Course Brochure - November 2018 - September 2019 - Denman College

Course Brochure - November 2018 - September 2019 - Denman College
Course Brochure

November 2018 - September 2019
Course Brochure - November 2018 - September 2019 - Denman College
Courses A-Z

                                           Learn, Laugh, Love...
    04 Sold Out Courses                    Founded 70 years ago by the NFWI, Denman has
    05	Day Schools and Family             come a long way. The ethos however, remains
        Friendly Workshops                 the same; learn a new skill, make new friends and
    10 Summer Schools & Specials           leave feeling well rested and inspired!
    11 Reunions                            Everyone is welcome at Denman – men, women
    12 Special Events                      and children! – and you don’t have to be a WI
    14 Cookery Residential Courses A-Z     member either. We have over 650 courses to
                                           choose from, your biggest challenge is choosing
    20 Craft Residential Courses A-Z
                                           which one to go for!
    42 Lifestyle Residential Courses A-Z
    55 Calendar                            If you’re not ready to embark on a course just yet,
                                           why not organise a Day Visit or Designer Day for
    62 Terms and Conditions
                                           you and your friends?
    64 Application Form

                                            A Day Visit is just £30                 A Designer Day is
                                            and includes                            just £80 and includes
                                            A personal welcome                      Two or four hour
                                            from staff                              workshops from a
                                            Tour of the house,                      bespoke list
    DENMAN AND THE WI COOKERY SCHOOL        grounds and bedrooms                    of courses
                                            Denman lunch and                        Denman lunch and
                                            cream tea!                              afternoon tea


                                              M Price for current WI members    NM Price for non-members

2                                          Visit the website for full course information
Course Brochure - November 2018 - September 2019 - Denman College
The price of a Denman
residential course includes
tuition from an expert tutor, plus
all accommodation, breakfast,
morning coffee and pastries,
two-course lunch, afternoon
tea and three-course dinners.
It’s practically all inclusive!

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Course Brochure - November 2018 - September 2019 - Denman College
The following courses are sold out, however you can still be
                   SOLD OUT COURSES                            added to the waiting list. Visit the website and search for the
                                                               course to secure your place, or contact us by phone or email.

                                                               Goldwork Embroidery                     Silver Clay Jewellery for Christmas Presents
                                   COOKERY                     M £540 NM £600                          with Louise Simmonds
                   A Taste of Spain with Peter Lien            4-8 March 2019                          M £150 NM £125
                   M £405 NM £445                              1-5 April 2019                          28 November 2018
                                                               3-7 June 2019                           M £330 NM £370
                   26-28 November 2018
                                                               Goldwork Embroidery for Christmas       25-27 November 2018
                   American Baking with Kelly Mauger           M £560 NM £610
                   M £375 NM £410                                                                      Silver Clay Jewellery with Freshwater
                                                               5-9 November 2018
                   18-20 January 2019                                                                  Pearls with Louise Simmonds
                                                               Festive Willow with Norah Kennedy       M £300 NM £340
                   Cooking the Americas with Peter Lien        M £110 NM £130                          13-15 March 2019
                   M £405 NM £445                              3 December 2018
                   19-21 November 2018                                                                 Silver Clay Jewellery: Gifts for Christmas
                                                               Jacobean Crewel Embroidery              with Melanie Blaikie
                   Edible Gifts with Kelly Mauger              with Julie Walsby                       M £360 NM £400
                   M £375 NM £410                              M £560 NM £610                          9-11 November 2018
                   5-7 December 2018                           19-23 November 2018
                   10-12 December 2018                                                                 Silver Clay Jewellery with Fused Glass
                                                               Make the Most of Your Sewing Machine    with Louise Simmonds
                   Let’s Make Cheese - Part 2                  with May Martin                         M £330 NM £370
                   with Louise Talbot                          M £360 NM £400                          13-15 February 2019
Sold Out Courses

                   M £375 NM £410                              4-6 March 2019
                   20-22 February 2019                         29 April – 1 May 2019                   Silver Jewellery: Silversmithing Reunion
                                                                                                       with Pauline Payne
                   Perfect Pastry with Kelly Mauger            May’s Bees Christmas Reunion            M £480 NM £545
                   M £375 NM £410                              with May Martin                         15-18 April 2019
                   21-23 November 2018                         M £610 NM £670
                                                               26-30 November 2018
                                     CRAFT                                                                            LIFESTYLE
                                                               Overlocker: Make the Most of Your
                   A Paper Bag But Not As You Know It          Overlocker with May Martin              History and Heritage: Advent in Festive
                   with Marilyn Pipe                           M £360 NM £400                          Oxford with Anna Steven
                   M £330 NM £370                              6-8 March 2019                          M £370 NM £405
                   9-11 November 2019                          1-3 May 2019                            5-7 December 2018

                   Acrylic Painting: Paint Like the            Patchwork: Just For Fun                 Ukulele 3: The Rock and Roll Years
                   Impressionists with Jonathan Newey          with Patricia Robson                    with Richard Partridge
                   M £460 NM £515                              M £460 NM £515                          M £330 NM £370
                   15-18 April 2019                            10-13 December 2018                     29-31 March 2019

                   Bumper Craft Take Away with Natalie Green   Patchwork: Linked Squares
                   M £330 NM £370                              with Patricia Robson
                   11-13 January 2019                          M £540 NM £600
                                                               14-18 April 2019
                   Embroidery: Beaded Blackberries
                   with Stumpwork and a Hedgehog               Platinum Special: Faberge Style Eggs:
                   with Julie Walsby                           Denman Swan with Morag Flower and
                   M £560 NM £610                              Pauline Vice
                   11-15 March 2019                            M £610 NM £670
                                                               19-23 November 2018

    4              Visit the website for full course information
Course Brochure - November 2018 - September 2019 - Denman College

                                             Fermentation: The Next Step with Ashley Keen
               COOKERY                       Take your home ferments to the                                   CRAFT
                                             next level with exciting new flavour
                                             combinations, cultured condiments
    All Cookery Day Schools                  and even your very own ginger                         All Craft Day Schools
    are priced at £125 for WI                ‘bug’ for real ginger beer at home.                  are priced at £105 for WI
     members and £145 for                    5 September 2019                                      members and £125 for
     non-members, unless                                                                           non-members, unless
        otherwise stated.                    Healthy Indian Cookery with Bhavini Mistry               otherwise stated.
                                             Enjoy the flavours and spices of
Cheese Making with Louise Talbot             Indian food without the high calorie
Join farmer’s wife and cheese                and fat content. Learn an array
                                             of innovative, healthy, low fat and             Aladdin’s Jewellery Box: Reclamation
maker Louise for a fascinating course                                                        Jewellery-Making with Frances Benton
in making cheese at home. Louise will        flavourful dishes that will tantalise
                                             your tastebuds but won’t compromise             The central aim of this course is to
show you how to make a range                                                                 make something new and wearable
of soft cheeses using domestic               on flavour. Recipes will include a
                                             healthy chicken tikka massala, lemon            from old, or broken, items. Students
kitchen utensils.                                                                            can share, or swap amongst
                                             quinoa pilaf, vegetable tadka dahl and
8 August 2019

