Dublin School Profile 2017-2018

August 8, 2017

 Dublin School Profile                                                 2017-2018
                                 Head of School:                      Director of College Counseling:
                                 Bradford Bates                       Holly Macy
                                 Phone: 603.563.8584                  Office: 603.563.1244
                                 Fax: 603.563.7121                    hmacy@dublinschool.org

                                 At Dublin School, we strive to awaken a curiosity for
 Our Mission                     knowledge and a passion for learning. We instill the
                                 values of discipline and meaningful work that are
                                 necessary for the good of self and community. We respect
                                 the individual learning style and the unique potential
                                 each student brings to our school. With our guidance,
                                 Dublin students become men and women who seek
                                 truth and act with courage.

 Dublin School                   Located in rural southwestern New Hampshire, Dublin
                                 School is a deliberately small, nondenominational,
 Culture &                       independent college preparatory school for grades 9-12.
 Community                       Diversity is infused in all community experiences at Dublin
                                 School because of our size and student population. Dublin
                                 School students actively participate in all aspects of school
              Enrollment 164     life, as we believe that learning takes place both inside and
                                 outside of the classroom. Students and faculty work together
           50/50 girls to boys   to create a school culture that enables individuals to be their
   Diversity (12% multi-racial   authentic selves, encourages students to seek out new
 American, 13% international)    experiences, supports healthy risk-taking, creates time for
    35% Receive Financial Aid
                                 discovery, and takes advantage of our beautiful campus.
                                 Every academic day begins with Morning Meeting, which
   # of States Represented 21    brings the entire community together for formal and
# of Countries Represented 10    spontaneous presentations and announcements. Guest
                                 speakers present on topics such as current events, careers, or
   72%/28% Boarding vs Day
                                 health and wellness. Seniors are required to present a topic
      Average Class Size 8-12    pertaining to an interest, pursuit, or personal story. School
    Student/Teacher Ratio 5:1    spirit is fostered through announcements pertaining to
                                 classroom work, athletics, the arts, or robotics. Fun
            400 Acre Campus
                                 competitions occur such as the annual Mental Trigonometry
       24 Kilometers of Trails   Olympics, the Roommate Game and a Spelling Bee.

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August 8, 2017

            Each student serves the greater Monadnock community by
            participating in service off-campus. Students also have daily
            work jobs and weekend Work Gang to help maintain our
            physical campus and foster an ethic of meaningful work
            within our school. Students must engage in afternoon
            athletics or activities each trimester and join at least one
            competitive team each year. Additionally, more than one-
            third of our students elect to take part in our performing arts
            program, which includes dance, music, and theater. Students
            can participate in clubs and organizations, such as Amnesty
            International, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Social Awareness
            Club, GSA or Robotics. Dublin School students are active
            community members because they are provided rich
            opportunities that awaken new passions and bring our
            school’s mission to life. We help our students to grow
            physically, socially, morally, and intellectually for the
            betterment of self and community.

Academics   Our academic program combines traditional college
            preparatory curriculum with dynamic teaching including
            problem-based learning units, arts-threaded projects,
            Harkness method discussion courses, and Exeter’s math
            methodology. Students benefit from close relationships with
            teachers, ensuring that all students are challenged and
            supported. Small, student-centered classroom settings allow
            students to be fully involved in their education.

            Dublin School’s diverse student body adds to the richness of
            a student’s classroom experience by broadening perspectives
            and fostering connections in the global community. Course
            work is relevant and interactive. Course offerings include
            challenging AP courses, innovative trimester electives,
            independent studies, and one-on-one tutorial services,
            allowing students to develop their strengths and address
            weaknesses. In keeping with our mission, we help students
            become passionate learners who are personally interested in
            their academic experience. Students build their knowledge
            base and key academic skills of inquiry, problem solving, and
            communication as they apply their learning to the real world.
            Our graduates are ready for college work and are looking for
            academic challenge.

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August 8, 2017

Academic Minimum            English – English is required for all years of high school.
Requirements for
Graduation                  History – 3 years of high school history are required,
20 credits                  including World I, Europe and the World, US.
(1 trimester =.33 credit)
                            Mathematics – 3 years of high school math are required,
                            including Algebra II.

                            Science – 3 years of high school science are required
                            including STEM, Biology, and Chemistry (students may test
                            out of STEM).

                            World Language – Two years of high school language in the
                            same language are required.

                            Arts – Two years (six trimester electives) of arts are

                            Technology – One trimester elective course (.3 year) is

Senior Project              Students may apply to engage in year-long rigorous study
                            centered on a question or topic that is of personal
                            interest. The course has both a scholarly and a creative/
                            applied component and students are given college-level
                            expectations of independence, time management, and
                            advanced analytical and creative problem solving. Students
                            write a research paper exploring the field(s) at the
                            intersection of their project and present their work to all
                            students, faculty and outside guests in a spring exhibition.

