Duxbury Doings Duxbury Senior Center - January, 2023

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Duxbury Doings Duxbury Senior Center - January, 2023

      Duxbury Doings
    Duxbury Senior Center

    January, 2023
Duxbury Doings Duxbury Senior Center - January, 2023
John E. McCluskey, Esq.
                                                                                                            ELDER LAW ATTORNEY
                          Funeral & Cremation Service
                     Andrew A. Frates - President                                                          ESTATE PLANNING • WILLS
      Adam Frates - Vice President • Janice M. Frates - Funeral Dir.                                      TRUSTS • ASSET PROTECTION
                          Kingston • Carver
              phone 781.585.4453 • fax 781.206.2625                                                                    508-583-2221

In youth, love and art. In age, investments and antiques. -Mason Cooley            ESTATE PLANNING | ELDER LAW | TAX
                                                                                                                     James M. Tierney, Esq., CPA, LL.M.
WE BUY SINGLE ITEMS                             LOOKING FOR                                                            Brian J. DesRosiers, Esq., LL.M.

& COMPLETE ESTATES                      B Antique/Quality Used Furniture            DesRosiers & Tierney, LLC
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B Estate Work - Appraisals For          B Pottery, Porcelain, Glass
Individuals & Atty’s                    B Art, Paintings, Bronze, Textiles,        Call for a complimentary consultation 781-934-5060
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in Plymouth County                      B Americana -Whaling &
                                        Nautical, Decoys, Basket
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                                        Samplers & More
B Estate Clean Outs From                B Lighting - Oil & Early Electric
Cellar to Attic                         • Military - Swords, Bayonets, Medals,
B We Provide Friendly and Honest        Badges, Uniforms
Service                                 B Clocks & Watches
                                        B Dolls & Toys
                                        B Books, Post Cards, Manuscripts
                                        Town Histories & Atlases
                                        B Collectibles - Including
                                        Hummels, Doultons & Liadros Paper
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                                                        Funeral Directors
                                                           Mark W.-CFSP                                                              Elena Schepis
                                                             J. Robert                                                                  Tzeng, AuD.
                                                             Robert E.                                                            Doctor of Audiology
                                                              Steve P.
                   1755 Ocean Street / PO Box 84
                                                                                                 Hearing Aids • Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
                       Marshfield, MA 02050                                                            Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment
               781.834.7320 • 781.834.7712 fax                                              Cerumen (Wax) Management • Cochlear Implants / Baha
                                                                                          Custom Earmolds • Assistive Listening Devices • Ear Piercing
              Email: macdonaldfuneralhome@verizon.net                                            20 EAST STREET UNIT 1, HANOVER, MA 02339
                  www.macdonaldfuneralhome.com                                           781-924-3648       |   www.HearingHealthHHP.com

                                                                                                                  Knowledge is power,
                                                                                                                stay clear. We can help.
                                                                                                                    Associated Eye Surgeons
                                                                                                      Lois M. Townshend, MD., FRCSC • Henry J. Kriegstein, MD., FACS
                                                                                                                        Lauren W. Bierman, MD
                                                                                                           Make an appointment:         508-747-4748
                                                                                 45 Resnik Road, Plymouth • AssociatedEyeSurgeons.com

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Duxbury Doings Duxbury Senior Center - January, 2023
Page 3—Council on Aging Duxbury Doings

                          WAYS TO SAVE
                          CIRCUIT BREAKER TAX CREDIT
                          As asenior cizen (65 or olderby December 31 of the tax year), you may
                          be eligible to claim a refundable credit on your Massachuse/s personal
                          income tax return. The Circuit Breaker TaxCredit is based on the
                          actualreal estate taxes or rent paid on the Massachuse/sresidenal
    property you own or rent and occupy as your principal residence.
    The maximum credit amount for tax year 2022 is $1,200. If the credit you're owed exceeds the
    amount of the total tax payable for the year, you'll be refunded the addional amount of the
    credit without interest.
    To be eligible:
    x You must be a Massachuse/s resident or partͲyear resident.
    x You must be 65 or older byDecember 31 of the tax year.
    x You must file aSchedule CBwith yourMassachuse/s personal income tax return.
    x You must own or rent residenal property in Massachuse/s and occupy it as your primary
    x For tax year 2022, your total Massachuse/s income doesn't exceed:
    x $64,000 for a single individual who is not the head of a household.
    x $80,000 for a head of household.
    x $96,000 for married couples filing a joint return.
    x If you are a homeowner, your Massachuse/s property tax payments, together with half of
    your water and sewer expense, must exceed 10% of your total Massachuse/s income for the
    tax year.
    x If you are a renter, 25% of your annual Massachuse/s rent must exceed 10% of your total
    Massachuse/sincome for the tax year.
    x The assessed valuaon of the homeowner's personal residence as of January 1, 2022,
    before residenal exempons but aBer abatements, cannot exceed $912,000.
    x The Schedule CBmust be completed within 3 years from the last day for filing the return,
    without regard to any extension of me to file.
    For more informaon on the Circuit Breaker Credit, go to h/ps://www.mass.gov/infoͲdetails/
    massachuse/sͲseniorͲcircuitͲbreakerͲtaxͲcredit and remember to talk to your tax preparer to
    determine if you are eligible for this credit.
    Hope you find this informaon helpful as you begin 2023!
    Be well,