                                                                                                                                         Day Schools and Family Workshops
                                             delicious coriander and chilli uttapum.         themselves and add beads and
                                             17 January 2019                                 stones from the huge collection of
Curry House Favourites with Bhavini Mistry
                                                                                             pearls and beads brought by the tutor.
With Indian food now known as
Britain’s adopted national cuisine, it       Knife Skills with Peter Lien                    26 April 2019
is no surprise that everyone has their       Learn the essential skills needed to
                                             prepare meat, fish and vegetables               Bumper Craft Take Away with Natalie Green
go-to favourites when they visit their                                                       Try your hand at a medley of different
local curry house. In this course, you       like a pro. In one of Denman’s most
                                             popular courses, you’ll master the              craft projects with a contemporary
will learn to cook some of the dishes                                                        twist. You will make a number of
that are reminiscent of every good           different techniques required to dice,
                                             julienne, and finely chop fruit and             different small projects to give you
curry house.                                                                                 lots of lovely ideas for your WI craft
                                             vegetables, fillet fish and joint poultry.
18 April 2019                                                                                sessions, to decorate your home or
                                             You’ll also learn how to choose,
                                             maintain and store your knives properly.        give away as special presents. There
Eat the Seasons with Ashley Keen
                                             M £135 NM £155                                  will be a range of projects to try,
Join us for a day of cooking with local,
                                                                                             using beautiful fabrics, felts, buttons,
seasonal produce. You will create            10 January 2019
                                                                                             threads, beads, papers and all sorts!
your own two course lunch followed
by an afternoon exploring dishes to          Knife Skills with Ashley Keen                   M £110 NM £130
take home for dinner. Be inspired            Getting the best from your knives will          11 January 2019
to cook using what is available from         help you on your way to becoming a
                                             more efficient cook, and this hands-on          Button Craft Bonanza with Natalie Green
your garden and local farm shop and
                                             course will teach you the foundations           Have you got piles of buttons lying
know how to adapt recipes to suit the
                                             of knife skills that all chefs learn in         around or just a button collectaholic?!
produce and time of year.
                                             their initial stages of training. Join          This is a fun day which gives you
23 February 2019                                                                             several projects to made a dent
                                             Ashley to julienne, brunoises and
Fermentation: An Introduction                chiffonade your way to vegetable                in your button stash and show off
                                             chopping brilliance! In addition to the         your beauties to best effect. We will
with Ashley Keen
                                             vegetable shapes and cuts, you will             use buttons to create decorations,
Discover the processes of
                                             learn to bone a chicken and fillet a fish.      pictures, accessories, jewellery and
fermentation and how it can be used
                                             17 August 2019                                  greetings cards and lots of other
to enhance your menu planning and
                                                                                             ideas too.
health. Cover techniques and recipes
to create tasty foods and drink like                                                         18 February 2019
kombucha tea, sauerkraut, labneh,                                                            5 September 2019
yoghurt and pickles and create your
own sourdough starter.
11 July 2019

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Course Brochure - November 2018 - September 2019 - Denman College
Calligraphy: An Introduction                  Crochet: Broomstick Crochet                  Flower Arranging: Pedestals for the Terrified
                                   with David Nicholls                           with Lindy Zubairy                           with Christine Pearce
                                   For anyone who has long admired               Celebrate the season learning a              This day school is for anyone who
                                   calligraphy and wants to know how to          new crochet technique that uses a            would like to learn how to design and
                                   start. Demonstrations and individual          conventional hook alongside a chunky         make a ‘pedestal’ flower arrangement.
                                   tuition will be designed to cater for         knitting needle to create a peacock          I promise it wont be as daunting as
                                   your particular needs.                        feather style openwork lace fabric.          you think it will be!
                                   5 July 2019                                   This irresistible openwork pattern is        M £110 NM £130
                                                                                 rich with possibilities for creativity and   19 July 2019
                                   Creative Paper Cutting with Christine Green   new design.
                                   This day school will introduce you to         M £110 NM £130                               Handmade Buttons with Natalie Green
                                   a variety of cut out items and a little       2 November 2018                              Make a simple form of Dorset
                                   bit of history of the craft to show how                                                    button called a cross wheel, cover
                                   versatile this craft is. You will get         Drawing: Portraits with David Nicholls       the singleton button, which uses
                                   to grips with creative lettering and          There are seven billion people on the        fabric instead of weaving to cover,
                                   produce a panel unique to you.                face of the earth, and most of them          with a hand stitched felt back and a
                                   M £110 NM £130                                have two eyes, a nose and a mouth            handmade shank. Once you have
                                   8 February 2019                               – yet, with the exception of identical       learned the basics, experiment,
                                   30 September 2019                             twins, they are all recognisable one         add embroidery and beads, vary
                                                                                 from another. How can this many              your weaving, make lots of brightly
                                   Crochet Freeform with Jan Blight              faces, each so similar, be recognised        coloured ones to upcycle your clothes
                                   Freeform crochet is exactly what it           as different? We will learn ways of          make unique trims for cushion covers
                                   says it is, crochet that has no regular       seeing these differences, and will           or even turn them into jewellery.
                                   form. The crocheted fabric is formed          draw several portraits, including a          M £110 NM £130
Day Schools and Family Workshops

                                   by working a number of ‘scrumbles’,           self-portrait drawn in a mirror.             25 March 2019
                                   which are then joined together. The           M £110 NM £130
                                   crochet fabric is not repetitive so there     2 November 2018                              Jewellery: The Basics of Pearl Knotting
                                   are no granny squares or anything             4 September 2019                             with Frances Benton
                                   resembling one! You will need to                                                           The central aim is to learn how to
                                   be confident in your ability to work          Easy Colour Knitting Using Just One Colour   knot a pearl and crystal bracelet on
                                   doubles and trebles and to start with         Per Row: The Wonders of Slip Stitch          silk. Students can choose to make a
                                   a chain for straight work and a sliding       with Linda Parkhouse                         necklace instead, but this may need
                                   ring for circular work.                       Are you fascinated by colour                 to be finished at home. You will also
                                   M £110 NM £130                                knitting but fear to give it a go?           learn Indian-wiring as applied to
                                   28 September 2019                             Then this is the course for you: an          earring-making.
                                                                                 introduction to simple slip stitch colour    M £110 NM £130
                                   Crochet Pattern Reading with Lindy Zubairy    patterning for stunning colour effects       22 March 2019
                                   By the end of this course your                using just one colour per row and only       12 April 2019
                                   confidence in pattern reading will have       knit and purl stitches.
                                   soared! During the day we will unpick                                                      Knitting Know-How with Linda Parkhouse
                                                                                 M £110 NM £130
                                   simple and complex written pattern                                                         You will be able to learn some
                                   instructions, investigate antique and         13 November 2018
                                                                                                                              quick knitting tips and new
                                   vintage approaches alongside modern           Festive Willow with Norah Kennedy            techniques from a professional
                                   styles, and demystify the crochet             Put away the tinsel and the fairy            hand-knitting designer so your own
                                   chart. This is a hands on course in           lights and spend a rewarding day             garments and projects look better
                                   which we will be writing and drafting         creating your own unique Christmas           finished and presented.
                                   patterns and charts and working some          decorations from willow. You can             M £110 NM £130
                                   crochet too!                                  expect to make several items to              12 November 2018
                                   26 April 2019                                 decorate your home or you may                14 March 2019
                                                                                 wish to give them as presents.
                                                                                 A most enjoyable course and you              Marquetry: An Introduction:
                                                                                 will return home with a great sense          Christmas Decorations with Quentin Smith
                                                                                 of achievement.                              Hand-cut real wood veneers to
                                         All Craft Day Schools                   M £110 NM £130                               make one or more attractive
                                        are priced at £105 for WI                                                             Christmas decorations which can
                                         members and £125 for                    16 November 2018
                                                                                                                              be worn as pendants or hung on the
                                         non-members, unless                                                                  Christmas tree.
                                            otherwise stated.
                                                                                                                              26 November 2018

