                                                           new level.
                                                                                                                                                                                        I hope having taken 56 who had not been to Denman before
                                                                                                                                           Simon Gregor                                 that we have some more converts to Denman.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Lyn Hand
  16         For more information on courses and events visit or call 01865 391991                                                                                                                                             Follow us on                        17
Course Brochure Cookery Craft Lifestyle - MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2019 - Denman College
Wildlife Walks: Fritillaries and Cream     The Arts and Crafts Movement!
                                                      Teas in the Cotswolds (5 miles)            178.1133 23-26 April
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              MAY 2018
                                                      178.1111 19-22 April                       M £510 NM £570                                                                                                                           CRAFT DAY SCHOOLS
                                                      M £490 NM £550                             The Cotswolds Arts and Crafts School
                                                      Spring flowers are a delight in the        has left a legacy of superb design.                                                                                            Glass: Kiln Carving and Metal Inclusions
                                                      awakening countryside, from the            This course will explore the work of                                                                                           178.1199 5 May
                                                      rarities of open meadows, chequered        the many talented artists inspired by                                                                                          M £105 NM £125
                                                      snakeshead fritillaries and elusive        William Morris. You will visit Kelmscott                                                                                       In this course you will explore different
                                                      pasqueflowers, to the ancient wood         Manor and Rodmarton Manor, the last                                                                                            design and fusing techniques to
                                                      classics of primroses, celandines,         great house built by Ernest Barnsley.                                                                                          create lovely unique glass artworks
                                                      violets and anemones. We will look for     Anna Steven                                                                                                                    of your own. They can either be
                                                      all of these in the beautiful Cotswolds                                                                                                                                   functional or decorative.
                                                      countryside and visit the very best        Singing: The Rat Pack                                                                                                          Shirley Eccles
                                                      meadow for stunning fritillary carpets,    178.1143 25-27 April
                                                      at Cricklade next to the infant Thames.    M £300 NM £340                                                                                                                 Stained Glass: Panels
                                                      Christopher Everett & Pam Hopwood          In their 1960s heyday, jazz vocalists                                                                                          178.1261 18 May
                                                                                                 Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr                                                                                                 M £105 NM £125
                                                      Ukulele 3: Songs of the Two World Wars     and Dean Martin ruled the roost in                                                                                             Make your own beautiful stained
                                                      178.1127 20-22 April                       Las Vegas, playing sell-out shows                                                                                              glass small hanging panel or window
                                                      M £300 NM £340                             together and filling casinos’ coffers                                                                                          and learn the art of traditional
                                                      The songs associated with the two          as their fans flocked to the city to hear                                                                                      stained glass work. An array of
                                                      world wars are of enduring popularity      the most popular voices of the era,                                                                                            coloured and textured glass will be
                                                      and poignancy. Explore the music           who’d been dubbed by journalists                                                                                               available to make your own individual
             Yoga: An Introduction                    that gave such succour to the soldiers     – ‘The Rat Pack’. Now it’s our turn                                                   Gourmet Salads                           abstract panel.
             178.1125 18-19 April                                                                                                                         MAY 2018                     178.1310 21-23 May
                                                      on the battlefield and to those who        to have a go at hits by all three in                                                                                           Anna Conti
             M £180 NM £200                           remained at home, coping with              this fun, accessible group-singing                  COOKERY DAY SCHOOLS               M £370 NM £410
             Each day will start with a morning       fear, food shortages, bereavement          workshop.                                                                             Colourful, nutritious, filling and       Jewellery: Floating Necklace or
             yoga class, followed by meditation       and bombardment. Soldiers’                 Jo Sercombe                                 Tempting Salads                           portable, learn the secrets of how       Bracelet and Drop Earrings
April 2018

             and an exploration of different                                                                                                                                           to use pulses and grains alongside