Duxbury Doings Duxbury Senior Center - January, 2023
Page 4—www.duxburyseniorcenter.org

    10 Mayflower Street, Duxbury, MA 02332
    PHONE: (781) 9345774

         Director Joanne Moore
         Assistant Director …………….Angela Sinnott
         Manager of Volunteers… …….Christine Coakley
         Media Manager.….. …………..Brooke McDonough
         Finance Manager………………Elissa Wyllie
         Community Services
         Manager…………………….Alexandra Newcomb
         Volunteer SHINE Counselor…Alan Rosenberg
         Veteran’s Service OfficerMike Thorp
         Food Service
         Food Service ManagerCathy Callahan
         HDM ManagerCathy Dame
         Food Service Coordinator…….Dina Teuten
         Programs Team
         Program Coordinator………….Tony Kelso 
         Program Admin CoordinatorBarbara Peary
         Program CoordinatorSharon Pisani
         Program Coordinator………….Regan Roderigues
         Program Admin Coordinator….Michelle Russo                                              
         Social Day Program
         Manager.Caren Harrison
         Assistant………………………..Lynne McWilliams
         Assistant………………………..Deborah Bastoni
         Custodial Staff………………... Jim Brooks
         Transportation/Medical Bus Drivers 
         Transportation Coordinator…….Lauren Wallberg
         Drivers: Steve Dubuque, Jim Dexter, Bob Johnson, 
         Bob Dame, Terrence O’Grady and Jack Breen

              Cover photo by Evelyn Pezzulich
    EvelynPezzulichis a retired English professor and
    member of the Duxbury Camera Club and Lifelong
     Learning Committee. The original photo, Winter
      Landscape at Duxbury Bay, is on display at the
    Center as part of the Duxbury Camera Club Gallery.

Duxbury Doings Duxbury Senior Center - January, 2023
Page 5—Council on Aging Duxbury Doings
           Fitness Classes at DSC                              In-Person Fitness Classes
    To register for virtual or in person fitness        
    classes please visit our website and click on
    Fitness Classes. You will also find a descrip-       POWER STRETCH with Gretchen²Monday
    tion of each class and confirmation of the           & Thursday, 8:00 AM
    dates class will meet each month. Registra-          
    tion can also be done inperson. Space is lim-       YOGA FITNESS with CHAIR ASSIST with
    ited in each class.                                 Kim²Monday, 11:00 AM & 12 Noon
    Although registration is for the monthly             STRENGTH & CONDITIONING with 
    series, our monthly fitness fee is based on          Gretchen²Monday & Thursday, 2:30 PM 
    our affordable $5 per class.                        
                                                         THE JOY OF DANCE (JAZZ) with Ellen²
                                                         Tuesday, 10:00 AM
    New Class Coming Soon!                              LINE DANCING with Maureen ²Will return in
    BEGINNER PILATES with Kelly²                         
    Tuesday, 8:30 AM                                    TAI CHI and Qi GONG with Kathy²
                                                        Wednesday, 10:30 AM
    Start date to be determined. Check the               ZUMBA GOLD TONING with Debbie²
    website for updates, or call us!                    Wednesday, 3:30 PM
    7819345774 ext. 5701                              GENTLE STRETCH AND FLOW YOGA with 
                                                         Colleen²Fridays, 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM

                                                                Virtual Fitness Classes
                                                     BALANCE FOR LIFE WITH CHAIR ASSIST with
                                                     Sarah ²Monday & Thursday, 9:30 AM 
                                                     YOGA FITNESS with CHAIR ASSIST with Kim²
                                                     Tuesday & Thursday, 10:30 AM 

                                                                           Do you play Mah Jongg?

                                                                           Come play at the Center!
                                                                        Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
                                                                                  Join the fun!

                                                                        All levels are welcome to play!

Duxbury Doings Duxbury Senior Center - January, 2023
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Duxbury Doings Duxbury Senior Center - January, 2023
GOOD DEEDS HOUSE CLEANOUTS                                                                          Thinking of buying
                                                                                                    or selling in 2023?
 Moving or just decluttering we take everything                                        CALL ME TODAY FOR A FREE HOME VALUATION!