       6                           Visit the website for full course information
Course Brochure - November 2018 - September 2019 - Denman College
Modern Calligraphy: Learn the Basics        Needle Felting with Sue Pearl                Paper Flower Making with Paula Milner
with Jane Lappage                           You will be shown how to produce             Perhaps you would like to learn
The beauty of learning this script          different effects with a variety of          a new skill, make your own
is that it is easier to master and          felting needles as well as the best          wedding flowers, exciting table
personalise, making it unique to you.       techniques to use. These little              decorations, some new home décor,
You will be using a fine point nib          animals make the perfect Christmas           or even jazz up gift wrapping! How
which is perfect for left handers too.      decoration or even take the place of         you use the flowers is entirely up
Practising the skills in this script, you   the fairy on the Christmas tree. Dry         to you – but you will be shown the
will gain your confidence and finish        felting – or needle felting – is a simple    techniques of how to make the
the day by making a small beautiful         process in which you create three            smallest of daisies up to larger roses
piece for special occasions, such as a      dimensional shapes using wool and a          and peonies.
card, place name, gift tag etc.             barbed needle.                               M £110 NM £130
28 June 2019                                Christmas Robins                             16 August 2019
Mosaics: An Introduction                    M £110 NM £130                               Resin Jewellery: An Introduction to the
with Priscilla Wheater                      11 November 2018                             Fantastic, Fun and Affordable Jewellery
This is a chance to experience some         Christmas Rudolphs                           with Clare John
of the joys of using mosaic materials.      M £110 NM 130                                Learn how to make a wonderful range
You will make a small piece of work                                                      of jewellery without using expensive
which will give you an insight into
                                            12 November 2018
                                                                                         or sophisticated equipment and make
cutting and laying the tesserae,            Paper Cutting for Christmas (Age 12+)        a selection of resin filled silver-plated
grouting, finishing and to take home        with Christine Green                         jewellery. The resin is clear and has
something to be proud of.                   The course will introduce you to a           coloured pigments and powders
1 February 2019                             wide variety of cut out items including      to add to it. The resin is very low

                                                                                                                                      Day Schools and Family Workshops
                                            Victorian fretwork, Haitian metal work       odour, non-toxic and doesn’t contain
                                            and tradition Polish paper cuts. With        dangerous solvents.
                                            the help of resource sheets you’ll           8 April 2019
                                            get to grips with cutting accurately
                                            and safely using a scalpel blade.            Rope Baskets with Sallieann Harrison
                                            You will be introduced to some basic         Make a basket from rope on a
                                            guidelines for designing for papercuts       sewing machine in just one day!
                                            and you will design your own festive         Sallieann will demonstrate making
                                            themed papercut.                             a base, turning the sides, fabric
                                                                                         wrapping rope and we will discuss
                                            M 1 adult 1 child: £59                       dying, painting and other trims that
                                            M 1 adult 2 children: £69                    can be added.
                                            NM 1 adult 1 child: £69
                                                                                         M £110 NM £130
                                            NM 1 adult 2 children: £79
                                                                                         28 May 2019
                                            24 November 2018
                                                                                         Silver Clay Jewellery with Melanie Blaikie
                                                                                         Learn wonderful techniques and
                                                                                         tips, to design and create real silver
                                                                                         jewellery using just a few simple
                                                                                         tools. Expect to make at least two
                                                                                         super-shiny, finished pieces that can
                                                                                         even be hall-marked. Lots of fun and
                                                                                         creative inspiration guaranteed.
                                                                                         M £110 NM £130
                                                                                         12 January 2019

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Course Brochure - November 2018 - September 2019 - Denman College
Silver Clay Jewellery with Freshwater         Stained Glass Panels for Beginners
                                                                                  Pearls with Louise Simmonds                   with Anna Conti
                                                                                  You will have lots of guidance                Make your own beautiful genuine
                                                                                  and inspiration, and absolutely no            stained glass abstract hanging panel
                                                                                  experience is needed and you’ll               or small window, using traditional
                                                                                  learn enough to be able to do this            techniques unchanged for years.
                                                                                  at home. You will be taught how to            Anna will introduce the process and
                                                                                  use silver clay to create pendants,           show you how to cut glass, ‘lead up’,
                                                                                  charms, broochs or earrings and how           solder, cement and install your panel.
                                                                                  to incorporate Freshwater pearls into         You will be working from set designs
                                                                                  your design.                                  provided by Anna so that course
                                                                                  M £110 NM £130                                participants are able to take away a
                                                                                  6 February 2019                               completed panel on the day.
                                                                                                                                14 January 2019
                                                                                  Silver Clay Jewellery with Fused Glass with   8 July 2019
                                                                                  Louise Simmonds
                                                                                  You will learn how to shape and               Stained Glass: All Things Copperfoil!
                                                                                  texture silver clay and how to add            with Anna Conti
                                   Silver Clay Jewellery: Make a Silver           beautiful dichroic glass cabachons to         Make your own beautiful genuine
                                   Keepsake with Louise Simmonds                  create stunning individual fine silver        stained glass light catchers, mirrors,
                                   Do you have a treasured item that              jewellery with shimmering iridescent          necklaces and 3D objects. No
                                   you would like to replicate and turn           ‘gems’. You can expect to make 2 or           previous experience is necessary and
                                   into a new piece of jewellery? It could        3 pendants or charms and a pair of            by the end of the day you will have
                                   be an old broken brooch, or an odd             earrings or similar.                          a completed two to five copperfoil
Day Schools and Family Workshops

                                   earring, a military button or an old           M £110 NM £130                                items to take home with you, plus the
                                   cufflink. Just bring along anything                                                          techniques and skills to make more
                                                                                  20 July 2019
                                   you’d like to use and we will create an                                                      stained glass at home!
                                   individual piece of jewellery with             Silver Clay Jewellery: Make a Peapod          9 September 2019
                                   a special meaning for you.                     or Lily with Louise Simmonds
                                   M £110 NM £130                                 Fancy making your own personalised            Teach Your Craft with Melanie Blaikie
                                   13 February 2019                               silver peapod complete with                   The current revolution in learning
                                                                                  freshwater pearls, ‘peas’, or would           traditional and contemporary creative
                                   Silver Clay Jewellery for Beginners            you rather design a cala lily flower          skills means craft schools, cafes,
                                   with Melanie Blaikie                           with freshwater pearls on a silver            clubs and arts venues are actively
                                   Learn wonderful techniques and                 stamen? You will use silver clay to           seeking confident and inspiring crafts
                                   tips to design and create real silver          create individual fine silver pendant         teachers - could this be you? By the
                                   jewellery using just a few simple tools.       or earrings.                                  end of the day you’ll be ready to start
                                   Expect to make at least two finished           13 March 2019                                 planning your own successful and
                                   pieces that can even be hall-marked.                                                         profitable classes.
                                   M £110 NM £130                                 Silver Clay Jewellery: Nature’s Treasures     M £110 NM £130
                                   24 May 2019                                    with Louise Simmonds                          13 February 2019
                                   23 August 2019                                 If you love a more natural style of
                                                                                  silver jewellery – you’ll love this           Textiles: Christmas Wreaths and Calico
                                   Silver Clay Jewellery for Christmas Presents   course! You will have the opportunity         Decoration (Age 8+) with Christine Green
                                   with Louise Simmonds                           to collect material from Denman to            What better way to start the festive
                                   You’ll be taught how to use silver clay        capture an everlasting memory of              season than a day of fabulous fabric
                                   to create pieces to produce stunning           your time here. You will collect grass,       fun? You will make a unique wreath
                                   jewellery. You’ll also learn some              leaves and seed pods and learn how            by ripping and folding or knotting
                                   traditional techniques to finish your          to transform them into stunning fine          fabric and embellishing it with
                                   piece professionally.                          silver jewellery.                             baubles. Then you will hand stitch a
                                   28 November 2018                               5 April 2019                                  calico Christmas decoration which
                                                                                                                                make perfect Christmas gifts. The
                                                                                                                                course is suitable for everyone,
                                         All Craft Day Schools                                                                  including the novice stitcher.
                                        are priced at £105 for WI                                                               M 1 adult 1 child: £59
                                         members and £125 for                                                                   M 1 adult 2 children: £69
                                         non-members, unless                                                                    NM 1 adult 1 child: £69
                                            otherwise stated.                                                                   NM 1 adult 2 children: £79
                                                                                                                                1 December 2018