Academic Honors             Honor Roll:           GPA 3.33 - 3.69
                            High Honors:          GPA 3.70 - 4.0

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August 8, 2017

AP & Honors Course   English:
Offerings                   AP English Literature & Composition
                            AP English Language & Composition
                            AP European History
                            AP US History
                            Honors Electives
                            Honors Algebra II/Trig
                            AP Calculus AB
                            Advanced Topics in Math
                            AP Biology
                            AP Chemistry (2017-18)
                            AP Environmental Science
                            AP Physics 1
                            AP Spanish Language & Culture
                            AP Spanish Literature
                            AP Latin
                            Honors Spanish 3
                            AP Computer Science Principles

Transcript Notes     •   Four-point, UNWEIGHTED grading system.
                     •   Dublin School does NOT rank.
                     •   Only courses completed at Dublin School are included on
                         our transcript and calculated into the GPA reported by
                         the counselor.
                     •   Students must take at least 5 courses each trimester but
                         not more than 6
                     •   The Counselor Mid-Year Report includes Fall Trimester
                         senior year grades available after November 21, 2017
                     •   We highly discourage students from taking more than 3
                         AP courses in a given year.

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August 8, 2017

                                         GPA Range                         # of Students
Class of 2018 GPA                        4.00 -3.50                              24
Distribution at end of
Junior Year- 43                          3.49-3.00                               12
                                         2.99-2.50                               5

                                         2.49-2.00                               2

                                         1.99-1.50                               0

                                         1.49-1.00                               0

                                    SAT - 29 Tested                      ACT - 24 Tested
Standardized Testing for                Middle     Mean                       Middle        Mean
Class of 2017*                           50%                                   50%

                            EBRW       545-660         610     English         21-30         26

                            Math       520-645         575     Math            18-29         25

                            Total       1065-         1210     Reading         26-33         28

                                                               Science         22-31         27

                                                               Composite       23-31         26

                           Average GPA: 3.41          GPA Range: 2.33-3.96

AP Score Summary           2017
Every student                                                                   68%
enrolled in an AP
course is required to                                        41%
take the associated        2016
exam.                                                                                72%


                                  0%             20%           40%            60%              80%

                              AP score of 4 or 5               AP score of 3 or Higher

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August 8, 2017

                                                  A   A- B+    B   B-   C+   C   C- D/F Total

Class of 2017 Grade      English                  2   9   5    7   5                       28
Distributions for Core
                         AP English Lang          3   4   4    1                           12
Junior Level Courses*
                         Honors Algebra II/Trig   1       1    2   3    1        1    3    12

                         Algebra II                   3   2        1    1    1             8

                         Precalculus              1   2        4   3    2        2         14

                         US History               1   5   3    3   1                       13

                         AP US History            1   4   11   2   3                       21

                         Chemistry                8   9   3    2   2    3    1   1         29

                         Total                    17 36 29 21 18        7    2   4    3   137

                         *GPA, Grades, & Testing include English as a Second
                         Language Learners- 10% of the Class 2017; 11% of the Class

Disciplinary Reporting
Policy                   In keeping with Dublin School’s motto “Truth and Courage,”
                         both the student and the college counselor will report all
                         discipline that leads to suspension or dismissal.

Accreditation/           New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC),
Membership               National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), The
                         Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), Association of
                         College Counselors of Independent Schools (ACCIS),
                         National Association for College Admission Counseling
                         (NACAC), New England Association of College Admission
                         Counseling (NEACAC).

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August 8, 2017

Dublin School              American University
                           Auburn University
                                                             Methodist University
                                                             Middlebury College
College                    Bard College
                           Barnard College (2)
                                                             Mount Holyoke College (2)
                                                             University of New Hampshire
Matriculation              Bennington College                (4)
                           Bentley College                   New York University (4)
                           Berklee College of Music          Northeastern University (2)
                           Birmingham-Southern College       Oberlin College
(97% go on directly to a   (2)                               Occidental College
4-year college)            Boston College (2)                Ohio University
                           Boston University                 Olin College of Engineering
                           Bowdoin College (5)               Plymouth State University
                           UC Davis (3)                      Pomona College
                           UC Santa Cruz (2)                 Pratt Institute
                           Castleton UniversityCenter for    Providence College
                           Cartoon Studies                   University of Puget Sound
                           Champlain College                 Reed College
                           Christopher Newport U             Rensselaer Polytech Institute
                           The Citadel                       Rhode Island College
                           Clark University (4)              U of Rhode Island
                           Clarkson University               Rochester Institute of
                           College of the Atlantic           Technology
                           U Colorado Boulder                Rose-Hulman Institute of
                           Columbia College                  Technology
                           Cornell University                Santa Clara University
                           Curry College (2)                 School of the Art Institute of
                           Dalhousie U, Canada               Chicago
                           University of Denver              Sierra Nevada College
                           Drexel University (2)             Simmons College (2)
                           U of Edinburgh, UK                Skidmore College
                           Emmanuel College                  Smith College
                           Emory University                  St. Lawrence University (3)
                           Ferris State University           St. Olaf College (2)
                           Florida Inst. of Technology (2)   SUNY Albany
                           Franklin and Marshall College     Syracuse University
                           (2)                               Trinity College
                           Furman College                    Union College (2)
                           Hamilton College                  University of Virginia
                           Hampshire College                 Wake Forest University
                           High Point University (2)         Washington College
                           Hobart & William Smith            Wellesley College
                           Colleges                          Wentworth Institute of
                           Iona College                      Technology
                           Johns Hopkins University          Wesley College
                           Kalamazoo College                 Wesleyan U (3)
                           Lasell College                    Wheaton College, MA (3)
                           Lewis & Clark College             Wheelock College
                           Lynn University (2)               College of Wooster
                           Marist College (3)                Worcester Polytech Inst. (4)
                           Maryland Institute College of
                           Mass College of Art & Design
                           University of Massachusetts

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August 8, 2017

   Dublin School
  18 Lehmann Way
 Dublin, NH 03444
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