 Furniture • Household Goods • Rubbish • Paints                                                  Barbara Romanelli
 We Donate many items to charity and recycle                                         781-291-0078 | barbara@waterfrontrealtyma.com
                                                                                         Accredited Buyers Agent | Accredited Staging Professional / RE
   Call for a FREE ESTIMATE - 781-308-4447


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Duxbury Doings Duxbury Senior Center - January, 2023
Page  8—Council on Aging Duxbury Doings


                                                 DSC Weekly Programs/Activities

                                           Blood Pressure Clinic ~ Noon to 1:00 PM
                                           Crafty Ladies ~ 10 AM-Noon
                                           Bingo ~ 1:00 to 3:00 4th Monday

                                           Rug Hookers ~ 9 AM-Noon
                                           ROOTS Genealogy ~ 1-3 PM
                                           Cribbage ~ 1-3 PM
                                           Cornhole ~ 2:00 PM (if room available)
                                           Memoir Writing ~ Last Tuesday each Month,
                                           3:00 p.m. please register

                                           Mah Jongg ~ 1-4 PM
                                           Tech Time ~ 2-4 PM by appointment

                                           Tech Time ~ 11 AM-Noon by appointment

                                           Chess 10-11:30 AM,
                                           TOPS ~ 10-11 AM

Duxbury Doings Duxbury Senior Center - January, 2023
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Duxbury Doings Duxbury Senior Center - January, 2023
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                       Hp Th u ht f   N Ye!
                               We are kicking off a new series this month and a partnership with 
                                             Fisher College and other local COAs. 
              Join   us for a Ted Talk and group discussion on topics related to happiness and wellness. 
                                     Wednesday, January 18 at 11:30 a.m. 
                                          Register at duxburyseniorcenter.org

        508-584-1561 info@ocesma.org www.ocesma.org
              Serving all people – Serving all incomes

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Page 13—www.duxburyseniorcenter.org

              Veterans’ News                              January 2023
     History: On 1/17 the Persian Gulf War began (1991); on 1/27 the signing of the
     Vietnam Peace Accord (1973) and on 1/31 the Panama Campaign ended (1990).
     If you are enrolled in VA healthcare, you are eligible for a toxic exposure screening as
     part of the PACT Act. This screening takes about 10 minutes to complete and is now
     underway. You are asked if you believe you were exposed to any toxic agents,
     including burn pits, while you were serving. The VA will monitor you over time. Call
     your VA primary care provider for an appointment.
     If your character of service is less than honorable you still may be eligible for some VA benefits but you must
     apply. A review of your military record will be conducted which may take upwards of a year. The VA will
     review the cause surrounding your discharge and determine if it can be adjusted. If upgraded you will have
     access to various VA benefit programs.
     The VA says it will prioritize the delivery of benefits to Veterans with cancer under the PACT Act. Also, the
     VA will elevate all claims related to cancer and for those experiencing homelessness.
     Lawmakers are suggesting plans to cap attorney fees for Camp Lejeune lawsuits. A rate of around 10% seems
     like a reasonable fee. This is under review and will take time to approve.
     This month the VA announced a new life insurance program. All Veterans who have a service connected
     disability rating of 0% to 100% are eligible. No medical tests are required. This life insurance is like whole
     life. Coverage up to $40,000 is available with increments in between for a monthly premium. Once you sign
     up and start paying the premiums for two years, then the coverage starts. The program is called VALife and
     more information can be found at www.VA.gov 
     A Veteran who has a service connected disability rating for 10 years will continue to receive that benefit. It
     will not be adjusted or removed unless fraud was found.
     If you have questions about your earned military benefits contact the Duxbury VSO, Mike Thorpe at 781934
     5774 X 5740.

    Most Fridays we offer complimentary appointments with local attorneys. Please call 781934
    5774, ext. 5703 to schedule an appointment with an attorney. Appointments are
    approximately 15 minutes. 
    Are you concerned about your coverage? Is your life insurance policy still in place and is there a cash value?
    Are your beneficiaries uptodate? Do you have adequate coverage? 
    Make an appointment by calling 7819345774, ext. 5703 to meet with Elaine Buonvicino, Independent
    Insurance Agent to review your existing Life Insurance Policy or Long Term Care Policy.
    Our SHINE (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) Counselor, Alan Rosenberg is scheduling
    telephone consultations by appointment on Wednesdays. He will call you at the scheduled time to answer
    questions or provide guidance on Medicare plans. To schedule an appointment call 7819345774 extension
    Senator Patrick O’Connor will hold office hours monthly at the Duxbury Senior Center to hear concerns and
    answer questions on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from noon to 1:00 p.m.
    Representative Josh Cutler will be at the Duxbury Senior Center from 10:30 to 11:30 on December 9.

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    Interested in Italy? Check out the new
    Italian Language Classes³See page 6!