        8                          Visit the website for full course information
Course Brochure - November 2018 - September 2019 - Denman College
Tiffany Style Stained Glass For Beginners                                                  DNA Testing and Family History
with Karen Jones                                              LIFESTYLE                    with Jessica Feinstein
You will learn how to cut,                                                                 On this course you will learn why you
assemble and make your own                                                                 might want to do a DNA test for family
stained glass sunrise panel or                     All Lifestyle Day Schools               history, and also why you might not
dragonfly suncatcher using the                       are priced at £105 for                want to! What are the different kinds
stained glass copper foil technique                WI members and £125 for                 of test and who are they suitable
(also known as the Tiffany Technique).              non-members, unless                    for? If you decide to do it, there are
You will use a selection of different                  otherwise stated.                   several different companies that
coloured stained glass.                                                                    you can use, and we will look at the
M £110 NM £130                                 Creative Writing: Autobiographies -         advantages of each one. After you
4 March 2019                                                                               have made the decision, sent off your
                                               Turning Bare Fact to Fantastic (non)
28 May 2019                                                                                sample, and got your results, there
                                               Fiction with Debrah Martin                  are several things that you need to do
                                               Autobiographies and biographies             to get the best from your results. We
Willow Structures for the Garden               are still stories, and whether you
with Norah Kennedy                                                                         will help you to share your family tree
                                               are writing your life story to share        so that matches to other people can
You will be introduced to different            with your family or with a wider
sizes and varieties of willow, and                                                         be discovered.
                                               audience, this workshop will help you
learn how it is grown, harvested               make it a page-turner. You can use
                                                                                           M £110 NM £130
and prepared for weaving. Using                personal memories, photographs,             4 May 2019
simple tools and some basic weaving            genealogy or even a will as the
techniques you can expect to make                                                          Drum For Fun with Heather Summers
                                               source of your facts, but learn how to      Drumming is great fun, very focusing,
a wigwam, a fan shaped support, a              be a master of breathing life into bare
heart shape and a small trellis.                                                           a powerful way of making music with
                                               bones and applying the skills of a

                                                                                                                                     Day Schools and Family Workshops
M £110 NM £130                                                                             other people. It is an accessible way
                                               polished writer to transform facts into     into music as well as being a genre
22 February 2019                               fantastic (non)fiction.                     in its own right. Working in a drum
                                               9 September 2019                            circle, you will start with body beats
Willow: Making Piglets with Norah Kennedy
Using some simple basket making                                                            and percussion, rhythm games and
                                               Creative Writing and Publishing: Getting
techniques and different colours of                                                        activities, and learn how to make
                                               Started on Your Novel with Debrah Martin    our own rhythms, polyrhythms, and
willow you will make a delightful piglet       This course provides an introduction
to display in your home or garden.                                                         African drum rhythms.
                                               to the art of novel-writing and the
Learn how to make the body, floppy             essential skills an author uses to
                                                                                           M £110 NM £130
ears, little fat trotters and a curly tail –   craft an engaging and intriguing            1 February 2019
the only thing you will not be making          novel. It will take participants from
is the squeak!                                                                             Family History for Beginners
                                               first inspiration through the basic
M £110 NM £130                                 techniques of novel writing, with
                                                                                           with Jessica Feinstein
3 May 2019                                                                                 This informal course will give you an
                                               practical exercises along the way,
                                                                                           understanding of various methods and
                                               and most will leave with a debut
Wool Applique Pincushion                                                                   sources, make you aware of some of
                                               novel underway.
with Sallieann Harrison                                                                    the pitfalls involved in family history
                                               8 April 2019                                research, and equip you with tips
We will cover all the basics of fused
wool applique to cotton backgrounds            Creative Writing and Publishing: Writing    and advice.
whilst making a weighted pincushion.           Credible Dialogue and Developing your       M £110 NM £130
We will cover a variety of hand                Author’s ‘Voice’ with Debrah Martin         12 April 2019
stitches and discover the best                 Voices – two of the most difficult
fusibles/needles and threads for               aspects of a novel to crack – yours
this type of work.                             and your characters’! Learn how to
M £110 NM £130                                 write credible dialogue that drives
8 July 2019                                    your story forward and also examine
                                               what makes up your own unique way                    Visit the website
                                               of storytelling – your author’s ‘voice’.              to read the full
                                               The workshop will include practical                  programmes for
                                               ways to make your dialogue – and                      all our courses
                                               your characters – ‘real’, and how to                    and events.
                                               use 1st, 3rd and the Omniscient POV
                                               (Point of View) for dramatic effect to
                                               tell your story.
                                               17 June 2019

                                                                                          01865 391 991 Follow us on                               9
Course Brochure - November 2018 - September 2019 - Denman College
These fantastic courses are either super special to get you and
                                     SUMMER SCHOOLS AND                        your friends up to Denman for a weekend, or they’re week-long
                                     DENMAN SPECIALS                           courses to really sink your teeth into a new subject!

                                     Christmas New Wave Weekend                Denman Summer School: Free Machine            Mother and Daughter Workshop Weekend 2
                                     A special weekend for the ‘new wave’      Embroidery with Claire Muir                   A weekend packed with workshops,
                                     WIs emerging across the UK. This is       This fun filled course will open up the       fun and entertainment to bring the
                                     not only the perfect getaway with the     world of free machine embroidery to           generations together: mothers,
                                     girls, it is also a unique opportunity    you. If you have heard of it but not          daughters, grandmothers,
                                     to experience a selection workshops       quite sure what it is all about then this     granddaughters, aunts, nieces,
                                     covering all the latest trends in         is the course for you. The techniques         sisters or friends. Learn a selection
                                     craft, cookery and lifestyle. This        themselves are easy and you will see          of new skills in the stunning environs
                                     includes three workshops with all         that with just a little practice, it’s easy   of Denman and spend some quality
                                     materials or ingredients, two nights of   to “draw with the needle”. You will           time with your nearest and dearest.
                                     accommodation, a demonstration on         have plenty of samples and make two           This includes three workshops with
                                     the Friday night, Saturday                pieces of work - one can be a picture         all materials or ingredients, two
                                     night entertainment, welcome              or a panel for a cushion cover and            nights of accommodation, a cookery
                                     drinks, breakfast, lunch and three-       one 3D piece.                                 demonstration on the Friday night,
                                     course dinners.                           M £560 NM £610                                Saturday night entertainment,
                                     M £375 NM £415                            8-12 July 2019                                welcome drinks, breakfast, lunch and
                                     30 November – 2 December 2018                                                           three-course dinners.
                                                                                                                             M £375 NM £415
Summer Schools and Denman Specials

                                                                               Denman Summer School:
                                     Christmas Getaway Weekend                 Mosaics with Priscilla Wheater                1-3 February 2019
                                     Come away for a break before              This course involves making mosaics
                                     Christmas! Treat yourself to a            for outdoor items for the garden or           New Year Country House Party
                                     relaxing few days with the girls, learn   conservatory. We will create items            Join us for the beloved Denman
                                     something new and even pick up            using the direct method. You have             New Year House Party. Stay in the
                                     some inspiration for starting a new       a varied choice of ideas: a small             beautiful Georgian manor house and
                                     hobby next year. Start your weekend       garden table, a bird bath, which              enjoy seventeen acres of parkland for
                                     with a cocktail, choose 3 workshops       can be worked using old bases that            three nights of pure indulgence! While
                                     from our exciting offer, enjoy our        need resurrection or bought from a            you’re here, try different workshops
                                     Saturday night entertainment and go       garden centre.                                and learn new skills, while enjoying a
                                     home on Sunday refreshed for the          M £610 NM £670                                wide variety of entertainment.
                                     Christmas preparations.                   24-28 June 2019                               M £560 NM £620
                                     M £375 NM £415                                                                          30 December 2018 –
                                     7-9 December 2018                         Denman Summer School:                         2 January 2019
                                                                               Upholstery with Joanna Heptinstall
                                     Denman Summer School: Enjoy Oxfordshire   In this practical course you will learn       Platinum Special: Decorative Paper Cutting
                                     with John Vigar and Anna Steven           the skills of traditional upholstery          with Christine Green
                                     Visit Blenheim Palace, Kelmscott,         while restoring your own piece of             Get into the celebratory spirit for
                                     Buscot Park and the heart of Oxford       furniture under the watchful eye of           Denman’s 70th anniversary and
                                     University – the Sheldonian Theatre,      your professional tutor. Working with         master creative paper cutting. With
                                     Schools Quad and Radcliffe Square.        traditional hand tools and materials          the help of lots of fabulous resources
                                     Stroll through the Covered Market         such as hessian, horse hair and               and encouragement you will learn
                                     and tour Jesus College. Following         calico, you will re-stuff, re-build,          how to cut safely and accurately,
                                     a visit to New College and gardens,       stitch, smooth and pull your furniture        how to design for successful paper
                                     take a Thames River Cruise to Iffley      back to glory. Dining chairs,                 cutting and how to get really creative
                                     Lock before returning to Denman for       footstools, piano stools and ottomans         with this bang on trend craft that
                                     afternoon tea. On the final day, the      are all suitable projects.                    is low cost and highly rewarding.
                                     course culminates with a morning visit    M £610 NM £670                                You will soon be amazing friends
                                     to the Ashmolean Museum.                  5-9 August 2019                               and family with hand cut cards.
                                     M £675 NM £735                                                                          M £360 NM £400
                                     22-26 July 2019                                                                         26-28 November 2018