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            May 2018
                                                      songs, sentimental songs, songs                                                        178.1180 1 May                                                                     178.1260 18 May
             breathing techniques, in the afternoon   from the music halls and the great                                                     M £105 NM £125                            fresh or roasted vegetables, herbs       M £105 NM £125
             we will do a gentle yoga session,        entertainers, as well as swing era hits                                                                                          and nuts to create dishes that work
             on both days we will cover a different
                                                                                                              Mother and                     A selection of satisfying, interesting
                                                                                                                                                                                       as individual meals or buffet table
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The central aim is to learn how
                                                      by bandleaders such as Glenn Miller                  Daughter Weekend                  salads that will cover dinner, lunch or                                            to make a spaced ‘floating’ pearl
             aspect of yogic theory and look at       – we will learn a selection of these,                                                  both, eat as they are or topped with      winners.                                 necklace or bracelet on jewellery wire;
             a restorative yoga pose.                 and the course will culminate in a brief                                               a piece of fish or meat. No boring        Peter Lien                               as well as learning Indian-wiring as
                                                                                                    178.1070 13-15 April
             Jacqueline Rice                          sing-along concert for the college.                                                    packed lunches ever again!                                                         applied to drop earring-making.
                                                      Richard Partridge
                                                                                                    M £350 NM £390                                                                     Flavours of Sicily
             Fashion History: The Roaring Twenties                                                  A weekend packed with                    Ashley Keen                                                                        Frances Benton
                                                                                                                                                                                       178.1316 23-25 May
             178.1129 19-22 April                     Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park:                 workshops, fun and
                                                                                                    entertainment to bring the
                                                                                                                                                                                       M £340 NM £380                           Creative Papercutting 3D
             M £485 NM £545                           Its Legacy and Centuries of History           generations together: mothers,
                                                                                                                                                          MAY 2018                     Given the important geographic           178.1292 21 May
             Look at how we lost our waists and       178.1136 23-25 April                                                                       COOKERY RESIDENTIAL COURSES           position and fertile land Sicily,        M £105 NM £125
             raised our hems! This was a time of                                                    daughters, grandmothers,                                                           known as the bread basket of the
                                                      M £320 NM £360                                granddaughters, aunts, nieces,                                                                                              Master the basics of this highly
             very great change after WWI, when        This course traces the history of the                                                                                            Mediterranean, has long been a           rewarding, low cost, creative craft.
             young girls found a whole new set of                                                   sisters or friends. Learn a              Deliciously Vegan                         meeting point and melting pot of
                                                      Stratford location through 2,000 years        selection of new skills in the                                                                                              You will learn how to design for
             rules and an economic freedom they                                                                                              178.1244 11-13 May                        cultures from both east and west.
                                                      of history, it’s abandonment in the           stunning environs of Denman                                                                                                 successful paper cutting and how to
             had not experienced before! We will      last quarter of the 20th century and                                                   M £340 NM £380                            With culture comes food and the          incorporate lettering in to the design.
             visit museums to see costumes of the                                                   and spend some quality time              Spice up your recipe repertoire with      traditions of the Sicilian kitchen
                                                      then rising from obscurity, through           with your nearest and dearest.                                                                                              You’ll create a unique 3D card that
             period and also attend a specialised     the success of the 2012 Olympics, to                                                   an array of creative, exciting, modern    reflect the island’s rich history.       could be a birthday, anniversary
             study group where we can look at                                                       This includes three workshops            and nutritionally balanced vegan          Lindy Wildsmith
                                                      become the amazing public open space          with all materials or ingredients,                                                                                          design or abstract.
             items not usually on display. As well    that we can enjoy today. Since the                                                     snacks and meals.                                                                  Christine Green
             as this, we will be looking at how                                                     two nights of accommodation,             Ashley Keen                               Let’s Make Cheese
                                                      Romans settled in London, Stratford,          a cookery demonstration on
             the age was reflected in architecture                                                                                                                                     178.1326 25-27 May
                                                      or “Street Ford”, has been the premier        the Friday night, Saturday night         Afternoon Teas
             of the time and study how this all                                                                                                                                        M £340 NM £380
                                                      crossing over the River Lea into East         entertainment, welcome drinks,           178.1265 18-20 May                                                                      Share your experience
             evolved with pictures from before and                                                                                                                                     Louise will show you how to make
                                                      Anglia. It subsequently became the            breakfast, lunch and three-                                                                                                        of Denman with us
             after this specific period.                                                                                                     M £340 NM £380                            a range of soft cheeses using
                                                      place of Elizabethan proclamations,           course dinners.                                                                                                                   on social media. Find
             Fran Saltmarsh                                                                                                                  Create high-end afternoon tea             domestic kitchen utensils and cover
                                                      burning of heretics, place of residence       Tutors Various                                                                                                                     our handles at the
                                                                                                                                             pastries, cakes and sandwiches            halloumi, mozzarella, mascarpone,
                                                      for Quaker banking families and the                                                                                                                                              bottom of the page
                                                                                                                                             with a mixture of traditional and         butter, cream cheese and ricotta, as
                                                      centre for East of England railways.                                                                                                                                            and use the hashtag
                                                                                                                                             modern styles.                            well as a discussion on the principles
                                                      Peter Lawrence                                                                                                                                                                  #SnappedAtDenman
                                                                                                                                             Katie Churchard                           of hard cheese.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Louise Talbot

  18         For more information on courses and events visit or call 01865 391991                                                                                                                                           Follow us on                       19
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