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                                           It is the mission of the Friends to assist the Council on Aging in
                                           providing services, resources, and activities for seniors in the Town of
                                           Duxbury; enriching the programs of the Duxbury Council on Aging;
                                           and raising, holding, and dispensing funds for the accomplishment of
                                           the goals of the Council on Aging.

                                    Please consider naming the Friends as a beneficiary 
                                       under your will or planned giving instrument. 
                                           The beneficiary should be designated as: 
                                        Friends of the Duxbury Council on Aging, Inc., 
                                    a 501 © (3) corporation organized under the laws of the 
                                               Commonwealth of Massachusetts 
                                               and having a principal address at 
                                            10 Mayflower St., Duxbury, MA 02332


      Name of Donor                                 In Memory of                   In Honor of
      David Flynn                                                                 Senior Center Staff and Volunteers 

      Elsie Vuilleumier                             Dr Sally Cauthen              

      Gina Herring                                 Dr. Sally Cauthen              

                                                        Donate to the Friends!
      It’s more important than ever to support the Friends of the Council on Aging so that we can make sure we serve the
      older adults in our community when they need it the most.
      The Friends on the Council on Aging no longer requires membership fees, but there are several ways you can donate.
            Online: Go to www.duxburyseniorcenter.org and click Donate.
            By check: Made out to Friends of Duxbury COA and mailed to 10 Mayflower Street, Duxbury Ma.
                                             We hope to see you at these fundraisers:
                                     Annual Appeal, November, 2022 –Check your mailbox!
                                              Duxbury Half Marathon, April 1, 2023
                                          Duxbury COA Golf Outing, September, 2023
                     For more information on these events, go to duxburyseniorcenter.org or call 781-934-5774.

Call today for a tour!
                                   • Short Term Rehab
                                   • Physical, Occupational,
                                     Speech Therapy
                                   • Long Term
                                     Skilled Nursing Care

 DUXBURY • 781-585-5561                 www.banecare.com

    & SON
Comprehensive services for your
painting, carpentry, restoration
      and flooring needs.

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Duxbury Council on Aging                                                                     PRSRT STD
10 Mayflower Street                                                                       US POSTAGE PAID 
Duxbury, MA 02332
                                                                                          BROCKTON, MA 
                                                                                           PERMIT NO. 653

 The cost of mailing this
  newsletter has been
      paid by the 
     Friends of the 
   Council on Aging.

                            COUNCIL ON AGING MISSION STATEMENT
      To empower older adults to age well, engage in the community, and enrich their lives.

 COUNCIL ON AGING                       FRIENDS of the COA       SENIOR CENTER STAFF 
 BOARD                                                           @ (781) 9345774
                                   Paul Brogna, President       
 Kevin Mullins, Chair              Mary Walsh, Vice President   AlexandraNewcomb@Duxburyma.gov x 5730
                                    Candace Weiler, Secretary    AngelaSinnott@Duxburyma.gov x 5701
 Dwight Shepard Vice Chair         Lynn Marples, Treasurer
 Kathy Capraro, Secretary                                        BarbaraPeary@Duxburyma.gov x5703
                                    Mary Babin
 Cheryl Ross, Chair Emeritus       Anne Antonellis
                                                                  BrookeMcDonough@Duxburyma.gov 5712
 Ken Beeby, Board Member           Christopher Barry            CarenHarrison@Duxburyma.gov x 5732
 Mi Kim, Board Member              Mike Halloran                CathyDame@Duxburyma.gov x 5710
 Leslie McCarthy, Board Member     William Kearney              ChrisCoakley@Duxburyma.gov x 5731
 John McCluskey, Board Member      Melissa Hammel               DinaTeuten@Duxburyma.gov x 5702
 Ninky Savage, Board Member        Sharon Cronin                ElissaWyllie@Duxburyma.gov x 5705
 Sheila Tenaglia, Board Member     Sharon Andrew                Lwallberg@Duxburyma.gov x 5741
                                    Duane Larsen                 JoanneMoore@Duxburyma.gov x 5700
 Cheryl Tufankjian, Board Member   Nancy McDermott
 Fred Von Bargen, Board Member                                   MichelleRusso@Duxburyma.gov x 5703
                                    Barbara Romaneli
 John Rutkowski, Board Member        
                                                                  CathyCallahan@Duxburyma.gov x 5721
 Pam Campbell Smith, Board                                       ReganRoderigues@Duxburyma.gov x 5715
 Member                                                         SharonPisani@Duxburyma.gov x 5714
 Shirley Oktay, Board Member       Veterans Service Officer     TonyKelso@Duxburyma.gov x 5711
                                   Mike Thorp x 5740            
 Alternates:                                                     Professional Appointments x 5703
 Peter Holden                                                    SHINE, Attorney Appointments
                                                                 Transportation x5741
                                                                  Lifelong Learning x 5701
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