         10                          Visit the website for full course information
Some of our lovely students request to get back together with
                                        their tutor and fellow learners, and of course, we accept! This
         REUNIONS                       list of courses is by invitation only, or reunions, so if you’re
                                        interested, please contact us (or the tutor), to get booked on!

Beading Reunion with Pat Trott          Drum for Fun Reunion                          May’s Enthusiastic Stitchers
Beading is therapeutic, relaxing        with Heather Summers                          with May Martin
and very addictive. Many wonderful      Drumming is great fun, very focusing,         This course provides an opportunity
jewellery items can be made using       a powerful way of making music with           for a group of experienced stitchers
needle, thread and beads. There         other people. This course is suitable         to come to Denman and work on
are many different stitches and this    for those who have done any of the            a project of their choice
course offers you the opportunity to    Drum For Fun courses, or who have             (by invitation only).
learn some of them. You will begin      done a little drumming before.                M £610 NM £670
with an introduction to the materials   M £300 NM £340                                7-11 January 2019
needed, an explanation of some of       27 February – 1 March 2019
the stitches and the showing of many                                                  Silver Jewellery: Silversmithing Reunion
samples. Each different stitch will     Family Tree Reunion with Jessica Feinstein    with Pauline Payne
be demonstrated and the students        This course is a chance to meet up            For students who have previously
encouraged to work at their own pace.   with other students researching their         attended one of Pauline’s courses.
Not suitable for complete beginners.    family trees, share information and           This course is an opportunity to
M £560 NM £610                          success stories, and you will have            practise and further extend your
11-15 February 2019                     plenty of time to do more research            jewellery making skills.
                                        with support from your tutor. This            M £485 NM £545
Buttonhole Beauties with May Martin     course is suitable for anyone who has         30 September – 3 October 2019
An opportunity to work on a project     previously attended one of Jessica’s
of your choice with expert guidance     courses at Denman.                            Textile Beas with Lynda Monk
at every stage. The possibilities are   M £330 NM £370                                Students will construct a fabric in a
endless; from dress making to soft      12-14 April 2019                              variety of ways, using a selection of

furnishing (by invitation only).                                                      fabrics, eg: lace, silks, velvets etc.,
M £610 NM £670                          May’s Bees Reunion with May Martin            in colours of their choice leading to a
3-7 June 2019                           This course provides an opportunity           final piece of work (by invitation only).
                                        for a group of experienced stitchers          M £300 NM £340
                                        to come to Denman and work                    29-31 March 2019
                                        on a project of their choice
                                        (by invitation only).
                                        M £610 NM £670
                                        12-16 August 2019

                                                                                     01865 391 991 Follow us on                    11
                                                   27 November

      Special                                       2018, from


     21 March 2019
                                                                   An Evening of Cocktails and Flowers
       from 2pm                                                                   M £20 NM £25
                                                        Ring in the celebratory season by combining two of life’s greatest
                                                   pleasures: Cocktails and Flowers! Add a bit of sparkle to your day with an
                                                    evening spent in good company at Denman – we’ll be shaking up some
                                                    delicious cocktails and mocktails with Lindy Wildsmith for a sip of bubbly
                                                   or two, followed up with a fabulous floral demonstration from Anna Steven.
                                                           You’ll go home in the party spirit with this festive pick-me-up!

                    Oast to Host
                     M £42 NM £47                                                                                 Tuesday
         Looking for tasty gluten free baking?                                                                  9 April 2019,
       No problem! This type of cooking doesn’t                                                                  from 2pm
       have to be tricky… Claire and Sally, the
        minds behind Oast to Host, have been                                        Daphne Selphe –
       taking on the challenge! When it comes                             The World’s Oldest Professional Model
          to exploration and experience, get a
       step closer to gluten free mastery with a
                                                                                         M £42 NM £47
      fabulous demonstration from Claire who’ll
                                                                 Spend an afternoon with one of fashion’s most recognisable
      show you how to make and roll gluten free
                                                                 faces: Daphne Selfe – the world’s oldest professional model.
       pastry with ease! You’ll also come away                  In her own words, Daphne doesn’t ‘do retiring’ and has fronted
         having learnt the rather special recipe                   some of the industry’s biggest campaigns – modelling for
       to their award winning quiche – one that                    Dolce and Gabanna, Red or Dead, TK Maxx, Primark and
        promises no ‘soggy bottom’! Join us for                     more. Daphne and her daughter Claire will be sharing
       ways to get the most out of your baking                          images and secrets from Daphne’s extraordinary
        and sample some treats that’ll get you                        life and career. Join us for a celebration of diversity
        excited to recreate the magic at home!                                  and change in fashion – lit up by
                                                                                     Daphne’s zest for life.

12    Visit the website for full course information
                                                                                                                  28 November
                                                                                                                   2018, from
                                 5 April

                                                                                  Exploring Berlin
     Bird Identification Day                                                     with Simon Gregor
              M £67 NM £72                                                             M £42 NM £47
 Are you interesting in learning how                 Denman are delighted to welcome back Simon Gregor, this time exploring
 to identify bird species by sight and                the history of Berlin from 1870 to the present day, from the unification of
sound? Denman are delighted to be                      Germany in the late 19th century, to its reunification just over a century
  working with Cotswold Rural Skills                     later. The upheaval of the First World War, the collapse of the ruling
  for a fantastic day event where, by                  Hohenzollern dynasty, the foundation of the Weimar Republic, the rise
   the end of the day, you should be                     and fall of the Nazis, the division of Germany, the Cold War, and the
  able to identify between 10 and 20                    building and then collapse of the Berlin Wall - all are writ large in the
   common Cotswolds bird species,                    landscape and architecture of the city. Yet even after all this upheaval and
through their appearance and range                    division, Berlin still retains the capacity to reinvent itself, to be something
   of calls. This day is a combination                   new - and to retain a sense of hope and positivity which makes it an
 of field-work involving two one-hour                                        endlessly fascinating place to visit.
    bird walks around Denman and
    classroom sessions directed at
     the species encountered, plus
     information about the species
     themselves, from their habits,
    behaviours, anatomy and other
            useful information.                                                                                Tuesday
                                                                                                            23 April 2019,
                                                                                                              from 1pm

                              Denman Bake Off Challenge

                                       M £42 NM £47
                    With our flagship WI Cookery School, love of a good
                       old-fashioned get-together and Bake Off: The
                Professionals alma mater (Chef Manager and Tutor Kelly
                Mauger), it was only a matter of time before we answered
                your call for tents, tea and a healthy dose of competition!
                      We’re proud to present to you The Great Denman
                 Bake-Off – your chance to shine in the tent with that top
                  secret signature bake! Teams of two will be given a fun
                challenge, the chance to make something magical, have
                 it judged by our experts and potentially win the Denman
                     Bake Off crown! Naturally, be prepared for plenty of
                       giggles, cuppas and treats to keep you going.

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Please note that these pages do not include sold out courses,
                                    A-Z Residential Courses                                day schools, family workshops or specials. You can find those
                                                                                           on the previous pages!

                                                    COOKERY                                Afternoon Teas with Kelly Mauger          Artisan Drinks with Lindy Wildsmith
                                                                                           Create a high-end afternoon tea           Make your own delicious
                                    A Taste Of Italy with Lindy Wildsmith                  featuring a mixture of traditional        seasonal cordials, infusions, cocktails
                                    and Sue McKenna                                        and modern styles. Recipes will           and mocktails ... by capturing the
                                    Whether you are planning a trip to                     include scones, battenburg, raspberry     scents and flavours of the summer
                                    Italy, enjoy Italian cuisine or just want              and vanilla marshmallow filled            season and transforming them into
                                    to try out the language to see whether                 chocolate teacakes, macarons              both alcoholic and soft drinks to
                                    you might like to learn it in the future,              and a demonstration and tasting           enable you to enhance ice cream,
                                    this is the course for you. Over the                   of sandwiches.                            jelly, cakes, cocktails or to give as
                                    two days you will learn conversational                 M £375 NM £410                            a gift. Cocktails and punches don’t
                                    Italian, discover the history and                      15-17 April 2019                          have to be alcoholic; learn which
                                    culture of Italy and then cook up                                                                ingredients pack a punch to your
                                    Italian favourites in the WI Cookery                   An Introduction to Baking                 drink but still allow you to drive home.
                                    School. Not to be missed!                              with Katie Churchard                      We will of course be making some
                                    M £375 NM £410                                         Join Katie for a weekend of inspiration   alcoholic drinks too!
                                                                                           and skill building in the kitchen,        M £375 NM £410
                                    21-23 August 2019                                      touching on pastry, bread, cake and       24-26 June 2019
                                    A Taste of Spain with Peter Lien                       biscuits. Recipes will include bakewell
A-Z Residential Courses – Cookery

                                    Spain is rightly famous for its                        tart, chocolate chip cookies, cheese      Artisan Winter Preserves
                                    simple cooking using fantastic                         and cumin bread and a chocolate           with Lindy Wildsmith
                                    produce. From classic paellas to the                   cake to be decorated with a black         If you are into jam making and
                                    Moorish inspired cookery of                            forest twist.                             preserving, why not try your hand
                                    Andalucia, this course will cover some                 M £405 NM £445                            at our winter themed preserving
                                    of the most popular Iberian dishes.                    11-13 January 2019                        course featuring the pumpkin and
                                    Plus a selection of tapas dishes and                                                             orange marmalade, ginger and lemon
                                    some sweet treats too!                                 Artisan Bread with Dede Liss              curd, spiced root vegetable chutney,
                                    M £405 NM £445                                         Take your bread making to another         fermented pickled shallots, gut busting
                                                                                           level by learning the art of sourdoughs   Korean kimchi, confit of duck and
                                    11-13 March 2019                                       and long fermentation dough.              potted venison.
                                                                                           Suitable for beginners and                M £300 NM £328
                                                                                           experienced bakers.                       30 January – 1 February 2019
                                                                                           M £375 NM £410
                                                                                           15-17 February 2019
                                                                                           28-30 June 2019

                                                                                                                                               are included in
                                                                                                                                                 the cost of a
                                                                                                                                               cookery course
                                                                                                                                                 What’s more
                                                                                                                                                they will all be
                                                                                                                                               prepared for you
                                                                            Proud Sponsors of                                                    in advance!
                                                                            the WI Cookery School

         14                         Visit the website for full course information
Autumnal Baking with Jill Arthur           Cake Decorating with Natalie Green         Cooking the Americas with Peter Lien
Join Jill on a baking masterclass as       You will start with baking using a         This course is a journey through
she incorporates seasonal fruits and       tried and tested recipe for a well         the Americas, with stops in Spanish
vegetables into some of your favourite     risen and firm cake with good              influenced Argentina, Peru, Mexico
or soon to be favourite bakes.             keeping qualities which is perfect for     and the USA.
Covering an array of cakes, doughs,        celebration cakes. Then you will look      M £405 NM £445
biscuits and pastry, this course is        at all the professional techniques to      27-29 March 2019
one not to miss for anyone who loves       prepare your cake for decoration,
baking and wants to extend their           cover with sugarpaste and add              Curries of the World with Peter Lien
recipe repertoire and knowledge.           incredible decorative touches. You         This course will be a real
M £375 NM £410                             will be stacking, dowelling, crimping,     adventure. Take a journey into
2-4 September 2019                         colouring, making cut outs and             cuisines that you haven’t tried before.
                                           flowers and even doing some royal          The Caribbean, Malaysia, and even
Baking for Market Stalls                   iced piping. You will come away            South Africa – they all have their
with Alison Haigh                          with everything you need to know to        own curries. So join us to sample
If you are looking for new ideas for       create amazing cakes of your own at        fragrant fish, meat and vegetable
products to sell at your local market,     home and some professional tips and        dishes flavoured with spice pastes
join us for this baking course. You will   secrets too.                               and powders.
be making a selection of sweet and         M £375 NM £410                             M £405 NM £445
savoury products including chocolate,      17-19 July 2019                            5-7 November 2018
beetroot and cherry loaf cakes, peanut                                                8-10 April 2019
butter and maple syrup cookies and         Christmas Afternoon Teas
lumberjack tray bake slices.               with Katie Churchard                       Eastern Feasts with Ashley Keen
M £405 NM £445                             Whether you want to wow friends            Simple, colourful and vibrant food

                                                                                                                                A-Z Residential Courses – Cookery
12-14 November 2018                        or are hosting a party during the          from the great reaches of the Middle
                                           festive season, this course will           East, guaranteed to bring sunshine
Bread Baking for the Home                  teach you how to create a high-            to any occasion. Explore techniques,
with Alison Haigh                          end afternoon tea pastries, cakes          ingredients and recipes inspired by
Alison grew up in an artisan bakery        and sandwiches with a mixture of           travels through the Bosphorus, Black
and she will be sharing her                traditional and modern styles, all with    Sea, Aegean, Mediterranean, North
experience on this special weekend         a seasonal Christmas theme.                Africa, and Persia.
bread course. You will learn how four      M £405 NM £445                             M £340 NM £380
simple ingredients can be combined         23-25 November 2018                        30 September – 2 October 2019
to produce wonderful breads. Recipes
include rosemary and potato focaccia,
cinnamon swirls, sultana and walnut
loaf, and curried naan bread.
M £405 NM £445
9-11 November 2018
5-7 April 2019

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Everyday Preserves with Vivien Lloyd           Festive Baking and Treats with Linda Hewett   Gourmet Salads with Ashley Keen
                                    Learn how to make a marmalade,                 Sugar and spice and all things nice!          Forget limp lettuce and curling
                                    jam, chutney, curd, pickle, syrup,             Special bakes and treats to see you           cucumbers, salads have gone glam!
                                    and fruit in alcohol. For those who            through the Festive season. Recipes           Salads are no longer an afterthought
                                    enjoy entering competitions, there             will include spiced orange and                or a side dish. They can be a real
                                    will be hints and tips from the tutor          cranberry sauce, turkey and stuffing          showpiece of the dinner table. A
                                    who is an NFWI Preserves Judge.                pie, mince pies, Christmas crumble,           selection of satisfying, interesting
                                    Included in the course will be sourcing        stilton and walnut pate, cranberry and        salads that will cover dinner, lunch or
                                    ingredients, choosing equipment,               rosemary focaccia and a bread wreath          both, eat as they are or topped with
                                    preparation and cooking fruit and              centre piece. All gift wrapped with           a piece of fish or meat. No boring
                                    vegetables, how to test pectin content,        stress free ideas to use leftovers.           packed lunches ever again!
                                    types of sugar and vinegar to use,             M £375 NM £410                                M £375 NM £410
                                    how to test for a set, finishing and           3-5 December 2018                             19-21 August 2019
                                    sealing preserves.
                                    M £375 NM £410                                 Flavours of Asia with Peter Lien              Gourmet Salads with Peter Lien
                                    8-10 February 2019                             Asia plays a huge influence on                Colourful, nutritious, filling and
                                                                                   Peter’s cookery, so join him on a             portable, learn the secrets of how to
                                    Express Dinner Parties with Alison Haigh       journey through the Far East, stopping        use pulses and grains alongside fresh
                                    Take the stress out of cooking                 off in Japan, China, South East Asia          or roasted vegetables, herbs and nuts
                                    for dinner parties by learning some            and the Indian subcontinent. Starting         to create dishes that work as individual
                                    speedy yet impressive starters, mains          with a selection of Pan-Asian street          meals or buffet table winners.
                                    and desserts to wow your guests.               food, which you will prepare for lunch,       M £405 NM £445
                                    M £405 NM £445                                 the course will also include mee              13-15 May 2019
                                    23-25 January 2019                             goreng, beef rendang and dal with roti        26-28 June 2019
A-Z Residential Courses – Cookery

                                                                                   bread and Korean beef.
                                                                                   M £405 NM £445                                Greek Cookery with Ashley Keen
                                                                                   28-30 January 2019                            Using the simplest of ingredients,
                                                                                                                                 join Ashley to create authentic
                                                                                                                                 spanakopita and moussaka, fresh
                                                                                                                                 and vibrant mezze bursting with
                                                                                                                                 flavour, all washed down with a
                                                                                                                                 glass of Ouzo! Yaimas!
                                                                                                                                 M £375 NM £410
                                                                                                                                 14-16 August 2019
                                                                                                                                 Heritage Wheat Special - Bread Weekend
                                                                                                                                 with Dede Liss
                                                                     Denman Sponsor Promotion                                    Many people are turning away from
                                                                                                                                 bread due to a difficulty digesting the
                                                                                                                                 high level of gluten in modern flours.
                                                  Magimix                                                                        Heritage and ancient grains offer
                                                                                                                                 a solution as they contain a lower
                                              THE WORLD’S BEST                                                                   percentage of gluten and so even
                                              FOOD PROCESSOR                                                                     those with a gluten intolerance
                                                                                                                                 find bread made with these flours
                                          Designed to make life simpler in the                                                   easier to digest. Learn how to make
                                                                                                                                 your own great bread using these
                                         kitchen for anyone who is passionate                                                    flours on this introduction course.
                                          about creating great food. Magimix                                                     Not suitable for coeliacs.
                                         combines the best cooking traditions                                                    M £375 NM £410
                                          and technology to create the most                                                      31 July – 2 August 2019
                                          reliable and robust food processor                                                     Indian Cookery with Peter Lien
                                            in the world with an unbeatable                                                      Join Peter to make a selection
                                                                                                                                 of his favourite dishes, including
                                                30 year motor guarantee.                                                         curries, pickles, chutneys, breads, and
                                                                                                                                 rice, as he shares his Indian heritage.
                                                                                                                                 M £405 NM £445
                                                          Find out more at                                     18-20 February 2019

         16                         Visit the website for full course information
Italian Breads with Mariella Bliss           Let’s Make Cheese - Part 3 (The Blues)      Mediterranean Breads with Dede Liss
Mariella has been successfully baking        with Louise Talbot                          This is a course for anyone who
and selling focaccia and ciabatta for        Louise will show you how to make            loves bread! Dede will show you how
over ten years. Come and learn the           blue cheese and a range of delicious        to use the simplest of ingredients:
secret of Italian bread making using         goodies also incorporating blue             flour, water, salt and yeast alongside
a biga starter or handling a very wet        cheeses. This is a follow-on course so      Mediterranean flavours including olive
dough for light but fully flavoured          it is essential that you have completed     oil, olives, aromatic herbs, spices
bread. The recipes include; focaccia,        the introductory course first as it will    and citrus, to make a fabulous variety
ciabatta, breadsticks and ‘schiacciata’      have given you the grounding and            of breads, some of which you may
with grapes and vin santo.                   knowledge to make the more                  already be familiar with and some
M £375 NM £410                               complex cheeses.                            which will be brand new!
28-30 August 2019                            M £405 NM £445                              M £375 NM £410
                                             14-16 January 2019                          3-5 May 2019
La Dolce Vita : Italian Desserts and Sweet
Treats with Mariella Bliss                   Low Carb Living with Ashley Keen            Mediterranean Cuisine with Peter Lien
Join Mariella for a sweet-toothed trip       The course will cover family favourites     Join our cruise through the Med
around Italy, featuring Italian sweet        that have been adapted to use               stopping off in sun drenched ports of
treat and dessert favourites including       vegetables and pulses instead of            Greek islands, North Africa, France
pannacotta, tiramisu, brioche, biscotti      pasta, potato or rice. There will also      and Italy. We’ll make the most of the
and a delicious almond and lemon             be dishes that are naturally high in        fantastic ingredients that the region
Capri cake. Also, discover and enjoy         protein like shakshuka baked eggs           has to offer including olive oil from the
lesser known (but equally delicious)         or lentil dhal. This course would suit      groves of Greece, Italian cheeses,
recipes like Venetian carnival favourite     people who want to reduce the refined       and piquillo peppers from Spain. Try
‘Chiacchiere’ (silly chats!) and Tuscan      carbohydrate from their diet due to         Moroccan chicken with charmoula,

                                                                                                                                     A-Z Residential Courses – Cookery
‘Schiacciata’, a sweet focaccia filled       blood sugar imbalance, weight loss or       Lebanese meze, and Italian stuffed
and topped with grapes, fennel seeds,        for generally healthier lighter living.     peppers. Who needs a holiday?
rosemary and Vin Santo!                      M £375 NM £410                              M £405 NM £445
M £375 NM £410                               1-3 May 2019                                17-19 June 2019
3-5 July 2019
                                             Magic Fridge - Menu 2                       Mediterranean Magic in Autumn
Let’s Make Cheese - Part 1                   with Alex Mackay                            with Alex Mackay
with Louise Talbot                           The Magic Fridge is the course to           Autumn is a mystical time where
Join farmer’s wife and cheese                inspire you and to give you the tools       the harvests of wild mushrooms,
maker Louise for a fascinating course        to cook simple and delicious food           chestnuts and grapes set off a
in making cheese at home. Louise             every day without spending a fortune.       colourful landscape. The food is still
will show you how to make a range            It has all the advantages of cheating       light with lots of the remaining joys of
of soft cheeses using domestic               without the guilt because you prepare       summer but warming enough to take
kitchen utensils and cover halloumi,         and preserve the magic yourself.            you through to winter. This is holiday
mozzarella, mascarpone, butter,              From there on in just swing open your       food made accessible to you at home.
cream cheese, and ricotta, as well           fridge door for a little magic whenever     This course will be full of dishes
as a discussion on the principles of         you want to eat well. This course           that are ablaze with colour and full
hard cheese.                                 contains brand new recipes from our         of vibrant flavours from everybody’s
M £405 NM £445                               first Magic Fridge course.                  favourite cuisine.
14-16 November 2018                          M £405 NM £445                              M £405 NM £445
8-10 July 2019                               1-3 April 2019                              16-18 September 2019

                                                                                        01865 391 991 Follow us on                         17
Midweek Meals with Ashley Keen             Modern Indian Cookery with Bhavini Mistry    Moorish and Middle Eastern Menu 2
                                    Many of us don’t have the time             Immerse yourself in an array of              with Peter Lien
                                    or inclination to create culinary          aromatic spices to create delicious,         Join Peter for further recipes,
                                    masterpieces after a long, busy day,       authentic Indian dishes with a               featuring a brand new selection of
                                    however we still want to eat well. Join    contemporary twist that you can easily       dishes from the region. The group will
                                    Ashley to learn how to make some           recreate at home. Dishes will include:       prepare a new range of mezze dishes
                                    interesting, quick, delicious and          chicken tikka massala, aromatic              for lunch on the first day, and then
                                    nutritionally balanced meals to spice      pilaf rice, chappatis, tadka dahl            move on to a variety of slow cooked
                                    up your recipe repertoire.                 and pakoras.                                 dishes, and sweet treats.
                                    M £375 NM £410                             M £375 NM £410                               M £405 NM £445
                                    6-8 February 2019                          13-15 September 2019                         21-23 January 2019
                                                                                                                            29 April – 1 May 2019
                                    Mindful Baking with Alison Haigh           Modern Vegetarian with Ashley Keen
                                    Join us for a weekend of mindful           Are you or a family member                   Patisserie with Kelly Mauger
                                    baking, using a range of wholesome         vegetarian? Love to have dinner              Cover many of the classics of French
                                    gluten-free and unrefined ingredients      parties but do not want to cook two          pastry work using an array of skills
                                    to create healthier alternatives to your   different meals? Let us introduce            which you will learn and practice,
                                    favourite sweet and savoury bakes.         you to an array of exciting, modern          including blind baking and piping.
                                    M £405 NM £445                             vegetarian meals. Even the carnivores        We will make base recipes of pate
                                    25-27 January 2019                         will not miss the meat!                      sucree, choux pastry and crème
                                                                               M £375 NM £410                               patissiere which we will turn into tart
                                    Modern Cakes with Katie Churchard          6-8 March 2019                               au citron, choux buns filled with crème
                                    & Kelly Mauger                                                                          diplomat and macarons.
                                    Join Katie and Kelly for a cake            Moorish and Middle Eastern with Peter Lien   M £375 NM £410
A-Z Residential Courses – Cookery

                                    baking and decorating course               At the crossroads of Europe, Asia and
                                                                                                                            10-12 June 2019
                                    using traditional and contemporary         Africa, the region known as the Middle
                                    techniques to create modern                East has taken its culinary influences       Patisserie (Part 2) with Katie Churchard
                                    masterpieces, including mirror glaze       from many places and people,                 This course is ideal for anyone who
                                    cakes, an illusion decorated rainbow       including the Moors. Learn about the         has joined us for the first patisserie
                                    cake with ombre frosting and a             traditions of Moroccan, Persian and          course and would like to extend their
                                    mojito flavoured naked cake using          Lebanese cookery and local                   knowledge. It will bring new ideas and
                                    crystallised edible flowers                ingredients such as sumac, salted            further creative techniques as you make
                                    for decoration.                            lemons, pistachios and rose water.           an opera gateau and a Paris brest.
                                    M £375 NM £410                             Together you’ll make a delicious lunch       M £405 NM £445
                                                                               of mezze salads and dips, then go on         3-5 April 2019
                                    7-9 November 2018
                                                                               to make Persian chicken with harissa
                                                                               pilaf, a fruity tagine, and some
                                                                               delicious orange and sumac biscuits.
                                                                               M £405 NM £445
                                                                               11-13 February 2019
                                                                               3-5 June 2019

         18                         Visit the website for full course information
Pizza, Pasta and Sauces Weekend           Summer Baking with Jill Arthur            Vegetarian Italian with Mariella Bliss
with Mariella Bliss                       Join Jill on a baking masterclass as      Under the tuition of Italian cook and
Join our authentic Neapolitan cook        she incorporates seasonal fruits and      food producer Mariella, you’ll cook
and tutor Mariella to learn how to        vegetables into some of your favourite    some delicious vegetarian dishes that
make fresh pizza and pasta and            or soon to be favourite bakes.            even meat eaters will love, parmigiana
extend your repertoire beyond             Covering an array of cakes, doughs,       di melenzane, risotto with Sagrantino
bolognese sauce! Learn how to             biscuits and pastry, this course is       wine, rolls with avocado, rocket and
make pizza dough and fresh egg and        one not to miss for anyone who loves      parmigiano to name just a few.
flour pasta from scratch - tagliatelle,   baking and wants to extend their          M £375 NM £410
pappardelle and tagliolini, then create   recipe repertoire and knowledge.          24-26 April 2019
some delicious and varied sauces          M £375 NM £410
which will complement the pasta           12-14 June 2019                           Winter in the Mediterranean
shapes, including a mushroom and                                                    with Alex Mackay
Marsala sauce and the famous ‘pasta       Summer Preserves with Vivien Lloyd        Winter food doesn’t need to be drab
alla norma’ sauce, plus you will have     Celebrate the arrival summer by           and this is a course full of wonderful
an array of authentic toppings for your   joining us to make preserves using        ways to spice up your winter fare.
pizzas to choose from.                    recipes championed by the WI.             Upside down lemon curd and
M £375 NM £410                            Capture the flavours of summer for        grapefruit tart, seabass with winter
29-31 March 2019                          the colder months ahead. Learn how        minestrone and a winter version of
                                          to make sweet and savoury jams,           Greek salad are just a few of the
Scandinavian Cookery with Linda Hewett    jelly, curd, cordial, chutney, vinegar    fantastic dishes you will learn. But
Learn the art of Hygge and Fika.          and preserve fruit in alcohol.            more than the recipes themselves,
Linda will share her experience           M £375 NM £410                            you will learn a ton of techniques that
of living beyond the Arctic Circle        19-21 June 2019                           you can apply to many other dishes,

                                                                                                                              A-Z Residential Courses – Cookery
in Northern Norway. Scandinavian                                                    so that your winter food can sparkle
cookery revolves around a varied diet     Thai Cookery with Peter Lien              with Mediterranean sunshine no
of seasonal produce to be enjoyed.        Learn about the exciting flavours         matter what the weather.
Recipes will include meatballs,           of Thai cookery and the art of            M £405 NM £445
dreamy mash and cranberry sauce,          balancing the characteristic taste        13-15 February 2019
Johansson potatoes, Scandi fish           sensations of sweet, sour, saltiness
soup, Nordic open sandwiches and          and heat. The course will feature         World Street Food with Peter Lien
rye pancakes with berries and syrup.      some of the country’s most famous         Some of the most delicious food
M £375 NM £410                            dishes, including salads, noodle          in the world isn’t served in fancy
                                          dishes and, of course, curries made       restaurants, but from stalls and carts
12-14 April 2019
                                          from home-made curry paste.               in bustling markets or on busy streets.
Simple Super Foods Everyday               M £405 NM £445                            Why not take your tastebuds on a
with Ashley Keen                          29-31 May 2019                            global cookery tour visiting countries
How to make the healthy choice                                                      as diverse as Austria, Spain, Turkey,
without compromising on flavour.          The Amalfi Coast on your Table            Mexico and Japan?
Super foods are everywhere you            with Mariella Bliss                       M £405 NM £445
look: in the news, supermarkets,          Join Mariella as she takes you on a       24-26 May 2019
magazines and on television. But do       culinary journey to the Amalfi Coast.
you know which ones you can use           Cook together the most delicious          World Street Food Menu 2
to create tasty everyday recipes the      scialatielli (traditional pasta shape)    with Peter Lien
whole family will enjoy?                  with prawns and lemon zest, bake          Take your tastebuds on a global
M £375 NM £410                            sea bass with potatoes and cherry         cookery tour by joining Peter for a
                                          tomatoes, then discover the secret of     second instalment of one of our most
1-3 July 2019
                                          a perfect Neapolitan pizza. Learn to      popular courses?
                                          make your own potato gnocchi alla         M £405 NM £445
                                          sorrentina and enjoy a ‘lemon delice’     25-27 February 2019
                                          and a glass (or two) of limoncello!
                                          M £375 NM £410
       Join as a Friend of                15-17 May 2019
        Denman for just
         £75 and enjoy
      discounts, VIP seats
           and more!

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